God's Prophecy Against Magog, 8-31-60



by DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 8-31-60

Tonight as we turn to the subject of what God said to the Prince that guides the land or Russia, I think it is significant that each one of us recognize that we are -- "The Children of the Most High." That we are the people today, whom God calls the sheep of His pasture. And when He made that statement concerning the sheep of His pasture, then He made it clear just who those sheep of His pasture were. We turn then to the words of the most High in the Book of Ezekiel and He says:--'Thus shall they know that I am Yahweh their God. That I am with them and they even the House of Israel, are My people---saith the Lord God.'---'Ye are My flock, the flock of My pasture. Ye are men and I am your God saith YAHWEH."--(Ezekiel 34)

In the book of John 10:26--Jesus said:--'I come only to the lost sheep of the House of Israel.' Then He turned to the Jews on Solomon's porch and said:--'Ye believe not because ye are not My sheep.' He identified those of your race, those of Christendom today who have carried His name as the sheep of His pasture. You then say with ancient Israel:--'The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.' And you are clearly aware that when He talks to His Israel, to the sheep of His pasture, that He says:--'They are men, and I am their God.'

It is most important today that you know who you are; that you understand this book and the things that are transpiring. This is the most important thing that you can possess, as men need to know--'who they are, where they came from; and to know God's plans for them into the ages of tomorrow and their need to know their power and present ability. This is all relating to what God has promised and said He was going to do. There is one thing you can be sure of and that is - 'every word that came out of the mouth of God.' You can't be sure of every translation or after men have interpreted it, and it has passed down thru time and generations. But you can be sure of every word out of the mouth of God. Thus you can be sure of who you are and where you are in this generation and time.

This United States of America with its symbol of the outstretched wings of the Eagle is the most powerful nation of God's kingdom in the world today. The kingdom of God is real and it is as tangible as the nations of the earth today, and you are a apart of God's great purpose and plan. As such you look out over the nations of the world and you become aware that as a great a great nations of Christendom as well as the other nations of Christendom who are of your race, that there is something we must understand concerning our relationship with the nations of the world. We have cited to you that foreign policy is a Christian business. We have told you that foreign policy is your business because this is the area in which prophecy is fulfilled. If you have a foreign policy that is far different in outline than God's policy for you as a nation then you are going to have a lot of problems and troubles --why? Because you are still going to do as God tells you to even if he has to drag you there to get you to do it, and those dragging processes are not always as comfortable as the processes when we understood what we were to god.

According to the song---God said that he doesn't compel you to go, but he has ways of making you willing. He made one man go by sending horrible hornets after him, and with the hornets all around all of a sudden this man was ready to go. God may send some hornets after you or some of your leaders, before this is over, for you will do what you were supposed to do --you will discharge your responsibilities to God.

Thus as we look out over the world today we see that if there ever was a time of trouble it is now. If there ever was a threat of conquest of Christian nations by the enemy out of his own lips it is now. How many times in the past few years have we heard this from the Russian Premier ---14 times, but we are still here and when the last hammer and sickle is burned we will still be here. There is to be so much destroyed scraps and war material when we get thru with the Russians that you won't have to cut wood for 7 years. You don't have to worry about whether or not you will survive. It is however most important that you understand your relationship at this hour. God looks toward you and he says:----there are some things that I want you to know. Behold, I have laid in you a foundation stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation, and he who sees it will not need to fear, or make haste to lease the enemy. That foundation stone was God joined unto His family---sealing the chief corner stone--the headstone of the building, the entire structure of his kingdom--with its symbolic significance, even as the pyramid is the symbol of it, and appears on your seal---with He as the chief corner stone He said:--I have laid in you, in the nations of my people this chief cornerstone--which is YAHSHUA --Jesus --who is of God and identifies us, our culture and our strength.

Now in these latter years you have had several things brought forward that are in error. Your enemy is the same enemy that has always been even of old, the enemy of God's kingdom. Once again the masses of ancient Assyria, in the land of Magog gathers these forces under that old enemy for the conquest of the earth. It is not necessary to tell you that the same evil beat sought to destroy your civilization once before using the hoards of Genghis Khan as they were hurled against Europe. This brought the conquest that involved ancient China, ancient Persia and conquered North Africa and then swept thru the Caucasian pass and into Western Europe to attack the rising western civilization of God's kingdom. This same evil power is the power today that has mothered Communism and brought it to the point where now it has regathered the same hoards to hurl its strength against the west. This same evil power is world Jewry (Zionism). Because when Genghis Khan was gathered to come against you it was world Jewry centered then in Venice who went out to gather Genghis Khan and his hoards to throw them against the western civilization, from out of the Steppes of Asia. They even supplied the Prime Minister for this movement, he was one of those cunning Jews to help organize and finance the strength of the great Genghis Khan.

In your time then came the doctrine of Karl Marx, financed by World Jewish interest, thru Kuhn Loeb and Company, and others out of your own country, along with the house of Rothchild in western Europe. These Jewish financiers furnished the money for the Bolsheviki Red Revolution. These same powers were trying to take over the Russias and hurl the masses of Asia against you for your conquest. So you can understand that World Communism was a program of Anti-Christ, and it made war against the church from the hour of its beginning. In fact it fulfilled prophecy by creating great martyrdom as millions of Christians were killed by this modern scourge in its last resurrection. As this beast of evil whose political power had waned at the death of Genghis Khan, now has its would healed ---this beast of prophecy which was nigh unto to death had its wound healed and made ready to come against you. So now understand under the guise of Communism it comes against you as the great nation of God's kingdom.

Back in 1932 a President was elected who has some of the saddest advisors of any President up to that time in our history. The American people had been fed a great propaganda diet which was to down grade all Presidents before this one, and they failed to realize the importance of all the brain trusters who surrounded this President. There was the Morganthals, the Frankfritters who surrounded this President , and they came into power in the nations capital at this time. Little did the American people realize these things as the first major move of this Administration was to recognize the red Revolution of the Soviet Union. An embassy was set up in Washington D.C. and by the coming of their first Ambassador then instantly the Soviet Union had prestige among the nations. as long as the Great nation of the U.S. had denied recognition of the Soviet Union, no country of the western world had recognized this rising Red power. But we--the great nation entered into a covenant and were soon followed by other Christian nations of God's Kingdom, and we entered into a covenant by recognizing Red Russian and we find that Covenant in the 28th chapter of Isaiah and the results of it in the 16th verse---this is your covenant with death --and it shall be disannulled and your agreement with hell shall not stand.

We not only entered into a covenant with the Soviet Union which was the mass murderers of Christian civilization but we promised that we would have economic exchange with them and she promised that she would not continue her revolution---as it related to us.

We do not have to review to you, past history, for you watched the violation of that original covenant and the spread of communism even before the ink was dry upon the paper. The spreading of the 7 year plan, and then the 9 year plan of world conquest quickly followed. And then you found yourself in a great war, in which not only other Christian nations were fighting but you were fighting other Christians. All Christendom should have stood together to fight the power of world Communism--but you were tricked. The same power that had created Communism was now tricking you of the Christian nations to fight one another. I am going to tell you that there would have been no war against Germany--on the part of Britain, France and the U.S. if it had not been for organized Jewry. God Almighty refers to organized Jewry as the false prophets of time, as Mystery Babylon who is guilty of all the righteous slain upon the face of the earth, and as such he identified them for what they are.

Now; then in that war---here was America under the symbol of the outstretched wings of the Eagle, and Great Britain under the symbol of the Lion, the country in which the throne of David is located--in a fighting alliance as an ally with the powers of Anti-Christ against one of the nations of god's Kingdom, the Judah of the scriptures --Germany--true Judah. When you understand that then you will know why it is not only a war like power, but you will also know why the Almighty said:----the tents of Judah will have to be saved first because they are right between the western and eastern European line. The fact remains that we never should have had a war with Germany and we never would have had a war with them if we had not been tricked by the forces of darkness into this hour of great trouble--Jacob's trouble. Out of this came the inevitable patterns of a great war. Then we were to discover that after W.W.II Soviet Russia had captured large portions of eastern Europe and portions of Asia without to great a struggle. Then there had been great fights throughout the Ukraine area and the victories of that war were the results of the armies of western civilization breaking the powers of central Europe which they controlled before this, without realizing it. As far as the battle with Japan was concerned that was won by America altho Russia came in at the last moment so as to have power over the divisions of parts of Asia. The results was that as we were tricked by this covenant with death and with hell, all of China was turned to the forces of Communism. It was done with cunning and it was done because in high places in our government the deceivers were at work. These deceivers had you enter into such agreements as the Potsdam and Yalta agreement. Both of these agreements were with --death and hell. The majority of people in your nation never supported these agreements. And ever so often some great Patriot, or some high official in your government, or in your army and navy came out to talk about the areas of treason in those agreements. My library is filled with volume after volume, laying out this treason--by treachery or snare, an by the strange influence of world Jewry and the Soviets to get the nations of the world to surrender their power.

What they did not anticipate was the great inner strength that God had poured into his people, with vision and knowledge and initiative until they came out of W.W.II we came out with power for our flag flew from one end of the earth to the other. We had thrown a protective wall around nations to protect the earth. There was now around the Soviet Union, because we now had evidence that she had no intention of living in the world as a free nation should live. We should have known that you cannot have a free world when you deal with the Anti-Christ and the powers of darkness. For the past 8 years we have watched an Administration which has continued the policy of surrendering areas of nations to the enemy--willingly--but by being so determined to keep Peace on earth, and in this process the enemy has taken over large parts of the earth. Communism has taken over lots of Asia that they did not hold a short time ago, and is moving into Africa and Latin America and has even taken Cuba just off the southern border of your nation. We watched these areas moves of Red Russia while our nation runs around all over the world saying--no-no--you can' t do this.

We have gone to every extent short of war to try to gather the world to block the advance of Anti-Christ, but I am going to tell you that in all of this process the enemy has moved steadily ahead with all the violations of law. He now by these violations holds over 1000 of our men, prisoners behind the Iron Curtain. In all this time we have not had a principal man raised up to tell the nation that God has ordained:--this is enough --we can be pushed no further. Whether you know this or not, you are closer to the hour when God is going to raise up a man in this nation who will challenge the Soviet Union, and this nation is going to move out against the power of the Soviet Union, and it will not be a small thing because the Soviet Union intends to move. She will try first to seize West Berlin. We knew two weeks ago thru our channels, that the Soviet Union was gathering the hoards to come against West Berlin, and the Chinese man power was feeding into east Germany for a test of strength in Berlin. Last week they were stopping trucks and the information says that before your election they are going to seal off east Berlin, because they think there won't be enough leadership to do anything about it at this time.

The Red threat is also showing in the Congo. They have been bringing in more equipment into the Congo and tomorrow before the U.N. they will charge that America and Belgium and the Western world is the aggressor and only mother Russia is the protector of the Congo. These happenings are a sign of the times in which you live, this tells you that not only are you in the time of Jacob's trouble, but that the enemy is getting ready to move. God Almighty says the enemy will move so you can be sure that he will. I turn over here to the 38th chapter of Ezekiel, and this is the record of what God has to say to the Prince of Russia---God says to his prophet:--- 'Now you prophecy and set thy face against Gog and the Land of Magog, the chief prince of Mesheck and Tubal and prophecy against him. Gog is Russia therefore saith YAHWEH:--I am against thee oh chief Prince of Moscow, and Tubal. I am going to turn thee back and put hooks in your jaws, and then I am going to bring you forth with all thy armies, all your mechanized armament, all of your horses, all your hoards, every weapon which you have shall come forth. You will move into Persia, and into north Africa and into Libya, to gather your armies, then you are going into parts of Asia and into the areas which Gomer has won.

Gomer was the wild Asiatic tribes that rode and struck with old Assyrian Asia. Also the people of Togarmah are not the people of Poland as some would have you think. The savage tribe of Togarmah were those who rode on the north flank of what was once the great hoards of ancient Assyria. In the days of Genghis Khan as he rode out of the steppes to strike Europe, came the tribes of Togarmah and they rode the northern flank of the army of Genghis Khan. They went down into Finland and were hurled back from that area. the people of Finland are the people of the tribe of Issachar and prophecy stands for this people. Some of the seed of Togarmah was sown into the Slavic people, but predominately in such lands of Romania and Yugoslavia today they are still a land of tall white men and women, even tho the Communist have ruled over them, have taken their land. Tito is a Communist but the majority of the people in their hearts hate and oppose Communism. They are in their hearts Christians and they are a part of Israel and someday they will be delivered. One third of Israel has been swallowed up --prophetically by the armies of Anti-Christ --in your time. So in this instance as we look out over the development in the world we see the people who according to scripture are to be taken over by Russia in her first attempt to gather her full power as already behind that iron curtain. In fact the Asiatics who are referred to as Togamarah in the scripture are the people who now occupy the areas of land from the Yangtze river of China to the Himalaya mountains. When it says Persia it says refers to all the areas of the Middle east, when it talks about Ethiopia it is talking about north Africa. Everyone who dwelt in North Africa was called at one time an Ethiopian and that did not always mean he was a Negro. At the present time when they say:--a Leopard does not change his spots and an Ethiopian his skin, in this instance they are referring to a Negro.

Now; there are silly preachers and I thought it interesting when one of the silliest preachers in the world came out with articles that you could find in Times Magazine, and in the Saturday Evening Post, and in Life Magazine, and this silly preacher by the name of Billy Graham said:--Peace in the world must be won by Christian sacrifice and spirit, we must be willing to integrate, to inter-marry. We must be willing to do this on every level, from Africa to America. Then he said:--I want you to know that the first convert to Christianity was an Ethiopian Eunuch. So let all Christians realize that they should gather the African in first, and we should follow that order today----SILLY.

Well it happens that this Ethiopian Eunuch was of Israel stock who was as we learned later the man in charge of the Queen Treasury from that area , and the kings and Queens of Ethiopia were white men and women and for years and years they held this color line before they were absorbed by mongrelization. Now; I think we might follow Billy Graham's idea if we could make Eunuchs out of all Negroes. That would end our Negro problems fast. But the instance that is being suggested here is the design of fallacy of this hour, is to surrender to thee world program and world design of Lucifer. And so we are watching exactly what the scripture says concerning the Russian hoards as these events come to pass. Now Russia has more man power under her banner than any power on earth. Red China has more man power than any single nation on the face of the earth. They have 30 million fighting men, and they armed and ready to march. For the last two years we have had on the part of Red China--which is also a part of Magog--threatening and warnings of danger to America. In the last two weeks these leaders in China have been talking of the great day when they will be coming against America, looting your homes, and carrying off your women. I listened to them on short wave--as they beamed their broadcast to Peking, into Hong Kong, and into Singapore in English and I listened as they said:--the day is coming when the rising destiny of the world is going to be in the hands of Red China. We will wipe America out first as she is the center of opposition to the world revolution of the workers of the world. They said: --The Campfires of Genghis Khan will burn once again. Then speaking in Madras, India one of their spokesmen said: ---the Campfires of Genghis Khan will burn again. This goes to show you that while aggression can be committed against these lands of India and Asia, still they will let speakers come in and rile up the people. And for years and years India has voted against you and with Russia.

Therefore there is nothing that you can count on out of these Asiatic people, and you don't want them for your allies. A lot of people think we should find some method to accomplish the ideas of General Eisenhower, as he told all these pagan people --we will tax the American people and we will pour out their wealthy upon you people if you will just stand with us. Then if the Russians attack then we will come over and save you. Let me tell you something. We should sever every alliance with every idol worshipping country on the face of the earth. We shouldn't tax one Christian to support one economic or military program in the heart of any idol worshipping---Voodoo society. We should not use one unit of our energy to save the Negroes of Africa. We should not do anything to protect any country of Asia that worships Devil gods.

Now lets turn to what the scripture says and we find God saying:--'Remember Israel that you do not have to make alliances with nations that do not know Me. He said in Deuteronomy that you do not have to be afraid neither of any nation that is bigger because--'thou art a holy people unto YAHWEH THY GOD.'--And He has chosen you to be a special people unto Himself, upon the ace of the earth. Not that you are more in numbers because you are the fewest of all races. But God Almighty said:--Ye shall not say in your heart that these nations are mightier than we are, and how can I possess some of their power. God Almighty has ordained that you are going to come into power, and then the powers of darkness and evil in the earth are going to be broken by you --with power of Your God.

Now; listen --Ezekiel 38---You Gog are going to prepare yourself and all of your hosts, and you are going to come against the people of Israel, which God calls his great mountain. That means that the hoards of Asia are going to attack Norway, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain and France as well as Britain. They will hit Berlin first to create a situation, and then will move on many fronts. They aim to knock out the U.S. on the start so that we cannot help even ourselves. (Here in 1994 we see that they did just that back in those days but )--God says that they will use air power, and they have that air power, but don't' let the Democrats fool you as you are not about to fold up, as a weak second class power. Don't let the Democrats fool you the kingdom of God is not a second class power, and you are not without weapons and ability. One of the great technicians of your race, a man of great wisdom and ability in the field of science of and rocketry just returned from Europe and he passed this message along in the last 14 hours. He said if the Russians start this thing we are going to burn the Russian cities to the ground. This man just arrived from western Germany, he said, sure it looks fearful.

Well if you have read the book of Ezekiel as it should be read by one of Israel, then you have read about the flying swords of Israel. Do you want to know what a flying sword it?---I think it is an atlas missile that goes up into the sky like a horrible star, and God says your flying swords are going to lay the cities of Asia into powder and dust. When you stop to realize that was written 700 or 800 years before Christ when these men did not know anything about flying nuclear weapons and great explosions---yet God Almighty had Ezra write that not only will a star burn above these cities but those cities will be turned to powder and dust. No wonder the scriptures talks about the world order passing away as elements dissolving in fervent heat. God Almighty says hat they are going to come like a storm to cover the land, they have the air power, and they will come like a storm out of the skies with paratroopers, and there will be a white man on the ground to take care of each one as he lands. Oh, you say that isn't what it says---well-----

The scripture says: They shall come against the mountain of Israel and at that time all these things shall come into their minds, and they shall think all these evil thoughts, such as:---We will go against this land where they don't have walled up villages, where they do not have an army post between each village. We are going to this great land which has the wealth and great prosperity. Where they don't have a military encirclement of their cities, where it will be easy to take a spoil.

About the only place in the world for that to be is the U.S. and Canada. If you have traveled around in Europe you will soon see that they have fortifications, and walls around cities, and army barracks everywhere, and every hedge-row is a machine gun nest. All Europe is an armed camp. The only place where you can travel without some one asking for your passport is in this great nation under the outstretched wings of the Eagle. This is where there is loot to take. So the Russians say: --we are going to come against this land of un-walled cities and take a spoil and a prey----which is to carry off your women. And destroy your homes and make desolate their habitation. They want to destroy all the people of God's kingdom who have settled here, for they were gathered out of all the nations of Israel.

Yes they know that people out of all of God's kingdom have settled right here --America is not a melting pot as some people say---America is the greatest fusion of God's Israel of any place in the world. You are the great nation of the outstretched wings of the Eagle, the mighty bulwark which God has raised up as protection for the nations of his kingdom.

So the enemy will come to take a spoil, but God said:---Now; Ezekiel , my prophet, you say unto the Prince of Russia, thus saith the LORD:---In that day when my people are dwelling safely and you know this, you will come out of the sides of the north parts with all your mighty hoards, and you will come against my people, Israel--you will come as a cloud to cover the land, and this shall be in the last day--the latter days. This is now the day that you are living in, the end of an age.----So God says:--Yes I will bring you against my land, then all the heathen are going to know that I am going to be sanctified in Israel. Then You oh Prince of Russia, before their very eyes -----art thou he whom I have spoken of in old times, thru all times, by my servants the prophets? And I said: --that after many years---in those days after many years, ye would be brought down against my people. All the prophets of anti-Christ, all the hoards of evil are wrapped up in this symbol. It shall come to pass that in that time the Prince of Russia shall come against my land and the fury shall rise up in MY face.

There has been disarmament conferences going on ever since the end of W.W.II, and we have been sending ambassadors and representatives and special agents and every where they have been going on and yet we get no where because the Soviets wreck the conference. Now we understand that the President said:---We will not shut our eye to any avenue of Peace, so we will keep on going to the conferences but we won't disarm before hand. Well they have us conned. To show our good faith we are to cut back on all our armament programs and have slowed down our missile program and our aircraft production, and we have put people out of work and slowed down our economy with this program. We must step up all this once more because God is telling his people that this northern army of Magog is going to attack. He wants us to beat our plow shears back into swords, and quit worrying about plows and farm tractors that we have to use for farming. In the first place if you want to know how to take care of the farm surplus--then stop making it. You don't have to feed the whole world. Nothing says that you have to produce to feed your enemies. Just shut down and start doing something else, and eat up your surplus. Let the American farmer have the American market and he will thrive on it. Stop bringing in things from all over the world and taking that market away from him.

Mystery Babylon has all kinds of fallacious ideas to bind you with. You are to make weapons to protect yourself. Someone says you don't want to put your faith in that army and that steal. Well put your faith in the Almighty God, and his ability to put his spirit in your fighting men, that spiritual power that David had when he held off 500 men with just two men in one pass. You ask God to give your fighting men strength and immunity of immortality so they can turn all the power of the enemy that comes against them, for this is what God wants you to do.

Oh, you say:--But God doesn't want us to use a sword? Well that is silly when HE comes with a sword to destroy his enemies and the blood flows to the horses bit. If you follow Christ in the hour ahead you will have a sword. Therefore God Almighty said: --There is going to be a great shaking in the land of Israel, and all the powers of darkness and all the nations coming against you are going to be thrown down. There is going to be a great shaking, naturally under this tension, in the earth as well. God says:--'I shall call for a sword against communism in all of my mountain, saith the LORD God, and even if a brother is a Communist then your sword will be against a brother.

In our nation today the communist are trying to turn brother against brother and organized labor helps with this program. He is trying to do this with the schools, in our churches, and thru some of the knucleheaded Preachers we hear today, who are teaching an preaching the doctrine and philosophies of the Kremlin. God Almighty makes it clear therefore---that we are going to clean all this out of our nation. Then God says:--I am going to turn on you, oh, Gog and then the pestilence and blood will rain upon you and thy band, then will come great catastrophes and great hail stones, and fire and brimstone is going to drop on you and your armies.

Now; we must realize that the western world has tried to carry their civilization to the ends of the earth. All the progress that has been made in Russia has come from you. In fact all the progress made in India was made when Britain was there. The progress that the wold has known is when the white race went out on programs of colonization. When id the idea suddenly move thru your race that colonization was bad?--When---if it is so bad you would never have been here. If it was so bad why did you keep pushing out, making state after state? If it was so bad why did you take California from Mexico? Why did you keep pushing out the heathen around you? Why did you do this? It didn't become bad until a Left Winger comes along and tells you that it is bad, because you went into the under developed jungles of the world and removed savagery, when you went in with righteousness and law. --That's bad because the devil doesn't want you there. What is bad is the U.N. This is an organization that binds the hands of strong men and uses a tiny band of string to bind them. That is one of the white horses of the apocalypse, which says:--Peace, Peace--false Peace. It says we will be strong thru unity, everyone hold out his hand, and we will tie all together and you can't then make war with one another. They only tied you with a little cord but you won't beat it because you say, we are a nation of honor, and we are willfully bound. All the other nations of God's kingdom say yes we are bound, but the Soviet union breaks heir cord and does as she pleases, while you say honor bound by a cord she has wrapped around your wrists. The U. N. was designed by the men around Alger Hiss who took their orders direct from the Kremlin, and they got into high places because of Felix Frankfreitter and the errors of the Roosevelt appointments. I will also tell you this--there will soon be two appointments to the supreme court and one of them will be a Jew. Especially an Austrian born one and one who spawned Communism into Harvard and put the Wiess's and the Alger Hiss's into high places in Washington.

Once more then we turn to this picture --God said:-- this hoard is going to come. And He says:--I am against ye 0 head of Russia, and I will turn you back and will leave only 1/6th of thee. So again one sixth of them is all that will go back. He is going to destroy them as they come against the nations of Israel.

Ezekiel 39---I will knock the weapons out of thy left flank of your armies and cause thine flying weapons to fall out of thy right flank. The bow in the left hand and the arrows of the right. If you get back to the original meaning you find that arrows are flying objects. So God says:--I will destroy those flying objects -----"thou shall fall upon the mountains (nations) of my people, and I will give thee to the ravenous birds of the air and to the beasts of the field and thee will be devoured. And I Almighty God am going to send such a fire on you --Russia--and among those that try to occupy carelessly My islands that you will know that I am YAHWEH.

Do you know that they anticipate tat one of the projects that the British government may have to do in the near future is a mass evacuation. In case of war with Russia. They plan to evacuate as many of their people as possible to Canada, the U.S. and Australia and into New Zealand. It is a possibility that some of those hoards will land on HIS Island, and if they make it then it won't be long because God says: --I will destroy those who dwell carelessly in my Islands. (Well many black and those of India have gone into Britain in the past few years and they are dwelling there carelessly --as they do not help the country, rather they are tearing it down. And many Britons have left and gone to other Commonwealth nations. This could be part of that prophecy, for now Britain is beginning to talk of removing those that came in as they can't afford them. )

God said:--I am going to make my Holy name known in the midst of my people Israel, and I will no longer let them pollute my holy Name, and the heathen shall know that I am YAHWEH the holy one of Israel.

Now; you say:--what is going on all over the world? Well God Almighty told you that trouble is not far removed. He said:--Now my people thou hast increased the nation, and God is glorified, and he has removed his nations to the ends of the earth, and great nations are now --My people Israel. And they have pushed colonies to the ends of the earth and even branches into the dark places of the earth. Now the enemy is gathering the hoards of Africa for a revolt against you. They have taken over Ethiopia, they moved into Ethiopia with the 5th column of Mau Mau and the Witch Doctors, and they brought down that government which had stood for centuries, and then this world government comes along and starts to talk about freedom, but you remember that God said:---Thy dead men are all going to live again -O Israel. Every one of them are going to live again, even as my dead body shall arise. Just as the dead body of YAHSHUA --Jesus arose --transformed, so shall every last one of the House of Israel be raised. He says:--awake and sing O ye that dwell in the earth, for the earth is going to cast out all the bodies of my people.

I want you to know that in this hour in which we live there are lots of people who do not know what is going on, and God said:---Now --you my people, come out of those areas and from among the heathen and the dead. You come out from among them and you go into your chambers and shut the doors, and you stay there for a little moment until the indignation be passed.

Do you want to know what is happening as the air craft of the outstretched wings of the Eagle is flying the Belgium people home from the Congo, and as the white people are getting out of Kenya? Do you want to know what is happening in Rhodesia right now as that fighting is starting? The powers of Anti-Christ and evil and the spirits of demons are possessing these dark and uneducated people who are of the beast pattern, who possess no spirit such as you have. Now; these people under the power of evil are rising up and you are out numbered 1000 to one. God is going to bring the white man home except for a few areas such as in South Africa and maybe Rhodesia, the places from which no black man lived in the beginning of those countries. They may be able to hold out but for the rest of the world, the white man will be going home, --for a little while.

Then after the white man leaves, God is going to pour out a judgment on these areas such as they have never known. We turn to what God said:----You will go into your chambers for a moment because the Lord is going to come out of his place, and he is going to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity. And the earth is going to disclose their blood, and not be able to cover the slain of the world order that has come against his kingdom.

As for me, I like it that God is on our side. It is now God with us and for us for his purpose, because you are the children of his kingdom. He says:--I will not only make this come to pass, but you --O Prince of Russia--the only thing that we will let you have in Israel is a place to bury your dead. And he also said:--It will take 7 months to bury your dead, and the people of the land will know it is a renown day as they bury the dead of the enemy who sought to destroy the kingdom. Also they will sever out men who are not employed for this job and it will even take some that are continually employed to bury the dead, of the enemy and cleanse the land, and God Almighty says:--that the birds of the air will have feasted on the flesh of the mighty and powerful men of that day, and the house of Israel shall know that I am the LORD their God---FROM THAT DAY FORWARD.

And He says:--when I have brought again my people--released from their enemies and have set them apart in my sight, before the nations, then they shall know that I am the LORD, their God. When I have liberated my people from the enemy, when I have broken the enemy everywhere, then no more will I hide my face from them, for I will pour out my spirit continually upon all the House of Israel forever, thus said the LORD God.

Listen then--O Prince of Russia, God Almighty says that you are going to come but he is going to destroy you. So don't you let fear have any part in your thinking. Any design by which you think you are going to get Peace by bowing to the enemy is already marked, by God for failure. I would just get strong and tell the enemy to get out. I would tell the enemy --you don't shoot down any more of our planes or keep back any more of our prisoners or we will blow you off the face of the earth.

Some one says: --O we shouldn't take such an aggressive attitude, well there isn't any one with more force in this situation than My father, and no one with more grace and love, and no one thru out the ages of time has as big a plan for even these Russians who are going to be blown off the face of the earth than he has. But they don't belong here challenging the kingdom of God, in the hour when God intends to produce the greatest demonstration of the power of His kingdom on the face of the earth.

Now; lots of people in the kingdom are worried about these people in the ends of the earth, they worry about their eternal soul. There is such a thing as an Eternal spirit. The soul will have to be resurrected to its decision and to its judgment. But I am going to tell you that there isn't anyplace the consciousness can go that God can't find it. There is not anything said about destroying something of that nature and that is the end of it, until we must sit down and weep bitter tears about it. The only thing we should weep bitter tears about is that we have let the enemy run and let them do all these things they have done, and we did not stop them before this. God Almighty is not going to let them wipe you from the face of the earth, so don't let any one tell you that they are going to do it. I can tell you what will come closer to wiping you from the face of the earth, and that is this tax that Mr. Kennedy proposes to give the wealth and power to Africa and Asia, and to the ends of the earth. That my friends will help to weaken you until you would fall. But let me tell you this. The greatest menace of your time, is this doctrine being delivered to you that you are to integrate, and absorb all these mongrelized masses of the world, that hate your God.

What Russia has done, and the U.N. has done in Africa is quite evident, and it is fulfilling its prophecy, but the thousands of times the white women have been raped and even little girls by these jungle beasts, and the burning of schools and the burning of churches, the savagery of these individuals proves that you can't have any civilization developed in them unless you hold the rod of the law of God over them. The moment you turn them loose they burn down their own assets. You say oh that was the jungle cannibals --no that was the cannibals who were dressed up. In the August first U.S. and World News was the great piece of literature, it tells you exactly what is happening. Its telling you that it was soldiers on the payrolls who went to school and were being trained, that were the ones who turned and brought the attack on the white man who had given them nothing but benefits. I want you to know --that out of this savagery it tells you one thing--God said let them know who is Master. And yet you let the U.N. tie your hands with little reeds, and Belgium economically forced by mystery Babylon let those jungle beasts have independence in the Congo, and then Mhumbuto comes over here and is wined and dined and the paper tells you that as soon as order is restored, those who raped the white women will be the ones to whom the U.N. turns the government to.

Let me tell you, there are white men preparing for a vendetta, these are white men whose women were ravaged. They saw all their possessions go up in smoke and many of them couldn't get out. there is a rumor sweeping the Congo that these men are dedicating themselves to the wiping out of these beasts, who are more deadly than the lion or the other great animals. So don't think there is any peace in store, there is no peace, for Russia want many things in Africa; she wants the gold and the diamonds, and in Africa you will see again the evidence of the fulfillment of this prophecy, as Ethiopia along with Asia and China gathered for this hour. Thus it is a time for men to get strong and to tighten up the line.

We are being threatened with Nuclear destruction. Some scientists tell us that we are about to be wiped from the face of the earth. But let me tell you this---the Peace time use of the atom is more dangerous than the war time use---why? --In one months time the nations of the world have been burning in the nuclear reactor plants more isotopes and more matter of nuclear substance for the power of the cities than all the war time experimentation put together. They are putting more of this iodinized substance into the atmosphere abut 13 or 14 miles above the earth, and wee don't' feel it close to our bodies where it can burn our skin. But that radio activity builds up in that level at the 13 or 14 mile height. Strangely enough the scientists of the world are telling those in Washington, don't stop making weapons because you won't use them until they are necessary, and then tell them that --that time would be soon over, but the Peace time use of atomic energy builds up the upper atmospheric levels of radiation. I can show you something prophetic that relates to this time. We have had thru the Peace time use of the atom and all the military uses, an increase in the radio activity at the field level where all of these radio active eons and all of the particles are assembled---an electronic temperature rise off one degree. That is not heat in the earth, that is one degree in the temperature of radio activity or milielectrogins of electrical activity. This has in turn caused a difference of 7 degrees of heat temperature to increase all over the earth --this year. This will increase each year because they are building more nuclear reactors for energy use all over the earth. I think that you will find that as the temperature rises in this belt above the earth, that static electricity will feed back thru anything that will carry it, and every cloud that begins to form will be effected by this static electricity until they can't form and gather moisture for rain. But they are so charged with static electricity that you will have forest fires, and more fires and no rain to put them out.

When that happens then we see the book of revelations and its prophecy:--yes the sun gets hotter than ever before and it scorches the earth, and some men curse God, and they can't find death and we see great heat scorch the earth. ---Alright, you are watching this thing build up. I am going to tell you this. I think you aren't going to let this thing go to far because I think God is going to shorten the time for the Elect sake, or you might not live. I am going to tell you something you may not know. That when Radio activity becomes intense, or the enemy drops the bomb, who do you think will die first? Did you know that radio activity will kill a Negro 2 millirectigens of degree before it makes an impact on you. They have discovered that the black pigmentation of the skin of a Negro makes it harder for him to resist radio activity. And in any area of radio activity he suffers most. Even in the experimental bunkers in the tests in Nevada and in Utah, the Negroes who were close to it were all almost permanently hospitalized and it did not effect the white men. Well, I think they better leave here if we are the target area, they are sure to be removed if they stay. Some say that any day now they may hit Washington. Well, there won't be many left if they hit Washington D.C. They say that Washington will soon have a black mayor, if they let the Negro have control of the capital and they are 70% of the population then we better remove the capital or the population. I only tell you this because danger can envelope whole structures of unassimilatable societies before it destroys you.

You are living in one of the most important times in human history, and the greatest insurance policy you can have is the promise of the MOST HIGH GOD, that a thousand can fall at thy side, and 10 thousand at they right hand, and no harm can come to you.

To be enveloped in the Shekinah Glory of God, to know that you are a son, and to claim Eternal life, to claim promises that you will survive, that you are going to be immunized with the immortal capacity to survive in the midst of this trouble with this Northern army is as Joel says:----It is your promise to claim.

I am going to tell you this, that this great nation of God's kingdom will still be a great nation of God's kingdom when the last hammer and sickle is gone. We are going to stop most of these flying weapons and they won't come near you. not only do you have interceptor rockets, but you have standing by you--whole fleets of heavenly hosts who will intercept and turn the rockets back on the enemy. Last night there flashed one of them great super ships of space across your south land. It came down from the north then came back again. They saw it in Lancaster, and at Whittier, highway patrolmen saw it. This is only one of many that move around and they are not meteors. They are the whole fleet of Michael standing by; to see that not one weapon of the enemy will destroy the children of the kingdom. Someone said:--I can't believe this --unless I can see it. Well you are just like Thomas and you will see it. Someone said they were preaching:--'Woe to the man who does not see or believe. But there are many who do not see nor believe because they do not know any of this. God Almighty is going to say to the doubters:---I am here --come put your finger in my side. I am back--know and believe. I am the same Messiah --I am here ---you saw the ships. This is your brothers standing by.

Now the next thing you start worrying about is where will we put all the people? ---Well a lot of them will be gone for Jesus said:--every plant in the earth that my father (spirit) did not plant will be plucked up by its roots and put back in the garden where it came from. Suppose I tell you that before God's plan is consummated there will not be a Negro even in all of Africa. There was no Negroes on the earth before the fleets of Lucifer were confined here. There was another race here but not the Negroes. It was not until Lucifers rebellion and the great fleets of Michael pinned the fleets of Lucifer here, and then destroyed the ships that any Negroes appeared on this earth. And the history and antiquity of the ancient nations demonstrated this. So they will go back where they came from an that is for there will being, and for their welfare. Did you know that there is not a Jew who belongs on the face of the earth either---why? Because they are the unassimilatable offspring of Lucifer and fallen Angels who sowed their seed among all the people of the earth. They don't belong here and will be taken out to the constellation of Ara out on the edge of your visible space. --You ask:--is that Bible? --Yes that is bible --what is to be done with some of the others? Ancient Hebrew referred to Africa as the pit, and some of them are to be locked up in the pit. Did you ever think that some of them will have to pump out those jungles. The days are going to come when not only are the powers of darkness going to be defeated, but they are going to be put to work under the authority of divine law.

In the fullness of time all these things are going to be consummated. You are even going to see thee day when taxation is going to be abolished. That will be consummated because God Almighty is going to operate His kingdom on altogether different principals. There will be plenty instead of scarcities. There will be no poverty in his kingdom. The Communists and their agents have made poverty in your nation, and their influence has effected your lives until you have robbed your substance. You may say that you have more things than ever before in your lives, but you don't know how long you are going to have them. But under the principals of god's kingdom you could have produced far more than you have produced under Lucifer's influence. You could have put the whole world in order with the laws of God, for that is God's plan.

We will talk more about this next Sunday---you will say that we could have said more tonight but we could talk until the millennium --if we talked about all that you would like to hear, and then you and I would never get home.

end of message.