Immeasurable Promises, 11-18-62



By DR. Wesley A. Swift - 11-18-62

We are discussing this afternoon the subject of Immutable Promises which are immeasurable from a natural stand point. We think this is a very significant subject at this time because in the past few weeks there has been some interesting positions taken by some ecclesiastical leaders inside this nation. We call them leaders only because they have been selected by some, or have been exalted into this position. In the areas of the Union theological Seminary and in some other areas of ecclesiasticism in the Nation they have been discussing things which are important foundations for Christians, and things which should be understood, and among these subjects the question they were trying to resolve was whether it was important for people to have any traditional ethnic background, or whether a persons background by race or culture made any difference whatsoever as to their relationship to the religious activities of the church or to any of these processes. They stressed that the important thing which they wanted to get across was that it made no difference as to anyone's race, or cultural background, or their previous religious status, or as far as that was concerned, even their temporary religious convictions, as long as they showed an interest in the acceptance of Christian values. Then they said that these principal Christian values are the general acceptance of the Fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of man, and the desire to do things that are good. This is the position that they stated.

Thus a specific question was raised as to Ethnic background, and the question was:--Since it is taught by a great many that the Jews do not constitute Israel and that Israel is to be found among Christian nations as well as other places, then is there any importance whatsoever in the identity as to who Israel is, or is there any importance in this matter? The answer of the theologians was:--It doesn't make any difference who Israel is, for it is of no significance to anyone today. The only necessity is for Christians to accept the Fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of man, and want to do good. Then such patterns of good would of course be interpreted by all cooperative ecclesiastical authority, and as long as there is just good fellowship then nothing else matters. It is generally conceded they said; that the Jews are a remnant of Israel or are what is left of Israel, but that doesn't make any difference either. For we are not interested in any of these things, in any area of ministry or in any attitude which relates to race or background. For anything which relates to race or background you just ignore, and it is to be considered not as Christian. It is to be repudiated by Christianity in America.

Now; I thought this was rather interesting, because the blind lead the blind, and they all fall into the ditch. We do not recognize these men as ecclesiastical leaders, but as ecclesiastical stumbling stones. I will point out why we have selected this subject concerning these promises, because there are some things which are very important. I think they are more important than most of the subjects of the average Clergyman across America today. I think it is more important because the only thing which is important as it relates to the worship of God is the knowledge of God, the will of God, His plan and His purpose, and the synchronization of the individual with that plan and purpose, so that He might share His accomplishments and receive the greatest blessings through this process which are possible for a man to obtain. It doesn't make any difference as to what area in which you are thinking about concerning these blessings, both mental and intellectual, both serenity and in the areas of the Spirit, both temporal as it relates to desire and possession, all of these are hinged upon a coordination of the individual and the synchronization of this individual and his life--with the FATHER. Therefore we tell you that if these things are important to the FATHER then they are very important to you. They are very important concerning as to what has been stated, and what has been said. If it makes no difference in racial background, cultural or ethnic background then of course it would make no difference as to what has been done or said, or what God purposes or plans as you read this Bible.

However this is important because this is your book. This is not a Chinaman's book or a Negroes book, it is a white man's book. Oh, you say, but we have used this book all over the world in missionary work. Yes, you can go and tell them what is in this book, but to be technically accurate you can't transfer the content of this book, or anything in it to anyone, but to those to whom it is written, and to those who are involved.

If I make a promise to my son, and it involves the property I control, and over which I have the power of disposal and then I turn around and promise I will give the property to you, and that it will be your property, this might be an interesting proposition and the property may be interesting property but my neighbor can't come along and then he claim the dispersion of this property. Or he can't go down the street and say this is a good statement, this is every bodies promise---No promise relates to anyone except to whom the promise is made, and if the promise is given to one person, and then fulfilled in someone else it's a bad promise and the person who is responsible for carrying out the promise is the testator who makes the promise.

I think this is a significant thing, and I want you to turn with me to a passage which many of you are very familiar with, but which becomes a very significant promise. We must remember that the Apostle Paul was given one of the finest educations. He had not only been trained in the areas of all contemporary knowledge of theology, but like Philio he had the background of the Alexandrian Ecclesiastical approach which was the finest, both intellectually clear and pure interpretation of knowledge of theology of his time. More than that he had a background in languages, such as Greek and Latin and others, and he was a master of philosophy, and when he was called into the ministry of God by the miracle of experience he had the unveiling of the spirit to bring him into the knowledge of all truth. Then added to this was the unusual experiences of the Apostle Paul as he was carried into the heavens out of this dimension and into the presence of the Most High and the Holy Angels, and into the presence of the many kinsmen you have scattered throughout space. He was given the knowledge to write the Apocalypse of Paul, and given spiritual revelation as well. He tells us how he went into space, and how he came back. He knows what he is writing about, and I consider him one of the significantly important Ecclesiastical writer of all times, and this also must have been embraced by the entire contemporary Church in the days if the acceptance of the scriptures, and the passage in the day the Bible was made. Because the Apostle Paul has more text matter in the New Testament than any other writer.

Now; we point out to you that the Apostle Paul made this statement: "Who are the Israelites"--Now; of course this is an unnecessary question to the modern Christians, so we have been told the past two weeks by these ecclesiastical leaders who are determining what is important. It is a very foolish thing for us to waste time even to discuss these matters, if I am to accept Union Theological Seminary Theologians opinion and a few others in like name.

"Who are the Israelites?" I am going to tell you what Paul said: (Romans 9:4) "To the Israelites pertaineth the Sonship"--The word here is huiothesia in Greek, and translated here as adoption, but it means positioning of sons as to the timing of their birth. Alright then: who are the Israelites, to whom pertaineth the Sonship, and the glory of God? To them pertaineth the covenants, immutable promises, and the giving of the law, the seat of administration, and service of God, the Kingdom. The carrying out of the Kingdom, the carrying out of His will, the bringing forward of the Kingdom, then the carrying forward of the divine purposes and then the promises.

This is not an addition, this is a very important thing because to the Israelites pertaineth the promises of God. No wonder that some of the egotistical, materialistic people scattered throughout our land today say that it doesn't matter who you are, or where you came from. It doesn't make any difference as to your identity, just forget that subject, but when you forget that subject you have surrendered a knowledge of your heritage, your power, and a knowledge of the promises. All these silly people who say the promises have been transferred, all the promises of God have been given to just anybody in the world who wants them, strangely these people do not deny the existence of God. But they deny that Jesus is God, they deny that when God was embodied as Jesus in the earth that He was God. But they do recognize that God does exist, and they talk about Him in the abstract, and they are willing to grant that He has power, that He is the Sovereign of His Universe. That He makes promises, and they admit that there are promises in this book. But they insist these promises no longer belong to the people unto whom they were made, and now they belong to everybody who wants them. But if the promises are not kept with the people with whom they are made, then responsibility for the keeping of promises fall on the one who made them. I point out to you that as the scriptures say, that the service of God, and the purposes and promises belong to Israel, then it is important to know who Israel

is, very important.

Back in the periods around the war many books were written like, "Vanity Fair", and "Disgrace Abounds", by the distinguished European author, Douglas Reed. He was a fine man, and he was writing from keen observation in his relationship to newspapers, and to European affairs. He was on hand and every where he traveled through Europe and Africa and so forth, he observed, and wrote these books out of deep and valid factors of his experiences. There were certain things that he understood and he learned that there were international people, and everywhere they went they made trouble. They were involved in everything by which they could make money. They were behind the business of the brothels, behind the drug industry, behind organized crime, and even catastrophes and wars, and all areas by which they could make money. They were an oppression, a curse, a disastrous factor, so Douglas Reed incorporated all this in his book. This was his honest observation of these trouble makers all over the world. But he had been effected by the Episcopal Rector and had been taught certain areas of Ecclesiastical interpretation until although he saw all these things, in his book he finally got around to write a chapter and in this chapter he wrote: "How odd of God." He wrote this chapter because the Jews did all these things, and he saw their work and he realized that a Jew is a Jew, so he wrote--How odd of God--and he was trying to reconcile in his mind what he had read in the Bible as to the work of the people of God, and these Jews who in no way had any part, nor lot with what God said his people should do. So Reed looked into the matter and he saw the catastrophe and manipulation of the Jews all over the world, and then he wrote the chapter in which he said: How odd of God to choose these Jews as his chosen people. These Jews who say they are to be exempt from criticism, and anyone who curse them is to be cursed. How odd of God.

Well, of course, we could eliminate this misunderstanding by Douglas Reed in a moment because when God makes a promise it has to be fulfilled in those people unto whom the promise was made. It is an important thing, for not only the carrying out of the purposes of God, but for the peace of mind, and for understanding the patterns of history and the world today. It is important that one understands who constitutes the Israel of God--Who constitutes the divine race placed in the world, who are the heirs of God, and to who do the promises go? From that the whole validity of the Christian Faith rises and falls. It is quite clear that even the new covenant which is the foundation on which the entire New Testaments is framed is important as to who Israel is. We are told: "I make this new covenant with the house of Judah and the house of Israel", if it doesn't make any difference who they are, then all New Testament religion and all New Testament foundation is a usurpation upon the people who have it, if they are not Israel.

We turn to the fact that this book was written to the Adamic race so it is surely important whether or not you are an Adamite. It surely is important if you have come down through the house of Seth and through Noah, and your genealogy is tied to Shem and tied to the covenant God made with Abraham.

Who are the Israelites? To who pertain all these things, all the promises? There isn't any question of this, but let's just start close to the beginning of Christian events as the Holy Spirit moves on Peter. In the book of Acts, Peter is talking to a people and he says: "For the promise is to you and your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as YAHWEH--Our God shall call." Acts 2:39

I think it is a rather significant thing when ministers preach a sermon and it names a specific people, and he can say: The promise is made unto you and your children. Significantly there is nothing as important as to know what God has promised to do in this book. As far as to know that God has made promises accepted even by some of the most realistic of Clergy. The fact that they can't throw out all of the scripture because they have to retain some of it to use the foundation of their Faith. So we have this peculiar situation today of the blind leading the blind, and they all fall into the ditch, because they do not know what to do, or how to get there. Even the President of these United States, and a great number of your race are surrounded by advisors who are the most evil of all time and history. If these men of your race knew that they were Israelites and knew what the promises of God, and the purposes of God were for them and for their nation, they wouldn't act this way. I am willing to grant that this would get through to everyone of these if they understood this, because almost all error starts where men think. That doesn't mean we can excuse the depth of the error but we can explain it.

I point out to you that when you have an area of blankness in human thinking upon which you can lay the foundation of national and international misery, and you can lay a foundation which leaves people perplexed instead of understanding these facts, then that is the one thing you have to get the lid off of, and its the one thing you must get across to the people. Until that is done you will be in continual problems.

We turn in recognition of how important this can be into another passage which deals with the promises of God, and we cite to you that when it refers to the Israelites as the heirs of all these factors, that it points out something of great significance. Galatians 3:16

Now; to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. The general recognition that the seed of Abraham is called the rulers with God, although the word proceeded Abraham, because Israel meant rulers with God and was also tied in with the concept of The Issue of God--that this covenant and promise which makes up the covenant and promise is the basic pattern of the fulfilled events and the inherited events of the scriptures. To Abraham and to his seed were the promises made. They were not made to seeds as of many--they were only made to the seed line which was spiritually capable of carrying out the destiny of the promise. They were the only seed line through which Christ was to emerge. This is why an older text like the Alexandrian text on a subject such as this--not touched by ecclesiastical interpretation said: One seed line through Isaac out of which Christ came. The translation here says and to thy seed, which is Christ, but that seed was the embodiment of the right spirit of God, the incorruptible pattern of seed. Thus when God made the promise to Abraham he said: I shall bless him, but out of Isaac shall the seed be called.

Thus I point this out to you that these people who qualify as the descendants of that seed line have the promise. A lot of people have tried to make this a conditional promise to this seed, but lets go back and see what YAHWEH God had to say concerning this seed line. He said: I will make my covenant between thee (Abraham) and Me and I will multiply thee exceedingly. And then He said: Thou shall be the father of many nations, and I will make thee fruitful and Kings shall come out of thee, and I will establish My covenant between thee and Me, and thy seed after thee in their generations for an Everlasting covenant to be a God unto thee and thy seed after thee. An everlasting Covenant. Genesis 17:6-7

Now; if God made promises and made a covenant and it pertains to power and nations and to His Kingdom as it develops in the earth, then to me that is important, irrespective to the thinking of a lot of nitwits--theologians--in this generation, who say its not important, and has no bearing on our lives.

I tell you that it is very important--God goes further, and He says He will establish this Everlasting covenant with Isaac, and with his seed (race) after him.( verse :19)

Then God says: (vs:8) I will give unto thee, and to thy seed after thee, the land where in thou art a stranger, all the land of Canaan for an everlasting possession and I will be your God.--You can go back into the 12th., and the 13th., chapters of Genesis as well as where I have been reading here in the 17th., chapter as God talks about this and it is an enduring covenant.

Let's turn for one moment to the 7th., chapter of Deuteronomy, and here God declares in Verse 1---"YAHWEH thy El shall bring thee into the land whither thou goest to possess it. And has cast out many nations before thee, the Hittites, the Girgashites, and the Amorites, the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites, 7 nations greater and mightier than thou:--Alright God is saying---He shall bring you into His land, in His world which He wants you to possess, and these 7 nations with their evil and their power He does not want you to recognize. You are to push them out of the way.--WHY? Because you are the program by which He brings in His Kingdom.

Now; listen; this is why it is important that we know who we are. Not only is the instructions given here as not to mix with other races but it says: Do not make marriage with them, or you turn away from your God and this brings your destruction to you. In this way you lose your vision, your culture and this is the instructions of the Eternal for your well being.

I think it is important for us to know this, for this is what God says about you: Vs:6--Thou art a holy people unto YAHWEH thy El, who has chosen thee to be a special people unto Himself above all the people upon the face of the earth.

Now; don't come along and say I don't believe in a chosen people theory, like that. I don't believe in a theory either, but I believe in the absoluteness of that statement. I believe in something correlated from facts. I believe that YAHWEH said: "I have chosen thee", therefore I am not going out and repudiate what YAHWEH has said. VS:7 And YAHWEH did not set His love upon you, nor choose you because ye were more in number than any people; for ye were the fewest of all people,"--you are the fewest among the peoples of earth and still today only 1/6th., of the population on the face of the earth today. You were chosen because of what was in you, of who you were, what God had begotten and established in the creation and the production of your society. And because YAHWEH loved you and because He would keep His oath that He had sworn unto your fathers. This is an immutable Oath. He would keep the oath sworn unto by your fathers that YAHWEH brought thee out with a mighty hand.

Now know this: Vs:9 "YAHWEH thy EL, He is the Eternal One, the faithful God which keepeth covenants, and mercy with them that love Him, and keep His commandments, to a thousand generations. If you want to call a generation only 30 years long, then we see that He is to be a God to us as to His promise to Abraham, then we would have 30,000 years before anyone would begin to question whether we were to fade from the earth's scene at all. Here is a declaration by which God tells you that He has chosen your race above all the peoples of the earth, for at least 30,000 years. So if you want to cut it down to 20 years as a generation still since you have only been here for 7,400+ years, we still have somewhere a great and mighty people, the people of God's Israel, somewhere in the world, and you better find them when you talk of the chosen people.

We don't have any trouble finding them when we look at America, or Germany or Anglo-Saxondom at Large, or at France, or Scandinavia, or anywhere you find the white nations, for you find them and they are still the white race and they still have the same God. More than that don't let anyone take a bunch of scurvy group revolutionary Cainanites and pass all this over to them because they don't accept HIM, they don't have the new covenant either because the new covenant----WHICH WAS INTRODUCED BY THE MINISTRY OF CHRIST was made with the house of Judah, and the House of Israel. The House of Judah and the House of Israel were to be HIS witnesses all over the world that HE the Eternal YAHWEH--is God.

"I alone am thy Savior--I alone am thy Redeemer"

Who are the Israelites? They are a mighty people who have increased, and spread as the sands of the seashore, and the stars of heaven. Yes, I can find the people who recognized the Messiah--I can find the people who are the children of the Kingdom. I can find the people who constitute the white race, and the House of Israel, and today this is very important. I am going to tell you that there is nothing of this book left worthy of consideration as an operation, which has not been given to Israel.

Now; therefore saith YAHWEH---I will be faithful to keep My covenant with this seed, for 1 thousand generations. I received a communication one day from a Clergyman who said: Dr. Swift, that was all set aside one day when these people disobeyed the law, they lost all these covenants so they were no longer to be a great people because they just didn't keep all of the law---they disobeyed.

I didn't answer this man myself, I just had to turn over to Galatians and to read:--"For unto Abraham and his seed were the promises made". One good thing to know is--all you have to do is get a promise out of the Father--and you are in. Then the maintenance of the promise is up to HIM, it is HIS responsibility for the maintenance of the promise and to pour in the ingredients to keep the promise in operation. Therefore I say that the covenant and promise that was confirmed of YAHWEH, even in HIS own Messianic destiny to fulfill this incarnate in the earth.

This is exactly what Galatians 3:16 says: This covenant HE made before unto Abraham, forehand and covenanted in Christ, which means it took HIS embodiment to fulfill, this covenant took every curse and lifted it and every judgment, by HIS Atonement, off of His sons and daughters. HE says that the law which HE gave 430 years after cannot make this promise of none effect. All the promises of the law were an introduction into a complete understanding of how men should live in relationship to every phase of life, for that period, and that time, and for the conditions of creation, and many patterns of this law holding for our own good, hold out to all times. Things that are right, right now, is always right. Now; under the patterns of the law, the law said to do this and you are blessed, do this and the curse descends upon you. But God doesn't have to take time out to deliver any of these chastisements on you, because this is the law of cause and effect, and when you violate the law the cause and effect you set in motion punishes you. But let me point out that one of these areas of the law, given with any pattern of condition which is self fulfilled could set aside what was originally given unto Abraham 430 years before. Nothing could set aside what the Eternal YAHWEH said:--’This is an Everlasting covenant and I swear this oath by My righteousness, by My Holiness. And I am going to keep this covenant, this promise, and I am going to make it come to pass.

Any time men go around and try to limit God on human emotions and human reactions they would then limit God on the same framework of failures, and incapacities. Really, we don't have to make excuses for YAHWEH, I don't have to make excuses for YAHWEH, I don't have to defend HIM, I don't have to apologize for HIM. I don't have to feel sorry for HIM because I don't feel any of these emotions at all. HE is absolute, the Master of, the author of the Universe. HE owns all things, and all things are in HIS hands. HE can pour any ingredient into any situation to get the results HE wants, and HE will get every result of everything HE has promised.

Some people say: I feel sorry for God, how HE must grieve when HE looks at this earth. If God feels bad about it HE will do something about it because HE knew all about it before HE set this up. I'm not going to loose any sleep waiting for God to come to the time when HE wants to do something. All I am going to do is ask HIM to lift a little of the pressure once in while as it gets a little heavy. I want you to understand this. The only Serenity of Spirit which you can have in the disturbed world you live in today is a coordination of your thinking with the objectives of the FATHER. Then you don't always feel so disturbed when it isn't stepped up on your side.

I talked with a very good Christian and a patriot and he said: I just don't understand this last election, I definitely prayed that certain people would be elected, and they didn't get in, so how do you explain that? I said: Well you are talking about a very fine congressman, but the enemy just gerrymandered so many Mexicans and Negroes into his district that he couldn't get elected unless he had the people of both parties voting for him. So the only way for the implementation of that prayer is for you to pray for the day when all the people are back under their own vine, and own fig tree. Then you can elect your own kind of people. God hasn't failed, but one of these days everyone in your neighborhood is going to look like you.

Now; you say, but why doesn't God answer my prayer? Well, every time He delivers truth and stirs people into racial respect, every time He delivers truth which causes them to reconsider their relationship with God and their living, and they put their shoulder to it he is answering prayer. Every time they work for the kind of

America we grew up in, for this kind of a society we had before this thing descended upon us, then they are working for the restoration of that promise. When God stirs people up he is working on the human side to get it done. I can tell you that millions of people are coming alive, and they articulate to your Faith, because they are suddenly aware of who they are in relationship to God's promise. A man said what is the first thing you think we should do in our Republican Club. I said: you will think this is funny, but the first thing that you should is preach them a sermon, because if they do not know who they are they don't know much about anything. They cannot solve America's problems today until they recognize their identity. They will never claim the promises until they know who they are. They will never execute their inheritance, or know how much power they have for victory, until they know who they are.

I am going to tell you that there is all power given to the sons and daughters to carry out this objective, and there is no power or weapon that can stand against you when you are carrying out this objective. I turn here to his declaration of the Eternal:---All of these things (nations and powers) I will deliver into thy hands, I want you to know that I have loved thee. I want you to know that I have chose you, that I have placed you above all the peoples on the face of the earth----YOU ARE MINE.

I can't think of anything better to come out of the voice of God. I can't think anything better than to have him say----I love you--I have chosen you--and I have put you above everything. I will put everything out of your way, and you will see the Kingdom come in and none of Satan's tricks are going to win.

Talk about Promises: Someone said the most important thing is to get everybody in the world saved. Well, I'll buy that if you know what it is all about. If you had everybody in the world saved you would have them out of all their errors. You would have them living according to Divine Law, and that would be a good thing.

Promises!!!! Listen!!!! Let's go to the book of Isaiah 45:11--Here is one of the things it says:--’Thus saith YAHWEH, the Holy One of Israel--Thy Maker: Ask me of things to come concerning My sons.

Alright: what does He say He is going to do? He said He was going to you, His people, to set all the captives free. He said He would use you to free the earth and to put down darkness. Then He makes this statement (Vs:17) Israel shall be saved, IN YAHWEH, with an everlasting salvation; Ye shall not be confounded, world without end. Thus throughout the world to come, you will be justified in His righteousness, His knowledge, and in the implementation of His power you will accomplish the work He has ordained, and you will never be ashamed. Now, every once in a while I get ashamed for the President or a former President and I wonder how he ever arrived at his position on a matter. We become ashamed because he didn't hold up the standard of the Almighty. But what is inside you that makes you ashamed when His standard is not held up? A knowledge of His Kingdom and of the purposes of God, the will of God, of His civilization, of His status. When things don't measure up to what God has already put in your heart as to what His children should do, you are then ashamed of them because they are related to you and they are not doing what they are supposed to do.

Alright: this is the promise----The hour is coming when this will be accomplished---All Israel will never again be ashamed. All Israel will be saved, meaning all Israel will think right, act right and do right. The Almighty isn't talking about some terrible perdition somewhere in space, He is talking about the perdition, depressions, and catastrophes you go through here and now. Don't start applying celestial law to a physical world for a physical condition.

Here is how good this promise is:--’First to Israel---Saved, wanted, unashamed, triumphant, and in power. With YAHWEH saying: These are my sons and daughters, this is My family, this is what I promised, this is what they have done for the earth. Now look unto ME all the ends of the earth, ALL FLESH, for I am YAHWEH, and there is no other. (VS:23) I have sworn by Myself, the word has gone out of My mouth in righteousness and shall not return, that unto Me, every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear.

Now friends: that to me is an immeasurable promise and if all the Churches of Christendom started to preach it they would have a new look upon their faces. This not only reaches out to the race by whom God will accomplish the awakening, the administration of His Kingdom, but it determines the sovereignty of Divine power the accuracy of His purpose, that He said: that every individual in the earth is going to come to this saving relationship, and having all error destroyed. All thinking will be with correctness, and there is one thing that we want you to eliminate from your thinking. We do not function within the pattern of the principals of revenge. We operate on the principal of inheritance. This is our world because it is our Father's, and He has given it to us. He tells us that we are going to sit with Him in the seat of administration. We are going to rule over the earth. When embodied as Messiah He told us that His sheep nation, the Christian nations, the house of Israel is to rule over the whole earth, and have its administration. That the goat nations and those without the spiritual capacities which were in your race from the hour of Celestial birth, and your earth's inhabitants, these people will be

ruled by Israel, YOU, and this is a part of their Salvation. This is what YAHWEH said you were going to do, and yet here today we find many saying, it doesn't matter whether you are Negroid or Chinese, it doesn't mater as to your Ethnic background, because now everything is the same. But it is not the same, according to the BOOK, because the promises are fulfilled by the nations of Israel, who do His work. They cannot be fulfilled by any other people, because they do not have the Celestial or Spiritual capacity, or the point of origin, because they do not have the necessary ingredients.

However, if you want something of great magnitude, then a theology that ends up torturing all these people forever and forever is not as great as this one here in the book of Isaiah, where YAHWEH, our YAHSHUA says He is going to save them all. I don't care for theology which wants to see everything forever and forever put through the rack of perishable and Eternal destruction. To me it isn't as good as one which says:--"Come to Me all ye, the ends of the earth, for every knee is going to bow and every tongue to declare.

I know that we are responsible for the hour in which we live, for the events of that hour, and the accomplishments of the rise of YAHWEH'S Kingdom, and for the overthrow of the darkness. I will be implacable and continually relentless against all the communist forces of the world. I would battle against them until they are utterly broken and destroyed. I would launch any weapon of destruction that is essential for the destruction of their entire armies. None of these things disturb me because this is what will happen. Before we are through the forces of world communism will be broken, smashed and destroyed, before the armies of the Kingdom of God. But at the same time with that existing process, the soul capacities within them, and the eventual declaration of the Father concerning the reconciliation of all things could let me carry out His judgment, for the establishment of His Kingdom, without worrying what would happen to them afterwards, because we destroyed them in their evil as they opposed the Kingdom.

We have to many people today who are afraid to overthrow communism. They are afraid in their ecclesiastical background, and their strange thinking, they are afraid to oppose the enemy because they are afraid of what will happen to them if they die. I am not worrying about what happens to anything that dies because our YAHWEH is the Lord of the living and not of the dead. In fact, I know that the enemy isn't as worried about dying as are Christians.

Now; you say why? Well look at Judas of Iscariot. That is part of the mystery of the background of Judas as the son of Perdition. Judas was selected by Christ as one of the twelve disciples because He knew what Judas would do, but this was also an object lesson He wanted to lay before Christians at all times. He knew that Judas would identify himself, and He wanted Christians to know that you could never trust a Jew. I think people should understand that fact. If there is a Jew in this crowd today and he doesn't like what I just said, then he should go to a synagogue because he will never like what I say. You couldn't make a Christian out of a Jew in the classification of a disciple, or in the areas of Sonship, if you preached to them 2000 years. Judas of Iscariot walked with Jesus those 3 years of that tremendous ministry of miracles and in that close connection with God Almighty, where he could hear His words which were meat and drink, and food, and people said: Never a man spoke like this man spoke, and yet Judas sold Him for a handful of silver. Nobody else among His disciples or His group of followers was capable of that. One day when Jesus was not going to take any more of this without identification then He said (John 6:70-71)--"I have chosen you twelve. and one of you is a devil."

Now, HE expected Judas to act like a devil, and he did. He talked of Judas of Iscariot in that identification and after that the A.D.L. was alerted, and the B'nai B'rith moved in so we are told in John 7:1, that although Jesus was Almighty God, HE walked in Galilee because he would not walk in Jewry anymore because they sought to kill him. Why? Jesus has put His finger on their own man.

What I want you to understand is that Judas wasn't afraid to die, he just didn't want to be around Christ after the Resurrection. You say; what do I mean? Well, when Judas betrayed Christ and Christ was crucified then Judas went out and hung himself. And in Acts 1:25 as they were choosing someone to take the place of Judas then we are told: And Judas who by transgression fell, went out and hanged himself, so that he might go back to his own place.

In the Alexandrian text it says Judas hanged himself to get back to the Netherworld. In other words he was out of his own environment, and he knew it, and he was afraid to stay in the same world with YAHSHUA, the Christ, after this great drama was all over with, so Judas killed himself, and went back to the Netherworld.

Thus do you think I am going to worry about devils? Do you think I am going to worry about their getting back where they came from? It is significant that we realize that there are Promises here that even reach to devils, but they reach through the Kingdom, and through the purposes, and through the plan. But the promises of this book concerning the Kingdom of God, concerning Christian civilization, concerning Blessings and development, these belong to you, and you cannot give them to anyone else. What belongs to Israel, what belongs to Christendom, that is Israel embodied, you cannot give to anyone else. But there is a day coming when every knee is going to bow, including even devils, including even the Arch-Lucifer. Then we won't call him the devil or Satan anymore, and that is the day when he is going to worship at your feet. That is the day we are told about in the Book of Revelations when they will be singing hymns in the heavens above as the Celestial choir exalts the greatness of YAHWEH, and they will be singing on the earth as well, and yes, even in the Netherworld (under the earth). All will be singing hymns to the ONE ETERNAL YAHWEH (God).

I point out to you that the promises which reach out to the eventual establishment of YAHWEH'S Kingdom go through a lot of conditions between the fulfillment of its finality and now. They deal with struggles, with battles, with Armageddon, with spectacles greater than the world has ever seen. They deal with great struggles in the earth in which the very armies of heaven will be reintroduced into a physical world, by the very presence of the Eternal. They deal with events not very far removed from you which will be the most challenging thing which ever happened to you. But I am going to tell you that no place within this picture is there any doubts of the outcome, for we will all come in line with the purposes, the plan, and the promises of the Almighty.

I cite to you that the most important thing for a child of God to do in this great plan is to be working for the cleansing of America. For the elimination of the Cainanites, for sending them back to where they came from. For the establishing of a nation with racial purity, and a basic pattern of responsibility. This idea about cosmopolitan, international, great melting pot is not America. It is not even Christian, for if the world was to think, if your national leaders were to think that America has to be a melting pot, then every true son of the Living Father should rise up and say: We are going to disperse this melting pot program, and we will come up with a people loyal to the Father. If you say we have to have a melting pot, then put that melting pot down in Palestine, because there we find yellow, black, and red ones, but they are all the same.

We have a visitor in L.A. right now with a captured mind. He is not one of them, but he might as well be. He is Harry Solomon Truman, and he isn't as smart as his namesake. David Horowich conned him into recognizing Israeli, but if his preacher had taught him who he was, he wouldn't have done this. Do you know what they are going to do in this ceremony in L.A.? They are going to give Truman the staff of Israel, but Moses did look like him, and Moses never had a staff that these people gave to Truman. Then he is going to hang a six pointed medallion around the neck of 6 people, starting with Jack Benny, then General Bradley, and another General, and all of this is to raise money for little Israeli.

The reason I point this out is because most of these people don't know who they are. Most of these people think they are being honored by the chosen people, but deep inside they don't really like Jews. Harry Truman is just a politician and he really doesn't like the Jews either. You say: how do you know? Well before he got pressured, and scared by David Horowich he told them off with his usual eloquence. I don't think you would like them either if you were in business with one and the firm went bankrupt and you had to pay all the bills because your partner wouldn't. That little politician did pay all the bills after taking bankruptcy, but that is what he got for going into business with one of them.

I tell you again that if there is a transgression, a rectifiable one in the conscious existence of people it is for permitting oneself to dwell in ignorance. In ignorance concerning the one thing of most importance, that being God, His plan, His purposes, and His people is the most inexcusable of all. To talk about the Holy Word, and then don't believe it. To talk about the Bible and not extend it. To talk about a Christian's responsibility, and then eliminate the promises, eliminate the Glory, eliminate the services of God, eliminate the Sonship, and what have you got?

Now: reverse this: If you go out of here with the knowledge of son ship, that you are a child of God as the Apostle Paul told you as he said: His spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God. If you go out with the knowledge of Sonship, whether you are Greek, a Roman, or an Anglo-Saxon knowing what Paul meant when he said: All our Fathers came through that water, all are Israelites, if you come through that line.

Someone said: Dr. Swift don't you believe in British Israel? If you mean by British, God's covenant man, yes, if you mean that all the Anglo-Saxon people, and they alone are Israel, then no. For every White man out of the ethnic background of the twelve tribes of Israel is an Israelite today. That included the tribe of Judah, but it doesn't include one Jew on the face of the earth today.

The church of Jesus Christ is an institution which can never be destroyed. It was to resist all the influences that will seek to beat and destroy it. The message that it carries is to be the oracle of everything which is included in God's covenant and promise. It was to be the declaration which was to operate a functioning spiritual center in the nations of God's Kingdom. There is nothing which you are more responsible to than your service, and ministry of the Church of Jesus Christ. There is nothing that you are more a part of than the nations of God's Kingdom. There is no greater promise than the expectation of the establishment of the authority of Christ with His Kingdom in the world. This is referred to also as, the Great and Blessed Hope, and it is based on absolute Promise.

Therefore I point out to you that if you go out of here knowing that you are a son, knowing that you have been positioned by God as an act of destiny, knowing that He even times your coming and wrote your name in the Lambs Book of Life, to the exact hour, then you are learning. If you think that when you were born that it was just a biological pattern of events, and there was no pattern of spiritual destiny involved in it, then let me tell you that even the chain of biological events was even in the course of destiny. Because the hour of your birth was known, the hour that you came in, and if you are to leave before these events are all consummated still the hour of your coming in, and your going out is known unto the FATHER. There isn't one hair of your head that the Omniscience doesn't know. The Sovereign knows His sons, He wrote their names in the Lambs Book of Life. He ordained that they were going to accomplish their fulfillment. Oh, yes there are a lot of casualties, there is no doubt of that, and these casualties can be changed with events. But my friends, the Kingdom of God is built upon indestructible promises of restoration, of Majesty Glory, and Timeless Glory, for the purpose of the Father.

Alright, you go out of here knowing that you are a son, knowing that He wrote your name in the book, knowing that you were with the Father before the world was framed. You go out of here knowing that God bestowed a law of government upon your race, that you are the instrument of His law, that you are the instrument of His Kingdom. You go out of here knowing that the covenants He made with your race are still in force, and that no condition, mistake, or error on your part can set them aside. You go out of here knowing that all these precious promises belong to you, so you go then, knowing that you are an Israelite. Before you throw that away in your mind, remember you can't throw it away, you can't make a Chinaman, or a Negro out of yourself, just by calling yourself one. The white man can stand up and call himself everything in the world but he can't change who he is. You can stand up and say, I demand equality for everything upon the face of the earth, and yet you can't make everything equal. There isn't anything you can change by declaring it is so, when it isn't. So you are Israelite when you go out of this meeting, whether you know it or not, and all these people around about who are of this heritage are Israelites whether they know it or not. The difference is that we are showing our heritage, and working to bring it in, and they are dragging their heels.

I have never known a person, who after finding out this great truth didn't say: this is the greatest thing I ever learned. You can't take it away from them, and the world can never get them back.

One day I was talking to Dr. Talbot down at the Bible Institute and it was a friendly conversation and he said:--’Dr. Swift, there is no doubt that you have more evidence to back your position than I would have if I were to take the negative position, the only problem is, just look at all the books I have in my library, and all the books in the book store in this Seminary which do not agree with your position. All the books and all the testimony which is against the facts of God, and what He said, are not important. All the opinions one might have had, and all that is said is not important when you compare it with the truth. But their repentancy was that you wouldn't get the conformity of acceptance of all the people and all the authors, and it upsets the content of all the books. Well, you never discover a new thing in an old book because if the author didn't know it then it's not there.

God said: I am going to lead you, line on line, and precept on precept, and when I get through with you, in this place where you have said you are not My people, you are going to stand and say: We are the children of the Living God. This is a prophecy and it is happening.

That day when we were having that discussion, I thought; now that man acknowledged that this is what the Bible taught, but somehow it had not been discovered by enough people to make it acceptable enough for him to identify himself with it. I want to say that this is our problem today, a lot of people who want to admit that this is important, are waiting for it to become popular.

I am going to say this: This man said to me: I hope this is true, and maybe it is because you have more evidence that is from the scriptures, and this is the best thing I have heard.

What a sad bunch of people who can be so bound by an ecclesiastical wall, who can say: this is the best thing I ever heard, and there is more scriptures to than anything else, I just wish I could believe it.

Well, it may take a little practice for some people to believe God, believe in His plan, and believe in the fullness of His purpose, but let me tell you what is going to happen. One of these days this spiritual force which God uses to quicken men's hearts and souls is going to sweep over your race, and they will remember all they have heard, and they will know it, IN HIS DAY. He will bring all things to your remembrance, and the Glory of God as it lights upon your face will be brighter than the noon day Sun.

"Arise and shine for thy light has come, and the Glory of God has risen upon thee."

Remember, give no quarter, fight relentlessly against the darkness, purge your nation, resist all the forces of evil, and realize that you fight to an inevitable victory, and in this same process know that there are even greater promises than even those you resist and understand.

End of tape