Grace Of God To You, 7-ll-65


by Wesley A. Swift - 7-ll-65

We turn in our thinking this afternoon to this subject "The grace of God to you." It is most important that we understand this part of theology, for this is a related experience to those who relate to the people who constitute the household of God. Often we hear that those, who have any identity with the household of God, do not understand Grace, and they do not understand God's purpose. But I want you to know that this is Grace unto a race, and Grace unto a family. And the Grace which constitutes this is one of the great dynamic patterns of a divine force flowing from heaven earthward, carrying out the program of God as it relates to you. There is much confusion today in theology due to improper translation. Sometimes there is continuing confusion because of the contention of God's household in the world, due to translation and the words in the King James Version or in the Doray version. Sometimes the translation leads into confusion because of the identity of the various branches of God's household. And sometimes the King James Version and others were translated not as they should have been, but into the areas of confusion, and those making the translation helped with this confusion as they translated certain passages.

There are continuous statements saying that there is no difference between a Jew and a Gentile. Or there is no difference between a man of Judah and a man of the House of Israel, and now you are talking of something else. But wherever you find the word Jew as it relates to God, or the kingdom of God, you find that it is translated from the word Judah. And this is the word that should be used. And when you find it referring to the Gentiles you find it is referring to the nations, or the Ethene, the people of the tribes.

Thus it is that the household of God in the earth is a very real society. And it is made up of a special people. It is made up of the offspring of God. And God is one who takes pride in identifying himself, with his family and his race and his offspring. And all of the energies from before this earth was framed has been directed toward his household coming into the world, to fulfill all of these things he had ordained before the foundation of the world.

I want you to realize that when we deal with the infinity, the infinity of these patterns, are beyond sometimes the absorption of the human mind. We are not starting with the synthesis out of nothing because there has never been a period when there was nothing. For God has eternal youth, or existence, and there should be nothing at any period of time that is not coexistent with God for HE was always creating. In the process of thumbing thru the newspaper I saw they were talking about some basic elements being used now. Some NASA scientist said he had seen how all creation was put together by just sort of an evolutionary explosion of all of the vital elements that consist of life. And now they can manufacture life and produce life. Don't believe it. For in the first place they have to have something with which to start making something from. And they have to find components of energy which are found in life. And they have found that this product called life is moving and is found in all parts of the universe. This does not mean that they have made life, but they have found the vital patterns of motion and the activity that is found in all things which are alive. And every once in a while we find that there is a little of this peculiar pride, until some people assume that we can replace God now with some continuous pattern of semantics. But they have overlooked one pattern of this explosion that every atom, and every molecular mass and every nucleus has an intelligent center, and true knowledge working to balance out the electrons of the atom. And they determine the synthesis of the substance by the very mentoid substance in the nucleus of that atom. And when you have to have the energy of mind control thru the substance they try to call anomalous, but are not necessarily in-anomalous. Because the very substances are in motion and synthesized by law. We are faced with the fact that the intelligent master of the universe holds all things together by the existence of, having determined the substances by the groupings of material rolled out, the solar systems, and created the vastness of the sidereal systems, which we stare at when we catch the reflections on the planets as they move by in the light of our sun. But in all of these things we are only dealing with the substance of the time. For there was a period before this sidereal system and before this earth there was a period when other solar systems and sidereal systems still existed before this one.

In fact I want to say this before everyone in this room this afternoon. When this earth was made, you were there. Not on it but you were there at the time this earth was rolled out. When our solar system was put together, you were there. That is why Job said that when this was done and this solar system was created that as HE laid the foundations of the earth, that ALL OF THE SONS OF God were there. And the morning stars sang together and the sons of God shouted for joy. All of this happened when HE rolled out the creative system as HE made the earth.

Therefore there is no consciousness in this room that was not with the Father when this world was framed, in Celestial plains and in Celestial dimensions. And as I talk about this lets not distress ourselves with time. Lets not try to limit all of our horizons with three score years and ten. And try to pour it all down in the cranium of some of these people who try to place before God what they think they were trying to do that they consider their own audacity in replacing HIM with their own works.

I thought about this as I read one of these articles by an astronaut saying that now they had solved all of the conditions of creation, and if they have to do this for the whole universe they can do it. Well we are going to need some super men about now so they will have their opportunity to demonstrate just what they can do. But I want to point out the practice of Grace. This starts with God doing something very special that HE wants to do, and then doing it for some people who are very special that HE wants to du it for. Not because they earned it but because they are his people, and the ones he wanted to do it for.

Thus we deal with the people of this book When we are dealing with the bible, we are dealing with a people, for the book was written for the white race. Hear this the bible was written for the white race.

Someone said, but it is good for other people also. Yes, there are truths in this that are good for all people. But the bible was written as a revelation to the Adamic household, this white race. And then God specifies as to the channel of his race. When HE specifies that it was the sons of Seth, who now having passed the process of transgression, Adam could now say,--'I have now begotten a man in my own image. And from this point on all of the history of this book, and all of the genealogy of Adam, then the genealogy of Jesus himself is traced back to Seth the son of Adam who was a son of God.

When we talk about Israel, it is important that we understand what the word Israel means. It means an issue that rules with God, Princes ruling with him in earth. A divine family, heirs of his kingdom as well as heirs of his Salvation. It seems strange to some who think that everything that happens upon the earth was known to God before it happened.

Especially is this true of the fall of this race which he transferred from heaven to earth. No way is God abandoning you, his household because you find yourself in an area of judgment and condemnation. In fact before your race ever came into earth, HE said that the Luciferian powers will tempt you and you will fall. But I am going to have to restore you, I will be your savior. And thus I will restore you. And God with all of the sovereignty of my responsibility I will have to assume the responsibility for having let you go there in the beginning. Then not having provided a wall sufficient so that you would not make a mistake. HE said, if I provided such a wall which would keep you from making a mistake, I would have also had to provide a perception of what it is that you must conquer. This was explained to Enoch and he wrote of it in "The wisdom of Enoch.” He said that God had explained to him why he had not shut off from the minds of men the ability to have identified Luciferian error, into what would be by his own foreknowledge the fall of their race, this violation of law, in order that they might understand and perceive that this should not happen. But he provided enough power for his people with greater knowledge and greater understanding, after they had experienced what it was that they were sent into the world to defeat.

Someone said, but God should not have done it this way. Always I find someone who is smarter that God, saying, God shouldn't do this or that way. Always there arises in the minds of disturbed theology, why this, or why that? But God has always made explanations and declarations as to why. Sometimes he does not always explain except to say:--'I am God and I do it this way'. --'This is the right way.'--and inevitably it is demonstrated to be the right way. Because when men do things contrary to the pattern of God, pretty soon it is demonstrated that this is not right.

Now in the instance of this, then God had declared the fall of your race. Then every once in a while someone tries to grab up and apple, or a pear or some kind of fruit and then say that Adam and Eve ate the fruit off of the wrong tree. Rut there is no question about the allegories and the mysteries in the book of genesis that you have recorded in the bible. And there are some people who do not understand the mysteries because they are only spiritually understood. But God said:-- ‘I will open these mysteries unto you and will give you the knowledge of these mysteries. For unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God. Unto them it is not given.'

You know, there are some people on radio and on T.V. and it was never given to them to understand the mysteries of God. And this is the reason they act like they do. But do not let that disturb you for it was not given to the Jews to know these things.

Now listen. When God said to Adam, ‘from all of the trees that are for food you may eat. So from any tree planted here for fruit, then you can eat that fruit.’ But this was not an apple. For we are still eating of the apple tree for it is a fruit. About as foolish as anything man has dreamed up is this idea that Eve ate an apple from a fruit tree. But there was one symbol of law-- ‘thou shalt not cohabit with other species and races.’ And the Enosh people were race trees with the knowledge of good and evil. So they had already violated divine law and evil had come upon them. Thus, there is no transgression without intellect. But any time you find an apple with intellect you show it to me for I want to see it. Anytime you find any fruit that is off the vine and doing some thinking for itself I want to know about it. This tree of the 'knowledge of good and evil thus was a racial tree, a Luciferian tree, and the fruit upon it would be just like it because evil was upon it.

Remember when God said to Adam---of all of the Enosh there is no help mate for you? And this word Enosh is translated all thru the Old Testament for man, when you are not talking about the Adamic race. There are two words which run thru the old scriptures--Adam and Enosh. And wherever you find the word Adam then it is talking about the sons of Seth, thru Adam, the white race. And any time you find the word Enosh and it is translated man, then it is talking about the people not begotten by the spirit of God, but a created people. Some of them fell in the Luciferian rebellion, some were brought in during his rebellion. But they are not spirit begotten children, they are Enosh.

Now we do not find that God is unfair, or at any time lacking justice, or short in his power. Nor do we find that as these people came under the fall of Lucifer that God has cast them out, or that he is saying--I have nothing for you. This is not true. If there is only one program of God which he puts forth it is for the putting down of the darkness. He defeated it in outer space, and he concentrated it essentially right here on this earth.

Now let’s be clear about this. A defeated Lucifer has no power outside of this solar system. And generally speaking almost all of it is on this earth. Except sometimes some of these things which fly thru space with their monstrous forces, and their tainted background. And some of the things which we see from the netherworld. Every flying object thus is not good. There are unseen forces round you that are governed and ruled by the powers of darkness. There are demon powers, and devilish powers, and Satanic powers. An I am more disturbed by those that are seen than those that are unseen. Because there is also something that God in his Grace, have understood. And when he placed your race here in the world, he did not place it here to be destroyed. Because HE was the sovereign purpose in his plan, which was before the foundation of the world, and that was the plan of redemption. He had planned for his salvation and for its deliverance. And he planned this on the basis of his own power to do this not on all of the psychological reactions of his children, as to whether they would or would not make the decisions. But HE has enough power to make the decisions, if he wants to so don't you worry about that.

Some people have to find this out. Some when God told them to go do something made up their minds that they would not go, but they ended up going, even if they had to be swallowed up by a great fish and then dumped out on the bank. Some of them had to have hornets come along and sting them and drive them down the road, but the hornets arrived.

Don't you worry as to whether God can get you to a place he wants you to go. He can get you there all right. I have no question in my mind of God's power to carry out any of his projects. The most responsible thing for us is to worry about how we carry out our responsibilities.

In this instance then God sent you into the world knowing full well what would transpire. And then he said I have made it so secure for I have written your names down in the Lamb's Book of Life, in a divine record, in the records of heaven. Even before I place the world in form, or made the cosmos that you were going to dwell upon. Even before I created Lucifer and put him on this spot. All of who have come out of this holy seed, I have written down your names in my Lamb's book of life. And as I wrote them there I saw to it that I would have enough power for every one of you in earth, to be redeemed out of this concentrated spot of evil. And you shall come out and conform to my image.

Now either God is big enough to do that---either God is big enough to keep his word. If he could not keep his word then you would have no religion. You would have no foundation. You do not have any basis to place any foundation upon except by the word, and its function. Therefore we tell you that when the Most High says that this is what I am going to do--I am going to transfer my celestial children who are just as real as I am. I am going to transfer them right down there on earth among all of that evil. And there I will defeat evil, right down there in earth. Because Lucifer refused to recognize anything greater than himself. But now he will acknowledge every last one of my sons. He is going to serve them.

So we have these passages such as that your name was written down in the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the world. And you cannot say that you have earned that because it was done before you came. This was declared for you before any area of conflict was forth coming.

How did God know what we would do? He knew the energies, the persuasiveness, the patterns, and he knew how to supply sufficient Grace, to finally bring this thing into control and into proper order. The universe revolves around the energies of God and he can bring any position that he desires. He can change it and make it conform, for this is a mark of his power. So we turn for one moment back to the book of Isaiah, and here we read these words: "Remember the former things of old, for I am YAHWEH, and there is none else." He said,--I am God and there is none like me. And then HE said, I declare the end from the beginning, of ancient thing that are not yet done. My counsel will stand and I will do all of my pleasure.

Now I do not want a God who does not have this kind of power. So we have no other authority here, for HE says I am absolutely Omnipotent. I have all power and I will do everything that I intend to do. Everything in the council of my will, I put everything together so I will do all that I intend to do.

Now if there is any consolation today in the face of all of the troubles round about you, then remember this that God by his foreknowledge has determined that you shall conform to his image. That you shall fulfill your work as mighty sons. That no positions, no nothing, shall interfere with it. Therefore he said,--I will do all my pleasure. In this same declaration HE said, "Thus saith YAHWEH the Holy one of Israel, thy maker." And when he said, "Ask me for thing concerning my sons."(Isa. 45) "I made the earth, I created all things upon it, and I have ordained that My sons are going down here, and they will overthrow the darkness, and I want the world to know that I have loved them, and that I sent them down here to do this." "This is what I have willed."

Now listen to this.--"Therefore thus saith YAHWEH who created the heavens . . . I made the heavens and the earth, and I did not make it to not be inhabited.” He did not make it to be not inhabited. He formed it to be inhabited. And then HE declared,--"I am YAHWEH, there is none with this power." And then he said 'humble yourselves, and draw near, and I will tell you that I will fulfill and take counsel together.’ So you gather them here and take counsel and let them tell us of what they know of ancient times, and they will discover that I alone am God and there is none else. And "beside me there is no savior. I YAHWEH am thy YAHSHUA thy savior.”

Now he makes this declaration: 'In YAHSHUA, IN HIS SAVIOR HEART AS YAHWEH, thy YAHSHUA, IN THIS SAVIORHOOD, I the one and only one, the Eternal God. In ME shall all of the seed of Israel be justified, and shall glory.”

I do not care whether a Baptist, Methodist or a Pope or Priest. I do not care what any one of them says. I do not care how many necessities they may have set up saying that by fulfilling these necessities, and going thru these rituals will you be accounted worthy of receiving Salvation. I am going to tell you that aside from that putting all of this on the shelf and disregarding everything from conduct to service . . . I am going to tell you that God made a statement here that in his capacity as YAHSHUA, savior --'all the seed of Israel shall be justified and shall glory.' And there is nothing that can stop this from being fulfilled.

Someone says what does this mean? It means that God extended his Grace to a race of people, who were his own family here in the earth. And this is beyond anything they could achieve or earn on their own. But this absolutely guarantees that race shall have a total and absolute salvation from any area of trouble or catastrophe, from any area of responsibility from any area of incompleteness, and shall totally measure up to his standards.

Now you say, but I do not see people doing all of this. No--but you are now talking about only this present moment. Where as God has determined what he is going to do with you at least into Eternity. He is going to make you conform unto His own image. You say but look at all of the people who have lived and then died and didn't make it. Well, whoever told you that those who died will not come back and finish the job. In fact the whole corner stone of our Christian faith is built around this Eternal day of resurrection. And I am going to site to you that in the declaration of this book ----the consciousness of men absent from this body is to be present with the LORD. And if he did not complete the work he as a son in earth he was to do, then God will put him back in that body and he will finish that task. And there will be a lot of people who have already consummated their area of responsibility, who will remain in earth to receive their responsibility and their glory. Then the Most High made this statement here as he said, 'They are going to conform to His own image. Therefore My counsel shall stand and I will do all of my pleasures."

I listened to a radio channel the other day and this man was harassing people telling them that this was their last chance, or they will be destroyed. They would go into torture chamber positions forever. It did not make any difference what their religion, their background was, this was their destiny . . . unless they accepted the jingle he was trying to put out. As he went thru that particular procedure.

So I listened to this man saying that God had done every thing in his power to save men, but he was only going to get a few people, for almost all of them were going to terrible torture chambers of eternal punishment, and only a few were going to make it.

I want to tell you this afternoon that a God who could only get a little bit out of his creation would not be big enough. He would be competing against all of the pagan idolatry in the world. There are 800 million people in China and most of them are worshiping devils and devil doctrines and Buddhism. Do you think that Buddha has more power than Jesus?

The people of India worship at the shrine of Vishnu, Siva, and Kali. The grotesque patterns of their idols and the depravity is woven all over the sites of their temples. And out of their darkness and their ignorance there is more demon power running rampant in India almost more than any place on earth except for voodooism in Africa. Do you think that these gods have more power than that manifested by the embodiment of YAHWEH, as YAHSHUA, Jesus the Christ? It would seem to be true if out of all of the universe and out of all of the creation if God was defeated by the devil and only came up with a few.

I want you to know concerning the household of his race, concerning the people begotten by his spirit, and embodies in the earth thru the Adamic race, that are flesh of his flesh, and light of his light, and spirit of his spirit--HE says, I have enough power to get every last one of them out of any condition that they are in an bring them to my Glory, to the eternal praise of my power and then, I still have enough power to use this restored people to see that ALL FLESH is restored, if I have to resurrect every living being whoever existed on the face of the earth to do it.

Oh, you say, does it really say that? Yes. Turn on over here and it says: "All flesh shall be saved." This does not mean that they shall not move thru areas of chastisement. That catastrophes do not overwhelm nations that violate divine law. We already have the testimony of a whole continent that went down, one on the west and one on the east, that went down under the waters of the oceans because of the violations of divine law. WE already have the problems of the vastness of evil. We have watched what people say when they violate divine law, and we have watched the impact of sin upon this planet. Depressions, wars, starvation, and trouble, and all that goes with the degeneracy of the violations of divine law. This is what sin produces. Thus, sin is violation of divine law.

I listened to an Evangelist who was singing along at high pitch over the radio station the other night. And he said, we must remember that we are not under law, we are under grace. Thus you do not have to keep the law, but you have to accept what Christ did or you are till going to have to go into the torture chambers forever and ever.

But I am going to tell you that the spirit alone can bring to the spirit cognition and the physical embodied mind, has a soul consciousness that must evaluate either by the soul consciousness or out of the pattern of the senses, must be activated by the spirit before it can understand great spiritual truths. I am going to tell you that no man anywhere on the face of the earth ever understood the mysteries of Redemption, the mighty working of Christ, or the mighty purposes of God. Not one man on the face of the earth ever understood this unless God activated the seat of his consciousness, with His spirit. Because these things are not naturally understood, they are spiritual discerned.

One of the great any mighty powers of Christ's Grace moved thru the nations of his kingdom, and moving thru this institution which established His holy church is Grace of the Spirit, moving in conjunction with the developing of the minds of men in their consciousness will yield to the mysteries of His ways. "For unto you is given to know the mysteries of his kingdom, unto them it is not given."

Every once in a while when some talk about the great purposes of the Household of God, when we talk about the great nations of his kingdom. When we talk about the fulfillment of prophecy, then a small mind comes along and says this is not fair, there is nothing planned for anyone else. And they fail to note that they are a part of the plan for all people. When we talk about God's responsibility, that he would not leave his sons and daughters in areas of catastrophe, and not let them be held in bondage, because they were victims of conditions of environment, and had not fulfilled the law. Thus, then what is Grace?-- Grace gives you a knowledge and understanding of things before you have time to work it out. That is great, for some people do not understand it, but the law, itself when it was given to Israel was a condition of God's Grace. He did not give it to Africa or Asia for they did not have any capacity to understand its spiritual values. He thus gave the law to his own people, To Israel HE gave the law.

I turn over to the book of Romans in the 9th chapter, in the 4th verse, and I read: Who are the Israelites who obtain this position of sons of God the glory of God, the covenants of God, the giving of the law, and the services of God and the promises? Christ said,--"Who are the fathers, concerning the flesh?" This is a rather clear statement. But all of these facets, the covenants of God were not earned they were bestowed. The promises of God were made out of the graciousness of his eternal being. The magnitude of what he bestows upon you, and the understanding, is found in His Grace Unto you.

Now therefore we have had a law given unto us. This was a law for the government of his kingdom, and was based upon morality, and ethics, and upon a concept that went further than a father in earth could provide for them. And it covered the food that they were to eat and the areas of their economy and the realizations of the means of moving their goods. And in each and every way the law covered the necessities and the facets of his kingdom, built upon righteousness. Then ten commandments were given which were highlights of the law. This required that you put no other gods before HIM. That thou should not commit adultery by cohabiting with another race. That you did not steal, and you did not lie, and that you did not go down thru the processes that were a total violation of spiritual revelation, and spiritual truthfulness.

The law was a law of conduct. Someone said, but no one kept this law. People violated this law. But now that they had the law, they now knew that they were wrong. Before they had the law, they did not know that they were wrong.

Someone said, they would be better off without the law then they would not know that they were wrong. That is only if you want to continue in ignorance and trouble. If you want to work out your problems and to solve them. If you want to see a kingdom, and a righteous society in the country then you have a model to follow. But if you would like to stay with this procedure and follow the course of catastrophe, that creates all of the violence and evil in the world. Then by this process you have demonstrated that you do not understand what believing really is.

We have a word concerning believing, and believing is not only understanding something, not just giving lip service to it. It is a process like faith which is given to every last one of you, it is a sign of Grace. It is given to every one of you. A measure of it, and it gives you the ability to receive a point of view and to put it into action.

You would think that a person who understood the laws of oxidation. Who understood the law of pain, like when thrusting your hand into the fire, would not put his hand upon something that would give him pain. So you think that if he understood and knew it would cause all of this pain that he would torture himself? By the same procedure everything around the absoluteness of God is clear. And if men can understand and perceive this, and are spirit of HIS spirit. Then when they come to a point when their consciousness is activated by this spirit, they will not take the course which brings the pain, the discomfort and the catastrophe.

But the Grace of God says that I give you my spirit to bring all things to your remembrance. This is out of the spiritual realm. Things that I told you before this world was framed. The giving of the knowledge of all truth, the giving of the Grace of God unto you, accompanied by one of the greatest manifestations of His Grace, when he reconnects his spirit upon a fallen society, when Jesus said unto you:--It is given unto you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of God," then he said it is necessary also that “I go away, but when I go away I will send the Paraclete,”--the consciousness of my spirit upon you. It will bring all things to your remembrance, and lead you to the knowledge of all truth. Even this spirit of truth that the world order cannot receive.

When Jesus in the 14th chapter of John, said that the world order cannot receive this, he is now talking about his Eternal sons who can receive it. The world cannot receive it. Then we have a delineation of people right here for the world cannot receive spiritual truth revealed by the spirit. They cannot understand for they are not spirit of that spirit. The children of that spirit must bring it to them on their level and must establish a society ordered by their power.

Now in the fullness of time God is going to do some miracles and you are going to co-work with HIM. Some of these people will be made into new creatures. Did you know that? Someone says what does that mean? This means that there will be added to them the ability to respond, at a much higher level of conduct than they could were it not for the grace of God transforming them by making new creatures out of them, This is a part of the transforming. And then there are those who try to take the promises of tomorrow and try to interweave it into today. And want you to teach people as tho they were already attained understand. This is as something they have no capacity at this moment to understand. This is why we are in trouble. Today there are those who have no understanding of the purposes of God which has been given to them because of who they are. And they are trying to integrate and intermesh into their society, that which will not work because it does not have this wondrous wisdom. They may be motivated by what they think is a grand opportunity to help the world, while behind them Satan's own children are pushing them, into what they think is good work in order to destroy you with it.

You see, Lucifer knew that the destruction of your race was to mongrelize it, that this would destroy it. Had not God intervened to restore with his Grace this ability and conduct, then your race would have been swallowed up. If he hadn't stepped in to intervene in this matter. But he said, "I put enmity between thy seed and the seed of the Serpent.” And also he said, ‘I do not treat you as you deserve, I treat you so that I can bring these thing to a head that I have ordained shall be.’ And therefore this we find that the psalmist and all of those who are pushing this form of religion singing Praise of God's Glory. Because HE has given all of these things unto his sons and his daughters. Unto his household and unto his race.

The President of the United States was talking about how happy he was that the first barrier to this civil rights legislation was going down. And He said,--now with the power that the voting will bring, and the power of this then we shall get everything that the Negro wants.

No, Mr. President, you are not going to get everything that the Negro wants because the Negro has no spiritual levels, or capacity to know what God wants for America. But we are not going to let him have it. What the Negro wants is to be absorbed, intermingled, and to mongrelize the white race. They want to move into the beds of the white race and bring it down to the level of their race. But God has forbidden this. In fact he has condemned it. And he will bring the greatest areas of judgment upon our nation if we permit this to transpire.

Now someone will always say but he wants to lift them up to his level. Well some do not have as far to lift as do others. I tell you that it would be hard for you to stand and argue that they have not taken over with their false suggestions, and their false prophecies the President. Who thinks he is the Messiah and he is running out to do something that Lucifer wants, which is also to destroy the nation. You cannot prove at this moment that he is not persuaded. But I can establish something for you very, very clearly, that all of the legislation in the world cannot make out of something that which it is not. And all of the preachers in the world cannot preach Grace to an area where that grace cannot be visited in this present fashion.

But the Grace of God does reach out to the ends of the world. It does reach out to Asia and to Africa. And it in time brings them into submission to the Eternal God against whom they have revolted. It causes them to acknowledge that he is God, and does promise in the areas that are ahead to make new creatures out of them.

I want you to realize that there is no place in the scripture, from Genesis to Revelation in which God by his Grace reveals this to a mind such as yours. This is the Grace of God which reveals this to you. Had he given any approval to this mixing of your blood stream and destroying this physical mechanism that is like a reception set, that your soul consciousness must dwell in. To mutate its wave length and mongrelize its capacities, or to so mutate the existing posterity that they could not respond to the knowledge of God's spirit. I am going to tell you something. You mix that spirit of God and a Negro and that offspring can never hear the spirit of God from that point of revelation. I am going to say something which is true. That all of the children from Adam thru Seth to this time have this capacity of receiving the spirit of the Living God. Until their race is mutated, and their seed is mongrelized, and has to fall into the categories of tomorrow with the rest, they will never be heirs to the kingdom.

When we talk about Grace, we are talking about the extent unto which God said he would go. Turn over into the book of Romans and we read,--"Therefore all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God.” And there is no question about this in the Adamic world. But being justified freely by HIS Grace, thru this redemption of the embodiment of God as Christ or YAHSHUA or Jesus, that God set forth this participation thru faith and thru his blood to declare HIS righteousness for the remission of sin. And to these that are past thru the forbearance of God.

Now I want to tell you why you can get confused in the book of Romans. Because the people do not know of the mistranslation of the word Judah for Jew. Or the word Ethnose, or the nations to the word Gentile. They think there is no difference in the procedure in which the power of God moves. For this cause we read again these words in the book of Romans. 'Therefore we see that all things work for good to them that love God, and to them who are called according to HIS purpose.' and the ones called according to his purpose are his household, his seed that he placed in the earth.

Now listen to what it says.---"For those HE did foreknow HE predetermined that they should conform to the image of the Son." He had predestined everyone HE did foreknow. But when did HE foreknow you? Before the foundation of the world as he formed his household.

So what about this Negro down here? This Negro was not foreknown before the foundation of the world because he did not exist before he was born. He does not have a spirit like you have. You have a spirit that was begotten of the Father before the world was framed. You were here before there were Asiatic on the earth. Because God created this world and put the Asiatic on it and he gave them a spirit also. But he never created a Negro on the face of the earth. That is true, for the Negroes were way out in the Milky Way before the rebellion of Lucifer. They came in during that rebellion, but already then they were mutated in their thinking, and degenerated in their conduct and they brought mongrelization, and integration and death into the earth.

Someone said, but we should feel sorry for them. We can feel sorry for anything. But this does not mean that I am going to meet the worlds desire to destroy our race, by a process which they call good, and is not good. It is not by the law of the world by which we live, it is by the law of God. I do not live by the law of God to get Eternal life, I have it by His Grace. I live by the law of God to bring his Grace, and to bring his kingdom in. Let us not confuse then what is a seemingly unthinkable argument. The distinction between law and Grace has nothing to do with one with the other.

The Apostle Paul was a great Apostle. Not only did God select him for an Apostle to the churches and to his race, and to the nations. And he reasoned like Aristotle and he recognized as did Plato, the areas of stark philosophy. And he therefore entered into an Epistle like that of Romans. And he would talk about Grace, and that grace was greater than laws. And that men are not saved by laws but are saved by Grace. And all of this was the presentation of sovereignty, and the greatness of Grace, but was never intended to make people think that law had no business in their lives.

I want you to know that if we had the expression of Paul with the clarity with which Paul thought it, we would not have this problem with interpretation today, and we would be exhibiting the greatness of America that God has bestowed upon you, to accomplish because you are his sons and daughters, his purposes in the earth. I want you to know that because you are ordained that God has ordained that you shall be clothed in the light of that Glory, and in the masterhood of that divinity. And that a race of his sons and his daughters standing tall in the earth, shall subordinate this center of evil and wickedness. Do you know that as you look out over this world and you see just what you look at? This is true to a degree. This is why you look at the beauty of the mountains and the majesty of its scenery and you rejoice for all of the work of our Father God the creator. But if you also overlook the areas of violence and evil created by the Luciferians you will soon succumb to the violence and evil unless you put up a wall against it.

Now we have a lot of people today who are kind of mutton headed maybe that is why God calls them sheep. And they sometimes do not think things thru so they say that the way to go thru life and enjoy it, but they know nothing about the things which are unpleasant. So they say if we do not pay any attention to it then we will not bother it and they will not bother us until you are a slave. You got carried off by Babylon’s mark, but God did not put you down here to be a dummy. He gave you intelligence, and when he gave you intelligence he gave you the law. And you have never had any peace since. For you knew what you had to do, and you knew you had so much to accomplish here and you cannot leave it alone.

I want you to know that the spirit of God stimulates this existence, and quickens people. We are in the vital surge of a great vital move of God. He has moved upon us from time to time and effected migrations and colonizations and the building of his nations. He moved upon your forbearers until you have a great constitution and a great bill of rights. You say, they should have gone a little further? But they did not go farther because the danger of making it stronger was not as apparent. But I point out to you that God made all of these moves, and in your generation, in the last 30 Or 40 years, you have watched the powers of darkness descend upon your nation and upon this continent. The last and most beautiful continent upon the face of the earth. The design being to break down your way of life and destroy your racial identity, and your racial self respect. Destroy the real vitality and heart of your faith. And to get you to accept on the world order level what you are told is good, but which is for your destruction.

Someone said but we should not take this attitude. Well if we do not then we do not look at the facts. If we look at the facts then we look at what has happened. And their are many libraries which contain what has been going on in the last 30 to 40 years.

We happen to be living in a time when we have watched pressures, satanic influences, bind the minds of men. We have watched this great nation surrender much of its liberty and assume much of the world order's burden of taxation. And it has now reached the point where they now want to consume our sons.

Now we have watched this happen in our own time. And we have also watched something else. You have watched in the last five years or so altho God started 15 or 20 years ago. Along with the conspiracy of the enemy then God started to stimulate his sons as to becoming knowledgeable upon all of the strategy of the enemy. And he continues to spread and to stimulate this. I could name great numbers of men in America who became mental giants on the strategy of the enemy. And they are still not facing God and if they had not been knowledgeable on the strategy of the enemy they would have been folded up long ago.

Gerald K. Smith continued to carry on for 15 to 20 years, still doing the same thing as far as the enemy was concerned. This was a move of God. Merlin K. Hart of the Economic Council, Citizens Council and Resistance of the South, was a move of God. They may not have always been well-guided but they had a purpose in what God was doing. The John Birch Society has been infiltrated by the enemy, and partly neutralized, but it is still awakening people. And the enemy move inside of every institution if they can get in.

I want you to know that every area of leadership today that exposes the enemy. Every institution of it. Even the KKK was a move of God. I do not say that everything that was done was right but they were moved of God. And I wish they were mighty and powerful in every state of the union right now. The reason I say this is because when you have great evil then you have to have great power. And this takes spiritual guidance and fearlessness. We did not come to life as a nation, at a Sunday school picnic. Men had to determine that they would carry out their political ideals even if they had to spill their blood, to make this a hallowed way of life.

Now listen.--I want you to realize that God has moved and stirred across this nation. And it is the Grace of God that causes men to rise up and think and act and oppose the darkness, even when it is unpopular.

Now I see the ancient emblems returning. The ancient Winged Orb, the clipping of the head off of the Serpent, all of these things that were with our race 7000 or 5000 years ago, activated and moved under the columns that God raised up from time to time, as we moved, and migrated across the face of the earth. And now these emblems are showing up again. What does all of this mean? It means we are close to the hour when judgment is going to fall on the enemies of God's kingdom.

When we talk about these things, it is the Grace of God which stimulates you and moves you to do your part. It quickens you, and makes you know. The enemy does not know how you can understand what you do. They do not know of the power that God can move upon His people. When I talk about Grace, I am talking about the unlimited power of God. To reach the consciousness of his sons and daughters and empower them to reach their destiny, by cognition and understanding. HE says "I call my sheep by name, I lead them out, I give them Eternal life, and they shall never perish."

Someone said, but can't we lose this? How are you ever going to lose something that God has ordained?--No, you never lose it. Then some small minds come along and they say, well if that is the case, then I can go into any area of misconduct that I wish and can come out all right. Well, this is an admission that they desire misconduct instead of righteousness. So--they may continue in this misconduct but they are bringing lots of trouble on themselves. They are going to have economic, social catastrophe in their lives.

The only way you arrive at the Sonship of living is that you coordinate your thinking with that of God. This does not mean that every thing is going to be peaceful with the enemy, but it does mean that it is going to be triumphant.

We do not have the time to finish the areas in the patterns of Grace. But I want you to know that God so loved you, and He so ordained that you, his household and his family would finish this task. And altho this world that you have turned to like and enjoy as far as his creation is concerned, is filled with more violence than in all of the rest of the universe. You are in the hot spot of the Universe. But God determined and selected you and sent you here thru this mystery of birth, because you were capable of bringing about the victory. That you fit into a vast mosaic, you never lost your identity. The enemy would socialize and collectivize you, but God brings upon his kingdom an awareness of each individual, and the value of a single soul. 'If I had 99 sheep in the fold and only one of them missing, how long would I search for that one sheep, until I found him?" And finding you can be sure that He would. For the areas of Omniscience are behind it and the areas of determination. If you think that you have ever met a determined person, then remember that all determination starts with God. He says, "I will do all of the council of my will."---"Of all of this I shall lose nothing.” And because of that you can walk tall and free, knowing that what HE suffered for you. What HE willed to accomplish. From Calvary, and from His purposes before and after, HE has taken off of you all of the areas of self-condemnation, and all of the areas of fear. And has said,--'I have bestowed upon you Eternal life, I have acknowledged you as my sons and daughters I have destined you to conform to my light and my glory. Now throw aside the fear and go out and do the job, of occupying the kingdom.

A ministerial meeting was held by a group of Preachers who wanted to decide what they would do with the day. So they summed it all up and they decided the way to solve all of their problems would be to hold a great Evangelistic meeting. And they were going to call all of the Methodist, Baptist, and others into these meetings to get them to acknowledge that Jesus was the Christ. This was then to solve all of the problems. So I was told of this wonderful decision and I ask them one thing. 'Did every man there believe that Jesus was the Christ?' The answer was --'yes.' So I said, now are all of these people from all of these different churches did they believe that?---Yes. So I said then I think you better get them all together and tell them what they should be doing for the kingdom. Because what you are gathering them together for is something that they already know.

I believe in the mighty power of God in a man's life by renewing his mind. And the instruction was to be not conformed to the world but to be reformed by the renewing of the mind. If every Christian church in America came out to tell its congregation that they should put pressure on the President and on the cabinet to turn away from all of this violation of Divine law, and all of these false patterns of unconstitutional legislation, which are against the Christians as they try to form the social order that God ordained. This would oppose integration and mongrelization and If the churches, all of them, would do this then America would be transformed in twenty-four hours.

You are on the edge of Armageddon. You are a great nation of God's kingdom. They are preparing to destroy your sons in Asia while they hit you here where you are scattered all over the world. But the Grace of God has already measured out a greater destiny for you. It is sheer utter Sovereignty to produce his Grace. And with that kind of sovereignty you can walk without fear. As long as you can understand and know what God has purposed for you.

End of message.