I Will Yet Be Inquired Of, 6-1-62



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 6-1-62

There is no doubt that in the time in which we live that there is a lot of turbulence. And there is no doubt that a lot of things are taking place. But it has not dawned upon them as yet the impact of these events or what they mean. This is because a great number of people are asleep and emersed in their own affairs. They are not aware of the great danger which faces your society or the destiny to which their society has been committed. And because of this, some of them are sound asleep in this period of great danger. Here inside of these United States there are many forces of actions taking place. When we talk about the many problems and the great dangers which lie ahead, there are many thoughts that come to mind of the great military invasions that are inevitable being designed for you. This invasion is against your nation and all of the nations of Christendom, and this is all a part of the great Communist Revolution. They are thinking in terms of the man power which can be gathered out of Asia. The missiles which can be sent when some Communist maniac decides that the time is right. And thus they are somewhat disturbed that this might come, but trusting in the development of our technology and in the Pentagon leadership and the military ability of our society to throw off any invasion, they will dwell in somewhat of a fools paradise little realizing that the most daring force of darkness to ever penetrate your nation, the most deadly force to ever invade your nation, has already been accomplished. A great number of people are not aware of this, but a careful strategy long ago raised, was to break down the power of Western civilization. For you knew that you had to knock out the heart center from whence resistance came.

Let’s make it quite clear, that our enemies have carefully studied many patterns of science. A science especially related to the hour in a most unique way. And this was the study of the earth’s surface. A study of the raw materials and its resources. This was a study of its land masses and its ability to bring together people of like minds. This was the study of what we call Geo-Politics---the relation of man to earth and the part of the earth that he lived upon. Let me assure you that your enemy never lost sight of the fact that a study of Geo-Politics was very vital in its relationship to the earth. Carefully, they not only studied the relationship of man to the earth, but of the individuals within nations. They studied as far as possible the dynamics that make nations strong. To make them powerful, and what it is that causes them to operate. What is the adjusting factor in the areas of their thinking? For where men think is the areas from which their living emerges. So it is that you must not think that the forces against you have not made an analytic study of your society to find the secret of its greatness, and to find if possible, the Achilles heel so that they might seek the destruction of your nation.

I want you to know that Communism is just the name we give to a type of national Socialism that has been developed by internationalists on a large scale. I want you to know that we oppose Communism, for we identify it with the Red Revolution and on down thru every type of Socialism and on down to Satanism which seeks to seep into every nation of the Western world to destroy it.

We are well aware that it is not a location that we are fighting, for it is a people in many locations that are seeking the destruction of our society. We are also aware that a great number of these people are somewhat complacent in their own faith and in the security of their own philosophy in their own belief. Little aware of the fact that there are forces so dynamically opposed to the things which they stand for, so filled with evil and so dedicated to the designs of destruction, that they would use any violent means to accomplish their end. Would use any secret process to destroy the society which they oppose. There ultimate design is the enslavement of the world---master power and the lust for all that their greed can provide if their processes were successful. They are not to be dealt with as with those that are not well informed, nor to be considered uneducated. They are filled with craft and with cunning. And that, they proselytize wherever they go, those who for the lust of power, the position of office, or for a position of pseudo-intellectualism which has been elevated to a position of respect, to serve these positions after being carried away into a blind utopianism, thinking that the promise of evil being made is actually good, because they have been sold on it, or they feel that there is a reward in it.

The great part of Western civilization, is not against their own society, or against the destiny to which they have been committed. They are not actually participating in their own knowledge to the destruction being fostered upon their own society, but by their ignorance of these facts. And by their apathy of the things that they are imitating or on which they disagree. They are permitting this build up of anti-Christ to increase with force. We are quite frank when discussing this from the Christian-Jew point, that the powers which threaten the world today, are the powers of anti-Christ. The powers which would raise the world in civilization and in culture and in Peace, are the powers of God’s Kingdom and the force of Christian nations.

We are aware today, that there are Geo-Political heart centers in the centers of Christian nations. These may be evaluated by their areas of production and their raw materials and finished products of our civilization. They may also be measured as the material that makes up the sinews of substance which go into the industries of our defense. They may also be measured by the centers of technology, by their adaptability to contain these substances into the necessary requirements for survival. Or we may take a poll of the mechanical and calculated evaluation of this as the author of ‘Men and Techniques’ would have taken when writing of the capacities and the intellectual achievements of the world, and found that the people of this Western World possess this quality of know-how and this ingenuity which surpassed all of the other people on the face of the earth. History has proven that what we have stated is self-evident. But he also recognized the tremendous masses of Asia and the hoards of Africa. And the design was not to liberate these men with knowledge and with truth and develop them into a higher status of society, but to enslave and to use these masses supplying only that which they would need for the technological power to destroy the Western World. Then the ‘master plan’ was to capture and use the creative sector of society. Those that would raise great structures of and standards of liberty. To enslave first in which they made their society complicated. And then in the very course of their design to eventually use the creative technological Grace to enslave the society which they hope to rule.

Using the man power of ignorance, using those forces who are under superstitions worshiping the forces of darkness, or have been taken in by the false promises of sometimes receiving the division of some things which they did not know how, nor had never produced. This was observed in the past century as one of the great dangers of our times. And men like Spengler and others in that day, with those pictures of calamity upon them wrote such volumes as ‘The Decline of the West,’ and they well understood that there was a complacency or sleepiness over the West. They saw these advancing signs and they saw the infiltration and the permitted dwelling in our lands of those that would destroy you.

Now, we do not propose that the solution was as simple as some might have thought. Had our forefathers been more knowledgeable, there would have been more in the Constitution than there was. Had they understood as Benjamin Franklin was beginning to understand, the deadliness of this, they would have made it quite clear at that time, that this civilization was a White Western Civilization made up of many people. And we would have defined in no uncertain terms, at that time, that the process of citizenship and the containment and capacity within this nation, would have been limited to those who possess this capacity and spiritual inheritance of destiny. I think it is quite clear that if you were to study the background of the Constitution and the men who framed it, you would be well aware that these men, the majority of them having the vision and the spiritual recognition of the great liberties of the advocacy of Christianity and the mighty Supremacy of a God of Righteousness and Truth, recognizing these things, they did not intend in the formation of your society, to catalogue as men for citizenship, which under their requirements made the measure of citizenship. They did not catalogue any other people outside of that great Western society which came out of Western Europe. At that time, they did not catalogue our society, or our Bill of Rights that those within our society and were not of our race, or who found themselves in any condition of servitude, or had come into this country under any such condition,---they never intended that these people had a right such as your race, or that they were by their own concepts the sons of the Eternal.

Strange as it may seem, it is a well understood fact by all lawyers who have studied very carefully the Constitution, that if we were, for instance, determined to protect our own society, under the Constitutional legacy, which our forefathers gave us, this was a White Christian society and it did not recognize that any other people had a right to citizenship in these United States. Of course, this is being argues by members of the Supreme Court who write in their own decisions, and are writing new laws and new interpretations into the Constitution. But we should not call it an interpretation of the Constitution, we should call it what it is---and act to rewrite the Constitution by decision, and therefore, completely outside of the bounds of the authority that has been delegated to them.

So we point out to you that this is a question that is Biblical in its foundation. And that is--this great nation was a nation of destiny. This was the land of the Outstretched wings of the Eagle. This was the place across the waters, in a new land, divided by rivers. A land which God marked out with many identifications of prophecy and measure. This land a part of God’s Kingdom, was to be a single and most powerful nation, to emerge out of the leadership of the White race. Being hereunder the leadership of the Anglo-Saxon by language and by immediate foundation. And it expanded to include all of the people who came out of the Western areas of Europe, the original ISRAEL OF THE SCRIPTURES. For this nation was to become the greatest of all. That this nation would become one nation OUT OF MANY.

We point out that if you were to go study the time table of your enemy, that they have now, the Geo-Political heart center of the Western world as the United States of America,--if you were to study the material in the ‘war colleges’ of the Soviet Union, or find in the centers where the International bankers were meeting in Switzerland, and the next day in Moscow---for that is where they are tonight,---if you could see what they are studying in Moscow, you will find that they are studying how to handle the economics of the entire world. And they will be meeting in Moscow most of the summer. They plan to handle it under the Socialist Society into which you will succumb. Of course, this is their dream. For they think they make the world with their power over money. But one of these days that money will not buy even a loaf of bread.

Now, if you were to gather in the secret chambers of Rothchild or if you were to meet with the great banking circles, or meet with Ben Jacobson of the World Bank and this international settlement group, you will discover that they had charts and maps also. And if you looked at their charts and maps, you will discover that there is something familiar. For they are similar to those in the Soviet Union. And the chart rooms in Israeli are also the same, if you would only look there. And if you would look in the room where the Zionist high command meets, you will discover that they also have something comparable in their patterns of charts with that of Moscow. In fact, the aims and the understanding of the Geo-Political factors of earth are more astutely observed by your enemies than have been observed by you, as a process of survival. In fact, one of the things that frightened the enemy most was when one nation on the face of the earth said it was time the White people decided to study Geo-Politics too, and their relationship to the earth of its raw materials and various facets that were important----or race lines which were very important, and spiritual destiny and how to preserve those factors. That, my friends, meant having a solid wall of security around the administration of your nation and a selection as it related to race kind and vision for every caste or responsibility in that society.

I want you to know that all over these United States, and all over the Western world, there are assemblies of men beginning to recognize that if we are to preserve our way of life and our culture and our destiny, we also are going to have to study men and their techniques. We are going to have to study the relationship of men and their capacities and the necessary areas of the earth they must control in order to see that their defense remains strong. Thus it is that as we observe these factors, we are challenged with the realization that there is no substitute for knowledge. And no substitute for initiative than proper guidance for its use. The enemy has very carefully looked at our society. And they saw that with the emergence of the Western world, that to control its economy, was to control in a large part, the manipulative areas of leadership. Thus for years the Gold buyers had advanced into the banking system. And eventually into International Banking control. They had a one world control program for their peculiar racial background. And secondly, a world all powerful administration with which they intended to rule. They were ruthless in their desire to wipe out people of any brand or kind---willing to wage war in any one direction. But their one great fetish was to bring down and crush Christian civilization.

Oh, they were well aware thirty or forty years ago that it would not be wise to try to invade America. They were well aware that the technology of Africa and Asia had not advanced to where it could challenge the ability of the Western World. They were well aware that to accomplish this, they must first start to break down the determination of the Western World and to keep a corner on these particular sinews of survival that related to weapons of defense and military secrets. One of the first essential things then to do was to find an avenue of invasion within this society. And nations like ours had wiser leaders at one time. And we had immigration laws that were much more strict at one time. And we limited and watched very carefully, at that time so that it did not upset our balance. Thus they did not infiltrate us with unassimilatable forces. There was only one weak link in the seam of the Western world, and that was because the enemy first sought to attack her religion. A long time ago, the enemy of your race sought to break down and destroy what they thought was God’s master plan to take over the world. They knew that not only was there a Jew complex on your society, but there seemed to be a peculiar something holding them back from the greatest attainments which they were capable of. They recognized as the man Christ Jesus walked the earth, that a strange new power was being turned loose. They realized that HE had charged men in Jerusalem until they had turned against the hierarchy in Jerusalem, and that they were secretly assembling from the secret Essene Company to the friends of Joseph of Arimathea. They knew they had an underground in the armies, such as Barabbas, the nationalists who were ready to march under the Blue Tunic symbols or the KING OF KINGS. They worried about the Christ and they thought that HE was gathering a group for the seizure of power and the overthrowing of the seat of Jewry and the breaking of the hold of the Roman Empire. They believed this would establish this White race and establish God’s Kingdom supreme. Even tho this was not the time, they waged war against the Christ and they sought to destroy HIM. They watched HIS miracles and thought that this might turn to world deliverance at any time. And they boastfully lifted their faces to the sky and said, ‘HIS blood be upon us and upon our children,’ so let it be. But in the instance of that cause, they were stymied with what was taking place, the shaking earth, the power of HIS Resurrection, the strange dynamics of spiritual force, which descended upon the people even in Palestine. The Disciples of Christ, now unafraid of death and of Jewry, and of any power, moved swiftly thru out the Western world, spiritually guided as was the Apostle Paul. Even in the hour of his calling, he was explicitly forbidden to go into Asia. Rather, the Apostle Paul was sent into Western Europe where the impact of his message from Britain to the Southern tip of Rome, was one of the great challenging factors of building an indestructible Christian philosophy. Unable to accomplish the destruction of this Christian philosophy, the Jews penetrated the very church.

The rise of Constantine, the spread of Christianity, and the powers that sought to dominate empires, thought their time had come. So then the Jews turned and started to join the church. They joined the church to try to destroy it from within. They thought they would crush out its dynamics and dominant the translation of the scriptures so as to make it obscure. And their first concept that now these Western nations were rising, worried them.

They saw the power of the Anglo-Saxon. They saw the power of the Germanic forces. They recognized that the Scandinavian and Norwegian people were of the seed of an indomitable people. They saw that the world even with all of their pagan hoards, would be a world hard for them to challenge and hold. So they intensified their design. They sat in strategy in Venice and from Satan’s Kehilla from the stronghold in Pergamos, as referred to by Christ. They planned, they plotted, and they talked. And they said, ‘We sill divide ourselves into two echelons. One will go into the church. We will seek to confuse the issue and we will try to instill for ourselves, a special intellectual capacity. We will obscure their concepts. We will corrupt the very heart of the scripture that these people follow and obtain for ourselves an identity.’ And they talked about it in Venice and they started this translation position.

Here I stand in 1962, and do you know---one of the strangest things in history is planted in what they consider a part of your civilization? They had this idea that to give themselves security, they could by boring deep into the roots, that they could even strip the leaves. No wonder that in the book of Joel, that God refers to them as a parasite, like an invasion of insects, like a caterpillar, eats the leaves. And then there is the ‘Palmerworm, the Cancerworm and the locust. They strip the tree and bore into the roots and remove the very heart factors of some of it. Thus is described the parasites, your enemies would destroy your society. Very smoothly they attempted to do this. The most deadly thing that was done was to obscure in church history, the identity of the race of God had called, and seek to replace in the position, they, the destroyer, by teaching that NO MATER WHAT THEY DID, they were the ‘chosen people,’ and to be recognized as one group of people on the face of the earth who could not be touched.

You know, strangely enough, that Christianity is not particularly aggressive in this instance on this matter, and overlooked this, until moving in the church, it changed its doctrine. Then in the days of Genghis Khan, it sought to bring the hoards of Asia in an invasion against Christian Europe. And God Almighty stepped in and gave a heart attack to Genghis Khan. And then the leaders fought for his empire. Even tho they had fought to the very gates and steps of Vienna and even had crossed the Danube and gone deep into the heart of Europe. But with the death of Genghis Khan, their power was somewhat broken. But it was years after this until Martin Luther fully realized what had transpired. Calling this to the attention of his people, he said, ‘Gentlemen, there is one thing that must be understood, and I write this to the church. There is no way that the church can absorb the Jew, for the Jew must not be allowed to come in, even tho we have been erroneous in our opinions, having previously thought that they were selected of God. But time and the history of experience shows us that this is a DEMONIC FORCE WAGING WAR AGAINST THE KINGDOM OF GOD. Do not permit them in the land. Use every opportunity to eliminate them from your society. Legislate them out. Princes, rulers of the people, find a way to save the people from this their enemy.’ These are the words of Martin Luther. And these are the words that the Lutherans should remember today, because this is the reason why we have trouble from Western Berlin to these United States. Significantly, I think it would be well for you to understand that the Master Scientists plans for the conquest of the world came out of these groups. They are the master planning group inside of the Soviet, and their political Zionism and world Communism have been in league together. They speak at this moment studying the master strategy of design. And they have very successfully utilized this one blindness which was created for this area of scholarship and that was identity and the history of migrations. People overlooked the fact of migration. They overlooked the artifacts. They overlooked history. They accepted blindly the translated error that was translated into the interpretation of their scripture. Thus what was profound error when compared with the great mass of scripture too great for these people to tamper with, which their clergy should have been alert to.

Well, my friends, this is a part of the story of the ‘great deceiving,’ the super deception which swept the horizon of the world. Now, therefore, this was an opportunity to invade any country, always creating problems in the society because their minds were evil. Always running from what they called persecution because the world had caught up with them. And they found it easy then to go from one Christian nation to the other, which blindly received them as tho they were the persecuted hosts of the ‘chosen of God.’ But you would discover soon that they had brought the great curse and scourge of earth into your own land. We talk of Trojan horse, but, my friends, those refugees which you received with kindness as they moved against the sinews of an indestructible society based upon the soundness of foundation, on culture and history, would prove to be the parasites of destruction.

That, my friends, was one way---the invasion of the church. Number two was to gain control of the economic life of nations. Having carefully studied the race, they discovered that their creative abilities, their desires and their accomplishments, their immediate pleasure with the things which they possessed, in the lives of their families, were far more important to the people of the Western world than the actual accumulation of money itself, or the power which it could have. Men saved it for what it would do for their families, for the education of their sons. They did not gather it for the power which they could put around the necks of men, in order to strangle them in their business. They did not gather money in this Western world in order to control men, in order to strangle them in their businesses. They did not gather money in this Western world to control nations because they had it in their influence, and the enemy, understanding this, said, ‘we will handle the money. We will obtain the power and we will strangle the world. We will offer them the things they want so that we can gain control of the money.’ And this was the number two strategy.

But not satisfied with the fact that a nation of raw materials and the initiative and expansion as great as it was on this continent, it was almost an impossible thing to siphon enough out of this vast store so as to break the power of this great society. Thus, this nation became stronger and more powerful. It became almost the balance of power in almost any war that we became engaged in. It was the balance of the assembly line technology and vision at any time. But they understood again that these people did not march just because they snapped their finger, so they had to create a great false mass of control. And they would have to somehow sell these people on any struggle they could get them into, that this was a crusade of righteousness, that this was a battle against the darkness. How could they do that? Then into the master planning of your enemy came the idea that they must use now the power of money that they had accumulated. They decided that they must gain control over all the vehicles of public opinion. This started early with the control of the press and the beginning of the flickers---that became the Motion Pictures, and then the advance of the radio to the Television. With the use of every new media, the power of the media then became the heart of the control over these great areas of the amassing of them. So I tell you without any interference---here in 1962, that the most powerful force of control over the communications systems of the world and especially in these United States, is the anti-Christian enemy of your Faith, and the super enemy of your nation.

Generally, I am very much opposed to any power that dares to step in and confiscate ownership, or move into the position of denying you almost anything. And almost as positive, I am against the three Kennedy brothers. And if a ship went down with all three, then the nation would be saved. But for once, I am sitting back on the side lines and I am not going to root or cheer either way, for just the other day, Mr. Kennedy announced that we are going to dissolve one of the most powerful syndicates controlling motion pictures, TV and all kinds of propaganda shows. We are going to dissolve this great monopoly. And for once, I just want to see what happens when Jewry starts fighting a mad Irishman. Especially in a syndicated dynasty in the captivity of their influence with 179 out of 183 who have been appointed out of the ‘kingship’ of Jewry itself. Someone said, ‘My, is this a travesty?’ No, this is Satan fighting Satan, within a kingdom doomed to fall. Someone said, ‘Well, they will not do anything about this, so we will wait and see.’ The fact remains, that as you look out of this power of propaganda, it did not take long to control the motion picture industry until any type of false propaganda could be made to seem real.

Now so long ago, I talked with a very indignant clergyman. This clergyman said, ‘Dr. Swift, I know that these terrible atrocities happened in Germany,---effected the lives of millions of people. I know what happened. I know also about these terrible ovens and these mass burnings of these millions of Jews.’ I said, ‘Well, I am glad to know and talk to someone who was there and saw this, for I have talked to thousand of people in the course of the last few years. And I have listened to all kinds of testimony, and you are the first man who ever said, ‘I saw it. So what period of the war were you over there?’ And then he said, ‘Oh, I wasn’t over there.’ So I said, ‘Well, if you were not over in Europe, then how did you see it?’ ‘Oh,’ he said, ‘I have seen it on T.V. night after night.’ I said, ‘Yes, but those were just pictures made by the motion picture industry---maybe by Jews, to turn White men against White men, thus continued to breed the propaganda of hate with which they plunged us into war so that you could not bring the sinews together again.’ He said, ‘Oh, those were all documentary films, for I saw the seal on the bottom.’ And I said, ‘Yes, Metro Golden Mayer and everybody else put seals like that on the bottom of their pictures. This is just the program of Jewry to keep one portion of the White race angry against another.’

Let me tell you this. If these people who say ‘I saw it,’ would stop and think, they would realize that they just saw it on the reels of the motion picture world. In fact, I will tell you this. There are numbers of the people who served in the forces, who never saw any of these things until after they got home. And in the midst of seeing what was on the screen, forgot what they had seen over there. I had one young man who had been in a great part of the war who had been in Patton’s division. And he knew what Patton meant when he said they let the wrong kind of people out of jail, for we should put them right back in. And he tried to do that as fast as he could. But do you know that some of the boys who came home and saw some of these pictures said that it was hard for them to tell what unit they were in, and these pictures sort of knocked them off the Christmas tree. So you see, this was sort of like a bombardment, a design like the constant dripping of water which divide the areas of the lake. Do you know why? There sits in Moscow, as well as in Zurich Switzerland, where Jewish International Bankers meet, and down in Israeli, a realization that the strongest Geo-Political heart centers of the world lie in the quick adaptability and in the capacity of the United States and Germany to throw together more sinews of creative initiative for defense than in any other part of the world. They know also that the brilliant adaptability that of the people who stretch from Scandinavia to the tip of Italy, find their highest leadership in the technology that moves out of this strain of people which they do not understand. For when it comes to Metallurgy and the ability to provide its concept of production, that Sweden and Norway have had you to compare, when it comes to the process of stepping up the speed and putting it on the assembly line, that the United States and Germany surpass all of the rest of the world to assembly, or put together with technological efficiency, the necessary sinews of war. They also tend to stress this relationship and possibly no other area of the earth are more prepared to defend themselves. The great areas of iron found in your nation to produce the great area of steel is like that of Germany as it had the Ruhr at its disposal. They were to discover that these two areas were the most to fear for the sinewy of weapons.

They somehow discovered 50 years ago, that they must destroy these two areas. They said after W.W. I, in the preparations to induce W.W. II, that they must find some way to destroy the great heart of the Ruhr, and find also some way to destroy the great technological heartbeat of America. If you were to read the ‘post war plan for Europe,’ prepared by Mr. Morganthal, he actually intended to emasculate every German male so that they could never rise again. And then he had the design to divide the whole area of Germany up and give it into the hands of the Soviet Union. For after all, Mr. Morganthal was the designer of the plan to place the most of Europe in to the hands of the Soviet Union. Remember, my friends, that this was all with this propaganda now and cry about genocide. For the first plan for genocide, for the destruction of the race, was theirs. I point out, my friends, that in these hours, they sought to accomplish what they thought was the annihilation of the creative ability of the Judah side of this Kingdom. Then with us--America, bankrupt and in debt, would not be able to with any resolvent rise after the war---and would fall with the simple play of a revolution. Frankly, the revolution which we have fallen for has not come from bearded Bolsheviks, who have thought to overthrow us. It has come from Harvard graduates who came in by the refugee route, then while they were there, captured the sons of wealthy families who would do anything for their fortunes. It is well said that the first generation produces the wealth and the second and third generation squanders and throws it away. And in throwing it away, sometimes do more damage to the nations they live in than had there been no wealth at all. Strangely, we are in the midst of a conflict---in the midst of one thing that the war did. It provided a vast escape route for the invasion of America of a great many in number of the anti-Christian ‘5th Columnists’ to produce the seed of the revolution which you are in. Once again, we will assure you that most of the six million Jews walking the streets of America did not end in the death ovens which are making such a field day of propaganda today.

An interesting thing---one of my friends was with a group of people and they went into a ‘Kosher’ restaurant. They did not realize just where they were. Then all of a sudden, there was a big sign beside them and it said, ‘Drink this kind of wine, for this is what the King Auchman drank before he died.’ So, exploding with anger, one of the men got up and said, ‘You should tear that dirty sign down, for you even exploit your own murders.’ And as he prepared to leave, they said, ‘Oh, yes, yes, we were going to tear it down.’ Then our friend just walked over and tore it down. And do you know that this man had the nerve to say there in this ‘Kosher’ restaurant-- ‘there were no 6 million Jews put to death, don’t you know that?’ And they said, ‘Yes, we know it. There were no 6 million Jews put to death.’ So they know it. And if anyone speaks up to them, they are frightened. And my friend and his group all walked out.

Now, I do know how a person gets past that 6 pointed star to begin with. But I don’t blame you. But if you ever get in, then come out like David. Move out, my friends, with a battle cry. Let me assure you of this, for this is one of the most challenging areas of your history. For the enemy had cited you for the kill. They were unable to measure the residency of your society. They were unable to recognize the ability of the achievement of your race. Nor were they able to understand the capacity of the Christian heart. That even tho it has been mistaken from the propaganda field from which it has been pasted, into war with one another---immediately rebuilds itself and closes rank with one another. But there is a Divine Destiny in this that you cannot find the average person capable of explaining. One moment you are called upon for abandoning your own household of your own race, and the next moment you are seeing a great danger than that which you were in combat with so you rebuild the sinews of that which you destroyed until today, these are still the greatest sinews---Germany and America---against the enemy.

I point something out to you. The man of God is waking up because God had determined that HE shall. And with that awakening, we are not buying this propaganda like they thought we would buy it. And America is disgusted with the repetition of this material. They must think we are all senile and that we are all going to sleep forever. But we have discovered something. We have discovered that they not only thought that this was necessary, but a definite inroad must be made against our Faith. This has been going on for 45 years. They thought that if they picked up the theory of Darwin and sought to replace the scriptures, that they would knock out all theology. They thought that after 45 years, of materialistic atheistic, they thought that they were going to rip the Bible to shreds and knock out Christianity and replace it with materialism out of which Socialism would come without a struggle. They have been working at this for a long, long time. But somehow the numbers of those who became particularly involved with doctrines of error, were such a minority in our society, that the majority of people would rather believe ‘thus saith the LORD.’ For there was greater evidence also of past patterns of antiquity that gave no support to revolutionary processes. That is one of the great and final mysteries, that flowering mysteries and radio carbines, replacing artifacts and fossils have given us today.

When you go back and measure the measures of time, and can pull out the fossils of men one million and a half years old, and in many areas we find then much older in the stratus of earth, than the other stratus from which those evolved, we prove that there were men who walked the earth with intelligence, with weapons, and computerized also the methods of growing food, and had a culture long before the process of those steps of evolution which they try to confuse us with. And I can tell you this. Your race came and went from this planet throughout the ages of its development from the first time it cooled off. I want you to know that between the time when it warmed up and then cooled down again, your race came and went. And I say that your race came and went from the vastness of HIS Kingdom and we came in either Celestial forms or intermediary forms. But we came and went from this planet. And we have the evidence that we had been here. I tell you that people who served the MOST HIGH and dwellers upon this planet, lived here long before the history changed in the evolution period. For this evolution theory is all falling apart and no responsible scientist believes in any longer today. There may be development within species or degeneration of species, but there is no basic change in the pattern. There is no basic change even in the identifying factors. If there is no change in this million and one-half years carrying us back on the line of fossils, and you can still identify one as an Asiatic, and people can say this one is an Asiatic, and this one of a Chinaman, then pick up a 75 thousand year old skull and say, ‘that is a Negro,’---then pick up a 7400 year old one and say here is a White man, then, my friends, I am going to tell you that there has not been very much evolution upon this old earth.

Let me tell you this. The strategy they thought by which to take over a group of intellectuals, and instead of obtaining a brilliant education were actually being schooled in a tremendous amount of error, someone said, ‘are you against education and academic development?’---No, certainly not. I am not against the purpose and presentation of the law of Physics, the mastery of mathematics, or the knowledge which can be gained by the use of the laws of chemistry. I think these are excellent areas to be trained in. I am not against the vast areas of and the tremendous values which can be produced as one learns to produce music and all of its patterns. Or to understand the patterns of semantics and to find out the patterns of languages, or learn its use or developments of its culture. We are not opposed to the concepts of biology, or the research if facts. And let’s not presuppose anything that we cannot see thru the lenses or the things we cannot establish by the actual findings where we cannot say here is the evidence. Let’s not build science which is a correlated body around any theory that cannot be established. Then, my friends, you have education. But when you supplant for mathematics or for a study in economy, or in political science, the concept of your enemy, when you replace known biological facts with theories that are designed to destroy your Faith, the facts of origin and law, when you replace in the concept of a people, the fundamental principals by which their society has made its advance, then you are not getting an education. You are getting a brain washing, a binding for future servitude. And I can assure you of this. The great majority of our students of today would be better off in a school of Business Administration or in a vocational school which taught them a trade, than they would be unlearning the real values of life so that they might be the easy stepping stones to the destruction of their culture.

Someone said, ‘But that would destroy our greatness.’ Do you think so? It didn’t bother Edison did it? It did not stop the greatness of the advancements that we have made. Do you realize that most of the great scientists produced some of the greatest advancements in our society without graduating from High School. This does not mean that we do not advocate education in High School. But we are beginning to say that you better study Geo-Politics of your teachers in High School. And you better determine what your pupils are going to learn. You better create your own text books based on fact and upon history. Not, my friends, on opinions that are designed. Do you know that we are about to adopt a book in our schools in California--it will be the first in the Grammar schools and it tells us that the oldest and the first people on the earth were the Asiatics, and that they were also the smartest? For we were coming out of the caves of Europe. For we were the cave dwellers. But the Asiatics had science and they gave us our knowledge, and we evolved from brutish cave men into the White race. And we must thank all of the rest of the world for our knowledge and our culture.?

Well, they sure must have forgotten an awful lot, for they have nothing to show of this today. Do you know that in this same book the United Nations won W.W. II? But there was no United Nations at the time of W.W. II. And one of the questions that was asked concerning this text, was, ‘of course, the nations that were on the side of those that were going to be the United Nations is what they meant.’ Within the same instance of this, they were no longer talking about the great background of our history, but they were giving a watered down version of lies and propaganda to interpret history as they want you to think tomorrow what yesterday was.

You say, ‘What should be done?’ Well, my friends, I favor isolation camps for such liars and such dangerous people. I think there are lots of areas in the wastelands of California and Nevada where we could set up stockades and isolate people with this kind of a mental disease, because they do not proclaim the truth and because they are dangerous to your society, just as small pox would be if turned loose in your society.

You say, you cannot advocate that, for they have a right to teach anything? Well, they do not have a right to teach just anything to my children, while on my payroll. Someone said, ‘But, Dr. Swift, there is something wrong. We contact our Senators and Representatives from this end and they know something is wrong, but they don’t know what to do about it. They say if we try to do something about it, these advisors around the President will go right over our heads. They will go right ahead building their own Credit Union. They go right ahead building their own Targets. And if we turn it down, they put it into operation anyhow. We don’t know what to do about it.’ Just keep on talking. Just keep on awakening people. Just keep on telling the whole story. For this is how the enemy reacted. They said, ‘We cannot conquer the United States with an army. But if we can move in like a ‘5th Column’, we can capture the minds of those we elevate to leadership with the power of our money. It does not make any difference if the rest like it or not, we take them where WE want them to go.’ But what they have forgotten, is the spirit of revolution. What they have forgotten is God giving light again to ‘body politics.’ What they have forgotten is that if pushed too far, we will yet turn to our Father and say, ‘Almighty Father, give us that power that you promised. Give us that awakening that we are waiting for, give us that revival that we are looking for, give us the wisdom of understanding, of patriotism and determination for liberty. Give us men who will stand up, sun crowned men, who live above the storm.’

I turn to the prophet Ezekiel, and this prophet looked down upon this attempt to take our cities and make them waste cities, forgotten cities. He sees the heathen who thrive on their situation, and he sees them swarming over our land and into the place of finance. And he sees our land becoming a waste land of life.

Listen. God promises not only the great leadership of awakened men, who will fill these waste cities of our society, but when they rise, ‘They shall know that I AM YAHWEH.’ (Ezekiel 36). And then HE says to Ezekiel, in the 37th chapter, come over here, Ezekiel, and I will show you a bone yard. And HE asks Ezekiel what he sees, and he replies that he sees a valley of dry bones. And they are very, very dry. ‘All I see are skeletons all over and even the bones have come apart.’ YAHWEH TURNS TO HIS PROPHET AND HE SAYS, ‘DO YOU KNOW WHO THESE BONES ARE?’ These are the bones of the fighting men, the resisting men of the whole house of Israel. These are the bones of the Americans, the British, the Germans, the Scandinavians, the Anglo-Saxons. These are symbols of how they think and live at this moment. These are their bones.

Now, Ezekiel, can they stand as a great power, can they live again, can they fulfill their destiny?----Ezekiel says, ‘Oh, YAHWEH, you have the answer to that, for thou alone knoweth.’

Alright, Ezekiel, you prophesy to this bone yard. As Ezekiel asks as to what he is to say to this bone yard, he is told to prophesy and to say, ‘Behold, therefore ye bones, oh, ye dry bones hear the word of the LORD. I will lay sinews upon you. I will bring flesh upon you. I will cover you with skin. I will but breath in you and ye shall know that I am YAHWEH.’ And Ezekiel then prophesied and there was a great noise. And we heard that great noise and it started to rustle back in the day of the ‘Dies’ committee. It started to mover in the days of Rankin. It started to move in the days when Gerald K. Smith resigned his Christian Church in Shreveport, Louisiana, so as to move out in a great crusade against Communism. It started when we and others spoke out against the design to turn American White men against White men. It spoke out when Lindberg and others spoke out against the entrapment we were walking into. It spoke out, my friends, when the wave of anti-Communism started to sweep America. And it spoke out when they identified the enemy of God’s Kingdom. And the bones started to rattle. It spoke out when they said, ‘Thus saith the LORD.’ And Ezekiel prophesied and there was a noise. And bones came together---bone to its bone, and sinews of flesh came upon them and skin covered them. But still there was no breath in them. That was necessary and Ezekiel said, ‘Oh, YAHWEH, what do we do now?’ And HE said, ‘Prophesy upon them again and say, ‘oh, mighty YAHWEH, breathe on these slaves.’ And the breath of God--spiritual power, symbols of your race, when asleep, it has no power. When the society is dead, it is as tho asleep. Remember the passage in Revelation. Church and State lay dead in the street for three days. This is a symbol of your civilization. And Ezekiel prophesied and ‘the breath of God came like a mighty wind. It moved down upon them and they arose to their feet, and there was a mighty army and they moved out,’ as the John Birch Society, the Paul Reveres, and sleepy Nationalism. And suddenly, here and in Scandinavia, and the rest of the race, in a vast underground, and sinews came upon the bones. Let me tell you, my friends, there is a great army of them out there. And they are just waiting for the Commanders to come and say, ‘Let’s go.’

‘Son of man, can these bones live?’

Now, I take one tick for the house of Germany, or Judah, and all of the nations which are his companions, and Anglo-Saxondom, and the other nations of White Christendom. And I am going to make them one strong power in MY hands. And I tell you that whether or not, the processes of destiny is going to make the strongest striking power the world has ever seen, not as a majority, but as Empowered and Mighty Sons. You are a minority. But do you know where your danger is? You say, ‘Oh, but we are awakening for we are hearing the noise, the breath. And people are looking for leadership while the enemy keeps putting more propaganda in our schools. They keep right on with their system using drugs to destroy us.

Yes, we know they put out a drug over in Europe and children are being born without legs, ears, and so forth. Do you know if one woman had not stopped these Jews from putting this over, think what would have happened to the White race. I think that maybe they must have used it about 45 years ago and now some in Washington were born without brains. The MOST HIGH said, ‘now remember that in this hour this is your great danger, you have great strength, you have mighty power, you have the land of blessing. You have a great nation, you have the sinews, you have the background, you have the society. But you also have a problem.

Yes, we would say that we have a problem for the Supreme Court is captive to error. And it had the audacity to say a few weeks ago, that we could not pray in our public schools. But we have been doing that, my friends, since we were a nation. We were doing that because our founding fathers determined that was a normal reaction of a God fearing nation.

But we say we know the answer. If these men, eight of them, want to serve the Communist Party and the enemy of our society, then we will just pass an amendment giving the right of every agency of our Government to recognize God and give HIM proper homage.

And then we hear the voice of one of our awakened sons, Senator Eastland, head of the Judiciary Committee, and he said, ‘My friends, my brethren in your Christian homes, I just want you to know, we cannot do ti. We could do this in the Senate, but in the House a Jew sits on the Judiciary Committee, and he will never let the Bill get out of Congress.’ So you say, ‘Oh, LORD, what do we do now, how do we move?’

Well, my friends, your forefathers had more vision than you do. But I will tell you what you can do. Inquire of the LORD to do it for you. Someone said, ‘But, Dr. Swift, you better be careful. You are virtually praying for their death. And they are liable to lock you up for that.’ Well, that might be a bad thing if they locked up a servant of God, and then God’s hand started to move. Do you know a long time ago when there was less power, God promised for your age,---God opened up prison doors and Peter walked out. Remember that? Let me tell you something. You are in an age when greater miracles will be done than ever before. And those miracles will start taking place. Do you know who will go behind the bars? The enemy. And nobody will open the doors. And they are not going to walk out.

You say, ‘How do you know?’ THIS tells me that they are going to put a lot of people down with the Angels bound in the darkness, in judgement. ‘I will yet be inquired to do it for them.’

If you don’t think that someone better start doing something in these United States, the rights of none of the great majority, whom the founding fathers wrote a Constitution for them and their posterity are being protected. But suddenly a great cry of ‘Civil rights,’ where the issue is not involved, is passed over to people who were not involved in the writing of the Constitution----and their ‘civil rights’ are more important than a great majority which made this nation great. Their right is now to invade your privacy even tho you went so far as to provide them with the rights of education and the facilities. You took these people out of positions of cannibalism and into servitude. And then into Liberty. But you never intended to give them a liberation that involved our own rights, our own segregation, and our own privacy. Do you know that if men have any rights, it is the right of privacy? Do you know that if anything is good it is the right of contract? And the scripture holds that the Word is good; that a contract entered into by two men is an honorable thing. And now the Supreme Court comes along and says,--well, ‘if this contract has anything around the laws of God, such as segregation of real estate, separate from these people, it is not Constitutional.’ That is not the way our founding fathers wrote the Constitution. That is the way the enemy had guided the interpretation.

I will tell you what you need. Strong men. Men who form communities and say we do not have to have the law support this contract. We support it out of the integrity of our hearts. They are not going to bust our block. Some day, we may get enough power and just like our founding fathers in 1776, we will bust the blockbusters.

If you want to know what is going on, the Saturday Evening Post had an article just last week saying, ‘I was a blockbuster for the NAACP.’ And here they played this and what was it? It was nothing but a blackmailing scheme to force people out of their homes and cut down its value. It was simply a program to find a buyer and run a Negro into a community of fine upstanding people, then, my friends, try to buy the houses round about saying more Negroes are coming in, and then off a little less for the next house. So they sell. Thus, in goes Negro, no. 2. Then they go down to the other end of the block and they say Negroes are coming in, and that means they are coming into your community and into your schools. And that means that you are no longer following the processes that God wanted you to follow, as you live with your own kind. So what are you going to do? They buy the house and they put another Negro family in. There were two programs by which they brought the Negroes in. One of them was to charge them no rent, just get them to occupy the place. The other is to sell them at fairly high prices to Negro families who have been making money at suppressed rates and driving Cadillacs who have been working on the docks or in the factories. Well, these people are now moving in to these blocks where once were only White families. So now what happens? They move on to the next neighbor and pretty soon, they have broken up the block. Then they go to another White community, and they start in from Orange Grove out to Burbank. And that is what they were doing last week. And the dirty group that was doing this is called ‘Core.’ This committee which was strictly designed to produce ‘racial equality.’

Alright, where are your rights? They claim they are going to put a Negro in every block in Burbank. So what do they do? They take the Negroes out of the first houses and move them into the new ones. And then they clean up the first house, and then they sell it to White men from the East as a restricted community. Around and round the circle goes. But who is doing it? The Jews of course, and their stooges among the Negroes that they use.

Now, why does the Attorney General of the United States not step in and indict, for this practice of fraud and this type of conspiracy that upsets the rights of the great majority, these racketeers who cause such an upset in our society over racial equality? Is it that they lack the vision or lack the honesty to protect the majority in these United States? Do you know what we have to do in that case? We have to protect our own rights before this is all over. I point out to you that these are the crisis points that effect our society. And they are not only in one place, but throughout the nation.

I picked up a newspaper the other day, and it said that the greatest crime wave in the nation was in Washington, D.C. But that is understandable, because there are less White people in that city than in any other city in the United States. So you see, that the spiritual input and strength is found among your people, your race.

It says here, ‘I will yet be inquired of them TO DO IT FORTHEM.’ Yes, because there are some things because of the chicanery of the enemy to tie your hands, that people have not discovered how to do it for themselves. You say, ‘but we will get Congress to do it.’ But no. You cannot get a Bill out of Congress unless the man who sits on the Congressional center of legislation either dies or resigns. Thus, ‘I will yet be inquired of to do it for them.’

Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, there is no hope.’ Scanning the heavens a couple of weeks ago, I looked into one of the areas of the vast south at a galaxy with a powerful lenses and an optical scope. Suddenly, a moving object was moving toward the East. Then it turned and came down into what would be the north as it crossed the line of sight. And we raised the sights once again, and brought the object up. And then we doubled its magnification, and here was a great ship moving thru the sky. And here I can tell you something. It did not have a six pointed star on it. I watched and this was not a satellite, for they keep on their course around the world in a straight line. This is for those who study the sky in the southern half of California, in a rangers high lookout. Do you know what came along the other day? A great shining object with portholes in it. And they flew along beside the tower and gave these men the greatest thrill of their lives. And no, my friends, they did not come from Moscow. And they did not have a six pointed star on them. We have in the last thirty days, sighted nine of these kinds of objects in the sky over California. There are more than you think. Far more than enough to take Mr. Seller to his reward. Someone said they will never make it. But suppose I tell you right now that you have a right to call a great Archangel who serves our family. They have a right to say, ‘come on Father, we don’t know how to break this peculiar deadlock which has tied up our family with all of the additions we have made to your laws. Father, just take the enemy out of the way. Send in Michael now.’ Do you know that a couple of custodians from yesteryears could stand on either side of Mr. Sellers and he would never know it? And suddenly they might just see Mr. Sellers rising up into the air and they would say, ‘what ever happened to him?’ He might never come back.

Oh, you say that cannot happen? Well, there is another way. The earth might just open up and swallow him. Oh, you say, ‘I don’t believe that.’ Then you better go back and read your Bible. For a whole lot of them got swallowed up for just the kind things this man is trying to do to shut down your civilization. Oh, you say, ‘I don’t believe in such things.’ Well, all I can say is that I have a bigger Father than you have discovered. I think just this way, as it says over here in the book of Daniel. And Michael this Great Prince, is going to come riding in with these great ships and there will be a deliverance never seen since he threw Lucifer out of the sky. Do you know what you have not tried? You have not tried the Clarion call for help. Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, that is a great awakening.’ Yes, I can see it. And I am for it all. And god will provide the leadership. But I don’t mind if HE sends Michael, for then we will follow him. There is going to be a strong me, for God is already raising up strong men. There is going to be a clear vision, but God has already supplied a clear vision. But it is time you started on some clear vision of your own. You better supply the processes of men and technique. You better stop the decline of the West and plan on the decline of the East.

I tell you that when people of your nation call on God to do it for them, that no panic button ever pressed would bring as much result as you could get. In fact, I firmly believe that there is enough power to dissolve the enemy.

Now, I am going to tell you this. It is your job to ‘tell it---tell it.’ And it is your job to explain ‘Geo-politics.’ You better determine that you are going to take back the earth. You better determine that you are going to take back control of your economy. You better determine that YOU are going to rule in your nation, and NOT a minority that had no Constitutional right made for the seizure of your society. If there are things that you do not know how to do, don’t wait. Humble yourself and ask your Father to do it for you. Say, ‘do what we don’t know how to do, Father, and we will do the rest.’ Because such a man as Mr. Sellers--of he disappears---the greatest wave of legislation will pass the Congress, will be the most amazing destruction of the enemy seen in history. I know that if, someday, some of them were swept out of the way, that there would be a revival in Congress the very next day.

One person said, ‘Oh, Dr. Swift, why talk about it this way?’ Well, if you don’t like it this way, then why don’t you do something about it? If you do not want God to step in and do it, then what have you got planned? I am listening. You say our forefathers did it differently in 1776? Well, if you are ready to go the ‘76 route’ then God come in and to it for us. But thank god, for how it is done. But before you get thru, you are all going to march behind the sign of Liberty, that flag and that Cross. And no one will serve this nation that will not bow down to the SON. And no one will serve this nation that will kill the Son.

Do you know who you are? You are sons of the Son, children of the Light. You are a conquering offspring with knowledge and with vision. And you can behold victory. But there is one thing. You fell asleep. They sheared your locks, but they are growing back. More people are now fighting to pray than have prayed in a long time. More people have written to the Congress in the last five years about this right to prayer than have prayed except when they hit their finger or something drastic happens.

‘I will yet be inquired of.’-----Burn up the idols and set yourself free. Oh, you say, ‘we do not have any idols.’ Then what do you fear that you mighty lose if you expend your energy to light and to liberty? A lot of people are saying, ‘we do not have any idols.’ But they are still afraid that the bringing in of God’s Kingdom might cost them too much. But I have a little secret for you. If you don’t win, you won’t have anything anyhow. I do not live with this. I do not live with fears. For our Father which art in heaven has already given us a commitment. And HE is just waiting for HIS children to say, ‘give us a little help.’ Saying ‘we have a problem here and we do not know how to take it out of the way. But you just remove them and we will do the next job.’ Thus, I think the great problem is that we should ask, ‘Oh, LORD, illuminate for us the anti-Christ who dwells in our midst.’ Yes, I mean that. I think that you should begin to pray for God to remove the obstructionist standing in the way of God’s Kingdom. I think you should bind their power and call for the Angels to carry them away. You say, ‘how do we do that?’ They will send down a ship sufficiently strong to carry them away. If I told you right now of some of the things which happened in the earth in the last six months, you would not have any doubt that they could carry them away.

You know, once Eddie Cantor and a bunch of those Jews were out here in the Hollywood area in one of their community centers. And it was right after a great wave of saucer sightings. They had a government documentary film that they took themselves. And some of them spoke up and said, ‘What about these flying saucers?’ This Jew laughed, and said, ‘Well, some people think this has something to do with the return of Christ, and if it has, WE HAVE HAD IT.’ That is their story. But do you know that this is more right than you realize? They should be very happy, because they asked for it. They said, ‘HIS BLOOD BE UPON US AND UPON OUR CHILDREN.’ And we cannot afford to have them with that blood upon them in our nation. And your cry in this hour should be, ‘THY SPIRIT UPON US, AND UPON OUR CHILDREN.’

Can these men breathe and live again? Oh, LORD, only thou knowest. And this mighty army stood upon its feet. You are living in the hour when the Spirit of God has raised this army to its feet. And it is about to supply your Divine leadership and the human elements to bring about the greatest emancipation and the greatest illumination of the torch of Liberty that the world has ever seen. And when this light goes out, it will be burning over the residue of the cities of your enemies from the Steppes of Asia to the tip of Africa.

This mornings paper says that Africa is going retrograde. All South Africans must fear the 3 million Whites enveloped by the 11 million Negroes. They think that they will be destroyed, that the end of the White man in Africa has come. The L.A. Times should be ashamed of themselves for writing a story like that. Let me tell you something. The White man is not going out in South Africa. And the White man is not going out here and the Negroes are not going to stay on our block either. Neither is the enemy. For there is a great power which says, ‘I will yet be inquired to do it for you.’ If you could see around this room tonight, you would see a wall of mighty warriors, so strong no power could break it. If you could see behind you, then you would see a guardian Angel especially assigned to you in this hour. And behind each individual who dares to proclaim the truth is the light of illumination, a greater power that has ever walked the earth since the days of Pentecost. I want you to know that what your enemy cannot see, God has promised to provide. If you could see the vision and behold, then you would know that at any moment you would see the greatest catalytic power which God has promised to provide is about to move like a great Thunderbolt of God. For you---God’s Household, HIS weapons of war---so that men may live in Peace---say, ‘Hallowed be THY Name,’ and the end of the earth may also know that Peace which comes from men bowing the knee and acknowledging the God of the whole Universe.

(End of message)