History Of Israel And The Church, 3-7-65


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 3-7-65

As we turn this afternoon into our discussions of Israel and the church, it is very important for us to recognize that in all of the areas of activities that take place today in this great Christian nation, there is nothing as disturbing to the enemies of Christian civilization and God's kingdom than the spread of knowledge and truth. It is this spread of knowledge and truth that sets men free from the superstition and fear that they hold. But it also causes them to understand their responsibilities before God and before their nation. It causes them to recognize that they must become dedicated for the carrying out of this which they yearn for . . . 'Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in the earth as it is in heaven.' This is also with the realization that this is Biblical and also prophetic. It is the triumphant success of the kingdom of God in the earth and is assured with omnipotent power as well as Omniscience of knowledge that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall proclaim the recognition of the Deity of Christ and of His kingdom as it takes over with power in the earth. And each and every one of you are going to participate in it. For in the ages past, there has been every attempt and design to distress the kingdom and every avenue unto it.

Today there is nothing the enemies of evil are more afraid of than the spread of truth. If they can stop truth and keep people in ignorance, if they can continue to propagandize them, and to consummate their strategies and in the takeover every Christian society in the world for their Babylonian substitution today of World Government.

The most important single instrument among the nations of God's kingdom is HIS Church. And it is a rather interesting thing today that the attempt is made to separate the people who constitute His church from the covenants and inheritance which are theirs from the Old Testament and the New, and to make them believe that by some added activity of God, they have been permitted to participate in something which belongs to the Jews.

I want you to know that the Jews have no part nor lot in the kingdom of God, now, and forever. The reason why I bring this forward is because every attempt is now made to suppress the Gospel of the Kingdom, even in patriotic assemblies in which people have become aware of who they are and where they are in relationship to truth. For in these latter days, the knowledge and the truth is going to be brought back to the attention of people who have been in ignorance of their own identity, and the areas of covenants and promises accordingly that relate unto them.

We point out that in the background of such discussions that attempts are made to set up an area of acceptance to a type of theology that was totally created by those who are now trying to usurp your destiny and your place. We point out that in the past this is one of the problems that has existed for the church. Those forces who have sought to stop the program of God's kingdom have sought to do this by penetration. Having gained entrance to all people thru out the periods of time, they have sought to place their opinions in place of the opinions of God and to take over by that procedure, seeking to obscure that which God has declared. It is by this very process that the Church, by the middle of the second century, found that not being able to stop the Church, the enemy was now joining it and seeking to change its doctrine, while making themselves authorities on Hebrew or Greek, or the other phases of theology which they thought was essential to their control. By the time we came to this point, we find they were seeking to separate from the scriptures those doctrines which they could not control. They definitely wanted to eliminate areas of biblical knowledge that would clearly mark the identify of the enemy. But they could not understand how to obscure all of the truth. Anything that did not give eternal punishment into the hands of the Eternal Priesthood, they sought to remove and very carefully sought to remove many many of these volumes. They sought to eliminate such Gospels as the Gospel of Nicodemus and the Gospel of Thomas, and a great number of others. They sought to hide some of the scrolls on the background of your race and its covenants. In fact, your Bible now has preserved for you, a great panorama of truth. The oldest book you have in this Bible is the book of Job. And of course it goes back and is contemporary with Enoch, at about 5000 B.C. But the average Bible student would not know this because he starts with the book of Moses, and of Genesis. And those first five books go back to about 1480 B.C. In other words, this is approximate time these volumes were produced. This is no exertion upon the accuracy of which Moses wrote. But what I am pointing out is that the book of Job is older than the books of Moses, because he wrote it about 5000 B.C. But every attempt is made when starting here to give the concept that the people of the Old Testament were Jews. And that for areas of obedience then God set them aside and in a new program set up HIS church. And the church is made up of all people all over the earth, and is God's second plan . . . the first one having failed. And these who would change this, seek to protect themselves and cover themselves from all of the necessary activities by which they seek to take over the world. Not for Christ, but for their own and various activities. They seek to make it apparent that if you resist those who have this strategy, that if you seek to resist this people even tho disobedient, still were under a special protection, and you have to bless them or all of the courses of their god will fall upon your head.

Now this strategy is the strategy they have successfully used to negate the knowledge of the church that God has retained in avenues of great wisdom and knowledge. And because they lack the spiritual understanding, they were not able to delete this out of all areas of the book. They were unable to cover up even with their influences upon it the great secrets left only to you in these scriptures. So we point out to you that an attempt is being made today by some who are patriots, to warn of an attempt that is being made to destroy your faith and your race. They have been opposed to the communist forces that are trying to enter their nation and destroy it. Thus we have those who oppose this and we are aware that there are those who are very active across the nation in this same program. They have been proclaiming the: “Thus, saith the LORD.”...the blueprint of scripture concerning this matter. And I want you to know this, this afternoon, the truth of the spread of the kingdom has awakened more people to their racial responsibility. Has awakened more people to their responsibility as Christians to oppose the powers of darkness, to fight the powers of the Antichrist, and to preserve their nation. Has done this more than any other activity, and has been able to stir people. And irrespective of what area of activity they are associated with, that know their relationship and the purposes of God and are almost unerringly never swayed in their drive to bring the kingdom in.

Oh, there are those that move sometimes with fear. And there are those who never caught a proper spiritual delineation. And they go out from you. And Jesus said, “They who go out from us are not from us.” So this is not too significant. The important thing is that the kingdom is tangible and real. I want you to understand today that the church is made up of the people who were called Israel. I want you to know that at no time were the Jews called Israel, except as they sought to usurp this position of authority, by knowing just who Israel was. We point out to you the background of this Book. It is written in the Old Testament to a race. And the New Covenant is with the same people, with whom the Old Covenant was made. He said, “I will make a new covenant with the House of Israel and with the house of Judah.”

Let me point out to you then that in this area of understanding, it must become important for you to know, that the Apostle Paul who wrote almost all of the epistles of the New Testament, addresses every one of these epistles to the people who are of Israel. ‘To the strangers of the exertion’ is one of the expressions used by Peter. And ‘to the Elect by the foreknowledge of God’ are the words of the Apostle Paul. He wrote to Israel because he had a deep understanding in these matters.

There has never been such an attack as is being made today by illiterate clergy, or brainwashed clergy who are seeking to separate people from the truths that Paul could profess. They are seeking to make it appear as tho there was a war between Peter and Paul. There was a difference of opinion at times between Peter and Paul, but Peter, moved by the spirit, said, “Let the words of the Apostle Paul be accepted as the words of the holy scriptures.” Thus confirming that his epistles were to be throughly accepted. It must be remembered that Paul, like Enoch, was one of two men with a unique experience, as being carried out into the vastness of space and into the presence of God, and was taught and instructed as to the things that the people of God were to know, for the purpose of building HIS nation in the earth. This is why you cannot remove the semantics of the very word of Israel, itself, because it is important for you to know that when the apostle Paul was an Apostle to the Church, but also an Apostle unto Israel and the nation. And so considered himself.

We would inform you that the Apostle Paul was firmly informed with all of the background of the people unto whom he wrote. Whether he wrote to the people in Corinth or the Corinthians, he tells them that all of our fathers all partook of the same manna in the wilderness. They all drank of the same water that came from the ‘Rock.’ They all passed thru the waters of the Red Sea. In writing to the Corinthians, he said this. “All of our fathers---” and he knew that the Sythians were all Israel and he knew that all of the fathers participated in this. As he writes to the people of Ephesus, he writes:-- “To the elect according to the foreknowledge of God.” He unveils this as he writes to the people of Italy, as he writes to the Romans, and he uses the word Italy, also in the book of Hebrews.

Now we point out to you that in the book of Hebrews, that we have . . . and you will not find this in any area of Jewish literature . . . the book of Hebrews. It is only found among the Christian scriptures. The book of Hebrews is found among the Christian scriptures, and is used by them. After Paul wrote this book of Hebrews, it was sent to Christians all over the world.

Now let me point out to you, that under this situation, the word that we call Israel is Is-rael. And means ruling issue of God. Some of those trying to define it in Bible dictionaries, use the word Prince or Princes ruling with God. But it was ‘Divine issue’ ruling with God. And God came. And this was HIS issue ruling with HIM, in the earth. And the word Israel is not first used in the writings of the time of Jacob, but was used in the writings of Seth and in the book of Enoch. And has been delineated from them at the Council of Nicea in what later was to be bound into what is the Bible. But they are in the oldest of writings that relate to your race.

It is to be noted that God refers to Israel in the book of Deuteronomy and in the book of Amos. And refers to Israel as a holy seed, as His household, as His issue. Thus, it is significant for us to know that the word Israel means issue ruling with God. And God refers to this way back in the days far before Moses came along to write the first five books of the Bible, and then refers specifically to Jacob whose name was changed to Israel. And the understanding that he is the continuity of this divine purpose.

Now we point out to you that as we talk about the church, we are talking about the spiritual center of God's kingdom. The word for church is Ecclesia in the Greek. The church is in those who are instructors and in the priesthood, and those who assemble to worship. They are descendants of Abraham. And the whole race is called Israel. And the Adamic race is also the issue of God. This is the embodiment of God's household. And God identifies Himself as being the second Adam, His first issue being His light issue . . . and this procedure by which His celestial children entered into the world. There are some mysteries involved and we do not expect the powers of darkness to understand. But you are not of the darkness. You are to understand these things. Therefore, when we point out the existence of the church, let us go for one moment to the book of Acts. For you will remember that after Christ's ascension, HE sent HIS disciples into areas of responsibility. And HE had told them to go only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. HE told the Jews on Solomon's porch, “Ye believe not because ye are not my sheep." When they tried to move in and gain complete control over HIS disciples and over HIS movements, they thought they could even bewilder Christ. And tho they were talking to God, they were incapable of being in full appreciation of this fact. Except, they were afraid this mighty instrument might overthrow their cunning strategy. They sought to claim common brotherhood and common fatherhood with God, and thus claim this with Jesus, the common brotherhood.

Jesus said, “I am of God, ye are of the devil.” HE did not claim a common brotherhood or a common fatherhood. HE said,--"Ye are of your father the devil, and I am out of the Fatherhood of the heavens. You are not. I am from above and you are from beneath.” Jesus would not let the Jews claim common brotherhood with HIM. And HE would not accept them in a common relationship. At no time do we find this acceptable. HE had 12 disciples and only one of them, Judas of Iscariot, was a Jew. This is revealed in the end of the 6th chapter of John, and again in the 7th chapter of John.

We note that on Peter and John, empowered after HIS ascension, that we have in the book of Acts, these words by Peter. And he is talking about certain things. He said, “A prophet, your God shall raise up unto you. This is he, ( speaking of Moses,) that was in the church in the wilderness with the angel at Mt. Sinai which spake unto him ---with our Father, who received the lively oracles and gave them unto us.”

Now understand this. Peter is preaching, but what is he doing? We read over here in the book of Acts that he was praising God and talking to the people. And YAHWEH added to the church daily those that should be saved. And the scripture says that all Israel shall be saved as it is written. This the Apostle Paul proclaims in the book of Romans and Isaiah had proclaimed this far earlier. What was this salvation? It was not saving his people from a terrible catastrophe and a terrible persecution, or shall we say, punishment that reaches out thru the ages to come. It was to save people from the error of their transgression and from their sins by the knowledge of light and truth. And to return unto them a spiritual capacity which they had surrendered in the earliest years of the race.

Thus, we point out that the church was added to by the selective work of the spiritual entity of the power of God. And in this instance it had been already said -- shall be saved. “All that the Father hath given me, shall come. No man shall come unto me unless the Father giveth you to me and I will raise you up in the last days.”

Let me point this out to you, that the same Peter who is ministering unto the people, and knows that he is Israel, now says unto them:-- “As Moses said unto the children of Israel, this is he that was in the church in the wilderness, and with our fathers who received that lively Oracle.” So Peter knew that he was preaching unto Israel as well. More than that, he also makes it clear that the church was in the Old Testament.

Every once in a while someone comes along to say that the church just came along in the New Testament. But the word in the Hebrew for church is Cahela. And the Cahela in the Old Testament meant the spiritual center, wherein people worshiped, wherein people ministered unto them, wherein they served God. Today we understand the word Cahellia is something else. A people who have not part nor lot in this, now call their secret assembly and their world order and their synagogue of administration a Cahellia. And they have a Cahellia organization all over the world. This has nothing to do with a word that belonged early to your race which meant a church in the center of your race. Always this is where the oracles of God come from.

Thus, it was, Moses was a leader of the Old Testament church. And he became the receiver of the Oracles. And Aaron and the children of Levi were of the spiritual center, the church of the Old Testament. And they had tabernacles. They later built Temples, and they had gathering places, and they participated in worship. This activity was the activity of the church of the Old Testament. Every once in a while someone wants to separate the church from Israel, then you can separate a part of the nations of God out of the Adamic race.

Now let’s go back to this point. We turn in the scriptures to where this is explained. Where do you think churches begin? Someone said, “Where do churches begin if not on earth?” The spiritual center the church began in Celestial centers in the heavens in the ages of yesterday. Even before this solar system was rolled out, there was a celestial center in God's universe. There was a celestial center among those who were of HIS household because no one else could make up HIS church.

Now I am going to point out something here from the book of Hebrews that concerns this. And we note in this writing of the book of Hebrews, that the Apostle Paul asks God--- ‘what have we approached to?’ Now that we have come to the church. As they are participating in the church activity, then what do we approach to? Did we approach the mountain burning with fire, that Moses approached in the days when he was called forth for leadership? No. But now we have come unto Mount Zion which is God's kingdom in all times and all ages. It is God's kingdom in the Old Testament and in the New. Thus, we have come unto Mount Zion. We have come to the city of the Living God. We have come to the Heavenly Jerusalem and to a numerable company of administering spirits.

As you turn to the book of Revelation, you find that the heavenly Jerusalem has been coming down out of heaven from God for generations as a bride prepared for her husband. It has been coming down from the days of Adam and has been descending from a Celestial world into a physical world, by birth, into a physical world. And this is a NEW ORDER OF THE AGES. It is not just made up of stones. It is a city made up of people. And the entrance to that city is by 12 gates. And those 12 gates are the 12 tribes of the Children of Israel. You will notice also that the New Order of the Ages-- Sovus Ordo Seculorum-- is on the seal of the United States, because we are comprised of the people who make up this New Order of the Ages. And our goal and the whole aspect of this situation is in the New Order of the Ages. "Thy kingdom come thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

On the seal of the United States, it says that “HE prospers our beginnings.” HE thus blesses us and we are one out of many tribes, not many races. Just many tribes. Therefore, the Apostle Paul said---when you approach the church, you have come therefore to the city of the Living God. You have come to the city of the Heavenly Jerusalem. You have come to this company of living spirits. ‘Ye are the general assembly of the First Born, which are written in heaven, and the God of all, and the spirits just made perfect. What does it mean ‘the church of the first born?’---

Now listen. Where does this church of the first born come from? We have heard of churches which call themselves the church of the first born, today. But we happen to know what constitutes some of them, so this is not the answer. The church of the first born was that which was first begotten of HIS Spirit in the heavens.

Someone said, “can you prove that?” Yes. You can come over here to the first book of Romans, and it is talking about the manifestation of the sons of God. And this is a very significant area. For not only when it talks of the people of the world, but the whole creation vibrates together with us, waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God . . . God's household, HIS posterity, and HIS race in the earth. "The whole creation is waiting for the Manifestation of the Sons of God," . . . they, as well as we---who are the first fruits of the spirit. Thus, we who are of the first fruits, are waiting for the redemption of our body. This means that the first fruits of HIS spirit were in the heavenly realms of yesterday. And HE transferred them from heaven to earth. And we make our entrance into this world in physical bodies in the Adamic race.

The fall of the Adamic race came thru the violations of law and the cohabitation of the Luciferian program. The result was that we lost light and glory, mortality. But we were still the issue. We still possessed the Holy Seed. And God promised restoration to this race.

Let me point this out to you. He did not have to change His plans, for HE knew this before the Foundation of the world. This is why HE refers to Himself as the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world. This is why also, that we--the first fruits of the spirit,--became embodied in the earth. And that seed has continued on down to this time. Those of that seed make up the church and thus they are the first fruits of His spirit. You then are the members of the church of the first born. Someone said, “but that is referring to the modern church of today, a church started after the time of Jesus.” No. This is a church of regeneration. This is a church of the renewing of the mind, of regeneration and restoration. Because the original church is as perfect in the day when it was begotten. And God said, “Thou art my sons and my daughters.” And HE makes this proclamation.

Now this is why the Apostle Paul, after his revealing, writes in Galatians, in Ephesians, writes in Romans. And he says we are the offspring. We are the children of God. And HIS spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God and HIS household.

Now when we refer to this matter as such, that when we approach the church, we have come to the assembly of those who were in the church in the heavens. And now they are spiritually embodied people who make up this kingdom of God in the earth. They are the ones who make up this NEW ORDER. And they are the ones now justified by Jesus the Christ in the earth. When we turn to the writings of the Apostle Paul in the book of Romans, who is making it quite clear that we understand this, then he says that the whole creation is waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God, for you will still finish the task you have been sent into the earth to accomplish. Therefore, we wait for things to develop as we wait for the kingdom, because we are that people. And we, as well as they, we who are the first fruits of the spirit, know that God will put the whole world in order.

Some people come along and say that the Gospel of the Kingdom teaches hate. But that is not true. Every Satanic thing they have tried as a substitute ends up in catastrophe. The kingdom of God will only destroy evil and those things which would enslave mankind, for all times. Let me point out to you then, that under this instance, that the Apostle Paul who made this identity, refers to this fact, that those who constitute the household of God are of the church of God. And God loves the church even as a husband who is the head over his wife. So is thus Christ the head of the Church. And HE is the Savior of our body. You say why is that? Because the thing that happened to us was the severance from the seat of our consciousness, was the full spiritual guidance, and death came upon us. And the one thing that has been promised to us is that immortality is to be given back. And this is what Paul is talking about when he says the redemption of our bodies. "Ye who are the first fruits of the spirit are waiting for the redemption of our bodies." The whole creation is waiting, is seething, and vibrating together, waiting for this conquest of death. This does not mean just flitting away into the heavens. Absent from this body is to be present with the LORD. This body happens to have the capacity to dwell in Celestial plains, because it is made of sprit. It has been put resident in a physical body to be made resident in earth. And therefore, God would not have put it into a physical body unless it was to be made up of men and nations. And it did not mean exactly as the scripture says. For they are God's household in the earth, and they are to rise and rule with righteousness in the midst of the earth. They are to make nations in the midst of the earth. And they are the exact same people in the New Testament that they were in the Old Testament. They are a continuing posterity.

When we go back into the covenants and the promises with which God has proclaimed this, and HE says, in the book of Jeremiah, “I will make a new covenant with Judah and with Israel,” and now let me tell you what this involves. This involves a total awareness on the part of the children of God. Do you know where it says?- “Ye are not my people,” where the Jews call you the Goyim, and they say that you did not have any part nor lot in this matter? Well, God says, “I am going to make you to know that you are my children, my seed, my household. And you are as many as the sands of the seashore and the stars of the heavens.” Thus, out of the heavens and into earth---and “Thy kingdom come thy, will be done.”

Do you know that one of the reasons that today there is a warfare being directed against those who preach the Gospel of the Kingdom? Why there is an attempt to keep so much of the scripture obscure? Why they do not want to dwell on these things that have thus been declared? Why?--The attempt today is to integrate, mongrelize and destroy all of the great nations of God's kingdom, and mutate the White man and destroy this spiritual superiority. To accomplish this, they will go to any end, calling it a ‘New Frontier,' a 'grand society,’ and the United Nations, or any other name which they honey up. The design is still in the end, the destruction, the absorption of your racial integrity. There will be an obstruction of you Faith. And already, they are trying to accomplish that. They want to erase your faith until you will accept all religions and water them all down unto the least common denominators. And I am going to cite to you again, that it is from the Old Testament to the New:---"Hear O Israel, YAHWEH thy God is one LORD. There is no other." Even our Israelite half-brothers who come out of the background of Ishmael, and who were told that their Mount was not Mount Sinai, but Seir of Arabia. And they were told:-- “Allah, Allah, Ackabar” --The LORD God is ONE.

Then in the Old Testament Israel is told-- “The LORD God is ONE. Is there any God to the left of me, or to the right of me? No, not one.” It is only to the people who can understand their covenants and the scripture that can understand the 43rd chapter of Isaiah. “I YAHWEH, AM THY YAHSHUA. I the almighty God of the Universe am the LORD God, thy Savior.” They are the only ones that can understand this mystery that Jesus was the fullness of God dwelling bodily. That this was God, perfect.

Let me turn again to the book of Hebrews, and why was the book of Hebrews given to the people, as this relates to the children of Israel and the people that relate to this book. Why? I will tell you why. In the first place, the word Hebrew comes from the word Heber, a descendant of the Shem house of Noah. A careful selection for racial purity was being preserved. And he was an outstanding figure for racial purity coming on from Heber to the house of Abraham. And Abraham would not permit mongrelization in the city of Ur of the Chaldeas, so he was called out to keep the purity of his household. And now all of the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were now called Hebrews. And not one of the Jews in the world today is a Hebrew. They are serpents. But none of them is a Hebrew. Jesus said to them that they were of the serpent.

Oh, you say, ‘then we would have to disagree with Jesus.” Well, then, you are not a Christian, so go off and join some other group. Because they are the usurpers. And in this manner they wage a continuous warfare against the church. You will note that all thru the time of the book of Acts, that they waged war on the disciples. They were always trying to kill them or put them in prison. So who wanted to kill Christ? Come on down thru the whole history of the New Testament and you will find who waged this continuous warfare. Come into this time and Mystery Babylon is the great deceiver and the one who fights the church and the race. They are seeking control over all of the areas of your private property and trying to take away from you all areas of private enterprise, and put you in collectives under their own administrative control. They are seeking complete control over labor while making this look like their advancement. And they seek to control them all. They seek to gain control over all industry, and to make a One World Government.

And then you turn to the book of Revelation, 18th and 19th chapters, and find out who runs it. You can go and bang your head against the wall, but you will have to admit that this one world idea is run by International Jewry. They are not only those that killed the prophets, but they also waged a war on Christ and then on the Christian church.

Now Antichrist is against the kingdom of God and against Christ, and against the Christian Church. But the Christian Church has never been told that it should make peace with the Antichrist. It has been told that it must lift up the standards and be the spiritual influence inside of God's kingdom. That it must lift up the standards and be an unceasing opposition to the powers of darkness, which enslave men. For they seek to destroy God's kingdom.

Now let’s turn again to this book of Hebrews. The Apostle Paul is writing to the Hebrews and to the church in the second chapter. And he makes this statement:-- “Behold! I and the children which thou (spirit) hath given me. Now these children of God are now partakers of flesh and blood, and HE, God, hath taken on Himself flesh and blood that HE might be like His kinsmen, His brethren.” Thus, the Apostle Paul, in writing says:-- ‘Now heavenly brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling, consider the high priest of our professic who is Christ Jesus.’ And in this, he compares Him to Moses in the Old Testament, with only HE being higher than all, above all, becomes now the High Priest of our Apostleship. Who is he writing to, but to the Hebrews. Who are the Hebrews, but the descendants of the Adamic Race that came by the route of Heber. The purest strain, the uncontaminated, unpolluted, preserved by the policies of divine instruction and divine law.

And the scriptures tell us that those HE did foreknow. HE did predestinate to conform to the image of the son. So when did HE foreknow you, but before the ‘foundation of the world.’ Your celestial beings were with the Father in the earliest days of creation. You have already been blessed with all of the blessings of heaven in the bosom of the Father even before this Cosmic order was made. Transferred, you have entered the world by birth. The great mysteries of this Book are the mysteries of your existence. You have been embodied in the earth. You are a twice born people. You have been born celestially in the heavens, and physically in the earth, one of spirit and the other of water. This being true, you are now embodied in physical bodies. The only area in which the protection of viruses and diseases hit is upon the physical body. It can affect you to some degree, and sometimes effects the soul consciousness of men. Thus, men do as they think, but the spirit can triumph over the areas of their thinking and give them a clear and perfect vision. The children of spirit do not transgress in the spiritual realm. Only in the physical body has their error taken place. It is in the physical body that they have had their fall. It is in the physical body that they have their body restored. No spirit ever died. No one ever killed a spirit. And you do not have to worry, my friends, about the spirit ever dying. Only physical bodies die. And the power of the spirit will so energize the energy of the spirit and the aura of light around the physical being in the hours that are ahead, and others that will come, that mortal will put on immortality and there will be no mortal dissolving and disintegration or breaking down of the flesh.

You know, that God, on looking upon HIS people, said, “I have only come for the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” And concerning the church, HE said, “I am married to the church, for the church is my people.” In the Old Testament, HE said, “I am married unto Israel.” Thus Israel and the church are a synonymous entity in their racial and their embodied spirits. One is a part of the people and the other is the entirety of the people.

Hear this now--Israel--Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Nordic, Basque, Germanic, Lombardic. They are the Israel of God . . . every true White man on the face of the earth. When we talk about the church, we are talking about every individual that believes in God and is worshiping God, assembling together, worshiping together as God's oracle. Therefore, HE said that the church was ordained by HIM as a continuing and never ending institution. HE said that the very gates of perdition, the very gates of evil could not prevail against it. How about the nations? As long as the sun and moon are in the sky, you know that the throne remains. This is the throne which HE takes when HE will occupy the earth. You know also from the content of this Book, that Israel, His people, are as the sands of the seashore and the stars of the heavens.

Go back to the book of Deuteronomy, and HE says, “I have a covenant with this seed, My holy seed, for a thousand generations.” Then HE stresses in that chapter, that you must not mongrelize, or intermingle with the other races. Do not integrate them. For this is a violation of divine law. Do this, and the judgments of God fall upon you. That holds for this nation and for all of the nations of God's kingdom today. There is nothing but disaster when we violate divine law and accept a world substitute for this whitewashing, integrating and mongrelizing which is destroying you. Some of the harassing events we have gone thru in the last few weeks, without any violation of law and without any warrants in the hands of officers. We have watched officers in the hands of the enemy, who have put down the kind of harassing scenes which threaten your life and leaves you feeling insecure, when one little mistake out there in the dark and they would have liquidated all of these voices that by the tape and thru the pulpit who reach people with the truth. And this they are more afraid of than anything else.

Now let me point this out to you, that we are in a harassing time. And Mystery Babylon moves in such a way that the powers that be, in the present time, are under the Liberal influence. Thus, they make it quite clear,--we are career officers. And if the people want Communism, then we will serve a Communist state. If they want anarchy, then we serve an Anarchy state. If the conservatives are out and the liberals are in, then we serve them, and you are the enemy.

Now let me tell you something. The church is not like some of these mealy mouth politicians, or some of these ambitious people who are ruling their hour with the beast. The church has only one position. And thus the church is the oracle of the Most High God. The Kingdom of God is not on the left. It is on the right. The kingdom of God will never permit mongrelization, or accept the patterns of integration. It will never permit the laws of God to be violated as an official position. And many will be saved by grace, as they give ascent to that which is true. The church is a moving stream of divine Grace seeking out to forgive, but never to condone, the practice of evil.

Now let us make this clear. That no amount of pressure and no amount of fear will ever stop the Gospel of the Kingdom, or ever stop the purposes of God. They are worrying, tonight. And why are they worrying? It is because of the influence of the people. Not because of this voice. For this voice is only articulating what this Book declared and what God has ordained. And you cannot destroy what God has declared. For when you articulate it, you read:- “My sheep hear my voice”--and you will never be able to turn off the spiritual stimuli that God is sending out thru this nation.

Now Mystery Babylon is still at war; still wants to fight and still wants to destroy. If I go back to the 51st chapter of Jeremiah, --'Thus saith YAHWEH Behold! I will raise up in Babylon and them that dwell in the midst of them, that raise up against ME, I will raise a destroying wind against these Babylonian forces that dwell in the midst of you. Therefore let not Israel nor Judah be forsaken by their God, altho the land has been filled with transgression, even against the holy one of Israel, thus, saith YAHWEH. I have not forsaken Judah, and I have not forsaken Israel. I shall utterly destroy Babylon that dwells in your midst.” HE said-- “you come out of her, my people.’ Don't be hoodwinked, don't be ballyhooed, don't be taken over by the design of apathy. Never mind whether it is on radio, or on T.V. or in the newspaper, my friends. Is it true? Does it conform with the blueprint of your faith and your race? Your nation was born with this faith. Your nation moved to its greatness by the work of spiritually guided and illuminated men. And it is being destroyed by those surrounded by evil who are trying to make it just a part of the world order. They will not accomplish this. They talk appeasement on one side, and acquiescence on the other side. They are talking of smothering your race with a mass of people who already outnumber your race six to one.

Listen. Where would the White race go? Where would Christianity go, absorbed into the world order? Wherein you are outnumbered six to one. You and I know where it would go. It would go into a brutal mongrelization; more brutal than Mollatoism. And we would never again see the light. If we let this trend continue, we disobey God, and we disobey our destiny. And it is your destiny to arise and say --NO!!!

Now we are told-- “woe unto these people that say that they are of Judah and are not. Woe unto these people, woe unto these forces that are against God.” I want you to know that these strategies are continually carried to their peak. Here in these United States, we have finally reached a point, wherein built on prayer and built on faith, a nation that has had identification with God all thru our society. When these anti-Christians can reach such a power when you let them into the high court level until they can deny the right to pray in school or they can stop the utilizations of the scriptures in one of the most vital areas of foundational education. They do not want to tangle with you in the scientific field. But the law still says:-- “Kind begats like kind, the seed having life in itself.” The laws of genetics, the laws of people, the putting down of their culture from generation to generation is self-evident. God said, “Who is like unto you, oh, Israel? And who is like unto thy God?” You are not to be just a scattered people, you were to be a Great nation, and a company of nations, and that is what you are tonight. You are to be headed in these climactic days by the head of that outstretched wings of the Eagle on the head of that Staff. This is on your nation seal. And you are to be numbered as the stars of the heavens. And thus, you even number your states.

I agree with Senator Dodd, as he said,--if America retreats from her war against communism, we would disappear as a great nation. They are trying to tell us that we are a great nation, and I don't think we should play around with this. We should destroy completely what they have come up with. When this race is won, God's household, God's sons and His daughters will be standing as high as our mountains, and they shall rule the earth for God. And the great spiritual center of that kingdom shall be a worshiping center and they will be saying:- “Holy, Holy, Holy, LORD God Almighty.” And we will have integrity back in our nation, even among politicians, strange as this might seem. We will have righteousness in our government. And a stranger may pass thru our land, but he is not going to mongrelize it, integrate it, or rape it. And the kingdom of God will sit in the highest and strongest of all the nations of God. And every man will sit under his own vine and under his own fig tree. But you will not walk down the street and see such a confusion of face that you will not know whether you are in Singapore or South Africa.

Let me point out to you that you are faced in this great climactic hour, with the fact that every one of you must proclaim the truth in every hour, and everywhere they go. Make this clear. You live it, you inoculate the minds of your children. Remember, my friends, the one who makes war against you has more time with your children than you do. And remember, even at home, they have more time with them also. For remember, the propaganda they sell them all day on television. Remember they are even trying to destroy their minds and vibrate them to the jungle. And then remember that you better sow these fundamental principals and sow them deep into this race, and raise up a standard that they will never forget. This is happening everywhere. This hate never stops rolling and their testimony never stops.

But I will say this to the enemy. You can move in now and try to destroy, but the juggernaut of judgment will descend upon those who are guilty of this. And it will be unequaled from anything in history.

Someone said, ‘Well, the church was just something that was God's second choice.” But can you imagine a God who holds the Universe together, can you imagine a God whose mind is the very law of the atom, holding together these very positive and negative units of electricity and who forms them by vibrations and by energy? Whose being consists of the very light of the universe? Who formed the celestial plains? Can you imagine a God with omniscience and omnipotence transferring a celestial children whom HE had begotten in a light plain into a physical world, into the Adamic race, and promised them, covenanted with them, and talked with them, and as a fallen people, the Father who promised restoration to that race? Who had cleansed the violation by the time of the birth of Seth? And then HE makes covenants with that race, and then not be able to keep them?

Let me tell you something. Outnumbered as you are today when you are only 1/6th of the worlds population, I think it is quite evident that our Father can carry out what HE wants to do. The only areas when you are not in safety today, is where you have left the areas of divine law and thus, bringing a chastisement upon you. America and the nations of the kingdom are losing face all over the world because they have lowered their standards. But we are going to put it back up where it was. HE says, “you are flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone. And when I return this church of mine is going to be like a chase virgin.” HE says, “I am going to take away every spot and every blemish.” So what does this represent but the power of God and the concentration of His spirit and the emblems of HIS body. And as you receive this it can charge your being and synchronize your spirit, soul and body as a living sacrifice among HIS people.

Let me assure you of this. That you are a part of an Eternal Kingdom. You have an Eternal destiny. And God says, “I will use my church and call the signals. I will give the directions, and I will lift up the standards of law and of spirit and of Grace. For you are an indestructible people.”

End of message