Land Of The Eagle, 11-16-69


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 11-16-69

We are turning to this subject “The Land of the Eagle” because of it’s deep significance, and because it’s purpose relates to the program of God. Probably there is no symbol which relates to us or to our nation as this great symbol of the Eagle. Of course there are no people who can lay claim to this symbol as much as you and I, for as we live in this great nation with it’s symbol of the “Out Stretched Wings” of the Eagle we are also in this land of the Eagle which God spake to through the lips of Isaiah in chapter 18: “Hoe, to the land shadowing with wings.”

We note in the older versions of scripture such as the Septuagint that it said: ”Hoe to the land of the Eagle’s wings.” This was the salutation signifying the identity of a people, of a land marked by the symbol of the Eagle. We then look upon the Standard of our Flag and we behold the Eagle with it’s outstretched wings. We note that the bale Eagle, our American Eagle lives in no other land, only this one. Thus there was no other land to which God could have addressed this message than to this land, because this is the Land of the Eagle.

There are many kinds of Eagle’s, but the great Eagle of the land of the Eagle belongs in this land, the Eagle and the land belong together and thus here is where the American Eagle lives. There is a difference between this Eagle and lots of the standards of other kingdoms, altho most all of the other ‘Eagle Standard’s’ were over people of your race, still the fact remains that this one is the Great Master....Sovereign Eagle of the Sky.

We therefore turn to this message given to the Land of the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle as God spoke to Isaiah and we see more identifications of a land, a nation, for they were to send ambassadors by sea, in vessels translated as of Bulrushes. This meant water drinking vessels, but since Bulrushes absorbed water it was thus translated. Today we would say that our ambassadors were sent in great steam ships. Thus our nation is identified as the Land of the Eagle where a people “tall and scattered and peeled” dwell. But the translation here is of a tall and clean shaven people powerful from their beginning, and from that time onward. This then is the nation God gave this salutation to here in the Book of Isaiah, but no matter who you think you are, still you are Manasseh People....the House of Manasseh is where your standards came from. We can establish this is true for the heraldry of the House of Manasseh is “The Outstretched Wings of the Eagle.” It would be a strange thing if you carried the heraldry of Ephraim the other branch of the House of Joseph. Presumably the strongest portion of Manasseh settled in east Anglia, but the fact remains that it was this branch of the House of Joseph would have its own heraldry for identification. There is little question of the fact that when God prepared your beginnings that your founding fathers had wisdom enough to place upon the Great Seal of your Nation those words: “He prospers our beginning.” God had promised to prosper the Household of His people, and you will remember that on the reverse side of your Seal is the symbol of the Great Pyramid with the 13 tier’s of its placement set upon a sharp bluff, and fixed upon a solid rock, and below are the shifting sands just as is the Great Pyramid in Egypt...set upon a solid rock and below it is the shifting sands. This is the symbol of a House built upon a rock, and the founding fathers were given the vision, and wisdom enough to see this symbolism. Thus they established this nation as tho set upon a rock, and while all other foundations may be as shifting sands, this nation was built to endure. It was set to endure and to fulfill it’s Messianic destiny with its 13 tier’s marking us as the 13th., Tribe of the House of Israel. This nation will be the nation where the ‘gathering’ of the people was to take place. There is one outstanding factor which covers your heraldry which is important to us as we stand upon the edge of a ‘New Age.’ “He prospers our beginnings” and we are going to see that He prospers New beginnings, and then great power and great force will move out of this society. We are going to discover that the powers that seek to destroy us cannot be successful. For we are the Nation of the Eagle, and this symbol belongs to the House of Israel, but most especially to the House of Manasseh. You will note that in the symbol of the Eagle that around the ‘Throne’ are 4 living creatures, but one around the throne faces to the Westward and this is the Eagle, and when the Eagles fly then they fly straight forward. It was then destiny which determined that the Eagle ‘Mounted up’ to fly, and as it would fly ever in the direction of the expansion of Empire then this was to be constantly WESTWARD. The last of the great Western powers then would be this nation, for we have reached the horizon of Western Civilization, and here it has been fixed as a Citadel to survive. There would be certain things required for that survival, but this again would be symbolic of the Eagle which is related in symbolism to you.

I would call your attention to the fact that in the Book of Deuteronomy when the Most High God speaks concerning your nation, which is of course a part of Israel then He said: “When the Most High divided to the nations their inheritance, He separated the sons of Adam. He set the bounds of the people according to the number of the children of Israel.” He therefore is setting the boundaries as to where the Sons of Adam are to be where the Children of Israel will be finally discovered. For: “The Lord’s portion is His people; Jacob is the lot of His inheritance. Altho He found him in a desert land, and in the waste of a howling wilderness; He led him about, He instructed him, He kept him as the apple of His eye. Then as an Eagle stirreth up her nest, flutterest over her young, spreadeth them abroad upon her wings, and taketh them, and beareth them upon her wings, there the LORD alone doeth lead him, and there is no strange God with him. He made him to ride on the high places of the earth so that he might eat of the increase of the fields, and He made him to suck honey out of the rock, and oil out of the flinty rock.” And all that could be given in sustaining and blessings, in agriculture, in husbandry, the wealth of the oil, and the and the greatness of a people, all this is promised to this Eagle people, whose God is THE ROCK of His Salvation. So what is He saying? As an Eagle stirreth up her nest and fluttereth her wings over her young, and spreadeth them abroad, bearing them on her wings, thus Yahweh alone led His people, and there was no strange God with His Kingdom. These words come directly to the Eagle Nation.

Remember, there are certain characteristics that the Eagle has which the Eaglet’s also possess. On thing about the Eagle is that Eagle’s always dwell alone. The Eagle never places his dwelling area in a small or narrow place. You never find them building on a little Island somewhere. The Eagle must have a vast area, a vast domain over which he rules. When he builds, he builds strong and sturdy and plans on living there and not moving somewhere else. Nor is there anything which can challenge him for he is a sovereign bird. There is nothing small about him. When the Eagle dwells alone he does not prey on the little birds round about. This may seem strange but the Eagle does not bother the little birds. This was why Shakespeare was to say: “The Eagle lets the little birds to sing.”

As this great nation has grown it has not bothered the smaller nations to the north or south. Nor does it depend upon preying upon them for its greatness or its strength. Thus the significance of this is that the Eagle always dwells alone, always builds upon the high rock, or the high promontory.

We note in the scripture in symbolizing the Seal of the Eagle that this is observed: “Therefore doeth the Eagle mount up at thy command, it makes its nest on high. It dwelleth and abideth on the rock, on the Craig of the Rock, a strong place.” Thus it appears that the Most High had determined where the standards of the Eagle of Israel was to be set, where it was to be established in a great and mighty nation, upon a high mountain (nation). The foundation nationally is Yahweh thy Yahshua...who is the ROCK. Then upon the reverse side of the Seal was set our National House, the Pyramid building. Thus we have established our house upon a Rock, and it is at His command that the Eagle mounts up, and when the Eagle goes out to seek the prey it will be at His command, for you have been assured that the Eagle will become Sovereign, and will remain so. A sovereign emblem of an ancient struggle symbolic in the pattern of men and nations is that there is one sovereign enemy as well as one sovereign Eagle. You will note that there is always one enemy that is supposedly worth the mettle of the Eagle. It is always the symbol of the Dragon or the Serpent, and the Eagle is always pictured against the Dragon or the Serpent. In ancient symbolism it is the Eagle alone which challenges the Serpent.

In the Book of Revelation as God talks about the climatic events of this hour, then it is about this great symbol of the Woman who has the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus the Christ in the battle against the Dragon, the head Serpent, and there is given to her “the Outstretched Wings of this Great Eagle.” (Rev. 12:14) Thus God established a land, marked it with His symbolism and we find that the symbolism of a nation is very important. In fact your founding fathers looked at it as a great significant symbol of power, and they used these symbols in the Seal as tho a commanded order, or a written mandate of past history. In fact in your own nation when they wrote the Heraldry background of that Seal you will discover that your founding fathers carefully tho they knew what they were doing... this great Pyramid for the reverse side of the Seal, this symbol of the Messianic building, with its tiers of stone, as even the structure of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and yes, they knew what they were doing. For they knew that the Great Pyramid was set with socket stone deep under its corners into the basic rock. They knew that a nation founded upon a rock with a symbol of a structural building which was founded upon a rock apexed with the capstone of THE MOST HIGH GOD as Chief Cornerstone, that this capstone sealed the building all together, and was a building symbol of a New World Order, of a New Jerusalem in which we see again the Kingdom of God with each individual of the kingdom sealed in by the Chief cornerstone. The founding fathers knew what was talked about as they read: “Behold, I lay in Zion a chief corner stone, elect and precious.” A stone of stumbling, a rock of offense to those who would not accept the deity of, or recognize the Majesty of Jesus the Christ. But remember that the “All Seeing Eye” placed in the capstone on the reverse side of our Seal is symbolic of our National Building sealed in by the Greatness of God. That His “All seeing Eye” protects, covers, and marks as the seven fold symbol of the Spirit.

Then note again in the symbol of the Eagle on the other side of the Seal that this is the symbol of His guiding, bearing, directing, protecting purpose, by the establishing of His own power of an Eaglet that would become a Sovereign power.

There is one thing about an Eagle, that is as it rears its young and raises them in its nest, that it brings them nothing but fresh food. It does not search out the carrion, nor does it live upon carrion. It must be a fresh kill, it must be fresh food, for the Eaglets are a blood raised children. Thus it is that the Eaglet is taken care of.

We note in the symbolism that always the Great Eagle is watching and protecting the young Eaglets, and waits until they are strong enough and then flutters over the nest. This fluttering is to make them to want to simulate the flight. It has been observed that as the Eagle continually flutters over the nest that the young birds do try fluttering like the parent, and then suddenly they discover that they can fly. Thus the scripture says that the Eagle stirs up its nest and out tumbles the young birds. As they tumble out of the nest they try to fly but the Eagle swoops down under them catching them upon his wings and bears them back up to the promontory only to push them out of the nest again. Thus the Most High declares that as an Eagle stirs up her next, and hovereth over her young, and spreadeth her wings, and taketh them and beareth them on her wings, so does The Most High lead you, your race, your people, and there was no strange God among them for God forced the others out and He moved and positioned you throughout the earth.

Today we find His people, the Germans in central Europe, the Anglo-Saxon people from the Isles moving on into this country, and the Scandinavian people in their Northern positions as well as all the kindred people for He stirred up the nest and scattered them out, taught them how to fly. But the ultimate Eagle Nation was to go the furtherest westward, and there to have its sovereignty. This was His purpose, as He was symbolized by the Eagle and the stirring of its nest.

There has been a most interesting pattern noted time and again by naturalists as they watched forest fires sweeping upward into a great test fire....moving very close to the Eaglets nest. When the fire comes close then the Eagle will take all the young Eaglets on its own back altho they cannot as yet fly, and off it flies to another Craig bearing all its young, then returns to the same Craig when the trouble is over. Therefore the Lord said: “Like an Eagle I flutter over the nest, and take my young and bear them like Eaglets. He maketh the young Eaglets to ride in the high places of earth so that they might have of the increase which has been promised.” There is no nation where there is more evidence of being a nation dwelling alone, where we have established the great era of time, where we have watched the development of a great people with the blessing of the fertile fields. We have been told that we will be blessed with the fields of wheat, with the oil from deep in the rock and we have received these blessings. All these blessings have come to your nation where the Eagle lives.

We note that one of the things promised is that the House of Joseph was to be blessed of the Lord, and his land was to have all the precious things of heaven. More than that also the strength which is like the Lion couching on the deep is a part of the promise to the House of Joseph. We were to have the precious fruits brought forth by the sun and the moon, and the chief things of the ancient mountains, as well as the precious things of the lasting hills. We were to have all that the earth has and the fullness thereof. The goodwill of the people around the world is to be directed toward us, toward the House of Joseph.

Now; we don’t assume that we are all of the House of Joseph, for we recognize that Britain contains a large part. For the Lion which couches over the deep was once known as “Mistress of the Sea.” But in this hour in which you and I live we have advanced westward, and time also has progressed, and the Mastery of the Sea is not now the mastery of the earth. Now it is Mastery of the air that is first. This is why the last and great strong point of God’s house for the great climatic symbol, in the days of struggle will not, my friends, be the Sea...but the sky. And the sovereign of the sky is not the is the Eagle. Thus it is that in the final casting down of the colors of the enemy when the Prince of this world shall be cast down, when the Prince of the Powers of the air shall no longer mount up, it shall be the accomplishment of the leadership under the symbol of the Eagle. We note therefore that the Most High makes this declaration that these things belong unto you.

There are periods of great danger which sometimes seem to occur. The most dangerous time for the Eagle is in this symbol. For periodically unlike other birds, the Eagle does not molt every year but periodically it does molt and when it does this is the weakest time for, it is a period also when the Eagle does something which is unique. Being a large bird, as he mounts to fly there are callouses that form. Sometimes it takes from six to eight years for these to form but these growth’s always require that they must be ripped off, torn away, and the Eagle does this by tearing them away with its own talons. Then he rips off the old feathers then waits for a short period of time to regrow feathers which then renews his youth. This is why in the Book of Isaiah that God says: “They who wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like Eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.”

Thru the lips of the Psalmist He talks to you and says that you shall renew your strength, your youth as does the Eagle. We in America do that specifically in our national life. About every 4 to 8 years we renew...that is our molting period, the period of our weakness, for the weakest point in a nations history is at election time. It is a period when we select leadership and move in a new administration, this is like the molting period of the Eagle. Then every election we renew our youth and continue on the process of maintaining our own sovereignty.

Of course you and I live in a turbulent age, a climatic hour and nothing runs its own course here in the end of the age. Here in this hour in which we live then the forces of darkness seek to destroy. But nothing can destroy the Eagle except as in the symbolism, it be from the Eagle itself. Born in the antediluvian and ancient periods the only enemy the Eagle had was the followers with his arrows. Therefore the feathers plucked for their arrows were always Eagle feathers. They used to say that if the Eagle fell that he fell by his own feathers. Thus the significance of it was that he must fly high and remain strong, but if trouble comes, it comes from within. There is no power which can challenge the Eagle except another Eagle.

Thus it is that the Eagle symbol was selected with wisdom and it was recognized that this was the one bird which would mount up above all others. We have had stories of the heights and the flying birds, of the movement of even ancient traditional birds such as the one who used to live in the Himalayas, and was very much a part of the story of a bird called the Roc, but it was actually a great Condor. The fact remains that the Eagle flies higher, much higher than the Condor.

In the high mountains of Peru there is evidence that the swift small Eagles of Peru can out match the height and flight of the great Condor as well for nothing flies as high as the Eagle, but our Great Eagle flies the highest of all.

I can remember experiences of watching Eagles when but a boy. We were living along the Hudson river of that time, and could look out over the Palisades and see some of the most historic groups of Eagles the world has ever known. We have what is known as the Storm King Eagles which fly up and down the great Hudson River. These were the first Eagles that the Colonists used to talk about. It was from the “Storm King Eagles” that there came this selection of the symbol of the Eagle for our nation. They used to fish for shad in the Hudson River and these Eagles would come down on to the masts and spars of the boats waiting for fish. They became very friendly with men. These great Eagles used to live there on the precipice of those great cliff’s, and I had the experience one time having my father point out the flight of the Eagle. We would watch them fly out over the river and using, so it seemed, nothing but the wind currents and they would mount up high. There would come one of those great thunderstorms on a summer afternoon when the world turns dark and purple, and then comes the violence of the wind and great claps of thunder, following with the steaks of lightening and the storm would be on its way. Thus it is that you see the birds all scurry for shelter, the creatures get out of natures way, no birds would be flying except these Eagles. They would fly up over the violence of the storm and soar higher and higher until they looked like specks, then when the storm would be over they would come back down.

Thus the Kingdom of God lives as a symbol of the Eagle Nation to live above the storms. It can mount up with wings like the Eagles and can stay above every storm thru which it passes in the very light of Divine Destiny, knowing its destiny, feeling its destiny and undisturbed by the storm. For the Eagle was above the storm having the strength to mount up above it. We are told that there are only two birds able to do this, one is a type of the Falcon which rides above the storm but he never rides as high as the Eagle.

We talk about the fact that behind every storm cloud there is a silver lining, but just remember that the Eagle Nation and the Eagle people are above every storm. Altho we see the storm paths hitting us, still our destiny is fixed for a purpose and a time, and we will not be destroyed. Our Sovereign symbol is the symbol of our nation. It is an interesting thing, but we note that the Seal of the United States is richly done in the colors of Joseph, for remember, that he wore a coat of many colors and these colors being from the colors of the major Gems found in the breastplate worn by the High Priest of Israel. In the writings of those who selected these colors for our nation they wrote that...”We selected the colors which are found in the gem stones worn by the High Priest of Israel.” These are the symbols of light and the symbols of the months of the year...thus the symbol of many colors. So also is the symbol of the mighty power....the Eagle, and the Eagle wears the Shield upon its breast. We will note again that the Most High said concerning the symbol of the Shield: “The Eternal God is our refuge, and underneath are the Everlasting Arms. He shall therefore thrust out the enemy before me and shall say, destroy them. Israel shall dwell in safety alone, and the great fountain of Jacob shall be in a land of corn and wine; where the heavens shall drip down dew.” Today there is no question of where this land of corn is, for no country has produced such corn as that which grows in our land. In fact corn was a relative different commodity than that which has been developed in this hemisphere. Even our enemies as they come to look at the corn which grows in Iowa say: ‘How do you grow corn like that?’ can only grow corn like that in the country where Israel was to grow alone. You cannot grow anything on the face of the earth to match what God will do as He develops wisdom and initiative, and blessing upon a people He has chosen to call his very own. Thus Deuteronomy says in 33:28............”Israel then shall dwell in safety alone; the fountain of Jacob shall be upon a land of corn and wine; also his heavens shall drop down dew. Happy art thou, O Israel, who is like unto thee, O people saved by the Lord, the Shield of thy help.”

The Lord is thy Shield the Psalmist tells us that, and upon the shield of this nation, this very nation is the shield of THE LORD. There upon the Breastplate of the Eagle is the symbol...the shield of THE LORD who is the sword of thy excellency. Thine enemies shall be found liars unto thee; and thou shall tread upon their high places. Again the symbol of the Eagle, for in the day of prey we turn again to the word for the enemy of God’s Kingdom is always the symbol of the Serpent. “Hath thou considered the way of the Eagle in the air and the serpent upon the rock?” For the Eagle and the Serpent are diametrically enemies, the Eagle is the Serpent killer of the air. We then read these words, for the Most High determines the destiny of the Eagle and where he flies. For the Eagle only mounts up at “Thy command and makes her nest on high.” She dwelleth upon the Rock, on the Craig of the Rock, in a strong place. From thence she is sent against the prey, her eyes are a far off, and her young ones fed upon living blood.

There is no question of the fact that the House of Israel finds her great vitality and strength, as well as spiritual life which belongs to it because it is the Household of God. And because it is this household, its life, its spirit, then it belongs to the symbol of the Eagle who mounts up to the higher air. But the very symbol of your life is in the sacrifice, and the life of your faith is sealed up in the symbol of blood. You are called...the ‘Blood Living’ ones. One of the ancient symbols which was in the eating of the ‘Passover Lamb’ was that the eating of this was symbolically identified it with the covenant which was made supposedly symbolized as the ‘Sign of Life.’ Thus it is that they consumed life for the cleansing which was required.

The Most High refers to you and I as an ‘Eagle People.’ He talks about the 4 branches of the Israel people marching with their four marching signs on each side of the House of God, and each side has 3 tribes with their marching signs. The fact remains that under the sign of the Eagle ultimately advancing westward we see again the ‘Outstretched Wings’...the land shadowed with the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle. Our founding fathers had the wisdom to proceed with the choosing of this emblem. They were selecting for a nation which was to grow strong for the final testing time. Inside the talons of the Eagle they selected they hold the Olive branches and the Arrows. If you were to look upon the one dollar bill you would see both sides of the seal upon it, and you would note the Eagle clutches the cluster of Arrows. But these arrows symbolize that you will trust no enemy, while offering the symbol of the Olive Branch. We know that palm branches have been used sometimes for the symbol of Peace, but the oldest symbol of Proper Peace is the symbol of the Olive Branch. Thus there is clutched in the talons of the Eagle, the symbol of either Peace or war,...either Peace or Justice. You are told that the Almighty promised to make the Arrows of Joseph strong. Now; it is unusual that just the symbol of the Arrows would be made strong because we know that the bow is just as important as the arrows, but the fact remains that the shaft’s of Joseph are the arrow shaft’s that do not break. Thus it was that the ancient records recorded that the arrows of Joseph should be blessed and strengthened. In the old text which speaks of the making of arrows of Joseph strong,...the old version of the Septuagint said: “I will bless the arrows of Joseph, they shall not break.” Here the arrows of Joseph are today right in the hand of this great and strongest of the House. The Olive Branch marks you as an Israel nation, count the leaves on the Olive Branch and you find 13. Thus you are the thirteenth Tribe in mark and in number, the great and last vital Tribe, the number of the tribes of Israel being the symbolic number 12., but also this 13th., Tribe is standing to one side, and all the time God was moving them to one place where they were to abide in strength. For out of the thirteenth comes strength for the other twelve in this hour. So we are watching a New Order, a New Order of the Ages, and out of this process, out of this development is symbolized that you as a people will never be let down, never be destroyed, you must endure and survive in this time.

Today we are watching the strangest fallacies which ever existed in the structure of a great nation such as this one. Policy’s which are diametrically opposed to the blueprint which the Most High God delivered to our forefathers are being advocated and pushed upon us. Along with this is the attempt to misinterpret the great extended liberties to your house and the guarantee’s that were provided for you as those inspired in your Constitution and Bill of Rights by your founding fathers as they prayed for guidance and these were adopted. But the fact remains that the hour of your time finds a destroyer has moved in, and this destroyer thinks that he can destroy this Eagle Nation, but I tell you that he cannot. He thinks he can make it a bird of prey, a carrion eater, but he cannot. He thinks he can totally mongrelize your society but this also he will not be able to do, for the Eagle will not join with the other birds. Nor is there any chance to cross the Eagle with the birds around about for the Eagle will always dwell alone, and will protect its own. The Eagle will maintain a sovereignty all by itself, and while it does not abuse, it still fights those who are its natural enemy. At the same time it maintains a certain sovereign feeling about its existence that will not be threatened by any creature. In fact there are very few outside of man himself who would challenge the Eagle. First because of the place where he dwells, and secondly because of his strength and the height to which he climbs.

I tell you that this is a selected destiny, that the nation of the Eagle has a very vital process to perform and that process will not be stopped. Nor will it be gainsaid by the forces which seek to destroy us.

We note that as the Apostle Paul, in the Book of II Corinthians, talks about certain symbols of mandated power. He talks about the hour when the law was given to Israel. He talks of how the administration and the giving of that law was accompanied with signs and symbols, and the majesty of the glory on that mountain. We will remember that in the hour that Moses approached that mountain that he had gone into the very presence of God, but by association with phenomena which attracted him...such as the burning bush which was not consumed, he was being prepared. But when God spoke to Moses after the deliverance of the House of Israel out of Egyptian bondage, he said: “I bore you on Eagle Wings.” Then He said to Moses...’I will give to you the symbol of your authority, I will give to you the laws to govern My people, My household, here in the midst of the earth. I will give you these laws for their morality, economy, and relationship to the food that is good for their bodies, and their way of life.

Now; the law which He gave was good, it contained its penalties, and its curses, it contained great benedictions and tremendous punishments for conduct which would violate the structure of that law for the violation and contamination of the Race, of the bringing of the unassimilable factors into the congregation. The process of trying to force something not according to the National design of the Most High God was the ultimate evil which brought destruction and defeat and even stoning. The pattern of the law was still good for it was the design of a great people. But remember what they said when Moses came down from that mountain...”All that Yahweh hath given to us to do....we will do.” That was a big promise, but remember this about that law which given at Mt. Sinai, that great and high Mountain rising from the plain of that wilderness, it was the blueprint for a people, it was for their good. Here at Mt. Sinai a great and tremendous and unusual event took place, and God spoke to Moses telling him to rope off the mountain, not to let anyone come close enough to touch that mountain. For if they were to touch the mountain they would not survive. This was not judgment, it was not revenge, it was just a fact that this whole mountain was to be come tremendously charged from the Divine energy, power, and presence of the Most High. This was a great manifestation of Divine force and power, for the Eternal Yahweh-God clothed in the order of an illuminative ball of a cloud like substance was to move out until that mountain would be enveloped with such radiation of energy and vitality that men could not live if they touched that mountain. They could not stand the energy which would come upon them, they would have been burned as though they had touched a radio active substance and been destroyed by their association with it. The question then was how could Moses move up that mountain? Remember that Moses had been prepared thru the years by close association, had been drawn closer and closer in his relationship with God until he was immunized more and more to the Divine presence. Until the very life within him rose up to meet the very life of God. As Moses climbed that mountain to receive that great mandate of law this was the mandate by which the nations of the world were going to eventually have to be measured. The law was to go out of Zion, out of the Kingdom of God and the nations of the world are going to have to conform to a pattern of Divine Law. Oh...something larger than that law, greater than all of its ordinances would eventually move the laws of the Most High God, but here was its foundation. This had never happened to any other people, there was no Mount Sinai at Mount Everest. There was no Mt. Sinai for any other people where such a manifestation of God came. The people stood back in awe as they saw the Glory and the symbol of His power. Then after Moses came down from the mountain he had to cover himself for the radiation was on him from that mountain as well.

The Apostle Paul tells us that this was a most glorious hour when Moses received the law which had within it even the judgments of death. That we who have had the judgments of death put away have been given the Law of Life. And with this Law of Life has been given unto us a second covenant not only of blessing but also of power. That the power which is in you is a Living Law which shall move out. Given, however, only to one people, only one household in the midst of the earth was this law.

In this nation, this great nation, of the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle this Law of God as a great and tremendous force will move out from the mountain (administration), for the Most High has established in your land for this hour. The world looks upon you for the balance of power, for righteousness, for leadership. It turns to the Wings of an Eagle for hope, and the “Woman”, God’s Kingdom people, fleeing from the Dragon (Rev. 12) in this hour again looks to the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle. The hoards of Asia are always under the symbol of the Dragon. The powers of socialism, communism, the world sources of evil, turn on the nation of the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle to try to bring her down. But you and I are in turn going to have to reestablish the way of our life in justice and in righteousness. But remember that the ultimate fulfillment of a new covenant is the fulfillment of the Life of God moving as a Living, Pulsing Law thru every portion of being of this people until they have rolled back every enemy from which the condemnation of judgment which has been taken from you have been thrust out. You will discover that the last enemy is death, and with that enemy cast down you will be a people living in the power of life, for you have the power as a people to renew that life.

Yes, God talks about a nation which renews its youth, He talks about you as a symbol of a New World Order in which His Kingdom also renews its youth. It will be by the weight of His Spirit moving within and above, that you accomplish this. If Moses was radiant and glorious when he came down from the mountain, I am going to tell you that the illumination of God is going to rest upon the nations of His Kingdom, upon you in this hour when He produces the pattern of this New Order....more glorious than has ever been seen before. While not visible to the average eye the energy of Divine Spirit moving upon His sons and daughters is going to be raised unto a height never before equaled in the history of a nation.

We are in a very strange and tumultuous period the nation does not realize how the enemy seeks to destroy the pattern of God’s Law. God’s law is a sovereign law which supersedes the law of the scripture. Our Supreme Court has ruled 11 times that the laws of this land are to conform to the law of the scripture, that no law can stand contrary to the scripture. I tell you that there has been a malfeasance when now the Supreme Court tries to enforce integration for that is a violation, and is in complete opposition to the law of God which calls for Divine segregation. This nation shall mount up as the Eagle, and there shall be a removal from every high place those who do not mount up as with the wings of the Eagle but strangely flap like the approaching vulture, which is the symbol of death, not of greatness. Until we place justice back in our Supreme Court we should haul down the Eagle on that building and run up the sign of the vulture. For there is no other symbols which can be substituted for a nation under God then those he has so divinely ordained when He set your heraldry.

We tell you that you are in an hour when you shall see ‘truth’ triumph even if it comes out of the indignation of a people. These are but the signs of destruction and contempt, we are seeing in our nations. When the attack comes on the last barrier of the 27 states which makes it a crime for interracial see the enemy wants the Supreme Court to act on this last barrier, to knock out those 27 barriers of what God considers the greatest pollution of His race line from the records of the scripture. Just remember is almost impossible to cleanse a blood line. If they could destroy your blood line they would be destroying the vision, the initiative, the culture, the greatness of a people. Your heritage is the heritage God promised to an Eagle people. Your heritage is this land, and blessed you are, and have been, for you have more than any other people on the face of the earth.

We hear people groan and complain but that is because they haven’t been around the world. The only thing you should complain about is those who are not of you. You should seethe like a boiling cauldron against these decisions being made which are against the Law of your God, your race, and your destiny. Your complaints should be one of action, you should move as a people against anything which stops spiritual development, for no spiritual development comes from violation of Divine Law.

No doubt many demons move in this land, unseen forces move upon the thinking of men. Demons of lust, and of destruction are here, and these strange demons are not recognized in your society as they are in a society which worships devils. In the land of Ancient China and India where they have been living in communion with devils, and they are acquainted with devils as you are with the input of vision you get from the communing with the Spirit of God, as you study ‘the word’ you think in terms of what God is unveiling and you grow in strength and in power. Remember that in far off and pagan lands where they worship devils, they have communed with devils. It is not unusual for them to be visible in their homes or in those areas where they live. At the time of Jesus there were devils living in that old land, devils obsessing people. We here in a western civilization do not worship devils and do not pay much attention to them. We do not go around in awe of them like the people who worship them, but I can tell you that we have men today who are obsessed by demons, no less strong because you do not recognize them. But the fact remains that these doctrines of demons are moving in and their presentation is strong. They are seeking to make it look as tho a violation of Divine Law is accompanied with greater symbols of love and mercy than the law itself. They are trying to make it look as tho the words of God despises are words to be sought after, and conditions which we should desire. Words like tolerance are thrown out...we are told this word must be fitted into our thinking and our theology, but my friends, this is a curse. For tolerance means putting up with evil, something not so good. This is not a Christian virtue, this is a symbol of death. God doesn’t call on you to put up with evil, He calls on you to take the way of righteousness not to tolerate evil, for evil destroys. Thus it is that we should not have to tolerate demons that move into our society. The method used today it to coat evil with honey in order to sell it to you so as to destroy your race. But the species which live upon this earth the Most High God divided them as to Adamites and Enosh beings. No curse upon them for being... beings, but remember more beings worship the devil than you might think.

Only one-fifth of the worlds population is white, and you are one of the Great Eagle’s nations. You are a nation under God, to be raised on Living Blood, the living meat, the things of life, and feeding on the Life of God, and for this purpose you become powerful and live on. 4/5 of the world are Asiatic, African, and belong to other races and mostly under the control of Satan, seeking to destroy you. Outside of the Mohammedan's who do not have any idolatry, and who worship the same God you worship for they are just beginning to recognize who He is, the rest of the people of the world worship devils, demons, pagan gods, or are the cold materialists who march in the red armies. These people are constantly being fanned by demons into frenzies of lust, murder, blood, fanned into frenzies by false and evil prophets. Missionaries who have gone into China and worked in places like India where demons of pagan powers rule not that many of the symbols of the processes of God’s work inside the church are duplicated by devils. Things that are seemingly miracles are duplicated by devils. In the various branches of theology where the spirit of God is sought after and certain of the gifts of the spirit are expressed....always there are lying demons who come in seeking to duplicate or to dull his reception by the children of God, and even of the world. In reading the report of a missionary who just returned from China he said that the strange thing about these devil demons is that they come in and try to seem like the Eternal God, but they want you to love everybody and end up in a frenzy of mongrelization. He wants the religious service to reflect this ‘love everybody,’ but he doesn’t want the divine line of moral conduct followed. So you see that Satan starts out with what appears to be, what in the minds of some is an advance...progress...but it is neither for it is a curse.

We tell you that it is the purpose of God that the nations of Israel grow strong and that this nation of God’s kingdom grow strongest of all. But there is one law that must be obeyed to accomplish this, and that is to do not allow strangers in our midst that are not of us. We were not to take them into our habitation and make them one with us. We are not to take them into our pattern of life and living for this is not of God. This is the doctrine of Demons at work here in the Climatic hour at the end of the age.

If you will turn to the Book of Revelation you will note that Beelzebub opens the mouth of the Pit and they are swarming out like the locust, by the thousands, unseen by you they still move out into the conflict, and always against you. But there is one terrific, tremendous weapon placed in your hands, this is the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. This Living Sword which is given unto you is “Thus saith the LORD.” This is one of the most powerful single forces which you and I can ever employ. For as His Spirit which is a Living Word...a Living Law is made known in your and His Household, then we declare His Word and bind that evil with His truth. The LOGOS, the Living Logos shall move out of you..out of this Eagle nation.

Strangely these forces of evil are moving out to destroy your nation by attacking the very body of your society itself. They have hurled against your society the doctrines of communism and socialism. They have attempted to socialize your government, attempted to restrict the liberties of a people. However in these attempts they have never been completely successful. Never been quite able to surpass your technology, never been able to surpass your greatness with things of earth, so they say....we will just destroy the race itself, obliterate it, and it will never rise again.

But over this storm you shall mount up like an Eagle, you shall still be high above in the clear. This Adamic, white race, shall emerge strong and powerful. This nation of God’s Kingdom, this Eagle nation, shall strike....the final blow upon the Dragon. There is no doubt that when this nation....under God (Rev. 12) strikes that blow against the Dragon and the hoards which come out of the Dragon’s mouth that it shall be like the lightening from the mountain, the final arrows of Joseph that will strike the enemy down for all times.

We urge you to recognize that these symbols are not just idol symbols, but you have been marked of God of a specific task. You are an Eagle nation, a people symbolized as the Saint’s of the Most High. You must emerge now in the position of leadership, for God counts on America to do the job He has ordained must be done among His be done in the leading of the entire white race in this generation in which you live. Therefore He is calling upon a Eagle people to mount above an enemy, but as you mount to the heights and you see the prey strike with speed. When this is done there is something that seldom anyone here’s, but if you hear it you will always remember it, you can never forget it. When you hear this even from a great distance you will know what it is. When you hear the Eagle scream even the Lion raises its head. When the Eagle screams even the creatures in the forest and every single bird in the air goes for cover. For when the Eagle screams it is a symbol of great stimulated activity. It is more than a hunting cry, when the Eagle screams it is more of wrath, violence, and judgment. So the Eagle raises its head and looks at its enemy and then screams. I tell you that in this hour it would be well for those who would destroy leave it. Because this is not the place for them when the Eagle protects its own.

This is God’s own nation, it is the spiritual symbol of a nation whose life comes out of the way of light where it was ordained to live. A nation to become strong, a nation to become powerful, a nation protected of God as it grew, a nation born on Eagles wings from far off moving ever out of the east. They tell us that our American Eagle moved out of the far east, and established its residence here. There was a time when Eagles such as ours lived in the high Himalayas but that was many years ago. None has existed there for almost three thousand years. Thus this Eagle once found emblazoned upon Heraldry in Ancient Asia is gone, it is now located in America. Just as we have come westward so has our great Eagle, and here the Eagle has found its home, here it is going to stay.

Yes, God said He would take us to a land...a new land, a land of milk and honey, a land of corn and wine. Not the land that David wanted to build His house in, for David was standing in Jerusalem when God told him He would give His people a new land where they would not have to move any more. So don’t let them move you out, be determined to stay. Recognize that your Faith, your scripture, the Living Word of God is related to reality, is related to the earth itself, to your conduct and thinking. Around certain signs, symbols, and standards men can be raised in their thinking, and in their determination. Around these symbols of the heraldry of our nation marks us for all times as the household of God, growing in cognition. Prospered in our beginnings and expanding into a destiny which finds its place in the ultimate Azure Blue.

(End of this message)