Great Apostasy, 1-3-65


By  DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 1-3-65

As we turn to our subject it is with the realization that we have moved into a very strange period of tribulation. The Book of Revelation talks about the day and the age in which we live. It refers to a large physical institution called the church as being in the church age of Laodicea. At the same time it talks about a true church that has been built out of the household of God's family who have been guided by the Spirit of God, to whom the knowledge of God is constant. And from which the doctrines of God's truth emerges forth from this church, and is referred to as the church age of Philadelphia. But in the course of these patterns the doctrines of the true church stand so far apart from the doctrines of Apostasy that today are sweeping the nation until we can well see that we have arrived at the period spoken of in the Book of Thessalonians as the period of Apostasy and falling away. In fact in the second chapter it tells us:...we beseech thee brethren, by the coming of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, and by our gathering together unto HIM, that ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter. Let no man deceive you by any means for that day of Christ shall not come except there be a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the sons of perdition. There is no question of the fact that we have approached the climax of events that lead up to the return of The Christ. And we have also come to the day of the Great Apostasy. We speak of this as the Great Apostasy because it stands out as the era of final judgment, and as..the falling away first. We can look back over the founding of our nation, and can discover that these men who came across the ocean to settle as Pilgrims came with one great design in heart, and that was that they could live in a land and worship God according to the dictates of their own heart. This worship of God was a great principal with them. More than this, as they landed on the shore at Plymouth they knelt in prayer and thanked God for a safe passage. And as they started to plant their crops, and later to reap their crops they thanked God for their harvest, for His guidance. As they had hostility from the Indians and problems arising they placed these problems in the hands of THE MOST HIGH and thanked Him continually. The formation of the early church, Puritan and others in this country was one of great and basic fundamental soundness. And the one thing that no man ever considered at any time would be...that anyone would deny that Jesus is The Christ. In fact we discover that one of the great basic doctrines of the Christian church is found in the Book of Colossians as the Apostle Paul makes it clear that YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, or Jesus was the image of the Invisible God (Spirit). HE was the first formed before every creature and by HIM are all things created that are in the heavens, and all things that are in the earth visible and invisible, whether they be thrones or principalities or powers. All things were created by HIM, and for HIM. HE is before all things, and by HIM all things consist. He is the head of the church and in the beginning He was the first formed, the first begotten from the dead, in that in all things HE might have preeminence. For it pleased the fullness of the Eternal Spirit that in HIM all the fullness of God should dwell bodily.

Thus it was that this was the doctrine of the basic church. In fact apart from this doctrine there existed no foundation for a church. The church is the called out center for the House of Israel to carry the word of God back to the people of all the tribes of Israel. It was to quicken, to awaken them to their areas of responsibility. To challenge them with the covenants of God, and to the destiny which God has for His household. Thus the church was known as the Christian church, and they even used the word Catholic church...because the word Catholic meant the Universal church inside the kingdom. It did not mean of course the institution which it is today. In fact the Apostles creed said:...I believe in the Holy Catholic church. But I want you to understand that I do not believe in the present Catholic church. However there are basic patterns inside the Catholic church that I do adhere to due to the fact that they held out for a basic pattern of truth. We have today a great world church which is The Church of Jesus Christ irrespective of the various names it is called. In fact the Apostle Paul as he writes to the Corinthians tells them they all are a part of this church. And it is this church which is the body of Christ in the world today. He tells them that all of them are a part of His Body. And by the Spirit they have been baptised into the body of Christ which is officially the church carrying the message of God, the testimony of God to the nations in this hour. Therefore we point this makes little difference whether a church is called a Baptist church, or a Methodist church, or a Christian church, it is still a part of The Church of Jesus Christ as long as its pulpit and its congregation give adherence to the doctrine of YAHWEH. As long as they are identified with Christ as the Savior, as the fullness of God dwelling bodily in physical form. As long as they will acknowledge that HE...THE MESSIAH..came and that they have accepted the pattern of atonement, and have identified themselves with HIM. Altho many have gone thru the various patterns of the doctrines of different churches they still have been baptized into the body of Jesus Christ. They have joined the church, they have identified themselves with him, and they are a part of HIS church.

Now;...with this institution which started out with the power of God's Holy Spirit descending upon the disciples at Pentecost came this great sweeping out over the land and 3,00 to 5,000 were added to the church per day...they came to Christ these who were to be added to the church as they heard HIS call. These men who Jesus had chosen as disciples...some were fishermen, one a doctor, and one a tax collector and so forth, and they were simply telling the Gospel of Christ with the dynamics of HIS Holy Spirit, and thus thousands were swept into the early church each day. While at the same time Jewry gnashed its teeth with hatred because they saw that they were losing their grasp upon those of the House of Judah and Benjamin that lived in Palestine. More than this they sought to destroy this church, they gathered together an army which they could hold as their Ecclesiastical authority under Rome. They sent forth soldiers and men to kill the Christians wherever they gathered together. They described the patterns of Christianity as Heresy, and it was heresy to their reincarnation, Satanic doctrine.

The church however spread and grew with great power. And of course the miracles which were transpiring in the days of Christ and His Ministry were now being performed by these disciples of the Christ. The dead were raised, the sick were healed, the blind saw, and the power of YAHSHUA went out over the entire structure of the church. And the church had men who were writing, and who were brilliant in their linguistic ability. They were like Luke who wrote the Book of Luke, and the Book of Acts. There was the Apostle Paul who wrote so many of the Epistles, as well as the beloved John who wrote the Book of John, and the later Epistles. All of these patterns were again the work of THE MOST HIGH GOD. In fact as the institution of the church grew and spread, they were not only to spread all over Europe but where ever they drove the disciples, then the Gospel spread. And as the Gospel spread they became concerned about its destiny, about the future of the church, and about the program which God had ordained. As the church spread and grew and the disciples established themselves in strength and power, and fulfilled all the designs of Divine Testimony, then they began to realize that they had a deadly enemy, and this enemy was organized Jewry. They saw that this was a power which was arrayed against them, and they took up arms to defend themselves against this power.

Nations as they became Christian had their crowned heads, and leaders of their governments identify themselves as protectors of the church to be sure that the true church would survive. In fact whether it be the kings of Germany, or whether the kings of Britain, or even the Czar of Russia...who was known as His Imperial Majesty, they were all the protectors of the True Church. Thus the church of Jesus Christ came from the persecuted center of a people attacked by Jewry to become one of the most powerful institutions on the face of the earth. And it should grow with power, and it should grow with truth. How strange it seemed then as men read the gospels and read the doctrines of the Apostle Paul who talks about the fact that before the hour of Christs return there would come a great falling away first. And that they would discover that the man of sin would be men of sin...offspring of perdition. Of course the Christian Church was now moving ahead with its doctrines of Christ and never did they believe that such a day would come.

But I point out to you that we have arrived at the day of the great apostasy. For here we discover that the structure of the physical church with its name, and its so called authority, and with its installation from the National Council of Churches, and from the World Council of Churches, to its ecumenical conferences with the Catholic church spreading out with a so called evangelism of its own...this is the church of Apostasy. You say: ...why do you say this? It is the church of Apostasy because when the church of Jesus Christ starts to announce to the world that it no longer believes that Jesus Christ is the image of the invisible God, or that all things were made by HIM, and for HIM, and that HE is the Sovereign YAHWEH, when they say HE was just a good man even tho a great teacher they make God a liar. They say this YAHSHUA (Christ) lied, they say that when HE said HE who hath seen me hath seen the Father...that the fullness of God dwelt bodily in Himself..HE lies. They say:..Oh, no He was just a man, He was deceived, HE was emotionally disturbed. Or they let a Jew like Scoenfeld who wrote 'The Passover Plot' make a basic contribution in the translation of the Scriptures, and let him translate it like all Jews translate Scriptures...they allow him to defame the Name of The Christ. This Apostate church listens to men like this one, and he confuses people. Joe Pine had him on his show a few weeks ago then Pine said:...I don't know what I believe, and now I know I don't believe many things I did before, because after all this man has written a tremendous book which has established that Christ was not was all just a Passover plot. In fact my friends the literature of today which is propounded as the high works of theology is being distributed today in Bible Book stores all over the nation and the world with the approval of the National and World Council of Churches, and even now volumes appearing in Catholic book stores are volumes of Apostasy. Now;..we are not sitting that the Grace of God will not be sufficient for a mighty triumph in your time. That it will not be a triumph which shall reach out until it shall call the sons and daughters of God to an awakening. There are many casualties in this battle. There are theological students who are going to the theological seminaries like 'Union Theological Seminary'..a University of the Methodist Church in Camden, New Jersey, or any number of these seminaries of the different churches. They have gone in devout men anxious to study the Gospel of Christ, and then discover that Christ was just a man, and there is for them, nothing but to train themselves to be social workers, to take a physiological course and try to assist people, and their problems, and they end up my friends without any true Faith. These are what we would refer to as theological cemeteries not training men for the work of God, but burying their Faith. And also burying our people who have become casualties in this fight. Thus we have this great apostasy upon us.

This great Apostasy will bring more trouble, more problems, more taxation, more mongrelization, more integration upon you, and your nation then has ever descended upon a nation of the House of God in generations. At the same time the true church continues to carry forth its testimony, but the testimony which comes out of the abomination is saying that Jesus Christ was just a man, that the spirit of God is an intangible force which works thru men. And they are seeking now to analyse the people, and help them with social problems, saying all men are the same irrespective of their religion. And they reach out to engulf today the peoples of Buddhism, the peoples of Hinduism, the people who are devil worshipers, and bring them all together because God is love. They say, that everyone is the same, they are all His children, all of one household, and must learn to get along together. It makes no difference whether you bow before the shrines of Buddha, or in the Temples of Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, and Kali, or whether they worship in a Christian church. They are all brothers, and these are all ways to the same God. This is the declaration which comes from the church in Apostasy today. I tell you that the ministers who sound forth these words are teaching apostasy as surely as the sun rises. There are these truths that emerge in the Scriptures:..'I am the way' ...'I am the truth'...'I am the life'. If anyone comes by any other door, any other way, he is not only a stranger, not only an evil one, he has no access to the sheep fold. But I want you to know that there are not a multitude of ways to reach YAHWEH (God). Jesus Himself said:..'I am the way'..and 'He that hath seen me hath seen the Father'. How then can they reach the fatherhood of God or the testimony of the True Church by the way of Apostasy. Therefore again the True Church reaches out to carry the message of the Supernatural God. He who could heal the sick who could raise the dead, a miracle working God. But the testimony of the Apostate Church of today says that these are all the figments of mans imaginations to cover up the Scriptures. That the Scriptures were not inspired, oh, they had a few good things in them but of course we of today must go beyond them because they were written by simple men who did not understand. They tell us that Jesus wasn't as well educated as men of today and thus he didn't understand these things. That if Jesus had been better educated, had a better background then of course his teaching would have been more solidified today for the church as they refer to it. Think:...HE who was before all things, who created all things, who is absolute in wisdom, power, knowledge, and education, and whose righteousness and truth is unsurpassed...and yet they say HE was not well educated?? Can you imagine the church today saying that Jesus The Christ was not educated. That had He been better educated the church could go along more consistently with His doctrines, and be able to solidify them. So of course we must overlook the misfortune of Christ's lack of education. My friends HE is the fullness of God. By HIM was all things made, and without HIM was not anything made. There is no wisdom which does not proceed forth out his Mind. There is no capacity in all the Universe for anything to have come into existence, or to exist except HE knew about it. And out of the inspiration of HIS creation, and out of the fulfillment of HIS prophecy, out of the declaration that He moved upon holy men to record the Scriptures, and to prophecy things which have even yet not come to pass, thus we have evidence of the sure word of prophecy. They tell us the Scriptures are no longer to be revealed because they did not come by inspiration, and there are only a few things which might have been inspired as men are inspired to write books or to write music in our day. This my friends is the challenge of Apostasy. Yet men will deck themselves in robes and cover themselves with crosses and demand that the world bow down. Such men as Carson Blake and others inside the World Council of Churches, and the Greek Orthodox Priests and Bishops, come from these churches of the world and gather together to try to destroy any pattern of Faith which is still alive in your hearts. One need not talk about the Catholic church as being the church which would stand off from the overtures against its doctrines because it believes in the Virgin Birth, and the Blood Atonement, because it now has a half Jew for a Pope. And the ecumenical council wants to unify all men, and all religions. This would permit the Buddhist to kiss the ring, the Hindu to kiss the ring, but this has gone so far that Cardinals of the Catholic church and Bishops of the Catholic church within this very year have risen up to speak out against this kind of darkness, and have urged as higher up authority has adopted the patterns and forms of their church for this new age of Apostasy. They mean we are to accept these people with- out their acknowledgement of the Virgin Birth, with no Virgin there is no Catholic church. How are we going to do this? Then the hierarchy closed this conference, and the proceedings became secret and no one could come in where they were forming doctrine, for they said it wouldn't be wise for the world to hear about this. I am going to site to you that the Catholic church ceases to be a true church, or any other church in the entire structure of church organizations and denominations,...they seek to be a true church when they deny that Jesus The Christ was the embodiment of God. I want you to realize that by the policies of this procedure they become a part of that Great Apostasy.

As the voice of Jesus spoke thru the lips of the beloved disciple he sites to you this great danger. He said therefore that if they deny that Jesus the Christ was embodied..or come in the flesh..then 'Believe not every spirit, but try the spirit as to whether they were of God or whether they were false prophets gone out into the world. 'Every spirit which confesses not that Jesus is come in the flesh is not of God, this is the spirit of Anti-Christ which ye have heard would come, and even now already is in the world.'

There is no question about the fact that we are in strange and unusual times. In fact as we turn in the Scriptures to analyses some of these situations we find that the Epistles written by the Apostles contain much concerning this hour. In fact we are told in I Timothy chapter four:...'now the spirit expressly speaks that in the 'latter times' some shall depart from the Faith because they have given heed to seducing spirits, and the doctrine of devils.' Do you know who devils are? Do you know that to give heed to seducing spirits you have to give heed to Luciferian spirits, and the devils are Jews?

You may not understand this, but Jesus had chosen 12 disciples and one of them was a Jew. He said:...'I have chosen ye 12 and one of you is a devil.' Again he spoke of them:...'Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do.' Jesus was speaking to these same people who have no spiritual capacity, no capacity for greatness, no capacity to understand and no capacity to receive HIS HOLY SPIRIT...all they have put together in their Talmud is totally evil.

It makes me wonder as I see the Jewish newspaper this week turn to call 'time' magazine anti-Semitic...why did they do this? I would have thought that this article in 'Time' is something they would not have even identified themselves with, even to say it was anti-Semitic. The article was about a student of the University in Philadelphia, by he name of John Walker Green III, who left the dormitory to go to view a collection of rare pipes owned by the Campus Tobacconist...Stephen Zachary Weinstein. When young Green did not return, then the next day a search for him was begun. Weinstein reported that the student had never showed up at his shop. Then the students body was found in a steamer trunk bobbing in the Delaware River, and an autopsy showed that young Green, the 18 year old son of a Desmoines Physician had been attacked, strangled and sexually assaulted. When the police went back to question Weinstein he had disappeared. Then the investigation brought forth that it was apparent that the chubby, jolly co-owner of 'Ye old tobacco shop' was more than just a friendly neighbor, on campus. The police discovered that bachelor Weinstein was in the habit of striking up acquaintances with students, drugging them, and while barley conscious torturing them, and assaulting them homosexually. A 14 year old boy had come into Weinsteins ship to discover Green lying on the floor, and Weinstein wanted the boy to kill Green, and offered him $50.00 to kill the student. The lad said that he left the shop, and then the next day he said that Weinstein told him that he had killed Green by choking him, and hitting him on the head with a board. Then Weinstein again offered him $50.00 so he helped Weinstein acquire the trunk and they put the body in the trunk and then drove out into the countryside to find a burial place. But the ground was either to hard, or to muddy so they decided to throw the trunk in the river. Police continued to question the lad, and he told them that Weinstein had once given him $100.00 to help kill a student, but he had also refused to do that. other times Weinstein had begged him and another teenaged boy to help murder students that he had drugged. Weinstein had bragged that he used chlorohydrate knock out drugs disguised in mustard, and put it in hamburgers that he gave to..friends, and that earlier in the year he had killed students and buried them in the cellar. The teenagers are now under arrest for being accomplices. Weinstein belonged to the local synagogue and the Jews have come to his defense saying he is a fine fellow, and this must be a frame. But inside the Talmud all these things are very accurately described and talked about. To attack a Christian, or to rape a white girl, or to destroy a Christian are perfectly alright, all these things are of the doctrines of organized Jewry. They can do these things and it is no crime, no transgression. Every foul and vicious or evil thing which comes out of the mind of their father the devil they can do because they are Talmudic Jews.

Now:...instead of staying out of the picture and not saying anything the Jews are now calling 'Time' magazine Anti-Semitic because...this man Weinstein is a Jew. They say that 'Time' doesn't put other stories like this in their publication, they run this story only because this man is a Jew...thus they are Anti-Semitic. Let me point out to you the strange questions of this church of Apostasy, for it has now come out with the plan to open up its thresholds to all types of sexual transgression, to all types of immorality, degeneration, and depravity. They have opened their doors to Homosexual parties, and even have Homosexual Balls whether it be the Methodist church in San Francisco, or the one in Berkley, or the Episcopal church which Mr. Pike headed, it doesn't matter for all are doing the same thing. Bishop Pike has opened his church for the same activities, I tell you that churches have opened their doors to all types of infamy, and rottenness, and corruption. They give assent to the same kind of men, and irresponsibility, as this filthy Jew.

Now: I tell you that in this period of time it would shock you to know that the church at this time in apostasy, is the instrument of Lucifer, and he is gaining power quite extensively today. I tell you that Organized Jewry has given us this Hippy revolution, and the churches of apostasy have embraced the Hippy revolution; and have given praise unto Hippyism, and irresponsibility. But also they are placing at their disposal even auditoriums and buildings of the church to back up this fallacious program. And as we see these things we can say that we are in the time of a great apostasy. One minister speaking for the National Council of Churches sites that to believe in the resurrection is a very foolish thing. He said:..if we think the resurrection could have occurred, or that Christ could have could have risen from the dead, or that He could resurrect all of the people who have died since His lifetime, that this wouldn't be a good thing anyway, because then the world would be to full of people. We don't have any room for resurrected people, just let them die and if there is an after life, or life after death then that is where they should live, or stay. He said:... we are not to sure that Christ resurrected, in fact we aren't even sure that Christ was crucified.

Now; have the stated facts of the records of the Gospels, and you have the records of Rome. You know that The Christ was crucified, and you know that He resurrected, and you even have the records to prove it. In Rome today in the Vatican Library still reposes these Ancient records, as Rome as a Kingdom believed in recording and that complete and accurate records should be kept. And these records go back to the Caesar's before the time of Christ, and these records have been maintained and kept. These records talk of the testimony of Pilate, and the records of their investigators show that Christ raised from the dead. The testimony of those they interviewed, and the testimony of those who died in that pattern which Jewry waged trying to destroy Christ, and everything pertaining to Christianity testifies to this same fact. How Jewry gave these followers of The Christ to take advantage of the opportunity of renouncing the resurrection of Christ, they said this resurrection did not happen, and if they would renounce it then they would live. Renounce their Faith and then the Jews would spare their lives. But these followers of The Christ refused to renounce HIM, for many had seen HIM after His resurrection, or had the testimony of those who had seen HIM and thousands died because of their Faith in The Christ, and their death bares testimony to His resurrection as well.

Now: let us look at what we have here, the apostate church does not want to accept the fact that Jesus The Christ was THE MESSIAH, the embodiment of YAHWEH (God). The Apostate Church does not want to accept the miracles, and the miracle power of the MOST HIGH GOD. It does not want to accept any of the Sacraments of the Scriptures as having any pattern of affinity for Christians what so ever. And it does not want to accept the resurrection of Jesus The Christ. Then my friends, pray tell me why they even want to call them Christian churches???

Thus we have moved into this time of Apostasy, and many young people have been raised in churches with Apostate ministers who hold off these truths. They hear at times about the nice philosophy of Jesus. They will twist this philosophy to say that he wanted to embrace all men, and he wanted to love everybody, but this is apostasy.

Now;...this same apostasy stretches out to build great cathedrals. I know of one great cathedral, a great church being built over here in Glendale. And the Jews are putting up three million dollars as a loan, so they can build that great church. But this minister recently went down to Israeli and then came back and was praising the Jews, so the Jews are backing the building of his church. I know of another minister, a supposedly great radio minister, a healer, and he went down to Palestine and there he met the Premier who said:..are you coming here to preach Jesus to the Jews? And this minister said:..oh, no I am not going to preach Jesus to the Jews in Palestine, I just came trying to do good for the Jews and Israeli. If God wants the Jews He will send a messenger to the Jews. The Premier said: that is the right thing to do, you go back to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and since I happen to know that you want to build a big tabernacle we will make available all the finance for this building. We will set up a long and easy payment system so that you can build your building. But do you know what they called this tabernacle after it was finished? The Ben Gourion Tabernacle, and it stands in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. From that Tabernacle the miracles of healing ran down, and the radio broadcasts are running out of soap. The apostasy moved in and that minister gave ear to seducing spirits. Let me tell you the first place no Christian minister has any business going down to Palestine unless he is going there to oppose organized Jewry. I tell you that if he moves into Palestine among the enemy, and that minister is not capable of preaching Christ wherever he goes then he better stay home. I tell you that this shows that we are in the hour of the Great Apostasy.

As we watch this situation we see the hands of Organized Jewry in our finances, and we see it in our nation. And we listen to the Apostate Church talking about how all people must be placed in one category, one world brotherhood until out of it emerges the organizations for protestants and Jews, and Catholics and Jews. I think the blaspheme of all times is for Christians to say we are now members of an organization for Christians and Jews. In the first place Jews deny Jesus The Christ, therefore what are Christians doing with the Anti-Christ? How can there be any position held with esteem which unifies The Christ with their Talmudic vicious proceedings, and the children of the MOST HIGH GOD? Oh, yes, God says:...especially in the 'latter times' there will come forth these seducing spirits with the doctrines of devils. Jesus proved that Jewry is the house of devils, and they are still devils in your time. This situation tells you that Babylon is upon you, that Babylon is inhabited by every foul spirit, and by devils, and every hateful and unclean thing.

Again I want to point out to you that the Scripture warns us that this time will surely come to pass. But we are also to note that the true church will hold out for the truth. We are also told that these of Anti-Christ speak evil of things they have no capacity to understand. They are natural Brute Beasts, and they have no spiritual life, no spiritual capacity. They are the children of Lucifer, natural brute beasts to be taken and destroyed. This is in the Holy Scriptures:...'Woe unto them who have gone the way of Cain, they are the spots in your feasts of charity. When they feast with you, feeding themselves without fear, they are clouds without water, carried about of winds. Trees without fruit, withered, without fruit, twice dead, plucked up by the roots.'

Do not think that this is not the truth about organized Jewry and about the Apostate church of which it is a part. We discover that the Book of Jude talks about them as being as clouds without water, and as we see this we are reminded that are the spots in your charity as well. Oh, they talk about how they want to feed the world, how they back all these programs of integration, how they want to fight cancer, or tuberculosis, or other causes but these are the feasts of charity. They are out front to dance a jig, they put on a show on T.V. and get all the money they can out of you, and they never put in any money at all, for they are the 'spot' in your charities. Organized Jewry plays before you, and the false church takes on all the status of the charities they support, but the Scriptures tell you that these things are going to come in the end time. 'Raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame, wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever.'

'Enoch the seventh from Adam prophesied of these things saying:..Behold, YAHWEH cometh with ten thousand of His Saints, to bring judgment upon these evil doers.' Oh, you say, But Dr. Swift we just want the Grace of God. Well, you have the Grace of God, and the Grace of God will save all flesh. But I want you to know that one of the things God has promised is that the judgments and catastrophes are going to fall upon the evil doers who are upsetting the status of His kingdom, and His nation. Those who are upsetting the structure of Christian civilization in the world. However the true church will arise, it will awaken you can depend on that.

We have to many pacifist preachers running around...and what is a pacifist preacher? That is someone who runs around preaching but doesn't know anything about the Word of God. More than this these pacifist preachers say that they have the Holy Spirits guidance, and so forth. But they make no defense against, or any attack upon...the enemy. One of these pacifist preachers was out here in Glendale the other day and he has been speaking in other places as well and he said:..One of the things we have against Dr. Swift is the same thing we have against these fundamentalists, these conservatives, and that is that they think they should be armed, should defend themselves. We don't believe in this, for the Holy Spirit is going to protect us, and we don't need any other protection what so ever.

By that statement he just threw the words of Christ out the window because Jesus said to His disciples, just before He was going to leave them: ...'I send you forth as lambs among wolves'...I am going to tell you something...'if you do not have a sword you better sell your coat and buy a sword.' because..'I send you forth like lambs among wolves.' Why do you suppose Jesus told them to buy a sword for...was it to clean their fingernails? He said:..I am sending you forth among wolves, and these Yehudin (Jews) are going to try to kill you. But these pacifist preachers want pacifism for the protection of the enemy, and for the stand of the enemy. But the enemy is going to rise up one of these days and try another persecution of the church..did you know that? They are going to try the same type of persecution which they tried when they were in power in Jerusalem. They are going to try because they have the power in the communist world, and behind the Iron curtain this has already happened. Behind the Iron curtain they have already persecuted those of the Church of Jesus Christ and they put them to death as they stood for their Faith, and they think they will pull the same thing here. If they can not accomplish that here, then they will bring the hoards of Asia down on you, because they still want to liquidate Christians. So what are you as Christians supposed to do? You, my friends, are not living in the day when there may have been martyrs who were trying to bring the Gospel of Christ over the lands of Israel. You my friends are living in the day such as the Apostle Paul was talking about when he said:...Have you resisted unto blood?

I tell you that Christians..Alert..with the power of God, with the power of heaven and with Michael appearing, and with the Christ establishing that HE is the fullness of YAHWEH dwelling bodily in earth..returning in the fullness of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA with a sword in His right hand is going to take the heads off His enemies. Oh, you surely not..but Jesus said:.. 'Bring hither those who do not wish me to reign over them and slay them before me.' I want you to know that by your testimony that Jesus is the Christ, this is a factor of your Faith which can never be broken, and never destroyed. That Christ, the embodiment of YAHWEH, was crucified and was dead, buried and resurrected because you, each one of you baptised into His body are baptised into His burial and baptised into HIS Resurrection. Because... the church is 'ONE' body. As you were buried with HIM in baptism, so were you raised in 'Like manner'.

I want you to know that the true church can never be destroyed because this is a Faith which can never be shaken. At the same time there are many casualties who have been sheathed in this inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I site today that one of the great reasons for casualties among these who are Christians or have been part of 'The Church' have been ministers who have climbed into the pulpit and have very easily seduced these people a little bit at a time until they have destroyed and killed the concepts of their Faith for being an active voice of truth. However there are today many ministers who are loyal and true that were called of God to the ministry. They are loyal to the Scriptures, and loyal to the testimony of God. And as God has anointed their ministry they have quickened the consciousness of the people until they are filled with The Book. You can't take it from them, you can't attack The Christ, you can't attack the Miracles or the inspiration, or the prophecies because God has a mighty force of sons and daughters who will not be moved. I am going to site to you that these constitute the 'Right Wing' in your nation. These are the people who will stand up against the evil which results in the Apostasy which has reached its fullness in your time. I am going to tell you that one of these days the Apostate churches are going to be closed, and people will be packing again every auditorium and every place where they can hear:...'Thus saith YAHWEH thy God.' So, Jesus is the recognition of the fullness of God dwelling bodily in your presence. No wonder God said in the writings of Amos:..In the latter days there is going to be a famine. There is not a famine of bread, a famine of food, but this is to be a famine of the hearing of the Word of God. And then God speaks out for there is this group who has never bowed the knee to Baal. And out of their testimony and out of their acknowledgement that they believe in the fullness of The Christ, they believe in HIS WORD, in the pattern of inspiration, and they know that all things were made by HIM, and not out of evolution of a worm in the Nile River. They are the children of the MOST HIGH and YAHWEH says:...Behold, I will bless thee, and I will pour out my Spirit upon thee. And because thou hast kept my Word and has kept my Name I will bless thee. Alright, so no wonder the great restoration of the Mighty Name of God.. the declaration of the Mighty point out the processes of Baal. All of these are signs and marks of the church the True Church of this latter day of HIS coming. Yes we know HE is coming...coming soon, the Great Apostasy has come, and now the great and tremendous revival of Truth comes out of the heart of the Church, and this is also upon us.

Many of these men who call themselves fundamentalist, and such are serving the Jews, serving the devil, serving seducing spirits. And they say:...we will work out this situation, if we just move in with brotherhood. But my friends, we want no brotherhood unless it is the brotherhood with MY FATHERS sons. As we lift up our heads from whence cometh our strength, we welcome KING JESUS and the forces of heaven who come to the aide of the Church.... for the Kingdom is our time. End of this Message. .