Help From The Heavens, 12-5-61



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 12-5-61

As we move into our subject of ‘Help from the Heavens,’ there is not doubt in my mind that we have arrived at one of the most spectacular times in our history. We believe that we are again going to see the hand of Divine energy and power lifted for the protection of God’s Kingdom. We will see forces out of the dimensions and out of the areas even from beyond our own solar system, become involved in human affairs. The majesty of such a spectacle is beyond even our ability to imagine, because we have not experienced these things in our recollections. But we beheld the massive forces of the MOST HIGH in the ages before we dwelt in this earth, where we now dwell. There are certain things that require and demand that there be a great call by God’s people for such an hour.

I just had called to my attention, a disturbing factor which should require all of the legal abilities of those associated with the church and the Kingdom of God to so act. I happen to have the Shipners paper which is published in Spokane, WA., where he has been preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, and his church has been in existence for some time. And in the carrying on of the conduct of his ministry like every other Kingdom minister, we would be compelled to recognize the violation of Divine Law which takes place on national levels. And as such, as Kingdom ministers are aware that it is a violation of Divine Law---this gathering ourselves together with pagan countries and evil forces such as the United Nations. And so--he had denounced the United Nations and the mongrelization of our society as would be expected from any other pulpit which talks about the Gospel of God’s Kingdom. I am holding in my hands now for September 24, 1961, this report from the Prophetic Herald, that he was notified by the Internal Revenue Department-----‘that altho you state that your magazine is religious in nature, however, copies show that parts of the magazine are devoted to political and social and Constitutional amendments and co-existence. It is the conclusion of the Federal Revenue Office, that Federal Income Tax on your organization must be paid. And the Federal Office of Revenue has concluded that this tax must be paid also for all the time of your existence. All contributions to you will no longer be deductible. Charitable contributions under Section 170 of the code.’ Thus, what is there left for the church to do when it cannot denounce the forces of evil and those events which take place in our nation, to fulfill the instructions of God to denounce this situation?

Now, whereas this is leveled against Mr. Shipner and basically because he published a paper, and in this paper he has criticized the United Nations and every other hellish program that needs criticism. Now the Internal Revenue has come back upon him to take revenge and has taken away from him all tax exemption from his paper and therefore from his organizations as such. The fact remains, altho we do not have all of the ramifications of this situation, it is essential that we recognize that the Catholic Church has always reserved the right in dealing with its parishioners to discuss or to oppose any political, social or economic development which is to them ‘cannon law’ and which to them is diametrically opposed to the position of the church. I am not here to argue politics or the divisions between the Protestant and the Catholic church. But in all of my life the Catholic church has been carrying out this function. And I have ample evidence to prove and I think it is within its own right to do so, as it relates to its parishioners--to speak out against that which it opposes. And we also as Protestants, have an equal right to speak out against all the things we are opposed to. And we have the right as Christians and as ministers of the Gospel to say, ‘Thus saith the LORD’ when the content of the scriptures and the word oppose things which are done whether the nation goes along with this evil or not.

I am going to re-comment before long before a Patriot staff that the proper liberal advice in this case be given. For I think we can lift this situation or upset it so that there will be a great rise to the colors of both Catholics and Protestants. Because if this rule is applied then no church would have the right to advise its people on the basis of ‘Thus saith the LORD’ or condemn such policy as that of the United Nations or such policies taken in this social revolution to mongrelize God’s Kingdom and to violate HIS Law. The church is one institution which is supposed to be completely exempt from pressure and control by the Federal Government, when the operation of its duty it speaks out on the things which the clergy feels it is vital to speak upon. I think if they want to start in on the Methodist, and the Baptist, and Presbyterians and every other denomination where that minister is a Communist and supports the principles of Communism, and opposes things of vital interest to the United States Government---I know of ‘Red’ ministers in the Methodist church, in the Baptist churches and in the Presbyterian churches that should be defrocked and would be better if they were in a concentration camp. What they do not know if they start this,---and altho there may not be any particular organizational unity between the clergy and the Gospel of the Kingdom and their various organizations,---there is one thing that you cannot do,---you start attacking the truth and the rights of men, and this will be like raising the ‘red flag’ before the bull because the Kingdom of God is not going to stand still before this kind of pressure.

Now, there may be and probably is one or two who will report back on this situation. But you move this way and we will bind the powers of darkness and call for the judgements of God upon the operator and those who participate in that kind of activity. And they can move out of the scene just as quickly as anyone else. Already we are in the time when the power and the word is not only ‘nigh unto you,’ and thy mouth, but the ministers of God’s Kingdom and the churches of Jesus the Christ, have the power and the authority and they can bring the blast of heaven down upon their opponents. If you think this is not true, then I tell you that this is the challenge of this hour. If there is one thing that I would advise, never at any time when carrying on the battle against God’s Kingdom, never compromise. And never at any time permit some of the enemy to come thru. And never at any time say that some of the plans of the enemy may be good.

It is the policy of this platform and this pulpit in the office of representing this Kingdom and this Church of Jesus the Christ, to oppose evil wherever we find it, and wherever it raises a question about the government or around government or any race or any place where it is against the program of the Kingdom of God and your race. And all of heaven will back up that position. There is not doubt that we are in one of the most serious periods of your history. When I say that, it is because every political force in the world, active and working for survival is lining up now between the two forces which are in a struggle for the world. If you think that you are not engaged in a war, then you are very foolish. When General Walker resigned last week, he came up with some very interesting observations. He said that he resigned from the army so that he could carry out what he thought was necessary as to warning our society. He said we are already at war and we are losing it. Of course, there is a spiritual side to this which is very strong. We are at the present in war and we are losing as far as the temporary situation is concerned. But this is just a skirmish in the midst of the battle. And when we have consummated the events which are ahead, we are going to win this war and we are going to defeat the powers of darkness. We are going to win this war and we are going to defeat the powers of darkness and all who serve them. And men like General Walker will have their names written in the fields of Glory for their stands against the powers of darkness. And little men who removed him from his command, whether in the Pentagon or Government or anywhere else, will no longer be remembered by the people of the nations. But I want you who understand to know that we are at war. And the way the war was conducted in past history was that a nation put all of its efforts into winning it. And it is essential that we win this struggle. And it is essential that we apply ourselves to the principals by which victory can come. We have to remove the power of the enemy from every branch of government in these United States. And we must sever his influence from every contact of our international, internal and social affairs. We must liberate our society from the pressures, the brainwashing, and these phases of war which are directed against us. We must elect in these United States, as a Christians responsibility, Christians who believe in the destiny of the Kingdom of God on the face of the earth and know what they mean when they say, ‘THY KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE, ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.’ After all, most Christians say that prayer and there can be no action taken by anyone while you are trying to fulfill that prayer. A great number of people have been waiting for the Kingdom to dome. And you were told to build it. The time has come when we must participate in the thing which God has put in your hands. The word is nigh unto you, it is even in thy mouth. It is by thy command, it is by thy faith. And we have approached an hour when it is most important for us to know.

There is no question when I tell you that all the world is winding up and all the new programs are on the side of our enemy. They only remain neutral so as to take money out of our pockets. And we have today this slogan ‘the New Frontier.’ And this is basically what the Almighty talks about when HE says that ‘they are neither hot nor cold.’ Yet at the same time, they do nothing for the Kingdom of God. They would be spewed out of the mouth of God as to having any value for HIS Kingdom. But strangely enough, that ‘new frontier’ becomes basically the same frontier as the socialist revolution. And we point out to you that under this situation, what we are being told is that the national way of our life is not according to the background of our origin, or ever out Constitution. I think we are in the middle of a great internal struggle for America. And many people have not taken this as seriously as they should. It is most essential that all Christian forces with Christian vision and Faith and with the understanding of the destiny of God’s Kingdom, Marshall their power and take every avenue to obtain victory in these United States. I think this is not moving backwards. One of the leaders in the Republican Party made this statement the other day, but he has been brainwashed and needs his own head examined. He said, ‘what the extreme ‘right’ and these conservatives better find out is that never is the stone of destiny rolled backward. And what thy don’t like and what is liberalism is a ‘new social responsibility to distribute the wealth all over the world and see that everyone prospers. And they will not be able to roll it back, so the conservative better get in step, join the major political party of their choice, and help roll the stone forward.’(unquote)

Well, that is a pretty good piece of propaganda which has been rolled up in his mouth. And some of the Republicans are just as bad as some of the Democrats and the Socialists of the world. That does not mean that all the Democrats and all of the Republicans are. But that is not in support of what the party is now for but in belief in the traditions of what they once were.

Now, I want you to know that we are in one of the most unusual periods in history, because all over the world while men are playing house in the United Nations, and seek disarmament conferences, yet they are building the mightiest war machine on the face of the earth. In fact, now we are planning unwise tactics. We have produced atom bombs and Hydrogen bombs, and cobalt bombs that are so deadly, that they wipe out all life where it falls or passes. But even we are moving into a new area with a bomb which we do not have complete control of. We are manufacturing a neutron bomb. And the difference in a neutron bomb when exploded high in space with a nuclear blast, there is no great detonation as it destroys communities and towns. But out of it comes a light and vibrations which destroy all human life. It will leave buildings standing, not contaminated, not touched, but destroys all human life with all the nervous systems of men broken apart and their life snuffed out by a neutron bomb.

Now, we are developing this weapon because we believe that the Russians are working on one as well. So you see, that if the world would continue at the rate that it is now going, and if by the strategy of the enemy, you find yourself equally compelled to use this weapon of destruction, the world would find itself out of the reaching for defense. Oh, you say, ‘I don’t think we have to worry about that.’ No, but you better understand that at the rate which the world is going, if they were able to accomplish the things that they were designing, and the medium of death that they are preparing, then there would not be anyone left on earth to write about it in years to come.

You now understand why the scripture says that the time must be shortened for the Elects sake. Now, listen. The time must be shortened for the Elects sake. Divine intervention and great weight of spiritual energy will fall upon the earth to create activity in the mind of the children of God to get them to take definitely spiritual and social and political action--to take the proper military steps to get them to do the things that are right. This is going to take place. More than that, from the areas of space will come the great intervention. You are going to see heaven taking a hand. The mighty hosts of heaven are going to become involved because God said, ‘I am going to shorten these events lest there be no flesh saved.’ HE is not shortening it for Africa or Asia, but HE is shortening it for the Elects sake.

Someone said we should not talk about a Chosen people or a select race or a Master race in the earth. Why shouldn’t we talk about it? Because the brainwashed don’t want us to? Why should we not acknowledge what God has already said? Are we going to repudiate the Book? This tells me that you are not only the Apple of God’s eye, but you are the treasure hid in the field which is the world. And HE would give all of Africa and Asia for you if it was necessary. Now, don’t go out of here mourning for Africa and Asia, for if they had their way, they would eat you up. That’s right. Maybe not Asia, but Africa would. And by the time that Asia got thru with all of their loving of the flowers, they would have you reduced to slavery. They were not smart enough to keep themselves from falling into the grip of World Communism, but joined it. The strange pattern of the Oriental is to execute his grandfather because he is too old and then ask for his money back at the grave. There is a difference between you and the Asiatic. There is a difference between you and Africa. And we recognize that difference and we will do everything in the power which shall be unveiled in the Kingdom of God to put Africa and Asia in proper relationship with Divine Law and to develop the capacities which they cannot develop without your guidance and assistance. But we are not ready under the plans of the anti-Christ and the powers of darkness to be rolled into one cosmopolitan mass in which we are absorbed or reduced to slavery by the powers of evil.

The forces of the world order have decided that they can wipe you out and still retain some sense of survival. Only two weeks ago, from the Congress of Communist China, before they went over to attend the 22nd Communist convention, they said that if they could help to stimulate a World War between the Communist and Capitalist nations, especially the U.S., they were going to do that. They said there are so many of us scattered over China and the Steppes of Asia, that altho we lost 40 million of our people in this struggle, we would also destroy millions in America and throughout the nations of the Capitalist world. Even if there were only one-third of us (Asiatics) left it would be worth it. And we are willing to participate at once.

Someone said, ‘But Mr. Khrushchev is a little more cunning than this, for he does not want to lose one half of the Soviet Empire.’ But Mr. Khrushchev is also built up with an ego thinking he can strike suddenly with a treacherous blow while we are talking peace and disarmament until we could not do anything to hinder him. And we would be reduced to slavery. This is his plan.

Now, it does not make any difference what he says or what Mr. Kennedy says, or what our State Department thinks he means. The Bible reveals that they are going to make a sudden and treacherous attack against God’s Kingdom, when we have leadership which cannot see the hand writing on the wall--altho they do not trust our enemy. If they trusted the enemy, then they wouldn’t talk of building air-raid shelters. Everyone thinks they will hit first and knock the enemy out, except our politicians who say we will retaliate.

When the government strikes a clergyman who says he does not believe in co-existence with the enemy, then I believe it is time we reconstruct the government. Your destiny, my friends, is not co-existence with evil, nor appeasement, nor groveling to it in order to survive. We have reached a great and historic hour. In fact, for a period now which reaches back to 1954, a lot of things have happened in the earth whether you realize it or not. Do you realize that in those periods of years that you had ample evidence, altho you were not a theological student, to know that you were not dwelling alone in the Universe? In the last seven years there has been ample evidence that evolution was not the origin of the people on the face of the earth, and that you were not just one of those whims of nature and evolved and developed into what we call the human race and that came from various forms of antediluvian, and therefore, this is the only place where there is life like here on earth and it came out of a billion and one chance.

Do you know that today, the evolutionists are faced with the fact that even the computing machines have piled up evidence for them. And the mathematical factors are so great that they have come to the conclusion that it would be almost impossible to expect that evolution could have worked anywhere else in the Universe and they have been forced to come to the conclusion that this may be the only place inhabited in the evolutionary thinking. But the fact remains, that this is not the only place which is inhabited. And of course, there is no longer any evidence for a person to believe in evolution. For in the last three months we have had the facts that intelligent men lived here and hunted, and they painted pictures, and they lived on the earth 1,750,000 years ago before the period in which the animals from which you evolved were living.

So in otherwords, you have lived in a period of time which upsets the evolutionary time of the experts. For the Father was placing things upon this earth and you were here watching HIM. You say, ‘How do you know?’ Because you are a child of HIS Spirit and were with HIM before the world war framed. And when HE spoke to Job, HE said, ‘Son, remember these things. I recall them to your recollection, I stimulate your spiritual consciousness in this body and you will remember.’

Now, I am not unaware tonight, that the world is in a serious circumstance---then a lot of people flitting up and down the Broadway’s of our nation amusing themselves with every temporary amusement and hiding themselves from reality. I am aware that there are a great number of people filled with ambition and already exploding with their pride, standing in the hall of responsibility in Washington, D.C., and in the State capitals of our nation, are also asleep as to what is going on. I am also aware that many people are uninterested in anything but their own personal gain, are employed in the various avenues of development in the defense industry are only interested in the pay check and the pleasure which it purchases and pay little attention to where the world is going, or what it is that is taking place.

Now, I know that these people are asleep. And I am not condemning these people. But I am telling you that they are going to wake up one of these days, in the midst of the most earth shaking time in all history. And they won’t know what it is all about. Yet I want you to know that one-fifth of America is waking up to its problems. Is waking up to the inner menace within these United States to something that threatens all of the Christian world. And among that one-fifth of awakening Americans there is a large number of people who have been made to know the instruction of ‘Thus saith the LORD.’ Because their ministers and contacts have spoken to them at times concerning the truth of the Book. Thus they are aware of more truth and the things of God than any other denomination. And I am going to make this statement, tonight. Anyone who knows what you know about your race, about God’s Covenant with it, about the nations of the race and their destiny, ---anyone who knows about who the enemy is and where the Jews came from and what they stand for, anyone who knows this then knows more than all of the Methodist, Baptist and Presbyterian preachers and all of the rest of them put together. And I tell you that with exception, of such clergymen within these churches who know or a part of what you know.

You say, ‘Why is this?’ Because you have the unlimited expanse of the ability to believe God and the things which HE said. And you are not limited to one book but by all the revelation which God has poured out. I want you to know tonight, that probably to be free from all of the religions hierarchies that bind down mens minds is one of the first keys to human liberty. There is such a thing as being set free in God, but not out of HIM. But do not think that everything which carries HIS name is in HIM. I want you to know that the most important problem of our time from the standpoint of earth logistics, is the survival of our race. I am positive that in the getting rid of the destructive power of the Zionists of our country by vision and inspiration, altho they may not understand from whence this comes, they are capable of defending and then defeating an enemy. But I am also aware of the intrigue that is taking place within the services and within the Government to make much of this victory unless a miracle such as the eradication of evil takes place, and gets busy in separating the powers of evil out of our civilization, our services and branches of government. I am aware that it would be almost a ‘Herculean’ task for you or any company of experts including the American Activities Committee for whom I have great respect, or for the Internal Security Committee or the Justice Department,---it would be a perfect impasse, if they were given the energy to do it in the next thirty days, to pick up the enemies or the conspirators---everyone who delivers into the hands of the enemy---and put them in the proper locked up position they belong in. Concentration camps if you will, but camps that concentrate the enemy in the hours of need. I tell you that it would be a ‘Herculean’ task to do it within thirty days.

You say, ‘But if that call of the zero hour came you would not have thirty days.’ Now, but you could have, even tho Angels had charge over you; even as there is a guardian Angel with administrating power at the service of all of God’s children. Even tho you may not know it, but in this very room you are surrounded by a great company of witnesses. And I want you to know that in dimensions unseen by the natural eye, but visible to the spiritual eye, as released to the servant when he said, ‘Open his eyes so that he might see.’ Then you would see that there is standing by, unlimited forces from spiritual dimensions. Someone said, ‘But I am unable to believe anything that I cannot see, therefore, I can’t see that there is anything around that can do me any good.’ Someone said, ‘I want you to prove that they are there.’ My friends, you do not have to prove that they are there. Anyone who does not have the capacity tonight, or who is not stimulated tonight, by what God has already done, and demonstrated, is not worthy of you support. You don’t have to lift from him the doubts, just go on down the road until he is ready to believe the truth. Because if these fellows want to suffer without the truth, then let them suffer. Because a person in the earth who dwells without God, and thinks he is going to win all these things by his own material ability, is going to find himself in very serious trouble when he tries to accomplish it. The only reason I know how bad things are, is because everyone reports how bad it is in their department and in their areas, and how bad I know it would have to be because of what the Bible tells me about it. When even the people inside the centers of worship become the seed which the forces of darkness try to use to turn people from the great truths, blinding them. And in the high positions of government there is much disloyalty; when in high positions of authority the enemy is able to get to their opinions; when a great nation of God’s Kingdom, a White race nation, a nation founded by White Christians and their Constitution was developed by them, reaches such a point of disintegration--reaches a position wherein they abandon the faith of our fathers in the interpretation of their laws---YOU ARE IN TROUBLE.

Now, someone says, ‘How can you prove that this is a White race nation?’ Because every one of our founding fathers who drew up the Constitution of the United States was a White man. Now without any offense to the Negro as it relates to a race, there happened to be some here at that time. Because the Jews were selling them as slaves. They admit this in the book ‘Marannon’ published by the Jewish publication society. The fact remains, that our forefathers drew up the Constitution and they drew it up to establish human liberty. And they did not consider that the Negroes of that time fell into that category. So the Constitution was not written for the Negroes. Did you know that? Now at all. The Constitution of the United States was written for White men and they believed that White men constituted its citizenship. Oh, you say there have been lots of changes since that. A lot of wars have been fought, and slavery has been abolished. But I am telling you what our founding fathers created when they created the Constitution. I am not telling you about all the things that have slipped between here and there. I am talking about what they designed. The Constitution is what it was intended to be, not what some say it says today.

So I tell you that you are a great nation of God’s Kingdom. But we are in trouble. We are in trouble when they can mix our schools with those of other races. We are in trouble with they can tell an employer that he must hire others with mixed philosophies, which he does not want to hire in his own place of business. We are in trouble when a railroad cannot discharge a person because they say he is doing this because this was a member of another race. All these are symptoms of trouble. You are in trouble when 33 percent of all of the income produced by the United States goes away in taxes. 33%---Oh, you say, ‘I don’t pay that.’ But you figure it up. For you do before you are through. 33 percent goes away in taxes and no nation has ever survived that before. And if you continue with this, you will not survive.

I know that we are in trouble when five-sixths of the world is beginning to rally around behind the banner of the anti-Christ. I know we are in trouble when a conqueror and a ruler and a figure of power in that Empire says, ‘I am going to bury you.’ Then you are in trouble. But I also know that the Bible says that there will be such a time of trouble for our race as we have never had before.

Now, HE did not say--don’t go to bed, stay up all night and worry. And He did not say stay up all night and pray about it either. Because HE told you how it was going to happen and also how it was going to end. Someone said, ‘But if I get frightened enough, I stay up all night.’ Sure, some people will. But I am not asking you to get frightened. I am asking you to be a realist. Do you know why? Because we are in the time of ‘Jacob’s Trouble.’ The Bible tells us that the anti-Christ seems to be in power. I want you to know that the Bible says that they will try to gain power and try to silence the truth. They will try to fold up the church and they will try to martyr the children of God. But you have been blessed to be born in a great nation where the majority of the people are White and Christian. And they will never let them get away with this if they know about it.

Now, let’s look over the history of the world. Did you know that there were atomic wars fought upon this earth in the past? Oh, you say, ‘How could that be for we just broke the atom in 1945 and we created the nuclear explosion.’ We started this in Argamaro and ended it in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Let me tell you something. Throughout the years of antiquity, there was in this place where now stretches out the Pacific Ocean, a continent that is now beneath the waters. And out between the coast of West Africa and South America and these United States, there were masses of land which were once high above the waters. And the catastrophes which shook the world were nuclear holocausts which eventually ended with chain reactions and horrendous explosions. And it opened the earth where there was no material and the waters of the ocean rushed in and the steam and the explosions and the fury caused whole continents to subside beneath the waters of the oceans. A chain reaction of explosions started which let the waters of the ocean in and plunged these areas beneath the waters of the oceans.

Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, how can you be so sure of that for it happened thousands of years ago. You don’t have the evidence of it and I don’t find it in the book of theology, and it is not being taught in the schools.’ Do you know that does not disturb me a bit. If all of this knowledge was taught in the schools, they would not have time for all of this rubbish about the United Nations that they are teaching now. But I can prove this so easily, for if you were to go out and study the bottom of the ocean just off the Azores and across that area which is so shallow that we have to put buoys there, part of that land mass is coming up. And in the last few years some of the places are like rock promontories sticking up out of the water. But those studying the bottom of the ocean tell us what is there. There are volcanic cones and volcanic mountains which start with volcanic lava which runs for twenty miles beneath the floor of the ocean. You say, ‘But what does that mean?’ A volcano can blow and build up under the waters but a volcano’s lava will not run but one or two miles under the waters, not twenty to twenty-six miles under water. The moment that lava hits the water, it stops moving and builds up. The fact that those lava flows beneath the waters stretch for twenty to twenty-six miles, proves that they were above the waters when those lava flows were flowing. I am not trying to prove a point, this is just a geological fact, that all of these lava flows which run for miles were at one time on top of the land which was above the waters when it happened.

More than that, there is on that ocean bottom, traces of the vegetation that has to live above the surface of the ocean and on continents such as your own forests. And yes, we do have a record. For the ancient Assyrians lived longer and they reached back in their destiny before the sinking of the continents. In the writings of the ancient Assyrians and even in the Sanskrit coming out of the upper Indus and the people of Asia, in their Sanskrit, they have a record of this catastrophe which enveloped this earlier civilization and the dwellers of the continents that went beneath the waters.

In the scriptures we have this story of the rebellion in the heavens and the casting to earth of the rebellious one. Strangely enough, in the ancient Sanskrit and the ancient Asiatic people called these flying vessels---their flying ships were dynamic and they talked about the battles in the sky and how some of these ships came to earth and new gods arrived. They tell about how the land plunged beneath the waters on two sides of the earth. They tell about great explosions and mighty fires and how people died from the explosions and the fires. They tell of the battles between the ships of space. They tell of the coming of the ‘dark and curly’ headed ones and this was the first time the Negro was seen on the face of the earth. And those are the records that go back to the remembrance of the people of ancient India.

It might interest you to know, that the ancient Chinese also have records of the ancient sinking of the continent and the walls of their ancestors, walls like the Great Wall of China which plunged beneath the waters of the Pacific. And we discover that when making an investigation around Easter Island, where they found these great walls going out for miles on the ocean floor. They were not built there underneath the waters, but built there when these continents were above the waters on this earth. Nuclear holocausts wiped out civilizations in ancient times of people who were under the control of a fallen Archangel. But there were some who survived.

In millenniums after this, now distraught with violence and trouble, the Eternal Father sent the Adamic race, HIS believing offspring physically into the world that there might be bodies for HIS spiritual children to dwell in. And you are members of that last great race strain. You are the people of HIS own Household sent here to build HIS Kingdom. But I want you to know that in those seventy-four to seventy-five years of your existence, you have arrived at the great trouble points of your history. You are now one-sixth of the worlds population. And now the enemy would, if he could, drive you from the face of the earth.

Now, this power in the heavens of this rebellion was defeated by a powerful Archangel who had command of all of God’s hosts and this one was known as Michael the Archangel. And someone asked how many of these great ships of God that there were. But the Universe has known for a long time. They give this measure of 126 trillion suns and multiply that by ten which is what the electronic telescope has been able to tell you that these are the furthermost ones you can see of creative forces. And for me to stand here and tell you how many ships of space there are would be a very foolish thing. But for me to be ignorant enough to tell you that everyone who ever lived on the earth evolved out of a mass of protoplasm by a billion to one chance which the Evolutionists require, would be more insane.

Now, you are not alone. People may have thought that they were alone until 1954 when a whole fleet of bouncing ships were seen flying over the mountains of the State of Washington. It was not long after when Captain Mantell had his ship torn apart by the backwash of the speed of a great craft moving thru the sky fully visible to a great number of military observers as they listened to him reporting until the rending of his ship and the disintegration of it. From that day to this, there have been uncounted sightings and records concerning the visible demonstration of these thousands of crafts that are going round the earth. And these crafts are faster and are of different shapes than any of the aircraft on earth.

I know that branches of government have put silence upon this. I know that they gave the name of flying saucer and space craft at one time to all of these objects. It might not be too bad to call them flying saucers, since they were circular in shape. And some of them had a saucer appearance. But since that time, there have been many crafts which are of different shapes. For some strange reason the same people who want to brainwash you in one type of operational thinking want to brainwash you concerning the reality of what is going on around you with the denunciation from government authorities, the statement that these things were not what they were supposed to be. And they then refused to confess as to what men were seeing. And we were told that they were operational test balloons that came from the weather stations. I guess almost all of us know what an atmospheric balloon looks like. One knows that no matter how fast they move over the earth, they do not move at the speed of six or seven miles per hour and they do to go against the wind. I think we all understand that weather balloons do not show up at night, and that these are not weather balloons. Of course, in your new technological age, no longer can you be sure that all that is moving around you in space is spacecraft, for we have so many satellites now moving in space that half of the time when you look in one direction or another, there is one moving. And you know that a star should not move, or some operation that is not normal or natural. If you are out on the high desert at night and look at the sky, hardly a night goes by when as you look into the sky, that you cannot see these satellites going around the heavens. Sometimes they are going north, sometimes east, and sometimes they are traveling in the west. But you know that stars and planets constantly move toward the west. If you see something else going in another direction, then that is a space craft or a satellite, unless it be an aircraft flying low in that perimeter with its flashing lights.

Now, you say what has this to do with our subject? I will tell you just what is has to do with it. In the first place, you did not arrive here without Divine agency. HE not only started the transference of HIS children from heaven to earth, you came by the medium of birth. But let me tell you this. There has come and gone from your earth, since you have been here, Archangels---God Himself, with the embodiment of HIS own being, even before HIS Virgin Birth. There came to you mighty space crafts and great spaceships with beings who came and ministered unto you. They hovered over Mount Sinai. And we are told in the book of Deuteronomy, about how ten thousand of these Celestial ships of the MOST HIGH assembled in their space crafts when God gave the Law. And how God came with them and they sailed over the areas of Paran and stood over that mountain in the time of that revelation of the Law unto Moses.

In fact, I am going to tell you that a great number of these crafts shrouded with clouds, and held in the veil of discs, but are out of the phenomena of a great and tremendous spiritual force. We have seen them in the past---the Star of Bethlehem. The Star (Light) that went before the wise men was not a star out of space, but a light out of the heavens from a craft that went before them here in the earth. You say how do I know that? Well, you could not follow a star out in space thousands and thousands of miles, for it would not be around to direct anyone here on earth. And tho it came from the heavens, that star was a light out of the heavens of Celestial guidance. And I know that a lot of people around at that time knew that it came from outer space. I know that Angelic choirs came from outer space, for as the shepherds were watching their flocks, the music came out of space around them, and they said that above them was a great heavenly host.

Now, a heavenly host here on earth just above the shepherds had to have arrived from somewhere. And they told you how they came. Daniel tells me that thousands upon thousands came, and that leaves me in the upper millions and more even into the billions where the streaks of fire before the throne of God and Michael the Archangel commands them.

Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, do you believe all of these things which are said about spacecraft and messengers from space?’ No, I don’t believe hardly any of them. But I do think that one of the biggest rackets on earth, is for someone to speak here and there and say that they were taken up in a space craft, or that someone came here from outer space, and then tries to tell you how to live.---And they want to sell a book.

Now, do not let this hurt your feelings, but anyone who comes from outer space and asks a question and then tries to sell a book, is not a heavenly sent messenger, because he does not have to do this. I am not talking about the conduct of the church or the ministers of God who are His messengers or His Oracles, but their support is by tithe and offering and they are dwelling in physical bodies, and they are living here and subject to the conditions and the necessity of how you operate. But not so the Hosts of heaven. For someone who is smart enough to get here in a space ship is not going to tell it to someone down on the corner. He is going to tell it to the people of God. And he is going to let the whole nation know.

When God wants to speak to you, HIS people, the trumpet is going to sound and all the sons of God will hear about it. Someone said they went to a meeting and this man says that he is a Prince of Heaven. But I do not care what you heard. The Word bears witness to me that every one of these things is phoney except, my friends, you take it out to the leaders of God’s people who look for HIS appearance and declares the thing that they are waiting to hear.

Someone then said, ‘You don’t think anyone ever made contact?’ Oh, yes. One day an Archangel came and made contact with Daniel. He said, ‘I had quite a battle to get here, for the Prince of the power of the air, demonic force over the land of Persia withstood me for twenty-one days.’

Now, listen. I happen to know that the scripture bears record that Ezekiel saw these great objects which came in---in great formation with circular wheels, and how he heard the roar as they passed thru our atmosphere, as it sounded like many water falls. They moved round about and they moved in formation, and then a door opened and the God, Himself, came out. They had a throne there and one sat on it and HE looked like the Incarnate God. He had a rainbow around HIS head---the light of life. Ezekiel fell right down and said this is where I worship. But he heard these words, ‘Come on, Ezekiel, you are in the presence of the MOST HIGH, you have work to do.’ And before they were thru, they took him on board the ship and sailed with him over to another land. They showed him things and they taught him things. And Ezekiel the Prophet to the MOST HIGH GOD is so accurate that he even names for you that Russia and these areas of Africa were to be your enemies when anti-Christ rose up, when the enemies of Jesus the Christ started their world Communist philosophy and when the Marxist Jew produced the enemy to establish these bases, and Ezekiel told you about them.

Someone says, ‘But how do we know that Ezekiel took this trip?’ Well, Ezekiel said he took that trip. And Ezekiel told the truth. And I am going to tell you this. When God moved, HE always moved thru the records of HIS people. HE moved with HIS ministers. And HE moved where HIS voice and the Oracle of HIS word was accepted.

I am going to tell you that in this hour there is a great and mighty remnant. And now this word remnant does not mean just a remnant---or a little piece of torn off of something. Someone got the idea that a remnant is just a little peace of cloth torn off of something. But this word used for remnant means all that remains. And the LORD says, ‘I have a great number of all that remains that has not bowed the knee to Baal in this hour.’ And the people who have not bowed the knee to Baal are the people down inside of this body, in this consciousness by the spiritual guidance of an awakening God, stirring and creating and awakening which gets you opposed to all of this evil being created and they cannot turn from all of this evil which is going on.

Someone said, ‘I don’t know what is the matter with me, Dr. Swift. The people around me seem to be satisfied and complacent. But I am against half of the things that I hear on the television and radio, on half of the measures that they say are good for the world---I am against them.’ It is because you are right. You are against this thing that is wrong and the plot that is wrong. And you are a part of those who have not bowed the knee to Baal. You are not going to give up your principles and your faith in what God has said. You are not going to give up your liberty, your faith in Jesus Christ or the fullness of God. And you are not going to share HIM with everyone on the face of the earth that doesn’t want HIM. There is a resentment in you of their evil practice. You have not bowed the knee to Baal. You can’t get out of it. And it is thru you that the light is awakening and thru you the Resurrection of your whole nation is going to come. Suppose I tell you that you will not go along with this socialism or this New Frontier or anything that does not walk the chalk line to Divine Glory. I am going to tell you all, that it is those people who are going to save America. And those people are going to help lead the nations of the world. And it is thru those people that God will send HIS message.

Now, every once in a while, someone comes to me with another space revelation. They have been to another convention, another star has appeared on the scene, and he has taken trips, or he has flown in space. And he has done this or that. Well, since Jesus went away in the great cloud covered vehicle upon the mountain where HE left HIS disciples, and as they stood watching, two men stepped out of the cloud and talked to them. And since John and Paul took their heavenly trips and came back, I do not have any records of anyone of your race as to his taking any trips outside of earth. I have ample evidence however, that a great many of people have passed into that plain, and found that the forces of heaven were real close round about. They just couldn’t see them. I am not about to tell you, tonight, that the vastness of space does not contain planets and plains and dimensions and you will have full access. Nor would I say to you, that there is not a great spiritual stimuli working in the seat of the inventors and the geniuses that has produced today a science and an electronics and a tying together of commodities and elements, and substances, which we have made out of metals and substances of earth and out of plastics and out of the dust of the earth---all kinds of transistors and resistors, and small devices which we have harnessed to make great machines which we use to hurl ourselves into space with, so that we can move into new horizons. We have made a mechanical brain subject to tour creation and we have taken the substances of earth and blended them together. And we are getting more thrust out of our fuels, and our advanced sciences are studying forms of force which it will make it possible to hurl ships thru the air, for the electro-magnetic force of space is without fuel. You are on the edge of all those things. I believe that if you could give your race twenty years without wars, that you would be flying into space with your own inventions, and moving beyond your own solar system.

But at the present time, your energies are also diverted by the fact that we are harnessing much of our discoveries to survival. Someone said the other day, ‘We have to worry about the Russians getting ahead of us in space.’ The Russians, my friends, never found out anything that they did not steal thru subversion and spies from the minds and ingenuity of the children of God. Then they harness those things from the stolen secrets while their agents in your government suppressed the development and operations while they progressed. I have the report of military expert and military expert who said that if red tape had not held us up and kept us from going ahead, we would have been ahead of the Russians all of the way.

Alright, let me tell you this. In this hour when we see all of these things developing, the first plan of your enemy is to destroy your progress and take over the earth. That is your number one problem in the defense field and in your survival. But I know why Lucifer is on the earth, as it was disclosed in Revelation, and as was declared by Jesus, that he saw him fall from out of the heavens and that he was defeated by Michael in outer space. Lucifer has regathered his forces and the minions of his power and he effected the earth thousands upon thousands of years before you arrived and he has waged war against your race since the hour when you did arrive. And now he is marshaling his forces. I am going to tell you something which is believed by a great number of navigators in the air and a great number of experts, that there are powers of darkness that are also round about us in the air. That they are Nethermost forces and that they are coming from the holes in the earth somewhere. And they are diametrically opposed to your interests and they are also responsible for the strange phenomena and the monstrous pattern of Goblin-like beings which have appeared in various parts of the earth.

Now, you may thing I am strange, tonight, but I do not have to the time to go into all of the details. But I can give you instant ramifications which are astounding of creatures unearthly and strange and unusual powers of darkness and evil forces, which have manifested themselves since 1954 in various parts of the earth. I can tell you that the majority of these crafts are moving in from the vastness of space. And they are not hostile unto you, for they are the hosts of Michael the Archangel. They are the armies of the MOST HIGH GOD who are standing by. They have the solution for a lot of things which you don’t have the time to do yourselves. This is not, my friends, an exaggeration of the words of God, for HE said that at that time, Michael the Great Prince shall stand up for the children of My people. And there shall be such a time of trouble as there never has been since there was a nation. And yet at that same time, every one of thy people (and HE said this to Daniel) every one of thy people shall be delivered, every one whose name is written in that Book before the foundation of the world, and nothing new has been added.

Now, I could go on and tell you about some other things which are going to happen---about the time when mighty hosts of space come in, for it is tolded in the 12th chapter of Revelation, as it is talking about the forces of Michael. About that time when the mighty powers of God are going to be joined with it. For as Michael comes in with his forces, so will the embodied Christ come in with HIS fleet. And the very dead are going to arise up out of the dust of the earth, and that is going to be a lot of power. There is a constant review of the promises of your Father, the Eternal God, that I am going to stand before my armies, I am going to intervene in human affairs, and I am going to bring in the hosts of heaven. I am going to bring in kinsmen, I am going to bring in power. And instead of being outnumbered in the earth, you are going to outnumber with an outstanding force.

You know that is good enough for these unbelievers that tell us that there is no God. These people who shake their fist in the face of God and say that ‘we have banished HIM from the face of the earth.’ One of these days, these people are going to stand before the mighty hosts of the MOST HIGH, and on their knees they are going to break their swords and surrender to the God they say does not exist. The book of Revelation continued in this direction to make this known to you. John the Revelator, who has already traveled across the timeless expanse of God’s foreknowledge and vision, and has not been on the time track on which the earth is on, has already seen the end of this thing,---has visualized it and witnessed it. He said, ‘I saw---suddenly great and mighty armies coming out of the heavens.’ So who are they? Some of them are your kinsmen, may be relatives which have gone on. They are all coming back, you know. They are in the twinkling of an eye, going to be joined with every atom of their being which filled their bodies at one time. But they are coming back a great and mighty army.

Suppose I tell you that every White man who has ever fought in every White man’s army from the days that go back to the prophets, and the days of Samuel, and of the days of the armies of Saul and David, or fought in the days of Joshua or Gideon. Suppose I tell you that all of the men who have fought from the days when you battled against all the barbarian forces in the earth, on down to the armies that are of Britain, and on down to your armies, with Britain and of Germany, all thru the battles which have been fought in contemporary times. Suppose I tell you that every one of those warriors are coming back. Oh, you say, ‘But, Dr. Swift, they will not come back they are dead.’ But I tell you that there are no dead in this race. More than that, they will be back. More than that, in the hour that John saw that God is finally going to even out for you all of the martyrs that have been made and all of the trouble the forces of evil have made for you in the life of your race. And here I read that John saw all of the armies of heaven coming back, and in this hour when he describes the return of these armies, he says, ‘I beheld the great flag ship of the King, and I heard the words---‘The kingdoms of this world have become the Kingdoms of our LORD and HIS Christ, and HE shall reign forever and forever.’ And I heard it declared that the many sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH shall remain kings and priests before the MOST HIGH.’ This is you. And you are going to reign upon the earth forever and forever. I turn to the passages in this book of revelation and there is always this constant pattern, and in all of these I see the same revelation.

‘I saw the heavens opened, and HE who led this army was all of the crowns and no man could name HIS name---unless he had the spiritual capacity to identify the Eternal YAHWEH. I saw that His vesture was dipped with blood and HIS name is called---the mighty WORD of GOD. And the armies which followed HIM, are symbols of strength by the massive numbers of white horses or this power. And every nation not of HIS Kingdom melted before HIM. And every single power that was against this Kingdom of God tried to make war against HIM. But I tell you that as strange as this may seem the powers of darkness are actually planning or would plan to make war against these heavenly armies if they were to see them coming in the skies.

I happen to know that in one of the Russian Assemblies, with all the pagan nations that make up that assembly, that they actually discussed the possibility of space invasion and they wondered if that would not be a way to get the Christian nations to unite with them to render aid under the threat that such an invasion would harm the earth. And in this discussion they came around to the point that they were afraid that if there were an invasion that there might be forces which would line up on our side. Thus, they planned that they would challenge this power. But it tells me in the book of Revelation, that in that hour that these assemblies of evil in the Beast nations, un-Christian societies---that the Communist and pagan world would gather their armies together and try to make war against Jesus the Christ and the armies of heaven in their race crafts when they arrive. THEY ARE GOING TO TRY IT.

Now, that is insanity. But they are going to try it. If you don’t think that the nations of this world are insane, who do not have Christianity, then just look at some of these people who are in the nations of Christendom. It would take the FBI more than thirty days to round up all of the Communists in our nation. And they probably could not find all of them. But it will take the armies of heaven no longer than the twinkling of an eye to round up all of the enemy.

You say, ‘How do you know?’ Well, they have a spiritual discernment and they can look down and determine where every one of these of the enemy are. Did you know that they have a record in the dimension of spirit? Did you know that the armies of the MOST HIGH---under the command of Michael---has an Angel with them who has this responsibility and he has a record and he knows the dwelling place of every Jew and every Luciferian descendant and every power of darkness and every enemy of Jesus Christ in every city, town or country side of our nation and all the nations of Christendom or wherever they dwell? Yes, they know right where they are. And did you know that they have power in the crafts that they carry, and power by direct activity---and zap every one of these little individuals and put them right inside their own little concentration camp, in their own vehicles. Do you know that right not these armies of space could gather out every individual that is not a part of God’s Kingdom, snatch them right up. Someone said, ‘You don’t really believe that?’ Yes, I believe they could be snatched up just as fast as a sun dog is drawn to water. They are going to go just like that.

They are going to gather out every tare, everything which offends, every one of these who offends, and take them where they belong. Going to set them aside for awhile and get them out of the way. You say, but it can’t be done? But I tell you that I can be done. There is deliverance from heaven. I would not be surprised that some of these people who rule one hour with the Beast---actually took the Mark in their forehead, as they gave ascent to their plans and then put their hands to doing it---they will be people who will be surprised. For they will be going along with them. Not only the Beast, the anti-Christ, and the false prophets, but also all of those who took the ‘Mark’ are going to go away for awhile for an educational program. A very firm one, but a necessary one.

I want you to know that there is standing by you tonight, with unlimited heavenly power, this mighty hosts of God’s Kingdom. The other day one of the officials of a German community, deep in the heart of Western Germany, a rural community with woodlands and cities near by, was out with his motorcycle with the hand car on the side, for a drive the countryside with his daughter. And they saw a light or an intense illumination. It was in a field beyond a woods. And they became interested since this was open country and nothing to stop them, then they parked their motorcycle and they walked over to see what was there. And they saw a circular type structure with the cabin on top. And while they stood there, two individuals clothed in metallic like cloth radiant in light, walked out of the woodland, walked over to the ship and climbed up into it. And about that time, one of the Germans coughed loudly and they started up the ship and it went away with great speed which astounded the watchers---not ten years ago, not five years ago, just the other day. As it hovered over the trees and then disappeared, other Germans in the community saw the thing and also reported it to the Mayor and his daughter, as they told what happened. Thus I tell you this to encourage you. For it is not something that happened ten years ago. But it is something that just happened. Someone said, ‘did the Russians make it?’ No, they have not been able to invade the heaven sent technology. And they haven’t stolen any secrets up there as yet. You see there are no Jews in heaven and they cannot find out the answer.

You say, ‘How do I know?’ Well, Jesus said speaking to the Jews, ‘Where I go you cannot come.’ Those were HIS words. So I tell you this tonight. You are not alone in the Universe. The powers of heaven are on your side. You are going to receive two things. Your mind is going to be stimulated. And this will raise up leadership. And they are going to give you protection. But they are calling on you to resist. You start fighting and God will back you up. You move with Faith and God will back you up. You move against evil and God will back you up.

You know one of the great errors of our times exists in the fallacies of our policies. This free trade and the reciprocal trade agreement which broke down our trade barriers, made this great blessing and society of God have to compete with all of the pagan slave labor of the earth. It was bad enough when under Cordell Hull, we had that reciprocal Trade Agreement. And then we came to the time when the Tariff Act was passed by Congress and that was not so good in that they set aside the tariffs and made America compete with all of these cheap labor countries of the world. Now, the 30th of June, that runs out. And Mr. Ball an economic advisor to the President, and Mr.__________who used to be Secretary of State, has just drawn up a new measure which would create an authority in the hands of the President to make all of the agreements to open up all Free Trade, and throw out all tariffs to make better relations with the world.

Thus you see how your enemy fights to destroy the last vestige of your industry and your wage scale. That is the way they play it. Mr. Kennedy under this strange advice, hope that they will quickly give him this power so that he can break down the barrier between us and all other nations for ‘Goodwill.’ But all of the intelligent nations of Europe have just reformed a new economic grouping. And they are putting up tariffs to protect themselves. And at the same time, you are going tin the other direction, and are not putting up any resistance. Thus they get away with these things. But the spirit of God moves on men. And who know, it may get great coverage across the nation.

Now, listen. This is an economic war, a political war, a social war, a military war and a racial invasion of your society. But in all of these things, you can count on deliverance by heaven. And heaven has determined that spiritual power and phenomena, and heavenly forces,---when this takes place---that the Cainanites in your society will run with great fear and you will be awakened with great anger at the things which have been committed. Thus when 80% of the sleepwalkers of America wake up, what a noise that is going to make. Ever thought of that? Let me tel you that they are all going to awaken out of their sleep. If they have to blow the trump of God, they are going to wake up.

Thus, we tell you in this hour that your great destiny with the security of that great Covenant envelops these hosts of heaven. And there is no doubt that when the hosts of Michael and his Angels move in, they are going to make their contact with all of God’s family. There is going to be a coordination of the powers of heaven and earth. And the powers of earth are going to be shaken. But the Kingdom will survive. We are not, my friends, placing evaluation on something non-existent. I have talked to many aircraft engineers who have witnessed things in space. I have talked to scientists and astronomers and I have visualized what they have to say. And I have thru great telescopes, watched great ships of space moving far out in the solar system and around the moon. And I have looked at their movement thru space. I have looked at photographs and I have photographed some things with my own cameras. And I witness tonight, that God runs HIS Universe and you are not alone. And you do not have anything to worry about concerning this promise that Divine assistance is going to come in on time.

So the earth looks up at a great fallout around the earth. Japan had to filter the water today. The fall out in their reservoirs made the water too dangerous to drink. They are very, very angry. There are areas and paths where this fallout is more concentrated than you have had it here. So far, over the cities of America, there is no fallout that had endangered the health of your nation. And I want you to know that there are other forces which work for you. There are strange forces in the heavens which shift and move and carry the struggle away from you. God can protect you from every crisis the enemy can create for you. And I am convinced tonight, that the best fallout shelter in the world are the promises of God’s protection. I am convinced tonight, that the children of God will survive when the ‘doubting Thomases’ have surrendered their life to fear. So we say this tonight, do not let anyone scare you out of your Christian duty. Do not let anyone frighten you about the fact that the government is going to turn upon the Children of the Kingdom. And I will tell you what is going to happen. When that time comes, the Children of the Kingdom are going to CHANGE THE GOVERNMENT.

(End of sermon)