A Great Commission, 1-16-63


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-16-63

This afternoon, as we talk about a great commission, I think it is important that we remind ourselves of God’s purpose and plan for us in the earth, and what this really amounts to. What it is and what HE ordained from the beginning. And with it, of course, the continued concept of our God, in the relationship to HIS purpose and HIS ability. There is no doubt that the commissions that some people thought were the most important are not necessarily the most important commissions because they are not really related to what God intended or what HE really purposed. It is hard sometimes, to make some people realize this, because they had long thought that the great commission was to go unto every people and every nation on the face of the earth and to tell them that Jesus was the Christ. And then by the processes of their accepting this, you immediately admit them into the structure of the church and to baptize them at once in what they thought was a great commission. And this having been done, then the whole solution to all of the problems of the world would be settled by a great world-wide evangelistic program and climax in a great evangelistic revival and the world would accept Christianity. And the world would embrace the total of god and this would bring an end to all hostility and all problems. Therefore, the most important thing that men could do was to go everywhere in the world from the Hottentots to the Asiatics, and convert them to truth by the preaching of the Gospel.

Now someone said, ‘but is that not the most important thing in the world, Dr. Swift?’ No. It is not the most important thing because you can’t do it. ‘ Oh, but God told us to do this.’ No, HE didn’t. We do not want to disillusion you, but HE did not tell you to do this. In the book of Mark in the 16th chapter, you will read these words:... ‘as HE discussed this with HIS Disciples,...afterwards there appeared to HIM the eleven and they sat at meat and HE upbraided them for the hardness of their hearts because they had believed not them which had seen HIM after HE had risen. And HE said unto them...Go Ye into all of the world and preach the Gospel to every creature, and he that believe shall be saved and he that believeth not shall be damned, and these signs shall follow them.’

Now, you say, ‘but HE gave the commission there.’ No. HE did not. For there is not a word of truth in this. Someone said, ‘but you should not talk that way for this is in the scripture.’ Alright...if you have a Scofield Bible in your possession, I only use this because so many people have recognized that his footnotes were recognized in Orthodox. But if you would drop down from this passage to the footnotes, you would read that from the 9th verse to the end of the chapter, this is not found in the most ancient of manuscripts. It was not either in the Sinatic or Vatican manuscript. Some have it in particle form and some in variations. But it is quoted by Iranious and others in the second and third century. It never existed and does not belong inside of the Gospel of Mark. It is not a part of the Gospel of Mark. In fact, the old Alexandrian text does not have it at all. And it is not consistent with what we know about the purposes of God. It is not consistent with the truth. And God by no means, even sent out HIS Disciples to preach to every creature. And the Greek word here for every creature means everything that had been created...every living creature. Therefore, you would have them going out to preach to every creature...even the jackasses. And yet there is nothing like this in the scriptures. In otherwords, Jesus did not send them out to every creature. And HE did not send them out to all nations telling them to say that all that believed would be saved, and those that did not, would be damned. All of this was put in the scriptures afterwards.

I can tell you this, that over in the book of Matthew, that they added on the 16th thru the 19th verses. All of this was done by the Ecclesiastical afterwards as they framed up their gospel, or what they thought was the Gospel and what they thought was a most important thing. So they had to have a commission, so they gave themselves this commission three centuries after the ascension of Christ.

Now of course, there is a sort of theology called Bibleology, and if it is bound up in this Book, then it must have been said. And if it tell you that something was not declared, and was not in the original, and it was not something that Jesus said, still..they had so much faith in everything that is bound up in this Book that they criticize you for making this statement. So they would criticize you for telling the truth. And now you understand why the Apostle Paul said, ‘Because I tell you the truth, I become your enemy.’

Now, the Great Commission was not to go unto all of the world and preach to every creature. And God never told them to go out and baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. This started out with the Babylonian doctrine that God was divided up into several persons. And we were told that each of these persons were part of God or co-equal with God. But it took all three of them to make God. This is a piece of theology which was created early in Rome, and then spread thru out Protestantism later and is accepted today existing in a great number of denominations....in the face of the fact that YAHWEH says, ‘Hear O Israel, the LORD thy God is One LORD.’ Hear O Israel..YAHWEH thy EL is one YAH.

Not we point out to you that we are interested in what was the great commission, since going out to every creature to preach the Gospel was not the Great Commission. Jesus did send HIS Disciples out by two’s because it was more safe for them to travel this way. And because this was also a double witness wherever they went. HE did tell them to go preach the Gospel, but HE also said, ‘I send you to the House of Israel.’ HE did not say that HE was sending them out to all nations, but to The Nations...the Ethene...or the nations of Israel. Jesus said, ‘I did not come for the world order, I came for the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.’ HE turned to the Jews on Solomon’s porch and discarded them quickly, saying, ‘Ye believe not because ye are not MY Sheep.’ Don’t for one moment think that HE came to convert the Jews. No one has been able to convert the Jews. And God did not try.

I point out to you also, that within this tremendous purpose, nothing that God ever intended to do has failed. That not only that whatever God tries is not just an attempt. For God is the Creator and the solvent. And the Apostle Paul describes this so well in the book of Colossians, as he tells you that ‘All things were made by HIM and without HIM nothing was made that was made.’ That HE maintains all that has been created, and HE has created business all the time, for HE is the Eternal Sovereign God. And because HE is God, and possesses Omnipotent power, HE can do all things. And because HE is Omniscience, and has all wisdom, HE knows all things. And there is not anything which HE does not know. And now with all power and all wisdom, you can have your way and you can do what you want to do. And that is fortunate for the Universe, that God does what HE wants to do. And because we know that we have such a Father and such an Eternal God, we should live without fear. We should not worry about whether it is going come out right. We should just apply ourselves by doing the things that God wants us to do which will come out right. Do you know that you do not have to out-think God? You just go along with what God has already declared because He holds the Universe together. HE is the Master Physicist. HE is the Master in an Electronic composition. HE put together an electronic and light composition of earth. HE holds it together by the weight of HIS Eternal Mind which is the LAW. HE knows, and there has never been a mistake made by God. Because Omniscience makes this impossible. Therefore, there is no way for you to correct what God has done. And the course that God has taken is, of course, the best course for HIS Creation and for everyone that is within it.

So we point out to you that in the course of this situation, that God’s Grace as it relates to earth, is a very important thing. God’s Grace to HIS Universe which is out of balance is a very important thing. But what we want to know is every thought that came from the mind of God. We want to know every purpose which relates to the earth that comes from the mind of God. But we are not interested in some contradictory purpose that comes from the mind of some theologian who thinks he is helping God out.

Now, it is a commendable thing if you want to help God. But it is an intelligent thing to do it God’s way. Because you cannot improve on it. And you cannot add to it, and you will be essentially astonished as you come to the realization of how Great this is. Of course, as in ‘the twinkling of an eye,’ you will know as you are known and you will understand even as God understands. Today, we have a strange problem....this being the strange course many churches take. And because of the error taken by the church, the nation which has to depend upon the church as the oracle of its spiritual life..it also goes off in the wrong direction. If we are in trouble today, it is because instead of turning to the course that is righteous, we turned to the course which we thought was right. But what seemed ‘right’ has turned to a time of chaos, of wars and depressions and Jews.

Now some of you might think that should not have ben said. I am going to just pause in your message today and show you why. We know that our nation is in trouble today. We know that someone is trying to destroy it. We know that it is not the nation by itself, but the course this nation has taken following the wrong path that is the cause of our troubles. There are courses today which are not very close to the scriptures, and those who are responsible for sending us down this path is the church. If we had followed the course that we were supposed to take, we would not have permitted some of these things to take place.

The scriptures outline the course of One Man’s Family who came down in the lineage outlined by God, and HE pointed out very clearly the things which were going to come to pass. HE pointed these out to the Patriarchs and HE explained things to them. And some have recorded these events. HE unveiled them to HIS Prophets. HE raised up HIS leadership and HE even talked to HIS leadership. And some of them were military leaders that HE talked to and raised up from this race of which you are a part. HE came and HE met with them and He talked to them as HE did to Gideon. HE came to earth in the fulfillment of HIS own covenant, and HE abode in earth with HIS Disciples and with HIS brethren. And HE fulfilled HIS Messianic destiny...God in the flesh...dwelling among us...Virgin born, according to HIS own proclamation. HE carried out whole objectives which HE had talked with you about them before the Cosmos or this earth order which we refer to as the World Order was formed. Yes..before this was even formed, HE talked with you about it.

This sometimes requires a little more understanding than some churches want to discuss. And some people need to get out of their idea that this little circle of their denomination has all of the truths of the Book. But we need all of the truth that any denomination ever taught. But we also need all of the truth which emerges from the mind of God for us to understand. So let’s not roll it all up and say that it is all in this circle. And don’t go out of here and say that all truth is sealed up here. We are on the road to truth, but no one has arrived at it yet. But there is a vast difference between people ever seeking and never coming to the truth because they do not quit going around the same ‘May pole.’ I want you to know today, that the blind leads the blind, and they all fall in the ditch. And we have watched ditch after ditch that the Kingdom has stumbled in to, because we failed to follow the right path. We do then understand when God said that you are a hard hearted and stiff necked people, for instead of listening to ME, you take the wrong course and then you get in trouble. And I am going to tell you that 95% of all the trouble the United States has gotten into, is because you allowed the Jews to come into our country and settle down. And then they ‘5th Columned’ their way into our economic, political and social life. We are aware that they are behind the scene in world Communism. And we are aware that they are the messengers and the witnesses for it, and they carry it everywhere. And I can print that for you. Here we have a great Christian nation which leads the Christian nations against Communism. But while doing this, we play right into the hands of Communism by taking the wrong course in Africa against some of our best allies, and take the wrong course in our economic life inside of these United States...and end, by doing the very thing which the Communist Party wants.

Now the majority here are not for it, and in fact, the majority does not even think about it when they should. Many are just now coming out of their sleep and fulfilling a new profound destiny as they do. But let me tell you that this problem is here.

Now in our government, we have created whole areas of investigation as the House Committee on Un-American Activities was created by the Congress, it was supposed to search out these things which might endanger our society so that they might legislate and know what to do about it. And in the Senate, we had the Sub-Committee on Internal Security. There were two instruments created by the Congress of these United States in order to find out and to unveil what might be dangerous for the people. They have often been cited by outsiders as gathering the information that was none of the peoples business. That they were only supposed to gather information for the Congress, so they would know how to legislate. But I would point out that they are gathering information that is every bodies business because the Congress is supposed to be legislating on business that you want legislation. As far as the enemies of our nation are concerned, they are attempting to overthrow it as they conspire against our society. These people, my friends, do not have any rights. I mean these are alien forces coming in to our nation to try to overthrow our government. And powers which are diametrically against our society constitutionally, do not have rights. Individual citizens do have rights, but we have a great number of people who would not qualify in this matter. We have a lot of people here in the United States and they have dual allegiance and they serve forces outside of America. And actually, their allegiance is to the powers and nation outside of these United States. And constitutionally, this should not exist. This should be voided. But the only way that you find out about these things, is by investigation.

So the Sub-Committee on Internal Security is investigating. And one of the things which they are investigating right now, is called ‘the Pacific Foundation.’ And this foundation has radio stations and they exist in California and they exist in New York. And several of these stations here in California are opening up their stations and allowing known Communist to speak on these stations, and to propagandize the country. Oh, they pose as being on the ‘right’ as well, but as some have found out, they actually restrict the ‘right wing’ or the conservative element while leaving unlimited time for ‘left wing’ forces. And the leader of the Communist Party here in California broadcasts regularly on this station. And we realize that this also reaches out to other members of the Communist Party, and others who have their names in the records as being active in subversion. Of course, there is Phil Connelly who is the husband of Dorothy Hilley, who is the daughter of Dr. Hilley who is the head of the Communist Party in California. And there was J. Peters and these people were all tied together.

Now these propaganda broadcasts support all of the propaganda broadcasts of the darkness, and they condemn everything which is for the ‘right.’ And because there has been so much reported about this Communist propaganda going out over this station and the use of this station in areas of education, they decided to investigate. And now it is perfectly alright for the Federal Government to investigate a radio station, or a number of radio stations. And if the station is doing the ‘right’ thing, then they should not fear that investigation.

But listen. This is Washington of this week. In fact this is a Thursdays piece form the ‘Los Angeles Times.’ The United Press International...the Internal Sub-Committee began closed hearings today on the Pacific Foundation which operates out of the radio stations in California and New York. The acting Chairman was Thomas Dodd, and he said that the Sub-Committee would act to determine as to whether the Communist party had infiltrated this chain of stations.

Now, they put out a list of some of those involved in this. And there is some of them subpoenaed in this such as Peter H. Otoguard, former President of Reed College in Oregon, now Professor of ‘Political Science of the University of California, who is way over to the ‘Left.’

Now, Trevor Thomas of Pacific Foundation who supports these two radio stations in Los Angeles and one in New York. Others were Jerome Shorr of San Francisco, and then Harry Watkins of Washington, D.C. who is counsel for the Foundation. Witnesses also included Dorothy Heile of the Communist Party who broadcasts regularly over this Los Angeles station. Senator Dodd said that the committee did not permit all the names of these witnesses. And they would go thru the investigation on a close level and this would not hurt anybody. So where did the opposition come from? This is something I want to get thru to you, for this is a legal document I am holding in my hand. And it says here as to what happened. It says here that the American Jewish Congress says, ‘It is quite obvious that the purpose of these hearings is to intimidate networks and a preservation of a wide variety of view points. And they immediately brought pressure on the Senate Sub-Committee. So the American Jewish Congress comes out and wants this immediately squashed and pressure is pout on the Sub-Committee.

Isn’t that funny...it is the American Jewish Congress that does not want you to investigate Communism? This Jewish group registered their protest with Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson. Also they urged Johnson to use his influence to have all of those hearings canceled. What kind of pressure is this to try to get the Vice President to stop a general Senate prerogative?

Now, let’s go a little further. They also put the pressure on Newton Minnow and you know who he is. For this man is chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. So all of the Jewish organizations put the pressure on him to stop any investigation of any radio station. They also said this investigation was an attack on the First Amendment guaranteeing Free Speech, Free Press, and was aimed at intimidating many of the Liberals. You know it is queer the uniqueness with which people abuse this idea of ‘Free Speech.’ These people would like to turn off every broadcast that we did. The Jewish Congress in California put so much pressure on the radio station which we are on that we had to go down and talk to the owner of the radio station, ten years ago, because they did not want us to have ‘free speech,’ ten years ago on that station. They did not want the Gospel of the Kingdom. They did not want the White race to find out their identity. They did not want anyone to know that the Jews were not the ‘chosen people.’ And they were going to deny prosperity to Gene Autry and Arthur Crogen if they did not throw us off of their radio station. These men did not throw us off. And they stuck with us at great cost, until finally we released them from that harassing experience.

Now, what I want to point out is rather significant here. When I tell you that the enemy of the Kingdom is the forces of darkness, related to Satan’s own household, and are in a program to destroy. When I talk about the whole program of Communism being supported by these evil influences, then you try to see who is trying to protect it and then end up with the same people, we are not guessing at this...we are taking it out of the front page of the ‘L.A. Times.’ So we tell you that this infiltration of radio stations, they are trying to suppress the knowledge of this. And those trying to suppress, are Jewish organizations. I point out to you that it was never the intent, upon the part of the MOST HIGH that HIS church or HIS offspring in the earth who make up HIS race, and therefore the spiritual center of these people are HIS Church....but HE never intended that they should surrender or appease the powers of darkness on the face of the earth. Nor did HE intend that they should go out to all of the earth and try to convert all of these people. Because HE knew that it was not possible. Oh, you say, ‘But everything is possible with God.’ Yes, it is possible to reform and to make over, and HE will. But by the simple preaching of the Gospel, you are never going to convert them. This is one reason why that I tell you this afternoon, that was not the Great Commission. And the footnotes of these chapters tell you that this was something which was added to the scriptures, and of course, I have long researched this. And I know that it was not in the Alexandrian text. It was not in the original pattern of the scriptures. It was added on later, and was not in the original Vatican manuscripts either.

Do you know what the Great Commission was? The Great Commission to your race the day that you left the presence of the Father, has never changed. There is one thing about God and that is that HE never changes. HE is the same yesterday, and forever. (Heb. 13:8) HE sent you into the world as a race, ‘One Man’s Family,’ to multiply and to expand to build HIS Kingdom, and to bring that Kingdom in. HE sent you into the earth to occupy it. HE sent you into this earth not by appeal or acquiescence to bring in HIS Kingdom, not in a program of co-existence. HE sent you in to take the Kingdom, to possess the Kingdom, to rule the kingdoms of darkness, and bring them in with righteousness whether they would or not. Oh, you say, ‘but God does not operate that way.’ Yes, HE does. HE operates that way.

There is probably nothing as important for us to understand, there is probably nothing we can appreciate more than the vastness of God’s Grace. That if it was not for HIS Grace, HIS care, and HIS intervention, and for HIS careful nursing of HIS Household, you would not be existent in the earth today. For they would have liquidated you long ago. Just think. ‘One Man’s Family’ and they started in on us the moment that we arrived. They said, ‘oh, we will mongrelize and absorb them.’ And God had to separate you by driving you out of the areas where these conditions were taking place. HE had to intervene. HE had to sometimes impose declarations of law. And HE did all of these things so that you would survive. But HE has not changed the players.

And over in the book of Luke, we do read what HE did tell them to do. HE had told the Disciples to go to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. And then over here in the book of Luke, HE told them to occupy. And in the 19th chapter of the book of Luke, we read these words:... ‘and HE told them in a parable...symbolizing HIS own relationship to the land and to the country, and to the earth....HE spoke of a great nobleman who came into the land and it was his own land, and he came to rule it. And tells us that they thought that in this instance that the Kingdom of God was going to immediately take over. But this time was not right for a takeover in all areas. So HE told them about how this nobleman went to a far place and that he received for himself a kingdom, which was his inheritance. But it says that there were certain people in this land where his inheritance was, and they did not want this man to reign over them. And he tells us that some of these citizens of that land hated him. And this is Jesus who is telling this to HIS Disciples. And when this nobleman went away, he promised he would return, and he allotted out their talents and their responsibilities. And then he said, ‘there is one thing I am going to tell you to do...YOU OCCUPY UNTIL I COME.’ You say, ‘what did HE mean by that?’ The word here in the Greek which is used for this word occupy in the King James Version, means that you are to take possession. You seize. You fill. You take over until I get back. Someone says, ‘surely the Gospel does not advocate this.’ Yes, it does. It advocates that the Saints, the believing offspring, of the MOST HIGH were to occupy. They were to fill in the project for taking over the earth for God. Oh, you say, ‘that was just a way of Peace.’ No. That was the way of a person synchronizing their thinking with God. But it did not mean that it would be a peaceful occupation. It means that if you did not have a sword, you better sell your coat and buy one for I am sending you forth like lambs among wolves. So you better have a sword. It was not talking about the Bible, which some people refer to as the ‘sword.’ Because the Bible was not as yet printed and you could not get a Bible bound together in those days. When HE said a ‘sword’ HE meant a sword so as to protect your life. Oh, you say, ‘but God does not need this.’ It is true, that God does not need anything such as having a personal need for it. But God has a purpose and HE utilizes things to get them done. So in this instance, HE did not tell them it was going to be a peaceful situation, but HE did tell them to occupy until HE comes.

Daniel tells us about this occupation. When you go into the book of Daniel, you find that it tells us many things about the climax of this climatic period we live in, about the end of the age. It tells us about these powers of darkness and these political forces, and economic forces which wage war against the Kingdom. In waging war against the Kingdom they have suppressed it. But you are told that the saints...the believing offspring (Daniel 7:18) of the MOST HIGH shall take the Kingdom. They are going to possess the Kingdom and possess it forever and ever. How are you going to get it? You are going to take it and possess it. This is occupying.

Now, this is not the only place where it tells us that. If you will go thru the book of Daniel, you will find that it talks about the ancient of Days, and about the ideal Kingdom, and how the thrones were cast down. And ‘I beheld how the Ancient of Days, the Eternal,’....and it tells about the radiance of HIS face and the glory which streams forth, and about the mighty power that this is and the greatness of it...about the hosts of heaven and the great ships of space. It talks about the hosts of heaven being in number a thousand times thousands, times ten thousands times ten thousands streaming with fire as they go out before HIM> it tells of the magnitude of HIS Kingdom. And it says, ‘I saw and I beheld all of these things, and I saw concerning this dominion.’ And then you discover over here that upon the entire face of the earth, the dominion, and the Kingdom, and the greatness of the Kingdom under all of the whole heavens is to be given unto the people of the believing offspring, or the Saints of the MOST HIGH whose Kingdom is an Everlasting Kingdom and all kingdoms shall serve and obey them. Thus, the prophet here has this picture.

When God spoke to certain patriarchal leaders, HE sent them out to view the land. And HE said, ‘I will go before you and I will open up the way and I will protect you.’ And HE says don’t you worry about all of these pagans, and HE gives a list of all of these countries. And HE says don’t you worry about them. ‘For I will protect you. I will go before you. You keep My laws and My commandments and keep My instructions and you occupy the earth.’ This is what you are here for.

Now, I am going to cite this as far as God’s Grace is concerned. The Grace of God is so much greater and so much larger than most thinkers of theologian opinion, for when you do tell them how great God’s Grace is they don’t want it. Why? Because they have been a little bit hard hearted and stiff necked and they want everybody to accept it their way, to reach salvation. And anyone who would not accept it their way, they want them tortured until they do. Oh, you say, ‘really, that is not the love of God.’ No. It is not the love of God. That is just the perverseness of people. There are a lot of people who will disagree with us. And we don’t want them tortured until they agree with us. In fact, those who do not want to accept the truth are just on the outside looking in. And those that make trouble anyhow, we are just glad that they are on the outside. Because we would not want to be bothered with them all of the time raising objections to truth. But let me tell you this. The Grace of God covers every last man, woman and child of your race. That they came out HIS presence into the earth and just because they are a temporary casualty, this does not mean that God has abandoned them. It takes a lot of Grace to say...but that even includes JFK. And this did not release me and it did not release you. It did not release us from opposing every process of evil in our society. It did not release us from opposing every unassimilatable force of darkness from our society, our culture and our race. It has not released us from carrying forward our great program of suppressing the darkness from the ultimate goal of releasing the truth which goes out from one end of the earth to the other concerning who and what God is. And I am going to tell you that in the whole course of these events, it has not changed the fact that as we carry out these objectives which God has ordained that we shall carry out that ultimately the pattern of God does reach out into the tomorrows for ultimate good.

When we spoke to you last Sunday afternoon, as we talked to about reconciliation, we read for you those passages which talked about the ‘reconciliation of ALL things.’ Which does reach out into the tomorrows for ultimate good. And some people say, ‘but I cannot accept that as yet.’ Well, then you cannot think as big as God...that is all. But God, in HIS Grace, reaches out to put all things in order. HE did not come down here to destroy the world. HE did not come into the world to condemn the world. HE came down by the process of things which HE had ordained so that the world might have life. But I want you to know that there are limitations on the processes some people are trying to use to give life to it.

We have often spoken to you out of that 14th chapter of John with all of the values it contained, that the great energy and the spiritual wisdom of God’s own mind, that can descend from the Father to you, because there dwells inside of you, spirit of HIS Spirit, and life of HIS Life. For you are spirit of HIS Spirit and life of HIS Life and breath of HIS Breath. And now Paul tells you...flesh of HIS Flesh and bone of HIS Bone. So you are not only the physical offspring of God, but you are the spiritual offspring of God thru the statues of the spirit, begotten in the spirit before the world was framed. I do not know anything greater than that. And if I was going to boast of anything, I don’t know of anything I would rather boast about but the fact that I am God’s child, begotten in the spirit, transplanted into the earth, and secure by HIS Grace. Someone said, ‘but that produces pride.’ It does, my friends, produce one thing...a deep seated inner assurance that my Father is capable. A deep seated assurance that there can be no defeat on following HIS course, of HIS will and HIS way. And it also fills us with the realizations that we must know and understand just what is HIS will and HIS way. And that we are to be sure and carry it out because we were told not to destroy the earth, but to occupy.

Do you know that you do not have to travel very far to see the difference? I had a chance the other day to talk to a man who had been in a government administrative program and they sent him over to India. He had come from a good Christian family, had a good background in the normal things of our background and then he went over to India. And he was going into the part of India where they have streetcars and automobiles and modern buildings in a lot of the cities where the people...the men...dressed in business suits and things he was used to except for the masses who sat around the temple square. But do you know what he told me? He said, ‘Dr. Swift, there is just one thing which impressed me everywhere I went. I saw this abundance of temples, all kinds of temples to every kind of grotesque god. I saw gods with eyes in their foreheads and in their feet, and in their hands. And there were some peculiar gods and all were looking at you.’ He said, ‘I took photographs of the temples and some of those pictures I don’t think I can get them developed here in these United States.’ Do you know why? These evil gods, these corrupt demons that the people of India worship...and I did say worship...including Nehru, and Gandhi, who people made such a fuss about...Gandhi did not worship Christ. Don’t let them fool you on that. He worshiped Brahma, Siva and Kali who is the assassin goddess. And in this long panorama of these gods...and he had pictures........all of the immoral, depraved, and immorality displayed on the friezes of their temples were sculptured out in stone. And the children being raised are being raised looking at these sculptures of depravity. These depravities and immoral activities are passed thru their streets in their parades....from the lowest to the highest caste, the great majority of young girls from the age of 12 or 13, serve as these temples virgins to these idol gods. They are the servants of the gods. Most of the young men as they pass thru these temples of a night come to know the ‘marriage of the gods,’ which is nothing but wholesale prostitution carried on in India. And in their religion, the young men are told that they are meeting the gods in the darkness and the girls of India are told that they are meeting the gods. And it is a great brothel of evil run by a bunch of pagan Jew priests. And the results are immorality and depravity and at least 25% of India’s illegitimate population which over-crowds that country comes out of their evil religion. I don’t care how modern a crane is out in the street or a steam shovel working in a ditch. I don’t care how modern a laboratory which you built for them is which they did not have sense enough to use. I am going to tell you that no people rise above their religion. This corruption, this immorality, is something which you are subsidizing. You are pouring millions and millions of your tax dollars into supporting this kind of a society. And you have people working over there and helping them to do things, and you have this great new organization known as the ‘Peace Corps.’ And this has your predominately young people over there trying to show those people who to be civilized. You cannot civilize anyone while they are worshiping the darkness.

Someone said, ‘Why do we not convert them?’ One reason is they won’t let you. You cannot even tell them that you do not believe in these silly gods. One of the requirements of the Peace Corps is that you show respect for other people’s gods, other people’s religion, other people’s background. Therefore, my friends, if we cannot take an affirmation for truth when we are the witnesses of the MOST HIGH. If we cannot tell them that they have to throw off their superstitions if they want progress, that they will always be a backward society no matter how much you hand them unless they free themselves from this whole superstitious and immoral corruption. Oh, you say, ‘But we cannot do that.’ Then, my friends, don’t pay for it.

The only thing which the British Empire could have done....and they did not do it.....was tear down those pagan temples and grind them into chaff. Oh, you say, ‘you can’t do that.’ But when you are in power, you can do that. They could have pulled them down and destroyed them for they were the silver bondage influence. The scriptures tells you that when you march in you pull down those temples and cut down their groves’ for there shall be no God before me, in any land whether thou goest.’ Someone said, ‘oh, that is anti-social.’ No, my friends, that is pro-civilization. Someone said, ‘but we have no right to go in there and do that.’ But we have a right to go anywhere in my Father’s Universe and throw down every pagan theology and every pagan god. Did you know that? And as you gain the faith, you move out against every false declaration, until you eliminate them and set people free. After all, this is my Father’s Universe and a lot of people don’t know this, so they are rich but living in poverty. But you possess all things. HE gave it to you. And this is HIS Universe. HE said, ‘I sent you down here into all of this hot bed of trouble, but when we get thru with it...every knee is going to bow.’ Someone said, ‘well, we better preach to them softly.’ No. Try it. For almost 2000 years, we have been preaching to the people of the world. For hundreds of years we have sent missionaries into India, Africa, and China. And now let me tell you this. You have been trying to Christianize all of them and it did not work. Do you know why? It never worked for they have all turned toward Communism...back to the witch doctors. But why? In the 14th chapter of John, it says, ‘You are My children, My offspring, My Household. And I send upon you the Comforter. You are My Israel, having the wavelength of My mind, and I am sending the intellectual wave of My own personal understanding upon you. And when this spirit comes, it will lead you to the knowledge of all truth. It will bring all things to your memory even the things which the world cannot receive.’ And 100 Billy Grahams could not give it to them if the world cannot receive it. You cannot pound it in with a hammer. You can’t pour it in with a funnel. Then you say, ‘why is that?’ Because these vibrations cannot be transferred from one language to another unless the other erects in their consciousness an overwhelming realism, saying this is truth, or this is God, and this is the way it should be done. There is within you...there has been born inside of you a spiritual capacity to receive this truth. When we talk about your background, there is something I want you to remember. That you because you were begotten by the spirit of God....have been born of incorruptible seed. You cannot throw off that seed. You cannot destroy it. It possesses spiritual life and a spiritual capacity.

Oh, you say, ‘But I see people transgress and make mistakes all the time.’ Yes. But they do this with the body, not the spirit. And they violate it in the physical mind, but not at the seat of the soul, in the spirit. Remember what John said over in his Epistles. ‘That which is born of God cannot sin, because HIS seed remaineth in him.’ What does this mean? It means that which is born of God is the Celestial spirit, your Celestial body, your spiritual being. And that spirit is immortal. That spirit is Eternal. And that spirit is incorruptible and it cannot transgress. For that transgression is in the soul consciousness and in the physical body, but not out of the spirit. Therefore, there is a part of you that possesses Eternal life and is immortal and cannot be destroyed. And that is the great redeeming factor which the whole Universe waits to be revealed, for it is ‘the Christ in you that is the hope of Glory.’ This is the mystery that has been hidden from you thru out all ages.

The Apostle Paul tells us that this is being made known unto you. But it is this Divine quality, this ‘Christ in you’ which is the hope of Glory. You say, ‘But why did not Christ let us remember this all of the time? Why did HE not give us all this knowledge?’ Oh, HE said HE would give you the knowledge of all Truth. But if HE had not pulled the shade down over your remembrance, you would not have stayed here. But we have too many people now who consider themselves as ‘good Christians’ who want to get out of here. They are praying, ‘Lord take us away. Lord gather us up and deliver us from this earth.’ In stead of saying, ‘LORD help us deliver the earth.’ Instead of saying ‘God take us away,’ say ‘God empower us to give us victory. God give us intelligent leaders to push Communism back. God give us the vision to eliminate out of our society the thing which destroys our race and the security that our society should have. Don’t say ‘God take us out of here.’ It is too late.

The Apostle Paul traveled in that great vessel of spiritual enlightenment into HIS own presence. And he also said that whether he was in the body or out of the body, he did not know. And God told him so many things. Then the Apostle Paul came back remembering who he was and where he came from . And he knew who everybody else was. And he said, ‘Do you know that you are strangers and pilgrims in the earth, and if you could remember how you got here, you probably would not stay at all. You would go right back.’ So you can see why God pulled the shade down.....to get the job done. To get you to do what you have to do until you come to the realization that this is the most important thing, and then you want to do ti. I am far more concerned with staying here and seeing this job finished. Someone said, ‘if you remembered all the goodies of heaven and all of the wonderful things in the spiritual plain, you would worry about getting back there.’ I don’t have to worry about getting back there. If I was to leave this physical plain or what some people call it ‘the veil of tears’ which is such a bad place because we have not fully occupied then...let me tell you this... ‘Absent from this body is to be present with the LORD.’ So that does not bother me. The most important thing you can do is to stay alive and do the will of God....to occupy until HE comes back. Let’s just pray that we can stay here and finish this task or get as much of it done until we see the Mighty Hosts of Heaven filling it until Christ returns. I don’t want to leave here. I want to wait here until HE returns.

There are those who say, ‘but this is just a hope. But it is based on tradition. Therefore, you may have to wait an awfully long time.’ Well, I am willing. I want to wait here. I want to occupy. If we have enough time maybe we can get the thing in pretty good shape. But I happen to believe that we are closer to this time than a great many people think. And you are much closer than you believe. The event is almost on you, for we are in the great historic period of challenging Christ’s victory and the mighty conquest of the earth. For HE sent you down here to defeat the darkness. Just as the enemy today is trying to eradicate the influence of every spiritual leader, every ‘Right Wing’ leader, every true patriot in these United States, the entire ‘right wing’ leadership and all of our people should be trying to eradicate out of our society, the destroyer. You should be just as busy trying to get all of the Jews in America deported, as they are trying to shut you up and keep you silent. You should give them everything to talk about while they are still here.

Continually, they tell us about how many Americans are awake and how many organizations are tied together....how all of these terrible things are about to happen. What terrible things? Deportation, exposure. Let’s get back to first things. We are vitally concerned in the situations which are involved as anyone, because this is your inheritance. This is God’s country and you are the citizens of HIS Kingdom. Talk about Grace. Talk about love. And no one has as much as the Father has. And no one has as much of it as the individual Christian, except by the will of the Father which lets him see what God plans to do. As we talked to you about the reconciliation of all things, remember, we said that in the closing chapter and the last of that verse in the book of Isaiah, in which God says, ‘All Israel shall be saved as it is written.’.....not part, not just some, but ALL. And we look at this and it says, ‘In YAHWEH shall the seed of Israel be justified.’

Now that is a big thing to understand.....justification. It seems that the MOST HIGH GOD has considered all of the factors involved, in the entire course of your life and your living, the conditions in your environment, the conditions which are producing casualties among many, and in all of these things, HE has added Himself into this and made a consummate atonement and said, ‘I justify you. And because I, God, have justified you, who are My Household, I am also going to Glorify you with MY Glory, enveloping you in My Glory, and give you that light which is within you which will give you the majesty.’

Now listen. ‘In YAHWEH shall ALL of the Seed of Israel shall be justified and shall glory.’ Every seed of Israel, every true White man on the face of the earth and that includes some of these fellows we would like to horsewhip. Oh, you say, ‘is that love?’ Yes. For they need chastisement and we need deliverance. We do not excuse rascals for what they have done, and God justifies rascals because of their race, for HE knows the extent of the situation. HE knows these people have been captured. And HE knows the depth of your enemies. The thoughts of these people have been bought if they have not been brought under the influence of modern science.

Now, I tell you this. ‘All Israel shall be saved.’ But let’s pause and take a good look at the Asiatics or the Africans. They are a specie, a different creation. But the fact remains, that they are here and they are in trouble. Then again I look at the scriptures and here is what is says. ‘Look unto ME and be ye saved, all of the ends of the earth, for I am YAHWEH and there is none else. I have sworn by myself and My word has gone out of My mouth, in righteousness and shall not return to ME.....that every knee shall bow unto me and every tongue shall swear. Then HE says, ‘Don’t you know that I am going to save all flesh, all people?’

Now, this does not mean that just because God is going to restore them to the areas and the conditions they were in before they fell, HE is going to restore them by HIS majesty and Grace to their most perfect condition. But this does not mean that you are to mix or marry with them just because they have come to recognize the Right God. But remember, the day is going to come idolatry is gone and pagan religions are gone and pagan temples are broken down, and the world is going to come under the leadership of righteousness. And so when such a period comes, the Grace of God will consummate it. And HE can pour in conditions that will make new creatures out of them by HIS own intent. And because in the procreating of all things you also have been asking for transference.

Now listen. God says HE is going to save them ALL. Then right along comes someone and says, ‘Oh, Dr. Swift, we cannot have that.’ Why not? In the fullness of time, way out in God’s plan, HE is going to put every living package back in its proper balance. They are all going to be singing hymns. They are all going to be praising HIM. And they are all going to be doing the things which are right. BUT THAT IS AFTER YOU HAVE CONQUERED LUCIFER AND HIS OWN FAMILY RIGHT HERE IN THE EARTH. The day is also going to come when Lucifer will lose his deadly snake nature and reflect the glory of God, and all of his offspring are going to be worshiping at your feet. It says this in the book of Revelation. As I have said before, God has an Archangel invested in this, and HE is going to get that Archangel back. In the majesty of God’s purpose, HE still has not relieved you of one bit of responsibility to resist the darkness and to occupy the earth. You are a part of this Divine family carrying out this objective which God says is to resist evil. You know that the devil does not just suddenly get converted. He gets ripped to pieces, broken, powerless, and then humbled. And the last thing you get out of Lucifer is repentance. But it is going to come and he is going to worship at your feet. He will be a lot more useful again serving you for the Archangels were made to serve you. To none of the Angels did HE ever say, ‘Thou art My son.’ You are that people. When you can picture yourself in this panorama, when you recognize that you are a part of a great nation of the sons and daughters of God, and the Grace of God rests upon this civilization and this nation, then you know that you have something to live for and you have a purpose in being here. It takes the catalization of all of you to make up the Household of God. Do you know that it takes every member of the church to fill the body? For HE says of the church, ‘You are My body in the world today.’ You are not all eyes, or feet, or hands, but the sum total of every individual with the capacity with a particular talent to make up the embodiment of Divine Light in the world today. And that light shall be made known, and these pilgrims who have come to this earth, will occupy. For this is the Commission.....Occupy. Someone said, ‘Don’t you think the commission is to send out people to tell people about God?’ Oh yes, you can do that. Everywhere you go you can bear witness. And you do not go anywhere in the world without proclaiming your God, your destiny and your family....and all of the truth.

Oh, you say, that would sure upset the administration. Yes. I imagine it would. That would upset a whole lot of things which needs upsetting in these United States. And if there is any area in which you should occupy, it is in your own house first. HE said cleanliness is next to Godliness and we have a lot of house cleansing to do in these United States.

I am going to tell you that the great commission has been committed to your race....to occupy, to possess and not to retreat, do not abandon you purpose, but to understand it. And in the understanding of this, we can revel in the majesty of God’s Grace...the revelation of HIS beauty, of HIS mercy and of HIS purpose. Thus we see that HE goes so far beyond any Ecclesiastical promises that are made and except they are made by an understanding of HIS will, and by HIS mighty purposes whereby as the Apostle Paul said to Timothy, HE is able to do all things unto Himself, and to do less than that would question HIS nature. Remember that in all of these things, HE said, ‘I delight in letting them know that they are My children.’

Do you realize that you do not have to apologize for this? You do not have to go out and apologize because God placed you here and that you have something that they do not have. You know that the enemy hates anything which sounds like Masterhood. They hate mastership. They hate a Master race idea. And they hate that more than anything else. And they try to apply that as tho it was something to be abhorred. And they put a guilt complex on people if they think they are the children of God. If there was anything higher or better, or more complete, then God would have done that to begin with. You pray for ‘thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.’ And God has been transferring down thru the seed of Abraham until we have a New World Order, a New Heaven and a New Jerusalem. For you are that people.

The great Commission is Occupy.....take it and possess it. And then someone says, ‘there are certain things which are called property rights.’ Well, do you realize that the only place they have them are Christian nations? Someone said, ‘but we should not be trying to push our will over everybody else.’ But do you realize that the Communist world is trying to push their will over everybody else? The whole pagan world wants to conquer you and subvert you to slavery. Why should you apologize that you want to put truth over the darkness? Do you know that he who is set free by Christ is free indeed. But you are not set free outside of HIS will. You are set free in it. And our program for the world today is to set them free from superstition, from darkness and error. Someone said, ‘but they have to be born again.’ But you are the twice born people....born in spirit and born in earth, and now regenerated with spiritual consciousness. You cannot, my friends, transfer the covenants that belong to you to someone else. God can deliver them by transition and HE will do that as they are restored to from whence they came. But I want you to know this afternoon, that your great responsibility is the proclamation of Truth.

There is one thing that all people can participate in and that is repentance for error. That is a very vital pattern for when people start to repent the error, they start to correct the error. We want you to know that you were never told to go and preach to every creature and to baptize anyone in any name but that of Jesus the Christ. So there still remains the work of the Messiahship to fulfill. And I want you to understand that this commission is also the carrying out of God’s program for HIS Kingdom. And I will tell you this. Before you are thru, the soldier plays as high a part as the clergyman plays, in the administration, for it is administration and it is rule. Someone says, ‘But with a rod of iron?’ That is the Law of God. And men are better off living under that then they are in living under the control of the Beast System that has no moral, ethical or spiritual responsibility. For you just serve God.

(End of sermon)