Government Ends At Armageddon, 9-30-64


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 9-30-64

Our subject tonight, ‘The government ends at Armageddon,’ for surely you are much closer tonight to Armageddon than many people realize. The strategies for world government are being prepared by high officials in our government. And of course we gave this mighty input when we signed the charter of the United Nations in 1954. For this United Nations even said that the justices of our courts would now depend upon their edicts. And of course you know that we have a constitution that says that the courts would defend the constitution and the treaties there of. And when we entered into the United Nations, we were told that this was the way to peace. They said that the world was longing for peace. They had brought a tremendous way. And we had come now to the great crossroads. And as we joined the United Nations, we joined a tremendous society. We joined around a table with men of all colors and races and backgrounds to decide the issues of the world. People were not told that this was to be a super government. Rather, they were told that this was rather a super gathering like a great debating society. Senators of the United States did not realize that a super world government was being set up.

Many have cited that they would never have signed the charter of the United Nations had they understood this. Along with this, we are to discover that Senator Langor was the only man in the United States Senate who had the courage to say ‘this thing is treason, this would dissolve the Declaration of Independence. This will dissolve my society. I cannot sign this.’ And he called on other Congressmen not to sign it, and other Senators to refuse to sign this measure. But they did not take the time to read the charter. Do you know who drew up the charter of the United Nations? Do you know who was responsible for it? Not Dr. Stitinnius who went around as tho he were the grandmaster of the opening of that conference in San Francisco. I will tell you who drew it up. It was Mr. Molotov who drew it up with Alger Hess. Who was Alger Hiss? Well, he was a communist and he perjured himself and said that he was not. But he was sent to prison for some years because of his perjury. It was Dick Nixon who helped put the cuffs on Alger Hiss. And his exposure and his perjury sent him to prison. But not until he had organized the strategies of the United Nations and organized its policies. In fact, so complete was Hiss control in helping establish the United Nations that one would be amazed. He had every hotel in San Francisco tied up, and every auditorium tied up. He had nothing but agencies of the United Nations in the city before the United Nations charter was ever signed. He had been working at this for five years or more. And all of those organizations were all there. The Soviet Union had a major embassy during the time of this operation in San Francisco and people were coming and going from Alger Hiss chambers all of the time. We know, because we were there. There were only two men there who were there opposing it. One was Gerald K. Smith and the other was myself. We opposed the United Nations and we spoke whenever we got a chance. We were trying to awaken people to the tremendous area of treason that was taking place as we surrendered our nation into a program of world sovereignty to a foreign pagan power.

Oh, yes, you say, there were other Christian nations that were surrendering to this power. Yes, but there were African nations and Asiatic nations who were involved in idolatry pagan worship, such as India and others. We were throwing ourselves into an organization of 153 nations signatory to that original charter. And of that 153 nations, there was less than 38 nations that were joining this organization that were Christian. This involved the Scandinavian nations of Nordic, Basque, and Anglo-Saxon people, and Canada and some South American nations. With South Africa and the Belgium Congo and so forth, you would have coming into the United Nations, 33 to 34 nations besides the U.S., and western world in the United Nations that were Christian. Altho you were in the areas of control because of being placed on the Security Council. But China, Russia, and Great Britain were also on the Security Council. And thus, we knew that most of the time that Great Britain and the U.S. would stand together and could veto anything coming out of the greater area of voting. And could always overthrow the voting of the Soviets. This was all right. For France was also involved in the Security Council as well. And she generally voted with the conservative right wing, and of course, with America and with Nationalist China. As long as you had Nationalist China, with Chiang Kai Shek at the head, you could count on Nationalist China voting against anything that the Soviet Union tried to do. For everything out of the Soviet Union called for total surrender to the Soviet Union. In fact, all of their decisions were based on their belief that they could gather together the hordes out of Asia and Africa, which they have been doing, and which they now have in the United Nations since 1945. And now you are outvoted and you have lost your control over the world communists in their voting inside of the United Nations. You see, there are so many African tribes, and Russia is stirring them up thru the areas of Socialism and Communism. And with this operation have now driven the Belgians out of the Congo. And in establishing this, they established Kenya as a country and Tanzanika as a country. Now all sorts of inadequate tribes have become nations. And today there are now far more nations in the world than you had when the United Nations was formed. And each of those new nations would also have one vote in the United Nations. And the African nations thus came in, and if there was any place with two tribes, they would have two votes. And thus these new nations could out vote the U.S. and western world in the United Nations.

Now hear this. These little nations thus almost always vote with the Soviet Union and Red China. And India which is always hungry, India with its idol worshiping people, always waiting for someone to feed them. India voted with the Soviet Union and the Red block. And India has voted quite extensively to admit Red China into the United Nations. And this type of world government is supported by all of the Pinko's in the world. In fact, the book of Revelation tells us of this strategy. And it says:--'I saw the unclean spirits, like frogs come out of the mouth of the Dragon and out of the mouth of the false prophets, and out of the mouth of the Beast (the world order). And these are devils that go forth to gather the kings of the earth to the battle of that great day of God Almighty. And behold, I come as a thief so be thee not caught naked and ashamed. (Speaking to HIS church). And HE gathers them into a place called in the Hebrew tongue as Armageddon. (Rev. l6:13).’ And as these powers come against this New Jerusalem and HIS kingdom, HE promises to disperse them without hand.

Now we can well understand that this program out of the mouth of the Dragon, which is Lucifer, and out of his mouth comes his many seeds. Thus we have the serpent who is Lucifer and his seed who are his children. And Jesus identified them as the Jews in the 8th chapter of John. And they are identified with their father. And in the Talmud, they say that ‘they serve the one who you call a devil, for we know that Jesus Christ is a devil even as we know him to be the embodiment of God himself.’

So when we search for the Antichrist, we turn to the scriptures and we can see that this is well marked on Jewry and on Lucifer as the dragon, as well as the serpent. And when dealing with the Beast system, we are dealing with this program for Eternity which the dragon has put out into the earth. This is the program of creeping socialism. And it is the expanding socialism program of government. I do not care who speaks to you out of your government saying that Socialism is all right, that we are turning to socialism, for there is nothing wrong with socialism. But Socialism is the political arm of the Luciferian program. It is called Communism in some instances. But Socialism is a creeping revolution. Then you have the false prophets who are all of the false patterns of religion.

So sure . . . we are outvoted. So why would we not be, since we are only 1/6 of the worlds population? It does not matter for anything out of the mouth of the dragon, or out of the mouth of the false prophet, for all is doomed to defeat.

Now we note the unrest of the world, for the forces of evil have been holding conferences around the world unto which you are not admitted. Altho . . . they want you to pay the bills. This was the Burma Conference which was setting the rules for immigration, which would allow any person, a citizen of any nation, to go anywhere he wants whether you want them or not. And in the Kennedy Administration then it was decided that the United Nations may have to go and be replaced with a more powerful government. And Mr. Cord Meyer who was appointed to the CIA, who gave money to the National Council of Churches to send people over into the foreign countries to these conferences being held to help them bring this about so that a super world government could come into play at the last to finally bring into play all the powers of darkness for the final conflict. There was unlimited money funneled thru the CIA which you get no accounting of, which would finally betray you. And there you had a man, a genuine Red, who had his hands in the treasury of the U.S. and he was working to bring down the downfall of the nation he was to represent.

Now we have this policy which was to form the United Nations into a more powerful world government, and this was the area of power that was to be undertaken. So we discover that with all of these policies being decided against us, that rule 11 of the United Nations then was held back. But the people do still do not know what that is. But we have watched the security council of the United Nations with their ability to veto. And of course the general assembly of the U.N. had one vote for each member, that when rule of 11 would come into play, it would take in the sun total of population. But then the African nations would have maybe 10 million votes to your maybe two million, and you would pay all of the bills and have all of the intelligence. And then they want to put Red China in with 830 million people.

This, my friends, will mean that the whole process of voting will fall into the hands of the Reds. And this will mean that if you put Red China into the United Nations, then you will have to take Formosa off the table and her votes will also go to Red China. This is of course one of those fantastic programs of the United Nations. Well, Nationalist China only has a standing army of about six million men. But I would take them to handle any 10 million men on the mainland. It is an efficient army and a well-laid out army.

Now you know that we voted to supply all the necessary arms to Chiang Kai Shek. And do you know that they never got to him? They were sunk in the North China Sea. The world government people said, ‘we should not deliver them,’ and the State Department said, ‘that this revolution in China was an agrarian revolution, and we should not give these armaments to Chiang Kai Shek.’ And they threw the arms overboard and they violated the decision of the Congress of the United States which had promised to see that he had sufficient arms. By the various area of leadership in the United Nations, we would have expected more when the Jews murdered Count Bernadott as he was in Israeli to see that they respected the rules laid down by the United Nations. Because by this time, Israeli had claimed the border states, and they had run out both the Christians and the Arabs from some areas. They were forcing the people out into the desert. So when Count Bernadott went down into Palestine, and he was not writing any of the decisions that the Jews wanted, then they killed him. But he had already sent out his white paper of the report he would make. He was a zealist and he had not caught the vision that anyone should make, that there is one place you do not want to disagree with, and that was anything that the Jews wanted to do. He thought there should be a great one world government and no more wars. But he did not realize that this was not in the program of the Jews. There in Israeli, he saw all the things being done that the Jews accused the Germans of doing in Germany to the Jews, and more. They were committing things against Christians, also, and Arabs. And he sent this report back to the United Nations.

And in his briefcase, he was carrying notes for his new message. And they thought that they had the report from his brief case, but it came back to the united Nations. They never did anything about it. And the man got a special reward, and also was awarded the star of Israeli. So they awarded the murderers of Count Bernadott. He was killed because he did not play it the way they wanted to play it inside of the United Nations.

And in other areas, we had different people with influence. And one of these, was Mr. Bunch. He was that Red Negro who was under the thumb of Mrs. Roosevelt while she was the wife of the President of the United States. And Mr. Bunch was a part of the Communist Party. He spoke at the Communist Party meeting when it was held in Chicago. And of course he promised the Reds that the communist government was working out to the tune of the Socialist world, a one world, in which the colored masses would have a defeating vote over the masses of society, and then the White Christian nations would never have a voice in world affairs. And at this time, they were deciding that we should have very little to say about world affairs. For we would be outnumbered by 5/6 to 1/6. And of course, I think it is totally stupid for any White nation or group of White nations to join any society where they are going to be outvoted six to one. I think that is the time to stop paying the bills and come on home and leave them to paddle their own canoe. They would have no funds with which to operate this United Nations which is drifting into this design of World government if the White nations would stop paying the bill.

Now that the Red nations have the man power and the voting power to out vote, yet they do not want to pay the bills. One of the most significant things to happen, was the actions of Mr. Church, who is the Senator from Idaho. Mr. Church wants to give the United Nations control over all the ocean floor minerals right up to our shore lines. And by this she will be able to pay her bills and progress in her program for ultimate better world government.

Now let’s take a look at this. Here in California, this would mean tremendous wealth. Because offshore we have all of these oil deposits, and all of the way up the coast, we have found vast mineral resources. And off the coast of Alaska, tremendous wealth is just off the coast line. And now we know how to get it out. And this fellow wants to give it to the United Nations. We have Senators saying, ‘but what is the United Nations good for? It has not accomplished anything that we were told that it would accomplish.’ But they are forgetting that now we are under the power of a sovereign world government that is fomented by the program of Antichrist. And do you know that the United Nations, under its treaty powers, has the power to declare war and to force the support of these sovereign nations? And all of the time that this United Nations was being formed, they were telling us that this may be our last hope, and this is a part of the same propaganda he was receiving, and out of the World Council of Churches, as they were saying, that man's last best hope was in the United Nations.

One of the things they were pointing with this idea of 'man's last hope, they said it would produce Peace. But this was not Peace. Not to our nation. But they built this wall of these man-nations and they daubed it with untempered mortar. Christ said that it would fall with a great fall, because HIS spirit was not in it. And thus it falls from the weight of the hail stones from heaven and with a strong wind. And as it falls, then people will say, no where is this daubing with which ye have daubed it.’ You know this is not too far from falling, for we went into it for Peace, and now we have a world government on our hands and where is the peace? As we came up to the time of Korea and the war, then General Douglas McArthur said, “we, with our weapons, can fight a successful war if we go it alone. But we cannot do this within the United Nations.” But President Truman had been sold a bill of goods by advisors and he did not understand what it was all about. They had told him that they were going to make him the head of the Grand Lodge down in Israel, and he didn't understand.

Then came David Horowitz, and he said, ‘all you have to do is recognize the state of Israel and you will be blessed with all blessings, even the Bible will tell you that, now won't it, Mr. Truman? And we will see that you get elected for the second time. And the United Nations and World Government will honor you for all times.’

Mr. Truman was not smart enough to figure this out. And he surprised his own State Department and Great Britain and other areas by recognizing the little abortive state of Israeli. Then when he was out there talking to McArthur, then McArthur said the North Koreans will never come across the Yalu River line as long as we have our weapons and maintain our sovereignty.

Then the world government boys called on Mr. Truman and he promised never to bomb any of the supply lines coming out of Red China, or the cities from which these supplies were coming from in Red China. Thus, he gave a sanctuary to the world government troops, and this was carried out by Mr. Truman.

But then I always thought that Mr. Truman was about the weakest President we ever had. Thus, this placed General McArthur and our troops under a tremendous handicap. Even such, he pushed his troops to the north and he would have mopped up on North Korea and we would have had only one Korea, a free Korea. There were 300,000 Red Chinese just across the Yalu River line but they said, ‘No, you cannot bomb them.’ They would come over and cut our aircraft so when the world government gives sanctuary to the enemy, then the enemy can move out and cut your troops to ribbons and then retreat into safe areas to rest. And one day when it was cloudy, they started to pour over the Yalu river bridges, and they began to push our troops back. General Douglas McArthur had to order a withdrawal of our troops. Then they began to blame McArthur saying he should never have gone north. But he had been betrayed by politicians in Washington. So McArthur began to move his troops back while under attack from millions of Red Chinese. And then God stepped in. They say that generally there is no clearing of the weather once the weather sets in as foggy and cold. They say some times there is no sun for thirty or forty days, at a time. Then suddenly as they were moving our troops, the sky cleared up and our air craft came roaring in and started pounding the Reds, now on our side of the Yalu River. And it pounced them and held them back. And American GI's escaped to the boats, and they withdrew without too great a loss of life because God had cleared the skies. It left the Reds still north of the Yalu River. McArthur then could be once more on the south side.

But what defeated you was the United Nations and its world government which said that you could fight a war, but you cannot win it, and you cannot win it, and you cannot bomb the adversaries, and you cannot move in on his sanctuaries.

Let me tell you something. One of the things giving the greatest area of victory to the Vietcong is that they have sanctuaries in Cambodia and in Laos. You are not allowed to touch them. And when you attack them, then they retreat back into those sanctuaries and you are not allowed to attack them. But we have promised this. And it is fantastic and it is not the way to win a war. But then we were not supposed to win when er entered this war . . . only contain Communism. Thus, the United Nations and world government interfered and America lost 50,000 men. And so many wounded and maimed for life . . . all for nothing. And as we look at this situation, then we realize that we can never win a war unless we are allowed to attack and destroy our enemy. Mr. Uthant then came down to the United Nations and he says the U.S. should never be allowed to attack the Vietcong. So why are we over there then? He wants to turn over Vietnam then into the hands of the Vietcong and sue for peace, and establish one area of Vietnam which will be a Communist area of Vietnam.

Remember that when Mr. Kennedy was President, that it was Mr. Uthant who came and said that he would go down to Cuba and see that the missiles were removed and the bombs sent home? So Mr. Uthant went down to Cuba and he ask Mr. Castro if these were all removed and Mr. Castro said, ‘you have to take my word for you cannot look, but, yes, they are all gone.’ And Mr. Uthant said, ‘we would not think of embarrassing you as to make a search. We will take your word.’ And he came back to Mr. Kennedy and tried to impress upon him how humiliating this was for Mr. Castro and that the United Nations would never demand such a thing of Mr. Castro. And this great bleeding heart, Mr. Uthant, was begged by our President to stay on as the head of the U.N. and the world government. And as he did that, then he begged a Buddhist coot to remain in authority over Christian nations of the world in the United Nations.

Now God speaks out. And what does HE say concerning this? HE makes a statement back here in Deuteronomy: "Therefore thy God, thy eternal refuge, and under the everlasting arms.” And HE says that Israel shall dwell alone and in safety she shall dwell alone." And HE vows that this fountain of Jacob shall be fed with corn and wine from the heavens, but she must dwell alone. Happy art thou oh, Israel, for who is like unto thee--oh, people saved by the LORD. For HE will turn and become thy source of thy excellency upon thine enemies.”

Well, we move into this type of world government and this world government is working against your interest even now. So we turn again to watch this thing. And we remember that in the book of Daniel, we are told that this is the policy of Antichrist. And he shall destroy wonderfully, and he shall practice, and he shall destroy the mighty and the holy people. And thru this process he will prosper and will magnify himself in his heart. And by deceit, he shall destroy many, for they shall gather round about his candidacy and suddenly, Israel shall discover that they are in the areas of vital war.

But this program of Antichrist is going to be broken without hands by the Prince of Princes---broken without hands. And it says the vision of the evening and the morning shall come, but when he stands up against the Prince of Princes, then he shall be destroyed. Thus the Bible tells us that the people of the kingdom shall be joined by the LORD of LORD's and the Prince of Princes, and they will totally destroy this socialist revolution . . . this program of Antichrist.

The thing is that America is getting sick and tired of world government. They are finding out that the things they thought were Washington, D.C. commissions, are United Nations commissions. And they have discovered that Metro areas are U.N. areas around great cities, and they have set up Metro government. Dade County, Florida is a Metro government. And they have a Metro government in New York and in New Jersey. And the people want them OUT. And they want Los Angeles to be a Metro government. They will take in mountains . . . anything. But they want their Metro governments.

So what is a Metro government? In this area then the judges are not subject to the constitution, but subject to the decisions of this Metro government. And they have city managers, and then you discover that Mr. Tito is the head of the City managers school. So that is where they get their city managers from. And we find out that now Glendale is also under this city manager program and Mr. Tito is the world head of the city manager program . . . but also, the world head of the communist conspiracy in this area.

So don’t for one moment think that Mr. Tito is on your side, by saying he is not a communist anymore . . . he is just a socialist, and we can go along with him. But Mr. Tito just got up and said that the United States is guilty of genocide, and that the forces and the people of Yugoslavia would stand with the forces of the Vietcong. He said we were destroying Vietnam by genocide. And this is but one week old . . . this statement of his. In fact, the program is now a unique one. And while they are now ready to admit Red China into the United Nations, and they want to increase the patterns of world government, then in this mornings 'Times,’ and Mr. Mao of China said, ‘yes, that China is going to enter into the Vietnam war. She will move in when she thinks the time is right, and she will move in with her tremendous armies and that they would crush the armies of the United States, and carry the war right back to the mainland of the United States.

Thus, she is promising the Vietcong, missiles and supplies, and that they had only been waiting for the proper time to move in and destroy the United States troops. This is told in two whole pages, as to what Mr. Mao has told reporters concerning the Vietcong war.

So we discover that the Soviet Union is also expanding in the East and in the Mediterranean area. And you will have clashes of steel with your Navy. And they may move in larger fleets for this purpose. And now we see that the Soviet Union is now preparing for a push into portions of Western Europe, for she has increased her manpower and her cavalry 200% in the last two months. And she now stands 250% greater over the forces of western Europe. But Russia wants you tied up with Red China while she moves into Europe. She wants you involved with the strategies of world peace and world government. And she wants your cities to talk about disarming themselves, and she wants you to dissolve what the Bill of Rights has assured you are yours . . . like the American citizens right to bear arms. And they are working hard to get every citizen disarmed. They must accomplish this for Russia. And the communist revolution is planning a bloody revolution for you. The Negro hordes that are to be turned loose in your cities do not want any opposition. They will move in to attack your legislatures to get the type of legislation thru that they want. But they want everybody disarmed. They will be armed and will constantly be armed by the Red hordes. And their design is to open you for invasion if it were possible. And so in these areas they are getting you ready for a mighty struggle. It is not so much a struggle for you, but it is against New Jerusalem and God's order. Because this New Jerusalem is a continuing city, and the MOST HIGH says that when they come against this great city, this new order, in civilization and culture, dedicated to the servants of God, and identified as belonging to Jesus Christ, HE has promised that this will be Armageddon. And then heaven and earth will be joined to handle this assault.

So we turn again to the book of Revelation, and John speaks of this. And he says:-- “I beheld and a white cloud, and HE who sat upon it was like unto the son of man, and upon his head a golden crown and in his hand a sharp sickle. And another angel came out of the temple, saying to HE who sat upon the cloud, thrust in thy sickle and reap for the harvest is ripe. And HE who sat upon the cloud thrust in the sickle and the earth was reaped.” (Rev: 14:14-16)

Now this is an area of symbolism. And it talks about the time when the hour will come when God moves for the kingdom, and HE reaps a mighty harvest for the kingdom. And HE promises the children of the kingdom that they shall take the kingdom and possess it forever and forever.

The strategy they use, is to talk of peace. But HE says HE will bring down this false Peace organization with a shower of great hail stones and mighty bombs. The world will be locked in a mighty struggle, but God says HE is going to cover you and protect your cities, and 1/6 of the world will be immunized against the power of the Antichrist. All this by the power of God.

Now some may not believe this. But this is one of the times that we shall establish clearly before the world that, altho we have been taken in, and we should never have joined ourselves to an organization such as the U.N. and should never have surrendered any of the power of the United States to this world government, this metro government, and then this building of labor unions and labor organizations, and surrender of farm land to a collective society, answerable to the world resources committees of the United Nations . . . saying they will produce the food, and the people will live in their central cities and go out each day to work on the farms. Thus, the people are not to have anything to say about it. For their lives will be orchestrated from the cradle to the grave. So who will run this thing? The Cord Meyers, and the people who have marked the fact that they are the children of the Dragon.

Let me tell you something. Christian civilization is waking up and they have determined that this shall not be. More than this, as they become more awakened, the enemy becomes more alarmed. And they stir up more investigations of the people who speak out against the Jews. But the Jews have brought this upon themselves, because they are a part of this massive program to subordinate the world into their administration.

So now we see these strategies developed, and they fight from limited sanctuaries, and they strike your troops and then return to these sanctuaries. What we need is for the Congress and the people of the United States to say that if the communist attack, then go after them. There are no sanctuaries. Follow them, wipe them out and bomb them to pieces. But not for one moment surrender American lives to the sanctuaries of World Government. Do not permit the communist to have any type of control and then, my friends, do not pay any of the bills of the United Nations. While they place a communist socialist society in power. So I think it is time that we removed Church from the Senate who is working for a World Government and not working for our interest. And we would lose billions and billions of researches. But God said, “I am against all of these things. . . and especially the National Council of Churches who give my people a wrong direction, saying this is man's last best hope.” But God says that man's best hope is God's kingdom and its administration of earth. (End of message)