Kings Of The Earth And Their Armies, 10-11-68


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 10-11-68

In this hour, the Kings and their armies are gathering to come against the Kingdom. We take this thought out of the book of Revelations. And it tells us that the armies of the Beast System are gathered against HE, who comes on a White horse. HE, who comes at the head of God’s Kingdom.

In the areas of the interpretation of prophecy, and in the understanding of symbolism that we find in the scripture, then remember that when it refers to the rider upon the White horse, or refers to Christ as LORD of Lords, and the one known by the declaration of HIS Majesty and power in the armies of Heaven on White horses that followed HIM---then always---the White horse symbolizes the authority of the Kingdom, the administration of the Kingdom. And the White horse represents the nation of YAHWEH’S Kingdom.

I think it most important that people recognize the background of the scriptures and keep in mind that the scriptures were written for your race and to your race, and to no other race. For the Holy Scriptures were written by men of the White race who were inspired to record the things that God had stirred them to record. And those scriptures are interpreted by the ministers of your race as they have their minds in tune with God concerning the mysteries of HIS Revelations.

I want to point out to you that the Adamic race is the White race. And that the word Adam is translated all through the Old Testament as man. It should have been translated White man. The word ‘Enosh’ should have been used for the other races around the White man. Thus, it is that when we see the symbolism of the Kingdom in prophecy, we see the great White horse and the forces behind HIM.

Then on the other hand, we see the symbols of apostasy and darkness. And the symbols of darkness are always listed as the Beast System. It does not make any difference whether you are reading in Revelation, or in other scriptures. The Beast System is always listed as the powers against White Christian civilization, the people of the White race who stand for the program of the MOST HIGH KING.

As we view the world today, we see that the world is getting ready for yet another war. I wast you to know that the last two World Wars, and Korea and Vietnam, will seem insignificant when you consider the masses of people who will be involved in this war. Yet, I also want you to know that not only will you survive, and even better than you did in the past years--but the White nations of the whole Western World will also survive because YAHWEH has proclaimed it, and HE has ordained it, and has prophesied it, and has set forth the measures of it.

As we look at the map of the world, we can well understand that the design of this battle is the design of Lucifer and his children. And thus, you must remember that Lucifer has offspring in this earth. He has a whole race of people who are his own biological offspring. And with these offspring, Lucifer has deceived the pagans of the earth. He and his offspring have moved over the peoples of Asia and Africa and now are gathering them for the battle against the nations of God’s Kingdom which is symbolized by the White Horse Kingdom. So when we see these symbols inside the book of Revelation, or inside any of the passages inside the scriptures, then that is what it is referring to. Basically tonight, the Beast System is represented by the Socialists, the Communist conspiratorial system. It is also led and backed by men who are agnostic and atheists, who seek to thrust the Christian world into a program of Atheism and Agnosticism.. In the areas of Africa and Asia, the people are serving doctrines of devils or idols in worship and they have a multitude of idols. The Communist Socialists conspiracy controls these pagans. And yet, they leave them with their religion just as long as they can turn them under one head to hurl them against Western Christian civilization.

Now, who is Lucifer? Lucifer was a great and mighty Archangel. And at one time, ruled over 1/3 of the Universe. And at one time, he was obedient to the MOST HIGH. But in the battles and wars which covered millenniums of time, he was not only thrown out of the upper heavens and driven into this solar system, but he also was defeated by Michael. And as Lucifer and his armies were thrown out of the heavens in that process great destruction was done in that part of the heavens. And after studying and looking out into that great Universe, then you can consider the expanse and the size and the multitudes of beings in the involvement of that rebellion and the climax of that rebellion.

Then the important thing for you to understand, is that since you are of the House of YAHWEH, then you are the family of YAHWEH. And you are here dwelling in earth in physical bodies. I want you to know that HIS Spirit bears witness with your spirit that we are the children of YAHWEH. The MOST HIGH has determined that we shall rule and reign with HIM. And I am going to assure you that we are going to do that as the minds of men are turned towards their responsibilities and their destiny.

When on their way to assuring this destiny, the White nations let the United Nations be formed. And it was designed to bring down the White Christian civilization. And it has been in the process of that as it stirs up the African continent. No Negro lived in South Africa when the White man went in there. But the United Nations is pushing even there, for Black rule. In other parts of Africa, the United Nations has destroyed the White rule and turned the civilization and the betterment of the Negro into chaos. We should stop paying the bills of the U.N. and come out of that organization, because whether you know it or not, the U.N. wants you to help them move against the White people of South Africa and let the Negro take over all of Africa, but under their control.

By the same token, when the Beast System strikes in their last great battle, the White Christian nation of the ‘Stick’ of Judah and the ‘Stick’ of Israel, shall stand together as one great and mighty power. Don’t ever forget that.

The scriptures say that the rulers of the world are going to gather their armies to attack and destroy the areas where they consider the greatest spoil can be taken. In the 38th chapter of Ezekiel, God talks about how the hordes out of Russia will gather their power and they shall ascend and come as a storm. And they shall come as a cloud to cover the land. And at that time, they shall have evil thoughts in their mind and they will say, ‘I will go up to the land of un-walled villages.’ There are no walled villages in the Western Christian world. But at this time, the scriptures also say that the young lions are going to roar. Well, the young lions were the colonial nations that came out of what once was the House of Israel.

You should recognize those people who are coming against you and the ones that lead them. You should recognize those of the enemy who have moved into your government, your political world and your financial world, and into the Church world. For they advocate the policies of the anti-Christ. Now remember that the scriptures tell you that the LORD will destroy whole cities of this enemy that dwells among you. So who is this enemy? Too long, we have backed away from the world ‘Jew’, feeling that we must not stir up people or you would be in for trouble. When we discussed a point, we said, ‘They are behind all of this move to destroy Christianity.’ Well, my friends, it is time to take off the gloves. For you are going to be in worse trouble if you don’t discuss the point and make sure people understand that the word of YAHWEH is going to stand.

What do we fact today? There are today, three million men from the Soviet Army inside of Europe. Then there are two million more strung out on their borders. Then in China, there are also five million men in uniforms and trained and ready to go. This explains why the Russians are so worried about the Neutron bomb, as they don’t want to use Atomic power in Europe, for they aim to crush with the weight of their armed forces and air power. Russia wants to select the time and the place for an atomic attack. They are using the Negroes of Africa to help them run over the White people of that area. So whether you like it or not, the Communist world and those behind them are out to conquer you if they can, and all this is just preparation for the great and the terrible day of the LORD, when the Beasts of the earth in their hatred and animosity toward Christ and HIS Kingdom, will strike the Western Christian world. Now, they think that they are going to take a spoil. And they have had some success in that venture. But they think at that day, that they are going to take the whole map of Europe and all of Asia. And then, the whole world.

To counteract this, you will see new leaders come forth in the White Christian nations. And they will come forth with sudden surprise. And when people listen to these new leaders, then the people will rise and they will say, ‘We will fight and we will have a victory. No more will we fight a war and not win.’

In the book of Revelation, it tells you how this area of trouble starts:-- ‘I saw therefore, the Beast with its political system of world Communism and its masters. And I saw the rulers of earth. And I say their armies gathered together. And when they came against the White world, according to the book of Ezekiel, for the purpose of taking a spoil, then God says, ‘When they come against Israel, then MY fury is going to come up into My face and surely in that day there will be a great shaking in the land of Israel.’ And not only will this take place, but the Almighty also says, ‘I will smite them and they shall fall apart upon the nations of Israel. And I will give them to the birds and to the beasts of the field to be devoured, and they shall fall upon the open field, and I have declared it, saith YAHWEH-God. Then HE also says, ‘I will send such a fire of missiles and weapons upon Soviet Russia that they will know that I am YAHWEH.’ And when this is all over, it will take seven months to bury the dead in the House of Israel where the enemy has fallen and been destroyed. In other words, his (Russia---Lucifer’s armies) air craft are going to come tumbling down and his equipment will be smashed and it will have to be disposed of. Then throughout the land of Israel, there will be a great work of burying things and cleansing or the earth. And all men will be put to work with this cleansing.

Remember, when the hour comes, we are going to have some protection that the enemy can’t quite explain, besides the Neutron bomb. Because the Great Prince Michael, stands at the control of the armies of the Universe. And altho the armies of earth may outnumber you 10 to 1, still the armies of the Universe will be standing by you. This army is already in our atmosphere. And how do we know? Because they have been observed by our Government and they have reported on flying saucers and different crafts that flew by. And then the government has buried all these reports. So, we know that they are there.

Then in Revelation, we read, ‘The heavens opened and I beheld behind HIM came the armies of heaven. And HE was clothed in a vesture and HIS name was called ‘THE WORD OF YAHWEH.’ And the Armies of heaven followed HIM and all came clothed as it were in white linen, in beautiful raiment, clean and white.’ This is a symbol of the great White Robe Company. It is the symbol of the White race, a symbol of their embodiment and a symbol of their perpetuity, and a symbol of their identity.

Once upon a time, there was an organization in the United States dedicated to protect America from Socialism, from Communism and alien destruction. Those men are called a great White Robed Company. I stood as a boy in Washington, D.C., watching them come marching down Pennsylvania Avenue, for three solid hours. There were doctors, ministers, and lawyers. Judges and people from all segments of the United States. And they marched. And as they marched, they sang ‘The Great White Robed Company.’ I never forgot how the Horse Calvary came first with the White Robed men as their riders, then followed all those men of the Great White Robed Army. These men of this organization, knew that the power to destroy America was in our land and they were identifying the enemy. And they stood against that enemy. Then the enemy put forth a great campaign to destroy this White Robed Company and it folded up quietly. But let me tell you something. One of these days there will be another White Robed Company coming out of the heavens with their uniforms of white and with white faces. And they will stand for a White victory. And most of all, for a White YAHWEH.

So in Revelation, ‘I saw the Beasts of the Kings of the earth gather their armies together to make war against HIM who sat on the White Horse.’ At this time, when the enemy is getting ready to hit the Christian nations of God’s Kingdom, we must remember that we have a protection standing by. In that day, when the enemy strikes, then we shall see Michael the great Prince stand up and come in with a few fleets out of the heavens. And the moment that he starts coming in, the weapons of the enemy will be turned on him. And about that time, the Great Flag Ship of HE who is YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, the LORD of Hosts, shall appear in the sky and the Kings of earth and their Beast System are going to turn all their weapons, their rockets and their jets on---HIM WHO COMES RIDING ON THE WHITE HORSE. This is symbolically the KING of the Kingdom.

Can you imagine anyone silly enough to think they can whip the KING OF THE KINGDOM? The MOST HIGH told John about this in the book of Revelation and there it says, and I saw the Beast and I saw the false prophet who has lied to the people and used all the false propaganda to deceive the people. I see all of them not going to make war with HIM who comes with HIS armies in the Heavens. And I see all of them captured and I see them all exiled to the constellation known as the ‘lake of fire.’ And they will be in exile there. The ‘lake of fire’ is a constellation in the sky known as ‘ARA.’

Think of our earth, with no more chaos and catastrophe as every knee will bow and every tongue proclaims that Christ is YAHWEH. And the Kingdom of this world becomes the Kingdoms of our LORD and HIS CHRIST.

(End of sermon)