Kingdom Which Cannot Be Moved, 1/10/65


By  Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1/10/65

Let us turn to a passage we find in Hebrews (12:26-29), for the foundation of some of the remarks we are going to build on. 'Yet once more I will shake not the earth only but also heaven.' And this...ONCE MORE.... signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things which cannot be shaken may remain. For we receive a kingdom which cannot be moved. Let us therefore have Grace whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and Godly fear.

So...we receive a kingdom that cannot be moved. But let me point out that ...once more...signifieth the removing of all those things that can be shaken. There is no question about the patterns of the Scripture, nor the promises God made to His Household, or the statements He made concerning their Destiny that this was specifically, and without question made to a Race. More than this as we survey the content of the Holy Scriptures a blind man might not possibly understand this, and one intentionally resigned to cover his mind from the areas of truth, but the MOST HIGH had ordained that 'Ye shall receive the Kingdom.' He not only made this a part of the compact with the race, but out of the race emerges what we call culture. And culture is the sum total of the things a race feels, and sometimes the subconscious pattern of its thinking, but are the covenants, the promises and the religious aspects, the philosophical factors that govern its thinking. Thus it is that when God gave to your race as He establishes that race..that Adamic Household from Seth and Noah, and again as He spoke to Abraham..He said He would make of Abraham a Great Nation, and a Company of Nations, He also said:..'Ye are a chosen household, a chosen people.'

We can go back to the Book of Deuteronomy and THE MOST HIGH made statements concerning this:..'Thou art a holy people unto YAHWEH thy God,' ...'He hath chosen thee to be a special people unto Him above all the people on the face of the earth.' Now:..of course these are great statements by THE MOST HIGH, but what do we know about HIM? We know that all things were made by HIM, and without HIM was not anything made. He made the heavens and the earth. He made the sidereal immensities, the vast worlds beyond, and He established principalities and powers. He established Him, for Him, and for His pleasure. He is the one who said:...'I have established you above all the people on the face of the earth, you are a Holy people unto Me.'

Now; again I want to point out to you that when He talks about the administration of the Kingdom saying that the kingdom belongs to the children of the MOST HIGH, and that He will see that they are the ones to receive this kingdom...then He said:..I place you above all the people on the face of the earth, and the LORD shall bring out these nations before thee little by little. The LORD shall deliver them into your hands, and thou shalt destroy those who are against thee, and with a mighty destruction shall they be destroyed. Now; as far as the captions of the Scripture are concerned, I am not interested in what people have to say, I am interested in what God has to say. And as God has delivered unto the children of His Kingdom, the understanding of His Laws, He hath bestowed upon them the Laws, thus the Laws of God were for the administration of His Kingdom. And God hath not only promised them to the House of Israel..the white race..but He promised that you are going to receive this kingdom. Without any question it is to be your kingdom and He said:..everything that is according to My Law cannot be shaken. Everything which is established for Life, for Living, for Administration, which is against My Law is going to be shaken. And of these days I will shake everything which can be shaken and remove it out of the way.

Now we can well understand that as God talks about the areas pertaining to the Kingdom He says that the children of Abraham shall increase and become a Great Nation and a Company of Nations. If fact if we look back even 75 years ago we see that the Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Germanic, Nordic, Basque, and kindred people pushed out to the ends of the earth conquering over the powers of darkness. Oh! you say, but they walked disrespectfully over the Buddhist, and didn't care much for the Hindu, and ran rough-shod over the peoples of Africa. So what?? You say...what do you mean? I mean that these people are idol worshipers, they are the children of darkness. I mean these people are treated with kindness when they deserve kindness, and treated with force when they deserve force, for they are out to take over the earth. Oh! you can say that we were out to take over the earth, you can say what you want to, but we are not out to take over the earth, you have just been fed such a diet of propaganda on Democracy saying we must bring about a democratic change all over the world. We are told that we bring everyone together as brothers, recognize their gods, their pagan religions thus bringing all religions together and all people into one great big brotherhood. We must have a realignment, a reapportionment of the wealth according to the doctrines of Karl Marx, and Socialism, as it divides up everything. We are being told today in not so many words but just as firmly that all this is true.

Now; the program of God's Kingdom is not paying any attention to the Buddhist. It is not paying any attention to Brahma, Vishnu, or Siva, or any of the pagan religions, because YAHWEH said:..'I alone am God.' You turn to the Book of Timothy and it tells you that this time He is going to show you who is the Blessed and only Potentate...KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORD'S. That He alone has the power of immortality, is the only Potentate, and He is going to change the world. He said:..'Ask me concerning my sons, command ye me.' The very world is going to bow down and acknowledge that you are My sons and daughters. 'Ye are my sons and daughters, saith YAHWEH.'

When He talks about a Kingdom then of course there is a kingdom and you are going to receive this kingdom. In fact the building up of the great civilization over the last 300 to 400 years had about reached the apex of knowledge and understanding. In fact as far as the nations of the world are concerned, whether it was Sweden, or Germany, or Britain, or whether it was our nation, there was the building of colonies and our Great Nation, and there was no question but it was done by a superior race of people, and no question of the fact that they moved under the Destiny of God.

In the days when George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were referred to as the Building Fathers of our nation, they had high wisdom, high knowledge in their schools, and they knew that you were Israel. Did you know that when they placed on the Seal of your nation the 13 Olive Branches that this was not just for the 13 colonies but it marked the division of the House of Israel? Norvus Ordo Seclorum...the New Order of the Ages...they knew who you were! When they placed 'Annuit Coeptis'..He Prospers our Beginnings.

They knew He had guided you out of the nations of Europe to become a great and mighty symbol of the Kingdom, and they wrote about this, and talked about it, but people didn't understand. But they did know that the white race was supreme, that it was sovereign, and they walked before God, and came to worship God, and they understood that they were moved by God. In the early areas of their discussions, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin and others belonged to that Lodge of High Wisdom and Knowledge, the Masonic Order which had only 7 degrees before the world order moved in. Let me tell you they talked and discussed these things they said that they were fulfilling the 30th., chapter of Jeremiah. And that out of us would proceed the voice of Thanksgiving, and the voice of them that make merry. Jeremiah tells you that:...'Their nobles shall be of themselves, and their governors shall proceed from the midst of them. I will cause him to approach unto Me, for who is he that engages his heart to approach unto Me?, saith Yahweh. Ye are my people and I am your God.' These great men of our beginnings understood that this pertained to America. Understood that a great republic was being founded. Your rulers to be selected by the people, the nobles and governors to be of themselves. These my friends, were just some of the principals being involved. The white race was spreading out in Africa, and into Asia and their Navy was strong and powerful, and they dealt with honesty and with justice.

Now; I want to point out to you that you have found a certain area of decadence, and suddenly we discover that Democracy has taken the place of the concept of a Republic. And Democracy of the kingdom and the democracy of the nations makes everyone your brothers. And in this discussion of Democracy they want to make all men equal, all men the same, and divide up all things. This is the doctrine of hell. And until we see the destruction of Democracy we will never rise to the greatness which is your Destiny.

Now hear this:...until we destroy democracy, until we repudiate democracy we will never see the greatness of the Kingdom of God. Oh! you say...that can't be, this is a great democracy. But the Kingdom of God is not a democracy, it is a Sovereignty. It is the one absolute power that shall rule and reign in His Kingdom. His words are law, His government is Law, and even tho we may embrace the concept of a Republic until He whose right it is to Reign does come, we shall then join with Him in a vast Republic for all the earth under the administration of the MOST HIGH GOD, but I am going to tell you that the concept of you as a Great Nation with your race supreme were yours until the twentieth century.

There is no doubt about the patterns of darkness and subtlety. There is no doubt that in the twentieth century as we started to move into the last days that this problem was before you. There is no question of the fact that deceivers were trying to take over the nation, and the people with doctrines of devils. We turn into the Book of Timothy concerning these matters as to what it tells us. And we find that as the people of God's nations emerge into the Latter times that the spirit...that the principal condition was that the spirit tells us that 'some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils, that they are speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their conscience seared as with a hot iron; forbidding to marry, and are opening up all the patterns of lust and evil.' I Timothy 4:1-3.

Now; I don't have to go around this Book to tell you who the devils are. As I said this afternoon, the devils are the Jewish people. It doesn't matter whether you want to defend the Jewish people or not, for Jesus identified Judas Iscariot as a devil, identified the rulers of the Temple as devils. He told them as they stood around Him:..'Ye are of your father the devil' are a race of devils. I come for the children of God, they belonged to me in the heavens, and since I am Yahweh now embodied in earth they belong to me...they are mine.' There is no loss except the devils.

Now; concerning the Kingdom of God, it is for say. Oh, we don't want any politics in religion. Well, then you don't want to hear anything about the Bible, because the Bible is the teaching of the coming of God's Kingdom from heaven to earth, the rising of His Kingdom to power to rule the earth. Of course ever since Lucifer took over the earth in his rebellion, bringing in the Negroes, as he lost the battle with Michael, he has been concerned with politics of earth because this is his last stand. He wants to rule and control the earth, and to destroy the earth. The greatest policy he has for this is to spread Democracy throughout the land, not freedom. Democracy is mob rule, it is the pattern of mob rule not the pattern of duly elected and constitutional rule of sovereignty. So...we find in this policy the strange patterns of Luciferianism. The great nations of the western world were moving ahead under the program of God when suddenly seducing spirits came out, and my how they sought to divide up the nations. How they moved into Germany trying to spread Socialism and Communism. They instituted the war between the Anglo-Saxons and the House of Judah. Then they sought to demolish Germany by spreading communism throughout the land. At the same time the same forces of organized Jewry moved throughout and sought to destroy the Christian nations of God's Kingdom and had them fighting one another to destroy each other. They accomplished this by bringing us into great tribulation, and we are still in this great tribulation. For these policies sold into your midst this 'democracy' we are now finding interpreted for us, to be a world democracy in religion and all states of human life and living, and his my friends is a Jew concept. It comes out of the mind of organized Jewry. To do this they must attack your race and your culture, for culture emerges out of a race. We are in a period of disorganized culture in America, and more than this, the world is in a disorganized culture.

The Belgiums and the British were with their colonies producing great advantages with their control in Africa in their colonial days and before the Negroes were returned to savagery, killing the white man as well as the black, fulfilling the concepts of the hoards out of the Soviet Union and out of Red China. As we look out over the world and find the nations of darkness rising to challenge the nations of God's Kingdom with many people looking at these situations, they say this is terrible...a terrible situation. But you go to the seat of your government and you don't find men like George Washington or men like Thomas Jefferson in the seat of power. Instead you find men who are not talking about the Destiny of your race, but about taking 42% of the world, and feeding them next year. 42% of the world is to come to America and you are to give your land to the pagan nations.

But..God said: 'Woe, unto my people if they bring about these conditions, If they pour out my blessings of food and other things I have bestowed upon them. If they pour this out to the pagans I will curse their blessings. I will deprive them of the blessings I have held out for them.' As we move into these doctrines of seducing and evil spirits we discover that we have about 17 million people in one category and they control about all the communication systems in this country. And their cry is Democracy.. ...Democracy. Do you ever stop to realize that the entire areas of T.V., Radio, and most of the Press is in the hands of organized Jewry, they the seducing spirits and lying devils, and of course they are holding up the image of Democracy...Democracy for America. You say, what do we want? We want, my friends, the Kingdom of God and until that comes in we want the right to rise and fulfill the Destiny of the Race ordained by THE MOST HIGH GOD which is the Administration through out the entire world by the Kingdom of God. You say:..but this means war. I don't care what you want, the fact remains that you will be at war with the devil until you do win. When we moved out in this country we weren't paying too much attention to the Indians. Lets fact it..there were some white Indians and they were readily absorbed, but there were some Indians who were always attacking you, and you can build up all kinds of ideas as to why they should attack us but they had invaded this country years ago to destroy people here. Even when Manasseh came to this country the Asiatics existed here in his country. But we realized that the white race was superior, this was a battle in the eyes of God..we were supreme. We laid down the laws, and if they didn't obey the Law and fought us then we fought them back until we cleaned the country from one end to another of all the danger. Now if you can say...I don't think this was right. Well, I don't care what you think, it was right according to our Father for HE said:..I will drive back the savage from before you and I will drive him from off the land. And if he doesn't respect you and respect My Laws then this is what happens. No one who knows who they are is carrying a guilt complex for what happened. You never heard anything about this until the Jews had you start crying for the Indians and the Negroes. And it was the Jews who sold the Negroes to you so as to use them to destroy you. The Negro he brought out of Africa were those who had a life worse than slavery, because they never knew if his own kind would eat him or sell him into a fate worse than slavery. I want you to know that the only thing on Radio and T.V. is the mind and voice of a nation, and they have been feeding you propaganda which is against God's Kingdom which calls for sovereignty. When they take this degenerate force of society and say they are your equals, and then by legislation seek to control your society, and by legislation try to establish that these are your equal who are only brute beasts, this my friends, is the fallacy of destruction for a culture, and for a race.

Let me point this out to you that one of the strange things is that organized Jewry managed to get you into a war. They managed to get the Christian nations fighting one another altho these Christian nations had higher technology and capacity than all the rest of the world put together. And when they finally had you fighting, the had England, and Germany, fighting and then they got you into it and the major design was to make riches off of you and to reduce you to a status related program. This was the goal of the United Nations, and people started to make speeches over this infamy. And yet your Declaration of Independence said that you were a nation which would not surrender the sovereignty of this nation to any foreign power. The Declaration of Independence said you would never recognize any foreign power with authority over you. This strange policy, my friends, was Jewish, and I don't have to name Goldberg's, the Schiffs, and the Greenglass's and all those who have gone along with Socialism, Communism, New Dealism, with the turning of the atom bombs over to the Russians. ...'I just want you to know that you are my sons and daughters and I have ordained how you are going to take over the world. For the world is MINE and you are going to take it back. You are going to rule, administer it, for it is to be a Christian Society. Every knee is going to bow, every tongue shall proclaim that I am God...this is it.'

Now; I am going to tell you something else. When back in the Book of Deuteronomy HE said:...'I am going to tell you what you are going to do. You are going to deal with these pagans' and then He named every one of them. The Hittites, the Amorites, the Cainanites, the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites. And as Yahweh thy God hath commanded thee... you are to do these things. God said you are not to marry with them, not to take them into your family. Why? Because they will turn you from following HIM, and HIS anger will be turned against you. But God said:..I will tell you what you are going to do. You are going to destroy them, destroy their altars to their gods. Break down their images, break down their groves. You are going to burn their graven images with fire. You are going to clean out the pagan apostasies of the entire world. Did you know that after you triumphed over Germany, and the intensity of that struggle subsided then the army of occupation took over? And it was in the hands of organized Jewry. And Jewry prepared the lying affidavits for the war crime trials? They prepared the administration over that nation, they moved in your boys and they occupied Europe. But let me tell you.... the war crime trials were an infamy. For the first time in history you punished the nations which lost the war on the basis of criminality. And the material and affidavits with which they tried these men were the lies just like the Katyn Massacre. For this Katyn Massacre was not committed by German officers against the Poles, but was committed by officers of the Soviet Union. The Jews had gone into the Soviet Union and they ran that country. They had President Eisenhower here so twisted around their fingers that when secret information was brought to him that the German officers did not commit the Katyn Massacre, that the Germans were not the ones who had these men dig their own graves, then shot them and shoved them into it. But the German officers were under sentence of death by testimony prepared by Jews who lied. Eisenhower said:...but we don't want to disturb the relationship between the Soviet Union and the United States, so we better not say anything about it, and so we won't do anything about it. I heard this testimony before the Senate Committee in Washington D.C., when we had established without question these facts that we could prove that the Soviet officers did this, and the German officers were not guilty in this war crime trials. Now; another factor here is that President Eisenhower didn't want to do anything about Katyn because all the war crime trials were put together by the same military attache, the same Adjutant Generals, the same Attorneys, and one of the things was that everything was made of a complete lie, and false affidavits....the whole thing. I want you to know that in this debacle, America let organized Jewry take over instead of the Kingdom of God and its Christian civilization.

Now;..let me point this out to you, did you know that we forbade, even tho we brought over our young soldiers, and they had to abide in territory where the people were German,....did you know that we forbade our soldiers to marry German girls? But we opened up brothels and put together everything which goes along with brothels because the Jewish mind is filthy and they want to destroy you. They wanted to destroy your image with the nations of Europe, make them dissatisfied with everybody so the Jews pushed the brothels, they pushed every sexual disease and they pushed it on all the people. And Mr. Eisenhower permitted the pushing of the Negro soldiers into sex orgies. They took the women of Stuttguard down inside a subway terminal and they turned the Negroes loose to rape them for 5 to 6 days, until the American soldiers finally defied the officers and went into the subway and started shooting Negroes because they were raping white women. This was the kind of administration that you were allowing to be put over in Europe. So the abomination was that they were forbidding our boys to marry white German girls. In Japan and other conquered nations however the Jews adopted a rather strange policy. The adjunct Generals, being mostly Jews, performed it. We gave Japan one of our finest Generals, and General Douglas McArthur established a sound Christian administration there. But now they saw their policy of Democracy threatened so they put forth their approval for white boys to marry Japanese girls. But they did not put their approval for white boys marrying white girls in occupied Europe, because the Jew always thinks in terms of depravity, and anything which is against the laws of God because they are devils. This is their evil for your society...a mixed up culture.

I want you to know that as Timothy speaks out and says that this is seducing spirits and doctrines of devils that this is the 'Time of Jacob's Trouble'. But THE MOST HIGH GOD has ordained that His children are going to take over the world. Therefore I am not interested in Democracy, I am just interested in talking to you about what THE MOST HIGH GOD says you are going to do. I think that if people started to gear their thinking, gear their lives, their program to the words of THE MOST HIGH GOD they would come out a triumphant people. After all, one of the most important things which could emerge in your time would be for the people of the Western parts of Europe and the United States to determine that they will stand and smash the Anti-Christ and pagan forces throughout the world.

You say:...but is this a moral thing to do? It is the only moral thing to do, for you are to destroy immorality and depravity, this is your Destiny...and we note that it is the policy and strategy of the enemy to stop you from realizing that THIS IS YOUR DESTINY. We note that always the radio and T.V. are pushing ever and every more this program of destruction. They are saying that you have to support the world, that every man has the same rights, must have the same opportunity. Thus the program of the United Nations has this strategy to take from the have nations and give to the have-not nations. But the Kingdom of God says: ...I have placed you above all the peoples of the earth and you are going to rise and to rule. You are going to cut down their idols and their high groves. I have given instructions and you are going to do this.

I am going to tell you that when the people of the MOST HIGH turn again to these words of your Father, and realize the greatness of these words, the majesty of HIS WORD, then you will see the greatest era in all times and history arise here in earth. You are going to see the white race rise supreme to rule the world, and put down all evil. Then the nations shall be ruled by the Laws of God. Degeneration, depravity, violation of the sex laws, the violation of the economic laws will all end. You won't even treat the pagans of the world that way because you are going to bring them under the Laws of THE MOST HIGH GOD, and they are going to turn and say:..'Surely God is within thee.' But not my friend, the Jews, for they are something different.

The Jews are the father of Buddhism and Brahma, Vishnu, Siva and Kali and all the pagan doctrines that exist in the earth. When they move in on a religion they absorb it, and transpose it. When of course the Jews moved in on the House of Israel, they had been worshipers of Baal and the Dragon. They had been the followers of Set and Soth of Ancient Egypt. When they came out of Egypt with you they said, we will adopt this religion..strange paradox. They refer to the laws bestowed on the House of Israel then move to get around all those laws. When they take the Holy Scripture which God your race, they say:...there is a way around this for we will write one of our own, and its called a TALMUD. For we are so great that God is going to be advised by our Rabbi. There is no question of the infamy of life under the Talmud for the Talmud is as rotten a set of volumes as you could ever read and understand. It is degenerate, it is depraved, it is homosexual, and it moves out with evil. There is no law, if they do any of these things against the 'goym'...there is no law. It has absolutely no respect for the Laws of God or man, it makes its own laws. And they hold up their so called holy Talmud but it is a disgraceful debauched piece of writing. But this is what Jewry does as it takes possession of your religion. This is what it does when it gains control of your society. First it makes your soul constantly acquainted with the violence and the evil which comes from their own depraved nature. They have done this with the motion picture industry for people set there and are entertained by all this depravity, but what is just rotten evil. Now; I am not saying that every motion picture is unsound, immoral, or depraved, but I am saying that 75% of them are. I am telling you that you are letting the enemy 'amuse' your people and make you so used to the patterns of darkness and evil that people don't ever find the 'distaste' rising up to denounce it. Oh, they say you are an old prude. Yes..a prude maybe but let me tell you this. One of these days the Laws of God are going to put judgment upon these people, and not one of them will remain alive in these United States. Because God says:..I am going to pour out judgment upon these people who corrupt your morals, and degenerate a society. A culture has been warped and that culture will find itself because God says: ..I am going to stir up my people. There is no question of the fact that 75% of your nation will agree with me when I speak out...they are now be- ginning to raise a hue and cry....why? They are saying why are these people giving away our money, why do they want to put our property and all our assets to back this (world government scheme). Why are all of these happening?...that is the cry. But a great awakening is coming, and as it arises the antagonism is falling upon these children of Lucifer and the devils who sold this program to you.

Someone says:..what does God say about this? I will tell you. God says that you are a people above all the people on the face of the earth, and sure above all the devils. God says:..You are going to destroy the idol worshipers and their doctrines, and their groves. You are going to bring all your nations, and the whole world to the knowledge that I AM..KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, THE ONLY POTENTATE. You say you want passivism? But I don't find passivism in Christ's return, do you? Do you see any place in the Bible where it talks of passivism? The Bible says that Christ will take up His Sword and like a mighty sickle will reap of the harvest of the earth. He is going to take those of His Household, and His Kingdom and raise them to such spiritual power, and they will have a material victory for they will crush the powers of darkness, and set the people free.

Now if your afraid that means war, then think of this, it is war against the enemy with promised victory for all of your race, then putting a shoulder to the wheel it is war in the Name of God. I do not care whether they refer to the wisdom of God's Word as He gave it to Israel or to the Germanic House, or whether they refer to them as Anglo-Saxon, or whether they want to smear or attack it calling it an Empire. Well, it is the Empire of God being established over the earth bringing back the subordination for deliverance.

The MOST HIGH states very clearly over in the Book of Daniel that He is going to build a Kingdom like a stone, and that this stone kingdom will strike this image of world power with its feet of iron and clay and break it in pieces. And it will be like the chaff on the threshing floor, the wind will carry it away. And the Stone of His Kingdom which smote this image shall become a great and mighty kingdom and shall fill the whole earth. This my friends is the Kingdom of THE MOST HIGH GOD. More than this as we turn to the structure of this....we are told that in the days of these kings He shall set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed. And that Kingdom shall not be left to other people, it shall break in pieces kingdoms, and stand forever. You can read on in the Book of Daniel and learn that God has set this matter by decrees, and set decrees over His Watchers. And by demand of HIS Word, all His Holy ones are working with this intent, that the Living may know that the MOST HIGH ruleth the kingdoms of men. Then God turns to a Divine Race of believing offspring, His sons and daughters, and makes this statement...that the Saints of the MOST HIGH are going to take the kingdom and possess the kingdom forever and ever. I want to point out to you that it also says that the kingdom and the dominion of the kingdom, the greatness of the kingdom under the whole of heaven shall be given to the people who are the believing offspring of THE MOST HIGH GOD. It shall be an everlasting possession and the dominions shall serve and obey HIM. And yet the enemy is coming out to teach you integration, they want you to inter-mix and mongrelize your race. They want you to destroy the standards of a household. God said He placed you above everyone on the face of the earth. God Almighty said:...I am going to shake these people. Do you know how He is shaking this situation. He puts them in actual warfare against you, and you will see the communist forces move these Negroes against you in this next year. (This they did in 1965). And as they rise up and when it is all over there will not be a Negro left in these United States. I am going to tell you that before God gets through shaking, that the Federal Reserve System is going down, and any and every Jewish Bank is going down, and the nations will have a sound economy, for this shall be the cry from the people. For God has said that He will shake everything which can be shaken. And anything which can be shaken will be removed. But you are going to receive a kingdom which cannot be moved, because you are a Holy people unto YAHWEH thy God. You say...but we have turned aside, we have let these strangers come in. Yes, while our own people slept and were ignorant to the conspiracy of the enemy we have also watched the fulfillment of prophecy as Lucifers children have taken over from HIS children in this 'time of trouble'. But I am telling you that there will be a driving out of the children of Lucifer until not a Cainanite remains in the House of God, and this is going to be a greater victory.

I want you to turn to the Book of Micah where you see that God looks upon HIS people and makes this statement:...'I will turn again and have compassion on you.' I will subdue any of your iniquities which you may have. I will cast out all thy sins, and drive those sins into the depth of the sea. And 'thou will perform the truth to Jacob, and the mercy to Abraham which thou hast sworn unto all our fathers from the days of old.' Micah 7:19-20.

God said:..My Mercy shall follow you still. I am going to wipe out all your transgressions, and throw them into the sea. I am going to keep my word which I made to Jacob and to Abraham, I am going to see that you get the Kingdom. Why? because it is my kingdom and you are my sons and daughters. You say...but Dr. Swift, this wouldn't be a very good message for many of our politicians, for they believe in Democracy. Well, I don't! They believe in World Rule for all nations, for all people, but I don't, for I believe in the Kingdom. I believe in the children of the kingdom that they are going to take the kingdom, and their superiority will remain high and above all. Because they are the children of THE MOST HIGH GOD, and the Laws of God call for you to worship the MOST HIGH...THE KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF LORDS.

I will tell you something...when you capture the vision, and seize the sword, and launch this crusade, even the enemy will not be able to make you break ranks, will not be able to make you fall before their machine guns and bombs. And the LORD says that My Children shall not break ranks, none are going to fall.

I am going to tell you that you are going to see the greatest miracles of all times. The Jews will cry:...'Hitlerism', but the only thing wrong with Adolph Hitler was that he was ahead of time. And he didn't have a full concept to go with it as to why he had such an animosity against the children of Satan. But he did know they were ruining his country and the economy of his country, that they were pitting man against man when white men should be standing together against these hoards who are threatening the entire white race. I want you to know that if George Washington was to rise up and we followed his policies they would call him Hitler today. Oh! how they put out their book...'The Land of the Free' run down George Washington, to find fault with him. And now the text books in your school say that George Washington was not a great man, and he was not a man of Democracy because he had slaves. One thing I can say for Mr. Rafferty (head of education in Calif.) he is going to present a book to the board of education and demand that it be used. Whereas the enemy has brought out this book 'The Land of the Free', his book is called 'The Home of the Brave'. And instead of tearing down the great men of America we want them built up, instead of putting on the false pattern that the Negro has made massive contribution to our society and settled the west, invented everything which was invented, is heading all the great company, and teaching all the schools..we want it known that the Negro will find his place in progress and history and this will be so small it will hardly be mentioned. I want you to know that you are going to receive a kingdom which shall not be moved. When? Not to far from now. Things will start to happen which will cause the concern of a society, cause them to rise. Their culture shall start to rise again, they shall see that the supremacy of the white race, and the service of the MOST HIGH GOD are the most important thing. They are going to turn to the preachers who have denied the Deity of Christ, and have denied the inspiration of the Word and say we no longer go along with you. They are going to leave those churches and gather together where every Word of God is preached. God says: I am going to pour out my spirit, and start such a wave of revival across my people that with spontaneity they will turn to me.

I am going to tell you that there will be a lot of people out there picking prunes who used to think they were ministers, and they will be plenty glad they are allowed to pick a few. We are in the hour when God says enough, and we can be assured of victory. I can assure you that even tho the enemy would like to stop this ministry, they would like to stop the work of your church, the study of your tapes, the study of the Gospel but they can't stop it because God's hand is on it. You and I are in that great hour of deliverance when My Kingdom shall rise and take over, and the powers of the Anti-Christ shall be defeated. You will have to start thinking it, you will have to start talking it, start talking destruction upon your pagan enemies.

Oh yes, the enemy has your statesmen bowing down in Buddhist Temples.. when they went to the land of the Viet Cong...shame on them. They had President Eisenhower taking a Caste Mark to Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, and Kali when he went to India. They said:..what a wonderful thing that a President of the United States would give such a Universal response to the people of India. Well, my friends when he went over to India, Nehru, and his group had him put a Caste Mark on his face, and by that act President Eisenhower denied his God, and acknowledged that the gods of India were real. If Eisenhower was worth the snap of my finger he would have retained his mind and said:...I am a Christian, I recognize no god but Yahweh. If you want to do business with me...I come as a diplomat, but I will not recognize your gods, and your gods are no gods at all. If President Eisenhower had done that he would have been the greatest man of all times.

I want you to know that America is going to be led by men...tall men, sun crowned men, that live above the clouds. There will be none to match our mountains because God Almighty has ordained that you are going to see and that you are going to rise up and call out these men before you. And you are going to see a nation born in a day, and you will know that you have received the kingdom, and all the shaken things are gone, but the kingdom remains, the triumph of our culture is shown.

You say what about the rest of the world? Well, the rest of the world is subordinate to the culture of the society of God, and will fare better than they have ever fared in all their time and history. For the nations shall know the Glory of God, and the law shall go out of His Kingdom from one end of the world, even unto the other. .