I Will Break Your Covenant With Death, 7-1-62



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 7-1-62

We are turning in our subject tonight to the words in the 28th chapter of Isaiah, and the MOST HIGH speaks to the men of our race. HE says, (vs. 14) ‘Ye scornful men who rule this people in Jerusalem, because ye have said, We have made a covenant with death and with hell, are we at agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass thru it shall not come unto us; for we have made lie our refuge and under falsehood have we hid ourselves. Therefore, saith the LORD GOD, Behold I lay in Zion a FOUNDATION, a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a pure foundation; he that believeth shall not make haste. Judgement also will I lay top the line, and the righteousness to the plummet; and the hail shall sweep away the lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding places.’

And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, then ye shall be trodden down by it.

Now, these prophecies made by Isaiah were made to your race. And they have a peculiar significance for your race over these last 45 to 50 years. Especially is this true when you understand who you are. When you know your relationship to righteousness and to God’s Kingdom in the midst of the earth. When we talk to you about this covenant with death and with hell, probably no period in history since the birth of the Red Revolution has had such a threatening position as it relates to your race nor has it had such a design for the overthrow and conquest of Christian nations. We are watching over the period of time from the overthrow of the Czar and the rising tide to this hour. This was a gradual expansion until we come to W.W. II. In fact, this expanse has come as the Soviet Union has gained in expanse and authority in the earth. Her territories and the areas of earth which her Communism now controls is much greater today than at any other time in history. And since the end of W.W. II the gain in land and territories has increased until it is not 2 1/2 times greater than before this war started. In fact, their gains thru the war were not as great as their gains since the war. For they have enhanced their power over twice the amount of land they previously held.

I think it is quite realistic for us to recognize that there is no relationship between you as a great Christian nation and the program of God with any non-Christian nation on the face of the earth. The powers of darkness which today seek to envelop your nation and deepen your relationship with a World International Union and establish such a World Government and put it in the hands of those who would deny the freedom found in the Western World of today. We in a very strange and unusual situation and this nation, the most powerful nation on the face of the earth for a long period of time is still technically the greatest producing nation on the face of the earth. However, still in this hour at the greatest position of crisis in all of our history, if it were not for our absolute faith in the fulfillment of prophecy and in God’s purposes for this mighty destiny which is carved out for your nation, the United States of America. And it is carved out for the course which your nation is on. And as we look, the same kind of destiny is planned for us that has swept over Christian nations in the past. If you are not a great nation of God’s Kingdom under the outstretched wings of the American Eagle, as has been prophesied in the 12th chapter of Revelation, which is to come out with great leadership against the powers of darkness, and are to defeat the force of the dragon and the forces of the Serpent,---if this were not the program of God for this Christian nation, then you would be at the point of no return. But when you finally triumph over the forces of darkness the great spiritual force which shall cleanse your land and which is inevitable, you can again say thanks be unto God who has accomplished this by the stirring up of HIS people, and with the intervention of the forces out of the heavenlies, with Divine intervention. For I can tell you that we seem to be fast passing the point of no return. And with it is coming a demonstration of how a nation loses its leadership and its initiative and falls into these traps. We know however, that the Divine sovereignty and the purposes which HE has, call for a great spiritual awakening in your nation. As we look bock over the years when the founding fathers dedicated their design in this country, in colony after colony, we find that they established a permanent Christian society. They came here to establish a nation which in the fullness of time would establish a nation which was in full agreement with their vision. In the days of George Washington, they saw that design as a Messianic building of the New Order of the Ages, a symbol of God’s Kingdom, and that this nation was to carry out that destiny. And Prophecy declares that it will. Prophecy also declares that this great nation of the outstretched wings of the Eagle would be one of the great leaders in the day when the powers of anti-Christ would be all round about and were falling down. Strangely enough, there are many things that many people do not understand. One might discuss Communism over and over again, and you would not exhaust this endless story of intrigue and conspiracy with its cunning arms of its deception as to what an Anglo-Saxon Aryan mind might conceive which is so lacking in your nature but so common in your enemy. You have to have the things outlined and witnesses before you can conceive a people being so diametrically opposite from you.

I think it should thus be understood as to the difference between the children of God and those without spirit who carry out the will of their Father whom they serve as they carry out these things so hard for us to perceive. If you will check their Talmudic readings you will see that they recognize your devil as their god, and your God, the man of such Grace and power as was manifested in the Man Christ Jesus,--they call the devil. But you have the contrast today then, that marks the difference between Christ and anti-Christ. And you can expect no better out of the concept of your enemy than the master that they serve and the cunning which makes up the background of this philosophy of evil that they use against you at every turn. You recognize the majesty of God and HIS purposes and you recognize a God of righteousness and justice, and at the same time think in terms of agreement and fair plan. You think in terms as to how the Kingdom of God is government. And you try to apply the rules of the Kingdom to those outside of the nations of the Kingdom, and you will discover that they do not keep these rules and regulations because they are not stimulated by the guiding force of your Father. They are not spirit of HIS Spirit or life of HIS Life. And because of this, they do not respond accordingly.

Now, pause for a minute as we look back over these situations and no single point in our history was quite as deadly as in the early hours of President Roosevelt’s administration. We made one of the greatest mistakes of all times. For it was President Roosevelt who entered us into a covenant with death and with hell. You say, ‘How do you identify that subject?’ Because up until this time, World Communism had liquidated 7 million Christians by a direct act of liquidation, because they would not give up their Faith in Christ. In all of the history of the Church, which has been led by Jewry form the days of Christ up to your time, there has never been a greater liquidation of Christians than that under the rising of the Soviet Union in the Red Revolution and those years with Stalin. In fact, we will never know the exact number of millions who were put to death by these Red Revolution. But we do know that at one time, they put 7 million to death because they refused to give up their Faith in Christ. Irrespective whether Greek Orthodox or Catholic, or which denomination these men were under, all refused to give up their Faith and were killed sometimes in hideous ways. Thus it was a martyrs death before they would surrender to this force of anti-Christ. When we recognize that this great Christian nation our forefathers brought forth here, there is a realization that we are a race, a nation with a destiny and a responsibility. Moreover, upon the foundation of God’s guidance and upon the power of prayer, knowing that we are spirit of HIS Spirit and we can say ‘Our Father which art in heaven’--this nation us built on strength. And it is your responsibility as far as your existence is concerned to preserve your national heritage. There has been a consistent invasion of your nation by unassimilatable people who hate your God and hate your Faith and hate your race. We do not have to quibble about this, for we have said right at the beginning of these sermons as to who would mark this invasion. But basically, the powers that dominated and controlled the Red Revolution with their economic and political power, designed that under this political system to deduce the Western World to extreme slavery and eradicate the Christian Faith from the face of the earth. And they would bring all men down into the darkness of their lack of Light. This was their strategy and this was their design.

In the days of FDR, it was this same Franklin D. Roosevelt who appointed the brain trusters to the offices that they each held. One think of significance found on the editorial page of the U.S. News this week, saying that the President has made some very grave decisions, and has lost the confidence of the people at this present time. Why? Basically, it is that they do not like the people that he has appointed to the majority of the positions in this government. It is because they do not like the way they think or the way they act. And they do not like the President’s acquiescence to the people’s concepts and ideas. The thing is that the people have lost confidence in the Kennedy Administration and the things which they are trying to accomplish. The fact is that the majority of them appointed, have been non-Christian. There is one thing I want you to understand this afternoon. Any of the problems created for this country show that it is a non-Christian program of evil.

It is a significant thing that most of these jobs are held by non-Christians. And the catastrophe of this administration is a non-Christian catastrophe. I want you to know that when we survey the catastrophe even of this hour, that it has been a non-Christian catastrophe which has been building. I want to tell you that after the ‘Brain trust’ was put in place by FDR, after they had met in Indiana and designed how they would do this for this manipulation of money behind the scene had brought the money and set up the programs and bought and controlled the press and the original program---had created the smear and laid the cause of the Depression on to Mr. Hoover. And then elected the man whom they had already got the pledge of allegiance from that he would take their advice.

Now, you may be a worshiper at the shrine of FDR, but this is not important whether you are or not, the important thing is that you learn the truth. And that should shake some of your hero worship. But that is where you lose the myth of a great leadership. For I point out to you that one of the greatest tragedies in our history is when that man appointed the ‘brain trust.’ And this ‘brain trust’ turned into executive positions for those like the Frankfurters and the Morganthals, and the Richbergs and others, that we could name. And some men eventually made their way to the Supreme Court and helped bring Communism to Washington. Some ended up in the State Department and finally were the organizers of the United Nations. We must not forget also that the department of Labor, and the Treasury, fell into the hands of the Jews. These were enemies of our way of life and never had so many Jews held so much power. But if that was a catastrophe with Mr. Roosevelt, it hung on with Mr. Truman, for his was just a hold-over from the old regime, and had very little initiative of his own. In the days of Mr. Eisenhower, he carried on down the same old road. And today, it seems very strange to me to hear Mr. Eisenhower denouncing Mr. Kennedy for things that he, himself, always did during his mismanagement and his corruption in Europe, as he allowed the Iron Curtain to go down over the occupancy of Christian nations. And when I think today of this President who also has the attitude to serve this cause of catastrophe, for he is appointing more and more of these ‘brain trusters’ to positions which spell a grave danger for this nation, but it also makes us aware that the Salvation of America is not going to come from Kennedy. It is going to come from CHRIST.

I point out one of the great errors that every President from Wilson on down, had refused to do, but which Roosevelt finally did. Something that his ‘brain trusters’ advised him to do. Something that had been carefully designed which was to be financed by International finance. And that was the recognition of the ‘Red Revolution.’ He would bring on and ignore the suffering behind the Iron Curtain and the martyrdom, and the persecutions, and the deadliness of the fact that men had to worship in secret if they had not already been discovered and murdered, even to dimming that hope that someday Communism would be wiped out and destroyed. And even thru out Asia, where they had somewhat resisted Communism, because of their own areas and their own existence or their leadership, but now this great problem was on their horizon. What would transpire now? Then suddenly, the President of the United States recognizes Soviet Russian. The most powerful Christian nation on the face of the earth recognizes anti-Christ. What strange forebodings must have filled the hearts of Christians living on the border of this inflamed giant led by the masters of Asia with their plan of International Jewry, now led by the hoards of this new found giant to invade and destroy Christianity. Remember, that it was a Jew who left Venice after that conference to lay the money in the hands of Genghis Khan, to finance his advance against the Christian West. Who threw open the doors of Sanerkand and other areas and cities to the hoards of the Khan? Who were those traitors who came in with their merchandise and then opened the gates of the cities at night? Their design was to destroy the Christian world and share in the spoils. For this was one area that had resisted their program from the very beginning. And that was the growing strength of Christianity, the mighty power of the Gospel of God, whose administration of Light had been unequaled in all history with the consummation of Calvary, and the power of HIS Resurrection.

Within their concept of evil they could not stop this drive to attack the sons and daughters of God and eliminate them from the earth. As to the nations of Asia, they had been under the control of pagan priests, the grief and the misery they had caused had been unlimited. These priests of these evil forces had dominated the lives of the people in Asia as well as they had in Africa. And one thing was feared there by this Satanic reason before all else. And this was that this Mighty Gospel of the Eternal KING of Kings, this Mighty Kingdom, would tell the story that the day would come when men would know no grief. And when men would not live by scarcity, but by plenty. And that this mighty Kingdom would bring these things into reality.

Now, the Kingdom of darkness was designed to destroy all of the great Christian nations which God would raise up into positions of leadership. Thus, they hated Germany, which alone, had been for so long a barrier against the hoards of Asia, that they had sought to bring in. How they hated Britain, because of her and her ships which sailed to the ends of the earth, and carried the message of this great Kingdom and the kind of life it would bring in, and because of the strength of her Commerce and the power of her Testimony. They were carrying the message of this mighty God and HIS power to the ends of the earth. And then they hated America because of her unlimited resources and her stance, and her superior technological ability had suddenly risen above all their records of time. This was a nation dedicated to Liberty, a nation which identified itself as a nation of God, who had God in her pledges of allegiance, who had God in her prayers, and God in her school rooms, and in her testimony. This was the power that the powers of darkness feared. For this God was identified with Jesus Christ.

When they started their Red Revolution, they cast God aside and they said, ‘We are the god of this world. We deny your God and your will also or you will die.’ This, was said by Khrushchev and many of those in between who ruled. And Lenin had dedicated himself to this captive Red Revolution. And from the days of Karl Marx, this Communist philosophy had only been augmented by Jewry’s design to rule the world; to take Christ and Christianity out of the hearts and eyes of the people of earth, and supplant it with their sect of evil. It is than a strange thing for a President of these United States from a very powerful church, to succumb to the rule of men from this evil power and appoint men of that power to some of the most powerful positions in his Administration. And this would start America on the downward train to the problems and troubles which we face at this time. I want you not only to know that the appointees that went in were not prepared for this task, but were willing to do this work of evil. And these advisors were whispering in voices from the depth of hell.

You may remember that during the Roosevelt Administration there came into these United States all types of foreign refugees. Almost all of them enemies of Jesus the Christ. And they came from all parts of the world. In that time, we were invaded by the Rosenbergs, and the Frankfurters. And remember that one of those men was the attorney for the Communist Party way back in the records of this administration. Remember that it was FDR, who was packing the court to move away from many areas of Constitutionality,---then put this Felix Frankfurter on the Court in the Supreme Bench. A man who not only had worked for the Communist in the United States, but who had backed Algers Hiss and helped him put together the great and mighty monster known as the United Nations.

We point out that in this period of time, it was not long before Anna Rosenberg was a person of powerful influence. And by the way--we had the other day, an instance of this as we talked to you about the International banking machine and about how these bankers operate and have created a master force that not only sees that their programs are carried out with all kinds of endowments and funds, in this way they have been selling revolution to America and destroying institutions of learning. I remember how one of the men at the head of the Studebaker Plant was moved out of there into the position at the head of an endowment fund. And you heard the name of Hoffman. And he was tied up with every ‘Left-Wing’ endowment plan, and they just announced the other day that he is engaged to marry Anna Rosenberg. Now there must be something we are missing here. For no one ever looked at Anna Rosenberg and fell in love with her. Of course, I should eliminate that statement, for at one time Mr. Eisenhower was infatuated with her. But it was the power that she represented. You go back and read that it was Anna Rosenberg who traveled with Mr. Eisenhower all over Europe during the war. We point out to you that Anna Rosenberg said that she was not a Communist, but she was a member of all the organizations that were connected to the Communist Party, and was identified with them as ‘our Anna.’---was one of the sinister situations of our day. These all came into power as they came into the United States in the Roosevelt years. From the beginning of the recognition of Soviet Russia to the ‘5th Column’ in this country, these were recognized.

I point out to you that President Roosevelt was under a secret commitment. And that commitment was to the Jews of Washington and of the world. And that, my friends, was that he would direct the power of this nation against Germany. And that we would destroy Germany for them. Therefore, he had to have an attack. And he precipitated the attack and introduced Pearl Harbor. He knew all about it before it happened and created the conditions that produced it. He tried to keep America ignorant of what was coming and even tried to shield some of the Army and the Navy so that he could do anything he wanted to after it happened. Pearl Harbor today, is the result of the deadliness behind it and the catastrophe which it produced.

We tell you that out of the course of these events, we emerged as a party to a great war. And under cover of this war, unprecedented numbers of refugees slipped into this country, as they were fleeing from Germany. And most of these refugees coming in, were Communists or pro-Communist, and opposed to all the facets of Western Civilization. And now as we look thru the records available, they were even then fighting and underground war against our government even in that period of time. In fact, when people wage war against the government in the land which they live, if they get shot, that is their own fault. So we point out to you that during those periods of time, the same powers that were seeking to destroy you had precipitated a great world conspiracy. On otherwords, they would wipe you out. Their program was to destroy the geo-political heart of the Western world. The United States of America was considered one of the geo-political heart centers and Germany was the other.

I want to point out that it was during those periods of W.W. II, that you joined under the leadership of Mr. Roosevelt and his partners, an alliance with the Soviet Union. You had not only recognized the Soviet Union, with leaders hands dripping with blood of murdered Christians, but now you had joined yourselves as an ally of the Soviet Union. And this was the scourge that would wipe out all civilization. I tell you that you have never been in greater danger than you are in the hands of world Communism, which you joined at that time. And I can see the Soviet Union laughing, for here leaders had you and Britain fighting your people in Germany while the Soviet Union stayed way back on the side lines as long as she could, hoping we would destroy each other. Then after two thirds of the war was over, the supplies had been cut off from Germany, then Russia moved like the siege of the devil, into Europe. If there is anything that one day you may be happy for it is as to how much of the Red Army and the Red Columns that were destroyed as Germany crossed over into the Ukraine and on up into the Russias.

I want you to always remember that there is no way that you can trust the Soviet Union at any time. They have a long record of breaking every agreement including the ‘Non-Aggression Pact,’ way back before the war started and that agreement between Von Rubinstein and Mr. Molotov. They said they would never invade the map of Europe if the Europeans would never invade Russia, and then came the Soviet Union invading Finland and even Poland. There was no excuse for the invasion of Poland or Finland. For the Jews had already moved to subject Poland to her power and it was this manipulation that started out of Poland.

As we look back upon these situations, we can see that one great mistake in this situation was that we had made an alliance with an ally of hell. And now this ally was letting us do most of the work of war while she sat back and took gain out of this agreement. Remember when FDR met with Mr. Stalin and Mr. Churchill, and you remember the picture of him being seated on a Battle Ship and they were talking over what would happen in the post war world and how they were going to divide their authority in power. And at that time, this President of the United States, was joined with the Soviet Union, and it was true that the Soviet Union was calling every trick and they had fogged up the mind of this American President with Vodka until he did not know what he was doing. And men like Algers Hiss were advising him and the Jew, Frankfurter sitting there. Then there was no doubt that he was out foxed at every turn. I point out to you that from those days on, that the powers of darkness gained more and more influence inside of America.

In this period of time, then portfolio after portfolio of material was permitted by the Congress as a temporary measure or a war measure, and they have never released this material from that day to this. And then by treaty and agreements, they have maintained all of the temporary war powers that Congress was tricked into giving them. I point out to you that the design of World Communism was the design to conquer the world. That the powers of darkness was ruled by world Jewry. I want you to know that the Almighty has warned you about such an agreement with death and with hell. He said that then these children of Lucifer would come in and make themselves masters of your own land. Thus, you have been in this agreement with death and with hell. And when this on-coming scourge starts coming thru your country then it comes as no surprise to us, for we have been studying the situation since the days of Roosevelt to the present time. We have been made false promises and have seen false records of production, and then confiscation of that production, distorted and twisted. And we have seen the government confiscate areas of businesses and confiscate the areas of security and upset the whole areas of thinking concerning things taught to us by our forefathers. The government operated in those areas. When you and I operate in those areas, they would throw us in the penitentiary for fraud, for falsifying papers and the mishandling of funds.

Now, we are told that operations in these areas must be perfectly alright, after President after President extends the debt limit of this nation, until now it is over 1.4 trillion dollars. I point out to you then, that this overpowering scourge has come in and we listen to the lies of Mr. Roosevelt, and the living lies of Mr. Truman, and we have listened to the promise that they could not maintain. And we have watched the gradual defeat of free nations in the areas of the earth, and the influence of their political leaders worked out.

I think you should remember that the advisor to Mr. Truman on Asiatic affairs as the forces of Kai Shek were defeated, and we watched him pushed off the main land of China, was none other than Dean Rusk, who was this advisor to Mr. Truman. I want you to know tonight, that you are told that Mr. Truman discharged General MacArthur. But I want you to know that the man who penned that note to Gen. MacArthur, was Dean Rusk, the then Secretary of State. I want you to remember that the policies of Mr. Rusk continue to demonstrate to those who observe it, that he is a part of that group of individuals of this mental and intellectual division that are a part of this position that would end our sovereignty and place us under the sovereignty of this powerful evil.

I think if you would get the U.S. News and World Report, that you would find tonight, that Mr. McNamara is with Mr. Rusk. And Mr. McNamara is completely taken over by this regime. And behind them, is this unprecedented advisory board which is working for the design called for which is this attack from Russia on America or this must call for a great nuclear agreement which must satisfy the Soviet Union until there is no resistance, no problems between the two and even pressuring some areas that are talking of resisting the Soviet Union and their Communist desire. I remember back in the days when Chang Kai Shek was fighting for his existence, and was driven to Formosa, promising to return, and our nation and our Congress promised that we would back Chang Kai Shek. And we hoped that he would return. We had Generals with great genius looking over the situation and determining to provide what was necessary to South Korea after North Korea started the war in Korea. We were going to bomb the great supply lines of China with bombers put in the hands of Nationalist China, and with the bombarding capacity of our Pacific Fleet and the support of our Air Force. And if we had carried this out, there would be no Communist on the main land of China outside of the upper Steppes tonight.

We should have permitted China to fight Communism on their own soil because this was their battle. And they should have been allowed to determine the outcome. But the masters of your covenant with death and with hell, determined that this was not to be.

I point out now that we look out over the world in this hour and we see the things which have transpired. We have made our covenant and we have made our discovery that both President Roosevelt and President Truman made the agreement to divide the world up for Communism. When the war was over, half of Europe was behind the Iron Curtain. Mr. Eisenhower the Supreme Commander, had surrendered whole areas of Europe to go behind the Iron Curtain to the Communist, bringing the problems and the crisis of the war for Berlin. We might have expected that you could not go down the road much further. I want you to know that they had steadily increased in your land these powers of the forces of darkness, until now their influence reached even to the Cabinet of the President of these United States. And they have demonstrated in these last few weeks their predominate influence even in the thinking of the Supreme Court, of these United States.

I want you to remember this. And as you go out, I want you to think on this and don’t ever forget it, that the present Supreme Court decisions concerning our present public schools, and with their ever deadly recitations that reach out to various areas are talking about ending any activity concerning prayer. And it involves our allegiance to the flag for it is the desire of organized Jewry to knock out all areas of the recognition of God from our lives. This helps in the conquest of our nation, and in the building of the Soviet Union.

I want you to investigate if you will, all of these places, the bases in New York, the bases in New Jersey, and in the places down in Florida---who was it that was trying to knock prayer out of our schools? Who was it that was trying to knock out the name of God? It was the American Jewish committee, ADL attorneys and other Jewish attorneys. And in every instance, it was the Jewish organizations that came against the schools of America, saying that this was distasteful to them. And in trying to explain this, they said that they do this to lift the pressure off of little Jewish children who did not want to listen to prayers to a God they do not believe in. I think it is time that these little Jewish children go with their parents to a place where they can worship their kind of a god. Yes, I called them---vipers. And Jesus said they were a generation of Vipers. HE knows what HE is talking about, and I never found Jesus wrong on anything.

Significantly, then let me point out to you what happened to you as a nation. You made your covenant with death and with hell. You permitted your leadership to go under the hypnotic spell of the leaders of the powers of darkness, for them to follow the instructions of this evil power. You relaxed. For there was no danger to your society. No one could overthrow it. And then you watched the minority in your society advanced to positions in this society, until they could use this pressure on you to gain what they called ‘their rights.’ I believe it is the bounding duty of every citizen of these United States to resist this Supreme Court decision on Prayer, so they can have their children stand up in prayer before it starts in the morning. Even the pastor of the Methodist church in downtown Los Angeles, exploded. And he said he did not know where he would be in the morning, for he did not know where his denomination would go on this issue. But he denounced this whole decision irrespective of where his denomination goes.

I want you to know that we are in an hour and the challenge if deep, and people are beginning to realize that the time is a lot later than they thought. For most people never thought that we would reach this point where the enemy would try to lock religion out of the nation. But it has come.

Now, what did God say? ‘That overpowering surge will start passing thru your land.’ Thus that overpowering surge has been passing thru and now you are beginning to realize that they have had their hand in your pockets. I want you to know that if you knocked out all of the Jewish rascals out of the government, you could run this government on 1/2 of what it costs today. You know--I think it would be a good idea that while you are checking up on all of this, that you go back to the beginning and check up on all of the ‘Kaiser’ industry and the interests of the U.S. Government. I think you would find another story of millions and millions of dollars going without any accounting whatsoever. I think you would find subsidizing of property and then putting it back in hands for a few dollars after it had been confiscated. Fortunes were built with this secret manipulating power of Jewry in your own economy. And especially with Mr. Estes. If they get Mr. Estes, they will have to send an entirely new group of people. For it will be hard to get anyone to work there. Texas is not having much to say about this at this time. There are thousands of good Texans, but I want you to know that they have lost the great leadership that they once had because they have not stopped what was going on in their own state. And they have not taken the resistance that they should have into their State Government. They talk, but now we want to hear Texas and the rest of the south stand up and say they will not take God out of our schools. We want to see that across the entire South, and it may happen.

I want you to know that this is a rather significant hour that you are standing in. And God Almighty promises that there is something that HE is going to do. One of these things which you are going to do is to get to know your Covenant with death and with hell. And one thing that they are trying to set in place is to get some kind of a leadership and a co-existence program between you and the Soviet Union. This would be an alliance with death. And that would put millions and millions of people under the Communist law and depression of the forces of evil. This is not your destiny. This is the program of the master planners who are sending their forces against you. It is a plan of abject slavery. It was Mr. Schlessinger, one of the President’s advisors and one of the front contractors, said that this was going to be a great Socialistic operation gradually from slavery into democratic lines, which would take over the political life of America. However, it would have to be quietly achieved so that people would not realize that it had taken place. And just last week, Mr. Schlessinger admitted that he has not changed his plans one bit, for he is for Socialism and for a Socialist America. A man like this, should not only be removed form the President’s Cabinet, but he should be given a little mental treatment for it is necessary that he be examined. This same goes for the Schlessingers and the whole bunch, who are around the President at this moment.

Alright, let’s take a look tonight at the world. Under this design of Socialism, we watched the knocking out of Christian leadership over ll of the colonies of the world. You saw what happened in the Congo even after they forced the liberation of the Negroes, and the massacres of the Whites in the Congo. But we told you about this nine months before it happened. And we told you this would happen when they got their independence. We point out to you, my friends, that this is what happened to Goa in India, and that it happened in the Portuguese colonies down in Angola. And what today is happening in Indonesia, is a part of this conspiracy. And we know at this very moment, that there is this pressure. For nothing seems to work. There is operating a Communistic bureaucracy that cannot supply the things that the people need. Tonight, the Soviet Union does not have the food supply that it should have. They do not have the consumer goods, and they have all kinds of production problems. And more than that, they have trouble with their own allies. And then there is China now basically aligned with Russia, and the North Koreans are also short of the necessities of their populations. This does not make for peace, for they plan on invading and seizing what they need from other countries. The Russian production line is not fast enough to supply the Red Chinese design for conquest. We are being told that Russia is worried about Red China. But this is not all of the problem. They do not want Red China to rule the situation. She wants to rule, so this is just a little falling out among the master team.

But you are involved in a crisis in Laos and in the Vietnamese area where you have put thousands of our Marines. But the President says we will not bring the Marines home. But we are setting in place the same kind of government in Laos as is in the rest of the Communist world. And it will now make the same kind of conspiracy commitment that it made to the Red Chinese. In the meantime, Mr. Khrushchev wants to step up the problems of the world. He wants everyone in trouble because he is in trouble and this takes the pressure off of him. So he has been assisting with all air craft and anything he can in the taking over of all Laos and all of the Vietnamese areas. He has been backing the Red Chinese in this area to create the problems of trouble. He is also worried about the involvement of the islands off their shore which he did not want to happen. However, he is still supplying the material and he is not as resilient as you might think about the troubles over here in America. To hide their starvation program, the Red Chinese have put out the headlines that they are going to invade Formosa. But what about all of the willie-nillie peace initiatives inside of the Kennedy Administration? What about the traitors in our State Department? What about the echelon that want to turn the world to Communism, because they have gains to make? Well, they are saying that the blame for all of this is on Mr. Chang Kai Shek. For he has been building up his troops and he wants to return to the main land. But Mr. Kennedy says we won’t let him do it. We can’t let him do it. He says the Red Chinese have the right to defend themselves. So the Reds took advantage of that and they say, ‘well, maybe we will have to defend the Pescadores Islands.’ But we warned Mr. Chang Kai Shek that we would not help him retake any part of the main land. So you realize what we are doing? We are guaranteeing Red Communism a victory. This is a part of this death and hell agreement. When even you tell a people that you can only fight a defensive war, that you can never move out in an offensive war. Thus, you can never win, and possibly lose.

Someone said, ‘It is not necessary that we go back and take the main land of China from Communism.’ Then let me tell you, that three million people in the low lands and over 755 million people in the areas of India, and in the back countries, and also up across China, the same total of 560 million people, from the Upper Steppes to the countries involved, have been doomed to Communism and there is no hope of their breaking out, because you have little men in Washington too small to be counted in numbers who have supported this conspiracy because of the scourge that has come in, and the amount of gold this scourge carried in its pockets. There is no doubt that these are some of the problems.

Someone said, ‘What is the great problem in America? Why all of this wrath? Why all of this upset?’ Because we here in America, have one of the greatest overthrows in history. We have today inside of this nation, one of the most unprecedented demonstrations as to what happens when you let these strangers of evil and these racketeers in. And they start to manipulate your economy and they manipulate the public into thinking it is popular. More than that, the people who try to protect themselves from confiscation become involved in all kinds of attacks, an involved in legislation. And we have been watching the demonstrations of America’s decline. Here in America this all powerful scourge came thru, came in with money. And the strange thing was, that so many of them were leaving from behind the Iron Curtain. But when they landed here, they had a pocket full of money.

I want you to know tonight, that the motion picture industry, a large part of the magazine field, and especially the entertainment field, and even most of the newspapers in the U.S., are controlled or manipulated by the Jews. But I want you to know that the worst thing that hurts a great nation like this, is the moral decline. The strange panorama of the lucid designs of the enemy is to make your society become depraved. I charge that the motion picture industry is a Jewish design. One of its lewd designs is to set America on one of its greatest ‘sex’ binges in history. Their plan is to destroy America. One of the largest dope rings in history is directed by Jewry as it was in Europe. I want you to know that the great conspiracy is to get America to become a nation of alcoholics, to get them past all patterns of temperance. To get them so completely involved,--that the advertising upon them is greater in this area than any other. This too is still a part of a Jewish conspiracy. I want you to know that there are less than six distilleries and four breweries in these United States that are not owned by organized Jewry or international Jewish banks.

I point out to you now the when we look down upon this situation, in this our country, and watched how minority groups have raised the conditions of crime and violence until the streets of Oakland or San Francisco or Los Angeles, are like lots of the streets in Europe. Thus, it becomes less safe on the streets of America because of the handling of the conditions of this nation as the powers of darkness,---this all powerful scourge, passes thru---as they stir up the minorities in your nation to war against you. The increasing panorama of juvenile delinquency, the high demonstration of disease that is descending upon a nation, violates Divine Law. Do you know that you have today, one of the highest levels of venereal disease in all of the world, even tho you are one of the most enlightened nations? And this is a part of the Jew program of extending the Jew brothels and the corruption in these situations that are involved. And you have in your nation, an infectious program to sow diseases by vaccination processes into the people of your society than almost any other part of the world. Did you know that they are making people sick an dare spreading germs by the vaccination process? And some of these unscrupulous people know that some day, these people will be the source of their income.

Someone said, ‘How do you save America from this?’ Well, the first thing you do is get rid of all flowing scourge. If it were not for the Grace of God and for the 145 million Christians that are asleep, if it were not for God’s Grace, for HIS covenants and HIS promises to you and HIS family,---I am going to tell you that American would go down destroyed by the raw evil let loose in your nation, making you a part of their poison and a part of their victims.

Listen. I read here again---the scourge comes thru, then God makes this declaration as to what HE is going to do. HE says, ‘I am going to lay in Zion the foundation stone, the precious stone.’ And this, my friends, is the strength and the power of Christianity. And God said that this is what is going to happen. These people who also have made lies their refuse, and like overflowing waters, have invaded your land, and have sough to overthrow your society, the LORD says here that they are not only going to be swept away, but the great struggle and the hail of bombs and the catastrophe of evil are going to sweep away their refuge.

Thus, we look out upon this great world crisis. And the influence of your nation is not thrown where it should be because of this covenant which you have. The Soviet Russians stirred up Sukarno in Indonesia against the Dutch in Indonesia, supplying the planes. And the Jews supplied all kinds of money to this Asiatic Empire at the same time, trying to overthrow the Dutch holdings in the Pacific. In fact, my friends, in the last few days, there has been bitter fighting. The Dutch have captured some 500 Indonesians, but Submarine warfare has been happening in these areas. Do you know what the leaders of the Dutch said last week? They said, ‘We are not being defeated by Mr. Sukarno. We are being defeated by our friends, the United States of America. They are turning Asiatic Communism loose in Indonesia.’ They said, ‘The President of the United States is forcing us in a two year agreement to turn our forces over to Sukarno. We could hold out against the army, but we could not long survive the American pressure.’

My friends, if the bombs fall, if the judgement is started, if God visited upon you the chastisement deserved by nations that carry the principle of HIS law, it would only be recompense for what has transpired in this nation. For while you slept, the enemy came in and sowed the ‘tares.’ And since the ‘tares’ have come to their full up of iniquity, then God says, ‘I am going to redeem My people.’ HE has promised not only your security, but HE has promised to disannul your covenant with death and with hell. This may not start in the Formosa Strait, but it may start by the hostilities between the Soviet Union and you, or it may start by the anger against evil that has demonstrated itself so in Washington D.C. But God is going to sweep the whole thing clean. HE is going to sweep away all of this evil and there will be no place left for them to hide in these United States.

I turn again:-- ‘and your covenant with death and with hell shall be disannulled.’ Your agreement with hell shall not stand. I am not going to discuss with you the treachery that you were not a part of. But those in power were. When the Hungarians were fighting Mr. Zuchoff, how could you expect much help from the West, when Mr. Zuchoff was Mr. Eisenhower’s best friend? Do not forget the things which have happened all over the world all of these years. For the light has been dimmed for those who looked at America with hope, because the leadership tells you how the heart of American talks. If they knew that they could rise to help knock down Communism and liberate the world, they would feel a lot better. But they are not getting very much help because of controls over Presidents. I want you to know that only a repentant nation, only the very strength of Christians in this nation, asking God to have mercy upon their sleepiness, and calling for God to stimulate within them a great wave of understanding, a mighty powerful and new kind of understanding and strength, and they pledge themselves to sweep all of this evil out of America, so as to hold back the Chastisement that is due. Oh, there will be some chastisement, but I think they are going to fall on the Bronx and on the areas of the enemy of God’s Kingdom. There is even going to be battling in the streets before this is over according to prophecy.

Listen. That scourge is not going to remain in God’s House. The day, my friends, when all agreements are broken off between you and the Soviet Union, the day when you get out of the United Nations, and the day America declares itself again free, there will be a new Declaration of Independence reaffirming the old one. That day, the world will take on HOPE. God said, ‘I am going to disannul this’-- if they have to drop a bomb. You know they are worried about someone carrying a bomb. But God said with this hail down out of the sky, we are going to break up this agreement.

Someone said, ‘Where are we going to hide?’ Well, I found people climbing way up in the mountains and digging holes back in the rocks. I talked to some preachers and they and their people were building retreats deep in the mountains. They were getting old mine caves ready as someplace to hide. I have had some clergymen who say, ‘Dr. Swift, don’t you think this is the thing to do?’ I said, ‘Well, if it is, then you have a problem. I don’t know who much provisions that you have, but when those people come up there, how do you live? You can’t support this, so how do you live?’ And he said, ‘Well, I guess we had some idea that the ‘manna’ would be carried there by the ravens. But we do not have very many ravens.’ But we have a lot of Jews over here that are not going to make any deliveries. Someone said, ‘Don’t you think we should try for the rocks and the mountains?’ My friends, when you get thru with this job that God is going to do, then your enemy is the one hunting for the rocks and the mountains. And they are going to fall and hide in the rocks.

It tells me here in the hour when the Glory of God is revealed, as the armies of heaven are moving in, that the enemy is going to try to hide in the rocks of the mountains. And I am going to say, let the mountains fall on him. So what about the grace of God? Well, the most gracious thing that God could do is to eliminate the scourge of the earth. You say, ‘What about the spirit in these people?’ You let God worry about that. For HE is a God of Grace and of Spirit. HE knows more than you do. But the important thing for you to do is occupy the earth and do what you are to do.

Yes, we have reached a turning point in our national history. We have reached the point where your Supreme Court is declaring War on your religion. And I point out to you that this tells me that it will bring on the greatest revolt in history in our Congress. All over, the people are rising up and crying out. And Congress is talking of passing new legislation, this very week. In fact, this very day, Senator Richardson in the Senate says he repudiates a ruling by the Supreme Court. In fact, we have one dirty Jew at the head of the Judiciary Committee, and his name is Emmanuel Seller. And this Emmanuel Seller said he is going to set on every decision of the Supreme Court. But why wouldn’t he? For the Jews want to wipe out every belief in Christianity and in Christ.

Now, no one can say we are wrong, because you can go home and find out that the Jews started every one of these things that is wrong in America. People are talking about the Supreme Court Decision. But the Jews started this and put the pressure on to get this decision. You say, ‘How did Mr. Frankfurter vote?’ Oh, he was a friendly Jew. He didn’t vote at all. He knew that his people started it, so he didn’t think he should vote. And then as the pressure came on, it wouldn’t look so good. So he just didn’t say anything about it. And then on the air the other night, a couple of Jews in Jerusalem said, ‘we are opposed to the decision of the Court as it relates to prayer.’ They thought this would sort of nullify the people and they would not know who was doing it. But here in America the B’nai B’rith and these other papers are talking about the victory and their design to eliminate all phases of religion from our National and State level of life.

So we point this out. Be alert and tell it. Tell it and let America know from whence it comes. Mr. Nehru of India is a sick and dying old man and Christon Mennon who is one of the most evil of men, and is already in bed with the Soviet Union and a hater of the United States, will be the master of India. And in this instance, he is planning on a coalition to create the Soviet strength out of India with himself as the master. And now he is rising to celebrate the place of the ‘peace’ man who will settle the troubles which relate to India and China and the Soviet Union.

Do you know what is already pledged? Deep inside of India are the temples of Kali and the cult which Mennon belongs to. Do you know what the cult of Kali has pledged? It has sworn with the avengers which is the most powerful force inside of Red China, that they will never rest nor sleep until they have subordinated the Western Hemisphere and reduced America to a vassal state to India and Communism. Oh, you say, ‘this cannot be true. We should step back and trust Kennedy.’ But if you did, in five years the Chinese and Indians would be invading your continent.

We tell you tonight, that every intelligent Christian should be calling on their Representatives to break this covenant with death and with hell. That you should be repudiating Communism and Socialism and all of this evil that is destroying you. It would destroy your ethics, your whole standard of life. And you should be calling for the removal of the scourge and for the removal of these people who come here to destroy our Faith. And especially, they should not remain here when we can establish dual allegiance for so many of them.

So I say this tonight. We don’t worship a god of superstition and evil. We worship a God who is Creator in every part of the Universe. We wish all the people on earth would settle down and support themselves and their families, and pride themselves with using such knowledge as has been made available to them as to how to increase their food supplies, and to turn to the Right God and worship in Freedom, and relieve themselves from the pressures of their evil priesthood. Do you know that the priesthoods of Asia take 85% of the livelihood of their people? Do you know that the temples of India control over 90% of the jewels and gold today of that nation’s entire wealth? Do you know that they have more wealth in jewels and gold in the temples of India than they do in the Vatican?

Let me point this out to you. The ‘king’ (Martin Luther King?) went to Mexico, but we will not stay long with the ‘king’ because we don’t feel that way about him. But when the ‘king’ went to Mexico, they all came out and bowed down and said hail the ‘king.’ And then the President of Mexico and the President of the U.S. got together and then they did not said, ‘Hail Mr. President,’ they just said, ‘Hail, JFK.’ And when they came down to the ‘tomb of the Unknown Dead’ to lay a wreath to honor the American war dead, they did not say in the name of the President of the United States, he put it there in the name of John F. Kennedy. Maybe you watched it on T.V. and maybe you heard the speeches and heard what he said, ‘I present this in the name of John F. Kennedy.’ And then yesterday, the Catholic Church placed upon Mrs. Kennedy, the highest order of the Catholic Order of all of Mexico.

This is no criticism. But we do disagree with many Catholic positions. But this was the first Catholic President of the United States to come down there as such. But as JFK went down to Mexico, he did not go down as any other President who ever went to Mexico. You know the American Government has never properly recognized the Mexican Revolution. We never recognized at the time of that revolution, the breaking with Spain of this Mexican government. You see, the Mexican revolutions have always been torn up with bandits against bandits. They have continually practiced a war against America. And America has not thwarted any of these regimes. And this present regime has always been a threat to us. But yesterday, in all of that protocol and all of that dignity as it seem, our President told Mexico that their revolution and ours was just alike. That in this two brotherhoods of battles for freedom, that we had a union and a bond close as brothers. Therefore, he pledged that America would not interfere with any of Mexico’s decisions and of course, Mexico would never interfere with ours. But the support of Mexico irrespective of what she did, was supported by America.

Now, I do not know why we have to go around promising to support the world, do you? One moment the Mexicans don’t want any gringo money down there, and the next moment, we have a President down there jamming it down their throats. Then the next moment they want us to give it to them with no strings attached. And all of the time, Mexico is supporting Castro. Mexico want us to leave Castro alone. And the State Department has a lot to do with this, because it is the Russian side. They want us to accept the fact that Cuba is a friendly Communist State. And we should subsidize them so they don’t go back in to Russian hands. Actually, they have already built launching pads to launch missiles at our Eastern seaboard cities. Well, I would expect this out of a President who did not have enough sense to put enough troops into the battle to win the first round with Cuba. Let’s face it. Mr. Kennedy did not put enough in to win and now he has lost his nerve.

I am going to tell you tonight, that God Almighty is going to open up the season very soon. These words come again in this year when great measurements came in the sky. ‘I AM GOING TO USE THE HAIL TO BREAK UP YOUR COVENANT WITH DEATH AND WITH HELL.’ As Christian Americans tonight, we not only love the program of God’s Kingdom, its Grace, its Liberty, its Mercy, and its Blessings. As Christian Americans who love Christ and HIS name, we are furious with, angry over this attempt to remove this from our schools and our national live. When out of the evil from whence it comes, it scourges our lands and twists and confiscates our money and distributes it into the hands of darkness, destroying the blessings our God has given us, even like the parasites of the writings of Joel. To Christian America, then God calls on you not only to show strength, but also to call on men and women in your nation for the overthrow of this evil. I think that every Christian should write his Congressman saying that this interpretation of law form the Supreme Court is no law that we should have to accept. I think it is time that the people said that this Court has so lost the respect of the people, that we do not any longer accept it. You should stand as an American again, and call on the president of the United States to become a Christian again and repudiate the decisions of this Court, or else he should abdicate and remove himself so someone else can do it.

There is a benevolent province which looks over your land. And if the soul disagrees, ‘if the soul that threatens to disavow me and harm MY Kingdom, I shall cut that off. I will take it out of the way like an unprofitable branch.’ As we said one day, people are in bondage because of this crooked and evil priesthood. But in that hour God raised up a leader before Pharaoh and said, ‘Let My people go.’

Today, in this great nation, we also are in bondage in our own land. We are not going to bo, but we should be praising God for the Exodus. Let me tell you this---and because of the slavery and the trouble they had caused you because of this same priesthood of darkness, the death Angel caused the loss of life in home after home. The Death Angel is still at the command of the Eternal, and I am going to assure you that in your need, the Death Angel can stalk Washington, D.C. While citizens pray, while citizens denounce the evil, while citizens repent of this evil which has been joined to them, that Death Angel can stalk Washington. If the Death Angel were sent on Washington, D.C. to disannul your covenant with Death and with Hell, you will find you do not have to have impeachment proceedings, for God with the Death Angel, will prune away the branches that destroy from HIS Kingdom.

Oh, you say we should not talk that way? But you were to bind the darkness and release the Light. I think the time has come for us to ask God to bind the darkness and trim the vine. If you do not have the courage to say trim the vine, because you are afraid for yourself, then you get in adjustment with God and still say, ‘trim the vine.’ Tonight, we would invoke the blessings of God upon HIS sons and HIS daughters. And then with the goodwill born in their hearts, born of God’s Spirit, where they would like to see a world of True Peace and Righteousness, then we say, ‘Our Father, strike with the Death Angel, all those who would keep in power this evil, whether it hits the White House or the Supreme Court, or the State Department. Let the cycle of the Death Angel fall.’ Oh, you can’t say those words? Then we will say, ‘God save America.’ I think it is time that we pray that this evil which harms the minds of your children, the evil which hits your T.V. screen to turn it to propaganda and evil, let’s pray that the judgement falls to cleanse the background behind this. Let’s pray that the day comes when Christians produce the video we see on the T.V. screens of these United States.

Thus, as it was in the days of Elijah, and in the days of the promises which Christ made, as they saw the climax of the age, we now find ourselves in this situation. If a few years ago someone told you that they would forbid prayer in school, if twenty years ago someone said that the President would break the foundations of your security and upset your economy, if someone told you that no longer were you to make a profit, and that they would not give you any protection from any of the tariff programs of your society, if you would have been told that he would acquiesce to a tyrannical force like Communism, you would have said it cannot be true. All of these things have happened in your time. But that is the demonstration of God’s power to deliver HIS Kingdom. You know there are a lot of things move deadly and more evil than death. And I can tell that there are many men and women who would give their lives and fortunes and their sacred honor to see that this great nation stands tall and free. And I predict that this is your day. God has promised you deliverance. And you are waking up. Over 34% of your nation is now going to the Right. And their anger will sweep more people into your camp. This is the time to make hay on the mistakes of your enemies and see that every American is stirred as deep as you can stir them. And see that every official is stirred, until the Supreme Court quakes before the extreme wrath of God.

(End of sermon)