Great Tribulation, 9-12-67



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 9-12-67

As we speak to you about this subject 'The great Tribulation' we would point out to you a great many things which are significant as to this Tribulation. And also the fallacies that concern this declaration of such a period of time.

The first thing that touches on this great tribulation as concerning the thoughts of the Christ come out of the book of Matthew. And it tells us that false prophets would start arising on the face of the earth. And then we would hear of wars and rumors of wars. But the end was not as of yet. For nations would rise against nations, and then kingdom against kingdom. And there would be famine and pestilence and earthquakes in many places. In the last 80 years, we see that we have had a tremendous swelling of the number of earthquakes around the world. And in the last two years, then every month brings an earthquake somewhere in the world. (Compare this with today 1997 and see what you find.) We have also had a great earthquake in the past week in the areas of Albania, Yugoslavia and into Turkey. Then from South America to areas of Alaska. We had the great earthquake in 1906 in San Francisco which perhaps signaled the pattern for the latter days. But the pattern was that the end was not as of yet.

So we are told in the book of Matthew, that false prophets would arise, and many would be deceived. And there is no question, that inside of the church itself we have had the great apostasy which has taken place. And of course, we can well identify the scoffers and leaders of this apostasy as identified by Christ, as being the very sons and daughters of Lucifer who were seeking to destroy HIS church.

Now it says that the Gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all of the world for a witness to all nations and then shall the end come. We have watched over the last 25 years as the Gospel message of the kingdom has picked up by leaps and bounds. And today this Gospel of the kingdom is now being declared in all of the world. Not only do we have out of Britain and out of the United States, those who have been declaring the Gospel of the kingdom, but we have watched the picking up of speed of the spreading of this message of “The Gospel of the Kingdom." And we are told that we will not get over all of the cities of Israel, before the end of the age comes. Altho we have had great and remarkable realization of this spreading of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

There is no question of the fact that Radio has contributed to this in no uncertain manner. And as this message of The Gospel of the Kingdom was broadcast, there is no question that many people heard it because of this medium of communications. We, ourselves, have had this electronic recording of tapes. And there is no question of the fact that the tape messages going out to the world are being duplicated. And this has been one of the greatest factors in the spreading of the Gospel of the Kingdom in our time. We now know that we are covering virtually every continent where white men live. We are moving into their cities. And there is no question of the fact that the Gospel of the Kingdom is now being preached all over the world. And of course there are many avenues of the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom. The tape messages are just one of them.

There is no question that the Gospel of the Kingdom has been preached, and it has always been known in the United States. In fact, when our founding fathers were setting up the foundation of this nation, George Washington knew the Gospel of the Kingdom, as well as John Adams, who also knew the Gospel of the Kingdom. They knew that the United States was a great nation of God's kingdom. A great nation of Israel. And they claimed the promises and all of the things that were prophesied unto this nation. We have had all down thru the history of our nation, those who understood and who declared the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Now as we turn to this climactic hour, here we find God saying, “Therefore, when ye shall see the abomination of the desolator,” spoken by Daniel the prophet, “standing in the holy place, who so shall readeth, let him understand.”

Now we see that this situation has occurred in our time. In fact, when the Jews, in their abortive attack upon the Arab states in this six-day victory, which you heard about. Then six is a good number for them. For this is the number of the beast and the number of man without spirit. And we find that the number 666 is only good in trilogy. But it is also good in that conflict. When Israeli attacked the great air fleets of the Arabs on the ground, and then moved their tanks into Jordan and into the desert that runs up to the Suez Canal, these were some of the events that marked the climactic end. For they took the city of Jerusalem. They stormed it with tanks and they killed 15,000 people in the city of Jerusalem, who were shopkeepers, men and women. And as they took the city of Jerusalem, the Jordanian troops that were coming in without any air power, were virtually sacrificed in this struggle for the city of Jerusalem.

As they took the city, they came around the site of the old Mosque of Omar which was built where once Solomon's temple stood. They shouted and cheered, and they went to the wailing wall where Herod’s temple once stood. Not, however, the Temple of Solomon. And they screamed and shouted that they had attained a great victory. But this was the abomination of the desolator coming into the holy place. Thus, the abomination of the desolator moved into Palestine. And this abomination of the desolator is the one who is responsible for the problems and wars in the latter days. And who by his chicanery, works by the great Beast (World) system. The desolators are the children of Lucifer, the enemies of God's kingdom. They mark themselves and they carry on their fight against the programs of God's kingdom. The Beast system is a system that the desolators established. And the Beast systems today are all of the nations of the world under the power of the Communists. Thus, the political system of the Beast is the Socialization, the communization of the societies and the destruction of God's kingdom. At the same time, there has never been the possibility of any individual being able to set aside this abomination of the desolator. For they started out as Antichrists when they sought to destroy Jesus Christ and sought to terminate him at his birth. And sought then, to destroy him later. And Jesus, when he saw them, said, “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.”

Organized Jewry and all that goes along with, it sought to murder the Christ and to destroy his ministry. They sought in every way, to destroy him. Only the ministry of the abiding power and the consciousness of the Holy Spirit preserved the man Christ Jesus, until the time had come when He laid down his life. Then he said he would take it up again. But the enemy thought they had accomplished this by their chicanery and their courage. But the Jews are the children of the Antichrist. Remember this.

Also, we discover that the Apostle John establishes this quite clearly. We are speaking of just who the children of Antichrist are. He said that they deny that Jesus the Christ came in the flesh. These same are Antichrists. There is no more complete denial of Christ by anyone than there is by the Jews.

The other evening as we went home from our meeting here, we turned on the radio, and there was Ira Bloom from San Francisco. And someone brought up a question about Christianity. And he said he would like to talk about that. He would like to talk about Jesus. And he said, ‘Now you have asked some questions about this,’ and someone said, ‘Well, you believe in Jesus, but you do not believe in Jesus the Christ.’ And he replied, ‘I certainly do. For I believe that Jesus was a Jew. I believe he was a great teacher, a great rabbi. But I will never say Jesus Christ, for Christ means that he is the Messiah. And I do not think there will be a Messiah, anyhow.’

He belongs to the more liberal Jews, who do not believe that a Messiah will come.

Now the fact remains that this minister said, ‘I will never call him Jesus Christ.’ And then someone said, ‘But what do you mean, you will not call him Jesus Christ, for He was God, himself, come in the flesh.’ And the phone line went dead. For he had hung up. Then another person called in and they said, ‘What is wrong with calling HIM, Jesus the Christ, or this, is a Christian Nation?’ And instead of answering, he hung up the phone. And for the next twenty minutes, this went on. But he could not stand this mention that Jesus was the Christ. He was embodied in the earth. And the Holy scriptures prove this.

So this man who professed to be a minister, whether a Jew or not, he could not stand to believe that Jesus is the Christ. He said, 'Christ is just a title given to Jesus, and we do not believe that.' So he just kept hanging up the phone. And he wanted to get away from that subject.

Well, the Jews are Antichrist. They are against the concept of Christ. They are against this embodiment of God as the Christ.

So we are told that the abomination of the desolator would stand up in the Holy place. And this year, they actually took over the place, where at one time, the Holy Temple of Solomon existed. But the Mosque of Omar sits on the exact spot. And altho they have that area, they are still not allowed into the Mosque.

Now the fact of the matter is, that this was no longer a Holy place, as far as Israel was concerned, for God had fulfilled his covenant with Israel when he said,---'I am going to move my people out of this place, and into a new place, into a land where they will never be driven out of it anymore.' David was standing in Jerusalem when God told him, ‘I am going to replant my people Israel.' And he was standing there by that temple of Solomon when God told him that he was moving his people, Israel, out of that land.

So today, we discover that there are relatively few people living in that ancient land where God gave his covenant so long ago. As they came out of captivity, they moved on into western Europe and on to this land. And they have settled everywhere. From Greece to Scandinavia, we find portions of the house of Israel. They moved ever westward to the coast to the Atlantic, and the Isles of Britain. And then they took that great leap over the ocean, to this new land. For God said he would take them across the great waters into a land that had been prepared for them since the beginning of time. In fact, it is the land of the Red Wood tree and the myrtle wood tree. Like the great cedars of Lebanon. There is no other place on earth that has these great myrtle wood trees and the gargantuan Red wood trees. This was a great land so covered with the Cedar tree and the box wood tree, which God had planted for his people. These a people who would select a governor out of themselves. A people who would elect their judges out of themselves, and set up their days of Thanksgiving. This is one of the final resting places of the house of Israel. A land from which they will never be moved out of, as before. It is a land in which God will set up his kingdom within.

However the fact remains, that as you turn to the scriptures, then whenever you see the abomination of the desolator move into the Holy place, move in with an assassination type of gunfire, as they did this year 1967, then they are closer to their goal. And we will see that this is a very vital and desperate period of time. We will also see that this is a climactic situation. And the scriptures said that there would be a great tribulation which had not been seen since the beginning of the world. From this time on, never shall there be. Except these days be shortened, there would be no flesh found on earth. For the elects sake, then HE would shorten the time. Thus, HE said that he was going to be the salvation of his household and he would do this before they were all wiped out from the face of the world.

Now as you came into the atomic age, you provided for the inhalation of a whole area of the world at one time. As the bombs were dropped upon those two Japanese cities, then thousands and thousands of those people were killed. Those were bombs without too many megatons. But now we have bombs that are much more powerful. And you have added to it, the power of Cobalt blue. And you would discover that in an atomic war today, a great many more people would be wiped out. But the fallout would be quite a factor along with this.

As we moved into this atomic age, we are told in the book of Joel, that there is deliverance for everyone whose name is written in the Book. For all of those whose names are written in the book shall look unto YAHWEH for that deliverance. And we find that now in this atomic age it is as tho the elements dissolve in fervent heat and the fashion of the world order is going to be swept away.

Now there are many people who look out upon this situation and they say, were is the signs of His coming? And they would like to use this as a condemnation of Christianity. So they say, ‘but all things continue as they have been since the beginning.’

I was thinking as I was listening to the Joe Pine show last night. He had a minister on there last night or some kind of a prophet, who said that he felt that we were only a few months from the return of Christ. So they wanted to know what made him think this. And he said, ‘well--so many events have been fulfilled and prophecies fulfilled, so it was about time for the return of Christ and the liberation of all of these situations.’ So Joe Pine asked why he felt this way. And he replied, ‘well, he saw the evidence of great tribulation. And as Joe Pine asked what these things were, the man outlined. These things up unto 1967, and the things which had transpired since W.W.I, and the trouble we have experienced. So he thought that we had come thru quite a period of tribulation.

Then someone came up and he looked like a simple Bible student. And he said, ‘How could the tribulation have started back at the end of W.W. I? For in seven years the tribulation would have been all over. The church has not been translated yet, we are waiting for the rapture of the church. So since the church has not been raptured, then the tribulation has not started yet. For the tribulation starts at the rapture of the church, and then the Antichrist is to take over and rule for three and 1/2 years.’

So they argue about this for a while, an they leave it with the felling that perhaps God is never going to come.

The scripture says that during this time there would arise these scoffers and the people who would speak out against the return of the Christ. And they would say, "Where is the promise of his coming, for things continue on as in the beginning?"

Now let me point this out to you. For in the book of Matthew, the scripture makes this statement concerning this great Tribulation, or rather, it says that there shall be great tribulations such as were not seen from the beginning of the world up to this time, nor shall there ever be again. Except these things should be shortened there would be no flesh (no Adamite of the kingdom) left on earth. In fact, now with the creation of the lazar beam and the atomic bombs, and guided missiles and weapons that can be carried around the world by satellites, the destructions of the cities below can be one of the greatest patterns of destruction the world has ever known. So today we see power that can wipe out whole portions of nations.

Altho as to the wiping out of your nation, I do not believe that there is power enough in the Soviet Union and all the rest of the world to wipe out this nation, the United States of America.

You say, ‘why is that?’ Well, the reason for this is that the Most High has ordained that his people shall survive. He has ordained in this great and selective battle that the power of the enemy to bring against you will not succeed. For there is no weapon formed against you that will work. However, as far as the great tribulation is concerned, this is the one place where it has been mentioned. And this was to be a tribulation which you have never seen before since the beginning of the world, and never shall it be seen again.

Now there is only one other place where the tribulation is mentioned and that is in the book of Revelations, in the seventh chapter. And here in the seventh chapter, verse 14, after the sealing of all of the tribes of Israel, then it talks of this Great tribulation. And here you have these 144,000, which is 12 thousand times 12 thousand, of God's sons and daughters. In each tribe, living at this present time. And here we hear the Angels around the throne singing of blessings and glory given to our God forever and forever.

And who are these that come out of the great tribulation? They are those who have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. And now they are before the throne, and they will serve him forever and forever. And they shall not hunger anymore, nor shall anything bother them anymore. For they are now with the LORD, forever and forever. The Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them and lead them to the fountain of living waters. This then is the only other place that this great tribulation is mentioned.

Now in the first place, then God speaks of the abomination of the desolator. And then we are in great tribulation. And God did not say that this started the great tribulation. But he did say that he would shorten this time of great tribulation for the Elects sake. And when he talks about the martyrs, then these who are martyrs are those who give testimony of Jesus the Christ. Then they are out of Israel and they have been put to death because of their testimony. They refused to give up their faith, so they were put to death. And they have been coming up out of great tribulation. And the Angel said, ‘Who are these that have been put to death and have now been coming up out of the great tribulation?’ And Jesus said that they were the sons and daughters of Israel and, “they will sit with me upon my throne.”

Now you say, ‘what does it mean by this?’ In the first place, there is no place in the scriptures that says that there will be seven years of tribulation. Nothing. There is nothing in the book of Daniel that say that the tribulation is going to last seven years. There are prophecies in the book of Daniel that talk about the time of the end. And that the time of the end shall be consummate. It talks about the 1335 hundred years of the Algerian calender that ended when the city of Jerusalem was returned to the rule of the Anglo-Saxon people, until we come to the abomination of the desolator moving into that very city. And we watched this quick victory this year of 1967, and we saw this moving in of the abomination of the desolator moving into the Holy City of Jerusalem. We are not telling you that there are not measures given for certain things. But these measurers are not give for this great Tribulation.

Let me point out to you that we are in a time of 'Jacob's trouble.' There is no question of this. And in the book of Jeremiah, it says: 'The day is great, and there is none like unto it for it is the time of Jacob's trouble. But He shall be saved out of it. And it shall come to pass says the Almighty, that he shall be saved out of it, and I shall break the bonds of the strangers, who shall no more save themselves of him.’

Now this is not only the strangers which means the beasts of the field, as well. But no longer are they going to serve themselves of you. It does also point out that the forces of evil, the children of darkness the forces of Babylon, will have an economic stranglehold on the nations of God's kingdom. And I think that you can also see this materializing now. Altho it has been going on for a hundred years or more, it is continually upping its weight and pressure, until they can cut off your gold and throw you into depressions. And they did this. But it not only occurred in your nation, but in Britain and other nations. And it was called a world depression.

You say, ‘what happened to the money?’ They said we have no money and therefore we cannot loan any money. But when they wanted to destroy Germany and Adolph Hitler, then they suddenly released all of the credit when they wanted to produce the weapons which they said were weapons of democracy. And that this was furthering the cause of democracy for this was a great democracy. But in the Soviet Union it was the operation of the masses. So they turned loose all of the money. And many companies had already passed into the hands of these administrators, and more of the stocks and bonds of your nation had moved into the pattern of Mystery Babylon the Great. And when they wanted to start a war to destroy a country trying to set themselves free from their manipulations, and they turned the money loose. And we began to rebuild factories and the great depression was over. But now then we are in a different area. And again they are foreclosing on your homes and taking it all away again.

And if you, this great Christian nation of America, if you the children of this nation do not take this out of their hands and deliver your nation, then you deserve what you get. For without question we are being marked once again for depression and destruction. But it is not going to come this way. For the Most High said that all of those operations would be what would lead into Jacob's trouble.

When we talk about Jacob's trouble, we talk about these people who come before the throne of God by the thousands, these martyrs. Then let’s take a look at this period that started about 1905 or about that, for that is the great stone at the head of the Grand Gallery in the Pyramid. And this is the time to set the measures and score up for you will find far more measures in this period than any time of patterns and measures that you can take.

Now let me point out to you that the Soviet Union marked in Red by organized Jewry, at this time then were getting ready to turn loose all of the Marxist and Lenin program. And they captured the Czar and took over the Soviet Union. And they started rounding up Christians. And everywhere the Christians would not be a part of communism. But the Christians numbered in the millions all thru out the areas of the Soviet Union. In fact it had been a powerful state in its love of God and its love of Christ. Do not let anyone tell you that the White Russian people and the people that made up the structure of the Russias, and altho a great number of peasants still lived in his land . . . but do not think that Russia was not a Christian country. They had icons and they had pictures of Christ on the walls from the lowest peasants to the wealthiest people. They worked under the pattern of a great nation under God. And this was one of the things that they proclaimed constantly. And they were totally used to the Czar who was called the protector of Christ's Church. Thus, this was one of the pictures of that nation that the Czar was one of the protectors of Christ's Church. And not only did communism sweep in with their bloody revolution, and liquidated the Czar and his family, but any that they could get their hands on who were in any way connected with the Czar. And they gave an order that Christians were to be gathered up. And as they were gathered up, they were given just one alternative. ‘You may not become a communists, but you shall declare that you are against Christ, or you will be put to death.’ In fact, this was a long and constant pattern of destruction. And never had there been one quite as brave. The Communists grabbed those in the Seminaries, and they grabbed churches. And they took the Priests out and they took ropes of oxen and literally pulled those bodies apart as they gave him one last chance to ‘repent.’ And when he said he would not deny Christ, then they whipped the oxen and tore him apart. They did this unto thousands and thousands inside of the Soviet Union. This was the bloodiest, most cruel program of the Antichrist. But they did not bother the Jews. For the Jews were the officials and were running this. They were the officials. And their program was to liquidate the Christian church. For they knew that the Christians would be against Communism. And one of the men who viewed this, said that what was happening, was that the power of Antichrist was sweeping out over the world.

Now there are a lot of silly people getting up in the Bible schools and saying, ‘oh, no, this could not be the tribulation period starting.’ I ask you. What could be a more pattern of tribulation than when they attack the children of the kingdom, when they attack the people with the testimony of Jesus Christ and keep the commandments of God? What could be more complete when they are tearing them apart and cooking them in vats of hot oil, or they are inflicting them with sharp swords at their ankles, or their arm pits, until they cannot move? And they lay there dying and screaming in agony and pain. What can be a more complete pattern of Antichrist then the murder of seven million Christians put to death inside of Russia alone? No wonder the book of Revelation says, ‘who are these? For they are coming up out of great tribulation.’ Yet here, they come with their faces gleaming for they would not give up their faith in Jesus the Christ. They would not give up their testimony in Jesus the Christ.

This program swept out over the map of Europe and it made no difference whether he belonged to the Orthodox Church, or any of the Protestant assemblies. They gathered them up and liquidated all they could gather. They threw their ministers and bishops in jail. And then liquidated them, one after the other, as this satisfied their appetites. Today the average number of martyred Christians is over 17 million. Think this over now. OVER 17 MILLION PEOPLE.

They had a propaganda picture on T.V. the other night saying that this is unseen pictures never shown before of the days of the Soviet Revolution and then they showed pictures of people starving to death. And they said they were beaten down by the Czars troops. And every piece of it was a lying bit of propaganda put up by Reds operating inside of our broadcasting system. Paid for by Jewish money, secret pictures, that were to show that Russia needed this revolution. Christian people did not need the revolution. The Jews needed the revolution . . . to have a man power attack against White Christian civilization. It was the activity of Antichrist. But when you see Antichrist arise and move out with power to liquidate Christians, then you know you have reached a great pattern of Tribulation.

Oh, you say, ‘we have not suffered real tribulation?’ No, not like the people who have been on the outskirts of Christendom. And some of them even over in the areas of Asia. You have never see such tribulation. But then you have never seen as many Christians per capital as in America. But America and Great Britain were powerful Christian nations, and you, the Christian people, are still a majority in these United States. But don't think that the bloody Jews would liquidate you if they just had a chance.

Now then Jesus in talking about these situations, said that the one thing that the program of the Antichrist was going to do, was to kill Christians, if he can, and to gain power over them. And he will bring the hordes of the world against Christian nations. He is going to bring in the people of Africa and Asia. And you can just take a look at what has transpired in your time. You have watched the United Nations which is a false peace movement. And God said that they will cry Peace and build up these institutions to entrap my people. And they will say 'Peace Peace' when there is no peace. And God says, ‘I am going to have to destroy this. For apparently, my children are not very wise. They are deceived by the super deceiver. And this program of the United Nations is to dissolve the United States, to dissolve Great Britain, and all of the Christian nations. And to divide things up with the pagans. They will stir up the pagans inside of their own nation to kill them.

Let me tell you that you are now in great tribulation. And before you have gone another six months, you will see more of this tribulation. “As you see these things coming to pass, then look up. For Jacob, I am going to walk with you, and I am going to deliver you. For you are my battle axe and weapons of war. And I am going to stir my people up and I will call for my people to stand upon their feet.” And eventually the Children of the kingdom, the nations of the kingdom, the powers of God, are going to destroy the powers of the Antichrist.

Now Jesus talks about this time of the Great Tribulation in the book of Matthew. And he tells you that this will be a great time of trouble. So we have looked at this and at Communism, and it is the great tribulation. It is the work of the Antichrist, the spirit of Antichrist. It was the design to set all of the world against the Western world, the U.S., and Western Europe. And the Christian outposts of the world are gone. In Africa they had civilizations and cultures built for them by the White man, and they turned this over with the United Nations, and brought on this bloody and communist program as they did in Russia. And as they run the White man out, they even murder one another when they run out of White men to kill.

Now never has there been anything like the attack against white culture and White Christianity, as there has been in Africa as when the Communists armed the Negroes. And here in the United States, they are arming them to stir them up to battle and destroy. And they are drawing the hordes of Asia. And from the scriptures we can see the areas from which they are gathering their strength. Today we are isolated, being 1/6 of the world with the capacity for creative geniuses. And they have turned all of the pagan world against this 1/6th of the population of the world. The power of organized Jewry is biding their time. They are moving out of some of these nations into other spots. And the fingers of Antichrist prepares for the destruction of your nation. Great tribulation is nothing less than the Antichrist taking over and planning on the final tribulation.

The Great tribulation is the time when martyrs are made. The Great tribulation is when they bring economic catastrophe upon you. The Great tribulation is the rise of the Beast System to cover the earth.

Now this does not mean that they will take your nation. Do you know that? The Great tribulation is not going to swallow up the United States of America. In fact, tho it battles for Western Europe it is not going to swallow up Western Europe. Because the scripture says that in this great day of tribulation, that God is going to put his hand down and take the hand of Jacob. For it says this will be the time of Jacob's trouble, but he will be saved out of it. And God makes this clear. That as they bring all of their weapons against you, that all they are really doing is bringing them to the place of destruction. Yes, they control labor and they have the prices escalating of the goods produced until they are too high for ordinary people to buy. They plan to reduce the Christians to the status of the pagans who exist thru out the world.

Now you have not seen anything yet as to this design. One of the things which is going to happen is that you will see some of the strongest of economic problems that you have ever witnessed in all of your life. You will see that the prices do not go down, and money will not go around. And you will see the idle millions of workers who are dropped from their jobs of work. For they are going to move industry to other countries, bringing economic catastrophe against you and against Britain.

Now how successful are they going to be? You may see a few months of hard times. But I am going to tell you that it tells me in the book, that Labor is going to rise. And it is going to call for the overthrow of humanism. It is going to point out that labor has priced itself out of our markets. And in one hour they will swallow up this whole Beast System (the world order). And the cry will be Oi, Oi, Oi, unto the heavens. For God says we are going to wipe out and destroy Great Babylon in my nation. And my people are going to come out of her. And my people will give Babylon the hardest time they ever had. For Mystery Babylon is to be thrown down. So this means that all of the Jews, with all of their practices of immorality, degeneration, and depravity that has turned themselves loose against my kingdom, will be thrown down. For my people are coming out of her. Then down is going to go Mystery Babylon the Great.

The Great tribulation is not the time when we shall see the defeat of the kingdom of God. The Great tribulation is the time when we shall see the emerging of the leadership of the kingdom with the leadership of Christ for the defeat of the enemy.

Now as far as people wanting to know about these days and measurers in the book of Daniel. The days and measurers in the book of Daniel are from various points of operation. And of course when Mohammed established the control over the people of Edom and Turkey, over the land of Palestine, of course, there were already Cainanites in this land. Then the Jews who were left tried to trick Mohammed and he liquidated a lot of them. And there was then nothing left of the temple of Solomon, and he built the Mosque of Omar on that point of land.

Now it was 1375 years to the day from the time he established the Mosque of Omar, and established the year 1 Mohammed, until the day in 1917 when Jerusalem came back under control of the Anglo-Saxon people. So that was the blessing that the people saw at that time.

And as we have watched this fulfillment of prophecy, these mass murders, this economic conspiracy, this design of the Beast system (the world order), and the concept of idolatry and paganism over the earth. Even in the church . . . for many who had been Rabbis then became ministers in their effort to destroy the church. And we have watched as small minds have proclaimed the Gospel with non confession of the faith, until today organized Anti-Christs stand inside of the pulpits. And say that they were called to the church. But they were not. For they say that they do not believe that Jesus came in the flesh . . . do not believe that he is the Messiah, and do not believe that he performed any of those miracles. When you see this, then you know that the Antichrist is already here.

Now the church stands by in America and it has not protected the Brotherhood, because it has been protected by God and has been separated from the pagans in their attack to destroy totally as they would have if they had lived here totally. And because of this then this is that portion of Israel that shall survive. And thus then the entirety of the Beast System is leveled against you. And you say, ‘how long will it last?’ I am going to say that before the next year is over you will see an all out attack against you.

Now when they come to attack you, to wipe you out and destroy you then they will not be able to accomplish what they had planned. For God will finally utterly destroy them. For HE has promised the fleets of heaven and HE has promised the guidance and power for this hour. HE has promised you that one thousand shall fall at thy left hand and 10 thousand at thy right hand, and still no harm shall come nigh you.

Now some say, ‘but what about these people such as our brave boys dying out in the war front?’ Did you know that as these people who believe in the Gospel of the Kingdom send their boys out as they are drafted, and were taken into the last world war, and now into this . . . did you know that we have practically no record of those raised in the Gospel of the Kingdom and in the word of God, who trusted in HIM and moved into battle with courage, but that they came back out of it. Some have been wounded, but they came back out of it. I do not know inside the Gospel of the Kingdom. I do not know at this moment of more than half a dozen that were wounded, and only one that passed on, from inside of this great company believing in the Gospel of the Kingdom. We have on tape those who say pray for our boys as they go into battle, and then the years pass and they are still praying for 'our boys.' And they are coming home. For they believe God. And the fact of the matter is that we have not heard from any of these that their boys were injured.

This is just the beginning. For there is one factor that God will honor. And that is that God will honor the faith of individuals. And one of the situations is that we will see the honoring of the Faith of an individual, thus allowing one thousand to fall at thy left hand and ten thousand at thy right hand and no harm will come to thee. And only one thing about this condition, is William Blessing who was a part time minister, at least, and his boy was killed in battle.

Now there will be more martyrs. For we can see the conspiratorial hand of the enemy as liquidating people. We find some mighty and powerful Christians who are battling the enemy and putting their fingers on some of the enemies machinations. Just last week one of the women on the tape ministry was shot in the heart by a burglar. So it does happen. So we do have some who are martyrs in this cause as they fight organized Jewry.

So what we are facing is not something that is coming. And you do not have to get out there and try to figure out the date lines of when the great tribulation starts.

The man on T.V. who was talking to Joe Pine, may not be right when he thinks Christ is coming in a few months, but he is absolutely right that we are in Great tribulation. I do not know how much more tribulation that they can have. For if they can tie up your economy and can raise the price of your goods, and cut off the free flow of money . . . if they can do everything that is wrong in the process of usury, unto the confiscation of your homes and property . . . then this is economic Tribulation. If they can move out to integrate your race, and destroy your covenants with God. If they can say that your children must go to school with the Negroes, and your children must marry with them. If they can do all of these things that God says call for a judgment and a halt. If they can force upon you the most evil of all things, this integration. Then I am telling you that when the government starts to force upon you this integration and pass legislation which is against every pattern of the Bill of Rights, then I say that when they move against your faith and basically the faith of the majority in the United States, then I think that you have reason to think that you are in tribulation.

Now we have some people saying that, ‘Oh, if we could just get out of this great Tribulation.’ Well on the other side I do not see any people recruiting and saying they want to go to heaven tonight. You say, ‘what do you mean by that?’ Well most of you have a desire to live, and God has placed this desire in your heart. So you want to stay here and you want to fight this thing and you want to win. I have not found too many in this Gospel of the kingdom that want to run. I know that there are many in some of the Holiness groups that are saying, ‘Please God take me out of here.’ In fact, I find that they have been crying this for years.

I can remember back in 1932 and 1933, when there were those who were speaking in tongues concerning the return of Christ. And they were saying that Christ was supposed to come in 1936. And they had prophecies and interpretations, and none of them were from the spirit of God, because the answer was never right. And way back there they were saying, ‘the rising of the Antichrist is coming and we are going into Tribulation.’ And the tribulation they were looking for never came.

But the tribulation was on and there was mass murders of Christians and they never seemed to see what was going on. And that the Antichrist was going to take half of Europe behind the Iron Curtain. So I want to point out to you that these people who thought they were getting their messages from God---it did not happen. I was very interested in all of this. And I was listening to these people saying . . . speaking for Christ . . . and saying, ‘I am coming, in the next year or two, or maybe this year, and I will bring victory to you as this man the Antichrist takes over.’ And then I heard all kinds of people talking in tongues and saying for God . . . ‘I am just about ready to translate the church, before the tribulation comes.’ And I thought, ‘my, my, will we see the church translated? And thus almost 34 years have passed and none of this happened, in five years or six years. And almost all of their candidates for the Antichrist are dead. Then they discovered Stalin, and now he is dead.

So you see that these prophecies of these areas, it may be that they did it with the thoughts of goodwill and in the emotionalism in which they had been guided to move. And they said this is a wonderful thing. But the prophecies were not of God and the interpretation was not of God. It came out of the great desire for wisdom and truth, but they were not proceeding in the right way to acquire this. I am still going to tell you that Christ told his disciples and those who make up his household:--"Follow me." Therefore if one can follow Christ and be guided by the spirit of the Most High, he can count himself a very forceful person. And when he told his disciples to wait until they were endued with power from on high and they did just that, and they waited in Jerusalem until the power from on High came. And then they went out and they started this great system of the Christian church. And this Christian Church moved out thru the white Western world to produce the greatest system of government ever produced on the face of the earth. But we here at the end are those who will go thru and come out of tribulation victorious.

And now they say, ‘but all of the Christians are going to be translated.’ But if all of the Christians on the face of the earth were translated up into the heavens before the great tribulation comes, then there were millions and millions in Christendom before the tribulation started. So the tribulation is sort of an aftermath.

The fact is that if you translated the Christians out of the world there would not be anyone with enough guts to fight the Antichrist. And there would not be anyone today who would acknowledge Christ. Or there would not be anyone to acknowledge him when the Antichrist shows up. The fact is that we are in Tribulation. And we do not have a 3 1/2 years tribulation or a seven-year tribulation. There is nothing in the Bible that says that one week is cut off earlier and then added on to the end of an age. This is just fictional prophecy and the real prophecy will continue with due measure. What we have to deal with now is that God said he would shorten the time. With the massive wars and the horrendous things that the enemy has hurled at my kingdom people then there will not be any of them left on earth, so I must shorten the time. And as God talks about the mighty history of His Elect, he also talks about the mighty overthrow of the powers of darkness.

There is then no question of the fact that we are in the time of the end. We are in the time of great tribulation and it will end with tremendous victory. And I want you to know that as we see these things come to pass, we are in the beginning of 'The Day of the LORD.' It will be the hour of his victory. It will be in the hour of His quickening his forces. It will be the challenging of the powers of darkness. And it will end the 'time of Jacob's trouble’ with the greatest victory of all times. And God says he is going to take this economic yoke of the enemy off of your back, and he is going to drive out the strangers. And they will not be burning down our cities anymore with this conspiracy.

But we are in the end, not the beginning, of the elements of all of these time measurers. And I want you to know that this deep system of Antichrist spawned by Jewry, has taken more Christian martyrs than has been taken in the last 2000 years. And as we see this situation, I want you to know that no Christian can be a Communist. There can be no peace now between the Church and communism. Only the destruction of communism can bring the fulfillment of Christian responsibility.

As we hear these situations moving, then we hear this false voice saying, ‘oh, yes, you can be a communists and be a Christian. For we embrace communism merely as a political movement to liberate the masses.’ But this is coming right out of the Communist Manifesto. You can see why the Communist want to liquidate the church. For the true Church will never put their hand in the hand of Satan, and say, ‘oh, this is just a political movement.’

I think that you are going to see one of these days, a vast rising among God's people against this evil. For God says that he is married to Israel. And he will restore health and vitality to all of His people and there will not be a spot or a wrinkle.

One of the strange things about this is that as we come out of this great tribulation and emerge into one of the most glorious victorious positions ever possessed, we will find that the administration of his kingdom will fall into the hands of his sons and his daughters. Yes, they may still threaten death and destruction. But as you come to the end of this Great Tribulation, this may occur in the outskirts. But they will never accomplish this in your nation and in your society. Therefore, this is one of the areas where God talks about one of the areas of great deliverance. For this is where HE planted His people and they shall be moved no more.

End of message.