I Will Pour Out My Spirit, 10-8-67



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 10-8-67

As we turn to our subject this afternoon we turn to the 44th, chapter of Isaiah, and we find God speaking thru Isaiah to Jacob and to Israel whom He hath chosen. "Thus saith YAHWEH, who formed thee from the womb, ‘Fear not o Jacob my servant. For I am going to pour out my spirit like water upon dry ground. I am going to pour my spirit upon thy seed and my blessings upon thy offspring.’ Thus saith YAHWEH, the KING of Israel and his redeemed, the LORD of Hosts, I am the first and I am the last. Beside me there is no God. And I will pour out my spirit upon they seed, my blessings upon my offsprings.

We turn again into the 42nd, chapter of Isaiah, and we read; I am YAHWEH that is my name. And I will not give my glory to another people.

Therefore God acknowledges that he is the sovereign, he is the Eternal, the majestic Father. And he cites that he will not bestow HIS Glory on any other people but the house of Israel. Only Israel is my offspring, whom I have formed from the womb, shall become the receivers of my glory.

This is then what Isaiah is talking about in the 60th chapter of Isaiah as he says; "Arise and shine thy light has come, and the Glory of YAHWEH shall descend upon you." My Glory I shall not give to another.

Now we have the pattern of One God, and here he speaks out clearly to Israel---"YAHWEH, thy God is ONE LORD, ONE EL, not three people, not sitting on each side of himself, and there are not three seats in the heavens, but YAHWEH thy God is ONE God. He sits in the Celestial plain, and that plain is the overseer plain of the Universe. He exists in a body manifestation, and a spirit in all matters, thus spirit, soul and body, and HE has a body. For HE appeared as the man Christ Jesus, but he had appeared long before that. The body of the man Christ Jesus was a reformed body, for you remember that he stood on the mountain of Sinai and even let Moses see the back of God, as he walked by. And of course he is spirit, soul and body, and so are you, for you are made in the image of God. He hath formed his household, and he begat the pattern of the Adamic race, and Adam was of course the son of God, in the scriptures.

Thus, God begat Adam making him thus a son of God. And even tho Adam fell as described in the scriptures, still God declares that he is going to restore Adam and the Adamic race. For the redemption promised to Adam was before the foundation of the world. And all of this race hath descended thru this race, which is the embodiment of God. And God always had a body. Jesus the Christ was the son yesterday, today and forever. But in the instance of this we see in the earliest records of the scriptures, in the books of Seth and the writings of Enoch, that God said: “THOU ART MY ISRAEL."

From the day that Adam had been begotten in the earth, and God separated a portion of Adam, and created Eve, we discover that we are the offspring of God, and God considered this race, His issue ruling with HIM. For he told Seth---Thou art my Israel. And he thus spoke to Enoch and said, 'Thou art my Israel.' And Enoch wants to know as he saw the great fleets of transportation coming to center of the Universe, as he was in front of the throne of God. And he asked; Whom are these? And he was told these art thy kinsmen, thy relatives, my children who come from the four quarters of the universe. And some are those whom I have created who come these are those that serve me, just as they shall do again in time, in the earth. So we discover that Enoch was told these things, that he was God's Israel in the earth. And what this means is that he was God's offspring, ruling with him in the earth.

Therefore this is very deep and has a special significance. No wonder that God said,--'I will not bestow my glory upon another.' I cannot bestow my glory upon those who have not come forth in issue from ME. I cannot bestow my glory except I bestow it upon a holy seed.

And as you get into the book of Deuteronomy, you find YAHWEH SAYING: “Thou art a holy seed unto YAHWEH thy God." And again, ‘That which proceeds out of God is holy. So God says that he will pour out his spirit upon you, and He cannot pour out his spirit upon any other people upon the face of the earth, none but Israel. This is want you to understand, the scripture supports this. The spirit of God is the essence of his knowledge his intelligence, and his wisdom. And he cannot pout this out upon any other people on the face of the earth.

The spirit of God is the essence of the great creative force that holds all things together. It is the father of all matter. It is the nucleus cement that hold all things together, it is the atom itself. He created the atomic universe, and he molds and reshapes, thru out the antiquity of time. And this power that molds and shapes is thus the holy spirit of God. And this is what controls and shapes the heavens, and causes the world to turn. The holy spirit of God is the most active forced the world will ever come in contact with, and it rules the physical world. It rules all creation and is the cement that holds it all together. And it maintains the stability of all things. And God says that this is the area of my wisdom and my intelligence. In fact in the book of proverbs he speaks and he says; 'I will pour out my intelligence upon you and pour out my wisdom.’ Thus we are to understand that the concrete intelligence of God that has the ability to understand the intelligence of the Universe, is out of the mind of God, and has the intelligence to pour out this spirit upon men as thou you would pour out water upon dry ground. No wonder then that it says that you are a co-creative people. No wonder then that you are the 'have' people of the world, for you have utilized this intelligence.

More than this,---"Seek and ye shall find---and knock and it shall be opened unto you." I think that it has been established that you have done more in the areas of creation, in the areas of technology, in five years, than the rest of the world does in 100 years. Even tho the rest of the world, defies your leadership then steals your secrets. You are the creators and those who have discovered these patterns of greatness.

Many of those in your society do not always understand the mysteries of these things at work. But you find men sitting around in their laboratories and they then catch a glimpse of an idea, and they move. But this idea came out of the spirit, and then they develop it. But no other race gets this concept, and no other race develops something they do not catch. No other race has the answers. But you can find them out whether a biological whether it is an astronomical answer, or whether it is in the area of botany, but you have searched and you have found the greatest area of wisdom and knowledge, that you have ever witnessed.

Now God says,--'I will pour out my spirit upon you, and you shall have the ability to seek and to know and to find. And I will establish that you are my household and my children. There can be no question about the magnitude and the greatness of God's holy spirit. And now you say but if God pours out his spirit on people it is for his purpose.

All right then let’s go over to the book of Joel. And here in this book of Joel he speaks about how he will sound his voice before his armies, in this Great Day of the LORD. He says to sound the trumpet in Zion, and to sound the trumpet in his land, for the Day of the LORD is at hand.

You sons and your daughters shall prophecy and your old men shall see visions. Therefore, upon my household I shall pour out my spirit. And the visions that you see are what create the great structure of your technology. They are the concept in the minds of men of the visions that can be done. And thus these thoughts are higher for you are the civilization that produces it. And we see that all of this is to happen in the days when the earth is to be filled with the pillars of fire, and the days when there is knowhow. Thus it will be in the days of the atom bomb in the days of nuclear science, at the climax of an age that these things will happen.

And he says, ‘Look unto me and who call to me shall be delivered. Because HE hath promised, deliverance to all whose name is found written in the book. This is the same book talked about in Revelation when it mentions all those whose names are found written in the book. In the days when they look at Lucifer and realize at his power. But they will not wonder at the beast for they are serving the most High God. And here are all of the powers of darkness and all of the forces of evil. And HE says, I will pour out my spirit upon my sons and my daughters, my handmaidens, upon My offspring.

There is no question of this. And it is the reason why over in the book of Acts that when Jesus told his disciples to stay at the city of Jerusalem until they were endued with power from on high. On the mountain two men had come out of that craft and talked to him, and the men had told the disciples not to stand looking after this craft in which they had seen him go, but that this same Jesus would come again this same way. So they were to go back to Jerusalem and wait. And they thus waited in the upper room, and there they were talking about the mysteries of the things that Jesus had said. Suddenly the room was filled with a mighty noise, and this like the great rushing of wind. And the holy spirit descended upon that room of 70 people, there in the upper room.

The city of Jerusalem was filled with people for this was a holiday, for Israel people, and they came from all over the known world. They spoke every language from Anglo-Saxon to every language that the house of Israel had developed since they had been sent away. However, as they came to Jerusalem all of them still spoke classical Hebrew. The people in Jerusalem heard this great noise like a great wind, and they came to see what was happening. And out of this upper-room came these people staggering under the power of this holy spirit. And the others said, ‘Look, these people are drunk.’ But Peter speaks up and says, ‘these people are not drunk for it is only the tenth hour of the day, but they have been filled with the spirit of the living God.’ And then Peter began to preach a sermon that was fabulous as to what it contained as against the Jews of Jerusalem for having crucified Christ. This was a message unto Israel that the Messiah had come and had fulfill the prophecy of the Man Christ Jesus and now was fulfilling the prophecy of the spirit of this ONE called Christ Jesus now descended upon his people.

Now this was a wonderful thing for the Holy spirit came with wisdom and with understanding. And the Apostles of the church were now filled with the zest to fulfill this message. Then there were sick people standing by, and the Apostles said to them as they told them they did not have any gold or silver to pay them----"Rise up in the name of YAHSHUA,” and they got up and were cured of their afflictions.

Thus, great miracles were performed at this time. Thus the Church age started with dynamics, and with power It started because the holy intellect of the Universe came down upon men, and they were charged with the fullness of knowledge.

Now that was only the former rain. And the book of Joel speaks of HIM sending the latter rain without measure. We must remember that the good seed is sown in the ground, and if the rain comes it starts this seed to growing. But before the harvest time the latter rain descends. And the latter rain is without measure and it causes the seed plants to fill out and the stocks to get their fullness of growth, because this latter rain is just prior to the harvest. Therefore it has always been known as to be the condition of Israel in the latter days. For the coming of the holy spirit is not just to bring the doctrine to people. It is not to tell them as to what the bible says or what their religion consists of, or what bible doctrine exists. Because you have the WORD of God, you have the lip word of God, the quotation of God, of the declaration of his church thru out all ages. You know what the doctrines of the scripture are. You know what the terms of the kingdom are, and you can see what God has ordained. But the vision of and the understanding of Prophecy rises in the latter days. And this is why Joel speaks of visions and dreams to be beheld How technology will flourish and how you will go out to meet the problems that the mysteries foretell. How the mysteries of the Universe are now opening to you because you have the vision and you also have these great dreams of what is to come upon HIS household.

You have a sure word of prophecy, and this sure word of prophecy comes to pass in accordance of the pronouncements of the Most High God. Therefore God says, ‘I will pour out my spirit without measure.’ And this latter rain comes--prior to this Great and terrible Day of the LORD. But the Almighty God sends down his spirit on to his people at this time.

Oh, you say, but the kingdom of darkness moves, the kingdom of Lucifer with all of its workings is turning loose and the kingdom of God is being suppressed. No, the kingdom of God is not being suppressed it is being packed with power. The kingdom of God is being called out, they can say but they are not in the middle of the road. But who likes to be in the middle of the road anyhow. Jesus said those who are in the middle of the road I will spew out of my mouth. Those in the middle of the road are of no use to me. They walk on the fence between the truth and falsehood, and therefore are of no use, as they try to get along on both sides of the fence. Thus Jesus said those in the middle of the road mean nothing to me.

I tell you that God calls for the structure of truth in his people and in his nation. And now you see as the right moves to the right, that the left moves to the left, and gets ready for violence and trouble. And for all of these situations that you go thru then God says that he is going to pour out his spirit upon his sons and daughters I will call for my army and it shall stand up upon its feet. My intelligence and my wisdom and its great creative power is going to which created the whole universe is now descending upon the sons and daughters of God. No wonder it tells you in the 16th, chapter of Isaiah:---Arise and shine for thy light has come. The Glory of YAHWEH SHALL BE SEEN UPON HIS PEOPLE. There is no doubt about the Glory of YAHWEH BEING SEEN UPON HIS PEOPLE. Their countenances will be as illuminated as their minds and their determination that the powers of darkness shall go down and the forces of Lucifer shall be defeated. And the politics of Antichrist shall be swept from this earth. Then shall we behold that every knee shall bow, as we see this power manifested in his household. Knowing that this is the Eternal God and this is the household that he hath established in the earth.

You do not see any outpouring upon China, it is more pagan than ever. You do not see Africa turning to anyone but their witchdoctor. The only place you will find any place of spiritual responsibility is in the Western world ---"I will pour out My spirit upon my sons and upon my daughters and they are going to denounce the powers of darkness and the forces of evil. And this will not be a theology for all men will now know the glory and the guidance of God, but they need the guidance of the spirit to inform them technologically, to inform them of the glory and the power in that day.

Thus when Peter is speaking to the crowd that morning he says, ‘this is the former rain and this descended in the beginning of the church age.’ But in your time now then God's holy spirit is bringing a latter rain without measure And that my friends is not going to be partial out to a few Evangelists, for the true church is scattered out in the western world, until 1/6th of the worlds population, is virtually a part of this great church. And the spirit calls on them to stand fast to denounce the enemy, and to give them the technology that they need.

You know that the enemy works in the technology field which you have and then always steals what you have. The best example of this is how they stole the atom bomb from you. You have heard so much about how the Jews developed the atom bomb, but the Jews have not developed anything. Einstein had a formula which he called the Consonant of light. But the strange thing is that all of this had nothing to do with the consonant of light which exists at the earth's surface. Many times Light explains itself. This was just an equation to confuse. And it was not until a German scientists told the Americans how to build the atom bomb and then the Jew took the formula and hung it on his door. But he still did not know how to build it until the Jews stole the atom bomb secrets.

And as the Jews stole these atom bomb secrets, Elizabeth Bentley was the only one who was not Jewish. And the officials in this nation who were supposed to stop such a thing couldn't seem to do anything until they had gone back to Russia and they said that's too bad, they have slipped thru our fingers.

Today they are making atom bombs all right, but God is giving greater wisdom to your society. You are the creators. They are not. You had the vision. They stole the secrets. But I want you to know that the secrets of tomorrow, the secrets of space, the secrets of the vastness of the universe do not belong to them. For HE has said, ‘I will pour out on you, my wisdom and my creative power. I will pour out upon you a great creating force, such as the world has never witnessed.’ It will take the declaration of this knowledge and the declaration of the scriptures and the powers of determination, and I SHALL POUR THIS OUT UPON MY SONS AND MY DAUGHTERS WITH A POWER THAT SHALL MAKE THEIR FACES GLOW.

As the children of God emerge a powerful society again in the midst of the earth, as I pour out MY SPIRIT UPON MY SONS AND MY DAUGHTERS.

And with the directness with which God made the universe he has directed upon your intelligence, this prophecy of the spirit, which shall unveil unto you the mysteries of God's Universe. The power that will resist darkness, and the cessation of evil and upon your face will shine forth the Glory of God for these are the commitments of the Most High----"I will pour out my spirit upon your sons and your daughters. And in that day all the nations of the world shall know that I YAHWEH AM GOD, AND THAT I HAVE RAISED A FAMILY AND THAT FAMILY SHALL RULE.