God's Secret Weapons, 7-2-61


By  Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 7-2-61

We have always been immensely interested in the vibratory forces of the Universe. We see in this picture the great vibrations and the releases of energy setting in motion, forces which have been developed through out the centuries and they come to an apex of their vibratory levels in their time. The powers of darkness have their greatest momentum at this time, for their vision is the vision of darkness, their desire is the conquest of Christian nation and the ruling of the earth. This desire upon the part of the Anti-Christian nations and the non white races of the world is not something new...because the Scriptures foretold that this would come to pass. The reason why the Scriptures tell that these things shall come to pass is because the prophets...who were your Kinsmen....were energized by the Spirit of the Eternal God who energized the Spirit in them which he had begotten.

To understand the mysteries of prophecy you have to understand the fact that you happen to belong to the only race on the face of the earth whose spirit is essence of God's Spirit and was begotten by him in the heavens before you ever came to earth. Having been begotten by the Spirit...ye were born from above. Having been begotten from Adam after the flesh you have been born into the earth, thus you are twice born children of the Most High. This is the secret of your advent into your position of people who can administer God's Kingdom. For without such spiritual birth there would be nothing to reactivate by the spirit. The whole worth of the message of Christianity as a great and vital religion and as a great and vital spiritual force is the story of the restoration of Spiritual vision, and spiritual understanding brought about by the quickening in your consciousness of those things known by the Father before the world was framed. You are a 3 fold being...Spirit, Soul, and Body. And the Most High God, you Father, intends to see that every portion of your nature is established in order, in the righteousness of his pattern, through out all the ages to come. You have an Eternal Spirit and you are Children of an Eternal Spirit. From the hour you were begotten in his image your spiritual existence was one of individual entity and you were with the Father before even this creation of this cosmic portion of God's Universe came into being as our Solar system and the Milky way. For your solar system is part of the Milky way and you were there when the Milky Way was formed. Your Father said: 'Where were you when I brought forth the foundation of the world...Where were you?'......You can just tighten up your belt and look back into the endless yesterdays as the Spirit quickens your consciousness and say: You know all this Father...you can bring it all back to our remembrance. I tell you this:..Your race watched the arrival upon this earth of the created forms that God placed here. Your race in the planes of Spirit watched the rebellion of Lucifer against the identity of you as a member of the family of your Father, watched the great catastrophe in the sky...watched the invasion of earth and the battles of earth...saw the attempts of the mongrelization of the races of earth.. watched the transfer of people from other parts of the Universe by a rebellious Arch Angel. You were there and you saw this...now you could say with Jesus:...I saw Satan fall like a star out of the heavens. You are not the children of today, you are the Children of an Eternal Yesterday and an endless tomorrow.

You had a Spiritual entity origin point, when you were begotten, but the essence of that Spirit was of the Fathers. There isn't any fear in the minds of us who look out over the problems of today that we are about to be engulfed and destroyed or that our lives are about to be shortened by the Anti-Christ. I want you to know that there is no power anywhere in the Universe that can shorten the Eternal Life of God's children. He gave you Eternal life when you were begotten in the Spirit and no one can take it away from you. I am going to tell you this: God never tried to save a Spirit in all time or history because he didn't have to save a Spirit for.. Spirit was the essence of His Life. Spirit is the incorruptible seed that lives and abides forever.

Now you say:...well then what does God save?....First..God is saving his people in the earth so that they will carry forth the work of His Kingdom which he has ordained. Therefore the only thing that has been lost is.... men have lost their way as they have been brainwashed or taken over where they think...in the seat of their soul consciousness. Thus in the physical bodies which have now partaken of death like the creatures of earth. The thing that God has promised to do is to restore immortality to your race, and adjust the soul consciousness of every individual until his eternal ego assumes the Spiritual dimension of Light, knowledge, and understanding that he had with the Father before the world was framed. That is why the scripture says:...He who saves the soul is wise, and covers the multitude of sins. The moment you adjust a man where he thinks you adjust him in the way he acts and lives. The most important thing in the program of God is to bring this wayward Planet and the people upon it, back into adjustment with HIM. It is very important that every portion of God's Universe vibrate with the wavelength of His existence, and the laws of His Creation, this is a vibratory Universe. Everything in this Universe is pulsing with motion, even what you think of as innate stones, rocks and minerals, for every atom within them is a solar system of moving energy, its very law holds it together and the very force of the law make it knowledge to you in the Spirit.

Everything in this Universe must be gaged and evaluated by the dimension or the vibratory field within which it lives, or exists and has its being. Thus it is that you live in a temporal world, a physical world of substance and its field, and its vibratory law is determined by the speed of the electrons moving around the nucleus of every atom which is set by the Father who ordained it from the beginning and there are other planes and other dimensions which are made out of the same substances...energy, and vibrations that you would call electrical or electronic. These are wavelengths of formations of light which you may not know how to analyze but these waves of light or waves of vibrations and energy are ordained by HIS tremendous mind which holds the Universe together, ordained by the law of things as they are.

We are most interested in these groupings of energy when they possess intellect and shape and form. We evaluate their capacities and their status in the Universe by that shape and form and the most important and most significant thing to us is anything that even approaches the image of God. There are many creations and the Father said they are all good...then there was a rebellious Arch Angel who was formed at one time, and in his rebellion he had thought to become the very God Himself. And now the thing formed has been trying to take over the earth from the creator and of course it can never happen. There are lots of people who are always very disturbed because they think that evil is going to triumph, but I want to tell you that evil can never triumph because that which is good holds together everything by the very law of its existence. Nothing that is destructive or disintegrating can ever defeat the power of creation. There is no question that you and I have a very unique experience in earth, for no other race on the face of the earth are the begotten offspring of the Most High. All the evangelistic activities...all the religious programs and all the church activities pounded down and poured into one mould will not transform, change or make an Asiatic, a Negroid, or anyone else into...a white Adamic man...a begotten son of God by the Spirit. I see a few people who want to buck up at that because you have carried a concept that Evangelization can make a white man out of a Negro underneath his skin. You cannot do that for its the content and not the envelope that counts. You can put anything in a can and put a label on it, you might make a Spirit reside in any kind of a carton but it just so happens that Spiritually begotten seed has only passed down out of the heavens thru the seed of Adam. And Adam was a white man...you are Aryans.. Hu-man which means Spirit man...of this there is no doubt. Then because this is true...that makes you the children of God's Kingdom and inside you vibrates Spiritual powers and Spiritual force, that can bring your intellect into tune with God and carry unto you a vision that makes you able to see and to understand and know what goes on.

When you dwell like the Beast races and nations around you and think like they do and only reflecting thru the senses and only appealing to the seat of your consciousness with the satisfaction of that which would please the body. Or if you live on the standards and be persuaded with the philosophies of the Beast system around you...then you are shutting up the vision..then my friends you become enslaved and lose your power and degenerate from the great status that is yours. However in the midst of all these things we are not worried about the outcome of these events because we know that our Father...will be pleased. He said: I am going to do all My Pleasure...I am going to have the council of My Will fulfilled. If you will turn over to the Book of James and to the first chapter..you will find...that we who are his children know that everything which is good and everything which is perfect comes down from the Father, of all lights and all vibrations with whom there is no variableness, because the law in their form are thus ordained. There isn't even the slightest design of changing or upsetting the balance of His Universe. Of his own will he begat each one of you, he begat you of His own Eternal fiat of the living Word of truth, and we are the first begotten creatures in His Universe. (James 1:17-18) Now there were other things formed but you are the first begotten ...you are the children of the Most High God. This may place you in a strange situation if you are today trying to accept the philosophies of the world order, because the world order wants to get everything and everybody joined together and bring all down to a common level, and convince you that everyone came from the same origin and every one has a common destiny. That every religion and all gods need to be joined together. They would like to bring you to that level.

I am going to tell you why integration must fail. I'm going to tell you why world government, principalities must fail. I'm going to tell you why there will never be a world government or a world religion...all of these will fail because none of those meet the measures of the Most High God. There is nothing that will satisfy the nature of the children of God, but the Divine order of the Kingdom of God in the earth. I want you to know that integration and mongrelization will fail because there is a living Spiritual seed deep in the inner part of His Children and God says: I am going to awaken and produce an awakening in this race that will explode at this attempt to mongrelize and wipe out My Family. There are a lot of people who have listened to the power on a wave length of what they believed was a popular momentum and a popular design. We have listened so long to those who have preached...world government and peace through the U.N. and they have stressed the necessity of a world monetary program to alleviate the injustices of success by those that work to those who are to lazy to work. We don't have to alleviate those economic differences, because those differences come from the lack of thinking and from the lack of good common sense. We are told that all this must be done by manipulation and government.

In this great nation which will soon be celebrating on July 4, it is well to recognize the point of beginning for our nation. When you became a nation you proclaimed that you were going to support independence, liberty, and freedom. You called your first document the Declaration of Independence. That not only meant a declaration of Independence from any form of tyranny or any conspiratorial form of taxation, but you also did this 2,520 years to the day from which your particular branch of the white race went into captivity at the hands of the Assyrians. You went into captivity because you violated Divine Law as you let strangers influence you philosophy, your religion and your economy and the results was a weakened people. You went into captivity just as your father told you that you would do.

When God deals with his children he generally deals with them with Grace. That is how you generally deal with your children, for no matter what a child does....generally a parent still sees their child as better than others see him. But the Father deals with you with Grace. Through out all the course of History he has done this as he gave you Divine Law. The things that happen to you are not because God wants to go out and have a personal revenge because of his displeasure...it is because the law is the intelligent, sane, and positive way things are put together, and how they must react one to another, if they are going to exist in the sphere of their creation or existence. Violate these principals and the catastrophe may be mathematical, biological or chemical. The result can end in depressions, explosions, or economic slavery. None of these things can come to a people who fulfill Divine Law as you by race were supposed to do. I want you to realize that as of now we face a lot of trouble because we let strangers come into out country and rise above us, after being warned not to let this happen. We are told many things by the image of the beast which now speaks in your home. For this image os the Beast was given power to speak. Now don't go home and break that T.V. set for you might want it one of these days. Just learn when the beast is speaking and learn not to follow him. One of these days Christ will be seen by every eye over that T.V. set when he returns to take command of that Kingdom and you wouldn't want to miss that would you? Just because the world order in the image of the beast speaks...today...still one of these days all you will see over the T.V., is the news of the Kingdom. One of these days every one of the principalities of the Beast system is going to fail.

Someone said: It wouldn't be possible for everyone all over the world to see at once the climactic hour when the image of Christ at the head of his heavenly forces and those of earth come together because those people of earth would be locked into channel 4...or 5....or 11 or others, and they might not be on the correct channel. Let me tell you this: there isn't going to be a T.V. screen anywhere in the world that won't be locked in to that wave length of light on that day.

Someone said: now really...you don't believe that do you Dr. Swift? I not only believe that but I'm ready for it. Someone said: you can't be ready for it because you would have to have the righteousness of Christ to be ready. Well he imputed that to me and to you. I am going to stand on His own justification not on mine...I'm going to accept his covenants and if any claims are laid against me I'm going to say:...This is what HE says. I want you to know that you are close to a world struggle called, Armageddon, named after a site on the planes around Old Jerusalem..with hoards coming out of Africa and out of Asia and out of the East, coming against the nations of God's Kingdom. We are ready for this because we believe that there is sufficient power to deliver us...coming out of the heavens and out of the earth when God stimulates this power in his children. There are lots of secret weapons to be used in this struggle, there are weapons that are spiritual that are to be used for pulling down strongholds, and I'm glad for that. In these United States we have had the powers of darkness move into high places. The Apostle Paul said: that they would do this and he spoke of wickedness in high places. I charge that in Washington D.C. that there is spiritual wickedness in high places. And people that deny that Jesus is The Christ are the very essence of wickedness and they should be banished out of our government and out of every Christian nation. Any person that carries the standard of Jesus Christ and then succumbs to this kind of advice from Lucifer are betraying their church and their nation. I think that you are going to discover at this hour that one of the great secret weapons of God is a wave of cosmic energy of Spiritual dynamic power...charges at the very essence of the vibratory power of God's own Spirit in its creative fiat. And this power of Spirit is going to move just like the mist and the clouds across the nations of the world, and every Spirit that was begotten of Him is going to start to vibrate at the potential of HIS own mind. And they are going to awaken and to respond and a great wave will come from you against everything that is evil in our midst. The first thing you are going to know will be this difference..it will not be like a John Birch society or a patriotic meeting or an Israelite evangelistic meeting...but a whole nation is going to arise and call for leadership and denouncing the enemy and repudiating the things for which they stand. Oh you say...this can't happen ...well let me tell you this...a nation can be changed in a day, all you have to change is the way a man thinks. There is not one Spirit in the Adamic race but what thinks right...even tho the person in which they reside is sound asleep. The spirit is alright..it is energy inside the seat of their intellect to make their brain function inside their body, in their seat of intellect. That's why we class them as B B brains, because such a small part of their brain is functioning, but they have a far greater capacity then that.

The Spirit of God will stimulate the minds of His people until the image of their thinking will be the same. When I say the Spirit is alright, I mean that fortunately for you the Spirit prays while you sleep. The Scripture says the Spirit prays for you while you are sleeping. That doesn't mean Africa or Asia is praying because they don't have the Spiritual wave length. You say...What happens to the people of Asia or Africa? What will happen to them is what was planned by the Grace of God for them to come through you as a righteous government and truth in the world. You are on the edge of a mighty explosion that could now be one of the waves of Armageddon. This explosion in the province of Kuwait which was once a province of the Commonwealth of Nations under the protection of Britain. It is located along the Persian Gulf and supplies 30% of its oil to the British Empire. This little province was suddenly given its independence to supply the cry of the world order. Oh you say,..but we believe in Liberty and freedom, but let me remind you that we don't believe that you set people free by throwing them into the mouth of the lion...we believe that you set them free from tyranny by moving them under the protection of God's Kingdom. The Great nations of God's Kingdom today have been fighting a psychological warfare and they have fallen prey to the use of the very phrases which are endeared by them...such as liberty and freedom..the voice of the people..and the economy. They even have tried to make democracy look like a great thing and the result is that they have people frowning on others who do not go along with this Satanical battle. The pressure has been put on Britain, until Britain is about as bad off as we are, and maybe worse because she has had more Socialists climbing into her government than you have had, and into some key positions. Altho there isn't much difference in having a socialist Premier like Attele or a Socialist president which we have had under 3 presidents.

The battle and the trouble of your times and the pressures and conditions that effect your liberty here in July 2-61, have all been born of the philosophy of policies put forward by the enemy..the Anti-Christ who has transferred his thoughts to the minds of the dupes who permit the world to do their thinking. Then they expound with soulish error instead of letting the power of God's Spirit guide and influence them along the great foundation of the Precepted street. I would have you know that the values of God's Kingdom have been well established, yet as you have crested wealth...then know that wealth belongs to the creators. And upon him is bestowed all the benevolence of Spiritual guidance to bestow upon the less fortunate that which he wishes to give but not that which is taken from him. It must be understood that no philosophy was ever ordained that is so unsound that it would say that we must redivide everything that exists with everyone in the world whether they put out any effort to produce or not. There is nothing that states that if you don't have it then you just take it from someone else and bestow it on those that don't have it because that is what is necessary for the good of the world. Let me tell you something, ...the only thing necessary for prosperity and progress in the world is intelligence...initiative and work. Divine blessing will do the rest unless that area of the earth is out of adjustment with God's disobedience, and by their opposition they set up a contradictory wave of vibratory power that upsets the balance of what is good for them.

You say:...oh I can't believe that...Let me tell you something..My Father sits in the highest heavens and laughs at those who set their ways against him and want to break the bands of His Kingdom.

Let me tell you this...the sun which shines on the just and the unjust all over the world does not mean that all sections of the earth are going to produce the same even if they possess the same type soil and weather conditions because that is proven to be not the case. There is a law that determines the germination of the plant and the pollination of each and every one of the factors of God's creative life, and I can tell you right now that a vibrator field out of the very heavens above because of maladjustment of peoples, and their hands can stop the pollination of crops and bring on a crop failure. I want you to know that strange forces can unbalance the very air above until what was peaceful air will suddenly be moving with great speed and heat will rise until it will blow every bit of the crop right out of the ground.

I want you to know that the essence of the thinking today and of the world order around about has its many amps of energy which when catalyzed together can form the anti-force which causes friction and tension in your society. Haven't you walked down the streets today and felt the air tense with impending action of some kind? If you do not feel that your aren't sensitive to that which is going on all over the nation today. People feel this hypertension and they feel that something is building up and they wonder what this is, and what is going on. Do you wonder what that feeling is? I tell you that is the receiving set built into you which is on the wave length of your affinity with your Father which tells you that you are about to reach the climax of a Clash with the powers of darkness. You perceive that and you feel the air tense and your conscious nature and your Spiritual sensitivity vibrates to that, and this is referred to as discernment.

I want you to know that your enemy who has come into your society has no Spiritual capacity such as you have, and they not only operate on soulishness but the wave length of their background is dependent on whether they are of the created races that fell or whether they are an unassimilatable offspring of Lucifer whether of any color. If you are an unassimilatable offspring of Lucifer you are an offspring of Lucifer any of his fallen Angels who did not keep their first estate. Then my friends it doesn't matter what color you are for you are still of that race... Luciferian. You say:..what do you mean? It means that if you are an offspring of Lucifer and any of his fallen angels that you are a Jew no matter what color for the word is Yehudhim meaning accursed...with Satanic origin. That is why Jesus said to the Jews at Jerusalem: Ye are of your father the devil...some one said: Dr. Swift, isn't there some subject into which the Jews don't come into the discussion? No...there isn't any subject that they don't enter into and won't be until you are victorious. Now don't go out and follow the tradition that they say that the Ostrich follows...that he buries his head in the sand. Even that is not true... He never gets more than one eye in the sand at a time. The truth of the matter is that at this hour we have people in this nation who have no place in God's Kingdom. If America had followed the precepts that it should have followed it would have followed the spiritual precepts discerned by Benjamin Franklin, and we would not have permitted anyone to come into this nation and participated in citizenship who was not a Christian or a white man. My how they try to deface those words of Benjamin Franklin for now they have even torn them out of the original Pickwick papers in the Benjamin Franklin museum if Philadelphia, but not before the photo stats of the original were made. I want you to know that we are in a battle that involves the attempt to capture our nation. We have reached a point when our highly technical society finds it hard to move the goods of our production, or to continue to employ everyone so that they will have sufficient money which seems to be the curse of this hour, in order to purchase the things that we need that other Americans have produced or which have been produced some where in the world which we desire. The only thing money was meant to do was to move goods, and to give you your share by the energy you put out, or by the necessary spiritual force or mental ability which you had exerted. In the mind and the eye of God and in the organization of the Kingdom...ideas are just as valuable and have just as much potential in constructive service as goods produced.

But they have to be in balance and in keeping with the program and have to be contributing to the energy and force of your society. The enemy knows that if he can gain control of the movement of your goods he can capture the whole program of your civilization and life. I want you to know that one of the greatest dangers to your nation is these people who came in here at the time of your revolution, who hate your God and your society and your civilization and who came in for the exact purpose of planning to enslave you, for you were not 10 years from your declaration of independence before you had a rope around your wrist. You were like the proverbial Samson and kept breaking the rope because you had a rising production and plenty of land and jobs. So you kept breaking their rope which they tied when you were asleep. There is one great thing about America in this situation and that is...that they will never get all our hands bound because they will never shear all our locks...there are just some of America who will never be sheared for any kind of a promise on the face of this earth. I tell you that God Almighty has secret weapons that the enemy does not understand, and one of these weapons is a wave length of Spiritual vibratory impact that sets up a proper vision in the minds of the Children of God, starting first with those who are in adjustment and those sons who are waiting for power, then spreads like a catalyst through your society to every man, woman and child of your race until the Spirit is poured out on them. That is one of the promises of deliverance in the Book of Joel..2:28. 'I am going to pour out my Spirit upon all your flesh and your sons and daughters shall prophecy, and your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.' And I will restore every thing these earthly parasites stole from you. God Almighty is going to give you the biggest flitgun in all history and you are going to get rid of the insects. Now don't get squeamish for you aren't a bunch of Hindu's and that isn't your grandfather crawling around there. You didn't come from an ant, a grasshopper, a cankerworm or a locust. What kind of a flint gun would you use? Well if you were to pass a law that says that those who do not believe in Jesus Christ, and a Christian civilization and society would have to leave our courts or any office of government of any kind in this country then you would discover something that the Parasites couldn't stand to be identified. Which is the name Jesus The Christ, or that power which says that America is a great Christian nation and we stand firmly behind the fact that we are a Republic and Yahshua the Christ is Our King. It is about time that 140 million people in this country made it plain to the other 40 million where we stand and if they don't like to live in our midst on those basis's then there are other places in the world. If we cannot do this then we need to be awakened.

I had an intellectual talking to me the other day and he said:..Dr. Swift would you suppress the minorities? I said: I would do more than suppress the minorities I would deport them if they didn't like to live under the above rules. He said: Oh but that is not American. I replied: That is just as American as Benjamin Franklin or George Washington. This is not the kind of America that is portrayed by Eleanor nor is it the kind of Americanism portrayed by one who puts on a skull cap and preaches to the American Jewish community in L.S. on the fourth of July and holds the office of Chief Justice. It is not the kind of Americanism that puts Harry Dexter White in the Treasury Dept., and Alger Hess in the State Department and in the U.N. Rather it is the kind of Americanism that would eliminate all this problem for it would eliminate all their mentors and all their forces of finance. I am going to make a prophecy that you can be sure will measure out as true......that if these unassimilatable people who want to make us Socialist and Communist, and who hate every thing American, and Christian or want to mongrelize us and end out nation. If they don't surrender or leave America before this explosion comes then this mighty fire of Spiritual energy and tremendous vision is going to consume them in the hour of their judgment.

I'm going to tell you this:...there is no wrath like that kindled by the sons of God when they wake up and discover the tremendous evil which moves out from the enemies of God to enslave every race and reduce them to wars and depressions for all times. There is nothing more evil in the earth than that which will continue to spawn misery in the earth. The Kingdom of God in the earth is not moving in to establish bondage but to establish thru power...Liberty and freedom. The great difference between the Communist world and the world order behind them, and the Kingdom of God which is going to rule the world..is that when we rule the world we set men free and when they rule the world they enslave with tyranny. We rule under the laws of our Eternal Father, and they rule under the strategy of Satan. Some say, yes, but this may come to struggle and war. Yes, we are in struggle and war and we may meet them with all their weapons and battle them on this earth in that status, but when we do remember this:

A thousand may fall at thy side and 10,000 at thy right hand, still no harm shall come to you.

You stand at one of the great strategic hours of your history. I tell you that there is going to come a tremendous awakening. We have talked to you about the C.F.R., that council on Foreign relations and the dangers imposed upon you since the days of Mandel House up unto our times. We have talked to you about the insidious power of a few hundred men who control all the policies and all the administrative groups and all the foreign service programs in our state department, a division in our government especially from the period of the House of Roosevelt up unto the present time. There are 27 men in that committee that has been set up for economic research, and it has been sponsored by the foundations. This committee is trying to set up all the economic programs for an economic dictatorship for these United States. President Kennedy is taking all his advisors concerning economic problems at this hour from this committee, and this committee has only one program which is to seduce you to a world Socialist Society, by a world revolution which would pull down old Glory and run up the Spider Web of the U.N. This would take away your rights and privileges and only restore them when you served them like slaves, this even includes the right to your own house.

This is part of the problem: Every year the conspiracy takes us further down the road. Someone said: Oh but I just read where the President asked for the power to reduce our taxes by 20% in any year when we have a recession or a down swing in productivity. Well I read that bill and it also has a line which says he can increase those taxes 25% in case of an emergency which he sees, and we should never give that bill to any President controlled by 69 men of Jewish influence.

In this great nation of ours it was the intent of our Founding Fathers to free any man from any type of economic oppression. It was the original intent that any taxes ever levied for the operation of this government could never accrue a debt. They had to be collected either as a tariff or as a transaction at the time they were incurred. Never could any tax accrue a debt that could be levied which could be for the confiscation of a mans home or property or endanger his person or involve his imprisonment. That makes it an illegal thing in the minds of your founding fathers to have the kinds of taxes that are collected against your income that accrue at the end of the year to the result that you were unable to pay and would have to go to jail if you could not pay their tax or for them to be able to take your home for that tax. This meant...county, state or federal. The only constitutional taxes in the minds of your founding fathers when they determined what proper taxation should be was have that tax be collected at the point of transaction. I only mention this because this is how Mystery Babylon with its power of confiscatory control sought to gain control over people all over the world in their day. I want you to know that the agents of Mystery Babylon are behind the program of world government. That is why Jesus made it so clear to St. John in Revelation that is Mystery Babylon and its powers of evil that are Anti-Christ, and against which you fight. Someone said: Oh I would just like to sit down under a nice green tree by a stream and think Peace...Peace. Well I'll tell you how you can do that!..You can sit down under that nice green tree and think Peace...when you have earned it. Oh I can sit under that tree for a few minutes and enjoy some of that Peace because I know that there is a mighty Spiritual force that is going to overthrow the enemy and I'm going to participate at every proper point of advantage to accomplish this. I know there is a place that can sweep over my consciousness because in my thinking I am accepting the blue print of My Fathers plan, who has assured me of absolute victory. Thus I read every newspaper and every digest of news that comes in with the expectation of incidents that lead up to this Victory. If it missed a few days without a sign of victory on our side I know we are just getting ready for that big victory. Let me tell you this: the economic policies of darkness are moving in their many ways, but if they finally succeed in cutting off our trade with foreign nations...yet in that case America can learn to live inside herself more comfortably and powerfully than she is today.

(Now that just may happen)

Because there is one thing that those in the world order movement don't understand...Mystery Babylon is an international world program and its life blood has to have the activities of the intercourse of trade among nations. I want you to know that Mystery Babylon cannot operate an international program if it keeps the nations encircled inside itself.

We live in the time of assassinations...we lost a congressman, Dr. George Long, and you never heard too much about him because his star hadn't risen to the heights it would have if he had not been cut down. He represented about 138 congressmen we had spoken to and worked with and they were deeply committed to the establishment of a U.S. Bank and that congress should rise and free America from economic slavery by the process of a U.S. Bank with interest free money...that we could coin that money and circulate it and have enough money moving in America to match every dollars worth of production and then exchange it when it needed to go. Oh you say that won't work for we have the Federal Reserve system and all its banking system. My friends it would all come tumbling down in one hour, because they can't operate a bank without interest...yet you could operate a Bank of U.S. for one tenth of 1% and that is the cheapest taxes you ever paid. The thing your enemy does not understand as he works on usuary and on bondage and on tyranny and his system of wars and depressions is that he has nothing new. It has all been done before. This group at the top of Mystery Babylon that denies the rights of the people can't understand that a Spiritual force can suddenly shake a people until they overthrow the whole force that is oppressing them, and nothing enters their mind such as fear or submission or appeasement.

Yes it's a bad thing to break with tradition and with power and with tyranny but on July 4, 1776, God in the heavens pulled a cord and suddenly in your nation as that declaration was signed there moved through your nation a wave of Spiritual impact. That night it was said:..one if by land and two if by sea and I on the opposite shore shall be....and Paul Revere started his ride. And they lit that light in a church tower so don't forget that. This was not a hatred for our Kinfolks, this was for a hatred of tyranny and oppression. This was a determination, this unseen enemy who was unseen to most of that day and still unseen to most in out time, stood behind the scenes trying to control this nation of Joseph and this people of the Anglo Saxon race. Do you know what many of the British historians say? That this was one of the greatest days in the British Empire...this day that our nation was born. For the instance of this forming of a nation and the powers she has produced has been a great saving force for the other nations of Christendom. No wonder that God said in Revelation 12:I have raised you...the outstretched wings of an eagle as a great protective symbol of a nation before the people of the world.

I am going to tell you that Spiritual transition in the seat of your thinking by the wave length of destiny is God sending you the vision. There are a lot of people who are going to see this vision even if they have to wake up in their beds and think it is a nightmare. After they have seen this a few times they will begin to believe what they thought may have been a dream.

Some of the great weapons of God is his ability to awaken the consciousness he calls down into that deep cavity of sleep of his sons, and they will come out of that sleep catching the vision. He is going to call to the walking dead just as he did to Lazarus and some will say...who called me? I have had people tell me that they have been awakened out of their sleep as tho some one called them. The Spirit is beginning to call and awaken this race and anytime you feel like someone is calling then you just say: Yes Father, what do you want me to do. Because God is raising up people as he calls his sons and daughters and there are thousands on this planet who are going to do great things for God. Now you say: oh that means that they will come out of the Churches. It is hoped that some of them will, but some of them outside the Churches will have less opposition to do the will of God than those in the Churches who have been told that is his will. The hardest ones to call will be some of the preachers. I meet ministers all the time, and many are my friends, and most are friendly, but I discover that the hardest thing they have to do is change some mumbo jumbo of scripture that they don't have any authority for, that they were taught in the Seminaries. Some one says: oh don't you believe in Seminaries?...Yes...if they are real.

I would rather see someone who sought the knowledge of the world round about, and sought the knowledge of all true facts, and all elements of scientific understanding, and who worked to know the content of the scriptures and sought to know the historical processes of His way... having the calling of God to proclaim it than to have someone trained in a Seminary proclaiming nothing which is true but that Jesus is the Christ. I talked to a person who had two degrees and he had gone through one Bible course and taken an extensive course in the Seminary and the only thing this person knew that was true...was that Jesus was crucified and resurrected. Well even the devil knows that.

One of the great secret weapons that God is going to use is his ability to awaken his sons and daughters and that process has started now. This same wave length of energy from the Father of all vibrations is that which he refers to here in John as the pouring out of his great intelligent creative Spirit on you so that you won't be alone with soulishness, but alive with Spiritual understanding. To lead you to the knowledge of all truth and bring to your remembrance all the things he ever told you. That same wave length of power is also the element of energy that holds the Universe together in its own order. When God wishes it for your survival he can shake the earth in any place that he wants to. We look out over the earth and its antiquity for millions of years and people feel that it is solid and they don't worry about anything happening just as long as they have their feet on the ground. But I'm going to tell you that the earth changes and moves at the will of him who moves it to suit himself. And since your race has been here only about 7400 years the earth has moved a lot, and even the continent of Europe is moving now for high up in the Bavarian Alps..lakes turned up on their sides and water spilled down the mountain sides. I want you to know that in the age of mining and of metals and in the preparations of bronze objects that were found under the snow and ice in the Barbarian passes of the Alps that there were people for that age and those objects have been under that snow and ice ever since the last glacier, showing that there have been lots of uplifts and depressions and many changes in those mountains of Europe over the ages.

Some of the geologists say these changes were caused by the passing of an astronomical body, but we know that those great forces have effected the land masses of earth. They have been studying the changes in the land masses in Asia and they say there is something they don't understand. There is a vibratory action upon the earth that is causing quivering in the mountains with greater intensity and even the elements of the substance that compose the mountains are themselves showing erratic points in the electronic seat of their particles and in their substance. I read some work by a physicist the other day and he said one of the things they can't understand is why erratic factors are showing up in what they thought were stable orbits in microscopic atomic fields. I'm going to tell you the why of all these things they can't understand. My Father who sits in the highest heavens holds every atom in balance and controls the speed of every electron moving around the nucleus, and that is good for you. In the Book of Romans it tells me that he is going to quicken the velocity of those particles that form every element and every chemical inside your body and then...your body will put off a wave length of light and energy that will not only step up your chemical balance but it will give you the kind of immortality that will make you utterly immune to every sickness and disease that will ever come upon mankind. When the Father of light and vibrations says he is going to do this, you can be sure he will do this in the day and the hour he has set forth. That is one of the reasons why...in the secrets found in the scriptures that your race looks to the visitation of your Father as your kinsman, and you are told that in the hour when he steps into the world that there will be a transition which will take place in your body until you will be exactly like he is. Someone just said:...I don't think he is coming.....Well O.K. but I know he is coming, and I know that even before such an hour of realization that his Spiritual energy and power for every quickened and awakened son and daughter will come forth, and I know that he is releasing the brain block that now is in mens minds and is preparing them for great exploits. There is something else the scriptures tell us. Remember those words of Jesus: 'This generation shall not pass away until all these things be fulfilled.'

Here you are in the month of July and the earthquake alignments reach from Peru to the Alaskan mountains and into the Aleutians. Then there are alignments that go down the coast of Asia to Japan, but when you keep studying them they reach deep into Palestine and far up into Turkey. Now when Jesus told you that one of the signs of this hour would be earthquakes in divers places.....the catalysts of the building amps of energy built up by all the millions and millions of people stirred up by evil against you...is not a creating force rather it is a destructive force. (like an earthquake) Matthew 24:7

Whether you know it or not...Man..Adam man is master of all the earth and even the world order is master over all the lower forces. Whether you realize it or not the catalyst of the energies of darkness working together toward this common goal of overthrowing the Kingdom of God will meet the steady impact of Spiritual force for this hour which cannot be broken. Their earth will shake...their cities will fall....their mountains will split and I tell you that the greatest wave of catastrophe to ever hit the Red world is going to fall on them with an earthquake such as never was seen since the world began.

Oh you say: Dr. Swift, that is only old testament superstition. No...my friends there isn't anything old in this Book because it has only been about 7500 years since Adam came to earth and that is not old after you look back into the antiquity of time and find that the earth is millions and millions of years old. Then you say: but that is an awful long time. Let me tell you this:..it was not a long time for you to be walking around in this body without the light that belongs to it. You were not tired of living before you came here. We hear people in the flesh say that they are carrying a lot of error around that isn't compatible with their Celestial nature. Still the majority still want to stay here.

Let me tell you what it says in the scriptures:...it tells me that in this hour, while the nations are angry that Almighty God, Our Father... is moving into the world picture, stimulating his sons to revolt against the evil. That the great reward is now going to come to His servants...the prophets, and to all His breathing offspring (saints) of God, who love his name...this is to the small and the great, from the former to the statesman ...from the fireman to the Laborer in the mill, from the small to the great. And the cry is: Destroy them which destroy (corrupt) the earth. Hear this now:

The call is to all the servants...the prophets, and all the believing offspring...all that believe and love the name of Jesus The Christ from the smallest to he greatest, and you are to destroy them which destroy the earth.

Vs. 19....Then out of the very Temple of God..including everyone of you living stones which are his Holy Temple in earth...there is going to be seen the light and lightening and the thundering and there will be heard the voices. There is going to be a great earthquake that will shake the earth, and a great hail.

As I read this Book of Revelations I hear the voices in the earth. There are voices against God's Kingdom and there are Voices of those whom God is raising up to speak out for His Kingdom...thus there are thunderings... great words that revolve around the issues, that end with great struggle and mighty change. Then following this mighty change is to come a great earthquake...greater than ever seen upon the earth since there has been men upon this earth. This will be a mighty earthquake and one so great that... The World Order of Mystery Babylon is going to fall:...its hold on the economy...its programs of evil throughout every isle of the sea and every small nation. In all places the power of Mystery Babylon is going to be broken. So I read: There will be a great shaking also of the heavens and they will behold all these things you hear the Word say: Revelation 21 Behold a new heaven and a new earth...The new order of the ages...a new World Order. I am going to make everything new.

Did you ever stop and think about this statement: I am going to make every thing new? ...All things made new?...Even these defeated hosts are going to be made new. These foes who opposed you are before this is all over..going to be made new....So what do we have to offer the world with our message? Everything is to be made new.

What does Lucifer and his world order have to offer?...slavery, tyranny, error...work for us or we will kill you.

There is a great difference in these two messages for the earth...we say: you will be conquered if you do evil, then you will be forced to obey the law of God, and then we are going to make all things new and then.. you will also praise God. Then the world order under Lucifer says:..we will destroy.

Oh but you say...The Bible says to destroy them. Alright destroy their evil, then Our Father will raise them up and make them Obey. Remember that now:..There is a lot of evil that you are going to destroy, there is a lot of evil that Christ is going to destroy..then there is a lot of people that Our Father is going to raise right back up...and then make them obey. Now I hear someone say: oh that is not good...that is not freedom. Well that the best thing that ever happened to them. We don't call tyranny the kind of laws built on the inequities of evil with the design to destroy men who serve the Most High God and deliver the Universe over to Lucifer.

Men say: that it isn't freedom to make people accept the right God. My Friends...Liberty is setting people free...in truth. Superstition and error is bondage whether people think they are free or not. There are a lot of people walking around who might think they are free, but they are in bondage: in superstition to ignorance, and they are slaves to evil. You were not sent down into this world to please the world. You were sent down here to make the world please your Father. When eventually the people have been brought to proper understanding they are going to be happy that you came. There are lots of people in the world today who are still in the stone age because their brutish background has not been spiritually energized, and they have followed Lucifer for so long that their thinking is still in the stone age even tho they use the implements you have been smart enough to create. You aren't children of any stone age, for you are the children of your Father. I am going to tell you that just as the Bavarian Alps rose up and just as whole areas of Alaska and across the Steppes of the frozen north turned with the passing of astronomical bodies, and from the vibrations set up in the middle of the faults of earth, and from the pressure systems regulated from the heavens which causes eruptions to move along these fault lines...God says: I sit in the heavens ...I control all the energies of earth. But the powers of darkness set up their catalysts of energy against the Most High God, and they shift the catastrophe which envelopes them. but I'm going to tell you this: From all the judgments that are going to fall in this hour, on your enemies, still they will not destroy America or any Christian nation of God's Kingdom. It is going to send tidal waves along the coasts of nations but it will not do great damage to the nations of God's Kingdom. You are in one of the most unusual hours of history because armies of evil are rising to come against you...remember that if you let go of any portion of God's Kingdom the devil is going to take it.

(that has happened a lot of times since 1961) Talk about chaos...there is a secret weapon the enemy does not understand. Communication systems are very vital in this world but let them destroy all the secret communications and spy systems you have working for you and then I'll tell you that today there is a whole army of your Kinsmen who are invisible and they are moving among the enemy. There is not one secret thing that the enemies of God's Kingdom plan behind closed doors that is not taken down and recorded. Every word, every plan, every move is known, and all that will be made known to you and the leaders of your nation in the hour of crucial need. I can tell you that this information is already known by the ministers of God who have wave lengths of spiritual guidance and they can declare unto you things which are to happen months before your newspaper tells you they will or have happened. I am going to tell you something else:...as in the days when Gideon and his men with the sound of the trumpets and fire brands in their hands and the pitchers to smash, and all the forces of spiritual power round about that set up a warfare deep down in the minds of the enemy and in their fear and in the noise and not knowing what was going to happen they fell upon one another...I'm going to tell you at the point of your deliverance that you will experience one of the greatest psychological warfare of all times, for suddenly great fear will come over the world of your enemy. That doesn't mean they are going to stop, but great fear will work on your behalf. I expect that one of these nights your sirens are going to blow, and they will surprise you and many people will have heart attacks right here in L.A., Yes many men's hearts will fail from fear, of not knowing what is going to happen on earth. They will say: what is wrong, what is all the noise about?

The enemy is planning just that kind of an attack upon the great nations of God's Kingdom but I happen to know: That no weapon formed against you shall prosper.

So children of God who trust in their Father won't have heart attacks, but people who don't trust in Our Father will get sick with fear. There are a lot of people thinking something was going to happen so they left L.A. then some people thinking something is going to happen came to watch...if you don't believe that ask the Police department. Now there are lots of things that are going to happen but suppose I tell you that due to a secret science known to My Father and to the great leaders of the military forces of heaven, there are military forces at the disposal of the Angels, and the sons and daughters of God who are members of your family in the heavens, which because of vibratory field laws of reflection and light can so cover their vehicles and their weapons so that they are invisible even tho they pass over you. Suppose I tell you that invisible Divine fleets of heavenly forces are moving around every white Christian nation right now. They have been half seen, and partially viewed, their marching warriors were particularly seen in Europe a few weeks ago, marching on hillsides and then invisible.

One of the great secret weapons is the dimensions of Spirit, and even elements that can move in a solid plane from the spirit, but are invisible until the hour of their revelation. I know tonight that when the men of our forces go into the sky and men push the buttons on the release of the missiles that into our atmosphere moving swifter than light comes the mighty battle fleets of God. While your men reach into that wild blue yonder and send new weapons into the stratosphere....that even in that hour, the power of Our Father and the forces with him dwarf these things of our development into almost insignificance.

Someone said: Yes, but I'm a realist. Well if you are a realist then you know that mountains have moved, both up and down, and civilizations have gone beneath the ocean floor and still you have to admit that your race started out as one mans family and millions of enemies, and today you are 1/6th., of the worlds population and if that isn't evidence of the keeping power of your Father then what do you want for a miracle??? Think it over: ...Africa tried to eat you, Asia tried to burn you with fire, and the powers of darkness have tried to absorb your. They have hated your God and they have hated your testimony, and they have hated your spiritual impact and the vision you have...but you are still here. I want you to know that you have inside you, a dynamic power that is greater than all the enemy put together and whether you realize it or not the energy and power of one son or daughter of God is greater than all the enemies of God if that person would only release it, under the guidance of God.

You say, well if Jesus were here he could take command, he could shake the earth and destroy the enemy...Well he said:...Greater things than these I do...you will do. Someone said: oh that is mythological...but no...it is real. I want you to know that the most powerful force in the world is a living spirit of God in tune with his Father agreeing on a purpose under heaven, and it shall be done. There is going to be a mighty outpouring of know how and understanding of that I am sure.

Someone said: I like it all but the destroying of them. Well you are going to have to like it also. The best way to destroy your enemy here in the U.S. is to cut off their money supply. I believe that if the congress of the U.S. would set up a United States Bank today and cut off their money, that the whole Babylonian economy would fall and they would flee out of your country as fast as they did out of Germany and every place else when they couldn't live as parasites. You don't realize how much power you do have, for you have enough power to give life and to so bind the darkness that people would drop dead. If this congregation would all stop and think of all the darkness they want to bind...such as all the non Christians in the cabinet, and bind any appeasement of the Soviets...if you would spend about two minutes binding the darkness and calling the light and calling the victory. If this congregation will do this tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock and tomorrow night at 10 o'clock, you would be surprised at the effect this impact of thoughts would have on our government leaders. If you would join together and bind the darkness with your words and your thoughts you will change the nation. If people become uncomfortable enough in a Spiritual atmosphere, they leave. So bind the darkness with truth. If everywhere you go you are identified then these uncomfortable people are going to leave, for darkness cannot stand light. Then they will go to other nations and say to the rocks and mountains...fall on us.

Faith is this Victory in this power of your Father. Faith in this victory in the power of your Father is the greatest weapon which the enemy has no control over, and cannot be taken from you. No one of the enemy can carry this blueprint of this power to the Soviet Union. They could pray all night yet the devil has no power over you. The only reason the devil can influence people is because the mighty cabalistic Spiritual power had not been thrown up in opposition. There was an old song they used to sing, they called it free in the blood. That was because the atonement set everyone of you free from the power and the works of the devil. If you let your self consciousness shiver and shake and be influenced by him that is your fault. But if you turn loose this Spiritual power of truth and know that you are free, and call for this wall of Divine protection with the assistance of the hosts of heaven, then you can bind with a sheer command as the sons and daughters of God for you have the authority to do just that. Now some of you will have to take up the rifle, and some the sword, some will fly the jet planes, but all should be calling for the power of God's Kingdom to rest on His Children.

Irrespective of what you are called upon to do, there is not one of you in this auditorium tonight too young or too old, too weak, or too strong to turn loose the Spiritual power of Sonship which belongs to them to destroy and slay the plans of your enemies with Spiritual power, and with Spiritual weapons. With this you will pull down the stronghold of the enemy. If you turn this Spiritual power against the enemy, you will be charged with greater vitality than you ever had before because that power passes through you, and goes out from you, and it does something to you as it passes through.

This is your day, so make the most of it.

end of message