It Is Given Unto You To Know, 1-26-69


by Wesley A. Swift - 1-26-69

As we turn to our subject this afternoon, turn to the book of Romans, the 8th chapter commencing with the 27th verse. “FOR HE THAT SEARCHETH OUT ALL THE THINGS OF THE HEART KNOWETH THE MIND OF THE SPIRIT. And makes concessions for HIS believing offspring, acceptable according to the WILL OF GOD. We understand clearly that HE who maketh intercessions and HE who holds forth, even into the minds of his believing offspring is by the process of the spirit. And the spirit is where the believing offspring have descended from God has created the capacity extending out over a Universe containing 1,126 suns. Holding together all forces of vitality and nature having created all things, and all things having been made for him and by him, for HE was before all things, and by Him all things consist. And HE hath looked down upon society in earth and HE hath ordained human destiny.”

Now; we look out upon all of the choices, and people may think that they are deciding their destiny , and little do they realize who is the Master of all things. HE who hath made all men hath made human destiny a part of His good pleasure. And in the book of Isaiah HE says that HE does all things according to the pleasure of HIS Will. Therefore HE makes this declaration of human destiny, as to the ultimate destiny of the white race, this ultimate destiny of the children of God. And what he has purposed for them even before HE planted them in the earth, into our present existence.

The Apostle Paul then tells us that we did foreknow all of these things, that he did foreknow --For who HE did foreknow HE did predestinate. Thus who did God foreknow? HE foreknew the entirety of your race. He knew you before he created the heavens and the earth. He foreknew when HE talked with you as to the programs which HE had in store and HE then talked to His spiritual offspring. Every last one of you who are a descendant of the white race, every one of you who are descendent from Adam. And you who are of this descendency but now in physical form are spiritual creatures the offspring of God. And you were this before the foundation of the world. And then as HE spake unto you HE declared that you would be the power that would come into the world, to redeem the nations of the world, by the testimony of the Gospel, and by the declaration that you would return to the God whom you had forsaken, under Lucifer's design to cease, and enter rebellion. You also wire with the Father when Lucifer was cast out of the heavens. You were with the Father when he threw Lucifer out of the heavens and 1/3 of the forces of that area of the heavens, in that original creation of the most high.

More than this as these things took place the Almighty had written your names down in the Lamb's book of life, before the foundation of the world. He wrote down the names that you would have, and of the family grouping that you would be a part of. All of these things were written in the book of Life before the foundation of the world. And HE the Almighty God, HE the creator of the heavens and the earth. He who is the creator of all of the Universe, controls all of the Island Universes out and beyond And He says therefore that those HE did foreknow HE did predestinate to conform to the image of His own embodiment. There fore HE spoke unto you and informed you of the destiny that you would have. And He declared that you would descend into the earth, and come forth in physical bodies out of this race. And as HE made this declaration HE talks about your seduction by Lucifer, talks about the fall of this race, then of their redemption because they are the children of the Most High. Because you are possessors of His spiritual nature. Because you are different than the other people of earth. God had breathed into you the breath of life and you had become a LIVING SOUL. And His spirit could spirit could search out your mind because they were one in substance. Thus those that HE did foreknow He did predetermine And he foreknew each and every one of you as his offspring in the heavens before the foundation of the world. Twice born?---yes! Born of the spirit of the Father, in the endless ages of yesterday. And Jesus talking about the mind of the spirit, the consciousness of the embodied God, said that HE would send the wave of His spirit upon his sons and daughters that it would bring to them the knowledge of all truth. That it would bring back to them the knowledge that HE had already told them, even from the beginning. Thus he said that He had predestinated them to do one thing.

In the 82nd Psalm, it says: Ye are Gods, and all of you are the children of God. Ye are Elohim, why do you die like men? Why do you allow these things to come upon your race, when you are the household of the Most High. You are a predestinated people, who are to arise and take possession of the kingdom. And you are to rule with Him in the endless ages, over the entirety of His universe.

This, my friends, is Hu-man's destiny. Hu-man means spirit man, begotten in the spirit and incorporated into the flesh, and these two become as one. For in the fullness of time when the Christ shall appear, we shall be like him in thought and in mind, and in action. And this is what the Apostle Paul said he really look forward to, when he could put on his whole glory. He said he did not want to die but he did want to put on his whole aura of light. For he also knew that the children of the Most High were to conform to the image of the Most High himself. THOSE HE DID PREDESTINATE, THOSE HE DID FOREKNOW, HE DID PREDESTINATE TO CONFORM TO THE IMAGE OF THE MOST HIGH GOD.

Now; God made the declaration before the foundation of the world that He would be the lamb slain before the foundation of the world. That He the lamb of God would emerge out of the very race that HE had begotten. That He would become a completion of that cycle. And HE would not be ashamed to call you his kinsman, his brethren, after the spirit as well as after the flesh. Conforming to his image, which means that you can conform to the areas of his thoughts, his concepts and ideas. It means that you can conform to his image, and the background of this is that He said that you would conform to his image as to the time when Christ walked the earth, and returned in his majesty and his glory. We understand that when Christ returns we shall be like HIM.

Sometimes the theology of the churches do not recognize that they have been begotten by the Most High. They do not recognize what the Apostle Paul is talking about here. In the book of Romans when it says, His spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God. And the expectation of the creature is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God.

And the manifestation of the sons of God comes in the day of conformation. And God has made this a great and clear declaration that you have been destined to conform to His own image. We can think of nothing in majesty as being as great as God. With passions and powers like God. Thinking in forms of righteousness as God. And in this situation then we will conform to the pattern of God's own words. There fore to those who are his household and his children, he has predestinated that they shall conform to the image of his son (his embodiment) into that pattern of predestination roams the mighty creative forces of the Universe, rose the majesty of the plane of light for the spirit is the plain of light. And there in bodies of spiritual light you existed before the foundation of the world. God himself is light and He is the Light that lighteth every man (Adamite) who came into the world. By the same pattern we look out over the cosmic plains of light that are in the Universe. These wave come from out of outer universes beyond, and as these waves come to earth, we have learned that there are tremendous powers there. We are working in our laboratories of today and we are beginning to break these patterns of light down and we have brought them thru the patterns of the diamond. We have brought them thru the Emeralds and thru the Ruby and each of them down. They are working in a new way and we call this the laser beam. And this laser beam is as hard as a rock or a surgical instrument. And you can operate on the eye or on the eye with such a knife in surgery. It can consume and disintegrate. It can cause to explode and to vibrate. And these waves are caused to be reflected and deflected in various ways. And we are in the infantry realm of discovering the majesty of such patterns of light. We discover also that light is operating from the cosmic patterns, thru out the universe, on the human body to keep the heart beating in rhythm. They have discovered now that there are laser beams absorbed in the human body like a rhythm, and they maintain the rhythm waves of the human body. We do not know all that there is to learn about this subject. But we want to point out to you this, that that light which affects the light of men moves from out of the Most High. And it can move upon the consciousness and the intelligence. For it can be directed by the Most High God.

Christ, as HE walked the earth, performed miracles. And those miracles were amazing. The withered hand took upon itself flesh again and thus became a hand again. Substance came and the substance grew as the power spoken by the word of God did its work. He called into play the power of the very universes to accomplish this. The wind and the waves obeyed his words and his disciples marveled at this. He opened the eyes of the blind, and he unstopped deaf ears. He stopped a funeral possession and raised the dead. But why could not He do this, for he had created all of the Universes. And all of the strange patterns of life at his fingertips. And as we remember all of this then we do not question for without a doubt this was the Majesty of God. This was the very Christ. And God looked down thru the corridors of time and said,---“ACCORDING TO THE PLEASURE OF MY WILL, I HAVE ORDAINED THAT YOU SHALL BE EXACTLY LIKE I AM. You will conform to my pattern of the flesh, for I did these things while in the flesh. More than this your mind shall be as my mind, and your knowledge as my knowledge. Because you are my offspring, you are a divine race. YE ARE ELOHIM AND ALL OF YOU ARE THE CHILDREN OF YAHWEH.” So by this declaration again we shall conform to his own image.

You know there is a strange situation at work. There is no power quite like the power of the spirit. There is no work quite like the light of illumination that moves upon men. Men come upon it as they worship, they come upon it as they read the scriptures. And as they seek out the pattern of the scriptures and seek out the mind of God, they discover that the infiltration into their own consciousness is the similitude of workmanship. They discover that they begin to abhor with each development of spiritual illumination the things of the world.

Now when we talk about the world, we are not talking about the earth and things therein, we are talking about the world order of Lucifer. We are talking about the dynamic pattern of Lucifer's Satanic civilization. We are talking about the races and the idolatry. We are talking about the immorality that they welcome, and seem to rejoice in. We are talking about these things as the world order. The sun total of those things which are against God and his kingdom and against HIS Majesty, still in revolt. These we refer to as the world. And when we talk about the things of God, then we talk about the kingdom of heaven. We talk about a kingdom of heaven. And we want to point out to you that we become more God minded, as the consciousness of sin, arises in your consciousness and your consciousness becomes more astute. You not only look upon the patterns of darkness, that move as conditions upon the face of the earth.

But as you move out in your thinking you repudiate the darkness. How man of you who do not find yourself repudiating the patterns of transgressions. You repudiate the processes of violated commandments. You repudiate the violations of moral law. When you talk about the motion pictures today, there is then a dozen evil ones. There are those that only move out of the minds that are corrupted, in patterns of evil. They seek to seduce a whole society, and you find yourself in condemnation. They sell their drugs, and they move out to capture youth. And you find yourself standing with God and repudiating these patterns. And all of the time while this has been talking place, there is a transition that is taking place in your consciousness and mind. You are a different and separate kind of a creature then that which the world embarrasses and enjoys in this pattern.

Not only is this true, but there has developed, over the children of God, a spiritual force, like an evolution of spirit. For as these things begin to be addressed, you are becoming a child of God. You are now against God's enemies, you are against their strategies. You are against all things which are not of God. But by the same process you are agreeing with God. Your own nature becomes more God like. You find yourself abhorring the darkness, and accepting the light. People say, what is this doing? It is also a perfecting work. You find yourself caught in this pattern of temptation from the world. But you find yourself more immune in those individuals whom God is raising up of his household. For God says that HE has predestinated and decreed that you shall conform to the image of his own embodiment. There is no calling on the face of the earth higher than this wish to conform to the likeness of HIS own embodiment. And finally moves on to the revelation of the Almighty and Eternal God. After all, my friends, God has declared that you will rule with him in the ages to come. You are going to rule over the cycles of the universe. You are going to rule over the whole universe. From out of the Pleiades you came, from the center of the Universe, into physical form because God sent the spirit of His sons into the bodies of the Adamic Race. Not only is this true, but think, my friends, the increase of his kingdom is not going to have any end. And you are going to conform to His image. And that which was lost by your seduction by Lucifer, then God has determined shall be restored. Because you are his sons, and he cannot leave His sons in custody of Lucifer. And in his crucifixion He only permitted this crucifixion so that HE might take upon Himself this weight of the world.

They could not even keep him out of perdition. For Beelzebub said, who is at the gates? ---The LORD strong and mighty is at the gates. And Beelzebub says, Oh, Lucifer keep him out, we don't want him here for we could not even hold Lazarus when he called, when he was here. But the cry was Open up ye pearly gates for the LORD who is strong and mighty is at the gates ‘The King of Glory shall come in.’ And in that time then Christ kept his appointment with Adam down to his own time. He preached unto them the Gospel unto those whom we had called dead. And then HE brought them forth, His many sons and took them into glory, and hell hath no power over them from that day to this. Thus, we see again the majesty of God's purpose and grace. To restore His children and make them to conform to the patterns of His own image. Oh, you say, there are many white men today that do not conform to the image of God. But I want to tell you that there is one things that today you can rejoice in. For this God who holds the Universe together, from the beginning to the end, says, 'I save to the uttermost.' Not, my friends, incomplete--but unto the uttermost. I restore, I redeem. And in all of those things the Eternal God, your Father, unto whom you say,---'Our Father which art in heaven'. Our Father who has said, I have predetermined, I have confirmed human destiny, and I have determined that every last one of you are going to conform to my own image. Moreover we read that he has not only determined that you shall conform to his embodiment, but He himself would be the first born among his many brethren. He who was the embodied God the eternal Christ Jesus, who was the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Before Abraham, I was, the first formed, the first begotten and the first formed of his kinsmen.

Now we read these words: --Moreover those he did foreknow he did predetermine. Those he predestinated. Those in the patterns of human destiny, he ordained. And those He called, he had already justified, and those he had justified, he also glorified. And I want you to know that it says,---Arise and shine, for the Glory of God has risen upon thee. And the day will come when the children of God shall stand forth in majesty and power. When the light of the countenance and the aura of the white race will so stand out on the face of the earth, that those who see their hearts will cease and tremble. And those whose hearts are filled with evil and lust, the children of Lucifer will seek the rocks of the mountains to hide themselves. They will hide from his presence, his light and his Glory. But the kingdom of God shall be known as the kingdom of light and of Glory, and the kingdom of majesty. Because those He foreknew he hath called, and those he called He hath justified. And those he justified He hath Glorified.

Who can deny God the absolute pleasure of His will? Who can say that God shall be defeated and shall lose his sons and his daughters? Or not be able to complete the majesty of his purposes? The pattern of conformation is the pattern of having your thoughts, your mind and your spirit conforming to the pattern of God's spirit. And when your mind conforms to the process of the spirit, which is one with the Eternal, this is because the spirit has never transgressed. The spirit has no capacity of transgression. The spirit was begotten of incorruptible seed in the heavens. Therefore being born of incorruptible seed there is no way to corrupt it, there is no way to destroy it. It is immortal and resides in the human body. And this spirit shall conform to his image just as the mind will conform to this pattern as the body shall put on immortality.

Therefore with this great concept of the spirit, ye who have been begotten of the spirit, we who are the children of the spirit, shall say, Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.

In the 12th chapter of the book of Romans, we again see the processes of God. For he speaks here and tells you what not to conform to. For He has destined that you are going to conform to His own spirit. He has destined that in this hour of conformation that the children of the Most High are going to think as He thinks and know as He knows. He says, therefore I beseech ye brethren by the Apostle Paul that ye brethren present your bodies a living sacrifice. He was not calling on you to die, he was talking about a living sacrifice. A living conformity to the pattern of the mind of God. This opposition against the powers of transgression, against the powers of darkness, against the powers of evil, this victory force of the power of the kingdom. This then is your reasonable service.

Now then, therefore be not conformed to the world. Do not be thinking as the world thinks. It does not matter what the world thinks. The world is smart in gathering up all sorts of titles for you. They will call you a bigot, or say that you are prejudice. But it does not matter what the world thinks. This happens to be my Father’s world. This happens to be my Father’s world to give. And he has already bestowed it upon the sons of Adam. And it is already determined that he is going to rule over this world with them and the worlds to come forever. So it does not make any difference what they say. It does not matter what they think as long as you are in agreement with God. As long as you think in the newly conformity pattern. Therefore be no conformed to how this world thinks. Be ye be transformed then by the renewing of your mind. The renewing of the mind comes as the spirit of God works upon the children of God. As the light of God coming out of the cosmos settles down over his children. Calls, selects and eventual justifies. And we do see today that as this moves upon them then they do move differently. And they do never conform to the pattern of the world. If you conform to the world then you stand for all the patterns of mongrelization, and for witchcraft, and all of the world has filled the world with their conforming to the revolt against the Most High. So don't you conform to the world, stand up against it until every knee bows, and proclaims that Christ is God, and God alone in the Universe.

This, my friends, is your destiny. Therefore this is what the scriptures say. ‘Therefore be ye not conformed to the world, but be reformed by the renewing of your mind. So that you may fulfill that which is perfect, that which is assessable, that which is the perfect will of God.’

Therefore, we go back again to the patterns of His promise. Out of the ages of yesterday. HE with that sovereign mind, that majesty of spirit, has predestinated that every one of His children found here in bodies of flesh, shall conform to the image of God as HE walked the earth. And world without end shall share with HIM, in the power and glory which he brings upon His family. As He lifts that family into proper position with HIM.

Therefore, the Eternal God is your Father. And he has ordained that you shall measure up to the standard of His righteousness. Nothing short of this will be acceptable to HIM. And unto Him we shall sing our praises world without end.

End of message.