How Long? Why Do The Wicked Prosper?, 12-9-62



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 12-9-62

Tonight we are speaking on the subject asked by many as they look on the forces of darkness round about and their prosperity, and this question is also asked in the book of Jeremiah 12:1---

"Righteous art thou, O YAHWEH, wherefore I plead with thee. Let me talk with thee of thy judgements. Wherefore doth the way of the wicked prosper.---Wherefore are they seemingly happy tho they deal very treacherously?"

Then the Psalmist asked this question somewhat differently.---

"There are the ungodly who seem to be prospering in the world and they seem toincrease their riches."---As this question is asked, the Psalmist asks:--'Why?' How long. And what does this indicate? In connection with this there are some things that we must understand concerning the program of God's Kingdom, because it is very important in our understanding of this situation. In the 37th Psalm, we are given a little good advice in verses 1 thru 6.--------

"Fret not thyself because of evil doers. Neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb. Trust in YAHWEH and do good. So shalt thou dwell in the land and verily thou shalt be fed. Delight thyself also in YAHWEH, and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto YAHWEH, and He shall bring it to pass. And He shall bring forth thy righteousness as a light and thy judgement as the noonday."

Now, we will come back to this chapter later because there is more of it. But the question is--’why do the wicked seem to prosper?’ The reason for their prosperity is described in the instructions God has given you. For the people who make up God’s household came from heaven to earth and into a hostile world. Remember that long before your race came to earth, the powers of darkness and the forces of evil had taken over the populations of earth. They had even brought in populations subordinate to their design. They violated the basic principals of divine law. And they even sought to establish permanent headquarters not only in the earth, but in the Milky Way System. A rather unique thing to remember is that Lucifer the great Archangel controlled about 1/4 of the Universe. Thus in his rebellion in the heavens, he influenced 1/3 of the Angels out of this area of the Universe which was under his control. This does not mean that he controlled 1/3 of the Celestial beings of the Universe, but in the areas of his own administration which was the Milky Way System, 1/4 of the Universe--and in this area then 1/3 of the Angels rebelled with him. According to the scriptures in Revelation 12, there was a defeat by Michael the Archangel who commanded the great forces of the heavens. In fact, so vast were the fleets of Michael and so numerous that in describing some of the hosts of the Most High, we are told that they are as numerous as 1,000 times 1,000 times 10,000 times 10,000 and thousands and thousands of these great ships of fire. And they streamed forth before the Most High. In otherwords, they are described because the illumination, the great flames are like that of passing jet rocket ships. But they are referred to as the Mighty command of the ships which went forth from before the Most High God.

The ancient writings of Enoch talk about seeing these super dreadnaughts coming and going from all over the Universe. Coming and going from the presence of the Most High. And Enoch was told that these are also thy kinsmen. And many of them have not lived in earth. But they make up the great hosts of the great fleets of the Most High. Now you see that God is not alone in His great big Universe that reaches out into the ends of visibility and beyond the capacity of your great telescopes to resolve the patterns of the vast area controlled and domination by your Father.

I say that--specifically, you are light of His life and breath of His breath, and He acknowledges you, and He is the One Eternal God of the Universe. But in this rebellion there was no disturbance in the mind of God as to how this would turn out. Because He knows that even the powers of darkness are going to be subordinate to Him. They are going to acknowledge Him and be defeated. But when He called for volunteers to go into the areas wherein finally the defeated Lucifer was earth bound, and earth bound he was-----for in the days of yesterday, Michael the Archangel defeated this rebellious Archangel Lucifer. And then Lucifer was forced to eventually make his abode in this earth. In this solar system, he had some range of operation. And he did make it back as far as Saturn, one of his headquarters. But going back to the reports of the ancients such as Enoch--and those reported by your Aryan forefathers as they reported what they had been told, then in the days of their prophetic writings, while in India, they tell of these things. And those people of India in their ancient writings referred to the Aryans as the sons of the Eternal God of the sky---Aryan---sons of YAH---children of the Most High.

Now the fact is that they talk about the gods that they serve, the gods which were known in ancient China ---the leader---known as the dragon. And they tell of how this god was defeated in the outer remote parts of space. And now belonged to only the system of his suns and planets round about. And had even more lately been using earth as his only headquarters. Therefore, he was god of this world. And they admitted that they served him. And they also served Kali the assassin goddess the supposed wife of Lucifer the dragon and the serpent. In this dragon country, she was recognized by several different names. We point out that in these areas of the earth, they looked upon the Aryan race--this Adamic people, as the children of the Eternal YAHWEH, who had come to earth to challenge the last threshold of Lucifer in the area of this--his dragon god.

Asia and even the Sumerian writing thousands of years ago, before the coming to earth of the Adamic people, talked about this mighty struggle. And archeologists have discovered traces of these mighty battles. In the British Museum now can be found many plates and records describing Sumerian theology and background. And they refer to the Mighty God of outer space---YAH as Murdoc. And they talk of Tiamat, the great serpent god of the sky who was in a struggle with Murdoc. And they called Tiamat the Chaos monster. It is rather interesting sometimes as they worshiped these monsters that they sometimes said this serpent was the god of this world and they therefore must serve him, having been their first leader out of the sky.

It is a very significant thing that science in its continuing process, and in its archeological research is touching upon the writings of these ancient people. And it proves one thing. That they worship an Archangel who in his rebellion became a devil. And that in violation of Divine Law, he sought to upset the calmness and the peace of the Universe. He sought to upset and change ways of men. He would change responsible conduct to depravity and degeneracy. He would seek to violate the principals of law, mongrelizing races, and even the creatures of creation. All these were ascribed in a rather unique way, and the words the ancients applied to this were:--’There were the ways which they had been taught, and these were the things they had learned from the dragon, the serpent, and other names that they called him.’

It is interesting to note that Asia and Africa refer to Lucifer and his rebellion as the arch devil in his rebellion, as the dragon--the serpent. Ant they worshiped his as such. From the witch doctors of Africa this is also learned. Senator Ellinger came back from his junket to Africa last week and he was right in saying that these people were not quite prepared for administration as of yet. It is quite obvious that if we are going to evaluate the abilities of people to talk for governments and administrations in this area of supposed progress, that we must evaluate them on their capacities, on their initiative and on their creative abilities. Senator Ellinger looked over these people who followed the witch doctors, and who are less than a generation removed from Cannibalism, and in many instances, the very leaders who are now leading states newly formed today, are actually Cannibals themselves. And they are eating the flesh of their relatives and their enemies.

It is a rather significant thing that today these people are still trapped in this situation. And they admit that they worship the dragon god, and the snake god, the serpent. This is true in the pagan countries all over the world. It is also true that you who are the children of the Eternal are the children who worship One God--the Eternal YAHWEH. You also recognize that this One God is a God of authority and of righteousness, but also known by the background of the things revealed, and by the doctrines of the histories and of the capacities which are given unto you. And that you are the children of the Eternal God and He is the One Sovereign Supreme God of the Universe. IF THIS IS NOT TRUE, THEN THERE IS NO TRUTH. And everything is a hodgepodge of degenerating destruction. The fact remains that there is no question about the height of attainment and the ability of people or their spiritual vision to be energized by the mind of the Father--to the children, with the capacity to receive it from HIM.

Now we point out that the words that we use for wickedness which are translated from the Hebrew--as to wicked and wickedness are referring directly to a seed and a posterity. In otherwords, the posterity of a nation which was completely under the control of Lucifer were referred to as ungodly. While the people who were the descendants of the fallen Angels, and the areas of violation were referred to in the Hebrew and translated in English---as the wicked.

Now another word for non-white race people were Enosh. And this word meant beast people or people who lacked the spirit or the delineation of the spirit which belongs to the children of the Most High. Because of this, you will note, that Christ referred to these who were opposed to Him and of whom their wickedness could be of no doubt, as liars, murderers, conspirators, and those seeking to overthrow all standards of righteousness. And they of course, opposed HIM completely. And when He referred to them, knowing who they were, then HE called them the wicked--the progeny of Lucifer. And He said unto them:--’Ye are of your father, and the lusts of your father ye will do.”

Of course, we can classify those He was talking about quite quickly as the Jews. And most Clergymen do not even wish to discuss this fact. But in this instance, He was identifying them as such. And we discover that throughout the areas of Paul’s instructions to Timothy, and in the writings of Peter, he talks about these who seek to do only evil. That they are the wicked. That they are a part of the progeny of great darkness. In face, Peter goes into great length to show that these are Angels who did not keep their first estate. And their unassimilatable offspring were sown into the earth by their violation of law, as they went after strange flesh of earth. And thus they created these strange conditions. Peter refers to them in the areas as the posterity and the mutations of fallen Angels. And so also are--the Jews. And there are such people in the earth and they are classified as -- the wicked.

Now it is possible for people to do wickedly who are not in the category of what the original translation would have indicated. That the wicked are the offspring of the fallen Luciferian hosts. And as such are the sowers of darkness and the sowers of evil throughout the world. We are also told that the peoples of the nations of the world order are becoming ungodly as they serve the powers of darkness and do wickedly because they are led by the wicked. The fact is that they in bondage. And this bondage comes from the fact that they are ruled over by--the wicked--who hold them in this bondage.

For this cause the sons of light were sent into the earth to bring back righteousness instead of wickedness. To bring back truth instead of darkness. To bring the unveiling of wisdom and educational vision instead of superstition and blackness. This is your Destiny. This is why you are called the Light of God’s Kingdom. And that is why the nations of God’s Kingdom have more ‘Light and illumination’ than any place on the face of the earth. You don’t have to go very far outside the United States to find the difference between a Christian Nation under inspiration and guidance, and the areas where superstition and darkness exists. You will find that as you go outside the White Christian Nations that there is a vast difference between their societies, their cultures, their standards of living, and also concerning their posterity. But this we point out to you. That over certain areas of the earth where the people are of a different order--that these people--the Enosh--also referred to as ‘beast’ people--are lacing in the spiritual capacity which your race possesses. And that they have been taken over by Lucifer.

Lucifer was once an Archangel of light and brilliance. But he became Satan the devil in his rebellion. And he fell into his darkness. Today we had the privilege of talking to an individual who thought that a large part of the opinions we had concerning the nature of an Archangel who became Satan or the devil--the serpent or the dragon--came largely from the concoction of Christian theology in its relationship with these people. But I was soon able to show this educator very quickly, that he was wrong. Because it is from Africa and from India, and Asia and Tibet and other places where they refer to these very gods that they worship, as serpents and dragons etc. And who makes the normal process much of their religion, immorality, corruption and depravity, even at the highest levels they seek to attain. The fact is that it isn’t long after you start introducing the archeological evidence and the historical patterns of race round about, to show you that the emblems and the significance and the standards that they exhort as they identify themselves with Lucifer, remains, my friends, a perimeter of identification outside the contents of your sacred records.

Now, we point out to you that just because we find one of those strange phenomena which exist, which is the spiritual vacuum -- which may come from a blow to the head, or it may be just a gradual absorption of a wave length lacking spirit in areas of instruction, but we have a few people today who are agnostics, and relative atheistic on the side and lacking in spirit. And they have a mental vacuum. They are however, to be pitied because of the mental injury they have received and for their ability to carry forward truth. But it is very hard for these people to sway any lasting basic influence because they are a minority in your society.

We point out that the Luciferian forces know who they are. And they know more about themselves than most people realize. I point this out because the ‘wicked’ interpret the Bible and you will get a rather strange situation. I have a piece here today which is taken from the ‘New York Times’ dated Nov. 12, 1962. The thing which makes this stand out is this story.-----------’The Jewish translators are amending the Bible.’ I think that is rather interesting because I don’t have to go very far until I establish the fact that Jewish translators would not be expected too much for this translation because they deny most of its contents and they worship Lucifer. And Jesus said:--’Ye are of your father the devil.’ He identified them as such. Let me point out this. These Jewish scholars, we are told, said that Moses never crossed the Red Sea at all. He just went thru some marshland. Well, that is rather interesting because you know the Pharaoh of Egypt died as he pursued the Children of Israel across the dry bottom of the Red Sea. Which you can say was blown wide open by the winds or some other factor which divided the waters. It is just as easy however to believe that God produced the phenomena that rolled back the waters. But I’ll tell you what we don’t have to argue with today. You don’t have to go to the Bible to prove what the Bible contained in this instance. Because when they put the Pharaoh away, they tell us that they found the Pharaoh’s body and thousands of his charioteers, as well as the chariots and horses, floating in the waters. And they brought the body of the Pharaoh out of the waters before it decayed. And they went thru all the necessary burial rituals. They mummified his body and then put it in his tomb. And then when these ancient Egyptians carved the friezes of his funeral temple, they tell this story of how he died. And it shows him being drowned by the waters rushing together in the Red Sea while he was pursuing the people who constitute your Israel race. The one thing that these Egyptians people didn’t have as they carved the story of what happened to their Pharaoh, was Jewish translators to tell them what happened. And as yet Moses hadn’t written the Pentateuch, so there wasn’t anything to change. Just some history to record.---They reported:--’This is one battle that we lost. We pursued a people we were going to retake as captives. And our Pharaoh and our armies drowned in the sea.’ This is in the records of Egypt. And if there is any one thing which we can establish, it is that your race was for some reason, crossing the Red Sea on dry ground. And the enemy was pursuing them. Your race got across safely. And then the waters came together and drowned the pursuers. The Egyptians didn’t know that this was not to be accepted by the architects of fallacy. So they carved the frieze just that way.

You see these Jews don’t belong to Moses because they even tear down their own foundation of claim. They come along and say--’no, it was just marshland.’ That was the wettest marshland anyone ever heard of wasn’t it? I want to tell you why I introduced this even tho I had another interesting item sent to me today. I want you to know that the Jews are changing the Commandments. And that the word--soul--is completely eliminated from the New Jewish text. Because they said that their isn’t any soul and none was provided. Also, they want you to know that they are eliminating the word--Spirit. Because the Bible doesn’t say anything about the word spirit. Well, that doesn’t leave them anything but a physical body does it? The Jews have eliminated the words--soul and spirit. So they don’t belong to our Father and His ways. And they don’t belong to this book of Revelation. For when it comes to this pattern, then if you don’t have any soul or spirit, they won’t last long. Now, I will read a bit of what this article says.

‘As they have been studying all translations, they have found in the Greek and the Aramaic, translations that soul and spirit are essentially of the origin from which Christianity started and created this idea of soul and spirit. And that the idea of spirit and soul had then its beginning as the Christians translated them records and into their scriptures.’ This is very interesting because it shows the superiority of Christianity over Jewry. We have spirit and soul. And they have nothing but debt. I point out to you that in this very instance, they would corrupt the scriptures. They would destroy all concepts of immorality. And they would seek to destroy the foundations upon which the Faith is built. Why have a Bible? Why even have any evaluation as it relates to spiritual abrogation if there isn’t anything which relates to spiritual law, and their is no spiritual entity, and no divine purpose, and no standard of morality. Then just live like Jews and don’t be anything.Don’t talk to me about Jewish morality because is doesn’t exist. If you want to see Jewish morality, take a look at Sodom and Gomorrah, and yes,--Hollywood--and see it as it is.

We point out to you that the scriptures are a long record as to how God has dealt with His people as He gave them instructions as eventually they were all correlated at the Council of Nicaea from the many scrolls and their records of experiences into one great volume. But inside the history of your race, who were sent into earth to build a Kingdom and to develop as a society, are certain rules and regulations which God set down.

In answering the question of why do the wicked prosper, it is understandable why they prosper in a world order. First before you arrived, they took over the world order. Lucifer and his minions, dominated all of ancient China. All of Asia. And they dominated the lands of the Ganges and the dark heart of Africa. Upon all the non-White trails of race, travel the witch doctors, and the priests of darkness. Now this was the most lucrative area of administration because by controlling the peoples minds, as well as their administrative abilities, to annex and to seize all they possessed was easy. And this made it necessary for the--most wicked forces--to be the wealthiest of the people. This was because they represented Luciferian power. And it was not until your race came into the world that their power was being challenged.

Now let me point out that you are no longer just one man’s family of the Adamic Household. But you have developed into a great nation and a company of nations. This was also restated to Abraham as God made Covenants with Abraham and with his seed after him as He said:--’I shall be a God unto thee and to thy seed after thee unto all generations.’--I want you to know that you are the people who carry vision, that carry culture. And that you will establish HIS administration in the earth. I want you to understand this today. YOU apart from this evil which are in your society, and trying to dominate you---YOU as a race, are the creators, the carriers, and the fulfillers of God’s Promised administration for HIS KINGDOM. Now listen. The scriptures tell you that you must not have any joining of yourselves in strength to the enemy. And the enemy is classified as--the wicked. In fact, the Old Testament goes thru the naming of the wicked as the Hittites, the Jebusites, the Edomites, the Canaanites, and so forth---thru all the naming of them called --’the wicked.’ Why? Because these are people namely classified as the ungodly under the priesthood of ‘the wicked’. Who themselves are offspring of fallen hosts. Because this is so, then you are not to have anything to do with them. And if they seek to block your control, then God says:--’Destroy them utterly.’

Now someone always says that they don’t like that part of the scripture. I doesn’t really matter whether you like it or not. But when you meet the ‘wicked’, those who would destroy the earth, or keep it under bondage of superstition, and would destroy the administration of God’s Kingdom, then just remember God says:--’I shall deliver them before thee, and ye shall smite them and utterly destroy them.--make no covenant with them or show mercy to them who do evil and are evil.’

Someone said--’Oh’, but we win a war, and then we turn and show mercy to them.’ This is not what is being referred to here. This is not in the areas in which you conquer outside--like as to Japan--and after you defeat them, then you treat them with the kind of administrative justice you would expect the princes of the children of the Kingdom to use. But my friends, you are not to move against these forces who have sowed this evil and then be as generous with them. One thing you were not to do was to let Luciferian forces come into your nation and participate in your government. That is one thing you were not to do. You were warned that these children of wickedness would always do evil continually. One of these things they would have a peculiar affinity to do would be to acquire money or the medium by which people move their goods. Especially when it is gold, silver and jewels. That they would seek to rise in this process of getting control over people, until they reduced them to slavery. This is what the Psalmist tells you as to the nature of these who do wickedly.

Now it is an understandable thing that these forces of darkness can prosper outside the Kingdom, unless they meet those invincible forces of God’s Kingdom. But how about inside the Kingdom? I think when you are talking about how the wicked do prosper, it is easy to pin them down inside the Kingdom as the same people. When we are talking about your evaluating this, in the areas of their riches, in the areas of their ill-gotten gains which they have acquired in your land, then--yes--they have in that context acquired riches. You have to admit that some of these Barons have accumulated great wealth. But most of the time they have acquired this by selling great depravity to the American citizens as they gained this wealth. More than that, they have had to start off in areas of condemnation for it. And they gradually dressed up their production and transposed it into various areas as art. The sought to first put people to sleep by putting out a different type of production. But gradually they are more and more demonstrating that they are in utter patterns of degeneracy. And they are seeking today to corrupt all standards of morality. This is the product that ‘the wicked’ sell.

Someone always says--’are you narrow minded about motion pictures?’ Well, I am narrow minded or whatever you want to call it about the depravity. About the depravity in morality and trash which is coming off the Hollywood screen. I want you to know that they know what they are doing in this pattern of utter depravity. They are aware tonight, that the product they are selling is not a saleable product from the standpoint of enveloping the biggest returns for the money makers. They know that the people would rather have pictures of historical soundness and those of high standards than this corruption. But still in spite of box office receipts which show up in this type of pictures, in comparison to those pictures like the Disney movies, or many of the early Biblical pictures, or those historical pictures of early years, still they overlook the material gains because they want to sell slush, to corrupt your morals. Because this is a propaganda force and they are using it.

I can show you some of their records as to this matter which just proves that when men persist in selling something which brings them in less money it is because they desire to corrupt the entire status of the people more than they want to make money.

I want to point out to you that we have the same importation into the areas of vice and the drug industry. We have the same importation into the areas of crime. It is generally directed by the same forces of unassimilatable people.

You know when these Jews penetrated the church in Rome and sought to destroy it and then did the same in Spain. They were called Marranos. But eventually they were deported. And then out of Italy, a whole bunch of them were exported to Sicily. There was on the Island of Sicily, before this, criminals who had been deported to that island. And there were also unfortunate fishermen living there. The result of this was that the majority of crime was bred in Sicily. And the strange thing is that Al Capone was a Sicilian Jew. So was Mickey Lowenstein. And we have a great area of crime traceable to this group. Did they prosper? Well, they lived like gangland kings. But I don’t know of anyone who was really jealous of their ill gotten prosperity. Because these fellows spent a lot of time in Alcatraz or dodging prisons, or deportation, or living under the strange gangland rules of their evil. There really isn’t any honor among thieves even among devils. They have as much lack of honor as the politicians of today at the highest levels, which they influence.

Now, there isn’t any doubt that in America today we have the wicked prospering. But this is because they have been permitted to enter our lands. And we should have had integration laws which would have kept them out. We could have easily identified them by where they stand and what they believe. The day is going to come when no one will be a citizen of these United States by immigration, unless he is a white man and a Christian. That day is coming. How do you know? Well, more and more I find people who are going to push for this objective. And this will eliminate the prosperity of the wicked because he won’t be here.

‘Oh’, you say, ‘ then there won’t be any wickedness?’ Well, there would be very little of it if you eliminate those individuals who start it and make money off of it and make a commodity out of it. When you eliminate those who do this, then you eliminate one of the greatest scourges out of your land. Drive out the International Jewry from your land by any legal process that the majority may undertake, and you will have achieved a mighty liberation of your society.

I want to point out to you that you do not have to let someone come along and say--’you don’t have a right to do this--you don’t have a right to keep anyone out.’ Let’s go down to a Jew land in Israeli, and right now they are forbidding the entrance of a Jew into Israeli because he is a professed Priest of the Catholic Church. And they said therefore, if a Jew professes Christianity, then he is not a Jew and he cannot come in. Well, if Jews can keep Christians out, then I think Christians should keep Jews out. I am not interested in the opinions of 21 Universities whose brainwashed fools at leadership levels do not understand when a statesman tells them the truth, as to a better application of this existing money. This past week, Senator Ellender spoke the truth about the abilities and inabilities of the cannibals and the witch doctor led minds, and their qualities to control their affairs. And he doesn’t think it is time for the setting up of negro controlled nations in this great drive for equality in the areas of equal votes in the United Nations and so forth. He said:--’Altho my country belongs to the United Nations and supports this policy, I think it is fallacious and I am against it.’ The Senator said:--’In all of the countries in which I have traveled, I have not met any negroes whom I believe are capable of self government. And as this relates to this nation, I have never met any negro whom I deem capable of sharing in the government of the United States.’

Now you can say that there are some well educated negroes. And some are brilliant attorneys and hwy shouldn’t they share? Well, my friends, they were lifted to the level to which they have attained under our influence and by the capabilities of our influence and by the environment of the White man in which they lived. Therefore, they will never reach the level of the White man who has been lifting them because he obtained his level by origin. Thus no one should ever be ruling over the sons and daughters that comes out of the Enosh race. The best thing you can provide for such individuals, is to help them raise the level of their own kinsmen down in Africa. But you never find many of them with any desire to do this.

Someone asks, ‘is this a matter of hate?’ NO. It is a matter of understanding. Today one of the programs of the wicked---and we see this working---is to gather men from the areas of the negro society and back them and make of the negro demagogues who advocate the violation of Divine Law such as the mixing of the race and intermarriage of races, as well as the depravity and the degeneration of your race. This is wickedness and those who advocate such, seem to be the most prosperous negroes of all. Because--they are financed by powerful Jewry. They exploit their own people. And they take from each one of them a contribution to help them overthrow the White man and integrate the White society.

Why do they prosper? Because you haven’t awakened enough to use your own intelligence and say--’you are not to be here’ and then kick them out.

Let me assure you of this. The Bible asserts that when in the nations of God’s Kingdom, the wicked prosper. Then it is because the people inside the Kingdom are fast asleep. They may proper in the world, but they are not supposed to prosper in a Christian Nation. You are supposed to have sense enough to remove from their hands, all power. And never let them into positions of administration. Deport them. Execute them by any necessary means comparable with their crime, but don’t let them reign in a Christian Nation. Someone said, ‘but God has great Grace even for the wicked.’ Well, God has Grace upon His people and upon the victims of these satanic forces, but there is no Grace extended toward tyranny. Because the ultimate development in the endless tomorrow’s of adjustment for such areas of their nature, which might survive past this life is within the power and authority of God and His Grace--and I know that in the fullness of His plan of reconciliation that every knee is going to bow and every tongue is going to bear witness that He is God. I know that at no time do I see any mercy extended to the power of evil which seeks to destroy the earth, to exploit the earth, or even to liquidate the earth. Even tho they are backed with a propaganda conspiracy of lies, which seem to be given great reverence today, by the leaders of modern universities who say,--‘this is the world trend and anyone that opposes the world trend is wrong.’ But I tell you that anyone who goes along with the world trend, and is in opposition to the program of God is wrong.

I think it is time we stopped subsidizing some of these Universities until they recognize what is essential to the Western world and then carry forward true patterns of education. Today we are faced with a revolution of degeneracy and it is a rather significant thing when we talk about how the wicked prosper, that we recognize the areas of this wickedness. The Apostle Paul tells us to put on the whole armor of God. Because there is spiritual wickedness in high places. I tell you that they even surround the President of these United States. Tonight I proclaim that 70 of those advisors and cabinet members who surround the President are wicked. You ask, ‘Why?’ Because they belong to the group which the Bible designates as the offspring of Lucifer and as wickedness in operation. You ask, ‘what do they want to do that is wicked?’ Look at the programs that they advocate for this nation of God’s Kingdom. They want to dissolve this nation and put it under the control of the World Order that the wicked want to rule. Then they can control the economy until they can starve to death the people who want to worship THE CHRIST and hold up Christian standards.

They move into this great free land and operate in conspiracy. They can penalize farmers and confiscate their land if they don’t surrender to the Babylonian conspiracy. And they can use the great instrument and weapon of taxation to accomplish their objective. I tell you that God Almighty warned us in the book of Revelation about this Mystery Babylon the Great--which is the great political, religious, and wicked powers--the satanic seed. And God said:--“Come out of her o My people lest ye partake of her sins and receive not of her plagues.” For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God is not only going to remember her iniquities, but is going to reward her double as she has rewarded you. Double as she has brought tyranny against the Kingdom and against the Saints and against THE MOST HIGH GOD.

There is one thing that people don’t realize as they are looking at the temporary affluence of these people. But let us remember that surrounding the President tonight, are men who use uncontrolled wealth. Remember that some of these park bench politicians have been the affluent of the international control which reaches back for several decades in their own hands. And the families which have dominated this wealth have not only conspired to create depressions, to create wars, but they have been working by manipulations to put the whole world under their control. But Christian Nations should never have permitted them entrance into their land. Let alone given them citizenship. And they never should have permitted them to gain control of their economy.

Everytime you do not uphold the laws of God, you permit the wicked to prosper. Remember this. They prosper because the Christians do not organize to uphold God’s law. The enemy organized and even organizes you so that they can become master over you. But remember, you are promised deliverance. And I am going to tell you that in this decade you are going to see the end of the prosperity of the wicked in this land. It will be one of the great reactions in this land. And it is already settling into place. I have 11 clippings from around this nation this week telling how those around the President are deeply worried about the deadly danger of conservatism. One knuckle head wrote to an editor of the ‘Times’ and said:--‘What we have to do for the Republican Party is to drop this conservatism and become as liberal as the Democrats to win.’ Well, if you have to be as devilish as the evil, then why change your name. Just go over to the other side completely. We are not against Democrats just because they are Democrats. But we are against those who support causes which are detrimental to our nation. They have already penetrated deep into the Republican Party in many areas. But this idea that to gain power, you join them, is one of the things which hurts your society.

If across America today, there was to come a lifting up of that standard and if by lifting up that standard, a man made pledges as to what he would do, and if that man pledged that he would represent the White Christians, that he would oppose communism, that he would carry a standard which would break America out from under the control of international manipulators,--that he would block the sending of your money to every pagan nation on the face of the earth, that he would cut the cost of government, and reduce the taxes by eliminating the areas of taxation that are not constitutional,---do you know what would happen? The people would flock from all parties to elect this man. Some sat this will never come. But let me tell you what is going to happen in America. And not only is this true in relation to God’s plan, but it is true as to the strange force of the tender of the people that I see moving. This is the spirit that is moving. This is the great wavelength of the great catalysts of God’s mind now making itself felt on the minds of His people. And it stirs them strangely. They don’t know why they are motivated this way. They don’t know why in two or three sermons that their minds are changed. And they don’t understand the catalysts of the Spirit or how all of a sudden the opposition to the darkness comes forth.

Now let me point this out to you. When we told you several weeks ago, as to how this will spread across America, we were talking of people who are going to implement this program. That they trade and by Christian in all ways possible, in all their dealing. That no monetary affluence passes out of their hands into the hands of their enemies, if they can help it. In a nation of 145 million Christians, there should be a great catastrophe for their enemies when the Christians start supporting their own way of life. I think it is time we boycotted every corrupt picture, every corrupt type of entertainment. And then I think we should go a little further. I think we should not only boycott and block in every area, any producer who puts out this type of entertainment, but I think we should move on this into other areas and boycott any individual advertiser who puts out this product which seeks to brainwash America and puts out this kind of contamination. I think that even in the areas of T.V. that the Christians have one of the greatest weapons that they have ever had. Because they can start moving in upon the advertisers who make this evil process of conspiracy and propaganda pay.

One person said:--‘Dr. Swift, it is very discouraging when I see all these wealthy and powerful Jews around the President and hear them preach one worldism, and how they receive authority and respect. How the newspapers and every publication bows before them.’ Well, alright. Don’t fret yourself over these evil doers. Just get organized to eliminate this kind of influence and authority from respect in our country. If America came out with standards and ideals, and principals to conform with her inner thinking it would make these the most unpopular sect on the face of the earth.

Let’s go back once more to the words of the Scriptures. The evil doers are not only going to be cut off, but those who wait upon YAHWEH are going to inherit the whole earth. Hear that. This is the best insurance policy you ever saw. This is the MOST HIGH guaranteeing you that these of the conspiracy are not going to control the earth. No. You are to inherit the earth. Not them.

Now listen to Psalms 37:10. “For yet a little while the wicked shall not be; Yea thou shalt diligently consider his place, and it shall not be.”

We don’t have enough people who have diligently considered his place and taken the proper measures. But it is not to be. When the Psalmist wrote this, he was standing back and looking down the corridors of time. And he was giving us a declaration which would be 900 years old. But let me tell you this. That is not a long time by Divine measure. But you are now at the end of an age. You are moving to the climax of an age. You are in a prophetic time, period. You are in the days of the atom bomb. In the days of fervent heat. In the days of the gathering of Africa to come against you on the part of your foes. You are at the end of an age and this is the time when the world order is about over. We are very close now into the decades of fulfillment of what the Psalmist was telling you of what he was given by inspiration.

You ask-’why do the wicked prosper?’ Well it is because the wicked plotted against the just and they gnashed their teeth against you in their secret assemblies. One of the things which is a great weakness in this battle, is that the Anglo-Saxon and kindred people of this background naturally anticipate that other people think like you do. And you think that they are responsible to the same codes that are a part of you. This is because you are unable to think like they think. That you in your relationship to one another, in the code of honor concerning your word, you in what will support and what you will not support, do not realize that these people have no spiritual qualities of the recognition of honor. They don’t think in these terms and their word doesn’t mean anything. They even say ‘our promises are no promises, our covenants are no covenants.’ They even have a day set aside once a year, where they can just say--every debt agreement, and so forth with the Christian is of no account.

Any White man who enters into a business agreement with a Jew should have his head examined because they had a holiday just the other day saying:--’if we can cheat, lie or steal, or destroy a Christian, it’s alright.--we just said so.’ They just finished another feast day Purim Festus. And do you know what they do? They have a holiday and they celebrate the day when they are going to execute all their enemies. And in your country this is anyone who obstructs their rise to power. This Purim Festus is not a feast of God. The book of Esther is a phony fraudulent fraud. The book of Esther is a Jew conspiracy to cram down a Christian’s mind. I guess we know that they had their feast of Purim and it is a note of record that they entered into Little Rock on a Jewish ‘high’ holiday as well as Mississippi on another ‘high’ Jewish holiday. One of these days they will even discover the fallacy of their own design.

Alright, the Christian thinks that other people will deal like he deals. He can’t get it out of his head that the Russians don’t operate that way either. That any of these areas which do wickedly are under the influence of these masters of Lucifer. They are not responsible to the standards and principals which belong to a child of God. Because they have no capacity to relate to it.

Thus we point out that the word of God tells you that they are plotting against you. Everytime you come into a business association or any normal pattern of your life, it is not a plot. It is an operation. While with them it is a conspiracy and a plot. Mr. Comparet is an astute attorney and one of the most efficient in California. And he has stated that several times he has been caught in the association of taking a case, to find among his clients one who is a Jew. And if so, then a Jewish witness would be brought in. He said that one of the biggest problems an attorney has is to get the man to tell the truth. Even when the truth would serve him better. He will sit around and concoct his story and wonder if he can get away with it and can’t he find someone to support it, when all the time if he had told the truth, he would have been better off. In otherwords, they have no god but gold. Their savior is a bribe. And they can’t get this out of any concept of their relationship. Understand and know this. For it is a fact. When the people will lie before they tell the truth, then understand what Jesus said as He told them they were of their father, who was a liar from the beginning.

Now the scripture says this in verse 14. “The wicked have drawn their swords and have bent their bow, and they thought to cast down the poor and to slay My people. A little that the righteous man hath is better than the riches of the wicked. For the arms of the wicked are going to be broken. But YAHWEH upholdeth the righteous. For He knoweth the day of the upright and He knows that their inheritance is forever.”

If you were to ask me what I thought of the areas of Jewish International conspiracy and manipulation, and how long it will be, I think it will be wiped out of America and forgotten in another decade. I think that as America awakens in the next decade, there will not be one Jewish business man or Jewish politician or one Jewish man in high position in these United States in the next decade. And secretly, I think the Lord will shorten the time for the elects sake. But this I do know, that the Lord knows the exact day and when there isn’t going to be a Jew left around the President. He knows the upright. And He says their inheritance is forever. He also knows the wicked and He says:--’The wicked shall perish, and the enemies of YAHWEH shall be destroyed. The steps of a good man are ordered by YAHWEH and he delighteth in his way. Tho he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down.’ He may fall, he may be trapped by conditions and situations. But tho he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down. Then --’For YAHWEH upholdeth him with His hand.’--

Now the Psalmist says:--’I have been young, but now I am old, and yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken, or his seed begging bread. He is merciful and his seed is blessed.’

Now therefore, saith the MOST HIGH:--”Resist these evil ones. The Lord loveth judgement and forsaketh not His believing offspring; They are preserved forever and the seed of the wicked shall be cut off from the land. Know this then, the Law of YAHWEH is in his heart, none of his steps shall slide.” These sons of the Eternal is who he is talking about.--”But the wicked watcheth the righteous and seeketh to slay him. But YAHWEH will not leave him in his hand, nor condemn him when he is judged. He will not permit the enemy to destroy him.” So remember, if it were not for the hand of God, these people would murder every patriotic person in the country. The thing that obstructs their design is the hand of the Eternal.

These are the coming days of conflict. And if these people want to eliminate themselves, then let them reach out and touch these people of God. Because there will be no restraint upon the anger of these people of God. And it will reach out to the leadership of these people and make it the most costly experiment they ever attempted.

Listen. Wherefore mark the upright man. But the transgressor shall be destroyed together. The end of the wicked shall be cut off. But the salvation of YAHWEH is your strength in the time of trouble. You have arrived at the time of trouble--Jacob’s trouble. This is the time when there is no Peace. And the MOST HIGH says that HE is going to raise up the sword of His judgement and drive them out of our land. And He also says that you are His battle axes and His weapons of war.

You think that the wicked show their prosperity by their fleets of Cadillacs. But they don’t sleep as well as you do. You can look to tomorrow and see victory, where they look to tomorrow and know that is shows defeat. You say--’Oh, they don’t believe this Bible.’ Well, to try to prove that they don’t believe it. They always try to change it so that it doesn’t say what it does and they can say that it isn’t there. They are getting worried. And that is why they have such a wailing wall around a Jewish cemetery. They don’t have anywhere to go. They admit no spirit. No soul. They are dead. They are just trying to convince themselves that there isn’t anything that they are ever going to have to answer for.

We are aware of the bloodstream of the conspiracy against you is in the area of finance. And therefore this influence over money has been Lucifers great strong point in his plan of conspiracy. But God Almighty says this will be wrestled from his hand and prosperity will be no longer in his control. He will be divested of this control throughout every nation of God’s Kingdom. And then---you are to take over the areas of administration all over the world. And never again will you have any trouble with Lucifer.

You wouldn’t have any trouble with the Chinese, or the people of India, if it were not for the power which exploits them and turns them against you. All of the trouble with the negroes comes from world Jewry, world communism and the witch doctors. That does not mean they become your equals. For it was never intended that way. But they are to return to the right God. They will live in a peaceful society. And they will learn how to produce things for themselves, as well as learn how to go to work. It will be a great day for the world when---the wicked---stop supporting the pagans so as to give them man power to hold you in check. It will be a great day when you will not be taxed to support the world, but the world will support the Kingdom. Yes. That is what I said. When a great Kingdom administration is built, it will extract the cost of operation of that Kingdom from the areas which it administrates. The administration of the White Kingdom nations will extend over the entire earth. And the earth will bring their support into the Kingdom for the good that they receive. That is the way it should be. Not as it is today with the American taxpayer like Atlas--with the whole world on their shoulders.

I am only interested in the Biblical answer as to why--the wicked--prosper. And they only do this when you let them in and they operate the Kingdom for you. This is the reason of why the great battle for your mind is being undertaken today. It is to convince you that you must share so that everyone has a proper share of your inheritance. But I tell you that is a people are wrong and their philosophy is wrong, then you should never let them have any voice of place in your land. God never supports the theory that the devil be given an equal share of the operation of the Kingdom. The forces of darkness have no place with the people of God. Since Mr. Roosevelt’s day, these forces of darkness have been hauling down the flag of freedom of the United States from their position in high places in our land. And this has now reached the point where they have almost taken the flag from off the pole. Then aim to tear it down from the pole and then say---’send up the United Nations spider web.’ I am going to prophesy that the ties of that spider web will be tied to the neck of everyone of those supporters of the subordination of these United States before this is over.---

I understand that Gen. Walker has purchased the American Mercury and it will again be used to be a voice of militant conservative opinions. And the A.D.L. can put it to the top of their list as a danger once more.

The wicked prosper because of the world order. And if they come into your country and prosper, it is because you haven’t been looking after your own affairs.

An interesting statement was made by a missionary 80 years ago as he came home from Asia. He said:--’They worry about the financing of the development and the feeding of Asia. But if we blew up all the pagan temples, and destroyed the pagan Priesthoods then it would take only 1/20 of the amount that is not needed to build cathedrals in every city and emancipate the people from the tremendous expense which takes away 3/4 of their livelihood.’

And you---are supporting by subsidizing-----all over the world----this darkness of evil. It is time that God’s people woke up as to what they are being asked to do.

(End of message)