Knowledge Of A New Age, 9-3-61


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 9-3-61

As we turn tonight to the subject of the Knowledge of a New Age,' I think it is quite evident to all observers that we are standing in the hour of the great motion. Upon the face of the earth, things are moving at such greater speed than ever before, that our knowledge in technology in the course of that last few decades has increased. We stand on vistas of human understanding that dwarf the concepts of the Universe as we knew it yesterday, into almost insignificant and small beginnings. For at this hour, we can study every phase of our natural sciences. In the last decade astronomers have added ten times the measurement to the Universe as they had before. They are thinking in terms of limitless space with limitless planets, suns, moons, and stars. The realm of the physicist has discovered greater power than he has wielded before in his conscious earth history.

We have joined our experimentation in all realms of chemistry and physics, the taking of units of things apart. And we have discovered the secrets of the Universe that the last fifty years have brought to truition, until today you can say the men of your race have a system of thinking which gives them a pattern of the smallest units of the solar system--the atom--its molecular masses and the construction of substance. And you have watched in the pattern in the last twenty years, the taking apart of the atom--the tremendous energy which it has released, the great explosive power in their hands.

You have watched the development of fields and patterns of combustion. You have moved into an age where men can create rockets with such thrust, they can place themselves out into space. You have watched the movement in your own time of objects--satellites--arching the earth. Man made asteroids with the ability to bring them back into orbit. All these things have happened in the span of the last two decades.

You have watched an increase in knowledge in almost every field of scientific Line. We have watched modifications in the field of geology which no longer reckon as they did in the past, many of the things that relate to earth. They now see that the earth is standing out of great antiquity of great age. And with it the anthropologist is more in evidence that man--man as we know man--lived upon the earth a million seven hundred and fifty thousand years ago. And thus your knowledge has increased here.

No longer have the perimeters of ideas remain where they were twenty years ago. The last twenty years has projected human knowledge farther than man ever anticipated it would go in such a period of time. It moved you so fast that it thrust you from one age into another and you stand with one foot in an old age and another foot into a new age, because prophecy has brought you to the perimeter of new and great things.

Now with all the advance the of this knowledge, you have witnessed, you would say, that the world is a much better place to live in than it was twenty years ago. Or that all this knowledge has brought about greater understanding, greater safety, and people getting alone better together. But this does not seem to be the happening. For as we have learned more about the earth, we understand more about its sciences. But all of these factors have not given us security and it has not given us peace. Largely, because there things let men must know. And there is knowledge led must become a part of their thinking before the real new order can come in.

We talk about knowledge of the new age and it is of nuclear knowledge. We can talk about knowledge for a new age and it is not just the procedures of transporation. Because even now transportation is stepping up at speeds in your time when you will when you will be able to go from one end of the continent to the other in the matter of one hour or so. It will be nothing to make a trip from here to Europe in a matter of a couple of hours or little more. That is just as sure ahead as the speed which we we moving in transportation.

But that isn't the thing that brings in the 'new age.' We have discovered there are many of these processes of science that are all related to it--to the discoveries of your race, also, to the age which is ahead. But I can assure you this. At this very moment, because of not understanding the necessary knowledge of God's Kingdom, that all that has happened in the earth with the new wisdom and new knowledge, and new understanding, is greater danger, great gravity, and the world in greater fear tonight than they were before.

Fifty years ago, they weren’t worried of a nation on the other side of the earth being about to devastate their city in the next twenty-four hours or maybe in the next few hours. Men did not worry when they talked about was that it could be brought to much truition if it was from one continent to another without many weeks in tremendous preparation and they would surely hear or know something about it. They were not nearly so worried even after a telegraph had come in and we had a cable under the ocean that could bring us news as to the world. This was to their advantage because they knew ahead of time what was going on in a distant place. But in your time, you have watched the shortening of the areas of distance by the speed by which we can move great devastation thru the projectile, the nuclear discoveries and the other things that have came into being in our time. So these discoveries and this knowledge has caused, tonight, great fear on the face of the earth.

Gathered togeber tonight, in Yugoslavia, are a great number of nations which are referred to as the uncommitted nations. Now, you say, ‘what do you think about an uncommitted nation? I think an uncommitted nation is about as useless as far as anything constructive as a nation can be, whether it be large or small. An uncommitted nation is much like a luke warm bless of water. God has unveiled His opinion of something that is neither hot nor cold and said He would spew it out of His mouth. But today there are numbers of uncommitted nations. They run the panorama of Asiatic countries from India to the tribes of the Congo and other African nations of which today call themselves uncommitted nations. I wouldn't deign to give many of these countries the qualifications of a nation. But President Eisenhower and many of the silly advisors around him, did. And they took into the United Nations a group of cannibal tribes that are not prepared for our recognition as nations among men. In fact, tomorrow morning, in your newspaper, whether it be the 'Times' or the 'Examiner', you are going to see that just recently, some tribesmen of the Congo took a couple of English soldiers and ate them and threw their jeep in the lake.

These of course, are statesmen of the Congolese countries. And these are the people you are admitting on the same equality as nations as you. Of course, men like Eisenhower know more about their backgronnd than I do, and they probably know what is in their minds more equal to their status then most of us. But I want you to know that we have been endangered by this type of thinking until today we have a whole status of a world in turmoil and upheaval. And the whole problem before us is based on a lack of knowledge!

You know men can be destroyed from a lack of knowledge. This is certainly true in the logistical field when we deal with armed forces and might and strength and man power. And when we underestimate an enemy or when we do not prepare, then a lack of knowledge concerning an enemy and his capacities can be a very devastating thing.

A lack of knowledge is one of the most dangerous things a state can face. I think whenever a state operates on false knowledge, this is especially true concerning its internal condition. And this is the problem which America has faced in the last thirty-five to forty years. The great degeneration and the status of liberties and independence and blessings which your nation has entered into and felt thru the processing of the last thirty-five years, has been definitely a result of a great lack of knowledge--a knowledge which doesn't fit an 'old order’---a knowledge which is the knowledge of a revolution in a 'world order' and is not the knowledge of a ‘new age' necessary to bring in that new age according to God's blueprint. So it becomes your responsibility to understand the great values of truth. 'Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.'

Now those who understand the real story of God's Kingdom, those who understand the real message of race and origin, are in possession of some of the most important facts for the synthesis of a 'new age' and for the era that is just ahead.

I want you to realize that with all of the things that men are putting their minds to, many of these things are inspiration as it relates to the future. Some of these things are constructive and good. There are purposes which God's word unveils and these things are going to be brought to pass, because God will add enough energy of Spirit and enough energy of knowledge of conscious purpose as well as the forces forming and needed to bring the results. Now you and I are instruments in God's hands. We are His children, His household ambassadors. We are His race, His family and His Kingdom.

Now it is important that you understand that no greater capacity will effect the earth and this concept of taking on the processes of the world--no greater danger when we take on their processes of thinking, concerning the organization of men and the place they're going to live in or the way they are going to live--how they are going to live. That is one of the reasons why, when from Chicago University, they refuted the policies of their social and political scientists, economists, and instructors, and cited that they are basing their ideas on a false premise. And because of that, they have brought catastrophe and will bring catastrophe upon this age.

Now when analysts, physicist, and the anthropologists in Chicago University opposed the institutions and foundations and the pseudo-scientists because they have based their ideas on racial equality and upon the capacities of all races to have the same mental and spiritual output, when they don't, and they have thus instituted a design to give them equal opportunities. They first started out saying they should be employed in all kinds of employment according to their numbers on a percentage basis.

Now on this basis a great number of sociological revolutionists have actually moved into positions of government and have sought to put, as many people by percentage wise, as they thought they should place into the positions of government. That's one of the reasons why today, that we have a great number of Negro appointees who are being moved into positions of responsibility and they are being placed in Washington offices and departments and agencies of government. They are being pushed in State positions by your Governor who hasn't too much intelligence in these things. And you are watching the same thing being done in your cities. The power and the pressure of a revolution is bringing this upon the politicians. And I tell you, any politician in your city that goes along with integration of your fire department, your police department or your city way of life, should be swept out of office by the people and never put back again.

The other day, a person said to me, 'Dr. Swift, are you against the Negroes?' 'No, I said, I am not against the Negro. I am against these people who have gotten out of their place and are moving in to areas where they do not have the capacity to fulfill and are thus hindering God's Kingdom. I am against these 'Mau Mau' forces which under Malchom X, turned Negroes into niggers and make them hard to survive with.' Someone said, 'Someone will get insulted.' Well, I am not worried about whether anybody is insulted. I am only interested in the truth tonight.

I am going to tell you, that one of the most important things we need in America is a re-awakening to the knowledge of God, His plan, and His purpose. This is the knowledge of a 'New Age.' I can stand with you and appreciate the developing technology of our society. And we find ourselves thrilled when we are looking at a television screen and seeing a man traveling out into space and successfully coming back and walking around. You know the whole team accomplished another accomplishment that moves in some direction which is related to our destiny.

I have been greatly amazed and I am mighty interested in what some of the great medical experiments and some medical scientists are now engaged in that are on the right track. And as I have talked with them and they have caught the concepts of form and spirit, soul and body, as we see it, and they in turn have been finding their experiments supporting the processes of established proof. And their processes have incorporated the use of experts in photography and its incorporated whole fields of kindred science. And they ate beginning to study every process of everything related to life and occupation of the body and how we stay in it. And all the things that relate to it. And I am utterly and continually amazed...both in the fields of advanced microscopy as well in their concepts of basic laws of life.

I think maybe some of these accomplishments are far more important than putting a man on the moon because the man in the moon might not be nearly so important to you as a conquest over the things that destroy the body, and ways of synthesizing life back in it, and the formulas of their discovery. And I am also convinced that no man that is not in harmony with his Creator, and does not recognize Him and the guidance of His spirit and the vision of His power, will ever make a great contribution within the medical field or in any other field of science, to your race, that will prove of lasting value or prove to be not based on false theory.

So it is that I am anticipating as I watch the work of some of these who have caught the vision. And because they catch it, work toward the projects which are before us, we can tell you something about the 'New Age.' And so it has been declared in scriptures, many things relating to it.

The first place, the 'New Age' on the earth and 'what do we mean by a 'New Age'? We mean an era where it's going to be governed differently. It's going to operate differently. And all error and all processes of transgressions, mistakes and tyranny, are going to be swept from the face of the earth.

Now, it is going to take knowledge to do that. When we say you have one foot in one age and one in the other, certain amounts of these laws are basically dependant upon the application of spiritual law and spiritual energy.

The first thing that you must understand, if you are going to know anything about the 'New Order’ on the face of the earth is that the Adamic race, the White race, the children of God, the household of the MOST HIGH, which Jesus said came in from the heavens and can go back into them,--who He says are the children of His household and they belong to His great personage as the Father and they belong to Him as Messiah in the earth. "Thine they were in the heavens, Mine they are in the earth.' He said the White race is a master race.

Hear this now. The White race is a master race. It is a divinely conceived race. It possesses the spiritual seed of God sons and is the only race that divinely accepted capacity to rule the earth under Divine law and administer to it under Divine standards.

Now, if you don't understand that, you don't know the knowledge of a 'New Order.’ And anything you might contribute to the way of error doesn't build it up. It pushes it backwards.

Now I am going to tell you this. God has not only laid a timetable-(which we're not necessarily going to talk about tonight, as a timetable. We are going to talk about events that will fit into it.)--His related timetable has already been set in the area of His Universal administration. And you are happening to be moving by world event indications very close to the operations of the phases of that timetable that bring you into a 'New Age.' In that 'New Age' there are many things that are going to happen and we discussed one this afternoon. One of the most important new developments of that 'New Age' is mortal putting on immortality or the White race putting aside death.

Someone says, 'You believe that is really going to come to pass?' It is not only going to come to pass, God has already ordained it. And we told you one of the elements in this timetable is going to come by His own measure. And He is going to see that His chief Archangel sounds the blast on the trumpet that will be the best music you have ever heard around the world. And when that transpires, He, Himself, shall by majesty and power, make His presence revealed in the earth.

Now, that is only one thing. That means the end of death. That means mortal puts on immortality. That means in one moment in the speed of light, in the speed of electricity, in the speed of God's determined principal, every atom of our being will be changed and the glowing aura of light that will emanate from the speeded up electrons will make you glow and radiate with the Glory that belongs to His own nature. And He said that is the end of death. You won't die. It won't make any difference whether the enemy doesn't like it or not, but you won't die.

Do you know one of the things that will happen that day? It is one of the first things in the 'New Order.’ The greatest attempt to get out of America you will ever see, will take place. There are going to be more people trying to get a ticket, dying to get out and find a place to hide, than you ever saw. Talk about bomb shelters--when this country lights up with the Glory of God resting on the children of the MOST HIGH because He ordained it. They are not going to stay in any country where you are if they can help it. Because they can't stand the light.

Suppose I tell you that a knowledge of a 'New Order' does not release you from carrying out all of the instructions of God to resist the darkness until the 'New Order' comes in. So, what do I mean? Well, you look at the night time just like it was night time, until the morning comes. It is your responsibility in every phase of life to apply all that you know to accomlish the development of God's Kingdom to the best of your ability.

You say, 'What does that mean?' This means that when you know your are the children of God that you were born of His spirit, that you have come into the race thru the Adamic race, into the earth, that you are growing up and developing. And now your sin is off your shoulders, and you are free by the atonement of Christ. And ignorance that is even covered Ecclesiastism in church history is gone and you are coming into an age of knowledge and truth, and you are not bound by these things, then you should start to live by the law you understand---Law for a New Age, even now. And that means you should go and tell and illuminate every consciousness you can, regarding the facts. You ought to get together and plan for it.

Someone said, 'What do you think we should do in our comrmmity?' Take over the PTA, for instance. That's right. There are enough of you. Take it over. Just start taking if over. You know what we've had in our colmtry for a long time? We have had all the enemies in the 'world order' movers in here and take it over.

Now, the majority of your people really never felt about all these racial problems and conditions like today. They tell you what you ought to think. You never operated in this field of this error until they got up and talked and talked and told you and told you. And because they had their powers of influence and they bought communication systems and made this the area of their design. You know, great numbers of our race never concentrated on trying to capture the means of communication. They didn't know this was a warfare. But this is a warfare between the enemy and the children of God's Kingdom. Therefore, they want to retain an 'old order', but they want that 'old order' completely enveloped in their ability to control it by destroying you, the children of the 'new'. 'Oh,' you say, 'but we've been here for seventy-five or a hundred years.' Well, that isn't too long when you start to deal with history that runs back a million seven-hundred fifty thousand you know. When we say, yes, we've been here seventy-five hundred years, and we have in the last twenty-five years, we've become wide awake. By the way, a hundred and fifty years ago, we were more awake concerning the necessity of retaining our separatism from the areas we were meant to administer.

Let me tell you this. You are going to have to discover now, the laws of the Kingdom and synthesize this knowledge, bring it in, work it in, use it for the accomplishmeat of your objectives. If you don't have objectives in your mind, if the people of your race don't have these things fitted into their consciousness as objectives, they'll never carry them out. They will never go forward to accomplish something they haven't set an objective. That is one of the reasons why we feel that the mass comnumications program is valuable. That is why mass tape messages are valuable. That is why reaching people across the nation is all important. Because as you erect in their minds similar objectives with God's purpose and get them to

Press forward with these objectives, you will find how easy it is.

I can remember and several of you can also, how the liberals started to take over our PTA and our town matings and our political gathcrings. They didn't have to have many. They just had one spot in the hat and one in the back and one on each side, and one in the middle. And they just made it look like the whole mom was all for it as one moved it here and one second it there, one over here put it to a vote, and then they all hollered louder than anybody else before you lolew what was going on. And you saw the 'diamond plan' cane in. That is me way they work.

Well, now it is time, because you are the national majority, that you plan to change things and you move in and occupy. Let's give them thoughts that are consistent with the majority. It doesn't make any difference of five or six, or ten them don't liLe it. We can dispense with tbc fin, six, or ten. There He mae of us Because that five, six, a ten, moved in while you slept. You never knew what was coming in thirty years ago, twenty years ago, or even fifteen, until it descended upon you with great speed.

Everybody was busy with the war and various problems. And little did they realize how fast and how far reaching went this voice which started speaking fw America it speaks today in methods of communication to every avenue of yollr life and it speaks ernrr. We have cited and cited again, to you, that your soul is totally made up the things you know, have experienced, and think. You have to feed your soul as you feed your body. And the most important thing is to give it something it can digest. There isn't any doubt that great strides are being made in this physical field. One of the things that this group of medical scientists and medical doctors have discovered and have long known, is that the body is made up of what it eats and they are vitally concerned that proper life and proper food be fed to the body.

Now we are not food faddists, nor health faddists. But we are intertsted in eating. So are you. It is important that you eat to stay here. It is important that you eat the right foods if you want to have strength and good health. But suppose I tell you that medical scientists know that somewhere the food has been devitalized and there is food filled with life. And tbey hunting it and they are preparing for it. They have discovered the great strength and embryonic fluids. They have discovered it in eggs. And they have discovered when they take out these life forces of substances and applied than to the food of individuals, food that can be synthesized in proper relationship, the result is vitality in life sad reactivity and rejuvenation. They are discovering more about enzymes than they have ever known before and how to scparatc those that are vital to the body and those that am not this isn't just a matter of simple bio-chemistry. But this has been by matter of deep study of anatomy, and patterns and areas of it that break down.

And along with the hypertension and the fears which the guilt complex or a lack of spiritual irnowledge gives men, they have discovered that it is a lack of proper food without the vital substances the body needs. It doesn't make any difference, my friends, if you ever ate that kind of food before. It doesn't make any difference whether in your lifetime, some of the things that they are now finding have been eaten before. It is just evident that if it's something you don't have and if it's put into you, its's good, than that's food. And then a lot of things you cat, may not have nourishment, life or vitality at all.

So a 'New Age' discovered new things. And one of the things I note is that the great contributing medical scientists of time, regardless of me field of which they are employed or specialize, are trying to incease life. Now that is in keeping of the 'New Age', isn't it? It is in keeping with what the scripturr: says. For they of the Physical dimension are trying to, by seeing the body gets the food to make it live, are hying to give immortality to the body as far as they are capable of doing.

In fact, I happen to imow several of these doctors are throughly convinced with the thinss already at their finger tips, that barring any accident, tbat might incm, mat they can stay just as long as they want to and they can keep their bodies strong and filled with life just as long as they are capable of doing. The only thing they think could break now, the continuity of what they are doing, would actually be an accident, thru which they would have no control.

Now let me tell you this. Within just a matter of a few months time, the Imowledge of their science and of their achievement and its results will be coming more and more prevalent among mankind, until it shall be available for the great majority of the people of your race. To retun in life and vitality by the mere process of eating good and proper right things, plus the added and developed sources of life power out of Light. Someone says to me, 1 don't think we should engage in that.' Well then why cat at all?

Someone said to me the other day,'I don't think. Dr. Swift, we should take anything or eat anything, which somebody prescribes for any kind of an ailment for life or seength. I don't think we should take vitamins or any of these things.' Well, alright, you don't have to eat anything you dent want to. You can just sir down and die. All you cat for, imlcss it's for the taste factor,--the thing you cat for, is for nourishment and life. And when men discover the secrets of it and the rebuilding powers of it, and the factors that are involved in it, and you turn your back on it, then you die from a lack of knowledge.

someone said Well suppose it doesn't work' Well, look at all me things you have already eaten that didn't work. You'll have to admit we've been eating everything from turnip greens to potatoes throughout the years. And we're still dying as a race. So we didn't say you couldn't cat those things, but if there is something that will provide life, then you had better discover it.

I tell you, one of the knowledges of the 'New Age' is food that will have greater vitality than has ever been made available for the people of the Kingdom of God before. I don't think it will be made available to the 'hottentots', because the 'hottentot' can't afford to buy it. And they will never enter into the process of producing it. And I don't think we are going to have Kennedy too long, or he'll raise billions of dollars and give it to them at your expense.

On problem today is wt to see how long the hottentots can be prolonged in Life. Our responsibility is to keep de 'hottentot's 6nom eating up the White man.

I only mention this factor, as it relates to the laws of life. I just want you to know that you are in an hour when the knowledge of a 'New Age' is going to roll back physically, organically by natural synthetic and biological forces. They are going to reel back the advancing age and they are going to concur and prolong life indefinitely in the hour that you are arriving.

But I am going to tell you wby it doam't have to work long. By the same process what men are working at with their vision in this field is in conjrmction with a great and mighty spirit, anyhow. For the holrr is soon upon you in the history of the world and the Universe rolmd about, in which you are going to see there will be m, more tears because there will be w mom sorrow and there won't be anymore death.

Someone say$ 'Unless an accidentl' No, there aren't going to be any accidenor that will take away your life. No one in the household of the MOST HIGH will know death in mis 'New Age' which we are moving into because just as we may say we have discovered the secret that will place life into every gland and every tissue and activate all the processes of the body,-it is not too hard. As we have said before, you rebuild your body every seven years,-why wt build it with vitality? It could be done.

Now, the spirit of God which is the source of life, will quicken every atom of your body. Aml the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus is going to live in you. Someone said Well, what's mat got to do with the world we lin in?' Because you are going down and you are going to vote for the right candidate. You are going to elect Christians to office. You are going to occupy the earth. You are going to squeeze out the enemy. You are going to take over yollr land. You are going to live just as realistically with spiritual power without any defeat, as you have, you have lived with defeat in the same world.

We have a lot of people who think when we start to talk about spiritual things, we mean that they are already to go into another plain and that's wbere they will do their work. It's going to be in THIS plain mar you are going roflnish the task God sent you to do. So let this knowledge fill your mind. Someone said 'I's just like to go somewhere to rest.' Well, if you are so tired you had better get some good vital food again. You had better get some spiritual bfe. Because after all, it isn't to go somewhere and rest that we are here. It is to build a Kingdom. No, if you had greater spiritual power and greater physical power, you wouldn't get tired and want to rat I11 tdl you a bnh secret. The people that work the: hmtcat at it, need the least rest and have the most vitality. You will find that. They that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings of eagles, they shall run and not be weary. And they shall walk and not faint.

Now, I want you to realize that your thinking processes are vitally important fO God's Kingdom. They catalyze great spiritual power. They move as an Aura of light to unite the minds of the people of the congregation or in a faith in a city in a nation. You not only have a correct vision and a correct position on this, but every time as your ear picks up the news, whether it related to the United Nations, or some other strategy of the world govamnent in which you do not belong. There must be this constant resist;mce in your nature, this constant scene of that institution dissolved in your society. They talked the other day about taking down the United Nations and moving it over to Europe. Maybe putting it up in Berlin or someplace like that. Well, I don't want to wish this on the German people, but I wish they'd take it down and move it anywhere.

1 can see that thing gem: and that glass monstrosity taken down. I don't think we even want to leave the glass there really, because it's just a monument to such a catastrophic error that we don't want to be reminded of it. Bur you must see America free.

I listened to the prophets of doom get up and say it's all over. I listened to one person who on our side and he said we've reached the very climax. We are about to be engulfed. Ah we can do is stand and say 'God take us out of the world.'

I've got a different story. Before I say 'God take us out of the world', I'm going to say 'God, send MiehaeI and come on in and help us clean it up.

Now, I've got some news for you. Did you know that every American, British and German soldier killed in W.W.II is going to stand on his feet? You lolow--that is going to scare more Jews in Europe than ever had dreamed that they bad a scaring day coming. Did you ever stop to realize what that is going to mean to all these people who thought they had bombed and destroyed and ruined the great part of the heart of Christian civilization?

You lolow they talk about not liking the 'swastika'. But if every soldier in Christendom were to stand on his feet and you were to put the Cross of Christ on his shoulder and on his arm band they would cry out with just as much fear and they would want that removed too.

You know they are working harder to get the Cross of Jesus Christ out of the vision of the people of your race than ever before. They took them off of all the graves in our cemeteries in the Hawaiian Islands, because there weren't very many Jew insignia They're trying to take them out of all of our National Cemeteries. They don't want any identification with our faith Well, let me tell you that in this hour, which is just ahead if there is any one sign our enemy doesn't like, it is related to Christ and our civilization. Let's hh it up and let's let them see it wherever they go imta they get tired of it and they can leave. America must learn our the idea of the 'New Order.'

Sevaal times after our services, I hstened in to remnants of this school of anticommunism. While I don't have respect for the Ausbalian Instructor because of his background, I will say that here are people who are half awake. These people are Christian and the one good thing is they constandy keep talking about Jesus Christ. As long as you put Jesus Christ in the forefront of fighting Communism, sooner or later awakening people are going to realize the forces of antiChrist are alive with the enemies of Jesus Christ.

I happen to lolow that across the nation everywhere, they are already waking up and the more we hear pressure and attack and anti-Semitism is cried out, the more awakening White Christian society is responding to vital truth.

When we talk about the knowledge of the 'New Order', it must also bring to your realization that God has promised you that, as far as your faith is concerned you may lay claim on immortality and life.

I want you to know you are free. You can roll back with refusal, the processes of destruction just as you roll back superstition with the truth which God makes known to you. You know-we have an idea that a lot of things which are in the pmpooie of God, but which we haven't fully worked into our consciousness as such, are impossible because they are just too hard.

Now, let's look at the State of Californit. I realize here that we have great problems. We have highly organized units of minorities. But I happen to know and so do you, that if all the Jews in California were to vote together, that if all the Negroes in Cahfornia were to vote with them and then if all the minorities that are added in that are non-White Christian, were to vote with them, that they couldn't elect a Governor if the rest of us voted for a Christian that we wanted.

Now I want YOU tO realize this because it relates to this disorder. It's not just a local problem. It is a national problem. We have too many people today that for temporary political power, are wooing me elements that do not think in coordination with the program of God's Kingdom in the hew day.' And they think they have to gain or secure their support in order to make an election. It must be clear that any victory, for God's Kingdom must not care one hoot about what any of the enemies of God's Kingdom think. It must lay the hne clear and gather the only majority that can elect anybody.

someone said Well, it just isn't going to be done that way---it's too hard ' You are already licking yourself.

When the holocaust---the hoards of Communism come, we're going to smash them with nuclear weapons, flying missiles, atom bombs, and when their hoards gather the infamous forces of the pick we are going to bring in the Angelic hosts, our kinsmen, and we are going to defeat them. But defeat them we will, tho the sky be filled with flying craft, we're going to do it.

When it comes to earth, we are going to win eteetions. You say,'How?'  Because God is going to crystallize anxmd the faith and courage of individuals that challenge, that moves out to your race, because the line's got to be cut clear. We have to have candidates that get up and let the whole state know that we're Predicating this election on winning the vote of the White Christian mass.

Now if you are a White Christian, wake up. You'll want a White Christian govemmeat. You'll want that kind of gonrnmcnt. Then this is the way you have to go. We don't care if all me hoards of de enemy go vote for Brown or Moss, or someone like that. I want you to imow the hour must come when we the Christian mass must instruct the President of the United States--when our representatives in Congress and our Senators must recognize this Christian mass. Must know they are a part of it. Must do their will. And when the President does not do it, then that Christian mass must determine very quickly whether they are going to leave him there or remove him and impeach him and put in somebody that will.

You say,'It can't be done.' Well, then that is what whips you. Every unaccomplished victory which we have the legal processes under the Constitution to accomplish, has been whipped by people that whipped themselves in their armchairs saying it couldn't be done.

we have already had indictments for impeaching officers and presidents for what they should have done. The violation of the Posse Comitatus Act which was a felony under the very signature of the Resident who violated it, and we should have impeached President Eisenhower on the grounds of his violation of oln Constitution and of the treaties and of the agreements and of the very laws which he signed. We took that to Washington ourselves, and put it into the hands of Congressmen and Senators. They said 'We would like to see this done.' The Congress said 'We would like to impeach him. A lot or the Senate would have Liked to hear it but it can't be done because they won't go along with this.' Well, how did they imow?

You know, about every Congressman I talked to (of course, I didn't talk to fellows like Jimmy Roosevelt and Seller--I would waste my time on them)--But you lolow every normal conservative and even some liberal Congressmen--when faced with the fact that here is something right in front of you, which is a violation of law and this is your pm-scribed duty and this is what you are supposed to do, and they all agree that's right,---and that's right-and that's right---'I'd do it, but they won't go along with me--'. Who won't??? Every other person I tailed to thought like they did.

You know, the most dangerous thing we have today is a negative fear complex that Satan has, by the medias of his public opinion, put on our brains. That is why it says, 'He mat saves a soul, is wise and covers a whole multitude of transgressions and error. Know what it is talking about? It isn't talking about your eternal spirit. No one ever lost that, anyhow. Lots of people think a lost soul is somebody who is just going down into some imaginary pit. Nobody was ever lost when he was dead. He is only lost when he is all mixed up. The soul, when it dies, or when its body dies, the soul in its Celestial being, returns to God who gave it. Unless it's a Negro, and then he stops there for the second resurrection. If he's a China man, he has to follow his own route until the day comes for his deliverance. I am talking about you, Your race.

Now therefore, when we talk about a soul that is mixed up, it is when they hrm on the boob-tube everyday and are told about the power of the United Nations and its man's last great hope. That is the trouble with Dr. Schwartz.---Right now, he has to go along. He has so many pan-lots in his school, that he doesn't dare speak out. Bur I heard him oppose anything that was anti-United Nations and call it man's last great hope. Now his Atlantic Communist friends anrmd here are already alerted to that facf thegreatest menace. to the Comrmmist stooge program and he doesn't dare oppose.

When the majority starts to wake up even the ones on the sideline who have been hying to exploit them,have to go with them. The last great hope. Because God's determined it is going to be resolved. The final resolve is the Kingdom of God in power.

Someone said 'There is a great war ahead.' Yes, there is a great war ahead. The Bible tells you there is a great war ahead. If it says there is a great war ahead all the politicians on earth can't stop it. And do you lolow what makes the last great war essential? It is when the people of God fold in with the enemy. When tight' is obscured by error And when you rum on your television, your radio, and they start telling you about all the necessity of surrendering your independence and not being so positive about your faith in God and being willing to fold everything together and let all of these anti-Christian and non-sons of the MOST HIGH rule the world Anytime you listen to propaganda whether you get it in church or whether you got it in school or whether it is put out to you in the newspapers and says that we have to share the world and its administration with the enemy, or that we have to share it with people that do not have the intellectual spiritual ability to do it---don't you give that room in your mind for one moment. Just repudiate me thing as propaganda and start conteracting it with truth.

The scripture tells us that in the last days knowledge would increase. People would be nmning to and fro on the earth. They are going back and forth pretty fast. You never saw them traveling back and forth across the country and traveing more, than they am now. People are traveling. People are moving. Things are in motion. That is why things have speeded up at this time. Things happen faster now in one week than used to happen in one year. And because of that, a Kingdom of God and the children of God had better get in high gear.

We need the 'Power of God Religion' for 1%1, that is going to whip the enemy and move with the same speed that everything else is moving with. The first thing wc'll streamline, is to get the fear and supentition out of it. And wt: are going to bring back into it the great cognition of Sonship and of might and of power and the great surging light that is down inside of you that God challenges. Someone said 'We've got to synthesize into it our peace. We've got to talk disarmament. We've got to eliminate military power.' Let me tell you, my friends, the great streamline faith of your hour, calls for the sons of the Kingdom to be ready to defend it.

What we need are great Generals, like McCarther, General Walker, Patton. These are the kind of men we need to rise up in America with vision, with patriotism and with challenge and with lorowledge of who this race it and its destiny.

There a lot of people that may disagree with German ideologies before W.W.II. It may be a matter of semantics and of understanding, but I wish we had some Generals that believed in the destiny of their race rmder God and would instill in the young men of our armies that we are a race chosen of God with a masts destiny and every German and every Anglo-Saxon on the face of the earth and everyone of the Scandinavian peoples are essential to the survival of our race. I'm telling you if we started teaching in our colleges and schools and spreading over the nation the truth that relates to race and destiny and we soul get out the band and we would start marching to the music of the great'New Day'--I tell you, your youth would straighten up and their design to accomplish this destiny would be a thrilling aspect to them. And Juvenile delinquency would disappear within a matter of a few days.

Someone said to me, 'Don't believe the principal of a marching nation.' Let me tell you, you had better believe in the principals of a marching nation until you have conquered evil. Because evil is believing in the principals of a marching nation and intend to liquidate and reduce you to a life of slavery.

I heard something tonight, that shows you the processes of evil didn't make your newspapers. Did it?--Did you know the East Germans rolled forth some gas against the peoples of Western Berlin and as it rolled up to the border, the wind shifted and blew it back on the East Gwnans. Why didn't they talk about that? Let me tell you something. When you stop the gas at the border and you roll it back where it came from, those things are acts of God. I wish they had rolled forth all the gas they had in their hoppers and it would have rolled back together. The only thins is that I would like to see them start at the Russian line. Because I am going to tell you that the ideas and the spirit of this hew order' is going to move in East Germany as it does in West Germany.

You know, already ideas concerning the 'New day' are beginning to awaken. You want to separate the men from the boys. You want to separate the true fighters for liberty and the phonies. Then when you hear that there is news of rumbles in East Germany, when you see people wanting to escape to West Germany, to get out firom Imder the Comrmmist, when you see them imdaground gathering to overthrow, when they would rise up if they could get any help,--then, my friends, when you hear govemment leaders and others saying, 'We're worried about this--we want them to stay calm, we don't want them to upset things'-----those are the boy. Because the men of God and the men of vision would say,'Give us the day when East Germany rises and West Germany can join in the overthrowing of Communism and we will roll in and help them.'

There is an election coming up in a few days over there. It is my personal opinion that if Brandt wins the election, there is libel to be a re-knitting of Germany. I am going to tell you, I have briends who are of the opinion that Germany has already sold out and is all gone. I haven't any doubt as far as the advisors around Kennedy are concerned, that they would sell him out and have probably already made some commitments. I just can't tell you what happened when Mr. Kennedy talked to Mr. Khrushchev the last time he met him. But ever since he met him, things have not been going very good for us.

But I am going to tell you this. Take this home and remember it. Germany is not done. And a few politicians are not going to sell it into the hands of the Asiatics. Anglo-Saxondom, Britain, and America are not done. We are going to rise up and we are going to overwhelm the strangers in our midst. I'11 tell you what I think I think the great crystallization of Christian strength with the mighty armies of God are going to throw back the powers inside of Europe in the very near future and me great vision of God's plan--you lolow the ideas of a 'New Order' are in the mind of God already--the blueprint tells us about it here, in the Book.

Too long the church goes around and says,'We're going to die pretty soon. We have to get ready to die. The anti-Christ is going to take over the world. We have to get ready to get martyred or else we have got to say LORD, get us out of here before we are ready.' Now how do you win the world with that kind of program? When my Father said 'I am going to give you the heathen for thine inheritance the uttermost part of the earth for thy possession,'---and then I rum and see that God gives the challenge that the Saints of the MOST HIGH GOD are going to take the Kingdom and they are going to possess the Kingdom forever and ever. And I see that God said '1 am going to give My sons power and I am going to manifest My sons in the last days with power,'-we're going to drive all the Communist from power. We're going to smash everything that Moscow's mogalist control. We are going to scoop away Africa and Asia And we are going to set up the sign of God's Kingdom in the nations mac of. And I believe every word of it. And as long as we accepted this groveling fear, we were bound for defeat. The moment we catch this vision of the triumphed Kingdom, we go out and take it.

Do you larnv in the decades that have just closed we watched the dwindling power temporarily of Anglo-Saxon's greatness. Remember there was a day the armies of Britain were deep in the heart of Africa where they rolled back the cannibals and they introduced the avenues of civilization. There were days when in India, they were on the way of rolling back paganism. And law and order was established under the emblem of the great empire. There was a day when to the ends of the earth, your race was pushing. With the 'Word' it came carrying the concepts of civilization and achievement.

The other day I was reading over the memoirs of a captain in a British Regiment in India They would go out with a unit of just a few Inmdred men and blow thirty thousand out of their way. They would move in ten men on an assignment to enforce the law and bring back the mcmlerer of assassins--sunounded by great numbers who had daggers in their belts--who had cross bows--all kinds of weapons---but you know, that they had a determination that no one could stop them. They represented a great nation of the mighty Kingdom of the White race. And they went out without fear and the enemy and the darkness fell before them in fear.

Let me tell you that there used to be a day when a White man could travel almost anywhere in the world and ever the enemy that overtly would try to kill him, was worried about how he would get away with it without the Queen or the President sending out the fleets of great nations to avenge his death.

They are not afraid today. They are libel to compute how may meals they are going to have by how many of you are them. Do you lolow why they do not fear? Because the thinking of the world order has been replacing the fews and the destiny and the concept of God's Kingdom in me minds of men. That is why I tell you that the Imowledge of a 'New Age', greater than yollr achievements probing the areas of space, far greater than yollr nuclear discoveries, greater than the application of the general field of sciences, must be against spiritual awakening in the seat of human consciousness, concerning me destiny that God has for them and the power of their society.

The 'New Order' is not going to be developed by the Christian nations supporting all the pagans and idolaters on the face of the earth with heavy taxes on them. A Kingdom is adminisbration. And if you ttnn here to the scriptures, instead of you plowing all the fields for the strangers, the sb.angers are going to plow all the fields so that they support themselves and you. Whoever heard of a Kingdom that taxed itself to support the people who conquered it? Ever hear that before? At this very moment, you stand in the hollr of highest taxation with the greatest spend thrift economy in ah history. And it is filled with people whose minds are not thinking in terms of the program of God's Kingdom. I tell you, it is un-Biblical and it is unChristian for you to lay the burden on the backs of Christians to support pagans.

1 want you to lolow that it is quite obvious that when the Congress of the United States--(you know it isn't the Senate--the Senate keeps surrendering.--The Congress fights for you.) The Congress did pass a foreign aid bill, but they did whittle off a little more tban eight million off of it the other day. And they did keep their hands on the power to appropriate, so they had a strangle hold on it every year. But after that transpired and Mr. Kennedy said 'I am aghast-you've cut back the foreign aid program. 1 can't save the world without it.' Whoever told him he was going to save the world? But a bunch of funny thinkers 6rom Harvard.

Now, do you want to lolow how wrong Mr. Eisenhower is? He comes crying out of his Permsylvania farm and says, 'Oh, boy, oh Republicans, hear my voice-rally around now and help the President put all this foreign aid back into the program. We ean"t win if we: cut it out.' Web, if you don't cut it out, you won't win. It just proves there is w difference between the way the advisors around Mr. Eisenhower think and the ones around Mr. Kennedy. And don't worry, they have their pipeline down to Pennysylvania and to Gettysburg that they used to have in the White House because they think that his opinion is very important. Brainwashing!!!!!

I look at a newspaper column and it talks about a man wim a bunch of statues over in La Quindada. He says he communes with the great One of the statues mat he brought up from some Jews collection is one of Einstein, one of Ben Gurion, another one of Eisenhower. Ah these statues. He says he communes with the great. They arejust trying to sell you on the idea that all these are great. Depends on whose side you are on.

There isn't any doubt, Ben Gurion is a powerful Jew in the lew program. There isn't any doubt that when we deal with Einstein that he was one of the greatest 'FAKERS' in the Jew program. He was enhanced with a great understanding than anybody could prove. He knew the great secret of that--you get out and bally-hoo everybody with something they don't understand and they think that is profound. That is the way the Jew operate.

Someone says,'Just because: you don't imdmtand what Einstcin wrote, don't think what he wrote wasn't profound.' Pve read what Einsrein wrote. It isn't a matter of understanding what he said, it is just the fact that the things he said are wt establishable that way. And all you had to do was make something work and he could apply that Imlmown group ofletters to what you did and say I thought it out. Just as long as every one of the factors in your equation are unknowns, and you don't have one given known, you can never claim me results. I looked at a textbook with seventeen chapters oflmlolowns without one given lolown factor.

Someone said 'That was great.' That my friends, was like a little kid putting blocks together and then calling it mathematical and you couldn't prove it because mere weren't any numbm on it. The only thing I point out to you is--here was a newspaper everytime they get a chance, they want to push these things off as great.


Yes, there are great men. The great men belong to your race. They come out of the backgrolmd of your Biblical history. They rise up in the magnitude of the Apostles after the incarnation of Christ. They carry down with great leaders that rose up in your race. They rise up in your own nation-great men, invincible, with vision mat settled land and saw within it great things that God inspired them to see.





It rises up with great men like George Washington, Thomas Jeffersor, Benjamin Franklin, and lohn Addams. Yet continues with great men that fill your history for the things they were inspired to do in their time. It ends with great men of your day. There is no shortage of great men. But any man that doesn't have Christ the center of his thinking, is not a great man in my collection of vision.

Again, what is important? It is that we understand the ruler of the 'New Age' is Christ and His people. That Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is the Ruler of the 'New Age.' And you must gin assent to that in yollr mind and you must try to unseat every power that is not synchronized with it.

I want you to know, that you must, in your thinking, in your work in your daily life, you must try to unseat, undercuf every anti-Christian force that is in yollr way as an obstacle from world administration.

I talked to an Evangelist for a few minutes, who said to me, Well, Dr. Swift, isn't our major program to try to get all the world to accept Christ and join the church?' I said, 'In the first place, if you had all of the world in the clsrrdl you would ruin it. We've got too much of the world in me church now.' He said What should we be preaching?' I said 'This is the'New Age'--we should be preaching 'Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done.' We must preach and teach. We must rise to do His will. We must work at it night and day. It is not superstition. And I want you to know that ten men twenty or thirty or forty men, and it can grow and grow---committed to a vision--and thinking with intensity and working to its testimony, and charged with God's spirit, can sell victory to a nation. I want you to know that an awakening America is selling victory all over.

I heard a well-known figure in an anti-Communist rally last week--so did you-you were tuned in. This person said, "I don't want to live under Communism. I hope Khtushchw is listening to me now--and when Commmmism come in, I hope he shoots me first and then my follr little girls, because they have faith in God. I don't want them to live under Communism.' That is not the way you fight the devil!!!! You don't stand up and say'hope he's listening and when he comes on--when he conquers--hope he shoots me so I can go to heaven.'

Let me tell you this. Don't say if or when, just make this clear--Khrushchev is NOT coming in. Communism is NOT going to rule. We are going to put it down and bum it up.

I had another clergyman, troubled in his mind. Do you know why they get troubled in their minds? Because they are mentally sick. They have had to digest so much error they are sick.

This man said 'Dr. Switt, you mean that if it took the cxtermination of whole areas of Asia and Africa and Russia, that we should advocate to push the lever? What about their immortal souls?' 1 said, 'If you think their souls are immortal, what are you worrying about?' He said, 'Lf you had a switch right here and could with that switch, blast Communism and all its agents from the earth, would you do





it?' I said,'I would push it twice.' He said 'Oh, Dr. Swift I wouldn't want that on my soul.' I said '1 could take a glass of orange fuice and to sleep.'

Wake up!! There is something in the earth that you have go to get out---you have to eradicate. The vision of the 'New Age' is building a 'New Order', not, my friends, with the 'old' bur upon something vital and new. The Communist world is plarming your annihilation. Don't wait for it. Eliminate it. God has raised up men with such Imdivided vision that in yollr time, they have expended maybe their lives, to try to accomplish. And you are waking up to it.

I will tell you this. You don't have to worry what happens to them. Thee Isn't a single consciousness that when God is ready, He can't resurrect. There isn't a single program, that in God's mercy, doesn't reach. For He said that He is able to see that all flesh if saved that all consciousness awakens, and every knee shall bow and recognize that He is GOD. I know that. Why--He talked that over before any of us came hem. We have just forgotten some of the things we learned. Now don't grieve. Don't go out of here grieving now, because the lever has not bee Pushed yet.

someone says,'Oh, Dr. Swift wouldn't say something Wee that.' Well, friends, that is the quickest way to eliminate them. I said IF there was a switch. But there isn't a switch. If them wat a switch, we would mnh it And I am going to tell you God has a switch and He is going to push it. And when He pushed that switch, the light and vitality, and power that is going to descend on your race is the most unbelievable event in history. And the first thing you are going to do, is eliminate the evil. That is not going to be done by a Sunday School participant somewhere. It shows me Christ triumphantly riding at the seat of the great and mighty hosts. And even tho de enemy and their attempt to destroy HIM, to whom the blood ram to the horses bits-I see peace and victory. It is wt the Imfortunate. It is those that in their hunger for power ruled one hour with the beast. And God said, the earth will not be ruled by the beast. And it is not going to be ruled by evil.

A group of clergymen accosted me not so long ago--three of them. And they said 'Dr. Swift, there seems to be something different in the Gospel that you and your people believe in. Instead of being defeated and having to have God take us out of the world to save us, it seems as tho you have the idea we are going to stay. We are going to win and we are not loosing everything. We are going to achieve a great victory, that God's not going to loose anything. He is going to save everything--put everything in order. Where do you find this?' 1 said,'The Bible.'

They said, 'Well, this is what we have been preaching.' I said, Where did you find what you are preaching?' They said The Bible.' I said, 'Alright, let's find it.' Of course, the next twenty minutes, they couldn't find one passage to prove what they said they were preaching, out of the Bible. And I could rum right over to Daniel, and ir says, 'The Saints of the MOST HIGH GOD shall rake the Kingdom and possess thc:Kingdom.' And I said, 'When are you going to start? You don't





take the Kingdom, my friends, with UNESCO.' These men thought for a moment on this.

What do you want to preach? An invincible Christ or a defeated Christianity. And so I tell you, that this is salvation. You can go out of here and go to your homes, and not worry about whether Khrushchev can blow up L.A. He can't hit you. You say, 'Why?' Now a weapon formed against you shall prosper if you have got the faith to make God stand up to that. Someone said 'The radiation will get me.' The radiation won't break thru the Aura that God will throw around you to protect you. Someone said,'You have to be careful when you attack the enemy, they are going to throw you in jail.' They aren't going to throw anybody in jail. If the enemy moves out against the children of God's Kingdom, in this hour of spiritual catalyst they will drop dead when they reach for the Sons of God. If you want to see what can happen, just remember when in the part it was tried--judges died.

Remember when they tried to try Quistians for sedition because they pointed out the truth in the day when the Cabala was ruling? Do you remember the judge died? They had to call a mistrial and turn them all loose. When you stand up for God's Kingdom, and for its rule of the earth, that is not sedition. That is pabiotism.

There are some miracles about to be performed. Great ones. And I say here that the greatest power that is in your possession is to release the thoughts of God in your consciousness and yollr thinking. And to feed on them night and day. Build up the remembrance of them. Pile the electrons one upon the other with a vision of God's purpose. Sec the great splendor of this Book.

I have some German friends who used to read 'Mein KamP. And they were thrilled with what they read. They saw a purpose for building a strong and solid Aryan State, for the rolling back of the hoards of Communism. They saw within it the possibility for wars and struggles that they hoped wouldn't take place.

i want to say, when I read this 'Book' (Bible) and know this belongs to my family, this is my Father's revelation-His battle--and this one thrills me more than any blueprint I have ever seen before in the world. I don't see one single opportunity for the enemy to claim victory over us. If you want a positive book, if you want to know where you are going, here is the greatest battle of God's people, its blueprint, its testimony of Christ Himself, and the assurance which He gave John in Revelation,--are added up to the achievement of your society, ruling in Glory, Majesty, and Divine Splendor, in a world backed in Light without hunger, without siclmess without disease. Who shall learn everything good at Thy feet. It is a bit task. It reaches into tomorrow.

Someone said, 'My, I'd like to see what is out there. 1 want to travel beyond--thru space.' You probably won't have to wait around too long for that. You can move all around space if you want to. But I am challenged by the unfinished job in the earth. 1 have been out there and so have you. It's what we have yet to do that is unfinished hem. If you want the latawkdge of the 'New Age'. Then find out





what Gal's plan for the carth,--work for it-conquer with it--and build with it.

Keep in your mind this realization. I must live into the 'New Age.' challenge death and I challenge all the powers of darlmess. And I have asscrred them to stay away. I claim Qlrist, thru His atonement, thru His Resurrection. I claim all of the power that belongs to a spiritual son of God in the earth. And I call for victory. And I think the thing to do is go after it. Ijust want to get this across to you. Your spiritual empowering and your soul thinking must be translated into earth's victory. That is what you are here for.

1 talked to a person this morning, who said,'I am interested in the spiritual. The only impoaant thing is the spirit' I said, "Yes, and the reason why you are here is to do it in the earth.' The only important thing to me in this hotn; is to translate this power into victory. We urge you to recognize this. It is by this sign we conquer. And it shall be done.

We want you to look out over what is being done. You have power and you must hrm every thinking motion of it against every foolish strategy that moves out of Washington. You and people who are listening to this tape, are awakening or knowledge. We don't want Mr. Kennedy to meet with Mr. Khrushchev at Berlin and then acquest to his demands. We don't want to surrender Christian people. We don't want to deal. We want the evacuation of the hoards out of the nations of Europe. That is what we want. We want to see the powers of righteousness prevail. And we want to see Christian civilization remain strong. And if we must resist the enemy to do this, this is what we want.

We don't want this nation suookered by Mr. Tito. Of all the fantastic pieces of fimny thinking in the world your government gave two hundred airplanes or sold them to Tito. In this last few weeks, they consummated it. The cost was $17,200.00 apiece. While you cannot even re-condition them for that-each one of them a jet bomber-and you gave them to Tito who said when the fighting comes, he will fight with Russia. Can you figure that out?

It would be better to scrap them if you don't want them--than give them to an enemy. And don't think for one moment that any part of the Communist world isn't yOur enemy. These are the things you have got to resist-----that you have go to Spread---that you 've got to call for a reckoning and see that America is administered by spiritual awakened sons.

(End of message)