Horses Of The Apocalypse, 12-10-61



By DR. WESLEY SWIFT - 12-10-61

Turning to our discussion of the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse which is found in the Book of Revelation, the clear intent of what The Christ outlined in the experience and vision of John, which is here referred to as the knowledge of the opposition that faces God's Kingdom, needs to be studied. It is not essential that we go to all the premises that lays all the foundation, as it would take many, many messages to establish in continuity the responsibility of your race in all the events in Bible history which have happened in the past. It is however important to say who are citizens of the white race, and of the white nations of the Western World, and especially citizens of this great nation of the United States, should not only know the world events which are taking place, but you should know HIS purposes for your nation, and for your race, and you should know what your inheritance is in the things that God has planted and prepared for the establishment of HIS Kingdom.

As we talk to you specifically of the white race, it is essential because there are no other people on the face of the earth who are your brothers. Because they are not your Fathers children does not mean that the other races..his creation were not good, or that these other races of His creation did not have their place. But a lot of things have happened since creation, and while known unto your Father it was also known that he had a way to develop, and to change, and to bring back into proper relationship, all the physical world, and the areas of the Universe that has been upset in Satanic revolution. It is also quite clear in the content of the Scriptures that experiences through which you would pass would be great experiences for you in proper evaluations from here on out as to right and wrong, and the basis of responsibility to Divine Law. And those assents of knowledge and wisdom which he bestowed upon your race concerning the Universe, and how he made it...Chemical law..Nuclear law..laws of physics ...laws of astronomy..laws of balance, and for forces..of progression, and mathematics..of economy, and of agriculture..of health and of vital moral and ethical issues. These are some of the content of the notations of law given unto your race so that you might develop a Kingdom of administration in the earth. An administration that was properly balanced with righteousness, not one of oppression, but one of liberty. Not one My Friends, which had to appease the darkness, but one which came up with light to destroy the darkness. One which replaced the darkness with truth and with civilization.

We are watching one of the backward areas of prophetic time measures, in the activities of many nations. This is the period and cycle in which we watch the retrenchment of some of the great areas of leadership that your race has provided through out the centuries. And in this period of retrenchment we find that we have a battle for the minds of men. The battle seeks to warp and change the very concepts of your society. The intent is that you will adopt the policies of the world order. That you will join yourself with those God warned you not to be associated with, as it relates to the entity of government, or to the social activity and administration of this Kingdom. There is a realism which we must recognize, for there are races in the world today which are different than ours. We do not hate these races, for we have a Divine destiny, but for their good and ours we do not intend to be dominated by these powers. Nor to throw our concepts of Faith and religion into one central amalgamation of all the philosophies and all the doctrines of the earth.

The other day I listened to the voice of a Clergyman who said:...we must hasten the day when all Faiths are rolled into one. And I saw in this the general strategy and the brainwashing of our times. It is not your responsibility as a white man, or as a Christian to work for the day when we roll all Faith's...all religion into one amalgamated religion. But it is your responsibility to proclaim truth, and to roll back superstition and darkness. And to look forward to the hour which the Bible has already declared...will come, and you shall participate and help bring it in..when every tongue shall proclaim that the Lord God..Our Father is the one... YAHWEH-YAHSHUA of the whole earth, and shall recognize that in Jesus The Christ that every tongue shall proclaim that He is YAHWEH-God. That every knee shall bow to this truth. This rolls back the superstition, and gives men the concept of basic life and liberty in which God Himself recognizes that this value of life and liberty was even in the ...PRICE... of His own body which He would sacrifice in one great consummate atonement, to justify the purposes of creator, of all the children of His household as well as the works of His creation. And in one single act, He would die to set men free where they think and where they live. And then He would expect they would dedicate themselves to liberty and freedom. But when we talk about liberty and freedom we must remember that the children of the Kingdom are responsible unto Their Father for the building of the kind of earth that He intends to build, and the kind of kingdom He intends to set up. In this course there in no modification in the Scriptures concerning this pattern. We have been told concerning the philosophies of errors we are not to embrace, and we have been told that there is no God beside HIM...that the other gods are no gods, they may be deviations or like Lucifer..a fallen Angel with a drive to make men worship him, but who is no god at all. 'There is no god beside me'...HE declared...'Lo, I know not any'. The History of the Adamic race is all through the Old Testament, in fact the history of the Old Testament is the history of the Adamic race. It is the history of the children of God placed in the Adamic world, in which God had begotten a physical household for His Celestial children to dwell in. When we talk to you as the children who reside in these earthen vessels, as the Apostle Paul spoke of them, then I am talking to the children of Eternity. Children who's spiritual beings have existed with the Father in antiquities of yesterday. And who by His Grace and Mercy are now dwelling in the earth, that they might bring His Kingdom into earth, and this is a struggle for this earth. From the hour that your race was first born into this earth, it is to be recognized that Asiatic societies and civilizations, if you wish to call their degenerate process's that, had existed here for thousands of years. having had at one time a great height of civilization under the instruction of an Archangel who served before the throne of God. But under rebellion and catastrophes which were permitted, for this area of the Universe...there came a suppression of truth, and a turn to Paganism. A turn to the worship of idolatry and to the doctrine of demons and devils, and to superstitions. And in this pattern of worship, the peoples of earth were turned to worship these strange forces who were no gods...they were turned away from the worship of the true GOD. These forces we point out are those that were even challenged and classified by The Christ as the working of devils. One of the oldest stories of the Scripture and backed by the ancient Zohar, by the Mystery Schools of your race, by the Old Testament, and the foundations of its truth was that the great violation which effected the earth long before you left Celestial realms and dimensions to dwell in earth..was..the mongrelization of early earth races, and out of that violation came an unassimulatable people... children of the darkness, ever working the work of their Father, and they produced a catastrophe in the earth. Jesus identifies them even tho generations and millenniums had passed. During the hours of His ministry as Jesus walked the earth, He identified and classified them as HE said:..'Ye are of your father'...and to classify who they are and what they He also said:.. 'your father is an archangel who became a devil, and in his changing ways as he became a devil, he has been begatting devils, and you are his household. You think as he thinks, and lie as he speaks.' Thus it is that God when HE was embodied identified a people of great antiquity of darkness, just as Moses was forced to identify them, and to point out in the 32nd., chapter of Deuteronomy that they are not the children of YAHWEH, but they seek to serve the father which begat them, and seek to turn the nations of the world to evil.

There is probably no greater mercy which could be delivered to any planet in any solar system in the Universe, then to send the children of The Most High into the world, into the dimension in which the people live. To embody among them and to establish out of them a culture of truth, and of righteousness. To give them a spirit relationship in tune with the mind of God, and to build upon the sound values of such instruction which is one with Gods thinking. Catastrophes...all are in the background of the adventures of your race in the experience of being in open conflict with the powers of an Archangel full of cunning, Wisdom, and darkness, as well as deceit. This conflict brought upon your race the first catastrophe in a physical world, but known unto your Father from the beginning. But the provisions of His Salvation, and the assurance that He was going to deliver all of His household, and bring them back to the measure of your stature, is all a part of your history. Some of this is yet to be fulfilled, but the atoning work, the consummation of it, the lifting of all fear, the establishment of the courage for the process for survival has all been accomplished in that visitation of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA..which at this season of the year all Christendom is thinking about.

We are beginning to measure again, the thinking as to the great importance to us of the birth of The Christ, this embodiment of God. This is a fundamental status of the history and culture, and background of your race. This is the visitation of your Own YAHWEH-God. This is the process which gives spirit and life to your society. Woe! to the materialists who thinks he can save America, and Christian civilization, and at the same time set aside the great values of our Faith, and the great truths of our destiny. You would not today be a people in the earth, nor would you have had the vision that has lifted you above all the peoples of the world had it not been that you had the guidance of His Spirit. There is nothing that can be accomplished without His Spirit.

I talked not so long ago to a very intelligent man in certain fields of economic and political upheaval. And this man was very disturbed with what was going on, he can we shake people out of their lethargy? How can we awaken the people to do their part in the salvation of their nation? How can we make them realize that they must take a stand, and no measure it against the personal values of their fortunes, but must be dedicated to carry it out?

I is quite obvious that there is only one solution...we need a great spiritual recharging of the consciousness of men, by once more bringing back their attention to the great cultural inheritance of the truths of God.

Oh, he said:..I don't want any part of that. The Bible is a Jewish Book, and I don't want anything to do with religion. He said:..that is not the solution.

I said:...I thought that you were an astute man, I thought that in your concept of political leadership, and development, that you understood the background, and the history of our nation, and the peoples of our race? Long before our people settled in the continent of Europe, they had emerged out of a monotheistic theology of the worship of One God. They had been led, and guided by the prophets and by inspiration, and had received visitations, whether you wish to accept it or not. And there has been incorporated into your race a deep recognition of the spiritual values of our relationship with that God...OUR FATHER. He has power to intervene with the forces of the Universe for they are balanced in His hand, and out of that background we have watched the Destinies of God. The movement of your race thru the Caucasian pass into Europe, and the settling of the Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Nordic, Lombardic, Basque, and Germanic people..all of common heritage..with their symbolic measures of the 12 fruits upon the Tree, the 12 Sons of Jacob-Israel, all under the movement of the Destiny of Our Father. We are not interested today in the claims of those who are usurping your authority because by this usurpation, they have challenged your birthright. We are not interested in those who deny Our God, but seek to claim that they are..the chosen people. We are not interested in Jewry or its Chicanery other than to identify it before we are thru with the purposes of God, who identified it thoroughly. But we are interested in you, a people and a race.

As I spoke to this man, this great political figure I said:..I want you to realize that the great awakening of the people of Western Europe occurred when the Apostles of God, made known to your race the knowledge concerning the COMING OF THE MESSIAH. Having consummated His ministry He sent the Apostles to..THE LOST SHEEP..of the House of Israel. And the Apostle Paul said:..'The spirit forbade me to go into Asia.' So he carried the message into Western Europe from Rome to Britain, and from end of Europe to the other the message...that their Messiah had come, was delivered. And instantly this Gospel was received by your race. And over the century or two of the Evangelism of Europe, your race received it with gladness. And in the background of their heritage, and their culture was their concept and traditions, long related to the monotheism of the past. This was not a new thing..a new thing layer civilization placed over the background of a people who had been riddled with superstition and darkness, this was the coming of the Messiah, to set man (Adamites) free from the conscious responsibility of the guilt and errors and incapacities in their own leadership, and to cause them to know that their God had met them according to Covenant and Prophecy. And out of that background was to arise 1900 or more years of Christian civilization..of the great instances of the spiritual commitments of God thru the administration of His own nation..called HIS church. A recognition to those who have a spiritual perception and the Biblical background to understand that the Covenant that God had made with His nation..HE had maintained. That He had brought them forth to establish them in the earth, and that He still intends to build that Kingdom in the earth with a great white Throne, and a great white Administration. And that you were a kingdom of Priests and a Holy nation that God was establishing for the ruling of a new day.

Strange as it may seem to those who do not recognize this, your race has been brought up out of the background of centuries of Faith in the Eternal Father. And in the identification of the embodiment of the man Christ Jesus fulfilling the words of Isaiah:...'HIS name shall be called Wonderful, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.' This belongs to no other people than Christendom, and to no other nation but the white nations. If you were to throw open the pages of the Talmud at this time you would discover that the comments of the Rabbi is that Christ was not deity, but Lucifer the Archangel who fell and became a devil, is the deity of their Theology. With that we are also well aware that they worship the darkness and identify themselves with that, as also Jesus identified them with their father. But you...are the children of culture inspired Light, and power, transferred by spirit to those who have the capacity to receive by His endowment.

We tell you, that with 1900 years of Christian culture, with this nation coming out of the colonial beginnings of a people who wanted spiritual liberty as well as political liberty, that we come to this climactic hour in this 20th., Century. And as we look and behold this struggle for the earth, let me tell you that there are at least 185 million people here in these United States, and a predominate number 140 or more million are white and Christian. And I tell you that behind these people, from their mothers knee, and from the instruction of their church, and from the background of their culture, and remember that there was no consent upon the part of these people that this should be abridged, but behind them, is not only Faith in the Eternal God, but Faith in the Holy Word..Faith in His revelation, and Faith in His Holy Church. As well as the recognition that this was the dynamic structure of their society, and it was the influence upon the lives of such men as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin. They conceded in the day when out of that convention of colonies which came together in that first conference to form a government, that it was a God given society. That this was the nation made up of colonies in which God was the Supreme Ruler, and we once gave national recognition to this. The Congress in the pledge of Allegiance to that flag said:...This nation under God. To any individual who thinks that the salvation of our nation can be materialistic and deny the Word of God by accepting a propaganda claim of his enemies, and thus throws out their own covenants and very foolish indeed.

I turned to this political figure who had now come to grips with the challenge of the forces of evil, and who wanted to conquer without spiritual power. Who wanted to accomplish a victory without spiritual understanding, and I of all men are most foolish. For 140 million Americans have had their background in Christian culture and Christian teaching, and respect for inspiration and acknowledged patterns of such for 1900 years, and Christian manifestations for that long, and 7400 years of earth existence under the endowed guidance of the Eternal Father. You can't remove that, or destroy that, for if you do then you have lost the only power to rally behind you the king of people who with spiritual determination, and with zeal and fervor will go into a dynamic crusade to save their culture. Take away their Bible, take away their Christian culture, and things of Spirit and you do not have the dynamics necessary to accomplish a victory against the powers of darkness who have their ways of warfare. But God has unveiled the knowledge of this warfare so that you and I might not be caught unawares. There is no secret of victory unless you predict it upon a foundation. The Apostle Paul wise in his knowledge, trained and taught, and a brilliant linguist, acquainted with the writings of Plato and all the philosophers of ancient Greece, acquainted with the mathematics which they found in the ancient Temples in Egypt, established by the white race as they built and prepared the many wonders of that land... Enoch and Job and their descendants..and those things were still in Egypt at the time of Plato and these other scholars of ancient Greece. Then from them came the advanced mathematics..geometry and such, moving back over your race, moving out from the preservation of these wisdoms taught in the days of Enoch and received of God.

Your civilization, your knowledge was born of Him, and it cannot be set aside quickly. And the Apostle without experience was enamored for a while since he had not met or beheld the Christ during his ministry, and thus he was taken over by the strange powers of evil which would brainwash the world. The Apostle Paul in the clutches of this power rode at the head of the Temple armies, rode to persecute Christians. But God stopped him on the road with a dynamic pattern of destiny and called him to be an Apostle unto the nations of Israel. He was to speak unto his own people, and the Apostle Paul was to have a number of experiences to prepare him for his ministry. And he said as he stood before philosophers, and leaders and those of Mars Hill, and those in Galatia, and in Rome and other places, he said:...'No other foundation can we lay, except that which is laid in this embodiment of God, visiting His people in the earth, this man Christ Jesus'. Nor did the Apostle Paul make any other attempt to lay any other foundation, but he launched the spiritual dynamics which as to sweep out over the world of the white race, and so stimulate a people until Christianity has become the most stalwart philosophy of individual and personal victory that men have ever known.

I want you to know therefore that you cannot build or accomplish, except you accomplish it upon this foundation, and unless this culture and this knowledge of your background be understood.

So I turn to this opposer of the forces for the destruction of our society, but who thought it should not be done as Christian warfare, and on the basis of the culture of our society? And I are not even an astute political leader if you do not know that the 140 million people in America who are white and Christian are the only ones you can win with. How then are you going to get anywhere unless you challenge this great spiritual entity to stand against evil, and to stand upon the principals of the background of this people. You cannot win without them because then you will only get a handful of dissidents who are already defeated in their spirit, and unless you can give people the challenge of their Faith you cannot win. I tell you tonite that people already defeated in their spirit are people already defeated for lack of challenge, and already looking out upon tomorrow as a lost cause. These are not the people we want in this battle to save America, and to lift up the standards of Gods Kingdom. We are not looking for defeated people, we are looking for people to carry God's standards forward, and who will challenge the enemy. We are looking for Daniels, for Joshuas, and Giddeons, for a people in this hour who will carry out the Great background of Faith. Men like those who led us in the past, such as George Washington, or men of Faith like General Lee, or others from either side of the American battlefield. Or the visions held by men such as Patten, or Gen. Douglas Mc Arthur, or men who carried this battle into our midst idealistically. God bless men like General Walker, and please give us more men like these for the United States of today. When this battle against the darkness is won it will be won by instruments of God's calling, and by His power, giving the vision concerning the enemy. It is going to be a miraculous victory and when you understand it is...that...God has predicated every prophecy in this Book and all the content of this Book toward that victory. But with a clear revelation of your enemy, and of his strategy, his powers, and his different manipulation of the Truth. You have been told that you as the children of God have a responsibility. It is rather significant that the personal relationship of God's children is of one greatest and deepest of spiritual values in our Society. For you dwell inside this body which is your temple. Here you must reach for the concepts of His mind, and reach into the Holy of Holies of your own inner being, for inside of you dwells a Celestial child whose mind is in contact with the Father. And you would consciousness in a physical brain, must draw inspiration out of that contact center which you have with God. It must be stimulated by mental reviews of His plan, it must be an adjustment reaching for a still small voice of guidance. And in all these instances there must come over you this assurance that without Faith, it is impossible to please God. I want no one listening to this message to ever go out of here with any guilt complex. We do not want guilt complex's, we do not want people who are condemning themselves for errors or mistakes. We want people to know that God..capable as only God can be..assumed all things. Assumed all the responsibility of your errors in one tremendous act at Calvary. Then He stand up and live, for I have taken off all the guilt that was on you, so stand up and live, and move forward, and meet the challenges and carry forward the destiny which I have unveiled. And there is an understanding relationship of the close abiding presence of the Eternal God with each and every one of His children.

The great collection of the assembled children, meditating and in worship in the spiritual center of His Kingdom..those who think and take time to look for such guidance..which is called the Ecclesia, or His church, these are from His household and are His children embodied in earth. Now; we want you to recognize that Gods purpose for His kingdom is outlined in this Book. It is His intent, and you may accept this or hide from this Truth, but I want to make this clear...that one of the perspectives of God's Kingdom in earth is that the nations of His Kingdom are made up of His children, His own household, and of this race He has planted in the earth, and that they shall be spiritually stimulated. They shall throw off their errors and rise with integrity and honesty to enforce His will, and shall carry forward a program to see that all the nations of the world accept and recognize the authority of the One True God. That all of the nations of the world shall operate on the basis of His Law. And the Administration of the world will be taken over by Christ, who will use the children of His Kingdom to bring about proper administration. Now; you may say...but Dr. Swift I only have a political objective in mind, but I just want to see America free and minding her own business. Well, let me tell you..this is your business, and minding your business is doing the Will of your Father which has been outlined from one end of the Scripture to the other. That you were sent into the world for the consummation of this program, that the kingdoms of this world are to be ruled over with righteousness. And that superstition and darkness shall go. There will be casualties in such a struggle, there will be battles in such a struggle, where as you would do this with kindness and with spirit and technology, they recognize this tonight and resist it with all the forces at their disposal. There are signs tonight that the enemy is making clear that the western world shall not lead out of strength. By the statements of our enemy in the past few days..there went all the hopes of our appeasers, and those who don't understand that you can't do business with the enemy anyhow.

Remember that Christ at no time tried to do business with the enemy. Even at that time when Lucifer thought it would be a good time for negotiations as he approached Jesus and said:...lets have some co-existence. Lets you and I agree that we will divide the spheres of activity. You recognize me as the real ruler of this world, and you curb your activities to conform to this perimeter of power, and I will recognize you as Prince, and you can have all of the kingdoms of this world, for I will give them to you... those are the terms but will be subservient to me, and we can then co-exist. Instead of you fighting me and I fighting you, then you accept me as the authority and we will co-exist.

Remember that we have already had a chance to see the world under Lucifers leadership, and we have had the testimony as to who this..JESUS.. is. HE IS THE ALMIGHTY GOD EMBODIED IN HUMAN FORM, and you are told in Colossians that he made all things, and 'by whom all things consist'. This ALMIGHTY YAHWEH of the Universe, and yes Lucifer's God, even in his deviltry, then said:...'Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God'. The day shall come, by the authority of this very God when Lucifer himself shall bow the knew, and acknowledge that this is...THE VERY YAHWEH-YAHSHUA. In this instance let me tell you that it is not a policy of co-existence, and we must remember that our objective is not to co-exist with Communism, or find a settlement or meeting ground where we will divide spheres of activity, and don't you advance any farther than this in Western Europe, or in West Berlin. And if you do that then we will let you take all of Asia, and we will divide the administrative control of Africa, and we will leave you alone, and you leave us can't do that for it is not in your nature. And they can't do that because they want all the world, and they serve the powers of darkness. They do not want the world to set it free, they want it to make it a slave.

I want you to catch tonight this intense difference between the children of God's Kingdom and the children of Jewry, between Christianity and Communism, between Christian civilization and Communism. they say they want to liberate the world into their socialist revolution, but they want to capture for tyranny which has been unprecedented in the face of the history OF the deteriation in the earth. When you talk about the objective of your race, and your civilization with the purpose of the Father, don't confuse the purpose of the Father as it reaches out to the ends of the earth. For the true desire of all white men, and all the men of the Western Christian world should not be confused with...'New Dealism' or 'New Frontierism' or 'Global Frontiers'. There is a great difference between the objective of your civilization, and 'Global Frontiers'...because 'Global Frontiers' and these others and these others, 'New Dealism' and 'New Frontierism' all smack somehow with the same political philosophy of the supposed enemy on the outside. Their designs do not follow the continuity of God's Word, these designs are death to your race, and destruction to your progress. And so far they have set a torch in the world to all the progress that the white race has made through missionary, and cultural, and industrial development through out the earth. They have through United Nationism as a part of the instrument of the Beast, and through the strategies which have been developed, pushed the world backward, if this were possible. I point out to you tonight, one of the strange patterns of semitics... they are those who today support the brainwashed philosophies of Satan's own children who surround our President and surround others as advisors. Now you say:..our President wouldn't surround himself with Satan's children. My Friends, anytime you surround yourself with people who are non-Christian, anytime you set as appointees around you those who deny that Jesus is The Christ, and whose forefathers crucified Him, and who today are waging war against the principals of Our Faith, you have surrounded yourself, in the very midst of your activities with the children of Lucifer, whether you understand it or not.

So I tell you that I cannot accept the policies and the principals of this for the Kingdom of God is not built on error. It is built on Truth with the purpose of setting men free under the administration of Divine Law. Some people think that when you talk about emancipation and liberty that you set people free from responsibility to those who live around you. I think that you understand since you have been brought up in a great cradle of liberty and freedom that you have had dedicated to you, by your forefathers...concepts of Freedom and Liberty. They are not however guaranteed to you unless you fight for them today as your forefathers did when they delivered them to you. There is no inheritance of a guarantee unless you have the spirit and the stamina to demand it, and to see that it is maintained, and retained. We have too many who accept the paper work of our forefathers, then live under the slavery of socialism and Marxism in your time. I want you to know that the challenge of God is that you work and you think toward that which is right. And that you do not operate on merely a sense of lip service to principal, but that you carry forward the objective of opposition to evil as it exists. I could say with His quickness of measure it we could take the time tonight, that we could trace the history of everyone of the white nations of the Western World straight back to their tribal origin, as they were numbered among the Houses of Israel, and of the tribe of Israel.

I can tell you that your enemy in his drive to absorb and take over your place has sought actively to hide from you...the truth of your inheritance , and the Scripture told us that in this age in which we live that there would come this strange covering of the Truth. 'Blindness in part happened to Israel', they would know who their God was but they wouldn't know who they were. And...'And in that place' the prophet tells them they will call themselves Gentiles, and not understanding the use of the word..still it will be revealed in this Hour that they are children of the Living God, and are numerous as the sands of the seashore, and the stars of the heavens. Hosea 1:10. And God is not ashamed to acknowledge you and has marked the identity of His purpose. Though this is repetitious it belongs in every message which is related to this. For Jesus told the Jews on Solomon's Porch ...'Ye are not My sheep...I call My sheep by name, and I give them Eternal Life, and they never perish'. He said:..and your Scripture reveals to you that He said:...'I come to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel'. This sets aside Jewish claims instantly. He said to the Jews:...'Ye are not My sheep'...this was final! But to the people of His race, and His household He tells much and identifies by HIS calling. And they who identify with HIM know who they are. Then Paul with that great and tremendous statement said: ...'If ye be Christ's then are ye Abraham's seed.' Galatians 3:29. That isn't something you tell Asia, and Africa, that is something you tell those that are Christ's. Christ's...that means begotten of HIM..called of HIM.. His household. You can speak Peace to all God's creation, but you can speak, 'Our Father which art in Heaven'...only to His children. I think it is significant that among the disciples which Christ had called was John the Beloved Apostle to whom he brought great spiritual insight. He called John to move into the dimension of spirit, to view from the other side the whole aspect of history..past, present, and future. That he might catch the thoughts upon the mind of God. That he might see concepts of their execution as they relate to the work of your race, and the development of God's Kingdom. So John stepped thru the dimension of spirit at the call of God, and moved into a plane where he saw the events which related to earth. He looked back on things brought back to his consciousness of things which had gone on before. He had the projected vision of God's own mind opened up to him in the time of events to come, and he saw things which were to come to pass. And in these experiences and in the timelessness of Eternity John saw, and he was sent back to write these things in a Book. What greater inheritance could children have than to have one of our race taken into the dimensions of spirit, and then sent back by God, to write these things in a Book, and then you and I to have that Book in the pages of this compiled volume of the many writings of inspiration. The Father had sent us a blueprint, He had told us of the enemy, and He continued to make an identification.

If there is a struggle for the minds of men in order that they might control them by error, then they recognize that if they can not take these children of earth, and confuse and brainwash their thinking and dislocate them from their purpose of being here then they can take their inheritance. To do this they must take out of their minds their thinking concerning their relationship to other men, and they then having accomplished this must set up a new standard of principal, and then try to weave it in with partial exerts of their own Faith. To try to make it appear as the philosophy of our times, and then if there is anything which saddens our heart it is not only the fact that we know the Scriptures in their original tongue, we know the passages and background and the inspirations, and the documents which establish it..but we also know that in the Seminaries of our institutions that fine young men are turned out with no knowledge of this background. They have had hidden from them the vast background of this truth. There has been utterly great areas of this truth hidden from them, and around small circles of dogma they have been given the verses to prove it. And they have been given idealistic sermons to preach of their Faith, from the enemy who would destroy them, nor has there been pointed out any objectives.

My, how it has pleased the strategy and cunning of an enemy to so brainwashed the center of instruction that as ministers come forward, they have the idea that the kingdom of God is up their in heaven somewhere, and the only thing they have to worry about is get there. And that their responsibility to the earth, or their doing something in the midst of it to retain their rising destiny, and to put it back under the administration of God...this they do not understand. In fact you find ministers who will get up and say that this is heresy...that this man is a heretic. But remember that they said that about the Apostle Paul also for he said:.... 'After the way which they call heresy, so worship I the God of Our Fathers' (Acts 24:14) But based upon the Scriptures and upon its content, and upon all the wisdom and knowledge His Spirit brings our race...the biological and anthropological patterns of law, the testimony of our theology, and the testimony of science, is this connection between true science and the author of all creation who made all true science which does exist. Science is from the root word....(scio) meaning to know, not just to theorize or to think. And HE who put all things together knows all there is to know, about all things. Promises that your spirit knows all things as well and that it will bring all things to your remembrance by the revelation of the spirit. And in the final experience for you will come this:...that you will know as He knows, and you are going to rule with the righteousness even as He has ruled. You sojourn in the earth is going to be finalized in triumph, with victory, and the Kingdom of God is going to triumph. But you today, by His own words, are His BODY in the world. When Christ ascended back into Celestial planes, and out into His Universe He left these words with you:...'You are the body of Christ in the world today'. You are the children of His Spirit, and 'It is the Christ in you that is the Hope of Glory'. And also the hope of the development of the earth. You are His voice by testimony, and by proclamation of what He has said. You are His ears listening unto the cries of the world, and to those of your brethren in trouble. You are the eyes which behold all things, your feet are those shod with the Mighty Gospel of His Kingdom. And so today I look upon you...all together unites, as one great and Holy Body with many the earth today. And there is enough spiritual power resident in you to change the world. You must have vision and belief to know that none but His offspring can inherit it. You cannot expect this inspiration to rise in opposition to all that is evil out of any but the children of the kingdom. It will relentlessly travel on to accomplish the objective against evil which we must accomplish to set men free.

I would call to your attention the fact that as Jesus took this beloved Apostle into the dimensions of spirit that Jesus continued to show him the Strategy of the powers that tonight we call...the Beast System. I want to divide the world unto two groups...believing spirit born men..HU'man, or man with spirit...and soulish beast man, or men with soulishness that have no spirit as such, but which need the instruction of God's children and His Household. God divides men into those categories and we have mentioned a week ago, that they took the proper name for the little Chimp which then sent around the earth, and used the ancient Hebrew word...Enosh...meaning Beast man. This is the word used for all the non-children of spirit. This is not caustic, it is not critical, it is not condemnation, it is simply the status of being such as an elephant is an elephant, or a horse a horse. These belong to the Beast Kingdom unfortunately, and also fortunate in your coming release for them, but the powers of darkness, and the children of Lucifer gather the Beast System...and use the Beast System, and keep it in ignorance, and hold it down in suppression. They say they are setting them free while taking everything from them, and then seek to hurl them against you to destroy you for what you are.

Now;...when I read in the Scripture and talk about the Beast System, we talk therefore about those who lack spirit and this (Luciferian) household. And there is a pattern of symbols of war against you. If one is acquainted with the symbols of the New testament, then the symbol of a horse is a symbol of a is the symbol of a militant movement against someone. As we turn to the 6th., chapter of Revelation then this is the militant movement of the strategy of the enemies of God's Kingdom against the people of God, and against the nations of God.

Now;..Lucifer recognizes that you are the children of God. He recognizes that he must stop your nation's expanse, and your race's achievements. To do this he has sought always to mongrelize and destroy your race, but he also has other phases of warfare as well. Someone said:...who carries out the phases of Satan's warfare?...Satan's children.

Now; this is a Christian assembly, a Christian church and we speak boldly upon truth because this is our right. You cannot understand the content of the word, and hide the actors just because they happen to be against you, or because you are going to be sensitive as to who they are. I tell you tonight that organized Jewry throughout the world does the work of Satan in the world, does the work of darkness, and fights the Holy Church of God, and the nations of Christendom. All the while pretending in functions of mutual gatherings that they wish to create brotherhood, and wish to establish a working alliance with you. We do not want the brotherhood which suppresses Jesus Christ..Our Father..and Eternal God. We do not want the kind of brotherhood which mongrelizes our society and reduces us to no power against evil. Nor do they..your enemy..actually seek brotherhood, but only use this to blind you to their strategy of world design and conquest.

Now;...I turn to the Book of Revelations 6:2, 'I saw a white horse, and he that sat upon him had a bow; and a crown was given to him; and he went forth conquering and to conquer.' Remember here that one of the strategies of the enemy is to talk Peace when there is no Peace. The white horse is the symbol of Peace...a world organization dedicated to Peace, that has the strategy of conquering or trying to conquer the forces of righteousness, by getting them to amalgamate..on the stands of Peace. It has a very interesting symbol in its objective, it flaunts itself about the intended powers committed to it, but never has any powers to accomplish this on a Peaceful basis, and using a Peaceful bow. But it must go forth to conquer with might and violence and seek to trick the world into surrendering their liberties and God given rights, to these false standards of the riders of Peace. This went on in the days of the Old Testament history, and it went on in the New. How often Babylon sought to win your forefathers so as to weaken them. How they sought an alliance with you in times of warfare. How they knew they could not get by the protective shield of your God, or the determination of your race if they stood up in the time of battle with resistance, and to defend with righteousness as they met the enemy. The challenge and heroism of David or of those other heroes of our race became self evident as God granted them victory, which today are matters of Archaeological record. I can show you how thousands upon thousands of Assyrians died by the strange struggle against us, as the very act of God decimated their numbers, and diseases like small pox wiped out their camps, or meteorites showered down thru the air. Or as heroes like David held the pass with only two armor bearers, and thousands fell before him; because great dynamics were turned loose upon that matter. Do not think that Horatio at the Bridge was just on incident, for all thru the history of your race there has been this phenomena. And there has also been great areas of heroism. Upon the fields of battle there has been great armed resistance against the power of the enemy, but do you know that it has not been the battles of armed resistance which you have historically lost. Your greatest danger comes in the battle of the Peace Table. Here at the Peace table they take advantage of your nature. They woo you into alliances that God warned you never to join. Do you know that the history of your race is ..that when you become victorious that you make such terms in keeping with your nature, and the standards of righteousness...but you were not to be wooed into making a union with those who are against your God and against your race.

One of the great catastrophes that followed W.W.II., was the League of Nations. This League of Nations was supposed to be empowered to make Peace, and enforce it throughout the world, and was to enforce law, and use its many areas for creating political, and economic pressures for Peace. It would use these created political, and economic weapons against any that disobeyed, and the disobedient was to be handled by this tribunal. But they were empowered with little or no actual sense of world saw, and a world court was to enforce it. They were asking you to join it, but fortunately with all the pressure on President Wilson, still America did not join. We understand President Wilson for after all a 1/2 Jew advisor was behind him which helped to effect a great part of his thinking. Being a man endowed with ideological concepts of Peace, he was soon taken over by this stirring, steering power which had other things in mind. And therefore we see the foolish gestures that were involved in the forming of a League of Nation's. God's word had warned your race that the only league you were to join are leagues of your own race, of your brothers of the Christian Faith. But in that League of Nations you had people of all religious and all Faiths, and all races of the whole earth...this could not work. In that hour and in its instance, tho it was to bind nations and control, and direct their ultimate destiny, it was like every other organization of this type, it had strings to pull, but no arrows to lose. And the League of Nations...was not only one of the greatest failures upon the face of the earth, but it accomplished nothing. It engineered wars, and set up concepts by decree which the nations did not obey, because there was no validity to the decisions.

Again we point out to you that the end of this was set up to be used against you. John was shown by Christ, and he wrote this in Revelation, how wars were made, so that the Church could have these facts. I am glad it was done that way, for Paul was an Apostle to the nations, and we understand that the Church was the spiritual center of the nations and it was to be an Oracle to the nations as to what God said. But among some of the Clergy of our time we have those who tell us that the Church is not to be interested in economics, or political affairs. It is not to take any hand in what takes place in the earth, it is not to challenge men to live with moral and spiritual integrity in these times, and to stand with courage against the forces of evil. There are those who say:..we should Peace Makers..turn the other cheek, and we should in all these processes never enter into the pulpit to discuss these mundane events of political, economic and social and world warfare. But surely we should carry out thoughts far away beyond the clouds to spiritual heights, which someday if we are good enough..we may attain. This is not the GOSPEL OF THIS BOOK. Do you suppose that John who was taken into the dimensions of the heavens and shown the consequences of these experiences, and told to write this in symbolism and give it to the Church...for all churches..Protestant and yes the Catholic as well...give it to all of the churches for they are in this Book. They are identified by their Faith and philosophy, and for their particular interpretation of God's Grace. Before this period is over...before the climax of this age, there is going to be one great church of JESUS THE CHRIST. ONE Faith, ONE Lord, ONE Baptism, not predicated upon Papacy, or Protestantism hierarchies, but predicated upon God's calling... ministry to establish His Congregation in the great and mighty spirit of His Truth. And there shall be interest in this church which shall sweep the nations of the world, and embrace all these nations. It shall move from all sides to accomplish this, but there will be a great number of voices which will not know how to speak. They will no longer be called upon to deliver truth that they have never understood. They can go back to plowing corn because they were preach Christ. It is quite interesting here concerning this...for if God gave a message to John, and in the Book of Revelations which he can't take anything out of it. But this Book is economic, political, social, and world...evil that you are to understand..and the church was to discuss this as everything in this Book was the property of the Church, in its relationship to these events..then what do you do with it?

The Great Christian Nations of God's Kingdom have been fortunate in that God has maintained His spiritual center. He has established His Church, and the there the voices within that operate with perfidity, still the Truth shall never leave, and the Oracle shall ever remain with us in the House of God.

We have gone thru W.W.II., and we emerged at the end of that war with the very enemies of your nation and your race...the enemies of all Christian society being...those in your Government which helped establish a revolution in Russia which murdered 17 million Christians. But now they are telling us that they want to help us frame up a world program of Peace. In fact the inner agents of your nation..Harry Dexter White, Algers Hiss, and alias Weiss, protegees of Felix Frankfurter, powerful in the State Department and go between the Soviet world and ours. Agents of the enemy actually drafted up the blueprints with the assistance of the economists, and political designers of the red strategy, and with help of the liberal extreme left wing in America...the documents of the United Nations.

Then when they called us into this last great evil of the symbol of the White Horse most said...yes, this White Horse is good, it is a symbol of Peace of the Kingdom of righteousness. But I tell you that it is a fake.. a duplicate operated by the Beast System. Its strategy is to go forth conquering and to conquer. Who does the Beast System want to conquer? John had been told that this is a system to conquer you, and your Christian Nation, not to bring Peace to the earth. And when all of our Senators except Senator Langour marched out to San Francisco to sign that document they did not know what they were doing. You never sent them to Washington to sign or surrender leadership, or any part of the Sovereignty of this Nation or this Flag...they did not know what they were doing.

We might say as did Christ as He looked down on Roman soldiers...they did not know what they were doing:...'Father, for give them for they know not what they do.' But here in San Francisco they signed a concordat with the Anti-Christ. And they signed it in the instance and in the name of Peace. But we have been warned against being taken in by the Peace of the devil, for it will not work. The Anti-Christ seeks to implement it with power and to be-labor God's Kingdom. To do this always...He must recognize the numbers of His power. The children of the free are never in these hours of development as many as the children of the enemy. Thus it is that we of the white race, and white Christian Nations are outnumbered in the world today .....6 to 1.

So we went to San Francisco and they took away some of our Soverignity, and there they separated us from the command of our own military. They assumed the authority to send us into battle without the permission to win. What a clever strategy this is. In the instance of this they said they would impose economic sanctions, but you had to give them economic authority. You have been in the United Nations for 16 years, but you never saw them impose economic sanctions on the Soviet Union where it effected their strategy one bit. You have watched the implementation of the power of evil to deny the assembly of the United Nations anything it wishes by the power of its veto. You retained that kind of power for your protection against yourselves, because you had joined a house of evil and could not trust them. You had no business making that kind of union. I am thankful for the other words of this Book which tell me that God is about to destroy your union with death and with hell. As we have watched the operations, catastrophe, and disaster in the Congo by the manipulation of the United Nations, we have watched all the communist and socialist forces come out and denounce all the development of your race. And they denounce it as evil, to colonize it, to build the cities in the jungles and in the deserted places, and to plow the fields, and to raise the Temples to Our God. And you were to spread out light, knowledge and civilization to the ends of the earth. And:..'I will give you the heathen for thine inheritance.' And 'The ends of the earth for your possession.' This is the Will of your Father, and God said:...this is the way you are to spread out, and to spread knowledge and truth..and yet there are those today who say:...I am against Colonization. That is like saying that you are against your mother's womb, for this is the way you came into being. But I want you to know that those who cry out against Christian Colonization have the most tyrannical colonialism on the face of the earth. There is no tyranny that is beyond the Soviet type, for it sets its colonialism and its power of Empire, not in jungle places but sets it down on the map of Europe. Sets it down over ancient cities of Christian culture and moves them out over areas of the earth already developed. This colonialism is rampant tyranny that destroys and kills. And they say your colonialism, your progress out of darkness into light, as the enemy goes in a curtain goes down, and as you come in the curtain goes up. That is the difference between Christianity and the enemy, that is the difference between light and darkness.

Now; I cite to you that this very program starts out with Peace. The League of Nations talked Peace, but ends with catastrophes evolving war. It progressed into the United Nations and is designed by the enemies of your race..for your destruction. What we need to understand in America and some are beginning to understand as the right wing is waking up, is what God purposed you to do. The Right Wing is beginning to understand that we have people here in America who don't belong here...but after all God told us that from the beginning. We have these people in our State Department, and they have moved into our military into places of responsibility. We have agents inside our industry, and those who are designers are working in high places in our society and are in high positions of authority. And what they are actually seeking to do is to destroy our way of life and bring about either by ease or by violence a transition which puts usunder Satan's Beast Kingdom...with Socialism and Communism, and under the rule of Satan's children. Many of those who carry out this program are his children who are falsely swearing allegiance to this Flag while pledging dual allegiance to another either in Palestine or in Moscow. I cite to you again that these are the incidents of this so called Peace movement.

Now; take a look at it as we went into this last Peace Organization. We then went into war in Korea, but they wouldn't let us win it, against the principals of evil. We could take our best men, and our best General, and we could outfight the enemy, and we saw the miracle of God save us from destruction. We watched the regathering and the reassembling. We know that we had the power to do right, but the enemy brought us back to where we started...after a tremendous expenditure and loss of life, without any accomplishment, and we were stopped with all this...just where we started. We saw a little man...a little man in a high place remove one of our Greatest Generals at the height of his ability for Victory. We saw this General removed and dismissed from his obligations when this General as the leader of the military of this...God's Kingdom could have triumphantly rolled the hoards of communism back, and established a defeat to communism even on the mainland of China. But he was to big a man, and the enemy took a little man, and used him to remove this General. We watched this and we know that this was the instance of these forces of Peace...BUT THE STRATEGY OF THE ENEMY.

Yes...the White Horse went forth, but to conquer, and it was not permitting the Kingdom to conquer but it was seeking to conquer the Kingdom in the midst of violence. Oh! how we heard about the evils of communism, and then the pressure came within this organization to get the white man to stop his colonialism and development of leadership with the lifting of the Cross of Christ, with the standards of truth. To turn it back to savagery and to roll it back into the hands not prepared for leadership by God's own statement. And then we see the catastrophe.

Now we still remain within it and I will show you why a miracle must be forthcoming. The United States this last week must be ashamed of itself, as it has watched its great plane carrying the equipment of warfare against the Katanga Province inside of the Congo. This province is made up of white men, and of Negroes by appointment anyhow in the centers of Government. Sure, it has the best mineral and the best development areas of these minerals because the white men developed the area. True they do not want to become a part of communism, for the Congo state under its rulers now is a communist society. In fact the Leopoldville government was dominated by communists, and the agents are ready to take over the vacumn when the white men are driven out. The United Nations says the white men must be driven out of the Congo, because every white man is a mercenary industrialists, as he tries to develop something, using the money from the mines which he developed. Do you suppose that Africa would have and laboratories, if the brains to operate them had not gone down there? So you think that left to themselves that the Negroes would not still be in that steaming jungle without progress? So you think that if the white man is driven back out again that Christian progress and development will come? Maybe this vacumn will be filled by Soviet technicians who stole their sciences from you, but now it is translated into the holocaust of world conquest.

Listen:...if the principals of the United Nations was self determination, if the so called flaunted standards of liberty and equality, and freedom was what they wanted, and they believed in, it then would recognize the right of self determination for the Katanga Province. They would say:... these white men, and Negroes of Katanga Province who don't want to go under communism, or be forced to associate with those who eat one another, or who murder and rape white women, and kill their own, should have the right of self determination. The right not to put their own society down the rat hole of destruction by joining it.

But what about this nation..with the outstretched wings of the Eagle, standing for Liberty, and Freedom. Standing for the principals of our fore- fathers and of our race...standing for the solidarity God has called for...for His race? This outstretched wings of the Eagle of the 12., chapter of Revelation, what about...the standard of God's Kingdom that this Eagle represents? We should My Friends under that standard not be joined to the United Nations. This started in the days not so long ago with Dag Hammarskjold the Hindu General, attacking the city of Elizabethville, and then this week the Globe Masters carried the weapons of war, and the troops to attack Katanga Province...TO to come into the Union of the United Nations..where this Peace on the White Horse sits..with the Russian background. But Mr. Stevenson said:...I am delighted with America backing the United Nations stand. And even the President spoke out and said:..we must accomplish the unity of the Congo, so as to defeat the Russian objective. No wonder that Moscow smiled, for it showed that you can brainwash men at any level, so that they will accept the doctrines that communism proposes. Thus said the LORD:...This is the strategy of the enemy. And this Great Nation whose tax moneys are being used, are actually supporting tyrannical attacks and evil of the Anti-Christ system because we have not come out from among it, we have not declared ourselves out of this institution and segregated ourselves from this evil...which is God's order to us, for this day.

We are not proud of the machine gunning of women and children or of men around the Popes office, and government buildings of Katanga. Sure there is fighting inside..why not? The United Nations is fighting them with planes and men. Certainly they have shot thru our Embassy windows, and why not, when our planes have brought death to their centers? This is my country right or wrong, but may she be right, may we remove those who would take her in the direction which is wrong.

We turn as we look at this hour, and we find, and we see that the catastrophe of this hour comes from the organization which is supposed to be for Peace. And it turns the arms it can muster, not for the preservation of Peace, but toward the destruction of the areas from whence Peace would come.

Now; we turn to the next Horse that John is given to see, and when he has opened the second seal...'I have heard the second Beast say:..come and see ..and there went out another horse, and it was red, and power was given to him to take Peace from the earth. And then that they should kill one another, and for this he is given a great sword.'

This is again symbolic of the strategy which Satan has seek to divide the opposition, this is making war among yourselves. While they fight among themselves at times, still John is told that the major design of the enemy is to move in to your society and seek to divide you from the inside. Pitting one against another, and creating wars between you for their own gain. Thus the bloody symbol for one of the major strategies of the Soviet Union whose concept from the days of Lenin was....'Divide and Conquer'. And their subversive strategies carried standards thru out the nations of the world. These are those tonight who as a party have a demand upon them to register, but who refuse to do so, and then they demand the protection of our courts..two months after that see whether they do have to register or not. Here people who always claim the right and privileges of another people. And many of our people do not understand that they are sometimes duped by these people in authority who use our own courts. Interpretations are being made of our own constitution, or of God's given law and are strangely attacking Our Faith in God...attacking all the foundations of our society. There is position given to them or the right given, to try to overthrow our government, by force and chicanery. One of the same strategies we see in this situation, is this same one used before...of dividing. I tell you that the same children of Lucifer actually designed these false forces of Peace. They also have designed the strategy of divide and conquer, and have done it skillfully. If I would recount all the forces involved here which I could tell you, if time allowed...but I will tell you this that 'Economic Masters' working with the House of Rothchild and the International Banking systems of the world have actually precipitated economic crisis, and they have created conditions of economic vacumn, and have sought to encircle and cut off with their manipulations upon the markets of the earth...these nations of your race..and they have created by the power of their 'Press' situations where by they try to throw one Christian nation against another. Thus they would divide the Christian nations and get them to fight among themselves. How it fills the heart of Jewry with ...GREED...when they see Germans and Americans fighting one another. How it enhances the riches of their own administration, and my how it increases the war profits which they make. Someone pretty well taught the President, for he knew at one time that the wars come from these International people. He said that is what the extreme right teaches. And I can say that the other night even Mr. Powers gave a little evidence he knew what was right, for when they asked him questions, as he was in Aspen for the governors job, he didn't come right out and say...when they asked him about the John Birch Society, he didn't say:...I am for men who are always for the right. He said:...I do not think we need anything which is extreme because we already know all the things the right is telling us. I will only say speaks good for Mr. Powers education, for he already knows all these things, that the so called ..extreme right..teaches. And Mr. Kennedy also knows all these things. I want you to know tonight that their attack upon the right is an attack upon the Great bulwarks of American voices of freedom, and American principals from which they shall not swerve. For the majority of people have their sympathies with the right even tho a lot of them have not gained the spiritual courage to align themselves with it. But the enemy is afraid tonight, or he wouldn't mention it. They use their little men to make their attacks. I might pause to say again, that they would like to divide you, and split America into the Extreme right..the Extreme left, and the 'middle of the road' who Christ said are not smart at all. The little man spoke out and said:...General Walker got what was coming to him just like General McArthur got what was coming to him. And the man whose little voice fired a great General of our country, was not worthy to polish the boots of the man he criticized.

I want to point out to you something for which 100% Americans should apologize to your nation for not screening him a little better. This last week when Mr. Truman spoke out and said that the John Birch Society was just a bunch of KKK's who didn't have $15.00 for the uniform..with that speech Mr. Truman just joined the invisible Empire, because way back in the 1920's it did cost $16.00 for a uniform and Mr. Truman remembered. Under the Kennedy inflation it would cost you 25 or 30 dollars for a uniform, but Mr. Truman remembered, and he thought he was taking a slap at an enemy. He however just awakened every member of the Invisible Empire that here was a man in our midst who had been exiled out of the Empire for his acts of treason. I want you to know that they will not forget him now, for he remembered, but he joined the enemy, and in the days he joined those of that uniform he did not keep their trust. Isn't it amazing that when they start to fight the forces on the right that they soon have all the patriots together?

Propaganda goes out seeking to divide and conquer, this is the position.. it coins words like extreme, and now they are trying to make it an ugly word. They say, anybody who is extreme must be a fanatic. They say to be extreme..oh, how we deplore this..and then they say the KKK is extreme. But they lied about it in most instances. In any institution of this size there are many people, and some of them are not always as rational in what they have done as they should be, but there were millions of people in there who were dedicated to save Christian America. And were seeking to stop the mongrelizing of their society, and seeking to break the attack upon their way of life. Not always guided perhaps by the clearest of information, but always by sheer devotion to this nation, and to this flag. And so there arises at this time...movement after movement...'Christian Nationalism', Plish Patriots, John Birch Society, Minute Men, rising all over this country, and Veterans organizations and others motivated as the spiritual stirring moves to get these men to think like their forefathers thought, and be willing to dedicate their expression, and their identity, and for many even their lives, and their sacred honor, to the preservation of this nature under God. That is Extreme? You have to take an extreme position in the days of the atom bombs, and subversives, and assassinations as well as political chicanery which would reduce your whole society to slavery.

You are going to have to take a very active part, against the enemy. I will tell you something tonight, they smeared the Klan, and people didn't know it. They fought it over the and T.V. and let me tell you that the Motion Picture industry has played an important part in all of this. They have depicted over the screen false concepts of life, the way they want to sell it unto people, until they can make people who look at these false scenes hate anything by the way they portray it. How often I have come before people, and they saw this, or they saw that, and they know it is true because they saw it...but remember it is because they saw the pictures with their own eyes. And when I trace it back it leads to some monstrosity put out by Hollywood. How often it is that the voice they listen to was Edward R. Morrow, which could have been equally written by the travelers of the world, or by those in this country who put out the same line as does Moscow.

Strange as these things may be this is what Christ told John..this is a part of their battle to divide and conquer. That the forces behind this would have their communism with its strategy to divide and conquer would move out with its strategy also in other avenues to extend its many policies. This is the strategy of the Beast. And again we have watched the continual flow of propaganda movies, turning one Christian against another, or dividing the heart of Christian civilization for this struggle is an old one, and they would like to do it again and again, and pick up all the profits and plunge you into the next phase of the riders of Revelation.

'And I opened the third seal and I heard the Beast say: come and see. And I saw a black horse and on him sat he who had a pair of balances in his hand. And I heard a voice say:..a measure of wheat for a penny, and 3 measures of barley for a penny, and see that you hurt not the oil and the wine.'

Probably there are no more powerful forces in the world than these two measures of trade. They economically valuable and many of these things are related to it. Remember the Black Horse belongs to the Beast System, and remember it is not a part of your society, but is sent into your society to conquer. This Black Horse is one of the most deadly of the forces to capture men, and it is to put out the light. It is the power of economic warfare of the Beast System to conquer you. It comes not with just weights and balances but it holds the balance in its hand! It sets the price of your goods, or can devaluate the purchasing power of your people. Or it can inflate the cost of goods at its will. It is the power of one phase of Satan's children who no one no matter how ignorant he may be can gainsay. The House of Rothchild said:..give us the power to control the economy of any nation, I care not who makes its laws. In another instance he said:.. if you give us the power to manipulate, to raise and lower the money of a peoples economy, then their economy will be forever in our hands. Jacob Schiff wrote to Col. House after he had accomplished the surrender of Americas monetary system into the hands of the Federal Reserve system, and duped the Congress into its creation. He said to Col. have delivered the money of this nation into the hands of your mothers people. We have the control of the nations economy.

Yes...this manipulation has created artificial scarcities, and manipulated wars, and suppressed men, until they rise up and overthrow the darkness. Strangely enough they think to rule the world and its economy. Yes, all the depressions America has had can be laid to this same source. Each and every time they have done this in the past, they have done it by throwing their economic shares on the market to undersell, and to bring on a panic. And then as panic hits the market they buy them up, and then hurl them down again, and set false standards and to close their institutions, or to cry...crash. Or to guide those who serve them, to accomplish this. It was with their control of the economy that they gained their strangle hold on Rome, and Rome persecuted Christians more because of the Jewish control over Emperors, more than any particular affront to their God. I tell you tonight that Rome was democratic as some might say, in that they allowed the local Provinces to worship as they pleased, as long as the power of Jewry allowed them to do this. There would have been no revolution or battle with the Empire of Britain had it not been that Jewry created this with its artificial changing of the balances of the money, and forcing King George into the instances of tax action that brought on catastrophe and revolution, for that society. It ended with our revolt and the birth of a nation, but they were behind this manipulation. They guided Mr. Roosevelt to take away our gold, and they are influencing by their control of the money..the markets of the world, and they are upsetting by their demagoguery thru unionism and other policies...the wage standards of the world. They manipulate these balances, and they are the enemies of your society. You need a Divine American Standard, one set of measures..just weights and measure, and permanent purchasing power, thru the monetary instrument that you create. And your society needs to base its greatness on the true production of a people, not on the manipulations of its coinage. You must again take back your own money...fold up the Federal Reserve system and close up the institutions that are destroying you, and when you do that you will discover that you won't have to worry about how to remove the parasite from your land. For when you remove their power over your money then they will leave, and as he goes he will tell the world how you persecuted him...or how they burned up in ovens over there, or we died in that country we just left...ect.

I turn to the fourth horse of the Apocalypse and there is not much time to finish this message but....even tho there is not time to finish the pattern of our thinking still I will touch on it a bit. 'I looked and behold a Pale horse, and his name who sat on him was death and the grave. And power was given unto him over one fourth of the earth to kill with a sword, and with hunger, and with death...with the beasts of the earth.' This my friends is the final military operation of the enemy, this is the gathering of the hoards of Asia, as Jewry sought to do in the days of Genghis Khan. Using the Chinese Jew Chepe Noyon, by giving them weapons and correlating their operations, and then used the strange strategy of his ability to wage war. We watched this strange march across history, and how the merchants came in to open the gates at night, and betray China. And then the fall of Samercan came, and the march against Baghdad, and the invasion thru the Caucas pass and up from the south, and down from the north, as a sweeping conquest was made. They marched into the very heart of Europe, across the Danube and against the Citadels of Christendom. But finally God brought death to Genghis Khan, and their Pale Horse...the Asiatic beast was drawn back until the end of the age. But this is the same evil power which gave life to the hoards of Genghis Khan, is once again giving life and political power to the army of the Beast..the Anti-Christ hoards of Asia. And Communism leads them out, just as they were led by the same Marxist creators of evil who created this attack against Christianity the days of the Khan.

So again we find this part of the struggle as one quarter of the worlds populations out of China, and out of Asia fall into the numbers of the hoards of Communist armies for The Beast System. We are told over in the Book of Ezekiel how you join with the Anti-Christ with his militant power, his air-power...his Jets, and yet he rises to come like a storm and they would come like ants with great man power to cover your land. I tell you tonight that this is a country that knows famine and understands their lust for food, and under the program of the Beast will hurl themselves into the fray to capture more territory, for this is the destiny of China and Asia. Thus the symbol of the Beast and of the sword is here marked. And HE has been warning you that your enemy will come into your country and will work on the inside and on the outside to try to capture Christianity with false alliances, and false Peace moves which end in wars that you are not allowed to win. This enemy will move in on you to try to divide you one from another, and to attack your faith and your nation, and try to divide you one from another, and to attack your faith and your nation, and try to turn one Christian against the other. He will move into your society to control your economy and con you into surrendering the manipulation of it into his hands. And then these things failing, he gathers the hoards of the world to throw a mighty war against you. This is the program of the Beast, for he has no morality, no ethics, and those today are the strategies of your enemy. As I turn over here to Mystery Babylon I am told that God identifies them as the merchants of earth who came into your nations. As the race who was against Him in His time. As a race who will be just like their fathers, and who are against the program of God's Kingdom.

Now the reason I point this out tonight even tho we have not time to close this subject is that it is quite obvious that God wants you to defeat this evil power with the great instruments of your declaration upon your part. We do, and we should proclaim that we stand for Peace, but we back it with the mighty of righteousness, not joined to the darkness. But not imposing this strange thing as is now being imposed on Africa and other parts of the world. We must recognize that we must join men together, but, if we divide them, then divide them from their evil with the proclamation of truth. Let us not accept a double standard. Here in America we have men giving lip service to our nation and then advocating the policies of the economics of socialism.

Let us take the stand that God has ordained, that no stranger to your race or your Faith shall ever be allowed to manipulate your economy or get above you. We have been told by Benjamin Franklin that if we enter into an alliance with these sons of Lucifer, that you children will curse you in your grave because they will be in the field, and those strangers will be in the counting house....counting out the money.

(End of Message)