Government - The Bible And Flying Saucers, 2-18-62

The Government - The Bible and Flying Saucers

by Dr. Wesley A. Swift -  2-18-62

Tonight we are speaking on a subject which may be very controversial, especially for the treatment it has received from official sources in our times. We are talking about the subject often referred to as ‘flying saucers.’ And possibly this was not too bad a name for some of the things which some men beheld. But we have just had in the last two weeks, an official announcement from one of the government investigative agencies of the U.S. Government related originally to the Air Command. And then later to the ‘Flying Saucer Project’ and then later to the HOP which is carrying on identifications concerning flying objects. We are told as to that period of time and for the reports which came since 1947, that a great number of objects were observed, some of which were undefinable. Some were identified as weather balloons and then as aircraft, and in late periods, as satellites moving thru the heavens. But a great number of the sightings could never be confirmed by those investigating them as some natural object easy to identify or explain, which had originated from some experiment or from the earths surface. A great number of the sightings were confirmed as being beheld by a great number of men, many of them technical experts on objects that move thru space. Objects that traveled at speeds from a few hundred miles per hour up to 600 or 700 miles per hour. That such objects did pass thru space and did surround our physical world and in our atmosphere of this there was no question. For there were enough witnesses to prove that something was going on. Something was happening in this world that we live in. And it started to make itself manifest from the time in 1947, when Kenneth Arnold, flying his private craft, not far from Mount Rainier, saw a flash of a reflection upon his plane, like the flash of a mirror. And turning his eyes out beyond Mt. Rainier, flying at high speed as he described them, nine circular objects which looked sort of like pie plates. They were flying in a straight line, not unlike a line of geese flying in formation. But he said they were flying at great speed. As airman, capable of estimating such things, estimated their speed from his own experience and knowledge of flying, as being about 1200 miles per hour. At that time, this was a fantastic speed. And as he reported this, he said this was about the most unusual sight that could be reported by any air man in the skies over America. And this was in 1947.

The facts are that there came all over the United States, such reports of such sightings and then from all over the world, a lot of sightings of objects were reported. And these sightings were reported to Police Departments and Government agencies. And they were beheld by civilians on the ground and by men flying in the air. In fact, we could tell you of a great number of experiences in which we have by first hand, been able to vouch for, as we talked to some of these men in the early days when saucers were first being sited all over the earth.

Someone said, ‘But Dr. Swift, do you believe that there are flying saucers?’ Well, you can call them what you will, but there is no doubt in my mind that great numbers of objects flying around the world, and flying in outer space between earth and our planets---objects which can beheld with the naked eye and photographed with the camera and which your government knows are flying around the world and around your own continent. You say, ‘what makes you believe that there are such objects?’ Well after that report in 1947, they set up a special project to investigate them. And that project from 1947 until 1961, continued to carry out its operations widely expanded. And millions and millions of dollars have been spent on this investigation,--this UFO program and the things which were being sighted and beheld. Quite obviously, if the government thought that it was a hoax and there was nothing to it, was simply the exaggeration of one pilot, they would have paid no attention to it. Or if they had abandoned this idea after two or three years if investigation, you might have felt that they were justified in dropping this program. For they had exhausted this subject and found that there were not any flying objects. But confidentially, the government has admitted that there were a lot of things which they could not classify as phenomena, because there had been too much visual evidence and testimony, that something was going on. And so they have spent millions of dollars from that time on to this day. And it was just the other day that the government had decided that there was no unidentified flying objects, that there was nothing flying thru space that did not have a naturel explanation. Although they still could not explain it. And they had to admit that they still had 27% of the reports which they had been unable to run down and apply to some known and given object.

In fact, these were competent observers. Many of them military observers, many of them scientists. And they were unable to say that they had not witnessed what they had beheld. But the government had already documented them, themselves. I know that the government has documentary films of flying saucers, who flew over Utah, over Arizona, and over Colorado. I have seen the documentary films and I have talked to those that analyzed them. And I have talked to a great number of military men who positively know that objects flying thru space at unprecedented speed, were doing this long before satellites soared into the sky from Russia or America. Long before the start of the Space Program with its probing of space that we are now in. The government knew that someone was flying round.

Now, the facts are that from the very beginning there has been a peculiar treatment of this subject. You here in America were treated as infantile and that you could not stand the idea that you were not alone in the Universe. But no Bible believing intelligent being believed that he was alone in the Universe. Probably no one who believed in the vastness of this Universe would believe that of all that Universe, this would be the only place in the Universe that any intelligent people live. In fact, if one was a student of ancient documents of ancient civilizations, and they knew anything about the prophetic truths of the scripture, and of the many, many volumes of Enoch, and the book of Jasher, and many other sacred books, altho they were not correlated in this book we call the Bible. They would be well aware that the report and the observations and the stories concerning transportation between the earth and plains outside of the earth have been constant and continual until they were a matter of accepted truth in your race.

We have had a great number of men of our race who are considered to be responsible such as men like Enoch and Elijah the prophet and others such as Zachariah and others who reported such as the Apostles of being transported from one place to another. And we recognize that the phenomena of these things happening in our time were at first a chain of events which they did not know how to interpret. There started out soon after the nuclear explosion which had occurred as we used it against Japan. After Nagasaki and Hiroshima, we soon had those reports of the strange objects in the sky that were flying around. Carrying out the final phases of W.W. II, you will remember, brought these strange balls of light which would illuminate and fly around the areas of combat. And these were a great mystery to the pilots flying our great bombers. You will remember how these great balls of light would fly along side of our ships and then fly away. And they called them fue balls. Some of the scientists said these were balls of gas drawn into an electronic field of force created by the airplane, since while flying thru the air, made it somewhat magnetic in itself. But this was never accepted by the pilots who had seen these balls of light. Sometimes they would fly in formation and sometimes alone. And sometimes they would pay no attention to the plane and would just travel on. This was the first time anything like this had been reported anywhere in the history of the world. Observations from the time when men have been flying from the ‘Kitty Hawk’ on down to W.W. II, no one talked about flying balls of light or strange craft moving along, sometimes illuminated and at other times not illuminated. But they would travel faster than the speed of sound. In fact, long before we could crash sound barriers, long before we were spacing our rockets faster than the speed of sound, into the sky and probing space, objects were observing our attempts even as feeble as they were to gain ascent into the stratosphere. Down in New Mexico, when we were first testing rockets and driving them into the heavens, from what was an observatory base, our watchers were observing and measuring this speed of light and determining the speed of rocketry. Then suddenly from out of space, came in a whole fleet of circular flying objects. And they came in with great speed and came down along side of some rockets which we were getting ready to fire. And when the rockets zoomed out, they went up paralleling the rockets. And eventually, then outdistancing the rockets, they disappeared into space.

Why did they come down? What was their estimated speed? Observers at the base where we were doing our rocketry, said that they measured the speed and the computations were accurate, and they were observed from several places. They were able to complete a competent analysis and their speed was 7000 miles per hour. Do you know of any craft which can go at 7000 miles per hour and then pull out of it without giving any of the problems of hydrostatic pressure to the operator, unless every particle in the ship including the person who is operating it was moving at the same velocity, and was himself being moved by the same principles of force? Some of our leading physicists and scientists talked about how these things could be accomplished. And we, tonight, are not necessarily interested in going into what could be the principles involved that would move man and ship together. These principles are electromagnetic force, and have been well understood by a great number of physicists as being possible. And we have adopted a great number of principles as to what we have observed, and flight patterns from these various types of crafts.

In fact, for your information, your government has admitted and is experiencing with such as flying saucers, enough that we have a vast number of saucers which are part of our fleet and will be used with our fleet and unveiled as secret weapons in time of war. Where did we get them? We got them from observation and principles, and by correlation of facts. And aerial engineers have no question in their minds that they ascertained that something of this nature was taking place.

You say, ‘then why does the government then tell us that there are no flying saucers?’ This is some of the strange enigmas of the type of administration and direction that we have had in Washington for some time. In fact, there are some other things which I do not want to take the time to discuss that are just about as untruthful in our nation as the flying saucer problem. I am sure that the people of these United States are better able and better trained to take the truth about the fact that we are not alone. That all around us and in the atmosphere above us, are a great number of crafts, flying backward and forward thru the Universe.

In fact, if you will go into the content of the scripture, you will find that there has been no time when it was even suggested that this was not so and it was far more acceptable and understandable to members of your race in the days of Seth and Enoch, than it must be to a great number today. We have the first mention ever given of a flying saucer, given in the scriptures. The first actual measurement of just how big one is was given to us in the scripture. In fact, it was Zacharias who gave us the measure. And others gave the descriptions. But Zacharias tells us how big the flying saucer was. And the estimate made by him is a rather interesting one, when you consider the estimation made in speculation in our time. Never has there been a period when it is so important for us to analyze the flying saucer truth, than at the present time. I want to add before going into other phases of this subject, that in a news and public statement made the other day by the Air Force, they said there was ‘nothing to worry about and anyone seeing an unidentified flying object--will you please report it to the closest Air Station, or to the closest official bureau of Law Enforcement or Defense. Of course, that would be that they planned on running these reports down. It is quite obvious that the U.S. Government knows that there are unidentified objects. In fact, the late Mr. Dulles made a flight from Washington, D.C. to Australia in great haste one time, because of an unidentified object which was so big and of such importance, that it had all of Australia and the government disturbed. And he went down to see it because it was flying over Melbourne and Sidney, and it did not leave.

I want to turn for one moment to the 5th chapter of Zachariah, and we are thankful that Zachariah was not like a lot of people, for he was not just watching the ground and looking at his feet. Ever once in a while, someone will say, ‘I never saw any flying object.’ Well look up once in a while. This just proves that some people are always looking at the ground. Zachariah said, ‘I turned and behold, I saw a round flying object.’ It says in your Bible that he saw a flying roll, but it was not talking about a bed roll, and it was not a scroll, because there were people in it. He said, ‘I say this flying roll and the spirit in him awoke his consciousness to find out what he was seeing. So what did he see? And he said to himself, ‘I saw a flying object and it is 20 cubits long and 20 cubits wide.’ So it is circular. Thus it is a round object and its diameter is 20 cubits. And this is the first measure of a flying saucer, flying thru space. And Zachariah looked at it and measured it as he wondered how big it was. And I am glad he was able to put down the record as to how big it was.

Now, this disturbed him and he called for guidance since he was a prophet of God and guided by the spiritual vision. Call it spiritual telepathy, if you want to,--the way the spirit of God communicates with HIS sons and HIS daughters, and the answer which came to Zachariah was that this one was an old one. This is for the transportation of people who have come to the plain of Shinar to establish an order of evil and wickedness. This is to carry out an economic program in the earth, to help the powers of darkness, and this is wickedness which has come to the plain of Shinar. Thus, this was a type of craft that one time came to the plain of Shinar. And if you go back into the book of Genesis, then you find that when Nimrod came to Shinar, he conquered Babel and Erack, as well as two more cities. These were four ancient societies established on the plains of Shinar. And Nimrod, who was the grandson of Noah, conquered this whole area. And he established his own headquarters at Babel and started the city of Ur of the Chaldeas.

If you go back into the book of Genesis, you will discover that some of these forces which were battling on the plains of Shinar were none other than Tidal, king of the nations, and Anaraphael, who was one of the Angels who rebelled with Lucifer. They commanded great hosts, and the Raphium or the Nephilian who are a part of the fallen Angels. If you look in your Lexicon, you will discover that the Raphium and the Nephilian are a part of these unassimilatable people who sought to mongrelize the Adamic race, beginning in the upper plateau bringing inundation upon that part of the earth. They were thus one and the same, and the hosts of Lucifer who at one time thought to overthrow the MOST HIGH GOD, and thus to throw the whole earth into catastrophe. He had done this with other races before your race ever arrived here, and they have been continually trying with reinforcements to dominate the earth. There we have the story of Zachariah of the great round object and people were in it. And yes, women were in it--the one emblem of Lilith, or mainly represented in it the Goddess Kali, the goddess of evil. This is the same pattern that you get in the book of Revelation when it talks about Mystery Babylon the Great the mother of all evil. And it symbolizes ancient Babylon and Shinar and all the evil which was propagated by the offspring of Lucifer and his fallen hosts who rebelled against God in ancient times.

We might call your attention to the book of Revelation to the 12th chapter. And you will discover that the book tells you that when Lucifer rebelled against the MOST HIGH, carried with him 1/3 of the hosts of that part of heaven, and there was a war in space to try to take over the Universe. He was defeated by the host with Michael and the rest of the armies and fleets of the MOST HIGH GOD throughout the Universe. And we are told by Daniel, just how many there were. And Daniel tells us that there were thousands times ten thousands, times ten thousands and times thousands of these ships of fire. This was a good sized fleet, for it starts out with a multiple of a million times hundreds of millions times millions, and that is just the beginning of the size of the fleet that Michael commands throughout space. Oh, you say, ‘that is surely an exaggeration of the size of the fleet.’ But you don’t know how big space is. Did you ever try to get out to the end of what is called space in your minds eye? From the great observatories, they have advanced to one million one thousand and twenty-six suns out there. And now they have multiplied it by ten. That, my friends, is just the sun in the solar systems in the vastness of space. And about the time that you think that will not have any need for so many, then remember that the MOST HIGH GOD says that HE is going to have one son, one spiritual son with the embodied ability to dwell in earth or in the plain of spirit, and there will be one of your relatives who passed thru Abraham for every star there is in the sky. Remember, that Abraham was told that there would be as many of his seed as there were stars in the heavens, or the sands of the sea shore. And one might be as impossible to count as the other. Because the statement is now made that there are as many stars now visible from the observatories of earth as the weight of the earth divided into grains of sand.

We see those with astronomical figures that are beyond the mind of man by comparison with anything to compare it with. We never saw that much of anything in one place so there is nothing to make an impression on you. And you don’t see all of the stars because there are only about 612 of these of first magnitude that you see with the naked eye. And every star field needs magnification. And as you look at these star fields you are staggered by the tiny pinpoints of light behind them that are glowing which are Nebulas form far off different places which my Father put together, and my Father created it, and my Father commands it. And my Father controls the Universe as simply and as easily as you attend to your own job.

Let me tell you this. Throughout the vastness of the programs that the MOST HIGH has put together, there is one small globe that you are a part of, which HE has selected. One small globe called by the ancients, Uranta. You are living on that spot in the Universe and you happen to be an unusual people, for you are the descendants of the MOST HIGH. You are the spiritual begotten children of the MOST HIGH who HE started here with the begetting and the word was Bara, which in the Hebrew means that HE projected this society. In fact, HE has given you the earthen vessels which HE selected and treasured well.

Now, you as a race, have had a great responsibility. You came into the world already torn and upset by the revolution of an Archangel. An Archangel who fought a war with 1/3 of the hosts out of that part of heaven. But on your side are Archangels who are your servants. Did you every stop to think, that to none of the Archangels, did HE ever say, ‘Thou art MY son.’ Michael the Archangel commands hosts and fleets that are responsible for you? And they are throughout all of the Universe, and they honor the Father, and they honor the children of the MOST HIGH. And there are beings throughout the Universe and they are all going to--if they do not already do it--they are going to acknowledge and honor the children of the MOST HIGH. And in all of this area where everything was upset in the Milky Way, they will understand that the MOST HIGH has sent you into earth to build HIS Kingdom and to put it into operation.

That is the reason we might pause tonight, to say that this anti-American, anti-Christian conspiracy of earth, wants to stamp out and wipe out the whole structure of your White civilization. They are attempting to integrate and to mongrelize and destroy your identity and everything which relates to your way of life. If they can absorb you, they can wipe out any civilization you have built and set in place the powers of darkness. You who are Manu, being Caucasian, White people, children of the MOST HIGH, your destiny is to build this Kingdom of Righteousness before those who are here to destroy. But I want you to know that you are not alone. If there is any one important factor tonight, it is this fact that the world is being gathered by world Communism which is being gathered against you who are 1/6th of the world population. If there is anything to give you life and hope and understanding, it is the knowledge, tonight, that the vastness of space in the control of the hands of your Father, and the Archangels and their legions are coming to your assistance in the hour of your great need.

Now, you may say that we do not need any assistance. But there are negative spiritual forces fighting you. And they also have a lot of things which they can bring into this situation that will requite all of the spiritual assistance that you can get.

Now, I want you to remember that one of the most descriptive material as to flying objects is in the book of Ezekiel. And here Ezekiel a prophet of God, and he tells as how he saw a great whirling object coming out of the north like a great cloud, and like a fire enfolding itself and that it had brightness. And as he watched, he noticed that there was a flight of these objects coming and they were circular objects. And he describes them as ‘wheels within wheels.’ Thus they seemed to be in a concentric circle. Also he is, in his description, telling us that he never saw anything like this before. He describes how these objects moved and how they all had eyes or portholes round about. And inside of these objects were living creatures. He tells how the living creatures were inside of these wheels within wheels and that these were intelligent creatures and they were directing these ‘wheels within wheels.’ He tells you that when they came into the atmosphere of earth. And when they landed then took off there was a great and mighty noise, a great roar like a great waterfall. There was a great sound as tho the voice of God was shouting, thus so great was the noise as they passed thru the atmosphere at great speed. And the outer shell of them seemed to glow like fire, and became as bright as amber. Then he talks about the fact that when the saucers came down and stopped then the creatures came out.

Well that is sensible for when the air craft is on the ground and no one is in it then it will not move. But when the living creatures got back in the crafts then they took off. The interpreter had a hard time getting the whole picture so that you could understand it, for he did not know what he was talking about when he translated it. Nor could he be certain of what he was trying to translate for the translator of this version never saw a flying machine. They never saw any of our modern developments, and if they started talking about flying machines, and rockets and jets then you would know that the whole things was forgery. But they did not know anything about that at that time. So they did the best they could. For they described the shimmering of metal and they described what Ezekiel had written down of what he saw.

And one of the things that Ezekiel saw and believed as he recorded was that they landed and then they brought a throne out of one of the ships, and it was the throne of the MOST HIGH GOD. And Ezekiel describes the one who sat on the throne is described as being the majesty of God’s revelation. The rainbow round about, the color emanation, which came from the Glory round about HIS presence. Ezekiel tells of how in his curiosity, he was drawn close to this object and to see what it was, and the first thing he knew, he was being drawn in because his own curiosity was actually a spiritual force. And as he came in closer, he beheld YAHWEH on the throne. And YAHWEH spoke to Ezekiel and he saw the Glory of YAHWEH, and Ezekiel fell on his face. And then he heard a voice say, ‘Son of Man, stand up for I have a mission for you.’-----I came to do certain things. And therefore we realize that Ezekiel received his message and he analyzed that this was from the throne, from the Eternal YAHWEH, the MOST HIGH GOD. And thus Ezekiel talks about how he beheld all of this and then they all went back into their vessels and away they go--these ‘wheels within wheels.’

So, why did they call them ‘wheels within wheels?’ Because they were round, and because they were circular. It was only a matter of about three weeks ago, that we were probing the heavens with a quasar, and we were moving from the moon over to a very bright star. And part way in between, which was partly visible to the eye, the lens of the telescope picked up an object. It looked almost a pearl grey when we first found it. And focusing in on it, what did we have? ---but one of the most perfect descriptions of what Ezekiel saw, as it would be possible to look at. This was a circular object, and it had three divisions. Each division was divided by dark lines and split into segments. This particular object had each one of these dark rings moving in a different direction. And as we looked at it there was one particular division in the bottom that was brighter than the other parts of it. We are using a star observation. We know the difference between stars and planets, and we know the difference between objects that are moving from the west to the south instead of retiring in a normal direction of any astronomical image that you can see. If it is stars or moons, you can be absolutely sure of where it is going to go down. But when it is turning to the west ant then to the east, you can be sure that you have something else in the lens of your telescope.

Well, it is always a fortunate thing if you see something like that if you are not alone, and as it happened we had a friend with us, and they looked thru the lenses and had never seen anything like this before, and this man saw his first flying saucer which looked exactly like Ezekiel described so many hundred years before Christ. It was a ‘wheel with a wheel’ and it was illuminated, and it was traveling and it had motion. Someone said, ‘I did not see anything about that in the papers.’ Let me tell you something that was not even discernable to the human eye. Only under the great power of the scope was it picked up. And as we sat and observed it, we were able to observe it until it went out of range going into the southeast. This is then very significant, for this is only one instance. For we have observed with our eyes a great number of flying objects. Once we watched a whole flight of them traveling down Owens Valley. And before they got down to the air base it was not long before fast Jets were in the air pursuing the objects but they could not find, or reach the altitude that the objects obtained nor could they match their speed.

A short time after this we noticed in the Base Paper that their air craft had taken off after a bunch of unidentified flying objects that had come down Owens Valley and flew over their base.

One night in Lancaster, we heard a great and peculiar roaring sound and a great object which seemed to be spitting fire passed over our heads. It was only a few seconds before fast Jets took after it and suddenly that object spitting fire zoomed away at high speed and the Jets took after it. I have in my files today that this unidentified flying object was seen flying over the valley, and that when seen their fast jets were out distanced by it. But when seen, it was estimated to be larger than a barn door. But the fact was that they finally admitted that they never got close enough to it to determine how large it was, because it was always thousands of feet above them at best.

Now, these are some of the things that have been our personal experience. We have photographed with Exacta and other cameras, flying saucers which by accident have come close by where we were. We were high up in the Piute Mountains with a group of men and we were on our way out, when a great object went over us flying toward the east. It was absolutely opaque and it was massive and moving with great speed. It was cutting thru the low clouds of that mountain like it was burning a hole in them. And it was traveling toward the east. Air Bases in its path reported in Texas, and it was reported down over the Gulf of Mexico. And no one knows what it was or where it was going. When you have the altitude of some of these things, you will understand that there is some unique phenomena.

Mr. Comparet and I were in a hotel room in Chicago one time, and we were covering a convention being held there at the time when there was some hope that the South would use enough courage to determine that they were not going to be led by the nose by all of the Left Wing Liberals of their party. Well, a strange thing was that as we looked out the window, there was a ship passing thru the canal. We took a quick shot of this boat with the camera and then we swung across to get another picture, and we did that very quickly, for there had been a peculiar flash of light and when the film was developed, there was a perfect white object that was hovering over the ship. And by the time we had pulled the lever for a second shot, it was half way across the city, but it was between us and a building making it clearly identifiable in other pictures. Again, we had an object which we did not know that we would be able to photograph.

There have been a number of experiences like this. And we have talked to Air Force pilots here and in Washington, D.C. We have talked to people who told us what it was like one night when unidentified objects came across the radar screen of the defense system of Washington, D.C., and they came in squadrons. And when they were reported on radar screens, they thought that we were under invasion. These objects flew over our Air Port. They flew over the city and they moved with speeds unprecedented. And when the command for defense planes to go into the air, they could not come any where close to these objects which when they were ready they went off in the direction from which they had come.

I have talked to pilots who have had unidentified objects flying right along side of their commercial planes. And they were amazed and also somewhat frightened and then the object veered away. I know of one object which came on head on with a crew of a major airline, and they put the ship into a quick dive to miss the object which zoomed up over them and disappeared. And these are just some of the reports by some of these who have come into contact with these strange objects. So when Ezekiel told us that the MOST HIGH had a whole fleet of these that could move back and forth in space, this was not something that was questionable.

I would carry you backwards in records to one of the most unusual events in the time when you were as a race involved, and under the leadership of Moses and had gone out in the time when the Pharaoh who knew not Joseph, was in power. You will note that the scripture tells us that in that day, that YAHWEH the MOST HIGH GOD, went before you traveling above you inside of a pillar of clouds,--in an illuminated body and referred to as a pillar of fire by night and by day a pillar of clouds. And HE took not away the pillar of clouds by day or by night from before the people. You have been told here in four different places that the Eternal was with them and HE was with them in that cloud. And HE rode before them which was a statement of HIS Glory and emanation. This was something they could not see thru. And they could not actually behold what was above them, but they knew that this was the presence of the MOST HIGH GOD who was with them constantly and continually.

Now, suppose I tell you just a little bit of what was along on that unusual flight. If you will come over here into the 32nd chapter of Deuteronomy, you will discover that when Moses, this man of God, went up on the mountain after blessing Israel, it says in the 33rd chapter of Deuteronomy that YAHWEH came down from Sinai, and HE rose over Seir and HE shined down upon Mount Paran. And there came with HIM, 10 thousand of HIS believing offspring out of the Plains of spirit, and from HIS right hand went forth HIS authority and the ‘fiery Law.’

Now, you discover that when Moses went up on the mountain, this was not just an appearance out of the plains of spirit, but they had flown over three mountain tops and finally settled down on Sinai, and not only God the Creator of the Universe, but HE had accompanying HIM ten thousands of HIS believing offspring as HIS hosts. So there was quite a host of those with HIM, and a light shown down on the mountain. And it was like a great searchlight. And this is reported here in the book of Deuteronomy. If you will turn in the declaration of this to the story of Elijah the prophet, you will see something also very interesting because we have here the story of God’s great purpose. We turn here to the 2nd chapter of II Kings and---it came to pass. And this is in the days when Elijah was getting about ready to leave. He told them that God had called him and that he had an Appointment and he was about to be taken from this planet.

Now, how would you expect him to leave this planet? Most men just die to get out of here. Very few people are dying to go, but they are going by dying. Elijah said, ‘I have finished my task, and I have already beheaded these strange looking people who have made so much trouble. We have had a test. And they with their false economy and their program to mongrelize us and destroy our race, and we had this test out there. And we found that their philosophies and their religion had no power. And our Eternal Father has answered us with fire and we have eliminated all of the rascals. Now, most of my work is done. I have finished my ministry, and I have consummated my work and then God said, ‘This also is a man after My own heart.’

Do you know that I do not find God putting much confidence on a pacifist who will not stand up against evil? Here was a man who had just finished the task of beheading quite a few devils and now God says that he is a man after HIS own heart. So Elijah said to Elisha, ‘I am going out of here and you just stay here for you will have to come back alone.’ Elisha said, ‘Where are you going?’ And Elijah said, ‘I am going down to the River Jordan and I am going across the Jordan and they are going to meet me there and I am going to take off.’ Elisha said, ‘I am not going to leave you. I am going along and I want the mantle of your power. I want to continue in your position when you go, I want to continue as God’s prophet and I want what you have.’ And so he followed Elijah. And when Elijah got down to the school of the prophets, he ran into a group of contemporary thinkers like the school of theologians and they were saying, ‘there is nothing going to happen, you are foolish. Why take that long walk?’ Elisha said, ‘Yes, there is something which will be to see, and I am going to see it.’ In fact, I think that if you thought that you were going to see what Elisha thought he was going to see, then you would walk all the way to the Mohave Desert.

Well, they got to the River Jordan, and Elijah said, ‘You might as well stay on this side, Elisha, because you will have to wade it back.’ But Elisha said, ‘No, if you are going, then I am going.’ So they crossed the river Jordan. Then it tells me here in II Kings, in the 2nd chapter, that after they crossed the river, a great chariot like fire came out of the heavens, and Elisha saw this chariot and he saw the fire and he saw it move. And then it parted and it went right down between them and it scooped up Elijah. And just as he got ready to leave, then Elisha grabbed hold of the mantle of Elijah and said, ‘I am going to have this for a souvenir, of this power of the prophet as he goes.’ And he stood there looking at the horses and the chariot of the Eternal God. Oh, it would be described like that, for there was majesty and Glory and power. And it picked up Elijah and went back out into space. Elisha learned a lot. And then Elisha would become a great prophet of your race and would stand out as a great spiritual leader of his time. He would be the John Wesley and the Martin Luther and all of the other leaders which God raised up with knowledge. He was to be the George Washington and the Abraham Lincoln. He was to be the Rankin and the George Smith and the Senator Thurman, all rolled up into one. He was to denounce the enemy. He was to have the courage, and he was to translate people into a mighty ‘right wing.’ He was to stand off these people who he knew were out to destroy his race. And he knew that these Assyrians, altho they were great in number, were no match for the MOST HIGH GOD.

Now, listen. One morning his servant comes to Elisha and he said, ‘It is time for your breakfast, but I don’t know whether you will ever eat another, for the Assyrians are all around us. The king of Assyria knows that there is a prophet down here and he knows that you the prophet, are the big problem, the moral builder of the people. So he has come after you and we are all doomed. Maybe we should appease him. Suppose we should try a little coexistence on him this morning? Maybe the Assyrians would not be such bad task masters for even their slaves, they give a little gruel for breakfast.’ Elisha looked at the young man and he was probably shivering like the Kennedy’s do at times. And he said, ‘Oh, YAHWEH open his eyes.’ I wish to God, tonight, that HE would open the eyes of our leaders so that they might see. Oh, YAHWEH, open his eyes and let my servant see. For what is there yet to do? There is only one thing yet to do. Throw down the gauntlet and conquer the enemy and do not be afraid for there is no power on earth that God has not told you that HE will go before you and that HE will break it before you if you will advance against it.

Listen. No nation is stronger than you are when God is with you. And Elisha prayed and God opened the eyes of the young man and there was a science that he did not understand for there was a science that camouflaged a mighty host of the supporting legions of the MOST HIGH GOD. Now, you think that modern science has reached the peak of its ability? Well listen to what it says here. For right now there are principles we can use. For right now there are refractions of light that can utterly make an object invisible when it flies. Well, my friends, we are only in the infantries of this. For they have been doing this for a long time. They have been making crafts and can move them in or out of dimension if they so wish.

Listen. So the video frequency of the eyes of the young man were opened and he said, ‘Behold, the mountains are full of the chariots of fire around about them. The mountains were filled with space craft around about them. The hosts of heaven were here. And the young man said, ‘What is going to happen?’ And Elisha said, ‘You watch, this is super science. This is Divine power. And now, oh, YAHWEH, give unto us the battle this day. Send down upon these people the kind of rays that it will make it impossible for them to see.’ And behold, as the prophet prayed, the people who were the enemy were smitten with blindness. They could not see. They could not get any light refractions. They could not behold even as the young man could not behold the fleets until his eyes were opened. Thus, the enemy could not behold. You say, ‘But that is not possible.’ There is one weapon they are working on right now, that will make ineffective the use of the eyes for some time.

Listen. It came to pass that the prophet took the whole host of the enemy and led them blind right out of the city and far away. And the victory belonged to your race. But the point I am bringing out is that here was a whole fleet of the armies of Michael, hovering by, around the mountain top at the spot where the enemy was going to attack your race. I point out to you that Elisha beheld as Elijah was carried away, and he says that God flew in a great object surrounded by light and scooped up Elijah the prophet who had led Israel.

And now we have the prophet Zachariah who also had Ezekiel’s God. And now we turn to the birth of Christ.

As you will remember, there were configurations in the heavens that marked the measures for the birth of the MOST HIGH GOD. But that great illuminative light which traveled before the Wise men, just going before them until it brought them to the place where Christ lay, was no star, no meteor, no moon, no sun, no reflection and no weather balloon. So what was it? This was a craft that went before the Wise men, out of the dimensions which so wisely measured the heavens. And the children of the Father were operating on the lore given to them in the days of Enoch. And by the way, do not forget that Enoch also took that flight into space on one of the most advanced of space craft of the ages. He flew out over the continents and up over the poles. And he records all of this. For he passed the planets, and he passed the sun and then went far out unto the Pleaides where he arrived---at the Pleaides, the great central throne of the Universe. He describes what he sees, he carries this message back to earth, he writes it into books. And the signs of Astronomy are a part of the great miracle of the ages. For when he came back, HE WROTE DOWN WHAT HAPPENED FEBRUARY 4, 1962---one of the great configurations of space which no one ever saw for 23,000 years. And he said just when it would happen. And something else he said ‘that the terrible ‘right wing’ would rise up under the spiritual influence of that measure.

Listen. Back to the Wise men. They followed that light which went before them like a star. It guided them to the place where the child lay. This is recorded in the scriptures. In the meantime, you are given another measure over here in the scriptures. You are told here that while all of these things were going on, that there were shepherds out on the hills. And according to Luke, they were watching their flocks. And suddenly, the Angel of the LORD shown down upon them. But how did he get there? Where did he come from? For suddenly the Angel of the LORD shown down around them. And what did he say? ‘I bring to you good tidings, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace and good will toward men.’ He said, ‘I have brought to you glad tidings of great joy, for there is born unto you this day a Savior and HE is Christ, the Eternal YAHWEH, and HE is in the city of David, in Bethlehem. So go down and see HIM.’ And instantly, they heard the heavenly hosts who were hovering right above them. The Glory of a great searchlight shown round about them. And something they had never witnessed in their life time was taking place. It was unrivaled by any experience they had ever had as they were told of the birth of the King. For here were hosts standing by, here were whole fleets just above the. And suddenly, they were not afraid and they went down and found the King.

You do not transport the hosts, you do not move the great ones out of the heavens without any principles. For every one of the descriptions of every one of these say that they were chariots. They were crafts. They were ships. Some were propelled as by fire. Others by rockets and others moved in silence. And some were great illuminated bodies.

Now, we turn to the day when Christ was to leave HIS disciples. HE took them out upon the hillside after preparing them to the fact that it was necessary that HE go away. HE told them HE would not leave them alone, because HE would send the great spiritual capacity of HIS spiritual consciousness, the Paraclete,---referred to in the Greek. In other words, HE would send the telepathic spiritual energy of HIS mind unto yours. You would then be able to think HIS thoughts. And HE would bring all things to your remembrance. And you would be led to the knowledge of all truths. (John 14) He would send unto HIS sons, the spirit which the world could not receive, but you can receive it. Thus after HIS Resurrection, HE led them out to the mountain and HIS conversation with when HE told them to wait in Jerusalem, until they would be filled with spiritual power, HE said, ‘I am going to leave.’ And a great cloud came down, and a mist moved over the top of the hill. And suddenly, then Christ just stepped into the mist now illuminated with great Glory, and HE was gone from their sight. The disciples just stood there looking at this strange cloud-like formation, and suddenly two men stepped out of the cloud. You never heard of men riding in clouds before, did you? There was a ship in that cloud, a vehicle, a chariot of the MOST HIGH GOD, in that cloud. The Glory around it was like the light of day. Then two men stepped out of that cloud and they said to the disciples, ‘don’t stand there gazing at this cloud, go on back to Jerusalem just like HE told you to do. This same Christ will come back the same way that HE left. He will come back.’ Then the two men went back into the cloud and it lifted and soared away. And the disciples watched in amazement as it soared away into the heavens. Let me assure you of this. That all thru the scripture there is this assurance of phenomena, light and glory, radiation and clouds. And yes, Heavenly hosts.

I want to go back for just a moment to something that Christ talked about. And there is something that is especially significant about it for it comes out of this chapter of Matthew, that we have been told recently to consider. We have this sign of the son of man in the heavens, and we have measured the events which we have been watching by prophecy and measures, by the 4th and 5th configuration in the outpouring of Aquarius, which the scripture says it would be. This is the 30th verse of Matthew, chapter 24, which marks it as the sign of ‘son of man in the heavens.’ And that is why all of the pagan tribes on the face of the earth mourned. All of the Hindu and all of the pagans across the Steppes of Asia mourned because the sign of ‘the son of man’ was in the sky. They thought it was doomsday. A doomsday to all the pagan orders in earth as a new administration, a new order in earth would be born which would sweep the earth, from sea to sea and pole to pole, until the kingdoms of this world become the Kingdoms of our LORD and HIS Christ. (Note--again, remember, this occurred in Feb. of 1962.)

You say, ‘How is this cycle going to consummate.’ It will come with a great struggle, with war on the sea or in the air or under the sea, by rockets and by every bay. And just about the time the intensity of this breaks, the reinforcements out of the heavens are going to come on your side throwing the balance on your side and in your favor. For HE said in the scriptures, ‘I would give Africa and Asia, all of the, for thee.’

Now, listen. After seeing these events, it is described in the 24th chapter of the book of Matthew, where we discover that HE sends HIS administering spirits under the command of Angels, and they will sound a great call, and it will be sent all over the Universe. And it tells us in the 25th chapter of Matthew, from the lips of Jesus, that when the sound and the call is sent out as a signal, it is going to gather together the Elect of God, the Household, the selected ones, the armies of the MOST HIGH GOD, from the four corners of the Universe, from one end of the heavens to the other.

Verily I say unto you, the day that this happens, the Jews are going to go to Palestine. And the Abomination of the Desolator are going to Palestine. And the cursed Fig Tree is showing sings of buds. Thus you are shown when this is, the time of the atom bomb, and the time when the setting up of the false Israeli, and the time of the ‘sign in the heavens’ when the pagans mourn when they see it. But I want you to know that while this is going on, HE is gathering the great hosts that are coming in.

Now, lets go a little further and we read concerning this situation as Christ discusses it, and tells as to what HE is going to do. And this is what HE said, ‘The son of man is going to come with all of HIS Glory, and HE is going to bring all of HIS Holy Angels and administering spirits with HIM. HE is going to come to earth and sit upon the throne of HIS Glory.’ Then going a little further, ‘when that time comes, HE is going to gather all nations before HIM and HE is going to start separating those nations as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.’ And HE will say to the sheep nations, those great white nations of HIS Kingdom, ‘Receive this Kingdom which I have prepared for you from before the foundation of this world order.’ And HE also adds this in the passage of HIS announcement, ‘Watch, therefore, for you do not know the hour when the Master cometh.’

There are a great number of people who do not realize, even with all of the great measures of prophecy, that they are now moving to their fulfillment. And your nation, the key nation among the nations of God’s Kingdom, the nation that God is re-challenging, reawakening to racial self-respect, and Divine destiny, to lift up the standards of Liberty and of Righteousness, to repudiate the great tyrannies of earth, to stand as the obstacle against the hoards of Communism---to your race---to the woman of the House of God who was given the two wings of the Great Eagle---in this hour, the hosts of heaven and the powers of earth both fight for you as the armies of evil come to make war against those who have ‘the Commandments of God, and the ‘Testimony of Jesus Christ’ as recorded in the end of the 12th chapter of the book of Revelation.

I have this assurance that He who sits upon the circle of the earth as recorded in the 40th chapter of Isaiah. This is a great watcher satellite that has been going around the earth for ages. Even back in the days of Isaiah, the MOST HIGH had a watcher on this satellite going around the earth, (at the equator), and Isaiah knew about it. More than this, I can tell you that one time this left its course and we now know from radar, that there is this satellite that has been going around the earth for a long, long time. And one time, it went down over Australia and hovered over Sidney, Australia. And they thought that the Russians had put something up long before they launched their satellite. And because of the fear and because they did not know what to think, then the Sec. Of State, Mr. Dulles, went to Australia. And the object was there. And we have the record. And we have the documents. And no one could understand it. For it was too high for aircraft to reach it. And it opaqued the stars at night. And just fooled around a bit. But stayed over Australia. And then all of a sudden it left. But they discovered that while it was there, that there had been nothing going around at the equator where they had been watching a satellite and measuring its movements upon the charts which had been made.

Listen. One day a little over a year ago, a great object was over New York City. It was high in the sky. Twenty-five intercepter crafts went out to try to reach it and they could not. For as the craft came out, it just went higher in the sky above which any aircraft could travel. And then it disappeared. But it came back that night and could be seen the next day. And again the crafts took off. Again the records and radar were checked and it shows that this equatorial satellite was not there at that time. Thus, when the object over New York was not seen again, the other circling object was back at the Equator.

I do not have to explain these factors. For this is my Father’s world. And I am going to assure you that there are forces of unexplainable things from the standpoint of just natural phenomena, or from anything that man himself might have developed, that have been taking place in the earth. We have heard of all types of sightings and we have been told of little ‘green’ men and monsters. We have been told of things that competent people have reported and yet people laugh at,---of unusual things which do not belong to our dimension to the earth, as we know it. We have been told of things out of the Nethermost channels, of strange and unusual objects and we remember the scripture, ‘flying locus which come out of the earth with spears in their tails.’ But that is a part of Anti-Christ and Armageddon. And then we remember that the Almighty says that, ‘now, don’t worry about these powers of darkness, you just worry about those that you meet in the flesh. You just bind the forces of darkness that come against you. For the watchers will take care of these who have been released.’ I tell you that from Genesis to Revelation, you are told that you are not along. That the great hosts of heaven are standing by. That Guardian Angels are looking after the children of God. And the hosts of heaven are standing by and you have a vital part to play in HIS purposes in the earth.

Now, someone said, ‘But this is kind of a jolt into my world of understanding. I can understand air planes, and I can understand rockets and jets and satellites. But I do not understand these things.’ Let me tell you something. This traveling thru space with the science of the MOST HIGH GOD, which the Celestial children can understand is just as matter of fact as the automobiles you build and the airplanes that you fly. They have been doing this for millenniums---for millions and millions of years. Millions of years. Yes, from the earliest man which we have been able to dig up from the stratus of earth, walked the earth from the southern tip of Africa as Dr. Wooley brought up the fossil of him, 1,750,000 years old. When that man walked the earth, your race, a Celestial household, was traveling to and from the objects of space to wherever the Father would send them. There are a lot of things that need a lot of explanations. For way back in the time when this earth was in one of its less liveable stages, when the great pre-Cambrian seas washed the uplifts of the earth, back in the time when there were no mammals that were in the stratus, showing they existed there---someone came and visited the earth, maybe to sit upon its great land masses or to walk upon it, and they left also some of their intricate objects of their own time. For in the pre-Cambrian uplifts, there are to be found pottery and ceramics. And there are a great innumerable number of objects showing intelligence and culture which have been taken up out of this pre-Cambrian period and area. We have mentioned before how a perfect bronze spear was found with a perfect ‘cam’ upon one side, as they drilled in Montana down into the pre-Cambrian uplifts. And back in the Sumarian period when there were great monsters and dinosaurs and such, there were still intelligent beings who formed their spears and their arrows, and they were not, my friends, the aborigines, as some might think. For they also left their art work and their beautiful pottery. And we pick it up in the oil well cores. This could not, my friends, have just happened lately.

Thus, the earth is many, many thousands and thousands of years old. And someone has been coming and going, and someone has been upon it all of this time. And I am not about to be defeated by anyone the size of Mr. Khrushchev. My spirit is not cast down. It is only disturbed. It is only cast down when I see men as blind as our leaders who think that there is any other solution for God’s Kingdom than victory over evil. And I think that all of the children of the MOST HIGH GOD who have blindly paid no attention concerning God’s laws, and concerning their destiny, should be frightened and be appealing to the MOST HIGH GOD to illuminate their minds and to forgive them for their ignorance and for their listening to the voice of the World Order. For God has placed a race in earth, a race that has the capacity to do great things, who could have long since conquered every area round about could have mastered the earth, which God has ordained, that we shall and will, had we listened to the guidance of spirit instead of the voices of the World Order. We would be thrown back a hundred years if we followed the direction of the World Order today, and took the directions of the United Nations.

Oh, these strange people want to leave you without hope and they don’t want you to know about these strange phenomena. But if you see one, kindly call them and tell them where you saw it.

It tells me in the book of Revelation, that Mr. Khrushchev and his boys and the Red Chinese and the Palestine Jews, and all of the forces of the Anti-Christ, are not going to like it when they see the fleets coming in the sky. But it also says that the signs and emblems that will be upon all of these crafts, and the emblems that will be seen on the great armies, will be the signs of the Eternal. And the great symbol will be ‘KING of Kings, and LORD of Lords.’ They are going to see and they are going to know that this is the God from outer space. And do you know what this bunch out of the United Nations think they are going to do? They say, ‘Let’s make war against HIM who is coming in. For we don’t want HIM here, for HE cannot have the world. Let’s make war against HIM.’

Let me tell you something. Anytime something that comes in from outer space, don’t you be foolish enough to try to make war against it, for anything smart enough to get here by the millions, is going to win. But it tells me here in the Bible that the hoards of anti-Christ, these enemies of Christianity, are going to thru all of their weapons to try to destroy HIM who comes in the heavens. Right here in the book of Revelation, it tells me this. There is going to be great flashes of light. There is going to be a great blinding Glory. And the enemy is going to realize that they made a mistake. And some of them are going to try to flee out of the area. But it will be too late for the world order will dissolve with this sighting in the sky. And all the world will turn over once or twice before this spectacle will finally arrive.

Oh, you say, ‘when will it happen?’ It could be much quicker than you think. But I am going to tell you this. Your task and mine is to fight the enemy, and unveil the light, and to turn the world into the cycle which can only come thru God’s Kingdom. For it is not for any of these factors to dominate our society and mongrelize our race, or take away our birthright for our Father is coming. And HE is developing the Kingdom which HE has promised from before the foundation of the world.

So how is HE going to come? I think HE is going to come with all of the fleets of space. I think HE is going to come when every one of the remaining leaders are going to break their swords and bow their knees and surrender to your Father. And I think you are going to see the greatest spectacle in that day when the KING of Kings, and LORD of Lords, comes and says, ‘Hello, my children, my kinsmen, my relatives’ as the Apostle Paul has declared. And until that day comes, I am going to fight the opposition to this Kingdom as hard and as fast as God gives me the strength to do it.

And in closing, I will just say, between the report from the Army and the Holy Bible, then I will accept the Scriptures. With the scripture and the veracity of the men that I talked to, I will accept the report of the men I have talked to. And against all of this, I know what I have seen with my eyes and my camera which has apparently been hypnotized into accepting, for if this is a phenomena, then it has come out on the photos graphic plates. Thus, I tell you this. There are signs in the heavens of a great and a new day. So we urge you that you be mindful of the hour in which you live and be happy that you are the children of the ETERNAL FATHER.

(End of sermon)