History Of The Church, 1-21-65



By  Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-21-65

As we turn to our subject of the church, we must remember that the vital source of it’s power is most significant, especially to those of God’s Household, and especially in an hour when the press and publications of popular magazines are controlled by the enemies of your Faith. They are suggesting that the church must surrender it’s doctrines and the background of it’s teaching. It must participate in the social revolution on the side of the world order, or it will no longer have any use in the world, and will cease to exist.

In fact I listened to a broadcast where the man insisted that unless all the Clergymen of America were willing to step out of their stream of dogma and become active participants in the streets, trying to bring about total equality and total brotherhood, that they might as well close the door of their church. You know? One of the things we are facing today is an attempt by constant and repetitious assault upon principals, doctrines, and foundations of the background of our culture, to sow into mens minds patterns of ideas, until they begin to accept them.

Thus it is that the area where the great strength of the Kingdom of God has it’s vitality is in the Word of God, the Knowledge of God, and in the Instructions of God. From the very beginning we are told in the Old Testament that when God established the Kehillah, and in the New Testament we find the Greek word...Ecclesia....’to call out’, or to gather out, this is the assembly which God formed. This He refers to as His Church. We have mentioned this before, but when Jesus told Peter that upon his confession that He, Yahshua, was the embodiment of God, that upon this confession of Faith He would build His Church. There are those today however who would tell us t hat we must get away from the old dogmas and doctrines of the church, because they are empty and unwarranted. We must charge our attitude of God, and we must change our concept of requiring men to believe in the Deity of Christ before they can participate in the activities of the church. I tell you that this is the enemies campaign to destroy the very church itself.

There is no foundation that any man can lay, whether he is building his own life, or especially if he is thinking of the church and of Christ as the head of the church, there is no foundation that you can lay that is not founded upon Yahweh-Yahshua in the earth. The church is His institution for the declaration of His Word, as His Oracle among men, in His household and in His Nations.

The Kingdom of God is made up of nations, and is made up of the household which is His Family out of which these nations have themselves found their manpower, and their populations. The spiritual center of God’s family, or His nation in the earth, are those He has ‘called out’ to be the instruments both in His worship and in His service. Over the church God has ‘called out’ overseer’s, ministers, He has ordained for the purpose of proclaiming His Word. There is no way today that you can transplant the responsibility of the church to any other institution anymore than you can take away from the nation’s of God’s Kingdom their responsibility of being the frame work of His Kingdom as the administrating agency in the earth.

When we talk about the throne of His Kingdom, this is the seat of authority. It may be temporarily held by men, or women, but God has the right to assume that throne in the earth, and to consolidate all governments into one mighty theocracy which will be the Kingdom you pray for, as you pray.....”Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in Heaven.”

Someone said: ‘do you pledge allegiance to an particular type of government?’ We pledge allegiance to the government of our nation until such hour as Christ assumes control of governments in the earth, and then there shall be no government above the government of Jesus the Christ in the earth. Then there shall be no government above the government of Jesus the Christ in the earth, to rule on earth.....AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. Some people do not recognize this, and thus they do not believe it because they do not understand it. They move with apathy and because of this they have no interest, no knowledge of these things. The reason God established His church was to instruct and to bring to the attention of His people the things they must know, as well as, to carry out all the patterns of spiritual service, and thus relay to the people the energy and vision of what God wanted to have take place.

There is no doubt that as far as the people who constitute God’s Household are concerned that the great vitality of the church, the great final, vital, force of the church as it moves into the climatic patterns of tomorrow, lies in an area which the Scripture must be unfolding. Somewhere inside the Scripture there is a key to vital power inside the church. Somewhere inside the Scripture is a key to Bible power as it relates to those who constitute that church. Because of that it becomes an administrating force inside the nations of God’s Kingdom and inside His Family. Now we know what that source is and we know it’s secret and it’s key. It is to be made know unto God’s nations and His Family, and it is to be found as a great pattern of wisdom and mystery inside the Scripture. There is no question of the pattern of God’s Kingdom, or the transferring of His Celestial children from heaven to earth, or of the forseen Omnipotence of the Most High God in all the patterns of these processes. There is no question of this fact, that the most important thing men can possess is their area of understanding and their cognition of wisdom, and knowledge in it’s purest and most factual status. Thus it is that we have various evidences of various experiences as God called men like Enoch and transplanted them back into spiritual realm’s so that He could give them special instructions. These instructions were sent back to the children of His Kingdom, and they were to write it in a Book to bear testimony of this.

In the areas of the New Testament then there is no more prolific writer, or course, than the Apostle Paul. I think it is quite significant today that all the patterns of apostasy, and extreme modernism, and because they consider it to be extremely modern, is to attack God and to attack the scriptures, but they do this because we are in the latter days, or the climatic area of the latter days which climax in “The Day of the Lord” which also ends this era we are now going through. We see the world order with their powers of darkness, the Luciferian forces. Their political design is Socialism and Communism. By this then their trickery and their false substitute for God’s Kingdom, then the Luciferian forces are making war on the earth in order to retain the earth under their control. But the Kingdom of God has been making progress ever since the covenant of God, made with Adam, to restore and to crush the head of the Serpent through the seed of the Adamic race. Thus it is that we are watching the actual results of these things prophesied by the Prophets for our time. They told us about the areas of deception which would move upon the church to take away all of it’s vitality, all of it’s power, and all of it’s knowledge.

What is being done today is an attempt to take over the consciousness of man. Now; there is no question of the fact that the most important thing which you possess is the use of all your faculties. The possession...until you are fully in control as far as your reaction to your environment, as it relates to the knowledge which you possess. The most important thing which you can know is, facts, knowledge, truth, purpose, and the Will of God. The most important area of its operation is how to draw Spiritual wisdom, knowledge, energy, and how to apply it in a physical world. Do not think for one moment that it is not important how men think because we spend a lot of time talking about the value of education. The enemy, in fact, understands that the most valuable area he can enter into to carry out his project is to change the thinking of a race and a people. To substitute the areas of truth with areas of error, and by doing this to change their whole perspective. The enemy right now with his all out assault on all areas of education proves that this is what he is doing.

We have mentioned before that the enemy has also penetrated the church. We find that Communist youth were trained as ministers. Jew’s who hate our Christ went through the Seminaries to become ministers in some of our Denominations, with the soul desire to change the whole structure of the thinking of the church, and to lay attack against the basic foundation stone of the church which is:.....The Embodiment of God, the Deity of Jesus, and the Relationship of you and I to THE FATHER. In significant patterns they boast of what they have accomplished, and of the fact that they are only interested in Social Revolution, and they penetrated the church to carry it out. In the areas of Education, in our time, we have discovered this penetration has also taken place. They take over entire areas of education and transplant whole areas of thinking that is not factual but which is considered to be authentic. They place this in place of what really is true and is the knowledge of the centuries. So the process being used in the church is, in part, also being used in the areas of the schools. One of the things that they hope to accomplish in education, and they have already started this in New York state, is that they are throwing out all text books which are over ten years old, so that nothing which relates to history or the patterns of geography, or knowledge of 10 years ago can be utilized in education until they have changed it, re-vamped it, and transformed it over into their own revolutionary process. I don’t think they are developing the mind at all now. I think they are making a deteriation here in the whole area of knowledge because they are putting out whole masses of accumulated error in order to put over a program of the World Order. By this process we are watching an attempt to move into the church to mutate the great cardinal doctrines of the Scripture. They worry about it being called a dogma and they say we have to get away from the bigotry of this generation. Well a Dogma is one of those doctrines the church has taught for generations, and generations, which it refuses to change in it’s great and real heart. A person who has accepted what he believes to be a fact of God will not change this, and will not be subject to this transition, and he is then called a bigot.

Now; it is true that there are those who might be bigoted in areas where there is not knowledge, or where their knowledge of Scripture is limited, but a man who refused to disallow the Deity of Christ, or refuses to change the foundation stone of his philosophy and his thinking can be called a bigot. Alright; but you better be a bigot for Christ on what is right rather than be a brain-washed area of destruction inside of your society.

Thus we point out to you that in each and every one of the patterns of revelations that God brings something to the consciousness of the Apostle, or the Prophet, it is to be relayed to them and to the consciousness of Adam-men. The Apostle Paul who wrote so much of the New Testament seems to be under constant attack from the true illiterate ones in the Ecclesiastical and theological world. He also told about his experiences of being caught up into the Celestial world, and into the presence of the Most High God and he said that he could not tell whether he was in the Spirit or in the body. I always liked that Scripture because it proves that the Celestial plane is so close to the physical body that the resident consciousness could not tell whether it was in the body or out of the body. So tangible and real was this motivation in the Celestial plane, and in the conversations with God, and in the instructions from Angel’s, and in the meeting with our family in heaven, and in earth,...who the Apostle Paul tells us...that all this family of God are named both in heaven and earth, named in the Eternal Name of the Father.

Understand this process then, for the Apostle was to come back to tell us that if there was any one thing which was the responsibility of the church, and of those who comprise it, then it was ‘be not conformed to this world.’

You say: but Dr. Swift, you mean that we shouldn’t be conformist? I am going to tell you that in a lot of ways this may be the most important piece of instruction you can get. Do not be a conformist just because the World Order says that if you don’t conform with the world order that you are out of step. Do not conform with the way the world order thinks or you will find it hard to differinciate from the world order, then God save us from that.

“Be not conformed to this world.” Romans 12:2. Do not think like the world order thinks. The process of the world thinking can be honeyed up until many people are lost in it’s philosophy. They are making it appear as tho the world order strategy is to support a world ‘brotherhood.’ They give lip service to God in a vague way, as the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man, and ‘let’s all be brothers’ together in a One World program and just ‘love every body.’ But it is not brotherly love or sisterly love that they are talking about. It is utter passion, and lust, that they want to bring together in one wild orgie for the destruction of your race and the loss of all racial self-respect. Oh yes, they talk about brotherly love but this pattern of brotherly love would embrace all gods, all religions, and would even see a sanctimonious Texan reach high patterns in society and leadership in this country, and then turn around and talk about how we must embrace all areas of religion and all societies and bring them together and everybody just love everybody. Why? So that they can rub out those words...’Be not conformed to this world.”

Someone said: but you have to live in the world? Yes. But let’s shape it according to the standard of Our Father. Let’s transform the world into the image He gave us for it. That is what we came here to do.

“Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.” Our responsibility isn’t to conform the Kingdom of God to the patterns of Lucifer’s kingdom. It is to transform the earth into the pattern that God has set for it, which includes even bringing Lucifer to his knees. Now; it takes power to bring Lucifer to his knees, and it takes more power than Lucifer has, therefore there are certain things you must recognize. The Apostle Paul says: ‘Be not conformed to this world...but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.

I want you to know that to conform and to have your mind renewed by the Might Wisdom of Yahweh-God is one of the most important things which can happen to an individual. The renewal process is a continual process as God restores to the inner consciousness, in the areas of cognition of an individual, the knowledge of God, the facts of God, the facts of creation, the facts of science, the facts of substance, the facts of everything worth knowing in the occupation of the earth and in the transitions which shall take place in this environment.

Individuals then have instructions and the Apostle Paul then tells you what the secret is. People are always talking about people being reactivated, and regenerated, so what is the process by which people are transformed? It is through their mind, which is renewed with the Wisdom they had with the Father before the world was framed. In Ephesians you are told that you were already blessed in all heavenly places in Him before the world was framed. Thus it is that we, the children of the Most High, have been given promises and told many things in the Spiritual realms. We have spirit which is spirit of His Spirit and we are the essence of His Spirit. We have been begotten of incorruptible seed, that lives and abides forever. Therefore, transferred into a physical world we were told that we were not to think like the world thinks, because the world never retained very much in the areas of true knowledge every since the Luciferian invasion. But the children of God came from heaven to earth, and their spirits could think His thoughts and they could occupy a physical body. And their soul consciousness which is spiritually guided, had unlimited heights of knowledge, of science, and technology, and attainment, but the foundation fact was....who their father was and who they were, and what the Kingdom consisted of and what they were here to carry out.

I tell you this afternoon that there is nothing more important for us to understand than that the Wisdom of God and the Knowledge of God which is functioning cognition point inside of your own consciousness, and which is His Spirit, can make known to your spirit by re-turning and re-newing all these things which are vital of truth and which are of His purpose. Thus this renewing process goes on. The secret of God sending His Family to earth was spirit, and it had to be people that were spirit of His Spirit, people totally identified with Him. When we talk about kinship with God then God who is Our Father became one of us, out of His own race, and He referred to us as Kinsmen, and we refer to Him as Father.....relatives! Jesus the Christ was embodied in the earth and His physical body had only His Spirit which was ascendancy above it, and as such He was spirit, soul, and body, the Eternal God. But remember these words of Jesus as He said: “He who hath seen me hath seen the Father.” John 14:9. In otherwords, “ I and my Father are one, and no man can thus approach the Father if He does not come to me, for I am the Father, and I am the way, I am the way you reach Him, for I and the Father are one.”

Now; we have those who say: we don’t want that dogma anymore, we don’t want anything supernatural in our Faith, or in our religion. We want to be accepted by the world. But the world will only accept the Kingdom of God when the Kingdom has lost its power.

Now; I am not interested as to whether we have the approval of those who are of the minions of the World Order. Inf act, we might be ashamed of ourselves if they like the things which are true because their design is to hold the world and to keep it from developing into a Kingdom of God under the administration of His Nations, His people and His Church.

In this instance then: “Be not conformed, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” So when we give the declaration to you that it is important that your mind be filled with the declarations of God, and the knowledge of His purpose then this is what we are talking about. In this alone do we find the development of His Kingdom, and the security of your race. This is why God transplanted a people from heaven to earth, to keep alive this very Word culture. Today they don’t like this word ‘culture’, and I find that there are some areas of education where they will not let the word Aryan be used, or the word culture as it relates to race. But I want to point out to you that this culture grows stronger day by day. As the years go by from the day God planted you in the earth, the accumulation of knowledge and experience has increased of the declaration of His Word, and the things which He had instructed the Patriarch’s and Prophet’s to declare. Thus it is that as long periods of time went on, you have become stronger in areas of accumulated history and background than was the case in earlier days of your race. Behind that, your spirit brings with it all the background of experience with The Father, before the world was framed. Thus when the ‘Paraclete’ which is the essence of the Intellect of God, was to ascend as a great wave of blessing upon the children of His Kingdom, then is fulfilled: “Unto you it is given, unto them it is not given.” Even the spirit which the world cannot receive. You can receive it, and this spirit brings truth and all things to your remembrance, it leads you to all truth. There is nothing today that is as important as possessing the factual knowledge of all truth.

The world is trying to tell us that the most important area of property value and the possession is the things that we can accumulate. But fire or earthquakes can sweep through a city, or tornadoes can ravish an area, and these tangible things are gone. Those most prized possessions can be destroyed, they can be restored or removed. You can take all the facets of those things you surround yourselves with in your lifetime and watch them all be swept away, but what is the most valuable asset that you have which they can’t take from you? It is your knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, your inheritance of truth. With this you can re-gain anything you are intelligent enough to re-acquire. You can re-make anything that has been made. You can re-do anything which has been done, but lose this part of consciousness and lose this wisdom and knowledge and you become a Zombie in the earth.

We have around us today too many people who think they have made it. That they have attained, they have arrived, and they are walking under apathy, that their minds are in bondage and the reason for it is because they haven’t been in contact with truth. Sometimes it is because the religious hierarchies, which they call the church, hasn’t delivered it to them. But the great vital promise for this hour is that God said: “I am going to pour out my Spirit upon my sons and my daughters, I am going to reactivate my institutions, the kingdom is coming into it’s greatest power, it’s greatest glory, and my sons and my daughters are coming into their greatest manifestation.” It is going to come with the renewing of the consciousness, the reactivation of the areas of the intellect.

We point out to you again this design of the enemy in order to destroy this great panorama of built in culture, these patterns of knowledge which you inherited from your forbearers, they wish therefore, to integrate your society, they wish to mutate the receptive devices of the inner makeup of your being which God has provided here physically for your consciousness to dwell in. Because as you mongrelize the races, you mutate the instrument, and it receptivity, and you destroy it’s ability to move with that cultural background that is normally in relationship to it. That is one of the reasons they are trying to tell us today that we must throw aside the old doctrines and teachings of the church and just move into a world melting pot. Then go through a social revolution which will destroy our race. You would be swallowed up in darkness, in the unassimilatable forces. We tell you that the secret power is SEPARATION. Hear this now; we tell you that the secret of power for the church is to be separated from the world order in it’s close association. The secret of the church is to occupy the earth, and to build the Kingdom, but not to integrate it’s thinking with the thoughts of the World Order which has already failed and is under judgment before God. Not to integrate your society with blood which is different and with races which you cannot assimilate. Not to mutate the program of God’s Kingdom, but to “come out from among them and be ye separate”, saith the Most High God.

He said: “I want to continue to be a God and a Father unto you in all your generations, to continue this you have to preserve this area of culture, and to do this you are going to have to have your mind renewed with Spiritual Law, and Knowledge, and Understanding.” This renewing process calls you out....again. The church is ‘called out ones’ called out by God to become a spiritual force in directing of the thinking of the community. It has it’s impact on the whole facet of this area of society. I have just returned from areas of Idaho, and those with us will tell you that these were practically all white communities. Negro’s were almost unknown in this area, but we are living in a time when in order to carry out the objective of the world order, we have leaders in our nation who say: we are going to mix these races. So they have been sending Negro’s into these areas, I presume, to extend their poverty programs, as there are no jobs available there. In fact, on the projects along the Columbia River and up into Washington, and through the Northern parts of Idaho, they are bringing them in even though there are not enough jobs for the white men of these areas. What is the design? To force integration, to force mongrelization, to force an acceptance, to take people out of their pattern and push world order, everywhere.

When we were in San Francisco recently they told us that the design is to move at once for instance, in Murin city which is almost completely Negro. They are going to take these Negro’s and bus them all over and put them in white suburban schools where they have no Negro’s. They are going to haul little boys and girls in the whole country into Murin city and put them in Negro schools. There is a pattern of depravity and disease which is higher among these Negro’s and thus they have more problems with crime and sex offenders with the integration of these people, but still they are not satisfied. They declare they are going to throw these masses together until they produce what they call a complete and total “MELTING POT” in America. When the boards in education under pressure as they are afraid of losing Federal money unless they go the way of Cain, take us down the road to Sodom and Gomorrah, then it is time that we as a church (the called out ones) become vitally alive with a proclamation of truth, and lift us such a shaft of Light that it becomes as a flame lit all across our country, in order that Esau might become stubble.

Everywhere, the pattern is the same, there are whole areas where they have had none of these problems, but today those who are trying to produce a world order, to substitute the thinking of the world for the program of the Kingdom, are going to use all their power, all their instrumentality to move this great social cesspool all over America. I point out to you that the preservation of your faith and of the power which is derived from the knowledge and wisdom of God moves thru this re-activation of “Thus saith the Lord”...., and the knowledge of His Word, must be based on the purpose of God and the Person of God. There is no doubt that we have been placed here in the midst of conflict, and a great number of our people are trying to neutralize the areas of the conflict for themselves, by taking no part in this matter. We have referred to them before as neither hot nor cold. Jesus said: “because ye are neither hot nor cold I shall spew thee out of my mouth.” He was talking about this Ladoicean Church Age in which you are I are living in. On the other hand, generally speaking, this person who is neither hot nor cold never warms up and moves into the field of the right. Generally he cools off and moves into the field of the left, and the person who claims he is in the middle generally is one who is a hindrance and stands still for destruction. A great number of people are motivated by numbers. They look out over the nation and they think that since T.V. and Radio and Newspapers are lifting up the standards of the world order, and are transplanting good old Christian Americanism with something utterly foreign to our forefathers, and to our inner knowledge, and therefore America must surrender to this because the world is all going this way.

In fact the other day a man said: ‘Dr. Swift, I would like to help in this because I think you are right. I would like to participate in causes which are right, I would like to identify with what you believe, but I am bothered always by all these people in Industry who think we are wrong. That makes me realize that I can’t be right and all these people wrong, now can I?’ To this man I said: ‘Listen. Let every man be wrong and God be true.’ In the days of Elijah there were times when only Elijah had the courage to speak out. Only the people who secretly believed gained protection, and found a haven to keep alive the truth in that hour. When God got through in that hour they had cut the heads off all those rascals and Elijah’s God was back in power and Elijah was the most important man in the whole realm of Israel. I am not against that today really, for we are in an hour when there is a struggle for survival of our society.

Even now the conditions of the hour are hauling our boys off to the area of Asia to chop their heads off before their Pagan god’s of Communism and Socialism, and all the Asiatic hoards. Someone asks: ‘you are not against the war effort are you Dr. Swift?’ I am 100% for total war on the devil, but lets use our intelligence and not waste our sons.

There is no place where the church takes issue with the devil. There is no place where the church takes issue with the nations of God, and the responsibility off service to these nations which God has established. But we are very much disgusted when we listen to the processes which take the enemies of our Faith and name them to positions of high responsibility and of course when you are dealing with the devils counsel then you are in trouble. I am a little fed up anyhow with all this talk about the United States Ambassador Goldberg. I want you to know that he doesn’t represent me. Of course devils always stand up in a devils house, and with as many red background conditions as he has had, then he should never have been on the Supreme Court. But we have also had Brandeis, and Frankfurter, and we have had Goldberg, but now we have another who isn’t any better. With the selection of this Jew for high office, we have selected one of the most unselectaable Jew’s for high position in the whole history of our country. This man is one of those who helped in the framework of the ‘New Deal’ when the NRA was an attempt to take over all of our Industry. It planned the buying and selling of our goods, and in the control of the crisis which was hitting America, all private Industry and private Enterprise, and all areas of retail trade was effected. When we had a Supreme Court worthy of self respect they through this out as Unconstitutional, and this is one of those Jew advisors who helped to pack the Supreme Court. His associates were the power behind whole areas of the legal creation of the ‘New Deal’ and the decisions of Jewry for the ‘Brain Trusters.’ And his cigar smoking wife has made a name for herself in the areas of the tax field, and the Income Tax pattern. When this man was selected it was a total insult to all intelligent Christian Americans in these United States. But I notice that the newspapers all over the country are saying: this is the Jew seat on the Court and it had to be filled by a Jew. I tell you that if the Church of Jesus Christ was to repudiate whole areas which are trying to conform to the teaching of the world, they could change America in a 30 day period with: “Thus saith the Lord”, and you would see lots of changes.

There is no question of the fact that God says: ‘renew the mind.’ If He renewed the mind of your race, and this He is doing through those awake, but if He renewed the mind of your race as to their responsibility to their Faith, and the preservation of their culture, you would realize that the most important thing you could do is to preserve the thoughts and the foundation of Divine Law. Oh! Someone says, we would never make any progress, we would never gain anything. Let me tell you something....how are you going to progress beyond all factorial knowledge? You can’t! There is no science or physics beyond all practical knowledge, which God used to put the whole thing together with. There is no area of understanding which goes beyond that which the Father who put all thing together has ordained. There isn’t anything which some one knows which God didn’t know before them, and didn’t know right ...and not in error.

So God says: ‘being spirit of my spirit there is no limit on knowledge, no limit on power, and the great secret power of the church is.....TRUTH. This Truth as it related to God, and as it relates to sons, this truth as it relates to His Kingdom is the power. So therefore, to refuse to accept disintegration is not error, and let no one tell you that it is.

I look back over the last 35 years or so, and I see nothing which the world order has substituted for good old fashioned Christian American Statesmanship, and good old fashioned foundations in life and living...which are very progressive. I can tell you that the greatness of our nation came based on laws of morality and integrity. Based on standards of righteousness which are a part of the scriptures. Today just as the scriptures say:...like it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, and here churches like the Methodist Church here in San Francisco and others, are promoting homosexuality and depravity and degeneration, just to get into this great loving Brotherhood day which is called to talk about the World Order. Let me tell you that it would be better for these churches to loose their buildings, lose their identity and cease to exist, then sell depravity to the people of our nation. This is why I tell you that these institutions don’t have a form of Godliness anymore. You would be better off at the race track, than in the Methodist Church in San Francisco, for it is not even as good as a social club anymore. Why? Because they have not only moved from all areas of moral integrity, but they actually support practices of depravity in the name of love. The Devil is a lover, for he seduced Eve right in the beginning when Eve was deceived, altho Adam knew better. Adam already knew that there was nothing in this area for him, for god had already told him what not to do, but Eve was deceived. Adam participated in this violation of law and brought upon us catastrophe for our race. God in His Grace had established a household, a line, a seed, so he said:..I will restore it, and He is in this process of restoration. He has not only accepted this line thru Seth and preserved the race, but you and I are inheritors of this pattern, and the genealogy of Christ, as well as your genealogy goes right on back down to Seth, and back to Adam and to Yahweh, God.

I tell you that it is not your responsibility to go out here and try to please the world. We have too many people who think that we need public relations officers from the Kingdom of God, to go out and please the world. What we need is Power for the Kingdom of God to overthrow Lucifer, and then rule the world with Righteousness. There is quite a strategy today to take you over by repetition. The World Order has communication control, and they just keep repeating things over and over. You may think you don’t pay any attention buy you do, you may not think the repetition makes any impression, but it sinks into your head. You suddenly wonder if Blonde’s really do have more fun, and this gets you to think which companies could produce you with the best looking blonde hair. All of these repetitions stick in your head and you at different times think about them, and these producers know that this will always work in you. Even you children can tell you every commercial they have heard on T.V. and Radio, because they have heard them so many times. It is about time they were taught ...’Thus saith the Lord,” and all the basic scripture instructions, they should hear.....and repeat them many times.

So again the design is to take control of your thinking process to subordinate your society. To instill inside of you the wrong kind of guilt complex. The true pattern of the working of conscience is the by product of the stored up reactions of the culture which God has established by the accumulated wisdom of your race. It is areas of responsibilities to His Law, and to the proper conduct....there may be changing opinions and standards that make from one generation to another, this acceptable and that not acceptable, in public functions, and action, but generally speaking again it is the great mass responsibility of this race to those things still within it that determines which is proper conduct. You will find that in the structure of your race that there can be areas of disobedience, and areas of temptation, and transgression of Divine Law, but a strong conscious continually brings that person to an inner judgment, until they want to rectify this, and thus the great adjusting work of the Grace of God keeps in His Church a continual order of Grace. The individual is repentant as his consciousness activates him to the fact that he has violated the law, or is in error and then he asks for forgiveness, for he knows he has Eternal Life and that the Grace of God reaches out to him. You don’t need a psychiatrist or a hypnotist, or a psychologist, and you do not need the World Order as a substitute for the Word of God.

Now:...within this same structure today the one thing which destroys the delicate balance of consciousness is to try to conform to the world order and its thinking. Then to watch the attempt to mutate our race so that there is no conscience hitched to this past culture and spiritual heritage that may function. God said: ‘now don’t you have any union with these people for your bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit, and their bodies are the temple’s of idols. There is nothing here for any such union....and you produce children of that union and I cannot be a father to that progeny. I cannot be a father to this unassimilatable offspring without any ability to respond to my spirit.’

“Come out from among them and be ye separate”, may all the judgments of God fall upon all the powers of darkness and all the dupes who try to integrate America into an unassimilatable God condemned mass.

It is time for we as a people to recognize that the great vitality of God’s Church is in truth, in knowledge, and in a realization that we are the children, the heir’s, to the power to bring this to pass. Therefore as we coordinate our thinking with His law’s and with His Word, and we raise no barrier in our consciousness against Him, but we do raise a barrier in our consciousness against all this is in opposition to Him. By this process we not only get stronger in the function of Our Faith, but we become invincible in the areas of our environment and eventually in earth which God established as His Kingdom. God is going to retake the earth which is His plantation, and you are going to participate in this process. Therefore let me point this out to you, instead of given accent to the areas of error, you will continue to build resistance against it, until the whole fiber of your thinking is built around those things which are true...those things which are of God.

As men start to think rightly and to think correctly, and bring to their consciousness the related adjustment to ‘thus saith the Lord’, it isn’t long before even their process and their desire is moved into the area which is right. They find themselves opposing evil, because they are against everything which is associated with evil, and everything which is of evil. I point out to you that there is a Holiness which descends upon the children of God which is a wave of thinking that moves in a flame of Light. That pits them against the rascals and puts them against Lucifer and his family and their degeneration. Today they are beating into your heads the thinking of the pit, Luciferian witchcraft, and all areas of doctrines of their false religions and pagan sounds they have brought together into a strange pattern of beats and rhythm.

Now; this is a strategy to take over the thinking process, to dull it and to mutate it. Someone says: ‘but this is a very popular thing, they sell more of this type of music than they do of anything else.’ Well, that’s because the average person isn’t rushing out to buy much music, and the bewitched are just buying a lot, but it isn’t music. You can’t use the amount of money these areas of destruction made as a gage as to whether a thing is acceptable or not, for the world order is bigger than you are. The children of the bond woman are more than those of the free. The white race is only 1/6 of the world’s population and apparently most of them are asleep because they have been drugged by this whole wave length of thinking wrong, listening wrong, and feeling wrong, because of the impact of these things on their conscience. We are calling today for Christian’s to build a wall of resistance against this whole vibration of darkness, and lift up the Standard of God, and then spread it as a spiritual catalyst to those who make up their race, and then occupy for the Kingdom and put the world in order, even it has to be the application of the Law of Righteousness with a rod of Iron.

I am totally convinced that as we talk about supernatural power, we are talking about a great force which moves through individuals out of the spirit, and into their consciousness, and from their spirit to their soul consciousness. So that gives them the ability to know and to apply and to catalyze the forces and the energies of the Universe...and this works. When God sheathed Himself in flesh and walked among us, and we beheld...a man among men, He left off the radiant effulgence of His aura, and thus He looked as men round about Him as far as the physical envelop which surrounded His Spirit was concerned, but He had a knowledge, and He hadn’t lost any of it, or left any of it somewhere else. He knew all things, He knew how all things were put together. He had one thing which was more vital than all the assets of those of His enemy, of their palace’s, their armies, and their OGPU’s. He had more than all their assets all put together, and even the winds and the waves obeyed Him, and they never obeyed His enemy. With His command He could call the very dead out of their graves, and put them back inside their bodies, and they walked the earth, and His enemy could not do this. With the touch of His fingers He could open blind eyes, and unstop deaf ears by command, and He could heal the sick. This, my friends, His enemies could not do. He had a knowledge that transcended all round about Him. He knew the names of those about Him, and He knew Zacchaeus when he climbed the tree, He knew Nathaniel when he stood under the tree. He knew everyone...knew who they were, for He had Omniscience, for this was the embodiment of God. Within the areas of how things operated, there was nothing that was lacking in Jesus the Christ. The world order is trying to wean the church away from Jesus the Christ, and is saying that if Jesus was as informed today as modern theologians, He would have something else to say.

Let me tell you...if modern theologians knew as much as Jesus did they would be hiding in the rocks, and the mountains for their blaspheme today. I want you to know that we have nothing today to be ashamed of because of its antiquity. You might think its old fashioned, but if it is old fashioned enough, it is newer than tomorrow.

We may talk about the progress we have made as our technology under inspiration has speeded up, the riding of the horse and the chariot, until today we are moving thru space. We think we are real smart, but we aren’t as smart as we were before we came here, before then we have devices which make these look as tho they are primitive. Besides, we arrived here didn’t we, and I point out to you that there is nothing new under the sun which has not been known in the areas of wisdom and of knowledge.

Now:..it is an obvious thing that the people who come out with all the areas of progress in science and in technology in our time, that have led the world in obtaining this are the people of the white race, the Adamic seed. You can talk today of the technology of our enemy, but you see they stole our secrets. You can talk today about the great forces aligned against us, but it is their great weight in numbers and their stolen secrets and not because they are smarter or are developing something deadlier or more dangerous. There isn’t any weapon which is ever formed against the Kingdom of God which can prosper. I tell you this afternoon that the Eternal Father said: ‘I will endue you with power from on high.’

The story of the New Testament Church is a story of miracles, and great functioning attainment when endued with power. The structure of our civilization which has been built upon the standards of God, the moral patterns of His Word, and the declaration of “Thus saith the Lord” is our standard. I don’t have much time for ministers who say: ‘I don’t have time for morality, I am only interested in spirituality.’

They say...’but the program of God is not a moral function, it is a spiritual function.’ I tell you that the program of God is a by function of all of the forces of spirit, from Celestial to physical realms. We are not looking for the fact of perfection having been obtained in physical embodiment outside of The Man Christ Jesus...as yet, but we are looking for a people who have the power of that perfection, already working in them whose spirit is already perfect having been begotten of incorruptible seed.

When we talk of the work of the church, it is for the church to set the pattern for “Thus saith the Lord”...to every condition which exists in our environment. It is every process that is worth your participation in and there is an area of attitude upon it either right or wrong, and this becomes the foundation of your society, position, and culture. Because of this we tell you that if we want to preserve our race and our culture then we better rehinge it upon our Father, and remember again our Father and His Word. Because when we lose the concept of the teaching of our Father, who knows more than all the rest, and who is the source of all knowledge, we have turned our back on progress and are on the way down. When I was a boy, who ever heard of a progressive Income Tax bothering anyone? Who ever heard of having an unassimilatable people turned upon you and into your schools, and your society as a good change? When I was a small boy I was told that there was a social responsibility one had to their family and to their community, and it was based upon conduct. I was told that there were some things I was not to do irrespective of the pattern that it was not right to do it, but I was not to do it. I was to carry the responsibility of my family, for my families honor rested upon me, this was told to us. We were told as a society and as a people, that we were higher than the layer of life which debases themselves in the violation of law. I was told to discriminate in the picking of my companions. I was told to reject those who’s ways of vice or procedures were not according to the standards of my God. I was told that if I did not discriminate that I would bring disgrace upon my family and upon myself. I was told that if I did not do this I could not build, unless I selected that which is right.

Today I am told that I am anti-social if I discriminate. But it is time we instructed our youth and our nation that we must again find that ‘heirestocracy of God that will not permit ourselves to be debased by that which is degenerately lower. You may well remember how your mothers and fathers taught you to select, and who to go with. They forbade you to associate with this group and that group...why? Because they were basing their selection on their inheritance, and on their culture, and on the standards of their God, and on the standards of righteousness. Today the sleeping juvenile delinquency, the strange masses of twisted minds, the great gangs which tore up our resort area, and threatened homes and whole areas of our society, this is the product of turning from....”Thus saith the Lord;” to Brotherhood of the world.

I want you to know also that under this structure you didn’t have to worry about the government coming in to cease your farm, or tell you what to plant, or what not to plant, or to put you in jail because they didn’t like what you planted. They even want to tell you what to do with your horses. Under “Thus saith the Lord” you didn’t have to worry about whether the country was going to be flooded with Asiatics or Negroid’s’s, or whether the Congress was going to sell you out for patronage. You didn’t even dream of that, for we had immigration laws to keep America white and Christian, and we were proud of it. These were the Law’s of God.

Today you have much to worry about, and one of the strangest things out of that are things which nobody expected. We learned this while in Idaho when visiting with those people about this situation. They said: ‘do you know what is happening up here? The KKK is forming up here all through Idaho and we are going to join it and help keep Idaho white and Christian. I only mention this because there wasn’t any activity like that going on up there, and these people themselves had no relationship to anything tied in to that kind of activity. But this threat, this degeneration, this catastrophe, this destruction which accompanies this whole process of violation of Divine law is starting to have another effect. God is starting to pour His Spirit, He is starting to stir His people, and fire is beginning to moved back, and they will find that the Spirit of God will renew their minds, and they will fight for their Faith. They will stand and be a unmovable as a rock, in these United States.

Let me tell you this:...the church is a living institution, and as such will carry out all that God has ordained, and the gates of hell will not be able to stand against it. And these voices and Ecclesiastical leaders who were born in socialism, or were brainwashed, their mouths became the gates of perdition for the Kingdom of God. But they are not going to take over the church. You are going to see the Great Christian Church of God grow and spread with dynamic power until it empties these houses of apostasy, and woe to those who sought to betray America, with all their false prophecies, and all their patterns of darkness.

We are living in the Latter Days, and I will tell you who is in command....it is not the OGPU out of Washington or out of London, or out of Moscow, it is going to be the hosts of the Most High God, and His own administering spirits.

We are talking about a spiritual realism of vitality which moves upon the people of God, because they are the children of God, for they can receive the unction of spiritual power which can transform them, and renew them. Therefore you bear testimony to the truth. Irrespective of what they seek to sell you in the areas of propaganda, just fill an auditorium with Americans, and give us the same amount of time as the propaganda speakers and we will come out of there with segregationists instead of integrationist’s. We will come out with Christians who are suddenly alert, and we are going to have people on fire, to make the change and to restore the Kingdom of God, and they won’t be able to take over. You say:..How do they know? Well, there is 149 million of us and if you took all the masses of the minorities, all the objectionable forces, they wouldn’t made up more than 45 million. Now that is a lot, but they won’t be here long. Some of them will be taken out to a place they don’t know about and others will discover that they can’t destroy America and live in it. When God gets thru taking out the tares this will be a fine place to live. Therefore, everything I have told you is in this Bible, and don’t tell me that God never called on His Church to fight. The Apostle Paul said:...”Have you resisted to blood?”

One of these days our Father will come swooping in with His Flagship of space, and He will say: ‘Bring hither these mine enemies who will not have me to reign over them, and slay them before me.’ After that America, and the rest of the Kingdom will be free, from that day forward, and forever. Read that in the Book of Luke.

Alright, you want to know the source of vital power? It is right here where you think. When you get thru thinking and you are in synchronization with God then you are charged. When you listen a little bit to what the world order tells you, then you are depressed, so take your choice, are you going to be charged with truth and vision or are you going to be depressed by the world order and surrender?

So we say: “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth, as it is in heaven.” There is no day as great as tomorrows sunrise. There is no hour ahead of you which will not be greater than yesterday, as you move forward into the hour of Victory for God’s Kingdom.

(End of this message)