Heavenly Light, 12-19-65



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 12-19-65

As we turn just before Christmas to meditate upon the thoughts that run with all Christendom, thru all the Nations of the white race, from one end of the earth to the other wherever white men are moving, thinking and living, it is with this realization that one of the greatest catalyst of all times is the testimony that moves out from your race, your churches, your people at this time of year. The only point that is equaled in the passage of the year in all Christendom with the declaration from one end of the earth to the other of the Advent of a KING, is the celebration held by Christendom on Resurrection Sunday as we celebrate the resurrection of this KING, and HIS triumph over the powers of death. Make no mistake about it, this is the period of time which belongs to the Kingdom of God, it belongs to your race and it belongs to the testimony that this people shall give forth. With all of the holidays in our Nation, with all respect to the day when we became a 'Great Nation' on the 4th of July 1776., with the historic celebration which accompanies this each and every year, it is evaluated that the Nation, even nationally itself, goes all out for greater celebration, greater festivities, and greater recognition, with more people observing Christmas than any other holiday in our year. This is as it should be because this is the fulfillment of a covenant with us by our God and consummated by HIS Advent into the physical world. More important than the exactness of the timing is the fact that all Christendom sets aside a time to rejoice, and to celebrate the FACT that The Christ Came, that HE fulfilled His covenant, that HE was the embodied ONE, and that this event was according to the pattern of history. Probably no event in history is better outlined than the birth of the Christ, nor is there any man in history who has been more talked about and that there is more record of than the life of YAHSHUA, or HE who is Jesus The Christ. There has never been a person in all history whose birth has brought greater impact upon the world, and whose life has had more impact upon its destiny, than this ONE born a babe in Bethlehem, and whose birth we think about during this period of the year. It also most significant that in all the course of human history, with all the powers of darkness and forces of evil seeking to wage war against YAHWEH (God) that this was brought to consummate contest in the earth as well by destiny, and by Timing was in the hands of THE MOST HIGH. We recognize this afternoon that this was the embodiment of 'THE VERY YAHWEH'. That this was the greatest event in all human history since the Adamic race was placed upon the face of the earth. That this was the event planned for ..by YAHWEH..for over one quarter of a million years, by direct planning of the timing, and not only planned, but proclaimed in the sky, and even before this had discussed this event with your race. Thus even the timing of this event would be marked by the signs in the sky, showing forth that we are the children of Light, and the children of the Day, but also the children of a God of Light. And the manifestations which were to accompany His manifestations into the world were the outstanding demonstration of Timing.

In the days when our former Patriarch Enoch was called into the heavens to have a special visit with HIM, HE sent a great craft to earth. It came sweeping out of the heavens to stand before the door of Enoch's house and two messengers were to knock on his door telling him:..'close up your house, shut the shutters, tell thy family that you are going on a trip, for YAHWEH has summoned thee.' And Enoch told his children goodby and entered into the chariot and they soared into the heavens. Enoch tells of this going out over the poles and out into space. He numbered the wanderers, he knew exactly how many planets there were in the Universe long before modern scientists were to discover Pluto, and some smaller units, and asteroids of our heavens. But on he went into space and into the Presence of THE MOST HIGH. There in the presence of YAHWEH he had brought back to him, brought back to the areas of his consciousness things which YAHWEH had declared to him even before the creation of this solar system. He had reviewed to his mind the knowledge and wisdom that he was to report back to his household, his kinsmen. And he was to write these things in a Book, and he was to tell them what the ends of these things be. He was to tell them of the sign for this great and historic period in which YAHWEH Himself would be born in earth. He was told of certain signs which shall transpire in the heavens, how YAHWEH had set them on course. And then Enoch was told:...when these signs shall appear ye shall know that the day is at hand. Thus it was that Enoch with Job, a contemporary of this time, established so much of their testimony in the land of Egypt in the great city of ON, as well as being the builders of the Sphinx and the Pyramid, for he had been told way back in that earlier time just what it was that he should record. He was told of the great signs which would be across the heavens, that Saints and Savants and Wisemen of your race were to be taught of these things. Throughout the years of Enoch on down to the days of the birth of The Christ, there could be no doubt of the accuracy of this record, for the men of your race had one great assurance..that YAHWEH..who was your Father would perform a Mighty Miracle. Would be born among the race, would dwell among them, and that his advent would be accompanied by signs in the sky ...by Light...Light....Light.

The early Patriarchs and Wisemen of our race knew these things, and they referred to themselves as children of Light even back when your ancestors came out of the high country and down to the Persian Sea. Here they built the great Do-ring measure, they set up pillars of stone with which to measure the equinox, and the movements and the patterns of the signs of the sky. But the final pattern most important to them was the crossing of the Star from Aquila to Virgo, for then they would know that they had approached the hour of the birth of THE KING. In the migration of your race wherever they went, out thru the Indus and crossing India, and even in the land that butted up to the very top of the Himalayas Mountains, then up behind Burma high in the Himalaya Mountains they set another ring of stone. This also was built by Aryans, white men, sons of the Eternal YAHWEH, not only to mark and to measure the signs of the equinox in the sky, but from this observation point they were going to behold a series of events...in the sky which would show them that YAHWEH was about to visit the earth. So much did the record of their story reach into the background of Apostate and Pagan heathen India that they still knew that someday Krishna would come, and when HE came He would be embodied..YAHWEH..the God of the Aryans, those tall white ones, the many who had moved across India and had built their measuring Temple high up in the mountains of the gods.

Not alone was this the marking process, because as the years went by and migrations took place, this race, this household of God was to find its way to the British Isles. And there they would set out another set of measures. They would build a great ring of stones and this ring of stones would also be for the measuring of the procession of the equinoxes, and for catching the transit of a certain group of measures which they anticipated, one of which was to be a comet or a star...:out of Aquila across to the head of Virgo. And they set their sighting notches which would be used for the movement of the star, and they had made compensation for the exact adjustment that scientifically they anticipated would have to take place for them to see this exact sign thru those notches. Thus it is that Stonehenge in England, like Do-ring in Persia, and like the ring of stone high in the mountains behind Burma were the work of white men, sons of Adam, children ...offspring of the race from Seth to those of Enoch and contemporaries like Job of that day. This wisdom did not depart out of your race nor did this expectancy ever leave them, for after the calling of Abraham in Ur of Chaldeas, he left this city and went out because he knew that God was going to raise up a mighty Household..thru HIM. And he knew that out of his seed this great and mighty kingdom was to emerge and to mature. He had behind him the lore and the knowledge of the sages, he had been taught in the Household of Noah when but a boy. And Abraham believed YAHWEH, and this was imputed to him for righteousness. Thus it was, out of Isaac, and Jacob we see the developing of a great people who were to multiply, and multiply in the earth until..Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Nordic, Basque, Lombard, Germanic people came sweeping across the world. They marched forward to their destiny and it was a destiny known from the days of Enoch. A destiny that YAHWEH had declared before the foundation of the world when He wrote your names in the Lamb's Book of Life. The magnitude of the chain of events which were to follow this people and their expectancy of a destiny which YAHWEH had accorded them was of a Holy people above all the people upon the face of the earth whose Priesthoods were not only to serve him, but to recognize that they were HIS children, the only children of the Almighty and Eternal YAHWEH.

We would point out that if there is anything today which is a heritage which you and I can be proud of, standing tall and lifting our voices up, and be happy about at this season it is:...that we are the Household of the MOST HIGH. That we are HIS seed...offspring..the children of His Kingdom... which kingdom is going to come to fruition and completion just as certainly as tomorrows sunrise. In the instance of the events which have gone with our race was the anticipation of the day when God would visit His people. Miracles constantly accompanied the experiences of the Patriarchs, and YAHWEH manifested Himself from time to time. He had walked with our father Adam, he had talked with Seth, he had visited His Household. He had challenged Joshua in the hour of his great need before the entrance into Canaan land as He had walked and talked Moses before this. In the instance of HIM visiting His people as He came...materialized before them, He ascended into Celestial heights, rode great chariots out of the heavens, traveled over the mountains, and settled over Mount Sinai with ten thousands of His accompanying Saints and the great Light of His Glory shown down out of the great heavenly ships on the mountains of Paran and Sanai. The Scriptures tell us of the light which shown down from these great chariots upon these mountains. It was such a ship as this which picked up Elijah one day, and left Elisha to watch after his disappearing master and then to return to become a great Prophet among his people. It was for a prophet like Isaiah again to enhance our thinking with his declaration concerning these events. And we have been talking to you about the nature of the Kingdom, and the content of the Bible over these past few weeks, and we have told you how it talks about God, talks about the people of the Book who worship YAHWEH, and who have a responsibility before HIM. We have told you that it talks about the Kingdom, about religion, race and politics. All this is the content of this Book which we call the Bible. And the declaration is that this Book belongs to you. That this Book has a special measure for you, and for no other people on the face of the earth like it has for you. Someone says:..Christmas is for everyone. Well, even those fellows seem to think it is for them, still I am going to tell you that Christmas is just for you. There is a lot of people who try to make merchandise out of it around this time, they have to swallow all their pride and all their denunciation, but today there isn't anything which makes me happier than to hear...'Silent Night' coming out of some of these stores whether the owner likes it or not. But I am also going to tell you that this is the time to make sure that the merchants of Babylon do not exploit this...Your Day. In the significance of it, listen to what it says in the ninth chapter of the Book of Isaiah:....'Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulders. His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and his Peace upon the throne of David and upon his kingdom to establish it forever...with its judgments.' You say:..Dr. Swift, we have mentioned that for four Sundays in a row. That is right, for we talk about who God was, about His visitation.. The Eternal, the Everlasting Father, and it was that child who was born that we are talking about...this YAHSHUA (Jesus)..for unto You HE came, and HE was the greatest gift of His Divinity...unto You. People talk about gifts being given because God bestowed the great gift of His own embodiment to us, calling us His kinsmen and then joining us in His Kingship. In the majesty of this therefore we have the identity of the people...'To Us'..to whom HE was born. We have the God, we have the assurance that HE was the King over the Kingdom, which shall be an increasing Kingdom, never to end. Then we have the mighty magnitude of the coming of its completion as we think about His embodiment and His birth. For this is what Isaiah is talking about, this child born, this very God who was the Eternal YAHWEH, and we are His kinsmen. There is nothing you and I can receive in the areas of our thinking today more important than this. Sometimes people get troubled over pretty things. Sometimes people let all kinds of little problems disturb them and wear all kinds of little things on their sleeves and get all shaken up. But you should just stop and meditate a little while...you are the children of the KING OF KINGS THE LORD OF LORDS. He is the Master of the Universe, He was born in earth and identified himself by the very flesh you live in... He is your ETERNAL YAHWEH. If you think problems become hopeless, if you think you have situations which bring pressure then remember that you are the Household of the MOST HIGH, and HE has ordained that you shall conform to HIS own image, and that you shall rule with HIM in earth. That He shall establish every promise which He made and every covenant which He declared even to the name of you before the foundation of the world by His covenant of birth, and the processes which He has measured.

Now:..you do not have anything to worry about..a God who can reach out over a quarter of a million miles and start a comet moving thru space, then bring it across Aquilla, and to the head of Virgo and inform those of His Patriarchs until Wisemen taught and Savants of your race could so plan on it that they would go to three different spots in earth and build their sighting planes, besides this they would have the fourth measuring plane in Egypt where they would watch after building a city and a pyramid to determine that they had the Light to follow and in fact had been following that Light from the days when Adam was placed in earth, given correction by his Father, and told what his responsibilities would be. Called by their Patriarchs and challenged by their Priesthood, your race and mine has been walking in 'The Light' of Christmas, walking in the knowledge and the pro- mise of THE KING.

Now:..listen. In the instance of this measure....'A Virgin shall conceive and bear a son. Thou shalt call His name Emmanuel...YAHWEH with us.' And this Mighty manifestation continues to be a part of the history we are meditating upon at this time. Yes, and the Light did exactly that, for in the course of the measure of time as had been indicated by Enoch who recorded these things, it was a part of the Mystery of Law, that Saturn and Jupiter, two symbols, one of Satanic power, and one of Divine power would come in conjunction. Three times during the pregnancy of the Virgin Mary... this woman who was to bare a child...to encompass a man...three times would there be the enjoining of these two planets. Not only would there be this conjoining but it would be triumphed by the Great and Mighty Light which would cross all the way out of Aquila to the head of Virgo, then transverse to the womb of Virgo before it moved out in its ecliptic into space again. Thus it happened, and toady the sidereal calculators of the greatest observatories we have in the world can prove that there was this conjoining in the year of the birth of Christ. And at the birth of Christ, Saturn and Jupiter were in conjunction. Of course this was not the great Light which the Wisemen followed. This was the Light which brought them without question to the area of the Pyramid before they made their final journey on up to the land of Judea, to Jerusalem and on to Bethlehem. But the Scriptures tell us something even concerning this. It tells us that in the day when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, in the days of Herod the King, Behold! there came Wisemen from the east to Jerusalem. Their final journey was in this measure to arrive at this Holy site and they knew who they were looking for...the King of Israel who was to be born in Judea. They made their final reckoning to make sure that this would be the site. There were prophecies that told them that somewhere among this people of YAHWEH, out of this Household, HE would be the very God..embodied as YAHSHUA (Savior) in the earth.

Make no mistake about this:..that child is referred to in the Scriptures as the fullness of God, and there is nothing quite as significant as when we read the story of one of the High Priests in the Temple:..Behold! there was a man in Jerusalem whose name was Simeon, the same man just and devout waiting for the consummation of Israel, and the Holy Spirit was upon him. And it had been revealed unto him that he should not see death before he had beheld..THE LORD'S CHRIST. I want you to understand that the Word of Christ means EMBODIED. You are a Christed being because you are a spirit of the Living God, you are of His Household, here in a physical body. And when YAHWEH is embodied in the earth you are beholding YAHWEH'S Christ, or HIS embodiment. And this Priest of the Temple, this old man, waited..having been told that he would see the embodiment of God..this body of God in front of him. Then when eventually Mary and Joseph brought the baby YAHSHUA (Jesus) to the Temple for his consecrating, this old man said:...this is what the Holy Spirit promised, that I would see HIM. Now I want to go to heaven for I am old, but this is the one thing I wanted to see...this is the body of YAHWEH. Make no mistake about this process, for in no way can you support the Christian Faith without this recognition that this which also John proclaimed is...The LIGHT of the world. This is the Light which lighted every Adamite who came into the world. This is the LIGHT which can shine in the world of darkness, and the darkness cannot comprehend it. But this is the same LIGHT which YAHWEH says your race can comprehend because you are spirit of His Spirit. This is the spirit the world cannot receive but it is also the Spirit which you possess, and thru which you can receive. I point out to you that this was a tremendous event and was recorded in the Scripture..this LIGHT..which went before the Wisemen. It was not a star moving around because stars are bigger than our sun. And it would be pretty hard to bring a star down that close to the earth and move it around because it would burn the earth up, would scorch everything and no one could be that close to it, nor does the Scripture say that it was a star. The Scriptures say that it was a great LIGHT which came down and went before them. More than this we have had this kind of an experience before, as you remember, when Moses led the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt there was a great Shekinah Glory cloud which hovered above. It was before them by day and it was radiant with its effulgent radiance, and like the effulgence of Shekinah fire by night. And we are told that YAHWEH was in that cloud. This cloud enveloped the chariots of the great hosts of the MOST HIGH, and YAHWEH remained with His people for forty years. His Glory shown down upon them during that entire period.

In the days of Abraham you will remember how...as a glowing, burning lamp of Glory, the Presence of the MOST HIGH came down and passed before him, and this chariot went by burning, brilliant, like a lamp as far as its illumination was concerned, and then swept on into the heavens. We also have Ezekiel's experience on record as to the great and mighty chariots of the Hosts of the MOST HIGH GOD..thousands upon thousands, times ten thousands, yes millions times millions are only the beginnings of the chariots of the Hosts of the MOST HIGH GOD. And they come and go from HIS Presence according to the Prophets, and the Patriarchs who experienced the sightings of these things. But in the days of Ezekiel we are told as to how great fleets of the heavens crossed over earth and his experience of beholding God, coming out of that great Flag Ship of the fleets of the Hoses of the MOST HIGH. And he beheld HIM on His Throne and beheld His Majesty and His Glory. And he beheld and...lo, ONE like as unto a man..the embodied YAHWEH, always referred to thus as the theophany of The Son of Man. Thus he beheld HIM, and he stood up to worship HIM and then to watch as the great Fleet went away after he received his responsibility and his commission. You and I are also living on the other side of a chain of events, we are living in the 'Latter Days' when we remember again the prophecies, so that they could stand justified by HIS Grace. We were also told by the prophecies, and those who are wise still look and measure, there would come an hour when there would be a re-entry of this same embodied YAHWEH who lived in earth, and who spent most of His lifetime in Palestine, tho he wandered to other places, traveling on the ships of Joseph of Arimathea to Britain and to other outposts where He found the children of His Kingdom. In Britain He built the Wattle Church of Glastonbury and amazed the masters and professors of the Druid Universities of London, and there would leave an indelible monument upon the history of a people. Today, in Britain there is still..Mary's Well and the church in Glastonbury and the realization that the abbeys built upon the hides of land of Joseph of Arimathea had been walked over by YAHSHUA. They talk about the day when Joseph of Arimathea dedicated them saying there would be great and mighty institutions raised up for the proclamation of Truth.

So again we realize that in the history of these events, that the measures were very important. And when Christ was born the measures which had been anticipated by the people who were a part of the Wisdom Schools and had known the measures, had their own representatives among the Wise- men, looking at the sign and traveling to participate in this event were carrying this message from a people to their King. Let it be pointed out that there was another message, that there would come again, at the end of the age, and after the Eternal God was embodied in which He has in the heavens. HE came down out of the heavens, was His declaration, and He re-entered the heavens was His proclamation. And out of this instance He was again to re-enter human affairs and He would come KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS...the Mighty Potentate..at the head of unlimited authority. The fleets of the sky would pass over, the armies of heaven would join with the armies of the earth and all powers of darkness would be crushed and broken before HIM. Communism and all the forces of evil would see their power broken as this Babe whose birth we celebrate ...re-enters as KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, THE ETERNAL YAHWEH-YAHSHUA. And there shall be signs as to the time and the seasons, so Enoch was told:...Behold! you shall see the sign of Aquarius, the water man of the Heavens,...when you shall see this across the heavenly horizon you will know that you have arrived in the day, in the immediate prelude to the coming of THE KING.

We knew that there would be a period of time before this would actually occur, but from this day on you start to count. From this day on there would be 42 months, and then the judgments were to start to fall upon the enemies of God's Kingdom, who dwell carelessly among His people. And the judgments will fall on those who will not bow to the KING. Well, in February 1962 the alignment of the sign of the Son of Man appeared in the heavens, thus making September of 1965 the beginning of the measure of judgment to fall on those who are the enemies of God with their tyranny, their evil, and their opposition to Christ, and Christianity, who would take Peace (Understanding) from the earth and create the great areas of catastrophe which effect human society. You have lived in an eventful year, for you lived in the year when the sign of 'The Son of Man' was in the heavens, and you have lived in this year with the beginning of this measure of judgment, and there remains great and historic events for you...very close in the future. We are promised that HE would shorten the time for the Elects sake, lest there be no flesh (Adamites) left on earth. This my friends is a covenant made with you, for 'HE shall save His people'. There is no doubt that we shall see struggles, battles, wars and holocausts, but we are also going to see triumph and victory. And we can tell you that HE..your YAHWEH-YAHSHUA...your KING has assured you that out of all these problems that 'you shall be saved out of it.' Let me point out to you that these measures are indicative of the accuracy of these events, that it was over one quarter of a million years from this time that the comet was started, until it delivered the 'Sign'. It was not long however after it appeared in the head of Aquila until it dashed across the sky..there was only 7 years of measure..from the head of Aquila to the head of Virgo, and then in a matter of 9 months it transversed Virgo and started back out into space to complete its measure. The Wisemen of our race knew they had the accuracy of 'the Sign'. In the Great Gospel Message of the Stars:..'A Virgin shall conceive and bare a son.' This seed of the woman shall become 'the branch' or the head of the nations, thus Virgo was holding the symbol of the Wheat, or the Wheat branch in one hand, and was thus the symbol of the Mother of YAHWEH.

We cannot but think of what a special chosen mission had been given unto that girl...selected by destiny and time, who was to fulfill this great responsibility. Thus it was that in the experiences and the record of the birth of The Christ we are told that the Angel Gabriel was sent from YAHWEH. This one was commander of one quarter of the Universe, there are one thousand two hundred sixty trillion solar systems, and one quarter of that space was under his dominion, and yet he was sent down to tell this girl that she would bare a child who would be YAHSHUA..meaning 'YAHWEH with us.'

No wonder then that as we think upon this chain of events that we find it was this same Gabriel who came down to announce the birth of John the Baptist to Zacharias and his wife Elizabeth, and he told them that this would be the spirit of Elijah who was to come. This would be the one as the Prophet Malachi in the last three verses of his Book would say was to be born into earth..as the coming of Elijah to prepare the way for the King... as a messenger for the King. No wonder Jesus said of John the Baptist:... 'Never was a man born of a woman as great as John the Baptist.' This was a special miracle...that Elijah, carried into the heavens whose spirit now would be born as the child John the Baptist. And when his father who was well in years could not believe this, the Angel said:..I am Gabriel, come down to tell you this, but because you do not believe, then you are not going to speak again until this child is born, and you are to call his name John. You are not going to say he is the son of Zacharias and will carry his name, you are going to call his name John. And when that child was born the people went to the mother and asked what the child was to be called. Elizabeth said his name would be John, and they protested saying:..you do not have anyone named John in your family. Then they went to Zacharias the father, who was stricken dumb, and he couldn't hear them, but they indica- ted they wanted to know what the child's name was, and he took a pen and wrote....John...and immediately he could speak. This was the preparation which went along with the announcement of the birth of the King. And when this child was but a babe he spoke, and at the time of the birth of The Christ he proclaimed that The King was Born. This was a part of the mystery of the testimony of John from the Temple in Bethlehem at the Birth of YAHSHUA. It is a rather significant thing that when Mary went to visit Elizabeth, then six months pregnant with John the Baptist, and Mary had just conceived of the Holy Spirit and was carrying now the embryo of the body of YAHWEH, and as she approached unto the presence of Elizabeth we again point out to you the magnitude of these events. For suddenly Elizabeth cries out:...'Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. For whence is this to me that the mother of my LORD should come to me?' No wonder then that the proclamation has been made thru out all times that YAHWEH had visited his people. That he had been born out of the House of David, and when the proclamation had been made that HE had raised up seed out of the very House of David, then Zacharias had to prophecy after his mouth was opened by the declaration of the birth of his son, and this is the declaration and it came to pass as he made the prophecy while in the spirit:...'Blessed be YAHWEH the God of Israel, for HE hath visited and redeemed His people. He hath raised up a horn of salvation for us out of the House of His servant David.' And as he spake by the mouth of the Holy Prophets...things which he hath said since the world began.

So it is that a million and one-half years ago the earth was here and men of the Ancient created races were walking the earth, and they left their artifacts down in the Olduvai Gorge in South Africa, and today they are excavating there to see how long men have been upon the earth. Oh, not your race, but Ancient people, for your race has only been here some 7400 years, as the Household and offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD. But YAHWEH told you in Celestial realms before the world was framed just what he was going to do. And then He reminded your Patriarchs..when..He was going to do it, and then it happened exactly on time. As the birth of The Christ was on time, so is His second coming going to be on time. The day and the hour is not known to you, but it is known unto your Father. You can know the times and the seasons and the times are coming close, and the seasons are almost upon us. There may be those who will doubt that we will see the re-entry of The Christ, they talk about the philosophies, and superstitions of Christianity, but I am going to assure you that you can depend on the covenants of YAHWEH. They are the most dependable promises...because YAHWEH never lets His Word return unto HIM void,..with every determination to carry out His purposes, this thing shall be, and it shall be upon you before you may be aware of the closeness of the hour, however you are still children of the LIGHT, children of the Day. No wonder then that as we go back to the manifestations of 'that light' we think of the Shepherds who were upon the sides of the hills. And we find that as Matthew tells us of the Wisemen out of the east, then Luke tells us of the Shepherds who were out on the hill sides with their sheep. And we are told that it came to pass in those days that Shepherds in the field were keeping watch over their flocks by night when the Angel of YAHWEH shown down upon them, and the Glory of THE LORD shown around. Now:..remember that 'The Light' of the Glory of God shown down upon them, thus something was in the sky above them. And these Shepherds with their flocks were prone to look at the sky, but now a great Light shown down upon them. And this great ray of Light encompassed them, and the Angel of the LORD said:..I bring you tidings of great joy which shall be to all people. Unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Savior who is Christ...YAHSHUA-YAHWEH. And this shall be a 'sign' unto you. A babe wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.' Then having finished this announcement suddenly there was with this Angel a multitude of Heavenly Hosts, and a great choir out of the heavens was sending thru the finest devices of time and history, the Glory and the Majesty of this event, singing and caroling out of the sky, while the fleets of THE MOST HIGH GOD stood by. Let me tell you something, Heaven was bending close to earth that night, Archangels had carried messages, the mighty fleets of space were surrounding that little city of Bethlehem of Judea that night. And all the powers of darkness could never have stopped what happened there that night. So the Shepherds then left their flocks and went down to Bethlehem, having been filled with the cry of 'Glory to God in the highest and on earth Peace to men of Goodwill.' And in the instance of this the Shepherds went down to Bethlehem and found all that had been proclaimed. The Shepherds not only worshiped Him, but they then returned and left this story and this record. And how this record was attached to history, and how it was even re-quoted in the Sanhedrin of the enemies of God. How its record became a matter of history, and the events which transpired become tied to it, and is indelibly written. How even the records of Egypt tell us these events took place. There can be no doubt about the birth of YAHWEH as YAHSHUA. There can be no doubt about HIS re-entry either, but the Mystery was that this child had put the world together. That he was before all things, that before HIM was not anything made. This was:..Alpha, and Omega, the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, the beginning of ALL things and the consummation, the completeness of all things.

It is one thing to celebrate the birth of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA who comes to earth to identify Himself as a King over a Kingdom. It is even a greater realization for you and I to identify that birth with a special covenant made with our Father..for us. There are a lot of Christians today who are happy Christ was born. They acknowledge that they are the children of God by philosophically accepting and by spiritual acceptance that He is the Christ. And because they believe He was the Christ and because they accept that they believe this pattern, and have identified themselves with it, they have an area of philosophical gymnastics identified themselves as children of God. But you never become a child, my friends, or a posterity by merely accepting the words and the truths which came from the Father. You and I today are the children of God because we are the issue of God. We are the Household and the race unto whom He came. So we are not children of God because we believe HE came, we are the children of God because HE was our Father, and thus HE came unto us. This is the Mystery again revealed in the Heavens, this time to the Apostle Paul when he took his heavenly trip. He then wrote to your race and the one Book which you have..the Book of Hebrews tells you about how..... 'Since the children of God are in bodies of flesh, he visited earth..how? He took a body exactly like you have, was born out of your race, and HE the Mighty YAHWEH was not ashamed to say these are My Kinsmen. I want you to know that He did not appear to Africa like I see some of these babes stuck around in manger scenes. The other day as I was driving past a church in San Diego, I looked and they had a black baby in the manger, they had a black wiseman, and a Chinese wiseman, but these people were not wisemen and they did not come. Africans did not come, Asians did not come, those who had the measure were the children of THE MOST HIGH GOD. That babe wasn't a black babe in that manger, that babe was the body of the Eternal YAHWEH. That babe in that manger was ONE with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and with Adam and with you. You say:...How do you know? Because there was a covenant made with you in this Book, made with the House of Israel, and with the House of Judah, these people unto whom He came. That they would receive His Messiahship...be identified with Him, that a nation and a company of nations would be known because they would carry the name of this Christed body of God...would be known as Christians.

Now:..I can sum up the world..those who believe what they heard, and those who identify with what they heard until they are called Christian nations. And I find that the white race as a whole are Christian today. I am not talking about the conduct of some people, because a lot of people don't act very Christ like. There are a lot of Christians who don't act very Christ like, but the fact remains that they are identified with Christ and would never repudiate that. This is their heritage and this is a part of them, and there is no greater transforming power than HIS power. And nothing has had such an impact upon the world as the civilization which God raised up out of this race, because of the power of His Spirit to these people unto whom He came. There can be no doubt concerning the fact that the people of this Book can say:...'Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given.' And know that the Prophets had proclaimed it from the earliest period of time. So we have had it out of the lips of the Prophets since the world began. God spake and told Adam, He told Seth, He told Enoch and He told Job, bare witness with Moses, and with all of the great leaders unto who He had made His appearances and told them of His plans. He told them thru the lips of Isaiah and Jeremiah, Daniel, and Ezekiel and they knew what He planned. So we stand now almost 2000 years on the other side of that event, but that event has not lost its Glory, nor has it faded out because 1965 years ago from this date Christ was born. Oh you say but you are off four years. No...we are not off four years, some people got their calendars mixed up but we aren't off four years, we are just about on time right now.

I can tell you that as far as that point of history is concerned, there are more millions and millions of people who are celebrating Christmas then ever thought about Christmas back in the days when The Christ was born knew exactly what was happening at that moment, it would have been but a small flash of light as compared with the millions and millions now spreading as the sands of the seashore, and who are celebrating Christmas this year, because they are commemorating the 'fact' that Christ was born. This is not an Asiatic custom they are not going to be shooting firecrackers over in China because the Christ is born, for China has landed back in the Dragons train. It is a part of the red hoards on the other side. The jungles of Africa are not going to celebrate the birth of Christ and Christmas, but they will be celebrating it in South Africa, and in Rhodesia, everywhere white men are....they celebrate the birth of The Christ. The sun will never cease to shine on people happy this week rejoicing, celebrating Christ's birth...Christmas. The Greek Orthodox Church celebrates Christ's Birth months from your celebration, but that is alright for it just keeps the acknowledgement of HIS birth spread out all the time. In fact every day could be Christmas, and it would be a good thing because men should always be happy, rejoicing, holding even in the midst of their problems this realization that Christ kept the Appointment. He visited earth..HE didn't look with destain on embodied children, but took a body like they had. In all things..like they were until He said:.these are my brethren, my Kinsmen, I call My Sheep by name...I lead them out...I give them Eternal Life, and they shall never perish.

Yes, the justification of a household and a race for the purposes for which they had been sent into earth. Justified by His Grace from even the errors and transgressions they had committed due to the conditions of environment, and the circumstances thru which they passed. The consummation and the carrying forward of a purpose, to predestinate this people to conform to the image of the Son (embodiment). Thus YAHWEH came as He had promised. He had walked the earth before, He had told them later in His ministry... 'Before Abraham was I AM.' I came thru the very Law. But the miracle of all this was that the body of YAHWEH emerged in earth as a Babe.

Someone said:..but how did the Universe run without Him? Because of the energies of the Spirit, this child was filled with the fullness of it.... with all its Omnipresence, never losing any facet of its power, continuing to hold His Universe together all the time. Altho the resident center was now here ...this embodiment of YAHWEH..The Christ of God. And as Simeon said:..I have now beheld the body of YAHWEH (God). Moses wanted this, he wanted to look at YAHWEH, but was only allowed to look at the back of God because God knew that Moses that day could not stand the Light of His countenance. And this man Moses had walked with God more than any other man of his time, and was so filled with the effulgent Shekinah that he had to cover himself when he came down from the mountain, and yet at that time could not look at the face of God. And when he was going to take that chance and peek, he got down behind the rocks as YAHWEH had told him to do and tried to look out of the hole in the rocks. But God said:..you wait until I pass by because you could not stand my countenance. So when HE passed by He put his hand over the hole in the rock lest the sight of Moses and all his being be burned out by all of the Glory. But anyway, Moses was allowed to see the back of God. Do you know what the Christ did for you? Now you can look God in the face. Hear this now:..you can look God in the face. Were it not for the birth of that Babe, were it not for the embodiment of God, and the Atonement which He wrought, you and I would have had to hide our faces when the news comes of HIS coming. But now you can look up at His coming and welcome Him as a child to his Father, because there is no guilt hanging on you.

Now:..if you have a guilt complex today then you can throw it off, for He is the consummation of His Kingship, and the mighty work of His Atonement paid the Ultimate Price. And is also High Priest of your Household and Patriarchal Father of His Race as well as Melchizedek Kingship and Priesthood...HE fulfilled it all. And because He said:..I have justified you, now you can look me in the face, then no one can lay any charge to you,..I have paid it..'It is finished.' You are justified by Grace. This is the greatest gift of all, so throw off the guilt complex and move forward with YAHWEH, correct the areas that need adjustment with the power of His Spirit, walk in the guidance of the King, and worship the King, but know this:...that you need not fear. The Apostle Paul after his heavenly experience said I am persuaded that neither height, nor depth, nor powers, nor principalities, nor things past, things present, nor things to come, all of these things nothing could separate you from the love of YAHWEH in YAHSHUA...Christ as manifested by His being embodied as one of the race, joining you in earth, and consummating that Atonement, then ascending into the heavens.

Yes, we are the children of that Household, we are the children of that Kingdom, and we pray every day as He taught us to pray:...'Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.' In the midst of the turmoil and the dark days we follow the Light. A Light that has continued to shine since our race was first placed in the earth. A Light which was brought to its symbols of Glory when God visited us...shown down upon us...or rode with us, or in those hours of manifestation walked the earth. No wonder all of the heavens forces stood near the night He was born. No wonder there was phenomena at that time. Here in our day there is still phenomena, for there are still measures in the sky. There are great unidentified objects, flying objects, chariots of the Hosts of Heavens which sweep over the earth. The day is shortly to be made manifest when Michael at the command of the fleets of the Hosts of Heaven, and even the MOST HIGH Himself in the flag ship of His fleet shall come to walk the earth KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. There is a pattern of history which will be fulfilled which you and I know about, and which we look forward to. We read our papers each day, and see each new facet which draws us closer to this event. Remember...you are the children of LIGHT...of the Day and not of the darkness of the night. You today are the Light of the World. HE was the Light of the world, and lighted every Adamite which came into the world. And now You are the Light as He said:...'Ye are the Light of the world'...Ye are the salt of the earth.' This is what our Father has destined, this is what He hath wrought, and we can say....Merry Christmas. We can celebrate, we can be joyful, this is our Feast Day for Our God hath visited us, Our Father hath kept His covenant with us.

(End of this Message)