Great Election, 12-15-63



Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 12-15-63

We are living in a time when elections have a great importance altho we do not have too much to do with them. We think that we have to take our choices and take our chances, and think that we have voted for something. In these instances, we watch our candidates selected in our national elections, at the conventions. And the general thought is that if you are a Republican you will get a Republican candidate and if a Democrat then you get a Democrat candidate. Altho today the issues which divide the two parties are not the essentials of a modern election. The modern election today is decided before you ever get to the polls. They have selected candidates who do not give you any place to go. So you go down and select a person who you think will do you the least amount of harm instead of selecting someone who will do America the most good. But the idea is that we vote and we have selected the individual that we desired to elect. And we accept the decision of the people and we think it is the decision of the people. But we are not always sure. We are not sure, but we think in the last election that Mr. Nixon lost Illinois and Texas by fraud. So you cannot depend upon these elections.

But the election I am interested in this afternoon had only one person casting the ballot. And this ballot was cast by HE who can make all things come to pass. And that, my friends, is the election of God. In this instance, the most important thing for you and I, is to be classified as the Elect of God, for the task of God which God commits HIS Elect. For in this instance, it does relate to offices and power. It does relate to destiny. And it does relate to the earth and all that is in it. So I point out to you that as we talked about your great inheritance, there was nothing greater in your heritage than to know that you are a son or a daughter of God, that you had been selected of God. For HE desired to bring you into being as HIS Household and HIS Issue. And of all the things which God blessed you with, HE did it because---HE loved you, because HE had given HIS oath unto your fathers. And all of these things are a part of the purpose. And therefore as Isaiah declares: --HE is our Father.” And this declaration is often repeated. We would have you recall, that God sent Moses to Pharaoh to say, “Remember that Israel is my son, and Ephraim is my first born. And I direct you to do thus and forth or I will send judgment upon thy first born.” Thus there is no greater heritage that you could possess as a heritage than to know that you are the children of God. That you are the offspring of the MOST HIGH. That HE has destined this from the beginning.

Now there is another factor connected in this, and it relates to the sovereignty of the Eternal God who made decisions ages ago and then carried them out with Omniscience wisdom and Omnipotent power. There is no greater power than that which moves out of the Eternal by which the energies of HIS great intellect, HE has synthesized the energies of the Universe and put together all of the Universe itself. With the same patterns of energy HE has looked forward to the events and conditions which would have happened in earth under the patterns of Luciferian revolution . . . and then the embodiment in earth of HIS own family within this situation . . . the carrying from heaven to earth of the children of God and the conditions which would transpire in their experiences, according to the patterns of the powers of darkness in their work. Our Father knows these things. And HE says that HE would not allow you to be tempted beyond what you were able to bare. Then demonstrates how far reaching goes this foreknowledge.

As we talk about Sonship, we tell you that HE timed the birth of HIS children. HE used the word Ethusia or the positioning of the birth of a son. In the King James Version that word is translated as adoption. But this word does not mean anything like the word adoption meaning that you placed someone in your family who is not your son . . . those who were under this word Ethusia were the ‘timed born’ children of THE MOST HIGH. In other words this great purpose was the timing of birth or the expectancy in which they expected to bring the timing of birth. The Greek would have liked to have their children born in progression, in each month, and they had a child for each month. For they had a lot of children. They called this the timing of birth for their children. Out of the Omniscience of the Almighty God, HE not only timed the birth of HIS children into this world, but HE had based this upon the necessity, and the number and conditions on the foreknowledge that you and I, without finite minds, cannot understand. HE has written HIS children’s names down in the ‘Lamb's Book of Life’ before the foundation of the cosmic order and the creation of which you are a part. HE not only knew you in the beginning, but you are THEY who were with HIM in the beginning.

We point out then, that in this, we find a whole pattern of Divine purpose. We call you attention again to those passages in the book of Ephesians, which calls our attention to the plans of the Father. And we find that we have already been blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places IN CHRIST, even before this cosmic order.

Now let me point out to you that in the declarations of the MOST HIGH, that HE refers HIS Household Elect. I turn over to the 47nd chapter, of Isaiah, and I read:--- “Behold, my servant, mine Elect in whom My soul delighteth. I have put my spirit upon him and he shall put judgment upon the nations. Behold my servant behold my Elect.” In other words, God is talking about a people whom HE has not only decided upon, but whom HE has established as MINE ELECT. HE had not only elected them to carry forward HIS seed in the earth, for the seed of the MOST HIGH in the Adamic Race is a Holy Seed, and therefore, we have a reference in the scripture to this Holy Seed. For it is a seed which proceeded forth out of HIM. HE not only timed the entrance of these spirits into the earth, but has foreknown this from the very beginning. This is the seed line which you find HIM identified within the book of Luke. And this seed is traced all the way back to Adam who is the son of God, traced back to Seth, who was the son of Adam, and Adam the son of God. This then is an important seed. We point out to you that today the enemy is battling the Elect of God. They are battling the kingdom of God and the purposes of God, the nations of God, and the church of God. And if the church of God speaks out against this evil, they are immediately charged with hate, as being an undesirable people. Well, from the standpoint of the world order, everything about God is undesirable. And from the standpoint of God, everything in the World Order is undesirable.

Now I not only present to you this . . . that HE not only Elected you, but HE also timed your entrance into the world. And you are among those whom HE counted as living at this time. More than this, HE knows exactly what your reaction will be and HE knows how much spiritual power HE will pour out on you, and how much HE will have to quicken your race to carry out HIS objectives. But God did not say HE was going to pour out love upon them so they would ‘love MY enemies.’ HE did not say anything like that. But we have a constant warfare being waged on our kingdom. Sometimes when you announce where you are going to speak, the devil gets busy and tries to cancel out the hall. He canceled out one for this Wednesday night, so we will speak in another. It came out in the newspapers with a violent attack and they talk about hate. But let me tell you, this hurts the enemy and immediately he tends to bring on a crisis. And immediately he tries to bring a block against your freedom to speak and your right of expression, and your taking a stand for God. I point out to you, that if you want to take a stand against evil, they want to classify this as Hate. I remember that this seed line of God, this selection of God for HIS purpose, that the first thing which happened to us in earth’s environment, was that Eve was seduced by Lucifer and catastrophe descended upon our race, and God had to rescue us. HE had to intervene. And the first thing which HE said was, “I am going to put enmity between thy seed and the seed of the woman.” Between the woman's seed, and the Serpent's seed. Between the Household of God and the household of Lucifer, I am going to put enmity. So you go down and get a dictionary and find out what enmity is. And it will say -animosity, hate. So God Almighty has ordained that HIS people, in alert to HIS cause, will have animosity against this evil. They are going to hate this evil. They are going to resist this evil. They are going to seek to eliminate this and destroy its power. You do not do that in a brotherhood meeting. Because you cannot hold a brotherhood meeting with evil. You cannot hold it with Satan's children because they are not your brothers. You cannot hold it with Lucifer's family, for Lucifer has another family. When you say 'OUR Father which art in heaven,' we are not talking about Lucifer. But there are a lot of people, who when they talk about Lucifer, the system identifies them.

Let us then look at this purpose--- “Behold my servant--Mine Elect.” This is in the 42nd chapter of Isaiah. I turn to the first verse of the 45th chapter of Isaiah, and I read:--- “For Jacob, my servant's sake, and mine Elect, I have called thee by thy name---Israel, Mine Elect.”

I listened to a minister talking over the radio the other day, and he said, “All Christians are the Elect of God, this is God's elect, all of these Christians are the Elect of God. They are elect according to HIS fore knowledge.” The only thing that I did not agree with, was that I did not think that the man really knew who was God's Israel. And I tell you that this which is Christianity today is the Israel of God, the elect of God. And you cannot talk about the Elect of God under various categories. For God has ordained just who the people are who are to inherit HIS kingdom and whom HE has Elected, because HE has decided who they are---HIS sons and daughters, HIS Household, HIS people. HE made a covenant with you according to race. And HE made a covenant with you according to Grace. HE made a covenant with us to bring HIS household out on top until every knee shall bow and every tongue proclaim and know that HE has loved us and who know who HIS sons are, from one end of the earth to the other.

I point out again that in the declarations of the MOST HIGH, over in the book of Isaiah, one of the declarations is "Behold, for I shall bring forth a seed out of Judah and out of Jacob, and in the mountains my Elect shall inherit it, and my servant shall dwell there.” This is a pretty good election. This is the election that relates to the kingdom, to the nations and to the government of the earth. ---AND MY ELECT SHALL INHERIT IT. God has elected you, as HIS celestial children transferred to earth. HE has elected you as HIS household in the earth, to do a lot of things. And one of them is not only to inherit the earth, but to rule the earth and to establish HIS kingdom. More than that, the best of assurances that I find in this book --this election stays. HE tells us about the days when these rascals are not going to build houses for you and sell them to you and then get off of the job and foreclose on them after two or three months . . . then turn on the work, and resell them to you one of these days. They are not going to foreclose on your farms and your ranches and move out against your possessions. Because there is coming a day when they shall not build and another inhabit, and they shall not plant and then others shall eat it. ‘For the days of the tree are as my people. And Mine Elect are going to enjoy the work of their hands.’ I like that election.

We have watched the bilking of the people of God's kingdom because they are of the 'have nations' with vision, with creative ability, and with intelligence and with knowledge. We have watched this bilking go on all over the world. We have watched the sons of Satan who very seldom ever produce anything, who live as parasites on society seeking to break down the kingdom of God.

Now because you have vision, you give knowledge unto the ends of the earth. It is a good thing to give them knowledge and how to get things done as long as they are not against your God. But, my friends, to subordinate you and take from you to support those who are against your God, is not in keeping with God's plan. The day that the covenant is fulfilled and the kingdom comes in--when MINE ELECT shall inherit the things which belong to them, they shall inherit the benefits for the energy that they have expended, and these rascals are not going to exploit you anymore. That is a good promise to the Elect of God.

Everywhere I turn in this book, I hear God talking about HIS Elect. This was not a term used in the Old Testament. This is a purpose which God made clear thru out all days, under old covenants and New Covenants, for I am talking about a people---"MINE ELECT. " Over here in 23rd chapter of the book of Matthew, HE is talking about the situations which are coming to pass. And in the 24th chapter, HE talks about this period of great tribulation, when this was not like this since the beginning of time. This tribulation is the time of ‘Jacob's trouble’ and you are in it today. You have been in it for a while. And you are still in it, and you are going to be saved out of it.

Now God said, “Except those days be shortened, there would not be any flesh left on earth.” In fact, today with all of the struggles developing, into nuclear bombs and greater weapons being designed all of the time, and this thing is going to break into a holocaust and this thing will break faster than you will think. For you are moving into cycles of judgment. We also know that if God did not intervene, the catastrophes would almost wipe out the people of earth. So what does HE say?-- “I shall shorten the time for the ELECT'S sake.” So HE still has those people who HE calls the Elect, and for their sake, HE will shorten the time. This is also declared again in the book of Matthew. But also in the book of Mark. And it says that in those days when the sign of tribulation are everywhere around us, and the heavens are shaken, and the powers of the heavens are shaken ---when they see the sign of the Son of Man coming in the clouds with great Glory---but you just saw that sign February 4, 1962. It was prophesied and marked 5000 years before Christ.

Now listen. Therefore, when this happens, HE said, “Know this that except the LORD shortened those days, there would be no flesh saved.” But for the Elects sake, HE has chosen to shorten those days. Then there is another passage here concerning HIS Elect. And this is a rather interesting one, because HE said HE is going to send His Holy Angels to gather HIS Elect from the four corners of the heavens, and the four corners of earth. So we are a pretty good sized group of people. Remember what God said to Enoch---and what was also revealed to the Apostle Paul, and is in the volumes of his writings. HE talked about the children of God who were in the heavens and who were on earth.--HE said, “These are my kinsmen and my brethren, thy are mine Elect.” And in this instance, as the Apostle Paul caught this vision, he understood what it was all about. And he then wrote in the book of Hebrews, about the children of God who were now down here in bodies of flesh. They were the ELECT of God. Therefore, we note, that in these turbulent hours that are before us, are the greatest force of reinforcements that you ever saw, are of God's Election. For HE is going to gather HIS Elect from the four corners of the Universe, and from here on earth. For what? The greatest victory the world has ever witnessed. This the kingdom triumphant. Just remember this. Shall not YAHWEH avenge HIS Elect, which cry nigh unto HIM? Altho HE bear along with them. This is in the book of Luke. Almighty God is going to bring Judgment upon thine enemies for you, because you are HIS Elect.

We turn over into the book of Peter. And Peter, an apostle who walked with Christ, who was empowered by the Holy Spirit . . . and he sent HIS message out to Christians, to reach Christendom from one end to the other wherever they might be, knowing that he was writing unto a people whom God had laid upon him the responsibility to write to. He therefore, addresses his message to the strangers that were in Pontus, Galacia, Cappadocia, Asia and Bithynia . . . the ELECT according to the foreknowledge of God. It says here, strangers of the dispersion. In other words, all of the tribes of Israel who had gone out and migrated and now settled in Europe or wherever White men were, wherever the House of Israel existed . . . strangers according to the dispersion. Elect according to the foreknowledge of God, set aside by the spirit until the obedience of this full atonement by Christ on Calvary. So you see that your race was predestinated for not only the fullness of God's Grace, it was predestinated to conform to HIS image and to be Glorified and to be justified by the very acts of God. That is a very good Election.

Now you say, “But how about this Election?” God casts all of the ballots. HE made it known that HE has selected and Elected you, for the task, for the processes, as a recipient, and a participant. And I am going to tell you this. You do not have to worry about who the devil’s side will elect, for he cannot win. For God holds all of these things together by HIS own mighty power.

Over in the book of Romans, we read these words:--- “Children not yet born, having not yet done good nor evil, that the purpose of God, according to Election, might stand.”

Now this is just to clarify that God set this election up to determine the course and has selected HIS instrument. And has determined their course . . . before the foundation of the world . . . this--way back in the beginning. And always this you will note.---Those HE did foreknow, HE did predetermine, or predestinate, to conform to these patterns. This has a very special value to only one people, the people that HE has predestinated, the children of HIS Election.

I tell you that this is the greatest of all Elections. For this is one which God has been carrying out to the letter, the pattern of HIS purpose. HE elected HIS own embodiment and determined the time this should come and installed the course in the heavens, and laid out the course in the sky, until the stars above proclaimed the hour of HIS own embodiment and elected HIS own physical birth. Then HE emerged on time, at this season over which all Christendom rejoices and all of the powers of darkness try to silence and stop, or block. Isn't it a strange thing that if you take a stand for righteousness and proclaim the documents of God's kingdom, how the enemy seeks to find a time to cry out against you? But in the instance when they try to stop you from worshiping Christ and singing Carols in your school and carrying out your heritage, how as they do all of these things, they want everybody to ignore this action against your faith.

You now know something is beginning to happen. The tide is beginning to turn across your nation. And God is awakening the people of HIS choice, HIS election, HIS household. And there is an absolute undefeatable force that God is sending forth. And they are beginning to function in a great way. The great waves of God's Holy Spirit moving out with understanding and with intelligent wisdom, is moving down upon this race of God. HE is calling the people of God. And HE is quickening their feeling of responsibility and making them see the necessity of the House of God standing together. But this is starting a great area of activity. And what is going to transpire?---There is no power on the face of the earth which will be able to stop, or to challenge HIS vision. For this people is going be given a vision, and they are going to clean up their nation. They will lift up the standard of God. And this standard will be seen on all of the mountains of God's kingdom. This is a part of that Election.

Yes, I think in all of the processes in which people feel somewhat suppressed, they can now can pick up hope. You now not only have a finished course before you, but God has ordained it. HE has taken all of the necessary steps, saying, “You are the people I have ordained. You are the people I have Elected for it.” One of these days we will have a leader in these United States who is a devout Christian and every last Cabinet member will also be Christian.

Now there will be some people who will not like this. But they will not mind it then, because they are not going to be here. In this ‘Election’ God has for you in which HE brings and gathers all of your spiritual kinsmen, all of your embodied kinsmen, from the four corners of the earth, in that hour, HE takes the 'tares' away, and then they will not mind not being here. For they are all going to be taken to a different location. There are a lot of things that God has already willed. And because HE has willed it, then HE inspires men to record it. The reason why John could write these things in the book of Revelation is because he saw these things in the 'time track' of vision across the pattern of the wisdom, and the vision of foreknowledge, he saw these things, and then wrote them in his book. It does not matter whether the Christians and Jews or the Communist Party, or the United Nations, or all of the nations of the World Order . . . it is going to be different. I am going to tell you this afternoon, you are going to rise up and do the things that God has ordained and it will be the way that God has ordained it and willed it. And you will be triumphant and they will be defeated.

We received several letters this week, and we thought it a significant and timely thing that in the midst of the events of this week, such as the Sinatra kidnaping, that Bobby Kennedy could immediately get all of the F.B.I. out here right away. It did not take very long before there was a mighty army of them working in every direction and they moved right in on this situation. But the reason why this was a part of the thinking concerning correspondence, it was not so long ago that Reverend Harrell and his family left Illinois to go to Albuquerque . . . a man and his children and his wife. He was a pastor of a conservative Christian church in Illinois. And there were those churches across Louisiana and the middle states. This was a man whom God had healed from Tuberculosis. And he had then dedicated himself to the ministry. His ministry was beginning to bear great fruit and God had brought to his attention that the great enemy of the kingdom was Communism and the enemies of Christ were behind it. And he had the courage to start proclaiming this. He poured his fortune into his church and had turned over his enterprises to it and was moving into an area of great development. And he had been asked to become a Chaplain for the ‘Minute men.’ He took that position also. He then preached all over to the ‘Minute Men’ about the blue prints which were in the scripture. So the anti-communist started on him, and the Communist and the Jewish organizations struck his life. And when he left Illinois to go to Albuquerque, he disappeared. His car was found along the highway --blood spattered. But I never heard anything about a group of FBI men coming out to find him or his wife and children. There has hardly been a ripple about this, except for anti-press reports that he was to meet with the Government about tax problems concerning some of these properties. So they said he must have disappeared to avoid this. A man whose properties were so extensive and his church affairs were so extensive, was not worried about meeting with those officials. But this is the way they sought to smear this individual. We received some letters talking about the harassment of his church as the tapes went out, and we are getting answers from all over. There have been strange things happening all over these United States, for this is the time of 'Jacob's trouble.' For instance, a young man who came from a retreat they had held in the east. He was a Marine and a patriot, if not a plant. And he came and he told them how all of the young Marines who were anti-communist . . . all of them who had any faith and understood these things . . . were being persecuted and harassed in his department. They were being knocked around. And for no cause whatsoever, they would be charged, locked up and would be shoved around by the Marine Sergeants and others who came in to work them over. They told them that if they were anti-Communism, then this was a mental derangement. This Marine was on two days leave, and he had gone to this church and told them about what some of his experiences were . . . and someone knocked at the door. Two officers said, “We want this man, we are looking for him.” And the Pastor said, “Do you have a search warrant for this man? Do you have a warrant for his arrest?” And he said, “Well, do you have a search warrant for this place?” And they said, “no.” So the Pastor said, “Well, you better go get one, for we are not turning anyone over without proper authority.” So the two officers left and they did not come back that day. But I have the clipping in my briefcase and it says: How do you think they came back today? They came in with half a regiment of Marines, and they came in with guns and tanks right up to the door of the church. And they not only picked up the man, but they picked up ten of the churchmen and the Pastor, and they charged them with harboring a Marine who was AWOL.

In the first place, the church is a sanctuary, and they do not have to turn anyone over to anyone. In the second place, no pastor of any church has to unveil to anyone, that someone has appealed to him as the pastor of a church. But in this instance, we see the use of half tracks, military force and an illegal warrant. One thing we have not been able to determine is whether this was or was not a trap set up for this individual group. I think this is a rather significant thing. But I point out to you that this thing is happening in more places than this. And now we are getting letters from all over as to what people high up in the Kennedy government are doing. And one of the things is attacking churches.

I tell you again that it is time they found Pastor Harrell and his family, for this pastor, his wife and children are more important than the majority of us, or what happens to any of the ‘Rat pack.’ This is one of the reasons why, as a pastor, as one of those carrying on, in the absence of Mr. Harrell, and was in the L.A. area some time ago, to the Evangelistic Center which used to be down here in Los Angeles. And this Reverend Casey wrote:-- “Thanks be to God that we are HIS elect and it will not be very long before the kind of forces that will come to the Elect will join us and we will finish our job.”

I want you to know also that in this election we have a pattern of ultimate development in which HE has predestined that you are not only going to conform to the image that HE had with empowered glory was concerned but from glory to glory you are going to conform to HIS own image. And with the majesty and power which belongs to sons and daughters from Celestial plains now in earth, and you will be unveiled as a mighty people. This is a part of your ‘election.’

Someone said, “What is the evidence we have of this?” We have the moving evidence of God's spirit. We have the evidence of HIS redeeming power. We have the evidence of HIS capacity of vision and creative power that God pours out upon your race. There has not been any race created in any field, wherein God has not provided it with the knowhow before it was necessary. But I am telling you that we are about to behold some of the greatest advances in progress in all time and history.

Elect according to the foreknowledge of God. Let me tell you this catastrophe moves around the children of God. And very seldom do we find the children of God hurt by God's judgment. We have watched this happen in earthquakes and fires and floods. And in the majority of cases, it is not God's children who are hurt unless they have been so sound asleep that it takes a chastisement to wake them up. Someone said, “What do you mean by that?” Well, I will tell you something. If we had a great earthquake this afternoon, you would have a hard job getting in here tonight. You know this. We have watched this thing happen. We want you to know that there are lots of people who are lax, at time, about areas of responsibility, until some catastrophe starts to move. And then immediately, they try to get lined up with God and get straightened around. And this is natural. But I want to point out to you this afternoon, that there is no greater immunity than this ordained security that God has given HIS Elect, in which HE has not only promised to protect to guide and deliver, and eventually eliminate with power. And within this, you have been by HIS purpose, selected to receive the inspiration of the thoughts of God. And as you synchronize your thinking with HIS purposes and your plans with HIS purpose, there is no force that can stop the dynamics of God's people as they emerge in this hour selected for this task thinking the thoughts of God, and accepting the challenge of operation and then bringing in the kingdom. And this is not very far removed.

We have already watched the sign of the 'son of man ' move across the heavens. And we have moved into the hour when all over the world we are watching the patterns of change and the enemy is planning the same old games and the same old bilking on your society. They would like to impoverish you with depressions while making the most out of you who remain solvent. They would like, my friends, to ruin the defense of your nation while at the same time telling you that this is economy. It is quite obvious that the people want to save the status of the American economy. But the thing to do is to stop giving it away to other countries and use it here at home. You do not stop the areas of vital defense and the maintenance of your space projects and the maintenance of your Air Force. You know, for a long time they have been trying to scrap the U.S. Navy. And this week almost all of the Navy is on your side, because they discovered how serious this would be. After they had eliminated your Navy, then, my friends, they could come to your shores with transports and with air cover which you have on paper instead of in the sky, and suddenly you would discover that they had brought the war to you. Israel should wake up and follow this blue print instead of the Rusto blueprint who are designing this program. I don't know why we don’t take a man like McNamara and put him out to pasture somewhere?

I listened to one man on the radio say that he was doing his best, but his best is not good enough. All of these things are a part of the challenge of your responsibility to this hour. You do not have to worry about whether the elect of God are going to survive, or whether we will economically make it, or whether there will be enough power for this time. But this is the most challenging, the most disturbing time in all history. And God's spirit and HIS protection is going to be enough. We want to tell the neutralizers this afternoon, that because we believe that God will supply enough guidance and enough spiritual power to accomplish all of these objectives, this does not mean that we set back and wait for God to do all of these things. Because HE said that HE would pour out enough power on us to do it. You go thru this Book and the Spirit of God challenges, empowers, and then activates these spiritual consciousness to accomplish the things that they were Elected to do. This is why the Saints of the MOST HIGH GOD take the kingdom and possess the kingdom forever and forever. This is also in areas in which this could never have been accomplished except by Divine intervention. Yes, Divine intervention is involved in this. I saw one smearing attack saying that God would never intervene. Let me tell you something, my friends, you have every reason to want God to intervene. You have to have an avenue for reinforcements, which we need. You have to have someone bring in the elect from the four corners of the heavens. You have not advanced far enough to go get them yet. It is just good sense to have enough reinforcements. I find too many people who want to lead a frontal attack when they do not have a troop to follow them.

HE has planned to bring all of the hosts of heaven necessary, to see if you have strength enough to win. More than this, I am going to tell you that in this pattern of God's Elect, there is no charge laid against you. We turn over here in this to God's declaration, and we read:-- “Who shall lay any charge against God's Elect?” Today, all over the world, they are trying to give us a guilt complex. Everywhere you try to take a stand for right, they try to say you are anti-social. Well let’s turn over here to the book of Ephesians and see what God has to say about this kind of a situation. We are told that as far as God is concerned, that in the fullness of time there are a lot of things that HE is going to do. And this involves restoring to you, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. In the 8th chapter of Romans, we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are the Called according to HIS purpose. And he whom HE did foreknow, HE did predetermine that they would conform to the image of the son.

Listen. To those HE did predetermine, HE did predestinate, and HE called. And those HE called, HE justified. And those HE justified, HE also glorified. What shall we then say, if God be for us, who can be against us? Who shall lay anything to the charge of God's Elect? It is God who justifies. Who is he who condemns it? Christ died, but has risen again.

Now listen. Who shall separate us from the love of God, shall tribulation, or distress, or famine, pestilence or sword for all of these things are no more than conquerors to them that love God. I am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor Angels, nor principalities of powers,--and that takes everybody from Lucifer to Mr. Brown---neither things present, nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other creature shall be able to separate us from the love of God as was embodied in the manifestation of the Man Christ Jesus. Is that enough for you this afternoon? That is what election is. Someone said, “But we have to make the election.” No, you do not make an election. Not at all. You just responded to what the Holy Spirit unveiled. HE said, “You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you. And I have ordained that your fruit shall remain. ----I ordained it.”

I want you to know, that I would rather have confidence in God's election than in anything that I figure out. I would rather have confidence in how this thing is coming out in what God had to say. And on the basis of such assurance, we move forward to accomplish the objective. This is what the church is for. So what is the church for?---The church is to be an Oracle as to what God has expressed either by HIS word or the Holy Spirit and by what inspiration sends. That is what the Church is for. It is to act as a spiritual correlation of impacted truth that effects the performance of people to accomplish the objectives of God.

In this hour, we tell you that this is the important election that will determine all other elections that are to come. We say,---"THY WILL BE DONE IN EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN."---And we know that it shall come to pass. There is no question about the intensity of the events that surround you. There is no question about the fact that the forces which turn loose violence and hate, are seeking to turn all of the people of earth against you. All of your race problems of today have been stirred up by the enemies of your Christian Faith, your Christian nation, and our flag. They are able to stir this in us because people asleep are easy to influence and know not how to protect themselves from this kind of abuse. Thus, they are being used as the shock troops of the revolution. Do you want to know where Negro trouble starts? It starts with Jewry. And Jewry starts from their Satanic origin and their incapacity to follow spiritual truths. I tell you that this is the secret behind communism, and this is the secret behind your problems. And you are not to shoulder the responsibility for it, but you are to shoulder the identity of it and the responsibility of it so as to accomplish God's objective of HIS kingdom. So we tell you--'Elect of God, according to HIS foreknowledge, God has not only promised you a victory, but has also promised you that you will reap what you sow. You will dwell in the houses that you built and you will be free from the oppressor.” And this is a part of deliverance that we have asked for. And we are assured that God is going to come in and break the power of the oppressor so as to free HIS ELECT.

I was reading a letter from a minister this week, and he was quoting the Gospel of Luke. And he said,--“Oh, God, hurry up.”---in the 19 chapter of Luke. So I point this out to you this afternoon, that you are not only the children of the Father, but your great heritage remains with you. You are the elect according to HIS purposes so as to carry those things out, as Israel, in the Old Testament, HIS Elect. And in the New Testament, it is still Israel, which is HIS Elect. And as HE talks to Israel about HIS Grace, then the counting of grace now is going to carry forward things which you have not accomplished for yourself, but HE is still talking to the same people. Promises that were made (Jeremiah) in that new covenant are made to the same people to whom HE made the old. End of message.