Hour of Decision, 1954

Retitled from "Our Decision", where the audio file originally bore this current title. - WRF



by DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT  -  1954

(Lots of current events---Joe McCarthy censured---Eisenhower Presidency---The difference between Democrats and Republicans disappeared 20 years ago.)

The second side of the tape:--

A preacher said that no one can understand the book of Revelation. And he gave some scriptures he said proved this. But then said:--'If anyone preaches of things inside the book of Revelation, they are a false prophet, because I can't understand a word of it.'

Well I am not surprised, because anyone who would think Brahma Auston is a paradox of theology, wouldn't be able to understand the book of Revelation. But the thing which is important is that the book of Revelation still contains patterns of ideas that were transferred from the mind of God to the mind of John, as he traveled over these historic events before they happened. In other words, as portrayed --were the events in the mind of God, portrayed to John in the plains of spirit that he saw them, visualized them, declared them, so he had been carried back into the past so he recorded events of yesterday as well as events in tomorrow. So he talks about these things which the book of Revelation covers in symbolism. This symbolism is just as compact as any sign a man ever follows thru the Masonic order. This book of Revelation was just as much set in symbolism as was the furniture of the Tabernacle, or as other patterns. But there is no symbol here that is not for your understanding, for when he gave the book of Revelation to John he said:---'go show it to the churches', he did not say 'go hide it somewhere'. He did not say for the Clergy of the church to say we don't understand it so we will hide it. He says:--along with the climactic patterns of the end of the age, and of something descriptive of things to come ---a description of something which was merely symbolic ---it says:---a trumpet will sound, and the first Angel sounded and there followed hail, and fire mingled with blood. This great catastrophe fell on the earth and 1/3 part was burned up, and all the green areas were burned up. (Rev: 8:7) Then verse 8 says:--The second sounded and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea; and 1/3 of the sea became blood.

This great mountain burning with fire ---look out over all prophecy and a great mountain would mean its destruction. I listened not to long ago and they were saying this must be mount Vesuvius which will one day break in two and fall into the Mediterranean sea. This would be a volcanic explosion---well it did this once and burning lava ran down the side of the mountain and buried the city at the foot. Since then someone always says Mt. Vesuvius will later split in half and fall into the sea, but this has already happened.

However I am going to show you that this burning mountain relates to something else. It will be a good thing when it falls into the sea because this will be the end of a chaotic chain of events which has effected history over a long period of time. For this burning mountain is a kingdom, and is described by Jeremiah.---"Behold, I will render unto Babylon and to all the inhabitants of Chaldea all their evil that they have done unto Zion, in your sight."---" Behold, I am against you, O destroying mountain saith YAHWEH ---You which destroyeth the earth, I will stretch out mine hand upon thee, and roll thee down from the rocks, but I will make thee a burnt mountain before I cast thee down.

Verse 26:--And I shall not make of thee a stone for a corner, nor a stone for a foundations; but thou shalt be desolate forever, saith ALMIGHTY YAHWEH, Thus as he throws down this great mountain--when this Great Empire as a great burnt mountain is thrown down there will never be a stone, not one portion of it will ever be used again for building a kingdom. This Great Empire is a symbol of Mystery Babylon and God refers to it as a burnt mountain. Babylon of old was defeated by the Medes and the Persians, and it was destroyed--still this did not quite fulfill all the types of destruction described. For right up to the climactic end of the age as the kingdom of God is locked in a colossal struggle against the forces of evil for survival, when the prophecies of Ezekiel and others talk of Socialism and Communism, when this moves against us under the leadership which are of the type found at Babylon, symbolized by John as Mystery Babylon, when those who lead these forces of evil are the same, then Mystery Babylon is still alive.

This has caused great catastrophe thru out history------and this leadership over the years has destroyed over or disintegrated at least 1/3 of the earths society. In the description of it then it talks about how utterly evil this is and because of this evil HE will finally render His judgment upon it.

Mystery Babylon the Great is also referred to in the seventeenth and eighteenth chapters of the book of Revelation. Here again --this burnt mountain falls into the sea-- this great evil as it falls ----God says this about it---"I shall cast (Mystery Babylon) down like a Millstone thrown into the sea." And it says it is with violence that Mystery Babylon shall be thrown down, but it shall be found no more at all. Then her control over all types of Commerce, over all types of beings will no longer be allowed. And when that is done these Merchants of the earth, these Great men who controlled will be no more. The United Nations was raised up by these Internationalists of earth a part of that control, and you know they are anti-Christ. They stand for Mystery Babylon the Great, and this Babylonian order which warred against ancient Israel, these are the same forces you re-identify today a Jewry, for that power controlled Babylon of old, and controlled in the days of Jesus, and it controls Babylon in your time. And these Merchants by their sorceries deceive the whole earth.

Now; there is one thing that I want you to see, altho the impact of this conspiracy is deadly, but when Babylon as the "Burnt" mountain finally is cast down there is never going to be another Jew with political influence on the face of the earth ever again. There will never be an influential one in Washington D.C. or London, or in Paris---why?--Because the Most HIGH says that when Babylon is cast down we aren't going to take one stone out of her, and ever use one piece of her building material ever again in any city, in any Empire ever again. You say:--but they are not stones? ---Well God calls you living stones. He says:--that each one of your fitly framed together produce My Holy Temple. Therefore each one of these stones of Babylon are symbolic as to what it is constructed of---which makes it the Mystery of the ages. People Internationally with no personal throne, no personal spot ---are what it is ---they move every where with their cabal or Cahillia.

Now note this --in the passage which follows in Revelation we find 3 time a repetition----1/3/---1/3--1/3 thus Babylon is Economic the high seat of it is many times symbolized as Egypt (or the world) then there is Political bondage, and they also control the economics of life until it is impossible for any man to buy or sell unless he puts his hands to the accomplishments of those working for Babylon and this has been symbolized as the Mark of the Beast.

Now; notice verse 10---the Third Angel sounded and there fell a great star from the heavens; burning as tho it were a lamp and it fell upon the 3 parts of the rivers -----these are racial streams, and upon the fountains of water which is the people. One day remember Jesus said:-- I saw Satan fall like a star out of the heavens. Then he said to his disciples:--I have given you power over all the serpents, and scorpions so you do not have to be afraid. We threw him out of the sky, an you are going to throw down his power here in earth. (Luke 10:18-19). This is then what John records here in Revelation 8:10----'I saw this great star ---which is Lucifer ----fall out of the heavens, and this great rebellious kingdom which fell with him effected 1/3 parts of the racial streams (rivers) they whole body of people of earth, (fountains of water).

This is all symbolic for John was not talking about the stream out here in the desert, about the Amazon, the Rhine, or the Hudson river, but this is racial streams, that came out of the beginning, out of Eden. And Eden means the place of the beginnings. This then is the racial streams that were polluted by the fall of Lucifer. The racial streams that were on earth, and the impact on this society of racial streams was catastrophic long before your race came.

Now; note verse 11 ----the name of the star was 'wormwood; --meaning bitter, or death. Symbolically then Lucifer and his followers fell from the heavens, defeated by the Most HIGH and the Archangel Michael and the armies of heaven. They when cast to earth sought to take over the ancient societies of earth. Whether they were in Africa or Asia, or in the land which is now beneath the oceans, the results was the same. And the continuity of the existence of these lands is growing stronger every day. In fact the Egyptians tell the story of it for they came from that land. They tell how Lucifer caused the fall of those people until they worshiped him, an the dark gods. They said the children of the Great God came to earth to teach them things. They tell of the Ka of Ra and the coming of He---who was the LORD of Resurrection some time in the future. Thus history of other races confirm this fall of the Luciferians and how they effected the ancient races. This was the results of this symbolic star cast out of the heavens. But then Lucifer the Archangel was also referred to as an illuminary. You will note in history when referring to Lucifer it says:---- no wonder some of the ministers who come around appear as Angels of Light --but actually they are false prophets, the reason is that their father was as tho an Angel of Light. The way to tell them is that they will deny the Christ. They will deny the program of the kingdom, and they seek to weaken it even if they come in sheeps clothing.

There is then one thing --the book of Zachariah tells you that you can be happy about this, for God sees a goat right thru the sheepskin. He said: --one of the things that I am going to do is to take these goats out of the church, an out of this congregation, and they will not confuse any more. There is an assurance this will take place, and it does give a measure of hope in the hour when there has been so much chaos. The MOST HIGH says;--these idol worshipers speak vanities, these diviners have told a lie, they have given you false grief, and comforted you in vain. They have had their way with the flock because there has been no shepherd. These diviners are liars, they are a part of Great Babylon. You don't have anything to worry about, there is a solution to all the problems. Just read what Jeremiah has said;---'They say that Peace thru the U.N. will save the world, but the U.N. has many schemes to subordinate the Peace. And YAHWEH says--look out they will make everyone do as they say until you cannot buy or sell without their permission. This will be Anti-God things which come in talking Peace and turns out to be a monster.

Now; note this He says;--My wrath has been kindled at these shepherds and I will punish these goats. The LORD of Hosts said he will punish these goats, and He will again visit his people, the entirety of the House of Judah and the House of Israel. But I am also going to take the goats out of my congregation. They will no longer do this thing. This is what is wrong with today, if it wasn't for these goats you wouldn't have gotten a letter such as this from a Presbyterian if there wasn't a goat in there with a pen.

No wonder Jesus turned to the Jews in his day and said;--'My sheep know my voice they will not follow another.---I give them Eternal life ----but you are not my sheep.'---Then --'I come only for the lost sheep of Israel and you are not my sheep'. They did not like this promise that some day he would deliver the administration of the Kingdom over to a Christian nation. That he would separate the kingdoms of the world like a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.

It is a sad thing when we have been so blind and have permitted the goats to come into America, into our nation, to become teachers in our schools, politicians in our government. To even take over the treasury to tax us with the burdens of Babylon. While at the same time guaranteeing and assuring us that they are our brothers, just because they told us so, but this is Mystery Babylon.

I am going to show you again another trumpet sound--vs; 12--The Angel sounds and 1/3 part of the sun, moon and stars seemed darkened. He said: I heard an Angel saying with a loud voice---"Woe, Woe, Woe to the inhabitants of earth because of the three trumpets yet to sound. This 1/3 part of the fall ---whether the sun, moon and stars --of Rev: 12 ---and this burnt mountain --whether it is political or whether it is symbolic of false doctrine spread in earth, this all goes back to something described in Revelation 12;--Lucifer son of the morning one of the Great Archangels. ----And here we are told that he had 1/3 of the beings of outer space in his training. Listen to this symbolism of Revelation 12:3--'Behold there appeared another wonder in the heavens, behold a great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his head. And his tail (tale) drew 1/3 part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to earth; the seven heads, the ten horns, and seven crowns are his physical materialization in earth. These are the Empires he raised in earth against the white race, the kingdom of God. They were economically controlled ---Assyria, Egypt, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome, then Genghis Khan, the Asiatic hoards and the last of all to come is under communism, still under control of this status of power, this is the hoards of Asia again for --Genghis Khan rides again is their cry, and this was the Asiatic kingdom hoards we know as Jews today.

Note this tale of the Dragon drew 1/3 part of the stars --beings that had light, of the heavens and cast them to earth. An this Dragon of Revelation 12:3 --is the same demon star of Revelation 8:11--called Wormwood ---just as the king of the Jews--Herod tried to destroy Jesus at the hour of his birth, tried to kill all the boy babies of Bethlehem so as to get Jesus ----this whole symbolism is in this picture.

The burnt mountain which destroys 1/3 part of the people of earth as it falls into the sea--the star which came out of the sky with this 3rd trumpet will be identified now as the spiritual leadership because of the light of error, is none other than Lucifer and his hoards and they have this impact on the white race as well, the last race which came into earth as the Adamic family.

When you then start the ninth chapter, the fifth Angel sounds and John said he saw this star fall from the heavens, and he was given the key to the bottomless pit and creatures came out of the pit when he opened it. Demonic forces were then moving out over the earth to destroy. So you say:---what is his bottomless pit? It is the Nethermost part of the earth where the forces of evil have had their construed existence. It is the power of fallen Angels who after defying and violating divine law became disembodied, lost the continuity of their life cycles.

But YAHWEH is the master of the Universe, and he said he is not only going to make every knee bow, not only in the heavens where they already bow, but on earth where they will soon be bowing, and even in the plains of the Netherworld, where they are going to learn to bow. Thus even these forces of evil are someday going to be forced to bow before His throne. But you are Living in the period of time which does not as yet reach that power, you are living in that period of time when the forces of evil, and the emanation of the powers of these evil forces have been moving out of the pit summoned by the fallen stars. This illuminary--Lucifer --has released all the forces of evil against the earth. They move out against you, and they come with machine guns (stingers) in their tails (tales), and they bring wars, and troubles, and he (Lucifer ) leads them as their king. They are called Locust because they live on other flesh. They will hit all the trees or racial streams.

I tell you the parasites of Babylon, today would utterly strip you, they would leave nothing green in your pockets, if they had a chance. They take everything before them symbolized as the 'means' of the people of earth. And the kingdom over them belongs to Satan, and the king over them is none other than Apollyon. Who is none other than this one cast down called Satan, the devil, Lucifer who is utterly evil, and those who are his children are a multiple of this evil, as they make war against you --they are this evil called Mystery Babylon thus they are made up of this evil.

Now; you in this hour see this 'burnt mountain' it is all around you, but as yet its total destruction has not taken place. It is still existent in your society, it is still working against the kingdom of God. But its death, its doom, its destruction is absolutely assured. Does it mean everyone of these individuals will die?----Well, they will lose their power, they will be broken if they resist the power of righteousness in that hour --their destruction is self-inflicted. International Babylonianism is directed by Satans own children whose children are the Jews in the world today, and they are thus marked. They are none other than the children of the serpent and the children of Lucifer. Christ identified them as the children of their father the devil. And He says: --of Great Babylon, no stone of them will be used in any political capacity, any building of any power when HE casts them down.

Now; the fall is hard, and Babylon goes down with violence. But one of the great things of this hour is what God is doing in awakening men who build great things, every thing which the enemy thought they had hidden, which was secret will be revealed. It is not only something which God does but it is something that God is doing. There has been no time in the history of the Kingdom of God, from the days of Adam on down that God hasn't spoken to these men he has called out, to be his ministers, and his prophets. He has not only projected ideas in their minds which they have followed thru with initiative and purpose. He has given them the tremendous urge to accomplish this purpose. And when evil becomes a serious threat to the nations of His kingdom, and people are asleep because they have been lulled either by the presence of it, or because they have not been aware of it, or been sold by a dope like tube of their press, then God starts to alert a people, He alerts a prophet, He alerts his ministers and they denounce it.

I will tell you that there is one thing the enemy doesn't know ---that there is no secret thing that God Almighty is not going to reveal, has started to reveal in this hour to those who will move forward against this evil.

No the Devil never learns a lesson, in the days when the forces of evil were battling against God's kingdom, when the king of Assyria was battling against the Kingdom, the king of Assyria said:--Let's go down and capture this king of Israel, for we know he has been accustomed o riding this way. He will come to this certain point and we will capture this king of Israel. But the Prophet Elijah was told by the Most HIGH what the king of Assyria had in mind, how they were going to be waiting for him to capture the king, and the king when told said; --How do you know, so Elijah said; --the MOST HIGH told me. So the king of Israel being a bit wiser than some of our leaders today didn't go that way. The Assyrians laid in wait but the king of Israel didn't come. They went back the next day also and still the king of Israel did not come. But God had told Elijah for the king of Israel to go another way.

This bothered the king of Assyria and he said: ----Someone of the ADL has betrayed us. Someone went down there and told the king of Israel that I was laying in wait for him, so I am going to find out who betrayed me. We will have a purge right here. But one of the ADL goons spoke up and said:---Oh, king, you might as well know that there is a certain prophet in Israel's camp and he knows every secret thing that you do, even in your bed chambers everything you do and say. Do you know what would happen today if they thought the prophet of God knew everything they were thinking?---It might be good for America. ---

Suppose I told you that the burning of that mountain is already to take place --for God is not only releasing the information as to how to do it but he is also raising up those who are to do it. He is also----well listen---the king of Israel was warned by Elijah so the king of Assyria said:---we will have to destroy this prophet. This is nothing new --they say today that they will have to destroy McCarthy, and Gerald K. Smith, and every one of these men who speak out in this Elijah ministry. The reason they want to stop these men is because some one has been led to discover the secrets and they are making them known to the people. And when this is done they are finished, so always it is that they have to destroy the prophets.---And I wouldn't know why they thought that Elijah wouldn't know they were coming after him when he knew they were coming after the king.

Now; Senator McCarthy is speaking out on Communism and he said:---I want you to name this leader who is sponsoring this thing, I want you to name names, to expose this hidden master. ---You have never heard in these United States a man in the government ask for the exposure of this hidden master, but he spoke out and he said:---is it Barney Baruch, or Felix Frankfruiter?---Well these are devils one and all. And they said;--you can't call them devils, ---but Jesus can and he knows more about it than you and I, and he said:--'Ye are of your father the devil ----I know who you are" they were devils in his time and they are devils in our times.

But listen;--in this same picture, they were unable to capture the man of god. But the MOST HIGH knows every secret. And the casting down of the Burnt mountain is related to this great revealing as he reveals everything to his people, and they are going to throw off this yoke. The Psalmist said:--Thou hast seen all our iniquities, even our secret sins. There is nothing, no secret thing hidden from HIM, and He is going to bring every work unto judgment whether good or evil. You don't realize it, but judgment will come in the hour, the era in which the seed is sown. It lurks in the end of another one of Babylon's administrations, and God is stirring more and more individuals to denounce the evil, and discover these secret things. This is why they have been able to dig into the picture and produce and find so many of the things now coming out. There has never been any greater evidence of the existence of the weaving in of the evil into both political parties than the resistance of official Washington to release the full contents of the YALTA AGREEMENTS, and all that went into them, not only would the nation repudiate that evil but it would expose the relationships of some men high in power in the existence, the performance, the execution of those documents. --Why did they go along with it to keep the contents from America? The Senate never actually knew what was in the YALTA agreement until these documents were unsealed. ---But they will not let the Senator --Jenner --release it --this is an executive order. They do not want it out before election.

One hour is not very far removed when that judgment shall come which is our LORD, and He will bring to light every hidden thing of darkness.

Some people say that we shouldn't discuss the evil of the hour or communism. Why? Because the first thing God is going to do in the hour of his manifestation is to discuss these things, so if it is important enough that he is going to come to expose it we might as well be discussing it now. He will bring to light every hidden thing of darkness, and will make manifest of the heart of those who served it, and every man is going to praise God. It doesn't say the devil is going to praise God, just every man (Adamite). The moment you expose the evil ---you say that is fulfilled---alright --well, yet the truth has been breaking out all over but you haven't had enough people waking up to listen. A handful here and there, and a few thousand know, but so far it is only a remnant, who have not bowed the knee to Baal. But Almighty God says this is my kingdom and I am going to deliver them and I am going to use force against this evil.

The reason the Cainanites are going to leave is because in the fullness of this hour people are going to know who they are, and they will leave, for God is going to take them. Before the next few days are over you will hear quite a statement from a U.S. Senator about the Communist danger. ---The devil used to say of Jesus ----He is more dangerous than we are.

Jewish members of B'nai B'rith said: ---I believe we ought to drive the communist out of all positions where they are in the forefront. This was not for your Consumption, the idea was not to drive the Communist out, but just to get them out of the forefront where they were embarrassing them. The plan they ultimately hope to achieve is to have absolute sovereignty over every piece of material in America, and in the world. Using the U.N. in the program to redistribute the wealth of the world. But there are 530 million Red Chinese, and you are only 1/6 of the worlds population, and yet you have 60% of the creative wealth of the world, this will reduce you to the status of Peons, and you cannot even buy that without the care of subservient.

But voices are speaking out, there is a surge on the part of the white race in this nation, and every secret thing will be revealed. The time is coming when the motive of the individual will be questioned, better watch his words, for it is already apparent to the ministers of God that He is cleansing your race. At this time there is only one thing holding up this attack upon you. This burning mountain is about to be cast into the sea and has as its final act, this great warfare against the kingdom of God led by the forces of evil, but God says you can gather the hoards but you are not to hurt the Green tree---thus My children are in the field.