Jerusalem Old And New, 1954



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 5-10-54

This afternoon, we spoke on the subject of ‘God’s Army.’ And tonight we are speaking on the subject of ‘Jerusalem--Old and New.’ It would be impossible to have covered the subject of Jerusalem and the conditions that relate to the prophecy of this hour with a single message. But there are some things we must make clear as to the understanding of the situations that exist in the world today. No understanding of this can take place until you know who the nations which constitute God’s Kingdom are. It is impossible to interpret prophecy, or to understand to whom the promises were made, with whom the Covenants were made, to whom they are directed, or what they contain unless you know these facts. Thus it is that anything which relates to world conditions must be studied and viewed looking at the blue print which God Almighty has set down thru the ages for the development of His Kingdom. There is one attribute that belongs to deity, and does not belong to individuals and is only granted from time to time by special permission to a prophet. And that is that in the mind of God, and in the ability of His Omniscience to know what is to come to pass over the courses that are ahead.

Someone said that cannot be done, that you are no longer able to deny God the opportunity, and the right which is His, because prophecy has fulfilled itself with absolute literacy down thru the generations. Things which God said would come to pass--statements made by Jesus the Christ thru His disciples, were a few hours away, and some weeks away and some years away. And then they came to pass. Then there are things which God has ordained for a time, and which are special have also come to pass. And altho the forces of evil have directed their influence, according to their abilities and the magnitude of their energy, there is no one thing they have been able to do that has not already been measured in the mind of God, knowing the exact proportion that they would have the ability to apply. And He has applied enough vision and understanding, and has persuaded and directed the intelligence in the minds of men to accomplish the results He wants to counteract the forces of evil. This quality we call Omniscience and Omnipotence, that belongs to HIM. And a person who is not able to recognize His existence is not willing to recognize deity anyhow. But the fact remains as we said to you a week ago, that those who do not recognize the existence of Deity, are those who have something wrong with them. Because one of the factors which science recognizes is that men cannot be over adapted to their environment. And since the great majority of men worship, they must be adapted to something in their environment----therefore to worship. Thus it is that God does exist by the evidence of adaptability, if we are to accept the testimony of science. If the individual repudiates the right of God, he is only opposing out of his own derangement what he has no authority to oppose. Therefore, there is no denying God, so we might as well recognize HIM. And since HE is sovereign in HIS Universe, it is an excellent idea, if we are to understand the relationship of our lives to His, that we understand His blueprint.

Now, the blueprints pertain to an ultimate plan. And we have discussed for these many weeks the many factors in the plan. One thing that God is going to do in the earth, and it does not make any difference whether all the hoards of pagans throughout the world say He is not, He is going to establish His Kingdom on earth. And He is going to make it of men and of Nations. He is going to be the Supreme Master among men, and is going to translate all the energy of spiritual law into a material revelation in a physical world. This He is going to do. More than that, He has created a race in His own image. And tho by false concepts that were introduced and by violation of Divine Law, they sacrificed some of their spiritual heritage, it is still going to form the task for which it was created. Because God being God, says:--’I am going to see that it does.’ Not only was this a work of redemption, but one of the things that God assured this His own race, made in His own image, with His own breath, and His own life within it,--you are going to do the job which I put you here for. And for that reason, I have supplied a Savior and a great One. For that very reason He decided that there would be enmity between the Serpent’s seed and the Seed of the Woman-Israel, the Seed of My household, My race, and this continues all down thru the generations until they have climaxed this victory in the heart of His Kingdom.

Now, we are well aware tonight, that there is a distinction between the races of mankind. In fact, this idea that the distinctions only skin deep, has been passed off as propaganda by the intelligent people, and is only retained in the thinking of those who are behind and of this propaganda as a challenge. We do not even have to get those that agree with us to establish that. The Anthropologists is well able to establish the distinction in the race lines by just looking at the artifacts that are unearthed from the soil. He will examine the head and the skeleton and quickly determine whether this is a Negro skeleton, and Asian skeleton, of that of a Caucasian. Thus we know that the color was more than skin deep. It was in the very structure of the individual that marked the structure of the races.

I do not have to go very far. I can turn to history or philosophy and you only have to examine the manuscripts of a people and it will tell you what part of the world these people came from, because of their culture and their philosophy and the energy factor by which they directed their thinking so that the entire background of their thought and their religion shows thru. So if the Anthropologist knows that color is more than skin deep, when he looks at the bones, and the philosopher can tell that this is more than skin deep when he looks at the by-product of their brain, then I can assure you that if you look at the architecture as the Archeologist does, then you can tell from what part of the world this came from. And you can trace its influence even if transplanted into another part of the world. So everything which we see that has anything to with His creation, or His adjustments or His resistance, which relates to the scene, shows the difference between the races. There is one thing which is very clear. Everyone of the races and of this one which you and I know as the White race, has accepted and held until this hour--Monotheism. Every White nation on the face of the earth today has accepted Christianity and is Christian. Thus we are faced with the fact that this is a mark which identifies your people in this time. And God says this identifies My people thru the ages---My people with whom I have made My Covenant.

It was the plan of God to take the people who constitute His Kingdom, who have a vision which we have mentioned from time to time. This lies first in what He put in them when He created them. Being the Master Creator, He did not make everything exactly the same. But when He made your race, starting it out with your Adamic forbearers, He made it a little different than anything He had done before. Because He put His spirit in it. He made it exactly this way so it could think His thoughts and be guided by the influence of His mind. He was able to send such patterns of energy upon them in wave of revelation involved, until He was able to sent His own consciousness, the aptitude of His own mind upon them, which we refer to as His own Spirit, which is to lead them to all truth, and lead them to all remembrance of all things. In fact, in every one of the revelation, in the relationship of God with His people, He has demonstrated the He has always been the Absolute God, and that He has followed the blueprint which He has set before Himself. For He has said---this is what I want to do. I want all of My pleasures, no one shall hinder it because I am God.

Now, He declared this thru Isaiah.--He said:--’Is there a god beside Me. No. I know not any.’ There are lots of challengers who have declared they are gods. But He says they are no gods. Therefore, He says:--’I will have My way.’ Of this you can be assured. And you do not have to justify God at all. Because He does not require justification. He is still going to have His way. You can get adjusted to Him, but you do not have to justify Him. The fact remains, that ways of God keep some people from finding them out because the purposes of God are beyond the power of man to evaluate, which is because of the position that He holds. God has evaluated the things effecting eternity as to the amount of good and the purposes accomplished, and therefore it is known as to what He has accomplished and what His purposes were.

This is the question. Do we like these procedures which He has used to accomplish this transition and to recognize that this is His purpose and then become adjusted with it. This is the greatest power that can come to an individual both in knowledge and in wisdom, and understanding, and bring the mastery of the earth round about.

Now, as we look at this situation, from the very beginning as we told you last week, as to the relationship of God’s people as it relates to His power, that as He made it known thru the years, that He was building a Kingdom that He forms an army obviously for the completion of this building of the Kingdom, in the world picture. We said that tonight, we would discuss the relationship of Jerusalem--Old and New--and the picture which revolves round about it. We told you that it is vital that you understand the whole history of Jerusalem.

Now, Jerusalem is an old city. In fact, Jerusalem as it is today has been built several times. It is important for us to understand--certain things about the land of Palestine--that take us back---way back to the first building of this city of Jerusalem. The first Jerusalem was built by the sons of Seth. They built the city almost where it is located today. And having built this city in what would later be called the land of Canaan, it was a city into which Enoch journeyed and into which Job came. It was a city in which the wisdom of a Patriarchal people who had among its leadership those who walked with God. There is no question of the fact that Enoch walked with God because the evidence is quite clear. There are things which God taught him and he set down in a book. There are records which he left that mark the Master Builder of that great illuminated wisdom as he started the great order of ‘the Rose Cross.’ In antediluvian times there was a great Mystery School for the Kingdom of God. And it bore testimony to this Antediluvian wisdom. There is no doubt that Job is described as a Master Builder who started the great concept of Master Building, that these two men were the symbols of the original Pillars of Wisdom, and the things which God revealed to these men for purposes were---unveiled in ancient times.

The ancient city of Jerusalem has one of the most unique histories of all time. The Egyptians refer to it--and these people from that land who came into their land and built the Pyramid. In fact, the Great Pyramid of Giza was built by men who left the city of Jerusalem--ancient Jerusalem, which was in this land called ‘the city of Peace,’ and they left that ancient city of ‘Peace’ and went over into the land of Egypt. And while there, they built the city of Heliopolis (On) with 144,000 craftsmen and scientists, under the supervision of these two great Pillars of Wisdom and Light--Job and Enoch,--at which time divine revelation accompanied them. And it appeared in two instances, in time and history, both in Egyptian history, and contemporary writings and records of Melchizedek--the Priest King referred to by the Egyptians as Osiris---the Life and the Resurrection. And these records reveal that this ONE was at the site of the building of the Pyramid, in those ancient days when it was being built.

You say---but what has this to do with Jerusalem, old and new?’--Just this. That when these two patriarchs left the ancient city of Jerusalem, wisemen--Magi, Patriarchal kings with great revelation, had measured astronomically the value of the heavens which God had shown them and they also understood Astronomy as well as Astrology. Or as we call it, Divine Symbolism of History. We realize that those Patriarchs of that age built the original Jerusalem, then left it to build the city of Heliopolis. And they left great numbers of their people in that old city of Jerusalem. For it is in the history of the city of Heliopolis as it was being built that group of pagan Cainanites came down out of the hill country, unassimilatable giants, a force of evil, descendants from the crossing of the household of Cain, in the Asiatic background of his people, and they liquidated, by a sudden assault, these peaceful people of the Sethite race who lived in that ancient city of Jerusalem. They went out of the city after the liquidation of these people and they set up five cities. These were the cities of Canaan which were set up by these five over-lords of these Cainanite people. And those dynasties of cities of Canaan existed with Jericho the largest city, for many, many generations thereafter. Thus it is that the land of Canaan had been inhabited. Its civilization constructed by these people of the Sethite race. And they built the Old Jerusalem, or Orusalem which meant the ‘City of Peace.’--and where people served God and possessed perfect peace.

Generations would follow before the full history of this city would be told. But you will remember that after the flood in the upper Tarim Basin had occurred, that the descendants of the sons of Noah--Ham, Shem, and Japhet, scattered out over the earth. Ham going into Africa and Japhet into Asia, violating certain regulations which resulted in absorption of their societies by Asiatics and Negroids. Then the Shemite society came on down and went down into Egypt to fulfill its business, and fulfill an ancient mission. But on their return, they went up into Mesopotamia, into the fertile land between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. And here and there, all thru that area all the way back to Kurdistan, the Sethites, thru the lineage of Shem settled. It is out of this area that we have the calling of Abraham from the land of UR of the Chaldees. Those thru history have realized that this father--the Shemite--Terah, had thru this period of time, been elevated to a very powerful position. He had been elevated in positions until he became an advisor to Nimrod, who historically was the builder of ancient Babylon. And again, we see God was looking down upon a strain of His society which He had chosen to build.

Now, don’t for one moment say that this sounds like racism, because that is not new. For this is racism. Some say--we don’t like racism, because Hitler started it.’ But Hitler didn’t start it. Hitler just interpreted a phase of it. Racism started with the MOST HIGH GOD who saw the collapse of Asiatic and Negro societies, people in that antediluvian violation of law. Thus He made a new race in His own image, and that race you are a part of. He gave this race a special responsibility and paid special attention to the development of this race for His task and His purpose.

Thus, it is that He saw Abraham, dwelling in the land of the Chaldees, in Ur of the Chaldees, a cosmopolitan city made up of all the religions of the world, and all of the idols of the world, and to become a person of influence, you had to bow down to some of these idols. And Terah who knew better. He was a true Shemite of the race which God had established. And yet, he had set up a whole household of pagan gods in order to keep his job. But there was something God was doing with this young man who was his son, Abram. He had raised this young man to see and realize that the service to Monotheism--the One God--was most important, being a cultural factor belonging to your race.

Abraham, recognizing this situation, went into his father house, for he was being impelled by the spiritual factor inside of him to go before his father and declare--’why should we the ancient descendants of Noah,--we the sons of Shem--we the children of Seth--we the household of Adam,--what are we doing here worshiping all these gods of these pagan people, when they are not really gods?’ His father said--’don’t talk so loud, my son, or I will lose my job as Prime Minister. You know we have this supreme cosmopolitan society here and we have supreme brotherhood and we are supposed to love everybody, all their religions, that is the trend of the time. After all, did not Queen Simirimas, (like Mrs. Roosevelt), just put out a new book on ‘brotherhood’, and they in that era must stay with the trend of the times. But Abraham did not like that because this was not what he knew to be true. And he was not very much disturbed as to whether that was the proper thing to do and to believe in that day. And altho Nimrod had started a program, --a United Nations--and it failed also in its time--,they were still hanging on to some of these ideas.

Some people do not realize that Nimrod and his ideas and his tower of Babel, and his attempt to become the Supreme Dictator of the earth collapsed with a great catastrophe in a period which was not too many years later from this episode. So it was that one day, Abraham said--I can take care of this. And in his fathers workshop was a good sized ax and he took hold of the ax and went into this room where all of these treasured idols made of ivory and all these other materials which his father had collected to keep him in good standing,--and there were these idols all in their place, and Abraham proceeded to chop them all up. Made them into kindling wood and trash.

When his father stormed in to see his son, and angrily demanded as to what he had done, Abraham said:--’let’s not fight. If they be gods let them fight for themselves. If they are not big enough to take care of me, they are not big enough to be your God.’ His father could not say very much about this, altho I understand that Abraham hid for a day or two. The fact remains, that this is a definite time of history. And I can prove that by a dozen manuscripts and with an archaeological history that ties in with peoples traditions and contemporary records which extend down thru Jasher and the ancient records of what happened later. And God appeared unto Abraham.

Again, Abraham thought that a man stood before him. Suddenly the animation and aura stood out from this individual radiant like the sun. Abraham, in a moment perhaps of fear, wondered just what appeared before him. Then suddenly he heard the Angel who addressed him saying--’this is the one who has made a covenant with thy fathers. The one who saved the household of thy father Noah. And HE who spoke with thy ancestor Seth, and made a covenant with Adam. Now, he speaks unto you--get out of this land. And separate thyself from this people for, ‘I would have a Holy people, a separate race.--I want you to maintain your racial integrity. I want you to maintain your religious faith. I will be a God unto thee and to thy children after thee. I will make thy name Great.’ The book of Genesis tells of the calling of Abraham out of the land of Ur of the Chaldees. These writings of Moses tell us of the calling of Abraham as does the ancient records of Jasher.--even more completely than does the writings of the Pentateuch. But in these old records it was said unto Abraham--if you will get out of this land, I will make nations to come to thee. I will make you a great nation and a company of nations. You just go into this land that I will show thee, and I will give it to thee.

So Abraham believed God and went out of the land of Ur of the Chaldees. And strange as it may seem, when Abraham went out of the land of the Chaldees, he traveled out across a great plain where a battle was going on, during his migration, he and his household, his father and his household with him also. And he went out under a great divine purpose. And this relates to your society. As Abraham then came out on this plain--now note---five kings of Canaan were fighting for the ‘gold of Ophir’ on the Chaldamere plains, east of the Dead Sea. In that battle, they would have suddenly assaulted Abraham recognizing that here was a man that taught opposition to pagan gods. But in the tide of battle, because of the protection which God gave Abraham, they were unable to find Abraham in the midst of that battle. Abraham found a small hill in the center of the plain and when the battle was over, the kings had retired from the plains, many of them leaving the spoils of the ‘gold of Ophir’ and Abraham then stood in the midst of that plain where these five kings had virtually liquidated themselves over that gold of Ophir. One king, the king of Sodom, was still visible upon that plain of battle, altho he had drawn off to one side.

You remember that when Abraham stood there, the king of Sodom came to him and he realized that Abraham had gathered up the treasure of the field. That he had strengthened himself with the weapons that were there. And now comes this man of evil, the king of Sodom, walking the plains here at this time. We know something about ancient Sodom. And ancient Sodom was worse than Hollywood. It was so immoral, so rotten, --by individuals that kept not their first estate, and had intermingled and whose practices were so violently evil, that the symbols and the names and the words come down in immorality to our time. So it was that the king of Sodom came that day---before Abraham, and he said:--why don’t we make an agreement. You let me take these captives from this field of battle and you take the spoils and the gold and we will make a deal right here.’ This is what he said to Abraham. And Abraham said to him:--I will not make a deal with you, for I do not want anything that you have to offer--lest you would go away from here and say--that you made Abraham rich.’

A few minutes after this as Satan departed form the scene, there appeared unto Abraham, one walking across the plain, bright like the sun. Melchizedek--Priest King of Salem--Priest of the MOST HIGH GOD. And later you will find recorded, as Paul writes, this Melchizedek--this King of Salem, as he approached unto Abraham, was the Eternal YAHWEH of the ages, because Abraham paid his tithe directly to HIM. And Abraham bowed before HIM and received here on these plains the symbol of Communion. You will remember that after this, Paul writing way up in the book of Hebrews. And remember, this book was written to the descendants of Heber whose descendants you are. And by the way, you White Christian people are the only ones who have the book of Hebrews in your sacred scriptures. You are the descendants of Heber. And I have something rather interesting that will prove that tonight, and I do not have to take it out of the mouth of the devil to do it----the fact of the matter is that I have a book of Lillenthal entitled ‘What Price Israel.’ And in it he says that the Jews don’t speak Hebrew. In fact the Jews do not descend from Heber. For after all, Heber is the father of all of the White race. And therefore all the White race are Hebrews. This comes form Alfred Lillenthal who--altho I do not agree with him on many things, for he was the friend of Alger Hiss, and was one of the men taking part in the United Nations organization, and he apologizes for Warburg, and was Communistic, and at the same time, he is angry at the Zionists for political reasons and he shows it. He was opposed to the long whole history of Zionism. And therefore, there is some value to his book. One of the things that I note that he says here, is that all of the White men are descendants from Heber and are the true Hebrews. And we will accept that. That is why we have the book of Hebrews and why Paul knew who he was writing to when he gave it to the Christian church.

Therefore, we have this interesting record. Paul in his writings says in Hebrews, that this Melchizedek was the Priest King,---without father and without mother because He abides a Priest King continually. And then said:--’He is one of which is written that HE LIVES. He was referring to Christ the Eternal, the Resurrected One.

Now, this is an important thing to note, that when he met Melchizedek, as he materialized out on that plain, HE was referred to as the KING OF SALEM. The original texts say Orusalem s---Why? Because the king over the House of Seth, over the White race was the MOST HIGH GOD. This original city of Orusalem had been built by the Patriarchs before Job and Enoch, those two who went into Egypt for a building purpose. And after they left, the Cainanites had taken this city. But now after this, the king of Sodom had come unto Abraham to make a deal. And then the King who appeared on that same field was a revelation of the MOST HIGH GOD.

Now, note this. From that time on, we note the increase of the house of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and then his twelve sons. The history of this one and his twelve sons is one of interest. Remember that Joseph was sold into Egypt because of the jealousy of his brothers, and there developed into the House of Joseph. And there in Egypt, because of spiritual blessing, and because of the part he was to play in this story and purpose of God, the House of Joseph developed. But even here in this jealousy on the part of his brothers, God had a hand. For it was for a purpose that Joseph would be sold into Egypt. For there in Egypt this son, Joseph, with vision and wisdom, was responsible in the perception given to him as a prophet, for prescribing and making known unto the Pharaoh that there was coming seven lean years of famine that would be preceded by seven years of plenty. He advised the Pharaoh as to how they could survive such a famine. For God had unveiled to him in a vision these things. You will remember that he had been able to interpret Pharaoh’s dream and was able to make an interpretation, and was elevated to the position of Prime Minister in Egypt because of his vision and his ability. The years of plenty came, and the years of famine came. And you will remember that when the years of famine came, that whole nations round about had to come down to Egypt to get something to eat. There, Joseph, now the Prime Minister, had his own brothers visit him. And you will remember that in the correct period of time that the house of Jacob moved into the land of Egypt and they settled in the land of Goshen. Wherein then were able to live apart from the Egyptians and because they were the brethren of Joseph, they were given this special permission also because they could keep sheep in Goshen. Although the Egyptians hated sheep keepers and this all related to an occurrence which related to its ancient history. It related to ancient times when something happened in the heavens. That, my friends, was when Lucifer lost the battle in the heavens and it lasted until the continent Atlantas--in the Atlantic Ocean sank, and the world turned clear upside down, as this history is referred to in the book of Job, and the stars of the north became the stars of the south, and Egypt found the world turned round about. But still some men survived their history and the history of the book of Job---scientifically proves that this happened in antediluvian history where they talked about how the world turned clear upside down, but HE did not make a full end. But the sinking of Continents and the changing of land masses brought the shepherds to the forefront. And the symbol of the shepherd in the heavens coming to the forefront was something that they marked as the symbol of catastrophe. And the dark gods of Set and Soth, in that ancient time, were hated. It wasn’t because they were shepherds, but it was because of the symbolism.

No, you may not accept the fact that we have just referred to, altho we can establish this Biblically, and establish it historically. In fact, you would be surprised at the evidence historically that has taken place. Every student of Astronomy who knows anything about the way the comets lay their drift upon the surface of the earth, know that the revolutions of the earth and the direction in which it turns accounts for the drifts of passing comets or planets which contact ours. And these drifts are laid on each side in every instance. When it is found that the drifts change and were laid on the other side of the slopes of the mountains, it indicates that our planet has changed its position or always the drift would lay on the east slope. All of this has been confirmed. In fact, I was just finishing a rather interesting and intriguing subject astronomically a few days ago. Science knows that somewhere in the history of our earth, it turned over. But the reason why we mention this is that it happened ages before your race existed on the earth. But there was in Egypt, those who still hated the Sheep Keepers. So the people of Joseph had to go to live in the land of Goshen. Thus these descendants of Abraham had gone into Egypt. And while Joseph was in Egypt, he had married a White girl. You will remember that he married Asenath the daughter of Pontipher the Priest of On. And these Priests of On were the Priests who still held the little temple between the paws of the Sphinx. This was the temple known as the ‘Temple of Divine Weights and Measures.’ This was the temple that had been built at the time when the Pyramid had been built. And his White Priesthood had been in that land all thru this period of time. And the Egyptians also recorded in their history how the White men came in from ancient Oruselem, as a nobel race, who had conquered their land without the use of the sword, with the wisdom of their God and they served Osiris, the Life and Resurrection of a called race, for the incarnate soul of the God of Light.

Now, it was during that period of time, that there was a revolution in Egypt. And we find that Egypt embraced the great fundamental factor of truth. This is no symbolism. They embraced it. But during the days that followed, the Pharaoh that ‘knew Joseph’ died. And Joseph also died. And he had made Israel promise that when they left the land of Egypt, that they would take his body with them. He said according to the promise made to Abraham, of a land---I want my bones to go to that land of promise. You will note that is supported by the history of Egypt which shows that the moment that the Pharaoh ‘who knew Joseph’ died, that a half breed son came to the throne. And you will also note that as he came to the throne, he reinstated the gods of Set and Soth. In the time of the Exodus, the reigning figure was the son of this man who took over the throne of Egypt after Joseph died and was the reigning figure at the Exodus. His body was brought out of the waters after the Exodus when the Children of Israel were led across the Red Sea by Moses. In fact, the history of Egypt proves what the Bible says about the destruction of Pharaoh’s army. No wonder that the song of Moses says that God destroyed the Pharaoh of Egypt in the Red Sea. And the book of Revelation says that again, you are going to sing the same song that Moses sang---the day is going to come when all Christian civilization is going to sing that the horse and his rider has been thrown into the sea, for new Pharaohs are going to be thrown down because they had sought to destroy the Kingdom of God.

Now, what is important is this. When the Exodus took place under the leadership of Moses---under this Pharaoh who ‘knew not Joseph’, remember that three million people went out of that land of Egypt. And with the White race of that day there came also some Hittites, and Amorites, and some Jebusites. You say--how do you know?--The Bible says so. They came along to make trouble. They followed along because they thought there was going to be riches, and great victory, and blessings,---and out into the wilderness across the Red Sea---which was a lot different in that day. Palestine was a lot different in that day than is today. Palestine was called the land of Canaan and Cainanites dwelt there. Ever so often some uninformed Christian who attempts to tell God how to handle the world, becomes a historian. And he says I cannot get along with the God of the Old Testament because of His violence. This because He said to Joshua, who became the leader of the people of Israel in their wanderings and in their nomadic life as they waited to enter the land of Canaan. God said to Joshua---’you march around this city of Jericho and I will collapse the walls and you move in and take it over.

Now, I read the argument of one of these silly clergymen who thought he was well prepared and it which he said:--’this is a God of violence--they went in and took the land away from these poor people of Canaan.’ Let me tell you something. Those Cainanites were giants and were called Canna-Baals. Their priest was Baal. And the reason why they were called Canna-Baal was because their priests were ‘flesh eaters.’ And they were ruled by a group of giants. That is where the word Cannibal comes from today. And the moment you talk about Canonizing something, it just means you are flesh authorizing something. So I don’t know whether we should Canonize our scriptures of not. There are a lot of parasites in the world who are flesh eaters alright but that is where the word Canna comes from, or Canna-Baal---the flesh eaters of Baal.

Now, how did they get the land of Canaan? Go back in the record and Enoch bears witness to who the people were who built the Pyramid. And when they were down there in Egypt, building the Pyramid, the Cainanites---hill country people---swooped down on this peaceful people and murdered them all and destroyed the original Jerusalem. Then they remained in the land of Canaan, which was a beautiful country, a land of forests just like the Redwood trees along our West Coast. This was a land that had streams flowing from it and great natural garden spots of the earth. It didn’t look like the dried up Palestine of our day. It was so beautiful, the fertile fields, the Cedars of Lebanon, and the great mineral possibilities until it was outstanding and remember it was called the ‘land of milk and honey.’ So much so, that when spies were sent over into Canaan as God had instructed, to go over and look over the land, and as they came back, it took two men to carry one bunch of grapes which they brought out of that land.

Someone said--’I can’t believe that. I cannot believe that grapes can grow that big--that they grew that big in ancient Palestine.’ Let me tell you that I have right now in my files, documented evidence from excavations of the last two years and they unearthed the heads of three kings of Canaan and these three heads of these kings were so big it was almost unbelievable. It was 36 inches from the chin to the top of the head of these monstrous skulls. Oh, you say--but such a being never existed.’ But do you know that they unearthed a bone in Canaan of a man who was over 12 feet tall? The sixth chapter of Genesis tells you that in the days of Noah, there were giants in that land after the intermingling of these fallen Angels and the hosts of earth. In fact, that is the reason why in the days of Lot these forces who ruled Sodom were so evil that they made history, telling the fate of these giants of evil, these were monsters.

But remember that the spies who went in to look at the land in the time of the Exodus, said that---oh, this is a wonderful land, but the men are too big for us. There are giants in the land. There are too many of them and they are too big. But the fact was that they were not conquering the land by the sheer weight of their numbers. Because God Almighty said:--’I am giving you back your land. I am giving it to you.’ In fact, it was their land before their forbearers were driven from it.

Thus it was when God gave the victory to Israel they marched around the land. The land was delivered to them with earthquakes, with the shaking of the earth and with astronomical factors. When the great armies of the Cainanites from the north assembled, remember, you can go back and find the Biblical record of it and then you can go over to the British Museum and find that the army which would have destroyed Israel, was wiped out with a meteorite shower that came from Venus which came into our solar system and caused the plagues in Egypt. Go in the British Museum into the Assyrian section and you find that the God of the heavens hurled great stones down out of the heavens. And more people were killed buy the stones than were killed by the Israelites. You turn in the Bible to that day and it says that when Joshua went down to the city of Ai and when God said go down to Ai, then Joshua said--go down to Ai? They outnumber us by the thousands. But God said:--’Go down to Ai and I will take care of it.’ And when Joshua approached the city of Ai, then a meteorite shower hit the city and the area and wiped out that vast army. So don’t worry about who is running the world or how it will balance out. You obey, you occupy, and you built like it is all yours. And so it is---and the MOST HIGH GOD will see about the enemy who would destroy His Kingdom and does not get away with it.

Then He did something else. In the days of the tribal occupation, again we see the beginning of the building of another city. This was a city in the land of Judah which again, would be known as Jerusalem. The old word again--Jer--us--alem the old city, the city of peace. Thus it was that Jerusalem was built. And from the days of David down to Solomon, and then under the rule of Solomon, it became one of the greatest citadels of the ancient world. In Solomon’s time the ancient mysteries and the symbols of the ancient time of Job and Enoch were incorporated into the background of the ‘Faith.’ The Temple built by Solomon was one of the greatest monuments to the Eternal God YAHWEH,--ever established in all times, by those out of your race. In fact, Jerusalem knew its Glory.

Now, let’s take a look at that city. When God gave that city and the land to the White race, the land then reserved racial purity. The only other strong and pure White race line was the House of Joseph and the Priests of On. They were then united and brought together by the marriage of Joseph and Asenath.

Now, the land of Palestine belongs to you, without a doubt. It belongs to everyone of your race, to every Britain, German, Scandinavian, Nordic, Basque---it belongs to you. That is your land---every bit of it. It belongs to you. Oh, it is not big enough to hold all of you, any more. But God said that you would have other lands while He was going to take you to. But it is still yours just as much as it was when those who homesteaded, then moved into a bigger area and still owned the land. The administration of that land is also yours.

Now, because of the history of time, and we will not have to review it all for you,---as we mentioned before, you know what happened. The New Dealers came in. Oh, they were the same people, but now they came in to make trouble. And they gathered around the King Rehoboam, who was young. And they didn’t do the things like David did, nor like Solomon. Altho Solomon in the latter part of his reign, had given them taxes. And the wise men of Israel were very much disturbed. Because these Jews came in. Oh, you say--don’t call them Jews.---But they were not Israelites. And they came in and bought and traded their positions around the king and not a one of them came from Abraham. Oh, you say---you can’t say that.’---But just listen. Mr. Lillenthal is writing and he is worried about the Zionists. And he does not want them to upset his citizenship because the Jews have too much power in all of the nations of the world and he doesn’t want all of this crammed into Palestine and maybe lose their power and their wealth. So he says here, that the Jews are not descendants of Abraham.----So who are we?

Now, their story that they were descendants of Abraham, which is not true, thus they have no right to Palestine. Of course, Mr. Lillenthal mixes up truth and error as he talks about it. But this is what he says here concerning who they are. He says that every one of the Jews of today, are descendants of the Hittites, the Jebusites, the Cainanites, the Moabites, and others.

Now, he says that strangely enough, the one who is opposed to what is going on is called Anti-Semitic, and the man who does not like his Jewish neighbor is probably more Israelite than the neighbor.----Well. I will go along with that. For we are not mad at Israel. We just don’t like Israeli.

Now, when a man admits this----he says, none of the ten lost tribes are Jews. We don’t know exactly where they are, the Anglo-Saxon people claim to be them, and Queen Victoria can trace her ancestry right back to the tribe of David. He says that the Anglo-Saxons are more Israel than all the Jews in the earth. He said there was some consistency with Adolph Hitler--who he despises.---Hitler said to the Jews, ‘that once you are a Jew, you are always a Jew’. And he said to a German--’once a German always a German.’ Or if you are a Pole, you are a Pole. It does not make any difference as to what country you belong to, if you are Jew, then you are a Jew. I am going to tell you something. Hitler was right. He was not right in everything, but when he said ‘If a Jew always a Jew’---Doesn’t matter whether white, black or yellow---one thing first---if a Jew, then always a Jew. But the people of the White race are German, American, British, Scandinavian, and so forth, but all of the White race has made America work where a representative of all the race is present.

Now, Rehoboam’s administration was ruined by these Cainanites, these Jebusites, and so forth. All those who had the hooked nose which marked who they were. And he says in this explanation that conversion to Babylonian Judaism, which was a type of religion which had adopted some of the beliefs of Israel, in order to have a theological thrust, was for their Nationalist ambition. That is what Lillenthal says here:--’they converted people of all races. The only thing is that there was a gradual strain on the amalgamation of these people which gave them a gradual mark and they married a lot of their converters.

Now, you can say all you want about Jewry being just a religion. But that does not account for the look on their face. So you see that God draws the line. But I am glad to have Mr. Albert Lillenthal, even on the pink side as he is---come out and admit that none of the Jews, yellow Jews, black Jews, and then tell us where they came form. It is not often when a Jew will set down and tell you where he came from. He will say--I come from this background or that background, and every one of those in those backgrounds are people that God told Israel not to mix with. Do not let them come into your land or marry with your sons and daughters. So he said that we are to keep our race pure and not mix it up like the Jews did.

Now, remember that Jeroboam leading the ten northern tribes of Israel, and probably Benjamin was recognized there also, but certain geographical and divine factors kept Benjamin form acting independently. Jeroboam came down to see Rehoboam and he asked:--’will you lighten our taxes, lighter than your father Solomon with all of his building campaigns?’ Jeroboam was told to come back the next day for his answer. Rehoboam consulted with the wise men of Israel and they said you better lighten their taxes and keep the people satisfied. But then the new dealers came to the young king and they said, just keep on raising their taxes, spend more and involve the nation more and more. Then tell them this---if your father whipped them with whips, then you will whip them with scorpions. And if you father’s arm was heavy, then your little finger will be heavier than his arm. This is the message that Rehoboam delivered to Jeroboam the next day. He did not listen to the wise men of Israel. He only listened to the Jews who had come in around him as advisors.

The results---’to your tents, oh Israel.’ And the ten tribes left. These ten tribes seceded from the house of Israel now under the rule of Rehoboam of the tribe of Judah. And only Benjamin was to stay as prophecy had declared for that time. There would be battles between these houses of Israel. And then came the battle with Senacharib and the ten tribes would go into captivity. And finally the king Shalmaneser, the king of the Assyrians, would declare that these people are a good people. Their great strength and genius is a determent to our land. They are too wise to be our slaves. And some day we will be serving them, so let them go.

Thus under Shalmaneser’s proclamation, the ten tribes left that land. And this story is on a big stone in the British Museum today. And as they left, they passed thru the Caucuses Pass and they came into Europe and settled. They came as the VisGoth, the Angles, the Scandinavians and many other titles such as the Anglo-Saxons. And as each settled into their place, they produced the nations of Christendom. Judah and Benjamin were later conquered by Nebuchadnezzar and were carried to Babylon. And then the stories of Daniel, and the history of Daniel’s denunciation of evil of the Babylonian Empire is well marked. For this ‘5th Column’ which had helped destroy Jerusalem had come in to that land in the days of Zedekiah,--the same bunch of evil forces,--and were still dominating the throne line as they did in the days of Ahab. And were still there in the days of Zedekiah. And Babylon was in their hands as well. This ‘5th Column’ over the tribes of Judah and Benjamin, lost the city of Jerusalem. God had measured the time and Jerusalem fell. The war in 586 B.C. climaxed in the great struggle in which Jerusalem fell to Nebuchadnezzar.

Remember how in the days of Daniel the Prophet, and Nebuchadnezzar was dead, and Belshazzar was on the throne when Medo-Persia came against Babylon. And after Medo-Persia captured Babylon, then the people of Israel were carried into the land of Medo-Persia, which altho a Cosmopolitan type of area, had strong strains in it which were of better stuff. In fact, Nehemiah, one of God’s own prophets was the cup bearer to this leader who was helping the Israel people. And he was able to explain---that his people had a great mission and that this leader should let Nehemiah and Judah and Benjamin captives to go back to Jerusalem and re-establish their own religion and their rights in their own land. So it was decided to let Nehemiah and the Israelites go. But when they went back, some of these Jews---who this man (Lillenthal) has to admit were Asiatic and Assyrian, went along. And in the days of Nehemiah, they built again the walls and re-erected the Temple. And this man says that then the trouble just began. For--’woe unto these internationalist, for they always want to go back to build something. That is his word, and he does not like Nationalism because he is an Internationalist. Then he says:--these Jews, and the Israelites and later the Hamonians and all the battles that occurred in that old land---he describes here. And they fight and destroy and they burn down the temple after tearing it all up. And finally they get a Jew by the name of Herod, and they make him king under the Roman Empire. And it was Herod who built the ‘golden temple’ which was there in the days of Jesus.

Now, the city of Jerusalem had ben built for the third time. Roman power had developed and then Palestine became a Roman Provence. And we find that a large part of the House of Judah and Benjamin had resettled in Judah and Galilee. But the land was also occupied with a large force of Jebusites, and Moabites, and Cainanites of various kinds. These people were Sadducees. Their doctrine was from the Babylonian Talmud which taught reincarnation. The Sadducees taught this and it came from the Asiatic cult in India. Even this man admits that in his book, however, we are told you some of these things years ago, and this book has only been out about three weeks, and we bought our first copy last Friday.

Let me tell you this. It is a matter of interest for Jesus knew who these devils were. And He meant just what He said as He told them they were of their father the devil, for He knew that the race of the devil---was those that had not kept their first estate. More than that, He knew who Judah and Benjamin were. He knew that they were the sheep of his pasture. When He talked about other sheep He must bring, He was talking about the nations of Israel. When the High Priests wanted to kill Him, remember the words of Jesus as He told the High Priests that in time this city would be destroyed---woe to this generation. And when they asked Him who He was, He said that He was the Incarnate God and the day would come when they would see this Incarnate Revelation coming in the clouds of Glory. That they would see the power---of His Kingdom when their’s was all gone. Matthew tells us this in the 21st chapter. This made them even more determined to destroy HIM. For He had now declared Himself as Deity. And He had also proclaimed the establishment of His Kingdom in power and Glory.

He had also told this Mason who was governor in Jerusalem, what he had wanted to know. For Pontius Pilate had been educated in the great University system in London, England and was married to the Roman’s daughter. That is how he got this job as Governor of Jerusalem. But he was a man who had studied in the schools of Northern wisdom. And a man who in his own racial background, was a Basque and of Israel stock. And when he met with Jesus, and had witnessed the results of His presence, and already had a full report from all of his spies and operators in Palestine---he said this man had not done any harm. And he turned to Jesus and said, ‘I want to let you go. I do not find anything wrong with you and yet these people call for your blood.’ Jesus said, ‘You just do as the scriptures tell you to.’ But Pontius Pilate said, ‘why don’t you perform some great miracle and I will have to let you to.’ Then turning once more to Jesus, he said, ‘WHAT IS TRUTH?’ And Jesus gave him the answer and this so convinced Pontius Pilate, --that he was before the Master of men. And now he did not want to touch HIM. Then HE explained to Pilate, and described what Nicodemus records---that it was written that the truth was in the Crucifixion and the Resurrection.

Strange as it may seem, after the Ascension of Christ, and the endowing of the Kingdom of God with vision and power---which was the great soul consciousness of God descending upon them---and transforming Peter into an orator and John into one of the greatest prophets of the New Testament era---you will remember, that the hatred of that era was then directed against Christian civilization. They thought to wipe out this Faith. They thought that those of Rome who had helped them gain their hold on the nations with their power of gold would now help them bring about their evil conspiracy, and later with Nero, they were able to gain a lost position in this evil conspiracy. This was their strategy as they tried to destroy Christendom which was even growing stronger. But in the days of Constantine, as this king marched down out of the North country and took over Rome, then Rome became Christian.

Now, as strange as these parts of History are concerned, Titus the Roman in 70 A.D. marched out of Rome and came against Jerusalem which had been the greatest curse inside of Rome. For it controlled the economy, from Gamous where they held their secret council and Jerusalem where they controlled the Sanhedrin. They threatened blackmail, and the ruination of Rome, putting the Emperors against the people, and playing one off against the other until Rome said---we are not going to stand for this any longer. So they sent in Titus the Roman Conqueror.

Now, in the time proceeding this by several years, the tribe of Benjamin and the tribe of Judah, the real Israel stock---which Lillenthal agrees was also in Palestine---and these people now mostly Christians said why should we stay here when Jesus whom they had accepted as Messiah had told them that this place was going to be destroyed. Why should we stay here under the bondage of these ever increasing evil people, where we are not only under Jewry, but Rome also. And they decided to migrate. And here they came. Some by ship, but most by the long trail. Here they came the Goths, and the Normans and some of them settled in Germany and in France. And some went on further North to Scandinavia. And later some of them on to Iceland. But a large portion of them stayed in Normandy and in Scandinavia. Here thus, came the VisGoths to settle in Germany and in Austria, along side of their relatives who had come before.

Strange as it might seem, it was only then a short time in that history that Titus the Roman came to Jerusalem and smashed it up---tore it down. Not one stone left upon another except a portion of the old ‘wailing wall’---the old wall of that temple which we know today as the ‘wailing wall.’

Now, most of these Jews were killed at that time. Some of them fled the city but most of them were killed. Rome wiped them out because of their evil. It is not a question of feeling sorry for these Jebusites, Cainanites, Hittites or whoever they were. The fact is that the conspiracy which they sowed, they reaped. After Rome destroyed Jerusalem, the next one to enter Jerusalem with power wad Mohammed the Prophet. When Mount Sinai of Arabia raised its head, it was ‘Hear O Mohammed.’ And when this happened then Mohammed marched down to Palestine. He had already established his power over the decendants of Esau and Ishmael. And here he comes---marching down to Jerusalem. And when he came down to Jerusalem, he said,--’This is the site holy to our common father Abraham. And the land wherein the law was given. And here I will do the Temple to Allah.’ But some of the Jews from Pergamos had sneaked back into the city of Jerusalem and had set up a Gestapo and ruled over the land to a certain extent from the old ruins. Using the old building that had once been Caesars headquarters, they were now in positions of power when Mohammed went in to Jerusalem in the year 800 A.D.

Now remember that the Jews came forth and said to Mohammed:--’Maybe you are the Messiah?’ And now remember that Jesus said that He came in the name of the Father and they would not accept Him. But one would come in another name and they would accept him. Now this was not necessarily referring to Mohammed, but was referring to an end of an age when they would make an alliance with the devil. But when Mohammed came, they were still up to their old trickery. What they planned for Mohammed was what they had done to others. What happened to Taft, what happened to Forrestal, and to Patton? What happened to other great statesmen?---The Jews had mapped out another way for Mohammed. They said:--’We will make an alliance. We will set up a great banquet.’ And they rolled out the great table and set up this banquet and Mohammed signed an agreement with them that the Jews could stay in Jerusalem and he would build a great temple to Allah here. The Jews brought forth the great Ceremonial cup and wanted Mohammed to drink of it. But Mohammed said:--’No. The High Priest shall drink of it first. And the Jews said:--’No, that is not right, you must drink first.’ And he pulled that jeweled dagger he carried and the High Priest tried to fumble and spill the cup. But the cup bearer with Mohammed grabbed the cup and Mohammed said:--’Drink’. And the cup bearer poured it down the throat of the High Priest and he dropped dead. Well, there is no use in explaining what happened after that because instead of signing a Confidant with the Jews, he just liquidated them. And this is why the coming of Mohammed was called ---by the Jews---a scourge. This was not a scourge to your race at that hour because it did not effect you. What did effect you was that every man of the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic and kindred people had something going on inside of him that said, we don’t want any in Palestine, because we want it. The land is ours. And the Jews are not going to rule it. That is where Christ was born. That is where Christ was crucified. There is the birthplace of Christendom. There is the heritage and we want it. Don’t think that the Knights Templers didn’t know this for they did. Don’t think the men of London didn’t know about this, and don’t think the men of Germany didn’t know about it, for they did. That is why Crusades were fought---to get Palestine back. Then my friends, World War I came along. And W.W.I has its place in prophecy for God Almighty had promised that the land would go to Israel. And He promised that it would be restored to Israel. And it was the House of Joseph that was to be the flame. And the book of Obadiah tells you about it.

Strangely enough in that hour it was the 24th day of the 9th month, according to the prophet Haggai. And Daniel had said that it would be 1335 years.--’Blessed is the man who will come to the 1335 days’--and he gave the measure for a day for a year. When Mohammed set up his kingdom in Jerusalem, and started the building of the Mosque of Omar, he dated it as the year 1 Mohammed. 1335 years later the British flag flew over Jerusalem. Yes, Jerusalem was important to more than one nation fighting in that war. Do you know what the Jews say? They say that they started the war between Britain and Germany. Economically and politically they started it because they thought it would weaken the Christian nations, and it would make it possible for them to get control of Palestine and set up the Baulfore Declaration. And then later misinterpreted it. But they assured Britain after she was involved in this war that they admit that they engineered---they promised Britain that if we would sign the declaration, that they in turn would use their influence thru Colonel House to bring America into the war. And then promised to finance the war to a successful conclusion.

Now, when Kaiser Wilhelm was a young man, like every other Emperor of the Hapsburg Dynasty, he had been given a theological education for three years. When that was over, he was ordained as a Lutheran minister. And one thing that he was taught in that special training, is the one thing that the Lutherans have forgotten and would do well to relearn. They taught him that the Germans were of the tribe of Judah. You see, Hitler did not start that idea. And the anthropologists didn’t start that. You see, that God started that way back there when He told Judah that He would be just like HE was. And history shows it and this man (Lillenthal) knows that the Jews are not Israel. They are Cainanites, Hittites, and everything else that is evil. But the real Judah people were Germans.

Now, Kaiser Wilhelm was also told that he was a direct descendant of King David because he had the same lineage as Queen Victoria of Britain. After all, King George and Kaiser Wilhelm were cousins. One thing that Kaiser Wilhelm said before the fall of Palestine in 1917, ---he had no idea that they were going to lose Jerusalem because of the alliances and so forth. So he went over to the Mount of Olives and he said:--’I am going to build a Palace right here.’ Strangely enough then Kaiser Wilhelm did not know all about the book of Zachariah or he would not have wanted to build on the Mount of Olives. But at that time he said:--’I am going to build a palace right here and rule until Jesus comes. For I am a son of Judah and the scriptures says that the Scepter shall not depart out of Judah until Shiloh (of Messiah) comes.’

Now, what he did not know was that when God transplanted the throne line from Judea that He transplanted it into the House of Joseph. He said I have dried up the Green Tree and made the Dry Tree to grow. And in the days when Jesus comes, that the administration of the throne of David will be in the hands of the Anglo-Saxons instead of the house of Germany. So Judah and David will rule---in Joseph--instead of just Judah itself. So Kaiser Wilhelm wanted to build a palace, but if anyone wants to build a palace in Palestine, don’t build it on the Mount of Olives. But I have an idea.---The other day in the newspaper, they said that they hoped to move in the near future the headquarters of the United Nations to Palestine. I hope they do and I would like to see them build their building on the Mount of Olives. Why? Because the Mount of Olives is right where it should be built. You see, the biggest earthquake fault known in history, is right under the Mount of Olives. And the United Nations is a Jewish conspiracy against all Christian nations, which stems out of Communism and we have been sold a bill of goods and most don’t know the difference.

You see,--you have been told not to make an alliance with the devil and come out from among them and be ye separate---not to be tied up with evil. And here you are joining the devil and letting him tie your hands and say---you cannot win. Let’s face it, we lost wars because of this idea that we cannot win.

Now, let me tell you this about Palestine. I read this to you last week and I call your attention to it again because some of you were not here. King Saud of Arabia just made a statement concerning Jerusalem and Palestine. He said:--’Israeli is the cancer of the earth.’ He said:--’Socialism and Communist threaten to destroy the world.’ He said that they have conspired against all the Arabs and Mohammed people and against Christianity. And has dealt such a blow to prestige and integrity in putting the Arabs out of their homes, and in their murdering of women and children and in their filthy ways, and to regain their self-respect the Arabs and Mohammed and Christian people will have to wipe this cancer off the face of the earth. Then this King of the Arabs said:--’I am willing to spend up to half of our people in war, if necessary, to wipe Israeli from the face of the earth.

Now, I have about twenty-seven papers form around the country which reported this. So you say---what has that to do with the situation? I will show you. King Saud of Arabia said that the greatest time of rape and murder occurred when the Jews came into Jerusalem, seized half of the city, ravaged its women, and destroyed the sanctuary.

Now, one of the things that is important is this. In the scriptures it says here in the book of Zachariah:--’Behold the day will come when all nations will gather against Jerusalem in battle. The city shall be taken and the houses rifled. And the women ravished and half of the city shall go into captivity.’ Now, that is North Jerusalem. And you know how it is divided. Remember, how the pipeline which carried water from the river Nile to the British soldiers of that side of the house broke one day and ran down thru the streets of the city? This happened three days after Kind George had told General Allenby (his name meaning God with us), to wait and pray for the prophecy to be fulfilled. That the waters of the Nile would run down the streets of the city. And on the 24th day of the 9th month, the arms were laid down and the British entered the Old city. You see--in the program which God had laid out for that hour, it said that the Arabs would never give up that city until the waters of the Nile flowed in the streets of that old city of Jerusalem. When they found out what water was flowing thru the streets, they laid down their arms and walked out.

Now, the Baulfour Declaration was a high Zionist conspiracy. I can tell you much more about Zionism than Mr. Lillenthal’s book tells you, but it is nice to be able to tell you that this powerful Jew who is active in the State Department also sites how this organization of Zionism was organized by Hertzel and others who were Communists, and how this was organized to take world power, and hide behind religion until they had the power so great that they would rule the world and make Palestine the headquarters. And that they would establish dual allegiance for every Jew because they did not want to lose their place in America.

Now, Ben Gurien was given dual allegiance and he even quotes Justice Brandise, referring to the Jewish race, that it did not effect the citizenship of the Jews in the American state, because they were a religion.

Now, I am going to tell you this. That in all this time you have watched the blackmailing of America as they threatened every way to destroy you if you did not recognize Israeli. Why America did not wake up and put these men in jail for conspiracy, I do not know. But it might be a good thing to get this bill passed they are talking of now, saying that anyone who plots to over throw the nation will be put in jail. As long as they interpret that bill correctly and not use it against anyone who just opposes the administration, it would be alright.

When the city of Jerusalem was finally taken by Jewish men who landed on the shore with Russian and Czech arms and submarines, some of them which were German subs which we turned over to Russia after W.W.II, these hoards of men who came into Palestine such as the Capone crowd and the Urgums, and they marched in and did just what the scriptures said would happen when the city would be ravaged. And Jesus said that then the Abominations of the Desolaters would enter into the Holy Place. Thus the Abominations of the Desolator came in. They had been behind wars, and depressions which gave the world trouble and then they came into Jerusalem and they desolated once again. In fact, Lillenthal admits that what Hitler did to them was nothing to what they did under their own program of Nationalism, to the people of Palestine.

Now, when I used the ‘White Paper’ which was sent to me by the King of Egypt, they called me ‘Anti-Semitic.’ In fact, the ‘Jewish Voice’ of Los Angeles, accused us of being the most deadly voice of racism and anti-Semitism, because I read that ‘White Paper’ from Egypt. And yet, this man is saying the exact same thing that the ‘White Paper’ is saying.

Now, I am going to tell you something. What is was saying was that half the city was taken, and all the women from Orthodox schools from Catholic schools---Catholic nuns were raped and murdered. The Priests were murdered. The Arab women were murdered and their children thrown down in the deep wells. We will not go into all this evil that they produced. The cry of Abdula coming form Trans-Jordan and Patton on gaining control was sabotaged when the United Nations said:--’We will have an armistice.’ And the Jews were running the United Nations at that time.

By the way, last Friday’s newspaper, the ‘Jewish Voice’, under Mr. Horowitz’s column, said it was vital that the world realize, that all the newsmen for the United Nations---four from Russia, and four from Britain---and all these from the other nations,--450 of them, all of them from all over the world, were Jews. All 450 of them. So you do not get anything out of the United Nations but Jewish news and a Jewish slant. And they boast of it there last week in the ‘Jewish Voice.’

Now, remember, when the Secretary General, Bernadotte, went to Palestine, and he sent home documents, day by day, of what he saw, and he reported that the Jews had violated in every way the situation as they put the people out in the desert and killed and tortured the people, and the Jews followed him from area to area, and they asked him what his decision was on the way they had handled their invasion and he said:--’My decision is cumulative. The United Nations in its course must make the decision. But I am convinced that the Arab cause is 90% right. And you are 90% wrong.’ The next day they shot Secretary General Bernadotte and seized the documents in his brief case. And the world cried out against this murder of this peaceful man. But they said--the Urgum did it.

Now, the Urgum was supposed to be an irresponsible Jewish army, a great supporter of Ben Gurien. So when the whole situation was all over, then the whole Urgum was taken into the Jewish army. Now, afraid that it would effect his citizenship, Mr. Lillenthal wrote this little article that was carried in ‘The Readers Digest’ saying:--’The flag of Israeli is not mine.’ Do you know what happened to Mr. Lillenthal for writing that article? Joseph Halleck, head of the Jewish army in the United States, called him up and said:--’If you don’t quit writing such articles and attacking what we are trying to do, we will have you killed.’ I think that your nation is derelict indeed when it lets the Jews have an army in the United States which can threaten men and create acts of violence. They should all be in a concentration camp where they could do no violence. If they can lock up members of the Foreign Legion, they can lock up Jews of Israeli.

Listen. God Almighty said--when this time comes, then half of this city will go into captivity. This happened. And then HE said:--’I AM GOING TO FIGHT FOR MY ANCIENT PEOPLE for I am still interested in this city.

Now, the New Jerusalem is not located over there. The city of Jerusalem is not in the interest of Christ from the standpoint of saving this rejuvenation of evil. Christ’s interest in Jerusalem which is the world’s turbulent spot of the day is to destroy it. Oh, you say--surely that is not Biblical. Yes. Jesus wants to destroy that city. Tear it up. Split is in half and then sink all of Tele Viv into the sea. Flatten out the land and reconstruct the character of it, with one great earthquake. And He said that He will do this. And as we said last week, when these armies are attacking Christian civilization, He will do this. And you know what they said last week? That if the Arabs attack Israeli, the Russians will come down and attack their oil fields in their countries in the outer reaches and then join Israeli. So America is doing something else. We have been arming the Arab States as fast as we can to block some phoney move by the Russians. And as we do this, then the Jews begin crying and Mr. Dulles and all his friends around him, and Mr. Eisenhower say we don’t know how to balance this thing. Of course President Eisenhower doesn’t know anything. But this is a strange picture at this time.

In the news this week, the atomic scientists say that the Russians will try an atomic attack on you right when you are talking Peace. And this is just what the scripture says. When they say Peace-Peace then comes sudden destruction.

Now, it says right here in the book of Zachariah, that this land will not be one city, but a multitude of cities without walls. It is describing a great nation here with wealth, with cattle, and all the things which make a nation great. And peopled with the people who are the children of the MOST HIGH GOD. This is not old Jerusalem. In fact, in the book of John, Jesus told John about a New Jerusalem. Do you want to see the bride--the Lamb’s wife, symbolic of the commission of the congregations of God and Jesus the Christ as the Eternal God?

HE has chosen a New Jerusalem. A world order which came down from the days of Isaac and Jacob to our time. People of the LIVING GOD. And this city has four gates carrying over them the names of the twelve tribes of Israel. His great New Jerusalem is Christian civilization, and all the nations which constitute it in which the spirit of God lives. And it fulfills the end of the prophecy as a great new land.

But let me tell you something about this Old Jerusalem. As we close, the LORD promised that these people who occupy this Old Jerusalem, who are against His Kingdom, and those powers of Russia which are coming down as it says in the 38th chapter of Ezekiel, will come down against His land, but also simultaneously against all Christian nations, trying to take over the world, ---as they move out, they will join with the Jews and almost all of Africa and Asia. And strangely enough, America and Britain will also have their part in that battle for Jerusalem. Why? Because we cannot afford to let the Russians have it?-- That is what you think? There is something else about. America and Britain have an age old heritage right down there. That is your land. So the Almighty God said, when the hour comes---and you are outnumbered six to one, then the Almighty has a great number of soldiers. And in 36th chapter of Ezekiel, He says He has a reservoir of solders. And in the 37th chapter, He says He is going to take this reservoir of soldiers, and join them with their companions in Germany and the Slavic states. And all the Christian nations which are free to fight---make them one powerful force to stand off the armies of the enemy. Thus Almighty God is still in control and He will have His way. And things will come out as they are supposed to and finally New Jerusalem will be recognized where she is located.

(Tape runs out)