I Am The Way, 2-19-61



By: Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-19-61

We are speaking this afternoon on the subject taken from the words of Jesus ...I Am the Way. There is probably among the important things men should know, nothing that should be of more significance to us than...that we should understand our relationship to the great plan of God as to why we are here, how we are to accomplish the objectives which He has in store for His Kingdom, for you can be sure these objectives will be accomplished. Also to realize our relationship both to God, and to His purpose for as we have a similitude between ourselves and God to understand..it is most significant we realize these things. We turn to these words of Jesus in the 14th., chapter of John in which Jesus makes this statement:...'I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE.' And then He makes this statement:..'No man can come unto the father but by me.' It is most important for us to understand this strange and enigmatic condition of God not only dwelling among men, but of the fullness of YAHWEH, God dwelling among men. This is one of the reasons why today there is a lot of disturbance among men and among men of theology. This disturbance is due to the fact that men don't understand God, even tho they may be His children. Still in this enclosure of flesh, this dwelling here in physical bodies, and being subject to instructions, and to the teachings of their individual churches, and in this instance a great number of Clergy even..are blind..to the very nature of God, to the structure of God, and to how He exists, and how He consists. Because of this as they have translated the King James Version of the Bible, and as men have studied it they have become confused as to the very nature of God...as embodied He walked among men.

When Jesus said:..'I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, AND NO ONE CAN APPROACH THE GREAT CREATIVE SPIRIT WHICH FILLS ALL THINGS, EXCEPT HE COME UNTO ME, FOR I AM THE WAY.' Then people didn't understand that, and they didn't even know how to translate it. The fact is still sustained because if we turn to the Book of Colossians the Apostle Paul had learned something by experience. He had been carried into the heavens and been introduced thru a revelation concerning the Universe, and all that it consisted of, and all that was in it. He had been told things which his Epistles would later contain. He had been told, and he wrote concerning Christ:...'All things were made by HIM.' He was talking about Christ Jesus, he was talking about His person, he was talking about the Deity of whom the Universe is utterly dependent, and by whom it had been made.

So we listen to these words:..'For by HIM were all things created that are in the heavens, and in the earth. Visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by HIM, and for HIM.' He was before all things, and by Him all things consist. He is the head of the body..the church, who is the beginning, the first born from the dead...or the first resurrected out of the inner-earth forces coming with the spiritual life power within. And of His own power, indwelling, without any other assistance...first born of the dead, as in all things He might have pre-eminence. For it pleaseth the flowing creative spirit...Agra-Pneumas...Father of all substance, of all things which exist. That in this body, the man Christ Jesus, the fullness of this Deity would dwell.

You see even when they translated Colossians the Ecclesiastical interpreters were faced with tremendous statements, but they were trying to balance it with ideas which they already had. Now: the Apostle Paul had made a tremendous statement and they couldn't quite translate it away, and their intent was not necessarily to translate any truth away. It was the fact that they could not at that time contain truth in which they had no background in the fullness of it...to understand. They had heard many, many times the words repeated to Israel:...'The LORD thy God is One LORD.' They knew and understood that there was only one supreme and might being, and they knew that they were His offspring. This particular prayer which Jesus taught as He said:...When you pray then pray in this manner: 'Our father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.' In some translations it is:...'Our father who dwelleth in planes of Spirit..hallowed by thy name.' And they used the Eternal name ...YAHWEH.. the name above all names. But the fact is that as they prayed they were so taken with the promise of yesterday which said that:..Emmanuel would dwell among us. A virgin would conceive and bear a child and his name would be called Immanuel meaning God with us...and when they conceived these promises to which related to Jesus, they saw Him therefore as the offspring of God. And when they saw Him thus then their concept now was that God had a son, and the son was distinct and apart from the father.

Now:...they had 2 people in their theology, and then in time thru the ecclesiastical structure because of the Holy Spirit of God which is a great dynamic energy of force of His creative being, moving out of the Universe then they had this Holy Spirit to contend with...as a separate being. Even tho in their interpretation as Jesus talked to His disciples He made it quite clear that it was expedient that He go away, but that He would not leave them alone. He said: He would send upon them the spirit of truth that the world could not receive. The word..Paraclete..means the creative conscious spirit of Deity. And He was to send this, but they translated this as comforter, and said:...now this is someone else. So they translated...I and the Father will come unto you ...but Jesus said:...the fullness of the Father..the great spirit will come unto you. If you will go back and take your lexicon you will see what it says:...Jesus didn't say...I and the father are going to come to you, two people, but He introduced the fact that when the Holy Spirit came it was ...THE FATHER. And it was the manifestation of Deity, the fullness of it which was dwelling in His being.

When we say we are the children of God we mean that we as the children of God were begotten by His Spirit before the world was framed. The tremendous phenomena of this being begotten by His Spirit before the world was framed is as the Apostle Paul tells us:...we are His children, because we were begotten of His Spirit, thus we are the children of God. Therefore we are joint heirs in our earthly inhabitation with the very embodiment of God. That is one of the reasons why that the Book of Colossians contains these very passages...deep passages. People many times become the absolute followers of the letter of the translations. And the translations may be the best these men can deliver with the knowledge and the opinions that they had. One of the most important things which we face with theology today is that the sheer essence of God's Truth must make a vast Mosaic of Truth which is uncontradicted. But opinions when translated into theology in many instances shade that until it is hard to understand. When we recognize that the Almighty God came to earth in the flesh, and dwelt in the flesh, among men, and that the fullness of God dwelt in this Man Christ Jesus bodily, then no man could ever approach unto the Father except he came during the period of The Christ's life, because the fullness of God was here.

In His humanity He was brother to every man of the Adamic Household. Every man of the Adamic race which had been begotten out of the Household of Adam...because He took upon Himself a body just like you had. The Apostle Paul in the Book of Hebrews spent so much time trying in the second chapter to make you understand that physically God became your Kinsman. He became your kinsman since all the children of God by this course of their entrance into the world, in their mission of building God's Kingdom were dwelling in bodies of flesh. Therefore God, Himself, took upon Himself a body of the same, and when He came into this earth..by the process which is birth, then He emerged...INCARNATE DEITY. In otherwords Incarnate..clothed with flesh.

Now:...there are certain qualities that are significant for us to understand. That therefore Christ was making this very clear and John in his writings was making the declaration concerning HIM...that He was the Eternal WORD..the form, the mind, and energy which held every atom together and by which the whole Universe was framed. The Apostle Paul declared, this is the constructive Eternal Spirit..Logos in the Greek. This is the energy, mind-intelligence of YAHWEH-God holding the very purposes of God together, creating, making, this is form and energy. The Apostle Paul said:..HE was the WORD, the living WORD, the abiding, creating force. Then more than that John tells us: HE is the Light which Lighted every man who came into the world.

Now:..I think it is significant that you understand that there is a difference in this word..Man..both in the New Testament as it is used as well as in the Old Testament...there is a distinction. When we say every man who cometh into the world we are talking about Adam-man. incidentally this is 'Brotherhood Sunday', so I can make that statement on Brotherhood Sunday and it disturbs some people. But the Household of God, the Family of God can stand lots of brotherhood...however don't think, my friends, that you can violate the dimensions of Divine Laws of God or the order of Divine Law to assume that everyone who walks upright on this earth, from any creation, in any time period, is...your brother. This of course would not be right. You wouldn't classify all the creatures that God created as your brothers. You might say that there are around you many creatures who if they would let you, that you would become friendly with but they are not your brothers. All of these many creations are not your brothers because..your brother has to be your Fathers son. Your brother has to be the offspring of the MOST HIGH, and you are the children of YAHWEH, God, after the Spirit but before the foundation of the world. And you are the children of Adam after the flesh who was the son of God in the earth. In the Ancient teachings of Enoch and Job and of the Patriarchs they knew that Adam was the son of God, and that in Adam was the Life of God, the breath of God, and the Holy Seed. Ezra knew this, the Prophets realized this. Their concept was not excluded by your concept that the parables and the symbolism had covered these mysteries. They personally knew these things, and only modern theology of today was carried away by the story of the eating of an apple. Actually the symbolism of the apple was the symbolism of the Life of the Tree of Life..planted in earth, and it was referred to under that symbolism by the Ancients, and it meant the Stream..the race ..the life..and as such was no disturbing factor. It was the sign of multiplication for there wasn't anything wrong with people multiplying. When Adam was placed in earth he was to have dominion over earth and to multiply and help re-populate earth. But actually God was transferring thru this process, from heaven to earth, this spiritual seed of God, and it was thru the medium of this Adamic race that God's Kingdom was to be transferred from heaven to earth. That is why every son of Adam on to your time was a son of God. Today we have a fetish around words...and when you cite that this race of which you are a part has a spiritual quality and has within it the Divine Seed, and that God had a purpose in transferring the children from heaven to earth..to build a kingdom..this was accomplished by the process of putting them in bodies of flesh..when you say this a lot of people have been caught in the semantics that as you use the word...son of God...they think that this is Blaspheme, or replaces the work of Christ whom the think is also just a son of God.

Let me tell you this:...The Man Christ Jesus dwelling among men was The Incarnate YAHWEH..The Everlasting Father walking in your midst. You say:... can you establish that? Yes...Remember the words of Isaiah? 'His name shall be called wonderful, the Almighty God, the Everlasting Father.'

Now, you are well aware that from among the fetish ancients and thru superstitions came this idea of a multitude of gods, and the family of god, and the positive and negative...father and mother principal, and offspring uniting into a common deity was an old Babylonian theology. And this is why in some of the intensity of old Babylonian theology they have given it substance without waging war on an branch of the Christian Church because the church continued to absorb some of the Babylonian doctrines. This which first moved into the church at Rome has continued down thru the reformation and protestantism to some extent, and we have words..words which became a whole foundation of thinking, a whole pattern of Semantics. The word for Trinity for instance...we have songs which became enshrined in the church:......Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty...God in 3 persons...blessed trinity. Some of you say:...I was raised on that and you can't take that away from me. I don't want to take it away from you, I just want you to see the Light. 'Hear O Israel, the LORD thy God is One LORD'. God is not 3 persons...if you want to talk about Omnipresence then God is in everyone of you so He is millions of persons. But that is not what He intended to convey. YAHWEH-God is Spirit. God in full pattern of His soul can be embodied as He was in the Man..Christ Jesus. Spirit, Soul, and Body is the phases of the Image of God, and you are also spirit, soul, and body and you are made in the Image of God and you are one person. But when trinitarian theology out of Babylon is set up the theology concept of the Trinity...is set up as 3 individuals. They have the old man, an ancient, and he is god. They have a young man, and he is god, and then they have the Holy Spirit which is sort of an effulgent glowing glory off at one side, and he also is as the others, a separate personality, and there IS NO TRUTH IN THIS. You say:..what is that? Because the effulgent Spirit is the Life energy of God. Because that body was the body of God, because the nature of God and the fullness of His Spirit has existed in all times. He never had a beginning, or an end. And that is why they could say of Jesus Christ:... He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He was before all things, by HIM all things consist. How could you say that about any man who was born at any given time? But here...embodied in that birth was the fullness of God entering into a physical body so that He might be just like His kinsmen, for the work He came to do. If there is any one great truth today which should have great importance in your mind to make you understand your responsibility, and your Destiny, it is for you to know that you are the kinsmen of God. To know that you are related to HIM, to know that you are not an abstract group that He created along with other creations, and that you like them having something which He reached down just to save, to set you on a higher order. This my friends may sound like a whole great story to general Evangelism, but I want you to know that God sent His own Household into the world to build His Kingdom. You are children of that Household..kinsmen with God...offspring of the MOST HIGH. When you understand that then you understand David the Psalmist as he said:...(82) 'Ye are gods and all of you are the children of God.'

Then why do you die like these other beings who are subject to laws which have enveloped them in the catastrophes of endless yesterdays? You as a people have a great destiny before you, and Jesus taught you of this Destiny as He taught you how to pray, when your kinsmen asked in the days He walked among you. He taught you how to pray, but this did not mean that He was separate from the fullness of the Spirit. He said when you pray, then pray in this manner:......'Our Father which art in planes of Spirit (Heaven) Hallowed be thy name.' Then He taught you thus:.....'Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven'. The only way this project could be carried out was to transfer the children of His Spirit from heaven to earth. The children of His Spirit... to see them increase and multiply in the same physical world like the elements of creation. And to see them move forward, to carry forward and to transform the world as they moved into it with the power of heaven, and the power of spirit...with the great creative forces of life and energy, of vision, and of Light.

When we talk about the fact that He is the Light that Lighted every man who came into the world, we have mentioned how in the Hebrew there are two meanings for the word man...Adam and Enosh. One means the white man...the Adamites, and the other means the Enosh or the others round about. But when it is talking about Jesus being the Light of every man as He came into the world, then it is talking about the children of His Kingdom.

Do you know what is the Light of Life? It is the great creative Divine, vibrant, energy of God Himself. It is a seed of life deep down in every last one of your race...the sheep of His pasture, the seed of His pasture. You will note that in the declarations of the MOST HIGH that He says: 'I AM THE WAY'. Therefore in what a son of God does to fulfill his responsibility there is something which Christ introduces both in his life and living in his knowledge and wisdom, which is God's knowledge and wisdom transferred to earth as God's life is transferred to an earthly area. This is why the Apostle Paul said:...When He came to the land of the inheritance of the household He had selected...the occupants of that land received Him not. But to everyone of the sons of God, for whom He came, He gave power so that they might live like sons of God. That they might be re-empowered, that there might be a restoration to them of everything from whence they had fallen.'

We hear so much about the fall of man, but we don't hear nearly as much as we ought to about His restoration. IT IS THE RESTORATION WHICH IS THE WORK OF GOD. It is the restoration for which the Atonement was an important factor. God Almighty does not want you as a people with less power than sons of God are to possess. He does not want you as a people to be still carrying a guilt complex, still finding that as one of the most important factors to ill health, and the great disturbances which effect your society.

You say:...why is that? I will tell you why, because as men think so they live. And when they stay under guilt complexes and self condemnation, individual fears, these tensions effect the whole nervous system. These little imputes of miliamps of electricity that goes down thru the nervous system effects every phase of it, both the conscious and subconscious. The activity of the whole body and the health of the being is tied to how men think, and how they react to the way they think. The whole nervous system responds to the way they think. That is why we have hypertension and tension, and the reason we find under these...whole energy vibrations of all the forces which are struggling for the world at this time is that people are living under greater tension today than at any time in history. In fact they have even developed a Medical Science because of being aware of this, for a whole phase of medical science called Psychiatry has come forth. Now...we are not too sympathetic to psychiatry because a great number of Satans own children have taken on this great phase of thinking, in order to use it to effect the people who come to them for help. I think some of the craziest people in the world today are psychiatrists. In fact they all need more treatments than they can give. But the fact is that there is a principal that they are working on. They are trying to find what there was in the background of complexes, fears, and guilt, or what experiences they might have had, shocking or otherwise which had such an effect on people, whether in childhood or otherwise which effects their thinking. This process tightens up the whole nervous system, it creates toxins and poisons and effects their lives. In fact we do not know but we think that from the very beginning that the guilt factor may have had more to do with the life factor problem than any one thing. That is why one of the most important things in the mind of God was to lift that guilt complex off this race. To destroy forever this guilt complex...HE would do this by the only legal procedure which would absolutely substitute Diet...and take it away forever from man. The process of disintegration and death were violations of principal and law, and once upset, were to continue to reach down thru the ages to carry out this toll. The Scriptures contain without any question that the violation of Divine Law in any form has an impact. Thus it is:...THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH.

The work of Christ in one of the things He came to do was always to remain staggering for men to know. One of the things He came to do was to lift this guilt complex off of men. Being YAHWEH-God, He alone could do anything in His Universe, consistent with His being. We have mentioned in the past that the rebellion of Lucifer, the catastrophe which took place in the heavens, the isolation of all of the forces of darkness, and all of the progress of negation in all the Universe was finally gathered together and corralled in earth. This earth you live on with the mountains, its hills, and its oceans, and plains....everything you have learned to love since you have been here contains all the opposition to God in the whole Universe. It was all corralled right here on earth.

We can read that the Archangel Michael and his hosts rounded up all the rebellious forces of Lucifer in the Universe, the fallen Angels and all of their hosts, people who were gathered to Lucifer were in those ships of yesterdays. All of them were surrounded and pushed to earth and then:... God said to the Archangel...Now you stay, this is when I hold you back. Keep them in the earth and don't let them out, but you can't touch them there. Even the Great Archangel Michael couldn't bring a railing accusation against Lucifer...but here he was. Thus it was that the earliest races of earth, and even some who were brought in under Lucifer's rebellion were subject to he who had captured their mind, and directed them into error.

Every false religious system, every pagan power, every catastrophe which swept the antediluvian world was the by-product of forces both wrong in idea and brought about by the rebellion of Lucifer, and now concentrated in earth. But if you want to see Grace...then realize that God isolated the earth as it was filled with these things, just as you might isolate a family who have a contagious disease. Here it is on the earth, and the Angels looked down on this situation. All the Universe looked at this theater for this is the spectacle of time. And into this earth with the catastrophe that the next millenniums produced, the catastrophe, the revolutions, the violence, the mongrelizations, the idolatry, the false gods that set themselves up as Deities, and yet this was the world that still demonstrated the very nature of God. He said:...I created the Universe, I created everything in it. I created Lucifer and I knew exactly what he would do, but I also knew that there would come great value out of all this. But I have now isolated this in earth, and the whole Universe can now look at earth as a spectacle and see what is going on in this world. But now....WE ARE GOING TO REDEEM IT.

You say:...But why do this? Do you know that no one would have appreciated GRACE. No one would have appreciated Righteousness, no one in the Universe could have appreciated it until they had something to compare it with, because you only understand by comparison. No one would, My Friends, have known how right righteousness was, and no one would have the standards of Divine principal..ethics, and law and its value, unless they had some comparison and could see what results it made, and what catastrophes were made.

Someone said:..but we see what it did to the whole Universe. It didn't do that to the whole Universe, but of course this part of the Universe is inter-related to other parts of it, but when you get down to it, this little Solar System where you are is just a little grain of sand in the vastness of God's Great Universe. But it was also the educational center of the Universe, to discover why wrong, why violations of God's law is what sin is constructed of. These Divine laws are the way things are put together. They are the way things are made. Violating any process of this law brings you destruction. So it is that into this whole structure then God says:...NOW, I am going to redeem it. Now we are going to pour Light and Righteousness and the concept in tune with, into this situation. Now we are going to pour the spirit of my children into it. We are going to put them in earth and watch them grow and develop..MY KINGDOM..in the midst of all this completely evil center in the Universe. Remember that He said:..'Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool.' This is the one spot in all the Universe where the testing goes on. It was here that the children of God said:...we can take care of that. We were the children of God before which the endless patterns and cycles of earth has passed, and we watched the rolling forth of this part of the Creation. We have the evidence of this conversation as God talked to Job and said that we were with Him before all this was formed. And when the morning stars sang together that was the Archangel's fulfilling their responsibilities, and the sons of God..that is you..were all shouting for joy. And then the day came when you were sent down here to put things in the right order. The Kingdom of God was put into the world to bring order and put things right, to meet all of these problems. To do that it required Divine nature. It was definitely going to require Divine nature to redeem a fallen world, and that is why He sent children of His own Spirit to do the work. And He told you also that you were going to fall...in the same pattern that the other nations fell. You were going to surrender your Glory and your power, and your impact in your first contact with these forces of evil. But He assured you:...I am going to redeem you, and restore you, and I have already declared a Destiny for each and everyone of you. Furthermore you are going to conform to my own Image as I would be...embodied in the earth. You are going to be developed with Glory..with Wisdom..with knowledge, and with power, and you are going to put the world in order. Now...that is a big order, but that is your Destiny. I think it most significant then that in the whole course of prophecy and its History and development that man started to fulfill this Destiny. Adam-man followed the events in which God was continually pouring in the necessary elements to fulfill this Destiny. But the most important element was when God Himself became embodied in your own midst to fulfill the promises He made before He permitted you to come here. That is why...when your name was written in the Lambs Book of Life, before the foundation of the world, that He told you that He would also be your Savior and Redeemer in the earth...and this was before the foundation of the world order too. So see how far back in the plans and purposes that you go? It just shows you how far back you as an individual in spirit go...and your embodiment in earth is a part of that as well. I think it is significant therefore that to bring this fact to human consciousness is important, for man now embodied in earth...man now dwelling with his brethren embodied in earth has been subjected to a catastrophe which did something to his remembrance. It lost for him great spiritual guidance which he once had, but which God promised him to restore. That spiritual knowledge, that Light, which is the Light of men must be restored. He said:...'I am the Life which Lighteth every man which came into the world.' But he has to see it shine, he has to know it. This comes forth in great spiritual force, and great vibrant power. Did you know that this Light is knowledge??? It is also vibrant illumination that shows on the countenance of individuals as that knowledge becomes purposeful in practice. Do you know that one of the great elements of that life is the quality you have within you which is belief? Yes...one of the most important factors that you have is to believe God. Do you know that the ability to believe God is not possessed by everybody? Do you know that it requires a wave length deep down within your speaking nature which is in tune with that of God? A spiritual energy from that is capable of believing Him and His Word. That believing power is life power that does great things. We might say that believing and knowing become one and the same thing before you are thru because as you are transformed from Glory unto Glory even unto His own Image, it is because you know and you believe, and you use this power. And then the second great wave length of this Light of God is FAITH. Well, Faith is more than believing, it is the directing of that force to get something done. There are two things about God when He dwelt among men:...He not only knew all things, but He knew how to do all things with what He knew. You say:...how can we do that? Well! He said:...'I AM THE WAY.' There is no question about that fact that God dwelling with us was in all things, all powerful. There was not a single force of nature round about that was not under control, for even the winds and the waves obeyed him. There wasn't any disintegration that could take place in the human body, which of all things becomes the greatest catastrophe for us. The blindness of eye, the blindness of men, the lethargy that hits them, or the attack of disease that hits them or even death as it went by in the wake of him. All of these things were subject of HIM, for He raised the dead, He opened the eyes of the blind, He unstopped deaf ears, and stilled the wind and the waves. All things obeyed HIM. But the most important thing about this was that He proved...that altho He was enclosed in a physical body, able to be touched with all the infirmities that you are subject to..that still all the Deity which was resident in His consciousness was fully active and He was fully in command.

You say:...but what was because He was God. Well He said:..I fathered a whole race of children like this, and I want them to conform to my Image. I want them to see, I want them activated to accomplish this purpose. So the first thing which is holding them back is this whole creation of their capacity of destruction, disintegration, sickness, disease, death...all of these things are a result of...their guilt and its impact upon them. But He says:...I am YAHWEH, I will be responsible for this. I will assume, altho I have violated no law, and I have created and put together, but I will assume upon Myself all this guilt. Altho I am the Creator having known from the beginning and having known the values, and having known the experience this world give the Universe....I have permitted this. I along am YAHWEH, God can put it back in order, I alone as God can assume the responsibility as well.

This is one of the reasons why as at Calvary Christ drank that Cup that this was a ceremonial Cup and the symbol of all the error that men committed. In otherwords God said:...Every error, every violation of law, every sin, every transgression, I will take all this upon Myself and I will absorb this....every bit of it. You say:..but how could He do this? Because He is YAHWEH God. And I will tell you this...the moment He assumed it then it was off of you. The moment He assumed it He said:..I have assumed every error in the whole Universe, the whole world, thus it was off of everybody but they didn't know that. Then He said:..'The wages of sin is death, therefore I assume that price. Of all the great impact of time and all the events of history in the Universe, this was one of the most important. For as Christ the Incarnate Deity, the fullness of Heaven, hung at Calvary and paid the price, there was a greater power than the body hanging on that Cross. The power of Spirit, the very essence of Deity, and the sheer form of His Will and His Mind, and the fullness of the impact of His Nature still would set you out from all of His creations. That He had established His kingdom in the earth thru this race of which you are a part, and then received it by even going thru an experience that was only for creatures in mortal planes...death. Altho the fullness of God dwelt bodily on the Man Christ Jesus He had not retained His immortality. He had very definitely not enveloped Himself with a wave length of Light and Glory that would have immunized every atom of His body, and made His crucifixion even impossible. He did several times demonstrate it, and He showed it to the disciples on the Mount of transfiguration. They saw the radiation and Glory which had passed off of Him, or death could not have taken place. And when they crucified Him and He said:...'It is finished', the only thing which was finished was the responsibility and the accountability that would hang on men for their error. When He was nailed to the Cross He didn't nail to the Cross and remove forever the laws of righteousness, but He took every cursing condemnation which would be the impact of violation of this law against the consciousness of man in the seat of his thinking and took it to the Cross with Him. So the hand writing of every ordinance against you was nailed to His Cross. Do you know what is the matter with the theology of today? We have been tearing down the ordinances from off the Cross and giving them back to everybody. Giving them a bigger guilt complex than they had, and saw we are trying to get a burden on them, and get them under conviction. Did you ever hear that expression used? The evangelist saying:...we have to pray that people get under conviction? Well one of the things for which Christ hung on Calvary for was to get the guilt complex off of them, to remove the conviction away from them, to set them free. But to understand what they are free from, to understand the Great works of God which made this possible, so that they might carry out their conception and responsibility without this hypertension of a guilt complex.

When Christ rose from the dead He came out of the netherworld with all the power of Spirit and all the energy of being..to raise the body, and then used that body to break bread with His disciples, and even to eat fish. Someone said to me one day...there isn't supposed to be any communion. I said:..what is that? He said...because Christ said that as far as His Kingdom was concerned, its coming in was geared to the time when He would break bread with His disciples again. Therefore they felt that they shouldn't take communion until Christ broke bread with His disciples right after His resurrection and there would never have been a communion is their way of thinking...if they were correct. The Communion was not geared to any individual time when He would break bread with His disciples. The Communion was only a statue which He gave His disciples to impart life to them and the church from that time on. 'I shall not break bread with you again until I break it with you in my Kingdom' Let me assure you of this, God broke bread with His disciples, and He continues to do that. He is also talking about the day when He will again in the earth break bread with them apart from this continual table which He set before them.

I think one of the most significant things we face is that when Christ came up out of the grave, a price for all transgression was paid, and that they shouldn't hang one condemnation of guilt, or death on one individual. All you have to do is start thinking straight..to recognize your relationship with the Father and let the Light of relief and Faith operate and function because He said:..I give you all power. All power is given unto me, and I give all power unto you.

Now:...lets turn to this a moment, all these things Christ did declare ...'I am the way'...'the truth and the life'. Then He makes the statement ..'no man can come to me except this great spirit 'Agra-Phenuma' which is in me draw him', ..unless this great creative spirit draws him. Then.... 'I will raise him up in the last day'. Then He said...'not every man who has learned of this Great Creative Spirit, the father of all the essence of creation, comes to me. But verily I say unto thee..He who believeth on me, hath everlasting life.' This is the will of the Spirit which fills the heavens and the earth (the father). This is the reason I have been born into earth that all that belonged unto the spirit before, has been given unto me, and this is the will of YAHWEH-God, that I should lose absolutely nothing and raise it up at the last day. This is the will of the spirit which embodied me in the earth, that they might have everlasting life, and I raise him up in the last day.

Now: I want you to note here that Jesus said:..'I am the vine, and you are the branches. The essence of the spirit and the life in Me is essential for you to carry out what you must do. For the spirit which is in you is the spirit in Me. So therefore...I am the vine and you are the branches and if you bear fruit it is because you abide in Me.' The great Family Tree of YAHWEH, God from Heaven to earth is the vine with its life and vitality and the very essence of life and spirit that was in Christ is the life and spirit which produces fruit on the vine of every individual believer. Jesus said:..'I am the shepherd of the sheep, I call my sheep by name. I lead them out and I give them eternal life and they never perish. But for these sheep to enter into the place where greater spiritual blessings and substance, and protection dwell, otherwords, to enter into the sheepfold then Jesus said:...'I am the door. I am not only the way, but I am the door. I am the sustaining life.' Some people say:...why does Christ continually refer to this by saying: ...'I am the sustaining life...I am the way, the truth and the life, I am the door,.. I am the vine?' Why? Because God wanted a constant knowledge of the relationship of the children of the Kingdom..to HIM. He wanted an actual origin..spiritual concept being relationship to HIM that they not only thought as He thought, could vibrate with knowledge and wisdom as His great creative spirit operates in the Universe, but they were of the essence of His being transferred individually into earth. This is why Christ in you is the Hope of Glory. That is life..illumination..radiance..and power. The world we have of course is filled with a lot of problems, but these problems are yours to solve, you have never found any of the problems solved by the people who are not the children of God, or by the great western nations in your time. You don't find Africa, or Asia, or India solving their problems, they are just getting in deeper in, all the time. Someone said:..but Communism is solving their problems. Do you really think so? The great revolution hit China and it is worse off than before, they don't have enough to eat now. All they have of Soviet Technology was set to work, and they can't get the ground to cooperate so they can get enough to eat. They were better off when they were under the feudalistic government they had in the past, and they had Emperors and Mandarins and local town Mayors, and small feudal Kingdoms. But as least they had rice, they raised in their paddies, and they had a roof over their heads and they had a family and it was theirs. So you see they are not solving their problems, they are going backwards. The process of world order thinking goes backward..not forward to life. If there is life and progress then it comes out of the children of the Kingdom, from the nations of God's Kingdom, for there is a plan for the world.

Suppose I told you that the plan of God for the world reaches out to a restoration of every thing in it, to its proper relationship with God. It calls for an era where people in the proper balance are serving the right God. It calls for an era where people in the proper balance are serving the right God, acknowledging only His person, His truth, His life. Throwing away of superstitions and darkness, because the Light is shining where they live. This is the great power of the Kingdom, and because you are the Kingdom of God in the earth, that Light is going to reach every corner of this earth. And that Light is going to dispel the darkness. There isn't going to be any shortage of food or anything else that people need. I want you to know that the most important thing people need is...Truth..in the seat of their consciousness, on whatever level that they have the capacity to think in. That is more important in some ways than the physical level because if they were in balance in that one they would have all they need in earth. When you look out over the world thru the magazines and major publications, such as 'Look' and 'Life', you take a look at the Congo and you see the revolution and upheaval they turned loose to try to show their superiority, and that their equality is that they wanted to govern themselves. But you see that they turned around and destroyed every thing constructive the white man had built which was so much higher than they had ever made, and when they go thru with it they didn't have anything left, and their children were starving. And they destroyed the very fields where the white man had showed them how to plow and raise their food. And they have been so busy with bloodshed that they haven't discovered the every secrets of how to sustain life, of which they were taught. The result is that now you see nothing but starving children in the situation.

Now, something else stands out for they don't have the know how to help one another or to take care of themselves, or one another physically. Now, you can say Oh!, but you live under a better environment. Well you came out of the best environment possible for you came from heaven to earth, but I want you to know that as far as earth is concerned, the natural man who tries to weigh things out on a natural plane would have to admit that these Negroes have been in the earth thousands of years longer than there is any record of the white race, and so it is not a matter of environment or opportunity, it is only the lack of the capacity to produce and do things which the spirit in you can produce. There was a time when in other places they possibly knew more than they do now, but this disintegration comes from violation of Divine Law. The Kingdom of God is a Kingdom of Divine Law, and its operation is on how things are put together. Superstition and ignorance has people operating and living not under Divine Law and how things are taken apart by error. When Jesus said:..' I am the way', He demonstrated that this knowledge of spiritual power which He had and which He could use at all times could be directed and sent by the very activity of His thinking to the very areas which needed it, whether it was an individual, whether it was some where close or over the hill somewhere else. Thy thinking made thy sons or they daughters whole..'As you think, so be it unto you.' The capacity to direct and to send the great creative energy is what we are talking about. Is this hard for the great creative God who holds the whole Universe together?? Every vibrant atom related to the other atoms of substance in His Universe having the energy form of its being, to the great molecular masses and the great and mighty creative forces of God are all set in motion. So we tell you that when He said:...'I am the way', there was something that He wanted you to start thinking about. At all times the Christ knew that He was the embodiment of Deity. At all times there is nothing more important for you to remember as a people..than this:..you are the children of god, from heaven to earth, there is nothing more important than that. When Jesus prayed He prayed concerning the fact that you were the children of God from Heaven to earth..God's in Heaven and God's in earth. You belonged to Him in the heavens and you belonged to Him in the earth. There was nothing more completely that He wanted to bring to your memory than that you were destined to conform to His own Image in the earth. I can read this in the Book of Romans and you will note that the Book of Romans contains a lot of mysteries concerning the children of God...the sons and daughters of God. And we have talked to you in the past about the great hour of the expectation of the creature...waiting for the manifestations of the sons of God. And that God's Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the sons of God. We turn here in the Book of Romans to His declaration:...'Whom He did foreknow'. Knowing you in the Heavens before the creation..there He knew you and did determine or pre-destined that you would conform to His Image of His own Incarnate form. He did pre-determine that everyone He called would come, and that those He called would be justified, and those He justified He would glorify. Or empower with Light and Majesty. I turn to the Book of Ephesians and I see that the whole family in heaven and in earth have been named in the Father. I see that He who descended to earth also ascended and He brought many sons unto Glory when He did that. But here in earth He gave some sons to be Apostles, some for disciples, some for prophets, some for evangelists, pastors and teachers, and when He did that...this is for the perfection of the offspring of God. The word Saints means the believing offspring. For the work of the ministry, the work of the edifying of the body, or the whole physical race in which the Spirit of Christ dwells..this...the body of Christ today are the children of the Adamic race in which His Spirit dwells. As they are consciously aware of this the body of Christ is to be strengthened and edified until we all come to the unity of Faith. This is the power to put what we believe into action, and the knowledge of the Incarnation of the life of God, and unto the perfect man. And unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. I want you to know that there is no greater Destiny ahead, no greater expectancy that what God has ordained for your race. I want you to know that one of the great secrets is that with responsibility of, for it, the highest of all under which you live and learn is the law of life and love. This is the great commandment, for He said:...you..love one another. Here He was talking to the Israel brothers...your race. The great problem before us is the creative translating of this into the meeting of every human need. We haven't the time to discuss all the things related to this but I want you to know that God has given you greater creative genius than any race ever possessed before. And you are proving this by restoring everything you lost by the fall. When man fell everything that would have been his by wisdom, technological application and knowledge came now... with the hard work of his hands, and the seat of his brow, as he sustained himself by the production of his food. Do you know that where you stand today is..that by your knowledge you have lifted this burden and this part of the restoration has already come? For now it doesn't take all the straining effort of every person to make his own living. If it does, then it is because of the system under which we operate has permitted the enemy to gear its economy. I read this article about a great steel plant we are building...we have taken our brains and put everything together until it is all automatic, and now it only takes 5 men to run that whole giant operation. 5 men...one handles the input, one man handles the machinery after the steel has been poured, one man covers the electronic part, one man in the master nerve center, and one man in the master computer level. And these 5 men will run this plant where before 870 men would have been required to run this plant. But we have reached the point where only 5 men are needed to do this. If we were to divide these men up into 200 working hours which they would produce in one week, we could say 200 men worked for 1 hour, but still the fact remains that these 5 men can still operate this whole plant.

Now:...what has this to with us? Well, I want you to see that there are some of the perplexities that have come as our knowledge and technology has increased, but there is still a responsibility which dwells in you that you are concerned about your neighbor. Everyone who is of the household of God ...everyone who is of the family, your brother, is your concern. The problem of this hour is to direct all the blessings and the benefits that our knowledge has produced, until they are blessings and not curses. Because if you let the rascals run this thing, then they aren't geared by the laws of the kingdom, and they aren't geared by the laws of God, and are only interested in their self interest and they own personal relationship to this, and pretty soon you find one of the greatest of catastrophes descending on your society. That is one of the reasons why I tell you that the most awe inspiring, overpowering law, is the law of life, and the law of understanding. But now our society has to be geared to spiritual law and not to materialism. We will discover that we can live in a physical plane as well as a spiritual plane when we operate it under spiritual law. When you say:..the Spirit of the Law of Life in Christ Jesus makes me free from the Law of sin and death, it also makes you free in all your operations. Yes it is a good thing to have a brotherhood week,..if we recognize who our brothers are. I think it is an important thing today that we recognize that the great strength of God's Kingdom and its rising Destiny inevitably is going to come, but one of the most important things which must take place is for the Kingdom to be knit together solidly, and for everyone of the Kingdom to be interested in the welfare of every element of that Kingdom. Interested in its healing, its supply, its health, its vitality, its necessity. To acquire this...that the Kingdom is going to have to have a great spiritual basking in the Light of YAHWEH-God. This is why one of the great developments in God's Kingdom for this age, is the same enveloping Glory..Christ had at His Resurrection, and this is promised for this Kingdom. With this the problems can be solved, the more we can relieve men from the production of these substances we use as instruments, the more men can start to use his time and energy for developing of spiritual law, in a physical world.

There is an awful lot of people who never have much to do with God no matter how much time they have. That is why the Spiritual Life in you must catalyze that. There were a great many people who probably never paid much attention unto the form of their orthodoxy...until Christ challenged them and said:..'Follow Me.' 'For never a man spake like this man'.

I am going to tell you in bearing witness to the truth, that truth awakens a quality of remembrance and recognition. It starts to lift you up, and He said: 'if I be lifted up, I draw all men to me.' I tell you that you are going to start to draw all men unto truth, and to watch that truth catalyze until it transforms your whole generation. I believe the most important thing you can do is preach the Kingdom with all the love of God. His animosity is not toward the individual in the earth but it is directed against the evil. Don't become unbalanced in your thinking concerning the Law of God, and think that the Law of God, the Law of Life, and the Law of Love does not destroy evil when it becomes embodied to the point it upsets everybody's welfare. You turn to the Book of Revelation and Christ says:...I return with a mighty army...to do what? To destroy evil, and for that cause the powers of darkness wage war against Him. And finally the powers of the Beast System...the false Prophets of Darkness...and Anti-Christ are broken and the people are set free. There is something for which you will have to use a rod of iron...we read here that even unto the Kingdom of the Most High...the King of King's shall come and He will rule over the nations with the firmness of a rod of iron. But the Grace of God added to this is the Light of Life, the healing of their sicknesses, their bodies, their diseases. The restoration and the Light of that is going to come forth out of you...because you are His children.

There is so much that God has prophesied about His Kingdom that I think one of the most important things we can recognize is that we should think more and more of who we are. We should realize more and more as the children of the Most High, and know of our Sonship, and know that inherited in us is the Light of the Glory and the Power. Then start to translate that into some operation to our benefit, as well as the benefit of the world. Start thinking, believing, commanding, and then watch the powers of darkness dispelled. Never will there be a greater opportunity that you have today in this great day of Transition. (End of this message) .