From Judgment To A New Creation, 7-28-63



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 7-28-63

We turn this afternoon to discuss the factors of ‘from judgment to a new Creation,’ and to point out to you that this has been quite an historic week that we have been passing thru. We continue to be amazed sometimes with the speed which some things happen. We are unable to comprehend the person that says that nothing ever takes place . . . there is nothing happening. But a lot of things are happening, and they relate to this subject that we are discussing this afternoon. When we are talking about judgment, we are talking about the tremendous impact that is the result of events set in motion by the violation of Divine Law on the principals of how things have been formed. Judgment is one factor which is irreversible when we set things in motion that cannot be stopped. Judgments are constant and continual . . . but the great judgments after the build up of power and energy reach the point where things are set in motion and cannot be held back. We are on the edge of a great cycle of judgment as it relates to the earth. These are all the result of the violations of Divine Law. And these laws work, whether people understand them or not. These laws are the laws of organization, even to those who serve the darkness and ignorance. We point out to you that today we have just laid the foundation for a terrific chastisement in this very week.

If you will turn to the book of Isaiah to the 28th chapter, we are warned of the kind of thing which transpired this very week. And if the United States continues to follow the scourge of our leadership, then parts of these United States are going to pay for it with terrific military chastisement . . . and so will some of our allies. We read: ---BECAUSE YE HAVE MADE A COVENANT WITH DEATH AND WITH HELL, AND YOU SAY WE ARE IN AGREEMENT, THE OVERFLOWING SCOURGE SHALL NOT COME UNTO US FOR WE HAVE MADE LIES OUR REFUGE, AND UNDER FALSEHOOD HAVE WE HID OURSELVES.’ This is exactly what you have been doing this very week as a nation. And this nation, with its basic responsibility of the ‘outstretched wings of the Eagle,’ you are of all of the nations of the western world, responsible for helping to lead and to guide the great nations of God's kingdom. At this very moment under the instruction of the President of the United States and under the background of a great force of invaders of our society who want to disarm and weaken this great nation of God's kingdom, we have been spending the past week and some days before that in sessions with the Soviet Union. And we have been talking about entering into agreement to ratify a treaty which has not as yet been ratified by our Senate to stop the development of the various powerful weapons that we possess. We are entering into a program of disarmament and disarmament agreements, and mutual coexistence with the powers of darkness. And we are depending upon this for our security. So we heard our President deliver an address the other day that someone else wrote for him. And he talked about the danger that threatened the world, the holocaust that would wipe out 300 million Americans. So he must be going outside of the nation in his evaluation. And he talked about the catastrophe which would wipe out the Russians and the whole earth. But we have just made the earth a little bit more secure, because the Russians do not want to enter into this treaty any more than we do. But we are entering a treaty with them and we trust them, and we do not think they will break it. But if they do, then they just will. But we are entering into this treaty and the world is being made safer from the nuclear fall out and so forth. So the President of these United States wants us to stop being anti-Communist and warm up toward the enemies of the kingdom and to turn our backs on the prophecies of the book of Isaiah and of Ezekiel and all of the scriptures. Well, this is understandable. For I do not think he knows very much about the scriptures or that the head of his church does either. But I point out to you that the scripture points out that we have entered into a treaty with death and the grave. We have made an agreement with the hordes of Asia and we are saying that because of this agreement, these hordes will never try to pass thru us. So what the scripture says that we have done is to ‘make lies our refuge’ because the enemy lies. More than this, he has laid out a strategy which says that he is lying. Thus we have made lies our refuge and we will kill ourselves with these falsehoods.

Now you say will he keep his word? No, he will not keep his word and God is not going to let you stay in any other tie-up with rascality as this is. HE is not going to hold back the judgment, but is going to let it fall. In this instance then, I read these words: -- ‘Judgment will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the summit; and it will be the hailstones which will sweep away this refuge of lies; and waters will overflow the hiding places. ‘ In other words, this covenant will bring you up with shock as the bombs fall. For this is a part of making a covenant with destruction. Your covenant with death shall be disannulled and your agreement with the grave shall not stand; and the overflowing scourge is going to start passing thru. And instead of finding protection, the hordes are going to come. In fact, they said if they could get America to get rid of her nuclear weapons and the nations of the Western world to abandon their defense and their technological superiority that master the great manpower that we possess . . . because the man power of your enemy is seven times greater than the Christian nations . . . they have all of the hordes of Asia and of Africa . . . so they think they can win if they get us to set aside all of the power of our nuclear weapons. But this scourge is not coming thru even if we hold back the nuclear weapons and with their man power of the earth. We have not held anything back and have now assured ourselves of an assault on the nations of the western world . . . if your Senators agree to this and set their pen to this, they should never be sent back to the U.S. Senate.

I listened to one of the ignoramus who stands in a pulpit of one of the Southern churches . . . I listened over the radio . . . and he said, ‘Rejoice and be glad, our President is a peacemaker. Our President has just accomplished the highest attainment in the areas of statesmanship.’ No wonder that the LORD said some of the dumb dogs were howling in the pulpits. That is what some of these stand for. The pattern here is one in which we give thanks to the course of disaster. We have made lies our refuge and falsehoods our hiding place. In the course of this, the MOST HIGH said, ‘Therefore, we shall discover that the bed is far shorter than the man who can stretch himself on it and the covering is a lot narrower than he can cover himself with.’ And this is a part of a developing judgment that you set in motion this very week. The patterns of Divine law and the judgments of God are the automatic results of the things which men sow built into all of the conditions of the nature of the environment. God knew exactly the nature of the enemy when HE gave instructions unto Saul and Saul disobeyed those instructions. HE gave those instructions time after time unto leaders and each one of them took it upon himself to spare or overlook the instructions of God. And each time the result was the increased condition of the enemy and before we are thru we are faced with the same situation because of disobedience. We said to you before that it is better to obey than not to obey and this was established with Saul, and the Amalakites and king Agag who were spared at the time when God gave the instructions that they were not to be spared . . . and they are not to be trusted at any time. God says, concerning your enemies, that HE has a war with them from generation to generation, especially concerning this ‘fifth column’ which moves into the nations of Christendom, as it always has in the past, and seeks to destroy from within by seeking and directing, as it always has in the past, the entering into of this kind of an agreement. I think that you should recognize that forces are set in motion by the release of sheer energy. There is no greater power at work than the energy in the field of thought. The tremendous pattern of the Universe put together with the mind of God is your application of the mentoid of energy gathering together the electrons and the protons in a world of material substance come together into what we know today as the entire material universe held together by thought. The mind of God holds the universe together. And your mind helps to shape up the substances into form. As we have said to you before that everything that you behold and everything that you see is the working of the mind of your race. They are the things which you produce. Also, you can see for yourselves as you study the things round about you, as to the background of their thought waves and what they stand for produces. Take a look at India, or go down into Africa. They are the by-product of their thinking and everything that you see there is as well. The influence upon it of their pagan religions and their idolatry, and their concepts, are translated into their living and into the images that they erected. All of them are a symbol of it. Take a look at the friezes on the temples of India and you will understand why their morality will never rise very high. Take a look at these things and compare them to the nations of God's Kingdom and you will well see why the force of things created moving out of the seat of the consciousness as a part of the substance of the world is in conflict . . . and the world is in conflict. To talk about peace as it relates to the world order, is an impossibility until you have brought the kingdoms of this world into proper relationship with the Eternal God. And for this purpose, you were sent here. The kingdoms of this world must become the kingdoms of our LORD and HIS CHRIST, for there are no shortcuts to this pattern of victory. The only area where Peace can be assured is in the seat of your consciousness as you perceive your adjustment with Divine purposes carrying out HIS orders befitting the time in which you live. For this cycle is the only one you are responsible for. You are responsible for your occupation in the earth. Do not permit any Evangelist or group of ministers to discourage you about what is going on in heaven, for you do not have anything to worry about up there. They are perfectly capable of handling everything on that side, and they sent you down here to do something. You were sent here to occupy the earth. Someone said, ‘But none of our responsibility is material. All of our responsibility is spiritual.’ But you do not have to worry about that which is spiritual, for that is already perfect. That which is born of God cannot transgress, and that which is born of incorruptible seed cannot be corrupted. But the areas of which your occupation was to translate into reality in this establishing of God's kingdom was in the physical world into which you have been sent. Violations of Divine law as they relate to this physical world, has the capacity of either enhancing the power of physical forces or is directed against you. The lifting up of these standards which God has established, because of the way things are put together and the way they are made, measures the structure of God's kingdom. Mathematical law, and economic law . . . these laws were always great. But they are judgment when violated. Probably one of the most destructive is the law of race and the law of creation. Your God has ordained that the law of your society and the law of your creation, or origin, and family, the preservation of it, according to the laws of Divine patterns shall not be disturbed or destroyed. So if you, in any area, mutate your race line, or if you mutate the structure of God's purposes, then catastrophe comes and you have lost immortality . . . the immortality possessed by the forefathers of your race when they violated Divine law. This loss by catastrophe, brought a loss of not only great spiritual power but a whole chain of events which has affected your race from that day unto this. All are tied into violation of Divine law. On the race law alone . . . and in fact, Mr. Kennedy or his brother may not understand this . . . but they are toying with the most explosive force on the face of the earth.

We mentioned this Friday night, Israel Cohen, who is one of the writers for the Communist party, said in 1912, that one of the ways that they are going to topple the Western world was to create racial tension and racial trouble. And at the same time while creating this and stirring up the Negro, they would give a guilt complex to the Christians of the western world thru their psychiatrists until they would accept the fallacies of interracial integration. They said that they would see by their assistance to these Jews out here in Hollywood and all over, would push these Negroes into motion pictures and into all kinds of sports, and into all areas in which their power as physical giants could be shown. They were going to use them therefore, in every field of sports and at the same time, make it acceptable so they could move them into places with White girls, and eventually cause intermarriage which eventually would help the Communist party overthrow the United States.

Well, this is exactly what they plan. So do not think that this is not true. For this is exactly what they plan. Down in San Diego, the State College is already in upheaval because the Negroes are demanding that the White girls of that college date them. There are not enough Negro girls whatever. And they are having such a moral problem . . . and they are having silly preachers saying that this is what God wants. And the silly scientists talking about the superior knowledge of our scientific age and saying that this thing is perfectly all right. But let me assure you that there is something that God planted deep down in HIS sons and daughters that says this is not right. And this power will be greater than the silly preachers on the wrong track and these educators who are following the Communist party line. I point out to you that in the same scope of these measures that judgment is the result of these violations of Divine law. Judgment will end with overwhelming catastrophe. It will not destroy these United States, and it will not destroy the people of God's kingdom. But the judgment will be high in cost as it affects a lot of material structure and material wealth of a society. And it is going to take them out of their areas of the patterns of ease which they seek to maintain the status quo even tho it is destructive in order that they may not be destructive or moved upon as it relates physically to them or to their property. A great many people tell us that they feel very strongly about this, but they are trying to hold a neutral ground in their communities because this is more convenient for them.

Let me tell you, this is what the scripture talks about as it says that ‘they who seek to save their lives, the same shall lose it and they who would expend it for truth, are going to discover that they do not lose it, but they find it. And they who shall lose their lives for my sake shall find it.’ You are moving into an area of the scriptures where we are told: --'Thou shall have no other gods before me.’ And it is rather clear that this is being abridged today in high seats of government. In this very nation we find that we are assenting to pagan religions, and we are even building a Buddhist temple at the Air force Academy to satisfy the Buddhist who come here from Vietnam and other places for training. And here the nation of God with an everlasting covenant, builds Buddhist temples to satisfy the Buddhist. But you can be assured that the Buddhist temples will come down and anything around it. And in Washington, D.C., you built a temple to all Faiths and divided your religion up with all of the world. And then you give approbation to a lot of these silly Representatives that come in and a whole lot of these silly so-called scholars and Peace Makers who are supporting this temple of all religions. God says, ‘thou shall have no other gods before me.’ So violate this law, and I will destroy those temples. I will bring it down and anything around it.’ The instructions which relate to you are ‘come out of her, my people,’ because I am going to pour out trouble onto them as they have poured out unto you. And if you do not come out of her, then you will also receive of her judgments because you are still growing with it. There is a symbolistic message in the Book of Revelation when John caught this message. The symbol ‘Mystery Babylon’ is the Priesthood of Lucifer's own offspring set up to control Mystery Babylon at that time as a world headquarters in old Babylon for the International Socialism of its day. It was for absolute control and rule over all people. They were to get the people to worship these deities under the pattern of security and thus, they would control them from the cradle to the grave under this panic that they would hold them secure. This evil priesthood actually had control over the people; and Mystery Babylon the Great was one of the most evil and Satanic of all ecclesiastical systems. It reached deep into the whole economy of the world at that time. So much so, that Jesus uses it for a symbol of a Satanic plot for your day in the world order to take over the nations of the world in your day and to subordinate them under one control of one group of super intellectuals of evil. And under this process, then to control all of the economy and all of the people, and to cause them to surrender every service and design. But God says, -- ‘COME OUT OF HER, O, MY PEOPLE. For I am going to destroy her with the judgments that are going to fall.’

I think we have tried to package this Friday, and we want it to go out unto all of the tape audience across the nation and the world this week in an interest in seeing if there is a natural desire for peace, or if this is a desire to follow thru on the part of Mystery Babylon. I am now quoting from page 24 of the U.S. News and World Events, and it says that the Attorney General of the United States reported to the Southern Senators that they must back the White House plans for Civil Rights, and complete integration on the grounds now that the Administration has now lost control of the Negroes.’ (quote and unquote) And bloodshed will inevitably follow unless they pass these new laws. The Senators then told the Attorney General bluntly that they did not like to be Blackmailed. But what I am now about to show you, they found out its significance. And this piece of material would have a lot less value were it not for an accompanying piece. For the very day this took place in Washington, D.C., on July 18th, President Kennedy eliminated any doubt but that he approved completely of the Negro massed demonstration against Washington, and he said while Congress considers these Civil Rights bills, then he thinks that hundreds of thousands of Negroes should come and increase their demonstrations until they get what they want. This is the President of the United states in the Los Angeles Herald Examiner for this past Thursday.

I think that this is rather significant for the brother of the President blackmails our Southern Senators, saying we have to pass these Babylonian bills for the Mongrelization of our race, according to the blueprint of the Communist party. And if they don't do it, they will get bloodshed because the Administration can no longer control them. Then right after this the President urges them to march, altho he could not control them, but urges them to increase their numbers to force this thing upon us.

Now someone said, ‘What does this mean? This is judgment?’ All of this . . . and people do not want trouble . . . but all of this is judgment for permitting this kind of demagoguery to arise, of paying no attention to whom you elect, or permit to move into a position of responsibility. Also, this is a double penalty for having allowed in our midst and permitted these people to enhance themselves by moving into places of responsibility. When the civil war was over, we should have exported every Negro from these United States back into Africa. Someone said this is not according to the standards of equality. But it is still pretty well under the standards of equality under the constitution. He made it quite clear this past week in a publication that the constitution was a White Constitution and was not written for them; and that it did not intend to give them equality, but then this Malcolm X made this more clear as he said, ‘We do not want equality, we plan to conquer and then rule with Black supremacy.’ I say go ahead, Mr. Mohammed X. Let’s see if you can accomplish this. For I tell you that there will be an awakening in the kingdom of God. For the judgment which starts in the house of the Kingdom is exactly what the scripture has ordained. Therefore, the powers of darkness will discover that this is the wrong course.

Peter tells us that Judgment begins in the House of God. That judgment is not only a flexible pattern that only moves in a way that is further and further over against the house of the Most High, judgment then will fall on both sides. First the judgment that we have is the trouble we have because they are here. The judgment they receive is destruction as they seek to absorb and destroy your race. You say, ‘but this cannot be done.’ The strategy so far is to bring this about by flooding your land with unassimilatable people until this great nation and all of the Christian nations of the western world look like they do in extreme down town L.A. When the Apostle talked about this, he talked about the countenance of the people after the violation of law by the priests and their leaders. He said that confusion of face was the results. Therefore, when Amos the prophet, entered into his ministry and he pointed out that this was one of the greatest of transgressions, then the people fell on their faces as they saw the catastrophe which was involved. Then they made these people send away their mixed marriages and strangers. They cleansed their land. And it is going to happen again. I point out to you that the area of catastrophe which would result would be the end of a society. And this is just exactly what is being carefully designed and planned by the revolutionists and then embraced by all of these twisted minds today who are trying to destroy God's kingdom.

If you will notice this very week, that the churches came out within five of their denomination to join with the Negro revolution and marches to speed up all of the delineation of all racial barriers. You say, ‘how do you explain that?’ I am going to show you that they are getting close to judgment. I am going to show you that in this instance, that the areas of the church, which turn against the instructions of God, now identify themselves with their lack of spiritual guidance acid leadership and are now marked as the harlot daughters of Babylon. They are following Babylon’s directions. And the scriptures said if they did not come out of Babylon, they will receive these judgments. So the scriptures talk about these daughters of Babylon, these children of Babylon. The pattern is that the denominational hierarchies are supporting the things that are directly opposite of the program of God and they think that this is a popular move to make because the world order is embracing this error.

Now let me assure you that altho they think this is a popular move, that before this thing is over, that God is going to wake up HIS sons and daughters with spiritual empowerment, and the people are going to assure, and these churches will be the empty houses of the false prophet. I am going to tell you that there are things that God sets in motion as these things emerge that are stronger in the persuasion of the enemy, and his people respond to truth. Every time we pick up a newspaper we see a few more ministers with their collars on backward down on the ground being dragged off by the police. We see their wives and their children in the front of established places of business and the policemen are carrying them off. Well, this is better than they deserve. Someone said, ‘but this is terrible.’ But if you do not want to be dragged off by the police, then do not obstruct the processes. Who would have thought a few years ago that the churches would join in helping with the destruction of the race, in open violation of Divine law. Remember why you cannot get away with this, for you are an Israel nation, you are a nation of this book, the laws of this book apply to you and to every white nation of your race. You cannot turn and live like the pagan countries. And if you do, then this brings the normal destruction on you that falls on them. God says, ‘I have something involved here. These are my sons and daughters. These are my family. My family name, and my honor is involved in this. So I will just make the very earth to swallow up the enemy. I will cause catastrophe to fall upon you until you will turn to me and cry for help. For the Covenant that I made with you is an everlasting covenant that is over in the book of Hebrews.’ Even the guarantee of assurance and the purpose of the MOST HIGH GOD IS INVOLVED IN THIS. It talks about the fact that Christ accomplished this and sealed it with the blood of the everlasting covenant. And I will tell you this about that blood. This is a case of the blood of the race, for HE has identified Himself with you, because you are flesh of HIS flesh and bone of HIS bone, and spirit of HIS spirit and flesh of HIS flesh. Then HE continually identifies Himself with you continually both in body and in blood. And the blood of the Everlasting Covenant poured out by HIM guaranteed you that HE was going to save you in spite of Himself. HE was to do this because of the family name.

Now we recognize this. There has not been a period of time when there has not been a strong group of people who have not bowed the knee to Baal. When you talk about Babylon, you are talking about Baal. You are talking about Satan's design to rule the world thru all of his prophets. So we are moving into a time of judgment which always follows as a consequence that sets these powers in motion. But there is always a recreation and there is always a new structure because God continually remakes, and he is never defeated. These are things which happened ages ago. This Universe of ours has existed throughout all time and ages reconstructed at the hands of the Father. But as to this solar system and this earth, you were with the Father when this was made. The scriptures tell us that we were there when the Morning Stars sang together and all of the Children of God shouted for Joy. This was brought back to the remembrance of Joel, to Job, and to Isaiah, Jeremiah and to others, some of the things which they saw stimulated in their consciousness of the great panorama of past events. In fact, the first verse of Genesis tells us that God created the heavens and the earth. And then the second verse says that the earth was without form and was void. This is not talking about what God has created for now. This is talking about a creation and a catastrophe that overwhelmed that creation. One of the catastrophes was that certain laws were violated. And the catastrophe that enveloped it, destroyed whole continents and effected different parts of the earth. And the judgments were described in the book of Jeremiah. And here in the book of Jeremiah, God says, ‘Tell them what you saw.’ Jeremiah was with the Father when this catastrophe took place, and so were you. And you saw it. There is not a person in this room that did not behold what Jeremiah described having taken place in an antediluvian world.

You say, ‘then why can I not remember it?’ Well, the spirit could stimulate your mind like it did for Jeremiah. And he was a prophet of God. And this was just one way of bring this back into the mind of the people. And Jeremiah said, ‘I beheld the earth and lo it was without form and void.’ If you will note, if you have a Scofield Bible for instance, at the bottom of the page it says: --without form and void describes the conditions in earth as the result of Judgment.

Now this is rather interesting, for he says that there was a judgment that overthrew the whole order of Genesis 1:1. The reason I point this out, is that almost all of the theologians understand that in this time of Genesis 1:1-2 that this covered an immense period of time. Most of the theologians who have done any work in background, and antiquity know that a great catastrophe as the results of the violation of Divine law took place. Thus, here in this footnote is just what happened in Genesis I and verse one. And then in verse two, he said, ‘I saw the mountains and they did tremble and all of the hills move. I saw the people leaving the cities and all the birds fleeing. Behold all of the fruitful places then became a wilderness, agriculture, which there might have been at that time, or the fruit trees, all the things of that time were broken down. Why? Because of the presence of YAHWEH and of HIS anger. Thus saith YAHWEH--‘the whole thing is desolate, but I will not make a full end.’ Thus, HE was going to make it again. God says, ‘I am going this far on this situation.’

So now you say, ‘what caused it?’ Well, there is a whole lot of evidence as to what caused it. The Luciferian forces involved at that time in trying to subordinate the earth, the struggles and the battles of that time each were related even in that time to nuclear wars when Lucifer sought control of the earth. The isotopes on Easter Island and the Western coast of Europe . . . this catastrophe caused the destruction of whole continents before this cycle was over. This caused things to transpire, such as shifting changes in the earths crust. And before this cycle had climaxed itself, there was a different appearance upon the earth.

So we read these words: --- ‘There was wilderness now where cities had been. But thus saith YAHWEH ‘I shall not make a full end.’ HE said that the earth mourned, the cities were gone, judgment had fallen and the noise of the horseman and the bowman was no longer to be heard in the cities. And the cities were hidden in the rocks. And every city was forsaken. For not a man was dwelling therein.’ This happened when things were voided and thrown into catastrophes. I point out that in this 24 chapter of Isaiah, even in the bottom in this note it talks about how YAHWEH made the earth empty. HE scatter the inhabitants all over the planet in the midst of this catastrophe. This is also well known by astronomical students and geologists, for the earth turned up side down. It is known that an astronomical body was brought in and caught the earth and turned it upside down pole to pole. And that thing reversed us into another direction, from sliding mountains to slipping oceans and in face an unprecedented happening. In fact, the Psalmist tells us about it saying that it was tied in with the Luciferian revolt and the catastrophe, and was tied into the things that Jeremiah saw also. And the scriptures tell us, in the words of the Psalmist, of how the mountains were turned over and the land was buried. And if you have ever been down in a coal mine, you know this is true. For deep down there is such a compression of mass vegetation and fern-like substance . . . and the very upheaval that buried it there finds now that coal is the result of this catastrophe.

We point out to you that Isaiah said as this happened once then God made things again. ---God in recreation, stalled the judgment which was of unprecedented proportions which started with Lucifer lifting himself up against the laws of God. Then he attempted the mongrolization and mutation of the entire race of Adam. If you have ever read the antediluvian records, it tells of how people fled from the lands that were going beneath the waters. And how the HIGH ETERNAL GOD HAD CHILDREN IN THE SPIRIT. AND THAT WAS YOU. And how these people on those lands had temples unto the high God, but Lucifer was trying even to destroy that. And how this same scheme of darkness affected Egypt later, as they became their gods of darkness. But there were people who did not want to serve Lucifer. They serve YAHWEH in those ancient Pyramid Temples. They tell in their ancient records, how the spirits of the ETERNAL YAHWEH used to come and minister to them. But in the hour of the violation of law, when the earth was shaken by great earthquakes, and the water rushed into inner fires and the tops of the mountains blew off as the steam rose and began to shake the whole earth, and finally the continent that they lived on began to break up and sink as explosion after explosion rocked their continent. And then they tell the story of how they went eastward as they migrated from this land that was sinking into the ocean. In fact, this is where Plato got his story of the sinking of Atlantas. Then the story came from out of the ancient book of lore and out of the books of Horus and all of the ancient records of ancient Egypt. But what was the prophecy? ---that God said don't worry, for I am going to send my sons, and this time I will put them in bodies of flesh and you shall this time see them and they shall serve you and lift the world back to My Worship and overthrow the powers of darkness.’ So the Egyptians have a prophecy--- ‘the coming of Osiris, the Ka or Ra, the Adamic household. And your race fulfilled that responsibility, for you went down and built the great Temple in the city of On. You built the pyramid. And they saw you now in body of flesh and they called you the sons of Osiris the Ka of Ra.

Strange as it may seem, these catastrophes are histories of judgment, ancient violations of Divine law. And you say, ‘why did God do all of this?’ God will not let HIS Universe be destroyed. HE is not going to let the order of HIS purpose be destroyed. There are a lot of beings who would be better wiped out and put back in the dimensions from whence they came instead in being in a dimension where they do not belong, upsetting the structure of creation. A lot of people are weeping over Yugoslavia, and we are sending whole plane loads of hospital supplies and medicine. Someone said, ‘isn't that all right?’ Sure, if you want to go over there and bind up what God did. That is God's fault---that earthquake fault. Just remember that you did not have sense enough not to supply your enemy all of these years. You have given him air craft. And every time he says he is going to be neutral, we give him some more. Yet at this very moment, Yugoslavia at this very moment has committed itself to the Soviet Union. And Mr. Tito said that if the day ever comes when war breaks out between Communism and the Western world, that the planes of Yugoslavia will fly with the planes of the Soviet Union. The tanks of Yugoslavia will march right along side of the tanks of the Soviet Union. This is what you have been asking your people to support . . . one of the enemies of your God, where Atheism is the way of life.

We told you some time ago, that when the earthquake fell on the eclipse lineup, that the earthquake would be in the Carpathian Mountains and would then stretch south to Israeli. We mentioned a week ago that the earthquakes would move over into Asia as they kept up their patterns and would fall along such fault lines. This earthquake in the last few days, has been right on line on one of the show cities of communism in Yugoslavia. Did you notice in the newspapers that altho Lenin was a long time dead, that the hotel which was hit, was the one where they had never taken down Lenin’s pictures? Well, any people who would still revere the patron saint of bloody Lenin are ripe for this kind of judgment.

I want you to remember that you can get your emotions stirred sometimes when you see someone carrying a dead baby. But just remember, my friends, this is the way they raise armies over there. Just remember that as your race increases, so does your enemy multiply. The fact is that there is Israel stock spread thru that country, but is now interbred to a great degree. Part of Zebulon is still a part of that area also. But Yugoslavia has been integrated with the people of Asia who are inassimilable. But this is one of the strong holds in Soviet strategy and one of the pipelines for strength in the land of your enemy. Thus, take a good look at this strategy. You even gave them of your own air craft, and you have tapped your own people to supply them with aide and they have been laughing at you. A few weeks after this, they pledged that they would march with the Soviet Union if war came. The same blueprint strategy calls for a Peace conference with your race, while they try to disarm you and get you to surrender all of your strength. Then when they think that you are asleep, they will hit you with everything they have. But the scripture is quite clear. God says that if you do not have the sense to do it, then HE will have to do it for you. HE says that you will ask HIM to do it. More than that, in the book of Revelation . . . under the outstretched wings of the Eagle, which is the symbol of God's leadership over the nation of God's kingdom . . . HE said that you would be putting up the least resistance to these hordes of the Dragon. But these hordes would be moving against you. And HE said, ‘I will open the earth and swallow them up. I will cause the earth to swallow them up.’ This is exactly what you are watching. This is judgment. Oh, you say, ‘we can have an earthquake too and get a judgment.’ Sure, and we have earned it. I remember the last one up around Tahachipa, and you folks were in church, and we told you that they would shake in 24 hours. And I saw some of the pictures. And we showed you some of them the following Sunday night of the buildings which were damaged, but which the Chamber of Commerce did not want anyone to know about. Did you know that one of them was a Jew Department store? But the church along side was not cracked. This is more proof, because areas where the epic center is located, received the biggest judgment. But let me point this out to you, that at this very moment God could shake this city in judgment and it could never touch you. A thousand can fall at thy right hand and ten thousand at the left and no harm can come to you. I am going to tell you that it would be better to take a little shaking and then have all of these other people leave in fear anyhow. Judgment begins at the House of God. And I think it is time for the sons and daughters of God to realize that they are the instruments in God's hand and they will be used for this judgment. It would better for you that you start fulfilling the law of God and moving out of your nation, and out of your society by every method that you can employ, so that you can accomplish the original standards of your original life. I think it is time for you as a nation to start fulfilling the judgment of righteousness. Let’s end this reign of crime and all of these threats and all that is involved by taking hold of our own society. And if we do not do this, and God has to do it for you, then you get hurt a little. Because those that made their bed with Babylon shall know their chastisements. And catastrophe is the result. But don't worry. God will make it again. For there is a new creation which follows every destruction.

Thus, what was talked about here in Isaiah made whole changes necessary in the earth’s structure. And we still find that events and their stresses recorded in even the temporary changes in the earths crust. But the balance of the universe is still in the hands of the Father and HE says, ‘I have a covenant with you and after you with thy seed for a thousand generations.’ If you want to see a new heaven and a new earth, if you want to see a tranquil and quiet earth, then get this earth in adjustment with God. If the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our LORD and HIS Christ, then you will see a New Heaven and a New Earth and the kind of creation that the world has never witnessed before. Then you will find Peace. And the earth in relationship with God, will be a pleasant place. I point out to you also in the book of Revelation, these words: ---HE said, ‘Behold, I am going to make all things new.’ This is in the 21 chapter where it talks about a new order in earth as HIS sons and daughters are elevated to their positions of responsibility. And the great new city, the New Jerusalem is the city of Peace. And it is made up of the Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Germanic, Basque, and Scandinavian, Lombard people. It is the headquarters of this new earth, this new creation. You say, ‘how do you know?’---It says here: ---come here and I will show you the Lamb's wife. And it carried me away in the spirit and I saw this New Jerusalem, this new city of the ages. And the way to get into the city is the 12 gates, and those names on the gates are of the twelve tribes of Israel. Thus, having beheld this, John looked at the number the gates, and everything related to is the covenant fulfilled of God elevating HIS children HIS kingdom.’ And the world order is going to see the fulfillment of HIS household, your race coming into its fulfillment. Then HE says, ‘Behold, I make all things new.’ Not a few things, but all things. When is this to be? ---It comes after you have won the battle. This will be when the nations of God's kingdom have come to their full. Let me assure you of this. That you have 1000 years of history in the earth to accomplish this mission God has given you. Because having overthrown the enemy, you are going to rule the earth with righteousness, or a rod of iron, total justice with the presence of God abiding with you for 1000 years. Someone said, ‘but I do not believe that it’s just in the bible.’ Well, I do not care if you believe it or not, but it is what God wants. And you may not believe it or not, but every word out of the mouth of God shall be fulfilled.

I remember a super intellect . . . and I don't know whether he should be classified in that manner, but he thought he should be classified as a super intellect, and he said to me the other day, ‘I don't think it is important as to whether men believe the Bible or not, because we do not accept all of these things written in superstition inside of the scriptures. After all, we have bypassed all of this, for we have too much technical knowledge today.’ But do you know that you do not have any technical knowledge like God bestowed upon Enoch, or the Pyramid builders? You do not have any technical knowledge that passes the laws of creation. You look out there in space and the instruments and the crafts and the chariots of heaven are so far ahead of you in anything which you have produced in Astro Physics or anything you have produced in air craft is still in infancy. When someone starts to talk about technological superiority, we have had no evidence that these super intellects can build solar systems. They are having a hard time making a space satellite. But the Father says this is the way it shall be.

You look back over the panorama of history every since you have arrived and every word of prophecy has been coming thru with accuracy. Thus, there is a sure word of prophecy.

Now you start probing the artifacts of races and the background of men and of races, and you discover that when it refers to what the Bible says, it refers to these things which did take place. The evidence of the reversal of the earth on its axis is not even known to some of your geological students who are meteorologists and have studied the impact of numerology and geology do understand this. And I know a lot of geologists who know that this is true. There are great drifts from the comet tails which you have gone thru in the past. There are several drifts on the west side of the high mountains and there are several drifts on the east side as well. This meant that the earth had to turn end to end or they would all be on the same side since the earth revolves to the east. When you plunged thru a comets tail you would have only piled it up on one side. If the earth hadn't turned on its axis completely from pole to pole, you would not have the debris of these astrological contacts on the other side. This is known by geologists. And we can talk for hours just on geology of the things fulfilled in the scriptures. How do we have it in the scriptures? Well, God brought it to the remembrance of Isaiah. HE brought it to the remembrance of Jeremiah. And they just told what they saw. God said, ‘I can bring all things to your remembrance.’ HE says, ‘I pour out my spirit upon you for you have the capacity to receive it.’ This is the connection between the conscious and celestial inside of you and the source of its past experience of that which is in the mind of the MOST HIGH, and in your mind because you were there. And this can be brought back to your remembrance. And HE said, ‘these are things I have told you also from the beginning.’

You know sooner or later this nation is going to wake up concerning not only who it is, but to its vast panorama of history. And in a moment and in the twinkling of an eye, everyone is going to know as God knows them. And they are going to know as they should know and should remember. You would have remembered everything which related to your past if it had not been for your fall. But the redemption to wit which is related to you. And you shall know even as you are known. I cite to you that your race has its greatest destinies and its widest expanse of Eternal tomorrows. And in this program, we are not going to be defeated. But at this time, we are also not to stop resistance. We are to accomplish victory. We are to wake up and to carry forward this responsibility.

The other day, I was listening to one of these Evangelist, as we every so often listen to one of these fellows who precedes their broadcasts, and some of them, we are kind of ashamed of because they know so little. And when they put that Christian Jew on, that just about throws me, for I never heard of one. We are talking about these broadcasts over the stations that we use. But I heard someone say pay no attention to what is going on in the world, be oblivious to all of this. Just walk along with your mind on Christ and do not pay any attention to what is going on. It does not matter what happens, you are going to heaven.

Well, I am going to tell you something. Getting into heaven is not such a hard job. You just have to die, and you have made it. This is where you came from. But no man can get into heaven that did not come down out of it. This, I can promise you. No man goes into heaven that did not come out of it. But you came down here to accomplish something. You did not come down here just to find the way back. But you were not sent down here to walk around in oblivion to everything around you and just seeing Christ. In all things HE is to have preeminence but HE sent you down here to do something, to build a kingdom, to pray for it every day-----THY KINGDOM COME THY WILL BE DONE, IN EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. Do you know that lazy theology is not a good theology? And this theology which makes monkeys out of men is the kind of theology that has no place in the kingdom of God. People sometimes laugh at religion, for sometimes it becomes a trying force when applied. Instead of doing the things which God wants done people, do not even read: ---THUS SAITH THE LORD.

I listened to these Clergymen this week pushing integration, and wanting people to join with it. And everything which they said was in violation of the law of God. Yet they are going along with their hands folded--pious. But God said, ‘Depart from me, ye workers of iniquity, I do not even know you.’

Too many times we record the patterns of judgment and the events that relate to it without seeing the Eternal spirit. We sometimes try to relate to these judgments as they relate to the consciousness of the soul, and we worry about the eternal destruction of the celestial being--the Eternal judgment upon the soul of man. And we are equating the catastrophe of the physical world as an eternal quality, and you cannot do that. There is no place, or under any circumstance, that the destiny of God and the power of God and the Grace of God will not reach any living spirit. More than that, HE goes further than that and says, ‘ALL FLESH’ --- ‘all flesh shall be saved, as it is written.’ HE is going to restore ALL THINGS, all flesh . . . going to restore all Israel to her glory. And HE is going to make the whole world aware that you are HIS sons and HIS daughters. I am not talking about the Jews. Altho someday the Jews will be reorganized in proper relationship to HIS pattern. Because in the days of the Apostles, HE said that HE was going to reconcile all things unto Himself. This has been spoken of out of the mouth of the holy prophets since the world began. And even fallen angels are going to be balanced out in their proper relationship. They will be placed in their part of the universe and then they will go thru those processes which God has ordained until they are adjusted to HIS sovereignty. Some situations are going to have to require a new creation for they did not exist in any shape or form. But I want you to know that God is big and sufficient to accomplish these objectives.

Because of the greatness of God's purpose and the length into the tomorrows into which it reaches out in its operation, does not release you from your responsibility. But responsibility and accountability are two different things. Responsibility is built into you so that you respond to things in your environment the capacities God has built within you and the energies HE has placed upon you. Accountability is when you are called to answer for something which you did. But responsibility is when you respond to conditions as they exist. HE says HE is going to pour out HIS spirit upon all flesh, ‘My sons and My daughters, My young men and My old men. I am going to wrap them again in My glory. And I am going to make the world to know that they are the sons and daughters of God.’ Some people are looking for this and they will perceive more quickly than those who are not looking. But how shall they know unless they study? How shall they know unless they meditate upon it? But I want you to know that it is your responsibility to resist the darkness. It is the responsibility of every Christian to use his influence and see that we do not ratify these silly treaties. It is the responsibility of every Christian to see that we do not destroy the rights of every Christian in this the land of God's kingdom by placing a superior right in the hands of someone not of our race or of the kingdom of God. The time has come for the Church to stand and be counted as a great resisting force against the darkness. But don't worry about it, for it is an eternal institution. But know this. The period between judgment and the new creation is a tremendous period of empowering sons sharing in the development of this new creation. There is one thousand years between the judgment and the new creation before it moves into its fullness. And as we look at the times and the purposes outlined here in the scriptures, we find that it says that God Almighty is going to make it known that HE has loved you and HE is going to rule and reign with you in the earth.

Someone said, ‘all of the promises of the Bible are in heaven.’ I do not care whether it is the Bible Institute or whoever tells you that.---You are to rule and reign on the earth. This is what it says, and this is the only place you have any practice anyhow.

Let me tell you this afternoon. The Grace of God tells you about the events that are ahead. We have to break down the darkness. We have to break down the power of it and we have to upset their timing and their processes. And this is also a part of God's plan. This earth is going to shake. And with this earth shaking, there is going to be military action and political action. And in the midst of this, the kingdom of God is going to rise and fulfill its commission, and it will be walking in the path which God has ordained. And God is big enough to do this very thing. For this is an Everlasting Covenant for the people of HIS Household. You are going to perform. Some people say, ‘why do we have to go thru these things?’ Well, sometimes we are so hard hearted and disobedient, until it take these things to wake us up.


End of message.