It Is Now Time For The Great Awakening, 3-20-64



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 3-20-64

We turn tonight in our thinking to the awakening of our nation. In this, we turn to the 13th chapter of the book of Romans and we find a very sound text with these words:--- “And knowing that it is now time to wake up out of sleep. For now is our salvation nearer than when we believed. The night is far spent and the day is at hand and we must cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light.” Our great problem is that we have had so many people who have been unaware that they are operating in their life span of existence inside the great time table of God. They have not been aware that the kingdom of God is a reality in the earth. And as a reality. It has a very important destiny. That God Almighty is infinitely more concerned about that kingdom than a great many citizens who are within it and who are not so much aware that it exists. We have talked often about the strategies of God, about the purposes God unveils inside of the Holy Scriptures. This afternoon we talked to you about mysteries of the kingdom. There is no doubt that it is important for you and I to understand what time it is. It is important for us to recognize how close we are to some climactic events in history. We can assure you that God does nothing unless HE reveal it unto HIS ministers and unto HIS prophets. That HE makes it known unto HIS people, that they are not the children of darkness, but children of light. The Apostle Paul told us in the book of Thessalonians that we would not know the day and the hour, but we would know the time and the seasons. We are now in one of the most turbulent periods in human history. We have watched the battle for the earth existing over centuries and centuries. And we have come up to this time table where this struggle reaches its finality. What we are talking to you about tonight is not that we are going on assurity, but we have reached the time . . . a very important and significant time. God is not only awakening people out of their sleep, but for the past two years has been awakening people to the processes of darkness in the great nations of God's kingdom.

Nothing is more important for you to know tonight than that the kingdom of God is made of nations, and that the household of God has been transferred here from heaven to earth, and that you live here in bodies of flesh, a Celestial people. There is nothing absolutely wrong with dwelling in a physical body for God willed that you would thus arrive, and that you would live here during this time of your life span. HE has willed that this kingdom from heaven to earth, would grow and multiply in earth until they occupy the earth. That it would operate on the patterns of Divine law, and great spiritual wisdom and understanding. That you would battle for the minds of men, for men think and live where their consciousness exists. For out of the spiritual plains of spirit they receive much spiritual guidance and knowledge. And out of the sense pattern of knowledge which they live in, they know the things of earth and sense the patterns of things visible. But it is only out of the plains of spirit that can show you the vision of tomorrow, or can bring to you the knowledge that you have arrived in a critical period of time in the foreknowledge of God, concerning the empowering of HIS ways or the achievement of HIS pattern and against the powers of darkness.

We tell you that God who brings all things to your remembrance, would have you to know that HE has an eternal covenant with you, HIS people. You are not only the Israel of God, the household of God, the issue of God dwelling in the earth, but from the time of Adam we have transversed some 7400 years of history. We have reached a Divine point of measure which HE set in the sky ages ago and even set constellations to establish this setting in place in 1962 . . . this sign of the 'son of man in the heavens.’ And we are in the last year when God will give any tolerance before the wrath of God starts to fall on Babylon. I speak with the knowledge that this spirit of God moves with this judgment. And beyond this year there shall be no extended Grace, but only the catastrophe that falls on Babylon and all of its forces, and those who have pitched their tents with Babylon shall suffer their chastisement, catastrophe, and destruction. And those that stand upon their feet can escape the catastrophes that move upon the people of God. I point out to you that the judgment begins in the house of God. The reason why this must start in the house of God is because as Peter says, “We must cleanse the nations of God's kingdom. We must clear the decks for action before the great struggle commences. And according to this, then if the judgments begin in the house of God according to Peter, then what shall the end be for these people who repudiate and refuse any part of the gospel?

Now we are not talking about the Eternal destiny of men's souls and we are not even talking about the Eternal patterns of the spirit. We have no question in our minds about the ultimate achievement of the Most High God. We have no question in our minds about HIS ability to do as HE said HE would do in the days when HIS Spirit was poured out upon HIS disciples, for HE said that HE would reconcile all things in the fullness of time, unto Himself. But from this cycle of the fullness of time can be generations, and millenniums. I point out to you that at this moment we are not interested in the patterns of time that reach out into the fullness of time as we are in our responsibility to this hour and to this age. For I can assure you that this pattern of life and this struggle against the powers of Darkness has not been designed by the enemy to be comfortable. Nor has this strategy as it relates to the great nations of God's kingdom, been in which HE has designed to grant mercy. The actual legions of Lucifer march over the earth. The actual powers of darkness move over the powers of Africa and of Asia and stir them up for a great struggle. And the powers of demons, as you have been told in Revelation, are gathering men together to the Great day of God Almighty.

Now I point out that God in HIS mercy has extended unto earth this opportunity to realign itself with the King of the Universe. But as we see this hour approaching the success of God's kingdom, make no doubt about it, the powers of darkness and the forces of evil shall not be able to stand that day which is just ahead. So when we talk to you about a sleepy people, then remember that you have grown from the days of ‘one man's family,’ down thru the course of history until today you are the great nations of the western world . . . the Israel of God, Anglo-Saxon, Nordic and Basque, Scandinavia and Germanic. You are God's house and God's people in the earth. And you have a standard to uphold and you have a kingdom to bring in. This kingdom is based on the process of the Most High in passing this kingdom on to HIS children . . . for the increase of HIS kingdom, for the development of HIS progeny. And I tell you that out of the patterns of foreknowledge, having foreseen the error in which you would be involved in with the seduction of your race, and its fall from light and glory, God even rejoined you and walked with you in the garden of your forbearers in their violations and assured them that HE would not only once more fulfill HIS covenants, but that they should once more crush the dragons's head, this serpents head. And enmity would exist between the seed of the enemy and the seed of God's kingdom. The process of Divine revelation and the mysteries which God made known unto HIS patriarchs, are so vast and reach so far that we could not begin to cover them in any message and in a series of messages we could only touch upon some of them. If all of the great patterns of knowledge of wisdom and instructions were to be passed on to the children of God, it would take a lifetime to absorb it all. But I point out that we have reached a great point in history. Knowledge has been increased. And the course of 7400 years of your forbearers has passed down unto you a culture and inheritance and a destiny. More than this, thru out that period of time, thru all of the onslaughts of time, with every catastrophe devised for your destruction, God has provided a great way of escape. HE has in each one of these instances raised up leaders and provided heavenly hosts, used the forces of nature, and even showered down meteors, and shook the earth with earthquakes. And even in your time has poured out judgments upon your enemy. In these same instances, HE consummated HIS identity with you and became identified as one out of your own household and of your own race. HE fulfilled the identification of Isaiah, that 'Unto us a child is born; unto us a son is given; and the government shall be upon HIS shoulders. HIS name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, and the Prince of Peace.” “Upon the throne of David, and to govern it, there shall be no end. And of the increase of this kingdom, there shall be no end.”

Now tonight we proclaim to you that this literal covenant is in fulfillment, the mighty God, as HE walked the earth, the fullness of God, the mighty Eternal YAHWEH, YAHSHUA, JESUS. HE not only lifted up HIS standards, but assured HIS children that HE had not only come to deliver them, but called them HIS sheep. And at the same time, said that they belonged to HIM in the heavens and now to HIM in the earth. I point out to you that in a long course of human destiny, we have come thru a long course of human history. We have come thru historic developments, and withstood onslaught after onslaught and conspiracy after conspiracy from the legions of the darkness, from the races dominated by Lucifer and the mutations he has created. And they have not been able to wipe out or destroy God's kingdom. We have passed the hours of Resurrection and the great spiritual force which descended upon the church to bring by cognition, the Holy Spirit unto men. We have watched the spread of this message until it went out and found the sheep of the house of Israel. And this message went out unto the world wherever White men went upon the face of the earth. And today they are identified by HIS name and known as Christians. We have watched the carrying of knowledge and understanding of this growing kingdom to the ends of the earth. And in this kingdom and thru this kingdom and with this dynamics of the kingdom all of the people have been blessed.

We have watched this gathering storm as the powers of darkness have sought to destroy the kingdom, as the great contest for the earth comes closer and closer, as we see the design to move out and to destroy. But the nations of God's kingdom were blessed. Their civilizations and cultures grew, and their dynamics became strong until the world was not at rest. And the ‘united world of the Anti-Christ’ has to admit out of the United Nations citadels, that the great nations of the western world are the have nations of the earth. How could they gather their knowledge? How could they steal Your wisdom? They infiltrated your society, and sent their ‘fifth column’ of refugees into your midst. If you want to know what is wrong with the United States and the great nations of God's Kingdom, it is because HE gave unto us a policy of law. He gave unto us a foundation for government. HE gave unto us a criteria with which to retain our greatness and with which we would accomplish our destiny. And HE warned us that the violation of these laws would bring us a certain natural course of results. HE warned us that with the violation of these laws that we would go into areas of bondage and chastisement, and we would see catastrophe envelope our society. But HE also told us that HE had sufficient power, that in such hours of catastrophe, HIS outpouring of spirit would stimulate HIS people. HE would again challenge us and raise up leaders and bring us vitality. And with this life and vitality, we would again discover what was wrong. And they would return to the way of their fathers, and lift up the standards of God and replace the pillar of the law in the heart of their society. And then they would cleanse their land. And in that cleansing, they would find new strength.

I point out to you that we are in a critical time, a very troublesome time in human history. And to capture men you must capture their cognition of existence. You must seize the areas in which they think. You must dominate their soul. The spirit remains the portion that the enemy cannot touch . . . incorruptible seed which abides forever. The physical body may be subject to bondage or physical torture and even be subject to death. But to capture the thinking of a man and to hold him captive in this physical body because of physical error, is one of the designs of Lucifer in his conquest of physical earth. He had this capacity of design until he thought he would even get Jesus to acknowledge him in earth and share with him the administration of the earth. And thus defeat the processes of God to deliver a society. He actually said to Jesus, “Acknowledge me and the kingdoms of this earth I will give you, and you can be the king and I will be the God in this world.” And thus he would have the author of the universe bowing down before him. There have been those of the lesser order who have even reached the Presidency in this agreement. But the hour is about to come when we are going to repudiate this agreement and follow the leadership of the Christ, the victor.

I point out to you that this is a challenging hour in which we live. But I also point out that these long hours have seen the defection from the process of law. You will very shortly reach the cycle under the measures of Jupiter thru the condemnation and under the wrath that fall upon the earth. And in this, we will say that which seeks to rule with the darkness, or its hour with the beast, shall fall under its catastrophes and under its judgment. And then suddenly it shall be cut off without remedy.

I point out to you that we are very close to this Divine measure. And I tell you that you are walking very close to the time when those who walk with her can come out of her and avoid the catastrophe. And those that walk their hour with the beast past a certain hour, must know these certain catastrophes and walk in outer darkness thru this period of chastisement in this hour that is to come. There has never been a period in history as vital as we face at this moment. Nor has there ever been an hour when the darkness has battled more completely to hold people enslaved and trying to keep them from knowing the truth. My, how they have entwined themselves around leaders in the nations of God's kingdom. How they ‘fifth columned’ their way in. Had we been cognizant of the laws of God, had we not joined in with Babylon, never would we be in the area of problems that we have tonight.

We have candidates crossing our nation contending for the Presidency, and upon one side we have upheld the crime, the vice, and the immorality, the degeneration, that has taken place inside of our society. There is no doubt that this is so. And murder runs rampant and life is not secure even in the White House. Plotters extend thru out the world those who would cover up the darkness. But it is too late. But this is the hour when every secret thing shall be made known. And in this instance, we tell you that there is no doubt about this. But in this great nation of God's kingdom, one of the great nations with God's bounty and blessing upon it, where no people have had so much, or such great opportunities as we have had here, and we have watched ourselves plagued with the forces of darkness as the forces of evil ride rough shod. And the image they try to present to our youth and to our people of life in America, is one of corruption and twisted mentality. If you want to see how they think, then go to the Television screen and you will find how the Beast thinks in America, and how he wants you to think that life and normality is. How he even produces monsters because there is nothing quite alive that measures up to his depravity.

I point out to you that these things seem wild, but they are a reality in your time. And all to well, we know the truth. And as we learn the truth, we are faced with this pattern. We have listened also to the talk of those who would be President of the United States telling us that all is wonderful and well that mankind is evolving into a great structural new order where. There will be no more poverty and no more problems. There will be no loss of everything that man desires and there will be a redistribution of all of the commodities and the products of the western world. We are told that all of the religions of the world will bring a great change of equality and total responsibility. We are told that no longer will there be permitted any criticism of any man on the basis of his race and the color of his face, and that all individuals are equal. We listen to this echo coming out of the voice of anti-Christ who has sought to capture great denominations inside of the church. We listen to the Episcopal see this week saying, “We will marry anybody of any race or any creed and we will join them.” We listen to others who call for the end of all of the segregation and discriminatory laws of God and we know that we have reached a climactic period in human history. I am going to tell you that Babylon has invaded religion and it has invaded politics. It has invaded economy. And we in this nation, are suffering from this depraved catastrophe of having the enemy and his children dwell in the midst of this society.

Someone said, “Where have we violated the laws of God?” We violated the laws of God when we let any non-Christian, pagan from any part of the world come into these United States. We violated the laws of God when we let them come in from Africa and from Asia. We have violated the laws when we let Jews become citizens of these United States. Someone said, “You cannot talk this way. It is not constitutional.” Let me tell you something. It is constitutional to talk any way you want to talk. It is even constitutional for our enemies to disagree with us. But it is not constitutional for them to suppress us.

Now let me tell you this concerning this vital hour in which you and I live. These forces of evil and powers of darkness may think that they are going to determine the course of God's kingdom, but they are not going to be the ones to change America, whether it be by judges on the High Courts or whether it be from the Administration. I am going to tell you something. God Almighty is going to make the decisions and HIS forces are going to determine the destiny of America before this hour is thru. I tell you tonight that the laws which govern God's kingdom are going to be the laws of God. And if we have not yet arrived in the areas of our constitutional provisions to embrace the laws of God, then the laws of God are going to embrace our Constitution and it will take its form from the laws of God.

Someone said, “That will not be constitutional.” But we will have a better constitution under God. And we will see ‘Thy kingdom come on earth’ when we bring together the people and the law of the KING. Someone said, “We can't be a bigot in our time.” No, we will not be a bigot. We will just stand for truth. We are not going to alter truth for error. This is it. And from here we will not move. Someone said, “That is being narrow.” But it is not as narrow as you think. But it is pretty narrow as you compare it with all of the process of darkness and all of the false religions and all of the false philosophy. This road to peace and achievement may seem like a narrow road but is a sure one even tho a narrow one.

I point out to you that as the Judgments of God start to fall and surely they are about to fall, for they are going to fall where the powers of darkness have no concept of how. They think they can move rough shod against the sons of God and be victorious to crush the voices of truth, or start to move for the destruction of God's household. It will be like fire coming out of heaven. It will be like a juggernaut of judgment moving out in the past. For you have approached the great hour of truth, the great testing time of God. And you are going to discover the great forces of God, spiritual forces, dynamic power is going to move to your side. To challenge among your race, and among your manhood, and among those that make up your society is going to be one of the most startling transitions of all times. A virtual army shall rise upon its feet and the forces of heaven shall come to join them. And I tell you that before we have gone thru many months, those that thought they could sell us out for a little gold or a little power, those that would mutate the patterns of Divine law for what they thought was temporary security, are going to discover that it is too late for this. They do not understand the times. No wonder that the scripture says that it is high time that we awake out of our sleep. Because our salvation is nearer than we believed. Let me point out that these words in the 13th chapter of Romans were only a small part of this declaration. “Listen therefore, followers of God, and show courtesy,” we are told in the 5th chapter of the book of Ephesians. HE said, Therefore know this. In this declaration let no man deceive you. Know therefore that your inheritance in the kingdom of God and of Christ is not going to be shared by idolatry. It is not going to be shred with the posterity of Lucifer and it will not be shared, my friends, by the enemies of God's kingdom. So in this instance let no man deceive you with vain words. For because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the ‘children of disobedience.’ Therefore be ye not partakers with them.

Do you know that there is more choice than some people realize and their is definitely something people must do? They must determine that for any area of well-being or promised security, or political opportune will they be partakers of the children of disobedience in this peculiar day. There are some who think that they can get away with this thing. But ye are told that -- ‘Ye are not of the darkness. Ye are of God. Walk therefore as the children of Light. Have no fellowship with the works of darkness, but reprove them. Therefore know that all things are approved and made manifest by the Light. And the great light of Revelation is moving down upon people. And so in this 5th chapter of Ephesians, then all things are approved and will be made manifest by the Light. And there is a lot of light falling even on the White House. For they lost some of their aides. You know after the Jenkins affair, I don't think we have to think too hard when the President said, “This was one of the finest men I ever knew.” Well, we will take his evaluation for birds of a feather must flock together. Therefore he said, “Awake those who sleepeth and arise from the dead, for Christ is going to give thee light.” But let us make clear that there is being made manifest today among the people of God, areas of catastrophe. Do you know that in the last two years, that more things have come to light showing that people have been asleep in America than they have ever known before? There has been exposure upon the anti-Christian forces. There have been volumes written and committees at work. There have been public speeches and national assemblies from one end of the nation to the other. It has been made clear to people who will stop and listen, the great satanic conspiracy, the hordes of Socialism and the communist invasion by the children of anti-Christ. There has been, by their identity and their inability to escape their works of the darkness, of their identity and the power of evil, and their master conspiracy. There is out of the Synagogues of America, the acknowledgment that they stirred up the Negro race into revolution and violence and corruption, of rape and mayhem. And they agree that they can find no difference between Communism and Socialism. They make the statement that one calls it Communism. “But I call it Judaism,” said Rabbi Wise. But I call it the anti-Christ. And I say it is time for the kingdom to awaken and clear the deck.

The content of the scripture is quite clear concerning the finality of the kingdom and of the forces of darkness which now shall be made known. They are not only the lovers of darkness but they have sought to destroy the patterns of God's kingdom. We note that over in the book of Jeremiah that God again talks about HIS people. And over in Jeremiah and Isaiah, HE told them over and over again -- “Awake, Awake, O my people, and flee from the daughters of Babylon.”

Now God makes a statement concerning HIS household and HIS race. HE said, “set up the standard, call for the watchmen and prepare for the ambushes, for the LORD has advised and has spoken against Babylon. Oh, thou that dwelleth upon the waters, that become abundant upon my treasures, thy end is come, and the measure of thy covenants full. The LORD of hosts has sworn by Himself, that surely shall I fill thee with caterpillars and they shall lift up a shout against thee. HE made the earth by HIS power. HE established the earth by HIS power and wisdom; and now when HE utters HIS voice before the great multitude of HIS people, HE calls for them to wake up and destroy Babylon utterly. Hear this now;--to utterly destroy it.”

Therefore does God mean to carry this out? ---He said, “Hear this O Israel, there is none like unto thee, for you are the former of all things.” You are the people who were with the Father before the world was framed. You are HIS household. And as such we read these words (Jer. 51:19) “You are the rod of God's inheritance; you are the people of HIS kingdom, and you are the people whom HE bestowed the earth upon.” We read from the Psalmist that God said that HE is going to give to you the earth and all of its possessions, and all of its territory. ‘And this is my covenant with you, that you shall inherit the earth.’

Now listen to what it says.---- “Therefore now, My Israel, my offspring.” (And we are not talking about Jews, for there is not a Jew who qualifies for this side of the act. For if you will note, then God says here-- “Oh, Israel you are my battle axe and weapons of war.” You have the handle, my friends, not the head buried. A lot of people do not realize that darkness has swept the earth. God says, “I will break in piece these nations aligned with Babylon. I will destroy their kingdoms.” More than this the declaration that cries out here in this 35th verse of the 51th chapter of Jeremiah:-- “I will bring this catastrophe because of the violence done to me and to my flesh. Let it be upon Babylon.” God says to Israel-- “thou art my seed, thou art my household; thus for what Babylon has done to my flesh, my children, and what it is seeking to bring upon my people, will I bring this judgment because this is my flesh.” There is nothing quite as valuable tonight than your claim that you are a kinsman of God, that you are flesh of HIS flesh, and have God acknowledge it, as HE says,--- “YE ARE OF MY FLESH.”

Someone said the other day that we have to get out of this flesh. But, my friends, you can stay in this Israel flesh and be blessed of God. Instead of getting out of it you just better put on your coat. You say, “What coat?” --That is the coat of the righteousness of God. The coat that you put on will give immortality to that flesh for the climax of this hour.

I am going to tell you that we are not going to leave the body, but we are about to see the body put on light and power that no force of darkness can cope with. I tell you that in this hour and under the pattern of God, that HE is awakening HIS people out of their sleep and tells them to stand up and act as they should act. HE says, “I put you in the earth to build a kingdom. I put you in the earth to build my armies. I put you in the earth to be my battleaxe and weapons of war.” Then someone comes along with an olive branch and tries to blend it with the symbols of Babylon. You cannot blend the olive branch with Babylon, or the Peace of God with the peace of Babylon. You cannot blend the Peace of the goodwill of God and of righteousness with the world. So let me assure you that the powers of darkness have short quarters in the earth. There is only one solution today for the powers of darkness, and that is submission to the authority of the Christ, or destruction then in the struggle which is just ahead.

Now when I point out that it is High time that we awake, then there is no doubt about this. There are no solutions to the problems of this world by any of the solutions that have been offered by President Johnson.

Now hear this. --I am going to say something which may startle you also. There is also only about a 50% solution available by things pointed out by Senator Goldwater. Of course 50% is better than nothing. But let me point this out to you. The only reason why they can be only 50% right, and it is all right to denounce immorality, and it is all right to denounce depravity, and it is all right to say that we must return to the foundation of our fathers,---but there is only one way to do it. And that is to run all of the children of Satan out of America.

Now of course the enemy does read between the lines. He knows that even those who have been backing 'the great Caesar' of the Republican Party, the great conservative force, is dynamically aroused, and they are a people who are on the way out to capture. And there is nothing that will stop an awakened people from taking over America. Someone said, “Do you think they will take it over by the Republican party?” No, I think they will take America in the name of race and destiny. I think there are lots of people who would do well to get out of the Republican Party or any other spot which they are in. I think it is time the Democrats woke up and cleaned their party up from the inside out. I think it is time we raised up an issue and made it clear, that it is not an issue anymore whether Democrat or Republican. It should be a Christian Party under God, and an anti-Christ party for Communists. I think it would be much easier to put men like Javits and Ceiler in the anti-Christ party, and put the White race in the Christian party and make it a clear-cut issue.

Someone said, “Of course we must be speaking with Grace and with Evangelism. And we must be pleading with people that they need a change of heart.” All right now let me tell you something. We have had an open and extended, since the days of God's resurrection a great cycle of Divine grace. The message has been upheld by the great spiritual center of HIS kingdom the church. And it has pointed out to the nations and the people of the world that “Behold, that Christ is God and beside HIM there is none else.” It has made a declaration of the Atonement that set men free. It has even declared that HE bought the whole world to redeem HIS own people. Thus, the world could lay claim in their service to the White God. They will seek dynamic judgments by identifying themselves with the Most High. But there has been vindicated the great patterns of Divine law. And do you know, the only ones who responded to HIS greatness and the only ones who have answered HIS call are those who are seed of HIS Life and spirit of HIS Spirit? It has proven again that the seed of darkness have mutated and destroyed whole areas of cognition in the early dwellers of earth. It has proved that the sons of Satan have no spiritual capacity to respond to the direct declarations of God.

Jesus stood and HE addressed the masters and HE spoke to the masters before HIM. And here came the very synagogue of Satan, and here came Satan's own children. They gathered around and they started to argue with the very body of God, standing there and declaring deliverance unto the people. As they argued, they cried out and Jesus said, “You cannot understand truth, you cannot hear anything I say. You do not have any capacities to form a righteous or proper image.” Then HE said, “Ye are like your father, the lust of your father ye will do.” Do you know, that we are going to have to stop trying to build the United States up with children of the devil and entrenching them with the posterity of God and in High positions of power? It has never been any more important than this that at the present time, we have a very standard for our civilization . . . a standard that every Christian can repair to and become a party of. And that is that when we elect men to office or support them, they must be those that recognize that Jesus is the Christ. And in that, I think it is time to act Christian, vote Christian, and it is time for the kingdom to start the economic strangling of Babylon. Someone said, “But we do not want any areas of violence in the earth, for there has been too much violence in the earth.” Yes, ma’am the children of the kingdom have been martyred, the children of the kingdom have cried out, and there had been rising unto God like the vapors of the censors like the prayers of the Saints, and the great call of the Saints of the Most High, -- “Oh, LORD, how long, how long shall we suffer this thing, and how long before thy judgment shall fall. You have given the measure in the sky, the cycle is closed and you move over the cusp of the year and the judgment starts to fall.”

I am going to tell you that in the sequence of Divine purpose there never has been anything like it in the earth. And there never will be anything like it again. The design of the enemy has been creating great tribulation, has been liquidating Christians behind the iron curtain. The powers of darkness even now lust for speedier activity. They are even unhappy with the slowness and the cunning of Khrushev and his anti-Christ plan being carried out, and they want to step it up. They want to bring all of Communism into a solid phase. They want to step it up . . . They want to come in from the east and the west, and come down from the sky. They want to send down missiles from the sky and take the earth, and threaten us with fear. But there is nothing coming over the kingdom. That, my friends, is going to be an answer to the challenge, that will be prepared to move with judgment.

Now when God talks about the powers of judgment and the forces of evil, HE said, “I have held out to them every opportunity to change their ways, but it was not within their nature.” We have upheld the standards of righteousness and they would not prepare for it. We have opened our land, and the violation of Divine law has let unassimilatable people to come into our nation, violating the laws of immigration and the laws of God. And it is time we put those laws back and put out the forces that have come into this country who do not belong here. Do you know in the ramification of existing law, that if we deported every alien who is not qualified for citizenship, if we deported every agent of a foreign power who seeks to unseat this great nation of ours, if we deported everybody who was against our faith and our God who have no part nor lot in this matter, friends, you would be surprised how many people would get out of the United States, and we would get rid of all of the unemployment, and have plenty of room? Every once in a while someone tells us that this is a government of all of the people. But this is a government of all of the citizens of these United States. And don't you forget that. There is no doubt that we have men in our nation who, after they have watched the dilemma of the misapplication of authority and power and see the necessity of changing the conduct, have seen a lot of things that were not adopted. Abraham Lincoln, for instance, advocated that we deport every Negro to Africa. And that was a good idea. Everybody who does not like that idea will have to attack Abraham Lincoln before our time. That would be a good place to start.

The other day I listened to an attack that was against the narrow mindedness of George Washington. And I thought of the dimwit, the size of the one attacking George Washington, and I said how could this be? What was the matter with George Washington?-- Well, he did not adhere to the equality of all men. He had not considered at the time they drafted the Constitution that black men should be coequal with White men. Well, that is nothing new. God didn't think they were coequal either, when HE put your race here, when HE said that you were above them and they were beneath. It is quite obvious today that we have people who would like to educate God. Did you know that? They say, “God was superstitious in those days, that our God has to evolve into something like the standards that we are embracing today.” But they are not the standards of survival. They are the standards of destruction.

We point out that we have problems and almost all of them stem from the odyssey of those who oppose Christ and put out the documents of their revolution . . . the policies of Communism and Socialism and the manipulation of the son of Babylon, ‘usury,’ all of this, denounced by the word of God.

Now the scripture tells us that we have reached the hour when the holy spirit of God will start moving upon your race. You are told that it is going to awaken My people and they will stand upon their feet. My witnesses, the vital church will take a stand before the world. They thought it was all dead. They thought they had won. They know what they had done and they thought they had us all brainwashed. They know what they had done to our schools. They know what they have done to our government and they think that now people will just accept corruption in government. But it is just time to clean it up. And put in Senators and Representatives who know righteousness. Have we reached the place inside of God's kingdom where the law becomes the standard and the law becomes justice and reaches out under the laws of that kingdom that men may pray so long for justice that they may be blind to those who raise to power with political murders? That they can achieve immunity and then laugh at the people who oppose them. I listened to a Democratic candidate on the T.V. the other night, and he said, “all of this mud slinging is of no value anymore, for people don't care anymore about the great scandals or morality. You cannot raise a standard of morality for no one will listen anymore.” Then say, ‘away with this trash and lift up the standard of those who are right, and lets put those kind of people in the offices of our government in power.’

I tell you tonight that the great armies of God stand by. We are not just using the superstitions of yesterday . . . when I have the assurance out of the book of Daniel, that Michael that great Archangel, will stand up for the people of God like he stood up for your defense when he threw Lucifer out of the sky. Oh, you say that was thousands of thousands of years ago? That was a great battle in space and all we have is a record of it? Remember that it can all be brought back to your remembrance. For you are the household that Michael went out to defend. Lucifer, earth bound, now has come unto the culmination of his conspiracy.

Let us look back over 7400 years of your history. During that time you have watched death, violence, and murder . . . a lot of the descent of the Luciferian force. You have watched the very impact of your race as Cain slew Abel. And he knew that he had none of the righteous nature of Abel and he slew him.

We had a devouring force that cannibalized themselves in the Tarim Basin until God wiped out those monsters of evil with the waters of that flood. We have watched the hoards out of the Steppes who swept down into the plains of Shinar and they reached out across Palestine, or down into the lands of Egypt and across North Africa. Everywhere your race moved, you were under assault. You have watched the patterns of darkness that moved in, and you have watched slavery and you have watched the powers of depressions trying to shut out the LIGHT. Had you surveyed the earth as you did with the Father before the world was framed, you would have found that whole nations had been subordinated to Satanic evil. You would have found that pockets of violence had rocked the world with nuclear explosions and tremendous wars. Caught in its grip, civilizations were wiped out and catastrophes swept the world. Pain, anguish and the suppression of people, and the grinding down of their spirits have existed by the powers of darkness and ages have rolled by. 600,000 years of the Tungus man, the catastrophes that enveloped the ancient continents of Atlantas and Lemuria, and the catastrophes that rocked the earth. Then God sent you into the world, a Divine race to carry out certain responsibilities. And you also fell to the suggestions of the darkness. But the Grace of God promised to deliver you out of the areas of your bondage. HE started with the revelations of truth and the stimulation of Patriarchs. HE has followed and nurtured and protected your way. And has brought you forth unto this hour. What for?--that you make and acquiescence with the enemy? That you should work out a program of co-existence? Do you think that these 7400 years of this battle and struggle that you have gone thru to arrive today as the great creative ‘have’ nations of the world in God's kingdom, do you suppose that HE raised you up to this point to now have you absorbed by 5/6 of the world that HE sent you here to rule over with righteousness? Do you think that now God intends for you to submit to the rule of earth by darkness? That HE wants the powers of darkness to rule the earth? Do you think that HE wants you to mongrelize your race, mutate your mind, and destroy any spiritual posterity? Do you think that HE wants you to integrate with the Negroes or the Chinamen? Do you think that HE wants to bring this together after HE sent you here to rule? HE says, “Those who will violate my laws and seek to destroy MY kingdom people, I WILL DESTROY.”

Now we know that they come in and follow these tapes as they go out across the country. Federal officers come in once and a while and copy one or two of them, or they go to the Post Office and copy one or two. So there is nothing that I say that is a secret. They take it down all of the time. And they fume and roar and say this thing cannot be said, or they say we will make a slip one of these days. But, my friends, we are not going to make any slip by saying "Thus saith the LORD." They are the ones going to make a slip one of these days. And that time is not very far removed. They have made the greatest slip of all times when instead of aligning themselves with the kingdom, they have aligned themselves with the darkness, and then tried to force the kingdom to conform.

I want to tell you something.---You cannot pour God's kingdom into a Babylonian mold. You cannot force God's people into a pattern of darkness. My, how the forces of darkness pride themselves upon their intellectual attainment and they psychological development. It tells us that all who do not agree with them are mentally deficient. It tells us that anyone who will not accept their standards or will not be poured to the form that their world philosophies have now developed is to no longer be permitted any area of authority. That our children must be educated to their standards whether we like it or not. They say, ‘give us these children and the next generation is ours.’ But we are not going to give them these children and they (the enemy) are not going to live until the next generation.

You say, “What makes us think that this is true?”---We know that the hour of judgment has come, the cycle is closing in. We know that it will move with such speed, and such catastrophe that we warn you tonight that every last man or woman of the House of God must wake up, come and align themselves with righteousness and stand solidly together for the support of the kingdom. But in these hours of Judgment that are to follow, I can assure you that those who have thought to betray the kingdom will be swept again from the areas of authority, and shall take their judgment with the Beast in this hour. Someone says, “Are they gone?” No, but they are going to wonder around in outer darkness thru out the days which are just ahead.

Someone says, “Where is outer darkness?” Anytime you get out of the great nations of God's kingdom where the light shines, then you are in outer darkness. You go down in Africa for a little while, or go over into Asia for a little while, and you will know what outer darkness is. Or you go down here and sit in a synagogue and you will find it right here in the midst of the children of Light.

Now I point out to you that in these hours of measure, then God says -- “now I stimulate my people, and I awaken them, and I call for a sword among my people.”

Now the hoards of darkness gather and in the 38th chapter of Ezekiel, they prepare. And now China is muscling out with its demonstration of the atom bomb. And those who try to tell us that we must now take them into the World Order, and we must abide by their decisions, we are told, that we do not have much time left. And we can't call for anything in opposition. And that we must make Peace quickly now with this superior force, by numbers.

Let me tell you something. Rather than make peace with evil, even if I did not know of anything on my side, I would rather battle to the death than surrender to evil. I am going to tell you what God has in store, what HE has declared. Instead of being suddenly a battle to the death, it is going to be suddenly and in lighted form, which takes on the great vision of its race, whose manhood rises up to its destiny, and whose people are stirred with a great spiritual fervor, until across this nation and spreading to all nations of the kingdom comes a great new cry, for God and for race and for the kingdom. Do you think it has been wiped out? Oh, how the enemy tries to make the cannon of God and the cry of HIS purposes as tho it was something to be debated. We are listening to the shout of darkness and they are saying racist, racist. Well, thank God for race for God is our Father and we are HIS children. Thank God for the fact that we have been blessed and such. HE says, “Come out and be ye separate.” Do not marry with these people and do not marry with that people. Keep this race pure with this spiritual intellect clear, this area of inspiration with this capacity to fulfill. I point out to you that some people say that if it wasn't for this accident of birth, we might be in another category. We might be a Hottentot, or a Chinaman. Let me tell you something. There is no accident of birth for the children of the kingdom, for they came down out of the heavens. If I was not here now, I would still be out there waiting to come. There is no accident of birth I do not have to say how lucky I am that I was born a White man. I could not help being born a White man. I could not help coming out of the realm of spirit. I had nothing to do with the Father begetting me. This is HIS determination. This is HIS will and HIS purpose.

Someone said, “What would happen if Christ came into the world today?”---HE would say vote ‘yes’ on Proposition 14. Someone said, “But you cannot put those words into the mouth of God.” Well, HE said come out from among them and be ye separate and be segregated. HE said you are not to permit Babylon to control your home and your property. He said he who cannot control his own household is worse than an infidel. You say, “What would Christ say if HE were in the world today?” HE would just put HIS arms out and say, “All people come.” If Christ were in the world today, HE would be over on the far right, saying come this way 'right wingers.' You say, “But how do you know?” Well, it tells me here in this book that the very moment that Christ re-enters the world, the first thing, HE will set HIS holy angels and HIS sons and daughters doing is to be storm troopers of HIS kingdom. And they will rush right out and start separating people just like this. How do I know? Because HE says HE is going to separate HIS people, like the shepherd does the sheep and the goats. You say, “Suppose the goats won't go?” Oh, they will go alright. The first thing is that we will take their swords away from them and pile them up in a big heap and sell them for scrap. Someone said, “You don't think that Christ would be a segregationist like that do you?” HE said, “I am going to separate the sheep from the goats.” And then HE will say,-- “rule these goats, for I promised this to you, for this is yours from the beginning of time.”

Someone said, “Why has not America risen to this destiny, and why have not all of the nations of the kingdom consolidated?” They are not just waiting for men of vision to stand up and say 'lets go.' They are waiting, for God says, “I will raise up ministers, I will raise up Generals and principal men. And suddenly like a nation born in a day, they will awaken and My sons will move.” Someone says, “Oh, we do not want our sons marching forth unto battle. We have had all of the bloodshed and all of the catastrophe that we want.” Let me tell you what the enemy has in store for you with 5/6 of the world marching over your land and gobbling up your possessions and raping your women, enslaving your children and liquidating your men. What they have in store for you would make a war look like a Sunday School picnic. Let me tell you something. There is no evil that has not been designed for the destruction of your race.

Now today we are not a hobgoblin spreading fear for we know that we are going to win this thing. And we know that the hosts of heaven are on our side. We know that the nuclear strength and the Divine protection that God will utilize are going to cleanse the earth of the opposition to the kingdom of God. They are going to bow the knee or go up in smoke. Someone said, “Oh, my, eternally lost?” No, my friends, they are lost now. Going up in smoke doesn't lose them, it just places them in another dimension where they will be taken care of according to their nature.

Someone said, “Dr. Swift, I do not like messages of judgment.” No, I suppose not, if they are ashamed of themselves. People who are a little bit worried about where they stand do not like judgment. So many evangelists and preachers have been shaking people over perdition and holding them in bondage. But we point out that there is a Divine standard and men should measure up to it. But we also tell you that God does not hand men over a great perdition ready to torture them before a vengeful God, because in some areas they have not fulfilled the standards of HIS laws. ‘For he that has broken one of HIS laws, has broken them all.’ And we keep it only thru the righteousness of Christ. But we believe in its assent and we know that no civilizations or cultures can be built without these patterns of law. So we point out to you this. That the great processes of catastrophe to sweep the world are not the individual defections of individuals, and not maybe the honest results to the patterns of the senses. But it comes from the mastery of darkness and from people who sell out their souls for power to rule their hour with the anti-Christ.

Let me tell you that the judgment of God will move with great speed far faster upon those who have confiscated the homes of widows and have moved out to take away property from the working man, and to seize his home and throw him into depression after depression, so they can live upon the usury that they are getting off of them. Far greater catastrophe will fall on them for their catastrophe of their one hour with the beast, than falls upon Mary Magdalene for recognizing her error and asking for the mercy of God. We point out that there lies no justification for errors in human conduct. But there is in the knowledge of God for the forces that are in play. And I tell you that righteousness comes to it in fullness and righteousness like the plummet to the line has ordained that the kingdom is going to straighten up its walls and its measures to Divine standards. I tell you that we have not only reached a great crisis here. Someone said, “How is the election going to go?” I don't know if you can hold a decent election here in the United States anymore. The last one was crooked. I do not know, my friend, whether or not whether the old machinery will work any longer. But we will try it. But I am going to tell you what will work, and that is the kingdom with power and with victorious force. And with righteousness in its vision and with the wrath of God in its countenance, it will work.

Now of course, we understand the enemy. God walked the earth. Do you suppose that there was ever more wisdom in human form than in the man Christ Jesus? Do you think that there was ever any more righteousness embodied in the flesh than when God walked the earth? Do you suppose that anything could have been higher in standards than the fullness of God? Power in HIS fingertips and power in HIS voice. The wind and the waves obeyed HIM and the earth was HIS. The power of life and death was in HIS hands. And HE could call Lazarus out of his tomb, or restore the dead son to a weeping mother when HE stopped a funeral procession. HE could open the eyes of the blind, and HE could unstop deaf ears. HE could do this because of the Divine energy that leaped from HIS fingertips, coming out of the cognition of HIS mind. This was very God. And against HIM, there was no evil. And against HIM, there could be found no fault. Here the Lamb of God without spot or blemish before the foundation of the world, and yet the Jews could find fault with HIM. Note this;--the Jews could decry HIM. What did they say--about this perfect man upon whom there was no transgression? Because this was God walking in the flesh, they condemned HIM. They challenged HIM with rude conduct. They tried to say that HE was consorting with bad people. They said HIS life was improper and immoral. And they said HE associated with the trash . . . anybody who did not succeed to their authority and their power which was not vested in the law of God. They served times and seasons that they knew not what they meant. And they could think of nothing but evil to call out unto Christ. So they eventually charged HIM with sedition saying that HE stirred up the people, and hung HIM on a cross like a common murderer.

I just want you to understand this. That there is no conduct as a son or daughter of God taking any position of righteousness or on the right, that could get the approbation of the world order in which they would not say that you were not demented, or that there was something wrong with you. And they even tried to say that Jesus had a devil and they tried to tell even the darkness this.

Now if the righteousness of God had a devil, the whole universe would explode. I point out to you that therefore do not expect that you will not be attacked by the social order that you are opposed to. They are going to attack your sanity and they are going to attack your intelligence. They going to attack you because you want to be the sons and daughters of God, which you are. You want to live by God's standards and you want to be left alone, as far as the structure of your race and the integrity of your faith is concerned. And you want to fulfill a Divine Destiny.

Now don't think for a moment that you could retract, that you could suddenly build a wall around you, and that you can live alone in the world and let the rest of the world live unto the devil. Because you can't do that. If you were to try to live with a wall around the Christian nations and let the rest of the world live like the devil, the rest of the nations living like the devil would soon be sending missiles over the wall to try to destroy you on the inside.

Now not only does the scripture say that, but after the great reign and righteousness and victory, a thousand years of judgment, and they let the devil loose and his people are seeking him and trying to get the missiles over the wall. And it says that they come again and try to attack the kingdom. So this justifies for all times, what God is just about to do for you at this time. I can assure you that there is no way that you can make peace with evil, for evil must be destroyed. Someone said, “But won't this make evil fight harder if they know they are to be destroyed?” Listen. Evil has been fighting as hard as it can to capture the minds of men to make them evil with themselves. When we lift up the standards of God, we call for righteousness and justice. And we call for honesty and for integrity, and we call for the end of theft. The forces of darkness move upon all areas of industry. They attack the farmer, or the miner. They attack the individual business man. They make it impossible for him to continue while Babylon holds the purse strings and controls the money in God's kingdom.

I am going to tell you this. That as you awake out of your sleep in this great nation, you will take back your money. You will take back control of your money and you will take back control of your production. And you will turn Babylon loose with anything it wants to carry as its way of life. But I am going to tell you that they go out as an impoverished people and will not be able to destroy this kingdom. This is the hour of judgment. And I am going to tell you that this judgment is going to bankrupt the forces of evil and it is going to swallow up Babylon. And it is going to bring catastrophe upon the forces of evil in your nation. Someone always says, “How long?” But I am going to tell you that you are so much closer than many people believe, that I am beginning to test the advisability of whether I come or go, or whether I move. The cycle is not too far removed when certain areas will know the chastising judgment as it falls upon them. The shaking earth, the change in the fault masses of earth and you are going to see whole land masses going down beneath the water. You will see catastrophes in whirlwinds and juggernauts move out. You are going to see, my friends, that in the midst of the design of evil, the earth making the transformations of judgment that God has ordained. So much so, that we will evaluate this. There may be days when we will say we will not go into that area anymore; that we are not going down tonight or tomorrow night because we move close to these area of judgment. Let me tell you something. We would tell you before we move, that these things are that close. When we take a review of the events for 1965, we will probably be calling the measures for the most earth shaking events of all times in history as we move into that year of the judgments. The cycle of Grace closes, except for the children of the kingdom that have been identified with the throne. I point out for you now that in this climactic hour that we stand with the tremendous promise of deliverance. And I can turn over into the book of Joel, and it tells us that as the threat occurs, that as the people plead now with the Father for HIS assistance. Do you know what we need? We need to be humbled. Well, there are just too many people that are pretty arrogant. We know the destiny of God's kingdom. We know what HE has promised. We know what HE has ordained and we are claiming victory by the power of God and thru the power of God. But we are not beyond saying, “come in, Father, and help us do it.”

The other day, I listened to a man say, “We do not need God's help.” We can do it, huh? Been doing quite a job of it haven't they? Let me tell you something. Those who say that we do not need God's help are those who run and crawl under the bed when the OGPU walks by in the street.

But what I am interested in is the mighty victory of God. This battle started way out in space. And it started with 1/3 of the hosts of heaven from a certain area. It is now down here in earth where you as representatives of God in bodies of flesh are right here visibly challenging it. And all of the forces of darkness are moving in. All sorts of demon power are seeking to control men. Strange places and unusual messages are reaching out, for even the very Elect they are trying to deceive. And I tell you that it is time for us to acknowledge that we are the children of the Father; that we are battling the powers of darkness that reach out thru centuries of experience; that we are but babes in the cunning of the enemy. But we are the sons of an irresistible kingdom. I think it is time for every Christian American to say,-- “Oh, Father, give us help, give us assistance, send in the hosts of heaven, give unto us deliverance.” And finally, I think it is time to say, “Father, we want to bind the darkness, for we do not want evil men to return to power. We do not want Satanic forces in our nation.” Do you know that it is time for all Christians to pray as they have never prayed before, “God cleanse America?” It is High time that we awake out of our sleep, then call upon our God. And I tell you that in these instances, God said that we shall triumph over the enemy. We shall march and be joined by the mighty hosts of heaven. Make no mistake about it tonight, that we must not only decry that enemy and lift up the standards of Divine law, but uphold the Divine Right. The President, while up in Wyoming, said that he is going to wipe out the Extreme Right. But as he says ‘extreme’ why did he not say something about the Communist? Why did he not say something about the ADA, or the Jewish Labor party? No, it was the clan or the Birchers or the Rightist, that he was going to destroy. That just means that he is not the President of all of the people. And we do want a person who will lift up the standards of God, not with hypocrisy, but with a determination that we shall move to the ‘Right.’

Now do not go out of here and say I endorse a candidate. I endorse the kingdom. I endorse the Right Wing rising to take possession. And I want you to know that the most important thing that we can do is to bind the darkness in this hour. But I want you also to understand that we are in an hour of awakening. People know that treachery has moved in. They know that courts have been controlled. They know that the design to destroy your race is in progress. They know that the churches have abandoned the laws of God to have popularity with the world. They have been afraid to denounce the error because it might effect their tax exemption. My friends, the man who puts his hand on the churches of God seeking to injure them and upon the kingdom of God seeking to have power to injure, will not have power very long. For I tell you again, these judgments will fall. And now I can assure you of this. That God stands ready to start weeding. And as we see the tares disappear then they will continue to disappear.

Last week God took into the tare basket, the head Marshall of the Soviet Union, seven of his underlings, and eleven of his masters of the satellite. Took them all out in one crash. Someone said, ‘That just happened.” Well, that is the way I like things --just to happen. God says ‘in one moment.’ And if Christ steps into the world, and HE will, the greatest segregation day in all history will take place. The greatest mysteries in the standard of righteousness will take place. And if you think that this is not going to happen, just remember that everything that God said would happen has happened on time.

I talked to a fellow the other day and he said someone told him to stay with his union and vote with the power that is IN. For they will take care of you and you will have something to retire on. Let me tell you something. This will not last that long. Those that have taken their place with the anti-Christ think that they have taken the short chance, and we who stand upon the righteousness of God and call for HIS kingdom, are taking a very long chance on it being fulfilled. Let me tell you something. If they knew what God is revealing and if they knew what we know tonight, they would be quickly trying to align themselves on the 'right’ side, and would not be worrying about the year after next. Or of alignments politically, or pensions or retirements or bonds or anything else. If you have to retire with the devil, then, my friends, you better try to get lined up with God. For the devil will be out of business soon. Besides he is a liar and he never kept his word. And he always fails with washing out people. And all that they have developed and all that they think of as security. I tell you tonight, that people have to stop buying what they think is security, at the price of their faith and their integrity, and at the price of determining who they are going to lead into hell of the great nations of God's kingdom.

I hear a labor leader get up and said that if you do not return to the Administration, you are going to have a half empty lunch bucket. You are not going to get enough money to live on. And then said, “Think this over. Do you want to have enough money to buy what you want, or do you want to sweep this all away for some distant austerity?” What they were really saying was, do you want to sweep the crooks out and take a chance on things being better? I am telling it like it is. They are trying to buy men, to get them to turn from truth and rightness and turn to the crooks and darkness. This is a great issue. I am not talking about personalities. I am talking about issues. The devil will say ‘father forgive them for they know not what they do.’ But I know what they do. They want people to get along with the darkness. And they do this, thinking they are buying time, for they want to put us all together into a one world government. But “come out from her, MY People, lest ye be a partaker of her sins.”

Eternal life? Yes. The Grace of God? Yes. And we are sure that since we have pinned our faith on God-----worried about America’s destiny? Really? No. Because God is going to raise up a great number of people to do this task. And a great number of people are neutralizing themselves at this time by not lining up with God and are not preparing for the struggle. Oh they say we are going to take care of all of these processes just by natural means of education; and then they let the enemy take over more of education every year.

No, my friends. We are going to retake America with a great and mighty rally of God, with the hosts of heaven and with a determination that this country and all of the nations of God's kingdom must rally to this standard and liberate the earth. I wouldn't promise anything to Russia. I would not tell her that we are going to let her way of life exist. I wouldn't tell Red China that we are going to let them rule over the earth. I would tell them that we stand for righteousness, so leave us alone. For we will accomplish our destiny. Let people go and set them free, or we will set them free. They say, “but you can't do that,” and that is what the Republicans are threatening now. They are threatening the Peace of the earth. Let me tell you want God says,-- “Ask me concerning my sons (Isaiah). They are going to set my captives free. They are going to build my great new Order and they are going to build the city.” And HE says, “I am going to let the world know that these are my children, my Divine Household. I am God and they are my children. This is what they are going to do and this is what I am going to let the world know.”

All right then, tonight we tell you that we have been asleep. We have let the enemy rule us and hypnotize us with his Negro music out of the jungle over the radio and TV's of America. Do you know God's children need a good heart cleansing? A great cleansing that will make us assue the darkness. We have to stop being vibrated with this syncopation of darkness and call for the melodies of heaven. This is what God calls aspirating because they become mesmerized to a sound. The blotting out of the music of the spheres and the patterns of heaven is all in their program to get us not to resist. I know a great number of people who wish to see the setting in place of God's kingdom, and they understand the work of these forces. And yet, they become partially captivated with these vibrations. Thus, it is time for you not only to call for the vibratory rhythm of God, but it is also time for you to rid yourselves from this vibration of the darkness. Close these gates and set your people free. So we say, “Come quickly, Lord Jesus, come quickly.” For these are the words that mark the climax of this age.


End of message.