God's Message To The Church, 8-14-66


BY  DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 8-14-66

Our subject 'God's Message to the Church', we mean by this His message to the church of this age.

There is no question about the sagacity of YAHWEH, when HE established..by His power..His own intended church. The Spiritual center of His Kingdom. The church existed in the Old Testament as well as in the New because it was the 'called out ones' who were studying with authority the words of God. The entire area of the spiritual assembly and the congregations of Israel was a called out people, and most of the congregation of Israel, accompaning the nation attended their areas of their worship and service, and made up the church of the Old Testament. We are interested specifically in the church of the New Testament because we are under a new covenant, and the ministry it was to produce, and its purpose.

When we turn to the Book of Revelation that God gave to John, we note that He had a special message for the church in the last day. Now the church of the last day is divided into 2 churches. Now that may seem a strange thing to be, but it is truee. In this declaration the church of Philadelphia, and the church of Laodicean. Now John was on the Island of Patmos, for the name of the Lord, and for the testamony of God's word and for the testamony concerning the manifestation of JESUS THE CHRIST. He had been placed there by the enemies of the Kingdom and God interviewed him, and gave him the distinction of bringing the messages to the churches and to the nations, and one of the messages he has for the church in the latter times is found in a ..split..message to the church of Philadelphia and to the church of Laodicea, for these churches are co-existingin the end of the age. These churches are co-existing in the conditions that you now see moving across the face of the earth.

Now; to the angel of the church of Philadelphia. This has been referred to as the church of brotherly love, but it is the love of the family of God. So...to the church of the family of God, brothers loving together. These things He said...He that is Holly, He that is true, He that hath the key of Daivd. Now what is this message of the Kingdom? We find from one end of the scripture to the other end of scripture that He went about preaching the gospel to preach. But today we are being told that there is seemingly another gospel, its everybody love everybody...accept all faiths and all religions and just so you gather together, it doesn't matter who you worship or how you worship...just so you worship, this is the important thing.

But that is not the message of the church of Philadelphia, but it is the message of the church off Laodecia. For at the same time, to the Angel of Laodecia write these sayings saith the Amen, the beginning of the Creation, the true witness.

Now; this is not translated with the accuracy that it could be to the church of Laodecia, sayeth He who created all things:..'To the church of Laocedia, He maketh this statement, I know thy work, thou are neither hot nor cold, and because thou art luke warm, I will spue thee out of my mouth.' So here we have two churches both existing in the same period of time here in the end of the age. To one, the message from He who is Holy. The Key of David is the Kingdom and the Administration of the Kingdom, and the endless throne, the story of the Kingdom, and the soverignty of God, the pattern of His laws, the fulfillment of all that God has unveiled in the Holy Scriptures.

For the church is a living oracle. The church is to be a very spontanious operating function that will move at all times under the administration of God's Holy Spirit. It will bring out the truths of God for the periods of the time that the people are living under. So we discover that in the church of Philadelphia He makes the declaration, and the Key of David, He that openeth and no man shutteth, and shutteth and no man openeth. It makes us remember the covenant God made with David, for back in 2 Samuel we read....'therefore so shall thou sayeth to My servant David sayeth YAHWEH of Hosts, I took him from the sheepcoats, and from following the sheep to be a ruler over My people Israel, and as I was with thee wherever they went, I cut thee out from all thine enemies, and I have made thee a great name, likened to the mightiest men of earth. Moreover I will appoint a place for my people to dwell.'

At this time David was in Jerusalem where he had been crowned King. "I will appoint another place for my people Israel, and I will plant them, and they shall dwell in that place, and they shall move no more, neither shall the children of wickedness afflict them as they did aforetime. And I shall command that Judges be over My people and I shall cause thee to rest from all their enemies. Also....Yahweh tellleth me that He will make thee a house and when they time comes to sleep with thy father, I shall set for thy seed and after thee, and they shall proceed forth from thy innermost being, and I shall establish a Kingdom. The Kingdom shall be built by thy seed and He shall build my house, for my name and I shall establish this throne of this Kingdom forever, and I shall continue to be unto him a father and he shall be a son. And thy house and this Kingdom shall be established before me forever, and thy throne shall be established forever.'

And to fulfill this again, as David preceived this..again..turn to the 89th., Psalm:...'I have made a covenant with my servant whom I have chosen, I have sworn unto my servant David that thy seed shall be established forever. And I will build up a throne thru all generations.' Then he continues in the 89th., as David said:..'My covenant will I not break, nor alter the things which have gone out of my mouth. Once have I sworn by My Holiness, I will not lie unto David that his seed shall endure forever. His throne as the sun before me and it shall be established forever, as the moon, and the faithful witness in the heavens.'

The proclamation of God with the establishment of the throne of His Kingdom as he selected Abraham and selected him as he was the finest and purest of the race line of the House of Shem...as He said:..'I will make a covenant with Abraham, and make of him a nation and a company of nations, and He declared He would be a God unto him and the seed after him, throughout all the generations, and He declared my word will not depart out of the mouth of thy seed or out of the mouth of thy seeds seed for 1000 generations. ' So also did He establish the covenant of the Kingdom and the throne line of David.

Now; when the church of Philadelphia hears from, He who is the Almighty YAHWEH, Now I have the key of David. This this is the message of the church of Philadelphia, the true church of the latter days which is to come forth and declare the Kingdom. They are to proclaim the Kingdom's God has comitted His covenants to Abraham. They are going to proclaim the Kingdom as God had declared a throne that shall last forever with the House of David. Of course with the patterns of its ramifications, it shows how estensive as God has moved and overturned and overturned and overturned, but of course we can well see today that the British Empire even though it mays seem waning, it still holds one thing..and that is the throne, and on the wall of Buckingham palace, you can find the listings of all the Kings, starting with the pressent Queen and going back to David. So there is not a break in the throne of that Kingdom and God kept His word with that Kingdom. But there is more in this declaration than just the throne line. Because the true church in this hour is not only going to point out the Kingdom and the program of God's Kingdom, but its going to point out the throne of Daivd. The significant thing is that the true church is going to teach the things that God's word has ordained, that shall be taught.

So under this declaration as John speaks to the church of Philadelphia we read these words:.. 'Therefore I hold the Key of David, He that open it and no man shutteth it, shutteth and no man openeth. I know thy works, behold I have set before thee an open door, and no man shut it; for thou has a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my Name.' It is the declaration of His name, it is the declaration of His Kingdom. It is the declaration of His soverignty, the declaration of a people that He set over all the peoples on the face of the earth. By this proclamation then the true church has but...one message...which is this....The entirety of the word of God, that moves thru out the patterns of origin and thru the structure of the Old Testament. It has no area which is incomplete concerning its message. And that message must be all embrasive, it doesn't only take in these 66 books which were cononized at Nicaea, but it takes in the 156 books of the revelations from all areas of revelation that God has established and has made known.

The Living Church...the church of the family of God, and remember that the family of the House of David is a real family, brothers of one household, which the church of Philadelphia stands for if God's Household in heaven and in earth. We find in Ephesians where the Apostle Paul makes the statement....'Where for I desire that I faint not from the tribulations for this cause I bow my knees unto YAHWEH.' FOR THIS CAUSE I BOW MY KNEES TO YAHWEH...upon whom the whole family in heaven and in earth is named. Because He is the father of the embodiment of His own body...the man Christ Jesis. And the whole family in heaven and in earth is named in the eternal YAHWEH.

Now by this declaration the church of Philadelphia teaches....the whole family of YAHWEH. Teaches what He said concerning Israel and what He has said about opening the door, that He way the way, the Light, He was the door. And He has opened the door to Israel and thus all Israel shall be saved as it is written, even tho many of them today are mixed up in their thinking, and mixed up in their patterns, in the assault of the world order on them. He is talking about the church of the open door. Now that is not an open door to all people, but it is an open door to the House of David, an open door unto the people of the Kingdom and it is proclaiming the Kingdom of God in the world today.

Now, there is another church...........

Let's go back and see what God is also saying to this church that is existing in our times. The church of the National Council and World Council of Churches that we mentioned before. He says:...'therefore i know thy work, thou art neither hot nor cold, I would that thou wert either hot or cold, but because thou art lukewarm, neither hot or cold, I will spue thee out of my mouth. Because thou sayeth I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.' Now this is talking about a church that exists in the world today. It is a very vital and significant message that God brings to a church that exists today. This is a church that is made up of the National Council of Churches, the World Council of Churches and Catholicisim, and it is all the churches of today that rule with all the patterns of the world hierarchy, but they are not proclaiming....THUS SAITH THY LORD.

They are not proclaiming the Old Testament, they are not proclaiming the New Testament. This church of Laodicea today, covers all denominations, and they all say they will work for a better fellowship with all religions, and all faiths. You come into the church of Laodecea today and they will sing a few hymns which aare the best part of the service then the minister will get up and start to talk about the bees, the birds, and the flowers. My what a wonderful God He must be to have made all the bees, the birds, and the flowers, we love Him and now we will sing the closing hymn and that is about all you got for 20 minutes. Then the people come out of the buidling and they say...wasn't that a wonderful sermon? They hymns were so nice and they go home, and the church leaders say...we have spent millions of dollars on that building, just look at our church building. This is the pattern the world over, for the church age of Laodicea. For that church age says we are rich and we are increased with worldly goods. Look at our Bishops, look at our hierarchy. Look at our educational facilities and look at all that we have as relates to the church. You can't push the church around because the church doesn't need anything, it is powerful, it is rich. But you do not hear...one word...about the Gospel of the Kingdom in that church. So what does God say about that church? It is a sick and miserable church, yes, that is what He says. Also He says...I have given it my word and still they don't have anything to talk about. They take a verse from My Word and then straightway depart from it. So the church of Laodicea is the church age of your time. And in this period God says, you are neither hot nor cold, so I will spue you out of my mouth.

In this area turn again to this teaching where God says to Laodicea...You are wretched, miserable, blind, poor, and naked. I council you to buy of Me gold tried in the fire. Now turn back to the church which is preaching the message of the Kingdom, the church which is the family of God, and the household of God. The church coming out in the latter day where the people hang on everyword coming out of the mouth of God, they want the word of God, they want the knowledge of God, they want the laws of God. These are the things now being brought forward by the church of Philadelphia.

Now we note; I wll make them the synagogue of Satan...they which say they are Jews and are not, but do lie.......That's what your King James Version says. Well the word should be 'Judean or Judah' instead of Jew, and it is talking of the House of Judah and of the Kingdom. It is referring to identity, and the true church is identifying those who are not of the Kingdom. More than this the true church says:...I will make them the synagogue of Satan, they who say they are Judah, and are not. Behold!, God said, before I am through I will make them (this world order) come and worship at thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. Because...thou hast kept the word of My patience, I also will keep thee from this hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the face of the earth.

We are today in the time of Jacob's trouble, and we are in trouble, and the church of Philadelphia has the answers to those troubles, which is......Return to the laws of God, and to the establishment of the Throne of God and the establishment of the power of His throne, from one end of the world to the other. Go back into the records of the Psalmist, as they sing praises to the Most High God and we can note that the Most High YAHWEH has proclaimed the rise of His people and His reign over them. He has declared ...for YAHWEH is the Most High. He is the Great King over the earth, and He shall subdue all the people under us...Hear this... He shall subdue all the people under us for He is the Great King over all the earth. He shall choose our inheritance for us. The exccellency of Jacob whom He hath loved. YAHWEH hath gone up with a shout, He hath the sound of the Trumpet, sing praises unto YAHWEH. Sing praises unto The King. For YAHWEH is the King over all the earth. Sing praises with understanding. YAHWEH sitteth upon His throne of His Holiness, and He reigneth over the heathen, and the princes of the people are gathered about, even the people of YAHWEH, of Abraham, for the shields of the earth belong to YAHWEH. He is great exhaulted. He has set a people above all the people on the face of the earth. This is the message of the church of Philadelphia.

Now; instead of telling you that you should seek by every process to disclaim the identity of your race, or that you should never deal with the race issue in religion...The church of Philadelphia which God says He loves..is teaching the story of the Kingdom, the story of the race and the purpose of your being here. So we see that by this declaration that YAHWEH wants His family to know what they are here for, who they are, and where they came from. And on the other hand, the whole pattern of the scriptures is what the church of Laodicea is in open rebellion against. And so as God makes known His will and His way, He says to Hold fast to that which thou has, that no man take thy crown. The Saint's of the Most High YAHWEH, as Daniel declared, are going to take the Kingdom because YAHWEH leads, He is YAHWEH.

By this declaration He says....Ye have held my name. YAHWEH is an eternal Name. And YAHWEH has provided that He will bless His people. In Isaiah 45:17., it says:...Israel shall be saved by YAHWEH with an everlasting salvation, and shall not be ashamed nor be confounded, world without end.' I YAHWEH have spoken in secret places, and have spoken in places not secret, of the earth. And I said unto the seed of Jacob, seek me not in vain for I am YAHWEH. In my righteousness I declare these things unto you. I speak these things in righteousness. Assemble thyselves and draw near...together. And Isaiah also says:...He telleth me all these things. Look unto me and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth. For I am YAHWEH, and there is no other. For I have sworn, and the word hath gone out of my mouth, and shall not return unto me void, that unto me every knee shall bow unto Me YAHWEH. Every knee is going to bow and every tongue shall swear. Surely shall one say...I have righteousness and strength, in the Lord, and in YAHWEH, shall all the seed of Israel be justified and shall Glory.

This is the message of the church of Philadelphia and as He talks of the blessings of His church, He unveils the mysteries of His word. The whole pattern of His word from the establishing of the Adamic race, the white man...or the man who flushes in the face. All the patterns of HIS greatness and all the patterns of His Majesty, He reveals as He unveils it through His Church. He talks about the Patriarch race, the calling forth of His Mysteries, the covenant established with Noah. The establishment of the House of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. This is the ministry of His church. He continues to talk about the establishment of His law. How He came into this atmosphere and sailed over Mount Paran, and came down on Mount Sinai. How He came down and brought 10,000 of His breathing offspring with Him when He brought the Law. How the great Space Craft came down over Mount Paran and settled on Mount Sinai, and shown great search lights down, then Moses went up the Mountain to meet YAHWEH, and there on that mountain YAHWEH gave the Law to ....Israel. Now He didn't give the law to the African's or to the Asian's, for they couldn't understand it, for they weren't Spirit of His Spirit, they have no capacity to understand the thoughts of YAHWEH, and no spirit to interpret. He gave the law to His own people Israel. And He bestowed upon His own people the law, and they said...All that He has given to us, we will do.

The patterns of the prophets, as they proclaimed the things of Yahweh, and what He would produce, was to tell Israel, the things proclaimed for them, and while they were doing that they gave careful warnings inside the Scriptures of the things to do and not to do, that produced great problems inside of Israel. The keeping of His law had provided the great blessings of YAHWEH. They found that the disreguarding of His Law brought upon them the judgments, the chastizements, and the conditions that would bring the judgments down upon the great nations of God's Kingdom.

But in all of these things that YAHWEH said was the assurance....My Grace can follow you still. If you don't break my law, your blessings continue...but if you repent, when you have not kept my law, My Grace can follow you, and I can forgive you. However, there is one thing that I Yahweh want you to know...you Israel....there is one thing that you must not do, that doine this terrrible thing will produce the sin that means the sin of the fathers will follow the children into the 5th., 6th., and even to the 10th., generation. The scriptures in that declaration declare that if you marry a woman of another race, called in the scripture an outlandish woman, or if you give your daughters to sons of another race, then YAHWEH says:...Israel I will not stand for this. If you bring other races into your family and raise children unto them and these people are pagans and not of Israel, then these people will teach you to serve other gods, and draw you away from me, that I will not have. There are severe consequences for these actions.

In Deuteronomy it says you are a Holy Seed, and there Yahweh says:...I have set you as a people above every race on the face of the earth and I want you to stay apart. That means in your sexual life, in your social life, and your religious life, apart from the rest of the world. Even when you teach the pagans the truth, and you show them ways to better themselves, even tho you rule over them...I want you to dwell apart.

The message of the church of Philadelphia is of a segregated race. It is the preservation of the white race without any mixture of any other people on the face of the earth. For the Most High Yahweh says:...You are going to rise, you are going to rule, I am your Father and you aare going to proclaim Me as your Father, but you are going to come out from among the other races, for I do not work thru the Spirit with a Mulatto. If you produce a Mulatto, then that child has nothing to do with your race, for he will always be a Mulattoo.

Now; we have the patterns of Yahweh's greatness, the teaching of the prophets, the proclamations that dealt with the patterns of history, the areas of disobeidence reported unto us.. in the Word. And we discover the tremendous conditions in which the false areas of advice were caused by those who led the Children of Israel into areas they should never have entered. And the King's brought the strangers in and the Jewish merchants came into their society and apostacy ruled, for the secrets of their strength were let out, and thru the enemy conquered them, and the children of Israel went into captivity and chastizement, and the word of the scriptures explains this. They went into the 2520 years of judgment, which is started in Old Testament teaching, and the church explains it. Now the church is supposed to explain it today. Thru the past history of the church we know that the church did know about that judgment. Blindness in part only happened to Israel concerning their Identity. They still knew who Yahweh was and in that place where they are called 'not my people' but called 'goyim or gentile' they will be known as the sons and daughters of the Living YAHWEH.

Today we are discovering that in the past 150 years that those who know they are sons and daughters of God are increasing in number. As we moved into this final hour and we see all the patterns of the world order are out to destroy the Kingdom of God, then we find that there are more people today, who know that the white race is Israel than ever knew it before, and more than this, in the areas of all this proclamation His church is proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom. It is well to talk about the great patterns of prophecy, for the Bible is filled with prophecy, and the church that proceeds with the word of God proclaims the areas of Prophecy and the thing happening, and coming to pass upon the face of the earth are explained. Each and every one of these things being true:...'For they preach My word, they abide with My word. And Yahweh says:.. My love is upon and with these people.

So we turn again to the Book of Revelation's. 'Hold fast, Hold thou fast, behold I come quickly, he that overcometh is going to be a great pillar in my temple. He is not going to go in or up or down.' You know one of the great catastrophies that effect so many Christians today is that they are up on the Moutain today in Faith, then down in the valley tomorrow, they are thinking about the greatness of God and then along comes what they think is a great let down, as they hear about victory of the world order, so they are up and then down in their faith, and God says:...they are not going to go in or out or up and then down, for when He gets thru.... the word of Yahweh will be so powerful, so stable, that His people will be on the mountain of faith, and they will stay there as they move thru the hours of trouble and tribulation. Then Revelation says:..'In the name of Yahweh, and the name of the city of Yahweh, also the city of Jerusalem which has descended down from Adam, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob a great accompaning crowd, which today makes up the structure of Yahweh''s Kingdom for we behold Jerusalem has been coming down out of Yahweh, and from heaven ever since His covenants were made with the Adamic race. Therefore I am going to write upon him a new name. This great Christian company will have the name..Yahweh, upon them. And he who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the church.

Now; what do we do with the church of Laodicea?

The church of Laodicea, the most powerful church, with its auditoriumms and great cathedrals is going to fold up. How do I know? Well one thing is all Israel is going to be saved. Now this..'All Israel' is going to be saved is a tremendous job, looking at it from a worldly view point, but when you think of the power of Yahweh to call the sheep out, and bring them out, and to bring them to areas of attention. The church age of Laodicea said...we are the wealthiest of Hierarchies. But God says...No, you are lame, blind, poor, and you don't teach My Word, so you don't have anything.

One of the things that is going to make the church age of Laodicea seem empty and futal, is when its Bishop's and those in authority are telling you that you have to fall back before the negro revolution at this time. Do you realize that they are telling you that you must let the Negro burn, rape, and plunder because the Negro is disturbed because you Christian's have been trying to rule over them for 200 years and that is not right, you must set them by your side as brothers. But the whole word of God is tellling you that you are to rule over these people. And you shall not bend a single pattern of Divine Law for the satisfaction of the pagan. You shall make the pagan obey the law.

When the colonial's went out from Britain into Africa, they were fulfilling the patterns of God's Kingdom. When Belgium went into Africa and also Germany, they went into a country ruled by the phylosophy of demonology, the witchdoctor's, the descendents of those brought into this earth during the great rebellion of Lucifer, when Michael defeated the great space ships of Lucifer and thus Lucifer and the people with him were confined to this earth. And these people have degenerated thru their mixing and their crimes and have become their own worst enemy. But into this area of Africa came...the people of the Kingdom of God.

Now; it doesn't seem so far removed from us back to the days of Stanly and Livingston, but a lot of water has gone under the bridge in that time. But the white race went into Africa with its knowledge and wisdom, and in Africa they built great cities, such as Leopoldville, and they built of marble, and the great buildings had elevators, and sanitation systems, and streets like other nations of the world. And there were seats of administration by the House of God and by the Kingdom of God. And where these white men went they established the churches of Yahweh, and dedicated to the true and Living God. They built hospitals and schools and started to educate these people. And they had to use force at times to control the masses, for they were not adapted to this white mans thinking. Everytime it got warm the natives went into the streets under the witchdoctor's urging and they danced the jungle dance, and they captured one another and what they didn't eat they sold. For canibalism was practiced from one end of Africa to the other. So it was that the white man replaced the rule of the witchdoctor, by the rule of civilization wherever he went into a pagan country, no matter where that country was. It was the progress that was expected when God said:...Go out and colonize and I will see that you push the heathens to the ends of the earth, for you are to rule over the heathens, for I YAHWEH am going to see that they accept Me and bow the knee, for I am Yahweh.

You say..we don't see this anymore? That's right. As the United Nations gained strength, the plan of Satan came to the front as captive Liberal minds preached 'we are all one blood, one brotherhood.' The U.N. worried about the freedom of the black man and his right to rule over himself in his land. What do you mean, his land? This is our fathers land, His world, and He has given it to His family...so this isn't the Negroes world. Just because the Negroes came in with Lucifer, during the great rebellion, and were cornered here with Lucifer on this earth, and they have been fighting a rebellion ever since doesn't change the fact that they better come to time, because the Kingdom of the Most High God and the family of the Most High God is going to rise, rule, and reign. Now you may think today that the course of the nations of the world is going to be guided by the United Nations, but the U.N. is the program of Luciffer and this is the organization of the world order and it has far more people under its control than the Kingdom of God. For when God started His Kingdom He had only 2 people in it but He said:...you are going to multiply and we have done pretty well, for today we are 1/6 of the world's population. So we have made progress and have controlled the balance of power in the world for some time, and today the strongest nation, in strength, technology and wisdom is the United States of America.

And the nations off the world arae depending on this nation for their civilization and culture. And out of this great nation to the westward where God said He would plant His people Israel to dwell and to move no more....we have produced a nation that is providing leadership for the Christian nations of the world. When we see the colonization program that advanced and how under that program the Negroes progress under the white rule, then you realize the results of the white man leaving Africa under the U.N. pressure. You can say that the Jews sold the Negroes into slavery in this country, and that was one of the worst things that ever happened to the Negro, but do you know that was one of the best things that ever happened to the Negro, for in America today the Negro has more property, automobiles, and more of assets of life than in all the other countries of the world where you find them. In fact the Negro in America has far more than most of the people in the Soviet Union.

But still the proogram of the enemy comes forth to speak, and he tells the Negro that they are abused and how they should riot. When the United Nations with many of the nations of God's Kingdom giving power to it...said the white man had to move out of the Congo, out of Africa, then as they left the Negro did exactly as we told you they would do. They started by raping the white women and killing them, by driving out the engineers and the people who understood mining and agriculture. They turned those modern cities into waste land, for now the elevators don't run, the electricity doesn't work, the sanitation systems don't work, and grass grows up in the streets, because of all his boast's of equality the Negro has proved to be the poorest pattern of equality on the face of the earth. Now in some instances he realizes he doesn't have the capacity to carry out those functions even tho he was trained in those jobs, such as mining. This pattern is so obvious that it stands out...the white man built the hospitals, and trained the doctor's, but the white man managed the hospitals and ran them well, and when they turned the hospitals over in Tanzineka, to their operation, there was soon something lacking....they no longer sterilized their instruments, and they should have remembered that ...but soon they were loosing most of their patients because of that lack of sterilized instruments. Even tho they were trained and had text books to use, they still took the dental chairs out of the offices and were using them for chairs, for their rulers, during World War II. The pattern is quite obvious, for the children of the Kingdom haave the Spirit of the Living God, but these people have no spirit. They have a soul consciousness, that's all.

Now; the people of Asiia as they were met by the advance of the white man were found to be ruled over by their witchdoctor's and by the patterns of their witchcrafts. All the patterns of idolatry on the face of the earth whether voodooism, and Hinduism, or others is a foollish substitute for the truth...it is filled with darkness and superstition, it is rotten and immoral and it brings upon these people the conditions that their society suffers from.

When the British went into India, they found the people had a custom, that if a husband died they buried his wife alive with him, for they thought that if the man died then his wife must have had a devil that killed him, so they buried her alive. That was called ...Suttee. And in the Kali temple 1/5., of all those who served Kali in the temple were assassins. They were called ...Thuggee. It was a religion and they were called the Thuggee's of Kali. You could arrest them if you caught them in a crime, but there wasn't anything wrong in their carrying out the assassinations of the wealthiest people and taking their money, if they gave a percentage to Kali. Well the British said enough of that, so the temples of Kali were closed. The leaders of that didn't like it but the Maharajah's were exempt from the Thuggee so since they were left alone with their wealth they let the practice alone, it was all included in the patterns of the Kingship. They were wealthy, they had gold and jewels, in fact there is more gold and jewels in India than most places except the Catholic Vatican in Rome. And the people of India gave their money and jewels to this pagan temple even tho they starved. Almost every girl in India beame a Vestial Virgin and breeds illegitimate children for the temple of Kali, for in the darkness of the night almost every boy visits that temple and raises a child or two before he is even an adult and ready to marry, so they raise more children than they can feed, for the temples of India and those that operate them don't feed anyone but themselves. This is the apostacy of the Vestial Virgins of Baal. What ever you call it today, Bramahism, Kaliism, Voodooism...they are still pagan gods and pagaan practices. YAHWEH says:...before you get thru you are going to cut down all their pagan gods. And you are going to destroy their pagan temples, and put a stop to Baal worsip.

Now; some of you don't think it looks today as if that will happen. You say our Ambassadors aren't moving in that direction, for they are trying to find ways to get along with their gods, and pacify them and show respect for their gods. Just remember....that you are in the time of Jacob's trouble, but when the church of Philadelphia delivers their message as they are doing today, more and more people are going to understand that message, and as that tide grows, we are not going to show any respect what so ever to any pagan god. One of the sorriest things Eisenhour ever did was when he visited India...he let them put a cast mark of Kali on his head and he went in and paid homage to their god Kali. He should have said, I am a Christian and I bow to only one God..by the name of YAHWEH. No other.

Under the administration of the Kingdom the world advances, and when the Kingdom is not in power the world goes retrograde, and today we see a retrograde world. The men of the world come to the U.N. in their striped trousers and cut away coats, then on the way home they put their mmoney in Swiss Bank Acconts and go back home and put on their pajama's and lead their tribes, but they created a retrograde world with the U.N. The tribes of the 3rd., world are fighting each other, they are jealous of each other and are eating each other and they are reverting back to the rule of the witchdoctors, without the white man to call a halt. In South Africa, where the white man is still in command is the only part of Africa where they are progressing. The white man there will stay in command, for the other tribes to the north are too busy fighting themselves.

We have watched the program of God's Kingdom as it moved out and increased and remember it will move out again as soon as this time of Jacob's trouble is over, which will be soon. We are in a time when the earth will testify to the supremacy and to the intellectual capacity, to the total spirituality and the truth of God's Kingdom, to their God..YAHWEH...to their culture, their civilization, for God said:...You are going to reign over them and they are going to acknowledge that...I have loved thee. They are going to bow down and acknowledge that you are my sons and daughters.

Then YAHWEH said this:

Because the Church of Laodicea, run by the National Council of Churches and the Bishops are talking of the patterns of equality, and that we must respect all gods, and all religions. They are wretched, miserable and they sure have need of gold tried in the fire. Now gold tried in the fire is the trugh of the experience of God's Kingdom. (the story from start to finish). It is the validity of the One God whose name is YAHWEH. It is the strength of that Kingdom, and the supremacy of that Kingdom...forever. So YAHWEH therefore said:...if they buy therefore the white rainment so that they may be clothed, and their nakedness do not appear. Now when you bring down to equality of the world, this Kingdom of YAHWEH, which is above everybody on the face of the earth, then as you of the Kingdom reduce that Kingdom to the equality of other nations you are naked, filled apostacy and you don't know nothing.

YAHWEH says...My family is going to establish My Kingdom and as many as I love, I rebuke, and chasten, they shall seek to refute their error, they shall be zealous and they shall repent. Behold I stand at the door and knock, and if any man open I shall sup with him, and he with me. To him who overcometh I shall grant to sit with me on my throne, even as I have overcome. He that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit sayeth to the churches. YAHWEH is calling for the church of Philadelphia to expand, for the church of Laodicea to become defunct.

The church must speak out on everything that effects the people in that chruch. Every pattern of Divine Law is for your instruction, and you are obliged and obligated in the pattern of keeping it, for a blessing. And every word of the law is in the hands of the church, and the church should not only be proclaiming...'thus saith the Lord'...but the church should be solving all the problems and conditions by their instructions. And the people who make up that church should be determining the destiny of America, and applying the work and instructions of our government. You can say...we don't want anything of the church in government. But we want Christian's in government that take the advice from their spiritual background and from the church of the Kingdom, and from the Gospel of the Kingdom, and from the people of the Kingdom.

We are not worried about how this is going to come out, for we know how it is going to come out, but we are anxious and we do anticipate...because we believe YAHWEH and because we know he says, I will impute to you....MY RIGHTEOUSNESS.

(end of message)