Gospel For Our Day, 9-12-62


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 9-12-62

Today we are talking on a subject entitled the Gospel for today. There is no question about the fact that you hear much about the Gospel, about the preaching of the Gospel and the acceptance of the Gospel. But there are a lot of gospels. I think it is most important that we recognize that God has a Gospel for today. And it is important that we understand what that Gospel consists of.

I would turn to the first chapter of Hebrews for a moment where it tells us that God in Sundry times and in divers manners, spake in times past thru the prophets and has in these last days spoken unto us by HIS own embodiment, whom HE has appointed as heir of all things. And this is HIS revelation by whom the very creations, worlds and cosmic orders were made. And that this personage was the brightness of HIS Glory and the express image of HIS spiritual or Celestial person, upholding all things by the Word of HIS power, and is speaking of this embodied Christ seated in the seat of authority in the heavens.

Now, I point out this to you, that God knew in Sundry times and divers manners, and spoke in times past unto the fathers by the prophets. When we talk about the Gospel, this word ‘gospel’ is Good News. But it is also ‘good news’ from God unto HIS Family, and to the dwellers of earth. It is the Good News out of the plain of spirit to earth. That is what the word Gospel means. When we talk about the Gospel according to the words of Jesus Christ, then you will also note in Mark 1:1, that it refers there to the Gospel of Jesus Christ......which HE received out of the spirit and brought to earth by HIS coming. So the Gospel is the Good News. The Gospel is the plan. The Gospel is the purpose. Thus, I point out to you that there is a difference between scripture, and all of the things written in the book that we call scriptures. Today, we call almost all of the Old Testament scriptures (but you can throw out the ‘Songs of Solomon’ and the Book of Esther...and you would not destroy any scripture in either of these books, for the name of God and the word of God is not once written or quoted in those two books.) For instance, then the scripture is those things which have come forth from the mouth of God, and recorded among men.

Now, the living words of God are things which you might hear and things HE hath declared, and the Living Words of God are the things recorded....once placed upon a scroll or printed in a book. And we refer to that as the Scriptures. So the scriptures have to emerge out of the mouth of God. Therefore the Old Testament contains the Scriptures. The Old Testament is largely made up of the scriptures and the experiences of men as they followed both the reading of the scriptures and the carrying forth of their history and the relationship as to what HE instructed them to do and to understand.

Now, according to the Apostle Paul and his many Epistles and writings filled with such inspiration and vision, these were also to be among the scriptures among the church...according to Peter. We discover that Jesus, when HE was preaching and talking, quoted the scriptures quite often and referred to the scriptures. Anything which had been recorded and which came out of mouth of God, has been the accumulating heritage of your race ever since it had been embodied in earth in the days of Adam on down thru the experiences of Seth and Enoch and others down to your time.

Now, you do not have all of the scriptures, just because you own a Bible. You just have a portion of the scriptures. The Bible is not necessarily a compilation of the scriptures. It is only a portion of the scriptures. And many thing entered into the selection, and the rejection, sometimes, obscuring the factors of Truth. I believe that the Grace of God has preserved unto us, in some form almost all of the great basic patterns of Truth, and each new architectural area of discovery is bringing out the past and the errors are almost forgotten as the Gospels continue with the Word of god and with these facts. If the things which related to Christ with all of the Eternal existence, of HIS omnipotent power and the things which related to HIS creation, remember that ‘all things were made by HIM, and without HIM was not anything made,’...we are told in the book of Colossians. If you had a record of all of the things done by Jesus, this world would not be big enough to contain them. This is what we are told. And you way, ‘why is that?’.......Because HE never had a beginning of days or end of life. Since you cannot think about how long that is, then one would could not contain all of the things done forever. Thus we point out to you that all of these patterns are important.

Someone said, ‘But Dr. Swift, the Gospel does not change. This book does not change. If God doesn’t change, the Gospel does not change. And the Gospel for today would not be any different than in the days of the Apostles, or the Gospel at the time of Jesus or the Gospel at the time of Moses. No....Then let me tell you that everything which came forth from the mouth of God is scripture....and is of value. It is good for instruction for education, for knowledge, for reprove....all things that are vital for you to know. But there were things said to Adam that are not necessarily applicable to you. HE didn’t write you out of the Garden. There are things that God said unto Lucifer, that have no application unto you. There are things that were said before the foundation of the world that are very important unto us at this time. And there are things that HE told us in the ages past that we do not even remember. There are things, my friends, which are spoken of to the world beyond that are of no particular significance to you this afternoon. But you should be very curious about knowing what they were. I read over here in this book of Hebrews concerning the fact that God spake to our forefathers in many Sundry ways, and in divers manners, in different types and processes of Revelation. And I am told that HE spoke to us in this era which had just taken place, just in HIS time. And now HE spoke to us by HIS own embodied fore, by whom the world was made, and by whom the world or cosmos was made inhabited. So you see all of these things would fall into the category of scripture.

The important thing for men to know is what God has had to say, which has a bearing on them and especially on this time when they are dwelling in the earth. It is nice to know historically all of the rest of these things. So that you will be approved unto God, so as not to be ashamed and rightly dividing the word of Truth. It is nice to know that you will learn and seek to know all of these things, but all of the things which you may know may not be the Gospel for you to preach today.

Now, I point out to you that we can go back into the Psalmist whose beautiful evaluation of things which are scripture, are important for us to proclaim. He tells us in this great mystery chapter 19 of the Psalms, for you also...how God has written one whole page of the Gospel across the heavens, and the heavens declare the Glory of God, and the firmament showeth HIS handiwork.

Now, let’s drop down in the reading of this 19th Psalm to the 7th verse and we see the evaluation of things for the Gospel of their hour. This is also a part of the knowledge which God gives and it is good knowledge and when you know it is good news. And is says in this 7th verse, that the Law of YAHWEH is perfect for converting the soul, the testimony of the LORD is sure....making wise the simple. The statutes of YAHWEH are right and the Commandments of God are pure, enlightening the eyes. And the Love of YAHWEH is clean and enduring forever, and the judgements of YAHWEH ARE TRUE AND RIGHTEOUS ALTOGETHER. More are they to be desired than much fine gold, yea than much find gold, and sweeter than honey and the honeycomb. More over by them thy servant is warned. And in keeping of them is great award. Who can understand his errors, except he has been shown, and can say cleanse me from secret faults. Keep back thy servant also from presumptuous sins; let them not have dominion over me, then shall I be upright and I shall be innocent from the great transgression. Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable unto thee, O’ YAHWEH, my strength, and my Redeemer.

This is a different declaration of appreciation which wells up in the heart of the Psalmist concerning the scriptures, concerning the laws of God, concerning HIS patterns of righteousness, concerning HIS standard and concerning the righteousness which comes forth from HIM, and given unto the Psalmist so that he might know.

Now, all of these phases of moral and ethical law and principle can also be a part of the instructions given in any age, or generation you say that you have heard the Gospel, this Gospel of great joy which has been proclaimed by church after church. In fact, some of them tell you that you don’t dare preach any Gospel than the Gospel that they tell you that is the Gospel. This being that in the course of time, Christ came....born of a Virgin. And this is an important factor, for it was one of the signs given to our race, for there will be some who do not know that. And in this instance this was the embodiment of God. And one of the principle things which they tell you is in this Gospel was that HE came to die. That HE came to die so that HE could assume the transgressions of the whole world. And this is where their understanding of the Gospel ends. And they think that the whole world has the same Gospel from here on out. And they tell the world that HE did this so that they would not have to go thru some terrible catastrophe, such as torture chambers when they die. That they have to accept the principles of the Ecclesiastical hierarchies, and accept the work which Christ has wrought, in order that they do not proceed into this pattern of great judgement. They are told this is Eternal life.

Now, I bring this before you this afternoon, because it is most important that you know that this is not al of the Gospel. In fact, that is not altogether the Right Gospel. But we are told that this is the Gospel that Jesus preached. But Jesus did not preach a Gospel like that. Jesus did preach HIS identity, that HE came to fulfill the scripture and that HE was the embodiment of God. HE said HE came to gather up all of the lost Sheep of the House of Israel, that HE came to establish HIS Kingdom, and that HE came to justify HIS children. HE came to identify those who were the children of the Father in the heavens. And now that HE was in earth, the they were HIS, because they were the same people. HE promised atonement. HE consummated atonement. HE told HIS Disciples that they did not understand al of the things which were ahead. But the great and important part of the Gospel was that we are told that the only Gospel is the Gospel of Salvation. And I tell you that every Gospel of God is a Gospel of Salvation. But there are also different kinds of salvation. It is most significant that we understand that the one most prophetic Gospel is the one which Christ was preaching. But the day when it would be preached the most would be the last days. What do I mean by the last days? I mean the last days when the powers of evil create the catastrophe in the earth and have as much influence as they do.

If you were to read over here in the 24th chapter of Matthew in the 14th verse, ‘And this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached unto all of the world, for a witness unto all nations, and then shall the end come.’ So the last days Gospel, just before the end of the age, is a triumphant victory and this is the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Now, there are a great many people who do not know anything about the Gospel of the Kingdom. Church after church says that is another Gospel. But... ‘Woe unto anyone who preaches another Gospel.’ You know where they got that statement, don’t you? They got it from the Apostle Paul. And I am going to tell you that if the Apostle Paul did not teach it, then Moses taught it. Oh, you say, ‘did Moses teach it?’ No. For God raised up Moses for that hour. HE raised up Moses to take the children of Israel out of bondage. And HE raised up Moses because HE was going to stat the application of HIS Law for the building of a Kingdom in the earth for HIS people. And they were to start operating on the basis of this law. So HE raised up Moses who said, ‘let’s get ready to get out of Egypt...we are expecting all this pressure and we are expecting YAHWEH to perform and we are going to migrate out of Egypt. And that is the Gospel that Moses preached in Egypt. More than that, when they came out of Egypt, and God performed a miracle, and they crossed the Red Sea, and the miracles followed until they received the Law and the ordinance and the covenants of Sinai,....what He taught was the Gospel for HIS day...which was the Grace of God giving the Law to HIS people. This was the knowledge which would be bestowed upon them.

Now I do not know what denomination this man was in, who got up here in America and said, ‘We are down in Egypt...and we are going to cross the Red Sea.... I tell you that we would think that he was crazy and we are not going to cross. If he was talking about the economic situation and the Administration, then he might be quite right when he said we should get out of Egypt. But if he is talking about a literal territory and the Gospel of Moses taught in that place then...you cannot teach the Gospel that Moses taught and teach it for today. But you can stand up and take all of the history of the race, and become master of that historical record and content, and when you come down to that law then that law has not changed, for the law is good. The thing which has changed is the ordinance against you, the hand writing that brought this punishment to bear upon you directly has been lifted because HE lifted you from condemnation and lifted you unto life. But the law still works. The law is an excellent law of economy and of agriculture. It is a law of moral conduct and a law of spiritual responsibility, and all derives from it. But I point out to you that HE has HIS message for us today.

Now, a lot of things of today are like those that Amos talked about. Amos was a prophet and he was ordered to preach. And at first news. But, my friends, when followed thru, they brought good results. And the Gospel is not just a singular Gospel. It is an intact Gospel of the words which come out of the mouth of God for an era. Amos told the people that they had to stop their mongrelization; that they would have to send away their foreign women and offspring, the mongrel children. And that there should be no more of this for there was no blessing upon this, and their Kingdom would not be blessed, for God would not be a Father to a situation like this. And to preserve the Holy Seed was their job. And because of this situation, they had droughts and they had much trouble and catastrophe. And the Princes of Israel, according to Amos, were foremost in this situation. And I think today that in a lot of the areas of leadership, you find the foremost people in the same kind of errors. But go back to the days of Amos and after God started to deal with this man, and the people heard the words of God thru the lips of the prophet. Pretty soon, they started to ship out all of the mongrels, all of their wives from outlander countries and races which they were not supposed to have taken. This was the Gospel that Amos preached at this time.

Now, you can take extracts out of that same experience thru out the world today. For it is time to send the pagans and the mongrels out. I come to the message of John the Baptist, and I find a messenger sent out of heaven to proclaim a Gospel for his day. And he was only born six months before the Birth of Christ. But in this process, he starts to proclaim, because he starts as a young man right out of the Essene Company where he was educated and trained. Right after he started to grow up, he started to proclaim the coming of the Messiah. Then he said that HE was about to appear; that HE was already in the earth. This was the Gospel of John the Baptist.

Now, you cannot go out and preach the Gospel of John the Baptist, telling people that Christ is already in the world, and is just about to appear. You cannot tell them that. But you can tell them that when John the Baptist proclaimed it, Christ was about to reveal Himself. Even tho he knew who HE was, the people did not know that this Son of Mary was about to be unveiled, altho there were many things some of them remembered about the instance of HIS birth.

During the days of the teaching and preaching of Christ, HE talked about factors which related expressly to HIS day. HE preached to them and HE talked to them about the conditions in the cities of Palestine. A great number of HIS parables were completely apropos to HIS time. And in this, Jesus pointed out who was in charge of the Ecclesiastical hierarchy of HIS day. HE exposed the powers of Lucifer, the sons of darkness. They despised HIM. They hated HIM. And HE knew all of this, for they plotted to put HIM to death. He proclaimed also the Gospel of the Kingdom and a triumphant day. HE applied as HE talked to HIS followers, the laws of the Kingdom and their personal relationship with the children of the Kingdom. When HE sent them out, HE sent them out not unto the world.....No.....HE sent them out to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. The Gospel of Christ was first to gather the Household, the family of God in Heaven and Earth. Jesus explained this great principle of their relationship to the Father, to HIS children, as HE taught Sonship to them. And HE taught the relationship of those who had spiritual capacity and of those who did not. And even in HIS discussions, HE even pointed this out to HIS enemies who lacked spiritual power, those who had no spiritual understanding. HE said they could not understand HIS words, because they could not hear HIS speech. HE taught many things on a final subject such as ‘I am from above and you are from below.’ Thus, there were people in earth who did not come out of the heavens, and had their origins from violations of Divine Law, and were fallen Angels in ancient times.

There were many things which Jesus taught. And someone will say, ‘Is that the Gospel?’ Everything that came out of the mouth of God was the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And the Gospel of Jesus Christ was better than the Gospel of any Apostle that followed HIM. You say, ‘why is that?’ Well, this was the embodiment of God and there came no error from the mouth of Jesus.

Now, don’t go away and misunderstand me and say that there is no error in anything that is quoted, being from the mouth of Jesus, and that there is no error according to this translation, because there are things which Jesus did not say which have been translated as coming from HIS mouth. I have discovered numerous misinterpretations of words and ideas which came out of the background of the tampering with the scriptures by those who invaded early Rome and early Bible productions, in order that they might cover up the Truth. The enemies of your Faith and your race have always sought to condemn the doctrine. They have always moved in and sought to condemn the scholarship of things which they did not want known. And also to make out as to things which they wanted people to believe whether it was true or not.

Someone said, ‘How can you have confidence in this?’ I am going to tell you a little secret this afternoon as to something which you can have confidence in more than anything else, and that is that as you not only worship God and seek the truth, and follow HIS instructions, there are certain great basic and cardinal background facts that remain unchanged. There are great patterns which cannot be obscured. There is one thing that you must know as a son and daughter this afternoon, and we called your attention to this as we talked to you earlier about the Prodigal Son. And because you are the sons and daughters of God, then God has sent the spirit into your heart. And that spirit will not only guide you to all knowledge of truth, but if you are honest in your heart, then it will bear witness with you whether or not it is not so.

Now, do not be shaken by emotionalism, or by some Evangelist in a great emotional display, in that what he is trying to say because of the emotional disturbance around it. I do not care whether that is in Pentecostal demonstration or not, but that is not necessarily a revelation. And it is not necessarily a witness of the spirit. But a witness of the spirit....when it comes in....then it bears witness unto the fact that this is true and the way you are thinking it is true.

Now I want you to know this. There is a Gospel according to the Apostle Paul, and I call your attention to this and what he has to say concerning this. The Apostle Paul said, ‘Now therefore, we have this ministry...and we have received mercy therefore we do not think under the strife and the stress of it. We have denounced the things of dishonesty, not walking and crafting it, nor handling the word of God discretely, but by manifestations of the truth, commending ourselves to every mans conscious in the sight of God to see that the spirit now witnesses with you. And we now commend you as to what we say to your conscious, that we have not handled the Word of God deceitfully because hierarchies of religion did it. WE HAVE TOLD YOU THE TRUTH AS GOD MADE IT KNOWN UNTO US. Thus said the Apostle Paul, ‘If our Gospel be hid, is it hid to those who are lost.’

Now that is an unusual passage. (II Cor. 4) ‘If our Gospel be hid then it be hid to those that are lost.’ I think I have made it quite clear before unto you that a son of God can be lost if he does not know where he is. That a son of God can have his mind completely captured by error, and the illumination is not quite clear to him. This does not change his Sonship, but it does mean that he is lost. And when a person is lost, you try to find him and bring him home. Every day that newspaper has some boys lost up in the Verduga Hills, or somewhere else. But they did not cease to be children just because they were lost. But it just means that they missed their supper. Their parents worried because they were not home, and because of the dangers. But once they were home, then things were okay. So the major objective is to get a son home. Get him back to his father’s table.

Now I want you to know that the Gospel which we call ‘Tidings of Great Joy,’ which is the word of God for men, is also the great strength which must feed the soul consciousness out of the spirit. So that a person grows with this strength to accomplish this objective which God wants accomplished, for that time, for that hour.

Now, the Apostle Paul knew that he had the Gospel for that day. And someone always says, ‘Don’t you think that Gospel was for our day also?’ There are great nuggets of truth. There are vital factors of what the Apostle Paul taught that are essential for your day. But there are a lot of things on the influence of the early churches of that day and there were a lot of conditions being applied. And there was a struggle over ideas, and he gave instructions for them. He sent specific messages in his Epistles which now we are taking off of these Epistles and keeping every letter that he wrote. But the important thing is that this was everything which God had revealed unto him. And I can tell you that if you had the Apocalypse of Paul which we have read time and again, you would have the great scriptural references for these revelations. And the Apostle Paul was 100 % right in everything he received this way. But everything which has been translated out of these letters and handled by denomination after denomination, and church after church, is not necessarily presenting the perfect picture. But there are whole areas of it which we can tell is true because the spirit not only unveils what is true, but has born witness and brought out of the background volume after volume of supporting material that lets us know that this is more un-tampered with.

And I can tell you this. If our Gospel be hid, then it is hid to them that are lost. And that is pretty applicable to the Kingdom for this day. If our Gospel be hid...do you know what is the hidden Gospel? The strange thing is that a great majority of the people who recognize Jesus as the Christ know only one Gospel and this one being the Gospel of Salvation. If any man preach any other Gospel, let him be accursed. It does not say anything like that...... It says that this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached. In fact most of the Gospel of today is being preached to Christians. Most of the Gospel of Salvation is being preached to the sons and daughters of the Kingdom who have Eternal life. Most of this Gospel is being preached so as to have people say a few more words, or come back to an altar or recite a church book article which is the very same thing which they did the first time.

You know....about 95% of the people in the United States, have heard the Gospel. Even our enemies who didn’t like it, have heard it. The majority of White men have heard it and have been raised with it until certain time, and they have been in the church and under its influence.

Now, they have heard the Gospel of the identity of Jesus Christ and that is the most important thing which you can know. And the second most important thing is to know who you are. Because if you know who God is, but don’t know who you are, then you are still lost. What do I mean ‘lost?’ Well, you don’t know where you are if you do not know who you are and you don’t know where home is.

Now listen. There are a lot of people today who are going to find out who they are and what is going on. How do I know? Well one of the things which is going to happen, one of the things God is going to bring to pass with a great outpouring of HIS Spirit, in HIS presence...in one moment of the twinkling of an eye...every one of those who has this spiritual antenna built in deep down in their Celestial nature, who are spirit of HIS spirit, life of HIS Life, are going to know in a moment, the things which God has been unveiling to you. And they are going to know it....the whole picture on everything they think about, and it will be right. In fact that will be a good thing for there is enough spiritual seed doing the wrong thing. And if we had everybody in Washington, D.C. doing the right thing, we would have a nation born in a day. Oh, I even hold out hope for the Irish. I say that facetiously, for they are not all Kennedys.

Now the Apostle Paul said, ‘If our Gospel be hid it is hid to those that are lost. And the god of this world blinded their minds.’ That is why they are lost for the god of this world blinded their minds. The Apostle Paul goes a little further and says, ‘Their minds were blinded so that they would not understand this Glorious Gospel of the embodiment of Christ, who was the image of God so that this Light should shine unto them.’ And he goes on to say, ‘We did not make this thing up, we don’t preach something that we made up ourselves, this we got from God....... And the God who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, has commanded that light to shine in our hearts. Give us the light of the knowledge and Glory of God that was visible in the face of Jesus the Christ. And we have this treasure, this light and Glory of god, in these earthen vessels. In this earth body, as there is in your body....A CELESTIAL CHILD.....and we have it, and the excellency of this is that it is right out of the Father as the very light and life of HIS own spirit.

Now, I want to pause for another point of observation here as the Apostle Paul talks, for he talks about his Gospel. And in this he talks about the Gospel of Paul...and he says, ‘I received this Gospel and I am so convinced that it is right, so do not let anyone come to me with another one. This is what Paul said, ‘If an Angel from heaven came with another Gospel, I would not believe it.’

Now, I do not believe that the Apostle Paul said that, for I think that if an Angel came with a message from heaven that you better listen. If he is a fallen Angel, your spirit is going to witness this to you because you are a son and daughter of God. Oh, you say, you should not argue with the Apostle Paul. But we are not arguing with him, for I do not believe that the Apostle Paul ever said that. I think it was just attributed to Paul by some church hierarchy who did not want him to argue with some Bishop. But I do think that the Apostle Paul did say that God has unveiled this subject unto me, and this is my Gospel, this is the Gospel as I see it. If anyone comes unto you, anyone who bears another Gospel which is not based on Jesus Christ, that which acknowledges that HE is in this manner the son of god, that which is built upon the Grace of God, the purpose of God, and that Gospel even if you do not know who it is, you will look upon with respect.

Now the Apostle Paul proves very clearly that the hierarchies of religion look with destain upon it. He said after this way which they call heresy so worship I God. And it did not bother the Apostle Paul that organized religion called him a heretic. Remember that God had taken him all the way into the heavens and showed him all of these things. And he knew what he was talking about. But I know this, and you have to start here in the book of Galatians, and here the Apostle Paul tells you lots of things which God had shown him. And he said, ‘I want you to know how I understand the Glory, I want you to know that I have been in the heavens, been clear in Paradise. And while there I heard words that were clearly unspeakable at that time.’ Suppose I tell you that while there, he saw things and heard words that are lawful for you to hear today, if you have not heard them already. He tells about all of his experiences. And he said, ‘this is my experience.’

Now, we well understand as well as you do, what the Gospel has been. We understand what is happening. We grew up in the Gospel of Salvation which is a conceived Gospel of Salvation. This is all that the church had to do. Just get ready to die......that is all we had to do. But there is a Gospel of this last day. And it contains the words of God which are tidings of Great Joy, and it contains instructions and warnings....and it is also the Gospel of 1962. But the first and important thing which you can know this afternoon, is who God is. And this is a part of the Eternal Gospel. You know that this YAHSHUA or Jesus, is the Eternal YAHWEH, who Isaiah says was the same yesterday and forever, by whom all things were made. But he was the great and mighty God of Light and Truth....that you were begotten of HIS spirit before this Cosmos was made. And when you know that then this is a cardinal point when we think in the terms of all Gospel which you hear today. Number two is that it is important for you to know that you do not have to preach catastrophe, hell, of punishment forever. But you can preach Eternal Atonement. For you cannot add anything to it, or take anything away from it, for Christ was crucified, and then demonstrated the power when HE was resurrected. You say, ‘But we have been preaching it in some form for 1700 years. Yes..in some ways. But the message has been obscured, but leaving in it a conditional atonement. But this afternoon, you have been justified by HIS Atonement and there is nothing you can add to that or take away from it.

Number three, you can rejoice this afternoon in this fact that you are the sons and daughters of God. We have spent three Sundays talking about Sonship, being the sons and daughters of God, how we are justified by HIS Grace, that you are Celestial seed, heaven born, and then earth born, and it is vitally important that you know this Sonship, that you are the sons of God. And because that you are the sons and daughters of God then HE has sent the spirit of HIS being into your heart.

Last Sunday we called to your attention, that you were the heirs of God. And because you are HIS family, then you are heirs to HIS Kingdom. And HE is the Eternal EL, the Eternal YAHWEH, the Great ONE. And you as offspring, are Elohim. And what YAHWEH and the Elohim have is a family matter. And there is a Gospel to the Kingdom and to your race, which is the Gospel to proclaim at this hour, as well as the Great Gospel of the Kingdom which is ti be proclaimed to the ends of the earth. I tell you that it is your responsibility to awaken all sons and daughters of God as to who they are. It is important to know that we say, ‘Our Father which art in Heaven,’ as Jesus taught us to pray. And it is also important for you to know as you are told over here in the 4th chapter of Galatians, ‘Because ye are the sons of God then God sent HIS Spirit into your heart saying, ‘Our Father’....

Now, I want to call your attention again to this which you read in the 4th chapter of Galatians:.... ‘That altho you are an heir, still as long as you are a child then you have to obey like a servant. Until you grow up then you cannot take your place in the Household. Then you are no longer a servant, you are a son. And you are a son all of the time. And you may be the heir of all things, the lord of all, but as long as a child, you will have to obey like a servant, until you grow up in the time our Father has established for your education. And we were told that the Law was a schoolmaster, to teach us and to cause us to know and to think of clean thoughts as standards of the earth until we grew up. There are a lot of people here who think they are grown up. They go to church, and they are still on milk. They could not stand strong meat, which you will get before you are thru. They could not take it. But the Apostle Paul said, ‘Now I am not going to treat you like babes, I am going to put you on strong meat. But there are a lot of people today who never accepted what the Apostle Paul said. And I will tell you this. I listened to a Bishop make a declaration, and he talked about that ‘Pauline’ Gospel, and he said, ‘We do not agree with it. But what he was saying was that he was in this Armenian doctrine and he did not agree with what Paul said about Grace. But the thing which I want you to know is that he was one who was still on a milk diet, had not advanced far enough to sink his teeth into the meat of the ‘Lamb of God’...sacrifice.

Now, listen. When we were children, we were in bondage to the elements of the world and as to what they thought. But in the fullness of time, God’s embodiment, born of woman, shall redeem them that are under the law, to position them as sons. It reads adoption of sons, but again, I want this to be in your minds.....there is not anything as to the adoption of Africans, or Chinamen. This word does not mean getting some stranger in the family. This word means the establishment of the authority and power. Thus, being born by a Divine plan then their whole development by Divine purpose is the positioning of them now in places of authority. Therefore, the only ones mentioned in this are those that are redeemed and are under the law. You are not included if you were not under the law. The scripture tells us that it was only to Israel that the Law was given, only to your race. Therefore, to redeem them that were under the law, so that they might now receive this position of sons.

You say, ‘What does it mean that we are like servants until we grow up?’ Do you know what is being formed in you? What do you think if happening while you are growing up? When you are growing up in God the developing Christ nature which releases you as a son of God with power is taking place. And when Christ is formed in you, that is in your physical embodiment Celestial consciousness has been taking place and you are believing every word out of the mouth of god as the Spirit of God flows thru you. That is going to be the greatest hour of the manifestations of the sons of god the world has ever seen.

Now, in greater and lesser form, there has been a formation of the spiritual perception in the hearts of people. Do you know that what one of the parts of this realistic Gospel for our day is? One of the powers of this days message is that this power is... ‘that the whole creation is vibrating together with us, waiting for the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God. This is what the Apostle Paul said, ‘That all are waiting for the ‘manifestation of the Sons of God.’

So the Gospel for the last day is that the sons of God are going to be in power. Even their body is going to be redeemed. They are going to put on glory and power to finish the age. And I am going to tell you that this is only a little part of the message. But that is a part of the message. I tell you that we are the sons and daughters of god, and that HE set the Spirit in your hearts to say, ‘Ye are our Father.’

I am going to tell everybody that you do not become a son of God by something which you said. He becomes a son of God by being born of the spirit, becomes a son of God because he was God’s child. And he has been reactivated in his consciousness while in the earth and has grown up...this is called regeneration. This is putting back something that was alive within him, in this operation.

Now, number Four, according to the Apostle Paul, in the book of Romans, since now we are heirs...HIS spirit bearing witness with our spirit that we are the children of God, and if we are the heirs then we are the joint heirs with Christ, what are we supposed to do when we grow up and take our place in our Father’s family? We start to put things in order. Suppose I tell you that the thing for the awakened sons and daughters of God here in 1962, to do is to start to bind the darkness, and do what John said as he said, ‘Little children, we are in the last days.’ First, you make sure who the anti-Christ is and then make sure that he does not have any power in your society.

You say, ‘That is not the message for the hour.’....Well then, you come over and find out what hour you are living in. For the Gospel for 1962 you will have to find parts of it in the book of Revelation for our time. In the Gospel for 1962, instead of telling people to believe in the words of Jesus Christ, and for him to come down here and say it again, it is time you told people to believe in the WORDS of Jesus Christ, when HE told you to come out of Babylon. You say, ‘How do you know?’ Because I come over here just before the climax of an age, when we have reached the end of an age, and HE says this is what I say unto My people. Then I read over here in Revelation, and it says, ‘Come out of her, O’ my people, and be not partakers of her sins, so that you do not receive of her plagues.’ Come out of Babylon. That means come out of this conspiracy of Luciferian International Bankers. That means coming out of all of the conspiracy which is involved in it. That means getting out of this organization which deceives men. I turn over her in Revelation and it says that they were worshiping the Dragon and worshiping the Beast and worshiping the World Order which tries to rule over all men. And you are watching it being formed right now as Kennedy advocates it.

This is what the Gospel is for 1962 to Christians in America. ‘Come out of her O’ my people.’ But some preachers say, ‘I don’t have any time to preach anything but just the Love of God.’ I said, ‘do you think that the love of God put you in war after war?’ Do you think that the love of God is going to leave the world to the devil? If you do not have any time but to preach the love of God, then you better tell the children of God to come home. ‘Come out of her O’ my people.’ This is the Gospel of this hour. For you are in the day when John saw this thing happening. Even fifty years ago, if you told the people a great super World government was going to come in the next fifty years unto which they would surrender the great nations of God’s Kingdom, they wouldn’t listen. They are even talking of taking the pagans in until they will have an even voice or be out numbering us. But you see this is what was to happen in the last days.

Do you know what the Gospel for 1962 is? I will tell you. It is ‘Glad tidings of Great Joy.’ You are just about at the end of an age when the revelation of God is going to be made clear. You are just about at the end of an age when you are going to fight all of the powers of darkness which you are going to be triumphant over, for you are going to put down the powers of darkness.

Now, that is Good News. No more world economics. No more world international Jewish Depressions. No more world catastrophes...a great new day when Christianity will rule from one end of the earth to the other. It’s about time.

You say, ‘that is the gospel for 1962, then what about the one the preached back in the time of Jesus?’ For Jesus said that at the end of the age, you would preach the Gospel of the Kingdom, this Kingdom which belongs to the Father, and is inherited by the sons,.....for HE said, ‘Come now ye blessed of the Father....receive this Kingdom that has been there since before the foundation of the world.’ You are looking at another day. You say, ‘How do you know that?’

Alright, I tell you that God told me, but if you don’t want to believe that, then come over here into the book of Joel, but remember there can be a Gospel according to Swift too. I am going to tell you that God has witnessed this thing with truth and I know it is true. And I will also tell you that God never stops raising up ministers or unveiling HIS plan.

Now listen. Over here in the book of Joel, I read these words:... ‘And it shall come to pass in that day that they shall know that I am in the midst of Israel, and that I am YAHWEH your God and none else.’ You are not going to have to be ashamed. I have been ashamed so many times for representatives of this country. I am ashamed for the ignorance which they show. I am ashamed for yesterday when we are about to make a little deal over Hungary and forget all of the injustices which have occurred over Hungary. But we are going to make a settlement without considering this. See?.....In order to be friends with the devil. Of course, I am ashamed of that. But HE says you are not going to have to be ashamed for you are going to get different leadership. This will come to pass... ‘I am going to pour out MY Spirit upon your sons and daughters and I am not only going to unveil to them My Spirit, until your old men will dream dreams and your young men will see visions. Upon My handmaidens, upon all I will pour out My spirit.’

Now, in that day, ‘I shall show you wonders in the heavens and in the earth, and blood and fires and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned unto darkness and the moon to blood. And it shall be in that great and terrible day of the LORD that this shall come.’ This is the message for 1962. It was only recently that the technology of your times put another wonder in the heavens. We shot them clear out in to space and turned the moon to blood as sons of blood walked on the moon. Ever since the last decade, you have been looking at wonders in the sky, man throwing vehicles into space, satellites crossing and cris-crossing the sky. And now with the great telescope in the sky, we can carry the message of the Beast around the world further than at anytime before. Now, with those tel-stars going around the world, it will be easier for everyone in the world to see Christ.....at one time....than ever before in history. Do you realize that?

Wonders in the sky. Yes.....I stand back and marvel at the courage and Faith of these young men who are moving into space for America. I look at the technological achievement and the technological details down to the vastness of instrumentation, and I am proud to be a White man and know that no one else could have done it. And I know from whence comes the vision, and from whence comes the inspiration. And I know that I am in the day when there are wonders in the heavens above. Every once in a while, someone catches a glimpse of Michael’s army going by, or of the fleet of God’s watchers standing in. And again, I thrill at the wonders that are in the sky. And I see that we have reached this point the pillar of fire has gone into the sky. The great umbrella of smoke talked about by Joel had gone into the sky, and we are in the nuclear age. And with this, I know that we are in this day.

Now, I do not have to guess as to what time it is for God in the time of Joel, told us within what day these things would happen. Do you know that when the Holy Spirit moved with all the intensity of Pentecost, such a fervent strange power descended upon men until they staggered under the shock of this Divine Glory.

Now, I turn over to the times of Peter. And when things did not go at the pace which he anticipated, then empowered by spiritual power, he moved to proclaim his message. And this is what Peter said, ‘This is but a part of that which shall come at the end of the age, at the outpouring of the Latter Rain, which shall come at the end of the age.’ You will understand that this is the former outpouring of Spiritual power. But this is the nature as to what Joel was talking about when he said, ‘I shall pour out My Spirit upon all flesh of My sons and daughters and your young men and women shall see visions and upon My servants and My handmaidens, I shall pour out MY spirit.’ And now you realize that what Peter is talking about.....he is just quoting Joel. But you see, it was important enough under this early message, that there would be a great impact upon this church age....the age of the church age of ‘The Church of Jesus Christ.’ You see, we had a church and it was the church of YAHWEH. Then after YAHWEH as YAHSHUA, Jesus came to earth. Now the church is ‘the Church of Jesus Christ.’ Yes, it is still YAHWEH’S Church, but we are past the point of redemption now. We are talking about the atonement. We are talking about the great spiritual empowerment. We are talking about the Holy Spirit which is the Spirit of the Christ who said, ‘I will send My Spirit...for I am the Father, and the fullness of Glory shall come unto you.’

Listen. Therefore the Apostle Paul said, ‘In that day when this final charging comes, and these things come to pass, there will be wonders in the heavens above. There will be signs in the earth beneath, and there will be floods and fires, and vapors, and smoke. The sun shall be darkened and the moon shall be as blood in that great and notable day. So I turn here to the writings of Peter who said, ‘Do you know what this day shall be like?’ This climactic hour, this transition hour when the great struggle is going to come, and the sons of God are going to be victorious. He said it will be a period when even elements will be dissolving in fervent heat. Someone said, ‘Oh, my the whole world is going to be burned up.’ No, my friends, just the World Order is going to be burned up. And not all of that. Just the power chambers. The fortunes of error are to be affected, and cities of the enemy will be turned into powder and dust. This is what is to come.

You want to know what the Gospel is for today, it is the Gospel of the awakening sons and daughters to the recognition of their responsibility. And remember what it says over here in Malachi, as it talks about that Great and Terrible Day for the disbeliever. This is the Great and Terrible Day of the LORD. And if you do not know what that is, then he fills us in. This is the day when God is going to turn the thoughts of the fathers back to their responsibility, their sons, and the thoughts of the children back to the fathers. And they are going to get back some racial self-respect. And when we get thru, we will be doing what England started to do just last week. You know, sometimes people say that the English are slow to think, but I like the way they were thinking last week. They are getting back to remembering their fathers. After all, we just last week turned the moon to blood. And now the English said, ‘We are now going to close all of our immigration doors, to all of the dark races. And if they are on ships they can just keep going, for no longer can they come over here to settle.’ Why? Because we have had an increase in crime, in rape, and in murder since we let these dark races come in. We have had more trouble such as we never had before, the things which are wrong are that we bring these people in and mix them in and we are in trouble. So they must go home. In the face of the United Nations, in the face of the World Government, in the face of all of the brainwashing, and all of the ways they bind the minds of people with the influence of Lucifer, suddenly, the thinking is to resist all of this. They are brainwashing the children and they proclaim the scripture in the churches, and proclaim that God wants all the races rolled together. This is wrong. And it cannot be done. Let me tell you something. Already, this is happening in America. And it is being caused by Satan’s children. And these Negroes getting out of their proper relationship with the children of God. Getting out of their proper relationship with order and law, and doing the things impossible even for their own welfare. This is a part of the stirring of reform that is going to change the course of all things, as you stand up for America for the White race, and Africa for the Negroes. Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, this would not be constitutional.’ But I said when we get the men we want in there this will be changed.

I was not astonished. I was just happy that now facing up to reality, that in spite of the U.N. pressure, and phoney pseudo-intellectualism, that the English realized that the crime and the violence came form their colonies in Africa and India. So the English said, ‘we will sent them away. We will block it here for that is the will of God, that is the law of God. And that is the spirit starting to move, and all of these things which people say you cannot change. For it has already taken over, can be changed by acts and thinking of people. And it can be changed in twenty-four hours. I don’t think that we will need more than twenty-four hours of Abernathy and Martin Luther King down in Alabama and there will be a lot of new laws.

This is the Gospel of this day. I want the fathers to remember their sons, and the sons to remember their fathers, to rebuild their covenant for racial purity. Thus ye sons and daughters of the Kingdom, come out from among them and be ye separate. And touch not the unclean thing. Segregation is the Gospel of 1962, because it is the problem for 1962.

Now you can tie back the coming out of Babylon, this last great power in history...this coming out of darkness...your liberation. You know when you have a problem, that God’s answer is the hope and the solution. Someone said, ‘But doesn’t it make you happy when someone preaches to you the Gospel of Salvation?’ I don’t like to have that repeated over and over. I get happy when they apply themselves with going on to the next step.

Now there is no question about the fact that the Gospel for 1962, is that we are at the end of an age. Signs are in the sky and signs are in the earth, the anti-Christ framework is here, the world government framework is here. The economic power of Babylon is here. The catastrophe are here, the depressions are here. Wars are here. Everything we have in prophecy, which the spirit reveals tells us that we are at the end of an age.

Now, the Gospel of Great Joy is the Gospel of Victory. Think it, talk it. And in this you have your hope. I am going to add one more word to that Gospel of Victory. The day of immortality is about to be demonstrated. A lot of people say, ‘Oh, I wish I was younger so I could enjoy this.’ Well, you will get younger if you start thinking truth. Oh, you say you can’t get younger?....Well, you are so many thousands of years old now, what is a few more years? There is not a spirit in here under one million years. Did you know that? There is not one person in here who was not here when God rolled out this cosmic order. Not one. This body is not very old, but some people have been evaluating this by accepting this fact that they can’t stay here more than about seventy years. But do you know that back in your Patriarchial days when your forefathers were building pyramids, back in the days when your conquering sons came down from the Tarim Basin, and went down to conquer Erach, Babel and Shinar, they were almost 1000 years old? Oh, you say, ‘they had better food than we have.’ No...they did not have all of the vitamins and minerals that we have which we get from a bottle, because they had to get it out of the ground. But let me tell you something. One of the things that is descending upon your civilization, is restoration. And you can be as useful and apply yourself to any objective as you want to. If your objective is getting ready to die and go away, you will get there. We will all have to come by and remember that you had a beautiful face and we loved you. And that you were a friend, and you are gone. We know that we committed you into the hands of God and you will be alright until we meet again. I have a secret for you. Some of us are going to march right thru the heart of Moscow. Some of us are going to see the day when you not only go to the moon, but you come back. That is a very simple thing for we are going to make a lot of changes in the rate of speed than you think.

There are a lot of people now who are becoming aware of what the Bible teaches is in store for them, as we are about to step into this new age. And if you understand this, you can step into it. But I am going to tell you that the Gospel for 1962 is the coming triumph of Christian civilization, over all of the powers of darkness. It means the entire irradification out of our faith and our society, the invader who comes in to destroy. It means the day of prosperity and peace and Glory that comes from radiating Light and Truth and Power. As all of you look over an Evangelist tent and hear that you have to say the word and follow thru some little measure he has dreamed up and if you don’t, you are going to some flaming hell that would do justice to Baal...you do down and listen to that. But I am not going to be saved from Baal’s hell, for I am not worshiping Baal. And I do not have a God who looks like him. I don’t even think that the devil would be foolish enough to torture anyone he can capture. They just do not have any honor among them as they fight for the spoils.

I want you to know that the world has tortured itself, while it has been dead and trespassing in sin. And I want you to know that the sons and daughters of God hold themselves in captivity as long as they follow the principles of the World Order, instead of that law of Life. For that law of Life and that spirit of Life which is in you, and which was in Christ Jesus, and we know it is in you, because HE sent the Spirit of Life into your hearts because you are the sons and daughters of God. This can quicken your mortal body, it can charge it and give it vitality. And you will get younger when dealing with its energy. I know some men right now at sixty and seventy, who have more life in them than their boys.

I am going to tell you this. Have you ever stopped to look at the world today? Do you realize that old men are running most of it? Of course I am not talking about Washington, we might be better off if we had older heads running it. I would rather see Herbert Hoover running it than the one that is there. Let me get this across to you. As far as vitality and live is concerned, God had another measure for us and you are living in the hour when another miracle is going to be demonstrated in the earth. You will be changed in every element of your being. Someone says, ‘But we may not survive this change.’ But you will survive it. But there will be a lot of others that will not. You might get a flash big enough to change you all quickly. But you are not going to leave. The Gospel for 1962 fits 1962. And God never gave a message which does not fit.

I remember sitting in Bible studies when they went thru verse after verse and then went back and put it all together again, trying to push themselves way back into the days of Joshua or Gideon. It is a great thing to study Joshua and Gideon, but study it with zeal and see what God has done. But just going from word to word some people go to sleep on it. You start to talk about now, and they all wake up. The other day I talked to a group of businessmen and I started to talk to them about the world situation. And then I brought up the economic situation, and they were all alert. And now they were ready to apply this Biblically to the book. Everyone of them belonged to some church and everyone of them thought that he was a Christian. And as far as his faith rested in Jesus Christ, he was just asleep or was just unaware that the book had anything to say about it. ‘Ye are my witnesses,’....not only just here in this end of the age. Someone says, ‘Will this Gospel reach the ends of the earth?’ They will find out who makes up the Kingdom, who the family is. So you better get in adjustment with God. There will be no salvation to the ends of the earth until the Kingdom of God comes in.

(End of sermon)