Irresistible Word, 3-19-62


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 3-19-62

As we talk to you this afternoon about ‘The Irresistible Word,’ we see all kinds of things developing around as in all sides. We are seeing strange things happening which never happened which never happened before. I guess that you realize that the prophecies and the measures of prophecy are coming to pass. Earthquake dates are stepping up and increasing and they are falling on datelines and moving into their stated areas. The military preparedness is fast moving into preparation throughout the world. In fact, this morning the headlines said that we are expanding and stepping up the war. Why? Because the enemy is stepping up the war. Strategies are being looked over again. And in fact, this very week, we have watched the transfer of South Korean troops to the Vietnam area. But South Korea is about to be invaded by North Korea in a stepping up of the war. The fact is that we have committed to war in that area.

As I speak of this, it is with the recognition that there is no way for us to solve this situation as a great nation of God’s Kingdom, unless you face Communism and all that is involved within it with a total dedication. And we should fight such wars that are necessary where they will accomplish the most for the Kingdom, allowing spiritual vision to guide you in the decision and the strategy. If we had as much leadership as the enemy has in following out their blueprint, for they are going right down the line with their blueprint and here we sit with the greatest blueprint ever given to a race stating the purpose of God’s Kingdom and aware enough to utilize it. This is why god will raise up great leadership and much will transpire in the great nations of God’s Kingdom. Because it is their destiny to fulfill and achieve the victory. The world is in trouble and it is expanding as fast as it can into W.W.III and Armageddon.

We tell you this afternoon, that it is only important to know where we are going, how we arrived, and our area of responsibility in such an hour, to know what is in the mind of God and to be guided by this area of understanding. Because there is nothing else by which you can possess your soul. There is no doubt that there is nothing the enemy is more afraid of today than the truth from the lips of God. I want you to know that there is no weapon as invincible this afternoon, as the word of God.

In the book of Hebrews, we read these words:-- ‘The word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than a two headed sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.’ (Heb. 4:12). So because of the power and the super intelligence of the mind of God, HIS complete Omniscience that knows all things, HE possesses the Omnipotence to describe all things, to direct the force of HIS total intellect. To bring these things to pass with HIS creative ability, and with the energy to put things together. This is an important thing for you to understand.

In the book of Hebrews, we have many statements that are vital to the impact and the power of this area of Divine intelligence, this area of supreme understanding of God. And by the faith which is the functioning process of this area of communication inside of you. We also understand that the whole world was formed by the energy and the force of this intelligence of the word of God.

Now, this is not just a spoken word. This is a concept idea of an emanating idea which causes form in all substance, and in all vibratory fields, and particles out of which the Universe is put together. And it is held together by the nucleus of such power, or whether it is the wavelength of light which is synthesized by the nuclear realms of creation and as in the mind of God as HE ordained it---but this is the ‘Irresistible WORD.’

When God was in earth and walked among us, it is said that the body became flesh, the full conscious pattern of the image of God carrying out the responsibilities---and HE was a man---and the WORD became flesh. Thus there is nothing more powerful than the sheer understanding of the Omniscience will of the Father. And this is the greatest possession that you can possess---than the capacities of the procedure synchronizing the seat of your intellect with this will, than manifesting this authority because you are sons and daughters of God, for HE said, ‘I give you power also over the devil, and I come to destroy the works of the devil, and I now give you the keys to the Kingdom. And then HE goes further saying, ‘I put My Will in your mouth---speak the WORD.’ I think that most do not realize how powerful a weapon like that is. But speaking the WORD is vital and important. There is no doubt that to stop this expansion of truth is one of the objectives of the enemies of God’s Kingdom because they are seeking to stop the development of God’s Kingdom today with an anti-Christ world government. They move out to brainwash our society and to brainwash our youth, taking from them any capacity for a spiritual foundation. And they have only one thing in their way, and this is the spiritual construction that passes down thru generations and can be catalyzed and called up in our youth by stimulating and causing a great spiritual force to arise. And it moves and it challenges people and when people hear truth they respond to truth.

Jesus said, ‘My sheep hear My voice, a stranger they will not follow. I call My sheep by name. I lead them out. I give them Eternal Life and they shall never perish.’ And there is no power on the face of the earth to stop this. That is one reason why as truth comes forth, and our race is awakened and alive, and once more dedicates itself to racial self-respect, and to the preservation of Divine Law, and the accomplishment of the purpose for which HE placed us in the earth, they must keep this pattern out of the minds of our youth. For if this moves in the seat of their consciousness----moves that intellect---and they find themselves doing the work of a functioning Kingdom for which they were sent. Thus the only way to stop the sons and daughters of God from fulfilling their destiny is to black them out. Thus in this process we cite to you that they made war against every communication. We tell you this afternoon, that from the multiplication of these tapes, that we are probably reaching more minds than any congregation in the United States today. We feel that not only with these tapes, but they are gathering together, groups of people together---to think upon ‘Thus saith the LORD,’ and to think upon themselves as the posterity of God and the destiny of HIS purpose which shall not be stopped, shall not be moved even tho all the powers of darkness and all of the peanut brains in history get together.

Now, there are those who can be bought and there are those who can be slaves. We have new experiences all of the time. But I want you to know that to stop the Word of Truth, and to stop anything effected by it, is the major strategy of the enemy. Oh, they have moved out on several occasions to stop truth over radio and T.V., for that truth is deadly enough in their thinking to awaken people and to call them thru their areas of responsibility. There is no question of this for plot after plot is developing across the world the massive programs of darkness to capture Christian nations within and without and to give them only one alternative which is to surrender to the anti-Christ program. The only thing which stops men from fear and challenges and realization, is the truth deep within you which God activates for HIS purpose. And when this happens, they awaken and they start thinking about what their forefathers thought and did as they declared their independence, and then they think of defending their country, or they think about how thru the course of time, that they were called upon to defend their homes and their society. But the enemy wants to neutralize this and eliminate it from any reality. Why then are they trying to downplay the awakening of the ‘Right Wing’ throughout the world? They are trying to down play this and make it look as tho this was something bad. If you are observing, you will notice that a great number of the ‘left wing dead’ are attacking the living Patriots. I listened to a lot of the ‘sob sisters’ crying at the passing of Felix Frankfruter. This was an evil man. He put Communists in possessions of power. He was responsible for Algers Hiss and his rising to power. This man was a Communist professor at Harvard Law School. And he was the head of the Communist Party when they dug up the names from that barrel that they sunk in Lake Michigan. And they found that this man was coordinating the Liberal revolution in their attempt to overthrow the U.S. Government, and doing this for the Soviet Union. This man was then elevated by President F.D.R. to the Supreme Court bench and then he became known as one of the most conservative of the Justices because he was doing the work of these procedures. But when one of these ‘tares’ is taken out of the way, it is nothing to weep about.

I point out to you that this is a struggle for survival, and that the Kingdom of God is tangible and real. But in these instances when in a period of time, they attempt to assassinate a man like Senator McCarthy, or when you down grade the intelligence of men like General Douglas MacArthur, then talk with supreme eloquence about a traitor just because he made it to the Supreme Court, something is wrong. There has been greater witnesses to these supreme pressures than are being produced in our time.

We had one of the most unique experiences that we ever had last night. About ten o’clock or a little later, we came from where had been in conference. And when there, we had been in conference with some other members of this congregation. And as we approached, it appeared that there had been a great accident in the mountains. There were lots of flares, traffic backed up for a mile in one direction. As we approached these lights, we were surrounded by officers and they said, ‘Get out--hands over your heads.’ Several officers with shotguns and buckshot were covering us and they said, ‘don’t move or you die.’ They threw us to the ground and seeming in great fear, they searched us for weapons. There was no explanation. And then they said ‘which one of you is guilty?’ They said they that dynamite had been found in the apartment of a young man who attended our congregation, and they also said that this man was associated with Patriotic groups.

Because of a turncoat clergyman, who is no clergyman, they were trying to tie us all together to hurt this ministry. We could well do without these turncoats that hit and run. Because by the time we got thru, we were informed that the clergyman who had helped in trying to tie us all together, was the one who had informed them that there was this rising up going on and that we had all of this equipment, and they were worried about this Negro who was in town. But it will probably be one of his own that does it. They held us together in separate groups as they tried to get someone down here to identify us and of course, we knew nothing about this situation. There were no search warrants, nothing legal. And we heard the radio blasting away. We noticed that they were loaded for bear, armed to the teeth. And thus there were officers who were trigger happy. They put us face down and if we raised our heads, they said, ‘Get your face down. Do you want to be shot?’

So I said, ‘Look, I am a clergyman.’ We had not asked what they were looking for, since we had not had this chance. So we asked if there was any violence, and they said no. And we could hear the radio still blasting back and forth. But here they were, armed to the teeth, but there had been no violence. Then they proceded to say that they had not found the man, and there was nothing illegal in our possession. Now they were now on a spot. Then one man said that they had a clergyman who would come to Lancaster and identify this man they were looking for, and who had come to them with all of this information and sent them out looking for us, saying that we were aligned with all Patriotic groups and we were dangerous. But they had no proof. This is a vicious lie set in place by all of this evil. All I can tell you, is that one of the men lost his glasses and he did not know what was going on. And I tried to talk to this man, and they said, ‘ You men, be still or we will put you in separate cars.’ So I said, ‘Are we under arrest? What are we held for?’ So we learned that they had gone to our homes, and only one turncoat knew where we might be. They thus tried to frame me. The whole thing was just a massive plot.

Now, let me tell you this. I do not know anymore than you do about the course of this instance. I only know what I read in the paper. But before they got thru, they had to admit that they had nothing illegal and that they had to have more proof before they could stop and search us. They could have used buckshot on us at any moment, because they were frightened. This was the biggest show they had put on. The Undersheriff of the county had to take charge. But now they were on the spot for they had made a detainment without any cause. There had been nothing illegal, but they had to come out therefore and say, ‘I guess we will have to let you go.’ Every piece of equipment was back in place, and we were all back in our cars. And the I asked for the name of this man who was the informer, and they refused. They did not want us to think that this man did anything,---there was no evidence that this man, Gilbert, told them anything--they did not want to cause him any trouble. There is no charge against him, but they said they found some dynamite in his apartment, and now that they cannot go along with his information, they can only deal with this by letting us go. But we had already been told by another Sheriff that a phoney preacher was trying to destroy us and this congregation.

Let me tell you something. Anytime law enforcement goes upon an operation which they pull out of a hat, it proves that you have no rights and no protection in these United States. That the hour of the anti-Christ has come and they can use any force they want against you. They can hit anyone at a moments notice. They said, ‘put your head down or you will get shot,’ but my head did not stay down for I was telling them off. With all of the Minute Men and Patriots around in their organizations, somehow they have the idea that their headquarters is around us. Do you know what they are afraid of? It is the Truth of this Book. It is the living breathing Word of God which starts to translate the Truth. It protects your society and your nation and your country against rascals, crooks and evil. I do not blame the ‘Minute Men,’ I thank God that there are ‘Minute men.’ We only have one area in which we are members and that is in the Church of Jesus the Christ in the ‘Christian Defense League.’ And these two will be here long after the Patriots are gone and the ADL has pulled down its flag. I tell you this afternoon, that it is fear upon the part of the enemy that the truth will go out. They are trying to fight every word. They had this all set up. They were going to try to tie in the church and wipe out this ministry. And by this procedure, finish it. But they did not find any ‘patsies.’

Now, my friend, we read in the paper that they have put a bail on for a man------------------------------------and the bail of $100,000.00. And that, my friends, is murder bail. That is more than they put on General Walker. And the officers on the road told us that this man did not take what they said he did. I should tell you that you cannot tell about what you read in the newspapers. The same person had been attacked by a Negro with a gun and as he tried to wrestle the gun away from the Negro, the gun discarded. And now they are trying to charge this man with murder. He is out because they could not make those charges stick.

I am telling you that we are entering these days when the ‘bootjacks’ come out and police forces become instruments of Jewry and World Government. So in this instance, this plot against us failed. They have tried to make entrances into our property in other places, but they did not make it for they were turned down at the door because they did not have a search warrant. So they did not make it. I want you to know that it is time for the Patriots to stand together, but look out for those who would sell you out, or frame you in this lower echelon of leadership. There is only one or two people from the ‘right wing’ circles that has been in the ‘right wing’ for years that would have known where to find the leadership for yesterdays patriotic activities. But this conference yesterday was probably why they had the road block at the right point as we said set up by a phoney preacher. And when they stopped us they tried to stop us from talking and would not give us the facts.

Alright, so this is a great testing time. And as God gives us the Faith and the understanding, we see the pagan animalistic powers by which the anti-Christ moves and stirs up trouble all over America. Christians are going to have to stand together and Patriots are going to have to stand together. And every law enforcement agency is going to have help and they are going to be thankful that armed Christians are standing by. I had four police officers apologize to me for being caught in such a situation and dragged out of our cars and thrown around as officers threatening--if we did not hit the ground, they would shoot. The fact remains, that we are in an unusual situation and conditions. And I am not overplaying this, for there are Zionists and Communists in this revolution against us. We are however, not taking any position in an area of marked violence. So we point this out. They were not able to set up their false claim as their stories did not go together. But when they can set up this kind of a plot for this king of an operation, when they can hold up traffic for miles and when police go down the road and make it clear that they are expecting gun play, then I tell you, people of this nation, that there is something you must remember. There is a greater force which starts the catalyst of a great spiritual force, and the way is then pointed toward the Kingdom. Today, there are some from this congregation demanding of this county’s police force, the why of this manhandling and mistreatment.

Now, we turn to this area which the scripture points this out. The Word of God is sharper than a two edged sword. Because with a two edged sword, we may be able to divide the material, separate it from the flesh, but you cannot take a mechanical sword and separate the consciousness for the spirit, or the physical entity of the brain. Oh, you may be able to kill a man so that the consciousness no longer resides in the brain, but you cannot separate the soul consciousness from either. Jesus made it quite clear as HE talked about your race. And this is one thing that you should understand. There is a difference between you and them. And that difference is in your thinking and this living ability. For Faith is the living ability for the thinking ability. Faith is the essence of putting into living, operation this sheer drive of intellectual and spiritual understanding. And the functioning process is the Living Word. And it says that ‘the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.’ And this is talking about the man Christ Jesus. But not alone, for you also are the Christ of God. When the scripture talks about the Christ of God, it is also talking about you. Because you also are a part of the blueprint of God. You are a part of the Living Word for the building of HIS Kingdom. God has never ordained or designed that this Kingdom was ever going to pass into the hands of any other people. The Kingdom of God belongs to the family of God by inheritance. For they are heirs of the Kingdom. Whether in earth or whether out on Mars, or further out into the Universe, the Kingdom of God is the administration of a Divine family, the progeny of God.

Now, there may be administrations in parts of the Universe, in which they have rule over themselves under the administration of the sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH. And right here in earth, the powers of darkness have ruled over their own minions. But Jesus said, ‘they are not of the world as I am not of the world.’ And HE was talking about you. He said, ‘don’t take them out of the world, keep them in it.’ But your battle right now, is in the earth, and not right in the heavens. If you were listening to the message we brought you just a week ago, then you remember the attack was about the Israel Identity and the people being in the earth. And they said that one of the troubles with this Israel message and this Gospel of the Kingdom is, it does not talk about Salvation. It is talking about the Laws of God which were in the Old Testament, but were replaced by the New. This is the same kind of narrow minded talk that hurts America today. For individual Salvation is tied to the plan of the Father. It is saving you from Error. It is saving you from Transgressions, and all of the catastrophes which it produces. But it was never to save you from a burning hell which was dreamed up by a bunch of phoney clergy who do not act as adults.

Someone said, ‘I will walk out of the church if you say another word against hell.’ You might as well walk out, for you are living in it if you think that you might land there. The purpose of God is to save men from their errors, their sins. And they have been saved by the removing from their minds and the changing of their thinking so that they will perform. So how do you change the thinking of men? You charge them with wisdom and understanding, until the blueprint of God replaces their error. Thus, I point out to you, Salvation is individual. And your ability to carry out the instructions of God and the purity of your thinking before God. But the atoning work of Christ has paid the price once and for all. And you cannot add anything to it, for the guilt has been lifted off of you. Now carry on---but someone always wants a testimony all of the time and says, ‘But we were picked up from the miry clay and set on a solid Rock and we stay there, until we did----.’ But it does not say that at all in the Psalms. This mirey clay from which we were picked up from, is all of these forces of darkness that capture men’s minds and give them apathy, and it mires them down from building the Kingdom. But when we are taken out of the miry clay and placed on the solid Rock of the Kingdom, then we know who we are. We know who our Father is and we know what our destiny is and we get on with it.

This is why I tell you this afternoon, that the spirit of God which carries the unction of all minds and purposes of what God has---all knowledge, purpose to carry out the things which God wants done. And when it is in the process of formation, its ideas and its image and its purpose is transferred to the minds of men, but being carried out by the sheer will of the Father, this is the ‘LIVING WORD.’ God can be embodied in the flesh, and HE is the ‘WORD’ made flesh. HE can be in Celestial realms and HIS consciousness is the Word in Spirit. And it is the Word in your thinking that makes you a part of the participation of the Kingdom. It is the Word of God, this knowledge which is in you that causes you to function. It is the renewing of your mind with your ancient spiritual inheritance. The Word of God can reclaim souls and spirits, and souls and bodies, and spirits and bodies. HE can just look at a man and tell whether he has the spirit or not. HE would know whether he was Divine or natural. HE could tell instantly. You and I also have a spirit of discernment. And if we stay synchronized, I can point out to you that there are people---because of their background, because of the conditions thru which they have passed and races with various patterns which were good in their day, -----but which are no longer good, and now in violation and rebellion against God. Some of them lack souls, and some of them have souls of a sort, and some of them just walk upright.

We are being asked today by the World Order, to draw down these children of spirit so that the children of the Serpent may rise. But we are to give only allegiance to the children of God, to the Truth of God, and to the Will of God, irrespective to what they want. I assure you that there shall be no acquiescence to the Serpent’s design. For we are in the hour when the Spirit of God is not only awakening the children of god, but HE is calling for HIS sons to come out. HE is beginning to make clear HIS pattern and is synchronizing their thinking. And there is no power on the face of earth that can bring back the darkness over the face of HIS children if HE calls for them to come out. And the enemy will tell you this, that they never get them back.

Now, we do not fault some clergymen who walks a little in the light and a little out in the shade, and who does not know what the Kingdom is or what it is all about, HE wants to stay Orthodox and HE wants to talk about the sky, and about his problems. But do you know that this Bible------7/8 of it, is history and prophecy. Seven-eighths of this Bible is about events that happened in the earth, and what is going to happen as God declares it will happen and this is prophecy. There is not much outside of history and prophecy. And if you do not understand the one and don’t want to talk about the other, then you will never understand that there is some great spiritual truths in here. Let me tell you something. The purpose of God is for you to understand the truths in here, but if you do not understand the one then you will never understand the other.

I listened to someone who said, ‘If you believe in the Commandments of God, and the ordinance of God, but you don’t have Faith, then you are still in trouble. But the keeping of HIS Commandments and the ordinances of God is righteousness to you and that is the only time you ever keep it. The word does not say so, but if you are living by the prophets then you keep them. When they say that the Kingdom wants national obedience and racial obedience, it surely does. Someone said, ‘But if it does not teach personal salvation?’---Well, God saves you individually and the covenants take in the whole nation in mass as the pattern of HIS purpose. HE said ALL FLESH SHALL BE SAVED, ALL ISRAEL SHALL BE SAVED ‘AS IT IS WRITTEN.’ HE said, ‘I shall take away the sins from all of Jacob, all of Israel.’ Old Testament, New Testament,---some say we don’t need the law anymore, we are in Grace. But I want you to know that there is no individual law that keeps you from being the son of God, whether you keep the law or break it. But the difference is in the great civilization and the mighty culture of this race and pagan civilization is the mighty laws of God. You cannot have a transformed race of Christians singing praises to God and living like the devil. Anyone who believes that kind of hogwash is mentally sick and needs a spiritual charge. I have not found perfect conduct except in the Man Christ Jesus. But I am anticipating perfect conduct. And I am looking at the fact that the difference between the Christian world and the non-Christian world is like the difference between light and darkness and between the children of the Kingdom, even if they do not know this doctrine is the difference between freedom and those who are in bondage.

I just wonder if God needs a lot of help in the sky right now. There are so many people who want to dedicate themselves to do something in heaven. God taught you to worry and ‘thy Kingdom on earth, as it is in heaven.’ So you don’t have to worry about heaven, because it must be perfect or we would not be praying for the earth to become like that. But you never told God everything, no matter how much you pray, you never tell God everything. And you day, ‘Oh, yes, I have told God a lot, but after all, HE could get along without it for HE does not need any information.’ What do you thing that you told God? Oh, you day, ‘But I prayed and I prayed.’ But what did you ever tell God that HE did not already know? What have you heard from God lately? The significant thing is that this area of communion and concept is the bringing of the wisdom of HIS word rushing thru your mind, transforming and synchronizing your intelligence with HIS purpose, until you are absorbing the WORD. By such a process, God empowers HIS people and lets them know what HE intends to do. Someone said, ‘I prayed and I prayed, but God does not hear my prayers.’ I said, ‘You have been telling God and asking God, but did you ever listen?

There are a lot of things that we might as well become aware of at this moment. You do not have to worry about heaven’s ability under the Administration of our Father, and our family and the Heavenly Hosts to keep things in order. They have already run the devil out of the heavens. And it is time for you to run him out of the earth. There is only one declaration here that explains the whole truth of the Kingdom and that is that JESUS SAID HE CAME AND WAS MADE MANIFEST THAT HE MIGHT OVERTHROW THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL. That was the purpose for HIS manifestation. This is what HE came for---to overthrow all of the works of the devil. What did you come for/ do you have a better project? Oh, you say, ‘we have come to find a latter to climb up and get back into heaven. We are looking for a safe path, and we want a ‘Rapture.’ But you cannot find a rapture from one end of this Book to the other that lets you run out on your responsibility. A lot of people die to get out of here. You say, ‘We have been doing that for a long time.’ But that is going to change too. I want you to know right now that the greatest challenge that God has ever given to HIS children is the ‘Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth.’ And this becomes your life. This becomes your destiny. This becomes your vision. Then you might see this ‘Irresistible Word’ and be associated with it. And then, my friends, you do not worry about dying or whether you have a right to heaven, for you could not get anywhere else if you died anyhow. The Apostle Paul said that it was God who gave it and if HE did not give it, then it would not go back to HIM, no matter where it originated from.

There is one thing that I would tell you. Everytime a Luciferian offspring disappears, they are going back to my Father, and they are thus not cluttering up heaven. The other day I listened to a man who has departed from ‘Thus saith the LORD,’ and who considers himself a clergyman. He was saying, ‘We have to put aside racial prejudice and learn to love one another as one family, as one impacted society. We have to lose sight of color and lose sight of our differences of opinion, for when we get to heaven, we are going to have to live together.’ Well,---I have some news for him. For everyone is NOT going to the same place.

Now, don’t go out of here and rejuvenate a Hell fire story, for we are not talking about that either. We are talking about the fact that when they get back in that dimension from which they came, as some of these people get back in their own dimension,---they will think they are persecuted. Because they cannot get along with each other. Don’t talk to me about heaven if I have to put up with these smooz in that dimension, it would not be heaven to me. Maybe that would be why some people would want to leave it, but I think it might be better to cleanse it than leave it.

Now, we have this to cite. The 109th Psalm makes this quite clear. But I heard a clergyman the other day denouncing the Laws of God. And the way he was doing this was by saying that the Laws of God no longer had any bearing on a New Testament Christian. And then he came out in his pamphlet last week and attacked the Kingdom. And he said that we must not let the area of obedience to the Law get in the way of the development of areas of Salvation, or the regaining of heaven, or to the responsibilities of Christians. He said that there is only one thing to worry about and that is to get everyone into heaven. I tell you, that clergymen better teach men to OBEY the Laws of God. We accept the finished work of Christ as all the atonement and the imputed righteousness that we need, as far as that which justifies it until we can look our Father in the face and can say ‘Our Father which art in heaven.’ By right of petition and by right of total spiritual revelation, and the unlimited knowledge and power had already been atoned for. There is no right of separation. There is no law that decrees that I am not eligible, because Christ made me eligible to be an empowered son. That is what this is all about. And I want you to know that as an empowered son, made eligible by the work of Christ which holds nothing against me, a power indeed for me to occupy in the earth. And HE says go out and speak the Word. Whoever raised anyone in the heavens? Who ever was sick in the heavens? What is it that needs work in the heavens? It is down here that there is work to be done.

Now, I sometimes think that every facet of the earthly work of Christ was for your advantage. You sometimes find that the enemy works best when there is a betrayer who comes right out of your own midst. Judas of Iscariot was a lesson for you. And all of these patterns were for your understanding. And one thing you are to understand, is that you are never to trust Satan’s children at no time for they have no capacity to speak the Truth. Jesus said, ‘these are the Sheep of My pasture---I lead them out.’ And HE said that the Sheep never fail to respond to the call of the Shepherd,---that eventually they are going to respond, for this is inevitable. Did Jesus say that HE was going to lose some of HIS sheep? HE said that if HE had 99 in the fold and one was thus missing, HE would search until HE found this missing one. If HE had one lost sheep out there, whether under apathy, or whether under some cloud that men might think unredeemable,--if HE had one sheep out there---then how long would HE search for that sheep? HE said, ‘UNTIL I FIND HIM.’ Do you know of a better religion?

You say, ‘But a lot of people are taken in by this conspiracy.’ But that WORD is indestructible, has been before the world was framed. It is made out of energy and forces which hold together all of the Universe. And by that WORD was put together this physical Universe. And by that pattern the Spiritual Father begat in Light patterns Celestial beings to occupy these bodies. By that pattern has determined that Communism would hold Africa and Asia until the New Heavens and the New Earth under the order of the Kingdom, has all been achieved. Thus all parts of Divine history is now being fulfilled. I would rather have that policy than to have to depend on the advice and human action of men.

I tell you this afternoon, that there is no Gospel greater than the Gospel of the Kingdom. And Jesus never preached any other message. As we look over the structure of this great program which God has for you, then remember this. Do not anticipate that this is an easy hour but that it is a victorious hour. God has not only put walls of fire about you, but HE is bringing back the impact of judgement upon those who lift their hands against the Kingdom. This is a very militant time which you are going thru and you are going to think Kingdom which is a part of it. And you are going to recognize that Christian nations must become Christian led and Christian administered. You must cleanse your schools and every structure of your society. Someone said, ‘But we do not have time to clean up the Kingdom.’ Well, my friends, then we can liberate it. Some man said, ‘It takes too much detail to put the Kingdom together.’ Well, then conquer the Kingdom and let it evolve into nothing but spiritual life. As the light of Truth expands, there is going to be a lot of people running out, for a lot of people cannot understand the Light. They can’t stand the Truth, so they start a war against the WORD. There is one thing about it, as you speak the Word, and they war against the Word, then it is the WORD which will defend you. And in such a time they will destroy themselves warring against the WORD.

Thus, I tell you that you can proclaim every word that came out of the mouth of God. You can lift up the status of races and individuals as far as righteousness is concerned. Who ever heard of any man going wrong speaking the Commandments of God?

Now, I have heard a lot of people going wrong listening to some of the instructions coming out of these churches. But who wants to go back under bondage? Some people live their whole lives and never do one single useful thing for the Kingdom, except die. Isn’t that a sad testimony? The Apostle Paul said, ‘All their works are burned, but they are still saved by the FIRE.’ For the Fire consumes all of this error and now lets the Spirit take over. It is up to you to proclaim this irresistible WORD, then put them in operation. But someone says that you can’t make laws to stop the Word of God. They can make laws of contradiction to the words of God, but the child of God, with the Word of God, can live beyond that law. You live above it and you reconstruct this law that would destroy.

I am going to tell you this. The day is not far removed when there will be no more irritating things form Synagogues and churches attacking God’s Kingdom and trying to teach mongrelization and telling us that we are all going to become brothers which leads to the destruction of God’s Kingdom---telling us that we will thus, as brothers, be living seers. But is we join ourselves to this cause, we will become dead ones. This is not hatred. For they will get right leadership as they discern and develop the continent of Africa nas accept the values and the patterns of administration that they need. And without this, they will never have anything but catastrophe and trouble. And eventually, they will discover that like the tares, they will be taken out of the way. One of these days the Negroes will all be back in the Milky Way under the definite pattern of administration of smart Angels. I listened to a smart individual say the other day how marvelous it was that we had all of these beautiful blended colors. I will tell you where I will take those colors---in flowers and in trees. But I can tell you that as long as they seek to destroy the household of the MOST HIGH GOD, they are under judgement.

Now, I am going to tell you that judgement is going to move. In this era that you are living in. I would say that maybe within the next 400 days a lot of things are going to change. Earthquakes are stepping up. They are moving into alignment. In fact, there are areas of the earth that I would not take for a gift, unless I could sell it to Fairfax (an area of LA). There are a lot of people, my friends, that do not realize that judgements of God are going to fall upon the areas against HIS Kingdom. And all of the education of the world is not going to stop this. You say, ‘But why would God do this?’ They have done this to by the violations of Law. For they have set up the vibrations that will find their own premiers of destruction.

We do not have the time to go farther in this subject, but I want you to know this. It is the vital form of nuclear energy which makes the nuclear cement in the pattern of the Father which holds together the pattern of the atoms. It does not have to be meditated upon for it was meditated upon, for all atoms speak the WORD. I want you to know that this pure energy holds together the Universe. And the only people synchronized in the intelligence and the essence of their being, are the children of God, these sons and daughters of God whose Spirit is of HIS Spirit. And they are synchronized by their Faith, their thinking and their belief. And to this people, and by this process, and by this God who has promised to accomplish it----HE has finished the atonement---telling us that the world shall have this great new development---THE NEW ORDER OF THE AGES. And HE has laid on you the responsibility to perform.

Someone says that this is the area of self-exaltation. No, this is the area which makes us thank God that we are HIS children. It challenges us with a great moving responsibility, and because of who you are these things are true. I want to tell you that there are many sorry politicians who are going to apologize for things that they have voted for and there is nothing that they have amended that you can’t restore. And I can tell you that there are areas of light that can never be destroyed.

Every once in a while, you hear someone talking about how we are going to put the Constitution back together, and do this and that. But we are going to have to realize that if we plan to survive, we are going to have to even build something that is better than what has been destroyed. There will be a doctrine one of these days, that will be so plain that no one will ever again try this forcing of mongrelizing or absorption. There will be a doctrine that will protect your society. And it will never again permit the enemies of God to move in and stop this construction of the Administration of the Kingdom which is going to move out from one end of the earth to the other. And the day will come when the Soviet Union will no longer be called the Soviet Union but the Russias. And will be ruled again by Christians. The armies of Christianity marches to set men free. The armies of Lucifer enslaves them. One conquers to deliver, the other conquers to enslave.

So I point out to you that I have faith in every word which comes out of the mouth of God. Some times I find men who want to believe every word of God and they want to believe every crossing of the ‘t’, and the dotting of the ‘i’, until it comes down to something that God says is important and then they don’t want to believe it. They say this must be a misinterpretation. That is not for private interpretation. This is true. But that is just exactly what God said. It is not for private interpretation. When the spirit of God makes known the Truth, it synchronizes the essence of HIS being with HIS Omnipotence, HIS Omniscience, HIS Omnipresence. Then, my friends, that is not for private interpretation. This is the Revelation of the Spirit.

The WORD is in thy mouth, it is in thy heart, you are a part of it. You are the essence of HIS being. And when you say, ‘Our Father which art in heaven,’ you bear testimony that this is true. And because this is true, then we tell you to ‘Speak the WORD and watch things happen.’

(End of sermon)