Great Transition, 8-4-65


By: Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 8-4-65

We turn in our thinking this afternoon to the subject of The Great Transition. I can assure you that we are truly in an hour of Great Transition, and this transition is from an Old Order to a New One. It is the consummation of the struggle of the Kingdom of God against the Powers of Darkness, seeking to hold, to retain control over the earth. This is an hour of Transition in which the Sons of God with Mighty Power of God will consummate the work which God has ordained. It is a transition of sleepiness to wakefulness, from lack of power to complete power. It is a transition from darkness to light, and one to triumph made manifest in the earth. There is no question of the fact that this is one of the most important hours in all history whether you understand the hour you are in or not. But you should realize before we get thru speaking that you are in the 'Last Days'. More than that there are some people who are not even aware of this so I read this passage of Scripture found in II Peter 3:2-5; for this is spoken to you. 'That ye may be mindful of the words spoken before, by the Holy Prophets, and of the commandment of us the Apostles of THE LORD, OUR SAVIOR. Knowing this, that there shall come in the last days scoffers walking after their own lusts, and saying:..where is the promise of HIS coming? For since the fathers fell asleep all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation. For this they are willingly ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing (Greek-consisting) out of the water in the water: They say therefore that all things continue and the scoffers come of course in these days and say:..where is the promise of His coming? I can assure you that the promise of His coming was made to our forbearers..from Adam to our time. It was made thru all the prophets and thru the Apostles. It was made thru the structure of the church, and continues to our time, because we are in the last days.

Now:..make no mistake about are in the last days. Fortunately for you that you are in the last days, because if you were not..if it were not so, then there wouldn't be any left on earth for such a triumph which God has promised. But the Kingdom of God is not about to be wiped out or destroyed by the powers of darkness. Nor are the evil forces working inside your nation going to triumph in a design to destroy God's Kingdom. The 'Last Days' are to be some of the most fruitful in all history for the children of the Kingdom because God said:..I am going to cut this work righteousness. An accomplishment which God has purposed to do is to honor His sons and daughters. To consummate the timing and the purpose which He had declared, and the words translated into Greek mean:..a special timing by HIS own MIND!..what He has purposed for you. That He shall make manifest upon you and upon your race as His Household..His Glory, His Majesty, and His Power. That He shall make the world to know that you are His sons and His daughters. That the world shall acknowledge that you are His Kingdom and His Household..whether they would or not. There can be no question about the fact that we are in a climatic period of time. We have not only watched the fulfillment of many measures, and we stand now, as we move into this month, at the commencement of Great Judgments to descend upon the enemies of His Kingdom. In fact He gave the measures which start in this month..gave them to Enoch back 5000 years before The Christ. So when we start to understand a little bit of this, then we start to realize how important this period of time in which we live, really is in the purpose of God. After all we remember the words Enoch proclaimed and the fulfillment we saw in 1962, as the sign of 'The Son of Man' appeared in the heavens. We saw the alignment of the formation of planets in the constellation of Aquarius, and this measure, this sign, was prophesied by Enoch as God showed it to him 5000 years before The Christ. And now you are 3 1/2 years into the prophecy and now the judgments are to begin to fall on the enemies of God's Kingdom. In fact it can't start to quickly for me, and the faster the tares are taken away the better I am going to like it. So are you going to like it.

Now:..there are a lot of people who think they are going to convert the tares, make no mistake about can't change a tare to a wheat grain if you preach to it all your life. And knowing this then, that the tares come to their full and they turn the end of the age, and the Holy Angels, or the Administering Spirits are going to gather the tares out. Someone may try to read something into that but there is no purpose in that, because God said He would take care of it. Oh! He may stir up to eliminate a few tares that are seeking to destroy His Kingdom, for all His administering spirits are to be engaged, but they can't do much to you for reading the Scriptures. You are in climatic period of great significance and great importance. And of course all the master strategies of the enemy are at work. I would think it would be hard for one not to recognize this. You have watched in your own great nation a transition that came as prophecy told us it would. 'A falling away first,' that would descend over the civilization and the culture of His people. And we even see it inside the areas of religious institutions where the strong affidavit of the ministry of God and the people that make up its congregations should have allowed no concept that would not recognize that...THE ETERNAL GOD ALONE..YAHSHUA-JESUS WAS GOD. But today you have a position in which theology wishes to embrace all kinds of religions, all kinds of philosophies and even the President, according to toadies paper..aspires to be the man who wished to bring all religions, all faiths together. Well he better make a success of the job he already has before he tries to do this. The situation is that we have a great falling away first, in a period when religion is going at full speed. But there is a vast difference between religion and truth. Whereas Christianity is a religion still there are lots of religions that aren't true. In the areas of todays problems we discover that one of the most important things that men can do is coordinate their mind, and their consciousness with the WORD of the ONE and ONLY LIVING GOD. Therefore it is important for you to think as God thinks and to understand what God says and to know what God's plan consists of. And by such a process then repudiate all areas of pagan religion, and recognize that your responsibility as a child of God, is to uproot and take out of earth every pagan, false and evil religion. This you are going to do before you have finished your Destiny. The children of the Kingdom often stand by placidly while evil rolls across the earth and tears up nations and countries and stand back and say:..don't let it come near us. Let me tell you something:..the Kingdom of God was put in the earth TO GROW, and TO DEVELOP, and TO RISE, and TO INCREASE into a great nation and a company of nations and then TO OVERTHROW THE POWERS OF DARKNESS. Then to rise and take the Kingdom and to possess the Kingdom for this is the Will of your Father. The Saints shall take the Kingdom and possess the Kingdom forever and ever...these are the words of Daniel. Every little while we see a little of the Beast as it operates in this country, and we find ourselves forced to consult the Scriptures, and..there should never be any amazement on the part of the people of the Kingdom as the Beast Order acts like the Beast Order. Or when people who are emotionally unstable and guided by false teaching and Witchdoctors, and all strange doctrines are stirred in their thinking and they moved into riots. After all Peter told us that there were brute Beasts who intellect was very much inferior and they couldn't understand the truth. They spoke evil of it, but they were just brute Beasts made to be taken and destroyed, and that they would be rioting in the daytime and would take pleasure in it. We are told this in II Peter., and then we saw this happen right here in our city. We saw as a Beast like people, emotionally unstable were led by their own Clergy and activated by their false teachers, and they rioted and took pleasure in it. They made it an opportunity to raid, rape and kill, and then sought to justify it while leadership without spiritual vision tries to find an excuse for their crime. Someone said:..we have to make excuses. just evaluate on its basis. One of these days you are going to know what the LORD means when He said:..I have separated you from all these people. You are going to finish His separation and send them back where they belong. There seems to be every indication upon the part of those who just read the newspaper and don't know what is stirring behind the scenes, to think that they are going to overwhelm the Kingdom of God with all kinds of religion, and all kinds of philosophy. I think that one of the great gnat brains of our times is Toynbee. He just wrote a book on 'The Nile', and about Africa and Egypt, and what do you suppose this historian did? I well remember what he did a while back as the Jews got a hold of him. He had written a book about Palestine, and told how the Jews had pushed the Arabs out of their homes, and what had occurred in that land. And the Jews go hold of Mr. Toynbee, and they said:..we don't like this, we are not only going to cut your distribution, but we will cut off your circulation unless you re-write this because we don't like it. We will put you out of business if you don't rewrite this and make it complimentary to the Jews, so Mr. Toynbee did just that and I have both books. But because he was supposed to be such a great historian I always pick up a copy of his books to see what he has to say. I have this copy just off the press about 'the Nile' and Egypt and Africa and do you know what he said in this book? He said:..the most important thing which could happen for the good of the world and for Africa is for all the people to intermarry. And most important for the good of the world is intermarriage. He said that white women should be marrying Nigerian Negroes, and the Nigerian and the white people, the Egyptian people, and all those of Central and South Africa should all breed together. And he said:..If they can find white women worthy of them. This is Toynbee...quote and un- quote after the Jews finished with him. This is what is wrong today with the thinking of a people who are going the way of Melech, and they are approaching the order of Baal which is made up of the illegal and vicious process of race destruction and of course along with it you throw out the theology which God has given to the mind of His people. So no wonder the Scriptures said that if we didn't separate ourselves that pretty soon we would think like they did, and they would turn us away from worshiping our God. You cannot violate all the laws of God and worship Him at the same time..don't forget that. In the first place...worship has to come out of the heart which desires the synchronization with the purposes and plan of God, and if there is no synchronization with between the mind of the God you worship and the individual who thinks he is worshiping, then it isn't worshiping. It may be a form of religion, or a form of Godliness, but that is all.

Now:..we are in the 'Last Days' make no mistake about that. The great massive hoards of Asia are gathering for the thrust, and we are still asleep and being put into positions where we are fighting the Anti-Christ and his hoards but still ASLEEP. We see this in the fighting in Viet Nam and we have told you before that by the time you reach September that there will be a half million of our men involved in that struggle with the Viet Cong. We are battling the Anti-Christ and the Beast system with the hoards of Asia, but we are not using the blueprint God gave us. While we are tied down there, the Russia comes out to show you that she is not interested in disarmament. Here you are in one moment talking Peace and disarmament, and in the next moment you are aware that the world has something else coming upon it. It is important to get a little picture of this. For years and years there has been conflict between the various religions, and the Ishmalites and the Israelites have had a verging area of theology. I am not talking about the Jews, I am talking about the white man as Israelite. Of course the prophet who came out of the Bond Woman was Mohamet and Mohammedanism became the religion of the Ishmaelites and it reached into various sections of their relatives and today we find Mohammedanism all over the earth. We find it among the Arabs, we find it among those in Pakistan, and in Afghanistan, and we find it stretching out into even the Russian Steppes and some even under Russian power. We find that Mohammedanism has this in common with Christianity. They accept all of the Old Testament and recognize the prophets. It accepts the fact that there must not be any Babylonianism in their theology Allah Allah Achabar...The LORD God is ONE...'Hear O Israel, the Lord God is one LORD.' I turn back to the Holy Scriptures to find the instructions given to us...and the word is...'Here O Israel the LORD God is One.' So we are not pagans, and we don't have a multiple of gods, and we don't have a complex multiple of theology as it relates to the person of YAHWEH-God except where Babylonianism has seeped thru into some areas of Christianity. We have had great and bloody battles with the Mohammedans in the past, in fact back in the days of the Crusades, one of the most important objectives of Christendom was to free that Holy Land so associated in history with the life of our Savior, and with the background pattern of our history. And therefore since it was under the hands of the Mohammedans and the Turks, then we waged bloody and long crusades. We spent 700 years in a struggle for Palestine. But do you know that one of the strangest things that was discovered back in the days of Richard, and one of the reasons for the constant struggle was that every time the Mohammedans descended on churches such as at Constantinople or any place where they moved across Norther Europe they attacked and burned churches. Why? Because of this strange thing in their religion. 'Thou shalt not make any graven images, or any likeness in heaven or under heaven thou shalt not worship.' Thou shalt not worship anything which is graven, and therefore there was a determination upon the part of every Mohammedan to enter into every religious house and destroy every idol. And because of this they destroyed idolatry everywhere they saw it. They have always been against idolatry, and this is one of the strange things about Ishmaelites and Mohammedism. When they came into the churches of Southern Asia and Europe they saw the statutes which run everywhere from Joseph to Mary, and other statutes round about, and even the Gargoyles on the corners of some of the Churches they saw. So they went into these Churches in the name of Allah and cut down the idols, and burned the churches. Do you realize that it wasn't until the days of Richard, that he was able to convince them that these were not idols for worship by Christians, but were merely pictures of their Faith. However that was not very convincing, and it wasn't until 1904 that the Mohammedans realized that the Christians had only ONE GOD. Then in the days of W.W.II., when in Trans-Jordan..King Abdullah came into the Christian Shrine, the church of the Holy Sepulcher and there he worshiped. And then he went to the Mosque of Omar and there he worshiped. And the words that day of Abdullah were:..Christ and Allah are ONE. And the word went out thru all Israel that at last the sons of Abraham had one thing in common...they worshiped ONE GOD who was a God of Spirit and they were now admitting by some of their leaders that Christ could have been the embodiment of that ONE YAHWEH-GOD...that Allah, and Christ are ONE. Of course it wasn't long after this before Abdullah was slain by Jewish agents as their assassins went to work. For they could not stand for something like that to exist among Mohammedan people, for they were afraid. It has been a main desire by Anti-Christ Jewry to put a war into operation between the Mohammedans and the Christians, for if they could get all the Mohammedans in the world to fight all the Christians then with the Anti-Christ pattern of Socialism warring on Christianity, and the Jews working on the inside, and from without also, they thought that Christian civilization would go down. All Mohammedans and all Christians warriors fighting for their faith, so they thought, and this would be the Holy War. It didn't work, with all their planning it still didn't work. There is little that I can say about Mr. Roosevelt that is good, because of his thinking and his actions as he surrounded himself with all those who hate our Faith, and our race. But under this situation we started on the road to socialism, and communism with the inauguration of F.D.R. He didn't know as much as he should have because in his Episcopal background they didn't tell him the truth.

Now;..this is not a challenge to the Episcopalians, but if they don't teach truth they aren't much help. But Mr. Roosevelt was down on an American Cruiser, and Ibn Saud and some of the other Arab leaders were with him and they were holding a council of war. they presented to the President a beautiful jeweled Scimitar, and he presented a beautiful Savage Rifle engraved in gold to Ibn Saud the King. And do you know what Ibn Saud, this Ishmaelite said to Mr. Roosevelt? He we exchange weapons..I a son of Ishmael and you a son of Joseph. And then he sat down and explained for the next 2 ½ hours that the Anglo-Saxon people were the House of Joseph, and that the white people of Western Europe were the Israelites of the Bible and that he was an Ishmaelite...a Prince of Ishmael. And that we should always be friends and stand side by side. Well...this was intriguing to Roosevelt and when he came back one of the things he said to the Congress was:..I learned more about the Bible from Ibn Saud in 2 ½ hours than I have been taught all my life from the Christians round about. I found out that the Arabs, the people of Ishmael, were practically cousins to the white race, and descended from Abraham. And he said:..I learned that I as President was the head of a great part of the House of Israel, and that this man was a part of the House of Ishmael. Then President Roosevelt said:...I have pledged to this man that we will give aide and assistance to the Arabs if they will remain loyal to us. wasn't long after that before they assassinated Roosevelt for that wasn't a natural death at Warm Springs, Georgia. I point out to you that one of the significant things involved in this, that with the setting up of the little abortive state of Israeli by violence and then by the partitioning of the land by the United States then we moved into a prophetic period of the 'Last Days', and Jerusalem became a center in the world prey, and all the programs of the world were lining up. As W.W.II., ended we saw very quickly that instead of an ally that the Soviet Union was the enemy of Christian civilization, and that the world was being divided into two camps. One side on the Soviet side, and one on the side of the Christian nations, and the strategy was never to be underestimated. For the enemy moves into the areas of the Christian nations with his ‘5th columns’ and with his conspiracies and tries to destroy them on the inside. With the mighty power of the Luciferian influence, and the power of the purse of Satan's children was used by Satan's children and they were able to manipulate, and to change the image of America's government. I tell you that the image of the American government this afternoon is not the image laid down by our forefathers. It is not the image your fathers knew as they grew up to adulthood, able to vote and to be good citizens of America. We are on the edge of total surrender of our Great Christian Republic into a descending, socialistic quagmire of mongrelisim, and pollution and of evil. But God can be thankful that these are the last days, you can be thankful that we have moved into an hour of transition where God has said:..enough. He says:..I am going to cut this evil short, and I am going to cut it short with righteousness. The enemy thinks he is going to cut it short with darkness, but God says:...He is going cut it short with righteousness. Now make no mistake about it, we sometimes align ourselves with some pagan-idol worshiping power, and we have no business doing this, but we have subsidized with millions and millions of dollars of our money..pagan countries. We have sent wheat and agriculture instruments, and all kinds of the wealth of our nation, over to India for years and years. Someone says:..oh we should help India because they have one of the largest populations of any of the countries in the world..580 million people. I tell you that you shouldn't do anything...not one thing for India as long as India serves her pagan gods. You say why is that? Well, when Nehru came over here he reviled you, and he always voted when he was alive with the Soviets. And Khrisna Memmen was one of the most evil of communist genius' and a brother-in-law to Nehru. Just because he could say some cute complex things in his philosophy, some people were ready to embrace him. But think about it...nobody who tastes the sugar of Kali is worshiping..none other than..the wife of Lucifer. She is the assassin Goddess, and Brahma, Vishnu and Siva, and Kali which make up the godhead of the pagan philosophy of Ancient India, are steeped in immorality, depravity, and degeneration. That is what their country has to offer because that is the background of their philosophy and it has effected their living, and their standards. They continue to tell us that they are an older and superior civilization even tho they ask us to support them, as they don't seem to know how to do it for themselves.

Now: lets get this clear, India is a complex place and once many Aryans walked across it. Out Sethite forbearers moved in and out of India in the past, and one of the greatest areas of culture India has ever known was when your Sethite forbearers gave them the truth of one God and lifted up righteous standards. Then soon they were overwhelmed by the Mongols of the Steppes. The majority of the people of India are a mixed up mongol background species. They trace their connection back thru some scriptural connection with some of their forbearers who came from lands that were even before Adam. I point out where as that India is a land where the majority of its theology is idol worship and pagan..that is where the assassins of Kali move out. But a strong number of people in India were Mohammedan, and the land called Pakistan is a Mohammedan land. Kashmir has about 30 or 40 percent Mohammedan, there were once many more Mohammedans in Kashmir as well as there were in Afghanistan. But India has been on a whole scale persecution of Mohammedans for the last 15 years. And this has been mounting up, and just a few months ago over 1000 worshiping assassins of these pagan Goddess's in India in the past 2 years, but you don't hear anything about that. But you are in the latter time because these things come to their full. And now America in order to protect Pakistan from being taken over is giving them planes, tanks, and weapons. But when their people are being killed all over by the Indians this becomes more dangerous. Strangely enough we had an alliance in that part of the world, but the Russians started to play, and they promised assistance to Pakistan because they said India was planning aggression against this area. Suddenly war broke out and you not only have war in Asia, with the invasion of Thailand and Burma coming next, but you have also a war full scale between Pakistan and India. Someone said:..which side is right? The question is:..which side is under bondage more completely? Which side stimulated the assassinations and the trouble? One could hardly blame Pakistan for saying they had enough, and wanted to liberate the vale of Kashmir which they had always claimed. But the battle is on because it started with a wave of assassinations last week at the instigation of the Goddess Kali. We should be ashamed of ourselves, we are told that we are over in Viet Nam for the honor of 3 Presidents, but I wouldn't move anywhere for the honor of the last 3 Presidents. I'll tell you that...President Eisenhower went over to India and he is connected with the Christian Churches of America and by denomination a Christian. He was President of the U.S. and what did he do? He went to India and was received by India's Congress. He was feted by the largest demonstration of pagans ever to come out for any visitor or president of the United States. Then the Priests of Kali put the Mark of Kali...a cast mark on the forehead of the President of the United States. Now the President of the U.S. was duty bound by his Faith and by his God if he had any to say:...I am a Christian, I understand the good intent with which you approach me, but I cannot accept the mark of your Goddess. But...he didn't do that. He held his Peace, and he accepted the mark of their Goddess. He took the ovation of their Priesthood and moved into the ceremony of their Temple and he brought judgment upon our nation. Well in this instance of todays events, we should never have had a communist on our Supreme Court anyhow, and Mr. Goldberg has a long communist front background but when they took him off the Supreme Court and put him in the United Nations which is a part of the Anti-Christ program, and it became obvious that they intended to do something big and important in this situation. Altho the U.N. is already dead as far as its liberal ability to operate and function, because no one but us pays the proper responsibility, but there has to be something big and important that they wanted to do with the U.N. and understand this when Mr. Goldberg left a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court and took a temporary one at the U.N. Then last week they took one of the cheapest hacks in politics, Roosevelt who can always go back to his congressional seat with the Jewish minority behind him, and he left his congressional job to take a job in poverty, welfare, and such programs within the United Nations. So when the war exploded last week between Pakistan and India, then India cries out to us and Mr. Goldberg calls for a truce and then denounces Pakistan. And now Pakistanis are furious at us for getting involved, but you see a Jew...tries to get the Mohammedans into war with America, or get them as our opposition because they are about to do something. The war hasn't slowed down between Pakistan and India for they haven't listened to the U.N. But then at 11:00 P.M. last night, your time, 7 units of the Israeli army invaded Jordan and attacked their water supply and set fire to their oil and military reserves. Flanking soldiers moved across the border on either side of the old city of Jerusalem, and then drew we saw them make their move. Here we stand and we are in the last days, make no mistake about that. When you see the abomination of the desolater stand in the Holy Place its going to be a short and quick fulfillment of destiny. The Jews are the abomination of the desolator. They are the accursed enemies of God. They have been moving for position for an attack upon Jordan, and then it came with swiftness and unprovoked and was against the vital things..oil and water. The Jordanians are massing their arms. The Arab countries received the signal last night and it passed into all areas of the Arab world, even into those areas of dissidents where they might struggle against themselves but they are thinking tonight that they are on the edge of a Holy War. The danger in all this is that Mr. Johnson the President of the U.S. told the Israeli's that if they got into trouble with the Arabs that we would back Israeli. I tell you that every God fearing Christian in America should bind all the darkness in our nation and we should never go to war for the Jew against any people on the face of the earth...NEVER. The Jews are the aggressors, the Jews are the aggressors in Palestine as they drove the people out of their homes, both Christians and Mohammedan alike. The Jews were the aggressors and they killed Count Bernadotte when he went down there and discovered that, so don't forget, for there has never been any more vicious occupation of a country in all times. Talk about war crimes... if the basis of war crimes..of shear terror, evil, and filth were ever charged against any people then Jewry would be under condemnation. They invaded the Suez Canal, and this was one time when Eisenhower couldn't back up on this so he told them if they didn't stop this we would freeze all the money they had in our banks. That is the worst thing you could do to the Jews...but they did go back because they couldn't stand frozen assets.

Alright...we stand now at the beginning of another invasion, for they pushed back 3 times on the Syrian borders, and even held the United Nations captive while they reset the borders. I have the documents in my file to prove this. As they move now as it is their 5th, day of Sept..they openly want all of the city of Old Jerusalem, and before they are through they aim to have it. But when the Abominations of the Desolater stands in the Holy Place, you are in the last times. These are 'Last Days' and someone says:..but what is the advantage in all this? We were telling you last Sunday that in the Last Days something is going to happen to the Kingdom of God that never transpired until a certain time comes. And God Almighty says that then as these thing happen:..I am going to do certain things. That is just as good a covenant and promise as you could possibly get. There is nothing as complete as this which God has covenanted and promised. There is no doubt that as we read these prophecies which are made in the Scripture concerning the end of the age and concerning these events, that we discover that some of these things according to the Apostle Paul were covenanted with us since the days of Our Father. Now you look out over Christian civilization and we watched it build a tremendous pylon of achieved technology and Glory. We moved into space and are starting on the greatest area of scientific technology of all times. For all of this we can say that we have watched the gradual knowledge and mechanical abilities of a society advance, but we have also watched a stalemate in the areas of spiritual understanding and spiritual knowledge. Except that God has quickened and kept alive a company of people who have not yet bowed the knee to Baal this would not have happened. Now I am going to tell you what God is going to do. He is about to move upon His people and stir them out of this sleep, and He is going to challenge them to rebuild the civilization and culture that He challenged them to build in the first place. He is going to challenge them to make an affidavit of the True Faith, and He is going to call on them to throw off all the areas of pagan philosophies and all this design of association with this false teaching. Some may say that this is a return to dogma, but if that dogma is the great basic truths of what God has established and has unveiled concerning Himself, then you better build on dogma instead of on propaganda and error. I tell you that you are in for the greatest hour of spiritual demonstration in all time and in all history. And this short work which God is going to close in righteousness is going to be the greatest miracle day in all the age of the Church. Instead of the Church being all through, all done, the Church is going to move out as a great dynamic force among the nations of God's Kingdom and it is going to do more than ever before. It is not going to be done by a lot of these international clergy who try to tell us that we are all of one blood, and try to mix us all together.

Listen:...what is the most important thing we wait for? We turn to the words of the Apostle Paul in the 8th chapter of Romans and verse 18 and he says:...I don't compare the suffering that we go through now to anyway be compared with the glory to be revealed in us. Not just the Apostle Paul is going to have this revealed in him..but in us also. He is talking to Apostles and disciples, so what does he mean..the Glory that is to be revealed in us? The Apostle Paul after his experience as he was taken out into the heavens came back to write his Epistles and the 'Apocalypse of Paul' and he realized that not only were we the Household of God, but that we were sent here to build a kingdom. And he realized that his message was to this household which was scattered among the nations and which then made up....existing Europe. The Apostle Paul was aware that there were lots of things he was to make to who they were and that they were not just a people gathered out of all kinds of religions and philosophies, but Sons..Eternal Sons...begotten by the Father..a race..a spiritual people. And so the Apostle Paul was to write his Epistles and very clearly in His 'Apocalypse' all these things. In the Book of Romans he talked about the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God. I have told you that one of the most important things which you can understand is the great power that can free us from disintegration, which can give us vitality and life, and power, and can even renew your youth. I have told you that at the end of this age one of the most important thing which is going to happen will come when....the trumpet of God sounds. Then in that moment we are told over here in the Book of I Corinthians 15:51-52, that certain things will take place. He said:..I will show you a mystery:..In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, the last trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised, but we all shall be changed. This corruptible shall put on incorruptibility, and mortal shall put on immortality. He said:..I am going to tell you a mystery, a trumpet shall sound and in a short and given period of time something is going to happen.

Now:...the Apostle believed this and he knew it would happen, and he also knew that it would be in a time when great events would take place. The Apostle knew that scoffers would come and they would where is the sign of HIS coming, this is nothing new to think about? They start to mutate the theology, but the Apostle Paul says this thing which is to happen is that the law of the Spirit of Christ Jesus is going to make us free from the law of sin and death. And when God charges this situation with a mighty burst of Spiritual Power then it moves with quickness upon all of His Household. It moves in a single moment of His determination, but before this He says:..I am going to close this age with righteousness. I am going to start to unveil to my people the secret of the Law of Spirit, and I am going to start restoring unto them power and glory. For we are all going to be changed from Glory to Glory, until we take on the Glory of His own image. Someone said:..this is just some theological idea which was never established. But don't you believe that. Remember how Moses was upon the Mountain, and he had many contacts with God and he was of the few people who had been immunized so he could be drawn to HIS presence. No one else could even stand upon the mountain at that time. Buy when Moses came down from that mountain he was enveloped in Glory, and had to put a robe upon himself to protect the people who would come in contact with him to protect them from the emanation and the Glory, and the Power that was shining out from him because...he had been with YAHWEH. And if that process of receiving the law for the establishment of government, and the understanding of righteousness was so great that in that experience Moses was charged with such a Glory that people unprepared by a like experience...could not stand this Glory, then how much more so will this be...having consummated an atonement which puts away any possibility of us not being able to receive or not having a right to inherit this Glory, then how much more so this Glory now to envelope God's children for this is His own plan, and we are to be changed from Glory to Glory and it shall envelope you with power. I read these words in II Corinthians 3:16-18....For the veil shall be taken away, the LORD is that Spirit and where the LORD is there is liberty and with an OPEN FACE we shall behold as tho we looked in a looking glass...the Glory of the LORD. We shall be changed into that same image, changed from Glory to Glory, to that same Glory of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA.

Now the Apostle Paul talks about something that is coming, so we go back to the Book of Romans and there the Apostle Paul tells us that he doesn't count as persecutions, these imprisonments he has had, or the fights with the Beasts in the coliseum, or anything he has had to do for the Gospel of Christ. He said:...I don't count any of these things that have happened to me to be compared in any way to the GLORY which is going to be revealed to me. That is going to be worth so much more...more than that the whole creation is vibrating in their corruption, but also waiting with us for the manifestation of the Sons of God. The Apostle Paul said that we are saved with HOPE, and what is that hope? We are waiting for one thing:..Romans 8:23..We who are the firstfruits of the spirit. Someone said:..what do you mean the firstfruits of the spirit? Well we were begotten in the Spirit before the world was framed. You turn over to Hebrews and we were the members of the church of the FIRSTBORN, and our names were written in heaven before the world was framed. We are the children of the Eternal Father, and He begat us in the Spirit...begat us in the flesh, and the embodiment of the Fullness of YAHWEH said:...Thine they were in the heavens, mine they are in earth. ...No wonder then that you are strangers and pilgrims in the earth. Lets get one thing clear...what are we waiting for? The Scripture says there is one thing we are waiting for..but what do you think we are waiting for? What is the prize of the high calling? We aren't waiting for Eternal Life, for we possess that, for as far as the Spirit is concerned we were begat of incorruptible seed. We know who God is, and therefore we have Eternal Life. So we are waiting for:.....THE REDEMPTION OF THE BODY. Romans 8:23. And this mortal can put on immortality. Someone says:..but you have to wait for Christ to come for that. Well, some people will, but you can have just as much as you have Faith to perceive, as you now have in these last days. You'll start understanding the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus. And there is going to be several trumpets before the one which raises the dead. How do you know? Well, turn over here in the Book of Joel 2:1; and it tells me that:..A trumpet shall blow in all My Holy Mountain, and the inhabitants of the land shall tremble, for the day of the Lord is at hand. This tells me that an army is going to rise up so powerful that they don't break ranks and no man can run them thru, and no man can stop them. Just think for a moment what a wonderful thing it would have been if the other day the L.A. Police department had been suddenly clothed with light and power and had moved thru that bunch of savages who didn't break rank. I am going to tell you that there would have been a strange and unusual uprising in Watts. Just imagine an invulnerable, indestructible people!! You say that is just wishful thinking...well Adam lost something by being disobedient, and Eve lost it by being deceived, but God says:...I am going to give it back to you. I am going to make these latter days, as the world is locked in war, and as the hoards come out of Africa and Asia, and the ‘5th column’ riots in the streets, and the Beasts riots in the cities...I am going to clothe you with power. To those who have the Faith to move, they will discover that there will be a WALL OF FIRE round about them. Thousands can fall at thy feet and 10,000 at thy right hand, but no harm can come nigh thee. Do you know that you are in the Hour of Transition, and it is going to be the greatest day in all the history of your race? Do you realize what God has in store for you? How will we know? Africa and Asia move...the rioting rises in the streets, the communist strategies move against you, and even the President wants to bow and pay everyone you know! This is how strong you move into this hour. For we see the Israeli army move into the Old Holy Place, and we see them attacking Jordan, and we see the whole world going array. Someone said:..well, lets just turn our eyes away and crawl into a corner some place and let this all go on by. It wouldn't make any difference whether they drop in with nuclear weapons or with paratroopers, you are still going to have the help of God. I am going to tell you that altho you are outnumbered and even tho they have superior weapons still you have the most important thing for you to have going for you, and that is THE COVENANTS OF GOD. many people want to trust in just technology and weapons, but I want you to know that you can move out with courage because you have the covenants and the promises of God in this matter. But I'm going to say this:...You can because you can't do it. In fact my are supposed to know the things of God. If you are an informed Christian you know what time it is, you know the prophecies and you read like a book all these things that are now happening. And you don't try to extricate yourself and say:..oh, my, it can't be. This is the important thing right now for you to know and do. Over here in the Book of Philippians the Apostle Paul found himself like many people evaluating the things round about. And one of the things that the Apostle Paul says is:...I am in this physical battle, but I know I can lose these physical possessions but I have now learned the continual working of Gods power, so how can I evaluate by even beginning to being reticent about a Christian work or what a Christian should do...on the basis of how much it is going to cost? You know you can be forsaken by friends who want to evaluate your Faith, and their responsibility. You can become so entangled that it is hard for you to do the things you must do when God calls you to be a warrior for Jesus The Christ. That is why we are told that a warrior doesn't dare entangle himself too much or he ceases to be a valuable warrior. I tell you that God doesn't want to take anything you have, He doesn't want you to drop anything you have. he wants you to make the importance of carrying forward the Kingdom, and bringing it into transition, to re-cleanse this nation as tho by a FLAME. He wants this so much that it is important that you don't evaluate it by substance. So that the cause becomes more important than the assets, and then pretty soon the assets will be bigger than they ever were before. You really don't think he is going to let all these Sodomites, and these Cainanites who by their fraud and their trickery hold all the wealth in your nation do you? You don't think He is going to let them hold all the palaces and the wealth in your land...did you know that He isn't going to do that? Of course they sometimes start something they can't stop. They provided the attorneys and the background for the NAACP and they stirred up all the forces for the Negro revolution, but they also lost all their liquor stores. I also happen to know that if it hadn't been for the quick work of the police department, and the national guard, that this revolution in Watts would have spread into Beverly Hills, and San Marion. Let me tell you something about that...The Merchants of Venice who are encouraging this violence, and double crossing of our society are going to discover that these fellows are hard to control when they get them on a rampage, and they can't tell one home or store from another. The more garish and Babylonian the palace and the assets, the more quickly it will fall. You are in a period of time when the most important thing you can possess is the knowledge of God's plan and purpose, and the fellowship of your fellow Christians who make up the great structure of God's family in the earth.

I am going to tell you this:...this land is not intended to be downtrodden by the Anti-Christ. This is one place which you have been promised that you won't have to move from. So its about time you moved out the evil. The great transition which is going to move on you will accomplish that as you lift up a standard of righteousness. Did you ever stop to think what would happen if the churches were filled with the purposes of God, and the standards of righteousness which are to be made manifest? The Light and the Glory of God which would move over your race would cause these people to leave anyhow. A lot of them are leaving anyhow and a lot of them have moved to Brazil. And of course wherever they go that land is cursed, but they are moving out of here because they think this country is about to go down the drain. They know the timing and the wealthier ones move out and adjust their people. I want you to realize what is ahead of us. How would you like to see sickness and disease disappearing from our Nation? No blind, no lame, no halt, you say that is just wishful thinking? No My Friends...when God gets ready to do something He does it without having to take into consideration the advice of all the people involved. When God sent Moses down to take 3 million of your people out of Egypt, he just said....move them out. 3 million people just walked out of the land of Goshen, and you would have thought that some would need new crutches and some would be lame? How would they know what stuff to take? But Moses went down there and when God called, then Moses started to lead them out...but the secret for all this was in the CLOUD above them. You couldn't gather up 3 million people here in any part of the U.S. without having an ambulance to take some of them to the hospital for a heart attack or something else. You know what happens at every football game or every great assembly, the excitement is too much for some people. Let me tell you something:...when Moses started them out of Egypt that day there shouldn't ever have been any more excitement than there was that day, because there was Pharaoh and his army coming right after them. But those Israelites, 3 million of them just followed Moses and went on down thru the Red Sea and out into the wilderness, and not one of them was blind or sick and I'll tell you why. Right above them was the SHEKINAH GLORY, and accompanying aura of Spiritual Power.

Now: I told you that what Adam lost was his Shekinah Glory that surrounded every atom of his being, and all its molecular mass, and made them immortal, and as he lost it then the body could disintegrate, and death descended upon his race. The Mystery of what John says about Jesus is that HE is the LIGHT of the LIFE of men. He is the Life of the world as well, and the light that shines in darkness, and the darkness comprehends it not. The secret of immortality and power lies in LIGHT. The Light is a Spirit, and the spiritual body is synthesized with it. We point out to you that He is going to restore that to you, and it is scientific and as destined as any purpose of God. And those Israelites in that day didn't know that He was going to make them all well, because He was just going to charge them with His power which would do the job. And a lot of people don't understand or know this now. But God is going to charge this nation, and all the rest of your race with a wave of Light and Glory such as it has never known. It isn't going to be just 3 million this time, but the mighty millions of the Sons of God, and He says I will present them to myself without one spot or without one wrinkle. I am going to have a physically alive, perfect, rejuvenated, empowered people. Someone said:...that wouldn't be right because what would be white supremacy. Yes, will be but I'm going to tell you something...the world has had so little light, and all the light has come through you, and when the day of the LORD comes in it fullness, as it is fast coming upon you, then there is no other hope.

Now: Let me point out that the secret is the same:...That He has not only promised to envelope you with LIGHT, but we are told...'Arise and shine thy light has come, for the Glory of God has risen upon thee.' THIS IS ARISING FROM WITHIN, and enveloping the children of the Most High God. It means that they shall shine with the countenance of radiance. My is already starting in...the Light, the Aura, and the Glory of Righteousness, and this is why those who resist the enemy must carry on...we will not break ranks and they will not destroy us. You are the messengers of the greatest of hopes..the hope of the redemption of the body...the triumph of the Kingdom...the cleansing of the nation. God said:..I am going to use you..this is the hour of TRANSITION, the charging, the learning of the covenants of God, this is the hour of learning to understand the Laws of Spirit..of the Life..of knowing the Power that lies within you. That you have the capacity to rectify any part of your being that heals, and synthesizes and empowers...that create vision. God will raise up in your time a great and mighty people. He will do this with you and with your race because He has Willed to do this. And I know how it is going to end, and we don't have to go thru all the facets of it either. I turn over to the Book of Revelation and I read:...In that hour...He will hath made us kings and priests and we shall reign...on the earth, in the greatest theocracy of all times. They are destroying our Republic, and making it a Mobocracy now, but we are going to change it to a Theocracy and there is nothing better. Someone said:...does this mean that we don't have to participate? means that you are being em-powered for participation which is the establishment of a Kingdom with Divine Power and Glory which shall never be destroyed.

(End of this Message)