Invisible Power Of The Spirit, 5-19-63



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 5-19-63

We are thinking this afternoon of the grey areas, implied of unseen forces around the Kingdom for protection, and the relationship which God has with you, bringing to your cognition the things that you should know. There is no question but that we are living in one of the most important periods in the history of our race. As we have told you before, you are not here by an accident in time and measure which suddenly placed you in human experience. Often we have heard it stated, I did not ask to be born. But this is of course, rather a short-sighted position. There is no one in this room this afternoon, who did not volunteer to come. There is no one in this room this afternoon who was not begotten by the Father in the plains of spirit before the world was framed. There is not one in the single Household of the Most High God who is not spirit of His Spirit and life of His Life, who had viewed the catastrophes which had taken place in the violation of Divine law. And as such, had witnessed what had happened to this creation, especially as it had affected the earth. And when God in the majesty of His Grace said, ‘I will put this in order'---You said, ‘We will go.’ When HE said, ‘I shall send My own children into the world and we will build a Kingdom there, subordinating the darkness,’ you were the volunteers. And of all times in human history, to have been selected by the Father to come this, is without question, the most interesting period. And I would not have exchanged it for any part of history or time. For you have been born into a period when you are going to see a climax of events. The ultimate triumph of God's Kingdom. And there is no doubt in my mind that you who are seated here, that almost all of you will witness the climax of this age and the reentry of Christ back into the human field of existence.

There is no question but that we are at a very climactic period, and that the struggle for the earth is reaching its peak, and the top areas of intelligence which is lined to your relationship to these events. They know that the Red World hopes to consummate and complete the domination of the Christian nations. The conquest if necessary, of yours before the end of 1965. They know that the plan is being stepped up by the success of the areas of infiltration, and by the unprecedented use of psychiatry. These are trained experts in psychological reactions to sell a submission and eventual acquiescence as tho it were the selection of high virtue instead of resistance and struggle. They feel confident since they have been able to use churches and educational facilities to even create a guilt complex in a great many people for thinking in terms of resistance that might bring about struggle or war. In all of these instances, the enemy has been using a very skilled area of assault against your society.

I was recently in conversation with such areas of such intelligence communications, and they feel that we are in the final hours for survival. And of course, it was because of this that I was in this session. For there seems to be a tremendous affinity with every area of struggle against the powers of darkness that draws and brings together people who are looking for answers.

Now you say, ‘With all of this information and a military background, why would anyone need any further answers? Because, my friends, there is a lot more to this than what the enemy has arranged, and what material intelligence may be able to understand concerning the strategy of the powers of darkness to take over the world. For even tho the processes are under way, and the enemy seeks to take over the world to subordinate that which belongs to the family of God to Christ and His church, and to you who make up that celestial center, there is a set of information which belongs to you and in which you can say this is divine intelligence. And because of this, you can also note some things which the enemy cannot understand and cannot know. You may think of the cunning of Lucifer whom you refer to as Satan and the devil, altho some would like to eradicate this thinking, and they think that this is just false, ---but it does not change the existence of the being or the design of his kingdom, and the activities of his offspring. But there is one thing which I want you to know this afternoon. Lucifer is not as smart as God. Nor has he the intelligent perception he had before he fell. And because of this, he did not understand the great catastrophe to his own program when he was stirring the Jews, as he referred to them as his ancient, people when he was trying to bring about the crucifixion of Christ. At that time, he thought that the crucifixion of Christ would bring to an end to the Messiah, or a leader out of the heavens to lead these people who were opposed to his victory. He thought he had totally broken any power of any out of the heavens, Celestial leader, who could take away from him the earth in its fallen status. He thought that the crucifixion was his final victory when it was only his own defeat. He did not understand this.

The Apostle Paul, after his trip into the heavens and any advance education he received, said that the very princes of this world did not know. But had they known, they would never have brought about the crucifixion of the LORD of Glory, because they lost control of the binding of the soul consciousness and the soul consciousness connection with the spirit of every last one of the children of God. They would never have precipitated in the release of the Household of God into the consummation of the process of their redemption. So you see that strategies cannot be explained by armies and men. Lucifer has already defeated himself in some of the areas of his manipulations. But he feels in his materialistic realm, that the holding of materialistic nations with the confiscation of property, that the suppression of those who give only to the Most High God, that he is going to be successful by the sheer weight of manpower and his ability by subversion to penetrate society, and by the processes he has planned and timed skillfully to brainwash so many of your race, by using all of the mechanical instruments of the sense perception. I do not think that there is much argument about the fact today, that in the areas of communication, in press, and radio and Television, that the slanting of information and the carefully designed areas of pooled knowledge and thinking concerning world affairs, having skillfully guided you to surrender as tho this was the honorable thing--- or he will try to make you a silver complex of responsibility to further the causes of Marxism so that you will disperse your goods and even think that this is a Christian attribute. For when Satan preaches from the pulpit, many, many times he makes you assume the responsibility of a Christian doing the devils work.

This is the reason why we have spoken in the past that one of the greatest gifts that you possess is this gift of the spirit, ---how it is to be sought after by each one who will seek after a spiritual gift. And this is actually the gift of discernment. And this gift of discernment must be spiritually activated. For the soul consciousness cannot depend alone upon the area of the perception of the senses and draw their evaluation completely out of the materialistic evaluations. I there is not a higher level for the delineation of your race, the Household of God, when the world order could be successful, always, by out foxing you with their cunning. For the nature of the World Order is not one built upon spiritual principals and values, the morals and the standards which are natural to the most High God, whose children you are. Therefore the strength of your society and the preservation of your culture and the carrying out of the objectives of the Kingdom, requires spiritual energizing which is above and beyond the capacities of any other race or people upon the face of the earth. The secret of the enemy is to produce a status of mediocrity. It is by this same policy that he can suppress a race and destroy its culture. That he can get you to commit the very breaking down of the barriers of race itself. And he can do this under so called misapplied religious interpretation, it can be accomplished with fervor. I think the Presbyterian Church tried to resign from the Kingdom of God this last week. And they think they are doing this with great fervor, as their leaders and their conference last week said that the challenge now before Christianity will be to establish the true equality of man, and to move to suppress any brow beaten people and deliver them from this status, to give their socialist qualities and have them be absorbed and respected by society. To break down all bars and admit all people now to the mighty brotherhood of the family of God. And then this Presbyterian Church called Martin Luther King and said they would be willing to send 10,000 people down to march with the Negroes, in protest.

In protest against what? Protest against the law of the state? This I point out, is a demonstration of a successful control of the ecclesiastical leaders, when the leaders are guided by the senses and not by the spirit, and have had no guidance or spiritual guidance for some time. One of the great problems of our day is that we have pursued to some degree a study of the scriptures. But in pursuing this study, it is largely pursuing opinions already set up for them in the areas of their denominations. Thus, they could not say that any direct denomination has affected my decision and this is what I have expected. And thus, they have perpetuated this area of individual opinion from which denominations have moved. And after a cycle of a few generations of clergymen with their rubber stamp of already inspired sermons, or constructed ones, and without having to reach into any area of inspiration, or never having caught the pattern of divine calling, ---never having their own consciousness activated by divine purpose--- they do not know how today to find the purpose of God, altho they may have all of the form of Godliness and all of the areas for assembly for worship, but not one word of the LORD for application to their present problems. I can see nothing more harmful than to see a branch of the Christian church joining today this communist demagogue for this status of incapacity. In this instance, they would advocate complete integration. And with complete integration, comes intermarriage with no barrier to the absorption of a complete brotherhood. I think it is constantly important that you never let out of the mind of the individual Christian, any attitude that is induced concerning the race question. That when they start to talk about lowering racial barriers for social absorption, on the faces of brotherhood, and they can no longer argue that their brotherhood is no longer a spiritual quality of reservation, they must then admit that their spiritual qualities of religious evaluation are translated into physical action and physical contact. Thus if the process of brotherhood is not even in their minds, the extension of faith in a similar deity, but must be now brought down to a physical association on the race level, then they must admit to you that their faith has not developed mongrelization and processes which are in violation of the written word. Thus we declare that now your positions become most clear. For you cannot have a brother that is not your father’s son. Therefore there is no basis for brotherhood except they are the offspring of the same father . . . but use them in the terms of symbolism and carry them out to the extent that they so desire.

As far as all of the people on the face of the earth, and as far as all of the records of time and all things which God has brought back to their remembrance of all of the prophets, and those unveiled by His own ministry, He has one family in heaven and in earth. And this is His own children begotten by His own Spirit, embodied for His own purpose. For He has many creation in His orders and in their own kind. And He does not refer to those He has created in their orders and in their kind, as the children of His Household. They may be children of His creation, but when He refers to them Himself, as the Holy Seed which He has planted, it only relates to you the children of the spirit, begotten in the heavens, planted in the earth, by His own purpose. Do not think that this Adamic race does not have a specific purpose as to why He placed you here. This is why the coordination of God's purpose and the reason why He placed you here, shall be carried out. For what HE has willed to do, HE will do. No one is going to stop it. And because of this, we walk with faith. When we talk about the vastness of God's creation, whatever He did was good. And whatsoever He proposes to do is for it’s good as well. But the most important thing which you and I possess, is cognition and understanding, relative not only to our relationship to God, but to the empowering forces which He has placed at your disposal to carry out your objectives in the earth. Brotherhood is a very important thing. There is no greater brotherhood in the world today than exists in the sons and daughters of God, if they know it. There is no question of the area of human emotion built around the family. For the family is one of the simplest units in the structure of God's Kingdom. From which, in its expansion relationship from community, to county, and to state, and to government and providence, and from the mighty nations of God's Kingdom, we can still say that the smallest unit of government in the area of God's purpose and an important unit is the construction of the family. But I point out to you, that in the relationship of cousins and all of the relatives in the structure of your family, there is no affinity that is completely aware of brotherhood than an awareness that comes to some sons and daughters of God when they are aware of God's plan and His purpose.

You are closer today to those who are spiritually activated who think with you, and who worship with you, than you are with your flesh and blood relatives, even those close to you. Virtually every White man on the face of the earth is a flesh and blood relative.

When we talk about this Adamic purpose, it is quite clear that this is a work of God and His Grace. And because of this, God is taking no chances with the security of the soul consciousness which is resident in these bodies. We talk to you about the strength and power which can come out of Celestial areas for this time. And it is very, very closely related to closeness and understanding. Because this is one area, in which you have Divine blessing. You were sent into the world to give knowledge and truth of the building of the Kingdom to those who had no other capacity to get it except from your lips, from the lips of God's Household.

In the past few weeks, we have referred to redemption and to the redeeming work of God which means that you are getting back something which you had before, and that He carried this out to the complete individual and the inability of the powers of darkness to put him in bondage. And since the finished work of Christ’s atonement, the finished work of Christ's atonement, the enemy cannot put in bondage the sons and daughters of God from the standpoint of any power over the control of their celestial consciousness. But the individual, thru the senses, can accept the error of pattern and keep out of the cognition point as to what God has done. And they can dwell under bondage. And they can sleep in apathy instead of walking in the heritage which belongs to them from God. It is in this field that we have great problems. When people ask which way should we go, what are we going to do, the time level is not very far removed before we are locked in Armageddon.

The strategy of the enemy is to render us defenseless . . . to find ways in the material world to stop our defense of ourselves. They work on our government to absorb us with the program of the anti-Christ, whether Mr. Kegel understands or not. You know one of the smart tricks of the enemy is that when they have a mind that they control, is to deride without explaining why, the things which they do not want people to know. In almost every area of this man's attack he poo-pooed off everything, or put it aside as being dangerous for people to mess with. But at no time does he ever answer any of the things which puzzles the people. I want you to know that the reason why they were not as successful as they wished to be, was because too many people were awake and put too much pressure on. And they had to alter the course.

At this very moment the Kingdom is not only assured of victory, but it was assured of victory before the enemy began its attack. It is simply the power of God to pour in all of the ingredients to bring about the reaction which is necessary. He says He will never permit you to be tempted beyond that which you are able to bare. Nor will He permit all of the strategies of darkness to accomplish their purpose without supplying essential strength and power for the achievement of the victory for His Kingdom. As we look out upon the race, you are in the minority status there is no question about that. You are only 1/6th of the worlds population. And if you want to worry about minorities, then you are a minority group. Then if anyone would be suppressed by numbers then it should be you. And this is one minority that does not want to be absorbed. I think that this minority is not asking for equality because we do not want to come back down that far. I point out to you then, that in this situation, then mediocrity is the design. They come in and tear up a community and when they rebuild it then you cannot tell one house from another. As I look at some of this housing, I do not see any improvement. But one design which the world order has is to press everyone down into one design which means virtually the extinction of the patterns of identity or achievement. But in this design, they also are seeking to break down a powerful society which is the Household of the sons and daughters of God.

In this room there are just twice as many beings as minimum as there are people seated in these chairs. Maybe it is quite fortunate for us that there are not quite as many people in the same dimension, for it could get stuffy in a room with twice as many people. But there is a being in this room for every last one of the Children of God in this room. You say, ‘but why?----Because God has not left you at any time without guardian Angels. He has not left you at any time without the Celestial forces under His command or under the command of Angels at His disposal, should not only be used as a guiding influence from the outside against spiritual forces but to intervene in your behalf. This was not only understood by the Angels but it is Biblically understood. In fact, even Lucifer understood this. The day that he beguiled the Christ---but did not accomplish this---he sought to get Him to show His power. He wanted Jesus to jump off the high pinnacle. He said, ‘Is it not written that your Angels will bear thee up? That your own guardian Angel will not let you fall?’

Now guardian Angels were not sent down to keep you and I from jumping off cliffs. They might help us from falling off in the dark, but the design was to distort the meaning. You know that the devil would try to harm God. Here God stood in front of him and he was trying to trick him. Trying to prove that he had power by killing himself. Jesus turned to look at this devil and He said, ‘Thou shalt not tempt the LORD thy God.’

The Kingdom of God is, of course, triumphant. And it is going to survive. When we talk to you about the fact that there is a tremendous force of power and energy, and that the family of God from the Celestial plain is now in the physical one, but this is the Kingdom of His own Household, His offspring then the Apostle Paul understood this. And he used terms in the Greek that were quite apparent, in the book of Corinthians, he talks about the fact that we are different from the people round about. And as he talks about this distinction, he refers to it as their nature. In the second chapter of the first book of Corinthians, he said, ‘We speak wisdom to them that are perfect.’ We speak not the wisdom of the world order, for the wisdom of the world order is how they think, at the united Nations, how they think over in Russia, and how they think in these kingdoms which are against you. This is the wisdom of the world order, the cunning and the strategy of it. But remember that if they had known what you know, they would not have crucified the Christ. So the Apostle Paul said, ‘We must talk in a level much higher than this.’ So I am going to talk to you about some of the wisdom and knowledge of God. This is hidden wisdom which God ordained before this present era for your Glory, illumination and understanding. So you see, you are a people with the capacity to receive and understand the knowledge which is known to God, but no one else can understand. And it was ordained before this era. And was understood that in due time, you also would understand these things. And this predestinated sovereign transition of re-indoctrinating and re-illuminating the minds of His Household was thus unveiled.

Now we would note here that God reveals these things to us by the spirit. For the spirit searches out all of the deep things of God. And now this is what he said, ‘Therefore we have not received the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God so that we might freely know these things. These things are not taught with the wisdom of the flesh, but they are taught by the perception of the spirit.’

Now the natural man, and this I want to point out to you here in this 14th verse in the 2nd chapter of I Corinthians. This natural man is not talking about the Adamic man, because it is talking about men without spirit, because the Adamic man is of spiritual origin. When Paul talks about the people that are spiritual, the word here means that altho they have a spiritual perception and dwell in physical earth bodies, they are still not like the natural man who thinks with the senses and not with the spirit. For you possess the spirit which is of God, and which can illuminate your consciousness and your intelligence and your guidance in the areas of theology, when they have been blinded by the preparations of changes which occurred in the churches in the early church age, when they were trying to accept all people everywhere as tho they were the same. This was the strategy which Jewry introduced into the church in the second and third century. When they found they were unable to destroy it, then they joined it. In this instance, they tried to affect theology. And theology has been an area of Ecclesiastical warfare in the Protestant circles ever since. And many times, shifting positions on the soul and on the spirit, and confusing things in order to come up to certain specifications, which their enemies had drawn up. This is why they added in the book of Mark, in the last chapter from the 9th verse on, these series of verses which had never existed in the scriptures before. Because they wanted to create a commission to gather all creatures and beings and races, and equate them. This has always been Satan's diversion. Whenever they have to add something to the Bible, this is Satan's way of trying to sell you a piece of goods. And there is no more direct way than to put it into something in which you have Faith in. So in this instance, men like Scoffield, get-trapped sometimes. And he tried to say that Paul taught that there were natural men and then there was the spiritual man. And we are both, natural and spiritual. And therefore, this is what he is talking about . . . that the natural man is the Adamic race and the spiritual man is the Christians.

But this hardly works, because the Celestial man was begotten before the foundation of the world. And the Celestial man has only the things which can be understood of God which HE ordained before the foundation of the world. It is a clear-cut pattern of understanding, when one breaks this down simply. And theologians know this is true that the Bible, under Paul's writings and in those Epistles, shows that there are different capacities and perceptions in the Adamic race than in the world order. This was taught in the Old Testament as well as the New.

When in the days of the fall of your race, the violation of Divine Law has lost for us, this aura of full connection of spiritual consciousness. God intervened in this era to come in from this time on until the hour of His own revelation embodied as Messiah, to intervene with heavenly forces, in your behalf. He came down and told you in person. And HE sent messengers and Angels. HE sent special leadership to guide men, like Joshua and Gideon. HE opened the eyes of the prophets so they would see that they were not alone . . . that surrounding them were great heavenly hosts, celestial beings. And every one of them was capable of being visible in a physical world under a certain divine purpose. But generally, they were invisible to the natural senses. They were catalyzing areas of spiritual energy and they were sowing areas of confusion upon the enemy. I can show you in the scripture, where armies marched against armies in a materialistic battle, and spiritual forces added wavelengths of energy in a secret weapon which could never have been combated, that so confused the thinking of the enemy that they could not logically carry out their normal assault. The result was that they were disturbed by waves of energy which disturbed even the consciousness of the enemy. This was spiritual power from the unseen realm. The forces which are there to guard the Kingdom are known to be there and God always adds enough, so its freedom is going to survive. The instance of the pattern of all of the Old Testament, it was essential that God break thru by sending a messenger and especially pouring out His knowledge upon the prophets and the leaders which HE raised up. Because they had lost the connection of full spiritual guidance which belonged to your race and lost by the process of the fall which occurred. Everything was there, but the connection. We have mentioned before, that there exists inside of the human brain a set or ganglia of nerves just exactly like those you have for the eye. But there is no eye there. This exists inside the structure of the brain and in the area of the study of the brain and its reactions. They say that there is no doubt of the fact that there is a center here that perceives and draws, or activates, just like the others. This eye sets up an image and activates and relays an impression. There is an area here which has no eye, but is still demonstrating that it has the capacity which their electrodes have proven. --But there is actually an eye there. For this is a part of the mechanical equipment by which God adapted you. And HE could not over adapt you. But HE adapted you for the wave of ideas that do not come thru the senses, but still must be drawn upon by the soul now resident in this physical body.

Mental expert authorities studying the human brain, and the anatomy, but in this area, neurologists in Germany and other research centers as well . . . they noted the difference of the convolutions of the brain. But noticed also the difference of the development of this area which is an eye without the actual lens system. And they noted how it was so different in its activities and its use in your race.

We point out again this passage which we refer to because it is so significant. --"If thy eye be single, thy body be full of light---

The scripture talks about the eye and the spirit. It talks about the eye of the senses and then the eye of the mind which can reset up all of the patterns and sit and reason out of the senses which it receives, but draws its greatest areas of inspiration. For inspiration does riot come out of the senses. It has to come out of the spirit. So the eye of the spirit is the realism. And in the Adamic Man, when God begat and placed His household here, --Luke tells you that Adam was the son of God. The genealogy of Jesus, you remember, runs back to Seth, who was the son of Adam, who was the son of God. I point out to you, that what was lost, was the full affinity of continual sense perception, and spiritual perception to the soul consciousness, for a double and complete evaluation. God, thus, by instruction and by intervention by raising up leadership which HE took thru special instructions carried thru and supplied you with both the consciousness of the law and the manifestation of His own hand guiding and directing His own people, HE filled in that area of lack by Commandment, by areas of revelation, and by messengers. And when you arrive at the time of Christ's ministry, then God, Himself, walked among you. And even the soldiers who were sent, said that 'this man spake like no man before him spake.’ So they came back and said, ‘This man talks like no other man and the people believe him so it would not be wise not to touch Him.’ Jesus was breaking the Bread of Life. But also, HE as able to care the transition of the consciousness in understanding, to the minds of those who stood round about because of how HE spoke. For the direct activity of God's mind, HE set up a mental picture in the mind of the soul consciousness of each of His listeners whom HE wanted to understand. HE brought thru the connection. And HE told them that it was essential that HE go back into the spirit, in the heavenly plains, so that HE could send a wave of understanding and empower upon them the Paraclete, so that they could receive, but the world order could not receive. They did not have any capacity to understand. For they did not have any wavelength in this realm. But then they were not spirit of His Spirit and life of His Life, since you are the children. Because you have an affinity with HIM, and you are His kinsmen, then you can receive it.

Then when HE stormed the battle-works of the Netherworld and broke the power of Lucifer after paying the price of Atonement, HE brought the whole kit of His children and set you free. HE was then moving into another era of Restoration. Just prior to His descent, HE told His Disciples that they were to wait in the city of Jerusalem until they would be indued with power from on high.

Now all of the manifestations and trappings and interpretations, which have gone thru the religion and earth experiences, the things which God ordained was the sending of spiritual energy with complete cognition in areas where men thought, to empower the sons of God. For now the Atonement had paid the whole price. The restoration was complete by purpose. And as far as legality is concerned, the race of which you are a part, was well equipped and ready, except for areas of perception which they would also have, to occupy the earth with power. One of the first things which had to be done, was to go out over the earth to wherever your race was located, to wherever the kinsmen were, and to put to them that which Christ had accomplished, and to lift from them their fear and their guilt complex. To challenge them to bring in the Kingdom and overthrow the powers of darkness. It had to start with Calvary, and it had to start with cognition. So it was the work of the spirit. Therefore this is the reason why the power that descended upon the disciples was in an area of such advance areas of perception, such a challenging force, that when they spake, the truth came. And this is why the book of Acts says:---'And God added to the church daily such as should be saved.' This was getting out from under the superstitious complex that they were going into the torture chamber when they died. This was the understanding that they were being saved from error and catastrophe while they lived.

Now we point out to you, that you are at the climax of an age. That at this climax of an age, you go thru the conditions that prophecy has unveiled and which Satanic cunning has designed, but which God has promised to pour in the essential ingredients to complete the victory on your side. There is no area of lack of understanding as far as God is concerned, according to what would come up. HE has never had to change His plans. HE never had to call in His counselors and say we have to alter this because they fooled Him and pulled something HE did not expect. There is absolutely nothing which evil has done by creating a condition that God cannot cope with. HE already knows what they will do.

Now the greatest catastrophe which has happened at this time is this falling away. What is it? This falling away by the utilization of the enemy in the capture of the seat of consciousness until they have put people of your race to sleep. Nice people. Neighbors. People who in their apathy, think they are fulfilling the highest position of world citizenship and have not been sufficiently stirred by their minister. Presbyterian or not, to the fact that world citizenship is not what we are interested in, but the Kingdom of God. And the citizenship in that organization is what concerns us. Even to the point of bringing recrimination upon the Kingdom of God, the orders of God and our faith, by attacking the orders of God as tho HE were an old fashioned backward God, and thus, we must accept a new positions.

In England, since things are not moving fast enough in that area, Mr. Wilson says we have to create God and the ideas that we want for Him, for that is all of the God there is. This is why socialism took over a brain like that. That is why Socialism is taking over the areas of labor. That is why it is so easy when they get weak in their spiritual position it is easy to capture them.

And we have today, in a lesser degree, the captured American, like Mr. Kekel. These people have not only become captured, but some of them have become the very mouth pieces of the captivity. And at the same time, they utilize positions of influence and authority to suppress all of them who do not agree with them as of no importance, because they do not hold the present authority which the world order tells them to attain. What they do not understand is how close they are to transition. But I want you to know that the hour of transition which is in the hands of God, is already started. We have talked to you of how divine energies move out to hold all things together and that the mentoid holds things together, so that God can send spiritual ideas, which are nothing but the concept of His mind. HE can so charge that center of perception inside of your consciousness, that the spiritual acclamation will challenge the soul and the soul will start thinking about things which relate to God. HE can reevaluate all kinds of conditions in His environment.

The other day, I was talking to a person who said, ‘You know I did a little research the other day and I ended up a 'right winger.’ I said, ‘You just decided to start thinking about this?’--How did it happen? He said, ‘Well, all of a sudden something occurred to me, and this started it off.’ Before he knew it he was in this camp. But I said, ‘Well, 40% of Americans today, from an area of apathy, have moved over into an area of alertness. And as they progress into this, something else starts to challenge them. The answer is not just in the area of materialistic sophistication. It is not just coping with this thing on the basis of trying to win it with an election. Because we may not have that much time. It is because of this that we are talking to men on every level, from industry to military. Because they are reaching for something. What is it that they want?---Orders from heaven.

Now one of the greatest demonstration of this awaits the earth. And it is the hour of God's own timing. And no one knows what time that is. But it is not far away. When by entering into our atmosphere and into our earth, with all of the hosts HE has for this cause, but by the very entrance into earth of the Eternal God, by the energies out of His own majestic and glorified being, by the great intensity of this mind of all minds and the Spirit of all spirits, there shall start a function in the seat of the eye of this spirit. When suddenly it sees everything correctly as God sees it. And that charge sets up the proper image. For John tells us that we are the children of God. And when HE shall appear, we will be just like HIM. We are going to think like HE thinks and know like HE knows and understand like HE understands. You say, ‘do you believe that?’ Sure, I believe that. The tremendous energy will make a tremendous change thru the atmosphere of earth. And this will give to a redeemed people who lack spiritual understanding, and suddenly they are going to know. They are going to think right. This is something which the enemy cannot cope with. And what he cannot cope with, then what God does, he starts a forerunner to. God is now stirring people to speak His words and think upon them. And HE is starting to galvanize your race to reach out for His Spirit and His Power. This is what is meant in the book of Joel, when HE said in the last days when this northern army is gathering: --- ‘I am going to pour out My Spirit as a latter rain.’ And like righteousness, HE is sending His rain upon the earth. ‘I am going to pour out my spirit upon all of my sons and all of my daughters, my young men and my old men, my young women and my old women. And they are going to see visions.’ And the word ‘perceive’ that which they have not seen, is translated --dream --or dream dreams. But what God has declared is that HE is going to pour out His Spirit upon His sons and His daughters. And they, with this re-connection of spiritual consciousness now, they will remember things which they knew before the foundation of the world. ‘And I will do what I said I would do’ in the 14th chapter of John, ‘I will bring small things to their remembrance. And they are going to perceive and they are going to know.’

So what is to happen---as God says HE is going to start bringing the celestial consciousness of men until the world order will bind them no more? That is going on right now. And all of those who serve the forces of darkness cannot stop it. They cannot change it. And they cannot hold it back. It is out of these patterns of revelations that printers ink and paper fall away before the illuminated pattern of God's purpose. And the more you seek to know, and the more you seek divine direction as the sons and daughters of God to finish your task in earth, the more it overwhelms you and the more it falls into place. And the less time the enemy will have to put a defeat complex on you. We will never settle earth’s problems until we realize that earth is not unrelated to the plan of God for the Universe, and that earth is the present battle field. And this is the area where God has already predicated victory.

I recall how the great craft swung out over Vincent and turned out over the valley. And some of the people coming up for the Wednesday meeting saw this. And things like this happen all of the time. The other day the LA Times said, ‘While People have been watching the race problems in Alabama, and while they have been thinking about sunken submarines and problems in Vietnam and Laos, there have been more sightings of flying crafts and objects than at any other time. But it has been crowded out of the news. The other day I talked to one of the greatest test pilots that we have. And this man said, ‘Dr. Swift, we fly these things at 3000 miles an hour, and we get up to the edge of space and we see things all of the time. I used to report them. Then I would be interrogated. And then they would sit and make notes, then come back two days later and make more notes. And then come back four or five days later and say--you must have imagined all of this, for you are mistaken.’ So he said that, ‘after this happened a few times, I decided to quit reporting what I saw, for it would save them a lot of pencil work and me a lot of problems. By the third day, they were beginning to doubt me. So if they want to pay me $5,000.00 to make a flight, I will just make the flight and then not report anything.’ And then he said, ‘Dr. Swift, we are seeing things all of the time.’ And so did our astronauts see things, but they will not let them talk about them.

Let me tell you this. There is now manifested around earth great areas of energy and power forces. Some of them visible and some invisible. But the visible patterns are already showing you what time it is. Men have had eyes all thru the years, but they could not see things which were not here. You have arrived at a great climactic hour. Heavens forces bend low to earth to strengthen the Kingdom. And in your hour of need, it is going to be there. I talked with one expert and the longer he talked, the more frightened he got. He told me what he had learned in Europe from intelligence forces. And the more he talked, the more frightened he got. Unless we did something right now, we were going to be destroyed. I said, ‘yes, but we are going to do something.’ There are no ‘ifs’ in this matter. We are not going to be destroyed. We will come alive with the most dynamic force the world has ever witnessed. For God is going pour out His Spirit upon His sons and His daughters, I said. This is not going to be a revival like some of the churches expect, but it will be the greatest revaluation in the purposes that God wants men to think on that they have ever known. The design of the enemy is to destroy your race in order to hold the earth. Whereas the design of God is to liberate and empower it for the preservation of His Kingdom. There is no question about the hour, but God may shorten the time for the Elects sake. But I want you to know that the greatest thing we need today is for God to quicken the consciousness of men until they start to search and seek out truth. As men think together, and God sends the concept upon them, until they catch the pattern, then it becomes a drive and an energy in them and they cannot put it down.

We can tell you this. That over the past two years, we have watched the tapes go out. And then suddenly, people want more. And they want all of the back ones that we ever put out. And they cannot get enough about what God has to say. And they cannot get enough about this hour. Their business is important, but to get this knowledge to everybody else is now important. I know one man, who in the last few months has spent all of his time just getting tapes to people. He said that the people on the Right are frustrated, and without spiritual help they are already defeated. I want you to know that a lot of men went home from Gideon’s army and in defeat. But there were enough left.

Now we are not going into the small numbers. For as we move out for the climax of this age, God is going to activate His sons and His daughters. HE is going to gather them up and pour His spirit out upon them. And the majority of your race is going to come alive in the greatest dynamic development of all times. And you are a part of it. And you are about to see this thing. And according to your vision, will be your participation. And I think you will witness more and more this hunger of people for truth. Time is no longer important. The hour of the day is no longer important. Investigator could not believe that people would come and talk about the Kingdom for three hours. If they talked about something for three hours, it must be subversive. George Washington and Benjamin Franklin spent more than three hours, my friends, when they were laying the groundwork for a great nation. And they spent a lot of time talking to God about it. Especially George Washington, in the days that followed. This may seem like an antiquated message to some of the super sophisticated of our time, but this is still a great nation which they have been trying to tear down.

We have been going thru and we are still in the time of Jacob's Trouble. And we are about to emerge into the greatest glory age of all times. And it will introduce what has been talked about for all times and this is the Millennium. The other day a Clergyman asked me if I believe in a Millennium. And I said, ‘why all Clergymen believe in a millennium since Jesus talked about it.’ He said, ‘but it has not come yet.’ ‘No,’ I said, ‘but it has to come in its own time.’ And it is about to start. What constitutes it?---Christian civilization. The White race with the throne of God ruling the earth from one end to the other. That, my friends, is the Millennium. This is not Karl Marx's millennium, and hardly Mr. Kennedy’s, even the Pope has given up. You say, ‘how do I know? Well a few weeks ago when he brought out his thoughts and wanted all men to join the United Nations, he wanted all nations to join it and put their armies under its control and abandon their own police forces, saying this is the only way to survive and save the Peace. Then certain people then went to the Pope and they said, ‘you mean that the Vatican is going to join the United Nations?’ But the Pope said, ‘no, we must keep this apart from the other nations. For this is an ecclesiastical throne.’ So as to carry out its duties as a church, the Vatican is not going to join the United Nations because it has so much spirituality, that it does not have to. But all of the other nations must join. Then he began to change his mind. Maybe the election has some effect upon him. For the putting of his blessing upon Khrushev's son was an error. For after that, a lot of people voted the Communist ticket and the Italian government saw the greatest shift to the communist. For the good Catholics saw that no longer was their church fighting communism. So last week the Pope said, ‘yes, the Vatican is going to join the United Nations.’ When the Pope joins the United Nations, then he is defeated.

Now I say this because it is history. It is not from a position of opposition or prejudice, I say this, because it has historically happened. Now on the other hand, when I see this transpire, I realize that a great and mighty church of God, a great and mighty spiritual force descending upon your race, that knows no hierarchy or bonds of limitation, are going to emerge, a great dynamic spiritual power which is going to liberate every Christian nation on the face of the earth, and roll Communism and all of its evil, into the oblivion of defeat. But we are not defeated. And we are not frustrated, but we see victory. Do you want to know what time it is? There are thousands of people who will no longer turn into areas of defeat. For just turn and look at the Captain of your salvation. Because HE looks upon you as His Household, His princes, His Kingdom. And HE says, ‘I am gathering all of the reinforcements and I will add all of the ingredients, and I will pour out enough spirit, enough power for victory.’ And the whole world is vibrating under the tenseness of this hour. Waiting for what?----THE MANIFESTATIONS OF THE SONS OF GOD. And they are going to be made manifest. He would not carry into phrases and terms that are not established, and would not be understood . . . this concept of the darkness. As this power moves to the soul of an embodied sons of God, HE moves into the arena where the enemy is in a physical world for the purposes of God's Kingdom. If your faith cannot be drawn out of the spirit and translated to the soul brought into the activities of the being to carry victory there, then Lucifer would be triumphant.

Yes, when the enemy battles for your mind, he is only concerned for controlling it in the earth. And when God activates His Kingdom to build its power, it is to overthrow the enemy in the same area of the earth. So for this cause, God says, ‘I am going to sound my cause and call out my army.’ Whole areas of this army will be at the defense of this society. But they are invincible and you cannot destroy them. Whole areas of your race are going to be declaring 'Thus saith the Lord.’ And spiritual powers are going to be moving upon your race, each according to his aptitude. And you are going to see one of the greatest areas of the rolling back of defeat in this whole human society. And this will not only be ministers seeing this, but I believe doctors, as well. I believe that every good doctor knows that there is a healing power that must come thru HIM before he, himself, can accomplish his greatest achievement. And he may be a master of biochemistry and other masters of adjustment, but you add to this the ability to draw in spiritual perception, the life power of God, which he, as a physician, must be able to apply, and then, my friends, there is no questioning. And there are no errors. This is also true in the areas of teachers. We need teachers today who will teach our students the moral standards, the ethical standards, the divine law, the background and history of their race, and their destiny. Mr. Brown might have trapped himself the other day . . . trying to wipe out religion in one field . . . then said that we should permit the Bible to be taught as history, and anything of history to be taught in schools. So now we need some good history teachers. Because if you teach the Bible as history you almost have to teach all of it. And if you teach it as history you have to know who the people are in the book. And if you teach this as history and you know who the people are in the book, then you have taught racial self-respect, identity, White supremacy and the Kingdom of God. Those who do not like this, can go down and learn black history from Muslim X.

HE said, ‘I came to empower my many sons. For this cause I came into the land of my inheritance.’ The occupiers might have receive Him not, but HE came to empower His sons. You are at the end of the age, the empowering time. Your experience, your cognition, your developing hunger for more spiritual wisdom, your desire for the building of a perfect society, and for the bringing into proper relationship men unto God, this, my friends, is the catalyst working in you. So I tell you that around you are unseen forces who are catalyzing this. Around you is Celestial support. And around you is a great cloud of witnesses. Do you know that the behavior of men would change if they realized that around them was a great cloud of witnesses? There is nothing unobserved. There is nothing which is not an open book before God, and God is not as disturbed as some people might think. HE said, ‘I have blotted out your transgressions as far from me as the east is from the west, and I am not going to remember them against you anymore.’ There are a lot of people who keep themselves under the bondage of a quilt complex instead of behaving themselves and forgetting the evil.

We point out to you now this climax. We may say--'Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven,’ and the enemy may not like, it but we will. For there is coming a day when they will have been brought to the submission of HIS will. And they will see that this is the greatest thing whichever happened to the earth.

End of message.