Great Marks Of Israel, 5-10-62


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 5-10-62

Today we are discussing the ‘marks of Israel’ for there are more important things than that which we have found filled for today. For there are identities that can never be cast aside in a process of interpretation. It is a most important thing in this turbulent hour that men know who they are and this relationship to this book which we call the Bible. Because there has never been a great period or greater problems for your race. This is designated as the ‘time of Jacob’s trouble.’ And if you were not related to Jacob, then this would not necessarily relate to you.---but it does.

Never have we had a period when the forces of darkness were waging a war more relentlessly, than they have against your civilization and the nations of God’s Kingdom. Nor have we had such a period where men’s minds seem to be bound by the forces of darkness, and in the processes of this conflict, they do not seem to think clearly. And also, they diametrically oppose the great program of God’s Kingdom. We were in San Francisco this week and saw the Troop Transport ships heading for Asia. And we openly listened to the discussion going on in almost every hotel. The hotels were filled with families of those who are to be shipped out, and they know that they are on their way to a war. These things are not taking place.

Remember, when we gave you a briefing as to 1962, there were several things which we told you about that you would see transpire? One of the things we say was a widening of this old conflict in Asia, and that it was actually being called for by your enemies. More than this, that there would be a climactic upset in the Economic market. That the world economy and economic Babylon would start to slide and to crumble. That this would be seen in early spring after you had passed April. We told you in that preview that by the very measures which God had established, would indicate---in fact, when God gave Enoch the measures, which we saw in February of this year, and did that over 4000 years before Christ, HE showed Enoch the importance of this prophecy which related to 1962. When HE gave you the trap of the measures, a large part of the measures of the forces of darkness which sought economically and politically and by invasion to overthrow the nations of God’s Kingdom----Enoch was told and saw what was to follow shortly after the measures seen in the heavens.

You have passed the measure of the sky. And you have moved in as we foresaw with that measure which opened for us, and for all who would study, they would see this situation. You say, ‘Yes, but the things which have happened to the United States were made by Mr. Kennedy, or were made by some members of his staff.’ But the powers that influenced those decisions were still the powers that worked and were diametrically opposed to God’s Kingdom. This, my friends, may come in a lot of ways. We do not say that it was not the results of hypnotism or something that reduced them to sort of a non-resistant status. Surely, they have not given all of these people lobotomies, but there is no question but that there is something that is effecting and using men, who seem to be enslaved and in-chained by powers of darkness, and against the best things which serve America.

For instance, I think we have a rather interesting situation, altho it is a deadly one, and that is this battle into which we are now sending our sons---stretching all over the thousands of miles of Thailand’s frontier. This would not be necessary if we had not withdrawn our military and not moved in to help Laos win. But remember that it was Mr. Harriman who was our Asiatic Ambassador, who went over there and then advised that we stop helping Laos and force them into a neutral government with the Communist. We can go back to the Marshall Plan and to the time when the Secretary of State and a lot of these internationalist do-gooders, Socialists, and Communist minded Liberals were advising us in the days of Chang Kai Shek. And remember, that Mr. Watts was at the time, one of those sympathizers with Red China, and also an advisor to President Truman after the war. Remember it was in those days that we forced Chang into a neutralist government with the Communist. This was not only an error, but because of that error, Chang Kai Shek is now on Formosa and the invading force of Communism in China forced the French out of China with that great battle at the last. And no one came in to help the French. Eventually, this Communist invasion has been spreading thru out all of Asia with the battles in Thailand and along her borders and in Laos and eventually in Vietnam. This is the making of our program of these advisors.

Now, you say you want to know why this is a crucial hour? That we must recognize first as to who we are, and do this first to the program of God’s Kingdom. And to the dedication of it under the Constitution and to our forefathers. If we error once more, we will be under great areas of destruction and chastisement.

I have in my hands a very interesting piece from the newspaper. Maybe you can to back and find a copy of the L.A. Times. If so, get the Editorial page and cut it out and save it. For if you want an evaluation from one of the members of the New Frontier, then here it is. You see it as a subject.--- Removal of an envoy demanded by Harriman. It is rather interesting that we have an ambassador over there in Laos---and to the Bangkok Conference which they held just before these major developments in this situation,--our ambassador there, was Mr. Knight. And Mr. Nolte has been one of the most brilliant foreign experts. He is intelligent and he understands this. Mr. Nolte was at this conference when Mr. Harriman came over and outlined this necessity of these Princes of Laos forming a coalition government. And that the U.S. government was going to withdraw all military support from Laos. And this was pushed in that Bangkok conference. In that crucial moment, Mr. Nolte was reprimanded by Mr. Harriman for opposing this new pressure which was being sent by Mr. Kennedy to call off all military aid to Laos. This was the statement by our Ambassador:-- ‘My conscious will not permit me to support a recommendation that would leave the Laos government at the mercy of the Communist.’ So Mr. Nolte spoke out and Mr. Harriman was angry and he turned to Mr. Nolte and he said, ‘You are working for the Kennedy Administration and not for God.’ Get this paper of this week and see for yourself.

Now, let me speak for us---Christian people. We are not working for the Kennedy Administration. We ARE WORKING FOR GOD. We are working for the Kingdom of God and its survival. And this type of politics will not bring us survival. We will have more to say about this situation later. But I thought this significant when you wonder why you are in trouble, why all this strife. But brainwashed representatives of government level, have the idea now that they are higher and more important than God, and conscience and responsibility. And until you make them repudiate this, and make them take their hands off of Church and off of conscience, unless we do this, we will not accomplish the great victories that are ahead. I think this is most significant that we point this out, for after this Sunday morning, we watched the Dow fall off 32 points. And we have watched the utter fear of individuals because of this Administration. It is because of the Un-American attitude by which these individuals turn to the industry of our nation and say, ‘You are not entitled to a profit.’ Also, he has frightened a great number of investors and upset the economy. But the President could not figure all of this out by himself. Someone is figuring out a way to depress the American market at a very crucial point, while advisors are advising a Bank moratorium in just a few weeks. If you depress the market, then people will sell stocks to get money. And then money will be devaluated if the advise of Jewish advisors is followed.

Someone said, ‘What do you think?’ I think, my friends, that there is are lot of things better than money right now. If you devalue money, you still come out with the goods with the same purchasing power that the goods are equal to. But there is a discerning going on here. And with this design, with this collapse, Babylon is going to fall.

Now, I am going to tell you this. All of this week we have watched one of the most fallacious policies and that is the attempt to break up the economy which exists inside of God’s Kingdom. We have no objection to and the praise of the intelligence of the Europeans in Germany, in France, in Holland and in Belgium which created this lowland market. Their residency, their bouncing back and forth in their nations. And they are seeing a new prosperity, a new wave of it. But the pressure to break into it has upset the economy of God’s nations, is quite clear. The British Commonwealth has also been one of those commonwealths of nations, one of those prophet ‘marks of Israel,’ for you remember that Israel was to be a great nation and a company of nations, just as the house of Joseph alone, apart from all of those other nations which emerged from out of the days of prophecy which Jacob gave to his children and his son’s children. The fact remains that this group of nations has survived many storms. You have helped some of them survive at times because the money masters were manipulating in all directions. You have helped to pull out some of these money disasters even with the ‘behind the scenes’ manipulation guiding the disaster.

Remember that this is how the Empire works. There are areas like New Zealand and Australia calling for the recognition of their raw material and their goods, and then shipping them on the Merchant Marines to Britain and then in Britain, they are synthesized into goods. Britain did not produce the raw material, but she synthesized them into goods, she marketed those goods and carried them with her ships to the corners of the empire, and the result was that these outputs of the colonial areas could be traded thru the routes of production trade of Britain.

Now, it is a strange thing that the power of the bells and the balls, these advisors of this strange cult, could tell the President of the United States what to do or how to do it. Then suddenly the President is trying to drive Britain to come in. They say, ‘We don’t need Britain, let her keep her own orbit, why divide that between us. We are doing alright without her and Britain doesn’t want to come in.’ But economic masters can somehow put the pressure on her, promising to bring down her economic structure if she does not follow the instructions of President Kennedy. But if she follows Kennedy’s instructions, the Commonwealth will collapse. This is the conspiracy. For if she follows those instructions, then South Africa and Australia and al of the colonies will have no place to ship those goods. No place to ship those goods to be manufactured. No place to go with their goods as they have now, to have the manufactured goods then shipped on to keep the economic system of those colonies going. Britain does not need to join the market in Europe any more than you here in the United States needs to join the Common Market of Europe. We do not have to go back and join ourselves to anything. For we are a great nation of God’s Kingdom. We are a self-sufficient economy if we will eliminate the forces of darkness.

Yes, we may expand foreign trade, but the balance factors show that we do not by foreign trade, make a balance that is constructive. Because we give most of the money out of the tax payers pocket to those areas which buy our goods. And as long as you have to tax yourself, you will never get a balance. And the more you do this, the less you are going to have. This is known not only to the foreign trade policy makers, but to our President, as well. But one man could not make up all of these policies by himself and he could not have gained the wealth of himself which his father’s riches have made for him. I point out to you that this is a part of the time of ‘Jacob’s trouble.’

Now, all of this situation is one of Crisis. This is the time for the breaking of what is left of the British Commonwealth. It would also break yours. And the President seems to know that it would. He tells you that if we go into this, we are ready to give business some relief and give them a subsidy expansion plan for two years to make up for lost business. And we are willing to put all the unemployed men who will lose their jobs, because goods come in tariff free, in the next 18 months, and we will put them on some kind of a ‘dole’ which is about 2/3 of their salary.

Now, anyone who would go in for advice to a great Christian nation that would bring on economic collapse must be advised by someone with more influence than he has the good sense to balance. This is quite an obvious thing that this is a struggle against God’s Kingdom economically. And we have told you in the last month of how they have sought in this great religious invasion to gain and control al of the religion in your nation thru a Federal Department of Religion. This would create a Czar under the Military, a part of this program of Humanism here in Washington, D.C.---a part of the World Pagan temples. And they would be subsidized thru the U.N. by you, in which the religions are molded together and all of the gods are brought together until Christ is brought down to the level of the pagan demons and idol worshiping of the earth. This is a strange policy. This is the climactic hour. These are the straws that break the camel’s back and end an era. It is quite obvious that prosperity and happiness could never come out of such a program.

It is quite well known today that the purchasing power in the low countries and in Germany is quite high. Their creative structure and their capacities are good. Their abilities and the fineness of their products is also good. It is also known that by taking off tariffs and flooding America with these goods, that they will not increase the jobs for American workmen, and they will not hold the standardization in the American economy because they are doing this at a 30% lower wage level than you are, altho, their purchasing power buys them almost as good as you. Therefore, it will let you have some type of re-evaluation of the currency rate. But the fact remains, that it would be impossible for you to throw aside tariffs and join such a market and not close down a large part of your business because our people would be faced with the fact that some goods with better finish would be selling for 30% less. The argument is that this would bring down the cost in America, but you cannot, my friends, bring down the cost unless you stop buying the goods that is putting men out of work here and closing factories. And the factory cannot say that we are going to increase the quality and improve the goods because the labor master says no. We are not going to change the quality of these goods, or increase the work that we put out. We are not going to work for less, and you will still have to get along with the situation.

Alright this is just some of the problems of Jacob. Then let me bring this out, for there is a solution. There is a tremendous solution to everything which you get into because of who you are and what you are. Prophecy has clearly marked as to who you are. And the reason why all of the forces gather against you and they still talk about it, is that you are gathering, even those that fall for this strange hypnotic influence of the masters of deceit in our nation. They will tell you that we must stop Communism and we must hold the line, that we must cry out against the fleets of Russian observing ships, around our nuclear experiments, and other areas where they are demonstrating their hostility, and their threats. For Khrushchev threatens that if we do not stop our preparing for war, they will bury us and conquer us. And that, my friends, is not the approach to friendship.

No wonder the book of Revelation, in the 12th chapter says ‘the woman (Israel).’----This is the woman who brings forth the man-child that produces the Messiah.---Thus the civilization of your race is the one which is under attack by the Dragon, and comes to make war with this woman and all that remains of her seed. And they have the testimony of Jesus Christ, and the Commandments of God. It is quite obvious then that this civilization depicted, is a Christian civilization and this woman of Israel is Christian.

Let me point out to you that there are certain things to remember and they are the high marks of your nation and of your race. There is probably no greater area of misunderstanding today among Christians than who is Israel. There is probably no area in which there is such a problem than with some children raised in some schools, and then certain clergymen go around in a certain stupor because they do not understand both the Old and the New Testament---the Old and the New Covenant. They do not know who Israel is, but want to give it all away to the enemies of their faith. And then take the position that some way they are heathens and have accepted the god of their enemy. So in this strange confusion, a great many people have been disturbed. But God Almighty has sent the knowledge of Identity and that place in which you are called NOT MY PEOPLE---but pagans and heathens---it shall be known that you are the Children of the Eternal and are to be as the sands of the seashore and the stars of the heavens. God has said that one of the signs of the latter day, will be this re-awakening, this understanding of My people as to who they are and My presence and My purposes for them.

I want to point out that in that day when God called Abraham out of the land of the Chaldee, you will remember that HE made this covenant with him and it is recorded in the 12th chapter of Genesis. And you will remember that YAHWEH said to him, ‘Get thee out of thy father’s house and out of this city and unto a land unto which I will show thee, and I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee and thy name shall be great and thou shall be a blessing. And I am going to bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee. And in thee shall all of the families of the earth be blessed.’ This is the declaration. And more than that, we note that God was calling on this man for a special purpose which would start now in a special program for God. It says in the 17th chapter of Genesis, that when Abraham was 990 years of age, the LORD God appeared unto him and said, ‘I am YAHWEH, the LORD God Almighty. Walk before me perfectly for I make My Covenant with thee and thy seed after thee. And I will expand thy seed mightily. And no longer will thou be called Abram, but you shall be called Abraham, and shall be the father of many nations. So shall I make thee.’

Now, God was going to fulfill this destiny of which Enoch had written so extensively, and Enoch knew as well as Seth knew that this race of Adam was Is-ra-el, the offspring who rule with God. That means that you rule with God. It refers to HIS rule. It refers to the Elohim. And let me point out to you this. HE said, ‘Now I want you to be fruitful, for nations are going to come of thee, change shall come out of thee. For I will establish my covenant with thee. This is between me and thee and thy seed after thee, to be an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee and to thy seed after thee.’ This is not a conditional covenant, this si an Eternal Covenant. This is the promise made to the purest strain of the White race. And God said this is what I am going to do. But in order for you to carry out this responsibility, the seed must remain pure. The seed cannot be mongrelized and lose the wavelength of spiritual perception. Mongrelization distorts perception and reduces the ability to receive and be empowered by the Eternal Light and Glory of the House of God. Therefore, for this purpose, all of the way thru this Adamic race, the instructions to the Patriarchs of the Adamic race has been not to contaminate the seed of the race. But if you advocate this as the policy of the Adamic race, they denounce you as anti-social and not Christian. But it is very Christian and it is from YAHWEH from whom all revelation has come.

Now, I am laying this ground work for a very essential reason. For in the 21st book of Genesis, it says that the LORD visited Sarah, the wife of Abraham, and said that she would conceive and bear a son for Abraham in his old age, at the set time when YAHWEH HAD SPOKEN TO HIM. Then we are told that a son was born unto him and his name was Isaac.

Now, it is true that Abraham had a son by Hagar, and this was Abraham’s son. This was Abraham’s seed. But it would be impossible to bring him back out of his mother’s people, and being outside of the line of the Covenant, to produce the administration of the Kingdom, unless out of this line which God had established. So as therefore, the one had been the promise of God. This was a covenant by the spirit and the other was merely a desire by Abraham to have a child of posterity. But this was called a child of the flesh, because this was not the child of the spirit. Then God says to Abraham, ‘Do not let it be grievous to thee because of the child of the bond woman.---but IN ISAAC SHALL THY SEED BE CALLED.’

Now, do not think that just because HE said, ‘In Isaac shall thy seed be called,’ that this was something that was a spiritual seed that could not be seen. Don’t think that they were going to skip down from Isaac’s time unto the New Testament church, and every time someone became a Christian that suddenly Isaac had a son. That is not the way you carry out posterity, nor is it the way God teaches Covenants. ‘In Isaac shall thy name be called.’ And Isaac had a son. Isaac’s son, Jacob, was to fulfill the racial responsibility.

Now we would discover this. If you will come over to the book of Romans, you will discover the mysteries in the book of Romans, the mystery in this book concerning the Household of the MOST HIGH GOD. And it is significant here that this is carried thru in the understanding of it and in the record of it. The Apostle Paul wants the people to know concerning the House of Israel. He said concerning this, ‘I say that God did not cast away HIS people.’ And the Apostle Paul said, ‘I want you to know that I am an Israelite of the seed of Abraham and of the tribe of Benjamin.’

Someone said, ‘Is that important?’ Yes. Because we have a lot of people today who think they know the difference between Israel and non-Israelites. And they will say but anyone who belonged to the tribes of Judah and Benjamin could not have been an Israelite, so they must have been a Jew. But the Apostle Paul said, ‘I am an Israelite, of the tribe of Benjamin.’ He admits that he was of the sect (religion) of the Jews. And I think that you should go back to the Encyclopedia Britannica and look up the word Jew. You would then discover that this was the name applied after certain homogenized events to the House of Judah. But today, this no longer necessarily specifies the House of Judah. And this changed ages ago and is political as well as a religious philosophy. And a part of the religion of Judaism today. So by their own admission, the word Jew does not belong to anyone but a mass of people who joined themselves unto Judah, and then that changed until now, it means all of the Judahites that are a part of the system. They do not want to go and explain the generations of the Serpent and all of the things that the Jews have talked about, that would be embarrassing, so they cast it off this way.

I want to point out something to you in the scriptures. I will turn over to the writings of the Apostle Paul in which he talks about the purposes of God as it relates to HIS Kingdom, and especially in the book of Galatians, he brings this out.

Now, he says that all of the seed of Israel are not Israel. Someone said, ‘But why is that?’ Because it says here that ‘in Isaac shall thy seed be called.’ All the seed of Abraham (Israel) are not Israel. For it has to come down thru the racial line and the seat of the covenant which God made. I think this takes on a special value when we recognize that in this same declaration, the MOST HIGH GOD said that ‘I want you to know that with this seed came a promise---and therefore this promise--- ‘out of Isaac shall thy seed be called.

Now, all the children of the flesh were not the seed. Only the Seed of the Promise. Thus, the seed of Isaac is Israel. ‘Today, if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed and heirs of the promise.’ (Galatians 3:29). Someone then comes along and says, ‘But they were all cast away for disobedience of instructions God gave them under the Law.’ Let me read to you in this 3rd chapter of Galatians:-- ‘To Abraham and to his seed was the promise made. Not the seed as to many.’ And now some try to say, ‘that means his posterity.’ But it meant that not everyone that he bred were going to be Israel. To keep this line pure, it had to come thru the line and the covenant. And that is ONE seed. And it came thru Isaac and it came thru Divine Light which God promised to bring thru him, the Incarnate Light. I say that the covenant which was conformed of YAHWEH in Christ, the Law which came along 430 years after---could not disannul. It could not make the promise of no effect. If the inheritance be of law, it would not be by promise of YAHWEH. And God gave to Abraham a promise. Your race is the fruit of God’s race carried down from heaven to earth a Celestial seed. This was how God chose to do it. And people may not like your race, and they may not like God’s Kingdom, but they are not going to stop HIS victories.

I would like to point out to you something of interest. We can well understand how there can be a division in the House of Israel and the House of Judah back in the days of the Kingdom of Solomon and his son Rehoboam. But today this teaching which keeps the church in ignorance is that all of the descendants of Abraham and Jacob are Jews. And while it is know this kingdom of Judah became known as the Jewish kingdom, because of all of those strangers who came in and surrounded their king and sought to mongrelize and intermingle, and that the violation of Judah,--this one violation which sowed the seed of Judah outside of race, and then that seed married with the generations of his mother,---but this does not change the fact that the people of Judah, or thru Judah, was the seed of the Israelites, just as it was with the tribe of Benjamin. But during the time of the kingdoms, the House of Israel was a great 10 tribed nation under Jeroboam, who later down thru the kings of Israel, but I would point to you in this 16th chapter, since so many clergymen will not recognize the truth, but so many people do not know what the Bible says.

Now, I point out to you that the first time the word Jew is mentioned in the King James translation, and that in may places, the word Jew is placed in there when the word should be Judah. Many times the word Jew is used when it is not talking about the accursed or Yehudin. But the English word Jew comes from the word Yehudin or accursed. Thus the word is an accursed residue.

Now, in the 16th chapter of II Kings, this is in the year of Pekah, the son of Remaliah, Ahaz the son of Jothan, the king of Israel, began to reign. Ahaz was twenty years old when he began to reign. And he reigned sixteen years in Jerusalem and he did not always do things right in the sight of God. He sacrificed burnt incense in the hills and he did other abominable things, and followed the advice of all of these Cainanites who were doing these abominable things. And in the 6th verse of the 16th chapter of II Kings, is says, ‘At that time Rezin, king of Syria, recovered Elath to Syria, and drove the Jews from Elath.’

Now, let me show you something important here. For it says herein this same declaration that Rezin, king of Assyria, and Pekah, son of Remaliah, king of Israel, came up to Jerusalem to war. And they besieged Ahaz, but they could not overcome him. But then it says that Rezin, king of Syria, then drove the Jews out of Elath. And here you have our king of Israel fighting the Jews. So all Israelites were not Jews. But that is the first time that the word Jew shows up in the Bible. It is not in all Bibles, but it is here. Showing that there were two houses of Israel at that time---and the House of Judah--is not called Jews. I want you to know that there are many things that mark the difference here, in the 18th chapter of Jeremiah. The LORD told Jeremiah to go down to the Potters house and he saw how they molded the clay and they put it on the wheel and he thought about this old land of Palestine and the land round about as he saw them mold the clay and produce the vessel. And the potter made the vessels and one of the vessels was marred, so the potter just took the clay and mashed it all down and made it again. And Jeremiah heard the LORD say, ‘Behold, as the clay is in the potter’s hands, so are ye in mine hands O’ house of Israel. When I see it is marred, the I crush it all back together again and remake it.’ So the LORD was going to do with the house of Israel, which HE sent in to captivity, HE would remake it and HE would bring it forth as nations and great nation. For HE said, ‘I AM MARRIED TO ISRAEL.’ And Jeremiah remembered all of this. Then you come over to the 19th chapter and YAHWEH said, ‘now Jeremiah, you take a pot and hold it up high and show it to all of the inhabitants of Jerusalem and say to them ‘this is you the inhabitants of Jerusalem. Come out and look at this. Thus says YAHWEH---all of those that upset my economy and led astray my people, and they follow and do evil things---just look at this pot. This is the house of Israel, so throw it on the ground Jeremiah.’ So Jeremiah threw it on the ground and broke it all up. And YAHWEH said, ‘Jeremiah, can you put that together again?’ And YAHWEH said, ‘Neither shall these people of Jerusalem ever be put together again, forever.’

Now, they may gather, they may gather again, and they may move around, but never again are they going to be gathered with my people. And they shall never be a kingdom, even tho they gather again---even tho they came with Judah and Benjamin and assimilated themselves with them, and some of the forces gathered round them, they only fulfilled the prophecies at this time for the prophecies of Jeremiah were yet future. For in that day it is said that they would even eat their own children, and this happened at the siege of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. But it is recorded here in the 19th chapter of Jeremiah. (Vs. 9)

Now, look at the difference. For in the prophecies of Israel, they are always put together and reconstructed. And he made this declaration about the people back here in II Kings, referred to as the Jews. Turn to the 24th chapter of the book of Jeremiah, and it is talking now about the ‘Figs.’ Of all of the passages in the scripture that confuses mens minds, it is that the ‘fig tree’ belongs to and stands with the Yehudin. The fig tree belongs to the pagan temples all over the world to pagans everywhere. The fig is not a mark of Israel. But they had attached themselves to Judah and his kingdom. They had even reached a point where they had attached their name around the Judah kingdom. And thus, it was even tho the violation of law committed by Judah, and the moving force of his seed out among the mothers people for four generations, then they came back and tried to claim their inheritance as a right for the king to move into the land. But the scripture tells you that one violation of the law, and seven generations of absorption would not be enough to bring them back. It would take ten generations of absolute purity before they could have access to the temple or the throne. So we point out to you that this force from one violation by Judah could not come in four generations later and claim the throne. The forces of darkness and this seed that made its false claim were trying to say that anybody who ever descended or were ever a part of anybody who ever descended from Abraham had to be an Israelite and had a right to the kingdom. BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE.

Let’s take a good look today at the world round about. Here we are today. We come from England, France, Norway and Sweden, Belgium, Holland and Germany. And now we are all Americans. But does that mean that all the people in Germany are Americans? Does that mean that every family descended from a family in Germany and came here and became an American? This would be a foolish thing to say. And you can’t say that everyone who descended from Abraham is an Israelite either. Nor can you say, my friends, that any part of them that are mongrelized and absorbed eventually become a force that was all over the world, and which Jesus identified as a Cainanite seed line, is of the house of God or the Israel of the Bible.

Now, I am going to show you that there was one high mark of Israel which was almost more important than all of the others. In fact, one of these we find in the 31st chapter of Jeremiah. God said, ‘Behold, the day will come when I am going to sow the house of Judah and the house of Israel. I am going to make them strong and powerful. And I will sow them with men and I will sow them with the seed of their animals. And it shall come to pass, for I am the MOST HIGH GOD and I know how to balance it. I know how to build up and I know how to take down. And I know how to reassemble and how to put together.’ Then what God had said to the inhabitants of Jerusalem was ‘never will this exist ever again, but to Judah and Israel I will rebuild. Why? Because you are My people and I am your Father.

Therefore HE said, ‘I will rebuild Israel and I will rebuild Judah and behold, the day is coming when I am going to make a new covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah. But this is not the covenant that I made with their fathers, when I took them by the hand and brought them out of the land of Egypt. And this covenant they broke even tho I was a husband unto them.’ Note this now:-- ‘this covenant of the law in which they said, ‘all that thou has given us to do we will do.’ But they did not get it done. And you haven’t done it either. We don’t know anyone who has kept all the points of the law. But they said, ‘All that thou giveth us to do, we will do.’

Now, HE said, ‘this covenant is not the covenant that I made when I took you out of the land of Egypt, that you broke. This covenant is more important than that one. But this is a NEW Covenant that I am going to make with you. And this new Covenant that I am going to make with the House of Israel and the House of Judah is this:--In those days I am going to put my law in their inward parts. I am going to write it in their hearts. And when this transpires, not only will I be their God,---and the word is in Revelation---for an understanding, and they shall be my people. Thus saith YAHWEH. AS LONG AS THE SUN IS FOR LIGHT BY DAY, AND THE ORDINANCE OF THE MOON AND THE STARS BY NIGHT, WHICH DIVIDES THE SEA WHEN THE WAVES ROAR---the LORD of Host is HIS name. As long as these ordinances of the heavens exist, I, YAHWEH, declare that the Seed of Israel shall be a nation before me forever.’ No, they are not going to take us apart from Moscow or Africa, they will not take us apart from without or within.

Let’s turn for one moment over to the book of John. ‘With this New Covenant, I am going to put this spiritual revelation in their hearts, I am going to unveil in them the wavelength of understanding that belongs to my sons. I am going to send unto them my Holy Spirit which shall bring them to all truth, even the spirit which the world cannot receive.’ This is what Jesus said in the 14th chapter of John.

Now, we turn to the book of Hebrews and the Apostle Paul is writing to the Hebrews and he says, ‘Now as Christians what have you come to? You have come to Mount Zion, you have come to the city of the Living God.’ He said, ‘You have come to the heavenly world order. You have come to the innumerable company of living spirits. You have come to the general assembly of the first begotten of the Father, whose names were written in the heavens before the foundation of the world.’ So what have you come to? You have come to the potent light of God’s Light, HIS Household, being awakened, and quickened in power.

Now, the Apostle Paul tells us about the mystery of the MOST HIGH GOD and HIS Priesthood. He tells us about the covenants that were made, and that therefore Abraham obeyed God and he dwelt by Faith (Heb. 11). He says that Abraham journeyed into strange countries and he dwelt in tabernacles with Isaac and Jacob. And he looked for promises. He looked for God to build a city whose foundations, whose builder and maker was God. A lot of people say he was looking for heaven. But no. He was looking for this on earth, not in the sky. He was traveling and waiting for God to build out of his seed and out of his culture, a city not yet built, but which was filled with people. And it says here, therefore, that Sarah received strength to conceive even in her old age and she delivered a child in her old age. And there sprang from him one even tho as good as dead as many as the stars of the heavens and the sands of the seashore. And we, these people, were strangers and pilgrims in the earth.

Now, listen. I then point out to you what the Apostle Paul bears witness to, that God Almighty said, ‘Behold the day is coming when YAHWEH says, ‘I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel and the House of Judah. Not the covenant that I made with their fathers, as I led them out of the land of Egypt. This is the covenant that I will make with the House of Israel and the House of Judah. After those days saith YAHWEH, I will put my laws in their minds and put them in their hearts. And I will be their God and they shall be my people. Then the Apostle Paul teaches the Priesthood of Jesus the Christ, and how God embodied among men, destroyed the guilt complex among HIS people. And where by it was destined that by sin would come death. He then said after this, the judgement. That Christ was to bear the judgement just once. And to all those who now look for HIS appearing was this miracle now carried out, appearing the second time without sin for Salvation. And the Apostle Paul ties this in with the Priesthood of your race with you and the covenant which HE made with you and with the fact that you are HIS Israel, and the new covenant with the House of Judah and the House of Israel. This is the spiritual awakening to the great truths that we call Christianity, the Christian Faith which is a great part of your ministry.

Now HE did not just say to the House of Israel, but to the House of Judah also. Because there are twelve tribes,--virtually, thirteen nations in the House of Israel. And after separating the two houses, then God says that HE is going to bring those two houses back together again. And they are all going to be the HOUSE OF ISRAEL. Thus this is all of the House of Judah whether it be in Germany or any part of the House of Judah scattered thru out the parts of Europe, or the other parts of the Judah kingdom which has maybe gone out with the House of Israel. For every place where you have Scandinavian, Nordic, or Anglo-Saxon people, you can have some of Judah there too. And over here in these United States, in this one great nation out of many, has some of the seed out of every last tribe of Israel. How do you know them? Because they are Christian. HE said, ‘I have made a new covenant with the House of Israel and the House of Judah. And my spirit has quickened them.’ So now you can understand why today, Israel is Christian.

Now, some people say that today, Israel is the Church. And they are a whole lot more right than they believe, because the people of the church are Israelites. If ye be Christ’s then you are Abraham’s seed. But don’t try to say that the Covenant that developed so many years after God’s calling of Isaac, is nullified, because this seed out of Isaac are the true Christians today of the world. Significantly then I turn to the book of Romans. I listen again to the things which the scripture says concerning this matter, and it says, ‘who are the Israelites?---to them pertain the positioning of them in the family of God, the Glory of God, and the promises. So there is not part of the Christian Faith, everything that belongs to the Christian Faith, that belong to the blessings of God belongs to the Israelites, they do not belong to anyone else. To them pertains these things.

Now, more than this, who are the fathers, concerning from whence Christ came? Some say HE came out of the seed, out of the spiritual household. Yes, but HE was a Spiritual Seed. And of course, they could never classify HIM as anything but GOD IN THE FLESH. Therefore, Christ who is over all---God blessed forever. Thus, let’s get this very clear. They are not all Israel that came forth out of Israel. Neither because they were the descendants of Abraham, or the children. BUT IN ISAAC SHALL THE SEED BE CALLED. (Romans 9). Making this very clear, that God, when it gets down to a racial responsibility, that is to a racial household, and to a special seed, and that seed is from Isaac, also a seed of new promise.

Now, I want you to turn again in the writings of the Apostle Paul concerning this Israel. What is to become of her? How far does God’s Covenant go with HIS people? And then again, you see the ultimate pattern of God’s Grace. For all Israel is an Olive Tree, whether they had stayed with Jerusalem’s center or gone out with the tribes. Whether you had migrated after the days of Sanacharib and Shelmaneser or whether you had gone out with the Danites. It did not matter whether you had stayed with the culture center, whether you had migrated with the tribes, whether you were in the green Olive Tree, or the dry Olive Tree. If an Olive Tree, you could be grafted back into your own Olive Tree for all of God’s blessings. But this is what he said, ‘If thou art an Olive Tree, whether a wild Olive nature, or grafted back into the good Olive Tree, you are still Olive branches. Now, he said, ‘Blindness has happened to Israel until the fullness of all of these nations come in.’ They don’t know who they are, but they know who Christ is and the evangelists thus gather Christendom. And now it says by the King James translation, ‘Blindness has happened unto Israel until all of the Gentiles come in.’ But the word here is Ethene and it means nations. So therefore, the gathering of these gentiles fulfills the next verse---and you read it all as, ‘the gathering of these Gentiles (or nations)---All Israel shall be saved. You will have to go home and learn something---that the Gentiles are here all Israelites. So by taking them in, you are gathering Israel. Thus, it says here, ‘Thus shall all Israel be saved AS IT IS WRITTEN.’ There shall come out of Zion, a deliverer who shall take away the ungodliness of Jacob and HE says this is MY covenant with them. I SHALL TAKE AWAY THEIR SINS.’

I point out to you that this covenant was made with a literal race. It was not made with the pagans to the ends of the earth. Altho you are to preach the Gospel unto them concerning the Right God. And this does not make them Israelites. It does not make them your blood kin, but it does make them turn back to the Right God. For HE said, ‘as far as you are concerned, since you are the children of Israel---HE said this is what I am going to do with you.’ HE said, ‘You are my children and you are going to carry this Gospel to the ends of the earth.’ We point out to you this. When the MOST HIGH speaks unto HIS own people, HE says, ‘This will I do. But I want you to know that I am YAHWEH and thou Israel. I have begotten and formed thee. Know this therefore, that I am YAHWEH thy God, the Holy One of Israel. Thou art my son, and my daughters. I bring them from the ends of the earth. And in this declaration, ye are my witnesses. But you are also the one I formed.’ I can go from one end of Isaiah to the other. But in the 44th or 45th chapters, I read:-- ‘All Israel shall be saved by YAHWEH with an everlasting salvation, and shall never be ashamed---nor confounded world without end. That YAHWEH who made the heavens and the earth, has ordained this. And I have spoken not in secret and in dark places of the earth---I said not just in secret to the House of Jacob, but to the ends of the earth---therefore, look unto Me all of the ends of the earth, for I am YAHWEH. And I have sworn this by Myself that every knee is going to bow and every tongue is going to swear. Then YAHWEH says that all the seed of Israel shall be justified and shall Glory. I tell you today, that the high marks of Israel are again expressed by the Apostle Paul when it says IN HIS NAME---OR YAHSHUA OR JESUS that the whole family in earth or heaven shall be named.

I tell you today, that the Jews are not Israel. The Jews are not Christian. And they are not the family of God. But I tell you that you can be proud of the word Israel. And you can be proud of your Israelite origin. You surely cannot call Jewry today a great nation or a company of nations, or a blessing.

People today, say, ‘This is not true. This is hatred.’ But it cannot be hatred. And I am not about to sell my birthright to a mess of Jewish kikes. So don’t promise them blessings, when they would let us live in peace under their slavery. I would rather have their hatred then to live under their slavery. For my Destiny and yours is a Kingdom which shall never be left to other people. A Kingdom eventually free from the darkness and never will our Ambassadors be told ‘you work for Kennedy and not for God.’

Let it be said that this nation makes its oaths under God. And when a man assumes his responsibility of office, when he takes his oath under God and before God, that he is going to serve the best interests of this nation of God’s Kingdom, then I tell you that when they try to keep God out of this, you do your nation an injustice. Yes, we are in the time of Jacob’s Trouble, but the high marks of Israel is Christianity. And this great nation under God and under the outstretched wings of the Eagle, and the Unicorn of the Commonwealth, but the symbol of the Eagle, and the symbols we have mentioned before on heraldry, all are Marks of the Kingdom. But the most important mark of Israel today, is that we are a part of the Great White Nations of the world. And we are Christian. This is a High Mark of our Faith. (End of sermon)