Key To The Knowledge Of All Truth, 3-28-65



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 3-28-65

We turn this afternoon to the subject ‘Key to the knowledge of all truth,’ and we point out that never has it been so important to those who constitute the children of the kingdom who understand the difference between them and they who do not make up that kingdom. To think sometimes, upon things that they give little reflection to, and wherein they operate in the capacities of the things they feel. And they understand without thinking sometimes, as to all that relates to it. There is no doubt about the fact that there is a struggle on for the earth. There is a struggle going on in these United States and even in this city. And the influences that direct this struggle are divided into only two camps. There is no other area than this. There are those whom you might think are in middle ground. But really, they are not in middle ground. And it depends upon where their energies are applied as to where their strength lies. There are only two forces struggling for the earth, only two beings involved directly. And all those that are offspring are participators and either find their positions in it on one side or the other. So I make it clear this afternoon, that the struggle for the earth is between God Almighty, YAHSHUA incarnate, Jesus the Christ, and the powers of darkness, the Luciferian order, the children of Antichrist and all of their captives.

Understanding this, then every problem and every situation that occurs, whether it be locally in this city, or whether in Montgomery, and whether it involves the Vietcong and our position in it, every part of this struggle is directly related to the master strategy of Lucifer to take over the earth and all that is in it, and the unchanging program of God to unseat Lucifer and destroy his program to take over the kingdom. Make no mistake about it . . . there are no other forces and there are no other objectives.

Now I point out that there is no middle ground. And to you the children of the kingdom, are designated for tasks and responsibility for experiences and for awakening. Someone says, ‘why awakening?’ Well, if every one of the children of God were awake, then there is no question of what would happen. We would cleanse America in 24 hours. If everyone knew who they are and what they are here for, there would be a lot of people ashamed of themselves for wasting their time and not getting on with this thing a long time ago.

So I tell you that the most important secret force is perception and knowledge. That does for the individual, an understanding until he eventually grasps it. For with this understanding comes an education. And this education fills you and it causes you to realize that you have no other objective. And no amount of propaganda, no amount of sight instructions, no amount of substance over our ecclesiastical systems are going to change you. No amount of trying to warp your mind to their concept by suggesting that you are anti-social, or that you are not conforming is going to change the course at all. Because you become filled with a pattern of realization that comes out of God, as to who is going to win and who is going to accomplish HIS purposes. And whose areas of activities with you, is in the seat of consciousness.

I point out that there are certain things that always we must understand and we must know. This has been one of those historic weeks in which we have watched the powers of darkness seek to press ahead by the invasion of individual rights, or the suppression of the people who make up the great heart of God’s kingdom in these United States. Let me tell you this. No matter whether President Johnson knows this or not, but God Almighty only recognizes one people who are entitled to these United States of America, and that is the White Christians who are HIS household and HIS offspring. God Almighty in evaluating in its entirety this struggle for the earth, is only considering first and foremost ONE People. And the powers of darkness who are seeking to engulf the world have one major objective. And that is your absorption, mongrelization, enslavement, and suppression.

Now there is a whole universe involved in this. And it is important that we understand this. We are always talking about procedures and the avenues of spiritual blessings which is a byproduct of our Christian faith. And one of the areas of numbness is in their perception concerning what they are here for and what the spiritual forces and the grace of God is to do for them. I want you to know that we are not in a defeated frame because we have watched a betrayal upon the part of a brainwashed Clergy with the hierarchies of religion supporting the various areas of destruction, or even marching with the Beast system down the streets of our cities. We have heard the minds that should know better . . . but are captive by their decree, in violation of divine law. But let me point out to you that there are some things which can never be destroyed. There are some facts that God wants his household to know. And they are going to spread, and they are going to know, and they are going to challenge people. And it is TRUTH that shall make them free. The strange subtlety today upon the part of the enemy is to move into all of the facets of God's kingdom. And the basic facts of the kingdom of God have to start with the fountain head which is God. They seek to teach people, whether they understand it or not, or whether they are the tools of the enemy, about God. But they want to keep the people confused about His race. And they especially want to keep the people confused about portions of this and totally confused as to their responsibility of this. They want to obscure God's kingdom. And in the policy of doing all of these things, there are those today, even among those who serve the cause . . . and they are called patriots . . . they send out bulletins, and they move in ‘right wing’ circles. But they do not want to recognize that God has a race, and HE has a solution by way of a kingdom being formed. And they do not want you to know that this kingdom is the master strategy against the powers of darkness. Oh, they recognize the enemy, and without recognizing it they sometimes become the instrument of that enemy. They recognize the Luciferian darkness and they seemed to see the Illuminati, and they understand that the Jews are in trouble. But they make no substitute when they take the Jews out of their theology, and they do not have any Israel or kingdom to put back in. In the same instance, then they will attack those that understand the truth and seek to neutralize this impact.

Now I want you to know that they do not know what is the vastness of the program or what is involved. And sometimes they become instruments of the enemy. Anyone who has only part of the truth, and then fights against God's purpose, that he does not understand, is an obstructor. It is important then that we crash thru on every level, with as many people as it is possible to break thru to, concerning who our race is and what our responsibility is, and the part for our nation, among the nations of God's kingdom. If you even talk favorably about the British Empire or about Germany, or about any other White nation, there are some of these peanut brains that say this is not patriotism . . . this is about unity. My friends, I am going to tell you this afternoon that we better find a great solidarity with all White Christian nations against the powers of darkness, for our survival. For they are calling for our surrender of our independence. And that we stand side by side in this hour, warped and twisted stories about the intended plan of enslavement. We disagree. And in this, we have found all of the strategies of the dreams of men in that area, and we do not understand them. We do not support the strategy of the Rhodes Scholars, and we are opposed to their finding their way into the Foreign Relations Council. But let me tell you something. There are a lot of the members of your race who have been trapped, but who intend to bring about an intelligent accomplishment, but do not understand as to their place in this. And they will never know until the truth gets out.

I am going to tell you this. There are a lot of people that you will have to recognize ultimately for God is going to put in place, or take out of captivity, for --"All Israel shall be saved, as it is written." That does not include one Jew, but includes EVERY ISRAELITE. There are times when one can get discouraged when they see areas that hinder progress. But when you see some of these people become the tools of the very enemy himself, and they divide and conquer, and about the time this shakes your faith, it is knowledge and truth that breaks thru. Then you know that they have been deranged by the enemy, or by individuals who find themselves deranged, or warped. Or they have been deranged by the intemperance of their own lives, or by the numbing of their brains by the things that they eat or drink. But something always effects or obstructs, or there would be no obstruction to this truth. Of course one of the most deadly things is that we permit the enemy to come into our land. Then having migrated here, we let him move into the areas of instruction in the minds of our youth, inside of our schools, or move into our churches and upset the stratus of the REAL TRUTHS OF GOD.

One of the things we are going to do one of these days, is to keep out of the United States and every other Christian nation, we are going to keep out everything that is against our Faith, our God and our Race. And we are going to throw out everything that is already on the inside which is against these Christian nations. So I point out to you that there are certain things which men must understand. This is that we are not alone. The direct activity of the power of God in the great essence of HIS universal consciousness that holds together the Universe . . . that handles this smallest unit of energy to the largest expanse of sidereal systems, and is doing it with knowledge . . . that the vastness of Father-God who is your Father, and that HE is NOT the Father of any other people, speaking as when a Father calls them HIS offspring . . . that HE is the creator the maker, and HE has put all things together . . . and they are good. That HE has animated the vastness, the intelligence, as well as the lesser intelligent being thru out HIS Universe is true. But HE is your Father. And if you want a key to the mystery and to this truth, then this must break thru into your consciousness that you are the children of God, and we are the offspring of God, and GOD IS OUR FATHER.

Then when we understand that HE has organized the entire universe organizing out of the invisible things, out of the video frequency, out of the energy of the electronic plain in that universe the staggering vastness of it to the sidereal systems, is hard for us to cope within our thinking all at one time. For we are sort of in a limited box down here. In fact, if you used all of the nerve tendrils in your brain and stored all of the information that could be stored there, it would take you several life times to digest the content. The Greatness of God and all of these things are important. But more important to us now than the universe is the solar system. For we have not as of now even conquered that.

I can tell you this. You can go thru this Book several times from front to back and you will not find very much about the description of heaven. Did you know that? Someone says, that is because there is none. Don't be silly. There is heaven and celestial plains and all of these things. But this particular Book (the Bible) contains the Revelations of God to a race and to a people, relative to their existence on this planet to accomplish the purposes of their Father, and our family and our heritage. Therefore, there is very little in this Book which is describing the heavens. Oh, you will find the discussion of the constellations of the heavens, and you will find them in the book of Job, because he was astutely aware of things in the sky, and like Enoch. And this because of the revelations given them. But you will find that the content of this Book relates to earth and God's plan for it. Well, there are a lot of things in the book of Revelation, you say? --But most of it is statements concerning it. And most of the things in Revelation are written concerning it, and they reach forward and backward. But it is the things from the knowledge and wisdom of God's mind, and the dimension of conscious existence which was open to John. And he put it down so you could digest it later. He traveled forward and backward in his experience. Oh, there are a few things about heaven. In the 5th chapter of Revelation, that I think is important. In this chapter, John says that he saw Angels round the throne, and elders. And there were ten thousand of them and thousands and thousands and ten thousand times ten thousand of them, and thousands and thousands. And one thing, which picks me up this afternoon, is when I look at the opposition. Because I not only have thousands times ten thousands, but millions and millions of those around the throne to help us. I do not have to go up and put them in order, so I am not worried about them. I do not pray for them, and I am not disturbed about their destiny. But I like to know that we have that kind of reinforcements around. I like to know also that this same word is also referred to as Living Spirit, Administering spirits. I know that there are orders of those Angelic hosts. And I know that there are creatures which exist thru out the vastness of God's universe in the billion or trillions, beyond my mind or yours to perceive. For you cannot perceive anything greater than a number you can compare it with and something which you beheld. You can think of thousands and maybe hundreds of thousands. And maybe think of a Coliseum filled. Or you can think of sometimes greater numbers when you run a couple of handfuls of sand thru your hand. But you cannot see all of the stars or you would realize that there are as many of them a there is grains of sand. So we become staggered sometimes. But the important thing is the KEY to this knowledge.

The key is to understand all that you need to know. And when you discover this, then you discover that this is a built in process, and it is not for the enemy. Every once in a while someone says, ‘I do not understand why all of these people are against us, and why they do not understand?’ The reason is, that they do not have the mechanics. They have not the ability. They have already come under a process that has neutralized them in the ages past, and they are different from you. Let me point out the thing that we must continue to remember is that you as a people and as a race, possess certain capacities that are not possessed by your enemy. And because of this, then you can understand that the whole family of God, in heaven and in earth, is named in the Eternal name of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, or JESUS CHRIST. And the most important thing that you are to know is that you do not have many gods' . . . you only have ONE GOD. AND THIS IS YOUR FATHER. And there is thus, something that others do not understand.

I was sort of disgusted. I was looking in the L.A. Times, on page 5 or 6, and they were stating some of the questions now being ask of federal employees. And that they are going to have to strike out some of them for they are objecting to them. They ask them about sex and about feelings, and about activities, and whether they believe this or that. And they are considered as paranoid or not quite sound if they believe some of them. And one of the questions they asked is, ‘Do you believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ?’ And if you do, then they look at you sort of sideways.

Let me tell you something. We find in 1st Timothy, 6th chapter, and 14th verse:-- ‘We are looking unto the appearance of our LORD Jesus the Christ who in time will show that he is the only blessed potentate, the King of Kings, and the LORD of Lords, and the author of immortality. He dwelling in light which no man in the natural could approach, no man could see without the eyes of the spirit.’

One of the great foundation mysteries of our faith, and one of the great promises for our day is that we look unto HIS appearance. Oh, there are a lot of people who do not believe that he is going to appear. And I can just write them off as being of no asset in this hour. I want you to know that it is important for us to understand that there is ‘One God,’ the Father of us, who is above all, before us, and in all of us. For you are spirit of his spirit and life of his life, and you are HIS offsprings. But this is not for Africa or for Asia. You can march a group down the streets of Montgomery, Alabama, but you cannot make certain people out of them. I mean HU-man, spirit man out of them. You cannot make offspring of God out of all of the Negroes that you march down the street . . . no matter what you proclaim. Someone said, ‘but this is not biblical.’ This is Biblical. For they have no capacity to measure up to this. You cannot by any mantle of hysterics or by any mantle of gymnastics, or by big tents or powerful cathedrals, or all kinds of religious witchcraft . . . you cannot make the children of the Father out of those who are not his offspring. All of the Talmud could not do it, and all of the Sanhedrin could not do it. Jesus said: “I am of my Father (spirit) and you are of your father, and you cannot understand what I say.” And if you cannot understand what God says, then you are never going to come to HIM, and you are never going to be a part of his program until he makes a new miracle in the ages to come. And I do not have to live for the ages to come, but I have to live for this day with the instructions that the Father has given me for this day. And I tell you that the only instructions that you have for this day are found in the things that God has spoken of for and to your race, in this earth for you to understand. Therefore, they are found in the holy scripture of these and those also not contained in this Book.

I point out to you that the reason why you don't find very much about heaven in this Book is because you are here. You are not there anymore. And the only place that you are going to do anything which requires instruction is here. Then someone says, ‘then suppose I die? Then is my spirit going to heaven?’ Someone speaks up and says, ‘oh, it is not going anywhere.’ ---But it is. Absent from this body is to be present with the LORD. And the LORD is in the plain of spirit and you will be there. The one reason why you do not have to have a big book of instructions is because in the dimension of spirit there is no ignorance. When you are in that plain, then you think like HE does and you don't need to know any more than HE does, for there is not anything else to know.

We do not have to get men ready to go to heaven. Altho I hear men preach about this all of the time. You do not have to get people ready to go to heaven. But you have to get people ready to live on earth. The job of the church is not to prepare men to go to heaven, the church has the job of getting men to live without sin. For sin is a violation of

divine law. It leads to captivity. So someone says, ‘but we do not have perfect men.’ But John said, 'I speak to men that are perfect.' So what does that mean? The spirit is perfect. And any transgression that you ever made was made in this physical body, here in the earth. You never transgressed before. Any violation of divine law you ever committed was while in this physical body here in earth. And when your desire is to obey, righteousness thru understanding descends on you. Then you do what you want to do and you do not violate it.

And I tell you that the key to knowledge, as it relates to divine knowledge in the earth, is in the ability to receive in this receiver set within you. This is why when we talk about the New Testament that we hear about the Greatness of God. And we hear under this New Covenant that he made with our race, for the Old Testament was the Old Covenant and the New Testament is the New Covenant. And this New Covenant is greater then the Old Covenant because it is higher in blessings and Grace and knowledge in the earth. As we talk about the Grace of God, do you know what the Grace of God is? Well, it is unmerited Faith. The Grace of God is all the things which he does for you, because out of the goodness of his heart, he does them because you are his children. HE does it, not because we have earned it, but because he wants to do it. For he also intends to do it.

I listened to someone rattling around on the radio the other day, and they said we must forget the laws and everything of the Old Testament because we are not under law but under grace. But the Apostle Paul, when talking about not being under law but under Grace, was talking about your well being, your security, and the ultimate plans of God. But at no time did the Apostle Paul tell you to cast aside the instructions and the law of God. God made it very clear when he said, “Blessed is the man who keeps this law to obey it.”

One of the greatest manifestation of our identity was the giving of the law to our race on Mount Sinai. That was great. For you are the only people he gave the law to. For HE did not give it to anyone but Israel. Some of these knuckleheads who do not want to claim the inheritance of God better get together and clear up their thinking and their theology and connect it to the Bible. The Grace of God did not give you a trial and error type of thing in which you had to go thru trial and error and ethics to find out who is who. You did not have to go thru trial and error to find out who had the gift of agriculture and such things. For you possessed this from the beginning. This was not found in evolution, but a great gift bestowed upon you because you are of his household and his children. This was great.

Someone said, ‘well, of course, God did not forgive in the Old Testament like he does in the New.’ If God did not forgive in the Old Testament like he does in the New, then you would not be here. If HE did not forgive your transgressions and add spiritual energy and promise the survival of violations of law that captured you, the White race would have been finished long ago. God says that “My Grace, My mercy, follows you still.”

Let me tell you this concerning the pattern of God's Grace. We mentioned this last week and this is an important pattern. 'Noah found Grace in the sight of God.’ He had Grace back there in the Old Testament, in the Patriarchal age. Do you want to know the key to knowledge? This key to knowledge must possess you until it becomes a total feeling, so that it works in your subconscious as well as in your conscious mind. And this is because that God directs these waves of understanding to you. And if it was not directed to your race, then you would not be able to understand it. And if not directed to you, then you will not know what I am talking about when you go out of here this afternoon.

Let me point this out to you. Over here in the book of Matthew:--- “Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.” Thus, to the Luciferian kingdom, this is not given. Hear this now. If God did not send by his own personal direct activities by the intelligent Grace of His purpose unto you, then you would not be able to understand it. And he does not waste one iota of Grace to send it to the enemy. You know one of the great twisted patterns of what we think is Evangelism is that we try to go out and take on the people we know absolutely as the enemy, and we try to convert them to something which Jesus says they cannot understand. And HE was not going to give them the knowledge of it. That is why I think some of the most foolish things in the world are Jewish missions. If you want to know how to effectively waste God's money, put it in a Jewish mission. Someone says, ‘oh, I know of some great consecrated Jews.’ --I do too. But they were working for the enemy. It just depends on what they are consecrated for and who consecrated them. Someone said, ‘oh, you might make a mistake and you might leave a few out.’ Well, I am willing to make that mistake and let God rectify it then. I am going to tell you that any mistake I make by accepting or repudiating his word, he is going to take care of, because you never make a mistake on the word of God.

There are chief passages in the book of Corinthians that tell you that you are not of these beast orders that think out of the pattern of their senses, and are totally controlled by their Luciferianism, whose spirit is not the same as the spirit that dwells in you. I want you to understand that in this physical body which is the physical progeny of the Most High, who intended as he brought forth your issue as his household, that it would be the dwelling place of his family, who said therefore, that this would be necessary and then referred to you as the Elohim. And said that you are the children of YAHWEH. When John said, ‘I speak to them whose spirits are perfect,’ he was talking about the fact that the spirit celestially begotten of incorruptible seed, has never been corrupted and is still perfect. Thus the spirit of every one of you, your celestial consciousness is perfect. And you cannot hurt it or destroy it with all of the devils and his angels unless you can corrupt the incorruptible. And it is that holy seed which has the great responsibility and the great purpose which God established in Genesis to Revelation, for you to keep in a body capable for them to function in. It is because you are spirit of his spirit and life of his life, that he made laws governing the conduct of the body that you live in. And awareness of the consciousness that dwells here so that this kingdom could grow and expand and develop. You cannot mutate this body by joining it to pagans and have it a receptive set that can work with the spirit and consciousness.

Let me tell you this. The moment that you cross your race line, the moment that you produce a new species, or a portion of evil by joining together of this race with a Negro, then that posterity has no communication of capacity to introduce the knowledge of God's wisdom. In the first place, this is because the receiving set has been mutated. Psychiatrists and autonomists know today that there is even a difference in the brain tissue between the races. They know that there is structural difference. And if you do not know any more than the pigmentation difference in this factor as the color of their skin that even shows that they are different. Someone said, ‘well, color is only skin deep.’ But that does not change the other physiognomy. But it does not change the capacities, and it does not change the evidence of one thing. It would not make any difference how much unscientific but muted concept is suggested in turning to people in their physical bodies. There is one thing that is quite evident. There is one thing that God handed down that is always inside the skull and inside the being that makes the vast distinction between his intellectual capacity that they cannot receive. You say, ‘well, I do not know what part of the brain to find it in.’ Well, there is a third eye that sets in your head. It is without an eyeball, but it is there. It just sits there. But it activates one of the most active agendas in your skull.

Now you say, ‘this exists in all species.’ Not exactly. --No. -It does not get the receptivity. For it does not have it in any other race but yours. The Apostle Paul tells us that we understand the wisdom of God in a mystery. The kind of illumination before the world order is given for your illumination and your glory and your power. And God reveals these things to us by his spirit. The spirit is understanding all of these things which are also known unto God.

Now we read this. ‘Now what man can know anything about this except he is a man?’ It does not matter what kind of a specie he is. For he cannot know as much about a man as he knows about himself, according to his intellect. I am going to tell you that as you talk about a universe held together by spirit, talk about the energy of the mind of the Father who sends his communications by spirit, and the natural man or the beast-man, can never understand them. The lesser orders can never receive them, and never reach this understanding with God. And God will not change this. Neither can he know them. Because they fail to discern. What is the key now? It is unlimited knowledge. Spiritual understanding bringing the knowledge of all things, which the natural man cannot receive. Oh, you say, every man is a spiritual man and natural man? Don't you believe it. Only your race are natural, spiritual men at the same time. They are the only kind of natural men that you are talking about.

Thus it is that you are the only embodied people who can tune in on the mind of God. Therefore, I want you to know that we have the mind of Christ, and we are embodied. But this understand is part of the key.

We want to go back to this 14th chapter of John. For this is what is involved. For when Jesus said, “I am going to send to you the Paraclete,” this is the intelligent, the knowledge, the understanding, the very personal internal knowledge of God. ‘I am going to send this knowledge unto you . . . and when it comes, this will abide in your consciousness for ever. Even the spirit of truth, which the world cannot receive. But you can receive it. And to do this, my omnipresence spirit will have to come unto you---I will come unto you. And I will convey into the seat of your consciousness this knowledge.’

What then happens when this spirit makes this connection for the renewing of your mind? For the things that you knew in the heavens are now to be known by you in the earth, by the renewing of your mind. What happens? It brings all things to your remembrance and leads you to the knowledge of all truth. Oh, you say, there is a great number of people who recognize Christ, a great number who have been renewed in their minds? My friends, they have blocked a great number of these processes of the renewing of the mind, by barricades of propaganda and apathy to take hold of them. But the only thing is that the activity of the Universe cannot be withheld by the affinity of a finite mind.

Listen. Listen. This great statement over here in the 14th chapter of John, that you can receive the spirit of truth, that the world around you cannot receive it. Then turn over to the 15th chapter and the 26th verse. And he is still talking about this . . . and it will be:---'I, who will come unto you.’ So what about this . . . even the spirit of truth? “AND YE SHALL ALSO BEAR WITNESS AGAIN, FOR YE HAVE BEEN WITH ME FROM THE BEGINNING.” Beginning of what?-- The Cosmos.

How old are you?--Some people say we are trying to hide that. In fact, we passed 50 or 60 and you cannot hardly tell that. In fact, you look at people now days and it is hard to tell how old they are. You cannot tell the mother from the daughter half of the time. I am going to tell you that it doesn't make any difference whether you are 40 or 60 or 70, because there is not a person in here who is not several million years old. How about that?

So this is an understatement. For the spirit in you was with the Father when this solar system was rolled out. So do not worry about a few years. They are not important. The most important thing is how alive do you feel? How much life and vitality do you have? And that can be gaged also by the spirit. And don't think it can't. For the spirit can sustain life. And the body without it, can not. The spirit can renew your life and it can take away every spot and every wrinkle. And this it is going to do. And it is going to be a spiritual entity force like the light and energy of God, that shall move upon you and make every one of you stand in eternal youth before the Father in that day, before this is all over. In that day, you are a nut if you do not believe it. And you do not deserve it.

Let me promise you this. That before we have gone thru this short cycle we are going thru right now, there is not going to be anyone who is working in government service who is not looking for Jesus Christ.

Now of course, there are those that aim to stop this. For this is anti-social and against the grand design that wants to embrace the great society and all kinds of religions, and all kinds of people. I want you to know that we are a total rebel against any satanic strategy in the areas of government. And we are for nothing, but a 100% Christian controlled government in a God governed society. It took men like that to found this nation under God, and it is going to take men like that, my friends, to put it back.

Therefore, we point out to you, that you are a family that existed in the Celestial plain. And then we tell you very clearly, that when Noah found Grace in the sight of God, the only reason why Noah was not wiped out, and all of his family with him, in that deluge, was---oh you say, ‘there would not have been any of the kingdom of God left? But, oh, yes. Not all of the family was living in that Upper Tarim Basin. Everybody of the family of God was not living in that Tarim Basin. But the household of the pure line that God himself, had selected and predestinated that he himself would be born out of, and he selected this line before the foundation of the world, so that he could be born out of it in the earth . . . came right on down thru the house of Noah. And this Grace was this selected activity, this knowledge and understanding and of organization that God put in the heart of Noah. And the receiving set had to be right. Because you have to translate this into action. If your religion cannot be translated into action, it is not working. There is a short circuit in the set. I want you to know that Noah’s father was right, and Noah's grandfather was right. And this line was right---right on back to Seth. How do I know? Because he was perfect in his generations. There were no mulattoes here. No great design to break the organization of this design here. He was perfect in his generations. Let this squash for all times some of these pea-brained clergy who try to tell you that Noah had three kinds of sons. He did not have three kind of sons. Two of them, later in their generations, would disobey, two of them in their lines were not to carry down the race purity lines found in the house of Shem. But Noah had Ham, Shem and Japheth . . . all White men, all with sensitivity. And their wives were all White women. Oh, you say, one of them married a Cainanite, and one of them married a Chinese? But let me tell you something. Every one of these were White people just like you. They would have never gotten on that Ark if they had not been White people. For God was in the business of knocking off everything of that land that he did not want to survive.

Someone said, ‘but this is the most intense kind of racism.’ It sure is. For it is at heavens level, on the part of God. And do you know that he did a good job in that basin. He knew exactly who he was going to spare out of that land. And as it was in the days of Noah, he was going to do a good job as an example.

Now we know of course, that the devil cannot understand the things of God. But he understands certain areas of it. He knows certain areas of it. He knows that there is a struggle on. If he knew how much dynamic force and spiritual force that God was about to release in this nation, every last one of them would be making an application to get into a nation where the children of God did not live.

Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, the enemy is getting more violent and more drastic. There is liable to be some martyrs. He is going to try to take over by decree. He is going to try to warp men’s minds and take away the great liberties of Christian nations.’ That may be. But I am going to tell you something else. God is going to so set on fire his people until they are going to cleanse the land also. And you say, ‘but Dr. Swift, remember their strategies and their power.’ Everything these devils touch is going wrong. Their assassination plot failed on the highway a few weeks ago. And now they are in trouble. Because now the whole country knows about it. They are trying to catch patriots and find some way to smear them. And someone breaks the story of how they would give them an illegal weapon and then catch them with it. And then they say that all of the ‘right wing’ groups are guilty, they are earmarking their weapons. I don't know how you earmark a machine gun. Do you? I know how you ear mark cattle and sheep. But not how to earmark machine guns. Do you? Maybe you put a stamp on it, or put someone's name on it? The Attorney General of California is just a liar.

So they moved in on Friday, and now they had it. For here are the weapons. And they seized 353 weapons and hauled them off. That is the Sheriff’s department story. These were supposed to be 'right wing' machine guns, and they were about to be dispersed. Now what is the true story? This movement was in to a plant that was building these machine guns for Puerto Rico, so that the 'right wing' Puerto Ricans could move against Castro. So they let that secret out of the bag when they moved. So now they have moved against a litigant plant which was in the administrations plans against the Communist. And the State Department was in complete cooperation. And the things were on their rightful route, to making a port delivery. But in their desire and their hate against a people who would defend America against all its enemies, they were going to smear them and try to destroy them. So I watch to see that they don't plant a machine gun in my backyard or in my car, and you watch this too because these rascals are not beyond doing just anything. Someone said, ‘do you have anything against machine guns?’ No. But if they were legal. We would have them. They are not now legal, and nothing associated with them is. But what is not on the list?

But I want to tell you, that the kingdom of God is so legal that when we do clamp down, they will have to conform to law.

Let me cite this. When I saw this morning that they had created an international incident, and the Police Department called the State Department and the State Department called the Treasury Department, and I realize that the Attorney General, trying to satisfy the schmoes around this country had made a big mistake, do you know that they built concentration camps? They had them out here on the island and they set them up in several places. And they said they would gather all of the 'right wingers' up and put them in concentration camps. For they were a menace to people.

You know what a 'right winger' is? This is someone who believes God. And some of them believe God more than they understand. Do you know, if every one of these 'extremists,' these people of God,' . . . this is what they call them . . . if every one of you understood this, you would never stop. But you are not going to stop anyhow, for God is going to see that you know it. For faith will reach across more movements, more denominational lines, to get the truth of God and the knowledge of God into the minds of men. Once they understand it and start to feel this thing, it is something that their consciousness knew all of the time, without having to think about it. But what this charges is that you are constantly on the receiving end. You know there is an essence that God sends which is just like a particle of light, just like the substance of the spirit. There is an essence of knowledge of spirit that God sends. For God is spirit, soul and body. And the soul consciousness, God says, is knowledge. He sends it with a charge to make it work, to make you to apply it. That is why we are told over here in the book of Hebrews, that Faith is the substance. People talk about their Faith. They think that it is an idea that they have. But this is more than this. It is an idea in operation. This is the substance of tomorrow’s history of God.

I read that it is the substance. Therefore, Faith is the substance of the things which are hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen. The spiritual puts it together, and they make history. This is the substance of God's mind and it does not move into the mind of one single pagan. How many times have you looked at this big city and you say, ‘how can it be?’ When you realize all that flows in and out of it, that must be consumed when you realize all of the industries and all of the things going on. Then it has to be coordinated. And I know that it is not the mayor, and it is not the Jimmy Roosevelt. You are smart enough to coordinate it. Do you know that this whole vast breathing city has to have more Grace to run on than people understand? There has to be a subconscious activity to start to coordinate this city. And there is only two forces in it. One is out of the kingdom and one is out of the Luciferian area . . . the enemy. And the enemy does not just put things together constructively.

Now fortunately, there is enough staying power that has held back every one of the beast system in this city. And God has done this. But the people do not know this. They have an inherit fear of divine law. Altho, if God did not hold them to this, it would be one great catastrophe, one great upheaval, within the next ten years. The only people fit to live in this city without that restraint are the children of God. Understand this now.

You say, ‘why are you not afraid when you come out of the city?’ Because my Father is restraining them now, until he is ready to judge them. And when HE has decided that the time has come for judgment, he will remove. He will remove enough so I have confidence in both the restraint and the removal. I have confidence in his Grace and in his judgment. I point out to you then, that you are filled with this process. And this city has to live by Faith whether it knows it or not. For this is the substance of things which they cannot see. And this is true of every great concentration of energy and peoples and thoughts. You say, ‘but how is it done?’ If he can hold all of these atoms together, he can send enough pulsations into the minds of his children, even into the very areas of restraint, even down into the very electrons that move around the tendrils of the knowledge of people.

So I tell you that you must understand that all knowledge, all wisdom, all vision, flows into the consciousness of the spirit. And it is activated by the spirit itself, until we know that the Father says, "I have predestinated these things from before the foundation of the world. And those I have called, are those I have justified.” There is no mistake about this. For he has a perfect record. And your name was written there before the foundation of the world. And the most important key for you today, is to know that you must consciously be continually aware that you must continually recharge the set. That you must stand in total advocacy of race purity. You must stand for separation of the kingdom from every pagan and false concept. And you must repudiate every individual that would suggest that there is any other God than the One and Only potentate, King of Kings and LORD of Lord's. This is your Christian charge.

Someone said, ‘but we have a lot of politicians at the Washington level that do not believe in this.’ That is your problem. And you should see that we do not have them long. It is your responsibility to see that your nation is cleansed. But make this your commitment. It shall be God's standards, no less, or you are not satisfied with it. Someone said, ‘but of course, we are citizens in a nation that has been set up on different standards than this. We said everyone could come here, and everyone could worship who they wanted to.’ It never said anything about that in my Bible. But that is what they are trying to tell you, as they seek to change it, right now. This nation was a nation born under God. We are falling fast in the abyss of despair and socialism when we reverse this law. And God says, “I am going to shine a light down into this hole which you are dropping into and I am going to bring the children of God back up out of this hole, and we are going to take over and rule.”

Let me cite to you that there is no way the enemy can stand before “Thus saith the LORD." Oh, you say they won't pay any attention to you for they say you are crazy? Well, they have always said that the Christians are crazy. The devil in his materialism, has always said that the people that are motivated by the spirit of God in their consciousness, were crazy. He has always said that . . . ‘a peculiar people.’ Let me tell you something. Anyone that falls for a liar like the devil, who has never kept his word, really IS crazy. Because the devil was a liar from the beginning. He never kept his word. And devils even fall out with one another. Don't think that they don't. You say, ‘but the devils people always stand together.’ Don't be fooled. Look what they have been doing in Russia and everywhere. In fact, they even kill people of your race for power here.

Now there is no such a thing as solidarity in evil. There is just evil that dominates under the Luciferian pressure. And we find that by sheer weight of Satanic numbers, they plan on taking over. I am going to promise you this. They do not know how. We do not have time to finish this subject, but will talk to you tonight about --"Why evil must fail."

But we want you to understand that as far as God is concerned, that you are the one who has the receiver set to take in his word. And this is the direct activity that can even start changing your mind when you did not know that you were going to change it. He can call a sheep by name when the sheep didn't even know he was going to be called, because God is sufficient. When HE said, “ALL ISRAEL,” HE meant all Israel. And when HE says, “ALL FLESH,” HE means all flesh. And when HE says he is going to make this appearance as the ‘all wise potentate,’ King of Kings, HE IS COMING.

I am going to tell you, that when they start to attack people in government because they believe in HIS coming, they believe in Jesus Christ, then it is time for us to clean house in Washington, D.C.