Judgment Day, 9-21-65



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 9-21-65

In talking about Judgment day, there has been a great number of people who when thinking about judgment have their minds set on final Judgment. And as they talk about Judgment Day, they are looking for the development as to when they see all of the people of the universe, and especially of the earth and the world, where they are gathered before the throne of God. Where they expect a long and lengthy transition, in the magnitude of a great trial to take place.

When we talk about judgment day, we talk about something which is already in operation and is already talking place. So make no mistake about it. In the 20th chapter of Revelation, it says:---And I saw these thrones and they that sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them. And I saw the souls of all those who had been beheaded for the Witness of Christ and the word of God. And all who had not worship the beast or received his mark on their foreheads and in their hands, and they lived and they reigned with Christ for 1000 years. Then we are told that the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years had expired.

This is what most people think about when they think about judgment day. They think about a day when a tremendous judgment is going to take place. But I point out to you that here we are talking about other facets of judgment. There have been some judgment days already fulfilled. The day of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, then Jesus said, 'Now is the prince of this world judged.' And the world order was defeated with HIS Crucifixion. For he assumed upon his body all of the transgression by any of the believers in the household of his race, thru out all times and for all times. Thus it was that at the moment that he assumed upon Himself all of the judgment, or all of the penalty, for transgression, or violation of divine law, for he took that upon Himself. And actually he said, 'Now is the Prince of this world judged.’ For by HIS own atonement, he had broken the power of Lucifer to lay or transfer any judgment upon the children of God based upon violation of divine law, which occurred because of this environment that they lived in as they dwelt upon the earth in his kingdom. And then having consummated this as God alone could, God can then rectify and put anything in order that he determines to do. When he has planned to do it, and when HE says HE is going to do it.

So--there are various kinds of judgments. There are judgments of nations. And in fact, this is something the scripture tells us about and is something the integrationist can't do anything about. One of the first things that Christ will do as HE reenters the world, as soon as HE assumes authority and take command, HE said, ‘I am going to gather before me all of the nations of the world, and I will divide the nations as a shepherd divides his sheep and the goats. And I am going to say to these Sheep nations--"Receive this kingdom prepared for you from before the foundation of the world."---and rule over these goat nations. This is a judgment on the goat nations. This is HIS decision as they are gathered before HIM and he judges them, according to their reactions, their backgrounds, their past actions, and their history and his kingdom. There are many types of judgment inside of the scripture.

Talking about instant judgments, these are in the process of taking place according to the law itself. Every once in a while we hear someone talking about the fact that the law is dead. They think we are just under Grace. And the Grace of God is in the area of disobedience on the part of his children, and he forgives them and deals with them, and they are farther along than they deserve. And they say we are no longer under the law. The Apostle Paul was talking about you, a white man, a child of God, when he said that we are not under law, we are under Grace. Because it is by this procedure then what he is talking about is that not only will HE forgive you, and in HIS Grace will not only continue to forgive you, but He never places you under condemnation. But by HIS Grace and by HIS atonement, not only does he bestow upon the continuity of Eternal life, but by HIS Grace, HE takes away from you the normal judgments that would have descended from the normal law. Because HE is kind enough to do this in HIS Grace. But do not for one moment think that the judgments existent in the laws, are referred to the world as a whole or whether the world knows anything about the law or not, the law of things as they exist continues to function, or exists within.

So the Grace of God is only for HIS own household, that he permitted to come down here, into one of the most unusual environments on the face of the earth. I want you to know that in the magnitude of the environment of earth, that his Omniscience knows all things. His Omnipotence gives HIM all power. And with this is all of the attributes of HIS nature. That everything that consists and exists is in the constant consideration of God. When I tell you this, then the Most High God in the handling of HIS people, takes into consideration of the stresses, thru which, they pass, and the conditions under which various things may happen, and that effect them in their lives, or effect the patterns of total obedience. And in the magnitude of His Grace, he recognizes these situations and lays the area of responsibility upon you to respond to HIS Grace. But the accountability is upon Lucifer who created this condition. Many people do not realize this. But you have not been placed in the kind of environment thru which you must pass with God not making an allowance for it and placing the judgment upon the cunning, and the trickery, and the conditions that introduce this. Thus, upon Satan and upon His kingdom falls the judgment.

I point out a passage which is quite significant in the book of Corinthians, and it has a special relationship to you. It is in the same passages in which we have referred to the value of the Communion. It says, ‘If we would judge ourselves, we would not be judged.' What does this mean? This means that with the knowledge of God, with the functioning of God, with this special device which God has built into this physical awareness, so that you know when you are doing right or doing wrong. For you have this spiritual guidance to adjust you. So if you judge yourself, if you reprove yourself and correct your conduct then you will not be judged. And if you do not do this as an individual and as a nation, and if you do not correct the area where you know that you are wrong and you continue in a procedure which you know to be wrong, willfully doing this just because you do not want to stop doing what is wrong, then you are under chastisement. And whether you know what chastening is or not you are subject to it if you continue to disobey. And Chastening is a working judgment.

The judgment concerning you and the kingdom are not like the judgments that proceeded. There are judgments that have been unprecedented for scope and size. They are the results of conditions that were introduced by Lucifer and his forces thru out the universe. Especially, was this true in the pre-Adamic world.

Peter tells us that this is something that people are willfully ignorant of. But the world that existed in the pre-Adamic days has actually been pointed out and whole catastrophes affected it. There are island out here and civilizations upon them in the whole of the Pacific Ocean and whole cities and civilizations beneath the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Why? Because this was a very judgment that they brought upon themselves by their very evil and their violations of Divine law. Of course the area of judgment concerning the area involved falls upon Lucifer and the civilizations that he created and the evil which he replaced it with, and a lot of people involved in that many have lost their lives physically. But don't worry about the utter consciousness of the individual being able to escape the magnitude of God's purpose.

Of course theology gets an overhauling by the clergy from time to time. And ecclesiastical orders like to create their own particular order and plan as to what is going to happen to people. And some of them have been rather mercenary about it. And therefore they feel that they should find a way of deliverance which will come of it.

Now, I am not concerned about judgments after you die. For there is nothing that you sow in earth that you are going to reap in another dimension. Understand that. For the laws of God are quite clear. You do not sow in one dimension and reap in another. You say, ‘I see a lot of evil doers who do not seem to be reaping here, where they are sowing.’ Well, you do not have to live in their tabernacle. You do not have to think like they think, or live with what they live with. But I am going to tell you, as to their escaping the normal patterns of judgment, they do not. And as far as the powers of darkness and the experts that war against the kingdom escaping the retribution and the balance, they do not. As far as God losing spirits or souls being tortured in eternal tortures to satisfy the anger of a deity? This is all fictitious lies which has been ghosted up by religionists.

Someone said, ‘But, Dr. Swift, if there isn't any hell, then there sure is not any heaven?’ Well, ‘that is just something someone conned up for you to say? Someone said it, and you just repeated it. If you think that there is not any hell then you tell me what our boys are doing over there in Vietnam. If you do not think that there is any violence that produces a caldron, then tell me what WATTS was like a while ago. Only sometimes the powers of darkness destroy themselves in their own caldron of hate.

I point out a pattern of truth to you this afternoon, that is divided according to its category. When God deals with the Adamic race, he is dealing with his own offspring. He is dealing with a people spiritually begotten in Celestial plains, who were with the Father before the world was framed. Whose thoughts are coordinated with HIS spirit? Who watched the creative magnitude of the Father’s work? And they were placed down here in bodies of flesh as the Father said,--'we will make this physical body in the image of the Celestial one.' And they were placed in that body. Eve out of Adam, because there was no other helpmate among the other races of people, that Adam could accept. The posterity of the Adamic race was God's issue in the earth. They were HIS Israel. And that word is one of the oldest words in semantics. It existed long before the time that God changed Jacob's name to Israel. I point out to you that we had been placed in a physical embodied condition, in the most terrible environment that existed in the Universe.

You say, ‘why is that?’ I will tell you why. Because an Archangel who had rebelled against the Most High God in recognition of this family of God, and effected one/third of all of the sidereal systems in space over which he governed. He thus upset the structure and the serenity of the Universe in a colossal war. And he had been defeated by Michael the Archangel, at the command of YAHWEH God. And because of that defeat, he had been driven off to this one little solar system, here in this Milky Way system. And eventually, his evil was confined to this solar system, and especially to this earth.

The 12th chapter of Revelation tells you how Michael the Archangel fought against Lucifer, whom you call also the devil, the Dragon and Satan and the Serpent. And he was defeated and became earth bound.

Then he began immediately to mutate all of the structure of earth. He became definitely involved in that. Antediluvian societies were effected. He brought people in those great craft which he invaded earth with, who had never been here before. Anthropologists can prove this today. There are records of the stratums of earth and fossils, and also can be found are the conditions of the catastrophes that took place. These give the evidence of different people. That is why any student of chronology today, looking at skulls, and that any fossil skulls found will only demonstrate that the Tungus man from Asia was the oldest and ancient inhabitant. And that the Negroes came in during the Lutherian rebellion. And that the white man was the man that God placed in the Garden to start his own race, his own household, being transferred from heaven to earth to build his kingdom.

Now, a lot of things transpired in the pre-Adamic world. This is why we are told that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And turning to the second verse of Genesis, and the earth became as void, and darkness was on the face of the deep. This is an aftermath of Judgment. The judgment was set in motion by the violation of divine law by which the synthesis of the Universe was put together. We are living in a great day to understand some of the forces that created the catastrophes of earth. Our technology is increasing, our knowledge is being brought higher and more advanced each day, concerning the magnitude of things that men can know about themselves and about the universe that they live in.

In the first place, when we tell you that you are a Celestial people, that you have a celestial body, a body of light synthesized in the heavens, begotten of the Most High God, that you have a soul consciousness, an ego that can dwell in the spirit, or in the flesh. That you have a flesh body, begotten out of a special race. And that in this race are the Celestial seed of the Most High God, here in the world. Had their been complete obedience upon the part of our Adamic father, we would be immortal and never have known death. The violation of divine law which affected your race, lost for us this immortality as it related to the physical body. But our Father came to tell us that HE was going to restore that immortality. But as far as our celestial being was concerned, that resided in this house, it possesses Eternal life, and it could not lose it. Because it had received it from the Father.

Jesus said, 'I give you Eternal life, and you shall never perish.' There is no question of the fact that the physical body received a life time rate and biblical history shows this. And the ravages of the violation of law and the impact of such had its effect upon this human body. I point out that you are going to see the day when Immortality is going to be restored to the Adamic race.

Someone said, ‘what happens to the rest of the world?’ What happens to the rest of the world is not our subject now, we are only discussing one thing and that is judgment upon these people and how this relates to you. When we discuss this subject, we also discover something else. Not only did you arrive in earth with a civilization, but also with a written language . . . for you had one. Your written language and your knowledge and the vision that you could receive in the seat of your consciousness, you could refer to technology, to architecture, or anything that you applied yourself to do. This was unlimited. Your race had only been here a few hundred years until it was building pyramids. You built the first one in Egypt, and they copied them after that. They had never built one like that even tho your race had only been here some 400 years.

Let me tell you this, concerning your knowledge and the knowledge of your Patriarchs. You think you have a lot of knowledge today? But one man possessed in his writings, more knowledge in more things than anyone who has ever lived since that time. God not only showed him this, but gave him a special transported trip right out to the Celestial realm to renew to his physical consciousness, the things that he spiritually have remembered, and brought them to his attention. So he came back and wrote all things in a book. And laid a foundation in measures and prophecy that are among the most important for all times. We are not dealing with other areas as to when God took certain people out to call things to their attention like he did with the Apostle Paul. Whether he went in the spirit or the body, he said God alone knows. But he took him out to the seventh heaven and beyond. And he came back and wrote these things in the 'Apocalypse of Paul.’ And scattered among his Epistles in the New Testament.

We are concerned today with every facet of your race, concerning tomorrow. And we are also interested in everything concerning yesterday. This is why today we have archaeologists picking out the ruins of earth. This is why we dig for the records that we can find in the stratum, in the fossils and in the artifacts. For the earth had been occupied for thousands and thousands of years . . . one million and one-half years and more. We are not particularly concerned as to whether we receive the ecclesiastic approval for our opinion that they have placed at times as orthodoxy. Sometimes this orthodoxy can be as twisted as the heterodoxy which has been developed to deny God.

I want you to know that the first law and the most important one is that “THOU SHALT WORSHIP THE MOST HIGH GOD WITH ALL OF THY MIND, WITH ALL OF THY HEART.” This is what you are supposed to do. And there is no responsibility greater than that which is at the heart of God's program his household, and his kingdom, in the earth. And therefore all of the Ecclestical regulations, depending on whether it is true or not.

The world is full of religion this afternoon. In fact, there are too many like the Pope who want all religions to get together. I want to see all religions separated. You say, ‘why is that?’ Because there is only one way and only one truth. As it relates to the deity of God. There is only one God, and all others are fictitious and phoney. And all other religions are also phoney. So why then bind men with superstition and a lie when truth sets men free? "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."

There is no question that consciousness and awareness and existence is the determining level of the creatures of the universe. And the higher this scale of knowledge the higher they will be. And just because people walk upright and wear clothes does not mean that they are all the same. In spite of all of the mongrelizers and integrationists, they are not the same.

The Adamic race, for instance, has the very life and breath of God in it. The ancient Tungus man, who was one of the ancient inhabitants of the earth, and whose civilizations and cultures were quite expanded at one time . . . and this was not those with the spirit of God in them, this was his creation. There are Negroes in the world today and they are not the offspring of God. Nor are they a part of his kingdom as such. They were dwellers on another planet and brought here by Lucifer in his rebellion. And they were already in rebellion and mutation when they came. And they are a degenerated society in the world today.

We can well establish the anthropological moment of their time element of existence in the earth. They existed here thousands of years before any white man was placed in the earth. And they have not produce a civilization in all of that time. These people are soulish and they live with emotion, but without a God-begotten spirit. But this is because of their nature, because of their degeneration in space. I point out to you that we have existent in these species of society. And the purpose and plan of God is not the same for everyone. HE has one plan for his own race, his own household and for his own kingdom. And this is the best area of administration in the whole earth. It is a heavenly administration on this planet. It is the best thing that ever happened to it, for it is a divine plan.

He has a program for the Tungust people, and this affects all of Asia. And it is a good program. And eventually this is the thing which he is bringing to pass which means the establishment of his kingdom. And it shall be done. He has a plan for the Negroes also. And I can assure you, that whether the Witch doctor can keep them in fury and in violence, and without emotional responsibility which is probably from Satanic delusion, that the day is going to come when every knee is going to bow . . . Asiatic, Negroid, White. Every knee is going to bow and recognize that Christ is God.

But I point out to you that they do not all bind themselves into the same status. Or that a Billy Graham Evangelist or a Gypsy Smith, or a Billy Sunday cannot make these people something that they were not in the purposes and plan of God, because he spoke to them and told them that all they had to do was come to an altar. You say, ‘why is that?’ Because there is a difference in their capacities and in their content as to what they are designed to do, for there is a different content inside of the body. For this is the way that God designed you to begin with. For the Adamic son was in the image of God, spirit, soul and body, you are in the image of God. But if you are expecting God to come walking down the street in three parts, you will never see HIM that way. You will only see the man Christ Jesus. And when anyone wants to see God, then there was one opportunity and that when he walked the streets among us. And he said to his disciples, 'He who hath seen me hath seen the Father--I and the Father are one.'

Someone said, ‘but HE did not really mean that.’ And yes, he meant what he said. This idea of God walking around and not knowing what he is talking about is absurd. Someone said, ‘the other day you said that the Muhammadans were more right than the inhabitants of India.’ That is right. Because the Muhammadans recognize that God is ONE and they believe that the God of the Old Testament is the Creator. They believe that the eternal God and Allah are the same. They do not have any other God. "Hear oh, Israel, Allah, Allah, Akabar the Lord God is one." And the pagan gods of India who have been putting to death the Muhammadan at the cry of their pagan priests, have especially stepped this up in the last 15 to 17 years.

One cannot but recognize that the Assassins of the Temple of Kali, who was the wife or consort of Lucifer in his fall, have been waging war on Christianity, on believers in one God, and on anything that is good or right, ever since those temples became political slaves over the people of India. Let me assure you of this.

Someone said, ‘but these people do not believe in the blessed trinity.’ But where do you get that anyhow? Where does blessed trinity come from? Someone said, ‘but you should not put this on tape, for some people will not like it.’ But I am not interested in anything but what God said. Blessed trinity started in Babylon. It had its place in ancient India, with Brahma, Vishnu and Siva. The process was to try to break God up into separate beings and have a multitude of gods. And the whole congregation of them just made one god. Baalism was like that. They had a whole bunch of gods. When they tried to con you into accepting the pagan gods of India during an invasion into Ancient Ur, they said to the king--- ‘we will make you a god, your wife a god, and your son a god.’ So here was Nimrod, Summermius and Ningus, and they started the Baal trinity in Ur of the Chaldeas. So they tried to break God up in component parts like that.

The other day, I listened to a Monsignor say that the Holy Spirit was the female part of God. That there was a male God, a female God and Jesus Christ was the son of God. That these three Gods all had separate thrones. Don't think this is too far fetched. For the average Baptist and Methodist also thinks that there are three Gods and three thrones, sitting along side of themselves. It was translated that way one time and it seemed to have stuck at least for some.

You say, ‘what has this to do with anything?’ It is important that you understand the nature of God. That you understand that God is a great and Eternal God, and a great force in every one of these plains of measure. As a personality, he says,--"Hear 0 Israel, YAHWEH thy God is ONE LORD." And in Isaiah, he says there is no God on the right or on the left:---"I, ALONE, AM GOD, AND I AM THY SAVIOR AND I AM THY REDEEMER."

The magnitude of divine purpose is at work. The Eternal has brought forth a household and this is what you find. You are in a physical body, and you have the power of the senses, like other people. You feel heat and cold, and you feel all of the processes that can come thru the senses perception. And by this process you can also pick up the audio frequencies and you can hear. You have the capacities of each one of the senses. And you, in this vibratory field, can gain an impulse which you translate by the thinking processes inside of your nervous system. And in evaluating these impulses with the milliamps of energy, the experience of living is recorded inside of your center of intelligence, and around the tendrils of your brain as electrons revolving around, erecting an image in your consciousness. But there is no test tube which can identify the consciousness itself. You are living in a physical body made up of particles of electricity. Molecular masses being governed by the law of the creator. And it is held together by the capacities of the great mentoid in the creator, and is balanced out by the electrons of it which is in the mind of God. And whether it be an atom in substance as you might call some of the particles that you might find in the earth itself, when talking about its chemicals and lot of material which you call inanimate. You call it inanimate, because there is no conscious awareness of its existence. But the moment when it starts to move with direction, whether an insect or an animal, you can say at least it is conscious that it is here. And the higher that consciousness goes, the higher that culture is marked. Of course man thinks the most. But he is supposed to. When we deal with the white man, we have reached the apex in the earth, of awareness, and of the capacity to understand the distinct. Make no mistake about that.

You say, ‘prove that.’ And I can do that easily. Just take an evaluation of all of the people of earth, and then just tell me who the 'have' nations are. Just take an evaluation of the earth and just tell me who has developed the most wisdom and understanding. For those with vision and understanding have developed the highest. You say, ‘what about the Russians?’ They are competing with us. They steal our secrets. They look over your shoulders. They have a higher capacity than maybe some around them because the head of their situations have descended from Lucifer who was full of cunning. Remember that Lucifer, son of the morning before he fell built up a sum full of wisdom, all understanding under God.

The thing, that he lost, was the knowledge of goodness. But as far as cunning and technology is concerned, he has had it. But he is only able to convey it by just a percentage to his offspring, because they are mutations. When Angels did not keep their 'first estate', and intermingled with those of earth, then their offsprings and the societies that they produced were mutations. And they even lost the capacity that their forbearer might have possessed to a limited degree.

But the Children of the Adamic race were not a mutation. They were the household of God, and had the capacity to think his thoughts. They had, however, been short circuited and there has been a brain block, between the consciousness and the spirit. And the brain was drawing out of the senses except where by the Grace of God, the spirit and its inspiration were permitted to come thru. The atonement of Christ put that all aside. And then by the process of his spirit, that this Paraclete --the consciousness of my mind--(John l4), in which he said that the world cannot receive it, and that they never had it. But you can receive it. And it will bring you to the knowledge of all truth and bring all things to your remembrance. So you will know all things from the beginning.

I want you to know that you were with the father before the world was framed. You were with him when he rolled out other solar systems. And you shouted as Sons of God, when the morning stars sang for joy and all of the sons of God shouted for joy. Then, archangels were not in rebellion. And you were there. There is no one in this auditorium . . . unless you are a 'Smoos' who sneaked in . . . that has not been blessed with all spiritual blessings with the Father before the world was framed. Don't frown too much or I will get suspicious. Sometimes people do not like for me to be just as frank as that. But I am going to tell you something. I do not expect any Jew to understand the truth because Jesus said they could not understand it . . . because they could not hear what he said. They did not have this wavelength of perception. I do not expect the culture that would sell Christ for a handful of change to ever work for anything but the darkness, unless they be overthrown. And they will be one of these days. There is no defeat complex here. For we know that the kingdom of God is going to triumph. We know that the tares are going to be taken out of the way. We know that we are going to go into a glorious day when the light and glory of God kingdom will be all around us.

We also know that this is Judgment Day. We also know that judgments have moved in the past, but I want you to note concerning this, this afternoon. In some of the other areas where neurologists have been working with techniques as they tried to define, separate and classify with machines, the various type of thought reactions, and the fields of energy involved in it. It is well accepted thru these years of the purity of neurology and the areas of remembrance that knowledge is electronic. Like this tape which is recording here, these impulses on that tape, when you play that tape, you can re-erect that sound. And then you can take that sound and erect a picture vision in your mind. And we can erase all of that too, if we were to give a charge of electricity over those electrons, and we can wipe every bit of that sound off the tape. Even one of these recording heads can wipe it off as a new charge of sound moves across it. And then a new sound of electrons is recorded on this same tape.

Now, in your mind, in your intelligence, everything that you have by the senses experienced and know is stored in the electrons. You could put all of the knowledge in the Los Angeles library on a small portion of this wavelength of your brain and not fill up the tendrils that you have there. All of the experiences of your people could not fill up all of this room, you have there, of nerve tendrils to store up knowledge and wisdom. The electrons are your memory. There is an area inside of your brain which has all of the nerves and patterns just like the eye has. Only there is no eye there. And no instrument is there to interfere with this wonderful procedure which God has fashioned in the body. And you will discover that here is the center that has energy flowing thru it, and it moves to the areas of consciousness. But it has to draw a wavelength of spiritual energy. Because there is not an instrument by which the senses function. Because it does not come thru the senses. It functions in your race. But it is not found functioning, for instance, in the Negro race. And it has a very limited area of function among the Asiatics.

But what I want to point out to you is that as you think then you generate new amps of energy with just this living, and recording and doing. And you send this nerve impulses, this electricity, this energy thru all of the nervous system to get the reaction that you want, to signal the message. And you do this automatically, for this is just living. I also want you to know that you make the body do what you want to do. You make it go out and you get in the car, and so forth. And you do this because you live in it. And you convey these electronic impulses to the seat of your intelligence to get these things done. And you do not even think about it, for living has become a part of you. If you were not a part of this process, you wouldn't even be here.

Now, I point out something to you that is very significant. What men think on, and what makes up the areas of the procedures of what they think on, this makes up the fundamental structure of their existence. You are what you think and you are what you experience. You say, ‘who am I and what am I?’ You are all the sum total of the experiences that you have passed thru. You are the eventual evaluation. And in this tabernacle in which your spirit dwells in and your soul consciousness finds its soul resident, you are the master to the extent that you are evaluating and making decisions, or else you are short circuited and mutated. And this has become one of the most important subjects for our days. Even the psychiatrist has been working on this. Altho the average psychiatrist is one of these head shrinkers off in a corner somewhere, and they need the psychiatrist also.

When I talk about a true psychiatrist and neurologist, this is someone who is interested in the brain and all that goes along with it. We are not talking about one of these Jew head shrinkers who have these side offices around here in Hollywood. A lot of people think that they need a psychiatrist when what they need is the knowledge of God, and the truth of God and the holy spirit of God. They do not need a psychiatrist because that would over balance you. But there are areas in the medical field when they have had good results. They have been able to come up with a scope that can measure the brain waves. And they do not know however if he is creating or coming up with the answers. They also know that brain energy can make a wave that goes across this scope in this type of instrument. And that thinking shows its high and low points. But they know that it moves in energy waves, higher or lower that is applied, in the thinking or deciphering of the individual message. But also when higher emotional points are reached and things are sensitive. When conditions are in violation or in opposition to the structure, by which normal reaction comes, these become jagged waves on the graph. You hear about the hypertension of the city or you go some place, and you say the vibrations are bad here. Then you are not as wrong as you think. For it is exactly true. Today they have come along so far that they can pick up the mass movements of impulses in a society. They pick this wave that they can graph. The signal may not be as strong, but they can determine whether they are thinking with determination or intensity that moves even into areas of hypertension that is discharged in the atmosphere round about. If we can get thru to you this afternoon, we want you to understand that there are various areas of emanations that come from people. We have what we refer to as the Aura, or the light waves, that we call emanation.

Everything gives off related aura of energy. Even metals and substances have a wavelength in the light reflection field. The Spectroscope now proves that we can now analyze the reflected light bands and their vibrations. And they have their light tolerances.

But you as an individual, and because you are a light pulsing individual you are giving off a light wavelength, and it is sensitive enough that infrared photography is able to photograph a portion of this. And highly sensitive equipment has even been able to prove that this body or the spirit is also composed of particles, because of photography of the spirit leaving the body is the results, and is a factual point of photography. Even in the days when Huskley and H. G. Wells put out the book of Science Alive, they did have enough intellectual honesty along with all of their pseudo theories to include that they did admit that there was something that left the body, and was in the shape of the body, and had a light halation that could be photographed with infra red photography. And they included this photograph in the back of the book. And you can go an look at it in the library. I know much in the areas of research in this. There are colleges and universities who have done a lot of work in this field of light perception. And they have also done a lot in the areas of photography and there is no question of the fact that the Spirit leaves the body. This occurs when the body cannot any longer function and the body breaks apart. The spirit leaves the body at what we call death. Sometimes it stays around a few hours longer than we think but this does happen.

Now, the soul consciousness resident in you only stays where there is light. And in this we are talking about the Adamic race. We point out to you then that in this area of perception that you are able to draw inspiration out of the spirit. You also have an emanation and it is a higher emanation for aura than the pagans. And we now know that there are different types of emanation and some of them reach into the dark areas of the spectrum. No wonder that the scripture says that the light of the wicked is darkness. What it means is that the emanations that come in the pagan world is darkness.

You say, ‘but I never see an aura. Sometimes you can't, and sometimes, maybe, you will. But there is a radiation that comes from everyone in this congregation, and the greater their desire for God, and the greater their coordination, with the plan of God and the purpose of God, the more they catalyze these sheer areas of light emanation. You take a congregation seated in worship and that light touches one to another like a Shekinah Glory. Some can see it and some can't.

Let me tell you this. The thinking of an individual, the entire area of the energy of their being, in the process of their thinking, and conscious living is putting out also vibrations in the electronic field. And the thought vibrations are being measured in the electronic field while the total vibrations are being measured in the light field.

The scripture tells you that you are being transformed from Glory unto Glory, from his own image of illumination and light. Do you know, that if this body was once more surrounded with this light that Adam once had, that instant immortality would be restored to you? This is what the Apostle Paul talked about when he said, 'I do not want to die. I just want to be re-enveloped with the light. I want to put on my Celestial house. I want to put the light back on.’ This is the only thing that Jesus ever referred to as missing while in earth. But in order to carry out his Messianic ministry and in order to assume the atonement, he had to invest himself of that wave light of Celestial aura to the extent that it would immunize his body. The only thing that he prayed for was that HE might have the light that he had in (spirit) thee, before the world was. And when on the mount of transfiguration HE was enveloped in that light the disciples saw the Glory of God. And when he invested himself of this light, he said, “Come down off of this mountain and go to work.”

When Mary saw the Christ after his resurrection, he was still enveloped in the light. For the light and Glory of spirit had surrounded that body. So he said to her, “Don't touch me, for the power has not gone off of me and your physical body could not stand it now.”

Let me point out to you here, that now they are measuring auras, or light energy emanations. But the most significant thing is that they have invented a machine for the measuring of brain energies of a community, or of the areas of earth, as well as around individuals. They have discovered that in the intensity of such thinking, that hypertension as well as Guilt complexes build up a static area around communities. No wonder you say that the vibrations in those areas are bad. Just think what they were like down in Watts a few weeks ago. The fact remains that they now know that cities like New York and Paris, have a hypertension field around them that is the wavelength by-product of the magnitude of the denominator of all of the thought processes of those cities. So therefore do not think that evil thoughts. Do not carry their vibrations, and good thoughts carry theirs. But these energy fields affect the whole pulsing stratum of the city. Then that status is being built up around it.

Now listen to this. Meteorologists are being brought in. And they say this draws static also from the fields around it and from the very earth itself until they build up unprecedented situations like static electricity and thunderstorms. And now they do not doubt that it affects the swirling patterns of the winds, and effect the very balance of the winds. And effects the very balance of the winds which they say is basically electronic in its field of disturbance. Do you know that some of your tornadoes start with the sun? The swirling energies, in this constant explosion result in these strange electronic storms. You know that when you get those swirling spots high up in the sun then you get disturbance on your radio, or you are a short wave operator, you know this. And you will know that you are in a sun spot condition. And they now know that around these tremendous hurricanes is a tremendous build up of energy, which is tremendous in a hurricane. And this also is an electronic energy. And they are now beginning to expound a theory that they are now studying. That the areas of energy that are effected by a thought thinking people can induce as they have proven with cities like New York and Paris, that they can produce thunderstorms and static demonstrations. And they are beginning to relate to these fields of energy that relate to people, the hurricane, the tornado, as well as the thunderstorm, and its impact upon people.

Now you say, ‘what do you think about that?’ I think there is more to this than you understand. I know that they created an areas of destruction at one time until the earth started to crack and water rushed into the molten areas and the tops blew off of the mountains. And the earth shuddered and portions of continents sank, both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. And judgment set in motion, by forces of nature on a rampage, wiped out what was a part of the darkness. These are the judgments of things as they are. We have told you that the fire is hot and thrust your hand into it and you get burned. The law is that this rapid oxidation is painful to the nervous system, and you are supposed to have sense enough to keep your hand out of the fire. But the law of rapid oxidation in relation to nerves and tissues is intangible. For whether you know it or not you still get burned if you put your hand there. You go out and violate mathematical laws and nothing comes out right. That is why we are in economic trouble today, because Satan's children are the great mechanical manipulators of figures and finance.

We have depressions, catastrophes and upheavals because Satan's children have taken over the areas of mathematical injustice in the areas of handling money. This is why the scripture says charge no man usuary because it is so robs the structure of ebbs and flows and you will get economic disaster.

We point out to you that any law violation brings these end results not because a vengeful God is trying to strike but because the law is the consistency of things as they are. As we have pointed out to you in the past, that even the events of scripture were the results of tremendous violations of law, and they showed the impact that they had on men. You are living in the time referred to as a time when the judgments are to be poured out. When God starts to pour a great wave of spiritual energy out to put things back in order. And he does not let the devil or his children get away with these things forever. And when he calls a halt, he turns loose spiritual force and power upon the physical universe. And when HE empowers his sons and daughters it is going to start the areas of judgment upon the enemies of God's kingdom. When we point this out to you, then we cite that the records of the ancient past show this to be true.

A group of astronomers working with physicists at one of the leading observatories in Europe a few months ago, said that no one can question the fact that for transition the nebulous gasses in the solidification of areas of the universe, required a grouping of intelligent units in the field of energy to cause a transition in the course of form. And that they have been photographing nebulous gasses moving into the substance by transition of primitive solar systems. So what they are telling us here is that the mind of that creator of that solar system, had to exert the field change in the energy thought quality of an inanimate object. And that every atom must keep the right kind of electrons there or there would not be any difference between one atom and another. What the modern physicist is telling us is that the mind of the Eternal God is controlling these energies until he molds and shapes the universe by the mind power of his Eternal nature.

Now, I want you to understand this about the white race. That you are children of this Eternal Father, spirit of his spirit, and flesh of his flesh and bone of his bone. I want you to recognize then that the transforming power that affects anything that you touch is the synchronization of your mind and the mind of the Father, making you co-creators with HIM. This explains the vision field and erects the concepts and relates it to the highest technology. And it moves out of your race as God brings things to your remembrance and brings adjustments with the facts of creation. Then also you find yourself amazed at what you are rediscovering. I want you to realize that it is an important thing, this realization that you were predestinated even before the foundation of the world. To finish your course in earth to conform to His image. And that judgments will descend.

And that we are told by Peter, that Judgment begins at the House of God. So then since the laws were not given to the world to understand because the scripture says that the laws were given only to Israel. Nobody else received them at Sinai. And you are more responsible for what you know than people who do not know. The laws of God were for the establishment of a kingdom, for a government and for social relationship. For ethical conduct, and for health and vitality and for the good crops. And all that was necessary which are all in these laws. And then there are a multitude of things which God says he was going to bring to your consciousness.

Thus, it is that if you do not bring yourself into alignment----You mean that we are saved by our works?---No--I mean that it is the Grace of God that brings to your capacity to do this. But I am going to tell you that you are going to live or die, by the procedure of those works. I am going to tell you that when a race of God permits themselves to be integrated and mongrelized and who bring inassimilable forces in they get in trouble just like we are in right now. They end up with the same kind of tax burdens, wars and catastrophes which envelope us. And until you drive out of these United States, everything that is non-Christian and non-white, you will be in trouble.

Someone says, ‘you don't give them a chance.’ I do not want to hear any thing about this chance business. The Gospel has been preached all over the world. There is not one hour in the day when I could not turn on my radio and play the Gospel for you in some form. There is not any hour in the day when a person cannot find out about Christ and his nature and His Atonement. If there are people in here, who do not like Christ, do not like America, and do not like our Constitution and do not like God's kingdom or any part of its structure, then it is time to go.

When I talk about judgments, I want you to know that all of the troubles you are having in America today is because of the energy of the law. For as God increases his spirit these things will be brought to climax. And I believe that there will be more hurricanes and more tornadoes. And more Jew controlled belts in the world are going to feel it. There are going to be great earthquakes. And I think that you will well understand, that when we gave you the measures several years ago concerning the 'sign of the son of man ' in the heavens, and they came on time . . . right on schedule. And the scripture says that the people of earth would mourn when they say the signs in the heavens, in the sign of Aquarius. And that there would be 3 1/2 years the judgment would start to fall upon the enemies of God. Actually that starts about August. But September was in the first two months. Earthquakes will step up and there will be more of them and in greater intensity all over the world. They had seven of them the other day along with tornadoes. And for as long as man can remember, they now have earthquakes in the Black Forest. That happened yesterday and this morning, in Germany.

Now a lot of these things are going to come to pass for you are living in Judgment days. Not the judgment day when men have to stand up and go thru all of the procedures of admitting all of the acts that you have committed. Some will say, ‘but when will that happen?’ It will never happen for you. So don't worry about it. You say, ‘we are never going to have to stand up before a long judgment procedure?’ No--you are the judge in this temple right now. And there is along side of it the abiding spirit of life. And if your soul consciousness will not judge yourself, then you will be judged and chastened where you sowed the error.

But God says that he is not going to condemn you, for he did not make an atonement for condemnation. He made it for Grace and deliverance. You do not have to be afraid to approach your Father. The only time you are afraid is because you do not know him, or you do not know enough about him. But you do not have to be afraid to approach God.

I want you to know that in these hours of judgment, the greatest earthquakes the world has ever know will happen in the next few months. But the great intensities in the upheaval of the weather will occur. And you are already seeing an imbalance in the weather. The earliest snowfalls in history are now sweeping the plains of Wyoming and Montana, coming into Colorado and on into New Mexico.

I was in a blizzard the other day, and cars were stuck in the snow, and I had to wait for several hours for them to remove the cars so that I could get thru. This happened yesterday, right here in the California mountains. These are caused by the imbalance of the weather.

Now, when psychiatrists, technologists, say that there is this balance below waves and the hypertension, the hyper static fields, and the normal static fields of energy which control the balance of the weather, then I am going to tell you that if the mind of the Eternal God, holds the universe together. Since He put it together, then if he determined that you are spirit of his spirit and mind of his mind, then you have a tremendous impact upon how things were put together, and this is the most destructive force upon the face of the earth. Make no mistake about it. There is no power greater than the power moving thru one of his sons or HIS daughters to bring transition. You will find that there are fields of opposition and they would destroy you if they could, and you must resist them. But the kingdom of God possesses an army in the earth. In fact there are some people who do not possess this capacity for stimulation. But at the end of this age you will see Christ and his armies, the whole armies of Christ, and their crafts coming in because there are some people who have to be dealt with armies. If God had a procedure to deal with them differently, he would do it.

Someone said, ‘but you are preaching hate.’ But, no. We are not preaching hate. We are just telling you what the scripture has to say about this. If there was a way to put the world back in perfect shape, there is not a person in this whole room that would not do this. But I know that no one knows better about the earth and how to restore it than my Father who put it together. I know that HE has the right plan, and therefore this is the plan. Therefore you and I are resident in the body, in this hour, in the day of judgment. And a lot of things that you did not sow, you have watched in your environment, have their impact. You do not have to feel these things directly. If you have the faith to understand these things a thousand can fall at thy right side and ten thousand at thy left and no harm will come to you. Oh, yes. You can stand and watch the panorama of all of these things developing and know that you are a dutiful son, and you press forward in occupation of the earth. But there is only one goal. And that goal is not until every nation on the face of the earth has cast aside its idolatry and its submission to Lucifer, and bowed the knee, and accepted the true God and his way of life. And you are going to sit in the area of that administration and you are going to enforce that law. And it will take 1000 years to get some people to obey you know.

Some people say, ‘oh, I want to get everything over in a hurry.’ Well, where do you want to go? What's the hurry? A day is a thousand years in scripture when you were with the Father before the world was framed.

Sometimes we want to get everything done right now, and then they do not realize that there is all of the time in the Universe to get things done. And when time shall be no longer then it is the enemy who has lost the time, and I am ready anytime to see--when time is no longer for the world order or its system. Because I am going to tell you right now that the power of God is going to replace the power of darkness. They are going to be defeated in every field, in every battle, and in every design. And everything they try to do against the kingdom is going to fail.

Thus, the great technology of God's creation, and His spiritual law, which transforms men, --how?--by renewing their mind. Be not conformed to this world. Do not think like it thinks, but be renewed by the renewing of your mind. Think like your divine origin, think like sons of God who stand tall, and build. If you want to think like the devil then you will think like the Jews do who would put over their great conspiracy which you can pick up on Television and on radio that is syncopated with everything out of the jungle, which is twisted and morbid, and has nothing in it but lust and evil. There is, therefore, nothing wrong with living. There is nothing wrong with Grace. And I point out to you that God does not intend for you to be so narrow that you have no joy. Life is filled with living. There is nothing wrong with life and living. But there is much wrong with this twisted, evil force of today, who want to make a society without vision and understanding, in the darkness of the devil.

Someone said, ‘do you believe in the devil?’ When I see all of their hock shops, I cannot help but believe in the devil. And I cannot blame any nation that wants to get the devils out of their society. If you want to find out who the devils are, then go read what Jesus had to say and you will know who they are.

Thus, this is judgment day. And when God gets thru, there will not be any devils in America.---No Canaanites in the house of God. Therefore you should walk in the light as HE is in the light. And you do this by thinking along the lines of God's plan and the purposes of His kingdom.

End of the message.