Independence Not Interdependence, 7-5-64



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 7-5-64

You have been listening the past few days to the Administration and the things they have been involved in. The plans that some in leadership have for our nation. The other day I listened to a discourse of a representative of the "New Frontier" and they said that we must recognize as we approached Independence Day, that the only way the individual will find freedom, or independence is with total interdependence of all men, one upon the other. Then I listened as he told us that our nation could only achieve a portion of greatness when we were willing by interdependence to become a part of the world at large as a fast political and social enterprise, and sacrifice our selfishness, and our desire to be separate, and to retain our great wealth as our achievement. Thus by guaranteeing to all, freedom to all because the appreciation of all would bring an end to strife. Then I listened as the words came out of our chief administrator in which he said that the way to Independence is found thru Interdependence.

As I listened to these words, I realized that this is a pattern. And this pattern tells us that they are trying to brainwash the citizens of our nation. And they are trying to make us accept Interdependence almost as a motive for independence. As we came close to the Fourth of July, and our nation celebrates its Independence, we find that our spiritually guided men who were our founding fathers, first brought to bear the necessity of separating themselves from even nations of our own race. That in the hour when they brought this nation into being, they signed a Declaration of Independence.

Now the Declaration of Independence does not discuss a future Interdependence, but provides that this nation shall be forever free. There is no way to bridge the Declaration of Independence legally. The Declaration of Independence was a complete and absolute document. When the Constitution of the United States was framed, those who were to carry out the responsibility as provided for in that Document, found that they were limited to the perimeter of authority in that document to uphold and to preserve these United States. No provision was made that would apply to dissolving the Constitution of the United States of America and to put it into a compact with foreign powers, and to overthrow our sovereignty, or to join us with all of the masses of the earth. Today the great elect kingdom of God is a delusion. It is a Satanic conspiracy and a master plan. And this plan is to destroy the independence of every great White nation of the Western world, and especially it is aimed at the United States of America and at the great American Eagle. But let me assure you of this. For this is all a part of the program of anti-Christ. We will have much more to say about that tonight as we talk about getting out of the evil confederacy. But I want to point out to you that our forefathers had within them from the beginning a desire for liberty. In fact this runs thru out our race. And tyranny can fall upon us from our own race, if they fall under the influence of evil people who should never be permitted to dwell in our land. Even King George's trouble with this colony would not have existed if it had not been for the House of Rothchild and their evil power, seeking to manipulate the economy of the British Empire, and thus, hold us to economic slavery. Had it not been for the violation of divine law which occurred from time to time, our society and all of the great nations of Christendom, whether together or interdependent, would have been constantly blessed. This great nation had a destiny under God, a destiny which was ascribed to it, and the development of this north American continent since the days of David when God told David, then standing in Jerusalem upon that great stone which is now in West Minster Abbey, and HE said, “There is a land that I am going to give you, not the land that you are in now, but a far land beyond the waters. This is another place where I am going to plant my people and from where I am not going to move you.” And we happen to be the people who have inherited this blessing. We are a people who have come out of the house of Israel. We are made up of the stock of Jacob. And we are the instrument of God. We are a part of the White race which constitutes today the sum total of the people of God. In these United States, we are under the great emblem of the house of Manasseh . . . the symbol of the outstretched wings of the House of Manasseh. Some say, “Yes, but we have people who are Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Basque, Lombard, Germanic.” Yes, in this great new land which God has provided for HIS people, under the hour from the colonists to the development of our society, here would be one of the great nations and marked under this emblem, and from the angels, some of the earliest settlers. We carried our destiny and our heritage. Sure . . . we have all Israel gathered here out of the Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Basque, Lombard and Germanic, from the House of Judah, from Ephraim, Manasseh, and from Scandinavia, from the house of Asher, to the house of Gad . . . we are here. But all from Israel. And altho we speak the language that belonged to the House of Joseph, and this language has now spread out all over the world, and it has only one competition and that has still not affected the English language which we speak today. But I point out to you that this is a great nation under God and it has a destiny. One that the prophets spoke of and anticipated where we would select our rulers of ourselves and our governors would come out of our people, and our judges would be as aforetime. A land that would raise up its voice in Thanksgiving, said Jeremiah to the MOST HIGH GOD, for bounties of the harvest, and for HIS protection. Still, we are living today in this land under the scourge and desire of an enemy to overthrow us. He has invaded the structure of our society and of our culture. He seeks to take the recognition and the worship of God from our schools and the recognition of HIS word from our areas of education. He would seek to take the oath before the Eternal God that made us great, out of out land. And this is the punishment we are taking for the violation of Divine law from the beginning. For that law requires that we not only maintain the pattern of God, but thru out all of the nations and the cultures of our nations, we should pay special attention to who we let dwell in the midst of us. And where they dwell whole here. And pay attention to what influence they have upon our society. The message that I am bringing you this afternoon, is a repudiation of a false infamous package of law signed into being that is not constitutional, and is certainly ungodly. But it has taken place.

I want to point out to you that a Declaration of Independence must be reaffirmed in the heart of every American and every Christian. It is important that we recognize just how far reaching that it is that this nation assume its full area of leadership. And God is assuring you that HE will so stir you that the wrath will rise up in your countenance and you will run every Cainanite out of America. We spoke to you on the subject of God and integration, and we only laid that foundation down so that message could be used and scriptures could be quoted. And I can give you so many more that shows you that God wanted you to be independent and HE wanted you too as a nation of HIS own Kingdom, to be independent. And your independence was spoken of as total independence from all other people on the face of the earth. When I listen to them speak from the State House or the White House, of independence, it is interdependence. And that is treason.

Now listen. When we deal with a great nation like this, it was not overlooked. For the 18th chapter of Isaiah says:--- “Ho to this land of the outstretched wings of the Eagle. Westward ho beyond the great waters; westward across the oceans.” To was the land that the Prophet Isaiah, standing in Jerusalem, but looking beyond the ocean, was referring to. For as he looked across the ocean westward, he would have been looking at this great continent. It was to sent its ambassadors by sea in water drinking vessels, steamships. And it says that, “go ye swift messengers, of a nation tall and clean shaven, a people powerful from your beginning, and from this time forward.

Your King James Version said ‘scattered and peeled.’ But tall and clean shaven is the proper translation. A people powerful from their beginning, and a nation that is surveyed and measures meted out under foot. You were the first nation to pass the ‘Meet and Bond Act’ to see that your nation was properly surveyed so that you would not have just a hit and miss pattern of identifying property. And one of the most valuable assets in a society is liberty and property. And property is perfectly defined by latitude and longitude and township and by lot. Thus it is not from that tree to that house, or to that post, as it is in Europe and lots of parts of the world. Today they are all adopting a process like yours. But this is where it started.

Of course I did not agree with Mr. Kennedy who said that there is no such thing as private property. I point out to you that in this declaration, “all ye inhabitants of the world look unto this country which is measured out like this, which is blessed and divided by great rivers. Oh, ye inhabitants of the world, ye dwellers on earth, see when HE lifts up the ensign on the mountain, or when HE blows the trumpet.” What we have been doing is not trumpet blowing lately for the kingdom of God. But we are going to blow that trumpet again and we are going to rally White men for their destiny.

Now the harvest is not too far away and there has been lots of pruning away of a lot of twigs and branches and a lot of territories that belonged to us have been cut loose and set free. But the decks are being clear, my friends, for a very important area of battle. For every thing that is not White and everything that is not of the household will be pruned off of the great nations of God's kingdom for this final battle which is just ahead. That is the only explanation that you can have from a retreat from colonial power and from territorial administration. There the day is coming when it says that this great nation shall bring a mighty present to the LORD of Hosts, a powerful, tall nation. And it shall be a leadership among the houses of God's kingdom. But it is not coming out of the leadership of people who are trying to swallow you up and destroy you.

Now I want you to record with me some of the passages that are basic and significant. For you are a very unique people and as such you must understand this. Tho this may seem repetitious, but I am going to give you many more scriptures this afternoon. Go with me to the book of Deuteronomy and to the 7th chapter and the 6th verse: "Thou art a holy people unto YAHWEH thy God and YAHWEH thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all of the people of the earth.” Thus you are a special people, a holy people. For that which proceeds forth out of God is Holy. Therefore, you are a progeny of the MOST HIGH. Thou art a Holy people. I think it is significant then that we understand as far as God's purpose and plan is concerned, that HE has marked you as something separate from other people.

Now in the writings of the Psalmist, HE makes a statement concerning the people of the earth. Record this. For it happens to have great significance. It is the 96th psalm, where HE says that all of the nations are idolaters, but YAHWEH made the heavens.

Now under this declaration, HE makes a statement concerning you. “I am YAHWEH thy God, which hath separated you from other people.” Understand this now. There is no stretching, no straining:--"I am YAHWEH your God and I have separated you from other people.” Then read the 26th verse just below this. "And ye shall be holy unto ME, for I am YAHWEH and I am Holy, and I have severed you from other people that you shall be mine." Do you hear that this afternoon? No way, no liberal way, without the displeasing of God or for the violating of other processes by joining yourself to other countries.

Now turn to the book of Exodus, chapter 34 verse ll:---HE says, “I have driven out from before you the Amorites, the Cainanites, the Hittites, and the Perezittes and the Hivites and the Jebusites. And you take heed that you do not make any covenants with the inhabitants of the land, whither thou goest, lest it be a snare unto thee. ---For all of the other gods are idols. I am not going to have you join yourself to idols, and I am not going to have you join yourself to other races in the earth, or any other people upon the face of the earth. Therefore take heed to thyself, make no covenant with them, no treaty with them. Ye shall destroy their altars and ye shall break their images and cut down their groves.” I want you to notice this. For this is the book of Exodus. When we ready to you the seventh chapter of Deuteronomy, “and God said that ye are a holy people above all of the people on the earth because I put you above all people.” And HE said, “I want you to go out and cut down every idol grove, and pull down every pagan temple. Destroy everything that is evil.”

Now over here in the book of Exodus, it is here again so that there is no mistake. HE says that ye shall destroy their altars, and cut down their groves. Thou shalt worship no other God, for YAHWEH thy God is a jealous God. Let thou make no covenant with their gods; ye shall not go after their gods, and ye shall not sacrifice unto their gods, and ye shall not take their daughters to thy sons, or their sons for thy daughters. Thou shalt make no images of their gods.

Now there is not any procedure with which one can question, but that God was believing in total segregation and separation, and the complete independence of HIS people. Then over here in the book of Genesis, when to Abraham, God said, “come out of the land of Ur of the Chaldeas,” and HE was taking him out from his own kinsmen at this time because integration and mongrelization was thriving in ancient Babylon, in that side of Ur of the Chaldeas.

Now note. HE said you come out so that I can bless you, if you preserve racial purity. I want to maintain what I have ordained, and I will bring forth the nations of my kingdom from you.

Now I want you to note that when Abraham was sending out his eldest servant to find a wife for his son, I want you to read what the spirit of God moved on him to say. “And I make thee to swear by YAHWEH, the God of Heaven and the God of earth, that thou shalt not take a daughter unto my son, a daughter of the Cainanites. But thou shalt go into the country and unto my own kindred to take a wife for my son, Isaac.” And today I find Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian and Catholics all moving in the same direction, advocating today that we must abolish all areas of discrimination in housing and in close associations, even into marriage. And it is not Christian, and it is not American, to stand in opposition to mixed marriages and mongrel offspring when this is cursed of God as a violation of divine law. I point out to you then that just as it was important in the days of Abraham, we find it from the book of Genesis on thru, that it continues to be important unto our day. If you turn to the 28th chapter of the book of Genesis, you find that Isaac called Jacob, and he blessed him. And what did he say unto Jacob? “Thou shalt not take a daughter of the Cainanites. Thy shalt not marry with the Cainanites. Thou shalt not dwell with the Cainanites.” Thus, we have another area of important and divine instructions. As we go thru the declarations of the MOST HIGH, we come convinced more and more that we are a holy seed. And that we have a discriminating God. And HE has placed us above the people of the world because of who we are, and because of the spiritual quality which you have within you. It is only when there is a quickening of your consciousness and the renewing of your mind by HIS Holy Spirit that you know who you are and what your destiny is, and then you move to fulfill it. “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." It makes you first free from error, and second from tyranny, and it gives to you a determination to accomplish your destiny.

Listen. I turn now to the 26th chapter of Deuteronomy:-- “And the LORD hath avouched thee this day, to be a peculiar people. HE has promised thee and that thou should keep all of HIS Commandments. To make thee high above high above all of the nations which HE hath made, in praise, and in name and in honor, and that thou mayest be a Holy people unto to YAHWEH thy God, as HE has spoken.”

Hear this now. The LORD has avouched this day, that HE shall make the high above all nations and in name and in honor; that thou are a holy people unto YAHWEH thy God as HE has spoken. For you are the issue of the Eternal. For only that which proceedeth forth from HIM is HOLY. Someone said, “But that is unconstitutional.” No, it is constitutional alright. It is just against a piece of foolish and fallacious legislation. There is no doubt that in all of the revelation of divine purpose, that God has made it clear over and over again concerning HIS relationship to you. Thus saith YAHWEH who has spoken unto you:--“Oh, children of Israel, the whole family that I brought up out of the land of Egypt, you and you only have I known of all of the families in the earth.” Hear this now. I don't care if you come from Africa or Asia, or whether from the Steppes. Hear this. The White race is Israel, and you and you only has God known. For HE says you are HIS relatives. You alone are a part of HIS Elect and have been with HIM from the beginning. HE has said, “You alone are my seed, you alone are my household, and thus your race is my bride bringing forth MY sons. You alone of all of the families of the earth, have I known.”

I think it is time we made a new Declaration of Independence and a new set of immigration laws, and we make them stick. God said, “Violate my instructions and try to walk together with those who you do not agree with and you have trouble.” HE says, “therefore hear ye and testify for the entire house of Jacob,’ saith YAHWEH, is the God of hosts, the Master of the heavens.

No wonder that Jesus said, 'Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” I tell you this afternoon, that this design to destroy you, is to get you to accept other policies, other principals and other patterns, other than these that the MOST HIGH GOD HAS SENT DOWN. Who knew that in order for to preserve this spiritual capacity, that it was essential that the thought that must run thru your race was to be moved by HIS Spirit? I want you to take a good look at America today. As our founding fathers arrived here the great majority of them were Christians of various forms and denominations, but there was this fact that they were Christians. And in the instance of this, there were others who came by race and inheritance out of Christianity. And they may not have been as devout and testifying Christian, but the majority of your race were devout Christians. And I want you to remember that when they built churches that they were Christian Churches. Thus, from the days of our beginnings, we were a Christian nation and a Christian society. But in those days we made a mistake or two. But if we had followed the advice of Benjamin Franklin we would have crushed out those mistakes just like stepping on a black widow spider, and that was when we let a synagogue or two get built. That is supposed to be against the 'civil rights' law too. But we will still quote history, for Benjamin Franklin gave us a close vision of what would transpire if we permitted these inassimilable people to stay here. There were seven states out of the 13 where it was illegal for them to stay.

I point out to you that you could come right on down to the Civil War, and again the predominate part of our society were churches. They might be Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, or Episcopalian or Holiness churches or Catholic churches, but there was one name above all names and this was the name of JESUS. And you did not go up and down our streets seeing the practice of every strange religion. God's nation is filled with pagan temples, Jewish synagogues, as well as Christian churches. You will find groups dedicated to areas of Satanic worship. And I can find the religions of every dark and pagan race, not only flourishing in the United States, but being and supported as tho the retention of this was the retention of our great historical values. We are being told that our arrival in the great areas of social and philosophical thinking is this temple to all religions in Washington, D.C. which is under development. Do you know, what ought to happen? America ought to rise up and a great spiritual fire should lead to the destruction of every pagan temple in America. Someone said before that can be done then you will have to revise America. Well, let’s get on with the revising. No sooner had one piece of demagoguery of legislature taken place until the very next day they started writing was that there must be the abolishment of our immigration laws. These laws are discriminatory, for they are keeping half of the people from Africa and Asia from entering America and becoming citizens. This was said in Washington, D.C. on the floor of the Congress. Well, thank God there is something keeping half of them out. We already have too many of the other half here already. The next process of the New Frontier administration then was to end all immigration laws. This is a United Nations master design so that they can flood America with all of these unassimilatible people, and thus knock out any self-determination and to knock out any given standards that your Christian society gives support to. They are already trying to set aside any recognition of private property. They are doing what Lucifer has known as a strategy as to gain control as far as possible of the economy of the land, and then by the buying and selling of the souls that increase the areas of impact until they can take over a third of your property by taxes. And they plan on going so far as taxing 100%. And then they will just give you some back to live on to keep you as slaves. We not only need Independence today from every pagan power, every foreign evil power, but in this declaration of independence, we should again reaffirm our independence and this great contract that formed our Federal Government. You should see as much of the freedom of the economy in the hands of the people as it is possible to possess under God.

I point out, that the war is against property and against freedom. And now they are trying to curtail freedom of speech. They are trying to establish what you can or cannot say in any assembly. They are trying to say what is and what is not permissible to say. You can’t curtail the freedom of speech and have a free country. They are even trying to define what is acceptable in the areas of religion. And the FCC is already stepping in to bar and limit whole areas of Evangelistic activity. At this very minute they are trying to rule certain Evangelists off the air because they have been fighting the National Council of Churches. Why? Because they have been denouncing a trend toward Socialism and Communism. And the hierarchies of religion have been selling out their own liberty by calling on the FCC to limit this area of free speech, such as defining the areas of religion. And, my friends, I find that we better be the ones that do that. And let’s make sure that the majority of us are represented, and that nothing but White and Christian will be recognized in these United States. I find people sometimes challenged by this fact that ‘things must continue as they were in the days of our fathers.’ Well, these are being taken away from you by an enemy. And you better assume the leadership of what is coming and place it on the altar of the MOST HIGH.

Never has it been as important for you to understand this than now. The Father said, “I have chosen you White race people; I have chosen my household. I sent my spirit out to speak unto you, and you are Christian because my spirit calls you out. I call my sheep by name, I lead they out, I give them Eternal life, and they never perish.” And then HE says, “Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you. And I have given you much truth that your fruit shall remain. This is the Will of the Father.” I am so glad that this is the Father’s world, for we would be undone if it were not. If HE did not have the power to activate HIS sons to quicken their consciousness, to challenge them, then, my friends, men would pass into slavery thru apathy. There is probably no more deadly disease that moves over men than apathy. For this apathy is tied to fear of a more serious status. And it is tied, my friends, to a temporary pattern of what they believe to be plenty. The one thing that men are falling for today, in this apathy is the promise that the state will provide for them everything that they desire without having made any special requirement as to what they are to do for it. This is a total deception. For the state cannot provide that unless there is production. This is the reason the Socialists conspiracy wants to take from those who have created it, and give it to those who have not produced it. Thus stirring up a class consciousness, a class war to make those who are the workers, anxious and angry at the manufacturer or the owner, so they will be willing to divide up what belongs to the other fellow.

I point out to you that there is a process here of divine law. God has made it clear that HE will prosper the man or the woman who will serve HIM. HE will prosper them according to their dedication and according to their faith. HE will prosper them according to their tithe. And all of these are promises which God has made. At no place does it say ‘I will prosper them since I have made you a ward of the State.’ We again point out to you that in the declaration of the MOST HIGH, that the factors of property do not pass out with the climax of this age. For as Micah unveils even in the climax of this age, ‘when again this great nation, the very height of the mountains (nations) shall be the symbol of the leadership of the nations of God's kingdom, and in that day and in the climactic hour of victory, every man shall sit under his own vine or his own fig tree.’ Not, my friends, be seated in a crafted vineyard and taking from the peoples tree. Patterns and practices of divine law are based around the divine relationship of the individual and his God, and the moral and ethical patterns of HIS demand, and upon the retention of his property for he and his posterity. Thus upon this---law is built. The economic laws of God are also a pattern for observation and have warned us of attack and of evil processes. But most of all, warned of evil people who are not of our race. Do not go out of here this afternoon and think that the Jews are of our race. For they are not of our race. They have married into every other race upon the face of the earth. They have integrated and mongrelized, and are satanically dominated, and they are a part of a collective program to destroy your economy. Do not think for a moment that there is any equality between Jews, Negroes, Africa, Asia and the White race. For God says that there is not.

Now I think it is self-evident this afternoon, that as nations of HIS household obey and serve HIM, that HE has blessed them and HE has prospered them. And their spiritual guidance and their technological achievement stand out above all of the other parts of the world until in the face of all of this pressure you are of the 'Have nations’ of the world, and they are of the ‘have not nations of the world.' This is 'know how' initiative and vision, and this is drive. And since this is obvious, then admit it. They seek to thrust themselves into your society, their hands into your pockets and into the division of your property. This, my friends, is not a healthy position. This is a divine ordained one. For God has said that HE will not pour out HIS blessings upon the idol worshipers, “I will not bless these pagans. And until they acknowledge thee and MY kingdom and MY name, there will be no blessing upon them. But don't you bless them or scatter MY blessings upon those who hate my name.” If you do this then you are in trouble.

Now if you are rebelling against this, then don't talk to me for you are rebelling against God, and I am not concerned with whether you like it or not. I want you to be concerned with one thing.---THUS SAITH YAHWEH. I know how we have arrived as the 'have nations' and I know how fast they are trying to dissipate and make us the 'have not' nations and to lift Lucifer's family to the 'have’ status of the earth. And I know that the cause of this shall never cease. But God has ordained this divine spirit and HE is going to pour it out upon HIS sons and HIS daughters and quicken them to the areas of their responsibility. And they are going to reaffirm that the law of God, the word of God is good. And they are going to restore economically and socially, restore it politically. I think the major project of the White race should be to build stronger walls of integration and deport every area of violation that has occurred. And we shall separate ourselves from the people of these other lands. I think we should deport, as Ezra the prophet told us to, all of the mongrels and the misfits brought in here under the pressure of intentions, because of the wars and problems we have been involved in, and because we did not use intelligence in handling this situation.

I had a talk with a vacillating brainwashed Clergyman who said, “You know, Dr. Swift, I have to agree with what you say, for it is in the bible. I have to agree that this is what God has ordained then. And I agree that this is part of the prophecy of what is to be. But there is a possibility that our religion has EVOLVED and that we have become more Christ-like than God used to be.” I said,--you sound like Baalim’s Ass. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. God has not become more Christ-like. The Grace of God has always existed or HE would never have bothered to send HIS family from heaven to earth to redeem this Lucifer dominated planet. The Grace of God with all of the hardness of righteousness has demanded also the softness of destiny. For except the kingdom come in, men are forever doomed to trouble and catastrophe and the very nature of God, itself is challenged. We evaluate unnecessary pain and upsets and turbulence too greatly sometimes with the issues that are at stage. Little realizing that by the maintenance of Satanic pressure and without the hardness of righteousness and justice that we are plunged into depressions and wars and tortures and Cannibalism. And it is better with a sheet of light and conquest of the Sons of God carrying out the destiny that God has ordained for the building of HIS kingdom that we smash evil for all times. Better that we break it beneath the rod of iron and lift up the standards that set men free. Then that we permit these cycles to continue forever. In the instance of this, we must remember that there are a lot of embodied beings that do not belong here. For they are not in the right plain anyhow. And there are a lot of devils because of divine law. Because they did not keep their first estate, having mingled with people of earth, and have now assimilated an inassimilable posterity. But God says that we are just going to go in there and get the weeds out of the way. This man said, “Oh, what a harsh process this is going to take to put this in order. How much better it would be if we could just all get together, end all resistance as one great mixed-up family, and then not fight over anything.” I said,--well then, what religion will you have? Well, he said, “We would have to learn to respect all religions.” I said, I think you are just exactly what I thought you were when I spoke to you a minute ago. For I pay no respect to the devil. I pay no respect to any pagan religion. For God has promised us that if in this temple there is not 100% allegiance to HIM, then HE is unhappy. I said,--I think you know why we are in trouble, and you will have to admit we are in trouble. America from the first a great White nation, blessed of God, has descended until you find today every color and race, contaminating and walking our streets and influencing our society. This is because the line was not kept. From the day of Roosevelt, we have not kept the line. And have been degenerating in this nation. And I point out to you that what God intends to do is turn in the other direction with you. With you.

In the midst of necessity you are going to discover that we are independent from all of the pagan powers of earth, and all of the people of earth. And as we call for Independence, this is not independence from our Father, for HE is a part of us and we are one with HIM. And in this body we are one. Even as HE is one. And with HIM we see a victory. And HE shall pour out the power upon you to see that you are victorious. One of the most important things that is going to happen is that there will be a great stimulation thru the spirit, that will cause White men to think like White men should. And this is why it is your responsibility to tell it, tell it, tell it. There are too many denominations that want to separate themselves from this identity. They say, ‘we will talk as Christians.’ Well, why not say as White men, ‘let’s not say as White Christians.’

Hear this now. You are the only family on earth that YAHWEH has known. And you are the one family HE is mighty interested in because you are HIS seed. And thru you, HE says in Isaiah, that “You are my sons and I have loved thee.”

Now all of the propagandizing that tries to say that all people are the same, and when we spread the church out that they are still all the same. But this is not true. The church may carry out an expansion of the truth as to the Kingdom of God, and people can be brought back out from under ignorance and superstition as long as they are protected from the evil, and then start thinking in the ‘right’ direction under guidance and leadership. But this still does not make them the same as you just because they turned and accepted the right God with their lips or with their soulish consciousness. This does not mean you are to intermingle with them or marry with them as the Baptists and Catholics are now saying. This is a lie. They do not have a spirit like yours. Thus no cohabitation came bring this to completion. You would not be creating a posterity like unto yours, even tho in the center of your consciousness, they, now under your influence, your witnessing, turn to worship your God. This is a responsibility. And it will eventually be a re-accountability of every single being in this universe, this acknowledgment of the MOST HIGH GOD. This does not make them my brother or my sister. This just makes them a worshiper of my Father. And that is what we were sent to see that they do.

There is no question that the Grace of God reaches out, until as it is written ‘All flesh shall be saved.’ That this covenant first made with the children of the kingdom, that thru them and by them, HE will bring things to pass, as HE has started to do so that 'All Israel shall be saved as it is written.’ First thru them, and then by them. And by this purpose which God has made shall HE bring to fruition what HE has said.

This minister finally said, “See, we are already too far down this road, you cannot roll all of this back. We are too far down that road.” I said, are the people still here? Yes. --HIS people are still here. And thru out the world some 300 million of us or more, we are 1/6th of the population of the world. But we are still here. And HE said, “who hath resisted MY will, My spirit can call, MY spirit can quicken, MY spirit can challenge. And I can raise up principal men and I can raise up ministers who will proclaim, and I can challenge and I can move, and I can bring them to an awakening.” If we thought that we hear a minority in our country who make too much noise and have fought too many men, if we thought they could proclaim what tomorrow is going to be, well, think when we arrived, we were only one man's family. When we arrived in earth, we were one man's family . . . just Adam and Eve against the world. And then from the days of Seth on, just one man's family. And it looks like that from the time of Abraham. But still here, we are. And I am going to tell you that we have been surrounded by the enemy thru out our past history, from the war chariots of the Egyptians, and the war chariots from the High Steppes, the thundering hoofs of the Khan's out of the steppes of Asia. We have been outnumbered and represented as a people unable to defend ourselves. But in each of the great crisis of history there has been the hand of God intervening and putting a wall of fire about us. And turning the invader, until today we are 1/6 of the worlds population and we are going to keep right on going. Oh, you say, “How far are we going?” Of the increase of this race, this kingdom there is to be no end. And of the sovereignty of God's kingdom there is going to be no end. We are just in this little cycle of Jacob's trouble and we shall be saved out of it. But I think that it is time for each one of us to call for a reaffirmation of a Declaration of Independence, free from every foreign power that is not Christian, whose powers determine our destiny. I think it is time for us to recognize that we wish to be an independent society. I listened to the silly argument that we had to come to a special society for Independence anymore. They try to say that in the early days a family could roll-out across the plains, and they could get skins and work it into a jacket, and they could make shoes and moccasins and they could sow seed if they stopped long enough. They could do all of those things. But they are totally interdependent now for one man makes the shoes and another man plants the seed for food. No, my friends, not as long as that man can be free while he conducts his trade. If that farmer can be free of tyranny at the governmental level, or the state level, he can barter what he produces in the markets of the nation and be a free man on his own property.

I point out to you that because of the expansion of our great urban center! We are not necessarily losers of our Independence. It is only when these men of independence can live together that we have what we call prosperity. But I point out to you that when they seek to put us with strangers, and then strangers climb up above us and try to change our constitution and change the courts, and make America as the United Nations wants us to be. Like the world order which can't wait to get their hands in your pockets, and to get themselves settled on your land. Do you know a lot of people say they wish there was somewhere to migrate to? But do you realize that if you migrated out of here, that within 20 years, they would be following you up to take what you had just built. It would not take them long to ruin this. This is the bounty of divinely guided thought. It is vision and it is knowledge. It is the renewing of the mind. It is the holy spirit of God that guides your race, that makes you what you are. Let’s reaffirm it. Let’s recognize that this spirit which the world cannot receive is not to inherit our land. Therefore let’s preserve our racial purity and let’s not contaminate our children by forcing them to live in neighborhoods that tears down their morals.

I want you to know that these are vital things. You may force grocery stores and markets and restaurants to hire all of these people, but it is about time they changed their ways. This is a violation of law. And I know why grocery stores don't want them. I know why restaurants don't want them. For they do not want their diseased hands on the food of the people. A people of the 60% of those with venereal disease should not be handling the food of the White race. I talked to an official of one of the largest chain stores this week and this is what is worrying him very heavily. Better a little market down the street with a White man in there than to move into this situation. God has warned us of sicknesses and diseases if you violate ‘MY law.’ And then these great people had all of Africa. So why didn't they do something there? They had their own areas. So why did they not develop them? Why did they have slums and Harlem? Oh, you say, “But a Jew owned it and didn't improve the buildings.” Then they should wake up and not follow that direction. Why, my friends, if they move into a good house, do they let it run down? Why do they change the looks of a neighborhood when they come in, making it look totally different than when your race lived here? These are the things which legislation does not change. And these are the byproducts of facts. God, therefore says, “I will spare you all of this bad experience, I will preserve this race, I will put you above all of the people on the face of the earth.” Let us therefore remember this that in this Declaration of the MOST HIGH in which HE has ordained that this is the way it is to be, and to make known that I have made thee high above all people, in name and in honor. That thou mayest be this Holy people of MY KINGDOM. HE has spoken.

End of message.