Law Of The Spirit And The Race Question, 7-15-62



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 7-15-62

When talking on this subject of the law of the spirit and the race question, remember we have spoken to you as to your existence in the heavens. This is a rather unique thing this premise that men must understand who they are and from whence they have come. You must know the great mystery as to what the prophets talked about as they referred to the Holy Seed. And why all of the laws in the Old Testament concerning the race question, the great clarion call for the segregation of HIS race, of HIS Household, and of HIS people. The great problem which besets Christianity today is that there are many thousands upon thousands of churches that do not know who they are or from whence they came. They believe that they are the children of God, but that this has been a sort of psychological transition that has been spiritually placed in their lives and in their hearts for the purpose of God. And they do not recognize what has happened in the midst of their experience---that God has regenerated, or reactivated something that they originally possessed on a Celestial Plain, but no longer remember because of the veil of the flesh and because of the violation of law in the very origin of our race. Often, we hear that as Adam fell, then all men fell. And by Adam’s transgression then transgression passed upon all men.

You should say that Adam’s transgression effected all Adamites, but it had nothing to do with Asiatics, or the earlier races who came into earth thousands and thousands of years before your race every came into the world. It had very little to do with the people who constituted the Africans, this Negroid race who came to earth at least 74 to 75 thousand years before Adam. Radio Carbon testing establishes this today in the caves of Kilimanjaro. And in the fossils of ancient Africa, we can find the background of ancient antiquity. And we find the Negroid fossils and skulls as well as the Asiatic and Turanian back farther than that. So in no circumstance do we say that these people would be responsible for or the inherited pattern of disobedience or connected with any fall of the Adamic race which came so many years later. In fact, this was a fallen world before your race ever came into it. It was a fallen race before the MOST HIGH sent you into the world. You were sent into the world as an act of God’s Grace. You were sent into the world to build HIS Kingdom. This then is your purpose and your destiny.

The origin of the men spiritually begotten before the world was framed, is one of the great mysteries of the scriptures. Unto you it is to understand the mysteries of heaven. Unto them, it is not given. This is the message of the scriptures. There is no doubt that there are a tremendous amount of people who do not understand these things and that is why the Apostle Paul tells us that if ‘Our Gospel be hid, then it is hid unto them that are lost.’ Some people have the idea that if it is hid unto them, then it is lost forever. But there is no possibility that anything can be lost forever. And the Gospel which God has had the prophets preach from the beginning, is not only the restoration of all things, but eventually reconciliation of everything which has life and breath in God’s Universe. Everything by origin which HE created, and anything which came into existence in HIS Universe, ultimately God has a purpose and a reconciliation for this.

Now, if this angers you because you do not want that reconciliation, it will not change it a bit, because the Father is still going to reconcile all things. And some day, you are going to like it. One of the easiest ways to discover a theological argument is to see how many there are today who see how many that do not want to see salvation preached to the ends of the earth. Oh, you say, they carried their Evangelistic to the ends of the earth, to Africa and to all parts of the world. They tried to make converts out of them all. But if you were to suggest to them that before God gets thru with it, HE is going to put in proper order every creation and also every individual of every race--and eventually, the races are all going to worship the MOST HIGH GOD and acknowledge God each in their order and each in their own place---and of all of these things, God is going to lose absolutely nothing----now, when you tell people that, they say, ‘My, my, some of them have to go to some Hell and burn forever and forever. Some of them have to go under great catastrophes and chastisements and judgement.---look at all of the things they have done.’

But the fact of the matter, my friends, is that the purposes of God are quite clear and the judgements of God are clear. And under the purposes of God, then people have been dying because of transgression, or the breaking of Divine Law and are lost in the process of life thru out the ages. But as far as the Grace of God, then God will never fulfill the object of some people’s imagination. HE is never going to be the ‘torture chamber God’ that they have anticipated HIM to be. They called Paul a heretic, you know. But he said, ‘After this way called heresy, I worship my God.’ It is more important to have a proper picture of God. It is more important that you witness to God as HE is, than that you set up a false image before the world of God which is not necessarily an attractive one. In fact, the picture of the God that some people worship is almost as tyrannical as the god some people have worshiped all of the time. The fact is that there is lack in theology making a distinction between the children of God’s family and those that are not of God’s family. The scripture talks about those who are of HIS family, both in heaven and in earth. We are told that in the name of YAHWEH and YAHSHUA, the whole family in heaven and earth is named. YAHWEH is the oldest and most ancient name for the Eternal. And we have HIS name embodied as YAHSHUA. We refer to HIM in the English as Jesus, and this came from the Greek YaZeus, from which we get the word Jesus in our language.

Now, some people do not know that. They think as the Messiah walked thru the land of Palestine, they called HIM Jesus. But no one ever heard of the word Jesus at that time, until the Apostle Paul, writing to the people of Greece, referred to HIM as YaZeus. And this means the mighty one embodied and this they could understand in Greek. Thus, Jesus is our word from the Greek and strangely enough, the name of YAHSHUA was known to the Druid ancestors in the Isles and they referred to HIM in the same token in forms of this name which were known in early Scandinavia. But we point out the fact that the family in heaven and earth are the family of the MOST HIGH. They are heirs of the Father. And if not heirs of the Father thru a direct relationship, they would not be the inheritors of the Kingdom. We have discussed with this Gospel of the Kingdom which must be preached in all of the earth before the end of the age. And this Gospel of the Kingdom is being proclaimed. By air and other methods, it is reaching the ends of the earth. For years and years, our race has been proclaiming the Messiahship of the Christ. We have been proclaiming that this was the embodiment of God. We have been proclaiming to the world, and we have caught in part, the news that we were ambassadors and ministers of Christ. We have been telling people all over the world that we must recognize that Jesus is the Christ. We have added to that sometimes, doctrines that were inside of Ecclesiastical formations of religions hierarchy that were not so.

On the basis of these openings, there has become possible openings for errors of conduct. Because we have told people that by accepting Christ, they have become our brothers. That they became like we were. And as far as their race was concerned, it was no longer important. We have stated that since they were being spiritually adjusted to truth, by the things which they accepted, that no racial barriers existed between their open intermingling and their absorption. This is the great catastrophe today of the organized church. And it is following a carefully laid and subtle plan of Lucifer to destroy the nations of God’s Kingdom. He, however is not a bit disturbed about preaching if it does not effect his kingdom. He (Lucifer) is not a bit disturbed by the message delivered from the pulpit unless in the final analysis of the event, that those messages stir peoples hearts and effect their conduct, and oppose the thing which he is trying to do.

Now, we do not cite to you that there has been a total loss in the Gospel. For the proclamation of the Gospel was a destiny. And in the climax of the age, there was going to be a great unveiling of Spiritual Truth. We were told that in places where men had run around and forgotten this truth, and called themselves pagans and Gentiles, it would be revealed that they were the children of the Living God as the sands of the seashore and the stars of the heavens. This prophecy was made by the Old Testament prophets. Haggai saw that out of the darkness of who they were, most of the people who constituted God’s Kingdom would find themselves in relationship to that pledge. When we talk to you about the necessity of understanding this, the word Israel is found back in the writings of Enoch and also back in the books of Seth---because the word ‘Is-ra-el’ meant these were ruling offspring, ruling with God. EL being a word for God in abstract, and Elohim being a word plural. But the word YAHSHUA was the personal name of God. We use the word God in an abstract way and we mean YAHWEH- or YAHSHUA. And then we have some people round about us and when they use the word ‘god’---they sometimes mean the devil whom you oppose. In fact, when they were conducting trials down in Florida, to determine whether they would let them read the Bible or not, or to pray in school, then the Jews came forth to declare that our God and their god are different and therefore it is an insult to them to hear Christians pray to God, because they knew what we were thinking. Well, we also know what they are thinking today, because we have investigated their scriptures and when they say god, they are talking about Lucifer. And when we say ‘God’ we are talking about the true YAHWEH. Well, the fact remains, that there is a difference and there is a vast distinction. And it is because there is a distinction in the origins of some people and it is important that we understand that today.

If you will note, then Jesus said, ‘I am of my Father, and you are of your father.’ And HE made a clear distinction there. HE said, ‘I am out of the Spirit of the Eternal, (or YAHWEH), and you are of your father.’ Then Jesus made it quite clear, ‘Your father was an archangel once, but he is a devil now and you are like he is.’

Now, sometimes these things do not seem of any great importance by some clergy who say let’s talk about nicer things than this. But I do not know anything nicer to talk about than your origin. I don’t think there is anything more important for you to know this afternoon, than that you are a son or a daughter of the MOST HIGH GOD. It is also important for you to know that a lot of people don’t like that. And they don’t want you to know who you are. If there is anything that Lucifer would like to do, it is to absorb your race and to keep the world from knowing who you are; to utterly cut you off from your spiritual destiny. And frankly, the destiny that was in your Western civilization and was obtained here by your founding fathers, is not only because of who they are, with a spiritual quality and seed within them---with capacity to receive inspiration and vision from the MOST HIGH,---recognizing not only our Father, but also the Sonship of Christ, and founding a spiritual society based on these spiritual laws and truth, and stating your heritage. What America has become is the result of inspiration and blessing. And what we deteriorate to as we permit strangers to come into our land, will effect our society and chastises us for having not maintained proper leadership over us thru out these years. There can be no question about the fact that it is important for us to understand therefore, this pattern of Sonship.

We refer to the words of the Apostle Peter who says that we have been born of incorruptible seed. We might for one moment reconsider these words knowing that it is significant, that he talked about the people born of incorruptible seed. And in his directive, he says, ‘we have been born from above of incorruptible seed which lives and abides forever.’

Now, this is the significant thing. We are the children of spiritual birth. And there are many areas in the scriptures which bring this thing out, as God talks with Job and tells him he was there when HE laid the foundations of the earth. Then there is the declaration you find in the writings of the Apostle Paul saying that you have already been blessed with all spiritual blessings since before the foundation of the world,---all spiritual blessings in the bosom of the Father before the world was framed. The declaration that your name was in the ‘Lamb’s Book of Life’ before the beginning of creation, the declaration as to the bringing back to the people the remembrance of things happening since the beginning, and also the declaration which Christ makes in the Greek, when HE says to HIS disciples, ‘Ye are they who have been with Me since the beginning.’ And in this instance, HE is not talking about just HIS ministry, but the origin of the Cosmos.

More than this, we note that when Christ is talking about HIS Holy Spirit, the essence which is the power of God, and the intellect to put it in motion for HIS purpose, thus HE said, ‘This Holy Spirit that the world cannot receive---BUT YOU CAN RECEIVE IT.’ And it will bring you several things. But it is going to bring all things to your remembrance. And it will bring you to the knowledge of all truth.

Now, generally speaking, the things which the Holy Spirit would bring to your remembrance, would be that which the veil of flesh had lost the memory of and could only be brought back by the activation of the Celestial consciousness of the things which they had beheld when they were with the Father in the beginning of this creation. You are also assured inside of the scripture that the spirit would guide you to the knowledge of all Truth. The barrier laws of the existence of dimensions are quite clear. The spirit was not only begotten of the Father and synthesized by HIS own being, spirit of Spirit and life of Life, and therefore the dimension of light and the areas of the highest echelons of light organization exists, and referred to as the highest heavens of the MOST HIGH, around which the Seraphims and Cherubims have access from when we came.

When Jesus talked to HIS adversaries in the earth, HE knew their racial capacities and HE knew their incapacities. HE knew their origin and HE knew their differences. And thus, HE speaks to them concerning these things. And HE talked about dimensions into which HE could go, but they could not. For HE said, ‘Where I go you cannot come.’ This makes a mark of distinction as to the entrance of such places. Jesus also makes it quite clear that only those begotten of a spiritual order of a certain type, can enter into that plain. You cannot get anything else into it unless you change it or readjust it, or make something else out of it. And restoration is what the Bible has promised from Lucifer’s errors and catastrophe. There was no catastrophe in this creation before Lucifer’s rebellion. And a restoration of it is what God is going to do. God can’t do more than this for HE allowed it to happen. And for God to be God, HE must be triumphant in every field, not only in you, but in the whole world. This is one of the reasons you are referred to as ambassadors of reconciliation. And you will discover that as Christ was in the flesh reconciling us back into the spirit and back unto the Father, so now also Christ, in us, is going to reconcile the Christ in us to the same God. Not in the same relationship as you, the children of God, will return unto the Father, but a relationship with these people who shall return and worship the Right God. They will be ever grateful that the atonement which reconciled them is also the same God that bought the whole world just to get you back.

God, Himself, outlined the fact that the field is the world. And HE talked about the fact that the seed in the field, that the good seed was the seed of the children of the Kingdom, and that the bad seed were the ‘tares’. And also there were people who were here from its creation. We know also that in the parable of the treasure, that Jesus refers to your race, and to this Household as a Treasure that HE hid in the field. And now to have the right to that treasure in its proper status, HE said that HE had to buy the whole field in order to get the Treasure. Therefore, that atonement of God which was for transgression and error had to cover the entire earth to redeem HIS people. In covering the whole earth, it became immediately salvation to the ends of the earth.

Now, we are well aware that in Adam, all Adamites die. Thus, in Christ, the Adamites are restored. But also in Christ, the whole world is restored. For all is included in this process. Now, when we talk to you about the race question, this in no way relieves you of any responsibility which God gave your race to begin with. In fact, this was the great catastrophe that brought on the fall. This was the story of the ‘apple’ which was understood in the ancient Zohar in the days of Enoch and in the days of the Patriarchs. It was written about in the days of Seth and in other books which were not canonized by Rome, and not preserved unto your time. Except as the old documents have been dug out and retranslated. The story, my friends, was a violation of Divine Law that you were not to associate yourselves with these other races, that you were not to become a part of this Luciferian kingdom. If it had been permitted for Adam to join himself to other races, the producing of Eve was then not necessary.

Remember, in 6th day of Genesis, that man and woman were created and they were to multiply and to occupy the earth. Then in the 7th day, God brings forth the Issue. And Adam is the 7th day begatting or creation and not a 6th day creation. And Eve was taken out of Adam so that there might be a suitable helpmate for Adam, this son of God.

You say, ‘But I don’t like to have someone say that Adam was the son of God.’ Well, that is not important. But if you will turn over to the book of Corinthians, you will discover that Jesus is referred to as the Second Adam which is the embodiment of Divine Life. I don’t think you will doubt that Jesus was the image of the invisible God. Turn to the book of Colossians and you will find that HE was before all things and by HIM were all things made. And HE was before all things that ever had an existence. What we are concerned with is that spirit, soul and body, in the man Christ Jesus, is the personality that ruled the Universe and HE is your Father.

No wonder we refer to the Messiah as Isaiah did when he referred to this Child born unto us, calling HIM the Everlasting Father, because HE was the Everlasting Father. This is because HE could stand before HIS accusers and say, ‘Before Abraham, I AM.’ If there is any mystery which is related to Christianity, it is to know the relation ship which existed as such. Often as we talk to people about their Sonship, often we find to our amazement, these people have some type of belief that they are some type of brutish beast created here in the earth, or some type of specie just a little smarter than the animals. Yes, animals have a brain to think with, but they do not articulate like you do, at least in your hearing. But the fact remains, that some think that is the difference between the Enosh and the Adamites. They think they are also brute creatures until one day the Gospel reached them and that Gospel made sons and daughters of God out of them. But they were not sons and daughters before.

I think that it is essential that all thru the scriptures, it is essential that you know who you are, and your relationship to these events. I point out to you that in this declaration in the 4th chapter of the book of Galatians, the Apostle Paul said, ‘Because you are sons, God sent the spirit again into your heart saying, ‘Our Father’. Because you were the sons, HE sent the spirit into your heart so you COULD say, ‘Our Father.’ Then in this instance, in the 3rd chapter of Galatians, this is brought out, that this household upon which the blessings were descending,--and this household is the seed of Abraham--and this seed is being called out, especially the seed of Isaac was the specific seed thru which the children of God’s Kingdom were to come. This was not a multiple of seed or children whom Abraham might have thru Ketura, or even Ishmael. But only out of Isaac---this one racial seed with its perfect racial purity was God going to call forth the Household for the great expansion which took place. Therefore, it was not too many seeds, but to one. Then the scripture talks about God’s covenants and blessings with Abraham, and says that covenant which was confirmed before of God, that covenant that embodied the spirit of life which was in HIM, that HOLY SEED, that covenant was promised of Christ. And the law which was 430 years after that, could not annual it, or set it aside so that this promise would be of no effect. Because of that, we are told that ‘the law’ was a schoolmaster for our race to bring us unto Christ. Why? So that we might be justified by our Faith and be justified by the redevelopment of Spiritual Law, and the eventual regeneration of our Race.

Now, God activated spiritual consciousness in your race from the days of Adam thru Seth and on down to the great Patriarchs such as Enoch. Probably no man who eve lived had greater experiences than did Enoch. No one had any greater Faith. No man had any great spiritual revelations. In fact, God directed to him such recognition and spiritual understanding, so that he was able to understand mysteries. And God took him clear into the heavens and showed him things. Few men have ever seen such things and no man has ever written as much about the things which he saw as has Enoch. When Enoch came back and wrote these things in books and told them to the Patriarchs of your race, he became one of the most tremendous Patriarchs within this destiny, in time and history. Eventually, God sent a special type of transportation for him and God took him into the heavens. Enoch never saw death. So we cannot say that God cannot regenerate, or reactivate spiritual power at any time.

But there was one thing which God promised to do. And that was to make a consummated atonement and then pour out a wave of spiritual power upon HIS sons and HIS daughters until that spiritual power would assemble great assemblies of Faith. It would form the new center of activity, the Ecclesia or Church. And it would spread thru the nations of HIS Kingdom. And these nations would rise to their destiny, which destiny God had ordained from the beginning. And that is the message of the Kingdom, that the nations of the Kingdom shall bring in that Kingdom, with Divine help when that help is essential. For without spiritual help and power, for without the power of God, you could do nothing. And I can tell you that the ‘all’ which is accomplished today, is accomplished with the power of the spirit which lies within it. And the great difference between you and the world which is so self-evident, in the development of your civilization and the development of your culture, in your standard of living, lies in this one secret. The spiritual quality which you have within it. It is not the color of the skin which marks the fact that you are an inheriting offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD. I want you to know however, that the color of the skin should remain important today, since God put the mark on the container so that you will not make any mistakes about it. Thus, you are not to make any mistakes about this, for God does not want you to join that which has a Celestial being dwelling within it thru organic union with that which lacks this spiritual origin, and therefore cuts off from the union and that family the continuing seed. It produces Mulattos and people of other races. And even tho they may have mental abilities and in the advantages in the brain are, they still lack the spiritual capacities of spiritual perception and they lack the spiritual capacity to bring about cohesion between the races. They are always outcasts among all people because this is a part of the visitation of judgement which descends upon the children from generation to generation because of the sins of the father.

Now, I will tell you that as far as the world is concerned, this is not an animosity against the world. It is just an animosity against which it lives and the Luciferian forces which control it. The Kingdom of God is going to triumph and you are going to participate in that triumph. It is the power of spirit which will make this thing possible. And in this instance when you find yourself in a physical world, in a physical body then, my friends, it is your job to live in this dimension. You are not to spend most of your time thinking of where you came from unless it is to apply it as you are supposed to do here. For as you pray, ‘Our Father who art in heaven,’ this is because the Father taught you to pray thus. And it is because HE put you here to help build this Kingdom. Because HE anointed you as Ambassadors for that Kingdom.

Now, we know that there is continual reference which we have cited to you before as to the New Birth. Well, it is better to refer to it as a regeneration, or reactivation of the sons and daughters of God. For as we have said, you were spiritually begotten in the heavens, the begotten into the Adamic world. But that which is the ‘flesh,’ as far as your consciousness came first because the forgetfulness of your race blotted out any remembrance of your Celestial background, except the spirit of God quickened it to you. For in such an hour when God speaks and calls HIS Sheep, HE says, ‘I give them eternal life, and they never perish.’ You might produce the greatest radio broadcast of all time, you might broadcast in every language, to every people upon the face of the earth, and I will tell you that if all of the people upon the earth had never heard the Gospel before, including your race, that after those messages had been proclaimed for a period of time, the White nations would accept it and the other nations would still be in the same capacity that they are in now.

You say, ‘Why is that?’ Well, one of the things is that those races have the background of all of the error that Lucifer has sown into those races for thousands of years. If you were to go into India, you would see that they have more temples which they call magnificent and I call grotesque, all over the landscape, with strange carvings of obscene concepts of their relationship with their gods and with one another. If you want to see how a people are going to behave and how they are going to think, then look at their religion. Find out how they picture themselves in their relationship to it, and you will discover that in a pattern of obscene and illicit concepts of relations, with gods who never keep any moral standards and a people who surely never have none, because they start in very early to violate every moral law. And you will get no more out of Asia and out of India, than India’s spiritual leadership can provide.

Now, I point out that you cannot just go over and convert India. Some people say that we have had a lot of missionary activity. Yes. Because you go over and talk to these people and you talk about the Gospel and these things, and they will respond according to their capacity to understand. And it requires the immediate administration and the Celestial presence from the children of the MOST HIGH GOD. Except they---the Ambassadors, they who possess the spirit, are there to transfer the idea, then the idea does not remain.

Now, you will go somewhere else and carry the message to another village. And while you are gone, the witch doctors of Kali, take over. Thus nullifying everything you have done or taught. This happens in the jungle. It happens in India, it happens all over. In fact, before long, if you were to leave the country and then come back, and you had left it in the hands of the Hindu, you would find that they had tried to Hinduize Christianity in the meantime, tried to mold it together into some kid of a fantastic process. In fact, the Methodist Church probably spend more money on trying to Evangelize India than any other single institution in Christendom. And you find that they almost Hinduized the Methodist Church. When E. Stanley Jones and these others came back, they were quoting Gandhi more often than Gandhi was quoting Christ. Just remember that. And they brought back Socialism by the route of India. And they started to sow that gospel which became known as the Social gospel.

Now, I am not an extremist as some are to say that the concept of a social gospel is evil. For the ‘Social’ Gospel may be a very practical applied Gospel. But if this is a ‘Socialist’ Gospel, then it is not the Gospel of the Kingdom. I think we have too many Fundamentalists while they believe in the great fundamental principals, such as the Virgin Birth and the Atonement of God, attack what they call the social gospel. They say if the church steps in to try to rectify the conditions of the world if the church tries to influence the conditions of economics, they are out of bounds if it tries to work for the betterment of a social development as it tries to save a society, that this must be assumed as a social gospel. But what do you think you are here for if not to transfer the earth into a condition like heaven? I am going to tell you that is one responsibility that the Church has, and that is a seasoning influence in the world. If the salt looses its flavor, then where will the earth be salted? If the light of the Gospel has no impact on the society in which you live in this physical world, then what makes you think it is going to work in any other dimension. I want you to know that the work of the church is more than just proclaiming that Jesus is the Christ. It is the proving that the Light of God transforms society and civilization, and creates things in their proper order.

Now, I want you also to know this. Fallacies of following Socialism and the policies of following the anti-Christ, that can be supported by pagan religions as well, that is the great catastrophe and error of today. We have more Socialism and Communism being taught in our pulpits than we have of the practical applications of the Laws of God for our society. I want you to know that if the pulpits today proclaimed the Laws of God, they would be teaching a social gospel that would take care of every problem in society. For if that economic law had been properly fulfilled, you would not have the practice of Usury and extortion that we have today. If they proclaimed the Laws of God, as it relates to the cycles of Agriculture, and the processes which God inspires, you would have no problem whatsoever. You would not only have thrift for the basis of your society, but you would have good stewardship as well. And you would discover that there would be an era of plenty instead of scarcity in the world today. Usury today, is what is depriving people of an economic and social balance. And this is a violation of Divine Law.

Someone then says, ‘That is none of the Church’s business. You are not supposed to keep the law.’ But let me tell you, that you are supposed to proclaim the Law of God as a pattern of living. You can teach the Grace of God which is the greatest story ever told, as it relates to God’s love and HIS mercy, to restore and to restore to HIS children, even when people do not deserve it by their conduct. But do not ever think that God ever set you free from the processes of HIS Law. The sun shall shine and the phenomena is only a law of nature. But it is still followed because God created things that way. And this is also true of the law of mathematics. For you cannot change the was of mathematics by any religions experience. I want you to know that the Law of the Spirit belongs to the children of the MOST HIGH, to understand and perceive and must be applied to a physical world, because it is the essence of spiritual energy and light which is the pulsing light of God’s Universe. It is the Christ which holds the Universe together. And even in the electronic field, it is still balanced by the Law of Spirit. This is not a matter of hating the ends of the earth, it is a matter that one of these days, you are going to have to cut down every grove of pagan trees and you are going to have to cut down every pagan temple, stone by stone and stick by stick. And then, take a bulldozer and level out the ground and plant a nice park there, because when you take down the temples of evil, the people will revert to it. This is one of the reasons why Joshua and Gideon and others were told to cut down the groves and level out the temples.

The hour must come when if you are to carry light and truth, you will have to eliminate all of the forces of darkness who are seeking at the same time to hold you in bondage. Someone said, ‘You can’t do that because this is against their civil liberties.’ Well, your problems today are that the people in your nation who are crying ‘civil liberties,’ are those who want to take it away from you. These are the people who came into America and they want to get rid of Christ. And they wanted to take prayer out of school and they have accomplished that. They want to take away what you study. They want to take away your style of living. Do you know why? Because they think they are smarter than you are. They know that to deliver this nation to Lucifer, they must stamp out the recognition of the Father, HIS word and HIS Laws and HIS worship. The nation which turns to this, disintegrates. But on this same level, they work in your society. It is also true that the MOST HIGH GOD has proclaimed the you must blot out this evil which holds people in superstition and works toward that end in your society. But you work out of a position that says you were with the Father before the world was framed. And you are activated and brought back into a position because you are a son. And this spirit can call you by name and lead you out. But they have to operate out of the period of creation and their soul consciousness which has looked upon this evil for thousands and thousands of years. They have to look upon these sons and daughters as saviors. And that is why God sent your race to do that.

Someone said, ‘I do not like a racial Gospel.’ Well, it is quite evident that a lot of people don’t like a lot of things in the Gospel as God declared it and they have been busy changing it all of these years. I want you to know that the flesh which you are in, because of its color, or the flesh that you reside in, has no part whatsoever in making an atonement for your mistakes. But I do not have to make an atonement for my mistakes for it has already been made for me by my Father the God of the Universe and who is the only one who could make that atonement. HE is the only one who can say that HIS laws have been violated, that HIS laws have been mistreated, and HIS purposes have been mistreated. You and I do not have anything to complain about, for HE has dealt with you with Grace. Then you say, ‘But the rest of the world does not have an equal chance.’ But an equal chance at what? They are not the same kind of creatures. Do not tell me that all of the people are the same. For they are not the same. If they were all the same, there would be no racial problem this afternoon. If they were the same, you would not know them apart. If they were all the same, there would have been civilizations al over Africa before David Stanley Livingston ever went down there. If they had all been the same the whole world would have been covered with flying craft before you came down here. And science and technology would have advanced ages ago. But that does not mean that the Grace of God does not reach out with great purpose. People have been waiting for something to happen by evolution that is never going to happen. They have been expecting these other races to just suddenly turn into White men. In fact, some of them are trying to push it a little.

Now, I am going to tell you that is not the way. It will never happen. Someone said, ‘Do you think they will always be like they are now?’ I can tell you this. There will be 1000 years when they will be like they are now, only they will have more intelligence than they have ever had. Because there is one thing that God is going to do. HE is going to see that this world gets 1000 years of perfect administration under Divine Law with everything reconciled, back in its order. Then we will see the New Creation. And in this New Creation, there will not be any in that New Creation who walk upright in the image of God who will not have restored unto them the spiritual capacity He has created into them, as this spiritual ability to conform to HIS pattern. They will become new creatures in Christ. And before they can become new creatures, then Christ has to put Christ in them. And do you know what that is? It is a portion of the element of God’s own Spirit. You say, ‘He cannot give the spirit to just anyone.’ Well, I tell you, HE can do anything that HE wants to do. But you know when we say that God can do anything HE wants to do, we must make a careful distinction between saying that everything which people say is what God wants to do. We are saying that ultimately, because HE has said that HE is going to make new creations and greater things than the world has ever dreamed of. And HE has also said that you are ministers of reconciliation. So as to reconcile all of these people back unto Himself. But HE did not say that HE would do this by marrying them. HE did not say that HE would do that by letting them come in to take over your nation. HE did not say you were to do any of these things on the basis of what is being advocated now. I listened to a clergyman who was talking about the great new day which Mr. Kennedy was talking about on the 4th of July. He said it was a great thing that now we are going to have an Atlantic Union and this will be a great Atlantic Union which we are going to join, said Mr. Kennedy. Then he said, ‘After this, we are going to see a great world federation with all nations in this Federal Atlantic Union and all will be sharing and using their responsibility.’ This is a great wonderful program said this clergyman. And this just shows the vision of our race, is what he said. But he is going to base this on the fact that the kingdoms of this world are going to become the kingdoms of our LORD and his CHRIST. Then he does not have the right process.

The first thing that you must understand, is that God has a program here and you must understand what that program is. This program does not come with a Federal Union, or with people who lace the spiritual capacity and do not have the balance of God and the attainment of God’s Kingdom which does not deliver God’s Kingdom to those whom God did not intend to give it to. HE said, ‘Fear not little flock, you are a minority here. But it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.’ HE said, ‘I will divide the sheep nations from the goat nations and give the Kingdom to the sheep nations, because I have called My Sheep by name and given them Eternal life.’

I think that when you start to evaluate this situation, that the church has overlooked something. As this minister suddenly burst into get expectation with this plan which the President talked about, it is virtual treason if people understood it. What he overlooked was that he would be betraying his own church. He did not go as far as all of these people who required that all these people be evangelized by being Christians, for he was ready to take people in as Hindus and even the Mau Mau in as Mau Mau. He was willing to take all of the ends of the earth and form a Federal Government to produce the kingdom. And he was not ever requiring what the church was requiring to be consistent with its own thinking. Someone said, ‘But do you not think that these people are our equals?’ Under no circumstances or imagination. This is not a matter of superiority. It is a matter of responsibility. They are not your equals or they would not want to absorb you to climb up. They know they are not your equals. That is why they are trying to get everything brought down to the lease common denominator. This is why they want to pour everything into one mole and then divide it up. If they were your equal, or superior, they would not want to take you in at all.

In the instance where we watched this, I point out that never can one say that this which is the flesh natural and that which contains the spirit, are equal. For the spirit is the law of life. The other is the process of death. And it has been dying for a long time.

Now, this is not hard or harsh, for we are not going to confine anyone to a torture chamber for ever and ever. We are not in our theology, confining people of earth to a catastrophe of judgement. We tell you that the MOST HIGH GOD has watched their violations of law, and by Grace, HE has sent in HIS own children to build HIS Kingdom. To bring them back to a reconciliation. And this HE is going to do. Someone said, ‘But there are millions of people who are lost. They died years ago, so it is too late.’---Too late for what? Their life capacities which were in them have not left the Universe. Some of them are making the cycles of return, for no new life was given to them who had violated the law of other races who required a new spirit. And this proves that some of these have been laying like other creatures who are dead in the dust. We are told in the scriptures, that some people are just dead until the Resurrection. And unless a Resurrection envelopes them, and new life is imparted to them, then they are finished. I tell you that ever Negro who ever lived and then died is dead. And until the Resurrection, he does not know anything at all. The dead, when they die, know nothing at all. But ‘the living who die,’ their spirit returns to God who gave it. Therefore there must be a difference in the living and the dead. Thus, there is a difference, but there is also a resurrection of the dead and this will take place which will effect them for God’s purpose.

Now, there is nothing that has life that God cannot reach. Someone said, ‘But what about these who did not go thru the formal rituals and say the right things, those who did not make an outward confession that the church requires in certain formulas. They did not sign the church book. And they are dead. So what part of perdition are they in?’

Now, my friends, this again, is a doctrine that has no support anywhere in the scriptures. It just says that the spirit which is of God returns back to God who gave it. If created in a different cycle, it stays in that cycle until all is put back in its proper order. No man ascends into the heavens except they who came out of it. Oh, you say, ‘but this individual who is lost, suppose that he violated Divine Law?’ Oh, but do you know anyone who has not violated Divine Law? ‘All have violated Divine Law and come short of the Glory of God.’ The Apostle Paul said, ‘I am persuaded that neither height nor depth or the principalities of things past or present, or future,--none of these things can separate you from the love of God in Jesus the Christ.’ How far sill HE go to see that HIS sheep are all there? HE said, ‘I would search until I found it.’

I listened to an evangelist over the radio the other day, and he was telling the people that they better hurry up and do better. For there is no second chance. This is your last chance and that is it. Chance for what? Did you ever think that a God who planned a hundred or so thousand years before HE moved constellations and measured it, do you think this God who laid out the Universe, operated on Chance? Did you ever stop to think of the mathematical impossibility of chance--the impossibility of any two of a kind evolving into a specie without creation? Did you ever think of the mathematical factors involved if you do not have a purpose and a design for the Universe? Do you think that God was working by chance even on the smallest animal or insect? A God who planned all of that when HE came to people, just turned them loose---by chance? No. You don’t suppose that God would start writing a set of books and then when considering the foundation of the world, would say, ‘I have made so many mistakes in this, I have to make some erasures.’ That would not be Omniscience, or Omnipotence. Suppose I tell you that there is no chance in God’s Kingdom. There is destiny, there is ordained coincidence, there is divine measures according to the formula. But there is no chance. No first or second chance. For HE said, ‘I will search for that one lost Sheep until I find him.’

I point out to you that the Grace of God is the greatest thing which men can think upon. Because God does not teach men as they in their own nature have judged one another as to how they should be treated. HE teaches them with infinitely greater Grace. And yet you say, ‘The world is filled with stress, with strife and with war.’ But this did not come out of the nature of the Father. It came out of HIS enemy. This today is the byproduct of all of the errors of men as they have violated all of the laws of God. These were violations of the law as you know it, and these produced the catastrophes of earth. I want you to know that you are free from a lot of errors which men have created by their violations of law. But the violations of law came long before this law as you know it. And these produced these catastrophes of earth. But I want you to know that you are free form a lot of these things, bu the law of you own existence, because the law of the spirit of life which dwells in you is the law of the Light of Life. When we refer to the fact that Adam and Eve were surrounded by the light and radiance, because they had the effulgent radiance that Christ had---before HE took on the same kind of flesh you have now, but when HE was on the Mount of Transfiguration, and the majesty and the glory which radiated form HIM in those few moments, thru the eyes of Peter, James and John, they never wanted to leave this tremendous revelation of majesty, beauty and glory. But Jesus sent them down off the mountain. But this was the Glory which Jesus talked about. This was the only thing HE missed here embodied in the flesh. HE wished HE might have the Glory HE had when HE was in this manifestation as HE had in the time before the world was framed. HE said that HE wished HE mighty have the Glory HE had before HE came.

Now, let me tell you this. This glory was not beheld on Christ most of the time during HIS life and HIS ministry because HE had the same type of flesh you had. HE was born out of the race and HE did not put on anything that you do not have. And HE suffered just like you do and HE put on only what you have so that HE would be triumphant in this condition. But by the violation of Divine Law, in the early days, Adam lost this type of light when he lost his glory as he violated Divine Law. And as he lost his light, then death became the immediate result. The light of spirit and the essence of spirit which comes out of the very mind of God holds everything together, every atom of the Universe is thus held together. Every balance of it, every electron as it revolves in orbit around the nucleus. And the mental mind of cement which is on the inside, which is the life light of the very atom the very substance which holds it together. Do you know what it does? It determines motion for out of spirit comes motion. Determines the speed of the electrons as they are moving around their orbit. You say, ‘oh, they all move around at the same speed.’ Oh no, they do not, even chemical science now knows that even without a bombardment of the nucleus as we artificially do this in our cyclotrons, there come a slowing down of the electrons. There is sort of a short-circuit in the energy pattern and there is a slowing down in these electrons. And they start to change their balance and they move in to a chemical change. And then they come apart. This does not happen in an explosion. It happens in the nucleus and the changing of the number in the orbit is changed and thus the resulting conditions are changed. Then they close down and disintegrate. Scientists know that as the electrons slow down, they slide off and fall out.

Now, the law of life is the law of balance. God balances HIS Universe and HE knows where it all exists. In the structure of your own being, the one factor that brings about a synthesis and strength, is the synthesis of the spirit and the soul consciousness and it attaches to the individual. You will note that when enveloped with the light of life and glory, there was no such imbalance in the physical body. But when he lost that light and glory, then the slowing down was absolutely assured. And that is why in that time, when you transgressed, ‘ye surely die.’ This is a natural law. But I point out to you that behind it is a spiritual law.

Let us pause here for one moment in the book of Romans to show you the difference in spiritual and natural law. The law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free of the law of sin and death. HE also tells us and this is rather significant---that if you walk after the law of the spirit, this is now constantly aware of the spirit and apply your thinking and vision in relationship to the expectancy of the flesh, then you start to move by a new law. You do not go around with a guilt complex. You look forward to greater days and better things. And you operate within the pattern of better vision. Let me point this out to you. One of the mysteries here in the book of Romans, is satisfactory to the physicist and surely to the advanced sciences. Therefore, if the spirit of HIM who raised up Jesus from the dead--DWELL IN YOU---if you are an offspring of the MOST HIGH, life of HIM Life, and breath of HIS Breath, spirit of HIS Spirit, as the declaration of the scripture says---therefore, if HE dwells in you, we are told that spirit which dwells in you will quicken your mortal body. You say, ‘What do you mean--quicken?’ That means put life in.

Now, note here therefore, HE that raised up Christ from the dead, has quickened your mortal body by the spirit which dwells in you. Thus, the word quicken means to add life or accelerate. And the secret of immortality lies in the balance of spirit. So you know that the spirit requires life and the restoration of it beings life and glory. This is why we are told over here in the writings of the Apostle Paul, in the book of Corinthians, that the LORD is spirit. And that where the LORD is, there is liberty. And it activates in the thoughts and minds of men. This is where liberty is and this is why the thoughts of liberty come out of the Christian nations. This is where you get your greatest thoughts of liberty in the minds of men. Suppress, my friends, the thoughts of Christianity, and replace it with Jewry, and you will go into Socialism and slavery.

Listen. For we all with an open face looking into the glass, see the Glory of YAHWEH and we are charged into the same image---from Glory unto Glory even by the Spirit of the LORD. Thus, the Apostle Paul said we know that if this tabernacle of ours was dissolved, we have a house of God not made with hands. This Celestial house is a spiritual being and you cannot see it. But the Apostle Paul did not want to die just to get into that Celestial consciousness, he just wanted to put on his Light. He said that this mortal might put on immortality. This is the law of the spirit. You say, ‘Can’t other races do this?’ This will not operate in them without a special operation from God, for them to resurrection, in another time.

I want you to know this. It is your job today to build God’s Kingdom. This does not relieve you from the responsibility of reaching out to reality for every problem you are faced with. We have a lot of people today who say it is not the responsibility of the church to have anything to do with the political, economic, or social life. They are to have nothing to do with living. They are down here in the flesh, but they should ignore this and just keep their minds on heavenly things until things are resolved and you can to there.

I want to say again, and this is important---I want you to know the message of this Book---that God put you in this dimension so you could do what HE wants you to do in this dimension. HE did not put you in this body so you could just go somewhere. HE put you in this body so that you could do the work of the sons and daughters of God in this body. That is might be manifested to the world that you are the children of God and the works of Christ that you do. So that the Christ in you shall be made manifest. The whole world waits for this manifestation of the sons of God. Someone said, ‘But Dr. Swift, we don’t like to think about the enemy. We just want to think about nice things. We don’t like to talk about the enemy. If we do that they say we are hate mongers. That we are stirring up the people.’ But that is what they said about Jesus. That is exactly what they charged HIM with. Why? Because HE opposed the evil. You have to oppose the evil because there is something in you that will never be happy if you just try to ignore it. You were sent down here to sweep it out. You were sent down here to bring in a Kingdom. Oh, you say, ‘all I have to do it tell them to accept Christ and it will come in that way.’ But you have been telling them that for 2000 years and the world is getting worse. You say, ‘Why?--Is it because of what I did not preach?’ No. It is because of what you did not do. You just left it up to God. Do you think that the devil is going to run God? Don’t you know that God sent you down here to build a Kingdom? That means an administration and an inheritance. And that means that a family inherits the Kingdom, for that is the way a Kingdom is framed. And you are the heirs of that Kingdom. As we have said to you before ‘HIS spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God, and we are joint heirs with Christ.’ HE is our inheritance. And this does not come by mongrelization, but by the elimination of evil. There are some people who do not realize that you can just go off in a corner and get your eyes on something that you do not realize or something that people are trying to prove, but pay no attention to what is going on here where you are to be doing the work of God. You say you want Peace? But God wants you to have the Peace which passes all understanding by overthrowing evil. This is not the Peace of surrender, or the ignoring of it.

This nation is a great nation of God’s Kingdom. And the approbation of God requires that you keep that standard up. I am going to tell you that there are a lot of unassimilatable people. There are lots of races that have not the capacity to respond. But the first thing that you have to do is see that your national live is changed to see that the standards of the Father are raised and this is everybody’s business.

I am going to tell you this. If you don’t think that a Christian has anything to do with trying to get God’s Laws into your economy, then you do not have any money to worry about at all. You don’t have anything anyhow, or you would worry about holding on to it. Let me tell you this. You have everything to do with the economic laws. If you are not interested in what they are teaching your children in school, then don’t worry about juvenile delinquency. If you don’t believe in creation, then let them place the theory of evolution in its place. If you are not concerned about the type of government that you have in Washington, then don’t complain when they take you down the road to an anti-Christ government.

I am going to tell you that the kingdoms of this world are going to become the Kingdoms of our LORD and HIS Christ. But HE is challenging HIS Church. And HE is challenging HIS Church to move out and meet its social responsibility and it will be empowered sons and daughters who will do this. And the Light of God will be seen in your nature. And I am concerned about the ends of the earth because they are your responsibility and mine. But I am also concerned that evil is broken and I am concerned that people have to be set free who cannot set themselves free. I want you to remember as you go out again, that if you are a child of God, by HIS purpose and HIS desire, that HE is beside you, that HE begat you, you are HIS issue and you should thank HIM for it. You did not have anything to do with it, because HE called you and you responded because HE called you and you responded because of who you were and what HE put in you. If that is not spiritual truth and spiritual law then your children made the decision instead of you after their entrance into the world, and we know that is not true.

Thus, we say ‘Our Father which art in heaven’ we know that whatever thou purpose shall be brought to pass. And I call to your attention this one closing passage from the book of Isaiah as it relates to you. You who are the children of god, you who are the children of the MOST HIGH, you who are the essence of HIS Household---we want you to know that you shall be saved by YAHWEH with an everlasting salvation---all of your race. This is what it says, ‘Now we declare that not only in YAHWEH SHALL ALL OF YOUR SEED BE JUSTIFIED, AND GLORY. LOOK YE UNTO ME ALL YE ENDS OF THE EARTH.’ Why? ‘Because this is the charge I have given unto MY people.’ This is the charge that belongs to you and it is a light thing. First to raise up all of the tribes of Jacob. First there is this promise-- ‘I give My sons and daughters to the nations so that they may see My Salvation unto the ends of the earth.’

Now, you are not a very good witness when you want to absorb them--all into one, and share with the darkness who outnumber the living. But the light cleanses the earth, thus let it be on God’s change. There is no question that the ‘law of the spirit of light, shall make you free from the law of sin and death.’ It makes you free where you think and where you live. It will empower your body with health and strength. It will roll back integration even the process of aging, is you have the faith to apply it. And I am going to tell you this. The people of the world will know their greatest glory under God’s program, and there will be nothing but like the catastrophe in Katanga under Satan’s program in the World Order.

(End of sermon)