Gospel Of The Kingdom, 11-20-60


by DR. WESLEY SWIFT - 11-20-60

As we turn to the subject --"The Gospel that Jesus Preached", there is probably nothing more important for you and I to understand than to think, and to know and to activate the thoughts of God in a physical world. It is most significant for us to realize that communication is the most important thing in the realm of the great operation of God's Kingdom. From the day when your race was placed in earth until this hour, communication has been an important thing. There are many who wonder when they talk about the Gospel that Jesus preached. Just what does that gospel consist of, and just where does this Gospel exist, and just what does that Gospel indicate? That Gospel has many interpretations and we have heard many Denominational approaches to it. We have heard that it is considered Good News--that this Gospel is of GOOD NEWS. It is true that the Gospel that Jesus preached --the Gospel of the Kingdom is certainly the most unusual and tremendous of the 'GOOD NEWS' that can be delivered. It is the news of redemption, to a race that required it, and was certainly of Great importance to them. But the Gospel that Jesus preached was the declarations and purposes of God's plans in the earth. Of what He expected out of those who could react and perform, and carry on this responsibility. When we talk about the Gospel that Jesus preached, it is not the Gospel that many today declare it to be.

How often we hear the Gospel summed up by so many movements and denominations, as the Salvation that God had prepared so that He can take the people who accept it back to heaven. How often we are told that this is the message which was given to all people of the world by the vehicle of the church. It has made no distinction between the people of the world, and of whom they are, or where they came from, or what their abilities are. In fact in most of the churches of today they, they do not know anything about their background, or their origins, or their capacities to respond. They believe that the differences in the races stems from their background of conduct or their disobedience, or obedience to the things that God ordained since the days of Adam. Thus it is that it is hard for them to understand this Gospel that Jesus preached, because they do not approach it with a foundation of understanding which is essential for the development of this truth. This idea that the whole purpose of God was just dealing with one planet somewhere in his universe where so many different species of people were visible but all related, and somehow through some strange development of curses they became changed in color, changed in appearance, and in their capacity to respond---fantastic. Then also they theorize that salvation is somehow just to bring them back to the origin from whence they came, and to produce for them a route to get somewhere into heaven.

Therefore I want to tell you that the Gospel of the Kingdom, and the content of this Bible was not a story of the process to get the people of all the races, nations, and colors into heaven. This is not the design of the Book. The Gospel of the Kingdom was never prepared to get the people of earth into heaven, who would be strangers there, whose Spirits never came out of there, and who today as a people require Salvation. That is not the salvation waiting for them. More than this it is not the major objective of God to preach a Gospel to get back into heaven His own children. If the major purpose or objective of YAHWEH in sending His race into this world, to accomplish His purposes, was to get you back, then it wouldn't have been necessary to sent you out in the first place. Since the Spirit of the Children of God were with Him before the world was formed, and since they were blessed with all Spiritual blessings in heavenly places, before the world was framed, then there was not design on the part of your Heavenly Father, to gamble with the possibility of sending you into strange and far off environments. And just maybe---get you back again. Thus He would have to devote His attention and time to redeeming His own people and bringing them back into His own presence. I think it is most significant and important that we understand that there is nothing in the program of God's Kingdom or anything He has purposed to do that is left to chance. There is nothing in His operation that has a question mark upon it. There is no development that shall take place in history or in the future, that is unknown to the mind of Omniscience, and does not have the conditions poured into the environment in which you live to bring about the eventual impact and the final results. When we deal with this Book, we are dealing with a positive plan and a positive program. It is something that God Almighty has ordained from the beginning and something He is bringing to you. And when I say that the most important thing for you and your race today is communication, I mean by communication that we understand the thoughts of YAHWEH, the mind of YAHWEH, and the understanding of the purposes of HIM and His plan is also in this communication. This Bible contains within it a continued source of guidance, advice, direction and assistance from the complete Omniscient mind of the Father, and this is the MOST IMPORTANT thing that you can possess.

When we talk about the Bible, we speak of a collection of books. These are books which record the experiences of men of your race in the earth. Much of this experience is in the realms of the contact of God with them, communicating with them, unveiling for them, or inspiring them to record for future generations things He wanted them to know, and things He wanted them to understand, and purposes that He wanted them to perform. Thus it is again the most important factor for your race is the accomplishment of the objective which is---THE KINGDOM OF YAHWEH IN THE EARTH. That objective requires constant communication with the Father. Thus we see again that it is for this reason that God sent your race to earth. Because you had this vision, this source of communication, and could transfer these thoughts of the operation of God to a physical world.

I want you to know that when the Adamic people were transferred to earth, there were not on the face of the earth, any people who had this vision, this capacity; who could transfer the thoughts of God to a physical world. There were not at that time any people who could receive the thoughts of God or who had the spiritual vision, or could in any way receive communication from the Most High, unless God stood in from of them, or captured their attention, or directed them by means of audio frequency so they could hear it with their own ears. For they had no communication, and they seemed to have had no understanding even it He stood before them to speak. Oh! You say---Surely that would be impossible. For if God stood in the presence of any people, they would understand Him, and know what He was talking about.-----So you really think that???????

In the ministry of the Christ, when YAHWEH incarnate in human form stood Jerusalem and spoke, there were many who understood what He said. But also there were many thousands who heard Him who never understood HIM, and they hated HIM and everything He stood for. They were never able to draw the deep spiritual significance out of anything He said. This is why Jesus said:--" You cannot understand my speech because you cannot hear my words." Oh! They heard His words alright. But they did not understand His words. The reason being that the only way the great plane of vision and thought that came out of the mind of God could be understood would be for them also to be able to set up the same image in the seat of their consciousness. There is reason for this mystery --- and it is a part of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

As I speak to you today, if you are not the spiritual seed, or the household of God, then what I say would form no picture in the seat of your consciousness. They would be only words passing by your mind. They would be only words and you would pick up nothing out of what you hear until you get an image consciousness in the seat of your being. So that means that the audio frequency has to form a vibratory field of thinking in the seat of your intellect. Deep down in the part of your soul consciousness. Except it does that then even tho audio frequency passing thru the senses, and the ears, carries the impression to the heart of your soul, the fact remains that except you have the same wave length of the origin and being, it will not erect the same picture and the ministry would pass upon deaf ears and accomplish nothing. It is thus important for men and women to know that the program of God's Kingdom requires communication. It requires that they understand what He sent them into the world to do. It is one of those things that rests upon the thinking of men.

Now you say---but why don't these people you are talking about rise if God sent them into earth to accomplish all these things??---If God designed and sent His household of people into earth, into those bodies which were to carry His household in the flesh, and if God intended to do that, then why didn't they retain their capacity for mental and intellectual communication with YAHWEH God????

I will tell you why. There was an original violation of Divine Law. And that violation of Divine Law mutated a portion of the sense of their remembrance and a sense of their perception. And because of this it required the instance of God's own act, on their behalf, to make this communication once more a part of their lives.

It is significant to note that we call this the fall of our own race. That is one of the reasons why restoration and redemption is a part of the Good News of the Gospel. It is one of the reasons why it is called the Good News of the Kingdom. That is one of the reasons why it is necessary for His people to know the words of this Book. It is something to restore you, to renew your mind, to regenerate the consciousness and the spirit. It is restoration of the things you once possessed. When you understand this renewing and restoring, then you understand that it was once something you possessed. And that you are regaining something lost and that is part of the story for your race. At no time during that process of restoring and renewing did it stop the process of your performing in the earth, the development of God's Kingdom, for which you were sent.

Today the biggest problem with the people of God's Kingdom, the people who make up the church world today, is the lack of desire and intent of the request of their own consciousness for the knowledge and information of God. You man say that people go to church today to be informed. But a lot of them go to church and never gain any information. There is only one advantage they may attain, and that is by the communion of worshiping together. By the medium of assembling themselves together, they may pick up the spiritual catalyst that comes out of the meditation upon the words of God, but in many instances the directive of those words for the time in which they live never emerge.

We talk about the essentialness of communication for this cause. For we find the God came and held interviews with Adam in the early days of your racial history in the earth, to unveil His purposes. He came and spoke to Seth. And He sent His own angels with special revelations to certain people such as Enoch and other Patriarchs. He sent and brought into His own presence, special men like Enoch and others for special instructions, which they were to carry back with them, and to bring these instructions to the consciousness of His own people. He produced and carried on direct contact and spiritual development with His Prophets and gave them direct orders and unveiled to them by vision and dreams. But the purpose was to get across the communication of divine purpose.

There lies with you the capacity to think and to understand. You are the children of the Eternal. Because of that, your soul consciousness which is the resident you, dwells within this physical body. It is able to think with all the pattern of the senses. And thus it moves within the video range of light frequency pattern of all the physical senses. Then those physical senses convey the vibration of their impact unto the soul consciousness. And the soul consciousness stores up, evaluates, and reports. The soul consciousness is you----you there dwelling in the physical earth as an individual and a personality, find that identity summed up with your soul consciousness, and its thoughts. But you there dwelling on the face of the earth possess something that no race outside the Adamic household possesses. You possess it because you came into the world with it. And it is the medium by which the whole world is going to be changed.--- Inside of you is a Celestial consciousness, and it emerges out of a Spiritual seed which is the great secret of your race. That Spiritual seed is the Mystery of contact with the realm of Spirit. Each of you carries and possesses a Celestial being in which your Celestial consciousness resides. That Celestial consciousness is essence of the very Spirit of God. It was begotten of God before the world was framed. It was sent into the world by the designation of your responsibility into the earth. In that vast hour when God with all the Grace that He demonstrated toward this planet earth, had determined that He was going to restore it with proper relationship with Him, He determined that He would do this by sending into this physical world His own children to accomplish a transition, which lost races under the domination of Lucifer could not accomplish. He was demonstrating the vastness of His purposes, the greatness of His love to all the ends of His creation. And in all this the heart of God was closest to you, His offspring, whose Celestial beings were the image of Spirit of the Living God, and who dwelt with Him thru out the vastness of His universe.

Significantly you and I are not alone in this Universe, and earth is not only occupied, but it is also not the only occupied part of the Universe. There exists many of your kinsmen scattered through out the realm of creation that do not know, perhaps, of the catastrophe that earth possesses. They may have stood on the side lines to historically remember the rebellion of Lucifer, and to know that he has upset part of the Universe, but there are portions of the Universe today where everything is in tranquility and serenity. Where the sequence of their thinking is in coordination with that of God, and the perfection of God. Such conditions in those areas are heavenly, for Heaven is not only a dimension as it relates to the areas in which the spirit resides, but it is also a state of being where everything operates in tranquility in relation to divine law. Where error is not the process of living, where the whole operation of society regardless of whether it is in a far off solar system or whether it is in a Celestial plain in another dimension entirely, but when it operates on the basis of divine law, and when its mental concept is in complete coordination with the spirit of God --that area is heaven. Thus heaven can be a

dimension or a condition. This is why you have been taught to pray;---"Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven."---Thus for heaven on earth, then the operations of people and of nations would move with the same sequence of events, and the same fulfillment of thought, as the mind of the Creator, and in the way things were put together.

We are aware today of the developments of the elements of earth according to vibratory elements of God's own mind which holds them together. Every atom has been ordained and organized, and you will not disagree that from the far off sidereal systems to the close up solar systems, every element of matter is merely vibrations organized in energy on a fixed seal of God's creative mind. Those vibrations in their positive and negative unite of electricity are set and fixed. If they were not set and fixed you would have nothing that would be laws of physics and chemistry, and there would be nothing that would operate with any finality. But you are assured that the Universe is fixed. That every atom of hydrogen is one electron, and one proton. Every pattern of uranium falls in class 235 or 236. All of these things have been fixed by the mind of the creator who put them all together. Therefore the harmony of all the people of the Universe must operate in relationship to the things formed, and the substance formed, whether the small molecule masses, or the vast sidereal systems in coordination with the processes of that law are considered.

The Great mystery of Life is the very pulse beat of creative force which God has placed in those things of shape and form that he has animated. Thus in the far corners of His Universe we see living things, and in the earth we see living things. We have gaged and set them into scales, and into living families. We have separated them into groups and we have classified them according to their knowingness, or their consciousness. We have evaluated their status according to their ability to be conscious of their condition and environment. And we have discovered that we can sometimes determine this by the size of their brain. It doesn't matter how big an animal is, for it is the proportioned size of the brain to the rest of the animal that is not much brain to activate that body. All this is within a physical sense and a physical pattern, and we understand these principals relative to these things which God gives us the wisdom to understand. We correlate these masses of ideas to form the great background of knowledge. In all this we discover that there are laws of conduct, laws of order, laws of mathematics which are precise in the exchange of good and the adding up of the economy. But when these mathematical laws are violated in practice they bring economic catastrophe.

We know also that when social laws are violated, when the species are crossed, and the line is mutated that it brings catastrophe. Then when we move up into what is classified as the whole human species, we discover that it is also in different categories, and each is different and distinct, as are other creations. So to cross these lines and throw some of these blood streams together will bring mutations. And we end with the destruction of the species. So we must fact the fact that God sent us into the world to see that the world is eventually brought back into knowledge and understanding so that it will operate on divine law. When it operates on divine law, then in serenity we will have a condition of heaven on earth, as heaven exists in its spiritual plain, and through out the vastness of the Universe.

God's purpose is clear, from the old Testament thru the new, and Jesus did not preach another Gospel. He did not introduce a new Gospel, he was merely introducing the impact of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA DWELLING IN A HUMAN BODY, AND DECLARING THRU HUMAN LIPS WITH ALL THE DIVINE POWER OF HIS EXISTENCE --HIS PURPOSE IN THE EARTH. He did not in any way deviate or change his original declaration of His will or his purposes in the earth. It is most important for man to reach out to the Will and the Mind of God, for this is one of the most important processes that we must learn to use.

As we turn through the history of the old Testament and down through the New we find God himself declaring and proclaiming His own Gospel, and we call this ---THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM. Then since the whole purpose of the ministry of God was to bring the earth back under the administration of God's own Kingdom, that then is political, it is social, and also spiritual with its impact, and this is fundamental for the administration of the earth.

A lot of people think that the most important thing the can do is to completely separate themselves from any process of activated living in a physical world. In fact a great many people have been taught by their churches, which recognize certain fundamental truths, and by that fundamental sequence of ideas have some contact with all other Christians --they recognize that Jesus is the Christ, and by that recognition the by their declaration recognize that He is the MESSIAH, and they accept by his atonement that he had taken on Himself their transgressions. They think that if they accept that, and state that, and follow a formula that somewhere they will be given a key to get back into the heavens. Many of them think they started here, and it will be a new experience to get into heaven, not knowing they started there.

I want to tell you this---your spirit is more at home in heaven than it is in earth. Your spirit is a part of the essence of God's being with a timelessness that reaches into an unknown yesterday, and only brought back to us by the spirit. It enjoys an eternal tomorrow that will never be destroyed because it moves into a greater development, and a better age. When we talk about the fact that you are children of spirit, and that he wants your spirit to activate your consciousness, this is the secret that makes you master in the earth. this is the secret that subdues the darkness, and removes all fear and superstition.

Some people think that Christ was the last name of Jesus--now this may seem strange, but they think that Jesus was his first name and Christ is his last name. If that were true then your name would belong in the same category, and you would be George Christ, or Frank Christ and so forth. I am talking about what the word Christ means, and exactly what that relationship has to do with the program of God. The whole theme which starts in Genesis and runs through the books, until thru Revelations is the Gospel that Jesus preached, and I will show you the significance. Turn to Revelations and the Great Victorious passage where the Angel sounds forth his call---:"The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of OUR LORD and HIS CHRIST".

Now, if any Christian mediated for a few moments on this subject OUR LORD, he would recognize that OUR LORD is YAHSHUA whom we call Jesus. Thus since OUR LORD IS YAHSHUA, or JESUS, and since Isaiah said, "HE is the one that is the Everlasting Father (YAHWEH), and is going to sit upon the throne of David forever, then I think that we have identified, "OUR LORD." Alright then, since we have identified, "OUR LORD', then who is HIS Christ?---The word Christ comes out of the Greek and means the embodiment of YAHWEH'S SPIRIT in the earth in human form, to accomplish the Messianic purpose. I want you to know that it is the Christ in you, embodied in human form that is going to develop and bring in the purposes of God in His Kingdom that He has ordained. Thus YOU are the Christ of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA in the world today.

I turn to the book of Colossians to renew into your thinking these words that God has proclaimed. "In whom God hath made known"---what is the mystery hidden from the ages, and from the generations, and now being made known unto us His offspring, His saints? "In whom God hath made known"---His breathing offspring--the riches of His Glory---the mystery among the nations---which is Christ in you the hope of God's Glory".

As we talk about the program of God's Kingdom, a part of that program is to envelope the earth in a vibratory Glory of the essence of God's own being. To envelope it in such Spiritual force that it will activate every seat of spiritual consciousness in the midst of the earth. To cover the earth with such a light giving force that it will roll back the darkness, and dispel superstitions and build on divine standards. And the spirit that dwells in you, that spiritual seed, that incorruptible seed--and this spirit in you is from incorruptible seed, but it also abides forever. It cannot know death. It knows none of those things that attacks the organic structure. I want you to know that the spirit that lives in you, if it becomes master of the body you live in, can roll back the processes of disintegration, and can stop the powers of death, and can usher in the age of immortality, and a synthesis of spiritual thinking. And your soul consciousness will accomplish that.

This is why God with one vast transition of Spiritual power can bring--in a moment--or in a twinkling of an eye,--a confident reality to every man or woman of your race. He is doing a short work of righteousness. He is opening up the vast horizon of your inheritance so that you might look back and see what your inheritance consisted of. And also look ahead into the plans of what God has in store for you. Within the significance then of this, let me tell you that your soul consciousness has before it, many things. And it cannot merely draw upon the physical body senses for a solution to all these things. Your consciousness is a rather probing consciousness. And men who don't know how they consist, still know that they thinkingly exist. And their thinking attacks all the things that they have recorded of what they believe. Their thinking then sometimes demands evidence of what they believe. They continually probe and search to convince themselves that the thing they believe is true. If that isn't the way your soul consciousness thinks than it needs some stimulation, some food. Because it is sound asleep. The soul consciousness is continually pushing against the spirit for evidence of the things it believes. And if it is not in communication with the spirit to the point that the portion of that soul that reaches to the spirit is well nourished, it sometimes finds it hard to receive the guidance and impact that it should.

This is again, a part of the Gospel that Jesus preached. For He said:--'I am the bread of life.'--'I AM.'--'The words that I speak unto you are life.'--'I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD.'---'I AM THE LIGHT THAT LIGHTETH EVERY MAN (ADAM) THAT COMETH INTO THE WORLD.'

Here remember that there are men who did not come in, but were created here. That is why these species should never be mixed or mongrelized. For they are different. That is why integration is wrong. And why God designed nothing buy good for the people of earth. But they will not find that good by mongrelizing. They will find that this process destroys the spiritual vein and vision of those sent to be the 'light' by which it comes. I want you to know that exaltation without any appreciation of God's Grace will not work. God has placed in you as a people, something greater and higher than that in any previous creation that ever existed in the earth. With this understanding comes a great responsibility. The higher the perception and attainment of the individual becomes, the greater his responsibility to the creation he finds himself in. He that would be great among you, therefore must be servant of all. And when God moves among you in human form, He expended His life in the unselfish service to those round about Him. This is important for you to know. For a great many people today are so busy living just a physical life in a physical world, that they have not taken the time to feed their spiritual senses, to get anything out of the spiritual side of the world. They have not missed the fact that food is essential, and they have not missed any meat and potatoes. So they are getting nourishment for their physical bodies. But they have not been providing the type of Celestial nourishment for that point of conscious contact between spirit and soul, to utilize it. Someone said:--'How do you activate it?' Well--start feeding it a little spiritual food.

When God refers to the vibrations of His own spirit, His own intellect, His own words as food, He is making it very clear that the Celestial nature in you is absolutely requiring and depending upon spiritual food, which is the vibratory field of thoughts like those in the mind of God upon which your Celestial being lives.

Now, the spirit is Eternal. And it will nourish itself to a certain extent whether you know it or not. That is why the Apostle Paul was able to say that your spirit craves the things it had need of. Tho you don't even realize it. And even while you are sound asleep.

Some people can be thankful that God made that little spiritual machine that works even while you are sound asleep. And does a little renewing for you. If not, then some people would have only a little of nothing if it were not for the act of God's Grace. They don't have time to assemble themselves together or activate their consciousness or expose themselves to the things of God. The best way to activate the consciousness and to stimulate the contact between the spirit and soul is for people to assemble themselves, and thus get the spiritual catalyst that comes from the children of God, as they sing the songs of praise to God, and meditate upon the words that came out of the mouth of God. This catechism starts development and starts the reaching out of the conscious point of contact between spirit and soul. You start to feed this spirit while it is in this physical body with the things it requires, and it's overflowing will fill your consciousness. Heavenly food, the ambrosia of Heaven, is absolutely essential to your balanced occupation of earth as the sons of God.

Now, you live down here as Adam's sons without any spiritual food. And as Adam's sons you can get sick and die. Or you can go thru catastrophic upheavals as well as economic upheavals, and wonder why all these things happen. But they happen many times because men are trying to govern their life and existence, and carry out their destiny under the operation of soul consciousness that threw all reason out of its pattern.

I want to tell you that there is a law that God has bestowed thru His life. And there is His wisdom to lead you and to guide you and to bring all things to your remembrance of all things thru which you have passed. You have now passed that milestone. And it is your right to claim this process. There isn't any secret thing that cannot be made known. There is not one problem that can come up before you on which you cannot have Celestial advice.

Now, lots of people invariably say:--'I don't know what move to make.' They then make a decision and that decision is sometimes wrong. And it sometimes brings on economic and social catastrophe. And then you say:--'But what did I do wrong? I thought the whole thing thru.' There are some things so known to the mind of God that in coordination with His spirit, you don't have to think them out. You merely have to be inspired. You need the mind of God on these things. I have heard some people say:--'If I could just pray thru on this thing.'---They have a formula by which they try to regiment their minds and leave the mind open to the will of God. -- Well,--You don't even have to wait that long. For the spirit will give you instant guidance with every necessary problem that effects your life, when you have found the secret of letting the spirit become an effective guide to your conscious thinking, as you let the sense pattern operate within you. This requires a constant realization of who you are. A constant realization that you are the sons and daughters of God. That you are a part of the issue of His spirit. That you have been sent into the world to build His Kingdom. This is the program. And when you recognize this, you will realize that in that great day, which you no longer remember, you stood with the Mighty Host and sons of God and volunteered to go to earth and help bring it back into God's orbit. And the spirit of God did not accept all the volunteers, but by selecting--He elected--those who would come into earth. You can look back at your birthday and say:--'at such and such an hour, and a day, I was born, at such a period of time. It wasn't an accident. It wasn't a process of chance. Because your entry into the world at that time was known unto the Father before the world was framed.

The word Etheusia means positioning or fixing of the birth of that child. And therefore the children of God, and therefore the race which came into the world, was a 'stream of light' and life from the throne of God. Everyone of you came into the world at a known hour in the development of history, at your known hour of entry. You may say:--'We can fix that time. We can see where the planets were at that time and find out the time. We can see what was rising and what was falling. You can do that. But before the foundation of the world and the creation of this cosmos that you are a part of, and the timing and fixation of that, your Father knew all about it. So there is nothing in this fixation that has been left to chance. But there has been a perimeter of 'will'. God Almighty has released you with this perimeter of His Divine Will. He will permit you--within that realm to make certain decisions for yourself. But within you--you have been compensated for ultimate development of all times.

A lot of people still think that God is still operating with the devil in a great chess game of chance. And that He gambled a few billion souls of His children in the world to see if He could get them back. God never took a chance with a single one of the Spiritual beings of His children. Even tho you have gone thru all kinds of situations and conditions. He knew He could bring all these things to 'truishion', and that He would not lose one single spirit. After all, where can it go? Some day we will understand what the Psalmist said:--'Where could I go that you could not find me?' The mountains are not high enough or the oceans deep enough. And now we find that space does not contain anywhere that you can get to where you can get away from the spirit of God. How do you get away from the spirit which is in constant contact with the Father out of whose life and issue it came?? There is no place in the universe where an individual could get away from God, or where God could not find them.

Now, I am going to add one more thing. There is no condition thru which a conscious being could pass where God would be unable to reach them. If your religion has one of those great gulfs where if they step over that line there is nothing that can be done for you, then your religion is one of those superstitious and primitive religions that belongs down in the Congo.

Now that shakes people sometimes. And they don't like it. And they say, that is not Orthodoxy. None the less it is true. The Apostle Paul said after this--(which some Orthodox people call heresy)--'I worship God.'

Do you know whom they called the greatest heretic of all?---Jesus the Christ.---Why?? Because He taught them the heavenly law for heavenly sons in a physical world. He brought them a message for the strangers and pilgrims in the earth who were here to stay.

The Gospel that Jesus preached made a distinction and wasted none of His Divine energy on those who could not receive. Someone said:--'Why didn't Jesus just shake them in their emotions and inspiration until they became Christians?' Because He knew what they were made of better than anyone else. He knew that you couldn't hold a revival in a Jewish temple and make Christians out of them. He knew that you couldn't take an issue of Lucifer which was sown in the earth by violation of Divine Law, and was unassimilatable, and by any process make them what they were not. He didn't waste any time on them. And He thoroughly identified them as He said:--"I am of God, and you are of the devil. I came from above, and you are from beneath."

If you, to whom I am speaking are from beneath, I wouldn't waste time talking to you. But I know that each spirit in here is from above. If it were not from above, you would not be here worshiping. Oh, once in awhile, especially on Friday nights, I look down and see that the B'nai B'rith has sent someone to see what I am talking about. They didn't come to get any food. They came to see if there was anything to go to the law about, or if there was something said that would trap us in any way. Now, we are not worried about being trapped, because the words:--"Thus saith the LORD" are one of the most powerful interceptors on the face of the earth. when we tell you that men live by every word that came out of the mouth of the LORD, we are talking about spiritual life. We are on the edge of the era when the spirit is the master when it can roll back the processes which start disintegration in the human body which starts in the seat of consciousness. If in that seat of consciousness, we could suddenly erase the errors there like you could take an eraser, and erase the words on the pages of a book, if you could take the superstitions which are the errors of Lucifer's bondage and those processes you don't have to be subject to, and erase them out of your consciousness, then think what a start in the right direction that would be. Do you know that one of the most deadly errors that effects the little thermostat of your being is the time and the fear that men keep in their thought concerning death? If you were able to suddenly erase out of your consciousness any fear of death, and the spirit was able to take control of every conscious thought you ever had about your relationship to this world, and could reach out of your consciousness those thoughts that you have rejected so completely, there isn't any doubt that there isn't one organic process in your body that wouldn't react to renew the tissue forever and forever. This is one of the reasons why it is quite clear that death is the process of error. And death is the price men pay for transgression. But that was all paid for at Calvary. One of these days the resurrection is going to prove that. But there are some people who are going to lay hold of knowledge and truth and start applying the principal, and receive light, strength, life, and power clothed in immortality. Even in this interval --before the climactic hour.

Remember the words of Jesus--'He that believeth on me tho he were dead, so shall he live'. ----"He that liveth and believeth in me shall never die." these were not just little poetic sentences from the mind of God, for God never relayed error to anyone, but people didn't realize that he was unveiling something to them, and didn't realize the scope of it. Such a hold of expectancy of defeat was lying on the race that they anticipated that every one would die. I am going to tell you that the theory that the churches put out--such as the main reason why they must get men saved so they could go to heaven----this has death at the doorway, and since death is the doorway then you had to die to get there, and in order to get into heaven you had to go thru defeat. The greatest victory you can demonstrate here in earth is the power of staying here. It is the power of putting down the least enemy which is death.

Now; someone says but this is the end time--well, then my friends we should see some of the signs of this conquest materializing, and they have to materialize in the place where you think, before it operates in the field of your existence. Probably it is important for us to realize also the souls deep desire, its probing answer, its request for information. It must become more important for us to have the impact of the mind of God than to possess the things it might have by acquisition.

Some people even think that they should not wear attractive clothes because this would be worldly. They think that by self denial they are bringing honor to God, but you are the sons and daughters of a Celestial Empire, you are the mighty realm that rules the Empire, so you walk and live according to your stature, and according to your ability to understand it. There is no good thing, that god would keep from you and he said;---'seek and seek the kingdom of God first and his righteousness, and all the other will be added to you'. God has not removed the possibilities of wealth and attainment from his people. He has just made it important for them to realize that their spiritual power, and their spiritual capacity, and their spiritual inheritance are so much more valuable, so that they must classify everything in its proper order. Then in accomplishing the objective of earth residence, must be willing to recognize that the individual possessions that they have gained must not stand in the way of accomplishing their objectives. But they must not think this means they are destined to do without the things of earth, if God ever calls on you to make a sacrifice he will restore---100 fold.

I want you to know that the earth you dwell in is subject to you---you aren't subject to it. The spirit isn't subject to the body, the body is subject to the spirit. If their consciousness reached therefore for the mighty power of the kingdom to transform the world they live in, as they were sent into the world to accomplish, then the sons and daughters of God would know what Jesus Said:---"He came to restore them--' These sons and daughters--not born just by flesh, but by the will of God. He came to give them power to live and be, as the sons and daughters of God. Thus the Gospel of the Kingdom was the Gospel of bringing direction and vision unto men and women.

Among some of the groups, I have heard some say: --we don't want to have anything to do with politics, just stay away from politics. Well what is politics?--It happens to be the process where by you select the individuals who govern your nation, and the places where you live. The politics of America are lots better than in Moscow and it still is the process in which government is established. Look at the Gospel of the kingdom that is what you have been praying for all the time.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.----This is a political kingdom as well as a spiritual kingdom. Its is political because it is going to have a ruler on the throne of David, as well as kings and ambassadors, and priests, and it must be on this earth. It is to be brought in by the children of god, and the incarnate manifestation of God which has been ordained since the foundation of the world. You are here to help bring it in, you are here to help bring divine law, and its divine principals and the application of it into every field of your public life. Instead of the church feeling that they should stay out of it, they should be invading politics, every field of it, with spiritual life, and divine influence. You haven't been told of a plan for getting out of here, you are told to occupy, and you have to learn to say one of the statements that the Apostle Paul said out of one side of his mouth while his mind had the guilt complex of the stoning of Stephen. He said he was never able to attain that which he was able to comprehend. He said;--'I comprehend it, but I cannot apprehend it.' But also remember that the Apostle Paul said;---'We who are alive and remain, unto the coming of the LORD shall not hinder those he is bringing with him. Here the Apostle Paul was talking about a great many people who would be alive and would remain alive until Christ stood on earth to join with them in the triumphant taking over of his kingdom. I believe that everyone in this congregation can be here during those events, and can participate in the continuity from now, and unto that time, if they make up their minds that they are going to accept truth, and develop their spiritual life, and spiritual power, and that they are going to do that for the welfare of the kingdom And for their own development and welfare, for if this is the course you chose, there is nothing on the face of the earth, even tho it has Satan as its Prince, that can deny your inheritance.

I am going to tell you this;--God does not want you going second class---you are sons and daughters of God so you can go first class. There isn't anything in the world that is good, that you can't have. The only thing you shouldn't have is something evil. And if there is something that not good for you then you shouldn't have it anyway. The fact remains that anything round about, that you may want, your Father can give you better. There is nothing absolutely nothing withheld from you an what so ever a man sets as an objective he can attain, as long a that objective does not stand in the way of God's kingdom.

Today the powers of darkness have only one field in which to live, and that is earth. I want you to know that earthlings and worldlings have only one concept of living, and that is the acquiring of things. they have only one fear which is pain and death, and in this process they have only one massive enemy whether they know it or not, and that is the Kingdom of God, and the Kingdom of Life and spirit. It is the benefactor that they have but they do not understand it. This is the reason why---the light shines in the darkness and the darkness comprehends it not. For they know not that the author who created them is still their most important factor of their existence even tho they worship at the feet of idols, or walk in the Communist hoards.

The chief Gospel that Jesus preached was a Gospel of victory, concerning the sheep of his pasture, and you are those sheep and he said---of all these I shall lose none. Concerning the household of his children and concerning his purposes, concerning the far reaches of His Grace he says: --'I call my sheep by name, I lead them out, I give them Eternal life, and they shall never perish.'

Concerning the purposes which are before us----his spirit moved upon Peter and Peter talks about the restitution of all things. Now; I want this thought to remain in your own consciousness---God sent his family into the world to develop his kingdom and that kingdom was to bring every conscious being and spirit into complete coordination with his plan. he had all the time of Eternity to do it in. He had a time plan with certain measures and limitations which we call dispensations to accomplish it. He had a given point in which he was going to thrust himself to give it input, and set free the consciousness of his people.

Now; you and I are on the other side of that point and everything in time and history happened just like he said, and things are still happening like he said. As we watch what is happening in Africa and in Asia we see those happenings in prophecy. We see all these things coming to pass, and we are sure we can trust in the word of the father. Let me assure you of this; we are going to bring to trueition the eventual re-adjustment of every living consciousness in all His Universe. Someone said: how far does that go? What about the devil? Well the devil was once God's Archangel, and he served God, and actually he was made to serve you, did you know that the Angels are not greater than the children of God? They are actually lesser for they were made to serve you. And that Archangel was the Father's Angel, and as long as you have been in earth he has not been a benefactor, but the fact is that at one time he served the family. And the day is coming when Lucifer is going to worship at your feet. The day is coming when down in the Nethermost realm they are going to be singing hymns. The book of Revelation tells us that, and that there are glorious days ahead. The day is going to come when the Glory of YAHWEH is going to fill the universe --that is destiny. That is a part of the program that you are a part of, and are working for, as out of you must come that Light, that power, that Glory which you were sent into earth to bring about. And you will do it, even if God has to send you back by resurrection to finish the job.

Let me cite this, probably the most important thing people can understand is their responsibility. They search and discover deep depths of the spiritual revelation of their responsibility, and they must find the relationship to life and living. They must discover that in the process of developing as God has ordained---his sons shall come to restoration. They must discover that the most effective thing they will learn is their reason for being placed here. The people who worry the most about the things they think is going to be economically swept away are the people who are being sorry for themselves. The first thing--they are sorry for their tax burden, for their economic problems, and are so busy being sorry for themselves that they never obtain the victory and power which belongs to them.

I want you to know that we have to re-evaluate, and the soul has to think with the spirit instead of with the senses. And when it re-evaluates itself then instead of feeling sorry for itself it begins to live with victory. It recognizes that the key to happiness is to make other people happy around about them. That in those they love, and tho the associate with it is the rolling back of selfishness that brings happiness. Since selfishness is a form of self pity, and self attainment which over looks other peoples joy and attainment.

One of the first jobs of the sons and daughters of god is to serve those round about you, and in serving them then assist them in bringing them into their realms of responsibility which will make them happy. Also serve, those in need, for you are greater than they. Again remember that He that would be greater among ye must also be servant of all. Probably this finds its greatest revelation in God himself, who held it all together. God himself, who by his vibratory spirit held every little atom in place and operation, he came to earth in a body like you have to dwell with his kinsmen, then gave his life----He the Almighty God.

Now; I know what a lot of people would do as rightful rulers of the planet. And if they had a rebellion, they would shake a big stick and put everything in order, and bow the knew. This is coming, but the first thing that Jesus did was to start serving others. He reached out to people and he healed the sick and removed the blindness from their eyes. he spoke truth to mens hearts and he fed their spiritual nature, which thirsted and hungered after righteousness, as their spirits needed this light. Thus we find that God walked among men and found his joy of living in service to others. We find that out of this service, and out of a majesty of purpose, the life of Christ became the greatest historical life among all men who ever lived on the earth. His life had more impact upon earth than all others whose lives had an impact--conquerors and rulers have come and gone, but men still think upon and read and study the life of Christ.

We remember this --Jesus would be touched by the passing of a funeral procession, could weep with a mother who had lost a son, could be touched with the emotion of a spirit with full awareness dwelling in a physical body, and could know all the senses around about. But in all of this--He was YAHWEH , an He had the power to still the wind and the waves. He used that power in constant and continued service. It wasn't that he thought to make himself comfortable here on earth, for he did not do that, but this was God with everything at his disposal, and he was the greatest around you, but he became the servant of all. I think as we learn to discover the mastery of spirit that the spirit will cause us to do certain things.

A person whether he works for his nation, or for any field of life can develop that which he believes will enhance the whole structure of society. He wants to wage war against the darkness, whether he goes out to do it or not, but Jesus spent some time doing that also. He built a whip and ascended the steps of the Temple and drove the money changers out. He did this for all people of all times so that they would know where God stood on this question of money changers . these rascals he knew, and he knew their system. He used force where it was necessary but he did it for the kingdom.

The moment that you start with a spirit that is fed with spiritual food, a spirit fed with constant meditation and worship, the whole process of life and thinking will cause you to reach out for responsibility and bring you to a service that will bring friends to you, it will take you out reaching for other people until the Christ in you will become so visible that the Glory will come forth. God is going to bring that kind of Glory to every man and daughter on earth who serves.

Now in this same course, with all these processes, the difficulties also come. First is that in serving, one does not have time to feel sorry for yourself anymore. I don't see Christ feeling sorry for himself, tho he knew his destiny. I don't see him finding fault with his destiny. There we are dealing with God's visit to earth, but now we are dealing with the sons and daughters of God sent to occupy. Every power he had---still he said;--'Greater things will you do when you understand how.

So when we talk about the Gospel that Jesus preached, there was within its plans and scope---the arms of the kingdom which are to march. The forces of evil will be defeated and the world will be liberated and the rule will be as the book of revelation says:-------"We shall be Kings and priests and we shall rule with the Christ. There is no doubt about it, for you are ---the Christ (anointed) of YAHWEH, IN THE WORLD TODAY. You are his body, and that is why Peter said:--"You are all living substances simply framed together, growing into a holy Temple unto God."