It Is Later Than You Think, 1-1-67


By  Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-1-67

In the Book of Revelation in 10:6., we have a passage where the Angel (Eagle) suddenly sounds the trumpet...lifts up his hand to heaven, and sware by HIM that liveth forever and ever, who created heaven and the things therein, and the earth, and the things therein and the sea and the things which are therein, that 'THERE SHOULD BE TIME NO LONGER'. Of course this is a unique statement, for time is a dimension, it is exactly a dimension of the existence of things. It is the dimension of the happenings that transpire. It is the dimension in which history has its fulfillment. And as we have height and breadth and length, so also have we a dimension of Time. The Angel didn't mean that there wouldn't be any more time because there is going to be time forever. He meant that as far as the study of time was concerned, that the time of YAHWEH'S waiting, the time for giving any further time to the powers of darkness was totally over. He meant that the day of YAHWEH (God) was coming in with Power and great Glory.

And thus the Angel lifted up his voice and said:..'Time shall be no more'. He meant that the time of YAHWEH was now commencing, and the time for the powers of darkness and forces of evil were no longer to be counted. Now the fulfillment of events to bring this about would transpire. We discover as we listen to the the the Book of Hebrews as the Apostle Paul says:...'What is man that thou art mindful of him? Or of the son of man that thou visited him, for thou made him just a little lower than the Angels, and you crownest him with Glory and honor, and did set him over the works of thy hands; thou hast put all things in subjection under his feet...but thou hast left nothing out that will not be put under him.' We today do not see all things as yet put under him, but we do know that all things shall be placed under the household of the family of THE MOST HIGH GOD.

We look out over the passage of Time, and we realize that the Scriptures told us how to measure our years, and the children of the Kingdom do measure time, and we measure it exactly with the rotation of our sun on its axis, fulfilling the patterns of its orbit. We measure it by the rotation of the years, and we need therefore to measure time, and although Time is not very long to our God, it seems quite long to us. The Apostle Peter tells us that 1000 years is but a day with YAHWEH, so we have only been here a little over seven days, about seven and a half days in the mind of YAHWEH. But out of the vastness of Time as He has rolled forth the Sidereal systems and made the creative patterns of the heavens, it has taken a great period of time as we measure years by the cycle of our orbit around the sun. But in the hands of God it is but a moment in the patterns of Eternity, and the majesty of the events He has concluded.

But here upon the face of this small globe moving in its orbit around the sun has come one of the greatest events of all time. We are approaching 'The Day of the LORD'. We are approaching the final conquest over the powers of darkness, and over the forces of all evil. Therefore it is much later than you think. Turning to the Book of Romans we note that now it is high time to wake out of our sleep...'it is nearer'..much nearer to our salvation than we had believed. 'The night is far spent and the day is at hand; let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and put on the armor of light'. Romans 13:11-12.

Here you is later than you think, we are in the time of the final and climactic events which proceed the Great Day of God Almighty, when that day shall be announced. We look out over the events of Time and we see the battles of the powers of darkness as Lucifer lifts up his head against the program of YAHWEH'S Kingdom, and we see in all these things the Eternal development of the program of God. He called forth and established before the Elohim, these children of spirit..His program whereas he would place his sons and daughters in the earth, and that He would give them the area of triumph, for they would be placed over all creation. In fact, in the days when He brought forth Adam, and brought him forth as HIS SON, He showed Adam all the creations of earth, and all the patterns of earth. And told Adam to name the animals and have control of the earth..for 'I have given it to you'. And HE placed Adam in the Garden of Eden which had been especially prepared for him. But there was no helpmate for Adam, even the beasts of the field, or the people of other races did not measure to that extent, because they had not been begotten in the Heavens above, nor had they been placed in earth as...A SON OF GOD. So a portion was removed from Adam and God created Eve so that Adam and Eve might become one flesh...a son and daughter of God, that they might then propagate and increase, and establish the authority of the Kingdom of God over the face of the earth. It was a long pattern of time, and then came the transgressions of Adam and the fall of the race, but it was still measured by the measure of YAHWEH when He declared that He would come forth out of the woman, for she would have a man-child.

We discover in the writings of the Book of Seth that it says:..'YAHWEH would emerge out of the seed of the woman (Israel), and He would challenge and triumph over the Dragon. That HE would raise the time of visitation upon His people, and the time of judgment upon His people.' But this time of visitation...what was it? He had called forth His prophets and declared to them His way. He had called forth the patriarchs, and had told Enoch 5000 years before The Christ that the time of Visitation would descend upon the Household of His Kingdom. He showed him the measures of the heavens which we have discovered when studying the observance of Christmas. He showed him the measure of the great star moving from the head of Aquilla to the head of Virgo, and then to the womb of Virgo to emerge at the exactness of the hour of the birth from this conception. The conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter would come together in this hour of measure, and He explained to his man Enoch, as he showed to him the measures of the sky, and the Gospel which would be followed thru this pattern.

He explained to Enoch the moving of our earth in its cycle, in its solar orbit, even the movement into the very houses of measure. How the Constellations had been placed in the sky, and how they recorded the patterns of pictures. And therefore the houses of the sun, and the houses of the moon were the yearly travels of the earth. This was told to Enoch and he told it to men, and they observed the heavens, and the signs in the sky. And as they did this they also were guided by the voices of prophecy. For God with His Holy Spirit moved upon his race to tell his people the measures of time, and the coming events, and thus we have the operation of the measure of time. It has been observed throughout the course of time and history by this white race, this household of THE MOST HIGH GOD.

Thus we have watched the passage of years, we have counted the years, the white race has always counted its years, and with the passing of the old year it celebrates the bringing in of the new, and it faces each new year with hope even tho some of the measures are not always so hopeful. They however lend themselves to the understanding that we are moving into the greatest days of all. This hour of visitation of God was searched for and watched for by the prophets, and by the Magi, as well as others who in their studies were searching the sky, for indications of the coming events which had been prophesied. The hour of that visitation came and YAHWEH again visited His people in the Majesty of the Miracle...for a Virgin conceived and bore a son. And in the course of this visitation this son grew up as a strong individual, mighty because HE had power over the wind and the waves, power over sickness, power over all of the problems of men, and he met each and every one of these problems with the dynamic pattern that God alone would use.

But HE came in this visitation as Savior not as conqueror. He came as a Redeemer for His people. And the time of visitation had come for HIS Race. It was the longest expanse of the time measure that this Hu-man race had. This Hu-man is Spirit of man of the Household of God. In fact so great had it been in time..a period of some 5400 years from the hours of the Prophecy of God as to His own time. And then during this time of visitation when He came for the Redemption of His people, He told them that gain they could count the time, could observe the patterns and the seasons because in the fullness of Time..again He would return. This time He comes as KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS..a Majestic conqueror who will put down with great speed the powers of darkness and the forces of evil for ALL TIMES. He told His disciples to study the signs of the Time, to observe the sky, to observe the course of events, and to understand the Mysteries of His Kingdom. But He had promised that there would be a time which would be known as..'The Great Day of the LORD'.

Zachariah talks about this day of the Lord, how it will be a day when God will step in to intervene in all human affairs. And then Isaiah talks about 'The Day of the LORD', in which God will restore unto His people the things which have been taken from them by the cunning of Satan, and by the bringing in of the Aliens. He talks about the overthrowing of evil, all these things which are to come in this 'Day of the LORD'. All of these are the courses also in the passage of time, but we are to watch and to measure, and to observe the Time. We note as we look over the patterns of our history how it has been a very turbulent history as far as this world is concerned.

We who are the children of the Household of the MOST HIGH GOD were placed in a very strange planet. We were placed where the powers of darkness were in full swing. We were placed where Lucifer was to have the last opportunity for extending his influence and power forever. Lucifer hoped he could come back, he hoped he could mount up to the high Heavens, and hoped to conquer the MOST HIGH GOD. Of course there wasn't any hopes of such a victory even tho in the conceit of his mind he had these great and massive concepts. The Hosts of the MOST HIGH GOD had been placed in the position of intervention when in the rebellion of Lucifer he was cast into earth.

But now God placed His sons and daughters in the midst of the earth without intervention. He suffered that they would be tempted, and that they would fall. But He with the power of His Greatness and the Majesty of His Redemption, and the day of His Visitation, assured His Household that He would restore back to them the pattern of His consciousness. That He would place upon them the unction of His Spirit, and make known unto them the things of His mind. And that they who were the children of His Spirit..they alone..would have the capacity to receive it. Thus in the fourteenth chapter of the Gospel of John He said:..'Unto you' can receive this spirit..they cannot.

The cause of the pattern of measure is thus one reserved again for the household of the MOST HIGH GOD. In the hour when the pattern of the intelligence descended upon the household of the MOST HIGH GOD..when they first came into being, they had a written language, they had a spoken language, and they had a pattern of culture, and they produced the great structure of creative thinking. For instance from the very beginning of your race you were migrating, you were writing books, you were building cities and proclaiming the greatness of your God. So under these patterns we are well able to say that in this day as we observe the is to be a time of rejoicing because the Kingdom of God will come into its full force, for we see this from the observance of the measures.

Ecclesiastics was sort of a sorrowful prophet and he said there was a time to live, a time to die, a time to prosper, and a time not to prosper. But there is a Time for everything, and Time happens to all things. There is Time for everything under the sun, so says Ecclesiastics. But he is only talking about the measure of the expanse between events. The great patterns of history need the areas of distinction and we measure it, therefore as we have done this we measure time. And the space between events we measure as we measure our days. The Scripture called for us to measure our days, to understand the great dimension of the passage of Time. Thus we roll out the pattern of our history which is just the position between Times.

We start our history at 5400 B.C., and we come on down accurately measuring our history until...a single day of significance and importance finally makes its determination. Thus the hour of the Crucifixion, and the hour of the Birth of The Christ have brought us down to exactness in these human measures. Then as we survey this hour we understand that whatsoever has been declared unto the Household of shall come to pass. And in these measures again we are to understand that YAHWEH says:..'Time shall be no more' the Angel sounds his voice then YAHWEH..Himself, will no longer tolerate the extension of the power of darkness, and the forces of evil over His Household..over His Kingdom.

In fact there is no question about the fact of the coming of 'that day' and the measure of 'that day' because as we are getting closer with each year to the event, we realize that we have moved in without question to the period of the awakening of this Household of God. In the Book of Revelation it refers to two witnesses (church and state) as being almost dead in the city. And this city politically, socially, and economically is Mystery Babylon. And in this area we see the powers of this Darkness and this evil summed up as the Great invisible and mysterious city of Babylon which moves out with its hold upon nations and upon people.

And God speaks of the awakening of His people in the hour of the end. And He tells us that the witnesses of God..both church and state will stand upon their feet and give their testimony. We have watched this culminating of events as the fifth column has moved into every great nation of Christendom. They have sought to dull their minds, to put aside the teaching of God, to bring about the great areas of catastrophe. Instead of maintaining the pattern of separation as God in His creation, and in His time of measure established for the races, they have sought to mix all races. They do all this with a supposed liberalistic expansion of culture and civilization. They have moved in upon our nation, and in their demagoguery they have spread the doctrines of the politics of Hell. They have produced the pattern of social, creeping communism in our own midst as they have spread it over the nations of the world.

As the sons and daughters of Lucifer spread communism they seized the Russias, they moved out over Asia and Africa and today they have made their inroads into God's Kingdom nations. They even move into the household of the Clergy, and today we even have some clergy who have the highest honor and highest positions in the church saying:..We are no more at war with communism, no longer have we any war with any political position. We want to say that we can embrace communism as well as all things. They are actually giving assent to the doctrines of evil, and the politics of Great Mystery Babylon.

This does not mean that the true church has fallen for the concepts of Lucifer, for it has not. The children of the Kingdom have a spiritual center and God said:..'I will establish this spiritual center..His church.. upon your awareness, that I am the Christ, and upon your necessity of a spiritual center, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.' Therefore the true church does not embrace communism, but in his hour they have even reached the point where they have spread the doctrine of communism, and have the visible church, the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches moving in this orbit.

Thus we are moving into the final hour of an awakening, in fact you will find that as our nation supposedly fights communism still they are embracing the philosophy of its teachings while the battle against its expansion of power which could be tyrannical goes on. But we must not battle strong enough to win, always they have been taking such a course. Oh, we do not want to win, we only want to teach them a lesson, we only want to stop them from expanding. The enemy is willing to have you fight this type of war, and has plans for this strategy for he believes he is going to triumph over this program of the Kingdom of the MOST HIGH GOD.

Early in the 60's as people of God see what is not right they began to study and hold meetings in homes and in auditoriums. They started to study this program of world communism and realized the menace it really was. The reports that come out of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in your nation told Americans that communism is your danger, and it stirs up your youth, and creates areas of revolution, it creates education problems such as at the University of Berkeley, and the Sunset Strip.

The Clergy who are not ministers, but actually servants of communism come out and actually aide and abet, and excuse the areas of the influence of the communist party. Then God started to stir and awaken His people and He started the rise of a course of development called the 'Right Wing'. You have heard of it because they are now called extremists on the Right. In fact those in places of high influence came out with the propaganda stories serving communism and the Left Wing, and they saw that people on the Right are extremists, and there must be an avenue between the right and the left, so they want to be middle of the road, but there is absolutely nothing there. I want you to know that God said:..He has no use..absolutely no use for nothing.. for you are neither hot or the middle, and He said He would:...'spew you out of his mouth'. We want to tell you that when Christ returns He will be the mightiest 'Right winger' of them all. As the Right became known as Extremists then many of the group dropped out, they went cold, they didn't know that this was the way the enemy divided you, but they who went out from us were not of remember that. I want to point out to you that in these measures God said that the time is at hand. And we are still going to be accounted for.

The witnesses.. church and state of the Kingdom are going to stand on their feet, and the nation and the society is going to make known that it stands for the things of god, and the things that are right. We have watched as the Congress passed the Civil Right Legislation and they started to follow the propaganda technique of raising the legislation to the equality of the whites. This is a total impossibility for only equals are equal to equals, and they don't need any declaration of equality. But in this instance these who are emotionally unfit who move in the categories of 'The Beast System' are never in the status of the white man, and never in the program of God's Kingdom, cannot be raised to the status of the white man by Legislation. The only way they could ever rise to his status if for God to create a new thing, and eventually within them create a new creation, and they would then be given, by the Grace of God, the great capacity to be civilized, but they will never measure this by their own accord. They have been placed under the stewardship of the sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH GOD and only He can change that.

As we study the time of our years, we see that God had prophesied to Moses that we would go out and colonize and bring our culture and civilization to the ends of the earth while battling Lucifer and his conspiracies and his plots. We are told there would be trouble in the latter days, we are told that in the last 30 or 40 years that we would be in the time of 'Jacobs Trouble', that we would be making our reversals, that we would be cut off in Africa and in Asia, altho outposts would remain. The great standards of civilization and of the culture of His Kingdom would be broken. We were told that strangers would move into the nations of the Kingdom of God, and with great cunning would try to master your society, and then the people who had been so busy with their families and trying to acquire what was necessary would come to attention, because the things they were gathering were being taken from them. The policies of taxation would increase, and the power of his enemy to reign over them would increase, until they had the power to send your sons into endless battles, all this would be bearing down in the kingdom at this time, and then suddenly they would come alive.

Now; I want to call your attention to the pattern of this measure for as the pressure bore down, and it seemed that everything was going awry, everything was going wrong..we still had the sure Word of God, we had the prophecies of God, we knew the children of truth would be guided by the facets of truth, and would come alive. In fact in 1965 so much had come in for study in the small communities and in small housing development, and thru out areas of the land, about the patterns of communism that were being awakened until about one out of every two people could talk about communism, about communists in government, or the administration, about the patterns of darkness, and the policies that were emerging, but the press in the hands of the enemy, and the T.V. in the hands of the enemy were silent. And as they sought by their control to make it appear as though the whole country was in favor of communism, the whole country was going for integration, and even tho they are still doing this..still the people knew better.

We are in an hour of awakening although there seems no way to express it. Two weeks ago a commentator came on the air and said:...'I am going to deliver the most important address I have ever delivered, and then he came out to tell the story that the white race was Israel of the Bible. The Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Lombardic, Basque, Nordic, Germanic people are Israel, the household of the family of God. This program of his swept the nation. We had sat for four hours with this man and he said: 'Well if this were true the whole area would turn away from me if I proclaimed it. He said: I will have to evaluate this situation before I decide what trend to take. I said: Listen, it is true, and you are going to proclaim it the same as everyone else, and it does not matter who turns away because those who come to you will be greater than those who turn away. Thus we have watched this measure in our period of time and history, and IT IS LATER THAN A LOT OF PEOPLE THINK.

We are now watching for the Next Visitation. We have our eyes upon the clouds for in the Next Visitation... THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS..will come sweeping in. We are told that we will be in a condition of a great holocaust with lots of problems when this occurs. People would like to have the measures for the year and they would like for you to say it will be a peaceful year. It is going to have a successful conclusion alright because the kingdom of God is not going to fall back, it is not going to retreat, or turn back, but it is going to be victorious from here on out until the days of the Kingdom. But it is going to come with battles and with war, and with great calamities, and with great shaking of the earth. It is going to come with great earthquakes along the seawalls of the world, and with a great impact upon mankind.

But remember He said:...a thousand can fall at thy left side and ten thousand at thy right side but no harm will come upon thee. That is a promise. Yes, we have been taught to measure TIME from Adam to the Visitation, and we stood up against the Assyrians, the Philistines and the Egyptians, and in this course of events of time we have stood against people who will not recognize our Christ who is YAHWEH (God), and from the time of The Christ we have watched thru the activity of the church as the great pillar of an awakening kingdom, come to the realization that the white race is the Kingdom of God. And again the white Race and the nations of the Race are again proclaiming that YAHWEH is God, and that YAHSHUA is our Savior, and that YAHWEH and YAHSHUA are ONE. The majesty and the greatness of Our God is acknowledged, and we are going to see a greater acknowledgement of God ..a greater turning to his way and his word than we have ever known in the history of our land.

As we watch the majority in our land, they will be listening to the voice of THE MOST HIGH GOD, and be serving the MOST HIGH GOD, and even the commentators in our land will be saying:..'Thus saith the LORD', or there will be no commentators in our land. People are going to be observing more and more, observing the time, for Jesus said:..'Watch the east'...'For as lightening cometh out of the east, and goes to the west, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be'.

There shall be a great call reaching throughout the heavens, and the administering Angels will call to all the Constellations which have inhabitants upon them, and to all the ends of the earth. He will call His Elect, His chosen from the east to the west, from the north to the south, for He shall gather a great and mighty host. And we shall see the coming of this 'Son of Man' as He returns as tho a blanket of Glory were sweeping down upon the face of the earth. People say:..Oh! don't worry about that for it isn't going to come.

Let me tell you something... you are going to see more unidentified objects sweeping down to be identified as the Hosts of the MOST HIGH GOD, than man has ever dreamed of. In fact the measure will be upon you, and upon the nation in this next year, and from then on will be more tremendous than ever. And as we lift up our eyes from whence our strength cometh we can say that 'The Day of the LORD is upon us'. Every secret thing is to be revealed, some of the matter being talked about are in the measures of the 'Time of the end'.

Thus we will watch as every secret thing is revealed, and will lift up our heads to see from whence cometh our strength. We want to assure the people of Christendom that in the magnitude of events which are transpiring on the face of the earth that the Name of God shall be made known. That the heathen shall know the Name of our God. That out of this hour we will see a lot of amazing things come to pass. We may even see an atomic attack, but we will understand that the powers of darkness symbolized by the Soviet and Red China will come 'like a storm' but YAHWEH says:..I will wreck havoc upon them as they come upon my land, and it will take seven months to bury the catastrophe which will come upon them.

After this we can well understand George Washington's vision as to what he saw in this great vision as the finale of this, and he heard:..'Son of the Republic look and live.' And he saw the Cross of The Christ, and he saw the American Flag still blowing, and he looked out over cities torn with warfare, and of a nation that had been caught but withstood the attack, and he heard the words:..'Son of the Republic look and live'. The kingdom of God with its light and its power had come to full. And the hoards which were black had returned to their own shores. And the hoards of communism had been crushed and driven out, and he saw the great conflict of a Race, and he saw the finality of the pattern of communism and of warfare even against this great nation of God's Kingdom, but he also saw the finality.. ..the victory and he understood this victory. In the prophecies of George Washington he recorded all these patterns and events.

God has bestowed upon our race great leadership, and even back in the time of Enoch and Job this was true, as they came out of the House of Adam and Seth, and then on down thru the House of Noah with its spiritual vision, and its ability to read the heavens. The acknowledgement, the accomplishment of the calling of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the measure of greatness was established. Following then came Moses, Joshua, and Gideon, moving in the measure of Time with great leadership, continuing to move thru Generals, and all great men of the Sons of God. George Washington of our nation became the very symbol of righteousness, the symbol of administration in government. Then on down to our time we have had men raised up in all walks of life. We do not have to go to mediocracy when we thank God for leadership even though it is not recognized by many. In this period known as Jacobs trouble we believe that we have had monumental figures in history, but we believe we will also see great leadership once again.

In his hour we can say:..'LORD Jesus come quickly, even so come'. Why? Because this is the most monumental date of Visitation that a nation waits for as it watches the heavens. And as Jesus told us these hours will be welcomed as the sun shineth from the east unto the west with its rays. So shall it be as the coming of the 'Son of Man'. Zechariah told us that there shall be a day of Gods visitation. It shall be a day of darkness to those who hate and revile HIM, but a day of joy and happiness for the household of God's Kingdom. And the armies of the kingdom thru out the nations of the kingdom shall be fighting for victory as the Hosts of heaven bring them victory. And we shall see again the Mystery of Our God. When this planet has been brought into subjection, and every knee has bowed and every tongue has proclaimed that YAHSHUA (The Christ) is YAHWEH (God) to the Eternal Glory of YAHWEH forever, from this time on..sin will have no power, and it shall be a broken and defeated foe. There shall exist thru out the length and breadth of this world, and thru out the Universe, the Sovereignty of this ONE..YAHWEH-YAHSHUA...and the manifestation of His family. He has said:...'the nations are going to know that I have loved you, and that you are my children'. This white race which they are raising such a hoo and cry against..all the areas of Asia and Africa are crying out in Satans Assembly..the United Nations...against you.

And they have your leaders apologizing that they are white, that they are in the Image of God, and aplogizing even for their Christian Faith. But they do not have to apologize for the Christian Faith for it is this Christian Faith hich shall triumphant, which shall administer justice all over the world, for time immortal. So in the course of these events you say:....teach us to number our days ..for IT IS LATER THAN YOU THINK. And as we move into this year it will be a time of prophecy and of events. And in this hour the triumph of the Kingdom of God will emerge as the triumph of the they take their stand, and we will then await the coming of the Greatest RIGHT WINGER OF THEM ALL!!

(End of Message) . .