Kingdom Of God Is Within, 6-19-67


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 6-19-67

As we turn to your subject and look for the power of this Kingdom, we also see some of the facets of the design of the evil conspiracy of some government officials and agencies as they try to integrate your race, little realizing what they are doing, that they are only following the guidance of Luciferianism.

But turning to the scripture in our subject, we turn to the Gospel of Luke, the 17th chapter and the 21st verse. Here, Jesus is talking to the Pharisees who are not of the ‘false’ Pharisee group. Here are men who are debating with Jesus. And these men of Israel, doctors of the law, they said unto Jesus, ‘When will the Kingdom of God come on earth?’

Now, they were aware that the Kingdom would come, that it must come to pass, for they felt a strange tugging as the spirit of God made them realize that the Kingdom would soon be revealed. And Jesus said, ‘The Kingdom of God cometh not by observation, neither shall they say, ‘lo, here, or there. For behold, the Kingdom of God is within you.’ (Luke 17:21). This seemed like a strange statement. For surely, when the Kingdom of god finally comes in, it will come with great power and Glory. It will come in with mighty battles and defeat of the powers of darkness. Thus, what did Jesus mean by this statement that ‘the Kingdom of God would not come by observation.’?? Because the actual development was a plan of God which has been echoing down the ages, and fulfilling most of the passages of scripture, altho blind people could not understand it unless spiritually, it was brought to their attention. So when Jesus said that the spirit of God was in them, little did they understand what it was that HE meant.

As we go back into the Gospel of Matthew, and find the story of John the Baptize, you will remember that he was out in the desert and then as he was baptizing people, he said, ‘Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.’ (Matthew 3:2). What did John mean by repent? Frankly, this is a very amazing thing. But ‘repent’ does not mean they had to suddenly confess all their errors, or the things which they had done, even tho they might be sorry for some transgression. Repent means--in the Greek--’change your mind.’ The Greek word makes this very clear. For they were to change their minds, or to catch a new opinion, or to catch a new opinion of God. Therefore, he said, ‘Repent, the Kingdom of God is at hand.’ (Matthew 3:2). And they symbolized this by being baptized into the areas of the new consciousness.

Now, when Jesus came to be baptized, then John had just turned to the great company of people around him and said, ‘The one who comes after me--the latches of HIS shoes I am not worthy to unloose, but HE shall baptize you with the Holy Spirit, and with Fire.’ (Shekinah Glory) At this time, Jesus had come to start HIS ministry and had requited that John the Baptist baptize HIM. Then HE went throughout all of the cities of Galilee, and HE taught in all the centers of the country. And HE preached the Gospel of the Kingdom. (Matthew 3:23).

Then we note over in the book of Mark, that the disciples said to Jesus, ‘all men are calling for you because they want to know about this Kingdom.’ And Jesus said, ‘I must go to all the cities that I can reach, for this cause came I into this world.’ (John 12:27). Then when Jesus told the Pharisees that the Kingdom of God was IN THEM, HE was speaking a great and tremendous truth. Because to transfer the Kingdom of God from heaven to earth, was a Divine program and a Divine plan. For in the patterns of the ancient yesterdays, the patterns of the scriptures were ever in touch with this pattern. And they told of a tremendous and mighty warfare which existed in the heavens above. Told how Michael and his angels had defeated Lucifer and his angels, and driven them to earth. In fact, we discover in the scriptures and in the records of the book of Revelation, as well, as such records in the Apocalypse such as the book of Enoch, which was also inspired. But we discover that Lucifer had been defeated as he sought to overthrow God and HIS Household in the Heavens. We discover that Lucifer is the one called Satan, and the devil. And irrespective of all the concepts that men may have in their minds concerning this, the fact is that Lucifer gained control of the earth. He was driven to earth (our solar system) by Michael and his angels. And Michael wanted to come in with a coupe-de-grace, and settle the hash of Lucifer once and for all. But God said, ‘Stay.’ He was an Archangel even as you are and I have a purpose and a plan, for here in earth is where the sons and daughters of God are going to conquer Lucifer, once and for all times. Thus, you, Michael, just stay, and just wait your time.’

Thus, it is that even Michael had to wait even after having already defeating Lucifer, having driven his ships out of the Celestial patterns of the heavens and had placed them here in the earth. And this situation may have occurred over endless ages of time. Because we can find all types of catastrophes which came to earth with Lucifer. He sowed the doctrines of his evil into the ancient people of Asia.

He brought with him the Negroes on his ships. And we discover that the first entrance of Negroes into earth, came about as Lucifer was driven here. And they are referred to as such in the ancient patterns of the scriptures in the word which identify very, very clearly the Negro. More than this, they fought upon Lucifer’s ships and were soulish in their capacity. They were not like the children of your race at all. For they lack any spiritual capacity. But after bringing them to earth, then Lucifer started mongrelizing the Negro into the races of people who lived on the great continent where now you find the Pacific Ocean, as well as the continent of Asia. In otherwords, he started to co-mingle---co-mixing of the seeds of the people of earth.

Now, let us take a look at this program concerning the Kingdom. Because the Kingdom must come into power with people who perceive it. And more than this, as the Kingdom of God enters into great power, it will not be perceived by a majority of the people of the world because the scripture says, ‘Fear not little flock, it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.’ At the same time do not think is it a powerless Kingdom. And do not think that it will not come in with great power. For the day the Adamic race was placed on the earth, the scriptures point out to us that they were the offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD. The word Bara in Hebrew, was used instead of Yatsar in connection with your race which proves that they were begotten seed, a begotten Household of the MOST HIGH GOD, who were placed in the earth. But the strange thing is that God had a plan and even tho ages have gone by in which the areas of Africa and Asia, and the races which have been upon the face of the earth have been brought under the power of Lucifer, turning them to idolatry, and into paganism, until all the people of earth---served Lucifer and his program. Thus, the earth becomes the theater of the Universe. And God’s master plan is to establish the program of the Kingdom of God, or the Kingdom of Heaven.

Now, the Kingdom of Heaven becomes the Kingdom of God in the earth. And is still the Kingdom of Heaven even tho it is a total Kingdom for control of the world. So, where did it come from? Why is it called the Kingdom of Heaven? Why is it thus referred to? Because as we have been told, in the scripture, God had a tremendous Household and Family. HE had them administrating over the affairs of the Universe with HIM. And therefore, HE was to embody HIS Celestial children into earth bodies. One of the things you are going to find out, is that the scriptures bears this out very conclusively. For God transferred as HE begat the bodies of the Adamic race, HE transferred into these bodies of the Adamic race, the spiritual children of the heavens. They existed with Celestial bodies and with spiritual minds. And the capacities for spiritual intelligence. But in the earth, when they came, one of the things God had prophecies, had spoke about unto HIS Household, was that they would be seduced by Lucifer and their race would fall. But HE had promised HE would restore this race and build a covenant with them, and the Princes of HIM--HIS Israel--would rule with HIM in the midst of the earth until with Israel, HE would being HIS Kingdom and rule.

We are not talking about Israeli. For these Kikes down in Palestine, have no part not lot in the Kingdom of God. What we are pointing out is that God spoke concerning this matter. And to the Apostle Paul who HE had called to be an Apostle to the nations, and to the church,---unto Paul, HE unveiled this truth that since the children of God are not down here in bodies of flesh, HE also took upon Himself a body of flesh just like they had, and was not ashamed to call them HIS kinsmen. HE made HIS Atonement that HE might remove HIS sons and HIS daughters in earth from the powers of Lucifer and from the powers of death. Therefore the children of God are down here in the flesh. The children of God do not quite understand all this. Because of the veil of forgetfulness drawn over their minds as they came into earth. And in the hours when Christ was fulfilling HIS ministry, HE was to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom and to establish HIS Church (the spiritual center of HIS Kingdom) which could unveil these mysteries to the men and women of the Kingdom. Therefore, Christ brought to the attention of these true Pharisees, something they didn’t quite understand as HE said, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.’ The world can’t observe it, cannot see it. So what is the mystery about this? The Kingdom of Heaven has an operation which means the bringing of Celestial children embodied into a physical world, then developing their consciousness, repenting of their transgression which is the changing of their minds where they have been Luciferian indoctrinated, until their minds are one with God. Until they conform to pattern so HIS own greatness. Until they shall challenge the powers of darkness. Until even the little flock shall take the Kingdom. This is one of the reasons why in the book of Daniel, that it says, ‘the Saints (believing offspring) of the MOST HIGH, shall take the Kingdom and possess it forever and forever.’ This may also explain the mystery of why people say, ‘Why is it that there are so many people around me, and even tho I talk to them, and talk to them, it doesn’t seem to sink in? Here we believe in the Kingdom. We believe in the world of God. We believe in the mysteries. And we see all these things coming to pass. And then I speak to these people, but they are so busy with their affairs, so busy with their lives, that they don’t hear or they don’t understand. Why?’ This is one of the mysteries of the Kingdom and I will tell you what it is. The Holy Spirit of God which is the mind of the intelligent God, your Father, can deal with and call the consciousness of you because you are the children of the Living God. The Spirit living in you was begotten by HIS Spirit, and HE has predestined you to be born and begotten into the world at the time of your birth. This having been consummated, the Spirit of God can call you and woo you. HE says, ‘I call My Sheep by name. I lead them out. I give them Eternal Life and they will never perish.’

Then some will say, ‘But what about these people of our race who do not hear?’ They are but a casualty in this battle with Lucifer. Don’t worry about their Eternal souls even tho you seek to reach them. Someday the Holy Spirit may reach in and contact that spirit and stimulate it until they see the Light, and become active in the Gospel of the Kingdom. I think that you are about to see one of the greatest spiritual revivals of all times. One which never existed in all the nations of the world before, as God calls those who have the capacity to respond, until they stand up to fight this program of the anti-Christ.

While at the same time, there will be others who may be bemused in their minds and may be causalities to HIS fight. And people are always worried about what will happen to their Eternal souls if those people die. But if they die, remember that the God who is their Father, has declared, ‘All Israel shall be saved as it is written.’ HIS Spirit can reach out and touch the spirits of these people and when resurrected, they will finish the job they were expected to do. Even tho some may think they have gotten out of some of this. They are still going to live the life as a son and daughter of God in the midst of the earth. Of course, we sometimes have patterns of strange revenges which are a part of the thinking of theological institutions. But God doesn’t give a snap of HIS finger what these people teach unless they proclaim HIS Word. And so a lot of imaginary holocausts that they have for people are actually the holocausts they submit themselves to in the earth because they don’t follow the directions of God.

Now, the pagans of earth serve Lucifer. And they build idols of the images of these beings of Lucifer’s camp who fell in the ages long ago. Most idols you see are images of some being. The idol of Buddha is just an image of that old bandit the Jews made a god out of. Oh, they may have put a flower up, and the Lotus flower is always a beautiful flower. And people may think there is beauty in Buddhism. But the idols in Buddhism are only the idols of the image of Buddha which they have sent out in to the world. This is a part of Luciferianism. But then Jewry just happens to control most of Buddhist temples of the world. Oh, you say, ‘But I thought the Jews had the doctrine we call Orthodox Jewry, or some of the Old Testament?’ That is only the white Jews who adopted a part of this. The yellow Jews, the Asiatic Jews, were in false doctrines of Buddhism and Gottmaism long before this. And as far as Hindus are concerned, the areas of Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, and Kali were evil doctrines that Jewry ascribed to with their idol gods and old doctrines, which they put over inside the land of India. In fact, there were a lot of Aryans absorbed into India. And they were thy brethren, the sons of Yah. And they came into that land back in the days of the coming of the sons of Seth. And don’t think that this dark mixed up mixture of Hindus in India today is a part of God’s Kingdom, for they are not. But there were a lot of Aryans in that old land among the Hindu. And they were later taken over by the Hindus and Luciferianism.

Let me point this out to you. That when God talks about this Kingdom, the one thing that HE predestined before the foundation of the world, the things HE advocated, the things HE declared, was that the sons and daughters whom HE had already blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places, according to the book of Ephesians, these were triumphant sons and they were sons who lived and moved with the process of God’s Spirit. In their minds, and in their spiritual capacity, they believed their Father. They understood the mystery of it. But when they became embodied in earth, they had forgotten these things because forgetfulness was one of the facets of their fall. And God, Himself, had said, ‘I am thy Redeemer. I am the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world.’ And HE promised you and me before we ever set foot on this continent, promised back in the endless ages of the past, that HE would redeem us. And that we would measure up to this great predestined Will of God until we conformed to HIS own image.

Some will say, ‘I don’t believe that.’ But that is because you just don’t understand the Bible as yet. You will never understand the Kingdom, or the things of the Kingdom until you understand the Bible, or Repent, having a change of your mind. This is one of the reasons why the Apostle Paul said that you were not to conform to the way the world thinks.

Actually, Lucifer has gained control of Ecclesiastical circles. He has started the areas of his false doctrines and his false churches. In fact, as he watched the Church of Christ, a most powerful institution, raised up to act as the spiritual center for the nations of the Kingdom, and then when he couldn’t destroy it with the Jews and their control of kingdoms with their gold, he started the persecution of this Church. Christians were put to death in the coliseums or slain in their homes. But he was not able to destroy the Church of Jesus Christ, for the more he persecuted, the faster the Church grew, until he decided he would establish a church of his own with which to battle you for the Kingdom. So he has tried to move into certain churches and to establish certain churches. And he now moves in your day, into most major denominations and most churches, to try to twist from it the doctrines of the ‘Gospel of the Kingdom,’ into a total area of perversion.

Now, by the same process, we are to understand that the Kingdom of God is a reality. It means the rule over all of the earth. It means a rule over all the kingdoms of this earth, because all of the kingdoms of this world will become the Kingdoms of our LORD and HIS CHRIST. And therefore, people may reject this and say, ‘but this teaches White supremacy.’ And you are absolutely correct. This is WHITE SUPREMACY. It doesn’t make any difference if anyone agrees with you or not. It doesn’t make any difference whether they like it or not. Still this is the WILL OF GOD.’ HE says, ‘I will perform all My council, all the things I have declared will I bring to pass.’

Now, we are to understand this. We are not to be conformed to this world. But we are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. (Romans 12:2). Remember, that Jesus turned to those round about and said, ‘Unless you become as a little child, you cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.’ In otherwords, you will never be able to perceive or enter into the Kingdom of heaven. (Matt. 18:3).

Now, what does that mean? Unless they accept HIS Word with the humility by which a child accepts the Word and the Will of the Father, and believes these things, they would not be able to participate in the tremendous activities which cover the measure and scope of the Kingdom in these climactic days. As far as the children of the Kingdom are concerned, they are going to be doers, not just sitting around waiting for things to happen. They are going to start performing the instructions of their Father. And the Saints of the MOST HIGH GOD must take possession of the Kingdom to hold it forever and forever. In this endeavor, you will be assisted by Michael, this great Prince who fought Lucifer in the past, and is once more going to fight for the children of God. We are told in the book of Daniel, that Michael shall once more fight for the children of God as he fought ‘in ancient times.’ We are therefore, to understand that the Kingdom of God is within you. This is one of the reasons why therefore, that Christ, who was the embodiment of God, the fullness of God dwelling bodily, who was this child as Isaiah tells us, begotten into your race and into your Household, your kinsman (Hebrews)--who took upon Himself a body just like your---the reason why HE made the declarations found in the Gospels. And by this same declaration as Isaiah talks about this, he says, ‘Unto you (us) a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon HIS shoulders, HIS name shall be called Wonderful, Councillor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.’ (Isaiah 9:6). He is talking of course, about YAHSHUA or JESUS who was brought forth by the Virgin Mary, and also emerges in this hour a special messenger, sent of God, incarnate, in the body of John the Baptist who said, ‘Behold, the Kingdom of God is at hand.’ Then in otherwords, ‘Repent, change your way of thinking, let me baptize you and get you ready to participate in the Kingdom. And then one of the first things Jesus started to do as HE moved out was to teach ‘the Gospel of the Kingdom.’ And as HE taught these things, we realize that the Spirit of God can reach the spirit of an unpolluted man, when he will stop and listen. The Spirit of God reached out and calls HIS own by name, and therefore, HE gives them Eternal Life, and they shall never perish.

Now, what about this spirit of the Living? Remember how God talked to this household of Abraham? And in the book of Genesis, HE makes this statement, ‘Therefore, I will establish my Covenant between Me and thee, and all thy seed after thee in their generations, for an everlasting covenant. To be a God unto thee, and thy seed after thee.’ This was one of the covenants God made with Abraham. It was unconditional. God said, ‘I am going to do all My pleasure, I shall fulfill the council of My will.’

In the 82nd Psalm, God speaks out and says, ‘Ye are Gods, and all of you are the children of the MOST HIGH.’ Then HE said as HE stood among HIS children, ‘How long are you going to let them judge unjustly? How long are you going to accept the children of the wicked to be in authority over you? Ye are Elohim.’ What did God say that concerning your race? Why did HE say, ‘how are you going to let the wicked rule over your land and your society?’ Because it is one of the challenges that God made that HE is going to wake up HIS people and they are going to denounce the wicked and seize the Kingdom.

Someone said, ‘what does it mean---Ye are Gods?’ Well, if God had children, what do you think HE had? Then they say, ‘If God had children, they would be Gods, but we are men.’ Let me tell you something. Jesus the Christ was also embodied as a man. This was the fullness of God dwelling bodily. And when eventually HE brings this great truth to the consciousness of the sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH and causes them to realize that they are the sons and daughters of Heaven, coming to earth by the process of natural birth and by the spiritual energizing of the Holy Spirit of God. They will stand.

The Holy Spirit of God can only make contact therefore, and can generally pattern the Evangelization of those who are unpolluted and uncontaminated. This is why God speaks out and tells the children of Israel that they are a Holy Seed. And HE warns them against inter-marriage with any other race. HE talks about all the other races in the scripture, and this is than brought out in the 7th chapter of Deuteronomy as HE tells them that they are not to give your sons and daughters in marriage to these other races or take their sons and daughters into your race because you are a Holy people unto YAHWEH thy God. Thou art a people who have come forth out of God, the Issue of God. And HE says, ‘I have ordained that you shall remain a Holy people before the LORD thy God.’ And then HE said, ‘I have separated you and segregated you from all the people on the face of the earth.’ Why? Because you are a heavenly household.

In the peculiar things we perceive in the mysteries of the Gospel, is the 17th chapter of John. And in this instance, Jesus is talking about a prayer which is to be read, and therefore it was inspired. And John was to record this as a prayer. ‘All those thou has given me---none of them are lost.’ Here the humanity of Christ is reflecting on the Spirit and said, all of the children which HE had in Spirit, all of the House of Israel, were the children of God in the heavens, and now the HE is embodied here in earth, they are HIS children in earth. And none of them are lost. Then HE said, ‘I pray not for the world.’ Oh, today you hear a lot of praying for the world. Missionary programs come on T.V. and they are praying for the world, and for pagans. But Jesus said, ‘I pray not for the world.’ Did you know that? HE said, ‘I pray only for those who have been given ME in the spirit. Thine they were in the heavens, and Mine they are in earth.’ Don’t take them out of the world because there are the saints, and believing offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD. And without them the Kingdom of God would never come in.

The strange thing of course, is that the Spirit of god can reach in and call the children of the MOST HIGH. You are the only race on the face of the earth which has the capacity and mentality of mentoid which is the spiritual capacity to see and to think, and to envision things which are in the mind of God. We have different types of mental abilities and various reactions. We know that as the natural electrons become solidified, around the tendrils of your nerve cells that if you want to remember something, you start these electrons revolving around these fine nerve tissue and you get an erection of the idea again into the mind just as it happened unto you in experience.

Do you know that God has clearly marked for you the total inheritance of this thing which we call culture. Therefore, we want you to realize that your cultures--YOUR CULTURE--is the sum total of the things which you believe, the experiences which you have had, and what moves in the background of your race. Because culture belongs to your race. The Adamic race is the White race. And they have inherited the sum total of the knowledge and experience of their parents.

Now, therefore, because you are the children of the MOST HIGH, and God begat you with a spiritual capacity, not only do you have the capacity to think the thoughts of God, and the things of worship, and the mighty patterns of Divine Truth, but you have erected in the consciousness of your mind these same pictures. If you, even generations later, happen to think about Mount Sinai, or perhaps happen to think upon the Law of God, or you think of some of these areas of experience, in your mind is erected a duplicate pattern and picture of everything you trace back to, unless of course, your ancestors were not there.

Now, this has been proved true not only by painters, but true as physiologists have been studying the patterns of man’s thought. And psychiatrists have been determining the quality of men’s visions and they discover that all the children of Israel move back down thru their ancestors to inherit all their background of ancestry. This is one of the reasons you will discover today that your children are perfectly adapted at playing around with engines and mechanical and contrivances which their great, great, great, grandfathers would know nothing about. But their fathers and grandfathers put them together. And they just have a natural aptitude for it. This is one of the reasons your technology advances and materializes. It is one of the reasons why you as an unpolluted society, retains their strength.

This is one of the reasons why God says you are not to let your sons and daughters marry outside of your race. You are not to bring in their sons and daughters into your society and to mongrelize. Because if you do, this offspring of this mongrelization will have a confused mind. The spirit will not cohabit with one who is not of the spirit. Therefore they will have only a physical type of pattern of some type of remembrance which moves in to the background of his forebears. But will not have the concept of the pattern of HIS race. Will not have the power of seeing clearly the concept of God, and the Fatherhood of God, and will worship other gods and turn from worshiping ME. God says therefore, that as we step up the areas of mentoid patterns, the electrons revolving around the filaments of our mind give us the sum total of remembrance, the sum total of our background experience. But God has to start this moving again as by the Holy Spirit, HE calls into your background the things of God, the things spoken to you before the foundations of the world, and all the spiritual truths of experience, which God has bestowed upon you down thru the Patriarchal time, and thru Moses, thru the service of God with the giving of the Law, on down to your time. We want to call your attention to Jesus as HE speaks out concerning the areas of Truth. HE talks about the Law and says, ‘Blessed is the man who teaches My Law and will obey it, because he shall be great in the Kingdom of heaven.’ And the one who will be least in the Kingdom of heaven will be the one who teaches people to disobey MY LAW.’ I think today of so many inside the Church who do not know of the Law.

I want to point this out to you. The church is the spiritual center of God’s Kingdom in the world. Lucifer has established not only the patterns of false religions, but he has also moved in with the profession of conversion. Don’t think that if someone professes conversion, this makes them different. For inside the church today, there are hundreds of ministers who are doing the work of Lucifer. You say, ‘How do you account for this?’ Well, the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches is not Divinely inspired as an institution. They are instead, doing the work of Lucifer today. It does not stress the importance that you believe that Jesus the Christ in the flesh was the fulness of God dwelling bodily. I tell you that except ye believe that Christ was the fullness of God dwelling bodily, you do not have a part nor a lot in the administration of God’s Kingdom.

I want you to recognize that as the areas of the National Council of Churches and World Council of Churches came in, that the hands of Lucifer came into the church. And he says, ‘Oh, we will respect all men’s religions. We are going to respect the philosophies of the Hindus and the Buddhist. We are going to fulfill the program of all the church. We will all come together and we will acknowledge all these things.’ So the leaders and speakers of the National Council of Churches do not give ascent to the program of God’s Kingdom, but they speak out against it. No wonder they are for the United Nations and for everything evil, for World government and so forth. No wonder they want to take away the greatness of this House of Israel and the greatness of this nations with its stars ands stripes and the outstretched wings of the great Eagle which God revealed to you in the 18th chapter of Isaiah.

Now, people say, ‘but how is it that people don’t understand and won’t listen?’ Because they have been taught by a false and evil institution. Where as a true church of God advocates the message of the MOST HIGH which is the Gospel of the Kingdom which Jesus preaches. And as people hear this message, they become alarmed and they become angry at the program of the anti-Christ. Therefore Satan has sought to hid this message. And as we pointed out the World Council of churches and the National Council of Churches, has actually now moved in with several agencies in your government and the agencies of the Communist party to produce the world religion.

More than this, they want to classify what ministers will be permitted to preach. And the National Council of Churches and the Ecumenical conference of the Catholic Church are now going to establish a certain given set of regulations. And they are going to approve all the ministers that will be permitted to preach in the United States. And the government is going to license these ministers. And the ministers the government does not license will not be able to preach or to hold meetings or take collections. And there will not be any tax exemption status for their congregations.

Oh, you say, they can’t do that because the Constitution says that Congress cannot make any law concerning the status of your religion. But thru these false ministers and thru this plan of Satan’s, they are not going to go thru the Congress. They are going to go thru the Supreme Court which will make its decisions based on the United Nations regulations. This is already in open discussion thru your newspapers and already been published in Mercury Magazine and others. And one of the latest, and newest conspiracies against the Kingdom of God is this drive.

So you see anti-Christ wants to silence the church because it doesn’t want people to wake up. But when the ministers preach, ‘Thus saith the LORD,’ then people want to remain a segregated and a separated people. And this is the policy of Luciferianism which has crept into your government that has moved out of the Burma Conference and out of the areas of the anti-Christ program of the United Nations. I am going to tell you that when the children of God come into their own, they are going to renounce the United Nations. And then you watch this whole thing collapse like a great pile of cards.

Do not think that this peculiar policy by which the United Nations had played the Mid-East Crisis will work. For always before we have had to pull their chestnuts out of the fire. It is about time that Congressmen and the people say, ‘the time has come for the United Nations to fold up for the Russians come over here and they run things, but they never pay their United Nations dues. So we might as well fold the whole thing up and let them pay their bill because we don’t need the United Nations anymore.’

The strange mysteries are that the children of God have the Word of God. Therefore, as they believe the Word of God, they are going to see that the powers of darkness are going to be overthrown. They are going to see that the policies of collectiveness and the programs of Satanism and all of the promises of security that he gives them, from the cradle to the grave, is just some of the dope that he has placed in the minds of the people who are listening and who are welcoming it because they think it leaves them an area of indulgence and guarantees them security.

Let me tell you something. Did you know that this whole policy is going to crumble and fall? And God says that HIS ministers are going to be against this whole thing. And Lucifer, to make his program saleable, is attempting to make it economically attractive, and to seduce the people in this way. But the price is going to be the integration of your society. And after integration, there is no capacity to remember God anymore. And they will no longer spiritually have the patterns of remembrance which made them great. And instead of having a long succession of advancing technology, they will go into a long period of deterioration, and go into the ground just like countries before who mongrelized, integrated, and mixed their society, until the day came like the once great civilization that was in India, was no longer there. And the people did not have enough to eat, and have to depend on you for their food.

Let me point this out to you. That in the jungle, masses of India, that there is sculpture and tremendous cities. And these cities mark the idols of their past. And no one lives there anymore. You go out and look at those cities, and say, ‘Where have the thousands of people gone?’ They have gone the way of all flesh, of those who serve Lucifer. So also in this peculiar mystery does Asia go. And Asia will go. Make no mistake about this. In fact, the scriptures tell you that these nations of the world who follow the program of anti-Christ, are going to be turned to powder and dust in this hour. And it tells you that the bright and horrible stars shall burn over these cities. And they shall no longer be remembered among the nations. The book of Ezra makes it quite clear as to the judgement which falls upon them.

As people with their minds trapped by Luciferian snares, and listening to the dictates which come out of the churches which he supports, now, they are to hear that the churches are going to establish the qualifications. And thus, classify the ministers. And one of the things they are going to do is take away the licensing of the ministers. The government is going to send out the licenses, out to the place which the World Council of Churches is going to approve. And they will take away the right of taking a collection and the right of tax exemption status. They think that if they move thru the area of economy, that the anti-Christ is going to take over the church. They say they have already given power to the people, thru this mysterious deception until they worship the image of the Beast, and they take the number of the beast.

Let me tell you. That the World Order, which is the Beast System, and the program of the Beast is matched against the program of God’s Kingdom. The program of HIS sons and daughters and their triumphant victory, however, is going to be the outcome of this situation.

Actually therefore, we are going to see a lot of people move into these orbits which have been mystified by the program of the darkness. But the church is going to speak out and triumph over the Beast and the powers of darkness. There will be many who will perish in the catastrophe as the judgements of God move for the Household of HIS KINGDOM.

Now, you can depend on every promise which is in this Bible. You can depend on the intervention of Michael and the Hosts of Heaven. You can depend on Armageddon and depend on God smashing Palestine and sending a great earthquake to the Mount of Olives splitting that mountain. And every Jew on that land will be a thing of the past. You can depend on that. Oh, a lot of people will say, ‘I don’t believe that.’ But you just read your Bible. For god told Zachariah and he recorded what God said HE was going to do. That is not for HIS chosen people. That happening is for those who have been chosen for judgement.

I want you to realize that God said that the Kingdom of Heaven is within you and that HE is going to activate it by renewing your minds. HE is to bring to your realization just who you are and what you are to be doing. And the Kingdom is going to rise up and the people of the Kingdom are going to say, ‘We are going to rule the world for our Father, for the Praise of HIS name thru out all time. And every knee is going to bow and every tongue is going to confess that YAHSHUA (Jesus the Christ) is YAHWEH, to the Eternal Glory of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA forever.

Now, the area of this mighty truth is quite clear. For God speaks out against the degeneracy and depravity of your time, and finally you begin to see this is a natural and normal thing. And then when you see them presenting legislation to knock out all control over depravity and crime, then you begin to boil about it. When they talk about turning 1/3 of Griffith Park over for the Hippie ‘love-in’, you become angry about that. But other people don’t think there is anything wrong with this, and they go on with their living. But the children of God’s Kingdom get angry about it. And they talk about these people who are making such decisions. Talk about removing them from their jobs because you are to in favor of turning 1/3 of Griffith Park over for Hippie ‘love-ins.’

Well, we here about degeneracy and the systems of degeneracy. And this, my friends, is alright. Because Sodomy and the mongrelization of Angels and men and all this race mixing are all a part of Lucifers kingdom. And we need to understand it. This is however, not true for the children of the King. And this is when the children of the Kingdom stand against those things. They stand because the spirit of God works in you and you have the capacity to perceive and to know that God’s purposes are coming to pass. It doesn’t take two long for the children of the Kingdom to hear, ‘Thus saith the LORD,’ and then start to grow and to develop in the program of God’s Kingdom. This is one of the areas where the tape ministry had been so successful. Lots of people who sent for the tapes did this because they were going to tell us where the truth is, where we were wrong, and where we got off the track. And then they get a tape, and then another, and pretty soon another, and they are changed because the Holy Spirit can reach every last one of the children of the Kingdom who will STOP AND LISTEN.

Now, as these things come to pass, then the tape ministry expands. Because this is one of the great patterns of truth. And as they become awakened, they want to do something about it. And you would be surprised, for clergymen and teachers and professors and others on the tape circuit are talking about how we can get this message across. They are talking about areas of legislation, about denouncing the President and denouncing the false leaders of our society. Why is this? What is the matter? After hearing the truth, they can’t hold their peace. But don’t think this is an amazing thing, for this is but the awakening, the renewing of the mind of the children of God, with the Kingdom of God within men COMING OUT. Don’t think that the Kingdom of God within our people is not going to come out in this hour, because of this great and mighty challenge against the powers of darkness and the forces of evil for a revolt of heaven will reshape the earth.

You say, ‘Oh, there are more people on the other side.’ Well, that may be true in some countries, but when God gets thru there won’t be more on the other side in THIS country. I tell you that God has promised the technology and the posterity of HIS Kingdom has been promised the ability and the knowledge to defeat the powers of darkness and the forces of evil. And also guaranteed help from heaven unto you and your society. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. For you brought it to earth. And the Kingdom of Heaven will emerge out of you and Christ Jesus as King, the MIGHTY YAHWEH-YAHSHUA will join you to take over this earth. Yes, you are getting close to the time when these things will come to pass. We see the signs of the end, but this doesn’t mean the shutting down of activity. It means the stepping up of activity. It means that since we are moving into the end time of an age, that the apathy of you against the areas of darkness, your response to all these forces of darkness and these patterns of evil, is becoming very strong. You see Negro rioting and senseless burning and stealing of property. The animal of the jungle, the Beast System, are acting exactly like the Beast system of which they are a part. And you see the Communist and government leaders coming to them and giving them all they riot for and promising them even more--and you are disturbed. And now, you see one of the Beasts on the Supreme Court and you are even more disturbed.

You say--what do I mean? Well, one of these from the Beast system having the mark of the beast system, has been put on the Supreme Court of your land. This man has a part in fifty-three Civil Rights cases tried before that Court and only eight of them were lost, because the Supreme Court now doesn’t have much sense of right and wrong.

Now that we have a Negro on the Supreme Court, they say, ‘Never again will we have another Conservative victory.’ I say, never as long as they live. Because I point out to you that God has a judgement. And I also point out that it is time to pray for God’s judgement to fall on this house of evil. And this is your responsibility. So we better start praying for a housecleaning in America. It will not be an idle prayer, for judgement will fall. And God will hew the line like a steel plummet measuring of a line, because the laws of the Kingdom are going to be enhanced. ‘Blessed is the man who teaches My Law, and obeys it.’

So we listen to these phoney preachers who want to do away with the standards of morality, who say this has nothing to do with the church, it is neither moral or immoral, it is just unmoral. You can be violent, can be evil. But in all these things, this has no bearing upon the nations or their history, or the work of the church. But YAHWEH said, ‘Blessed is the man who teaches MY law and obeys it.’ And woe to the man who doesn’t, because he shall be the least in the Kingdom of Heaven. He who teaches My law, to obey it, shall be the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.

We want you to realize that you are going to arise with tremendous power. You are going to see one of the greatest political forces in all history rise out of your response to the things of truth. You can’t help but respond to truth. You can’t help the way you feel. The spirit of God knows how you feel. And HE knows that as HE awakens the consciousness of HIS people, to these truths, that the Kingdom of God shall posses the land.

As we see this situation, remember this. For it is the greatest thing which you can perceive. You are a child from Heaven to Earth. You are the abiding presence of the Kingdom in the world today. It is there--lying in your body. The world may look for the Kingdom of Heaven and not realize that the Kingdom of Heaven is right here, for the children of God stand in opposition to the programs of the world. And in this hour, we pray, ‘LORD JESUS COME QUICKLY, JUST COME.’

(End of sermon)