Lest We Forget. 5-2-65


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 5-2-65

We turn tonight in our thinking following the discussion we had last Sunday night, concerning the mighty armies of God, the mighty hosts of God which number thousands times thousands, and times thousands and maybe hundreds of thousands, until the millions of the hosts of God are being gathered. And we are aware that at this time we are paying a definite part in divine history. We are the children of God. And there are certain things which we must bring to your attention. Thus we turn to these passages which God wanted placed in the minds of the people as he instructed Moses to speak unto them.

So in the book of Deuteronomy, we read these words:-- “For what nation is so great, who has a God so high as my people Israel. For YAHWEH is in all things which we call upon for things above all. For what nation is so great that has statutes so righteous as all of the law which has proceeded forth from HIM, this day. Only take heed unto thyself and keep thy soul diligently lest thou forget the things thine eye hath seen. Then beware, lest thou forget YAHWEH thy God.” Then going on it says: “Thou shalt love thy God, and shall not go after any other God, and thou shalt swear by HIS name. For all of the people round about are no gods. For YAHWEH thy God is an all powerful God. And HE will quicken with anger if thee serve other gods.”

Then we turn to his instructions, and it says:-- “lest we forget, when thou enters into the lands which thou has shown before me; and when you go out among the nations to possess the lands which I shall give thee. Among the nations of the Hittites, the Girgashites, the Amorites, the Cainanites, the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites, among these nations which are greater in number than thou. But YAHWEH thy God, shall deliver them before thee and into thy hand. Thou shall smite and destroy these powers of the heathen. And in this day thou shall not make marriage with them, thy daughters with them, and neither shalt thy sons take their daughters to marry. Therefore, this would cause thee to turn away from me. And thou shalt deal with them by destroying the altars of their gods. Thou shalt break down their graven images. Thou shalt cut down their groves. Thou shall burn their images with fire. For thou art a holy people unto YAHWEH thy God, and YAHWEH thy God, hath selected, chosen thee to be a people unto Himself, above all of the people who are upon the face of the earth.”

"Lest ye forget." By this declaration then I think it is quite clear that the whole foundation of a people of a race and of a nation, such as yours, can always go back to the fact that the declaration of God's purpose is made quite clear that you are his children, his household, and his inheritance. That he has selected you and he has chosen you. And he has placed you above all of the people on the face of the earth. Thus, your God discriminates and your God selects, upon the basis of HIS knowledge, his wisdom and his intelligence. He has begotten a people whom HE has proclaimed are HIS household, and said, “These are my children.” And as promised, he said, 'Ye are Gods, and all of you are the children of the Most High.’ Thus again, the passage:--"Ye are Elohim, the children of YAHWEH."

By this same declaration then, HE points out that you are a holy People. And He placed you in the earth to build his kingdom. And as you came into the land that he gave you then you were to destroy those powers of darkness that had taken over this old land. You were to cut down the idol groves, destroy all of the areas of pagan religion and this service of evil. He said, ‘this I command you to do.’ He declared that he forbade you to mix with intermarriage with any other race on the face of the earth. When the President of these United States and the Supreme Court seek to integrate your society, they bring upon themselves, the judgment of God. And God says, 'They, I will destroy.’ There is no question about the fact, that when in this declaration the Most High speaks about the things that he does not want you to forget. For he says, ‘This is my judgments that I have given you this day. For he who will not keep my laws, and will abuse them, he also will I destroy.’

Now in these latter days a great number of people are being led to forget what God has declared. And in the instance of this the scripture is quite clear, because way back in the book of Deuteronomy when God speaks it tells us that you are to remember these things in 'THE LAST DAYS.’ So here it is quite clear that you are to remember these things in the Last Days, "Lest thou forget." For in the last days a lot of these things will come to their full.

We turn to the prophet Micah, for this prophet spoke out about some of the things which shall transpire. And he also made prophecy of the things which God showed him. And God declared that, ‘behold, certain things would happen in the last days.’ And when he says the 'last days,' he means the end of an age. And this shall be an era of great conflict. And God has promised to destroy the powers of darkness and the heathen that has come into thy midst. He is going to destroy them out of your cities and out of the areas wherein they have gotten their ill gotten power. This is where ‘they are hurting my people, and living as parasites upon my household.’ God says, 'I shall destroy them out of thy land.’ God makes it quite clear that he is bringing his kingdom into the world to establish righteousness and justice. To liberate the earth and to bring all people unto a proper relationship under HIM, and under the administration and under the leadership of the Most High God. Therefore he also makes it quote clear that in carrying this out that the Luciferian forces, the powers of darkness, are the forces of evil. And He says their gods are not like your God. They have waged a relentless war against your kingdom. They, in the hours when you approached with peaceful design to proclaim not only the greatness of YAHWEH God, but proclaim his wisdom and understanding, they descended upon your cities and they liquidated many. They killed and they destroyed. But God declares that, 'The earth belongs unto ME, from one end unto the other. And I have given you the inheritance of the earth, for you are my children, my household.’

We point out to you that even in the days when Moses was leading the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt, thru the wilderness and unto the land of Canaan, he made it quite clear that this Canaan land had been taken away from the household of the forbearers who had been placed in the earth in an earlier period. Thus, the house of Seth had occupied this land which was later called Canaan, and they had been beset by Cainanites who came into this land. They had descended like the ancient hordes which swept down out of Asia as they would do later in the days of Genghis Khan, as they did in those days coming from the Steppes of Asia and out of China. And they would do this again in a later day. These cycles were to come. And I want you to know that the Most High God has provided a way to deal with this power of darkness. There is no quarter that God has asked for you to have them give you. For you are the children of the Most High God and they will seek to destroy you and your race. Therefore, he calls upon you to defeat the powers of darkness. And he tells you that 'You are the instrument in his hands that he will use to break these powers of darkness, and bring in the final victory of these last days.'

Now it is impossible to survey the things happening round about you and not see the fulfillment of prophecy. You should be totally familiar with the content of this book, with the words, of the Most High, with HIS Commandments and HIS laws, and with HIS ordinances. And the things which relate to your social order. And with that which relates to the economic order of God's kingdom. If we are in trouble today, it is because too many of the Clergy know too little about the laws of God. They do not know enough about his laws, and how this relates to the preservation of his race, as this relates to racial purity by not marrying outside of your race, and not integrating into your religion all the fallacies and superstitions which come from the enemies of the kingdom of the Most High.

So we point out that we are not lost in a period wherein we do not know our identity. We have been told not to forget our fathers and our mothers. We are not to forget our ancestors. And we are not to forget from whence we have come. Under this instance, then God points out the measures of your time. We have come thru a lot of problems and troubles. And then the Psalmist says, 'Lord God of hosts' and then challenges us 'Lest we forget,' that HE is the God of the earth and of the universe. And that we are HIS children. And we are a vast part of history and have a great destiny, right here in earth.

So I tell you this tonight, that the events of this very week have begun to show where we stand. We are moving into climatic patterns of the Latter Days. We passed the sign of the 'son of man' in the heavens in February of 1962. And we are moving into the judgment area of God's enemies. And we are watching areas of prophecy moving to their fulfillment. When we talk about the prophecy against the pagans, we can go into all areas of this and there is no prophecy wherein there is not part of the earth that shall be left unknowing as to who they are and what they are doing at this period of time. One of the most significant things in this is that out of the hordes of Asia out of the seed of the Dragon, comes this desire to overwhelm and absorb the people of your race. And the Prophet Ezekiel tells you that they will come against you in these day. Come against you in the mountains of Israel.

Do you want to know where the mountains of Israel are to be found? He says that the Israel nations are found in the highest nations in the earth which stand for righteousness and truth. And these are the nations of his kingdom.

God not only tells you in the book of Micah, concerning this time when HE says that one of the most powerful nations of the earth will be one of the nations of HIS kingdom. And at the same time there shall be one of Israel, one the throne of David in Great Britain at this time, ruling at this climactic hour. But the hordes of Asia shall be on the move. They will be threatening the earth and be threatening to move against God's kingdom. And you are facing this struggle now as you face the Vietcong. This is at this time only one spot in this struggle. But at this time a very strategic spot in their design to gobble up the earth with these hordes of Communism. And while you are engaged in this, other trouble spots will break out. And in this very last week, we see the Dominican revolution take place. And this is the Communist forces and Castroites who are trying to unseat those opposed to Communism in the Western Hemisphere. And they are trying to turn this area into another facet of the Red battle.

And I want you to notice this. That as soon as struggle takes place, that around the world a new scene takes place. As we seek to stop the communist in Vietnam, all of the Communist forces in America cry out. My, the bleeding hearts that are coming around and telling us about, ‘my, what a cruel thing, how terrible, how wrong America must be.’

I saw an ad . . . and maybe you saw it also. It said that 2,700 Clergy were against the war in Vietnam. 2,700 Clergy tell the President of the United States that our hearts are shocked, our sensitivity is bruised, and we are bleeding within for the poor people which American planes are bombing in Vietnam. These are 2,700 stupids that should be taken out of the pulpits and put out into the fields to work. And in this same declaration, they say they have 60,000 Clergy they have appealed to, and 2,700 of them came out to say, ‘no.’

Well, then, why does not the rest of that 60,000 get up and denounce these jackals that are baying against the opposition to Communism?

We are living in a strange hour. Communism can send 20,000 troops to protest around the White House because their bleeding hearts are suddenly against war. But none of them denounce the Communist hordes when they move against people. When they kill and bomb and strife, no one cries out to call attention of the world to all of these bleeding hearts that over 70 million people have been put to death since Communism came to power. None of these bleeding hearts talk about persecution, or about the millions of Christians put to death by Communism as they rose up under their Marxist philosophy with their control of the Red Revolution.

Someone said, ‘but you should not have put that in.’ But I wanted it there so that those who get the tapes, as they listen, they will know as well.

There is no question tonight as to where we stand. For now our government has sent the army and marines into the Dominican Republic. And automatically all of the forces of Communism are crying out, and Russia is saying, ‘if we do not stop this thing, then she (the U.S.) is going to declare war on us. They say that there is no doubt about Yankee Imperialism. And Communism has to stop this.’

But I am going to tell you that it is time we stopped Communism all over the world.

Now the Father did not design that at the end of this age we were just to sit down and let him do it all. No. HE said, ‘I put you in the world to do these things. I told you to cut down their idol groves.’ Do you know the best thing we could do is to burn every pagan temple and every idol on the face of the earth. Oh, you say, ‘Dr. Swift, you should not talk that way or they will try to make something out of it.’ I don't care. Let’s try to make something out of what God has ordained. Someone said, ‘we have wonderful allies. We have them in India and in Asia, and they have all kinds of idol temples and idol gods, and we don't want to hurt their feelings.’ I am not interested in their feelings, for they come over here to ask us to feed them, and we do not have any time for this, furnishing them food when they turn then to their devil gods. I think we should make a decision and tell them, ‘do you want to serve your devil gods or do you want to serve the one who will set you free, and the nation that worships that God will then help them?’

Oh, you say, ‘but the United States leaders do not think this way. This is not their position.’ Well, I do not care what they think, or what their position is. I am going to tell you what God says. I would not want to be in their shoes, and forget the LORD our God, who is our Father, and try to circumvent his laws, and then try to live thru this year. I am going to tell you that before you have gone very far, you will see the hand of God move. He is going to quicken you, and he is going to awaken people. And you are not going to forget, ‘LORD God of HOSTS’---"Lest we forget."

When we gave you the measures for this year, we told you that never were the measures for earthquakes so close together. There will be storms, catastrophes, whirlwinds, and tornadoes. Storm after storm will come. Just like that.

Now we have not lost a lot of people. But we have lost a lot of property. We have watched homes carried away and we have watched them flooded. And we have watched equipment destroyed, and we have watched earthquakes. We have watched this thing transpire. I am going to tell you something. You would not be having one shake or one rattle in this nation if you were doing the ‘Will of God.’ You would not have tornadoes, and God would hold back the destroying winds. And he would hold back every portion of nature that devours from you, if you would keep his laws and obey his commandments.

Someone said, ‘but we are the people HE loves.’ That is right. But those that HE loves HE chastens, just like a child whom you make obey. God says, 'I chasten those I love.' Well, it hurts a lot of innocent people. Well, a lot of innocent people are not as worried about it as you might think. It will break up a lot of property and break a lot of window panes, but it will cleanse the nation. For there is nothing which we possess that we cannot make again. Where do we stand? We stand in a climactic hour. The hordes of Asia are expanding. From Red China to North Korea and to the Vietcong, things are moving. And they are positioning their forces to join the battle in South Vietnam. Even to Australia, Malaysia, all of this is the beginning of a great sweep down out of the north. And it will have to be stopped. The Prophet Joel said that they would come down out of the north, and Ezekiel said these hordes would come against you. And then you would see the great hosts of the Soviet Union and Siberia, and the hosts of Magog, all will march from Russia and the Steppes of China, they come. And you are the areas that they want to conquer. But they also want the whole world.

Now we point out that this is becoming quite clear. Soviet Russia said that if we do not stop them with the Vietcong, we will join in this war and make war on the West, at the same time.’

People say, this sounds serious, Russia might come in. Well, she will come in when she thinks there will be the least resistance and damage to her.

So I tell you this tonight, that while a lot of people are worried about a lot of politicians, and they attack the 'right,' and they worry about the 'right.' But they better be worried about the right, if their destiny is tied to the 'left.' The reason being, that the kingdom of God has, to many, that design to serve the devil today and God tomorrow. But the destiny of God's kingdom is built upon his law and upon his purposes. He has designed that this time of trouble would arise in his kingdom. And points out again that if we had kept out these inassimilable people, who are strangers, these rascals, we would not have the troubles which we have today. I want to say that irrespective of the deign of the ‘great frontier,’ that I am 100% for an immigration law that will not permit anyone not of our race to come into these United States, and to dwell here.

Now last night they had the Attorney General of California on the tube, and they asked him about all of these paramilitary groups. And he said, ‘well, they had not broken any law as yet.’ And he also said that there was not anything illegal about their possessing weapons. He said the thing that we are worried about is their philosophy.

Now what kind of a war is this? A war on philosophy and the 'right' to have one? What is this all about? He said we have to get laws to stop this type of philosophy.

I am going to tell you something. There is a kind of philosophy for every enemy of God that he does not like. There is a blueprint of the kingdom that says that 'Every knee is going to bow, and the kingdom will be triumphant.’ Whether they like it or not, it will still take place. And I am going to help it if I can. And that is as far as I can worry about it. If there is going to be any curtailment on philosophy, then there is 149 million of us in these United States. And it is going to be the devil’s philosophy that we are going to curtail.

So in this instance, they say that we must stop these people who talk about the return of Christ and Armageddon. Or who say that we are against the Communist. Well, who are these people who are for the communist one moment and against them the next? I believe that if we have people who love Communism and plan to over throw our nation with crime and violence, that it is time we crush this on the inside. People of these United States should call upon their Congressmen to do this work.

This is a funny thing. But the President has been escalating the war in the Vietnam. Well, of all of the mistakes that we have made, is that we have been dragging our feet and not bringing in the equipment that is necessary, and the war is getting bigger all of the time. And a whole bunch of pacifist got together and said, ‘My, what a terrible thing America is doing. Americans are the aggressor over there.’

Let me tell you something. Lucifer is the aggressor and has been for thousands of year.

The thing hard to understand is why you can send men over to fight the Communists and then fight the patriots who are against Communism inside of the country. Now the President should understand this. For no man has had more experience in this situation. And he should know that a bunch of these 'left wing' peace-nic's would like to outlaw the 'right wing'. When we use this word 'right wing' for you, then know what we are talking about. It is for the ‘right’ of civilization, for the ‘right’ to pray, for the ‘right’ to be an American, and for the ‘right’ to worship, and the ‘right’ to strengthen those round about to defend themselves. All of this, and then, my friends, you are a 'Right Winger.'

I am going to point out to you tonight, that the President and the leadership of this country has got to emancipate itself from the rough influence which surrounds it, because it is awful hard to fight a battle in the Dominican Republic and another in Cuba, and another in the Viet Cong.

Someone said, ‘but he hasn't started the one in Cuba.’ Well, just wait a few days. You cannot fight a war against the enemies on the outside and then permit them to have favored treatment on the inside. How long does an institution permit the enemy to come in and upset our students and our colleges, and move out more and more, anybody who takes a stand, and then give more and more reign to these who perpetuate this evil? It is time that since we pay taxes in this state, that we take control of our Colleges or close them up. I am of the opinion that what we need in the United States are more private Colleges, anyhow. I think it would be better if we just had a private school system, and then the people who pay for it would get some advantage out of it. There are a lot of people talking about how many more morons we would be creating, and that the Negroes would never get ahead. But he is never going to get ahead anyhow, the way he is going.

I thought it a rather interesting thing that in this war on poverty, and this war on unemployment, this trying to train people to better their operations, that they tried to employ a bunch of Negroes inside the program and inside the training program. And they could not do the work. So they had to get the White men to do the work. And they ended up saying that the Negroes did not have the capacity. The U.S. government, last week, were trying to see why this program was not working out, and they found that the Negroes could not do the work. They had to be trained first. And they found that when they tried to put them in training, that they could not learn even tho right along beside them, people of other races were being trained right along beside them. And they could take this other person and train him or her, and they could soon do the work. In just a few weeks, they were capable. And now could gain good employment. Oh, you say, ‘but there are a lot of Negroes working around jobs everywhere.’ That is true. But there are a lot of them that are not employable. They find that they have no adaptability to these things.

The reason why I point this out again is that we have a fantastic situation going on in these United States. The Antichrist wants disturbance. He creates racial disturbance. And at the same time, he is trying to make you politically, and even in the areas of the administration, take in those who are not capable of filling most positions. They cannot stand the pressure of your kind of thinking.

I received a letter from one broker who has been traveling all over Africa in the last year, and he has been carrying tapes all over Africa. And he has been telling people about the Gospel of the Kingdom, and he has been one of the most successful missionaries the West Coast has had in Africa. And he tells us of what happens. And one of the things most significant is that he tells us that down in Kenya Colony, the Witch doctor, Kenyatta, has taken over. And how they went out and drove the White man off of all of those rich farms, and took the crop production out of the hands of the white man and put it in the hands of the Negroes. And production dropped to 5%. And now, even Kenyatta says, ‘we cannot get along unless you make the white man come back and run these farms. For when we run him away, it does not work. We do not have enough to eat.’ But how many want to go back to where a headhunter was put in control of the country and was murdering women and men just because they were White? They do not deserve the white man. They deserve just what they got. So they just as well go back to eating one another. They have been doing that in the Congo and other parts of the nation.

And he said, ‘Dr. Swift, you look around at what is going on in the world, and you tell these people what is going on, and they look at you sort of suspiciously. But tell a white man what is going on, and he soon has the picture.’

You are not just talking about a theory that you cannot prove. You are talking about a people whom God said are above all of the people on the face of the earth, as a holy people, a divinely ordained people, a superior race. Because THEY ARE MINE.

We do not have to guess where the nations of the world are, or where they stand, for the scripture has made it quite clear. The hosts of Babylon will carry out their work. And Babylon is the international government.

Thus, the world is in turmoil. Egypt would have disappeared several times if the son of Joseph had not held them in place. And yet tonight, we find Egypt playing along with our enemy. It has no leadership that has the intelligence to go all of the way. And we know where Israeli is, and we know that Jews live in Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem. But Mystery Babylon is one International city.

Do you know what they are trying to do in Washington? They are trying to tie this church up with an Internationalists party. And it is a whole pack of lies. But Mystery Babylon is afraid of the truth. And that is what is the matter. And if they don't do that, they try to work on the side as to the tax exemption. But they can't do that. They have to work on the sly. Do you know why they keep hammering on your church? It is because we have exposed the fact that the Jews are behind the Negro situation. But what kind of a government do we have that wants us to take the serpent into our midst? You say, ‘Dr. Swift, you should lay off of the Jews and the Negroes for a while and this will correct itself.’ No, my friends, that would only make it worse. We are not frightened by their threats. For as this word is received, we just relay it to the whole nation, and then let someone try to put over a claim. For there has not been one political connection with this church and this congregation, to any political party in the United States. But I want the nation of these United States to understand that this Book is not subject to the interference of Presidents or their Cabinets. And it is not subject to the word of Kings. For the ‘Word of God’ is above all rulers and above all men. And the right of his clergy to proclaim HIS word is above all interference. And it can be proclaimed. And they cannot turn it off. The word of prophecy transcends all ability to change events and stop abilities. The word of prophecy is given so that the children of God will know where they stand and what is coming. How they are to respond and how they are to act.

Thus you see, there is not anything political or economic in a world that can threatened your society militarily. There is nothing according to the word of God which is prophetic that says that you cannot talk about it when you like, and we will.

Now I am going to tell you something. This Congress and the Congress thereafter, and no Congress before, unless you rip up the Constitution, has any right to make a law establishing a religion. Then I am going to tell you something else. If they want to blow up America and see the spirit of God move across this land, then you just specialize an institution that has the faith to call out the enemy and identify him with the passages of scripture. If you are going to try to identify him and make legislation against certain Christians, and let the sneaky ones go, and let the enemy expand, then America will explode like a flame. And when we are thru, we will find that we are like 'gold tried in the fire.'

What they have forgotten is the song of 'Moses and the Lamb' which the book of Revelation says that in these latter days we are going to sing again. The royal hosts will be singing, ‘The horse and his rider is cast into the sea and those who raise themselves up against God's people will be swallowed up like those of Egypt who were swallowed up in the Red Sea.’ This will be again, like those who lifted themselves up against the hosts of God in earth, and then earth swallowed up the Dragon seed. For he said, ‘I shall cause the earth to bring judgment against those who war against my people.’ And God promised that in these latter days there are a lot of people who are just willingly ignorant of what is going on.

The other day we had a liberal clergyman say that what we have to do is get away from this fanaticism, and those who have people thinking of Armageddon, and thinking of the things of God. We must understand that our religion has evolved, and understand that our religion is what we

make of HIM, and therefore as we make God a loving God loving all of our neighbors, as we understand that we are just one great racial family, then our religion will have progress in our hands.

I am going to tell you something. You never made God. And this silly Clergyman never made God. And he does not only not know anything about God, but you will find that God will remain the unchanged ONE. They have now convinced themselves that they are so intellectual that they are now creating God with their ideas. And God must be just some little god, and whatever we say it is, then that is the way it is.

I am going to tell you something. God, who is our Father, is an intelligent being beyond any concept that they ever had. He not only said, ‘I am before all things, and by ME all things consists.’ And he is not going to let his faith, his religion, be mimicked or changed by someone like this.

Now I understand this. One of the highest tributes ever paid by a President, or paid by anybody, was paid to a Communist left-wing minister who never did anything but incite a riot. He was called a great man of God who exemplifies the spirit of sacrifice and liberty. Let me tell you something. A lot of these people, even called sons and daughters of God, are not going to find anything to help, pretty soon. When the judgments start to move, then you will find that it will be devouring flesh.

Someone said, ‘are you supporting force and violence?’ No, we are not supporting that. But a mighty force of the hosts of God is to move out against evil. For it takes people in earth to produce all kinds of catastrophes. And it takes evil in the earth to create misery and this is done by the powers of darkness in the earth.

There are those who say, ‘does not everything that exists have a right to exist?’ Well, does not the scripture say that all Israel shall be saved? Then how do we war against evil? I am going to tell you that God put you down here to do his work and he will take off the earth those who do not belong here. If we had the restitution of all things, there would not be one devil in the earth, or one Jew on the face of the earth either. And in the final realms of the 'restitution of all things' will find the Negroes back out in space from whence they came.

Someone said, ‘we do not want that kind of a world.’ Well, we do. Maybe you don't, but we do. I find today that you give every white man the chance to hear the truth as to the plan and purpose of God, and see whether he buys this propaganda or takes the truth. See what happens. They send out a group of photographers, and they send out a group of reporters from various television stations, and they want to take pictures. And they want to do this and that. And you look them over, and here you see a bunch of Asians or African Americans, and here is a bunch of white men. And you sit down and talk to them and give them a cup of coffee and a sandwich or two, and before you are thru, they are agreeing with you all down the line. And I am going to tell you something else that will worry them tonight. About 95% of the Police in Los Angeles agree with us tonight. There is about 5% who should go over to Russia because they would like it over there. The idea is that they shed that stick, or that they empower with the status quo. And they say you are stirring up the people and you have to stop this. But if this is what they think they can do with intimidation, they are absolutely wrong. Because you will discover that the best defense in this matter is attack. And that is just what we are going to do. We will carry it to every corner of this nation, this America. You see, there is nothing I have said here tonight that God has not already said much more strongly, that I question whether I should read the passage. Because I do not know of anything more efficient than some of the judgments that God will bring upon his enemies. He did this in the past, and he will do it in the future. Not, my friends, because HE is cruel, but because HE is long suffering and tender in HIS mercy. He does not want to see all of the people of earth and creation, destroyed or placed in slavery, and eventually wiped out in the earth.

Someone said, ‘but why did not God do it differently?’ Well, if HE is satisfied this way, then why should you not be satisfied with HIS victory and results? If you just step back and out of the picture the devil would have everybody in irons in a short time. If anyone who showed any opposition to him, and the world goes down hill all of the times. As far as the earth is concerned, and your race, you have been coming up until you are one/sixth of the world’s population.

We point out to you that Mystery Babylon then is a moving city. You could put Peking in its place, or Moscow, and you know where Egypt is, and where Cairo is, and you know where all of the various spots are in the nations, but Babylon. But Babylon is in New York and Babylon is in Hollywood, and in Washington, D.C., and in Geneva, and down in Palestine. Thus everywhere the sons of Satan set up shop, that is Babylon.

Someone said, ‘but that is just an interpretation given to it.’ No, I am just telling you what Jesus said about it. HE said this Mystery Babylon, that he is going to destroy, has not only sought the economic and political enslavement of so much evil and violence, and immorality and corruption, controlling all areas of production and all areas of labor, and creating so much a threat, that God said it has to be thrown down violence.

Someone said, ‘do you advocate violence?’ I said, that Jesus advocated violence. Jesus said that Great Babylon must be cast down with violence.

Someone said, ‘why don't we just talk it over with the leaders?’ Well, then you would have to go down to the ADL headquarters. Jesus said that they were these Jew shop keepers who deceived all of the world.

Oh, you say, ‘they are not all shop keepers.’ Yes, they are buying and selling you all over the world like cattle. No? Maybe not all of them. Some just sell their goods to get money to support the rest of them.

Now let me point this out to you. We showed you last week that the climax of this age would see the reentry of the LORD God of Hosts with all of the armies of heaven. That he was gathering them from the four corners of heaven, and that he would challenge his people. And if every Christian who can defend himself would stand up, that would be a great and mighty army. And they could greet the coming King as they cleanse the temple and his house.

Someone said, ‘that is un-American.’ That is as American as it was when our forefathers were here.

Let me tell you something. Your forefathers went to church with a gun over his shoulder. They did it because they wanted to survive, and they wanted to fulfill destiny, just like David did back in the days when God told David, “I have another land to give you other than here in Jerusalem. And it is far across the world. And I am going to give you this great free land.” And Isaiah told of this, a land where the Myrtle tree would grow. And where trees like the mighty cedars of Lebanon would grow. And this is your mighty Red Woods on the West Coast. A land divided by rivers, covered with the Fir trees, the box tree, these forests, and all of the mineral wealth, all of these blessings. For the greatness of the plains, and all of those things promised. And God said, “I AM GOING TO GIVE YOU THIS LAND.” And you are here. And destiny has been fulfilled.

We do not have to worry about where the outstretched wings of the Eagle is. We know where it is. We know where the eagle is screaming tonight. It is in these United States. We know where the lion roars. This is in the British Empire. We know, my friends, where the nations of the kingdom are. And we know where our Germanic kinsmen, brothers are. And that they are a part of the house of Judah and Benjamin. And also, we know where the Germanic people are in their position today. They are standing today as a barrier to the hordes out of the Steppes of Asia that would roll in if they had half a chance. We know where the Nordic, Basque, Germanic and Anglo-Saxon people came from. We know where they are today. So we know where God's kingdom is today. And the only kingdom which you have to stamp out is Babylon. And if we could get them all corralled together in one concentration camp, we would at least know where it was.

Now let’s go back again to Jeremiah, wherein God said, “Now Jacob, there is none like unto you, because you were my children in heavenly places. But now you are born into earth, and I brought you down thru the Adamic race, thru covenant, and on down thru Israel. And you are my battle axe and weapons of war. And with you, I am going to break in pieces these evil nations that contribute to the darkness.” Then God said, "I am against thee, oh, destroying mountain, oh, Babylon. I am against thee." And there are some people who say where are the promises of His coming? Since all of our fathers have said the same thing, and nothing happens, but all thing continue since the beginning.

Do you know that is ignorance? You go on down to the Orville Gorge in South Africa, and where anthropologist tell us there is left 500,000 years of history. And it is not like it was in that period. Then you go out and search the ocean and you cannot say that all things are like they were in the beginning. There were continents that went down, and civilizations that disappeared. You cannot look at these high mountains and say that they are the same, because some of them are only 14,000 to 15,000 years old. You cannot say everything is the same, that all things continued. For they are not all the same, as they had been since the creation. And I will tell you that the world is not the same since Adam got here. And one of the most significant things is that since your race has been here, then it has been expanding. And from this time on, the Luciferian influence on this planet, has been shaken.

Now God has already visited the earth. But he visited it in a body and grew up as a man. Lived here, and fulfilled his atonement, conquered the powers of death. Challenged his people and sent out areas of wisdom and then promised to return with all of his armies of heaven. He said, “I will stir you. I will give you blueprints. I will show you how the enemy will move. I will explain to you his strategy, and you should not be without knowledge concerning this. And when the great attempt comes to crush you, and the time comes for the climax of the age, I will come with all of the hosts of heaven. And I will join you. And things will be as they were in the days of our fathers.”

Now it also says this in the book of Peter's writings. That people are willing ignorant of the fact that the earth was standing out of the water and in the water. (II Peter 3:5--) Wherein that the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished. And the world order in the world at that time was overflowed by water and perished. That happened on numerous occasions, as continents sank. And now this world order, with Peter writing in the New Testament age, he says this world order which is in the world now is arrayed against you. And it is not only going to Atom bomb you, but he says that in the days when the elements dissolve in fervent heat, (in the days of the atom bomb) they will try to destroy you. And it says that this world order shall receive the judgments of ungodly men, and elements will dissolve in fervent heat, and their work is going to dissolve.

Now, you see, I do not have to stand back from someone who from their political bent does not want this discussed. I just have to point out what is going on prophetically. Then they say, ‘but you don't have to do that, just tell us about the red clock. What is going to happen there.’ Well, I have been telling you about the ‘Red Plot’ and how it is going to dissolve. There are a lot of people who do not understand how great God is. Or how strong his power is. I do not tell you to stop fighting. I tell you to keep on fighting with every atom of your power. Let’s take the word into the PTA, and into every area of influence you have. Let’s take it everywhere, and take back America into the program of the kingdom.

Some say, ‘you think we are going to do this?’ We may not get it all done before Jesus comes. But we are sure going to see a lot of action as we try.

The Antichrist has a lot of power outside of America. And he has built up a lot of power in America. But most of the time, he talks to himself. Last week he could not help bragging. And he said in his newspaper that, 'I gave all of the information on Swift to the Attorney General. I gave it to him.’ The trouble is that with little dirty people like this they do not have anything to be able to sue them. And if they did have, it would be broken up when you got it. But there is one thing that you do. And that is to find out where this lie came from and who it came from.

Now there is no doubt that the enemies of the kingdom are beginning to worry about the waking up of the people of the kingdom. And the great thing which people do is to stand for God's laws. And the weak thing which they do is to have someone come along and tell them how to live. Tell them--listen.-- ‘If you let your grandchildren be brainwashed by us, then we will teach them to marry into the Negro race and into the Asiatic race. If you do this, you will never have any trouble and no wars. So let us get away with this and there will be no longer any problems for you or for the world.’

There was one Methodist minister who was saying we should go along with any change, make no struggle. Because it will not effect anyone in this congregation anyhow. We are past the area where this will effect any of us. For our children are already grown up. Those touched by this will be in the generations ahead.

That is probably the reason why more people are in trouble. This is more 'blind leading the blind.’

The other day there was a problem in Art. And the main theme was to show an integrated society living on their farms and in their communities. And they wanted to show families of whites and Negroes with polka dotted children. And they wanted this done. So they said the prize is for the one showing a generation from now the integrated people. The best example of this will win the prize. They were pushing this in high school. And we should not let one cent of our tax money be spent on such a contest as this.

Now you know there are some standards that we should undertake. They are trying to tell us that our Supreme Court has ruled out any identification of our faith and our religion with our nation. But they have not been able to set aside the previous decision which was made by the Supreme Court. That being . . . this nation under God was a Christian nation.

Do you know what we should do in this country? There are a majority of us here, and we should make a Candidate. Anyone running for office, we should ask them this question. And they should not be qualified if they do not answer it. We should ask them, ‘Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, or rather that HE is God, come in the flesh?" And if he does not believe, that we should not let him be even a dog catcher.

Someone said, ‘oh, you cannot do that to Jews.’ It is mighty fair to Christians and to the Jew, it will get them out of here and to where they belong, or they will have to live under an administration that is for progress and peace.

Someone said, ‘but what about the other religions?’ Send them packing like Amos told them.

Someone said, ‘but we are looking for tolerance.’ No, we do not want tolerance. That is one thing we do not want in these United States.

Now hear this. Everywhere, over this tape, and in Washington, we do not want tolerance. Why? Well, go to the dictionary and look up the word tolerance is putting up with evil or something not so good. If we put up with evil to have a respite from conflict, then we are cowards. We want Mercy. We want righteousness. We want judgment. But it is not mercy to breed evil and create catastrophe for the millions.

Now there are those who say, ‘we do not want such a harsh quality of life. Let’s keep religion just religion and politics just politics.’ But I do not think religion is worth anything if it cannot influence the whole structure of the nation. You know that this could be the last days of our way of life. You say, ‘but what do we mean by that?’ Well, at one time 'Lest you forget,' you had a Congress and you had a Senate and you had a President. And you did not pay any income tax. Very, very seldom did anyone make enough money to pay an income tax. And yet, you paid all of your bills. In fact, you came up to W.W.II before hardly any of you paid any income tax. Oh, maybe a few of the wealthy paid a little. You say, ‘but how did we do that?’ Well, we were not supporting all of the parasites and world government then. We did not think that to keep the Negroes from coming over here and eating us, or the Chinese from coming over here to steal our crops, that we had to support them. It was a lot cheaper back then. But you say at the expense of not having to worry, then we have to have Income tax? And before Roosevelt died then we began to pay income tax.

Do you know that along side of what we have today, FDR was a right wing conservative? And don't think that I have any praise for that rascal because I think he just put the devil out of a job. And every time I looked at him and someone said, ‘but he was a white man.’ Then I thought there is no doubt about God's Grace.

But I point out to you that the design of the strategy is to increase and increase, and to extend this political economic situation over people. And 'lest you forget,' it takes 308 of your livelihood confiscated from you to support the rest of the world. This is an evil design that God does not want you to participate in. Oh, you say, ‘God wants us to feed these people.’ But if God wanted those people fed there would be all kinds of food growing over there. You say you think God doesn't want the Negroes to get enough to eat? He doesn't want that until they quit worshiping pagan gods. How do I know? It says right here:-- that if they turn unto HIM, HE will bless their lands. But if not, HE will starve it.

Then you come along and try to upset the balance and give your blessings to them. Someone said, ‘but this is too far out for me to accept. This is too hostile. If they have an earthquake or a catastrophe, we run over there and bind up their wounds.’ Well, my friends, don't you support the devil. The other day I looked at a travelogue, and they had photographed in color all of those devils. And I was kind of amazed. For some of the friezes on some of those temples were pretty easy to see, even on your television. And if you had painted pictures like that, they would turn them off. But they were talking about the ancient culture of an ancient people. But what I was looking at was the mental depravity of a people. And I saw the evidence on their temples of why they do not have enough to eat. And then I discovered that about 30% of their people work in these temples and are supported by the people. So they are as bad off as we are in this tax deal. They not only had to support all of these demon god priests, but they also had to support the demon gods in their administration. That when a representative ---a President of the United States went over to India on a visit, he let them put that silly caste mark on his face. Let them put the mark of Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, and Kali upon him, so he could walk into their congress. So to show him what they thought of him, they smeared him up with some more of their paint and the emblem of their gods. If that man had the capacity of leadership he would have said, ‘I come from a great nation, who has one God. Therefore, you cannot put the mark of your gods upon me. But then a man like that would have been too big to let them kill the wrong men for the Katyin massacre. A man like that would have been too big to let the Negroes go into the terminals at Stuttguard and rape the German women just to please the Jews. A man like that would not have turned over 2 1/2 million people that had escaped from Communism to the Reds. He sent them back to slave camps and death. A man like that would have been big enough to have been the President of this Great nation. I say, ‘God give us that kind of a man, and I believe we will see that kind of a man in our future. Yes, my friends, 'Lest ye forget,' -- “I alone am God.” We are a great country and we are letting it be dissipated by letting them put away 'Thus saith the LORD.' And we shall restore it as we rule in the name of God.

And I tell you this. We also know that this will occur in a time of fervent heat. We also know that Red China has a good stockpile of weapons coming up, and she is just dying to turn some of them loose. But I will tell you what is going to happen. She will die if she turns them loose.

You say, ‘aren't you worried?’ No. You get past the point when you worry and then you start believing. You wonder about what is going to happen, and then you are told things that cannot happen. And then when you realize that it is too late for them to happen, then you might as well abandon them and go out and occupy instead of being a puppet, as far as God's kingdom is concerned.

Then I am going to tell you that we will give no quarter. And it will be 'Thus saith the LORD' right down to the line.

"Lest ye forget," they confiscate your money, and they support your enemies. They try to reduce our strength, and then they invite your enemies to come over here and see your strength. This, my friends, is just people. But God is the LORD. God said never mind them, show them no fear, and call on me, and I will come and give you help. And God says ‘don't’ for one moment believe them. Just reach out to me and I will shake your hand, Jacob. You walk with Me. For we are not going to give quarter to the enemy in the earth.

So this is the challenge. Remember the commandments of the Most High God --"Lest we forget."

End of message.