History Of The Sons Of Light, 2-12-62



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-12-62

We are speaking today of the Sons of Light in their journey. There is no question that this is one of the great symbols of marking of our race, to be found in the background of the testimony of traditions and in the history of the scriptures. When we talk to you of the early migrations of our race as we migrated out of the High Plateaus of the upper countries of Asia, we also have talked to you about the location of the flood. And out in the great Tarim Basin today, is the remnant of the catastrophe which hit that land in the day that the judgements fell upon those forces of the world order that existed that sought by mongrelization and vicious acts to effect your race and actually absorb it. There was no point which would not be tried to eliminate the Sons of God from the earth. If you go back into the panorama of the ancient records, of the Turanian people who dwelt in the vicinity of your race, they tell in their ancient books like the ‘ShooKain’ and others in China, about how they tried to eliminate these Sons of the MOST HIGH. And they felt that the only way to do this with ease was to absorb them, to intermingle with them, and no longer let them be a people.

Thus one of the earliest records we have of your race is found in the strategies against them after their being established in earth. And this consisted of intermingling, mongrelizing and thus overwhelming it until this race ceased to exist. When we look back over the last 7400 years of our race, you can see how the hand of God has looked after and provided for the Kingdom which HE intended to build. Just think. From one man’s family and all of the earth’s population and all of the strategy, and the plan of conspiracy which operates out of the design of our enemies, they have not destroyed our race and we are not 1/6 of the world’s population.

Now, we can well say that the blood of our race might have been fused with the blood of other races to some extent, that may be true. But we are talking about 1/6 of the world’s population being a White Christian population in a physical world, identified both by their Faith and their race. But also by their background. And the great preponderance of this 1/6 is the pure White strain of the ADAMIC household of the White race, and most specifically thru the House of Shem. We find that God not only preserved, but HE provided for this Kingdom and HE also instilled deep down in you, a great spiritual driving force, the cognition of these demands which HE has purposed to prove and establish with you as a people. For instance, if you go thru the travels of your race, you find that you, as a people, passed thru Steppes of ancient Asia. You passed thru ancient India, stayed for awhile, then traveled on. You existed in the areas of Mesopotamia, and built the symbols of your power in Ur of the Chaldeas and then traveled on, still a race, still a people. We have moved virtually all over the earth. There is no place where we cannot virtually trace our race, both by the identity of that ability to leave its marks and to leave the symbols of your wisdom peculiar to you and to your race. And still in all declarations, we remain because of certain spiritual forces instilled within it, a separate people, we were not absorbed or mongrelized. And we were not taken over because this was a part of the Eternal Will of God planted in your society.

I think this is a significant thing for us to understand in our own time, that there has never been a period when the powers of darkness and the pagan societies round about, have not tried to destroy the White Western Christian civilization which follows your race and has been built by it. This attempt is to intermingle the blood stream of your race and make it perfectly acceptable among the people that constitute that race to accept the concept of throwing the world together into one common racial stream. In fact, that is one of the major goals of the United Nations today. It is a part of the design of a Communist world and I believe that today no instrument is more useful to them for the accomplishment of their objectives, than the organization of the United Nations. When we point this out that this institution rises in power in our time, we are looking at a Satanic attempt to make a counter part for God’s Kingdom. In other words, they are building an institution and an organization for the domination of the world. But at the same time, to give lip service to principals that are perfectly acceptable.

They continue to talk about this and they use words such as Democracy, and they continue to play down any concept of Nationalism or greatness to be built around the concept of the word Republic. They do not like the carrying forward of an idea which in its natural origin, would keep the nation separate or preserve a racial separation. The design of the world order is to bring about a great metropolitan mass of society which would be dominated by a strategy they have designed, a super Democracy of those who are the intellectuals, by their definition, of all the people of earth. We have seen these designs being carried out and we have today, a group of individuals who with a pseudo-intellectualism, have fallen for this strategy, or elevated to positions of power, because of the financial manipulation of those who sought to carry out this design.

The program of God’s Kingdom remains unchanged since the days when it was placed in the earth in the formation of the Adamic race, the offspring of the MOST HIGH. And it remains unchanged in the purposes of the MOST HIGH that this nation would arise and that race should become the administrative force throughout all of the earth. That it would eventually override all darkness, all superstition and all ignorance. They were to establish righteous administration on the basis of Divine Law. There would be instructions to the ends of the earth of knowledge and truth. There was no other channel for the children to receive except it came thru the MOST HIGH GOD.

Now, in this beginning, it required something that your race possesses that no other people upon the face of the earth possesses. It is not enough that you say that you are the only White race upon the face of the earth. That might be a mark of identification, because you are White, but there is a difference also because any offspring of the Adamic race and any member of the medical society, can determine the differences in the races by the structure of the cranium. Of course, this is the fact that you are marked as an offspring of the MOST HIGH and that can be established by the appearance and the identification. But there is a quality even more important than that which you possess and which is not possessed by any other people on the face of the earth. When we refer to this, it is not the purpose of the thinking which is designed to give a person a bloated vision of their own ability. It is not something with which to create a pride or something which you could call a false price. But it is intended that you do know what you possess. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the pride of truth. When people lose pride in their God-given blessings, in their capacity to think the thoughts of God because they are HIS offspring, when they lose pride in their family, that is the beginning of the lose of racial self-respect.

It is a very significant thing that we can mark the difference in our race from the very earliest hours of Biblical history. We would tell you that the 10th chapter of Genesis is a very excellent chapter to read and we recommend that you use the Ferrah Fenton Version of the scriptures if you possess a copy. And we can assure you that this is a very enlightening story. For there are the sons of Japhet, coming down out of the High Tarim Plateau country and the areas of the earthquakes and the flood which had driven them forth from the earth. And it tells me there, that the sons of Japhet came forth after their language, and after their tribes came forth among the heathen, and among the coastal cities and among the heathen of the earth.

The you read the story of Shem who is the father of Heber. And all of the children of Shem then descended from Heber. And the word means ‘colonizer.’ And this is talking about the people called Hebrews which you are. The pure White men on the face of the earth today, have come on down thru the lines of Heber. Almost any of the lines which descended from the sons of Ham and Japheth were absorbed eventually throughout the struggles of time, but the children of Shem have carried out the dynasty and destiny of the Kingdom of the MOST HIGH.

Every once in awhile, we find someone who says that genealogies are not important. And then they cite the scriptural verse citing ‘vain genealogy.’ And I agree with them, for it is not important to search out vain genealogy. But I think it is very important that you understand and identify spiritually ordained genealogy. For in the scripture, if you will turn to the book of Matthew, and the book of Luke, they are running down the genealogy of Jesus Christ. So why did they do that except they wanted to show that HE came from a pure strain in the household of Mary. And that the household unto which she was joined, was also racially pure and of the line of the Kingship and of the covenant. And they did not stop there with the House of David, the ruler of Israel. For they went all the way back down thru Shem and to Noah. And from Noah back to Seth. And from Seth back to Adam, to prove that this was the Adamic race line from which Christ was born after the flesh.

Now, if it was important for Christ, then it must be equally as important for me. It is a most significant thing that we recognize that all thru the book which we call the Holy Bible, which is the Book of the generations of Adam in history, according to the 5th chapter of Genesis, that we have these identifying factors of this race which we call the sons of light and the children of the MOST HIGH. We have been called the children of Indra, the children of YAHWEH. We have been called the children of Arma Ray, and the children of Osiris, and always, this is the God of Light. Symbolically, pagans who describe this did not understand and did not know what was involved in all of the prophecies and the identification of this word ‘Light.’ They knew that we had spiritual wisdom and certain understanding. And that this was tied to the measure of heavenly bodies and that it was tied to the concept of our destiny. I think it is most significant that every place where we have been found in Biblical record in the testimony of your race and your travels, that they referred to you as White children of the God who is the MOST HIGH, the God of the outer Universe. Whether this was in Babylonian history, or whether it came out of ancient Chinese history, or whether it came from the Upper Steppes of Asia. From the writings we find now from the ancient of Lhasa, and the Steppes of Tibet, they tell how there moved thru the earth, the children of the great Gotmah, tall white ones, the Manu. No wonder to the people of the upper Steppes, the word Manu meant white man. And they did not call themselves Manu. But you were the Manu. And they were talking about how the White race came thru, and this is some of the marks that you left.

High up in Tibet, we have what is called the ‘Do-ring’. And the Do-ring is a great circle of monstrous stones. These stones weigh about 375 to 400 tons apiece. And of this great Do-ring in Tibet, the Tibetans say that they did not build it. They say that the tall white Manu who came out of the Basis of Light ( and this is how they refer to the Tarim Basin)---and they say that these were the children of the Gotmah form beyond the sun. They say that they came here and they set in place this great ring. And they also say that these tall white Manu served none of the gods in their land. They say that when they passed thru, they conquered the ancient powers of Tibet. And the Turanian stock which lived there said they were afraid to raise a hand. They said that there was a mystical power that they did not understand. There was some application of principle that your race used before them that helped them to set this ring of stones. They placed openings and monstrous sighting stones. And they placed niches upon them. They marked them and capped them at one time with metal. And they placed them at points of alignments. It is a fact that the alignments were set from the East to the West. And the functioning pattern of the cycling measure follow the great arch and curve of the ascension and dissension cycles of the planets in the heavens. Thus this great Do-ring circle was set up. And records of ancient Tibet say that as the son of the Manu came, they were the sons of Yeho and these were the same as the Chinese refer to in the Shookane books as the Aho-Noah. And they tell of how the sons of Noah passed thru and how they came and built this great measuring circle in the High Plateau of Tibet. And they point out that in this spot where they had a tremendous view of the whole heavens that they made calculations that were mysterious and almost magical--to the magical Gotmah beyond the sun. But what do they say about you? They say these are the children of Light, of the Gotmah of the Sun.

Now, I am going to tell you something. In Britain, we have at Carnack, an exact duplication of the Do-ring of Tibet. You have all heard about Stonehenge, but you may not have heard about some of the others. Avebury is one of the largest of all the stone circles in Britain. In fact, it is over 1250 feet across and its inner circles are 350 feet across. And those blocks of stone weigh from 400 to 1000 tons. And these blocks of stone have been set within two inner circles and they measure two things. They measure the progression of the equinox and they measure the phases of the moon by its alignment measure. And they cover in those stones the positions of the equinox of all of the major stars from first to sixth magnitude.

Now, this is the exact way the Do-ring is set up in Tibet. But the Tibetans say they do not know anything about this. But they say that we know that the children of the Great God beyond the sun, built this ring and from it they measure the sky and it was built with great magic. But it is also ties into their expectations of things which are going to happen in the midst of the earth.

I think it is also interesting that over in Persia, that there was also this set up of stones. And it was found that here in Persia, was an exact duplicate of Stonehenge. This circle of stones is not only perfectly aligned, but it is called the circle of Jarab. What do the Persians say about it? Well, the Persians who know that there was some mongrelization of their race in the ancient times, but in the ancient times, as the Aryans came into this land, they say that these Aryans built this mighty measure of the heavens so that they might truly worship their God and know HIS times and HIS seasons. This is out of the ancient Persian writings. I have some of these translations of these writings in my library and they talk about how these Aryans were the sons of the Eternal, and that all Aryans were the children of light and of the spirit. And they talk about how you came down out of the high mountains and how your migrations came across the lands of Persia, and how you et this ring to measure the sky.

In India, they knew about these rings, for they said the Children of Indra have passed thru. And the children of Indra has been given the reign over the dusky races. And Indra the Great God from beyond the stars, has sent HIS children into the earth to rule with righteousness over the dusky races and they set their circles of stones. In fact, the pagan priests of Hinduism, who decided later that they would deface the White race, tore the stones down and moved them to the city of Madras in India, and incorporated them in their pagan temples. But to do that, they had to split them and move them in pieces for the priests of Kali could not move these blocks of stone like as did the sons of the MOST HIGH.

I think it a rather significant thing, for out of the ancient writings of the pagan priests in the land of Egypt, that they bear continued testimony to you and to your race. Here in Egypt, they tell about how the great sons of Aman-Ra incarnate in the earth, traveled down out of the high mountains of Aman-Ra to the north. Thus the word ‘Aman-Ra’ became the word that they used for the great and mighty God out of outer space----this great God of the Universe, the Creator God. If you want to see the impact of your race on Egypt, then you want to read the ‘Book of the Dead’ translated by Dr. Budge, and see what it has to say, as the Egyptians talked about your God and your race. They said that this Aman-Ra who was the incarnate Osiris, the LORD of Light and Resurrection, was the Father of all of you who are the children of Osiris---these White men who came into our land. And they said concerning Aman-Ra, and concerning Osiris, that they were the children of the One Great God who was the God of Spirit, who made all things, and who existed before all things. Whose ever word is truth, to whom every power of life, who is the author of creation. And that out of this One and tremendous God, came the flow of all things created, and comes the mastery of the earth. I can show you that in the ‘Book of the Dead.’ I have one of the original ‘squeeze plate’ textbooks of ‘The Book of the Dead,’ which was ordered by Queen Victoria after the original volumes of it were translated by Budge. And they duplicated these plates, for the Universities of Great Britain in the time of Queen Victoria’s reign. And the hieroglyphics and the key to it is also in our hands. And we have very diligently compared the text with Mr. Budge. While Mr. Budge was a great antiquarian, and without question, one of the great Egyptologists,---we never quite know whether these vision spiritualities of these men helped them to make the equation or whether they might be slanted by normal ideas of their times. But this can be said of this translation by Dr. Budge,---in his translation of one of the most sacred volumes of Egypt with al of the idolatry, and with all of the danger and problems that came in with false religions,---these truths stand out so self-evident, that it is recognized that they had transplanted into their thinking of the God that you serve of the great and mighty truths that your race planted there, because it told them these things.

It is a significant think that what they know about your God and what the book of Genesis has to say about the MOST HIGH GOD, become one and the same. The gods Set and Soth, are symbolic of the Satanic kingdom. Altho in the advanced ratio of the concept of Soth, the Egyptian tried to impute to him all of the knowledge of the chief advisor to the god Set which they served. In that instance they made him the ‘Keeper of the Steps of Wisdom and of Justice.’ And all of this is woven into their theology. But remember, that the doctrines of Set and Soth are considered to be normally the doctrines of Lucifer and his fallen Angels, of a battle that served Egyptians and under the false and misguided Pharaoh who tried to overthrow the yoke of your wisdom. It is a matter of interest, that the ancient Egyptians speak concerning your race and they say, ‘These are the sons of Osiris the embodiment of Aman-Ra, and as such, Osiris is the LORD of Life and Resurrection.’ And they said that Osiris had not as yet walked the earth, but they say, ‘Osiris is going to walk the earth.’ And they say, ‘Moreover, we know the time.’ I think it is rather interesting when they say ‘we know the time’ when the Messiah will come, for there upon the great Temple of On, was a ‘Winged Orb.’ And in the center of that Orb, was a Cross.

Every once in a while, I find people with a strange fetish. They take it upon their shoulders to fight the Cross. They think that the Cross is a pagan emblem simply for the fact that it is all over the world. But the Cross is all over the world because you have been all over the world. But that mark, that Cross, was always the symbol. And identifies with the power of righteousness, and is the symbol of the power of the Kingdom of your race. The Cross was the symbol of atonement and always was anticipated to be so. And the symbol by the very act of God when HE would be raised by HIS own manifestation, by the authority of HIS own power and HIS own Will, irrespective of anyone’s decision but HIS own desire so there was not any charge which could be laid against His children.

Now, you and I do not have to argue for or against the atonement. We do not have to agree as to whether we like it or we don’t like it. We do not have to please theological differences. We just point out to you, that this is the historic background of your race. This is what our God, our Father in the heavens, said HE was going to do. And this is the emblem which says HE is going to do it whether people liked it or not. The most important thing is that it was to have an effect and cause your race to know that every guilt complex, every fear, every mental turbulence was to be lifted from their consciousness by the assurance that their Father and God who had planted them in the race, would eventually bring them forth in HIS own image. Perfect and empower them with power and with Glory. And the quality within them would shine forth like ‘light’ brighter than men had ever witnessed or beheld before, until in HIS own image, they would stand forth in the Glory of God.

Now, I want to tell you this. And I am going to tell you something strange for I have photographs of many of the original plates of the temples of Egypt and many things found by the earlier investigators. I have beautiful photographs, plate after plate. Your race went into Egypt before 4000 B.C. Your race went in with Enoch and Job into Egypt and then built those mighty altars and temples in Egypt that Josephus bore testimony to. You can check it out. Josephus tells you what the son of Seth did in the land of Egypt. The thing of significance is that the Great Pho-Enoch, the great patriarch of your race, this Enoch that God took to HIS own presence, was so great that when he came back and instructed the rest of the race in the Secrets of Enoch, he told them what God was going to do. And he gave them the exact date for the atonement.

You say, ‘How do you know?’ This book of Soth can be found and identified with the ‘Book of the Dead.’ Also, the priests of Set and Soth were the first set of power in opposition to the teachings of your race. You can find a translation of the book of Soth which has been made available to those interested in Egyptian antiquity and all of the things that relate to Egypt. The book of Soth says that the children of Osiris, and he that was Senex, out of the Greek,--which was Job, and Hermes the ‘winged one’ who was sent into heaven and came back with wings on his feet---not on his shoulders--symbolized by the fact that he was carried there by the winged chariots of the MOST HIGH. In otherwords, before there was an Air Force, and no saucers, someone transported Enoch into the presence of the MOST HIGH and the he came back to write his report, and the records tell us of what he said and where he had been. And this was recognized by the Egyptians and those around as a great and tremendous mystery. And this was in the administration at the time of Soth. And this house of Soth and the temples of Egypt were temples to Satan and to Set. And they were established as the vice regencies of Soth. For the religions of Egypt were rulers of spiritual thought and referred to as Vice Regencies. And Pharaoh was always the Regent and the representative of what ever major was in power and the vice regent of Soth, under Set, by whom the Pharaoh at that time was holding his power--(and there were three), 196 years of the reign of Set, and this was 3,196 years before Christ. And it would be in the 3,226 year of the vice regency of Soth that the atonement would come.

Who told them of that? What was that atonement? The Egyptians did not know. But it was ‘Mind, Spirit, Life,’ the dispersing of all fear. And it would be done by the God of man they referred to as Enoch and to the race which was your race, so that they would carry out their objective now with vision and with power, and with light from the God of Light. And someday, all of Egypt would be delivered from its darkness and would acknowledge that this was the mightiest of Hosts. It is all included there. I can give you the chapters and pages. It is all included in ‘The Book of the Dead.’

But these were not things that they claimed that we did, but these were things that were done by the sons of Light who had migrated down from the High Steppes to the Persian Gulf and who were on the ships of the Phoenicians, who went out thru the Pillars of Hercules, and up and down the coast lines of the earth. These were those who in migrations came thru the Caucasus Pass and settled in Britain and along the European coast and in Scandinavia and in the heartland of Central Europe. Then added to these from the same race when Israel came out of their captivity as Shalmanesser gave them their liberty and they came thru the Caucasus Pass and settled in the heart of Europe.

Do you know that the Encyclopedia Britannica has a few things in it that are true and you will note that it talks about the fact that the Scandinavians and the Anglo-Saxons, all of the Teutonic people, the Goths, and the Visgoths, all of these people, it says, are of one race and one racial stock. That there is a tremendous interchanging of words that even that their local usage could not totally hide. Then the Encyclopedia Britannica cites a careful study of the symbols of the Goths, many of them who were great men and whose memory was revered. And who were looked forward to as having great influence. So we find that they write concerning these Goths, that whether they were thought of as Goths or spirits of great lure, who they said were sons of the Mighty God of the Heavens, and as sons of the Mighty God of the Heavens, were empowered with mighty light and power to do great exploits. Whose spirits they accepted were guides from the great Faulkery. Who were sons of the Great God who also dwelt in earth.

Now, when you can get the contemporary people to affirm the fact that those who make up the great root stock of the White race, that are Aryan, who migrated in two separate patterns into Europe, and there they settled, that they were of the same background of the same race, and the same stock, were actually as some thought, were separate Goths--were actually great figures of their race who they believed from the background of their tradition were the sons of God, the children of God and whose spirits would continue to guide form the land of the Faulkery. Where is the land of the Faulkery? Well, that is one of the concepts of the great plain of spirit. And we discover that in that dimension there is every comparative condition that we discover in the physical plain except that it is ruled over by righteousness. And here, people have their life and their being and carry forward the experience of great spiritual power and fervor. And in this instance, the White race, the Aryan children, if they leave the physical earth in the process known as death, they pass into what is known as Faulkery. This was known in Scandinavia and in Germany and among the children in Britain.

Someone said, ‘But I thought this was paganism?’ We may have been touched as we passed thru these lands at times by these factors of belief, but there was one spiritual quality that lies in the seat of your race. It was awaiting the Messiah, the Incarnate revelation of God. And was awaiting what was in the Egyptian background Osiris the God of Light and Resurrection, the embodiment in a physical body of the Great God Ra or the God of Light.

Now, I know once in a while, that it is hard for some people in mental gymnastics to recognize that when we talk about the God of Light, that as our race talks about the God of Light that we are talking about a different kind of light than these people see as they see the sunshine round about. In otherwords, to them, as we talk about the spiritual picture of conscious perception in the seat of our mind, where as they think it is just the illumination of the sun, which makes it possible for them to see on a video wavelength round about.

When we talk about the Son of Righteousness, with healing in HIS wings, we are talking about the embodiment of the Eternal God. And the sign of the cross was very vital to it. When we gave you the pattern of the Egyptian measure, it is supposedly under the Vice Regency of the Satanic kingdom set under Soth. But we discover that it was the right and exact measure from that Vice Regency which started in 3196 B.C. to 22326 B.C. which was the Soth Regency to what we know as the year 33 after Christ. Actually, chronology is much closer as we make these measures concerning these date lines and you realize that we are almost on the right measures at the present time in our present year.

Significantly, let me turn one moment to the book of James. And here the physical brother of the Christ makes a significant statement which sometimes just passes into a political license. But James tells us that ‘every perfect good and every perfect gift comes down from above from the Father of Light.’--- ‘Of HIS own will begat HE us---We are HIS offspring. We are HIS household. And HE who made all things and holds all things together by the vibrations of being, is the Father of Light.’

Turn over to the book of John and the opening statement concerning the vision of the Christ. HE is the Logos, the Creator, who emerges into the earth to give power to HIS many sons. And in a proper translation of the 1st chapter of John, HE came to the land of HIS inheritance and the occupiers received HIM not, but the main mission for which HE came was not changed. HE came to give power to the sons of God who came not by the will of men, not by the will of flesh, but by ‘the Will of God.’ They were HIS before HE came. They were HIS from the beginning. Their names were in the Lambs Book of Life before the world was framed. And for this cause was Christ’s ministry accomplished. When HE spoke of you, HE said, ‘You are the light of the world.’ And HE did not want you to obscure your truth. And HE did not want you to try to measure up to an acceptable world standard. HE wanted you to let that light shine in the darkness, whether the darkness liked it or not, or whether it understood it. One should note this, that in the prophecies of the book of Isaiah, when God speaks concerning you and the destiny HE has in store for you, HE recognizes your migrations and your destiny. You have migrated even in the prophecies of this book. You have migrated in the scriptures out of the land of Egypt. You have migrated out of Palestine, and you have been battles and in captivities and you have emerged thru the Caucasus, and emerged as the Danai. And you have left these marks upon the map of Europe---the Danube, Denister, and Dan’s land. And everywhere you can see where Dan traveled. You can see where the other sons of Israel migrated too. And you have the history of it, but listen:-- ‘O Isles listen unto me.’ And surely you were in the Isles. ‘Listen O ye Isles, and harken ye people from afar, for YAHWEH hath called.’

Now, listen. Is this a light thing that thou should be my servant to raise up the pride of Jacob and to restore and preserve Israel.’ I will give thee for a light unto the nations that thou mayest see my salvation unto the ends of the earth.’ Someone then says, ‘HE was not talking to us.’ But then why did HE say, ‘listen, O Isles?’ Why did HE address it as such if HE was not talking unto us? And HE makes this declaration in the 42nd Psalm, concerning your race:-- ‘Behold, My servant, My elect.’ HE said, ‘I, YAHWEH have called thee in righteousness--I will hold thy hand. I will keep thee for a covenant unto the nations and a light unto all of the people.’ Why? Because you have a spiritual capacity within you, and HE promised that HE was going to bring this to fruition. And HE said, ‘I am going to do this, for I am YAHWEH thy God, and I raised you up for you are going to be a light unto the nations.’ Because you are the children of light. The Apostle Paul said, ‘We are the children of light and not the children of darkness.’ So also said the people of India as their god fought against yours. So also said the people of Tibet altho they worshiped the darkness, but they said that you were the children of light. So also said the Egyptians the you are the children of light. And in your migrations the testimony of the Mayans were one and the same. You were the sons of light. You were the sons of the Phoenix bird. And the Phoenix was the great and MAJESTIC ONE. As such, they referred to you as the sons of light. The Co-apak civilization referred to the White man who came in a period long and before the settling of America as the children of light. Thus this follows a very careful and significant story. We are also told out of the Zohar, that there were many things very important in all of this.

Over in India, in one of the writings concerning your race, they talk about the attempt under the command of the goddess Kali that they were to absorb your race from the face of the earth. They tell of a great battle which had been fought between certain sea going chieftains and a king who ruled in Israel. And they referred to you as Ivory. And India always referred to you as Ivory, or the sons of Heber, or the kings of Heber. And the word Hebrew and Ivory was attached to your race. The king they referred to at that time had the ships of Tarsus and the word Tarsus was always used for sea going people, or a navy and was used for Phoenician cities as well, showing the relationship of the word Tarsus to Noah, to a sea farming man and to cities and ports.

Now, the king on the throne of Israel at the time and had a Navy upon the sea and was attacked by these pagan sea going galleons, was none other than King David. And now we are told that the pagans were told to find a way to eventually absorb the Ivory, lest they break down the power of the gods that they served. So eventually, the attack that was made upon the Navy of King David by the Chieftains who came down from the Steppes, were of course, trying to conquer and take over the power of David’s fleet.

Well, there was a youthful King and he was King of Tyre. And this great sea going city was one that was also tied to India in its thinking. Aware that the great wisdom and power of your race came from the great mysteries and secrets of the Great God of Light, which they had used in the building of the mighty temples and the Great Pyramid and others with their movement of great stones, a science and wisdom known in what you might call a primitive hour, but one not without its wisdom and knowledge, its mathematics and its application of force---so it was, that they referred to that wisdom and that knowledge when they referred to your race. The word Mason or Masono, followed down thru generations. They knew that there were still wise men among the Hebrei. So it was that the King of Tyre and all of the rulers of India and Asia had decided that they must break the power and absorb it or penetrate it, or the sons of Indra--still using the old word--the Phoenicians, the Israelites, the Hebrei, were going to take over the world for their God. So they built up a school of all of the mysteries of Egypt and they called this the Masonry or Mystery School of Asia. And Hiram the King of Tyre, was the Grand Master of this school of Mystery in India.

Now, Hindu Masonry worshiped pagan gods and pagan philosophies. And tried to make them look somewhat more compatible to your race there in ancient Israel. So it was that as the ships of Asia attacked the ships of David, they also attacked the ships of Tyre. So Hiram sent an emissary to David and he said, ‘We have a common enemy. They have attacked our ships on the sea. Shall we join ourselves together and defeat the enemy?’ So in a temporary military alliance, David and the King of Tyre joined forces and they defeated the Assyrians and Asian forces. And the Hindus tell about this. And they said shall we now not join our power and our mysteries. And David said, ‘NO, YAHWEH will not stand for this. We must go our separate ways. We have passed upon the sands of time as neighbors.’

When David passed away, and then came his son, Solomon, to the throne, there was to be fulfilled a great desire in the life of David. For David wanted to see a great and beautiful Temple built unto his God. He wanted to incorporate all of the mysteries and the symbols of the Tabernacle to great value built inside of this temple. YAHWEH said to David, ‘Thou hast not been a master of all of the wisdom and the mysteries, but thou hast loved ME with a pure heart. And you are a man after My own heart. Therefore, thou David, you have been a mighty warrior in the defense of Israel. And thy kingdom under your son’s rule will be made wise in all of the knowledge, and all of the wisdom and all of the spiritual laws, and all of the symbols will now oversee the building of MY House, and he will see that these things are placed within.’

You know, I was disgusted the other day. I was reviewing some Sunday School material the other day for children and it was coming out of the supposedly fundamental and orthodox school. It had the slides and the photograph material now being applied for youth instruction. And when they came down to David, they show about one picture of David, and they left out all concerning his struggles over the Philistines and his victories as the King of Israel, and his great and mighty acts of Faith. They said that God was unhappy with David because he was a military man and he would seek to make war. So God would have nothing to do with David as to his aspirations because he was a man of war. And that God liked Solomon because he was a man of peace. And because of this, he loved all people and did not make any differentiation among all the people round about. You see what they are trying to do? That is the kind of propaganda that brainwashes our race, covering up the things that they should know of the great Patriarchs and the mighty heroes of our race who stood in defense against the pagans, so that they stopped us from being absorbed and wiped out. All of these are to be forgotten about. You are to teach the children nothing about violence and struggle even in the cause of right. You are to get them ready to surrender and become pacifist and show that all of the Divine blessings rest upon the pacifists. But this is not true. In face in the study of David, then God called David ‘a man after HIS own heart.’ David was very human, made many errors, and his transgressions were known and have been flashed before all the world, but God could still look at David and say, ‘Here is a man after MY own heart.’ He was a man of courage and faith, and would stand alone against the darkness, would stand in the gap alone for Israel if necessary. No, it was not because David had been a warrior and was looked down upon by God. No, it was because he had not applied himself. He did not have the time to learn the wisdom and the mysteries which were learned then by his son Solomon who was better adapted to build HIS Temple.

So Solomon began to build the Temple and here come the Asiatics. And here comes Hiram also, and he says to Solomon, ‘I don’t think that you are acquainted with me, but I was your father’s friend. We had an understanding. Our Navies fought together against the galleons of the Assyrians.’ And he said, ‘I understand that you are building a great house to God and we all love God in whatever shape and form that HE manifests himself in, and there are gods some and there are gods many. So suppose we as friends, work together to build this great house to your God. Suppose I bring my artisans and I will loan you my A’bif and we will help you build a house to your God and it shall be a house to all gods, a house to all great ones.’ But Solomon said, ‘No, this is a house to YAHWEH, and it must be only to HIM.’ So Hiram retired. Then he came back later and said, ‘Alright then, will you let my A’bif help you?’ And this word ‘A’bif was in the old mystery schools, the word for master craftsman. They knew how to take their science, their vision, and transform it into form, into wrought iron, into stones, and architectural wonders. So Solomon permitted the King of Tyre’s, A’bif to come and he came with craftsmen of India and craftsmen from Asia to help in building the great Temple to the MOST HIGH GOD. But men of understanding, priests of Israel,--(and today, they would be called ‘a hard right wing group’) and they said, ‘We cannot mongrelize our race, or use pagan vision in this undertaking. We cannot built this with views of superstition. ‘Look out, Oh, King, for no one on earth has produced what our society has produced, we will not permit these people to come into our house.’ So Solomon said, ‘They will work up in the hills. They will work in the iron and they shall work in their shops upon the hills, but they shall not enter into the sight of the House of god.’ So Hiram and his master craftsmen helped to make all of the things of metal and all the things of wrought that would go into this House of god. But there was an anger in this Asian thinking. And it was an anger against Israel’s God and they hoped to swallow up these people and pollute their temple. And this anger was upon them, that the light of the testimony might be obscured by the testimony of the many gods. So Hiram’s A’bif was selected for the sacrifice. So they poured the molten sea. This was a tremendous and beautiful development. This Molten Sea had a tremendous significance. It had a great spiritual significance. For as it was poured out of brass with just enough gold so that it would never tarnish. And this molten sea was to be placed within the Temple confines. And we note that it took many oxen to pull it in. And we note that it was filled with clear water. And when the Priests went into the Holy of Holies, and when one Priest with the Urim and the Thummim asked for Divine guidance. When God moved the Urim and the Thummim to a yes or a no, it was done with Divine power. And when the Priest got his answer, he was to bear this testimony and come out and give it to the people in the outer court. And they would know that God had spoken. Someone said, ‘Just superstition.’ No, just supernatural. Just in instance when God was always able to get something across to HIS people when HE wants to.

Let me tell you this. That Temple is the symbol of this Tabernacle, or body that you live in. Its inner court is your Celestial consciousness or spiritual being. That is the Holy of Holies. And that inner court is where your soul consciousness evaluates what the spirit gathers in the Holy of Holies. And the outer court is this physical body which you put into operation before all me. And it is the other two fields wherein the brain, or the mind becomes the third witness.

So it was that the Priests would stand around the molten sea and when the vision was received, by the High Priest, then the water would ripple. And they would behold as they looked into it as one would look into a crystal ball and watch something develop if that ever took place. They would see the thing which was in the vision paramount to the High Priest.

Now, this was something in the mystery of Israel when the spirit moved and the Shekinah Glory hovered over the Temple. And don’t you worry, my friends, for the day they dedicated that Temple, the Shekinah Glory came down and filled that Temple and covered it with such a light that all of the nations round about, heard how the God of Light had crowned the Temple of the sons of Light with the mighty Glory of HIS presence.

Now, listen. They were pouring the molten sea with metal, and the craftsmen of India and Asia were to work and Hiram’s A’bif---master craftsmen, secret worshiper of Kali was there. And they were pouring this molten sea, the great symbol of testimony. And as the hot molten metal ran into the great form, suddenly with a strange cry of Kali, Kali, Kali, the A’bif leaped into space and then fell into the molten metal. Thus to put a pagan curse into the molten sea, in the Temple of YAHWEH.

This had been designed by the priests of Kale, knowing that a human sacrifice to a human goddess would destroy the sacredness of this Temple dedicated to YAHWEH. What they did not realize was that what to them was brass and gold, to Israel and her King and Priests, this would not be allowed. And they did not let that molten sea come into the Temple grounds. They melted it down and poured it into the sand, saying, ‘Into the earth goes the seed of Kali.’ Then they re-poured the molten sea, then re-poured it out of fresh material and gold and brass. Then they erected a great canopy above it and all of the Priests of Israel gathered around. And while the metal was solidifying, they lifted their voices in praise-- ‘Hallelujah.’ The oldest word in the oldest language of the highest praise to your God was Hallelujah. And the waters of the molten sea rippled with that sound of praise. Then the oxen, (12 of them) hauled this great Molten Sea into the Temple compound.

Hiram’s workers were thrilled. They had retired to the hill tops. The Temple was completed, and the day for the opening of the Temple came and all the majesty of Israel and her armies gathered round with the people in their ranks. The trumpet sounded the call and the great doors were opened. The veil was hung across the Holy place. Suddenly, the Temple was filled with Glory. We are told that the Glory of the LORD shown round about and that the Light of the sun was obscured by the Light of the Glory which shown around that place. The emanations, the effulgence, the vibrant glory filled the whole house until all men fell upon their faces before it. Then here came Hiram of Tyre and all his pagan workers. And the Priests of Israel said, ‘No, Hiram may not enter. No man except he be of this race may enter into this Temple. No one can step into this light unless he dies. Better we kill him with the point of our weapons than that this fire consume him in here.’ But Hiram said, ‘But I helped to build this Temple.’ And Solomon said, yes, he helped. But the Priests said, ‘Solomon, you also may not enter if this pagan comes in.’

Solomon may have been King of Israel, but there was a greater King above all. And to bear his opposition to this Priesthood would have been to leave his Kingship that early. So the King of Tyre went home and with him went all of his workmen. And do you know what they write in India even today? ‘That the Children of Light, the sons of that ancient YAHWEH, the God of the Hebre, the sons of Indus, that our forefathers said would always arise to rule the dusky people, they barred us from their temple. Even tho we helped to build it. And they would not admit our gods.’

And then everyone of them who marched in the company of Hiram, and where each had these little emblems of Vishnu, Kali, Brahma, and Siva, (each had these inside of their tunics and they were going to bring them inside of the house of YAHWEH, so it could be the house of all gods)---everyone of them told the same story of not being allowed in the Temple of the God, YAHWEH. You may say, ‘oh, that is just an old story, an old wives tale, and it does not have anything to do with today.’ Yes, it does, my friends. For it proves that they knew that you were the sons of Light and the sons of Glory. And that the Glory of your God shown round about that Temple. They wanted to pollute it just as they wanted to bring you into the United Nations, and bring you into that fallacy of a house of Peace. Today, they want to mongrelize your faith and mongrelize your race and your theology, for they want to put out the LIGHT. There is no other reason for this fallacy and program of integration.

This is one of the reasons modern Masons should go back today to look over their patterns. George Washington understood this and he was not only Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge in the United States, but he was the son of Light, and would not go beyond the 7th degree. For all of these later degrees which had come in, had all been touched in some degree with this paganism which had come in. In those days one of the men they hated most was Mr. Pike. For the doctrines and dogma which is one of the foundations of Masonry today, was edited by Pike. And it is filled with all kinds of Asiatic material that Solomon was not permitted to let come into the Temple. Someone said, ‘What do you think of Masonry today?’ I think it is one of the great light carrying symbolistic programs of our race, and it is time White men rose and cleansed it.

I think it is of great significance and we want to add this in closing. You serve in that temple,---the Temple of the God of Light was a great and mighty symbol of the sons of Light and their God of Light. And was a great and mighty symbol of where man and his race and the Priests of God met with HIM for guidance. Thus also, you are a son of God. You are dwelling in this physical temple. Your soul consciousness can serve in this outer temple with cognition. It can search the ramparts of the Celestial plain with spiritual guidance. The soul can draw its witness, and you serve in this temple. And that is why your God says that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. And you are thus the sons of the MOST HIGH.

We turn for one moment of thinking to this as the Apostle Paul tells us this and that Peter then says that you are all ‘living stones,’ built and framed together unto a temple of the high and all mighty God. Thus the Apostle Paul was instructed that your bodies were the temple of the Holy Ghost. Therefore, he said, ‘What fellowship hath Light with darkness?’ He said, ‘Come out and be ye separate, for what fellowship hath Light with darkness?’ This is the temple of God--YAHWEH. This is not the temple of the Asiatics or witch doctors. And then someone says, ‘But I don’t like that.’ Well that is also not important for it is only important if you are right.

I want to bring this to your conscious attention. For over here we have these instructions, which come out of one of the Declarations of the MOST HIGH, one of the mysteries that have been hidden from all ages. As God makes known unto you, ‘What is the riches of HIS Glory?’ ‘What is the mystery among all nations?’ Want me to tell you? Paul tells you that it is ‘the Christ in you’ which is the hope of Glory. The hope of great Glory and life to the ends of the earth. That, my friends, is a part of the secret.

I want to tell you something else in closing, which is of great significance. Twice this week, I had a chance to speak and talk with a great medical doctor who has specialized in the field of psychiatry, generally speaking. And this man gave admission to--when in the great medical school he attended, the great number of psychiatrists in the school were enemies of our race and our faith, and had nothing in common with the way we think. He said, most of the doctors were Jews and it was hard to go thru this particular branch of study. He is one of the outstanding psychiatrists in our nation today. But this is what he had to say. He said, ‘Since I have gone into practice, I have discovered many things. I have been especially dealing with what we consider to be a disease of the mind, all of which has to start and to function where men think. But now I know that there is something which exists in the White race which does not exist anywhere else on earth.’ Of course, we know that. And it is what scripture calls spiritual seed. That is that Celestial light body which can rise to the land of the Faulkery which can rise to the plain of spirit or any other dimension that the Father has made.

That, my friends, is what Jesus meant when HE said, he who came down out of heaven can go back into it. He can go anywhere in the Universe because of this capacity of the Father. But there is something down inside of you, for that Celestial consciousness of yours is the wavelength of the thinking of the MOST HIGH GOD. In that souls consciousness, there is the energy to enter that Celestial consciousness and call for guidance. And it absorbs it automatically at times. There is the physical mechanics of the brain where the soul directs the body and it produces thru the senses an evaluation of what it sees and feels.

Now, significantly this psychiatrist said that there is something in this White race. He did not have the spiritual picture, and yet he almost did. But as we talked to him, he did. And he said this is a strange thing. Thirty percent of all of the sickness we have here in America today, starts where men think. And they get real sick when the toxic condition of their body is the result of nerve endings, causes muscles to contract, and do not properly release and cause to expand. Toxic situations can effect every organ or gland of the body, and many of them start at the thinking point of consciousness.

Now, he says, what makes a person feel so bad, you can go thru all kinds of things, but what causes them to feel so bad? I will tell you what it is. There are certain things which you know whether you realize it or not. There are certain things which are adapted to you, whether you know they are adapted or not. And this man said, ‘That is why I try to probe way back in a persons childhood and see if they have any ideas as to what it was that they were disturbed about or what it is that disturbed them most.’

Now, I know that doctors do not like to talk about this for it is a social issue when we deal with the world order. And I know what the U.N. and the educators of today say we are to think. He said, ‘I will tell you what the trouble is. People have been raised with knowledge and they have a certain feeling for what is right. They have their own mechanical wavelength of thinking. And now they are being told that all of these others are equal and they are being told that they should readjust their thinking that they are all equal, that they are to adjust their thinking until they are willing to let their children marry into these other races. They are to readjust their thinking until they are willing to pull down this flag and put up the spider web.’ And he said, ‘do you know what happens? People get this out of ‘Life Magazine.’ They get it out of the ‘Readers Digest. And they get it out of schools, and they see it in the newspapers and on the T.V. And here is also a little subtle information, for if you are not willing to think this way, you are not being a Christian. If you are not willing to think this way, you are anti-Social, and not willing to go along with the great international intellectuals of our time.

So since this is an error, and these people subconsciously know it is in error, they are forced to confess even while giving instruction to their children that they are to comply with this principle, this error. A mother sends her child off to school and tells her--’Now you be nice to that little Negro boy down the street,’ while she subconsciously worries that some day they might marry. She is afraid to come out and say too much because the church will deny it, or the school will say that she is anti-Social. He said, ‘do you know that in our great cities, in Chicago, in Philadelphia or New York, 35 to 40% of all the cases that psychiatrists have to deal with has occurred over this racial problem which has been brought on by fear and the forced integration and the false thinking of our times?’ He said, ‘people are trying to make themselves think that which is a revolt by spirit in their very depth.’

I talked to a man the other day who is an official in a Quawannas (?) Club in his community. And he said, ‘Dr. Swift, I have a problem. I know what is right. And I am program chairman for my club. And they are all nice business men and most of them go to the Methodist Church. But when I tried to bring in things which would show them the advantage of private enterprise, preservation of our businesses and all of that, I am being told by these men that now this is a world problem--that we must put aside empty patriotism and empty nationalism and they say that I am anti-social. They tell me that it is going to hurt my business. ‘More than that,’ he said, ‘they tell me that since I am program chairman, that I can bring in some good things. I can bring in what I please. But these men have been taught everything contrary to this. And if I do what I know to be the right thing, then it will hurt my business and I may be ostracized by all of these good people. So--what do I do?’ I said, ‘You are on the road to being a sick man.’ And he said, ‘why do you say that?’ I said, ‘because you are battling a battle of frustration. You are a son of Light and you are suppressing the Light because the darkness does not like for the Light to shine. You are not only going to be a sick man, but you will also discover something else. That Quanannas club did not bring one man into your store. Most of the people who go by, don’t know that you are in that club for they did not see the emblem in the window. You might lose the trade of a few of these merchants and probably you wouldn’t lose that. But the fact is that if you gave them the truth, if you engaged speakers to come in and who laid down the truth, you might win some. Because they are members of your race.

I said, the strategy of the enemy is to make ERROR look so right while it tries to fuse into the Kingdom of Light, until we put the Light out so that we don’t embarrass the darkness. That, my friends, is your great problem. Let me tell you something that you may not be aware of. When you as a child of God know the truth and bear testimony to the truth, when you give ascent to it, when you roll back your fears since Calvary had taken care of the error, the Resurrection has given you promise of immortality. The Light of God hath born testimony in the fruit of your race. And when you think this way and declare the truth, you will feel like you are breathing the clearest of air and you will feel like you are drinking the coolest of clear water. You walk as the princes of God in the midst of the earth. And it is not a point of false pride, but you look with pity at those round about whose minds have been locked up in error, whose subconscious is saying this is not what they really believe. It is just because they must make themselves think they believe because the world order has been telling them so. Yet the Sons of Light are the Hope of the world, not the darkness. And let me tell you that when the sons of Light walk forward in the absolute clarity of their vision, when they walk forward in the strength of their testimony, they walk with freedom which makes God’s noblemen stand out as ‘The Light of the world.’ And I am going to assure you of this irrespective of what you witnessed in our time. God is about to let the Light develop with so great a miracle upon you as came down upon that Temple in the days of its opening, until that wavelength of Divine aura will be seen upon you which the ancients used to talk about when they said these are the children of Light and the Glory of their God shines upon them. It is going to shine upon you like it has not been witnessed since the fall of Adam.

And I will tell you this. Your wanderings and migrations are tied to Biblical facts and its history and your Destiny. And I challenge you this. If you want help, if you want Divine blessing from a God who has never failed, then never bend your thinking to the world, but be ‘ye transformed by the renewing of your mind’ with the revelation out of that Holy of Holies which belongs to the Children of Light.

(End of sermon)