I Give You Power, 4-4-67


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-4-67

We turn this afternoon in our thinking of the strange designs all over the world leveled against God's Kingdom, seeking to level its power, seeking to get the surrender of many women into the areas of promised security that does not proceed forth from the Grace of God. There seems to be a great desire everywhere for people to acquire security. In fact Lucifer has made this one of his main talking points in the areas of his operations. And he continues offering the program of his kingdom as the program which offers security. He tells the people of this world that it is only when they surrender their ability and retain their individualism, only when they separate themselves from their ability to defend themselves, or their nations from remaining in their proper relationships in the purposes of God. Only then can they maintain security. More than that there are more pulpits, in America today that are preaching this design for security, than there are those preaching the design of God's kingdom, so long provided.

We have long been told that Lucifer is a deceiver and he never operates in the area of telling the truth. But he is very persuasive in making it look like white is black and vice versa. So it is in this instance that we are being told day by day, that we are a powerless people. And only as all the world unites, and surrenders her ability to retain her identity that we can have security or peace.

Now; when you constitute the citizenship of the kingdom of God as being above all citizenship, then remember this, this afternoon, that your citizenship in this kingdom of God is above all citizenship. Remember that your responsibility and obligations to the Most High and to that which he has ordained is above all other areas of responsibility.

Now in the blueprints of this book which we call the scriptures today, there is much pertaining to the oracles of God and much which relates to the earth today. And definitely it covers the patterns in experience and in history, which has affected your race in the last 7400 years. Thus as such we have a background of experience, and we have a blueprint of tomorrow. And we have an image of the stand into which God wants his household and his kingdom to move in the tomorrows. It is not as tho we had no concept or no foundations, or no force of information, or that we are just drifting. That we are just blowing thru a process of evolutionary conditions, and by chance, thru adaptation of all the friction that we come in contact with something that is just happening. But nobody knows where or why. There are some people who think and act like they think that is the way that things transpire. We had a reporter ask the other day:---if there is more friction on the other side don't you think that is the way things are going to go? I said:--It depends on where the pressure is coming from. If the pressure is just as tho coming out of nowhere then nobody knows where they are going. But if the pressure is coming from somewhere the person know where it is coming from, and then has the power to do it, then it is not evolution my friends, it is destiny.

I want you to know this afternoon that the kingdom of God is not evolving. The kingdom of God is on the road to Destiny. It is on the road to fulfill that which God has ordained,---it’s triumph over the earth, over all of the powers of darkness, and over all of the forces of evil.

The program of God's kingdom has been laid out by HIS own intelligence, and by HIS own mind, from a God who is ENOUGH. And we are not saying that it is to come out this way if God brings this to pass. We do not say that if this happens then that will happen. We say that the conquest of the conquest of the earth WILL TAKE PLACE. We say this afternoon that the triumph of the Kingdom of God has been decided by our Father, as he laid down the blueprint. And it was not hinged upon just any events, but upon all the events, which he purposed to perform. And HE has not missed in any of the performances that he purposed to do. Nor can he miss and still be God.

Every once in a while someone round about becomes worried about all of this. And you become disturbed when you are trapped between all of this pressure that goes on. But this pressure does not mean that we are disturbed about the outcome, because we are not. I want you to know that I am not disturbed because I believe God, in every instance of the things that HE is going to do. I also believe that as we synchronize our thinking with that which God has ordained as his purposes. And we apply ourselves to helping that which has been ordained to coming to pass, that you then become invincible. There can then be no question of the fact that God has raised up his sons and his daughters to the accomplishment of HIS purpose. HE has stimulated them by the areas of HIS spirit, and HE has spoken unto them in a still small voice. There is no question of the fact that their is an apathy that moves over them when they consider the fact of God's kingdom. This apathy may be the result of this conflict that they are in and some of them may be victims to some degree as to the situations thru which they pass. But they are never beyond the condition where in God can move on them to resuscitate their consciousness and stir their spirits, after which they become no more casualties but empowered sons and daughters. If there was anything that God visited the earth to perform it was to empower His many sons, to walk like sons, and to stand tall and accomplish the purpose of his kingdom. He came to free us from the most important violations of Divine law. And that my friends is a tremendous guilt complex, of fear and suppression that descends upon the nature of an individual. And anyone in violation of Divine law knows it.

Thus it is that the quickening work of the spirit and the quickening work of the human consciousness, brought people to the realization as they violated Divine law that they were out of step with the Divine purpose. And then there was the design to hold them in slavery as they controlled the humans mind. As they hold the mind in slavery, they thus suppress anything constructive that they might do. And they get you to hide instead of standing up to resist.

Now; there is no question of the fact that from Adam's time to yours that every man has violated divine law. The Apostle Paul makes this quite clear---- “All have violated divine law and come short of the Glory of God." They have mutilated the pattern of divine righteousness and by such a process, if it were not something that the Father has already taken care of before it happened. Then took care of while he was embodied in the earth, as he set aside the areas of atonement. So that all of these areas of mistakes did not rest upon you. HE came not only to empower his sons, but to empower HIS sons so that it would lift from them all of their fears, guilt complexes, and also to destroy sin. So many people have the idea that HE came to destroy people. But He did not come to destroy people. He came to set men free. HE came not only to set people free, but to empower them. And in this empower of them, He turned them loose to accomplish HIS own purposes, to acknowledge his many sons, and to demonstrate that there was not one faction of His kingdom that HE was going to lose.

Now; of course if you do not believe in the positive and in the complete victory upon the part of God, then you may not agree with what we are going to tell you. But I am going to tell you this afternoon that you will have a hard time trying to find something that will back you up, against what God has already stated, if you are not willing to accept that we have a triumphant GOD and HE is not going to lose one of his children. Understand that---no matter what. Oh, someone may say there are casualties as some people are caught in the mixture of theology in certain places. But I am telling you that HE is not going to lose one of HIS sons and daughters. HE will lose nothing. There are a few people we could well lose. There are a lot of people that if I never saw them again I would be just as happy. But that is the Father’s responsibility and HE can work them over. But some of these areas of responsibility are not the responsibility of you or me. But some of these areas of the household of HIS race, some of these who left there areas of spirit to dwell in earth, to build His kingdom.

Every son that the Father acknowledges, then let me tell you this. HE said: ALL ISRAEL SHALL BE SAVED, AS IT IS WRITTEN.

The other day one of these individuals who should know better came, and he had a long paper with him, and he said, these people who believe in the Identity message, that the Anglo-Saxon Germanic, and Lombard, and Scandinavian people are Israel--this is not true. That fellow had better go back and read his bible. You may not understand how, but I will tell you that if God says it is true. Then let every man be a liar and God be right. Besides I like this saving business and how God says he is not going to lose anything. I would rather listen to HIM than to some crepe hanger who says that God is not going to make it. Under this process the only thing involved is the POWER TO DO IT, nothing else. The essence of spirit is the full clear process of the intelligent brain image pattern of the Father. And the energy which moves forth from him synthesizing, is the power of that spirit. But the spirit itself is the very essence of His existence, and HIS intelligence. And when you have OMNIPOTENCE you have all power. The only thing we lack in earth is the power, for we do not seem to have the power to get it going. Too much of the power is tied to money. Did you know that? That is one of the facets of the problem. The rascals have understood this. The enemies of the kingdom have understood this. And the mechanics in the material world are the accomplishments of hiring things done, or the paying for the structure or the building of any of these things, it takes what we call money. And money is kind of like the exchange of energy. So we have to store up this energy until we get enough to accomplish some project. But the enemy has the right to deny you the right of your energy in your contribution and to find some way to defraud you of it, until you do not have enough stored of this extra power to get what you want done. So they say, we will hold the kingdom back because we have the power, for we hold all of the money. And they hold a lot of it.

I am going to tell you something. Money is not the power. Money may be very necessary in carrying out certain areas of the kingdom. And God moves on certain people, and generally he moves on the people who do not have very much, but they give more than the people who have a lot. But I am going to tell you that when it comes down to the areas of power, that power which God is able to put in any purpose, that power is absolutely unlimited, and unfathomable as far as the world is concerned. Because HE holds the Universe together, and the power of the atoms that hold the universe together --this trillions of sons---HE holds every atom of it together by HIS power. Thus, there is no shortage of power.

When I think of power that recognizes beings which surround HIS throne, then I recognize that around this throne is a hundred million times thousands and thousands, an unlimited trillion and trillions of individuals around his throne to exercise His will. Then I have no ability to even estimated the power of those around HIM whom HE can use to terminate a force. As I think of the earth then I must size up His kingdom and its relationship to the earth. And out of the population of the earth we still recognize that 1/6th of the population of the earth are the children of His kingdom. But I am not about to be intimidated by the other 5/6th, AND SAY WE ARE NOT ABLE O DESTROY IT FOR WE ARE ONLY ONE MAN"S FAMILY. For this 1/6th of the population of the earth is the sheer evidence of his protective power, and the abiding presence of God. But I will not for one moment forget that you are involved in a struggle with the powers of darkness, to subordinate the kingdom, and to reduce it to slavery. To dissolve it as an entity and enslave it under the Luciferian order.

Of course there are those who will want to enter into the discussion as you talk about the Luciferian order. And they will try to locate it in the world today. We have no qualms about telling you that all of the world programs, involve the United Nations, and pagan countries, and races who do not serve your God, are all a part of the program of Antichrist. We point out that the Luciferian kingdom is not made up of Christians but of those who want to envelope Christianity and destroy it. The program of the Luciferian forces is not to include Christianity inside the structure of their area, and let it there compete with their influence. Their program calls for the destruction of Christianity even while they associate with it. Thus it is that they are not willing to compare the program of the forces of darkness, with the power of he kingdom, for there is more power in this 'One stick' than in all of the rest of the world put together. And you cannot translate this into power, but translate it into results. The power of God, and the animation of human intelligence, brings into being, this program of what this culture and society shall be like. What this culture produces is the distinction that marks the western nations. And the rest of the world becomes self evident in their byproduct, or this thing which they have put together.

So we point out to you that all of this represents Power. You look over the teeming cities, and see all of these people coming and going, and yet in all of this you notice that there is a distinct difference in the power in one part of the world, from the other. There is no place in the entire world which compares with the technology, the ability, the structural ability. The ability to change the world into any shape they want. You can go out here into the hinterland and into the mountains, and you can mold them into the things that the people want. Go out into the rest of the world and see what is going on. You go over here and see some piece of machinery and you probably made in some factory in the U. S. And then you go over to some other country and see they are trying to copy this piece of machinery which you have produced here in the U.S. or in Germany, or somewhere in the western world. If the equipment they have to use is that which you produced the piece for them to copy, still you do not get the credit. And generally if the machinery is not operated by your engineers they end up in a confused mess. Like this one country which tried to put in a subway system and all they left out was a train. That is true, Moscow had subway stations before they had trains. All over the world when they try to duplicate things they end up in a circle. In one instance the system only went two miles and then returned, but they had shown that they could do what the Western World was doing.

I point out to you that we are talking about PURPOSE that goes somewhere. We are --- talking about something that goes in a circle until that orbit becomes so big that it reaches out so far and finally becomes a part of the Divine plan. There is no doubt that as people are concerned, that as we have been living in earth some 7400 years, that we have been in a struggle that points to another area of testing. We have reached in this moment what we call the end of ages. God has ended up his cycles with various focal points of interest. Every great turning point in the history of His Kingdom is determined by God, not by people. When we come to the climax of a Patriarchal age, and move into the functions of another age. This is not something that some people have thought of but it is an event that God has determined. When they tried to mongrelize the Christ, and cannibalize your society, then God took a whole area of them and drowned them, and that was a terminal point for those that drowned. But it was very important for those that survived. And the survival was a part of the divine pattern so you have certain dateline for patriarchal leaders, old and ancient Priesthoods of responsibility. And yet one man was in the survival point. But that did not cover all of the whole earth. Just all of that country.

We come to such an event as to God calling Abraham, then this was a terminal point. This did not affect the whole earth. This was just the calling of Abraham out of Ur of the Chaldeas. For God had been working on this young man from the beginning. And Abraham then went because God called him out of Ur of the Chaldeas. This was the beginning of the great terminal history of this book. The development of HIS kingdom. And from that line was to emerge the most powerful flow of the spiritual force of Our Race.

The responsibility of the racial background and identity, was thus set, until out of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob would come the fundamental structure of the Bible. This was HIS offspring, and their relationship to the MOST HIGH GOD. And when God called them out they fulfilled an area of destiny. The terminal point such as the exodus out of Egypt was something that God ordained. And He raised up a man like Moses to do a certain task. The giving of the law at Mount Sinai by the Most High God became another terminal point, and the creation of his law in earth, His creation of theocracy, his government in earth was the transplanting of Divine Law from heaven into earth for existence in physical environment.

All of this was not done without power. For everything that God does, he does it with power. Every time he rocks the earth it takes power. Do you suppose you are exhibiting power when you make one of these megaton bombs? There is more power in one of those earthquakes that have rocked the Pacific north west than in all of the megaton bombs that we have ever turned loose. There is more energy involved in the first little flexing of the muscles of God than all of the things that we have been able to make by our own ingenuity, at the time it exists.

There is no question of power. God does not enter into the picture of anything that he wants to do When he came to bring the law, He did not think anything of bringing ten thousands of his administering spirits with HIM. He brought a whole hosts of the Most High. And they came in and sailed over Mount Paran and then settled down on Mount Sinai. This was the whole host of the Most High God. Then anytime He planned to come into earth for any climactic event, the greatest was the coming into earth of God himself into a physical body. But He accompanied the coming of his consciousness and spirit to this body of flesh, with the whole universe in His Company. And he set the whole universe in view of the centuries of cycles just ahead. The coming of this cycle had been declared so far before it happened that God had set the whole orbit of the heavens 124 years before the coming of one star. He set the constellations in position, so that the movement of the planets would accomplish this feat at the right time.

Now; the pattern is that all of this is just natural and normal with God. For the Omniscient mind of God sees all detail as it thinks, and sets up in form that which shall come to pass.

Now the only image of this kind of thinking exists only in the sons and daughters in the earth. And His spirit stimulates their consciousness and their thinking, and they lay out their blueprints and thinking before it happens. Not to the extent that the Father has held all of it together but all of it together, exists inside of you along with this ability to exist and to know and to think as you are known. The only limitations comes on the areas of accepted barriers, that we take out of the physical brain, that we take out to give us consciousness of some area of guilt complex or some area of some idea.

Now; there is no question this afternoon that when Jesus said that He came to empower his many sons, that this is the great measure of the visitation of God during his own life time. In fact when he talked to his disciples it was not about a possible defeat of the kingdom. It was not about a multiple pattern of decisions to see if he was going to be bringing them thru with some hope as some Clergy would express it. He did not say if you do this or do that, and no errors are made then I will be able to get you thru. He did not say that we have to be very careful here that someone does not come along and steal you away from me, as one of MY Sheep. HE said:--'My sheep know my voice and a stranger they are not going to follow.’ Thus they will not be able to the ends of the divine purpose to destroy the kingdom. HE said:--'I call my sheep by name and I give them eternal life and they shall never perish.’

NEVER PERISH.----Why?--Because HE has power enough to maintain this kind of a situation. ‘And all that I call --by the spirit--shall come.’ All that the spirit calls which is the very essence of the heavens and the earth shall come. Jesus has the power to bring them and then HE says:--‘All that come I shall in no wise cast out.’ There is not one single being in all this occupying of earth, that could come to this understanding and fulfill this Sonship if HE did not call. No man can come unless and until this comes to pass.

No wonder the Father says that all Israel shall be saved as it is written. For there is no question about it. And then HE says, "All flesh shall be saved." An someone says, well look at all the people. This is going pretty far. For look at all of the catastrophes. How could this be?---It is because this is what God has willed. He is going to reach out and put all things in its proper order, and restore all things. From the vocabularies this has been translated out of the Greek, from the Aramaic and the various languages of the scripture. Those who have thru the theology attempted to tell us what God has said have only been able to come up with one word-----Restitution --of all things.

Someone said that the Restitution of all things relieves man of all responsibility. But no. it forces man to respond. Most people want to live on accountability and God has everything in the whole universe working on responsibility, anyhow. You know that the growth Of the plant responds to the light, and responds to the heat, and to the conditions of the soil. And God intends that you respond. And as you respond to HIS light and to HIS power. And you respond to the capacities that are a part of your nature then the power of his consciousness quickens and develops into thought. And this is the energy pattern that men turn to follow. And the most important area of their consciousness becomes the most important area of their thoughts.

There is no question of the fact that all kinds of attacks are leveled against the kingdom. Physical attacks and in areas of sickness and such. For you have been in an area of germ warfare ever since you entered into physical earth. Someone says, how could that be? But you see the destruction that follows these diseases and viruses, and they were all in the concocted mind of Lucifer, so as to mutate all kind of existing cells. And to mutate even the smallest organism and throw them against the human body.

This, at one time, was called Witchcraft and it was a part of the creation of evil cultures. It was the plan to create noxious viruses and turn them loose against people. And they did not know what to call them so they just said that they were 'evil humors' which were turned loose on the human body. But you know in the conversation of the old and ancient records, and things made known unto the patriarchs, They knew that this was a mixture of things dead, things cooked, and things brought together. And when they were allowed to be exposed to bacteria, they were working for the mutation of invisible forces that would make men sick. All right then, you have been in germ warfare since your race arrived. Since the Luciferian revolt. Everything that God made was good. Did you know that there is nothing that he made that was not good? And everything that Satan touched he cursed.

I tell you that we have fought that curse, we have fought areas of disintegration and this is one of the factors that has existed with your society. This is one of the factors which has existed with your society. This is why we have so many facets of society, and so many systems of thinking an the areas of the Healing arts, with medical doctors, and chiropractors, and health doctors. All kinds of processes, trying to roll back the destruction area, and roll back the disintegration of those things on the pathway of death. To postpone it, to wage war against it because of the inherited qualities of this struggle.

Now; of course each area thinks that they have the superior way. But this does not change the fact that all of the areas of destruction are out to wage war against the children of the kingdom.

Now; the kingdom then has a health problem. And you try to beat this force so that you can stay here. Oh, you say, but people have been passing from the earth all of the time. Yes---but there has been millions of people who have been brought out and quickened to produce certain areas of their responsibility, so that they could not be liquidated by death prematurely, by some procedure that would stop them from fulfilling their responsibility. So the kingdom of God wages war upon sickness and upon the procedures of death. And the last enemy which we are going to triumph over is death. This means totally and completely for your race.

Someone is shaking their head. Well just go ahead and shake your head. But you may die before your time. But one of these days you will find that the Kingdom of God possesses life, and the people who stay are the people who expect to I have never known anyone who expected to die who didn't die. In fact they go about as quickly as they expect to. So we wage war on the violations of divine law as we become aware that the violations of divine law bring about the weaknesses of the kingdom. Thus it is that you are not only warring against the procedures that hurt the physical embodiment. But you also wage war against the powers that would destroy your liberty and your freedom, and the blessings of divine law.

Now; the kingdom of God is tangible and it is real. And it requires power to remain in the earth. And I am going to tell you that God has exerted power all thru history to keep you here. For they could have destroyed you a long time ago as far as numbers are concerned. Never have we had a period where it was more important for us to understand the necessity of possessing power. We point out to you that all of the political machines in the world try to build a power machine. They want power because they want to either manipulate the finances of a society, or the areas of authority bestowed upon it, or the areas of its course. Or have the ability to assign people to the areas of responsibility that have greater influence. But it is all the building of a power machine.

I want you to know that the Kingdom of God does not come in with weakness, it comes in with power. Not only is it the power of its voice, but it is the power to improve to set free, and to conquer every problem that faces human society.

Thus the Father says that it is necessary that you have power. When he sat with the Disciples, he said:---'I give you power.'---In fact I give you the keys to the kingdom. I give you power, that whatsoever things you bind, shall be bound and what so ever things that you loose shall be loose. And if you bind them in earth then heaven will bind them for you, and if you loose them then heaven will set them free.

Someone said, but what does that mean? It means that he gave power to his disciples. That as long as they could perceive the thoughts of his power procedure, and catch the proper image of it, and without doubt and without fear, USE IT, they could bind up the powers of darkness and heaven would hold them back. And they could remove from men's minds their doubts and superstitions and set them free, and the spirit of God would quicken their consciousness for this purpose. Don't let any minister tell you that they put over a big program for God, that will accomplish this by consciousness, or by reason except the Spirit of God touch the human souls that are being reached by these words. All of your life you might talk night and day and present every area of human logic in every pattern of human understanding. But unless the spirit of God condition the mind of that listener, except that person has the capacity to accept God's spirit as a quickener, then all of that preaching would be as sounding brass and tingling symbol. And because of this area of their own living, altho they attend church, they have not made the most important area of their thinking their ultimate objective, the victory of God's kingdom. They evaluate sometimes the extent of their own energies they are willing to extend for God. But I am going to tell you that one of the most important things that we can understand is that there is unlimited power for the sons and daughters of God who are willing to extend it, and give themselves completely to the carrying out of its objective. And the only area of acquisition and stability for the strength of the environment, and the security for a people is when they are willing to expend themselves to accomplish the objective of God. For Jesus said you cannot fail, you enhance your position in earth, to occupy it as your father determined when HE said, "Fear not little flock. It is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom."

Now; there is no question of the fact that you have the battle of spirit. That you have the forces of darkness that listen to hear the oracle of expression, for they can feel the vibrations of your meditation which pass in the areas of prayer, as contact with the most High God. They are just not able to understand sometimes the communication. But they are there to intercept the patterns of it. And such patterns of it that are within their reason. And because of this they try to destroy and they try to hinder the things that are coming thru.

I have people say that they have never had a period, never had such a period where everything they try to do is stymied there and blocked here. Never had such a period when the powers of darkness and the demon forces are trying so hard to block the work of the kingdom. Then I will tell you something else.---There has never been a period when it was more important for us to realize that we are the sons and daughters of God. That we can bind that force and we can move thru it for we are of the household that cannot be stopped. Because that spirit which is within it is for the best interest of the world. And everyone that lies within it is synchronized to the pattern of God and everything that HE has brought to pass, and every stepping stone to accomplish it must be first obtained.

There is no question that this is what we are talking about as we say that the Kingdom of God moves by inspiration, because its Life pulse is the Life pulse of the heart of God. There is no question of the fact that the Kingdom of God originates with HIM, is founded upon Him. That HE is its foundation, its capstone. And the pattern of its life is filled with the pattern of the Eternal God. And all of the things which we respond to in our culture is so superior to those things around us. And the love and the understanding of those things round us comes out of the very nature of God. The light and the Glory, that lights the countenance of these people of your race, compared to the faces of those who bow before idols, or seek to appease the forces of darkness. That light comes from the effulgence of the countenance of Christ. The image sets deep in your heart when you think of your God. You do not think of some great strange grotesque God. You are not trying to appease someone who is just ready to destroy you or to find some way to work a revenge. If our theology is still trying to produce a vengeful God then no wonder you are in trouble.

I can tell you that the majesty and the glory that makes this country what it is, surprises people. You do not have to go very far out of this country then return until you can tell that the light is so much different. Then some people say, Oh, my, what a terrible gloomy situation we have. Someone said, I never felt before so much bad vibrations. There is no doubt about that. There is a lot of bad vibrations in this city. But at the same time there is a lot of light and a lot of vitality, that makes even the cities so far ahead of the other nations in the far out flung cities of the rest of the world. This lets you know that there is a difference in the kingdom.

And I am going to tell you this. That we are not about to retreat. And we are not about to be intimidated by all of these designs to weaken the Kingdom. We recognize today that God is going to do a marvelous work He is going to cause His kingdom to awaken. It is because that every single consciousness in His household can be reached by the power of HIS spirit. In this instance when he is about ready to take his celestial sons into the glories of the Celestial plains. Thru the hours of his great determined course in destiny and in history, He told his disciples after, He said, 'I am going to endue with power.' And then He said,--"Ye shall have power--AFTER THE HOLY SPIRIT HAS COME UPON YOU.”

Now; this translation of Holy Ghost, Holy spirit as it is sometimes translated, is actually the essence of the consciousness of God, the wavelength of his intelligence and His knowledge. It is the entity of His being. It is not the splitting up of his nature, for He is spirit, soul, and body. But it is the area of comprehension, with the power to translate it into reality. It is the fearlessness of total acceptance, that brings you the power.

So the great impact of our faith expands. We do not see the evidence of men lacking courage. We see the action of the Apostles, in achievement, and in victory, as the consciousness of God descends upon them. And when the consciousness of God fills men's minds, it fills their lives and we watch the very processes of God's word descend. We call these things the gifts of the spirit, as men move to their aptitude under the command of God. There is no doubt that there was almost a bombastic coming of power which the disciples experienced. For they were just ordinary fishermen or doctors, or tax collectors. But they were suddenly transformed as Invincible sons of God when endued with this power. You could put them in jail, but they would walk out of it, for God opened the door for them. And when men were sick, they said,---rise up and walk---and the men did just that. For miracles were performed in those early hours of this conscious perception of the ability to synthesize, and create, as it moved thru them. Why?--Because God had determined that this should be true. We watched vast things take place. Jesus said, 'Greater things than these you are going to do.' And now not in just one little spot. Not in the rocky hills of Judea, but now scattered thru out all of the nations of the western world are great nations, and company of nations. And there are company of nations that not only worship HIM, but companies of nations that call upon Him. And companies of nations that identify themselves as his sons and his daughters. Who have in the inherited part of their faith the realization that Jesus was YAHWEH God and what so ever He has purposed to do, HE will bring to pass.

There are a lot of people today going to church who do not understand what this is all about, but they do understand who He is. They understand that He is God and He is the one that they worship. Even when not understanding, they are activated by impulses that affects their thinking. So I tell you today that God's influence still reaches out to all of his sons and daughters, and He still says that there is something that HE is going to do. And His sons and daughters believe this. They believe that He is going to breathe upon these people that have been so subordinated within this structure. He is going to breathe on these bones and they will get muscles on those bones and flesh and skins and they will stand upon their two feet. What God is talking about is the empowering of his many sons to make them stand tall in the earth, as a mighty army, to accomplish his objectives here in these latter climactic periods.

The prophet Joel tells us that this is what it is going to be. It will be in the days of the atom bomb, in the days of the elements dissolving in fervent heat. The power of God will triumph.

Now; let me point out to you that you are in a very historic position. The things not synchronized with the program of God are going to collapse. You have had the Negro revolution, you have had all of the trouble from Philadelphia, to Montgomery, to here. And from one side of your coast to another. And it has all been, so they say, a battle for human rights and civil rights. Then Martin Luther King stands up and he says ‘that now we want to ban the bomb, and stop this war against the Vietcong. We want to oppose this battle against communism.’ And now it is everything that is in the Communist line that they come out for. And now we see what is coming out, what they identify with. And they do this because it is their nature.

I am going to tell you that instead of letting him speak out on it is time that you let the people of the kingdom speak out. Let them be the ones seen and heard. 80% of all of the letters that moved in on Washington this week were telling the president to get out of the Vietcong, and let the communist have Asia. To stop resisting anywhere, to go ahead with the World Government, and not resist any longer. But this was a carefully planned strategy to deceive a people. Do you know what?---Do you know why the enemy does this? Just as we called your attention a week ago to the book of Jeremiah---You the great household of God's kingdom. You the great people of the household of Jacob whom God calls his inheritance, his people in the earth. HE said,---You are my battle axe, you are my weapons of war.---Why?---Because you are power against the darkness.

Understand this now. You are the power against the darkness. And since you are the power against the darkness, the important thing then is that this is a part of your destiny. You are thus to oppose the darkness, resist the darkness, and the enemy wants that---needs that. And they put on all of the pressure so that you retreat here, and there, that you move out.

So what do we discover?----In this period of darkness,---God doesn't say that you are going to become weaker, that you are going to disarm, or that you are going to appease. There are some people who want to live in a fools paradise. They want to think that they can say we like you and we are not going to resist anymore, and the world is going to get better. But this is not going to happen. It is triumph Over the darkness with great power that will bring on a good world.

The scripture tells us that Christ will return with great power and with great glory. And I want you to know that it is with great power that you get illumination, that you get radiation, and the great power does not say to surrender. It is time that every Christian wrote the President and said, ‘we approve standing up against the darkness instead of surrendering.’ Don’t let a small minority in America make it look like all America wants to surrender for the Kingdom says to resist. The laws of God calls for triumph over the darkness not surrender.

We stand today in the defense in our time. God is still trying to make things come out right on earth and this reflects by events taking place. But God is still moving with power, and He is about to empower a kingdom of Sons who understand. So when He says:---'I will give you power,' then He will do it. And you can have the power to command. But first you will obey so that He synthesizes you for this purpose.

So we tell you this afternoon that God will carry out his purposes, and the invincibility of his sons to perform will be carried out. And what He has purposed He will bring to pass. And He will give you the instruments to carry this out in the hour He joins you to give you more power. And brings in the hosts of heaven to carry it out. For the kingdom of heaven comes in with Power, and with strength. The only time we are in trouble is when we deny the Power. We have religion all over that does that, and we don't need that kind of religion. It has the form of Godliness but denies the power thereof. It must be Faith with power, and He says that HE gives you power to do these things.

End of sermon