Hollow Of HIs Hand, 9-17-61



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 9-17-61

It is one of the most serious hours in our national history. It is of necessity that there are certain things which we must discuss along with our subject ‘The Hollow of His Hand’. And tho to some, it may be repetition of remarks made previously, those who have not heard, it is most important that you know the subject matter of what has happened recently. The most infamous force on the face of the earth, the Communist hoards of Anti-Christ have, with those that finance and created their evil institution established one of the most Satanic of all organizations on the face of the earth. That organization is the political and economy order of the Anti-Christ which parades and trumpets its activities today under the name of the United Nations. The United Nations are not united nations. They are a grouping of nations that God has forbidden you as a Christian nation to be joined to. The prophecy of the scriptures talk about your being joined to this federation with its walls of un-tempered mortar, and God is determined to crash you out of it if He has to do it with the hailstones of fire according to His declarations in Ezekiel. You are unequally yoked together with pagans and with evil. And God will not stand for this. Nor will it produce anything but chaos and evil in the earth and nor has it done anything but this since you have been in the United Nations.

In fact, the strangest thing is that were it not for the great nation of God’s Kingdom out of whom the finance has come to produce the bloodstream of this evil society, they could not keep the program of anti-Christ going. As anti-Christ countries, powers, and systems are parasites, it is upon the strength of the money taken from you in taxes, that this evil that the anti-Christ rides on, has been built. This evil Beast system upon which a mistress of evil rides is the World Government system of the United Nations.

I want to point out to you some things which are really serious. First, the most dangerous thing you face is something that happened in the Unites States Senate and very few people know that it has already passed the Senate. And they hope to pass the Congress of the United States with it tomorrow morning. If this goes thru the Congress of the U.S. tomorrow or the next day, you are no longer a free society and Congress might as well not re-convene. They want to pass it before they adjourn on the 23rd, and that is tomorrow or the next day. When it first crossed my desk, it came in one of those fantastic ‘bills’ that you can expect out of a ‘new frontier’ guided by Jewish influence ‘one world’ Socialism and Communism, and that was a program called the ‘U.S. Disarmament Agency for Peace and Security.’ This disarmament agency for peace and security, was written up in the journal as nothing but a permanent measure which they wanted to establish as a department in order to investigate the policies of disarmament and peace. And while I would oppose the wasting of one cent on such a fallacious project, because you don’t want to disarm America. After you have defeated the last enemy she has, then that may be the time to talk about disarmament. But even sad as it might seem, there are always those pacifists foolish enough would seek constantly to disarm us at a time when it would not be wise.

Now, it was more than this. This was not the truth. The people and the average Congressman and Senator, knows no more about it unless he is in on the trick and belongs to the ‘left wing’ group. So this measure known as House of Representatives Bill 7936, it has already passed both the Senate and House Foreign Relations Committee---they passed it. It went thru the Senate yesterday. Much of the work on this bill which was done secretly, was to push thru the House this week before Congress adjourns Saturday, the 23rd, so that they could pass it on to the United Nations who will do the administry and who will then have police power of the United Nations, to enforce all the things hidden in this measure. This bill would appoint a dictator director. This premier director would be appointed by the President of the United States and if his batting average is no better than those he has appointed already to other posts, then it will probably be a ‘Harvard Jew.’ And this person would not be answerable to Congress or to anyone except directly to the executive, in turn the director would have unlimited powers to do as he wishes even to handle all of the inventions and instruments of war or anything produced or manufactured in America that could be used for war. He would have further police power. And more than that, he would get all the funds he needed from --not only the appropriations, but beyond it, from the treasury without appropriation.

Dan Smoots was on the line and called Congressmen to alert them as to what had transpired. And the Congressmen, because of the terrible implication of this bill, were alarmed from the implications in it. He said every American should wire his Congressman to defeat this bill in Congress and if we don’t do that we have virtually become a police state and they urged everyone in wiring their Congressman to get a carbon copy from Western Union.

Now the fact remains, it puts this whole agency of police power of the United Nations---which will put U.N. police all over America---and they can oppose or crush anyone that they think is opposing their plans for peace. They can sell you out. They can appease, they can do anything they want to do. And Congress will have surrendered its appropriation power, its authority, its control. The Patent Office will be no protection for American technicians or inventions. They can scrap anything, they can hold anything, they can pull anything out and freeze it up, and stop it from being used. This is too deadly, and is in the hands of an institution that is already so ‘Red’ they will keep you from ever getting one technological piece of material or equipment in operation or keep you from ever having a victory again.

I think it is time to wake up and realize this is a deadly bill. We wouldn’t take time to discuss this tonight, if it were not something they pulled over on everyone and nobody realized what was involved. But it has been brought to light and there are forty more bills like this. And when you wire your Congressman, tell him not only House Bill 7036, but some forty more bills they are ready to ram thru that would tie us up and use U.N. power and power of individual dictatorial directors that don’t have to answer to the Congress of the United States.

You say, ‘well the President could intervene.’ Well, if we don’t have any better leadership than we have in this President, he’d probably join. In the first place, if we had a good President, he would not let this thing pass. He would have alerted the people with his own personal intervention.

Now that is only one side of the issue. Every intelligent red-blooded American who loves America should be using his influence upon his Congressmen and Senator, upon the President of the United States, and on the State Department, to get America out of this bloody, heathen, paganistic, murdering United Nations before it is too late.

There has been a seething fury in my heart ever since the news of last Wednesday that U.N. forces had opened fire and were attacking Katanga Provence in Africa, which is one of the largest centers of White civilization, factories, mills, mines. It has been working in a very peaceful manner and Mousak Kashambi who happens to be the Negro Premier which has been elected in this area and whose appointment approval has been with White approval, who have been taking intelligent direction from White men and who has thus been able to hold the as semblance of what the world has been demanding and trying to pressure on Africa that the Negroes should have some influence in government, but at the same time, here civilization has continued with White schools, hospitals, missions stations, and farms, factories, mines. But this is the rich pride. This is the plunder the Communist want. They want the diamond mines. They want the copper mines, they want the values of the wealth of Katanga. Katanga seceded from the New Congo State when it was formed, because the Congo State---its president, its premier, its commander of military, all are Communists under the command of Anton Guzinga, the Communist master of the Congo. The U.N. has supported Communism in the Congo. The U.N. continues to support and would put all men under Communism.

If therefore, they talk about the right of self-determination, Katanga had the right to secede and remain an independent state. They have committed no crime. Irresponsible battles have gone on in Leopoldville under the heads of Congo government, fighting for the spoils. The Congo is filled with forces of hate which the U.N. is backing. We, unfortunately, have been paying the bills---the largest part of the financing Congo activity. We have watched the strange Communist propaganda waves that fight for the mind of our nation attacking the leadership that God put the White race here to produce throughout the world of civilization and culture, in colonies and administration, and guidance assistance and the enforcing of the law. In fact, the bloody troops of the Congo have demonstrated their hatred of everything constructive and that they have no responsible capacities for self-governing without White mens influence. They have moved in time after time to rape, murder and kill---wipe out whole communities, burn their factories, churches and schools and then eat one another when they ran out of something else to do. Without the restraint of the White man, there is little help.

The U.N. troops that had Canadian forces and others when they first went in, were ground in the dust while their faces were pushed in the mud by the Negro troops of the Communist forces of the Congo. And this is what the government of Katanga did not want. They wanted to remain an independent and free society. And they have been told they would have to join the Congo. Who tells anybody what they have to do today??? The United Nations!! The U.N. arrested some of their white leaders, kidnaping them out of an area of the Katanga Provence the early part of last week. And Life Magazine slanted story shows them being shipped out and back to Belgium and other places. These brilliant White officers of the Belgium army and previously other forces of Africa were referred to as ‘mercenaries’ being sent back to Europe.

Well, if you happen to be a second or third generation White man in Africa, you are not a mercenary. You have as much right to that soil as anybody else, especially when you went there under the assurances of governments and helped to build civilization.

The fact is that on Wednesday afternoon, if you are aware of this, you know, there is a battle going on. You must remember that U.N. troops were under the command of General Madre, and this man, a Hindu who wears the mark of ‘Kali’ the symbol of the hated Hindu cult goddess of India. His caste mark is the mark of ‘Kali’ which is the enemy of all civilization and culture except Hindu and pagan idol worshiping forces. He and his bloody troops are a part of the U.N. forces. There is with him also, other dark troops plus the unfortunate Irish and the unfortunate Swedes who are involved. However, you must remember that Dag Hammershold supported this Communist government inside the Congo. And on Wednesday, they demanded that without further notice, that the government of Katanga surrender from its secession and automatically disband its armies and join the Congo government. Nobody paid any more attention to this as to previous demands and without further notice the U.N. attacked the Provence of Katanga. They opened up with bombs, hand grenades, machine guns, and tanks. They blasted and destroyed people right and left. Then in some start of resistant fighting back, the call came from the pagan heathen commander from India, they were to shoot everyone on the street that moved and were to shoot anybody they found with a weapon in their possession. Can you imagine anybody in Africa without a weapon in their possession? Especially in the Congo? Everybody was to be shot, by what?---The order of a pagan who serves at the altar of Kali. More than this---the U.N. commander was ordered to attack and they did.

The Irish, the Swedes, the hoards of blacks that were a part of this U.N. army and the black and brown Indian troops attacked. They attacked women, children---many of whom took refuge in the great hotels and tall business buildings in downtown Elizabethville, and even then ricocheted bullets caught them where attacks were made upon this area. In one single fortress when they captured it, because they didn’t know a war was on---there were White officers and Negro members of the Katanga army---and they were captured. They were stood up against the wall and shot and bayonetted in the back by the Indian troops.

This is the U.N. bloody, murdering, killing, ‘Red’ army. And I am ashamed of a nation which would support this kind of activity. But your government upheld the attack on Katanga Provence. So therefore, your government, under the type of de-generated administration, supported the mass murder of these White men, and including Black men, and against a Provence inside of Africa. And you can’t tell me again, the U.N. is supposed to keep people from war or that it is a peaceful institution, or that is wants to help Africa. All it is there for is to develop Communism. And the leadership in Washington that supports this should be impeached and tried and put into prison.

The fact is, this very week, Senator Todd got up in the Senate and he blasted the situation. And he called this one of the most murdering, infamous activities in history and said it is only being compared with the Communist tyranny massacre and bloody activities of the Kremlin itself. And he said, ‘I am disgraced that America should uphold this thing.’

Nations of Europe have called in and they have de-cried it. They have become disgusted. Ireland wants to call home all its contingents. They said no Irishman is ever going to fight with the U.N. again. But the U.N. had ordered Irishmen to attack White men in a fight for the Anti-Christ and they have just about been all massacred and wiped out. And we are sorry for the Irishmen who were caught in this measure, but Katanga and its officers were right. Washington was wrong. The U.N. is wrong. And every American had better pray that we get out of this lest we have to rise and overthrow it for our own liberty.

This is the Anti-Christ. This is no longer time to work with your hands in gloves. This is the time to call it what it is. This evil net that has been thrown around our nation and entwines the minds of leaders in our society, requires that you speak and you pray and you act. If America doesn’t get out of the U.N. now, then we shall act with prayer and with condemnation and with the curses of the MOST HIGH GOD until the judgement falls on that institution, and everybody that would keep us in it.

You say, ‘It won’t work.’ Just watch the fire come down out of heaven. You watch it hit, watch it strike, watch it move man. Because God is getting us out of this evil thing. But it’s going to take your voice, your protest, and your stand along with it, to start that great wall of fire moving across the nation. And this is the one time when everybody can now see that this is a murderous institution, that wouldn’t do anything against the ‘Reds’ in Hungary, wouldn’t help in Indo-China, has never lifted its hand to give us a victory. It defeated General Douglas McArther in Korea and now has the audacity to attack a peaceful area and turn it into a holocaustal war. Already some judgements have rolled back on the U.N. For as Katanga Provence retaliated, they retaliated with armored cars and with mortars, machine guns, grenades, flying aircraft which the industrial leaders and concerns and people of Katanga had been buying thru the months in the event of just such a possibility. The U.N. probably didn’t figure out how strong it would be. U.N. forces have been rolled back on every front. They have been dealt crushing defeat. And out of the jungle, now comes two jungle tribes of the Congolese who may now come to Katanga---1,200,000 people and over 200,000 men among their warrior groups and said, ‘Katanga has been attacked by U.N.’ And therefore these two jungle contingents said, ‘We will join with Katanga in throwing the U.N. back.’ And so tonight, 200,000 woozy-woozies right out of the heart of the jungle---probably no better than any other Congolese---but they are in there now fighting. And their swarming black sea overwhelmed U.N. outposts and the U.N. is being crushed tonight totally. No wonder Dag Hammershold grabbed a plane and flew right back there. And he is meeting in Rhodesia tonight with Moisha Mashambi to try to get a truce.

I personally don’t think they ought to get one. I think Mr. Mashambi and the White leaders of Katanga ought to keep that army rolling until they have all the Congo into their hands and then notify the world to get out of the Congo. It is ours.

It was only last week members of the Foreign Service of your State Department declared that the time had come when we had better get rid of Sophie Williams and the rest of these people who are stirring up trouble in Africa,--that Africa needs the White man. Without the white man there would be no progress, no civilization. And it was a catastrophe to try to remove the White man form Africa. Who said that? Your Foreign Service experts who work for your State Department, that are tired of all this propaganda from Communism and from a group of pseudo-intellectuals who should have no degree whatsoever and shouldn’t teach in any of your colleges and shouldn’t be any source of information stream of the peoples of the world. So we have a little picture of what it is about.

Now, you can see what the U.N. would do. Don’t even let them put any troops down in Texas no matter where they come from. Don’t let them put them in Washington and California. Don’t let the U.N. ever station troops of any foreign power on your soil for training or any other purpose. Because you never know when thru some crazy idiot in the U.N. will turn these troops on you. Don’t ever let them make a move thru the U.S. Congress or thru any branch of your government the would take away from your sportsmen and your private citizens their arms, their ability to not only engage in their sport but to defend themselves when your Constitution guarantees you the right to have and own and bare arms---is not to be infringed on. But in this vast conspiracy the U.N. is already trying to work out laws that would disarm citizens of all countries where this right permits. Do you know what they want to do? They want to disarm intelligent Christian Americans. They want to be able to put U.N. police forces in your nation and every other nation. That is the reason for these stepping stones and these infamous bills. And then suddenly they would have a disarmed citizenry. They would have a dictatorial ‘no nothing’ Washington leadership and they would have a Congress that had abdicated. And you would say it can’t happen here? But you would say with leaders in jail cells and yourselves being herded off to factories and to places of work with them ordaining how much you are going to get and that would be the end of America if God didn’t have other plans for this. And God’s plan is going to work. We are going to help implement it and you are going to see a mighty victory that is going to save America. Now this is the important thing. That is why we tell you, don’t forget to write your Congressmen. Don’t leave it for the next person in the next seat. But as a Christian American, you had better write to your Congressman to keep this infamous bill that effects the security and the independence of our nation from going thru. Someone said, ‘no one should touch anything like this.’ I am going to tell you---you had better touch this of there won’t be anything worth touching. So we stand in a world tonight, that is torn with upheaval. The Communist world threatens and all the neutrals for Russia, want you to surrender. Your administration has supposedly challenged the world with its firmness on Berlin, but it runs over there to negotiate after it said there wasn’t anything to negotiate about. Even Mr. Kennedy took up the line there’s nothing to negotiate about after everybody else had said it. Now what is he getting ready to negotiate about? What has Mr. Rusk got to talk over in regards to Berlin? What has Mr. Kennedy got to talk about on Berlin? It is a free city. It will stay a free city. It belongs by permanent agreement to West Germany. And that is all there is to talk about. If they want to come in on it, let them have the strength of our fire. There are those who say, ‘Oh, well, that would be suicide.’ It will not be suicide. I think it is time that you and every Christian American started to think that what you have is a Divine right. If you haven’t the intelligence and faith enough to accept what God’s promised you as a Divine right, then that is the reason why they have been able to brainwash you and put all these things down on you that they have.

Someone said, ‘Well, you can talk about protection, divine right, and divine administration, but if they can overwhelm us with their troops, we’ve had it.’ There isn’t anybody on the face of the earth that can overwhelm the nations of God’s Kingdom when the sons and daughters stand firm.

Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, I don’t have my bomb shelter dug yet. I have no place to go when the bombs fall.’ Well, that shouldn’t bother you at all if you’ve got faith. You will find that 99% of all the rest of the Americans in this country, don’t have bomb shelters either. You say, ‘Oh, that’s going to be the end of America.’ No, in the first place, I don’t think there is going to be very many bombs hit on American soil. Believe that or not. They are not going to hit here because God has said otherwise. You say, ‘There aren’t going to be any battles on American soil?’ Oh, there are going to be a lot of battles on American soil. There is going to be the biggest battle between Americans and un-Americans ---between Christian and non-Christian---between Americans and Communists---that has ever been seen in this country. And when we get thru, the concentration camps and the graveyards are going to have more Communists, more un-Americans and more rascals than most people ever dreamed of. Someone said, ‘Well, Dr. Swift, those bombs will fall and I don’t have a shelter. We know what is going to happen even if the bombs are not a direct hit. The radiation is going to spread out and will kill us all.’

Now, in the first place, I don’t believe it. I want you to know that among some of your leading physicists,---they don’t believe it either. I believe that normally intensification of neuro-recligens of radio activity if it came in over-whelming waves and remained for a long time, would speed up aging of the human body. And I believe that it would be a bad thing to endure such intense radiation over a long time. I believe it is definitely bad to be caught under a nuclear blast. It’s liable to kill you. You won’t be any deader than people dying all the time and from everything they die from. I believe that the force of that blast has a perimeter of danger. But I want you to know that right in the middle of Nagasaki and Hiroshima---there were hundreds of thousands of people who were caught by radiation. They were burned like a bad sun burn. Some of them had great welts on their bodies from high intense radiation burns. The immediate prophecy of medical scientists were that they were going to develop Leukemia and cancer thru the blood stream. Terrible cancers would break out all over them and the majority of them would die hideous deaths.

Fifteen years have rolled by since that fateful time ---almost sixteen years. There have been only three hundred cases of Leukemia in the areas where the bomb exploded and there might have ben that many cases of Leukemia if they had never exploded the bomb. And while many people have had bad burns and have scars on them, they are showing no more adverse effects right now than the scars themselves. And that would certainly de-cry the fact that everyone that got a radiation burn is going to shrivel up and die, and that they would have the hideous deaths that had been prophesied.

Yes, the atom bomb is a terrible thing, nuclear weapons are a terrible thing. It is unfortunate that America ever dropped them on any country anywhere in the world to satisfy the cry of the powers behind the scenes that wanted to create such a holocaust when it wasn’t necessary. But I am going to tell you this. Again, we were dealing with the unflappable rascals and we are dealing with power that was loose in the world. And so the inevitable patterns of the combination happened even tho Japan had offered to surrender without the Atom Bomb. And this is one of the horror factors of the International forces that were behind the scene.

However, just remember this. The radiation fallout which is coming from Russian nuclear bombs have a great number of people in hysteria. And it is true that the radiation was thirty-five times higher the other day over parts of Asia than it has been before and we had a 35% increase in radioactivity being carried in the air here in California. We want you to know tests of individuals and in food and in milk show very little increase in plutonium. And you say, ‘Well, that’s going to kill everyone someday.’ Well, that’s only a matter of conjecture. The fact still remains, that the enemy is trying to frighten you all over the world into abject appeasement of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union is going into high test, speeding up of nuclear testing. You have resumed nuclear testing. If the Soviet Union was afraid that the fallout was going to kill off everybody on the face of the earth, they wouldn’t take the chance on resuming nuclear testing because you in position to deliver more nuclear warheads to Soviet objectives than they can deliver destruction to you tonight. Just remember that. Someone said, ‘But if they strike the first blow, we will not be able to do that.’ If they push the button for the first blow, I believe that your destruction will hit them and you will never feel the weight of their destruction. When they push the button the signal is on. And I want you to know tonight, there are certain covenants that Almighty God had made. First, I would have you turn to the 90th Psalm in which you who have been the Celestial children of the Eternal Father in the heavens before the world was framed. And now thru the Adamic race are the children of God in bodies of flesh, but still have these words to say, ‘YAHWEH, thou has been our dwelling place in all generations, before the mountains were brought forth--where ever thou has formed the earth of the world--even from everlasting to everlasting, thou art YAHWEH.’

Now, we note that the declaration of the scripture has been concerning these facts concerning the things of God. The 91st Psalm says, ‘He that dwelleth in the secret place of the MOST HIGH, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty and I will say to YAHWEH, He is my refuge and my fortress. He is my God and in Him will I trust. Surely He will deliver me from the snare of the fouler and the noisy pestilence. He will cover thee with His feathers under His wings and thou shall trust; His truth shall be thy shield and buckler. Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night.’ (And that, my friends, that not only includes the rising up of evil and dark and subversive forces, but it also involves the threat of the bombing and destruction and the great flying missiles that they might launch at night.) Thou shalt not be afraid of the terror by night, nor for these missiles that fly by day. The word here for ‘arrow’ or missile inside the Hebrew--’flyeth by day.’ Now for his germ warfare (the pestilence) that he will send that walketh in the darkness or the poisonings of your water supply or the destruction that wasteth at noonday. A thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.’ That is the covenant God has with every last one of the sons and daughters of Israel of the great master race of God He set in the world to bring in His Kingdom. And for everybody who has the intelligence to hear and to understand what I am talking about----this is absolutely an indestructible covenant.

You say, ‘Oh, this won’t work.’ Let me tell you something. In the misfortunes of being involved in war, and probably the most terrible war is a family battle where a great Christian nation like America and Britain and France is caught up by Jewish chicanery in a battle against another great Christian nation like Germany, and all the heart of Central Europe and Austria, and all these other countries enmeshed in such struggles, that evolve in the course of the battles that were fought as a result of the Jewish chicanery,---we in this congregation and in our congregations everywhere had numbers of youth that went out into battle. Many of them knew who they were, what household of God’s camp in Israel they were in. And they went out with faith. Do you know that in everyone of these cases, where we accepted and made and declared a covenant with those parents and with those young men----as they went out, they went thru W.W.II and everyone came home. They went thru all kinds of conditions. They were heroes. They were bold. They were fearless. They felt they were covered with invincible armor and God brought everyone of them home. You can laugh at it, you can say it doesn’t work, but they ALL came home. We didn’t loose a man. (Dr. Swift’s father was a minister and had a large congregation at the time of W.W.II)

Now listen. This not only works, but when God says a thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right hand.--------I watched a great earthquake move thru Los Angeles and hit every Jewish business house---cracked them ------and didn’t bother anything that was Christian along side of it. Saw it happen. Saw one building right along the side of a church, ---cracked, all shaken up---cost thousands upon thousands of dollars to repair it, but never bothered the church. Now sometimes churches get it and a lot of churches have earned it. But I just want you to see that it can go right thru, shake down a town, and never hurt parts of it. I watched judgement fall in one community in California under an earthquake. I went up there and saw all the ‘booze’ halls and all the hotels that had a bad name and all the areas that had been involved with these were shaken down and people were killed and everything was broken up. And all around were homes that didn’t loose anything but maybe a few dishes.

I know that God----even in the midst of an earthquake, can shatter a city and protect His own if they have enough to believe this. After all, we could build with the people that are left. Remember that.

Now, therefore, He says, ‘only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked, because thou hast made YAHWEH which is my refuge even the MOST HIGH, thy habitation; there shall be no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.’ This is the hour when the enemies attack the Kingdom of God and the people of His Kingdom. What better covenant agreement do you want than that? Someone said, ‘I want some assurance.’ You can’t get any more assurance than that promise. If you don’t believe it, it won’t do you any good. If you believe it, it is just as good, my friends, as tho an army stood around. And an army you can’t see does stand around.

Now let me tell you about that army. ‘For He shall give His angels charge over thee to keep thee and all thy ways.’ That is what the prophet called upon God to let his servant see when they came for Elisha, because they hated him. He was a man of God and with the eyes of the servant, he saw upon the hills all around, a great mighty host of heaven. You say, ‘those are spiritual realms, they can’t do any good.’ They can come riding in, my friends, as material as anything you ever saw, whenever they are ready.

Just remember that Michael the great Archangel, is now standing by with one of the largest fleets of Divine organization of all time in all history. There are millions and millions of craft in the command of Michael the Archangel, which according to the book of Daniel, are waiting to come in to defend the children of God’s Kingdom at the right moment.

You say, ‘has he had any experience?’ You know how much experience Michael’s had? Well, for the last hundred thousand years, he has been commanding space fleets of unequaled size. In fact, way back when he threw Lucifer out of the heavens, when Lucifer tried to take over all of the Milky Way, Michael captured him and threw him into this solar system and left his mangles broken ships here in the earth. Michael would have come in and finished this thing, for he was able. But God said, no, Michael, just leave him alone now. Leave him down there in the earth. We’re going to handle this with our sons and daughters.’ And that’s YOU.

And you came into this world and you found a very active ‘mad’ hornet devil doing the best he could to rule and destroy everybody on the face of the earth. And your race has had to cope with him ever since. Some people say, he isn’t. But they sure have to explain away his children. They are all over the world running ‘hock shops’ and everything else. (That’s just a blind, you know.) For they are behind the evil of Socialism, Communism, and everything that goes with it. And they are the enemies of Christ from the Crucifixion of Christ to this day.

Now, let us take a look at what the scripture says. ‘Not only will I give my angels charge over thee (they are not only there to protect you, they are going to bare you in their hands, lest you dash your foot against the stone); thou shall tread upon the lion, the adder, the young lion, and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.’ These are symbolical. This is the host of the hoards of Asia--the dragon. This is the power of Lucifer’s armies. This is the power of all the emblems used by the Beast System against you.

God has said, because He has set His love on you, “Therefore, will I deliver him, I will set him on high---he hath known My name, he shall call upon Me and I will answer him (this is Israel--your race). I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him, I will honor him with a long life will I satisfy him, I will show him My salvation.” Somebody said, ‘Oh, but this attacking of the hoards of the enemy.’ Yes, there is lots of power, but the 95th Psalm said that YAHWEH is a great God. He is the King above all the Elohim, all His sons and daughters.

So I turn over here to the book of Isaiah and I read here the declaration He has made concerning you. He says, “Surely they are gathering together all these hoards, and all thy children (this is My covenant)---all thy children are going to be taught of God---great shall be the peace of thy children.----(Isaiah 54:15)-----but behold all the enemy--the pagan and heathen shall be gathered together.’ They are not coming because God is bringing them against you. They are coming because they hate you and they shall come against thee and they shall fall for thy sake. Behold the Eternal said, I have created the smith, I have given him a vision--he that bloweth the coal in the fire---who worketh with metallurgy and fire.---and all instruments of war for his work; I have created these tremendous weapons in the minds of men to destroy these powers of evil that come against you.’

So remember, concerning your enemies who steal your secrets, your enemies who would fight the Kingdom of God, not one single weapon that is formed against you is going to prosper. Now this is the covenant of the MOST HIGH. Every tongue that rises against you in judgement thou shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD. Their righteousness is of Me saith the Eternal. So all their conspiracy and all their promises against you shall fail.

When Jesus talked about the protection that belonged to Christians, and He tells about the fact that they had been begotten by His Spirit in the heavens, He said, “I have given them eternal life. They shall never perish. No man shall pluck them out of My hands.”---in His human existence, as Messiah Savior,---”I will not lose one of My disciples---no man shall pluck them out of My hands.’ Now as the Eternal Father God, who has seen Me has seen the Father. Jesus said, no man can pluck one single one of these Christians out of the hand of the Eternal---the Father.

You say, ‘Oh, that’s just talking about our salvation.’ My friends, your salvation was ordained of God before the foundation of the world. Your eternal life was begotten by His Spirit, but He wants you to know that no one can take, destroy, or hurt or do anything against the children of God’s Kingdom. They are in the ‘hollow of His hand.’ They cannot do that. You are just as sound and secure as it is possible to be. But you have the capacity under the direction of God, to fight and overthrow evil and know that the evil that you are fighting against will be powerless in the climactic hours that are ahead.

I turn to the declarations given concerning the strategy of the enemy and one of the things the Prophet Joel was to announce was while in that day of the nuclear weapons, the great pillars of fire, the umbrellas of smoke;---the day that Peter talks about when he says in that day all the people of My Israel and My holy government Zion (that’s not down at Palestine, these are Christian Americans--not these fraudulent occupiers who claim they are who they are not). Now God said concerning this,---”In that day every last one of My people that cry unto Me shall be delivered, every one.”

You say, ‘well, to do that, they wouldn’t resist.’ Oh, yes, God said the heathen will be gathered together. The heathen will come together in their valley and they are going to assemble and they are going to take council against you and then He says what is going to end up. They are going to be caught in the valley of My judgement because they take this position against you. That is what the prophet Joel says.

Now, there is no doubt that in all of these strategies that there are things you are supposed to do. One of the first things you should do is see that every single Communist agent is locked up or deported out of these United States so they can’t turn loose the pestilence. So they can’t poison the water supply. That is your part. God told you to clean the vipers out of the house and if you get bit by one, I’ll protect you. He didn’t tell you to nurture them to your bosom.

Now I want you to know God said ‘I’ll protect you from all these enemies who come against you.’ But when it came to something like the United Nations, He says come out of her. That you are supposed to do. So what we need to do is call on God. We need to follow His instructions and then He has promised that violence shall no longer be heard in thy land---nor the wasting or destruction in thy borders.’ (You know--- I would just like to see wasting stopped in our borders whether by the hand of the enemy of by our elected officials.) ‘All within thy borders shall call the walls of thy civilization the salvation and the gates of the Eternal One---the gates of praise.’

Now, you have been promised God is going to give you protection. He is going to carry you thru. He isn’t going to let any power that is within you be destroyed. This doesn’t mean we set back and do nothing. Some people just don’t understand what they are here for. God Almighty intends His Kingdom to crush evil and to emancipate the earth. He has given you all of this protection, concerning your cities, concerning your people and even protection concerning your warriors when they are on His business of this final struggle. That is one of the reasons why all the agencies of the enemy are turning loose their propaganda to try to make it appear so fearful to resist evil that you appease and surrender and then let this threatening braggardotiousio government of the Communist and the Asiatic move all over the world and keep right on gobbling up free nations.

You say, ‘but we’ve got leaders that wouldn’t obey.’ You know what the scriptures say? God says, “I am going to raise up principal man and you as the body of God in the world are to decry their activities and you are to tell them--(your representatives) that they are on your payroll. The President of the United States is on your payroll. They may throw the FBI around him and protect him and that’s alright. Your aren’t supposed to do anything to him. He is your elected representative. But you better write, you better tell him that he had better do things of God. He had better get us out of the United Nations. He had better act like a Christian. And if he doesn’t, God will take him out of the way. And there aren’t enough men in the FBI to protect him when God gets ready to remove a man. You say, ‘Well, this is not the way we should feel towards the President.’ We should feel as the judgement of God’s Spirit would feel that if there is any individual in the body of flesh that would destroy the representation and the Glory of My Kingdom. Then when unprofitable, we will cut him off---remove him saith the MOST HIGH. Know that His Grace will follow him still and still some day he will learn it is better to be a door keeper in the House of the LORD than be a President and work for the United Nations.

There are a lot of these fellows that have looked at the camp of the world order so long, that one of their educations is going to be in the hours just ahead, when we have triumphed over the powers of darkness--that they are going to be put right outside of the great nations of the Kingdom, and they are going to have to dwell out there among these lands of darkness. And they will know what it means when they are not invited to the ‘feast’ and didn’t come in-----to go out into the outer darkness with the rest of the world. Because I tell you, when you get outside of the great white nations of God’s Kingdom, you are in outer darkness and you are an outsider and you know it. And when you get back into a great Christian nation like this one, you know you have gotten back in God’s country.

We have been so busy paying attention to our own affairs, the affairs of our families, the affairs of our faith, the institution we belong to, and all over America, they have been busy with this, that they have paid little attention to who ran their government. They paid little attention to political activity. They have heard in their churches the word said that politics isn’t clean enough for the Christian, so we might as well stay out of it. Let me tell you this. IT IS YOUR BUSINESS TO GET INTO IT AND SEE TO IT THAT CHRISTIANS ARE THE POLITICAL LEADERS OF AMERICA AND THE STATESMEN WE ELECT. Because if you leave it to the rascals, you will get just what you’ve been getting.

Someone said, ‘No one should talk this way of our elected representatives.’ Our greatest troubles are the appointees. Can you imagine America ever reaching the time when we would permit or that the Senate or Congress would ratify the appointment of a man by the President of the United States to act as a director in the United Nations agency who didn’t have to answer to the people---and only the President ?---and the President, if he agreed with him, could control the nation, with the U.N. policies?? Why someone would have told you that wasn’t possible. If I had tried to tell you six months ago that was right now in the hopper and that the Senate and Congress would go along with it and that they were on the road to dictatorship--of which there was no appeal, you’d say ‘it can’t be done.’ Already, the Senate has voted it all the way. I think we should look over the voting record and every man in the U.S. Senate that voted for this measure yesterday, should never be returned to office. I don’t care who he is. I think it should be a great Christian Project across this nation to never return to office a man who voted in the Senate yesterday, for the passage of this bill that could put United Nations police in authority of power to carry out objectives in a bill like this in America. No wonder great Congressmen like Congressman_______(Ott??) became ill from the realization of what had happened.

There is one position of the student of prophecy that is greater than anything that can be given to him by the world and that is the assurance of God that He is going to deliver His Kingdom because His name and His honor is on it. This being one of the great nations of God’s Kingdom that has one of the biggest responsibilities for---the close of these affairs---the outstretched wings of that Eagle up there---these stars and stripes and that Cross of Christ, is your most valuable asset in your identity as the great nation of the ‘Outstretched wings of the Eagle’ in the book of Isaiah chapter 18.----And as it relates to you in Revelation, is you are promised that God’s going to help you to win. We are going to get the rascals out of the way. We are going to clear the decks for action and we are going to knock Communism and its evil, right off the face of the earth.

Now, if you were to turn to the meetings, the assembling, the public gatherings, and all the forums, you will decide America is waking up and wants to get rid of it, then even the President in your land says he is against Communism, and all these others, then, my friends, their actions had better follow their words. Thank God for Senator Todd who got up and said on the floor of the State Senate, that this whole thing is a massive Communist conspiracy. There is no question about this. I want you to know that this is part of the time schedule. That even right now there are ‘Red’ agents with vast pestilences for germ warfare. And this mass pestilence will probably be more dangerous normally than just the missiles the enemy will probably bring.

An ancient covenant was made with you and it declared in the scriptures that ‘if you will keep the Commandments and ordinances, which I have given unto you and none of the sicknesses, diseases, and plagues of the heathen will nigh you.’

Now, these are some new ones they have built up especially for you, against which there are no known anti-toxins. But I want you to know that if you will claim your righteousness for all the law consummated in your faith in Christ, while you seek to obey and do the things of Divine law for your own protection, then none of the sicknesses and diseases will come nigh thee.

There isn’t anything wrong in getting in some water to drink that won’t be contaminated. An intelligent nation would knock the poison that’s already in the water out. America should rise up and knock the fluorine out of all the water supplies in the U.S. And then they should look suspect on all that want to put it in. I think one of the most important thing for Americans to learn even right now, is how to win against these forces that have been brainwashed in their own nation. The propaganda agencies of the ‘Red’ world that want to reduce you to a cow-like mentality have been trying to infect the water supplies of your nation with fluorine. They have gotten it in some. They’ve gotten a lot of Dentists to get out in front and say this is going to reduce cavities and you know as well as I do that when you look at the noses of some of these fellows, that if they thought fluorine was going to reduce cavities, they would not say a word about it. Who ever heard of a Dentist that wanted to keep anybody from getting a cavity, unless they got it at his office. So when you see all these strange peddlers come out and try to put this stuff in your water, then I tell you what Americans should do. They should boycott ever going to any Dentist office that supported it.

Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, we may be in the Hollow of God’s hand but look at these un-Christians, anti-American, strangers who have come into our country. How can we do anything about this? Our laws protect them.’ Yes, but you don’t have to buy their goods. Stop trading with them. Dry them up on the economic bush and send them to Israel. Anytime people hate your nation, fight your way of life, one of the best ways to obtain a victory is to stop supporting them.

Someone said, ‘there wouldn’t be any clothes left to wear.’ Let me tell you something. There are clothing outfits in America that belong to Christians. And the very moment that businessmen found out that Christians wanted to buy Christian and trade Christian, then a lot of them would make an investment in the best and biggest market in America--140 million of them. But you have got to start somewhere.

Someone said to me, ‘Dr. Swift, that’s not right. If you tell them just to buy Christian, that’s not the thing to do.’ Well, every Kosher Delicatessen tells every Jew to buy ‘kosher.’ Don’t they? Trade over here and buy ‘kosher---don’t touch anything that isn’t ‘kosher.’ I think we in turn should say, ‘don’t you buy anything that wasn’t made with the sign of the Cross. I think it would be a good thing if we just stamp that Cross on everything we ate and everything we bought and let that be a mark of identification as to whether it was produced by Christians.

Someone said, ‘I don’t think we ought to do that.’ I think we ought to do that. We ought to buy by the sign of the Cross. I think that one of the great developments in America should be a great Christian association that would sweep America determined to keep the Christian society by an organic unit. We may not get much help out of the organized denominations, but out of the great ‘New Living Church of Christ.’ I think it would be one of the great moves in history.

I want you to know that you are so close to such big events. The enemy is going to be involving you in a multitude of wars. We told you war was going to break out in October in the Middle East in the areas around the Dead Sea. I actually know that military instructions concerning where the war is to break out has already been given out to the military. They are already planning the legistics as to where we stand. I’ll tell you what happened. Tonight the ‘Red’ hoards of Soviet Russia are right on the borders of Turkey. Turkey may have made a mistake when they took Benerus(?.) And even tho they said he was a dictator, tho he was a very strong friend of the United States government for ten long years while he was in power,---and so finally under the pressuring of student uprisings---tho the army has remained friendly to us---tho whether or not this was sagacious or not---they took the two heads of the cabinet and the Premier of Turkey, and they sentenced them to death, three days ago,---for being dictatorial. Which they said was against the constitution of Turkey. Tho all the people liked him and put him in power----yesterday, they hung President Mendez(?) and the chief deputy and his assistant inside Turkey.

Now, this is 1961. This is the day where civilization has arrived---when no longer do men hang Presidents or political leaders, because they disagree with them. My friends, you have made no further advancement as far as the forces of violence that are in the world today---than you had in the days of Louis XIV or when Robespierre (?) brought down the guillotine on the heads of political opposition. And even while inside of Turkey, tho Turkey may be your ally against Communism---(and there is one good thing you could say about Turkish soldiers is that they are courageous) But tonight, while the head of Mendez rolled, the actual trained and brilliant leadership that hold Turkey together---that knew all of the processes to do this---is gone. And Russia stands tonight, on the Turkish border. And war could start there, where you are committed to defend her in the matter of hours.

That changes the scene from Berlin a little. Massive forces of troops have been going to Korea and ships have been bringing in munitions and planes have been flying into her air fields for three and a half days. The report of this massive buildup in Korea and the speed in which it was done in the three and one-half days doesn’t mean that North Korea is going to just gather her peaceful parade for a demonstration. Now the world is about to explode. Mr. Khrushchev will not back up unless he can get you to abjectly meet his demands. If your leaders appease Russia, in Europe, they ought to stay there. America ought to rise up as a people and leadership ought to declare itself in Washington and say they don’t speak for us. America still refutes Communism and any leader who sells us out. For the hour must dawn in the hearts of this nation when it must separate itself.

I’ve talked to a great number of Congressmen, who say, ‘we would like to impeach, but we can’t get away with it. Tho there are a lot of people who will agree with us, there aren’t enough who would stand up for this. They are afraid that they won’t get a proper decision from the Senate, which always sells us out.’ Just think what the Congress say. We win in the Congress and lose in the Senate. Every bloody bill that has been passed against you has been passed in the Senate first. I think, the Republican whip Mr. Keekel(?) should never be in the U.S. Senate. In fact, there are several men running against him that have already challenged his internationalism, his ‘one worldism’ and his support of all the things that are wrong. I saw a letter he wrote back to one person---from Keekel’s office and he said, ‘Now, I may disagree with you, but I want you to know--that I firmly uphold the United Nations and all it is attempting to do. And I embrace the development of a ‘world government and world humanitarianism leadership.’

What silly propaganda. What an empty head. There is nothing humanitarian about these U.N. forces. Remember Katanga Provence this week?

And so again, I cite you this. In this hour when all of the significance of these events point to the great danger, point to the eminence of war, point to the threat, point to the fact that this week Russia said, ‘we are going to smash and destroy the cities of America. We are going to so crush America, that she will be an object lesson in the world and no further opposition will ever be lifted against our program to emancipate the world and to redistribute its goods without the evil capitalistic forces of America interfering.’ They are going to ‘smash’ us, they said.

The Scripture says, ‘I will be like a wall of fire about you.’ My friends, even detonating devices inside of some of the long-range missiles of the enemy will go off before they ever arrive. I want you to know that with that sound like the greatest of all water falls, they are going to come sweeping into your atmosphere, forces that the enemy never dreamed of contending with. You are standing in a space age on the edge of the Universe.----But remember, you are not isolated. The communication systems of the Kingdom are perfect even to the thought and the intent of your heart. The Angels, Archangels, and the many kinsmen, your relatives, are fully informed. The great mighty hosts of space are well organized and are informed. And here is where the honor of God is at stake---that these nations of His Kingdom are not going to be wiped from the earth, but are going to fulfill the destiny of the ‘Outstretched wings of the Eagle.’ They are going to bring in peace and justice, righteousness, in the earth. And in the hour when the enemy comes against you, the Israel of God, you will have the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. And when the corruption of evil falls, and Mystery Babylon cries--’Oi, Oi, Oi,’ to the heavens.

I want to tell you something. The other day Premier Khrushchev was riding along on some conveyance and all of a sudden a great gas cylinder in one of the nearby mechanical contrivances exploded in the heat. It went off to the sound of a bomb. But it wasn’t close enough to do any harm, but he jumped off of his vehicle and cried ‘Oi, Oi, Oi, Oi,’.---now, that’s not Russian. You just crack a whip on the back of one of them and listen to them cry ‘Oi, Oi, Oi,’ from the Bronx to the city of Hollywood.

The Scripture says in the book of Revelation, when God snaps this final whip against this evil, they will cry ‘Oi, Oi, Oi, Oi,’ these merchants of the earth who ruled throughout and supported and kept this institution that deceived all nations going.

Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, where am I supposed to move to?’ Well, the other day the Russians launched a missile. It left the soil of the Soviet Union and plummeted out into the Pacific ocean. And they had a group of trawlers out there photographing where it might land, and they had a great big circle and it landed right in the middle. Now when you put four ships out in a circle and there is a two mile diameter and a missile comes over and drops down in the middle, some smart ‘Germans’ worked on the other end.

But I want you to know, if they are looking for you, I don’t know where you would go. Someone said, ‘I’m going to hide away in the Rockies.’ Where? In Denver?---I’ll tell you a little secret. The headquarters of the 13th District of the Communist party is in Denver. The military legistics of how to take over the United States was for the congregation of mass internal armies and legions of Communists to move towards Denver and then coastal-wise to sabotage. Then paratroopers were to move in and from the Arctic as well as from submarine bombardment, as well as cargo carrying subs.---There was to be a great uprising and activity from the Denver area fanning out. And while government attention was to be on the Coast,----was to come down out of the air--this was part of their master plan. And chaos and excitement, exploding dams, sabotage water supplies. They were going to hit from the center and fan out.

‘Oh,’ you say,’The place for me to go is way up around Sonora and back among the high Sierras, back in one of those small communities which the Russians don’t want.’----But the other day the Secret Service was up in Longbarn(?) and Sonora because some of the top-notch commanding brains in the Communist revolution were hiding out up there. And they had the names of everyone in those communities and what side they were on.

Someone said to me, ‘I’ve got to get out of this dangerous spot here in San Francisco, I think I’ll move over on the other side of the Bay into those small hills and into the canyons of Mill Valley. It’s beautiful over there and I’m out of the way and even a shockwave wouldn’t hit me.’ But there are more Communists living there or close to San Francisco than any part of the San Francisco area. You say, ‘that wouldn’t make any difference.’ Let me tell you. The best place not to be is where the Communists are concentrated, because the ones that are going to receive the judgement of God is not the Kingdom but the enemy.

Someone says, ‘You talk like this is going to be close.’ It is going to be violent, it is going to be sudden, it is going to be shaky. The earth is going to reel with it. You had better have some extra batteries for your radio, you are not going to want to miss a broadcast. The power lines go out, the television tube won’t work. You will want to keep in touch with what goes on. Someone says, ‘Yes, but if we go out in the streets, the wrong side might get us and if we stay in the house the wrong wide might take over.’ You just have to stay under guidance and keep informed.

You say, ‘where an I going to go?’ You are going to stand with your Faith and occupy where you live, Trust in God, and take over. Because you are in the ‘Hollow of His hand.’ You are going to see the greatest wave of Christians who will suddenly cry to the rocks and the mountains ‘cover us’---so where are they? You are the Rocks and the Mountains of God’s Kingdom.

Some people are trying to dig hole like moles into the ground for protection. They say it’ll protect them from the radiation. Sure, it may save them from some of the radiation, but maybe there won’t be any radiation. Someone said, ‘Do you think they are going to outlaw nuclear weapons?’ I know they are NOT. I know this age is going to see the climax of the world powers of world Communism go up in smoke as they dissolve in fervent heat from their bombs and your flying swords. The book of Esdras declares it, the Scriptures declare it. But it is VICTORY not defeat.

Someone says, ‘It’s going to wipe half of us out.’ Someone says, ‘there will be less than one-third of the world left when this is all over.’ Well, maybe the world, but not the Kingdom. You know how many of us will be left? The Kingdom of God is going to stand triumphant all over the world. In that hour, we are going to see the world acknowledge the Kingdoms of Christ. We are going to see them call for the coronation of Jesus. You are going to see that. You are going to see God point out to you, American Christians, British Christians, German Christians, Scandinavians Christians-----. He is going to say, now look world, these are My sons and My daughters. See them, heed them. They are the race I put from heaven in earth, to master the earth and give them government with righteousness. Hear them.’ They are all going to get down on their knees and they are going to acknowledge you to the praise of your Father.

Someone says, ‘that’s not in my Bible.’ That is because you don’t know your Bible. It is in your Bible. You are going to set the captives free. You are going to beat the powers of darkness. You are going to be protected by the MOST HIGH. The Eternal is going to identify Himself with your Victory. Cruel?--No, not cruel. Merciful. Forceful? Yes, forceful. Unbending will? Yes, unbending will,---for good.

Someone says, ‘Who would call it a world of freedom if it is ruled by laws of righteousness?’ You don’t seem to mind freedom because you have a police department, do you? Police departments don’t bother you. It just bother the law breaker. You don’t need to worry about the police department. Who would want to live in a great city like this without any law? We don’t want to live in a world without law, but we don’t want ‘World Government law’, we want KINGDOM OF GOD LAW. Then men will be free and not slaves.

So I tell you this. We don’t hate anyone for the accident of their birth. But we are most certainly opposed to all of Satan’s children trying to take over God’s Kingdom regardless of where they were born. For the nations of this great Kingdom of God are Christians. And they are going to survive because God has ordained it. But you are going to work in this hour as you’ve never worked before, and then you are going to see the ‘New Day.’

I want to tell you something else that is your business. March 17, President Kennedy, to show our ‘good will’ to the Soviet,---to show we are not afraid---that our way of life could stand up to comparison---said, ‘We are going to throw out the ruling that forbids the distribution of Communist propaganda thru our mails. We’re going to show Russia we are not afraid. She can send her propaganda thru the mail, we will match it with the truth. We are not disturbed.’ But thirteen years ago your Congressional committee had advised that we set up a ban against Communist propaganda that has kept out tons of that propaganda. Do you know how much mail the Communist have put thru the Port of New Orleans?---and the President up set this and your Postmaster General then took the action as he was instructed to do and laid claim as to the reason why he did it. He said he did this to uphold certain United Nations guarantees that permits every member nation of the U.N. and everybody in it, ir-regardless of their race, color, creed, religion, political persuasion---to spread their propaganda and their literature thru the mail or communication facilities of any other member nation of the United Nations. And let me tell you another little secret.---They put it thru and what Mr. Kennedy didn’t tell you----that when he knocked this out, he said they could put it thru for FREE. THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND TONS of ‘RED’ mail came thru New Orleans in just the last few months. And TWELVE THOUSAND TONS of propaganda in one form and FORTY-NINE THOUSAND TONS in magazines came thru in New York. And I have reports of the ‘Mirror News’ in New York, and other newspapers that tell how many tons of Communist propaganda has come in to be freely serviced that has cost the Post Office a lot of money. And last week in the Postal Department, they were trying to raise the cost of mail. And everything to go up---why? Because it just costs so much that they are loosing money, because they put another 20% burden on the Postal Department by letting ‘Red’ propaganda to poison the minds of your children, your churches, and your young people, your schools, and your organizations come in free. Now anybody that would let the poison of the mind come into America tax free and to put it thru the mail, postage free-------. You couldn’t write a letter to a Christian American postage free, you couldn’t even write letters to Washington for your country’s own good postage free. But the enemy can come in and spread its poison POSTAGE FREE.

You know, my friends, I am believing more and more in ‘mental hospitals, and I believe the first people who need to be examined by some good Christian psychiatrist, should be the ‘heads of the President and of a lot of his appointees and advisors.

We have a great ‘New Day’ ahead of us. God is going to raise up principle men and I believe He is going to take them out of the people who know. (End)