His Name Shall Endure, 2-4-68


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-4-68

As we turn this afternoon to our message---'The name of the LORD shall endure forever,’ there is little question about the great truths and the mighty declarations of the Most High. And in these issues we want the people to realize that one of the biggest issues in prophecy of all time and all history, is little understood. For very few people know anything about the name of God. In fact, therefore, the 72nd Psalm said: "His name shall endure forever. His name shall endure as long as the sun."

He tells us that men shall be blessed in HIM and nations shall call him blessed. "For blessed be YAHWEH, the God of Israel, who only does wondrous things. Blessed be his glorious name forever. Let the whole earth be filled with His Glory." Amen--Amen.

Oh, you say, ‘that is a wonderful thing.’ But that is not what it says here. It says ‘blessed be Baal.’ For that is what it says here. The word God is Baal, here. For in ancient Babylon they had a great statue of a dog and that was their god. The word God and the Babylonian word dog are one and the same thing. Did you happen to notice that in this declaration that the word LORD is always Baal? For the word for LORD and Baal are the same thing.

So what does it mean when you find these passages in the scriptures? It SHOULD say ‘blessed be the name that shall endure forever, and his name is YAHWEH.’ Not only is it declared thus, but if you go thru the Old Testament, the original text, then you will discover that the name is YAHWEH. In the Moffett Scriptures it says that the name ought to be rendered YAHWEH, BY ALL MODERN READERS. Now the name Jehovah came into being about 1030 A.D. And it was to be used by students. But the original intention was that it should be rendered YAHWEH. Moffett substitutes the word Eternal. But he has a tremendous chapter. And he talks about this and the name of God is YAHWEH. He also quotes the Rotherham Version. And in this version he devotes a whole chapter in the introduction to the explanation of the name. The reason for its suppression and the need for its restoration. And he makes the statement that the suppression was a great mistake. So great a mistake that it could not be corrected too soon. He said that unwarranted liberty had been taken, and the paths of humility was upon all Christendom to retrace their steps. This substitution of the word LORD is an unhappy substitution. And in no way represents the meaning of the sacred name. The mind has to constantly guard against confusion in its lower use. And direct personal bearing of the name of ‘El’ is injurious.

Thus, what is this pattern of this strange situation? When they translated the King James Version, we recognize that the King wanted the Bible in the hands of his people. And he brought in about 165 men to work on the translation. He brought in 43 of them that were Jews. And they had no business touching anything the Christians had. For they had no concept of direction. So they said, ‘if we take away this name of God,’ as they had taken it out of the Douay Translation . . . When they translated the Vulgate Version, they removed the name of God so that the Douay Version does not have it. So they substituted the word Baalie and they use the word god and Baalie interchangeably. And when they translated from the Greek, they had also removed and eliminated the True name of God.

But I want you to know that HIS name shall endure forever. His name shall continue as long as the sun. And men shall be blessed in HIM. And all nations shall call HIM blessed.

As we turn to II Kings, then Elijah said, 'How long wilt thy halt between two opinions? If YAHWEH be God, follow him. If Baal be god, then follow him.’ And the people answered not a word. And Elijah said, 'I only remain a prophet of YAHWEH.’ But they have even changed this until Baal and Baalie are used interchangeably.

I want to call again your attention to II Chronicles, when David inquired again of YAHWEH, who said, “Go, and turn not away from them. When thou shalt hear that sound from the top of the mulberry bushes thou shalt know that the spirit of YAHWEH is moving. For YAHWEH shall go forth and smite the hosts of the Philistines.” And David did as the spirit of YAHWEH told him, and they smite the hosts of the Philistines from Gideon to Gazar. And the fame of David went thru out all of the land. And YAHWEH brought fear of him upon all nations.

Now this is in the declarations. All obscured for the name of YAHWEH DOES NOT APPEAR, in your translation altho he is the LORD of hosts. He is YAHWEH OF HOSTS, which is the proper declaration.

Now turn again to the Psalms. And again, here in the Psalms, it says, 'I shall declare thy name in the midst of the Brothers. In the midst of the congregation will I praise thee. Yea, the fear of YAHWEH and all of the seed of Jacob shall fear him all of ye seed of Israel.'

And then it says, 'all of the ends of the earth shall remember and shall return unto YAHWEH, and all of the kindred of the kingdom shall worship before thee. For the Kingdom is YAHWEH'S and he is the governor among all of the nations.’ This is the declaration of the 22nd Psalm.

Then come on over to the 72nd Psalm. Again, it is, ‘Thy righteousness, oh, YAHWEH, IS HIGH. WHO HAS DONE ALL OF THESE GREAT THINGS, OH, YAHWEH, who is like unto thee.’ And then starts this declaration of the things which YAHWEH hath done and that His name shall endure forever.

In the 82nd Psalm: ‘YAHWEH standeth in the congregation of the mighty, and He judges among the Elohim.’ This is a declaration of God speaking unto his children. The plurality of YAHWEH is the Elohim. This is plural. And if God had sons and daughters, then they are going to be God's. What did you think they should be? Should they be apes or sons and daughters? And here he is standing among the congregation of the Elohim and says, “How long are you going to accept the persecution of the wicked?”..."I have said that ye are Elohim.”

So again this is the declaration of YAHWEH as to the planting of his sons and daughters in earth.

We turn to the declaration of the 135th Psalm: --"PRAISE YE YAHWEH, PRAISE YE THE NAME OF OUR EL. Praise ye, oh, ye servants of YAHWEH, ye who stand in the house of YAHWEH, IN THE COURSE OF YOUR HOUSE OF YOUR YAHWEH. Praise YAHWEH. For YAHWEH is good. Sing praises unto his name. For it is pleasant. For YAHWEH HATH CHOSEN JOSEPH UNTO HIMSELF AND ISRAEL FOR A PECULIAR TREASURE. For I know that YAHWEH is great and our YAHWEH is above all gods. Whatsoever that YAHWEH chooses to do in the heavens and in the earth, in the seas, and all places as He does. For he bringeth forth the lightening and the wind out of the treasury. He smote the first born in Egypt. He sent serpents into the land of Egypt upon Pharaoh and upon all of his servants. He smote great nations and mighty kings. He smote the land of the Canaanites and others, and then gave that land unto Israel for their heritage. Therefore, thy name, oh, YAHWEH, endureth forever. And thy have a memorial thru all generations.’

Do you know that every place this word LORD has been placed that it means Baal? Yet the scholars have thus translated this, such as Moffett and Rotherham. And they say that, ‘yes the name of YAHWEH has been taken out, but we are now translating it to a name more acceptable to the people.’ But how do you get something else than the name of God more acceptable? How does Catholicism get a name that is more acceptable? HE says, “This is my name. It is YAHWEH.” It is not something that you change. It is the same whether you speak the language of the French or the German, or American. It is still YAHWEH. And there is nothing you can change it into.

Of course, when the Apostle Paul was writing to the Greeks, he said ‘YAH,’ which was the ancient shortened form of HIS name. And then in place of YAH he said Zeus . . . which was the most powerful God in the thinking of the Greeks. He was a powerful God, the absolute God. So therefore, the Apostle Paul writing to the Greeks, who were of Israel, ‘it is YAH Zeuse.’ And from that time on to later translations, and when Mark was down in Alexander, Egypt, he had the name of YAHSHUA REPLACING THE NAME OF YAH-ZEUSE, which Paul used for the Greeks.

Then they translated YAH-Zeus into English, as Jesus. So Yah-Zeus became Yah-Zeuse. And this is admitted by every scholar of scriptures. And that is how we come by the name of Jesus. Of course, every once in a while, we become quite thrilled, for as we think of Jesus, we think of the embodiment of God. We think of how God came in the flesh. And this is not only a majestic truth to the children of God and to the house of Israel, but of course, any association with it or any name that has become associated with it has become a valuable linkage to the people of this race. So anytime you see the name Jesus, the word is YAHSHUA. This means YAH the Savior. Thus, YAHSHUA IS THE SAME AS YAHWEH, FOR I YAHWEH, AM THY YAHSHUA.

In the book of Isaiah, we find that God makes this quite clear. And the literal word in the translations cannot be changed by anyone wanting to improve on the word for the name of God.

Now, ‘thus saith YAHWEH, “He that formed thee, oh, Jacob, oh, Israel, fear not. For I have redeemed thee and have called thee by thy name." The Redeemer of the white race is YAHWEH.

Now . . . 'When thou passeth thru the waters, I will be with thee. And as you go thru the rivers, they shall not overflow thee. When thou walketh thru the fire, thou shalt not be burned. Neither shall the flames be kindled upon thee--FOR I AM YAHWEH, THY EL. I AM YAHSHUA THE HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL, THY SAVIOR." Thus, God makes this quite clear that he alone is their Savior. And HE who is speaking unto them is YAHWEH, and he is also YAHSHUA, the Savior. And beside him there is none else.

Then in the 42nd chapter of Isaiah, HE says, "I am YAHWEH. THAT IS MY NAME." “And my glory I will not give to another.” So you cannot take YAHWEH OR YAHSHUA out and put the word ‘Lord’ there. This is just an abstract word. You have to call HIM by his name. “I am YAHWEH. THIS IS MY NAME! Before new things come to pass, I declare them unto you. Before they spring forth as prophecy, I tell you of them. Sing unto YAHWEH therefore a new song.”

In this same pattern, we turn to the 23rd chapter of Jeremiah verse 23. “Am I a God at hand?” saith YAHWEH, “and not a God afar off? Can anyone hide himself in secret places that I shall not see him?” saith YAHWEH. “Do I not fill the heavens and the earth?” saith YAHWEH. “I have heard what the prophets have said, and they lie in my name, saying that they have dreamed dreams. How long shall this be? What think thee to cause my people to forget my name, so that they speak everyone to his neighbor that they have forgotten my name, and they call me by the name of Baal?”

Now this is a fact. And God speaks out concerning this situation. And HE says that these things are the processes of evil. So again, in this 33rd chapter of Jeremiah: ‘Thus saith YAHWEH, that formed thee and established this, then YAHWEH IS His name. Call unto me and I shall answer thee and show thee great and mighty things, which thou even knowest not.”

Now come over to the book of Hosea, speaking of the climactic days in the latter days. And again HE says, “It shall be in that day, saith YAHWEH, that thou shall call me Ish'-I, the beloved. And thou shalt no longer call me Baalie. And by the multitude of pagan gods and the Babylonian gods, still, the house of Israel shall call me Beloved, and no longer call me Baalie.” So what does this mean? The people, in ignorance, are calling the EL by the names of Baalie, and all of the apostate patterns of the pagans.

Someone says, ‘but it does not make any difference.’ Well then, I guess if your name is Charles, I can call you Joe, and you will answer? Since you did not answer to the name Joe, then it would be a rather strange thing now, wouldn't it? If you do not answer to your name because you are not called by it, then it is a natural thing.

Now great patterns in the scripture and all thru the scripture, it has been that in the name of God all things were possible. And that a magic power of spiritual force was connected with his name. In fact, Jesus said, “That whatsoever thee ask in my name, I shall do.” The Eternal majesty, the Agra pheumas, the eternal spirit, may be thus glorified in his embodiment. “Ask anything in My name, I will do it.”

Oh, you may call him Lord, or you may call Him God, and God may answer your prayers, knowing your heart. But I am going to tell you something. He has no responsibility saying he has to answer. I want you to know that when people call him by his name, this name that was before all things, the name which identifies Him even as Messiah, because of the fact that people call him by that name . . . Let me point out to you that when the Angel Gabriel came to the virgin Mary, he said, “you shall call his name YAHSHUA. This means God the Savior. For he is going to save his people from their sins.” And as He came into the city of Jerusalem, they were singing, 'Hosannah, in the highest, to the 'son of David,' blessed is YAHSHUA WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF YAHWEH.’ And they shouted this and sang this in the New Testament. There was no other way to translate this in the Greek, so you had to leave the name as YAHSHUA. And thus, you realize that the great and mighty declaration of the Most High is that he is going to reestablish his name among his people. And in that day, they shall call him YAHWEH the embodied one, and shall refer to him in his saviorhood as YAHSHUA. YAH, is of course, the short form of the name of God. YAHWEH is the great name, above every name on the face of the earth.

Do you know that the Jews do not use his name? They put a tetragram up, another symbolism. For they do not serve YAHWEH. They serve Lucifer. So they just put up a symbol for the word of God and this satisfies them. And they use the word god. And this does not identify what god. And then people say, oh, the Jews serve god. But they are serving the pagan god Lucifer. And they do not serve the one and only God who is YAHWEH.

And because of this, we find that great confusion has moved out over the face of the earth. But His people are told that “whatsoever ye ask in my name, I will do it.”

So . . . let’s not call God by any old abstract theory. Let’s not say ‘God, God, God, or Lord, Lord. Let’s recognize that if you want results, you call upon him in the name of YAHSHUA. Or you recognize that the Eternal God is YAHWEH-YAHSHUA. For they are one and the same individual. YAH being the tremendous pattern of the name of God. Thus, YAHWEH is the Almighty and YAHSHUA IS SAVIOR. Thus, I, YAH AM THY SAVIOR. I AM THE ALMIGHTY ONE. And I alone am known by this name.

Thus, as we turn thru the Old Testament and the New, that everywhere God's covenants are in the scriptures made upon and thru his name, and by his name. And no place does he honor quickly answering prayer, or fulfilling these other names except when he has mercy upon your ignorance.

But I want you to know, that we are getting ahead in this situation. The other day, one of the men praying in the Congress of the United States said, ‘Oh, YAHWEH, God of Hosts, remember us and save our sons on foreign battlefields. And intervene as you have in the past.’ But he said, ‘OH, YAHWEH.’ And the fact remains that the name is beginning to be used interchangeably by the Clergy. And we turn to Moffett who says that it is not convenient for us to use the name, for people have been so long involved in this other name. But Rotherham said, it does not convey anything. This is one of the biggest losses that Christianity has had. For they do not call their God by his name, when He said He would do anything they asked if they would call by his name.

So the name of Baalie is beginning to leave the mouths of the children of the kingdom. And one of these days, you are going to see from one end of this nation to the other. And then from one end of the world to the other, that the people called by the name of Israel, shall acknowledge YAHWEH AS THEIR GOD AND YAHSHUA AS THEIR SAVIOR. And again, we shall watch the doing away with all of the areas of perfidity. And I tell you to refer to God as Tom or Joe is just as reasonable as referring to him as LORD. For this is one of the things that has also confused people. For when YAHWEH said unto the Elohim. And the Elohim did not know that they were Elohim. And they did not know that YAHWEH was their Father. For they thought that the Elohim came from the process of birth, black, yellow and so forth, for they thought of them all as the same. But now as we move into their new association, then I want you to know that one of the most diabolic thing is this reflex pattern of New York City and out of Washington, D.C. And psychologists are now wanting to reduce all men to the same status, and they are moving thru a strange pattern of social relativity. And in this, their close contract and their Babylonian strange forms are throwing people into a peculiar delusion. They are asking police departments and Hippies and everybody to sit around in a circle and sway to chants of the orientals. And before you get thru, they are in a wild sex orgies. But this is all right. For they are moving for the degeneration of society, and they claim that 30% of the intellectuals have joined them. But these are not intellectually, they are people who are demented.

I think the Herald Express has one of the most diabolical articles as they carry this story and these pictures which they say they are going to continue doing. Then I do not want to receive the Herald Express ever again and a lot of people are saying the same thing. They will not support their advertising. But the magazine has inside of it this great new coming thought. And it tells you that this is the coming thought. And by the year 2000, marriage will be finished. Oh, artificial insemination may have the control for establishing the best of your race. But the program calls for this totally to be under control and you will only have children from the selected parents. But this will be all right. For this is on the construction of the individual and not on the construction of the home. By the year 2000, we will not have anything built around the home. We will have total intellectual consciousness, and an interrelated society.

Well, this may be the plans, but I do not know what would collapse the structure of America any quicker than to do away with the structure of the home. For this would do away with the most vital structure that God has for his kingdom. But if we were to accept the areas of this apostate Journal, then we would think that we were moving into the Communist world in the most complete way. I say one thousand curses upon this publication and may it be removed from the California scene before many years.

Thus we again turn to the declaration that the name of YAHWEH shall endure forever. And in the 90th Psalm, here the declaration is again to the magnitude of God and our existence in HIM. And again, we are told the same story:--"Thou hast been our dwelling place thru all generations."

And what is the word?---YAHWEH hast been our dwelling place thru out all generations. Before the mountains were brought forth. Before He hast formed the earth, the world, or even from everlasting to everlasting, thou art our EL. And one-thousand years in thy sight is as yesterday.

Therefore, these are the declarations of the scriptures. We have been carefully going thru the scriptures. And we note that there exists thousands of places where there has been taken out this name of YAHWEH. And yet this is the most important name on the face of the earth. It is the greatest name that man has ever had the ability to call upon. It is an absolute name, and one that is guaranteed to hear the cry of God's people in conformity with his pattern, his kingdom, and his law.

And as we see these things, then we remember how cleverly the enemy has removed from us the magical, powerful name of our God in which all things shall be answered that you ask for in accordance with HIS will.

And so it is that men go on blindly calling God by many names but never by the word EL, or never by the name of YAHWEH. And never by his embodiment as YAHSHUA. But the Virgin Mary did have a babe and she did call his name YAHSHUA. And this was the name HE was known by as he was growing up in Egypt, in Nazareth and on unto his ministry. No one ever thought of calling him by any other name. Concerning the thoughts of God even in the hours of his crucifixion, or in the hours when he assembled with His disciples, and then when He ascended into the heavens, it was still YAHSHUA THE EMBODIED ONE.

We would point out to you that we may be moving into an age when you will be calling on the name of God more than you realize. And I think that we better get lined up and not dial a wrong number on some other name. We better be calling on the name of YAHWEH and his forces shall forever be seen. Headed by the Great archangel Michael, and yes headed by YAHWEH, himself.

We are approaching these hours when these needs are going to be manifested. And the world is going to know that YAHWEH ALONE IS