Hour Of Prophecy, 5-4-69


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift -5-4-69

We have several things in the news lately that are rather significant. So we are going to comment on this for a little bit. This one operation goes back to the period of last November or the latter part of November, and this was when our astronomers were doing a lot of measuring and survey work and our great electronic telescopes all over the world were using patterns of photography which were so exact that if they lay one course of photography in the blueprint maps over another one, then if one star or any light in the heavens moved, they get a reaction. If one didn’t coincide with the other, exactly, then this is the way they can tell if something has happened. They do this all the time. Periodically, they find in one part of a chart or another part of a chart, something that will cause indicators to come on, and of course, along with this, they find that the IBM machines begin to work and they find that something has been added to the general horizon.

You could look at the stars and the heavens and you can see them by the thousands or the millions and you wouldn’t know if anything came or went. There could be a couple of little dots up there which could come into the picture and you wouldn’t know anything about it. But don’t think for one minute that with all the equipment that modern science has, that they don’t discover when something new has been added.

So it was that out in the areas of Cancer, ---and this happens to be---not an area where we would look for something to happen---. But the scientists saw that there was a great ball of light--a star with great brilliance. Actually, a super Nova (a new star--especially one that appears suddenly). This had been added to the picture in the heavens. More than this, it was moving and had moved with great speed millions and millions of miles. And was coming somewhat toward our solar system. Of course, the Nova was very bright and so there was great expectancy as to what it might be. Of course, everyone speculates and all the people interested in this work were speculating around the world as they had been interested in the mystery of space crafts and flying objects.

We aren’t questioning the fact that there are flying objects. For there is no question that there are UFO’s around our world. And there is no question that we have been visited and we are being visited. And there is no question about the fact that we are under observation. So naturally, these people in the scientific world think there is some super ship---maybe coming in when they see a bright light in the heavens.

So it has been established that this sighting is a great super Nova and it is moving. And in its function, it is coming out of the area of Cancer. However, at the speed that it is moving and at the angle that it is moving across the heavens as noted by the photographs that it is not going to involve our solar system or the earth or any part of the Universe that you belong in, probably it will slide way off in to the Milky Way. And far beyond your contemplation. But the fact remains, that it is there and it has been seen.

(So is this just a message in the sky for someone to figure out the meaning of? More on these messages from that area later in this tape.)

Anyway, this is the site of the happenings of which the newspapers have been reporting, as a super Nova in the heavens---and something has made its appearance in the sky and is coming toward earth. Yes, it is coming toward earth, but at such an angle that without question, it will miss us by hundreds of millions of miles as it moves out into space.

Now the areas from which there are objects coming in from and there is definite evidence that this sighting might even enter into our solar system and this comes from Judah, still, it comes out of Orion and out of Leo. And has been coming toward the earth for some years and is now moving with great speed. Sometimes, it becomes brilliant and other times it becomes opaque. It is an illusive and strange phenomenon. And that beyond Orion becomes sometimes visible and sometimes invisible. This is one of the strange phenomenon that has caused great speculation. This is a large object. A huge planet, shall we say. Or maybe larger than a planet. It is not exactly a sun, for there is no intensely burning light of its own. But it does reflect great patterns of light and it does tremendous areas of activity of electronics with tremendous fields, and we do know that this is coming.

Now someone says, ‘When is it going to get here?’ Who knows? Who knows how fast it is moving? But we do know that it is about three times as big as when it was first seen in the areas of Leo the Lion. Again, this is symbolic--with the Lion of the tribe of Judah. Wherein our star message starts in the heavens with Virgo. The Virgin who shall conceive and bear a son and shall call HIS name Immanuel. Unto Leo the Lion of Judah, returning in Great power.

Now we don’t know how far out this thing is. Triangulation has been proven to not be a sound method of measure because they don’t seem to be able to get an actual triangulation in their times of focusing on this object. The reason being that it doesn’t have a constant light.

Now this is one area where there is much thought on this strange phenomena and lots of speculation. There is a most unique thing that is happening far out in space and out of the area of Cancer. This is the radio messages that have been coming from there. We are getting these radio messages and they have come with impulse. The active speed of the impulse is one thousand three hundred thirty-seven seconds. So every one thousand three hundred thirty-seven seconds on an exact beat, a great and intense radio message comes to earth. Now we pick up the impulse message and it was first picked up in Australia. Then from Stratford, England and then in portions of Germany. And all our electronic telescopes have been focused on that area from whence it comes.

Again, it comes out of Cancer and it is not a prophetic measure as we see it, but it was 18 months ago when they first caught the impulse of this message. And at that time, they cited that it was a very intelligent type of radio message. And the message as it first came thru on the interval method of one thousand three hundred thirty-seven seconds, had to be a type of radio signal of intelligent beings.

Well, the U.S. Government got in to the act and they called this the L.G.M. Project. The tracing and studying of these messages was called the L.G.M. Project. Well, the L.G.M. Project strangely enough means ‘The Little Green Men.’ In other words, intelligence out there in space was sending a radio impulse message to earth, even tho we didn’t know how to translate it and didn’t know what it meant. Nevertheless, the message was coming to earth.

Then the scientists got their heads together with the great and brilliant heads of our government, which thinks, of course, you should never be trusted with the valuable and important information that there could be someone out there, quietly buried all the information of what was being learned. Now scientists knew for almost a year that there must be some kind of a civilization that was conducting this and they realized that it would take millions times millions of mega volts to send this message the distance from which it was coming. So they estimated that since this as such a tremendous amount of energy, it could never be put out by man, for no group of men ever had this much intelligence to be able to put together that much energy to send that kind of message. Anyway, that is what they published.

Of course, it is no problem for you to sent a TV picture back from Mars, because we have two satellites headed for Mars and they are going to photograph Mars this summer and send the pictures back to earth. (That as done and now a landing is to be made on Mars this July, is it not?)

Now this is technology supreme which God is able to raise and produce in the structure of the White race and its society. But at the same time, you have the intelligence of the government officials trying to tell you that no one has the intelligence to make the millions of volts of electricity and to generate them, that it would take to send messages to reach thru out the solar system.

So after all the Government pressure, the scientists are now saying that this is just a mechanical factor. That really, we aren’t getting any radio messages at all. We are just getting messages of intense electronic disturbances which sound the same and are with strange patterns of repetitions, and are coming exactly 1,337 seconds apart. But no one is actually doing this. It just happens this way.

Well, it takes more faith to believe the scientist after the government gets thru with them and they have to reverse their story than it does for you and I to believe the blueprint of things we see established before us.

In other words, someone out there who is intelligent has tremendous power. And someone out there is definitely spacing the time and the measure of sending out a type of communication that is reaching across a vast portion of the Universe. It may be Angelic Hosts. It may be a part of the signal system of the MOST HIGH, for after all, Yahweh operates in strange and peculiar ways. But one thing about it is that the signals are coming and they are being picked up by astronomers all over the world who are able and equipped to make this strange and peculiar type of test.

Now, these signals can be picked up on a 80 megacycle short wave set, in the middle of the evening especially when Cancer is high in the sky and you are in a right and proper position. And this signal comes every 1,337 seconds. And this is not a noise or disturbance, it is a strange and exact pattern of broadcast that comes in with precision and a spacing of a communication pattern.

So, my friends, the code or whatever it is, is so spaced and so exact, that it is not something that just happens by chance. So again, this is another one of the mysteries of the Universe being brought back to our remembrance, or at least the ability to understand that something is taking place is brought to our attention.

There has been some strange and significant developments in the last week. One of these lies in the areas of the Middle East. Of course, as Israeli designs to carry out the program outlined in the beginning by Ben Gurion, and continued by Ambassador Eben. When Mr. Eben spoke in Israeli, just two weeks ago, he outlined very carefully the designs of Ben Gurion as he said, ‘whatever Israeli’s foreign policy is and what the world thinks of it, is nobodies business but ours.’ And Mr. Eben made the statement, ‘We Jews are basically at war with every non-Jew on the face of the earth.’ That was Ben Gurion---quote and unquote. That was before Mr. Eben came to America and faced Secretary of State Mr. Rogers and President Nixon with the executive agreement signed and promised by none other than President Eisenhower, that we would send planes, ships, and guns to defend Israeli because it as necessary to us and the free world that Palestine remain in Israeli hands forever. And President Eisenhower had promised this without consulting his foreign policy advisors, his Secretary of State or the Senate of the Congress. Rather, he followed the advise of Levi Strauss and others who were involved in securing this promise for the Jews to begin with.

So now, we see we are nearing the point that Mr. Eben is stressing when he was here, that it was essential that they have the Suez Canal. And as Mr. Eisenhower had literally taken the Canal out of the hands of Britain by showing favoritism and guarantees of the commitment involved, as he virtually pressured Britain to let go of the Suez Canal and let Egypt have it. So now, we will pressure Egypt by our support of Israeli, and this was also in the design sold to President Eisenhower.

So Israeli now says we must seize the Suez Canal in a month or so, because the canal is virtually controlled by Egyptian gun fire that stops all ships moving thru and the world cannot use it unless we take possession. But it was Ben Gurion who said, ‘We must take over the lands of the areas of ancient Babylon, and the areas of the Euphrates and Persia, and Baghdad, and all of Egypt. And of course, Algeria must become a northern outpost on the Mediterranean for Israeli. This is the empire that Israeli is wanting to build. This is Israeli’s place in the sun.

(Well, I just thought here, all this land that Israeli’s Ben Gurion was saying they must have, is the land that YAHWEH helped Abraham clean up as he whipped Tidal, the fallen angel who was King of much of it. And in this land was Sodom and Gomorrah. Read the tape of the Mystery of Melchizedek. This would be going back to the beginning, wouldn’t it.)

Alright, so Israeli is an aggressor, and her design for empire is to expand. And her influence is to grow thru out the world. Of that being their plan, there is no question. Alright, I’m sure some will say, that this is a hate message or that this is a prejudiced statement. But it is merely an analysis of the facts and that the facts were contributed to by their statements to their own people and to our Secretary of State and to President Nixon. So now Israeli demands action on these promises. Of course, they waited until Mr. Eisenhower was dead before they produced their paper with its promises.

Now, at this time, Israeli is running an attack against Egypt for twenty-five miles along the Suez Canal. And commando groups have gone in to South Egypt and the upper head waters of the Nile River and they attack power installations and outposts and centers of Arab civilizations. They justified this by saying Egypt has been attacking them. Well, there is a difference this time, as Egypt is not as bad off as she was in 1967. For remember at that time, that Israeli used the 90,000 mercenaries of the old French Foreign Legion to fight for her. They got them from Algeria when DeGaul failed to fight for the French Colony. And also at that time, Israeli jumped in a surprise attack while the rest of the powers--especially the U.S. held Egypt back waiting for the U.N. to act. And by that first attack, then Israeli destroyed the Air Forces of Jordan and Egypt while their planes were on the ground. This made it possible for them to move in on their tank corp and infantry. Thus, the victory of the ‘6 Day War.’

It is different now for Egypt is always in the air now days--flying reconnaissance flights. The Jordan Air Force is on the alert also. And Syria is on the alert. So it won’t be so easy this time.

So since the beginning of the abortive state of Israeli, we have seen a strange situation. The Jews moved in and seized areas of land. They used mercenaries from the start and organized Jewry raised millions of dollars to pay for the operation. They purchased military equipment, supplies and ships. And the Mafia and organized crime groups formed and joined Jewry and they formed the army that they called the Urgams. This was the most vicious army that ever existed. It moved into Palestine and killed Christians and Arabs both as it seized Palestine. Of course, in 1948, when Mr. Truman recognized Israeli, then that land became an abortive state. But these Arabs driven out into the desert were starving and the other Arab states tried to rescue their people driven into the desert to die. Now the U.N. partitioned the land of Palestine and remember that God said, ‘Woe unto those who partition My land.’ Well, they did partition Palestine and they gave the Arabs---the people whom God said could live with their brethren--the land of Palestine that would not sustain life---mainly the desert areas where irrigation would not even work.

Then in the ‘6 Day War’ the Jews drove the Arabs out of the desert areas which the U.N. had allotted to them. Yes, there have been constant attacks by Egypt on these areas that the Jews have taken over. They are trying to stop the setting up of missile and atomic warfare bases in the Sinai Desert which of course, will be aimed at Egypt. So Israeli is now joining the nuclear nations and I can think of no more vicious people who could have in their possession, nuclear weapons and who thru organized Jewry plan conquest of the world.

Now you say Russia had nuclear weapons. Yes. But Russia has been in the control of Jewry (Zionism) ever since that Red Revolution that the Zionists set up and financed. So Israeli in their nuclear establishment is being helped behind the scenes by the Soviet Union.

More than this, some of the top men of the Soviet Army have been down in Israeli training Jewish officers. And these Israeli officers first trained in the Soviet Union. There is a tremendous amount of highly trained officers in Israeli. They are trained and kept in readiness to be sent any place in the world in need of a leader. Then in the newspaper the ‘B’nai B’rith Messenger’ it bears out our statement as the Messenger says, ‘Israeli’s newest export is officers.’

There is a new world being formed. It is the Third World. We have the Communist on one side and the anti-Communist or Christian World on the other side. Then we have Israeli. And it has our support. But it is not an anti-Communist society, for it is tied to the Soviet Union. For Jews run them both. So Israeli wants to run the ‘Third World.’ You first heard of the ‘Third World’ back in the 60's, when the Hippies and the Yippies and the militant Black left, began talking of the Third World.

So you see, if we support Israeli, then the Christian world will not be against the ‘Third World’ and Israeli can export officers to run this ‘Third World.’ So Israeli officers have been moving out as advisors to the countries of Africa, and even into Costa Rica. These officers are financed by Jewish Banking funds which are collected and set up for this purpose. And they talk about how all these governments under the control of these Jewish officers will flow into the ‘Third World’ organization and then the ‘Third World’ will support the ‘One World government which will be a controlled world for the good of everyone. Now some will call it a Communist world, but it was Rabbi Stephen Wise who called it ZIONISM, or Judaism. We agree with Rabbi Wise, for he knows better the thinking of his own people.

So in this program, Israeli promises the ‘Third World’, officers for their for their armies, and military supplies and money for their operations to come from the international Jewish Bankers of the world. Now this is the promise to any country that will take Jewish officers as their leaders.

Stop and think.------Only a few weeks ago, the Jews were just people who ran the second hand stores. Who sold your products and who ran the banking institutions. But, now we see Jewish statesmen move into the Communist world which they set up and they started exploiting it. And then moving out with their officers, money and military equipment, and then their goal becomes, a move to rule the world if possible.

So the Jewish paper ‘Messenger’---in their statements comes up with this:-- ‘In their design to help the 3rd World people, then Israeli is sometimes against the United States and West Germany and England and the countries that are anti-Communist. And Israeli is sometimes even against some of the Communist countries and their policies, as Israeli moves in to leadership of this ‘3rd World’ structure.

Well, in the scriptures, there are only two forces that are recognized. And those are:

1. The Kingdom of YAHWEH, and this Kingdom takes over the management of the whole earth. The Eternal YAHWEH has established HIS Kingdom in the earth thru HIS people and HE has ordained that they shall control this world.

2. The second is Lucifer’s kingdom and Lucifer has 5/6 of the world falling into his clutches. He has the Beast system as his kingdom. And his is the program of the Beast system, the children of the anti-Christ. He also has Asia and the children of the dragon and Russia and the children of the bear. And he has the powers of darkness working with him. And of course, he has all the Luciferian forces and of course, that includes Communism and also the ‘3rd World’ situation. If they want to care to call it that.

But as far as YAHWEH is concerned, there are only systems of this world. The Kingdom of YAHWEH and the program of anti-Christ.

But the ‘3rd World’ embraces the U.N. and other ideas which will bring all together, bringing an end to your sovereignty and independence--so they hope. (The Atlantic Union is a front for this movement of the ‘3rd World’---Jewish control.)

The ‘Third World’ is as deadly or more so than the Communist world and secretly carrying out the same objective. So this is the strategy of some of the things which have been transpiring in the last few days.

We look back on the activities that transpired in this country. All the activities that were led by Martin Luther King. Those activities were found by the Un-American Activities Committee and the FBI, as to be helping the Communist Party. Then he was shot. Whether by the Communist in their attempt to use him as a martyr after his usefulness to them was over, or by someone else, this is not important. But remember what we received he had earned. But I want you to know that it will be impossible to beat the structure of God’s design for this world.

Then Gus Hall comes out and says, ‘Martin Luther King gave his life for the masses of the people, just like Jesus Christ did.’ Then he added, ‘The day will come within twenty years, when Christ will be insignificant, compared to the popularity of the area of appreciation of Martin Luther King, because the country is going to realize this.

Well, strangely in the last two weeks, the Protestant churches have come out with something never seen in Protestantism---ever before. They are setting aside a special ‘All Saints Day’ for Martin Luther King. Now the Protestant churches don’t have a ‘Saints Day’ for the Apostles, Paul, Peter, James, or John. But here they are busy setting aside a day for ‘a Communist, a man who is everything a good American should not be.

Then the wife of the new ‘saint,’ this past week engaged in the same kind of activities that her husband carried on while he was alive. They are striking against the status quo. And Abernathy is also the figurehead now taking the place of King. This, my friends, is Communism working in America.

Now strange as it may seem, the White House is recognizing that the White people are rising up against this menace. White students are also rising up. And in Queens University, the White students took clubs and drove the Negroes out who were holding the buildings of their University and they drove them off the campus. So then the police were called in by the University and the White students were reprimanded for their actions. But nevertheless, the White students took back their University and they filed notice by their action, with the faculty and police, saying, ‘If you don’t deal with these Negro students, we will.’

Now we have 107 colleges this week in riots. At Cornell University, the Black students held the faculty at bay. Then the faculty said they gave in because they couldn’t have the police manhandling and shooting black students. Well, sooner or later America is going to have to realize that the laws of God pertaining to segregation and integration have to be obeyed, and that they are true.

Did you notice that now they have integration, they also want supremacy? Strangely, when they wanted to integrate and move into your schools, your homes, and your marriages, there was no talk of supremacy. But as they feel the power and even the churches are giving in to them, then the black power base now is talking of supremacy. The Black students came before the Congressional Committee and they said, ‘We demand that all schools have black studies courses with full credits for those courses and we demand that only black students attend those classes and that they are taught by black teacher.’

The committee said, ‘I don’t seen how we can do that as these would have to be courses subsidized by the tax payers.’ But then the pressure came and the committee gave in to all the demands and the courses will be taught and the black students will be the only ones eligible for the courses.

Now, when the U.S. Government gives in and says for one race only, then they have rejected the structure of equality that they have been talking about so loud. I think it is about time that we admit that the Federal and State controlled educational system has failed.

Now another unusual clipping came into my hands. The Mathematics Professor of Queens College says that there are no Negro mathematicians. He says there are a few absorbed Negroes who are basically White, that have some areas of work in the mathematics field. But actually, there are no Negro mathematicians. He said, ‘I was in on a meeting that was held by educators from all over who were trying to find some area of Liberal Cultural civilization so as to draft a course in that subject. And he said, ‘I guess we will jut have to establish a dummy course from propaganda. For we have nothing to teach in this area. And then he went on to say, ‘I am getting this off my chest because we found that there was no universal language of the Negro race. In fact, as late as 1850, there was no written Negro language in the whole world. And yet, here areas of our Government want us to draft a course of study to teach something that doesn’t exist.’

Also now the point has been reached wherein the rebellious Negroes are telling the Christian churches and even some of the synagogues as well, that they demand one-half billion dollars every two years. Then the National Council of Churches which is Satan’s counterfeit organization, has been meeting to see how to handle this race question. And the N.C.C. cited that since the Christian churches mainly represent the White race in America, then they are totally responsible for slavery. So to redeem themselves, they must pay an indemnity for the wrongs of the centuries. So the Christian churches along with the Catholic churches have promised one-half billion dollars over the next two years for these far Left Negro leaders to carry out their revolution.

Now after that, I was amazed to learn something else. Way up town in New York City, is the great Park Avenue Church. And in this church the Negroes who are well dressed, sometimes come in and sit in the back. Now if there was ever two churches that were fashionable and carry on that tradition, it is the ‘Temple Church of New York city and the Park Avenue Church. Now I don’t know what gospel they teach, but they are predominately White churches. Well, on Monday morning at a meeting in this church, one of these Negro leaders came and he read the demands of the Negro demonstrators for the one-half billion dollars and the ushers seized this Negro and marched him out into the street. But that did not happen in the Episcopal Church. Rather, they endorsed this program fully and they said, ‘We recognize the right of the Negroes for this indemnity to try to offset the wrong done the Negro race over the hundreds of years.’ So they voted that 20% of all the money coming into the Episcopal Churches would be set aside for these payments of indemnity. Then some of the Methodist Churches came in also and agreed to cough up the money as did many of the other churches. This money will be used for the black rebellion. But the blacks will not benefit in the long run for they are only being used by the Beast system. And so are you, if you support their program.

Another pattern of interest. At the end of W.W. II, Soviet Russia was 15th in the world for Naval power, but now we find that she is number ‘One’ in ships and in submarines. She has us so far outnumbered that we haven’t a ghost of a chance if we had to depend on ourselves for our protection. But after W.W. II., Russia captured German scientists and she moved the and their families to their areas of construction and the German men were told either you produce ships for us or else your wives and daughters will be turned over to the Mongols for rape. So the men worked and they built for Russian. Then if a man’s wife died, he sabotaged all the work he could and when found out, then he died. But in this process, their ships and submarines production grew and grew. So today, Russia is first in Submarines carrying nuclear weapons and they prowl along both of our coasts and in the China Sea. And she is capable of launching a nuclear attack against our fleet any time she pleases. Soviet Russia is getting ready to try to conquer the world---so she thinks.

Now there is one thing you can count on. The MOST HIGH GOD said the weapons turned against you shall fail, that the hand of YAHWEH will be on you and on your nation. Even when some of the people who are at the head of your nation have no apparent mental capacity to understand this problem. But YAHWEH says that in that day, the flying swords of the enemy will be turned back upon them. YAHWEH has promised that the fleets from outer space will come in. HE has promised the hosts of Heaven. HE has promised the weapons of catastrophe and destruction that they launch will be turned against them. And they will be destroyed by their own weapons which they sent against you.

(Here is a thought. The U.N. which they launched against us is turning on the ones who set it up---Zionism. There is quite an article in the March, 1976, issue of Readers Digest Magazine, about the U.N. and how it has failed as the ‘Third World’ has come forward.)

One more thing that turned up this week, as we see the prophetic measure moving on-----------. For instance, the ‘Free University of San Luis Obispo’ established by Bronstein and other Jews, is in the news. The University is filled with Hippies and Yippies. Some of whom have money and some not. And then there are Negroes there by the hundreds. And the newspaper from that area reports that one of the things being taught in that University is cannibalism. And one of the strange things is that this is on the bulletin board of the University for all to see. On the bulletin board is a setup showing a program for cannibalism. And this also says that volunteers are wanted to bring in human flesh. And in this experiment they will not only experiment in eating human flesh, but also, they will experiment in the ways to cook the flesh to see which method would make it more enticing. So this would be a new experience for the students. And they also found that pot from Israeli is being flown in to these Jewish instructors and it was to be used as experimentation by their students in that University. Now, these Negroes were those who would be used in the coming revolution and be spread out over the country after their training in this University. And they were instructed that this was one of the areas from which they would draw their food in the coming battles in which they would be participating. Now, my friends, this is not in Africa. This is in San Luis Obispo, California.

Now some of you people may not like this. But this brings to my mind one of the oldest book in the Bible---the book of Job. And that tells how angry Job as with the Negroes. For Job took them out of the jungles and he taught them how to work on his farm and he taught them how they could profit-share on some of the food they grew. He taught them how to always have enough to eat and how to work. So you see, he took these people and taught them all these things. Then when Lucifer was to bring all his troubles and tricks on Job, then these people that Job has taught, rose up and joined Lucifer and they attacked the communities Job had built for them and they probably burned down the houses. And they waylaid the overseers of Job’s antediluvian ranches and all in all, they helped Lucifer in every way they could. So Job finally got disgusted with them and he said, ‘I shall drive these spear chuckers back into the thorn bushes, for these dogs are not fit to lay down with my dogs. Never again will there be a Negro in my province.

(End of sermon)