Great Spiritual Treasures Of Your Race, 1-21-62



By  Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-21-62

As we discuss the subject 'The Great Spiritual Treasures' of your race we would like to pick up again the Biblical scene which relates to you as to your origin, and your Destiny. We spoke on this subject last Sunday afternoon and we dealt with a great number of facts which go back into the Antiquities. Into situations relating to earth before your race ever rested upon it, conditions which transpired before even the world was framed. We would like to recount a few of these facts and predicate the continuation of these remarks upon them:...that you are the children of the Most High God, and we literally mean that you are the children of the Most High God. We turn to the writings of the Apostle Paul in the Book of Romans 8:16., and he refers to the revelation of God's Spirit which bears witness to our spirit that we are the children of God. His Spirit bears witness with out spirit from THE WORD that he has spoken. From the facts that were revealed in the course of the Scriptures concerning the patterns of history of which...we are the Household of the Most High. All through the writings of the Apostle Paul and the records of the Old Testament and its Patriarchs is the confirmation of this fact:..that the essence of the Spirit which resides in your physical body was begotten by the Father...before the world was framed. It was a Spiritual life, Celestial life, and a Spirit of begetting, and thus you are the Children of the Spirit of the Eternal.

We have a word, an old word which we have united in our theology and that word is CHRIST. The word CHRIST comes from the Greek word Christos, but it means...the embodiment of Deity. In fact that word can be found in many languages, and it is related entirely to the embodiment of the household of the Most High God. When we use the word Jesus Christ, then Christ was not His name, but it was a statement concerning who He was. This was YAHSHUA or the Eternal YAHWEH embodied in a physical body. That is one of the reasons again that the embodiment of the Spirit of the Most High or the Spirit of the Most High is given that word...Christos. In the Greek we discover that this is the parallel to the word that the 'Tall Manu' are the 'Aryans', who were your relatives in earlier days of earth history. They used this Persian and in Greek forms, in Latin forms and used it in early Coptic-Aramaic. And the concrete thought was...The embodiment of God. The word MESSIAH..looked forward to the embodiment of YAHWEH GOD. But this was only the embodiment of God's own revelation. The word Christos..Christ, itself meant the embodiment of the Spirit of the Eternal. That is the reason why the Apostle Paul tells you that:..The Christ in you is not only the hope of Glory, but it is one of the great mysteries of today which is hidden from the World Order. This is one of the things which the World Order does not understand, but is now made known unto you. The Christ (spirit) in you is the hope of Glory, of Light and radiation, of all the Majesty that God has declared will take place in His people. The Apostle Paul said:..I am a minister according to the dispensation of God which has been given to me to fulfill the Word of God. Even the mysteries which have been hidden from the ages, and generations is now made manifest in His Saints.

The word Saints...comes from 'Santes', meaning believing offspring. So everyone who is a Saint of the Most High God is a believing offspring of the Most High God. This is not merely a pattern of the acceptance of a religious idea, or principal, it does not come by the process of joining an institution. An individual who is qualified to be a Saint, is a believing offspring. That does not mean that this individual has a particular brand of righteousness which is greater than his fellow kinsmen, but every individual who is a descendent of the Most High and who dwells in physical bodies in earth today is...Santes..and is the offspring of the Most High. But to qualify fully for the title of Saint is to be...a believing offspring. So in otherwords, every offspring of the Father who believes the Word of the Father is a believing offspring or a Saint.

Now; In Colossians 1:26., we read these words:.....'Even the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations is now made manifest in His believing offspring (Saints). In whom would make known what is the riches of the Glory of this mystery, among the nations; which is Christ in you the hope of Glory.' Therefore the Apostle Paul was declaring something which even translation does not give complete and full revelation to. That is that one of the great mysteries of all times is the transference of the Spiritual Children of God, out of Celestial planes into the physical realm. That this was conducted by a miracle of the Most High, and we entered the world by the process of birth. We have been told through the ritual of the church that we brought nothing into the world and will take nothing out of the world, but that which came in was actually of HIS SPIRIT with that capacity and consciousness. We told you in the afternoon that you were with the Father before the world was framed. In fact you stood with the Father as He revealed unto Job, when the Solar System was framed. You sang together with all the other children of God, and with the Archangels who were serving before the Throne of the Most High God. You rejoiced at each creation and therefore we place you in origin, in beginning, back several millions of years. Therefore you have a timelessness about your subconsciousness and it doesn't mark you with merely three-score years, expectancy as outlined by the Father and relates you to the endless past in which your Father has been creating and making the things of His desire.

It is one of the great truths of the Scriptures that you not only beheld the works of the Father through ageless creations but also that you volunteered for the task which God had ordained, and you came into a world which was upset by the deeds of a fallen Archangel...Lucifer. If you go through the records of the 12th chapter of Revelations and then all through the Scriptures you will discover there were mighty and ancient struggles fought in the heavens. As the Mighty Archangel Michael defeated the fallen Archangel, Lucifer, and he was cast to earth. Here in earth with his forces with which he had waged a war through the millenniums and countless ages, we discover that the powers of evil were finally confined to this Solar System. If you are to understand the mysteries of what relates to you, then you must realize that we have been placed in earth by the Will of Our Father.

When we tell you this afternoon about the Great Spiritual Treasures of Your Race....then you must realize that your race existed in the planes of Spirit. That it is true that some of your kinsmen, some of the sons and daughters of Our Father have been upon the earth in the Ancient past. That you served in Spiritual Temples. Temples which were formed and framed of the material of earth, but invisible to the natural eye. You served as Spiritual beings and Divine influences in the areas of the Pre-Adamic earth. In the catastrophes which involved ancient continents such as the sinking of the Mid-Pacific and Atlantic areas, you as a race of people had not existed in the earth, but the peoples of earth who had violated Ancient Laws and had watched catastrophes sweep upon them in the days of Lucifers error, reported in their own writings and their own history, especially those who had turned from this darkness and back to the Eternal God. They told of how these ones served in these Ancient Temples, how the sons of the Eternal YAHWEH had administered in these Ancient Temples, and how their radiant Light at times could be seen and how their words and voices could be heard. How assurances were given to them that the day would come again when the sons and daughters of the Eternal would serve again in the earth as Priests and Kings, before the Most High God.

That is why the ancient writings in the Book of Horus which is the foundation of all history in Egypt, and which is the background of their theology tells how these people of earth migrated from the sinking lands that went down beneath the waters, to find their place in what is now Egypt along the banks of the Nile River. And when they settled there the ancient books of Horus tells about other lands of Africa, rich and covered with grass and foliage. But the things these people waited for was the coming of these sons and daughters to again point them toward light and truth. This was also a part of the record of other races as they looked for the coming of those who would point them to this light and truth. For the oldest word in the Human language was...ADAM..and the word Adam found all through the Scriptures always means WHITE MAN. The word...ENOSH..means other races or beings. Both of these words are the Scriptures, but at the time of the King James Version of the Scriptures translation and production they did not perceive that you should separate these into their proper relationship. That explains why all the things Jesus said always come to pass, but several things translated have not taken place.

Jesus said:....'If I be lifted up I draw all men unto me.' And you look around and you see that Africa did not come, and Asia did not come, but who has received recognition of MESSIAH? Every white man of the face of the earth today, and every white nation. The white race has received this, therefore what Jesus said is true. 'If I be lifted up I draw all me.' Now..He didn't say I will draw all the Enosh, He said He would draw all the Adamites, for these are the sons and daughters of God in the earth.

We must at certain times use certain patterns of repetitions in the use of the Scriptures because the volume never grew, and it requires some arrangement of thought from sermon to sermon. Therefore we remember how in His writing in Corinthians that the Apostle Paul refers to the Incarnate embodiment of God whom we refer to as the man Christ the second Adam (I Corinthians 15:45). Why did Paul refer to Him as the second Adam? Because this was the embodiment of the life or the spirit of God, therefore Adam who was the father of your race, and the offspring of the Most High God in the flesh because the Father had brought forth an issue. And the Hebrew word explains that the Issue of God was Adam. Then we remember that Eve was born out of Adam. Oh! we were told that this was a rib, but the original text said that God removed the female portion from out of Adam and produced Eve. And they were His offspring and His Light. Now, we note that the Scripture relates to Adam and he was not the first man, and Adam was not the only man on earth. Adam was the first son of the Living God to be embodied in a physical body. He was the first child of the Spirit to reside in a physical body, to establish the line for a Kingdom which God had ordained which would never be destroyed and which is to bring in HIS Administration from end of the earth to the other.

It is important that the Bible which is especially and specifically a book for your race be understood, so that the responsibilities of Divine direction, the patterns of history, and our relationship with Our Father in the earth be properly understood. When we talk about the uniqueness of this experience, of your coming into the world through the Adamic family, you find that all through the Scriptures you have that relationship to that Adamic origin brought out. Throughout history you have some who contest this because they do not know what the Bible contains. That the Asiatic races and the Negroid race was upon the earth before the coming of the Adamic race, is also predicated upon the 31st., chapter of the Book of Ezekiel, and the writings also of Jeremiah. These tell us about the presence of these people and how they effected Eden, and the history of your race. In the 31st., chapter of Ezekiel we discover that not only Egypt and the Pharaohs existed before your race came along, but remember that the word Pharaoh is a title, and the word the original. This is the oldest word for a reigning ruler, and it comes out of the Ancient Atlantian thinking, and is found tied in with this form in other places of earth as well. It is found tied in with this form in other places of earth as well. It is the ancient word and meant Pharaoh or ruler, and the word Pharaoh is the word applied later to the rulers of Egypt, and was only another word for the title for Administration. But the word Khufu, was one of the oldest words for ruler...used in Ancient Egypt and Horus was High Priest in Ancient Egypt. The reason we are interested in the ancient records of Horus which came out of the Ancient Temple of Karnac and was quoted then by High Priests and later by Herodotus and he wrote about Egyptian History is that if we want to go back to the beginnings and find out the facts, then we have to go back to contemporaries who wrote about those facts, and especially before your arrival. They waited...for the day of your arrival.

Now:..these Egyptians we will recognize had watched a great pollution effect their society. They watched what happened as the intermingling of the fallen races came forth, as fallen Angels sought to mongrelize the races, and establish a Dynasty to hold the earth against an eventual attempted overthrow by the Most High. Even Lucifer remembered the words, and he remembered the instructions out of the ancient past, that he has been told...that God would plant His family and that family would eventually overthrow all evil. That the world and all this Solar System in which Lucifer had taken refuge in would be liberated from his error. So therefore Lucifer's plan was to mix up the world and to hold it in bondage as far as possible, and to propagate a people who would serve before him. This is why the fallen Angels didn't keep their first estate as you are told in the Book of Jude. They intermingled with Asiatics and Negroid and produced an unassimilated people. Their people controlled the Temples and Priesthoods and sought to teach all the darkness of evil. Superstition, Idols, and idol-worship, and pagan prophets filled the earth. But there was no man... Adam...upon the earth.

Yes, ancient creations had gone through a disaster and a chaos and God said there is no Adamite to till the soil (Genesis 2:5). No Adamite upon the earth even though we are told in the Book of Genesis how every species and kind had been created and...Enosh men...were created in the 6th., day of creation. But Adam and his race were not prepared for earth until the 7th., day while God was RESTING. Now:...God said..there is no man upon the earth to till the earth. Actually whether you know it or not, you are a 7th., Day Issue of the Most High God. And that well should be, for 7 is a Divine number. 6 is not the number for God's Household, but the number that always in its finality is the number of the Beast. Remember that when God talks about the Beast Order that it is a people that are not of the 7th, Order, but are people with soul and consciousness sown into the earth. It was alright as long as they served Archangels who served God. It was alright as far as their status was concerned when they remained in balance.

But when a rebellious Archangel took over the earth, these people were taught darkness and superstition and evil. They lacked the spiritual guidance of a spiritual embodied son, to know and to respond and to understand. God's plan understood this from the beginning, and He had prepared a way, and it was to be His own Household, His own sons and daughters who would carry out this plan. In fact it would be from that day to this...that the whole vibratory field of conflicting energies in the planes of thought and consciousness would be struggling, and in resistance, and in expectations according to who they were. There were ancient prophecies made like these given the children of Ancient Egypt as they migrated from the sinking areas of Atlantis. We use that term because they used that term to describe the land which went beneath the waters. This is why Plato as he was educated in Egypt called this land Atlantis also. This is why we use this term also, and we call this Ocean...Atlantic because the water is on top of the Land of Atlantis. Now:...the fact remains that their land sank and they tell how it sank, and they tell about the fact that the spiritual sons who served in the great Pyramid Temples in the high mountains, left that land. But that they promised to come back and when they came back they would dwell in human bodies just like the people of earth. And when this happened they would be a living Priesthood, and the developing rulers of the Kingdom of YAHWEH in the earth. That is the reason why that Ancient Egypt anticipated some day the coming of your race. That is the reason why..Khufu..who was the Pharaoh of the days of Horus and the Dynasties that followed were receptive to Enoch and Job when these two white (light) Patriarchs of God fulfilled their heavenly instructions, and went down and built the Great City of On and started the erection of the Great Pyramid.

Remember irrespective of the attempts of some terminologists who try to say it was built by a later Pharaoh..Cheops..and they call him Khufu also, and they think this was a man who lived at a much later period. But the Pyramid still goes back to 4400-4000 B.C., and it is still true that the word..Cheops..was the Greek word for Pharaoh, but Khufu was not one man, but a series of men, as the first Ancient Pharaoh of Egypt in the days of Horus, and before a white man ever walked the earth....they were all called KHUFU.

The main thing which is significant here is that these Pharaohs under the guidance of the Ancient Doctrines of Horus, and the things which were a part of their remembrance is that they were welcoming the coming of your race. Later Menthos who served before the darkness of Satan's Temples and was known as Sette and Soth looked upon any Pharaoh who wouldn't serve Satan, and would serve your God as one who had been captured by an ignoble people. So he writes:...the Pharaoh of our land was captured by these ignoble people who are white of countenance, who are the children of Osiris, the Ka of Ra, and they captured our Pharaoh without the use of weapons. They captured him in his mind for he accepted that they had come for this mission.' So remember that always the World Order looks upon the Children of God as an ignoble people. But also remember this, these children of God had something greater than they could combat. And even the Pharaohs with expectancy of prophecy received, permitted, and accepted the development of Destiny which was the building of the city of On, and the erection of the Pyramid, and even lent all the assistance which he could lend to the forbearers of these great truths.

Now:..the fact remained that with his background, with this history, they recognized something which was caught by Enoch and Job when they said that you were the Children of the Most High God who would be embodied in earth and who was the soul of the very God of Light. For Ka is the Egyptian word for SOUL, and Ra was what they referred to as the God of Light. And while they also called the sun Ra...they were not actually worshiping the sun, for in their theology the sun was marked as a symbol of the God whose Universe was ruled by His Light and His righteous personality. But they were not the worshipers of Ra..they were the worshipers of Sette and Soth and the dark god's of the underworld, because Lucifers pagan doctrines had been taken into Egypt long before the Adamic race were placed on the face of the earth. This is why it is significantly important then that what they testified to was that you were the children of the Lord of Life and Resurrection. Because that is what Osiris means...Lord of Life and Resurrection. So when death moved upon the earth because of violation of Divine Law, and this death had moved upon all people, and so then it moved upon the Adamic race when Adam violated Divine Law..and death came upon your race. But there were prophecies and there were expectations which had been pronounced by the Patriarchs of your race, of the very entrance of god into their lives again into the earth. That He the Eternal God would become Incarnate, that He would make an Atonement, that would save His people both from their transgressions as well as its penalty. And that He would turn them loose again with spiritual power in the earth. Because this was true it was taught by Adam, Seth, Enoch, and Job...and Job knew that the embodied YAHWEH would stand upon the earth. Job said:....'I know that in the latter days my redeemer will stand upon the earth. I know that my redeemer liveth, and though the worms destroy this body, I know that these eyes will see Him in the latter days.' So Job believed in the resurrection because it was a doctrine of our race. Even the Egyptians bore testimony to this as they called you the children of the Lord of Life and Resurrection. That is why there was a struggle in the theology of the Ancient Egyptians between the Lord of Life and Resurrection, and the doctrine of Sette and Soth. It is a rather interesting thing therefore when they said that inside of you is the Soul of Life, and Spirit of the Eternal God of Light and of the Universe. No wonder that Malachi talks about the nature of the Eternal Father and says:....'The sun of righteousness that rises with healing in his wings.' This is the symbol of the Winged Orb, and it was upon the Staff in the House of Joseph when he was in Egypt. One of the emblems of his own personal seal was the Winged Orb. That Winged Orb followed your race, and was on the Wisdom Schools of your race in the Ancient Temples. It was to be beheld in Temples of Karnac. It was to be seen upon the altar when the two pillars were to lead forth in the symbols of Divine Ceremony. It is a rather significant thing that the Scriptures recognize this emblem as one of your race in early history and thus Malachi says:..'The sun of righteousness arises with healing in his wings.'

And thus the Winged Orb was a significant symbol of all that. The Winged Orb was to be found wherever your race migrated, in Scandinavia the Winged Orb was found in their ancient Wisdom Schools. It was found among the Druids in England and among the people in Central Germany and along the Rhine. Along with the Winged Orb was found one of the oldest symbols...this was the Swastika as it turned with the sun. Strange as it seems it was the symbol of the Eternal rotation of the Light of Life through the zeal of a people God had raised up. The Winged Orb is to be seen in Washington D.C., on the face of several of your buildings together with the symbol of the Vine, and that Vine is the Olive Branch. I just want you to remember that this is relative to the symbolism of your race. You will discover that wherever the Israel of God goes it is the symbol of the Olive Branch, not the Fig branch, which marks the Kingdom of God.

You can go down to Beverly Blvd., to the Synagog and you won't see the Olive Branches, but you will see Fig branches and serpents woven in the 6 pointed star. That is not the symbol of God's Kingdom because the Fig tree is never going to bear any fruit, ever again, forever. It is already cursed and it is marked. The gad figs create anarchy, catastrophe, and trouble in the world because they are the children of Lucifer, and a part of the remnant of the descendants of that earlier violation which took place upon the earth. You...the children of the Most High, the children of the LIVING FATHER, you possess something which no other people on the face of the earth possess. More than that if you understand this then something moves over you in the midst of a conflict that strengthens you. In the midst of a contest it makes the very process of life in which you live less wearisome than it would be were it not for this knowledge. And that is...that as the Children of the ETERNAL GOD you are embarked upon a predestinated destiny of absolute victory over evil. I can tell you more than this even though as we look at men, at their physical bodies as we behold them, and they say...all men have more or less the same physical characteristics.

Let me tell you something, and we have mentioned this before, you can look at cans on a shelf and on that shelf they all have the same general shape, but there is a world of difference in the contents. It is to your advantage and advantage for there to be labels on the cans, because the labels help us to denote the contents of the cans. That is why there are labels on races, some are black, some yellow, and some are white, but when you see the white label...then inside that label is supposed to be the son of the LIVING GOD, the Spiritual son, having been born of incorruptible seed. We who are Twice Born having been born in the heavens, and now born in earth have now been begotten by a lively we are told. For we were born of incorruptible seed which lives and abides forever. A living seed which cannot be destroyed!

Can you corrupt the incorruptible? Absolutely not. Oh! you say...I see misbehavior upon the part of white men. Yes, but every misbehavior ever made was made in the process of temptation through the senses in this physical body. But the Spirit within them had not violated Divine Law because that Spirit was born of incorruptible seed, and if the Life of God. Eventually it is the work of God which will bring the conformation of the Destiny which He has ordained for you. In the Book of Romans you are told in the writings of the Apostle Paul that those He did foreknow He did predestinate to conform to the very image of a son. That each one of you, even here in the earth, shall dwell to the full conformation and the full configuration of the Glory of Christ HIMSELF. That as God lived, so shall you live, triumphantly, bringing in the fullness of your Destiny, and the Majesty of God's Kingdom.

Oh! you say:...How do I know? There have been thousands of your race who have died and passed on and they never accomplished how do I know? I tell you that every last one of the sons and daughters of your race are going to be raised up, they will stand on their feet, be enveloped in Divine Glory to finish the task they were sent to do. Someone mean I will live again? You are never going to stop living. A lot of people have the idea that death is what is going to happen to the children of God. That their lost consciousness' is the emblem of death, but there will never be a period of time when you will be dead. The only thing I see that is dead, is when I see the bodies of many of God's children who are sound asleep, and they are almost dead from their inactivity, but they are sound asleep instead of where they should have been, in positions of great leadership. Now when we refer to what God has purposed, He not only predestinated you to conform to His own Image, but He said you have been predestinated in His plan, and even named before the foundation of the world. He not only wrote your names in the Family Book before you came into the world, but He also wrote down the Destiny by which you shall conform to the image of the son. I want you to know therefore that the words of Jesus were not in any way out of measure. For inside of you something exists which is in no other race on the face of the earth. Our enemies know this, our enemies not only know this but when we discuss this so that our people are brought to awareness, and accept their responsibilities, then the enemies stand back and say:...'Master Race.' Our enemies have continually feared this because it is something that they cannot compete with. They point out...'Master Race' and that is right, for you are a Master Race, and you are to do a masterful job of establishing God's Kingdom with righteousness, and ruling over it forever. Don't let the enemy foul up your semantics. Don't let your enemy in his battle of semantics bring you to a position of bowing your head, and trying to disallow your inheritance. He would like to have you disallow the name of YAHSHUA..Jesus Christ, in your schools and in your nation because he doesn't like that Name. He doesn't like the fact that this is the Eternal God before whom he is going to bow, as every knee is going to bow and every tongue is going to proclaim that YAHSHUA Jesus the Christ is the Eternal God...forever. YAHSHUA...Jesus the word for the Eternal God.... forever. And the Devil is going to know that the Christ in you is going to be worthy of respect, for inside of these bodies are the living spirits of the Eternal God.

I could tell you something about those incalculable Pyramid Temples. There was one built in Egypt, in Asia, in South America, and they were all over the whole face of the earth, and they were Temples under Eternal YAHWEH in those early days, and men served and worshiped before the coming of Lucifer into earth. And the Administration was a Spiritual Administration by the Kinsmen of the Most High. In this instance do you know that God is not ashamed to call you His Kinsmen? That is why the Book of Hebrews continually brings this to your attention. 'That since the children of YAHWEH were embodied in the flesh, he took upon himself a body just like they had, and is not ashamed to call them Kinsmen.' Knowing that you are kinsmen with God, knowing that you possess a capacity that is different, and distinct, because that Celestial being inside of you has a Celestial mind. That Celestial mind inside of you is the same wave length as the Mind of God, and that spirit is the essence of His own Spirit. So the essence of your Celestial being is one with God. You are light of His Light, you are spirit of His Spirit. This is why the Apostle Paul said:...Did you know that you have the mind of Christ?

Now I will agree with you that most people do not act like it, but we do have the mind of Christ inside of our Celestial consciousness, and inside of our waking consciousness is a Divine presence in which the very thought of God, the very patterns of tomorrow are already formed. It is of these facts in which we discover that the ego soul consciousness of resident awareness is dwelling in this body, that you induce the sensitivity of the entire nervous system in the brain, to function. It makes your body behave to do your will, to make your hands work, or your feet walk, and to almost be a subconscious action, for you are used to it. But remember you are at the helm, you are dwelling in this body. That is why the Apostle Paul said: ..'There is an inner man and an outer man.' The world beholds the outer man but that inner man is the child of the Eternal Father. Now the Apostle Paul goes a little further over here in the Book of Corinthians which is one of the great keystones of the Christian Faith. He said:..'Therefore we have an earthly tabernacle which is our house, our body. We know that if this were to disintegrate, dissolve, fall longer be able to maintain the chemical balance of life, that we are not to be suddenly without a place to dwell. because we have a Celestial body also made in the planes of spirit.'

Now this is what the Apostle Paul said:..what we are waiting for is this house which was begotten of God, not made by hands. It is a building like this but it is the dimensions of Spirit. We are vibrating together, earnestly desiring to be clothed upon with the light of that house.' Then he said:....We don't want to die, we just want the light. Every so often you hear some sanctimonious person say:..oh I want to die and go to heaven, but they never really practice that because they rush to the drug store, or the Doctor if they think they are about to go. This isn't a lack of Faith, this is just an evidence of reality, because God put you here to stay, not to leave, and therefore we stay as long as we can. The more we know the power permitted to us, the longer we will stay, and the less our minds and nervous systems will be sold out by fear, and defeated by the powers of darkness.

The serenity of Spirit will give you more longevity than any other possible substance which could be place in it on the face of the earth. And all the doctors in the world couldn't keep you alive if your Spirit is defeated, or it is ready to go! But I want you to remember this:...the Apostle Paul says..we have a Celestial body and we have a physical body, and if something happens to this physical body then we won't be found naked or without Celestial clothing, because we have a Celestial body not made with hands. A Celestial house in which this Celestial being can dwell. The Apostle Paul tells us this:...that the Eternal Yahweh God, who commands the Light to shine out of the darkness has shined into our hearts. He will give unto us the Light of the knowledge of the Glory of God which was in the Faith of Jesus the Christ. II Corinthians 4:6. The power, the light, the command of an Incarnate son in tune with the spirit which fills the heavens and earth, this He gives to you.

Let me tell you what this means:...This Celestial consciousness, this mind of God whose aura and reflection comes out upon the countenances of men. Paul says:..we have this treasure in earthen vessels. II Corinthians 4:7. As I look out upon your race and I know there is a brotherhood with the Father, there is a brotherhood of the sons and daughters of God, and inside these 'earthen vessels' is a treasure. What? Then here are the begotten children of the Father. More than that I know that there is a power far greater than the whole than the whole world possesses, in the fact that here the Celestial children are dwelling. Jesus said:..If I be lifted up I draw all Hu-men unto me. HU means spirit, therefore He said: ..'If I be lifted up I draw all Adamites unto me.' There are different words used in the Hebrew and the Greek, but the consensus is made. I want you to know that there is an affinity of spiritual power which God controls. I want you to know that God has placed in your race a spiritual radar system.

You say:..what does that mean? It just means that in the synchronization of your spirit in this physical body, that when you dwell within it then you give forth certain vibrations. These vibrations are emanations from the very Light and Power of the Spirit inside of you, and there are emanations from the physical body which also has its Light radiations. There is a light radiation from every substance on the face of the earth. Some of them are below the video plane, and some of them are within its center, but these things can be noted sometimes with photography and with film. But we well understand that everything gives forth a radiation. Sometimes when certain light is turned upon it the wave length changes and is different, or there is a different impact upon it, such as ultra violet light, for you have florescence in some materials and substances, and others are effected by different wave lengths of light. But there is a vibration that comes forth, there is an energy field of this life of life that comes forth from you. We refer to that wavelength of light as an aura. It is a radiation, an emanation, or an aura. You say:..why don't we talk about this in my Sunday School? Because your Preacher didn't know there was an aura, that is the reason why.

But I am going to tell you something. That aura is the Light of Life which is within, and the closer that individual synchronizes his soul consciousness, and his physical brain with the Will of the Spirit which is synchronized with God's Plan, the brighter that light shines, and the more it is catalyzed. That is why you are told to not leave off assembling yourselves together because you catalyze this spiritual light and it becomes strength, and power as you move from day to day and through the week. The more you are subject to the catalyzing of spiritual light, synchronized by the individual, and his mind being in adjustment with God the greater strength and power you possess.

Let me point out this to you:..because of this emanation of light you have an affinity which draws all others of like wavelengths. But a moment that you come in contact with an object that is not your wave length, then by repulsion it is pushed away. I want you to know that Jesus said:..'You cannot come, because you believe not, and you are not of my sheep. You are not of the Father's household, so you don't come. My sheep hear my voice.

Thus there is a difference in men as He said:..My sheep hear my voice, and to the others He said:..Ye are not my sheep. Then He said:..I come only for the lost sheep of the House of Israel. So the Jews were not, nor could they fulfill the responsibility of being Israel.

We want to point out to you that when He refers to this affinity, and to this drawing power which is the power of the spirit, that particular concepts of thinking is what you call..intuition. When you come upon someone and you find that you are drawn to some people and pushed away from other then you understand what is happening. I listened to a minister over the radio the other day who thought his church had a particular scientific approach to our troubles. He said the only way we are ever going to improve the world is for everyone to learn to love each other, and especially learn to love those you have an aversion to. So as you find you don't like something then you just concentrate on saying:..I am wrong, I have to like this, I have to love this, and when you get through with this you are going to have disciplined your mind and you end by liking that which you have an aversion to. Do you know what that Preacher is telling you to do? He is saying to turn off your God-given radar system, and throw your arms around all that which God has given your intuition to stay away from. That is why we are in trouble nationally. That is why we are in trouble individually. If God gives you a feeling of aversion to stay away from this thing, then stay away from it. Don't try to discipline your mind, that is what we call the consciousness which had been seared with a hot iron. It has been so disciplined by world order thinking that it turns from the thing God by nature put within you, because of the spirit which makes you one with Him, until, in turn, you have broken the sensitivity of its perception. That is why today we say:...a lot of people are calloused, they are this way because of so long under the guidance of the world order, until they no longer feel the aversions, or the withdrawing which they should feel.

Let me assure you of this...the most important thing we need is as the Apostle Paul said:..We don't need to be conformed to this world, but we need to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Romans 12:2. Someone said:..Dr. Swift, I don't like a mental religion, I like a spiritual one. So I said:..Well, in what part of your spiritual intellect do you carry on your spiritual religion? Will you explain to me what you mean by saying you don't want a religion that has anything mental in it, you want something spiritual? I will agree that a lot of religions which call themselves Mental religions, and mind religions have captured the world order. But I want you to know that when God wakes you up, He wakes up your mind, because that is where you think. And if your religion is something which you can't think about or reason with then, My friends, it is a bondage not a liberty.

My Father says:...Come let us reason together. There is nothing in your Faith if you do not have the right to compare, to question, until the dawning of vision of it comes upon you, for there is nothing in your Fathers purposes for you that cannot stand the Light. If the point has been reached with you until you are afraid to study, or to read anything about the history of Africa or Asia, or you cannot learn about their background or theology because you might be carried off by the darkness, then my friends, you aren't sure that your Light is bright enough to stand the test. I want you to know that if modern theology in denominational hierarchy had to stand the test of this conflict, then our race would be lost. But the great and mighty truths of God which are the great spiritual fountain head of Light, concept, and thought, are so powerful, so strong as God is re-awakening and quickening His people with these truths, that ultimately this truth will sweep your race, and you will arise and defeat the powers of darkness. Your enemy does not want you to know who you are, and what you possess, because he is afraid he will lose you as a follower.

Now:..the world order is different, and I can prove that also by what the Apostle Paul said:...He said he was waiting as you are waiting, whether you know it or not, but you are waiting for a special day which your Father has promised to you. Now: listen to what we are told in Romans 8:19. We are waiting for the earnest expectation of the creature..the manifestation of the Sons of God. For the creature..our physical bodies..was made subject to the feelings of emotions..or vanity, and is not willing by reason of the Father who subjected this whole thing, in hopes, to always do what right. But this creature..our physical body shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the Children of God.

Now let me show you this in Romans 8:22. For we know what the whole creation...and this means all the creation..the Asiatics, the Negroes, even altho they did not start here in earth as they came in with Lucifer's rebellion, and eventually they will go back where they came from. But every creature of creation..whether it knows it or not, whether in the struggle of these strange forces, in the grip of Luciferian spirits as well, and Lucifer himself who used to be an Archangel until he turned away, but whether he knows it or not..all his frustrations, and fighting against the forces of right, still this is a part of the vibrations of his being. It says:..the whole creation..VIBRATES in pain and in agony unto now, and not only they, but ourselves as well..which were also first begotten (first fruits) of the spirit. You see what the Apostle Paul said:..Everything which is in flesh, everything which exists is vibrating in the essence of our beings..waiting for what?? Even we wait for our empowering Glory.

We wait for victory, for vision, and understanding to finish the task we were sent here to do. They don't know it, but the whole creation waits for the manifestation of the Sons of God. Why? To take orders. So therefore the Apostle Paul said:..And not only they, but ourselves who have the first fruits of spirit,....well! we were the first fruits, we were begotten in the heavens by this spirit. Therefore we wait..vibrating ourselves...waiting for this great positioning, THE REDEMPTION OF OUR BODY.

Someone said: But what are we waiting for...Eternal Life? aren't waiting for Eternal Life, you already have it. Some people are waiting to go to heaven, but some will wait longer than others. Some of them sing about going to heaven who will never go there..because some, such as the Negro were never there and so they will never go there. He doesn't belong in that realm and he wouldn't be happy if he was there. He wouldn't be able to dwell there because he doesn't have a Celestial consciousness, begotten in that plane of spirit to begin with. The best thing for the Negro is the plane he came from or even in an earth plane adjusted to the right God. So lets note here what are we waiting for? We here in earth in physical bodies are waiting for the redemption of the body. We are waiting for this mortal to put on immortality. We are waiting for Light, greater Light than we have ever experienced.

Jesus said:..I have come so that you can have Light and have it more abundantly. People have been trying to add that up to some kind of a spiritual experience. They have been trying to add that up to a change in thinking. You know today how they predicate salvation? Either you join the church or even if you don't join it, but when the Evangelist gives the call, you come down to the front of the church, and then you repeat certain things which he says:...I believe. Then the Evangelists are saved, now go back to your seat because you are saved, and don't let anyone tell you that you are not saved. ---But the body still wrinkles and it still feels pain, and the final salvation, and complete redemption you still don't have. We are waiting...for the redemption of the body. It is a good thing this renewing of the mind, for men to make their affirmation concerning their Father. But I can assure you that God has promised salvation to every last one of those of HIS Household, His children who are witnessing of HIM, and then He tells us that after all Israel is saved, then all flesh is going to be saved. So before He gets through there is nothing which will be lost. So it is a matter of getting security for myself, for some time in the future that makes me make a statement or an affirmation today.

The Salvation of God is going to be the redemption of His children. It is going to be mortal putting back on immortality. You know sometimes there are little people because their minds have become little minds. One preacher said:..Oh! my that is going to be an awful problem. I said:..Oh! what is the problem? He said:..the moment we put on immortality, if that is what we are waiting for, then there will not be room in the world for all the people, if everyone is going to live forever. Oh, I are just going to have people keep on dying forever just because you don't think there will be room for them, is that it?

Let me tell you something, if all of the Adamic race from Adam to your time were to stand upon their feet in the earth there is places for them. And when that day comes there will be a lot of people who will not be there, so they won't be so crowded after all. You say, where will they go? Well, back to where they belong, because Our Father is going to balance out the Universe.

I just want you to know that this kind of a person is one who just wants to put an obstacle in the hand of God, because his mind is not able to conceive that God has a bigger plan than He just thought of. That, my friends, brings me to what we are going to do. We read the words of Isaiah as to the work of Our Incarnate MESSIAH. 'His name shall be called Wonderful, the Almighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6. Of the increase of His Kingdom there shall be no end. Upon the throne of David He shall establish it forever, and of this Kingdom administration upon the earth there shall be no end.

You say:..but where is everyone going to go? There is a whole Universe out there in which to spread out. We are going to come and go before this throne, in the earth, from one end of the Universe to the other. In fact we have kinsmen scattered throughout the Universe right now, did you ever stop to think how many of us there would have to be if there was just one of us out there in space on every planet and every star? If the ones we can photograph number 10 times 126 trillion, that is more people than you could begat in the next thousand times a thousand years. So you see we are not going to run out of places to go, and things to do, but there are a lot of people today who want to flit away from things to do here in earth. In the first place you aren't going to go anywhere until you finish your work here. If you didn't want the job you shouldn't have volunteered.

One day when the Father said: ...Who will go? You said:..I Will go! But the Father said:..Yes, but you will fall, down there. And you said:...No, I won't! And He said:.. Yes, you will fall but I will redeem you, and He told you this before the foundation of the world. He said:..I am the lamb slain before the foundation of the world. I am your father, and I will give you back your Glory. I will change you from Glory unto Glory until you shine like the brightness of the sun. I can show you from the Book of Isaiah, and from the writing of the other prophets, and all through the writings of the Apostle Paul, and through the great mystery books which came out of Enoch and the Apocalypse of Paul, the great Majesty your Father has prepared for YOU, for His reign. My friends, when you talk about the Grace of God by embracing the darkness you are not demonstrating it. You are demonstrating it when you believe God, and can live with the things He told you that must be done.

I am going to tell you that the best thing which will ever happen to the powers of darkness is this evil being broken, and dispelled forever. And the powers which will accomplish that is going to be manifest by..The Christ which is in you...which is the hope of Glory. Some people say:..But I am afraid to use those words...Christ in you. Then you overlook the words ...'Ye are Elohim and all of you are the children of the Most High.' Psalm 82:6.

Your Father said:..I have begotten myself children, they don't act like it, but they are going to. That is why He said:..Why do ye die like men, arise and stand up like sons of God. You go back and read again the first chapter of John, and you will say:..Where have I been all this time? For He came into the land of HIS Inheritance (from his early mother) and oh, the occupiers of that land did not receive Him, but to those that received Him who had been born..not by the will of man, but by the Will of God. He came to empower His many sons with Glory. You read in John 1:11., that He came unto His own and His own received Him not. This is only the writings of someone who did not know how to translate what God said, and they got some Jew to tell them what it was. That is right, that is why we are stuck with such problems. No wonder He said:..Blindness in part has happened to the children of God until the fullness of them...comes in. That blindness in part has not been as to who God is, but as to who they are, or what they are here for. Everywhere I find your people they know who the Father is. I find that the only area of blindness is as to who they are and what God has in store for them. But the more God's knowledge is revealed, and the more His Glory is brought forth, and the more God's Light shines upon them the more there are of those who try to are embarrassing God by getting so bright, by lifting up His Standard, now draw back because God has to be all in all, the same to all men. But if you ran this race as hard as you can you would never catch up with your Father.

(Ella Mast....this tape is poor quality and the message fades out here, and I could not pick up enough so will not copy it on tape, but the message is so beautiful that I will pick up the message again as the voice returns)

God's people do not know who they are and why they are here so they ask men without spirit to tell them the meaning of things. They ask men without spirit, without knowledge, without vision to tell them these things. And thus is hidden...your destiny, and what is to transpire.

I want you to know that is why we talk about the prophecy we find in the Book of Joel. As God says:..I am going to pour out my Spirit upon my sons and daughters, and they shall prophecy. He is going to do this until His children think and HE thinks and knows, they are going to understand and your spiritual consciousness which knows all things, because it is connected to The Father, is going to regroup all thinking into one channel until they think and The Father.

Peter told you that you are all lively stones built up into a spiritual house. You are a Holy Priesthood to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God by Jesus The Christ. Therefore this is contained in the Scripture:...'Behold, I lay in Zion, my Kingdom, a chief corner stone, and he that believeth on HIM shall not be confused. Unto you therefore that believe, he is precious. And unto them who are disobedient, the stone which the builders disallowed became the headstone of the corner.

Now you are a chosen generation, a chosen progeny, a Royal Priesthood. The Scripture says:...You are a Holy race or nation, or a peculiar people, and you shall show forth the praises of him who brought you out of darkness into His Marvelous Light.

Now:..I want you to know that you are strangers and pilgrims in the earth. Yes, that is what Peter said, and lets turn over to the Book of Hebrews and the Apostle Paul talks about the descent through Adam, Seth, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. About the Patriarchs and their vision and their Faith, and how they resisted the darkness and fought against all the evil in the earth.

As the Apostle Paul writes he says:...They were strangers and pilgrims in the earth. Hebrews 11:13. And as he talks about their being strangers and pilgrims in the earth it was because they were looking for the building of the New World Order that they were sent here to build. And if they could have remembered where they came from and how they got here they would have gone back. Now...see what the Apostle Paul says in verse 38.,...'They were stoned, they had wandered in deserts and mountains, and in dens and caves of the earth, but they had obtained a good report, and they waited for this day.

Alright now...strangers and pilgrims in the earth. You are not of this world and yet Jesus said:...Don't take them out of the world. Why?? Because YOU are the LIGHT of the world, did you know that? You are the illumination around here and that is..The CHRIST in YOU, this light-spirit in you. Also you are the salt of the earth and there is no way for any spiritual savior to come to earth except to come of the spirit...THROUGH YOU. That is why they said:...Ye are the salt of the earth, but the salt hath lost its savor. Matthew 5:13. Do you know how the salt lost is savoir? These Jewish Merchants would mix the salt with a lot of harmless phosphate as it came across the Sahara in order to get a larger quantity of white stuff, and then they conned everyone. The more they mixed the more the salt lost its savoir, but they didn't care. They haven't changed a bit and they still do the same thing today with everything, just as they did back in those days. Therefore Salt (Israel) mixed with earth loses its savoir. So also the Kingdom of God mixed with the World Order in such places as the United Nations, or any other philosophy of darkness., or in some Pagan Temple as you mix all religions into one,...salt mixed with earth loses its spiritual quality. It is so polluted that it has no power.

Now:..God didn't say you were just like anyone else. He didn't tell you to mix together with everything..amalgamate..until you are just one man. He said that you are the LIGHT of the world, don' don't cover that Light with a bushel basket. You are the salt of the earth, so don't mix with earth. You are My sons and daughters....arise and rule.

'Dr. Swift', said one person to me:...I would like to believe that all these things are true, but If I don't find all these things written out thus in the Scriptures, and if I have to go back to the other Books of the Patriarchs, then how do I know that this is true? I want you to know that all Scriptures are born of the Spirit. I want you to know that the Books of Enoch are true, or the Scripture that we do have would not be quoting Enoch. I want you to know that I am not going to let my thinking, my theology be bound by a bunch of drunks at the Council of Nicea. You say.... what do you mean? At the council of Nicea, Rome and a group of Clergy had a 30 day period to decide what would be bound up as Scriptures, and every doctrine which did not fit the doctrine of the individual church was kicked out. They kicked out the Book of Nicodemus because it contained the power of the resurrection, but no hells, and perdition with which to prick mens souls. They kicked out the Books of Enoch because Enoch also demonstrated ultimate victory. They even rewrote the Book of Enoch to get some blame in it. But...I think the Holy Spirit protected it because they had to quit in the middle of the morning and they postponed a whole lot of councils at Nicea until they became sober again.

So I point out to you that I think the Holy Spirit protected you pretty well to give you what you have and it is a fortunate thing that there are many passages of Scripture which never fell into their hands. That is why the ancient Alexandrian version had many more books in it. But in order to supply the Scriptures in duplicate, they just took the Books which were acceptable at Nicea and bound them together and distributed those in the early church...until..Rome put a judgment against it and the printers of Europe were afraid to print it. Then even the Protestants were afraid to have accepted it, but men like Calvin had access to the Scriptures and Calvin basically feels that his knowledge, by the Grace of God, and his sovereignty was gotten by his bypassing the pollution that had taken place in regards to Scripture.

I am going to tell you ask your grandfather and he will tell you this is true. God is going to bring to pass a witness from every corner of this these facts. He said if the children often did not bring Him praises, the very stones would cry out. I want you to know that knowledge is increasing as God has ordained. And to the wise who studies to show himself approved before God, so as not to be ashamed, then every little part of this Great Mosaic is going to fit in place. We are not going to have an obscured vision, we are going to be able to give every man an answer, for the hope that lies within us. So we tell you that there is a confirmation for all these things which are in Scripture.

We don't have time to finish this subject, but I think it is basic that we get over one more hurdle that is in the minds of our people, so that every intelligent Christian knows what the answer is, so we are going to answer that question ....Did the flood drown all the people of the earth? We will answer that next Sunday afternoon, but I can tell you this in short order that if the flood drowned everyone one on the face of the earth you would have to tear up over half of the Bible, so your story wouldn't fall apart. We are going to show you Biblical evidence that the flood of Noah's time did exactly what the Bible says it did, not what men who have translated into it, and out of it, for that is two different things.

I want you to know that there is nothing more important for you than to know these truths. It is only these truths that will galvanize people to action and bring them to an awareness of their responsibilities before YAHWEH-God, in the earth. They don't know what they are here for until they find out what God purposed for them to do. We know that truth will set men free, and that is our job and purpose as we get these messages out, and in the carrying forth of the work of God's Kingdom on earth.

(End of this message)