God's Strategy For Global Victory, 3-12-62


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 3-12-62

We are turning tonight in our thinking about God’s Kingdom and we are talking about God’s strategy for global victory. And we think it is important for people to understand that in this crisis hour in which we live, is not surprising God. There is nothing taking place upon the earth which is a surprise to God. And there is nothing that is happening which HE has not already declared thru the lips of HIS prophets. Nor is there any strategy which declares the victory which shall come to pass which HE has not already pointed out to us. And HE has made it clear that such a victory shall be accomplished. We are well aware of the seriousness of some of the things which have come to pass.

An individual who is not aware of the content of this Book, will look out as any intelligent American with great gravity upon the world situation and he is struck with inner fears as he has watched this great nation of God’s Kingdom, this great Republic with its Constitution and it guarantees of those Rights, and with the formation and the establishment of Liberty. The individual realized that we are a nation of States and State Rights. And that we had certain assurances to which we were committed and to which were to be preserved in this nation of free men. Who realized that unfair taxation would never develop in a nation like ours. Knowing that these things were the heritage of this nation, he now surveys the situation in our times, that our nation which signed the Declaration of Independence was no longer an independent nation. It had joined itself to an organization of world government. It had surrendered some of its sovereignty. It was being trapped day after day to surrender more of its sovereignty. Such an American, might meet great consternation as he looked at the attitude of the public concerning many of these situations. He would note that in many of the pulpits of his nation that there was constant support by many of its clergy for organizations like the United Nations and upon the concept of world government. And he would continually hear of the patriots, this cry, ‘Radical,’ ‘rabble rousers,’ anti-social.’ And to that individual, if he did not know the content of the word, he would become greatly disturbed. He would also be unable to understand how great leaders in our nation do not know who the enemy is. Organizations which stand as Patriots in their opposition to evil, see these leaders of influence castigated by powers of government. Or they see the Secretary of Foreign Affairs Committee attacking the Patriots of the nation and saying that the Patriots and conservatives, these men who stand against Communism, are more dangerous to our nation than the Communists themselves. This would be equally disturbing to the individual. He would wonder if there was any hope. And when he listened to Presidents who appointed more and more non-Christians to surround him than Christians, in his appointments, they would wonder where was this nation bound?

To the individual who did not know God’s plan for the Global strategy for this hour, would feel that Christian civilization was being defeated at every turn. They would feel that the powers of darkness were rising and they were about to be snuffed out. One moment there is firmness and the next is about taking an alternate course so that there would be no ‘holocaust’ or trouble. Thus excuse their non-resistance with all the powers at their disposal from Communism. Thus these individuals would be most disconcerted. Let me tell you tonight, that there are millions of Americans tonight, that this is disconcerting, because they do not know the prophecies of this Book, or the events relating to it. They do not know how far these events will go, or what the intervening hand will be.

We point out to you tonight, a nation divided into two parts. We do not hold as some do that the world is divided into three parts. We do not see the world made up of Communist nations and anti-Communist nations and neutrals. For as far as we are concerned, we write all neutral nations off the book and recognize all so-called neutrals today as those who do not have the will or the courage to stand with the nations of God’s Kingdom in this struggle for the earth. We are not being taken in at all by what is happening throughout the world. Let’s be realists tonight, and not hide behind a lot of phoney concepts introduced today by a lot of people who call themselves ‘socially mature.’ They are actually simply mouthing the propaganda of the World Order, who would tell us that we are not interested in controlling the earth, and we are not interested in anything but remaining free and independent and minding our own business.

Let me tell you that a world administration---a world rule---a destiny in the earth is YOUR BUSINESS. I want you to know that you are your Father’s children and HIS strategy in this Book, for victory over all of the powers of darkness and all of the forces of evil. And as we tell you this, then we also tell you that every fully alert Christian is committed to the conquest of evil, and the victory of God’s Kingdom in the earth. We want you to understand tonight that where we stand in the world situation, that the anti-Communist nations are all found in the nations of the Western world and in Christian nations except for a few outposts which we have scattered in Asia. And when I refer to this, I am referring to Nationalist China on the Isle of Formosa and I refer to South Korea---these two outposts with the Island of Japan, which together with the conquest recently obtained over it by our forces, and because of her severe hatred of Communism, is allied with us because of world Communism tonight. Not because of her spiritual vision, but because of the reality of ‘Realism’ in which she believes that Communism would seize everything she has and thru hatred would probably liquidate Japan. The Nationalists Chinese have a leader who as far as his capacity, being a Chinaman to be Christian, gives support to the principles of Christianity and recognizes the Right God. At the same time, he knows that he and his government would be ultimately liquidated by the Communist forces. Thus it is that he has little choice, and altho he opposed Communism, than to stay with us. Fortunately, he has been more anti-Communist than we have even in our own government. And we are ashamed of that.

When we look at South Korea, then South Korea knows that if she was to be gobbled up by North Korea, that it would be a short shift for her leaders, and ultimately her people. Actually, the design of the world order and their thinking is that whoever controls Korea can blast and control the defenses of Japan. And this would be a stepping stone for complete victory inside of the Pacific. Thus we stand tonight without any illusions that the nations of the White race, with these small outposts we have in Asia with its masses are standing united tonight against all of the nations of Asia, generally speaking. Altho a few outposts are still fighting. There is a little struggle in Thailand, and a little in Vietnam. There are few countries who call themselves neutral, altho they have the approval of the Soviets to remain neutral. But actually, this is a Red selective approval. We look out on the Asiatic situation and we see also the African sector gathering power for the World Revolution, gathering all of Africa against the White race. Her pseudo-philosophy of liberty was not to set the Negro free, because they well understand as we understand, that the Negro is not ready for freedom, because he lacks the spiritual, mental capacity to carry forward that type of commitment in the modern world. We are well aware today, that it does not take much to throw him back into the ages of his background with his cannibals and his witch doctors. He is just one of these who has been transplanted into our Western world. One of these incidents which we would call to your attention, is that even in our own nation, the Negro is not prepared to assume a position of equality. Their demonstrations prove this. Nor is their background so far removed from the witch doctor and the jungle that you can accept them if they even join Methodist Churches or join themselves to the lodges in their time. For a great number of them even in this organizations are still connected to the Mau Mau or with various programs calling for White destruction, and various branches of the Communist revolution.

A little over twelve days ago, a Game Warden of your State traveling in San Berdina County, just the other side of Collone Pass, saw a man who he thought at first was hiding behind a Joshua tree. And when he went over to investigate, he found that the man was tied to the tree. He was not dead, altho he had been severely bruised on the head and he had a bloody wound where a glancing blow had been struck. A few feet away from him lay his six year old daughter’s body. This six year old girl had her clothes ripped off her body and she had been ravished and then murdered and lay there in a bloody state upon the ground. The Game Warden received some information from the man after he had released him from where had been tied. And the man told him that he, his wife, and his little girl had been out there having a picnic. Suddenly, a couple of Negroes with shot guns supposedly hunting, came, and at gun point, captured the family, tied the man and the woman to the tree and then raped and murdered the little girl. They then struck the man in the head with the gun but ramming his head into the tree, and thinking they had killed him, they seized his wife and away they went. The Game Warden and the officers he summoned, joined in the search, and a day and one half later, they found the Negroes camped out on the desert. The body of the woman was there. They had ravished her again and then murdered her. They had taken her thigh off and had roasted it and were now eating her thigh. These Negroes came from Paris, not far from Riverside. They belonged to local organizations. They are like all other Negroes in our society. They are easily guided by the witch doctors and the powers of darkness and the forces of evil.

What will transpire? Not a newspaper in Riverside County, in Los Angeles, among its major daily’s carried the story. Not one mention of the fact. Quickly suppressed by the intervention of the NAACP and other organizations like this pressure came on. And I hear that the two Negroes are to be admitted to Patton and will be declared mentally insane. And in a matter of a few years, will be out again, if they are even held that long. This, my friends, is what I mean when I tell you that in the world today, there is a sub-level of people. There is a sub-level whether in Africa or Asia, and whether influenced by World Communism or the witch doctor. In fact, in all races, in all people who are non-Christian, or non-White are a sub-race or a sub-level of society in the world today.

We tell you that it is quite obvious, that what we have just described in America, that this fact is real. And the Game Warden who was the first to find the victims, is within availability if we ever need to call upon him. And of the issues that are at stake, these are but one in the atrocities which are being erected. For you are in the day of violence. You are in the day when the Beast power stimulates Bestiality in all forces of the Beast all over the world.

Now, we cite to you that in the midst of World Communism, it has not only sought by brainwashing, by its influence over people, and by its gaining control over public opinion, to make all of the great White nations of Christendom to suddenly turn against their destiny, but also to use by their pseudo-intellectualism and their penetration into your society, and into your nation, to become instructors for your youth in your colleges and in your schools, to turn your people into what is called anti-Colonialism.

What is Colonialism? Let’s just make it simple. It is the White nations of God’s Kingdom stretching out over the earth, to establish minions of power and develop civilization among savages and pagan lands among jungle areas and lands, to direct the substance of their raw material, to give them civilization and a new concept in the Faith in the Right God. To bring in knowledge instead of superstition. To bring in, my friends, the creative forces instead of the darkness in which they dwell. To rule over the forces of darkness even with the force of arms. And to establish the laws of God in the earth, whether the earth likes it or not. That, my friends, is Colonialism.

Now, today the forces of anti-Christ would allow a sob-sister of Socialistic philosophy to try to replace the concept of this responsibility. I want you to know that God has ordained that you as a people were to go to the ends of the earth. That you were to Colonize, to rule and to develop and to bring the earth into proper obedience with the MOST HIGH GOD. This was not to be done with Evangelism, but by the sheer weight of the Kingdom of the MOST HIGH GOD, with its power, its initiative and its vision to accomplish this.

Now, I want you to see also in the blueprint of this age that you see with the suppression of Colonialism, and the rise of the world government power which Christ warned would come, and then the desire to make all nations to render there sovereignty, in a hope that this will bring about universal peace, is the only hope any student would see on the horizon. You would see great nations then surrendering their authority while the Communists nations and the anti-God nations surrendered no authority. They would discover that every agreement and everything that men entered into would now be kept by the powers of darkness. People would then say, ‘Is there any solution? How do we accomplish this which we feel in our hearts?’ Why, in your hearts, are you opposed to theses things? What is it that makes you opposed to this world government program? What is it that makes you opposed to this program for social and racial integration? What is it that makes you opposed to pulling down the stars and stripes and pulling up the spider web of the United Nations? What is it that causes you to speak out and voice your opinion against all the public attention such as the T.V. and the motion pictures? I will tell you what it is. This is a great spiritual guiding power out of the mind of the MOST HIGH GOD coming unto you, moving into the wavelength of your consciousness and stirring every quickened son or daughter of God, deep in their own being against everything the Satanic world has sought to do.

One does not have to tell you that you dislike the things that you read in the newspapers. You dislike about everything that you hear. And you dislike about 80% of everything the President says because he is wrong about 80% of the time. You dislike the things that the Cabinet says and does, because the Cabinet does not speak for you. You dislike a lot of things that the government does because you say they do not speak for me. When they suppress White men from one end of the world to the other, or when they vote with Communists countries, or when they go along with things that are not in your interest, you say, ‘They do not speak for me.’ Do you know why? Deep down inside of your soul, a spiritual wave of consciousness is developing as God is quickening HIS sons and daughters, and their anger is rising in their countenance and their will is going to be made manifest.

Now, I want you first as Christians to take another look at the picture. Everything which we have described in the world tonight, is true. There are many other things along with this picture to give us a timing. The city of Jerusalem tonight, is not filled with the children of the Kingdom, the children of Israel. It is filled with the enemies of Jesus Christ. It is filled with the Abomination of the Desolater, which has stirred up wars and pitted Christian nation against Christian nation. It is filled with Zionism and Jewry. And this, my friends, is according to prophecy. For Jesus said that the Abomination of the Desolater would stand in the Holy place. And when you see that, then you would know that the time is close. And the climax of these events are going to be sure. I want you to know that you are faced with all of these signs and one third of the nations of the Western world are behind the Iron Curtain. And with a great coming, day by day, from the mouth of the leader of the Soviet Union, threatening and then boasting of his power. Threatening that in one moment he will rule us in submission. And as we hear these things we hear this dark voice speaking great things against God. And this vile person has been lifted up with all of his cunning and evil. And some who do not know the prophecy of this Book, tremble. But those of us who know, say, ‘No. We have the sure word of prophecy.’ This is the master conspiracy of Lucifer, an Archangel who once had a third of the Universe under his control. But now he has no power in the Solar System, for he only exists in this earth and his power has only a short medium around him. For he no longer represents any of the Universe.

Now, you who are citizens of the White race, you who are descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and originally from Adam thru Seth, thru Noah, and Shem down to this time, you happen to be the sons and daughters of the Eternal God. You are a member of a race which God has planted from outer space into the earth. You are God’s World Order. You are God’s Kingdom on earth. You have moved out fro a group of nations over which God set the banner of God’s Is-ra-el ruling with HIM. You are a people referred to in the scriptures as Saints. The word being Santes---believing offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD.

Now, let’s face the facts of what you are here for. You are here for several reasons. One being, that God plans to bring the earth back into proper submission. And also at the same time, develop with experience HIS sons and daughters from the heavens with an experience that they had never had before. So HE embodied you in earth. And that is the reason why you are here. Secondly, you are here as the family of God to grow up and develop in the midst of the earth. And you are here to build a Divine Kingdom in the earth and be heirs to that Kingdom, because as God’s children, no one else has a right to administer or control the earth.

Now, because of this, your major program in the earth is the overcoming of evil. You have behind you a great spiritual power. And that spiritual power is to be energized by God’s spirit and be able to think the concepts of God, to have the spirit within you to reflect and to understand HIS words. And because this is true, then your Christian civilization today is opposed by Africa, Asia and all the politics of Hell---this world program of Communism. You are its chief obstacle. Thus, they seek to remove you.

Now, this is not news to God. HE not only knows about it, but HE told you some of this before the foundation of the world. HE brought, by activating the spiritual consciousness, and presenting a mental vision to prophets of your race and wrote the Old Testament thru their hands. And speaking to HIS disciples and unveiling into their hands, then speaking thru the lips of the Apostle Paul, as well, of things which would come to pass in the New Covenant. And in the New Testament HE continued to show you things which would be thereafter. I point out to you tonight, that everything which happens in the world, whether is operates by the strategy of the enemy and whether he thinks he knows what he is doing, this is actually a part of God’s Global strategy for victory from one end of the earth to the other and the defeat of these powers of darkness. Sometimes, we do not understand that the forces of evil which build up their tremendous power as they joined themselves together and hurl themselves against you, hurl themselves against an indestructible body. And thus, scatter themselves and break their power, and will be ground by the very object they seek to destroy.

The object of the enemy today is the Kingdom of God. It is symbolized as a stone set in the earth. HE said all of you are as living stones fitly framed together grown into this Mighty Kingdom of Stones, this tremendous rock. And HE is the Chief Cornerstone of such a civilization. All of the powers of darkness can hurl themselves against us but you are the indestructible Kingdom. This is something for you to remember.

The other day I was shocked to discover that many of the experts ---some in the Pentagon and some in other branches of government---have the instructions---some in the Defense areas and some in the military--who had been appointed by the President,---were telling the Armed Forces and telling our scientists and others, (now, let’s get this thing very clear)--there is no surety that we are going to win. We might even be defeated. So don’t get a victory complex in your mind. If we have to appease and surrender, then get ready to do that. Let’s be realists.’

Now, to be realists, these men have already been blinded by the World Order. I am going to tell you what realism is tonight. It is realistic for a son or daughter of God to believe in God, who has never been wrong, who has never failed, and who has never missed in what HE has said would come to pass.

Now, God says that you are an indestructible Kingdom. And I am going to tell you that every Christian nation of God’s Kingdom, is indestructible, including these United States. And I am going to tell you that this order of God which has already been ordained of God to be consummated, there is going to be some changes made essential to that survival. We are now citing that there will not be great spiritual forces which will mark great changes in God’s Israel. Tonight, America and Britain, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Holland and Germany, and the other areas into which these children have gone, from Australia to South Africa, and to other ends of the earth, they are not only the treasure of God, they are the family of God. And God has ordained that altho the whole world be shaken, and the very principles and the very concept by which the world is guided, whose vibrations will also shake the earth, and storms and holocausts will strike God’s Kingdom, but the scriptures tell us that the whole world will be shaken. And that which is not shaken will survive and that which is shaken will be swept away. I want to tell you about the Kingdom which you are a part of. I want to tell you about the nation that you are a part of, and the race which you are a part of. This is a Kingdom which cannot be moved. It cannot be left to other people. You are assured of this in the book of Hebrews.

Now, let me turn one moment to a look at this global strategy. Not only are we told by the prophet Ezekiel, we have mentioned this in the past, and we bring it to your attention once more---that one of the strategies of the anti-Christ in the world order was to seek to use ‘false peace,’---as Jeremiah and other said---when there is no peace. In the 13th chapter of Ezekiel, we discover that by their propaganda influences, they have even captured some of the clergy. Some of whom we always suspected that they were, put into the pulpits for the sheer work of penetrating the church. These prophets and teachers, and preachers in the nations of God’s Kingdom would say that there is only one way to bring about Peace. That there was only one way in the earth to have calmness. This would be to join yourself into a great International wall and this International wall would protect all nations from war and trouble. And God said, ‘They who saw a vision are telling you a lie, because I did not send it to them.’ Thus saith the LORD, ‘These prophets and preachers have spoken lies. And some of them are political and some religious, but they have not been seeing visions, for My eyes have not been upon these prophets giving them what they beheld for MY people. Behold, it is a lie, it is not the thing which I have declared. And ye shall know---Ye whole house of Israel, Ye shall know that I am your God. For they have seduced My people, saying peace when there is not any peace.’ And a lot of people are disturbed today when they hear this President or that one promising peace. Eisenhower was to be the President of Peace. And then right away, the Egyptian and Israeli War broke out. Of course, there has not been any peace in the world since the creation of the United Nations, which is the ‘wall’ of untempered mortar. A clergyman said a few weeks ago, that the United Nations was the ‘Worlds last great hope.’ Well, he also speaks some of these lies, for he does not know the truth. For God says they built this wall of untempered mortar, meaning that they built it without the spirit of God in it. For anything in this Christian world built without the Spirit of God in it, is built on untempered mortar. And God said that it will come crumbling done.

Now, this is a part of God’s strategy. For God said that this thing will fall apart. HE says that this thing does not have HIS blessing. Suddenly a war will break out among the member nations of the United Nations. And in the midst of that war, God declares that, ‘Behold, I am going to destroy it (the U.N.).’ And when this war breaks out, God is going to say, ‘where is this peace?’ Where is this mortar that you daubed it with? You said, ‘this is peace,’ so where is it? Because it did not have God’s blessing on it then it will not work. Thus God said that HE was going to rend it with this war and stormy winds. HE said, ‘I am going to break it up with MY fury and with the bombs of My anger, and hail stones shall consume it with fire.’

I am going to tell you this. God said that HE was going to break it down---all these things which were formed without HIS guidance. In fact, HE is going to uncover the foundations. Do you know what would happen if America were to discover the foundations? Already, 1/5 of America is waking up. Think of that. The foundations of the United Nations is Communism, Jewry and anti-Christ. And when you discover this, you are on the road to freedom. When you learn this, then you will hear this cry of ‘Oi, Oi, Oi.’ And then you will discover on what foundation it was built. God said for your benefit, for your sake HE is going to destroy it.

Now, let the prophets of Israel prophesy, and let them see visions, but let them have God in this thing. Let me tell you this. The United Nations is already coming unglued. Already, there are struggles going on, and there is no point of agreement, no surrendering or giving in unto the Soviet demands. We may find more appeasement among the Senators, but the people of America are firm in their resistance. No more appeasement. Because now an evil thought has come upon your enemy.

Now, turn to the 38th chapter of the book of Ezekiel, and God Almighty has here again, identified your enemy. The people who make up the world order of the enemy are in Ethiopia, and in the Middle-East and are thus identified. The princes over the land of the Russias, of Moscow and Tubal,---they make up this symbolism of your enemy. They are sons and daughters of Satan, Satanic seed, the children of Lucifer, the unassimilatable International people, those who span and spread Communism. They also are involved in this picture. They are gathering their armies and building up their military power. They have created a striking power. They have gathered their continental ballistic missiles. They have built up their nuclear stock piles and are planning on engaging you in war or seeking your surrender. And they plan to attack and destroy you after they have secured your disarmament. This is their plan. But God also knew that you would have leaders like you have, because HE said that we would have to eliminate these principle leaders and raise up principle men before this is over. God knew that the appeasers and apologizers would be working. HE knew that the seducers from the minds of men would go forth to try to sell them this evil. HE knew that many would depart from the Faith, and this is also recorded in the scriptures. So God’s strategy thru all of this history included all of these events. And HE was basing HIS call to victory on this knowledge that HE had a remnant that had never bowed the knee to Baal. That HE had among HIS children, a spiritual quality that HE could activate at the proper time. Thus, God said that HE would do something to these forces that had come once against Christian civilization when they had been turned back. This was a part of what happened in W.W. II. And you will remember that at the end of W.W. II, there had been a driving back of the Asiatic hoards on the part of Germany. Then came the ‘5th column’ moving in to all nations to accomplish their own victory.

Thus it was as we finished W.W. II, we permitted Satanic influence in leadership until half of Europe was under anti-Christ. And even General,--one becoming President of your nation--did not permit your Christian army to occupy the capitals of the nations for which you were fighting. He let the enemy move in and that is why tonight, that you have a Berlin Crisis.

Well, they have been looking at you and they have decided that you are weak. Then God says, ‘I am going to put hooks in their jaws and then I am going to bring them forth with all of their armies, all of their military might and they will come against you of the nations that are not in captivity---which stand now as the Free nations of the Western World. They are going to hurl themselves against you and they are going to come with evil thoughts. And it says that they shall descend like a storm with air power, with submarine power and with missiles.

Now, you say, ‘But is this in the strategy of the MOST HIGH GOD?’ Yes. In the strategy of the MOST HIGH GOD. And HE knew how this enemy would come as they perceived your weakness. But HE knew also of things which HE was going to use which would be added to this Biblical picture. So we tell you this. One of the greatest dangers that you have at the present time, is the seed of the enemy sown into your nation.

Throughout the nations of God’s Kingdom, are enemies of Jesus the Christ. They are Communist, or Zionists or those that despise the name of Jesus the Christ. Their organization of World Government which is described in the book of Revelation as Mystery Babylon, would seek to gain control of your economy, would disperse your goods all over the world, would talk about peace, and Peace Corps, instead of talking about war which is inevitable.

Now, God would cite at this very time that these situations would occur. That a call for an army for your nation would take place while the program was also calling for disarmament. This is surely coming to pass at the present time. You are hearing a great cry among great nations like yours-- ‘Oh, God, our weakness, our weakness, they have taken of our substances and given it to the heathen.’ The treacherous dealers have dealt treacherously with us. I think the words of Jeremiah are very clear tonight, for the ‘treacherous dealers’ have dealt treacherous with us. They have taken of our blessings and our goods and dispersed it among our enemies, throughout the world.

Now, we turn to the strategy, and you say, ‘what is the strategy?’ In the first place, the United Nations is coming to naught as the scripture says. Suddenly there is going to be nuclear war, irrespective of those who think they are going to stop them and destroy them. Never trust the Communist world for they will never destroy all of their weapons and I do not believe that the children of the Kingdom will destroy all of theirs. But I do not think it will get that far. In fact, in the U.N. with all of the attempt to appease the anti-Christ, even after the experience of having the heads of non-Christian nations parade down the streets of Washington, speaking in the U.N. or blustering in the city of Los Angeles, even after the murdering of thousands of Christians, I want you to know that if they feel that you are afraid, they are going to wiggle and they will try to bluff you. And if you do not came in to their demands, they will strike at you suddenly for they feel your great weakness.

I listened to someone on T.V. the other night, saying, ‘now the American people better take it a little easier. Better not push Russia too far, for she might strike at any time. But you have never been tested with such an ordeal for they have never had bombs falling on their property. America would thus rather surrender then to go thru this fire.’ I say, shame on America that we have to listen to commentators on our radio and over T.V., for suggesting that America does not have what it takes to survive.

We are talking tonight, about a strategy of God which is already at work. A strategy which moves into a realm which your enemy does not understand. A mighty wave of God’s Holy Spirit is starting to stimulate HIS mighty sons. HE is moving upon them everywhere. HE is quickening their consciousness and raising them up with the spirit of Elijah. HE is stirring them to cry out in your nation against this great evil. HE is stirring them to cry out whether this treachery moves out of the White House or whether it moves in the U.N. or in the Foreign Affairs Committee, whether it is in the schools or whether it is in the churches. And as this great voice cries out in the wilderness today, all over God’s Kingdom, the people are waking up, until 1/5 of America is stirring. And before you have gone thru the next sixty days, half of America will be awake from the very things which are taking place. And I tell you tonight, that out of that 140,000 million White men in America, that 120,000 of them will finally rise up against this great evil. They hate this thing which is anti-Christian, but they have been brainwashed as how they should act at this time.

Oh, you say, ‘But the terrible influences that we face.’ God did not reckon with the influence of T.V. and the swift communications. Don’t you worry, my friends, the scripture talks about how they would send the lightening from one end of the earth to the other, to bring messages or to tell of their arrival. HE tells how they will wing their way thru the air, and who would fly like doves from their windows. HE is telling of Air power. But God is not taken in for when HE took John into the dimension of spirit, HE slipped him off of the time track of his day and slid him thru the time track of time in the mind of the foreknowledge of God, and activated in this man’s mind the things that were going to happen. There is one point tonight, that theology cannot ascertain,--whether we are on the time track of experience fulfilling something that has already happened or whether he saw something that had not already happened. For John saw everything that you are now going thru and he said, ‘Behold, the beast will be given power and the image of the beast will speak. And many will worship the beast.’

Well, let me tell you this. The Beast of the World Order and all that it stands for has been given power to talk. In fact, the image of the beast is speaking tonight, in America on millions and millions of T.V. screens and throughout the world. And about 85 to 90 % of what you hear, is sheer propaganda of the Beast. You are to surrender your mind to his way, to accept his integration, or even surrender your Faith in the one and true living God, and embrace many gods and a multitude of error. Thus the image of the Beast speaks today. Oh, sure, there are many things that are humorous, many of the things do have substance. If you did not put the sugar coating on the image of the Beast, no one would ever thru the beast on at all.

Now, let me tell you this. The image of the Beast speaks today, but don’t tell me that God is at a disadvantage, or HE did not understand what she was saying. HE knew the power and the influence of the Beast. But HE also knew that HIS Spirit was going to quicken deep down in HIS children until there would be anger in their homes. I know what happens in my home. And we will say, ‘okay, that is a brainwashing piece of propaganda.’ Well, the Jews paid for this program. They bought that one, or the Communists are behind this. You see, my friends, they have bought the communication systems. You say, ‘this does not happen in your home.’ Then you did not have the T.V. on or you were asleep.

Now listen. All over America, all over God’s Kingdom, there is a revolt arising because the enemy has over done it. He has gone too far. He has sought to pressure people whose spirit will not be conquered. And who in the strategy of God, are going to be mightily used in the strategy of this hour. Don’t be overly concerned or worried for you have done your best to eliminate from your society, these rulers who are wrong, and the men in authority who are not right. God knows your heart. And HE has HIS hand on this situation. Before this is over, HE is going to remove in HIS master strategy, every leader in this Christian nation who is wrong and HE will raise up Christian men to take their place. And don’t worry about these jobs of succession because God will take them out of the way, one after the other, until we get to one whom we can look on and have confidence in. Don’t you worry about this for God is in full charge and HE will take one piece after another until all on the board are gone until we get right down to the right one and we play check-mate on the devil.

In the time of this hour, I want you to know that the elements of the earth are not working for the enemy. As we have often said the blessings of God do not descend on HIS enemy. They can confiscate or steal supplies from your society, or trade with some of your Christian nations which have not been firm on this. You give wheat to India, and they sell it to the Reds. They sell it to China, and spread it out over the Steppes of Asia. But God does not bless their wheat crop. There are areas of starvation in China tonight, in spite of all of their boasts of technology. They might be able to make ammunition, but it can’t grow enough food. Russia had to report last week that the crops had failed. And the admission by the high commissars, was that there were those who had helped them fail because they did not put forth the proper effort. So heads are going to roll. But the fact remains the crops failed and the grain is lost. Then I look out over America and you have more grain, more corn and wheat than you know what to do with.

Listen. This is a part of that factor of the ‘hooks in their jaws.’ Already, they are seething behind the Iron Curtain and they are saying that they will have to cease all of the bread baskets of Europe, or they will have to force the United Nations to force the rest of the nations like ours, to share all of their food with our enemy. You see, their strategies are building up. God Almighty said, ‘see I put hooks in their jaws.’ And you see now today, that they thing that we are seeking appeasement. But we are not seeking appeasement because this nation is weak, but we are seeking appeasement because it is in the mind of weak leaders, who do not know the strength of God or the strength of our own people.

Now, God has it worked out for victory from one end of the earth to the other, and from pole to pole and sea to sea. And absolute and complete subordinate contract over every part of the earth---for God.

Now, let me cite to you this. The enemy is preparing a plan of mass exodus. Now there is some of this plan which thrills me greatly. And among them is the lateness of the hour and the closeness of the New Age, of the absolute signs in the heavens round about,--and the constant stream of information which reached me of supernatural and Celestial power, this beginning of their standing up to the events in human affairs. Yes, God said that HE would put hooks in their jaws. But HE also said in the book of Joel, that HE would sound HIS voice before HIS army, and HIS army would gather out of all of the Christian nations. And HE also said that HE would gather out of HIS Celestial army, every soldier who ever marched in battle for your race, wherein spiritual realm they are just as real as those of today.

Now, I am going to tell you why there are events around this hour that thrill me. I know from the reading of this book that I am destined as you are to fight evil, to fight Communism, to fight anything that is anti-Christian. And we will cleanse our nation for a Christian nation. That is a present destiny. I am sure of victory and I am also sure that we are going to be attacked, that we are going to win that battle. And out of the shadow, as he hurls his weapons, will come that shaft of fire which is a nuclear bomb. But God says that in that day HE is not only going to protect you, but HE will protect you from that heat that would destroy your cities, out of the shadow of that cloud. And that cloud is going to come down upon the cities of your enemy, and reduce the cities of your enemy to power and dust.

In the book of Esdras, (Ezra), he said, ‘In that day, when they send their weapons against you, something is going to happen.’ Swift moving missiles and swift moving arrows arise and be as a horrible star over the cities of our enemies, who have ruled their one hour with the Beast.’ Oh, you say, ‘That disturbs me greatly, I don’t want any destruction upon the earth.’ My friends, we have not designed the destruction to descend upon anyone who would permit the Kingdom of God to survive. But let me tell you this. You may be overlooking something. Your Destiny is to bring the Kingdom of God into full power from one end of the world to the other. The military centers of your enemy, the demonic powers of today, which are joining with the anti-Christ, and their great nuclear centers which are preparing for this great hour, God has ordained their destruction for their violence against you. And you shall deliver a victory upon them which shall reduce those cities to power and dust. This is a part of God’s global victory to explode and destroy every nuclear Communist center whether it be in Asia, in Africa or in the Soviet Union. You say, ‘But do you not find God’s strategy one of peace?’ No. God’s strategy for peace is in your soul. God’s strategy for peace is that you have perfect peace in your mind while you fight against evil. A soldier in the front line can move against the enemy and know that in his heart and mind he has perfect peace. The Peace of God, my friends, is the peace of Rightness.

I want you to know that there is a Master strategy which I look forward to. In fact, it can’t come too quickly. It is the consternation of the dead. And the thing which is going to happen is one of the most thrilling things in this book. But before we come to that point, we want you to know that you are the Ephraim and Manasseh of the Bible, from the House of Joseph. You are the Manasseh of the Great Nation, you are the outstretched wings of the Eagle. Some people want to argue about that, saying that you are Ephraim, but that combination of nations is the British Empire. But even so, the House of Joseph is still the English speaking people. The House of Judah tonight, is Germany and I can assure you of that tonight, by Prophecy. I can assure you that God Almighty is talking about these situations said that the time would come when there would be a struggle between the two branches, the House of Israel and the House of Judah. And that this is always stirred up by the enemies of God’s people. But HE said in the midst of that day, I am going to smite in the midst of that battle every horse with blindness and his rider with madness, in the House of Judah. And this happened in the Battle of Mons. When the flower of the British Army was engaged with the flower of the German Army in W.W. I. And I want you to know this. God did not want the English and the Scots or the Germans to die. HE want them killing one another. They were all Christian nations, all sons of the Living God. And they were all at war because of the power of the Jews.

Now, listen. To stop the slaughter of the cream of those armies at that time, God suddenly smote the horses with blindness in the German Army. Across that battle field of Mons, swept Angels of a mighty height in shinning armor. They were visible to all of the British and Scottish Army. And the soldiers of the German Army that followed the men on horse back. The horses balked, they were blind and they hd to lead them from the field of battle. They all saw this great apparition. In fear, they had to shoot their horses for a milky blindness had come across their eyes. After the passage of this battle, God said, ‘I shall raise up new governors in Judah. And they are the inhibiters in My New World Order as you are these governors shall be like a hearth of fire in the wood and like a torch of fire in the sheep. They shall gather and absorb many people round about, on the right hand and on the left hand. And after this also, then Jerusalem is going to be inhabited again. And the LORD--here in declaration-- ‘I the LORD have said this.’ You say, ‘what does that mean?’ Well after the passing of time, after W.W. I, new governors came to Germany. They involved not only Hitler and those round about him, but prophecy did say that new governors shall arise in Germany and they shall gather all those round about. And he did this taking over mostly those who had affinity with Germany. And we note here, that in the end of this time of struggle, in prophecy, HE also says that there will be a new inhabitation in Jerusalem. And this would not be by the children of Israel, but as Jesus was to tell us, by the Abomination of the Desolator. And you have watched that happen in your time.

Now, with all the strange situations, we see the prophecies of the 39th chapter of Ezekiel fulfilled in which God said, ‘I am going to take the power in the hand of Joseph---Ephraim and Manasseh---make them one stick, and then I am going to take the power of Judah---Germany and his companions---and I am going to join them together as one mighty power against My enemy.’ That is in the 39th chapter of Ezekiel and has not happened. Today the NATO powers of Europe involve the U.S. and England and lf all things, West Germany, in a great alliance and Spain or Simeon, stands side by side with us. And from Simeon and from Judah will probably come more great fighting power than all the rest of Israel put together.

Strangely, God makes a statement here and I think that you can understand it as God makes this statement for this hour. God said, ‘Behold the day will come when I will same the Tents of Judah first, and the glory of the real House of David.’ And God also talks about the people of Jerusalem and HE says that no longer shall they magnify themselves against Judah. So God Almighty says that these inhabitants of Jerusalem have boasted and magnified themselves against the Germans, and that is exactly what they have done. But God says the first country to be saved in this fight will be the cities of Germany.

So how do we know that and have these things come to pass? Today there is a line drawn for battle in the middle of Berlin. Today, one of the great thresholds of Christian civilization is under fire, and what is to happen? The tents of Judah first, will be saved. The dwelling places of Judah will be saved first. Is it not here that the whole world is watching, but the ‘tents of Judah will be first?’

Now, into the nations has rolled this ‘5th Column.’ There is no more devilish a ‘5th Column’ than Satan’s own children. Jesus identified them when HE saw that they had taken over the Temple in Jerusalem. And they move out everywhere. But they are the seed of the Serpent and the Dragon, as we mentioned to you.

Now, let me show you a master strategy. When they are planning on betraying you and double-crossing you more than they already have, the seed of Satan plans on delivering you in the hour when the enemy plans to attack. The enemy alerts his ‘5th Column’ in America, and in all of the nations of the world. You say, ‘This is his strategy.’ But he is walking into the hands of God, for God has HIS strategy for victory.

Now, what you may not know is this. Altho I introduced this little phase of God’s strategy for your understanding tonight. Turn to the last chapter of the book of Daniel, and you will say, ‘Yes, I have heard that chapter before.’ But I am giving you tonight, God’s strategy instead of one that was put on the air the other night. I turn here in the book of Daniel and what do I read?--It says here that ‘behold, in that time, Michael, My prince, shall stand up and he shall fight for the children of God as he did aforetime.’ Michael, My prince. So what is the point here? Michael, My prince, is an Archangel who was as strong as Lucifer was. Michael, My prince is the transpiration manager of the fleets of space. He has the most powerful job in transpiration in all of the Universe. And there is no transpiration unions to get in the way. He is not only a Commander, but he is Commander in Chief under God, of all of the fleets of space. Yes, I said fleets of space. Don’t be so narrow minded that you think that there is only life here on this earth, this tiny speck in the Universe. And don’t think that only our children and grandchildren are to be smart enough to fly around. My friends, there are trillions and trillions of planets in space where people exist. And among the hosts of the MOST HIGH, and among HIS civilizations, are space fleets beyond your imagination to even picture. And there is in charge of ten thousand times ten thousands, times ten thousands, and more of these ships of fire, referred to by Daniel, a great and mighty champion of God’s fleet. And this is Michael the Archangel. And among these vehicles of transpiration are great war ships of space.

Oh, you say, ‘What does God need of these?’ There was no need for them until Lucifer rebelled, went out in space and gathered up armies and ships for battle. And in that day when God gathered up the hosts for battle and HE defeated Lucifer with the hands of Michael and kept HIS word. And that is how the Negroes came to earth, on the ships of Lucifer from a distant planet. We could establish this tonight, by Archaeology if we wanted to take the time, for the ancient races tell of the first coming of these dark and curly headed people.

So we turn to the fact that God’s Master strategy involves two things. Now that we are in the earth, we are involved with the powers of darkness. And it tells us in the book of Revelation that out of the Inner-earth, out of this bottomless pit, is going to ascend a demonic and evil power, and also strange crafts and unusual ships. And they are going to join their physical forces that are in the earth, their powers of evil which are the Communist against you. But don’t worry about that. This is one thing that you do not have to worry about. You do not have to worry about some evil power from some nethermost world taking over the world’s affairs. For God has heavenly numbers of your race and also the soldiers of Israel shall stand upon their feet and the numbers of the ships called in is beyond the wildest of your speculation. Thus, I have this assurance. God says in that evil hour, when this thought comes to your enemies, they plan to come like a storm over the poles of the north and they come with their intercontinental missiles against you---and suddenly, there shall be a stream that will make modern Jets on insignificance. And there shall sweep out of space the mighty armies of our God. For they already have their ships in space round about us. And this fleet will have as its Captain, Michael the Prince of space. And he is going to turn their weapons back upon them. He is going to turn every weapon pointed at you, back upon them. And the cataclysm which will be joined, by your just pressing a button, will be the most unearthed cataclysm ever heard of . And as you are told of the battle now joined, then you will press the button and that impact will wipe the greater part of the enemies weapons from the face of the earth. And then simultaneously, his weapons will be hurled back upon him. Hoards of foot soldiers who cross the Bering Strait, or descend down out of the north or who have been landed by submarine upon your continent to come against you, are going to be met with a great wave of resistance. And suddenly, a great and miraculous thing is going to transpire. A sweeping element of Divine Glory is going to descend over your people. And suddenly you will discover what God is doing for they do not break ranks and they cannot be destroyed. No weapon ever formed against them will work for God has suddenly joined Himself with HIS people. A trumpet will sound and its sound will be greater than the sound of any trumpet you ever heard. And its vibration and its sound will be as a sweetness to you and bring anger to your enemy. For it shall be heard around the world.

There shall be now, God’s second strategy. There shall come in these sweeping craft all around your world. And suddenly you are going to see one of the things that Jesus talked about as HE made the parable about the ‘Tares’ in the Wheat---the Wheat of which are these children of the Kingdom, your race. These ‘tares’ are Zionists. They are the children of Lucifer. They are not Israel even tho they claim to be that. They are the ‘5th Column’ that spy on you. And suddenly, HE is going to sent HIS Holy Angels and they are going to gather OUT of ALL THE NATIONS, OF MY KINGDOM---this ‘5th Column’ which came in here. We are going to take them right out of here an haul them off to a prison chamber in space and they are not going to bother the earth for millenniums to come.

You say, ‘Do you believe that?’ Well, I believe Jesus, for this is what HE said:-- ‘I am going to send My Holy Angels--my administering spirits---and we are going to gather out everyone of these ‘tares.’ Every one of them. You know that is going to save a lot of time in this global victory, for I had been planning on gathering them out also. But when that hour comes, we will have to put every traitor in a concentration camp and there might be some we will miss. But God won’t. But we will stand by to help God out.

I turn again to the scripture and here again, as I have read this promise of Michael---Daniel 12:--‘And in that day when Michael comes, they that be wise shall shine like the brightness of the stars.----and they who turn you to righteousness in that day, shall shine like the stars forever and forever.’ You have heard them sing---’Will there be any stars in my crown.’ We used to tell a story at one time about the Methodist church across the street from a Baptist church. And as the Methodist church started to sing ‘will there be any stars in my crown,’ and the church on the other side had reached another verse and they sang ‘no not one.’ But I am going to tell you something that is good news for both Methodist and Baptist, for every one of you Christians. You are going to shine like the stars. The Glory of God is going to stand out on you until your enemies are going to be trying to hide in the rocks and the caves of the mountains. But there will be so many Christians up there already, that there won’t be any place to hide.

And we have something else to say as you ask how many millenniums is this ahead. Do you know that it is my firm conviction that you are in the weeks and months which will start the events which will consummate in this decade these very things we are talking about. I think you might be able to cut it to thirty. But I want to be here to see it all happen. I don’t want to miss any of it. (No doubt he is watching tonight.)

Within the course of these events, I again turn to other words upon the part of the MOST HIGH. HE not only said HE was going to gather out of the earth all of these things that offend, but in the 24th chapter of Matthew, when that trumpet sounds, HIS almighty hosts are going to go into the heavens and gather out all the Elect of God from one end to the other of the heavens, all those who have passed into the ‘plain of sprit’ and they will return to earth, a great and mighty power. And then we are told that you will not only see the sign in the heavens of the Incarnate God, but all the enemies of God in the earth are going to mourn for they are going to behold God, Himself, coming with great power and great Glory.

I want to turn one moment over to the book of Revelation. For there is no question that you are going to fight. There is no question that the complete deterioration of the world order is essential to wake up White men everywhere to a bitter failure, to a voice they have been wooed by this cry of the ‘Harlot’ of Babylon. Then we hear another cry and this is a cry from Heaven. And these voices out of heaven are saying, ‘Now the Kingdoms of this world become the Kingdoms of our LORD and HIS Christ. And HE shall reign forever.’ We have said that you are the Christ of God. You are the many members of HIS body, and the Eternal YAHWEH-YAHSHUA--the Eternal JESUS---the LORD of LORDS--the Almighty KING OF KINGS. And we are told in the book of Colossians that thru HIM was everything made and without HIM was nothing made.

So what will HE do? I turned and I saw a white cloud. I saw the armies of the MOST HIGH, and HE said, ‘I saw Jesus Christ the Mighty ONE-YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, was not only coming in, but the symbol of HIS victory is this holding in HIS hand this sharp reaping sickle. This is not the Hammer and Sickle of Communism this is the nemesis of Communism. This is their end. And John says, ‘I heard the Angel say ‘Thrust in thy sickle and reap, the time has come for the harvest of earth is ripe.’ And Jesus lowered the symbol---the sickle and the armies of heaven and earth moved out against the Communist hammer and sickle, against the powers of evil, against the witch doctors hoards, against the soldiers of those idle worshiping temples. And we read, ‘The cry from heaven said, ‘reap, reap,’ and they thrust in their sickles and the clusters of the vine of earth are ripe.’

Every once in a while, I hear someone cry out. I hear a voice of propaganda from here and there, against the children of God’s Kingdom. But one of the most significant things I know here is that this vine of earth is talked about by Moses. He said, ‘Their vine is not as our vine.’ You know what Jesus said? HE said, ‘I am the vine and you are the branches.’ But the vine of earth is Lucifer’s vine. The Vine of God is Light. But the vine of Lucifer is vine of the Asp, the vine of evil and it causes the sons and daughters of God to stumble. Their Faith, and their countenance is not like the countenance of God’s children. Moses says, that there is a mark on them.

Now, the vine of earth is today represented by world Jewry and by all of the evil forces which support it. And God, Himself, tells us here that Christ, Himself, and the armies of heaven is coming and this vine of earth symbolized by the hammer and the sickle is to be reaped with all the grapes which are upon it. These grapes to be pressed in a winepress, in judgement against Communism, against paganism, and in some place the blood of this destruction will go as high as the horses bits. (Or to the mouth of those being judged.)

Someone said, ‘That is a terrible prophecy, Dr. Swift.’ But that is the best thing that could happen for it would get some of these evil spirits out of the bodies they are in and put them in the dimensions where the almighty could deal with them as he wishes. Someone said that there is a certain strange hardness about this hour. No, my friends, there is but a tremendous wave of spiritual emotions and of social consciousness that sweep over every student of world history, as they behold the armies of the anti-Christ causing pain and terror upon the people of earth. As we consider what world Communism has done to women and children. They killed Christians by the millions. The horror and pain inflicted upon families as interested in living as you or I. As I think of the evil and the impact of it upon men and know where the responsibility of it lies, ON THIS VINE OF EARTH, there is not a hardness here, there is a gentle mercy involved, and by eliminating it, the earth is blessed.

I will say without making any explanation, that there were some men who were strangely stirred by seeing this great evil which was destroying their nation, and they pre-maturely started to cut the vine down all by themselves. And they have been misunderstood and they have been maligned. And these whom they attacked were claiming the birthright of the people who were trying to remove this evil. And America is saying it cannot happen here. But just as sure as tomorrow’s sun rise, America is going to awaken to the danger of the ‘5th Column’ among you, and as it tells you in the book of Zachariah, that your anger is going to be stirred by God as HE quickens you. And in the last chapter of that book of Zachariah, HE says that the wrath is going to rise up in thy countenance, like a pot boiling on the stove and there will not be one Cainanite (Jew) left in the nations of God’s Kingdom. Of course, when you go further in this then God is going to take everything which would hurt or destroy the Kingdom, out of the earth. This may be a part of a weeping and crying, but I will turn to the last page of the strategy of this. No longer will this be a concealed individual but someone just as apparent as you are, God, Himself, in the same body, in that same resurrected body, which HE had after the Resurrection, is going to return and to join HIS army wherein Michael, the Archangel, and the hosts of God are fighting. It tells you that in that individual hour, that HE is going to join HIS heavenly forces with you the earthly forces, which HE is proud to announce. It is not going to have to be a Patton, or a General Douglas MacArthur, altho both men will be there not only in spirit, but also in body. And we are going to behold Jesus the Christ. And HE is not going to be wearing the tunic which HE wore when HE walked the Sea of Galilee. HE will not be wearing a white coat and carrying a shepherd’s staff. He is coming back radiant, and brighter than the sun. HE is going to be resplendent in the most beautiful apparel that has ever been witnesses by men. And HE is coming back as KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. And HE is coming with the most powerful army ever visualized and join with the strongest army the White race ever put together. And what NATO could not do---Christ can do in one hour.

The scarlet upon HIS tunic will stamp the name upon HIM showing that this Man is Deity, God---and the armies of heaven followed HIM. And the armies of earth will stand up and follow behind HIM. A great standard will be raised over America and this great standard shall be over every Christian nation. And a great challenge shall be raised by the LORD of the MOST HIGH. HE will meet all of you at Jerusalem. And I hear that not only as HE stands with power and authority, as Jesus the Christ, and begins this rule of iron over the nations of HIS Kingdom, that as the sound grows louder, then all Christian nations gather and crown HIM King of Kings and LORD of Lords. And there will be 75 members of Kennedy’s Cabinet that will be missing. There is going to be a pretty fast conversion of the rest. And I heard the Angels tell the birds, get ready for a great battle. And I saw the Beast, the whole political party of Communism---this whole World Order. And then I saw the kings of the earth who tried to rule one hour with the Beast, from Asia and Africa. And I saw all of their armies gathered together. They were having a consultation. And they said, ‘okay, Lucifer says that we can win, we can destroy this God coming in with HIS army. We will take over the earth, we will bring in the intercontinental ballistic missiles, and we will turn our armies against these armies of heaven as they come into earth, and we will turn all of our armament on them. We are going to fight this God of the Heavens with the things that we have gathered up in earth.’

I saw the Beast; I saw the World Order; I saw the kings of the earth; I saw them all gathered to make war with Jesus Christ and His mighty army, which included you. And with the power of that victory, and the floating revolving fire of the holocaust, which started to descend. And I saw the Beast and the powers of darkness tossed into a mighty whirlwind of power. And I saw them all carried out of the United States and put in the concentration camps on the island of space called Ara. And I saw that they were here no more. This is the declaration of John the beloved Apostle. And I want you to know that in that hour a victory was established for God’s Kingdom in earth from one end of the earth to the other. It is going to be God’s victory. It is going to be your victory. We fight with every weapon at our disposal and we fight with the assurance of what the decade will bring.

There can be no doubt that when we are armed with such wisdom and such knowledge that as we move against God’s enemy, that we will see them as God’s army saw them before. And as one man looked upon the enemy, HE said I see them like grasshoppers. And when I looked at the anti-Christ face of Khrushchev, I do not tremble. But I see in myself, a loathing. And I see him as a grasshopper before the mighty of God. I tell you tonight, that the kingdoms of this world are going to become the Kingdoms of our LORD and HIS CHRIST.

The strategy of God is for Global victory. I do not have five minutes of time to go out and try to save Africa and Asia. I think the thing for us to do is to pray for a great military renewal and for a great spiritual revival, and then go out and set Africa and Asia free. And then we will have a lot of time to evangelize Africa and Asia, after we destroy the anti-Christ and the false prophet.

I want you to know this tonight. You cannot be too far in the ‘right.’ The enemy is trying to turn you away from what they term ‘Extreme Right.’ But I want you to know tonight, that it is your responsibility to fight Communism, Zionism, Jewry, every political force gathered against you with all of the vision that you possess, with all your energy and do not back up at any time. Bind the darkness with your vision and let in the Light if you want to stand in ultimate victory, and see the world bathed in the Glorious Light of the countenance of JESUS the Christ. With the power of the KING OF KINGS---in this hour, they are going to clothe HIM with all of the symbols of HIS power as the men of your race and the nations of your race see this crown of Glory upon the earth and its greatest KING. And HE will say, ‘These are MY children and I have loved them and they are MY children. They are Priests and Kings, and they are going to rule the earth.’ That is Global strategy. And there will be colonies all over the world and you are going to rule them. Even the strangers are going to bring substance unto thee.

One thing about the Kingdom of God which should give you a little hope-----No longer are they going to tax you to support the world. No. The world is going to support itself and bring its blessings unto you. That is a real turning in world affairs. The Kingdom of God is real.

Someone said, ‘I have a great burden as a man.’ Yes, it is to wake them up and tell them what it is all about. And I want you to know that there is a difference between some of the men of earth and some who are the Enosh. But what we will, is the best of everything for God’s world, as God created it---A restoration of everything that God said was good.

(End of sermon)